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“This is not the first time in my life where you know going into a job that you’re going to hear in stereo what was wrong with what you did.”

― A. Bartlett Giamatti

“I did not want to go out at 5:30 in the morning with my stocking cap and my navy pea coat on and shoot lines and grades for the rest of my life.”

― A. James Clark

“All my life I have fought corruption.”

― A. K. Antony

“I’ve never had a study in my life. I’m like Jane Austen – I work on the corner of the dining table.”

― A. N. Wilson

“When I was a child – in wartime, pre-television – books were my life.”

― A. S. Byatt

“There are times in my life when I just want to be by myself.”

― Aaliyah

“The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business.”

― Aaron Burr

“I write about my feelings, things that happen in my life and experiences.”

― Aaron Carter

“Animals play a big part in my life, on tour or at home.”

― Aaron Carter

“And I’m not so in love with making people mad that I want to live my life around it.”

― Aaron McGruder

“I think St. Jude helped me achieve some miracles in my life – that’s why I wear the medallion in my left ear and never take it out.”

― Aaron Neville

“I don’t want to be on the road all my life.”

― Aaron Neville

“I don’t even draw on my life experiences when I’m acting. I just try and make it feel like I’m living through that person’s skin.”

― Aaron Paul

“When I was a teenager, I worked in New Orleans for a chef named Paul Prudhomme. That was a very important time in my life as a chef. I developed my palate and learned a lot. And here I am now. I specialize in modern Mexican and contemporary Latin cuisines.”

― Aaron Sanchez

“Obviously, exercise is an important part of my life, and I think taking care of yourself is an important part of every individual’s health care.”

― Aaron Schock

“My life has been the antithesis of that book ‘The Secret’. I’ve always been interested in doing what I do. I love storytelling and I really enjoyed acting, but it never seemed like a realistic thing.”

― Aaron Stanford

“The fear of failing… not quite the fear of failing, but the uncertainty of whether you are going to perform or not, is there every single game I have played in my life. It will always be there.”

― AB de Villiers

“It’s a huge honour to play my 100th Test, and I never in my life thought I’ll be in this kind of position.”

― AB de Villiers

“Those seven years in the cloister were the key to my life.”

― Abbe Pierre

“’Fallen Too Far’ was my first NYT bestseller. That changed my life.”

― Abbi Glines

“I was a fugitive, taking risks with my life. I chose that. I chose to be a volunteer to go to Guatemala when they were having their earthquake, to help people with a team of doctors.”

― Abbie Hoffman

“An important part of my story is that I didn’t walk out of Planned Parenthood immediately after witnessing the ultrasound-guided abortion. It is made to appear that way in the film, ‘Unplanned,’ because they are trying to fit 10 years of my life into an hour-and-a-half-long movie.”

― Abby Johnson

“I have spent the greater part of my life in a hotel room with seven or eight kids, looking after everyone, sorting out fights, wiping noses, handing out towels, not having a clean towel left for me.”

― Abby Lee Miller

“I rely on other people every day of my life.”

― Abby Lee Miller

“But I’m never gonna get to a point in my life where what it costs to shoot a movie is going to determine what it is. The limits of my imagination is the only thing that’s gonna stop me.”

― Abel Ferrara

“My life is proof that I don’t need you to do what I do. If there’s no one to see it, I’ll watch it.”

― Abel Ferrara

“The joy for me as a writer is that, despite the fact I spend most of my life on my own in a room eating too much chocolate and drinking too much tea, eventually they let me out into the world.”

― Abi Morgan

“What happened with ‘Mad Men’ was I had just had my child, I was in a very literally and creatively fertile time in my life, and I wasn’t leaving the house much. So when ‘Mad Men’ came along, I was so excited to leave the house. Like, I get to go do this beautiful thing.”

― Abigail Spencer

“I reside in a new colony for the Chinese-singing banjo player, with a population of one. At least I have something I have to do with my life.”

― Abigail Washburn

“I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.”

― Abraham Lincoln

“I never went to school more than six months in my life, but I can say this: that among my earliest recollections, I remember how, when a mere child, I used to get irritated when anybody talked to me in a way I could not understand.”

― Abraham Lincoln

“I pass my life in preventing the storm from blowing down the tent, and I drive in the pegs as fast as they are pulled up.”

― Abraham Lincoln

“I’m a proud American – becoming a citizen in 1988 was one of the most profoundly moving occasions in my life; I’m a former Texan and a recent Californian.”

― Abraham Verghese

“My life has been a roller coaster ride, but somehow I’ve always been able to land on my feet and still play the guitar.”

― Ace Frehley

“I loved playing the guitar and I knew I was pretty good at it, so that’s what I wanted to do with my life.”

― Ace Frehley

“I’ve only done karaoke twice in my life.”

― Ad-Rock

“I have suffered from depression for most of my life. It is an illness.”

― Adam Ant

“Some people look for a certain structure in their lives that they’re comfortable with. People who work hard on the road as truckers, people who work hard using their hands. Then there are people who are fortunate enough to have my life, people who play these characters who embody these qualities.”

― Adam Beach

“My grandmother played a huge influence in my life and helped raise me, and she and my mother saw how much I loved pro wrestling and how much I wanted to go after it.”

― Adam Cole

“Wrestling is not only my job, it’s my life, so when I wasn’t able to wrestle, I didn’t know what to do with myself.”

― Adam Cole

“’The Old Social Classes and the Revolutionary Movement in Iraq,’ by Hanna Batatu. Few may wish to take on this massive, obscure work, but it changed my life, and I love it.”

― Adam Davidson

“You want to be excited about what you’re doing. So whenever I get tired, I think, ‘Would ten-year-old Adam be pretty stoked on what I’m doing and what’s happening?’ So I just live my life as if I’m using my ten-year-old brain.”

― Adam DeVine

“I auditioned in Chicago for Juilliard and didn’t get in. I was basically living in a back room of my parents’ house, paying rent and not doing anything with my life. I’d like to say it was patriotic to join the Marines, but it was also that I was doing nothing honorable with my life and spending too much time at McDonald’s.”

― Adam Driver

“My life isn’t necessarily more important than anyone else’s: I’m just better in talking about it.”

― Adam Duritz

“They think my life is glamourous. It’s not true. I obviously get to come in and do radio interviews. That’s the glamour. But other than that, I eat and sleep and that’s it. Eat, sleep and do shows.”

― Adam Garcia

“If there is one constant to my life, it is that you cannot tell me ‘no.’”

― Adam Green

“I’ve sung other people’s music all my life.”

― Adam Lambert

“I’m not a super nervous guy in general. I don’t live a ton of my life in my head.”

― Adam Pally

“My life goal is to find a nice balance between working for money and working for fulfillment.”

― Adam Pally

“It might come off as cocky, but I’ve been through a lot in my life.”

― Adam Rippon

“Representing the U.S.A. is one of the greatest honors of my life, and being able to do it as my authentic self makes it all so much sweeter.”

― Adam Rippon

“I personally don’t have anything to say to Mike Pence. I’m very lucky because legislation that he’s pushed hasn’t affected my life at all. I spoke out because there are people out there whose lives have been affected by change that he’s tried to make.”

― Adam Rippon

“When I was young, to have had somebody out there to look up to… it would have made a world of difference; it would have changed my life.”

― Adam Rippon

“They usually say that after the Olympic Games, somebody’s life changes forever, and a lot of times, it’s the gold medalist. But I have a feeling that my life has changed forever.”

― Adam Rippon

“Again, like I said, my life has been about being fascinated by objects and the stories that they tell, and also making them for myself, obtaining them, appreciating them and diving into them.”

― Adam Savage

“AirPods have squirmed their way into my life. I use them every day, and I always know where they are and if they’re charged or not.”

― Adam Scott

“The discovery of dance has changed my life in unimaginable ways.”

― Adam Shankman

“I never said that I wanted to be an actor when I was a kid. I didn’t know. I thought I was going to be a singer and musician. That’s what I had been doing, for a huge part of my life.”

― Adan Canto

“My life is full of drama, and I don’t have time to worry about something as petty as what I look like.”

― Adele

“I can’t dance to save my life.”

― Adele

“Every once in a while, I’ll have an acting role that allows me to look at something in my life and work it out.”

― Adina Porter

“My life guided me to express my full potential.”

― Adina Porter

“Music was a part of my life even before acting happened. But I mostly play my guitar only for myself and sometimes when jamming with my friends.”

― Aditya Roy Kapur

“I had to make lifestyle changes and stick to them for the rest of my life. For instance, I’ve had to give up bread, rice, sugar, and oil completely.”

― Adnan Sami

“My independent songs are actually about me, so if you really want to know me, listen to my songs and know what I have been through in my life.”

― Adnan Sami

“When I was obese, I reached a point where I was about to meet death, and I lost weight to restart my life.”

― Adnan Sami

“I esteem it the crowning mercy of my life that not only the chief ends I contemplated on becoming a missionary are attained, but I am allowed to see competent, faithful, and affectionate successors actively engaged in the work.”

― Adoniram Judson

“I need to be allowed to make my own decisions and mistakes, take leaps – and fall – without receiving too much help, because it’s what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life.”

― Adora Svitak

“My family is mostly a chosen one. I’ve managed to invite some really amazing people into my life and they become family. Brothers, sisters, siblings, mentors, role models. And I like to live that way, where your family bleeds out into the larger community.”

― Adrian Grenier

“I feel a little schizophrenic because my life is so totally different from here, obviously. And the French values are so different from American values.”

― Adrian Lyne

“Even though I’m usually not conscious of it, I think drawing has always served a sort of therapeutic purpose in my life. There’s something about the process of translating the messy chaos of real life into a clean, simple drawing that’s always been comforting to me.”

― Adrian Tomine

“On a very basic, concrete level, there have been times when my work, regardless of the content, has harmed relationships because I made that work such a primary priority in my life.”

― Adrian Tomine

“I remember those moments in my life when the tape came out on that Tuesday, and I went to Sam Goody to cop it. And sitting and listening to it. In awe of the music I was listening to, but also imagining this music at the hip-hop clubs and with the homies in the car.”

― Adrian Younge

“Everything I’ve done in my life has been dictated by the fact that I like to be home at night and in bed.”

― Adriana Trigiani

“I don’t settle in any other area of my life when it comes to excellence, so why should I lower my standards when it comes to boys?”

― Adriana Trigiani

“If I could eat French fries every day of my life, I would.”

― Adrienne C. Moore

“My inspiration for new products comes from moments in my life or what’s happening around me.”

― Aerin Lauder

“When I was younger, people were inventing a new way of writing – James Joyce, Hemingway, Faulkner. And I thought we had to find a structure for cinema. I fought for a radical cinema, and I continued all my life.”

― Agnes Varda

“When I’m living in the world of luxury and celebrity, which is where I found myself for a large part of my life, it’s a walk-on part. Not a vital necessity, like it is for so many people. I enjoy it but I can see right through it!”

― Agnetha Faltskog

“My life contains so many other things; I have my children, my grandchildren, my two dogs and a big place in the country. I have my own life.”

― Agnetha Faltskog

“My life has been a bit special, this is true. I participated in the liberation of my country. I was one of the organisers of its struggle for liberation. I likewise actively participated in all the struggles for liberation.”

― Ahmed Ben Bella

“Yes, my life is a life of combat; I can say that this has never stopped for a single instant. It is a combat that started for me at the age of 16. I’m 90 years old now, and my motivation hasn’t changed; it’s the same fervour that drives me.”

― Ahmed Ben Bella

“Yes, I am Algerian of Moroccan origin through my parents, but all my life is Algeria. I was born there.”

― Ahmed Ben Bella

“My life isn’t going to be about Jar Jar Binks.”

― Ahmed Best

“I’m going to move on and do other things. My life isn’t going to be about Jar Jar Binks.”

― Ahmed Best

“I’ve lived very well all my life, even when I had no money, and there’s very little I can’t afford.”

― Ahmet Ertegun

“So maybe there are three parts in my life – earlier background living in exile in Xinjiang in a very political circumstance, then later the United States from 24 to 36 years old. I was quite equipped with liberal thinking. Then the Internet. If there is no Internet, of course, I cannot really exercise my opinion or my ideas.”

― Ai Weiwei

“Music and opera are a big part of my life.”

― Ailyn Perez

“I don’t know what it’s like to be an arm amputee, or have even one flesh-and-bone leg, or to have cerebral palsy. I don’t speak for such huge and diverse groups. What I’ve tried to do, what I’ve been fortunate to do, is to live my live and create my life as I’ve wanted to create it.”

― Aimee Mullins

“A lot of my life is about will – having the will to prove what my body can do.”

― Aimee Mullins

“I’ll be giving a speech at the randomest place, like a bank or something, and a guy in a suit will say, ‘I’m totally freaked out that I’m talking to the girl from ‘Cremaster.’ For the rest of my life, that movie will be playing in a museum somewhere. I never could have expected that huge response.”

― Aimee Mullins

“Becoming a parent changed my life drastically and left me little time for leisure reading.”

― Ainsley Earhardt

“The moment I stop giving Him the glory is the moment I will fall, and I will fail, and I know that. Because I’ve experienced that in my life. I’ve turned my back on Him, and it was the hardest time of my life.”

― Ainsley Earhardt

“I’m so excited about what God has done in my life.”

― Ainsley Earhardt

“Honestly, I just love my life.”

― Ainsley Earhardt

“I moved to New York City from Texas in 2007, where I lived for two years. Before that, I lived in South Carolina for the majority of my life.”

― Ainsley Earhardt

“I’m a New Yorker. I was there during 9/11 and I saw how, not only New York City stopped for a moment, we all took an inhale and exhale at the same time – the world united at that time, and it changed my life.”

― Aisha Hinds

“I feel if you believe in equality, you have to believe in it for everybody. And that’s the way I’ve always lived my life.”

― Aisha Tyler

“In my life and my work, I really try to be just fully myself.”

― Aisha Tyler

“I am black, and there’s no getting around that, but being black doesn’t define every aspect of my life.”

― Aisha Tyler

“I love fashion, and I love how it makes me feel, but it doesn’t rule my life.”

― Aisha Tyler

“Even prior to marriage and motherhood, it’s always been about prioritising and focusing on what you can commit to. That’s been my approach to every aspect of my life, be it my relationships or my professional commitments.”

― Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

“In terms of finding that first international recognition of my work, coming back to Cannes is such a milestone in my life because it began actually with ‘Devdas’.”

― Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

“Despite being in showbiz, I have a very real approach to my life. It plays off with my social life.”

― Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

“My experience of being on the public platform got more multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, and my place in the public eye, I think, has always been a little more than just what is going on in that time in my life.”

― Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

“I’ve never once in my life had a tan – I’m basically a ghost!”

― Aisling Bea

“I went to see Billy Connolly do two hours with no break at the Apollo, with Parkinson’s disease, during the winter, and it was one of the most important gigs I have seen in my life.”

― Aisling Bea

“I want to be known for this character on TV two nights a week, and then I want to go away and live my life in private.”

― AJ Lee

“I only want to do better work. That’s the focus of my life.”

― Ajay Devgan

“I had been working early in my life in films – since I was 11.”

― Ajay Naidu

“’Family Life’ is a blueprint of my life. It was horrible and physically gruesome in a way the book doesn’t attempt to capture. It was emotionally very bleak.”

― Akhil Sharma

“In total, I have spent 35 years at Hokkaido University as a staff member – 2 and a half in the Faculty of Science, and the other 32 and a half in the Faculty of Engineering. Other than about two years of study in America and a few months in other places overseas, most of my life has been spent at the Faculty of Engineering.”

― Akira Suzuki

“Including my nine years as a student, the majority of my life has been at Hokkaido University. After my retirement from the university in 1994, I served at two private universities in Okayama Prefecture – Okayama University of Science and Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts – before retiring from university work in 2002.”

― Akira Suzuki

“I wanted to study painting and become a painter, but I had a huge flip-over in my life when I was about 18 or 19. I was part of a criminal environment; I got arrested and convicted, and I had to start thinking in a new way.”

― Aksel Hennie

“I can cook because my life depended on it when I lived in Thailand. Either I learnt cooking, or I learnt how it felt to starve. I chose cooking.”

― Akshay Kumar

“I have earned enough money in my life. When I started my career, for about 10 years, I told myself I want to make money. Now, I just want to do different roles.”

― Akshay Kumar

“If I could live my life all over I’d do everything the same; the film in my camera would remain the same; there’s no way lord, to leave this love behind.”

― Al Green

“I’ve seen 48 Stanley Cups in my life. I was about six or seven when I started going to games with my dad.”

― Al Jourgensen

“I’ll never forget that first night with the team. Going to the ballpark on the bus was the hardest 30 minutes of my life. I had to walk down that aisle between all the players. I really didn’t know too much about the Detroit Tigers at that time.”

― Al Kaline

“There has been a lot of self-doubt and unwelcome events in my life.”

― Al Pacino

“I’ve never done anything else in my life other than preach and be an activist. Way before I was known.”

― Al Sharpton

“If it weren’t for the mentorship and guidance from people like my mother, James Brown and others, I wouldn’t have been able to make something of my life.”

― Al Sharpton

“As a kid, I certainly never thought I would get to spend my life doing something fun.”

― Al Yankovic

“I know now that everything I write, I’m going to put out, and I’ll have to live with it for the rest of my life.”

― Al Yankovic

“I was a huge fan of ‘Mad’ magazine when I was 11, 12, 13 years old. I’d scour used bookstores trying to find back issues, and I’d wait at the newsstand for a new issue to come out. My life revolved around it.”

― Al Yankovic

“What I do know from my life is the phenomenon of saying, ‘This is too small a thing to argue about’, but then nevertheless finding oneself in that argument.”

― Alain de Botton

“Oh, yes, that never happened to me in my life before. It was a risky film, and I warned the producer.”

― Alain Resnais

“To me, climbing is like eating or drinking. I have to do it; it’s part of my life.”

― Alain Robert

“I grew up in this industry. I’m a third generation actor, and I believe strongly that life and career are two different things. Career is inside my life. I’m also a photographer, a pianist, and lots of different things, so my life consists of so many different elements that there are moments when I have to step away and be me.”

― Alaina Huffman

“I’m condemned by some inner compulsion to think about the daily rituals of my life. I have a low grade fever for improving myself in many ways, including everyday tasks.”

― Alan Alda

“For me, I find that even though I’ve accomplished a few things in my life, looking back on accomplishments doesn’t give me a sense of satisfaction.”

― Alan Alda

“I’m an actor. My life as an actor depends on who sends me what. I’m just taking the best stuff that I can find that’s sent my way, regardless of how big or little the paycheck is.”

― Alan Arkin

“Death showed up in my life very early on, so I’m aware of it. If you look at most of the things I write there’s a sort of contemplation of mortality – although ‘True Blood’ doesn’t fall into that. Even though there’s such a ridiculously high body count!”

― Alan Ball

“I’m a huge freak, and always have been. I spent the first part of my life trying really desperately not to be one, and it was just a waste of time.”

― Alan Ball

“I’ve been very lucky in everything, really – in my career and in finding someone to share my life with, and in not dying.”

― Alan Bennett

“I had to be a grown-up when I should have been a little boy, and now that I’m a grown-up my little-boyness has exploded out of me. I’ve lived my life backwards.”

― Alan Cumming

“I never had a strategy about my life. I didn’t have enough information to have a strategy. I’m the first person in my family to go to college. I had no family mentors.”

― Alan Dershowitz

“I love discomfort. I mean, my whole life is discomfort. One reason I can never retire is that the idea of just sitting on the beach totally comfortable is not a desideratum in my life. I like ambiguity, I like conflict, I like uncertainly.”

― Alan Dershowitz

“I could not spend the rest of my life sitting in Brazil writing down who called whom uncle and aunt.”

― Alan Furst

“I spend my life writing fiction, so reading fiction isn’t much of an escape. That’s not always true, but I don’t read much contemporary fiction.”

― Alan Furst

“My undergraduate years at the University of Nebraska were a special time in my life: the combination of partying and intellectual awakening that is what the undergraduate years are supposed to be. I went to the university with the goal of becoming an engineer; I had no concept that one could pursue science as a career.”

― Alan J. Heeger

“I’ve had to live with women all my life. I grew up with four older sisters, and I was the baby and the only boy.”

― Alan Jackson

“Maybe I can’t act, but I know the gimmicks. I studied acting all my life and know what’s good for me.”

― Alan Ladd

“Music is, of course, a universal emotional experience, cutting across cultures and languages. I studied piano for ten years as a child and consider that experience one of the most valuable in my life.”

― Alan Lightman

“I have lots of personal feelings of my own, but at this stage in my life and career, I’m very much driven by assignment.”

― Alan Menken

“Every time I play ‘Part of Your World,’ a whole part of my life comes back to me. It’s just inescapable – it was an innocent time, and a sense of discovery that we were all involved with.”

― Alan Menken

“I have the ability to clear the decks and focus on what’s happening in the moment. And I get to spend my life doing what I love to do.”

― Alan Menken

“I’ve never been able to plan my life. I just lurch from indecision to indecision.”

― Alan Rickman

“Originally, theater was my life. It was what I assumed I’d spend my working life doing – if I was lucky. Then along came movies.”

― Alan Rickman

“Aside from my family, I have two great loves in my life: acting and the fight for social justice.”

― Alan Rosenberg

“Management interests me at some stage in my life, I have always said that. When that will be I really couldn’t tell you.”

― Alan Shearer

“There’s not much that I haven’t done in my life, but there’s lots of things that I’d like to do better. The variety of my career has been the fun of it, and I can thank Canada for that.”

― Alan Thicke

“Whedon changed my life.”

― Alan Tudyk

“It was when I saw Iggy Pop, that’s what did it for me. That changed my life pretty much.”

― Alan Vega

“There is a psychic gulf that exists between myself and my grandparents because they don’t really speak English, and I don’t speak Chinese, and that’s my own personal shame because I did not learn, ever. I only saw my paternal grandma a few times in my life, and that’s really crazy.”

― Alan Yang

“It was a dark period of my life when William Hung was the most famous Asian man.”

― Alan Yang

“In my life, there have been people that I was convinced would be around forever, and yet, somehow they managed to drift away after a couple of years. Likewise there have been people who have begun as casual acquaintances but become more important with each passing year.”

― Alana Stewart

“Men come and go – God knows they certainly have in my life – but girlfriends are for ever. I have a lot of girlfriends but only a few very, very close ones.”

― Alana Stewart

“But once I acclimated and really used fame for what it was offering me as a tool to serve my life purpose of inspiring and contributing, then it started to get fun again.”

― Alanis Morissette

“I’m really clear about what my life mission is now. There’s no more depression or lethargy, and I feel like I’ve returned to the athlete I once was. I’m integrating all the parts of me – jock, musician, writer, poet, philosopher – and becoming stronger as a result.”

― Alanis Morissette

“Music will always be a part of my life. I love music and I don’t care how many units I sell.”

― Alanis Morissette

“When I was younger, I was terrified to express anger because it would often kick-start a horrible reaction in the men in my life. So I bit my tongue. I was left to painstakingly deal with the aftermath of my avoidance later in life, in therapy or through the lyrics of my songs.”

― Alanis Morissette

“My own approach has always been to push intense emotions down and attempt to deal with them later. When I was younger, I was terrified to express anger because it would often kick-start a horrible reaction in the men in my life.”

― Alanis Morissette

“The spirituality that I experience sometimes touches on religion, in that I resonate with the thread of continuity that permeates through all religions. But in terms of it being a concretized, organized part of my life, it’s not.”

― Alanis Morissette

“One of the more fatuous remarks I’ve heard in recent days is that ‘My Life,’ Clinton’s autobiography, is too long and, at almost 1,000 pages, short it is not. But this man was for eight years the President of the most powerful country on earth.”

― Alastair Campbell

“I used to be very routine-based and the new thing in my life is not having a clear, full-time existence.”

― Alastair Campbell

“I don’t see many explosions or ten-car crashes in the course of my life, so I don’t put them into my movies. I would love to live in a society where ‘My Dinner with Andre’ made $100,000,000. Then I would be in the mainstream. I could do that stuff easier than I could do ‘Meatballs.’”

― Albert Brooks

“I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t, than live as if there isn’t and to die to find out that there is.”

― Albert Camus

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”

― Albert Einstein

“After boarding school in Switzerland, at, like, 14 or 15, my life clicked, and I just realized, ‘I don’t want to be like anyone around me at my school. I don’t think the world revolves around money.’”

― Albert Hammond, Jr.

“My life is my argument.”

― Albert Schweitzer

“I always take everything serious when it comes to my career and my life, but this decision to go back to the cage is a big decision for me.”

― Alberto Del Rio

“Only reality interests me now and I know I could spend the rest of my life in copying a chair.”

― Alberto Giacometti

“Nothing in my life has necessarily been easy, but eventually I see where it’s gotten me to, and I say, ‘Okay, it’s been worth it.’”

― Aldis Hodge

“I’d rather live my life off screen and give only a certain amount of energy to the work.”

― Alec Baldwin

“I am not a depressive person at all, but I reflect a lot on my life, and life in general, from the perspective of death.”

― Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

“When I was about to turn 50, I went into a kind of personal revision and observed my own priorities and what led those priorities in my life. And many things that, in a way, were profound.”

― Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

“I’m always surprised when some director says, ‘When I saw this film, that changed my life.’ I don’t have that.”

― Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

“All my life, I have never found a person who really loved this world. Every person hates the world, how he is.”

― Alejandro Jodorowsky

“The first thing I didn’t understand was my life. It’s a mystery. And today I don’t understand economy or politics. I don’t know why politics or economy are destroying the world, but I will understand after understanding.”

― Alejandro Jodorowsky

“I want to liberate my imagination and my mind with every kind of movie. That is what I wanted to do all my life.”

― Alejandro Jodorowsky

“A man doesn’t cry. In my life, I’ve never cried. I cannot do it. I am a man. How will I cry?”

― Alejandro Jodorowsky

“Even though New York may be a more inspiring city, I get more inspired thinking of L.A., in a way. My life there was so much more simple in mind, and quiet.”

― Aleksa Palladino

“I really don’t feel that any of the pieces I wrote were confessions; there are no revelations about secrets in my life, and actually I have nothing to confess and I certainly do not ask for redemption and there is no reward for confessing that I expect.”

― Aleksandar Hemon

“I will always be a Newcastle United fan all my life.”

― Aleksandar Mitrovic

“I have spent all my life under a Communist regime, and I will tell you that a society without any objective legal scale is a terrible one indeed. But a society with no other scale but the legal one is not quite worthy of man either.”

― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

“My friends say that at school I was quite bossy. I still am a bit bossy, but a nice bossy. I’ve always been very strong-minded, even as a little girl. But I’m a great friend, and I’ve never been in a fight in my life. I think it’s nice to be nice, especially because I’ve never been scared to stick up for myself. I’m not a shrinking violet.”

― Alesha Dixon

“Azura is a complete joy and has changed my life. She keeps me on track. I want to make sure I’m the best person I can possibly be for her.”

― Alesha Dixon

“I am extremely excited to develop and design a brand representative of my life, experiences and style. Working closely with Cherokee will help establish a worldwide presence with best-in-class retailers and category leaders.”

― Alessandra Ambrosio

“If my name were Pasolini or Rossi, my life would be easier. But I never thought of changing it. That would mean that I am ashamed to be Alessandra Mussolini, which is stupid because Alessandra Mussolini never did anything to be ashamed of.”

― Alessandra Mussolini

“I’m not conscious of being a revolutionary. This is my life, looking through my glasses at my little world, but this world seems to be full of people who understand it.”

― Alessandro Michele

“I hate to plan my life.”

― Alessandro Michele

“The only dream I have in my life is to be a little piece of my dad, because he was really happy.”

― Alessandro Michele

“My life – it’s a piece of work. And my work is a piece of life.”

― Alessandro Michele

“I’ve spent most of my life writing and developing everything that I’ve wanted to be in – which is why I started writing in the first place.”

― Alex Borstein

“’Getting On’ – that show, it broke my heart. It really was like the greatest love of my life. I’m forever changed by it.”

― Alex Borstein

“The reason why I take my life is because I want to go to my wife and boy. My usefulness in this world is at an end. I can not be satisfied in any business and can not be without their companionship.”

― Alex Campbell

“I do not regard it as wrong to take my life, because I simply change my place of residence and go where my wife and baby are.”

― Alex Campbell

“I guess that my life has been a series of flukes in the record business. The first thing I ever did was the biggest record that I’ll ever have.”

― Alex Chilton

“Hip hop was definitely, far and away, the primary influence for at least 10 years of my life. From about 7 or 8 on till about 15 or 16, that’s all I listened to.”

― Alex Ebert

“For the better part of my life, I was always trying to manufacture somehow what I would consider ‘living.’ Because I grew up sort of upper-middle class and I didn’t relate so much to that as a life, and I wanted to really find ‘living.’”

― Alex Ebert

“I’ve never played for a draw in my life.”

― Alex Ferguson

“’Terra Nova,’ more than anything I’ve ever done in my life, is for everybody.”

― Alex Graves

“My life is a love letter to humanity. What the globalists do is a hate letter, a curse.”

― Alex Jones

“I don’t think my looks are modern. I always imagined I’d end up doing Chekhov, Ibsen and Shakespeare all my life and never play a contemporary character.”

― Alex Kingston

“I enjoyed my schooldays, but I thought, ‘I’ve got to get through it, and then my life can start.’”

― Alex Kingston

“My life isn’t interesting enough for anyone to hack my phone.”

― Alex Kingston

“Music is so huge to soccer, to my life, to working out. I usually have headphones when I’m cleaning the house or making dinner.”

― Alex Morgan

“Being a husband and a dad are the two most important things in my life.”

― Alex O’Loughlin

“I can have the worst game of my life, come off the pitch, and my mum will tell me I was great! That’s what mums do.”

― Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

“I don’t want to be totally repetitive and doing the same thing over and over again for the rest of my life. I don’t want to do that at all.”

― Alex Pareene

“I was a young kid; I did a little time in the Billerica House of Correction, and it basically turned my life around because I said, ‘Oh, I’ll never be locked up again. They’re not taking away my privacy.’ So I flipped a coin: heads – Miami, tails -California.”

― Alex Rocco

“Like everyone else, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. The only way I know how to handle them is to learn from them and move forward.”

― Alex Rodriguez

“The births of my two daughters were the two greatest moments of my life.”

― Alex Rodriguez

“When things don’t happen in my life, I believe that I’ve been pushed into another path for a reason, and there’s a bigger picture.”

― Alex Scott

“I spent the first seven years of my life in a caravan traveling around Europe and the United States because my parents were just obsessed with traveling.”

― Alex Sharp

“When I graduated from Utah, I was headed into the biggest job interview of my life, the NFL Draft.”

― Alex Smith

“My great frustration is that, more and more, my memories come and go, and friends all my life are not recognized. Many of the things I say and do, I can no longer remember even right afterwards.”

― Alex Spanos

“My life is what it is, and I can’t change it. I can change the future, but I can’t do anything about the past.”

― Alex Trebek

“I took opera lessons. I can’t read music to save my life, but I would just copy and get away with it. I think that they thought I could read music, but I can’t. I would just listen.”

― Alex Winston

“It was fun in its own way, but I think ‘Dahmer’ was ultimately one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and my career.”

― Alex Wolff

“If I’m ‘the kid from ‘Hereditary” for the rest of my life, I’ll be satisfied.”

― Alex Wolff

“Bodybuilding gave me a healthy way to gain weight and learn to balance my life. Earning my pro card within a year, I got to do something I enjoyed and be healthy at the same time.”

― Alexa Bliss

“Fashion’s a huge part of my life, but I don’t necessarily feel comfortable always talking about clothes on my personal social media.”

― Alexa Chung

“I loved being a soprano. It was one of my very favorite things in life, and thus far, and losing that voice was a profound emotional moment for me in my life. I never became that interested in my adult male singing voice.”

― Alexander Chee

“When I first started acting I was about nine years old. I had never been to audition in my life and my agent sent me out. It was just a commercial for ‘Harry Potter.’ That was the first thing I ever went out for and I got the ‘Harry Potter’ commercial which was really cool, but I didn’t play Harry Potter.”

― Alexander Ludwig

“I was three years old when I started drawing. I did it all my life.”

― Alexander McQueen

“’True Blood’ was the most amazing adventure of my life; I met some of my best friends.”

― Alexander Skarsgard

“When I first told people I was writing a book, some would say that was interesting, but others thought it was some holiday project and I would lose interest. I think my parents thought the same thing, and they were surprised when I kept going. I’m not sure I thought I would keep going, but then it became a big part of my life.”

― Alexandra Adornetto

“’The Darkest Minds’ came from a period in my life where I felt my most powerless, when I was a teenager.”

― Alexandra Bracken

“I Instagram and tweet a lot about my dog. I think he is one of the most interesting things about my life right now. All my motherly instincts go toward this dog. I love the dog.”

― Alexandra Daddario

“I think I may be the most well-adjusted person you’d ever meet who thinks constantly about falling out of her life. And my life is pretty great! It’s not like I don’t know that.”

― Alexandra Kleeman

“Public schools in the late ’80s and early ’90s were a total mess… we felt that if I was going to have a good educational option in my life, I would have to go to a public school district that actually served its children.”

― Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“I get very involved in my characters. Sometimes I have a very hard time separating my characters from my life.”

― Alexia Fast

“In my life, I don’t need to have my face plastered everywhere. It’s not really something I want.”

― Alexis Bledel

“I must have been heavily schizophrenic all my life. The me who hears what the other me can’t play is the dominant one.”

― Alexis Korner

“With acting, it wouldn’t be about money: it would be about taking my life experiences and using them to create art.”

― Alexis Ren

“My world has been quite rich in my life, and I’ve been happy. I’ve no regrets.”

― Alexis Wright

“There wasn’t a lot of discipline in my life, and I hated it being imposed on me at school.”

― Alfie Allen

“I don’t have any fear of turning 30. But maybe that’s because I know I’m never going to be 30 mentally at any point in my life!”

― Alfie Allen

“I’ve been very fortunate in the things I’ve had in my life. But, at the same time, I wish I had the same types of memories as everyone else.”

― Alfonso Ribeiro

“I’m not qualified to do anything else. So there better be another job. I’m kind of stuck now. I’m enjoying my life and I’m enjoying my work, and I’m enjoying the fact that the work I’m doing is garnering some interest and that’s great. I just hope that it continues.”

― Alfred Molina

“Music is an essential part of my life and I’m completely lost without a good album to listen to or my iPod in my pocket!”

― Alfred Molina

“I know how I want to try and live my life. I know I don’t want to leave any darkness behind me.”

― Ali Hewson

“I cherish the relationships and friendships I have with the people in my life and take every opportunity I have to make time for them.”

― Ali Krieger

“I was No. 11 because my mom played basketball in college and was always No. 22. I just cut it in half, and I kept that. I’ve been No. 11 most of my life, and in college, I was No. 22.”

― Ali Krieger

“In general, taking soccer out of the picture, as an American living overseas, it’s so cool, and I’ve grown so much. Now I can look at my life from a different perspective.”

― Ali Krieger

“When it comes down to it, at the end of the day, I need more out of my life and I need to push myself harder. And if at the end of the day I don’t have it, then I don’t have it, but at least I’m going to put myself out there. If I fail, I’m going to fail terrifically.”

― Ali Larter

“I don’t really believe in the myth of being poor but happy. At the poorest times in my life, I wasn’t happy. I was just hungry.”

― Ali Liebegott

“I fully expect to be doing yoga for the rest of my life.”

― Ali MacGraw

“The quality of my life has changed dramatically – not the events – but the way I handle them and my priorities and my sense of drama.”

― Ali MacGraw

“Modeling was so fleeting it doesn’t count in my life scheme.”

― Ali MacGraw

“I’ve definitely gone through phases where I’m not happy with my life, and you notice in little ways until they start adding up.”

― Alia Shawkat

“So I’m very grateful for everything that has happened in my life.”

― Alice Barrett

“Throughout my life, there are four people I’ve met who were truly original people. The other three were Groucho Marx, Jim Morrison, and Pablo Picasso.”

― Alice Cooper

“Why be boring? Have some fun. Rock shows should be like movies: I don’t go to a movie hoping it’ll change my life.”

― Alice Cooper

“Modelling’s not something I want to do just on its own, but I always want it to be a part of my life.”

― Alice Dellal

“I’ve spent half my life on planes. I have a lot of love for New Zealand, though. That is where the really arty, whimsical side of the family resided – in Hobbitland.”

― Alice Englert

“I sort of lived half my life in California, half in England, so I am, I suppose, a little bit American.”

― Alice Eve

“In many ways, I’ve been writing personal stories all my life.”

― Alice Munro

“Making music has saved my life.”

― Alice Ripley

“I think the foundation of everything in my life is wonder.”

― Alice Walker

“My work is about my life, and what I want to do with it.”

― Alice Walker

“My life is not to be somebody else’s impact – you know what I mean?”

― Alice Walker

“I really like to live my life in a low-key fashion.”

― Alicia Keys

“I see what happens when one gets very attached to material things. That’s just not what my life is.”

― Alicia Keys

“I’ve learned that while I’d be a fool not to stay open to the advice and experiences of the smart, amazing people in my life, I also need to listen to what I have to say.”

― Alicia Keys

“I was worried that one day, 40 years from now, I would look back and wouldn’t be able to remember the details of my life, so I’ve written them all down.”

― Alicia Keys

“I want to continue to produce film, television, and theater, and to make the most amazing music that I’ve made in my life.”

― Alicia Keys

“Every day I am trying to improve my life.”

― Alicia Machado

“From 19 to 28 there was a lot of turmoil in my life, but in a stuck way. Then, around 28, my life started to get shaken up. I realized I wanted to grow more and that anything that wasn’t working in my life, I could fix it. I feel like I came into my womanhood. And that was when I got married.”

― Alicia Silverstone

“My Mother is an actress, so it’s always been a part of my life.”

― Alicia Vikander

“Grupo Limite is always going to be a major highlight of my life. We worked so hard, sometimes touring for 10 months at a time.”

― Alicia Villarreal

“Being on the road, I think, is the most organised part of my life. You know where you have to be every day; you know what your job is every day. I crave that tiny bit of stability, which anyone else would think is the most unstable way of living, ever.”

― Alison Mosshart

“I have lost and put on big batches of weight in my life many, many times. But what concerns me is the idea of being an obese old woman, because I don’t like the idea of being physically incapable in someone else’s hands.”

― Alison Moyet

“I spent a lot of my life – 20 years of it – in war, training army trackers and commanding a tracker unit, and then in the Game Department, tracking lions and elephants and poachers. So I’ve spent literally thousands of hours tracking people or animals, and training others to do it.”

― Allan Savory

“I have been wrathful all my life, angry against my father and all others. My wrath must end. All my images now are of heaven.”

― Allen Ginsberg

“I want to thank coach Thompson… for saving my life. For giving me the opportunity.”

― Allen Iverson

“The republic I fell in love with, the republic I risked my life to defend, the values I hold dear, the integrity that we all share – these do not know prejudice and they do not accept partiality.”

― Allen West

“At 32, I kind of thought I was past the point where I was gonna get a break that really changed my life overnight.”

― Allison Tolman

“I’ve never had money before in my life. Ever. Never, ever.”

― Allison Tolman

“Acting is just a part of my life, and I like to lead life on my terms.”

― Allu Arjun

“My life is an open book.”

― Allu Arjun

“Philippians 1:21 is very special to me because it helps to keep my life centered.”

― Allyson Felix

“I am reaching a point in my life where the basketball chapter in my life is slowly closing from a competition standpoint.”

― Alonzo Mourning

“I had individuals in my life to help me make the right decisions because it wasn’t about them accepting handouts. It was about them making the right decisions for me.”

― Alonzo Mourning

“I fought all my life to be at Real Madrid, to try to be in the starting XI.”

― Alvaro Morata

“I might be a pretty earthy, crunchy girl, yes. There might be some crystals and Buddhas in my house. I may meditate and eat all green and compost… Yoga is a very regular part of my life.”

― Alysia Reiner

“Some people in the industry warned me that I’d ruin my career, miss out on possible jobs, and potentially put my life in danger if I ever came out.”

― Alyson Stoner

“If you want me to swim fast, you have to let me enjoy my life.”

― Amanda Beard

“Learning how to be persuasive has been really crucial to my life both professionally and personally.”

― Amanda de Cadenet

“I share personal things about myself in the context of my interviews and in ‘It’s Messy’ – but that’s 20 percent of my life.”

― Amanda de Cadenet

“American histories were the same; they had these mad ideas about how Parliament worked, or what people really meant when they said A, B, or C. All my life, I felt simultaneously deracinated and rooted in both places, and now it’s my greatest strength: I’m culturally bilingual.”

― Amanda Foreman

“Some people see acting as a kind of stroll on the beach, and some people see it as a kind of skydive. And I’ve had lots of strolls on the beach in my life, so I’d like to do a skydive.”

― Amanda Hale

“I don’t care who or what judges me, nothing’s going to stop me from living my life how I choose.”

― Amanda Holden

“I lost years of my life to prison because of two-dimensional and misogynist stereotypes.”

― Amanda Knox

“I have been in an experience where I thought everything that I had hoped for in my life was taken away from me, and I had to redefine what mattered.”

― Amanda Knox

“Friendships that don’t fit my life anymore have faded away, and new ones have come in.”

― Amanda Lindhout

“I made a vow to myself while I was a hostage that if I were lucky enough to live and to get out of Somalia, I would do something meaningful with my life – and specifically something that would be meaningful in the country where I’d lost my freedom.”

― Amanda Lindhout

“I was in ‘Jacques Brel’ Off-Broadway for many years, so I’ve always been a singing actress, but the songwriting was a complete surprise. I had never written a song in my life. We were on the road with ‘Jacques Brel’ doing the national tour, and I picked up a guitar one day and I wrote a song.”

― Amanda McBroom

“The challenge in my life really is keeping the balance between feeling creatively energized and fulfilled without feeling overwhelmed and like I’m in the middle of a battlefield.”

― Amanda Palmer

“I’ve always been a creative workaholic. I have never had a period of my life where I didn’t have at least half a dozen projects going on at once.”

― Amanda Palmer

“Neil Gaiman swooped into my life though another friend, Jason Webley, who knew we were fans of each other’s work and introduced us via email. Neil and I, like me and Ben, just hit it off instantly.”

― Amanda Palmer

“As a black woman, the government is so much in my life, and it always has been.”

― Amanda Seales

“Marriage, at this point in my life? I’m not interested in it. Yet. Maybe later when I’m 35 or 40.”

― Amanda Seyfried

“Singing was my first love and I never even considered it after I started acting, but now I’m bringing it back into my life. I trained from the ages of 11 to 17. When I moved to New York and got into serious acting, I just kind of abandoned the whole singing thing. But when I grew up in Pennsylvania I went to voice lessons once a week.”

― Amanda Seyfried

“No matter what’s happening in my life, I can always get lost in the romances of my characters.”

― Amanda Seyfried

“For the first time in my life I’m really happy to be unattached because I realise there is so much responsibility to having a partner.”

― Amanda Seyfried

“I was born in a University campus and seem to have lived all my life in one campus or another.”

― Amartya Sen

“My mother definitely plays a big role in my life and in my work. The majority of what I’ve created has to do with her passing and how I dealt with losing the most important person in my life.”

― Amber Mark

“I like to write things that are a soundtrack to my life so if I am experiencing that moment, I want to portray what would be playing in the background.”

― Amber Mark

“In my 20s, I was leaving university, getting married, or having a baby. And then, in my 30s, I was just keeping my head above water. When I hit 40, I thought, ‘I have got to get a grip of my life and really point it in the direction I want it to go rather than just swim hard against the current.’”

― Amber Rudd

“I want to stay below the radar and make good films. I have to be careful; I don’t want my life to change. I really don’t want to be a movie star.”

― Amelia Warner

“As a child, I didn’t know what I didn’t have. I’m thankful for the challenges early on in my life because now I have a perspective on the world and kind of know what’s important.”

― America Ferrera

“Finding the one is not just a feeling, it’s an educated guess. I feel like I chose someone to share my life with who is my friend.”

― America Ferrera

“If I learned anything from Betty coming into my life, it’s to just be open to all the things that come along.”

― America Ferrera

“I did have a chance to box for Pakistan, but I’ve lived here all my life, gone to school; all my coaches and everyone’s here, and I feel English.”

― Amir Khan

“Boxing changed my life twice.”

― Amir Khan

“I don’t want to get punched all my life.”

― Amir Khan

“He has turned my life around by 180 degrees, I still don’t understand why Shiva has blessed me so much. I believe he’ll bless the worst of us first because we need it the most.”

― Amish Tripathi

“I just lead my life as naturally, as normally as I possibly can. But I can’t help it if controversy is hounding me day in and day out. I’m quite amazed sometimes by the way they go about it. I grow a beard and it lands up in the editorial in The Times of India.”

― Amitabh Bachchan

“A lot of my fighting qualities I inherited from my parents. They set tremendous examples right through my life.”

― Amitabh Bachchan

“Say I lived until 80 and read a book a month seriously, that means I was looking at 480 books left in my life. If I had only 480 left, I wanted to stop sifting through material I didn’t have confidence in and turn my attention to those that I know merited my reading.”

― Amor Towles

“I had a 20-year career. I have two children. The advantage of writing later in my life is that I already had a whole mature realm of accomplishments and responsibilities, an identity outside of being a writer.”

― Amor Towles

“I’ve been called a traitor a few times in my life by some of my countrymen.”

― Amos Oz

“I don’t regret any decision in my life… not my career, not marriage. Every experience has been so fulfilling in so many ways.”

― Amrita Singh

“I’ve had a family my entire adult life; I started raising kids when I was 21. I suspect that being part of a family has probably informed my life as a writer as much as anything else has.”

― Amy Bloom

“I’m sure I’ll be doing something of social or political worth the rest of my life.”

― Amy Carter

“I kind of – I like my life; I feel I have lots of opportunities. And my parents actually having had such high expectations for me – I would say it’s the greatest gift that anyone has ever given me. I complained a lot when I was little, but that’s how I feel now. And that’s why I tried to do the same with my two daughters.”

― Amy Chua

“I can look back at different times in my life when I felt I could not find my way out of whatever it was. I’m not necessarily talking about marriage, but I wanted to pack it in. I wanted to disappear. A lot of that has to do with being in the public eye.”

― Amy Grant

“I think it’s amazing that I’m 45 and it is the most creatively successful year of my life.”

― Amy Landecker

“I learned about not just being with someone because I don’t want to be alone: being willing to be alone, and then find something that feels right and just reaching for companionship for companionship’s sake. Not letting drama lead my life.”

― Amy Landecker

“I find rage to be the scariest emotion as an actor, for me personally, to tap into. I don’t like anger, and I don’t like conflict particularly in my life. I like everybody to be nice and things to be easy.”

― Amy Landecker

“If your life were a book and you were the author, how would you want your story to go? That’s the question that changed my life forever.”

― Amy Purdy

“I’ve never wanted sympathy votes in anything I do in my life.”

― Amy Purdy

“If somebody would’ve told me that I was going to lose my legs at the age of 19, I would’ve thought there’s absolutely no way I’d be able to handle that. But then it happened, and I realized that there’s so much more to live for, that my life isn’t about my legs.”

― Amy Purdy

“I tried snowboarding at 14, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I snowboarded every day off I had, every weekend I had off of school, every holiday we had off from school, and it became a huge part of my life, not just what I love to do, but really just kind of who I was.”

― Amy Purdy

“I always say snowboarding saved my life. It gave me a reason to focus on the future; it gave me something to be passionate about.”

― Amy Purdy

“It was challenging. It was never easy for me. My life changed suddenly, and I lost my health. I lost the body that I knew.”

― Amy Purdy

“Of course, I was 19 years old, and I suddenly lost my legs. It was extremely traumatic at the time, but I’m so beyond that. I’ve done so much with my life.”

― Amy Purdy

“I have always wanted a bunny and I’ll always have a rabbit the rest of my life.”

― Amy Sedaris

“The forbidden things were a great influence on my life. I was forbidden from reading A Catcher in the Rye.”

― Amy Tan

“I also thought of playing improvisational jazz and I did take lessons for a while. At first I tried to write fiction by making up things that were completely alien to my life.”

― Amy Tan

“Luck is in every part of China. Many Chinese stores and restaurants have the word ‘luck’ in their names. The idea is that, just by using the word ‘luck’ in names of things, you can attract more of it. I think that’s true in my life as well. You attract luck because you go after it.”

― Amy Tan

“My life and career have been a big improvisation.”

― Ana de Armas

“I’m weird. I’m not too focused on the physicality of a man. They just have to become my best friend, and then I start to get attracted to them. I’ve never been in a bar and just hit on a guy and started kissing him; I’ve never done that in my life.”

― Ana de la Reguera

“I’ve had to fight to improve my life. Nothing has come easily.”

― Ana Ivanovic

“I have always been very dedicated to tennis, and it’s true that I made some compromises in my life. For example, I never went out to parties when I was younger, and I spent less time with friends.”

― Ana Ivanovic

“The one thing I’ve always tried to do in my life, in my work, on TV, is I just keep it real. I find it hard and time-consuming to try to be fake.”

― Ana Navarro

“I don’t relate to that angst-y kid who hates their parents because they were horrible. It’s just not my life and it’s not the life of a lot of my friends.”

― Ana Ortiz

“Chess is my life, but my life is not chess.”

― Anatoly Karpov

“I was world champion. For me, chess is my life. It is everything.”

― Anatoly Karpov

“My dad grew up really poor in Mississippi. I paid attention to that because I thought that’s a healthier thing to pay attention to than, like, some statue of a great-great-great grandfather who has no connection to my life.”

― Anderson Cooper

“I’ve only ever been in one band in my life, and that was in middle school.”

― Anderson East

“I didn’t start playing drums until I was 12, for school band; they didn’t have any saxophones left. My step-pops had a kit at the house, and I had never done anything that I understood so quick. It was so natural. It was the most fun and consistent thing in my life.”

― Anderson Paak

“I love the sport. I love fighting. Fighting is my life.”

― Anderson Silva

“I come to fight because I love to fight. It’s my life.”

― Anderson Silva

“There is nothing like walking on the streets on a freezing cold day and hearing fans scream your name, then stopping to talk to those same fans. There is nothing like looking into the crowd at the Q and seeing over 20,000 people wearing wigs to match your hair. Those are feelings I will cherish for the rest of my life and never forget.”

― Anderson Varejao

“I feel really good about the things I’ve accomplished in my life, and I don’t want to look younger.”

― Andie MacDowell

“My goal is to do cartwheels for the rest of my life.”

― Andie MacDowell

“I think a lot of times people who jump from one movie to another don’t enjoy their private life. It’s a great way to escape reality. But I enjoy my life.”

― Andie MacDowell

“Wonderful things happen when you turn 50: you change perspective. You ask, ‘Who am I? What do I want to do with my life? What have I not done that I want to do?’”

― Andie MacDowell

“Throughout my life, I’ve had consistent DNA.”

― Andra Day

“I pray, read the word, and then creative stuff happens here. Problem-solving and all of that comes into that space. So ‘Da Box’ actually represents my sanctuary and that time. I might look trapped in a box, but I’m actually more free in that box than anyone on the outside looking in or in any other space in my life.”

― Andra Day

“’My Night at Maud’s,’ ‘Claire’s Knee,’ ‘Chloe in the Afternoon’ are grafted onto my life.”

― Andre Aciman

“There are many things about my life that I wish had been different and that I still find difficult to live down.”

― Andre Aciman

“As an actor, I’m allowed – encouraged! – to explore emotions that have been basically unacceptable in my life. I have a huge well of emotional stuff, and once I give myself permission as an actor, it all comes to the surface. But I’ll be damned if I can give myself permission to bring it out as a man.”

― Andre Braugher

“All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name.”

― Andre Breton

“I know what it is like to be brought up with unconditional love. In my life that came from my grandmother.”

― Andre Leon Talley

“It’s been thrown up to me most of my life: Why don’t I just concentrate on conducting or composing or my own playing or on jazz?”

― Andre Previn

“The waltz is a very important part of my life. It’s a very important way for me to express my positiveness, bringing humor to the world.”

― Andre Rieu

“Now, I’ve changed my life to make sure I work only on what I love.”

― Andre Rieu

“I was a fat child and loved cake, perhaps because it was the only sweet thing in my life.”

― Andre Rieu

“People ask, ‘Are your things autobiographical?,’ and I think, no, they’re not autobiographical directly, but of course my life has informed my work.”

― Andrea Arnold

“I’ve never been to a black-tie thing in my life. I didn’t even go to my prom.”

― Andrea Barrett

“All my life, books have felt alive; some more so than people, or rather, some people. Alive – this has to do with me, I know, and not the books – in a way that some people aren’t. Alive as teachers, alive as minds, alive as imaginative triggers.”

― Andrea Barrett

“My life experience has taught me nothing happens by chance. Even the idea of the ball in a roulette game: it’s not chance it ends up in a certain place. It’s forces that are at play.”

― Andrea Bocelli

“Fatherhood is a very natural thing; it’s not something that shakes up my life but rather it enriches it.”

― Andrea Bocelli

“When I began singing, it was the first time I was happy in my life. As a baby, I would stop crying when I heard a great singer.”

― Andrea Bocelli

“I changed the course of my life, from the rigidity of mathematics and the corporate rhythm to a more bohemian world.”

― Andrea Hirata

“I have always been open about the way I live my life, because hiding skeletons in the closet and presenting a picture-perfect image is not my style.”

― Andrea Jeremiah

“There was a time in my life when I used to plan elaborately; not anymore. I gave up when I realised nothing was going my way.”

― Andrea Jeremiah

“Like so many of my generation and those younger, I have spent most of my life in the E.U., and my instincts were naturally for reform from within.”

― Andrea Leadsom

“My kids are a huge part of my life.”

― Andrea Leadsom

“For pragmatic reasons, I love the routine. I love the structure of it. I love knowing that my days are free. I know where I’m going at night. I know my life is kind of orderly. I just like that better.”

― Andrea Martin

“The first time I ever heard professional actors delivering lines that I wrote was completely surreal and was just a gigantic moment in my life. It was just a little bit mind-blowing and completely strange to have something that had been on my computer being said out loud.”

― Andrea Seigel

“I was 11 years old when I saw the first season of ‘The Real World.’ Initially, I was drawn to the show because it was what I imagined the adult version of my life should be.”

― Andrea Seigel

“I read ‘The Original Beauty Bible’ when I was 16, and it changed my life.”

― Andreja Pejic

“Perhaps if I was in a different profession, I wouldn’t have worn ‘trans’ on my forehead. But there’s a difference between not wanting to make a big deal out of something and fearing the effect it will have on my life.”

― Andreja Pejic

“I have never voted in my life.”

― Andres Serrano

“I have dreams that I will reach balance in my life, and, at forty-one, I have none.”

― Andrew Breitbart

“There have always been two people jostling for control of my life, two totally opposite characters. The first one is super-confident, bulletproof, a showman, and an extrovert. He tries to make people laugh, messes about, gets into trouble, shrugs it off. The other character is withdrawn and reflective.”

― Andrew Flintoff

“I’m black. I’ve been black all my life, and as far as I know, I’ll die black.”

― Andrew Gillum

“One novel that I think is an overriding influence in my life is ‘All the King’s Men,’ the most beautiful book written in the U.S.”

― Andrew Gross

“I’ve certainly felt alone a lot of my life.”

― Andrew Haigh

“I feel like, throughout lots of my life, especially growing up, I felt powerless.”

― Andrew Haigh

“My influences are all over the place. Different films have spoken to me at different times in my life, and they’ve helped create my idea of the kind of films I want to make.”

― Andrew Haigh

“In my own life, my parents divorced when I was young. I lived with my dad, not with my mum, after they got divorced. And it’s been part of my life.”

― Andrew Haigh

“I am a Senator against my wishes and feelings, which I regret more than any other of my life.”

― Andrew Jackson

“I feel in the depths of my soul that it is the highest, most sacred, and most irreversible part of my obligation to preserve the union of these states, although it may cost me my life.”

― Andrew Jackson

“Tony night was probably the highlight of my time with ‘Newsies’ – heck, of my life for that matter!”

― Andrew Keenan-Bolger

“I tried to live my life really openly and transparently right from the get-go. I think that probably resonated with people.”

― Andrew Keenan-Bolger

“I have lived and worked in Britain all my life. Not even in the dark days of penal Labour taxation in the Seventies did I have any intention of leaving the country of my birth.”

― Andrew Lloyd Webber

“Poetry is at the centre of my life, too, emotionally speaking, and intellectually speaking – it’s just that I’m one of those people who enjoy doing other stuff as well.”

― Andrew Motion

“I am writing more than I have ever done. My life has come back to me in the most extraordinary way.”

― Andrew Motion

“I just hated the law. I wasn’t cut out for it. I couldn’t imagine spending my life doing that, so I quit before I began.”

― Andrew Pyper

“Even though I’m from the Midwest, the majority of my life has been spent on the coasts where being gay wasn’t really much of a conversation.”

― Andrew Rannells

“I was kind of a scaredy-cat as a kid, and I made a very deliberate decision at some point that I was not going to let fear rule my life or determine my experience. That wasn’t so easily accomplished.”

― Andrew Solomon

“I had never touched a computer in my life before I came to Pixar.”

― Andrew Stanton

“Being a sci-fi geek myself and going to movies all my life, I came to the conclusion that there were really two camps of how robots have been designed. It’s either the tin man, which is a human with metal skin, or it’s an R2D2.”

― Andrew Stanton

“My life is triage.”

― Andrew Vachss

“I take responsibility for everything in my life, including who I work for and what happens to me because of it.”

― Andrew W.K.

“I’m not proud of this at all, but I’m someone who has relied on business managers and accountants and career managers to run the whole bureaucratic side of my life for the last 16 years, so anything, from filing tax returns to paying credit card statements, is something that I feel rather fortunate to have been out of the loop on.”

― Andrew W.K.

“I’ve got two contracts in my life. One, with my wife because we’re married. And, two, I’ve got a contract to protect Andy Dalton. I’ll do both of those to the best of my ability.”

― Andrew Whitworth

“Everything that has happened in my life is because of good government and because the United States of America was the greatest nation on the face of the earth.”

― Andrew Young

“Civil rights leaders are involved in helping poor people. That’s what I’ve been doing all my life.”

― Andrew Young

“I have committed my life to helping the poor, and I believe that if more companies followed Wal-Mart’s lead in providing opportunity and savings to those who need it most, more Americans battling poverty would realize the American dream.”

― Andrew Young

“I’ve been dyslexic and had Attention Deficit Disorder at some time in my life. I still read with a highlighter, but I’ve always loved to read.”

― Andrew Young

“I famously tasted shark fin soup many, many years ago before we understood exactly what was going on with the harvesting of sharks. I’ve consequently come out against it. I make personal choices in my life and stand behind them.”

― Andrew Zimmern

“When I was 13, I came back from summer camp – summer of ’74 – and my mother had had an accident during surgery and was in an oxygen tent in a coma. It was so traumatic. My parents had been divorced for six or seven years at that point, and it was sort of the seminal event of my life.”

― Andrew Zimmern

“My life gets better every year.”

― Andrew Zimmern

“My manic depression was ravaging my life, but because nobody could see it, many people thought it was a figment of my imagination.”

― Andy Behrman

“That’s what makes me insufferable to be around, is that most of my life I have assumed that everyone wants to see me perform and do things all the time.”

― Andy Biersack

“More than anything, I write about what I know. The experiences that I’ve had in my life and that we’ve all had collectively, that’s what we draw from.”

― Andy Biersack

“I will say one thing: Mick Mars is one of the greatest songwriters I’ve ever met in my life and had the pleasure to work with.”

― Andy Biersack

“I grew up Presbyterian, just a basic Protestant upbringing. There were years in my life when I would go to church every Sunday and to Sunday school. Then I just phased out of it.”

― Andy Dick

“Everything I do in my life is very instinctual and in the moment. If I’m attracted to something, that’s it. If I have reservations, those don’t change till they’re resolved. My first impression is how I go.”

― Andy Garcia

“The reality is that the work I do is not private work. I bring all my secrets, my life, to my work. Anybody who’s seen my work knows everything about me.”

― Andy Garcia

“If we did end tomorrow, I would be so stoked and proud of everything I’ve done and how I lived my life. I feel like I’ve had enough experiences for multiple lives.”

― Andy Hurley

“My calendar was empty. Touring the way we did and having a schedule like we did institutionalizes you in a way where you don’t know anything else. I think I went through the darkest depression I’ve ever felt in my life.”

― Andy Hurley

“I never told a joke in my life.”

― Andy Kaufman

“I had a body wax. It’s the most painful thing I have ever done in my life. I had every single hair on my body pulled out, and I really bruised.”

― Andy Serkis

“My dad was working abroad, in Iraq, and he was a doctor. We used to go and visit him, in Baghdad, off and on. For the first ten years of my life, we used to go backwards and forwards to Baghdad, so that was quite amazing. I spent a lot of time traveling around the Middle East.”

― Andy Serkis

“In 1972, I signed a union card for SEIU. And for the last 38 years, 14 as president, it’s been my life. I’ve seen the most miraculous, spectacular things. But there’s a time to learn, a time to lead and a time to leave.”

― Andy Stern

“I’m not running from any particular problems, I just want to take some time and figure out in my life where I can keep doing what I’m doing but in a way that I can also honor what I want to do for myself.”

― Andy Stern

“There was a period when I’d just come out of college where I’d been playing classical guitar and I suddenly realised that it wasn’t what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.”

― Andy Summers

“When I sent those scripts, that was the lowest point of my life. We’d just had our second son, and when I went to collect them from hospital, I went to the bank to try and get some money to buy some diapers, the screen showed I’ve got $26 left.”

― Ang Lee

“I’m aware of what’s missing from my life.”

― Ang Lee

“Fighting for identity is something that is very much in my life.”

― Ang Lee

“I’m actually living my life with the material I choose to work with.”

― Ang Lee

“Winning the Champions League was the best thing that has happened to me at a club, the best thing that happened to me in my life.”

― Angel Di Maria

“Work has never really been work for me. It’s been a natural extension of my life.”

― Angela Ahrendts

“My mom was always pretty supportive. She saw me do plays and she’d always act out the parts I did. My aunt, who played a big part in my life, was a little bit more reserved, because if they don’t see you on TV every week they think you must be starving.”

― Angela Bassett

“Looking back, I can see that my life with David was molded by forces beyond my control and even my understanding. Still, I don’t regret trying.”

― Angela Bowie

“I always wanted to know what I’d face next, even though that was maybe a bit detrimental to spontaneity. Structuring my life and avoiding chaos was more important.”

― Angela Merkel

“The way I lived my life, I truly wasn’t an active resistance fighter.”

― Angela Merkel

“Right now, I’m standing behind the glass, and I guess that’s a metaphor for how my life will be going forward.”

― Angela Ruggiero

“I still love hockey. It’s just I’m at a different stage of my life and I think I’m just ready to grow in other ways outside of just being a hockey player.”

― Angela Ruggiero

“I find that I’ve tried to become a better hockey player every year and not just hold on. At the same time, I’ve also made it a point to increase or grow in some other area of my life. If I were just playing hockey, I would probably be done with the sport.”

― Angela Ruggiero

“I’ve never lived my life in the opinion of others. I believe I’m a good person. I believe I’m a good mom. But that’s for my kids to decide, not for the world.”

― Angelina Jolie

“There’s nothing I have to hide or defend. I’m gonna live my life. And there are times when people wanna try to attack me, and I don’t know why, but they will. And that’s okay.”

― Angelina Jolie

“First and foremost comes my family and my life with Brad. We have so much joy in raising our children and teaching them about the world that nothing really compares to that.”

― Angelina Jolie

“When I first went to places where people were suffering from war and persecution, I felt ashamed of my feelings of sadness. I could see more possibilities in my life.”

― Angelina Jolie

“I have so much in my life. I want to be of value to the world.”

― Angelina Jolie

“I went through a period when I felt my film characters were having more fun than I was. It might partly explain why I ended up tattooed or doing certain extreme things in my life.”

― Angelina Jolie

“When I was younger, I was testing myself and questioning everything, but now it’s less about that and more about these are the years of my life with my family.”

― Angelina Jolie

“I feel matured in a way that I’m happy about. I’m at this other stage in my life – and it’s not a bad thing at all.”

― Angelina Jolie

“Sometimes I try to just sit at home and do something calmer and simpler and just be in my life. You know, not trying to solve a lot of things at once.”

― Angelina Jolie

“This has been my life for many years; one role feeds the other.”

― Angelina Jolie

“Puszczykowo is an important place in my life. I feel like I am at home there.”

― Angelique Kerber

“The romantic love of my life, I’m sure, was Burt Bacharach. I had a few that were wonderful, but I married him, and that’s going pretty far.”

― Angie Dickinson

“Every day of my life, I feel fat. It’s not correct thinking in the natural, normal human being’s way of life.”

― Angie Everhart

“One of my life principles is that if something isn’t working, doing something harder isn’t necessarily going to produce the same result.”

― Angus King

“Even though it’s my job to be an actor, I have given my life to God.”

― Angus T. Jones

“I don’t know how many bands I saw who would try to wreck a hotel room, but I never wrecked a hotel room in my life! If I’m gonna sit there and throw a TV out the window… if it’s a good TV, maybe I should just take it home.”

― Angus Young

“My work is not about my life history. It’s not about the story of my neurosis.”

― Anish Kapoor

“I don’t let people use me. That’s why I like a small number of people in my life. The more people in my life, the more complex it becomes, so I just try to keep it at a minimum.”

― Anita Baker

“Certainly my life will not ever be as private and discreet, and perhaps I should even use the word insulated, as it was before.”

― Anita Hill

“Telling the world is the most difficult experience of my life, but it is very close to having to live through the experience that occasion this meeting.”

― Anita Hill

“The experience of testifying and the aftermath have changed my life.”

― Anita Hill

“Harassment is the background radiation of my life. It is a factor in every decision I make. Any time I tweet something or make a post, I’m always thinking about it.”

― Anita Sarkeesian

“The pull of history has been a strong theme in my life as a novelist.”

― Anita Shreve

“My life… I’m really happy with what I’ve got. If I get more things, I will be happy, but if not, I won’t be frustrated.”

― Anitta

“In my 20 years as a photographer, covering conflicts from Bosnia to Gaza to Iraq to Afghanistan, injured civilians and soldiers have passed through my life many times.”

― Anja Niedringhaus

“I live my life not to please my pastor or my church or fellow Christians. I live my life according to my own convictions and morals and core values and principles, and a lot of times, that’s not going to add up to other Christians.”

― Anjelah Johnson

“I love sharing my life with people.”

― Anjelah Johnson

“My life experiences are different than the average person because I’ve spent the last 10 years living in Mexico. I generally don’t know what’s going on in America, and when I do visit for work, I’m often interrogated about my life choices by random strangers.”

― Ann Aguirre

“I’ve spent my life supporting myself.”

― Ann Beattie

“Ironically, since Obama was elected, for the first time in my life I’m sometimes not proud of my country.”

― Ann Coulter

“In the end, I want to be able to say, ‘My life was what I made it.’”

― Ann Curry

“The future is open, and I never make plans. As long as it’s interesting to me, I try to live my life to the fullest.”

― Ann Demeulemeester

“When I won the Emmy, the profound sense of gratitude when my name was said I cannot express enough. It was one of the most beautiful moments, hands down, of my life.”

― Ann Dowd

“I’m passionate about people. I’ve spent my life in advocacy. People matter – whether or not we agree on the issue, people matter.”

― Ann Marie Buerkle

“Well, I always say that the two things I was most disastrous at in my life, being a teenager and being a wife, were the two things I really wound up cashing in on when I was writing fluffy magazine pieces.”

― Ann Patchett

“In my life, I have met astonishingly good people.”

― Ann Patchett

“How I measure riches is by the friends I have and the loved ones I have and the people that I care about in my life, and that’s where my values are and that’s where my riches are.”

― Ann Romney

“Gratitude’s not a natural posture. The prince of darkness is ultimately a spoiled ingrate, and I’ve spent most of my life as kin to the fist-shaker.”

― Ann Voskamp

“Whatever I’m writing comes organically out of my life.”

― Ann Voskamp

“When a governor asks you to come and serve… or a president, subsequently in my life – you do so.”

― Ann Wagner

“I do believe I was put here to tell stories and be creative in that way. It’s given my life so much purpose and meaning, and it’s ultimately what I live for.”

― Anna Akana

“I don’t feel my capabilities in cookery are as big as my desire – as with so many aspects of my life.”

― Anna Chancellor

“I was never the class clown or anything like that. When I was growing up and doing theatre in Seattle I was always doing very dramatic work. Now I can’t get a dramatic role to save my life!”

― Anna Faris

“After I had my baby, I reprioritized my life in general. I really wanted to play characters that gave me a different kind of fulfillment. That is a difficult thing to find, especially as an actress.”

― Anna Faris

“I’ve never been onstage in my life.”

― Anna Friel

“As I get older, I think about the quality of my life and a balanced way to enjoy that. That’s true wellness – being well from inside out.”

― Anna Kaiser

“There have definitely been more than a few moments in my life where I’m wondering where the next paycheck will come from and how I’m gonna pay rent.”

― Anna Kendrick

“Sometimes when I try to make jokes or have a sense of humor in interviews, it doesn’t go over very well. But Twitter made my life easier in this way that I didn’t expect. It would have taken probably 10 times as long for people to accept my voice and my sense of humor if I didn’t have Twitter.”

― Anna Kendrick

“Boyfriends have to understand me and my needs. They have to know what I want out of my life and about my strict regime. I go to bed at 10pm and not later. I separate my professional and private lives.”

― Anna Kournikova

“Like most people my age, my job is the main focus of my life. I don’t have some kind of jet-setting fabulous lifestyle where I’m constantly in situations to acquire amazing anecdotes, that’s it.”

― Anna Paquin

“One of the hard things in my life has been balancing my education with my acting career, because I’ve been acting since the age of seven, on and off, just doing little parts and things. I’ve always been very keen to stay in school.”

― Anna Popplewell

“I used to say that if I could get paid to read books, my life would be made.”

― Anna Todd

“I was a struggling army wife going to community college who didn’t know what to do with my life.”

― Anna Todd

“My husband is so proud of me. He’s in the Army, so he doesn’t get to travel much with me, but when I come home, he’s the exact same, so it’s really nice to have him so disconnected from all the other stuff so my life can still feel normal at home.”

― Anna Todd

“I’ve found in my life that the parts that you’re right for are the parts that you get. It’s really usually quite easy because you’re kind of right.”

― Anna Torv

“I feel that I’ve worked with a lot of interesting people, and I have no regrets. I’m just curious about what I might have done if I’d had people in my life then who did explain what the publicity game was.”

― Annabella Sciorra

“I feel that since I was a little, little person, I knew that one of my life goals was to tell stories and bring joy to people.”

― Annaleigh Ashford

“I started to learn Greek when I was in high school, the last year of high school, by accident, because my teacher knew Greek and she offered to teach me on the lunch hour, so we did it in an informal way, and then I did it at university, and that was the main thing of my life.”

― Anne Carson

“I don’t know that I ever could’ve imagined just how blessed my life would be.”

― Anne Donovan

“When I think back to some of the most fun nights of my life, it was just me out dancing without a care in the world. It’s a release, an outlet.”

― Anne Hathaway

“I think that Jersey Shore is awesome. I’ve gone to Cape May every summer of my life.”

― Anne Hathaway

“I’m very grateful for the platform that I’ve had in my life to speak out about the things I care about.”

― Anne Heche

“I spent my whole life helping my mother carry around her psychic trunks like a bitter bellhop. So a great load was lifted when she died, and my life was much easier.”

― Anne Lamott

“I want my tattoos to be a story of my life.”

― Anne-Marie

“I think, all my life, I’ve grown up and had high expectations, but that becomes so stressful.”

― Anne-Marie

“For me, speaking my mind is a big part of my life, and I encourage other people to do that as well.”

― Anne-Marie

“When I was four, five, my granddad took me over to the park to play basketball. There was no way I was getting a ball into the net, but he said we stayed there until I got it in. I always remember that. He used to say to me, ‘When you think you’re going to do something, you won’t ever stop.’ I think that’s the person I’ve been all my life.”

― Anne-Marie

“I think Rudimental was a massive part of my life and such a great place and people and learning curve to be a part of.”

― Anne-Marie

“Writing has been so much a part of my life that I’m really quite annoyed that I can’t do as much as I used to.”

― Anne McCaffrey

“I was born in London, England, in 1938, a few months before the war, and spent the first years of my life there, although I was evacuated a couple of times for short periods. My schooling was very interrupted, both by frequent moves and by ill health.”

― Anne Perry

“The day that changed my life was 3 July 1986, when I went to see American actress and singer Barbara Cook at London’s Donmar Warehouse.”

― Anne Reid

“I now do my own cabaret act, singing and telling stories about my life.”

― Anne Reid

“Looking back at it now, any objective account of my life is bound to read like a cross between ‘The Wife of Bath’s Tale’ and a travel brochure.”

― Anne Stevenson

“None of my own experiences ever finds its way into my work. However, the stages of my life – motherhood, middle age, etc. – often influence my subject matter.”

― Anne Tyler

“The fact that my environment influences my life so much – and that my environment is in my control – gives me a great sense of empowerment over my health and my life.”

― Anne Wojcicki

“Every couple of weeks, someone writes in and says, ’23andMe saved my life.’”

― Anne Wojcicki

“Mickey Mouse… is always there-he’s part of my life. That really is something not everyone can call their claim to fame.”

― Annette Funicello

“The Lord has been with me throughout my life. He’s never let me down.”

― Annette Funicello

“I worked so hard all my life, and all I want to do now is read.”

― Annie Dillard

“I feel more like a creative artist using photography because there’s – the digital work is so interesting now. It’s come to that. I have had many different stages of photography – there are many different ways to take photos. But I feel now I’m in that stage of my life where I use the camera, you know, in that way.”

― Annie Leibovitz

“I have a calling in my soul, if you like, to try to make my life in some way worthwhile. What is the value of my existence?”

― Annie Lennox

“Women’s issues have always been a part of my life.”

― Annie Lennox

“I’m not intensely private – I talk a great deal about my life and my work – I just don’t play the game to excess.”

― Annie Lennox

“You just decide what your values are in life and what you are going to do, and then you feel like you count, and that makes life worth living. It makes my life meaningful.”

― Annie Lennox

“Women’s issues have always been a part of my life. My goal is to bring the word ‘feminism’ back into the zeitgeist and reframe it.”

― Annie Lennox

“I haven’t lived my life through my daughters. Some parents devote everything to their children, which must be so hard, and it’s very beautiful. But I’m a working parent, so I’ve always kept my own life.”

― Annie Lennox

“For a long time, I thought I was going to go into law, but theatre just kept being so present in my life.”

― Annie Murphy

“There have been points in my life as an artist where I have wanted to capture people’s attention, probably to compensate for times when I felt invisible.”

― Anohni

“The only things in my life that compatibly exists with this grand universe are the creative works of the human spirit.”

― Ansel Adams

“I wanted to be a lot of things in my life.”

― Ansel Elgort

“What’s next? Let’s do it! My life is chaotic and spontaneous, which is the way I like it.”

― Ant Middleton

“The Congo was the most difficult shoot of my life but was also maybe the greatest adventure of my life.”

― Anthony Bourdain

“I could do one show after another in China for the rest of my life and still die ignorant. There’s a lot of places left to go.”

― Anthony Bourdain

“I guess you could say I’ve been writing all my life.”

― Anthony Doerr

“My sister-in-law is a painter, and I’ll say, how long did it take you to paint that painting. She’ll say, It took me maybe three days, but it took me all my life to get the skills to paint that painting.”

― Anthony Doerr

“I didn’t start jogging or running until I was 37 years old. It was something that really helped me change my life.”

― Anthony Edwards

“The first time I stepped on stage and I started singing, I knew that I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.”

― Anthony Gonzalez

“I want to represent all the Latin people. I want to do this for the rest of my life.”

― Anthony Gonzalez

“Well I’m a very similar age to Prince Charles. I’m a year older than him. I was at university at the same time as him. I think in the sixties, like all the Royals, he really had very little impact on my life at all and he seemed, if anything a lot older in his attitudes.”

― Anthony Holden

“My life turned out to be beyond my greatest dreams.”

― Anthony Hopkins

“I’ve been composing music all my life and if I’d been clever enough at school I would like to have gone to music college.”

― Anthony Hopkins

“My mum and dad aren’t together, but she plays a massive part in my life. We have deep conversations: I tell her where I need support, where I feel she’s lacking, and I support her with whatever she needs. I understand she won’t be here forever, and I want no regrets.”

― Anthony Joshua

“I quickly realized I live the least interesting literary life imaginable. My parents are happily married. There haven’t been any major traumas. I’m not sure that the story of my life would be much fun to read.”

― Anthony Marra

“I think that obstacles lead to growth and ultimately, the most learning I’ve done in my life is between jobs.”

― Anthony Michael Hall

“My grandmother was a huge influence on me and the fact that there was this very strong, rather formidable presence of women in my life has been an enormous value.”

― Anthony Minghella

“I have learned more about love, selflessness and human understanding from the people I have met in this great adventure in the world of AIDS than I ever did in the cutthroat, competitive world in which I spent my life.”

― Anthony Perkins

“I am very proud of being Jewish. I went to a Jewish school all my life.”

― Anthony Pratt

“And I loved Frank Lloyd Wright. I think he was the greatest man I have ever met in my life.”

― Anthony Quinn

“I never used a gun in my life.”

― Anthony Ray Hinton

“I have a lot of family members that served in the American military. I did not serve; I filled out the selective service. It’s one of the regrets for my life.”

― Anthony Scaramucci

“I’ve had a series of setbacks in my life, which I’ve written about.”

― Anthony Scaramucci

“I have found, in my life experience with President Trump, when he’s out there himself and he’s being his fresh, authentic self, it’s very appealing to the people of the United States.”

― Anthony Scaramucci

“The one thing that shaped my life was when I was 15 or 16: I knew I wanted to be a journalist. And not just a journalist, but a journalist in the Middle East, and to go back to the Arab world and try to understand what it meant to be Lebanese.”

― Anthony Shadid

“Anything I do informs how I design. I wouldn’t isolate any one activity. Everything I do feeds back to my life, and my life is expressed in my work.”

― Antoine Predock

“My life changed incredibly when I moved from Holland to England.”

― Anton Corbijn

“I went professional with my partner, Erin Boag, 11 years ago, and we had success competing round the world, but appearing on ‘Strictly’ has changed my life.”

― Anton du Beke

“My goal was to become the best dancer in the world and, because I started late, I always had this feeling I was playing catch-up, so I’ve been a bit of a maniac most of my life, sort of striving.”

― Anton du Beke

“I don’t think there is a guy that played more gay characters than I have done in my life.”

― Antonio Banderas

“There are some movies that I would like to forget, for the rest of my life. But even those movies teach me things.”

― Antonio Banderas

“There are some movies that I would like to forget, for the rest of my life – really! But even those movies that I’d like to forget teach me things.”

― Antonio Banderas

“I’ve been fighting for my life before and sleeping in cars and trying to find a place to lay my head. I’ve had situations where I’ve had nowhere to go. This is the easy part. I overcame life.”

― Antonio Brown

“I like to go to church. Religion is an important part in my life. It has helped me in bad moments.”

― Antonio Conte

“I have spent a great deal of my life being part of minorities. Some of the people I admire the most in the world have had the courage to defend, against wind and tide, minority viewpoints in those frightening times when any disagreement with universal conformity is identified as treason.”

― Antonio Munoz Molina

“Literature is my life of course, but from an ontological point of view. From an existential point of view, I like being a teacher.”

― Antonio Tabucchi

“I was planning to stay in the Army all my life, but I ended up being posted to a training camp in Wales and was so bored there, I wrote a novel.”

― Antony Beevor

“I wrote a book on life coaching, because my life became my own reference point how to live.”

― Anupam Kher

“Harper Collins gave me a letter of intent saying that they want me to pen down my autobiography. When I was recollecting the incidents of my life for that, I selected only those incidents which were turning points in my life. I staged it instead of writing it.”

― Anupam Kher

“I’m an honest person and don’t lead my life on other people’s terms.”

― Anushka Sharma

“If I lead my life according to someone else, I’ve screwed my life up.”

― Anushka Sharma

“I tell myself that if I start to listen to these people and start to let them decide how I should behave and what I should do, then this is not my life – it’s theirs.”

― Anushka Sharma

“I have stayed in south India all my life. English comes more naturally to me than Hindi.”

― Anushka Sharma

“I don’t have any sense of inhibition, so I’m able to lead my life with a lot of honesty.”

― Anushka Sharma

“I’m not gonna give anybody the power to control my life.”

― Anushka Sharma

“I have done everything in my life very normally. And marriage is definitely there on my agendas in life. But I don’t know when will it happen.”

― Anushka Sharma

“Yoga has always been a part of my life, and it has had a major effect on me as a person, inside-out.”

― Anushka Shetty

“It was very difficult to leave Argentina when I was kid, so I only spoke Spanish for the first six years of my life.”

― Anya Taylor-Joy

“I’ve taken a tenacious bulldog approach to learning new skills throughout my life.”

― Apollo Robbins

“I believe my father has and always will be the strongest influence in my life, as he has guided me on many paths.”

― Apolo Ohno

“My life has always been compartmentalized into different aspects. I have my speed skating Olympic pursuits, I have my personal life and have my business life and have my entertainment – TV – Hollywood – whatever have you – always compartmentalizing every aspect of my life.”

― Apolo Ohno

“As seemingly impossible as it may seem of having zero regrets, when I look at my life now and all the mistakes I’ve made, all the bad decisions I’ve made, all the things I could have done differently or done more in, I don’t think I would have changed anything.”

― Apolo Ohno

“I’ve been an athlete most of my life and on a disciplined schedule. Working out for me is just part of my every day.”

― Apolo Ohno

“My life has always been with my dad. Since I can remember, I was raised by my father my entire life. So he’s kind of been that mom and father figure – always.”

― Apolo Ohno

“If it wasn’t for my sport and my father, I’d probably be a fallen statistic. I’d be dead; I’d be in jail. Luckily, I had a great dad in my life.”

― Apolo Ohno

“I get recognised in town a bit; I wouldn’t say it’s hindering my life in any way.”

― April Pearson

“I can’t think of anything that’s hit me harder in my life than when I learned that three of our youngest grandchildren were diagnosed with Niemann-Pick C.”

― Ara Parseghian

“I have been around football all of my life.”

― Ara Parseghian

“I have a very healthy dose of scepticism towards what identity is and what personas are, maybe because of my life journey. Identity is something so malleable.”

― Arca

“The love of my life? I’m much too young to answer that question.”

― Aretha Franklin

“The only thing that I’m not willing to do is really stupid, horribly written sitcoms. It can be tempting during pilot season time, but I realized this a while ago when I almost signed my life away to a stupid pilot.”

― Ari Graynor

“For 10 minutes, I was somebody’s mother, and that was both the most traumatic and also the most transcendent experience of my life.”

― Ariel Levy

“Do you know I used to pride myself on the fact that I’d never booked a show in my life, but that I’d played so many because I’d been invited?”

― Ariel Pink

“R Stevie Moore was obviously a huge influence and is still a very big influence in my life.”

― Ariel Pink

“I have my routine of going to the gym, and I try my best to eat healthy and do what I do. I see my friends, hang out. I kind of just have a routine of a nice balance in my life of everything; I don’t really think about protein shakes.”

― Ariel Winter

“My life is cinematic in some ways.”

― Arjun Kapoor

“’Gunday’ might not be the best film of my life, but it’s been a life-altering film for me.”

― Arjun Kapoor

“I left the entertainment industry part of my life behind in 1983, when we decided not to work with major record companies anymore.”

― Arlo Guthrie

“Music has always been a large part of my life, and I’m very fortunate to be able to start a career doing something I love.”

― Armaan Malik

“Not sure of my place in the world (still up for debate) and not sure what I wanted to do with my life (not really up for debate).”

― Armie Hammer

“I think that instinct, that storytelling instinct, rescued me most of my life.”

― Armistead Maupin

“Journey is my life now.”

― Arnel Pineda

“My life is now an open book.”

― Arnel Pineda

“If my life was a movie, no one would believe it.”

― Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I would never exchange my life with anybody else’s.”

― Arnold Schwarzenegger

“And that’s where I’m finally at today – my life is about being with my family. This is what’s important.”

― Aron Ralston

“I see my boys about 10 days every month. And, yes, they are the most important people in my life.”

― Arpad Busson

“The moral values I’ve learnt in my life I’ve learnt through football.”

― Arsene Wenger

“The two saddest moments of my life were when my mother died and when I was told I couldn’t play football for the Colts anymore.”

― Art Donovan

“It was a weird stage of my life, to leave Simon & Garfunkel at the height of our success and become a math teacher. I would talk them through a math problem and ask if anyone had any questions, and they would say, ‘What were the Beatles like?’”

― Art Garfunkel

“Who knows? Maybe my life belongs to God. Maybe it belongs to me. But I do know one thing: I’m damned if it belongs to the government.”

― Art Hoppe

“I never lied to a person in my life; my kids didn’t, either.”

― Art Modell

“I’ve been playing music all my life, from being a choir soloist at Symphony Hall as a youngster to playing in bands through high school and college at Kent State. Went in the service at 17, out before I was 21.”

― Arthur Godfrey

“Idle youth, enslaved to everything; by being too sensitive I have wasted my life.”

― Arthur Rimbaud

“Whiskey will always be a part of my life.”

― Artie Lange

“I am not the easiest guy to live with. It is probably the lack of stability in my life.”

― Artie Lange

“The road is a lonely place, and that sounds like a cliche, you know, like what is my life?”

― Artie Lange

“As a child, as far as I was concerned, my dad had an amazing job, and we had all the money we needed. My life was so fun and carefree that I didn’t realize at all that we weren’t rich – until I met someone rich. Still, I’ve never met a rich kid who grew up as happy as I did.”

― Artie Lange

“Ray Santos is one of my personal heroes. I model my life on people like him.”

― Arturo O’Farrill

“My life is a brave one. I didn’t put any restrictions.”

― Arunachalam Muruganantham

“There were offers from a few Bollywood filmmakers, but I was sceptical as to whether those films will do justice to my vision or even my life. I was also apprehensive because what if I sign an agreement and give the rights to some filmmaker, and he shelves the project?”

― Arunachalam Muruganantham

“One of the big lessons I have learnt from my life is that things are never as difficult as they seem. When you actively plunge into it, you realize you can easily do it.”

― Arundhati Bhattacharya

“It wasn’t until I did ‘Hugo’ where I sort of started to think that this could be something that I do for a long time – not necessarily the rest of my life, but we’ll see.”

― Asa Butterfield

“I don’t see myself acting for the rest of my life.”

― Asa Butterfield

“My life has never been a part of a big plan. It’s more of an unfolding adventure.”

― Asa Hutchinson

“With ‘Dope Walk,’ I wanted to bring back kids dancing and having fun again. That’s how it used to be in Harlem. I remember everybody Harlem-shaking and ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’-ing. Those were some of the most fun and memorable times in my life.”

― ASAP Ferg

“I’ve enjoyed my life. There has been great tragedy but also moments of great happiness. I’ve taken both in my stride, and if I were to replay my life, I would do it all over again.”

― Asha Bhosle

“Every day of my life has been a challenge – from singing a song that is not my type to being asked suddenly to sing a classical song with no practice.”

― Asha Bhosle

“Being pregnant was the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. Except for the cupcakes.”

― Ashlee Simpson

“I have those songs as well. It depends on what I’m going through in my life but I’m a huge fan of Bjork. Sometimes I get so emotional because she’s so amazing.”

― Ashlee Simpson

“I have the greatest husband. The baby is my main focus right now. We’re both so excited. I mean, this is definitely the happiest moment in my life.”

― Ashlee Simpson

“Whether I’d stopped playing professionally at 17 – or if I stop at 35 – tennis will always be a part of my life.”

― Ashleigh Barty

“Tennis has been a part of my life since I was five years old.”

― Ashleigh Barty

“I’m very much a girl that likes to have options. That’s the way I am with fashion, and that’s the way I am with my life.”

― Ashley Greene

“I’ve reached a point in my life where going to the supermarket is a day out.”

― Ashley Jensen

“I have a responsibility to nurture and shepherd my talent and when I’m living the parts of my life not related to that I feel I have the right to be left alone.”

― Ashley Judd

“I don’t see myself as famous at all so I’m continuing my life as normal.”

― Ashley Madekwe

“My life is a bit unpredictable.”

― Ashley Roberts

“I’ve been so blessed since doing ‘I’m A Celebrity’… It has changed my life, and I just want to keep on being offered fun projects like ‘The Jump’ to do.”

― Ashley Roberts

“I didn’t really have a religious upbringing in my life, which was tough at times because I was searching for some kind of meaning, but it also gave me an avenue to find my own sense of connection.”

― Ashley Roberts

“My life coach is very spiritual, and I do a lot of meditation and mantras.”

― Ashley Roberts

“I’m never scared, so I don’t watch horror movies. Back in the day, I was. I was scared of ‘It’ – you know, the one with the clown. That’s the thing I found scariest in my life, but since then, not really – I don’t watch them.”

― Ashley Thomas

“I’ve always had to fight. Throughout my life, it’s been a fight to get to where I am now.”

― Ashley Young

“I need everyone else around me to be impactful in my life in some way, and I think my fans need that, too. And I choose to accept that role.”

― Ashlyn Harris

“I live my life like anybody else, and people choose to write about mine. And what they write I can’t control – when they write lies at least – because the laws can’t really protect you unless you can prove malicious intent. So I just choose not to read it.”

― Ashton Kutcher

“I’ve usually found that the greatest rewards in my life come from taking on things that are a little bit scary.”

― Ashton Kutcher

“I’ve already exceeded my expectations for myself. I’m one of the most influential people! I mean come on! I wanted to be… I never thought the things I’ve experienced in my life, I didn’t think that was the life that I was gonna get to live.”

― Ashton Kutcher

“I never thought in my life, I never really thought I would get married. I watched my parents go through a divorce, and I thought, like, this is just not something people are supposed to do.”

― Ashton Kutcher

“I’ve never had a job in my life that I was better than. I was always just lucky to have a job. And every job I had was a steppingstone to my next job, and I never quit my job until I had my next job.”

― Ashton Kutcher

“’Moonlight’ has changed my life externally but also internally… spiritually as well.”

― Ashton Sanders

“First and foremost, praying about things and having the good Lord as a part of my life is a huge grounding thing for me.”

― Ashton Shepherd

“The decision to use a pen name was nothing more than a desire to compartmentalise my life. However, I had not thought about an appropriate pseudonym, and since there’s an abundance of anagrams in the novel, the idea struck me: why not use an anagram of my name? Hence, Shawn Haigins.”

― Ashwin Sanghi

“I was a businessman for 16 years of my life, so when I started writing, I wanted to keep my literary identity separate.”

― Ashwin Sanghi

“My life is ruled by four W’s: my writing, my work, my wife, and my whisky. Not necessarily in that order.”

― Ashwin Sanghi

“I have nothing in my life besides my work. I am obsessed with it. I leave my house only when I’m forced to.”

― Asia Argento

“Dating has never been something I’ve done. It’s never been a part of my life.”

― Asia Kate Dillon

“I studied in Britain and spent great moments of my life there as a student living in Belsize Park. I admire the British trait of the stiff upper lip in the face of adversity. My wife studied in Britain, too, and both of us have many friends there.”

― Asif Ali Zardari

“Weirdly enough, I live in London – was born there and have lived there all my life – but I hadn’t made a film in London for a long time. I hadn’t found the right subject. I liked going away, to some far flung place.”

― Asif Kapadia

“Having grown up in Iceland and Los Angeles, gone to school in Europe and America, and lived and worked in London and New York, my insatiable appetite for travel has informed many of my life decisions.”

― Aslaug Magnusdottir

“I am certainly not a martyr kind of a person. I love my life. But if one has to, then there is nothing more nobler a cause that I can think of.”

― Asma Jahangir

“I grew up in the countryside riding horses, and I also ride every holiday in Spain, which is where I was born. It’s a big part of my life.”

― Astrid Berges-Frisbey

“For me, Chanel just makes sense – like a story or a film. It’s part of my life.”

― Astrid Berges-Frisbey

“I grew up in a tiny village on top of a mountain and have been skiing and singing all my life!”

― Astrid S

“I’m a compulsive storyteller, an avid reader, and have always nurtured the secret goal of spending my life as a writer.”

― Astro Teller

“My life had been defined by the apartheid years. Now we were going into an era of democracy… and I believed that I didn’t really have a function as a useful artist in that anymore.”

― Athol Fugard

“I’ve had one experience of writer’s block in my life, and it was living hell. It was a terror for me.”

― Athol Fugard

“My parents keep me grounded. I’ve spent a lot of time on my own in my life, and I’ve learnt the hard way.”

― Atif Aslam

“Peterson was the most coachable athlete I have had in my life, and I coach many athletes.”

― Ato Boldon

“What I actually wanted to do with my life is make a difference to the world. That led me into science very quickly.”

― Aubrey de Grey

“I can’t always live my life for everybody else.”

― Aubrey O’Day

“I’ve never gone into an interview in my life and said that we can’t talk about something.”

― Aubrey O’Day

“With any entertainment business, you sort of have to be OK with just going with it. I’ve learned very much to just go with the flow and see what happens with my life, and what happens happens.”

― Aubrey Peeples

“I’ve felt depressed many times in my life, so I can draw on those times in my life when I need to.”

― Aubrey Plaza

“Listening to ‘Raising Sand’ was one of those turning points in my life that really made something click in my brain.”

― Aubrie Sellers

“I came from a really musical family. I studied classical piano because my grandparents were piano teachers, but started doing musical theater at age nine in Fresno, California, and went to a performing arts high school. That was my life.”

― Audra McDonald

“I grew up in a nonprofit theater company in the heartland of central California, so I am very aware of the importance that company had not only on my life but my community.”

― Audra McDonald

“I never in a million years thought that my life would unfold the way it has.”

― Audra McDonald

“Not to get too sort of mystical, but I believe in fate. I believe when roles are presented to me in my life they’re for a very specific reason, something for me to learn.”

― Audra McDonald

“I had to make a choice at one point in my life, of missing films or missing my children. It was a very easy decision to make because I missed my children so very much.”

― Audrey Hepburn

“I try to get to the beach every day. It brings sanity to my life. I’ll just sit and read a book and enjoy the quiet.”

― Audrina Patridge

“I credit my singing to my mom because she didn’t give me a binky when I was a baby. I cried and screamed for the first six months – my mom would say four years of my life – and I developed wonderful lungs.”

― Auli’i Cravalho

“I don’t know, I feel desperate when I sing. And I look desperate – it feels like I’m singing for my life, which makes me twitch, if that makes sense.”

― Aurora

“When my YouTube videos started to get really big, I was like, ‘Man, this is pretty sweet.’ It started as my hobby, and then I started traveling and learning how to play different instruments, and then it just kind of became my life.”

― Austin Mahone

“I had to go to jail, which was probably the most humbling thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my life.”

― Austin Seferian-Jenkins

“I suffered, I really suffered, with all three of my husbands. And I tried damn hard with all three, starting each marriage certain that it was going to last until the end of my life. Yet none of them lasted more than a year or two.”

― Ava Gardner

“For some 25 years, I worked as a librarian, first at the New York Public Library, then at Trenton State College in New Jersey. My life has always been with, around, and for books.”

― Avi

“I would like to get married, actually. I’ve done everything else in my life now except that, but where do I find the real thing? The non-phony? In Los Angeles? I am not so sure.”

― Aviv Nevo

“Inspiration for my music just comes from, you know, my life experiences.”

― Avril Lavigne

“My mom passed away when I was 4 years old, and she came from a very conservative Korean background. I feel like my life would’ve been incredibly different had she still been alive.”

― Awkwafina

“In general, I usually don’t really go by or live my life by a clock, and outside of touring, I don’t really ask anyone else to. It’s not out of lack of respect for anyone or intentional.”

― Axl Rose

“Over the course of my life, I have made many transitions – most of them taking me further away from my Somali roots and steadily toward the enlightened mentality of Western democracy.”

― Ayaan Hirsi Ali

“All my life I have been a nomad.”

― Ayaan Hirsi Ali

“My life as an advocate for those most in need is inspired by my mother’s example. She believed in the potential inherent in each of us, and that belief is the foundation of my work.”

― Ayanna Pressley

“There are such wonderful blessings in my life – I have this amazing baby, an amazing family, and I loved X Factor – all these moments of joy, and then these sharp drop-offs. I’d be awake, lying in bed, crying. There’s these weird moments of misplaced anger I have.”

― Ayda Field

“Robbie minced into my life and he had the same oddball sense of humour as me. It was love at first laugh.”

― Ayda Field

“But I really feel strongly that our kids do way too much homework. The research is on my side. It’s easy to make a fuss when you’re right. That can be the tagline of my life: ‘It’s Easy To Make A Fuss When You’re Right.’”

― Ayelet Waldman

“I tell myself that after four children my belly is already so stretched and flabby that I have to do origami to get my pants buttoned. One more pregnancy and I’d be doomed to elastic waists for the rest of my life.”

― Ayelet Waldman

“I can remember what I ate in the most important moments in my life.”

― Ayesha Curry

“I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”

― Ayn Rand

“Racing, competing, it’s in my blood. It’s part of me, it’s part of my life; I have been doing it all my life and it stands out above everything else.”

― Ayrton Senna

“Why would anyone get married and have babies? That’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard in my life. Or the scariest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

― Aziz Ansari

“I did not direct my life. I didn’t design it. I never made decisions. Things always came up and made them for me. That’s what life is.”

― B. F. Skinner

“All through my life, I was hated on. When I was in middle school, they used to write in my rhyme book, ‘You suck’ or ‘This sucks.’”

― B.o.B

“’Nothin’ on You’ changed my life: I finally feel that I reached the point where I wanna be at. At times I questioned whether it was worth the sacrifice, but now I see it was.”

― B.o.B

“If my life depended on being a social-media person in terms of talking myself up, I probably would be in trouble because – not that I wouldn’t be able to step up to it – but I wouldn’t love it. I wouldn’t want to be that person; that wouldn’t be my natural thing.”

― Babyface

“I had grand visions of being in professional sports. But when reality set in, I went, ‘Oh, OK. I’ll just move to Hollywood and be an actor.’ I didn’t want to look back on my life and wonder, ‘What if I had done this? Or I had done that?’”

― Bailey Chase

“Music is the most private place in my life, but it’s become the most public part of who I am.”

― Banks

“It changed my life, being in ‘Company.’ I didn’t think I was going to be an actress.”

― Barbara Barrie

“Suddenly women’s lib had made me feel my life had been wasted.”

― Barbara Bush

“It was not until I was in my forties, in the fifth decade of my life, that the sense of place, the spirit of place, became of paramount importance to me. It was then that I began my travels, that I discovered, through photography, the quality of light, and that I gradually became able to paint the mood of place.”

― Barbara Cooney

“I’ve had an angel on my shoulder all my life.”

― Barbara Hale

“Small change, small wonders – these are the currency of my endurance and ultimately of my life.”

― Barbara Kingsolver

“Being a novelist and being a mother have exactly coincided in my life: the call from my agent saying that I had a contract for my first novel – that was on my answering phone message when I got back from the hospital with my first child.”

― Barbara Kingsolver

“I’m living my life, not buying a lifestyle.”

― Barbara Kruger

“I went to Disney World for the first time, and I got an ice cream cone. The kid at the booth recognized me and started tweeting… It was the first time in my life someone handed me ice cream for acting.”

― Barbara Rosenblat

“I started to read labels around age 18 or 19. I don’t buy things that don’t sound like food, and I’ve been that way all my life. I do go through phases, during which I eat meat for maybe three months then don’t. I do eat lots of vegetables. It’s the same with dairy – I’ll eat it then stop.”

― Barbara Sukowa

“To not sing with an orchestra, to not be able to communicate through my voice, which I’ve done all my life, and not to be able to phrase lyrics and give people that kind of joy, I think I would be totally devastated.”

― Barbara Walters

“I check all my props, everything. Acting is something I love. I have done it since I was 13 but it had completely taken over my life absolutely.”

― Barbara Windsor

“I have one son. Of everything I’ve done in my life, nothing matches the feeling of having life growing inside you.”

― Barbra Streisand

“For most of my life, I have eaten to deal with stress.”

― Barney Frank

“I got to travel to Japan. I never in my life thought I would go to Japan.”

― Baron Corbin

“My senior year, I got to play Maureen in ‘Rent,’ and I had more fun than I’d ever had in my life.”

― Barrett Wilbert Weed

“I started performing with the Boston Children’s Opera when I was 5, and I stayed working with that group until I was about 12 or 13, so that was a huge part of my life. It was, weirdly, an extremely professional environment geared towards kids.”

― Barrett Wilbert Weed

“I’m a very private person. My life story isn’t for everybody.”

― Barry Bonds

“My career is an open book, but my life is not.”

― Barry Bonds

“I’ve not conducted my life in the service of smallness.”

― Barry Diller

“I suffer greatly from nerves. I have stage-fright badly, and it gets worse, but the stage is still my life.”

― Barry Humphries

“There’s to be a film about my life. I can give this as an exclusive now. Meryl Streep was offered the part but, no, I wanted Kate Winslet. Kylie Minogue is playing me in middle age. In old age, I’m not sure who’s going to play me. I haven’t got there yet. Perhaps Cate Blanchett. Or Jacki Weaver.”

― Barry Humphries

“I have got to the point in my life when a lot of people I know have died or are dying, so I realise that somewhere outside the pearly gates is a queue, shuffling nearer and nearer to the celestial box office.”

― Barry Humphries

“Foster care was a big part of my life.”

― Barry Keoghan

“I’ve spent my life navigating through sensitive issues. Not wanting to upset people.”

― Barry McGuigan

“When I wrote ‘Green, Green,’ it was like a really a statement of where I was at philosophically in my life.”

― Barry McGuire

“Going back to coach in Green Bay was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life. I was approached by the organization, and it turned out to be an enormous mistake. I was extremely disappointed. I disappointed the Packers and their fans.”

― Bart Starr

“My dad was the toughest man I’ve ever known in my life. He intimidated me. he was my Master Sergeant.”

― Bart Starr

“I’d like to pay tribute to what are unquestionably the world’s greatest fans. They are very loyal and very rabid. And I had the time of my life when I played in front of them.”

― Bart Starr

“My primary and secondary education was in French, which had a lasting influence on my life.”

― Baruj Benacerraf

“For me, it is important to pick up characters which I can relate to. Or I recall an incident in my life or tap into my innermost emotions and try to bring that reality on to the screen.”

― Barun Sobti

“Not once in my life have I done theatre. Being on stage is not my thing.”

― Barun Sobti

“You know, I spend most of my life turning things down. There’s a lot of crap out there.”

― Bea Arthur

“I could talk about ‘Lady Bird’ for literally the rest of my life! It never gets old.”

― Beanie Feldstein

“I’ll remember my life as pre-‘Lady Bird’ and post-‘Lady Bird.’”

― Beanie Feldstein

“I’ve had so many injuries in my life that it’s ridiculous.”

― Bear Grylls

“The special forces gave me the self-confidence to do some extraordinary things in my life. Climbing Everest then cemented my belief in myself.”

― Bear Grylls

“It’s unresolved conflict in my life that I have a lovely family and a risky job.”

― Bear Grylls

“All my life the only thing I’ve been good at has been climbing and throwing myself off big things.”

― Bear Grylls

“My life is full of mistakes. They’re like pebbles that make a good road.”

― Beatrice Wood

“And then a great thing in my life was going to India.”

― Beatrice Wood

“But on the other hand I believe I’m a private person too, and I enjoy that aspect of my life as well.”

― Beau Bridges

“I refuse to buy a PS3 or Xbox for my home for fear that it might ruin my life. I think I would cease to accomplish anything productive, would quickly dispense with all human contact, and would very well end up with a nasty case of arthritis in my over-used digits from constant gameplay.”

― Beau Willimon

“I’m not a performer who will come on stage and tell you everything about my life. It’s just not who I am.”

― Bebe Neuwirth

“When I started wrestling, I started only to get in shape. I found out that a wrestling school had opened in Ireland, and I wanted to go because I was hanging out with the wrong crowd and I wanted to turn my life around.”

― Becky Lynch

“I was being called to surrender the very citadel of my self. I was completely in the dark. I did not really know what repentance was or what I was required to repent of. It was indeed the turning point of my life.”

― Bede Griffiths

“The film that changed my life is a 1951 film by Vittorio De Sica, ‘Miracle in Milan.’ It’s a remarkable comment on slums, poverty and aspiration.”

― Beeban Kidron

“I think I’ve been very, very lucky in my life, and I do believe in public service.”

― Beeban Kidron

“Most of my really strong friendships are with people I’ve known all my life.”

― Bel Powley

“Back in Romania, always I was struggling to compete with Vladislav Rastorotsky, the great Russian coach of Lyudmila Turishcheva. He was a powerful coach, internationally. I took him like the major challenge of my life, and pretty soon I’m beating him and we are pushing each other so hard, so fierce. But out of the arena, we are friends.”

― Bela Karolyi

“I consider myself very lucky that I could live my life through all the ups and downs.”

― Bela Karolyi

“I’ve got a great family, great career, great friends, and a lot of passions, which make my life interesting and fulfilling every day.”

― Belinda Carlisle

“The people I love, I’m committed to loving for the rest of my life.”

― bell hooks

“I will not have my life narrowed down. I will not bow down to somebody else’s whim or to someone else’s ignorance.”

― bell hooks

“There wasn’t really one time in my life where I was like, ‘I want to be a model!’”

― Bella Hadid

“I’d like to keep a bit of my life my own, so I’m not publicizing my whole life on social media and stuff.”

― Bella Ramsey

“I’ve been dancing all my life, but I never did it seriously.”

― Bella Thorne

“I think everything about my life is magical. I’ve struggled, and against most odds, I’m truly having the experience of living my dreams.”

― Bella Thorne

“Music is a big part of my life. I listen to different genres, and I choose the music that will inspire the next part of my story.”

― Bella Thorne

“I think escapism is very important, certainly in my life. I love nothing more than escaping into the world of a film or a novel. To be involved in creating that for other people is a privilege.”

― Ben Barnes

“I have done lots of music projects in my life and some of them I am more proud of than others.”

― Ben Barnes

“I always pray for God’s guidance in my life and he always provides it. He opens the right doors he shuts the right doors. And I have tremendous faith in him. He just guided my career in an amazing way.”

― Ben Carson

“I’ve rooted all my life for a marginal team.”

― Ben Domenech

“Every Thanksgiving, for the most part in my life, I’ve come to Deerfield in Chicago.”

― Ben Feldman

“As a songwriter, I’m not necessarily writing about myself or my life.”

― Ben Gibbard

“I’m not on Twitter or Facebook or anything. I just feel like my life is better without it.”

― Ben Lloyd-Hughes

“When I joined the Mumfords I made a commitment to them so they’ll always come first. But I’m a bit of a workaholic and Communion helps me get a grip on dealing with my life.”

― Ben Lovett

“I work, and then I leave the office, and I’m with my kids and just sort of enjoy them on a visceral level, and I don’t feel like I’m exorcising my own deep ideas about parenthood and about how my life will come into play in my work.”

― Ben Marcus

“The people I’ve encountered who are really dangerous in my life don’t go around with their fangs drawn – they are dangerous because of the way they interpret what’s going on.”

― Ben Mendelsohn

“Definitely the most important thing in my life is being a father.”

― Ben Miller

“I’m always a bit wary when people say in interviews, ‘I’m at the happiest place of my life that I’ve ever been.’ I think, ‘Really? Are you?’ Life is a mix, isn’t it?”

― Ben Miller

“I’m really spectacularly thick in all areas of my life except comedy and science. I’m crap at everything else.”

― Ben Miller

“The one thing that makes me laugh about the phrase ‘the worst week of my life’ is that nobody actually uses that phrase when something really bad happens.”

― Ben Miller

“I’m conscious of a series of circles working its way through my life. And at this particular moment I have come round to the beginning of my writing cycle. It begins with poetry. There’s hardly a day that goes past on which I don’t write poetry.”

― Ben Okri

“I take my life and put it on the football field, and I take the football field and put it in my life.”

― Ben Roethlisberger

“If I play a video game, I have to get through the whole thing. Like, when the new ‘Resident Evil’ comes out, I have to sit and do the whole thing. It will consume my life. I’m at a point where I don’t have much time to play around anymore, so I don’t really get started on the games if I won’t be able to finish them.”

― Ben Schwartz

“This is my life. I love it.”

― Ben Stein

“Now, although my life is still pleasant, the days of easy money are over.”

― Ben Stein

“I have to tell you I never in my life anticipated getting this old, this fast. It seems as if I were 25 just a few days ago.”

― Ben Stein

“I have an appetite for the normal in my life, as well as the abnormal.”

― Benedict Cumberbatch

“I’ve never given a bad audition in my life.”

― Benjamin Bratt

“My brother Peter was always the life of the party, and so the running joke for the first 12 years of my life was he was Pete, and I was ‘Re-Pete.’”

― Benjamin Bratt

“People want a beautiful story. Hopefully my life story is still beautiful, but that metro stuff doesn’t make it much more pitiful.”

― Benjamin Clementine

“There’s definitely a lot of moments in my life now where I go, ‘Wow, I get paid for this.’ I’ve had worse jobs.”

― Benji Madden

“I’ve spent most of my life playing with Tom Petty, and he’s a damn good songwriter.”

― Benmont Tench

“I definitely have moments in my life where I discovered a film, and the language of the film itself spoke to me in a way, as if someone came up to you and started speaking a language you’d never heard but understood and was able to express things the language you knew could not.”

― Bennett Miller

“As soon as it was understood that we could handle things in our own way, it was the thrill of my life to walk out on that stage with people just hemming the band in.”

― Benny Goodman

“For much of my life there was no place where the things I wanted to investigate were of interest to anyone.”

― Benoit Mandelbrot

“I am a proud man and never takes things for granted in my life.”

― Bernard Hopkins

“I am still against any kind of censorship. It’s a subject in my life that has been very important.”

― Bernardo Bertolucci

“I was at the Smithsonian for twenty years, and I’m still at the Smithsonian as a curator emeritus, and I still plan to figure out what that means for me at this point in my life.”

― Bernice Johnson Reagon

“The voice I have now, I got the first time I sang in a movement meeting, after I got out of jail… and I’d never heard it before in my life.”

― Bernice Johnson Reagon

“At Grinnell College, for the first time in my life, I was in an all-white setting. It was a shocking experience.”

― Bernice King

“I know that the absence of my father in my life had its cost.”

― Bernice King

“It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this.”

― Bertrand Russell

“New York, to me, is the arts capital of the world. I just feel so inspired when I’m there. I would love to live there at some point in my life and do a play.”

― Beth Behrs

“I was given baby doll toys myself, and they proved a stark reminder that my life was expected to revolve around childbearing – just as my mom’s had before me, and her mom’s had before her.”

― Beth Ditto

“I think that for the five-year-old watching MTV right now, Lady Gaga is going to be an iconic person. In 20 years, the people who are here and talking to journalists will be like, ‘Oh Lady Gaga changed my life, Nicki Minaj changed my life.’ They’ll be saying who influenced them and it will be Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, artists like that.”

― Beth Ditto

“I never have broken up in comedy, ever. There’s something about me that I just don’t break on camera – maybe because I’m just so cheap, and I know how expensive it is to shoot – but I broke on ‘Sordid Lives,’ and I broke on ‘The Office.’ Those are the only two times in my life.”

― Beth Grant

“Although I take the medication, which has made a huge impact on my life in a positive way, still, honestly, when I’m a bit sick is when I’m at my most creative.”

― Beth Hart

“If I’m happy and joyous, which I have been a lot in my life, thankfully, I’m usually not at the piano writing about it.”

― Beth Hart

“Truthfully, my life is always lunacy.”

― Bethenny Frankel

“I thought doing reality TV would be the greatest success of my life or the biggest mistake.”

― Bethenny Frankel

“As a white man who has had privileges that others could not depend on or take for granted, I’ve clearly had advantages over the course of my life.”

― Beto O’Rourke

“There were absolutely times in my life when I tried to get people to call me Robert.”

― Beto O’Rourke

“I have people I talk to on a regular basis about what’s going on in my life, what am I struggling with, and where my faith is at.”

― Betsy Hodges

“The word, and the concept of feminism, was a gift because it gave me a sense of identity and a way of defining how I wished to live my life.”

― Betty Buckley

“Animals are near and dear to my heart, and I’ve devoted my life to trying to improve their lives.”

― Betty White

“Education has fundamentally changed my life. It’s perhaps the mission of my life. I’m wed to it in a very powerful and personal way. And I chose the pathway that I believe could make me the most significant on changing the outcomes that we see now in North Carolina.”

― Bev Perdue

“I feel like you get more bees with honey. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get frustrated in my life. My way of dealing with frustration is to shut down and to think and speak logically.”

― Beyonce Knowles

“I grew up in a very nice house in Houston, went to private school all my life and I’ve never even been to the ‘hood. Not that there’s anything wrong with the ‘hood.”

― Beyonce Knowles

“I mean, I feel like you get more bees with honey. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get frustrated in my life.”

― Beyonce Knowles

“After ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha,’ I didn’t know which way my life will head because my debut was with a very unconventional role.”

― Bhumi Pednekar

“During the first 10 years of my life, while my parents were married, I enjoyed a privileged upbringing. After their divorce, my life was difficult.”

― Bianca Jagger

“Gandhi became my role model. I have always been interested in Eastern philosophy. Since early in my life I’ve been fascinated by India, and I have spent a great deal of time traveling in that country.”

― Bianca Jagger

“’Sally’ is just a song that I wrote talking to my alter ego. When I write, I don’t really consciously say, ‘This is what I’ve been going through in my life, and I’m gonna put this into words.’ It’s just a song that I kinda went in and did. Then, listening back to it, I realized, ‘I’m talking to myself.’”

― Bibi Bourelly

“I don’t want to, in the last three minutes of my life, know that I lived it for somebody else.”

― Bibi Bourelly

“A lot of the songs that I wrote during ‘Pt. 1’ and ‘Pt. 2’ are the first songs that I ever wrote that sounded like that. I was in this phase – a certain creative space in my life – personally and musically.”

― Bibi Bourelly

“Working with Rihanna has changed my life.”

― Bibi Bourelly

“I may not be a politician, but I will fight to the end of my life for what I believe in.”

― Bidzina Ivanishvili

“Even though it’s tiring, I’m having the time of my life.”

― Big Sean

“No man can knock me out. I’ve been hitting my head with steel chairs in the WWE. I’ve never been knocked out in my life. And nobody can knock me out.”

― Big Show

“My music is about my life. If it’s something that I’ve lived, then it’s something that I’ve written about.”

― Big Smo

“I’ve made this decision not to talk to the press about anything that’s gone on in my life, but just to write music about it. They can interpret it themselves.”

― Bijou Phillips

“I always teach celebrities, all my life.”

― Bikram Choudhury

“I did cartoons for four high school publications and then and there decided I wanted to spend my life at the drawing board.”

― Bil Keane

“I loved my 17 years with R.E.M., but I’m ready to reflect, assess and move on to a different phase of my life. The four of us will continue our close friendship, and I look forward to hearing their future efforts as the world’s biggest R.E.M. fan.”

― Bill Berry

“I’ve never allowed my political life, or my life as a basketball player, to define the totality of my humanity or my personality.”

― Bill Bradley

“I just use my life story as a kind of device on which to hang comic observations. It’s not my interest or instinct to tell the world anything pertinent about myself or my family.”

― Bill Bryson

“You know, it wasn’t even that I’m a funny guy, I just loved stand-up comedy and I wanted to do it. It was one of the few things in my life that I knew I was going to be able to do, and I also felt as though I’d be able to do it the way I wanted to do it.”

― Bill Burr

“Like most comics, I tried to come up with a sitcom idea that was based around my life. And it didn’t work out. But maybe because it didn’t work out, that’s why I ended up on ‘Breaking Bad;’ I don’t know.”

― Bill Burr

“I’m more into human nature than politics. But they’re intertwined. Obviously, I live in civilization, so politics are part of my life.”

― Bill Callahan

“I don’t think of literary novels as self-help documents, although literature undoubtedly saved my life when I was young, enabling me to disappear into all manner of stories, to recognise feelings that I felt alone in.”

― Bill Clegg

“I spent the first 33 years of my life with secrets, and lots of them. I spent a great deal of energy worrying over what people thought and obscuring the things I was ashamed of… trying to appear what I thought was normal.”

― Bill Clegg

“I didn’t go to the Bob Marley and the Wailers show twice in my life, and I’ve regretted it every day since.”

― Bill de Blasio

“The only thing I understand deeply, because in my teens I was thinking about it, and every year of my life, is software. So I’ll never be hands-on on anything except software.”

― Bill Gates

“My dream was to have a garage where I could put some of the coolest cars I’ve ever seen throughout my life.”

― Bill Goldberg

“If something is going on in my life, it winds up getting into my strip.”

― Bill Griffith

“My life is different since I moved back to L.A. from New York, mostly because I have a family and I don’t go out.”

― Bill Hader

“If you watch ‘SNL,’ any time there’s this thing with everyone singing, I’m, like, the one person who just has a straight line of dialogue because I can’t sing to save my life.”

― Bill Hader

“I’m totally confused about what I’m going to do with my life.”

― Bill Hicks

“I’m a Santa Ana boy from 1940 to all my life. And Santa Ana was different only in the fact that Orange County was just small. Hell, I used to ride my motorcycle through the orange groves, and now it’s tracts of homes.”

― Bill Medley

“No one really wants to admit they are lonely, and it is never really addressed very much between friends and family. But I have felt lonely many times in my life.”

― Bill Murray

“Exercise is just part of my life.”

― Bill Nelson

“I got into the best shape of my life at age 44. I was on top of everything and quick mentally.”

― Bill Nelson

“’School Daze’ was one of the highlights of my life because it was the first chance I had to act on screen. I would have been happy if that had been it, because I proved that I could do it.”

― Bill Nunn

“By and large, I’ve been healthy all my life.”

― Bill Parcells

“I can’t live my life worrying about something that might never happen.”

― Bill Parcells

“The chaos of my life has a lot to do with my hair.”

― Bill Pullman

“Comics are really my life blood in a lot of respects.”

― Bill Sienkiewicz

“Vision connects you. But it also separates you. In my work, and my life, I feel a desire to merge. Not in terms of losing my own identity… but there’s a feeling that life is interconnected, that there’s life in stones and rocks and trees and dirt, like there is in us.”

― Bill Viola

“My life changed irrevocably four-and-a-half years ago when my spine failed and collapsed. I spent two years on the floor, in excruciating, debilitating and unrelenting pain. I can only describe the pain as being submerged into a vat of scalding acid that has an electric current running through it. And you can never get out, ever.”

― Bill Walton

“Reality continues to ruin my life.”

― Bill Watterson

“I find my life is a lot easier the lower I keep everyone’s expectations.”

― Bill Watterson

“I thought my life would seem more interesting with a musical score and a laugh track.”

― Bill Watterson

“I had a period in my life where I decided that I would never be bored again and that, if I had any free time at all, I would make plans, and I would always be doing things. It actually was great for a year or so, but then I lost all of my friends.”

― Billie Eilish

“I don’t even call them fans. I don’t like that. They’re literally just a part of my life; they’re a part of my family. I don’t think of them as on a lower level than me. I don’t think I’m anything but equal to all of them. So yeah, they’re basically all of my siblings.”

― Billie Eilish

“I wrote my first song at 12 and remember someone asking, ‘What were you going through at 12 that you could write about?’ I get what you’re saying, but 11, 12, 13 were the hardest years of my life. You learn everything. You learn how horrible things feel.”

― Billie Eilish

“I like putting money back into what made my life, and tennis has been great to me.”

― Billie Jean King

“I knew after my first lesson what I wanted to do with my life.”

― Billie Jean King

“If I look at my old lyrics, they seem to be full of rage, but empty. There was an emptiness in my life.”

― Billie Joe Armstrong

“I’m a father. It isn’t just my life any more. I don’t want my kid finding bottles in the house or seeing his father completely smashed.”

― Billie Joe Armstrong

“Punk will never be dead to me. It’s my life. I can never just drop this lifestyle. It embodies me.”

― Billie Joe Armstrong

“When I signed that major-label contract when I was 20 years old. I did it because I wanted to play music for the rest of my life. That’s every 20-year-old’s dream – to do whatever the hell you want.”

― Billie Joe Armstrong

“I’ve danced one time in my life. It was the most mortifying experience I ever had.”

― Billy Bob Thornton

“My parents were strict and taught me the proper fundamentals that I would use in my life. They taught me commitment to work hard.”

― Billy Casper

“The deeper I get into my life as a musician, I’m discovering that it becomes less and less about other people, and more about what I want to do. And that’s a good place to be.”

― Billy Corgan

“I’m prepared to spend the rest of my life playing clubs, if that means I’m playing music that I believe in.”

― Billy Corgan

“If I had done ‘Titanic,’ it would have made, probably, $200,000 – worldwide. So I think my life would have been very, very similar.”

― Billy Crudup

“My mum, Helen, was hilarious. She had a tremendous sense of humour and was a great singer and tap dancer. For many years, she was the voice of Minnie Mouse in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. She would be in the float as it came along, singing whatever the Minnie Mouse song of the day was. She was a really big spirit in my life.”

― Billy Crystal

“Jazz is very much a part of my life. I work with the Thelonious Monk Institute and do the artwork for their program every year.”

― Billy Dee Williams

“I have been a big guy all my life, I am not going to lose a bunch of weight, because then you’re like that weird fat person that got skinny but still has a big head. I don’t want to do that. So I’m just trying.”

― Billy Gardell

“Growing old has been the greatest surprise of my life.”

― Billy Graham

“All my life I’ve been taught how to die, but no one ever taught me how to grow old.”

― Billy Graham

“I always wanted to be a professional athlete. I love my life.”

― Billy Horschel

“All my life, I wanted to sound like myself. I never wanted to sound like anybody else.”

― Billy Paul

“I’ve worked with a lot of gay and lesbian organizations. I sit on the board of the Empire State Pride Agenda. I’ve also done a lot of work for Broadway Care/Equity Fights AIDS. I think it’s important because, when we can be of service to others, it only enhances our lives. I’ve been helped a lot in my life.”

― Billy Porter

“I had to come out to my mother three times over a twelve-year period, but I first came out to her when I was sixteen. It didn’t go over so well, because I grew up in the Pentecostal Church. It was a very strict environment. She has since done a lot of work and has really blown my mind. She has learned about my life and has changed her mind.”

― Billy Porter

“I don’t think there’s any accidents in my life.”

― Billy Ray Cyrus

“I want my children and my grandchildren to live in a world with clean air, pure drinking water, and an abundance of wildlife, so I’ve chosen to dedicate my life to wildlife conservation so I can make the world just a little bit better.”

― Bindi Irwin

“Everything I do in my life I do to make my mum and dad proud. I want to carry on in my dad’s footsteps and make sure that his legacy lives on forever.”

― Bindi Irwin

“I kind of think of my life as this incredible hurricane of so many adventures. We can all make a difference, and we can all be courageous and believe in ourselves.”

― Bindi Irwin

“What shaped me the most would probably be when my dad passed away. For the rest of my life, I’ll kind of feel like he’s gonna come home.”

― Bindi Irwin

“My life is certainly not common, but I think of myself as… a ‘normal’ teenager.”

― Bindi Irwin

“If I am able to pass on what I’ve learnt in my life, that’s really wonderful, especially after losing Dad.”

― Bindi Irwin

“An unforgettable experience happened on December 15, 1996 when I won the Supermodel contest while still in school. I was just seventeen years old then. Winning that competition was the turning point of my life. That’s how I got into modeling and later started acting.”

― Bipasha Basu

“When things have gone really wrong in my life, I’ve cried like a child. I have really, really cried. I cry it out. Two-three days I cry, and then I’m like, enough, time to deal with reality and figure a way out. This is the way I have dealt with everything.”

― Bipasha Basu

“Right before I graduated from the national theatre school, I got the part of Roxie Hart in ‘Chicago’ in Copenhagen. That led to me playing it here in London. I was 26 when I came over for that. It was the first thing I did as a professional, and it is still the experience of my life.”

― Birgitte Hjort Sorensen

“I realize how much my life lines up with artists like Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke. My sound comes from church, but the stories come from actual personal experience, being out there in the streets living life.”

― BJ the Chicago Kid

“When I retired from tennis I wanted to do other things with my life.”

― Bjorn Borg

“Food is a big part of my life.”

― Blake Griffin

“I’ve kissed just three people in my life, other than stuff that I’ve done for TV or movies. I know – I’m weird!”

― Blake Lively

“I’ve never gone on a date… If I’ve ever had a man in my life, it’s because I know him well, and he really means something to me.”

― Blake Lively

“Music is such an important part of my life.”

― Blake Mycoskie

“I always thought that I would spend the first half of my life making money so I can spend the second half of my life giving it all away. And one of the defining moments of my life was when I realized that I could do both at the same time with TOMS.”

― Blake Mycoskie

“My life has been an open book, for better or for worse.”

― Blake Shelton

“Cee Lo is the coolest human being I have ever met in my life.”

― Blake Shelton

“I’m very content with my life. I mean, who wouldn’t be?”

― Blake Shelton

“Acting is really only part of my life. I’m addicted to it.”

― Blythe Danner

“I really don’t like to tweet or Instagram anything about the people in my life just because I feel like I signed up for this, and I don’t even know what this is yet. I do know that it could go anywhere, and I really don’t want to sign other people in my life up for it without their permission or consent.”

― Bo Burnham

“Basically, I don’t like to tweet stuff about my life. I only like to tweet jokes.”

― Bo Burnham

“I have been a fan all my life, but now I have been out of football for over 10 years, and out of baseball for a little over six years and I don’t go to games.”

― Bo Jackson

“My workout was running down fly balls, stealing a base, or running for my life on the football field.”

― Bo Jackson

“You have to remember that coaching wasn’t sophisticated back then – you didn’t have the camps, clinics and all the technical advances that are available today – so from that standpoint, playing with a cast on my arm was a fortunate event in my life.”

― Bob Cousy

“At times in my life the only place I have been happy is when I am on stage.”

― Bob Dylan

“My life is an open pamphlet.”

― Bob Fosse

“Music is something I must do, business is something I need to do, and Africa is something I have to do. That’s the way it breaks down in my life.”

― Bob Geldof

“I was very good at my work and I wasn’t real good at my life.”

― Bob Greene

“I just was built with an innate ability to not let fear guide me in how I run my life.”

― Bob Iger

“It’s not that I’m a daredevil. But I’m just generally not a fearful person. I don’t conduct my life worrying about what could happen, what may happen.”

― Bob Iger

“I worked in accounting for two and a half years, realized that wasn’t what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and decided I was just going to give comedy a try.”

― Bob Newhart

“I just made the decision that I was going to try comedy, and if didn’t work, then I knew it didn’t work. Then I would go back and do whatever. But at least I wouldn’t torture myself the rest of my life, wondering whatever would have happened.”

― Bob Newhart

“I’ve met so many remarkable people so far, coming up through stand-up all these years, who just aren’t alive anymore. Because they are dead. Some really great people who helped change my life and career, people like Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison, Rodney Dangerfield, Johnny Carson.”

― Bob Saget

“I had – all my life, everybody who knew me thought that I would probably grow up to be a reporter, a newspaper reporter because we didn’t have much television in those days.”

― Bob Schieffer

“I spent three of the best years of my life in 10th grade.”

― Bob Uecker

“I wanted to be somebody, go somewhere, do something with my life.”

― Bobbie Ann Mason

“When I came out, everybody in my life that said they loved me unconditionally turned around and said, ‘Never mind!’”

― Bobby Berk

“All my life, I’ve been right next to a football field. I never knew nothing else.”

― Bobby Bowden

“Football has always been a big part of my life. Almost from the day I was born, playing and coaching football were all I really ever wanted to do.”

― Bobby Bowden

“The biggest part of my life is my son.”

― Bobby Cannavale

“I don’t care if I never do another TV show in my life.”

― Bobby Darin

“When work is going well, your home life struggles and vice versa. If my kids are OK – that is the most important thing. I strive for balance in my life, though.”

― Bobby Davro

“I agree I was rash and got totally out of hand when I was a teenager, but I took hold of my life.”

― Bobby Deol

“All I’ve done all my life is just tried to better the game for our players and for those people watching.”

― Bobby Hull

“All my life, I’ve been the rebel in the X-wing fighter, and then one morning, I woke up, and I was on board the Death Star.”

― Bobby Kotick

“I’m a father, and that is the absolute most important thing in my life.”

― Bobby Lashley

“Wrestling has done a lot for my life.”

― Bobby Lashley

“I was a bartender at a Pizzeria Uno’s for nine years. The people I worked with were amazing, but it was quite possibly the most miserable time of my life.”

― Bobby Moynihan

“All my life, everything has been a contest.”

― Bobby Riggs

“I’m going to have to call up Spike Lee. I did a cameo for him in ‘Malcolm X,’ and I’m trying to get him to do my life story and the history of the Black Panther Party.”

― Bobby Seale

“When I want to check out how my life’s been, I go through my albums. They steps in my life.”

― Bobby Womack

“If Jimmy Kimmel didn’t hire me, I wouldn’t have the kind of career I have. And I don’t know what kind of career I have, but he changed my life.”

― Bobcat Goldthwait

“It’s important for me to live my life honestly.”

― Bode Miller

“I love football, it’s my life.”

― Bojan Krkic

“When I decide to do things in my life, it’s because I feel it.”

― Bojan Krkic

“One actor in my life is enough, and that’s me. With actors, it’s too easy to go into this world of complaining. Someone will always be better, richer, more loved, do more work. Those dynamics don’t interest me. The friends I hang out with, we create our own work rather than complain about acting.”

― Bojana Novakovic

“One actor in my life is enough, and that’s me. With actors, it’s too easy to go into this world of complaining. Someone will always be better, richer, more loved, do more work. Those dynamics don’t interest me.”

― Bojana Novakovic

“There’s a great charm in theatre; I enjoyed doing it for twelve years and did lots of plays. At this chapter of my life, I am a cinema actor, and I would like to continue to be so, and at some point I would return to the theatre.”

― Boman Irani

“One of the biggest obstacles I’ve overcome in my life was thinking I didn’t deserve to be successful. Artistically I’m not as much of a heavyweight as someone like Paul Simon or Joni Mitchell, because I’m not a creator of original music, and I worried about that for years.”

― Bonnie Raitt

“We all have a great time. And then I go to bed, get up and do it all over again. I like my life.”

― Bonnie Tyler

“I haven’t ever felt I’ve had to divide my ‘actress’ life from the rest of my life.”

― Bonnie Wright

“That’s been the story of my life – obstacles: trying to figure a way over them, around them, under them; sometimes you have to go straight through them.”

― Booker T

“I know I’m not going to be working with the WWE forever. That’s why I’m going to be the Mayor of the city of Houston, so I can move on to the next stage of my life.”

― Booker T

“Music is first for me. How the music makes me feel, it’s like energy. It has to match my life. What’s happening around me or to me. That’s where it comes from.”

― Boots Riley

“There’s the part of me that’s the organizer, part of me that’s the artist, part of me that’s the person who, even with those two things, wants to figure out what my place in the world is. How to engage with it and whether my life has any meaning.”

― Boots Riley

“My brother was very important to me. And he played guitar. So that’s what I wanted to be. I wanted to be a guitar player. So he was the first one to inspire me to do something with my life. And I was so glad that he was there.”

― Bootsy Collins

“It was a confusing time in my life, a really bad day at the office.”

― Boris Becker

“When I was a child, I had posters of James Dean in my room. I was a big admirer of his work and was fascinated by him living on the edge. Looking back, my life was kind of the same.”

― Boris Becker

“Never in my life did I think I would be congratulated by Mick Jagger for achieving anything.”

― Boris Johnson

“I knew immediately that she was going to be in my life forever. I didn’t know in what capacity, but I knew that I had found someone who was going to be close to me for a long time. We became great friends fast.”

― Boris Kodjoe

“I’m in the booth and first of all, I’m from Germany and I had never heard a gospel in my life.”

― Boris Kodjoe

“My faith is a very important part of my life. I do not feel that I have become president of this country by accident, but that I have been chosen because nobody can accuse me of favouring the Albanian Muslims or the Orthodox.”

― Boris Trajkovski

“The three great moments of my life had to be the concerts of Ellington in 1938, Dizzy in ’48, and Ella in ’52.”

― Boris Vian

“When I got sober, I really felt like there was something that was missing from my life, Buddhism is something that I practice.”

― Boy George

“My life hasn’t always been a disaster, it’s just that when it has, it’s been a spectacular disaster.”

― Boy George

“I look back now, and most of the drama in my life was self-inflicted. I don’t need to make up so much drama now.”

― Boy George

“I went to prison; therefore, I’ve been rehabilitated, and now I want to get on with my life. I have paid for what I did, end of story.”

― Boy George

“I’ve grown up very much living my life very visibly. I’ve never really hidden who I am.”

― Boy George

“I’ve never read a comic book in my life.”

― Boyd Holbrook

“I’ve been to two stadium gigs in my life. One was James Brown and the other was Pink Floyd. They both sounded the same. I couldn’t tell the difference between James Brown and Pink Floyd. I’ve never liked stadiums.”

― Boz Burrell

“I really just followed my musical instincts every step of my life.”

― Boz Scaggs

“I’ve worked hard for my life. No one gave me anything.”

― Bozoma Saint John

“Because my husband, Peter, died young, I’ve already faced the scariest thing in my life. Now I live out the dreams for both of us.”

― Bozoma Saint John

“Six months after I was born, we moved to Ghana. The first five years of my life were there. In 1982, when there was a coup d’etat, my family left because the government was overthrown, and my dad was involved in politics.”

― Bozoma Saint John

“Both SOPA and PIPA are toxic. My view is that anyone who supports these bills either doesn’t understand what they are supporting or is simply no friend of innovation. And, if you are no friend of innovation, I can’t support you in any way, as innovation is the lifeblood of our economy, our country, and what I’ve dedicated my life to.”

― Brad Feld

“It’s all I have left in my life, caffeine and a poodle.”

― Brad Garrett

“Broadway was without doubt the hardest I ever worked in my life and the highest highs I’ve ever had as an actor. The unadulterated fear was on a level that was hard to explain.”

― Brad Garrett

“I always said, ‘If it’s over, it’s over.’ If modeling is over, it’s still the best experience of my life.”

― Brad Kroenig

“When I made ‘Who Needs Pictures,’ my first album, I had been west of the Mississippi River one time in my life, and that was in fourth grade. We traveled to California for vacation and stayed with some friends of my parents. It was culture shock, and it was different.”

― Brad Paisley

“I still cherish relationships that I made early on as much as anything in my life.”

― Brad Paisley

“My life has been about big changes.”

― Brad Pitt

“While I’ve been in Congress, I’ve never experienced a whiff of anti-Semitism. In my life, I have experienced very little.”

― Brad Schneider

“I have been blessed to have had many excellent teachers. The further I get away from school, though, the more I realize that the greatest teachers in my life have come from outside of academia.”

― Brad Thor

“I worked in restaurants the first half of my life.”

― Bradley Cooper

“I can’t dance to save my life, really – proper, proper dad dancing – but I was once at a wrap party for a show, and at the end of the night, they still hadn’t played ‘Dancing Queen’. So we extended the wrap party for 40 minutes and played ‘Dancing Queen’ 11 times in a row.”

― Bradley Walsh

“Cycling is a part of my life; it always has been, and I will always continue to cycle. I won’t be doing it on the world stage, doing it competitively, but I’ll still be out on the weekend with the masses riding around Richmond Park in my Team Sky jersey or whatever. I just love it.”

― Bradley Wiggins

“I was born in Belgium, but we moved to Kilburn when I was one, so ‘Time Out’ has always been in the background of my life.”

― Bradley Wiggins

“I feel a different person in a lot of ways. I feel much more professional and dedicated to my trade than I used to be. I appreciate this ability I’ve got – and don’t take it for granted any more. That fits every aspect of my life now.”

― Bradley Wiggins

“What cracks me up is people who think I don’t take baseball seriously. It’s the most important thing in my life. They don’t know how hard it is for me to get a bad game out of my mind. I still can’t, but I’m getting better.”

― Brady Anderson

“I would truly risk my life to keep doing what I love.”

― Brady Jandreau

“God saved my life.”

― Brady Jandreau

“I went through a lot of pretty intense struggles in my life, through my head injury, whether it was mental or psychological.”

― Brady Jandreau

“’A Streetcar Named Desire’ is the play I’ve probably read the most times in my life, and I love the weirdness of all the scene outs but especially the end of the second scene, when Williams brings a tamale vendor on stage to simply say, ‘Red hot!’”

― Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

“I’ll make music, whether or not anyone is listening, for the rest of my life. It’s a natural form of expression for me, the same way I draw and write and sing.”

― Brandon Boyd

“I believe in God. It’s a big part of my life. You can bring it up and talk about it without being ‘Christian Rocker.’”

― Brandon Flowers

“A large part of my life revolves around my dad. Sometimes, I even feel a strong sense of connection, something very tangible when I learn something new in the martial arts.”

― Brandon Lee

“There is a very good chance I could have been a screw-up for the rest of my life.”

― Brandon Thomas

“The mall is my life.”

― Brandy Norwood

“I’ve seen the photos of me and Flo Rida. It doesn’t matter how we met. We met. I don’t want to say that we’re a couple. I can definitely say that he’s somebody in my life, and I’m definitely interested but I’m not serious with anybody.”

― Brandy Norwood

“I was fortunate enough to have a situation in my life where everything did shake out and hit rock bottom, and I did see who was standing there and really saw who had my back for real.”

― Brantley Gilbert

“A lot of things in my life changed, but I’m still a party animal. I’m leading the pack.”

― Brantley Gilbert

“I’m enriched by all my experiences, good and bad, but I’ve always tried to remain committed in my life as a coach and always positive.”

― Brendan Rodgers

“My best mentor is a mechanic – and he never left the sixth grade. By any competency measure, he doesn’t have it. But the perspective he brings to me and my life is, bar none, the most helpful.”

― Brendon Burchard

“I just sort of write the book I feel like writing given the emotional place I am in my life at the time.”

― Bret Easton Ellis

“I suffered a stroke in 2002 that made everything else in my life that happened to that point pale in comparison.”

― Bret Hart

“I want to fill my life with as much awesome stuff as I can.”

― Bret Michaels

“My life is part humor, part roses, part thorns.”

― Bret Michaels

“Everyone wants to go to the party and the red carpet, but my life is 90% the work.”

― Bret Michaels

“I want to tell the story. Mostly, when you see rock movies, it has to be this over-the-top thing. I want to give people a Bret Michaels movie where they see that my life is a comedy of errors. I also want to show my fans how to get through the kind of troubles that would leave most people flat on the floor.”

― Bret Michaels

“All my life, I’ve been a type 1 diabetic. I’ve always taken life day by day.”

― Bret Michaels

“The philosophy of my life is the harder I worked, the luckier I got.”

― Bret Michaels

“For me, music is therapeutic, so the songs that came to me the easiest came from the most devastating moments of my life.”

― Bret Michaels

“The way I played the game, the way I live my life, is very emotional.”

― Brett Favre

“I don’t really care what’s going on I just care about getting my job done the best that I can possibly do and deal with the other things in my life that take a lot of time and a lot of thought.”

― Brett Favre

“I can’t believe I survived, not only my life, but I am still playing football ’cause half of those eight or nine years I don’t even remember.”

― Brett Favre

“I’ve definitely had the long stretches of time in my personal life where I’ve felt an intense loneliness and a desperation to feel something real and to have something that truly meant something in my life.”

― Brett Gelman

“You know what, I had 11 great years with St. Louis. My gosh, those are the best years of my life. And I will never, ever forget that.”

― Brett Hull

“I just feel like my life changed in so many ways, and I’m just taking it all in.”

― Bria Vinaite

“It was really like waking up one morning and going, Wow, I enjoy being with this person more than anybody else in my life, and it just turned out to be mutual.”

― Brian Austin Green

“From the perspective of everything I went through to have played in four NFL games, it was one of the best experiences of my life.”

― Brian Banks

“Music is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

― Brian Bonsall

“Due to the injuries that I will have for the rest of my life, it is physically impossible for me to consider any career in wrestling.”

― Brian Bosworth

“The saddest day of my life was the day I didn’t get to play football anymore.”

― Brian Bosworth

“My life is longer because of the journeys I have taken.”

― Brian Chesky

“Who the hell wants fourteen pairs of shoes when they go on holiday? I haven’t had fourteen pairs in my life.”

― Brian Clough

“I’ve got nothing against records – I’ve spent my life making them – but they are a kind of historical blip.”

― Brian Eno

“I’ve spent my life playing music.”

― Brian Fallon

“In Hollywood, people tend to have the same sensibilities, the same taste and values, and I didn’t want to spend my life that way. I wanted to have a bigger, more interesting life.”

― Brian Grazer

“I’m still an athlete, I’m still a stockbroker, I’m still an actor. I think of it as more of an opening of new doors than an actual transition. I enjoy all of those things, which is why they remain a part of my life.”

― Brian J. White

“I grew up with a sister I was very close with and a mom who was a powerful influence on my life. I was always close with women.”

― Brian K. Vaughan

“I can get my voicemail transcribed and sent to me as e-mail. I want to be able to have my address book and all my life come up on my TV and video chat. The whole telecommunications experience through a wire is still very relevant.”

― Brian L. Roberts

“I spent 20 years of my life building up Queen, and now I’m spending years of my life trying to get away from it.”

― Brian May

“I watch my contemporaries, and they love to live in the studio and I don’t. I have a life. I treat it as a 9-to-5. I try to create something new every day, and then I get on with my life.”

― Brian McKnight

“I’ve been a professional rugby player all my life; I don’t really know anything different.”

― Brian O’Driscoll

“I knew what I wanted to do with my life: I wanted to fight.”

― Brian Ortega

“’Lost in Translation’ was a year of my life, if not more, and then ‘Marie Antoinette’ was about three years of my life.”

― Brian Reitzell

“Even if I stumble on to the absolute truth of any aspect of the universe, I will not realise my luck and instead will spend my life trying to find flaws in this understanding – such is the role of a scientist.”

― Brian Schmidt

“Through most of my life, music has been like a radio that plays and plays in my head.”

― Brian Stokes Mitchell

“Yale was one of the best moments in my life – also one of the hardest. I learned about community.”

― Brian Tyree Henry

“I’m raising a child, and it’s public. The media creates these dramas, and that’s not what’s happening in my life.”

― Bridget Moynahan

“I’ve only skied a couple of times in my life. Any skier would say I stink.”

― Bridgette Wilson

“I don’t want to be one of those people that’s constantly promoting myself on Twitter. I think the fun thing about Twitter is being able to share all the little random things that happen in my life.”

― Bridgit Mendler

“I hope that the little sacrifices that I make in my life – being away from my daughter, my husband and I not seeing each other as much – I hope it does inspire young girls to realize they can be whatever they want in this life.”

― Brie Bella

“More and more, my life is going in a direction that is not universal; there’s only a very small group of people who understand.”

― Brie Larson

“My life is scheduled to the minute. I used to be notoriously hard to get a hold of. But now, it would be irresponsible for me to say, ‘I’m not checking my phone.’”

― Brie Larson

“I don’t really have any people in my life who aren’t gypsies.”

― Brie Larson

“There isn’t anyone in my life who is going to get upset about how much travelling I have to do or whether or not I’m available for drinks that night.”

― Brie Larson

“I can’t help but trip out about how similar my life is to ‘Room.’ It’s me wanting to stay in my own little bubble and remain anonymous and invisible and at the same time needing to step up to this hand that I’ve been given.”

― Brie Larson

“I’m just not in a place in my life where I worry about something unnecessarily.”

― Brie Larson

“The idea of singing and dancing throughout my life and finding that bliss is something I wanted to express and explore within myself and hopefully spread that idea to other people.”

― Brie Larson

“I would like, before I die, to see the changes I’ve always fought for being made. If not, my life will have been worth nothing.”

― Brigitte Bardot

“I really wanted to die at certain periods in my life.”

― Brigitte Bardot

“A film about my life? But I am not dead.”

― Brigitte Bardot

“Puberty was the most horrifying time of my life.”

― Brigitte Nielsen

“Never lie to your mother. That’s like the biggest lesson that I learned, learned throughout my life, you know?”

― Bristol Palin

“I moved to San Francisco when I was 20 years old. I couldn’t even drink yet. My friends in college thought I was so stupid for missing out on the four best years of my life. But I was so ready to start living my own life and absorb Silicon Valley culture.”

― Brit Morin

“When it comes down to it, I’m a ‘skinny jeans and graphic t-shirt’ kind of gal. My combat boots are my life.”

― Britne Oldford

“I’m very organised these days, and I keep my life in my handbag, like most women.”

― Britt Ekland

“My grandmother raised me for a good portion of my life. She moved to Los Angeles with me to be an actor, so I’ve always had a connection with an older generation.”

― Britt Robertson

“After I play every character, I always walk away and feel a little different. I’ve experienced something that’s not my life, but I’ve made it my life.”

― Brittany Snow

“I’m excited for people to realize that I’m 25 years old and not a teenager anymore… even though I still look 18 and can’t get into a bar to save my life!”

― Brittany Snow

“I would need a book to describe Jamal Miles. He can do it all. We line him up in the slot. We bring him into the backfield. We hand the ball to him. We send him in motion and get him the ball. He throws the football. He might be the best athlete I’ve ever been around in my life.”

― Brock Osweiler

“I admit to wasting my life messing around with fast cars and motorcycles.”

― Brock Yates

“I’ve been in many relationships in my life and learned a lot from them, good and bad.”

― Brody Jenner

“My life has gotten so much better since I turned 40.”

― Brooke Adams

“I don’t have any regrets in my life actually. I think that’s a pretty good policy.”

― Brooke Burke

“’Suddenly Susan’ is my life.”

― Brooke Shields

“I don’t really plan anything in my life, to be honest. I just kind of go with it: whatever comes comes.”

― Brooklyn Beckham

“I couldn’t hit a home run to save my life, and I was a sucker for the curveball.”

― Brooks Koepka

“Golf’s my job; it’s not my life. It’s something I’ve enjoyed, but I also like to get away from the golf course.”

― Brooks Koepka

“I don’t like people; I don’t let too many people into my life.”

― Brooks Koepka

“I can’t imagine my life any other way than it’s been.”

― Bruce Cockburn

“If it all just happens like this for the rest of my life, it’s going to be one endless Groundhog Day. I determined that I was not prepared to submit to this regime, so I thought I had to do something about it.”

― Bruce Dickinson

“I have spent my life judging the distance between American reality and the American dream.”

― Bruce Springsteen

“I enjoy being out with the fans, I enjoy talking baseball, but to get up and tell my life story… I’m not comfortable doing that.”

― Bruce Sutter

“The three most important pitches I threw in my life were all fastballs.”

― Bruce Sutter

“Well, my life is so centered around the people I care about, my animals, and my work.”

― Bruce Weber

“To sum it all up, the objective of my life has been to give work a moral and economic dignity.”

― Brunello Cucinelli

“When I’ve had hard times in my life, the one thing about being in TV is that it’s positive. I withdrew to ‘Cheers,’ it was familiar in that it was family. It had a kind of realistic positiveness to it.”

― Bruno Heller

“I’ve been telling people I’m in the best shape of my life, I’ve been training unbelievably hard.”

― Bryan Clay

“If I look what sport has done in my life, I don’t think there’s any doubt that sport can change lives.”

― Bryan Clay

“My life was very Japanese.”

― Bryan Clay

“I have talked to stunt drivers all my life, 32 years of talking to stunt drivers. There’s a craziness to them.”

― Bryan Cranston

“Cycling has been my passion throughout my life.”

― Bryan Fogel

“The places I’ve been, or passed through, or seen at a distance, have had as much an impact on my life as the people I’ve known.”

― Bryan Lee O’Malley

“I just had this feeling that, if I were to get into a fight, somehow I would have the ability to fight back, just based on playing ‘Street Fighter’ for so many years of my life. It’s almost like I actually learned martial arts.”

― Bryan Lee O’Malley

“Advertising was only meant to be a very small part of my life. I had intended that I would work extensively in journalism for about five or six years and then I’d become a writer.”

― Bryce Courtenay

“I’ve always had the perspective that roles come into my life when I need them most and sort of teach me lessons. The same can be true of films, films are released into society to aid in a lesson, inspire people, comfort people.”

― Bryce Dallas Howard

“Work hard, because it’s obviously not always going to be easy. It’s a really hard industry. Put yourself out there and put videos online, because that, honestly, is what changed my life.”

― Brynn Cartelli

“I have met friends that I will stay connected to for the rest of my life.”

― Brynn Cartelli

“Music’s always been a big part of my life.”

― Brynn Cartelli

“Sometimes my life is moving so fast that I forget what’s going on. I’m just going with the pace or going with the flow. Like, I don’t really stop and try to pay attention to things for too long.”

― Bryson Tiller

“I wanted to tell my story in a way I haven’t done before, things I’ve been going through in my life.”

― Bubba Sparxxx

“My life is fulfilled.”

― Bubba Watson

“Well, I always had a chauffer, because I have never driven a car in my life. I still can’t drive.”

― Bud Abbott

“I lived a significant portion of my life before the Internet and smart phones.”

― Burnie Burns

“My life is the land, the dogs, the car, the motorcycle, the pond, the canoe, going to pick up mail. It’s just a rural retreat that I enjoy.”

― Burt Shavitz

“You know, it’s a different world now, but to skip ahead and really answer your question, only in the last five years did I find what I call holy maturity, finding the balance, finding the right person in my life so that I could live a normal life.”

― Burt Ward

“I’ve been on hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of auditions in my life, so it’s not unusual that I went in for ‘Glee.’ What was unusual is that it was a week, exactly, after I had given birth.”

― Busy Philipps

“Timing has always been a key element in my life. I have been blessed to have been in the right place at the right time.”

― Buzz Aldrin

“I came to dedicate my life to opening space to the average person and crafting designs for new spaceships that could take us far from home. But since Apollo ended, such travels were only in our collective memory.”

― Buzz Aldrin

“I realize that my life is not the common ordinary person.”

― Buzz Aldrin

“I have no intention of selling any more of the historical Apollo 11 items in my possession for the remainder of my life. I intend to pass a portion of these items on to my children and to loan the most important items for permanent display in suitable museums around the country.”

― Buzz Aldrin

“The band that changed my life was The Who. It’s hard to pick just one album, but if I had to pick the one that really showed me how things could be done, it’s ‘The Who Sell Out.’ They really went to town on that, doing something that no one had ever done before.”

― Buzz Osborne

“I used to sleep on the floor next to the bed, because I believed that I didn’t even deserve a bed to sleep in. And then, one morning, a cockroach crawled onto my leg. I looked at it, and suddenly I awoke from a kind of hypnotic trance in which I had been all my life.”

― Byron Katie

“I didn’t really make up my mind to be an actor until I did ‘The Hitcher’ with Rutger Hauer. I was about 17 or 18 when I did that, by which point I’d probably done a dozen or more movies or TV things, but ‘The Hitcher’ was the experience that made me want to study and commit and learn how to do this for my life.”

― C. Thomas Howell

“My audience was my life. What I did and how I did it, was all for my audience.”

― Cab Calloway

“My mom put me into dance classes, found out that I can’t dance to save my life.”

― Cailee Spaeny

“I can honestly say that my abortion was one of the least difficult decisions of my life. I’m not being flippant when I say it took me longer to decide what worktops to have in the kitchen than whether I was prepared to spend the rest of my life being responsible for a further human being.”

― Caitlin Moran

“I have struggled with identity all my life. It’s not like something that just happened last week.”

― Caitlyn Jenner

“It hurts every day when you practice hard, but when this decathlon is over, I got the rest of my life to recuperate. Who cares how bad it hurts?”

― Caitlyn Jenner

“Sports saved my life.”

― Caitlyn Jenner

“The ‘Vanity Fair’ article was interesting to do because it was the first time I ever really had the opportunity to be absolutely truthful with a reporter about every aspect of my life.”

― Caitlyn Jenner

“If I win the gold medal, I will be set for the rest of my life. The medal itself doesn’t give you anything, but it makes you a marketable item. You take it and see what you can do.”

― Caitlyn Jenner

“Fortunately, I have been very healthy all my life and very active all my life and have enjoyed an active lifestyle.”

― Caitlyn Jenner

“I started classes and it wasn’t because I was like, ‘I want to be an actor!’ – I was really interested in the theory of what acting can be and what it’s about. It’s all about living in the moment and kind of being present, which is something that at that time in my life I really wanted to explore.”

― Caity Lotz

“There have been times in my life when I felt compelled to write things down as a matter of therapy, but whatever I kept about those days, I shredded. It was too personal.”

― Cal Ripken, Jr.

“I began with small roles in successful movies like ‘No Country For Old Men’ by the Coen brothers; but it was ‘The Last Exorcism’ that changed my life: with what I earned, I left Texas and moved to Los Angeles.”

― Caleb Landry Jones

“I never thought acting would be my life. I only started doing it because I needed something to occupy my weekends after I dislocated my knee and couldn’t play sport.”

― Callan McAuliffe

“I am so confident and empowered by my sexuality; it plays an enormous part in my life.”

― Calum Scott

“I got stuff that’s going to hurt for the rest of my life.”

― Calvin Johnson

“I’ve been strong and determined all my life about many things I’ve wanted.”

― Calvin Klein

“It seems there’s always another rumor about my life; some people are simply talked about more than others.”

― Calvin Klein

“I was so lucky to have parents who supported me, 100%, with whatever I was doing, both financially and emotionally. Having that they made my life so much easier. Instead of becoming a bartender and trying to survive while trying to pursue your dreams, I didn’t have to worry about that aspect. I could just pursue my dreams.”

― Cam Gigandet

“I’ve never been particularly religious, but I have recently acknowledged the universe and it’s crazy powers, and that will probably fluctuate for the rest of my life.”

― Cameron Boyce

“I’m not the sort of person who wants to live my life doing just one thing. I like to go around and do as many things as possible.”

― Cameron Dallas

“My aunt took me to see ‘Salad Days’ when I was seven. This story of a magic piano that infects everyone who hears it infected me, too. It was a Road to Damascus moment in my life.”

― Cameron Mackintosh

“I will say that rowing in the first Olympics was probably one of the most proud moments in my life. What I enjoy about the sport is that it’s definitive. Nobody can take away from the fact that you’re an Olympian. It’s indisputable. You get there on merit and merit alone.”

― Cameron Winklevoss

“It was a huge shock. I’ve never had hair that short in my life! I think the rest of the cast and crew were mourning my haircut more than I was! But after a while, I felt liberated, I learned to embrace it.”

― Camilla Belle

“I’m never going to apologize for having a lot of guy friends, and I always have. That happens, and I’m not going to live my life where I’m not going to go out and have a coffee or lunch with my guy friends.”

― Camilla Belle

“There have been periods of my life when I was heavier, like right after high school I definitely gained that freshman 15. It was tough to lose. Ever since then, I know that I can gain weight, so I try to be careful.”

― Camilla Luddington

“I am scared; I don’t know what is going to happen to me. What was the point of working so hard and of being talented, to be rewarded like this? Never a penny, tormented all my life. It is horrible; one cannot imagine it.”

― Camille Claudel

“In the film world, and I know this from just talking to other people, that I’m known as a kind of dramatic, serious, almost humorless actor, and the fact is I’m a funny guy, and I spend most of my life trying to find a lighter side of things and on stage was given plenty of opportunity to do that.”

― Campbell Scott

“I’m known as a kind of dramatic, serious, almost humorless actor and the fact is, I’m a funny guy, and I spend most of my life trying to find a lighter side of things, and on stage was given plenty of opportunity to do that.”

― Campbell Scott

“Certain songs bring me back to certain places I’ve been in my life. So definitely, I listen to my stuff.”

― Cam’ron

“The thing is, with me, my life is a catwalk.”

― Cam’ron

“I have lived my life in a culture that hates fat people.”

― Camryn Manheim

“Waiting, waiting, waiting. All my life, I’ve been waiting for my life to begin, as if somehow my life was ahead of me, and that someday I would arrive at it.”

― Camryn Manheim

“I will only do family-friendly films or television. They don’t have to necessarily be Christian films, but I want to be in things that I’m comfortable having my children and husband watch. They come first in my life, not the film industry.”

― Candace Cameron Bure

“I still call Texas home. It is where I spent most of my life growing up.”

― Candace Kita

“My baby is the joy in my life.”

― Candace Parker

“I want to live my life naked, with all my little naked kids naked in the garden.”

― Candice Swanepoel

“I came out to my parents as gay, and then I realized, you know, four or five years later, that I wasn’t really happy, no relationships were working, and there was something missing in my life, and you know, I was doing drag, performing and stuff, and I realized through that arc that I was much happier doing that.”

― Candis Cayne

“I started boxing because of my brother. And then I came to admire the all-time greats, like Roberto Duran and Muhammad Ali. I’d say I admired Ali more than any fighter in my life.”

― Canelo Alvarez

“For a writer, life is always too short to write. I will just try my best during what remains of my life.”

― Cao Yu

“I started modeling when I was 16. The odds were against me. At 5′ 8, I was shorter than most girls in the business. Still, I gave it a shot, and like with most things in my life, I never gave up.”

― Cara Delevingne

“I cannot turn my life back around. I’m already a public figure, I’m famous… It’s like, I might as well keep it going, might as well make the money.”

― Cardi B

“When Tom Ford asked me to consult for Gucci, I had never consulted in my life. I didn’t know what consulting was, and look, we made something amazing.”

― Carine Roitfeld

“I think when I became a grandmother my life changed a lot, and I think I changed personally.”

― Carine Roitfeld

“My art will reflect not necessarily conscious politics but the unanalysed politics of my life.”

― Carl Andre

“As far as control and stuff is concerned, I never had any more in my life than for that All-Star game in 1934.”

― Carl Hubbell

“They talk about those All-Star Games being exhibition affairs, and maybe they are, but I’ve seen very few players in my life who didn’t want to win, no matter whom they were playing or what for.”

― Carl Hubbell

“I enjoy my life, I love track, I’m set for life financially.”

― Carl Lewis

“I never made a mistake in grammar but one in my life and as soon as I done it I seen it.”

― Carl Sandburg

“Quitting law school was the most difficult decision of my life. But I felt this great relief that this is my life and I can do what I want with it.”

― Carly Fiorina

“Pretty much everyday, there’s a moment where I’m having to pinch myself and think, ‘When did this happen to my life?’”

― Carly Rae Jepsen

“Any decision I make is the biggest decision of my life.”

― Carmelo Anthony

“I think I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I have to do everything that I’m scared of because you’re not going to learn anything if you don’t, so you just have to dive in the deep end and see if you can swim.”

― Carmen Cusack

“I’ve been singing Rodgers and Hammerstein all my life.”

― Carmen Cusack

“My life has been amazing. How many other ladies of 76 can say that the snapshot on their senior citizen’s card was taken by Norman Parkinson?”

― Carmen Dell’Orefice

“Even with a computer, I can’t get rid of all the papers in my life.”

― Carmen Dell’Orefice

“The money I’ve earned has enabled me to keep my life in my own hands. I had a terrific body, and I got paid for using it.”

― Carmen Dell’Orefice

“The surgery will always be a huge part of my life. I’m going to need to help people with weight problems for the rest of my life so that I can maintain my weight.”

― Carnie Wilson

“I always want more, and that’s just my life.”

― Carnie Wilson

“If I’m known as the girl that lost weight and it’s been six years later and I’ve still kept off the 110 pounds, God bless. Because I never kept off 100 pounds before in my life.”

― Carnie Wilson

“I always wanted a child. Being a mother is the central thing in my life.”

― Carol Ann Duffy

“I’m a fairly ordinary person – a lifelong reader, a former software engineer, and former math teacher. I come from a wonderful family of teachers, musicians, librarians, and engineers. I think I surprised them as well as my friends and coworkers when I took up writing as a hobby and let it take over my life!”

― Carol Berg

“I’m so happy with what has happened in my life.”

― Carol Burnett

“At first I felt terrible, then I realized… that no matter what I do the rest of my life… I’ll never do anything as distinguished as getting on Nixon’s enemy list.”

― Carol Channing

“Work is the most nourishing thing so far in my life.”

― Carol Kane

“All of my films have changed my life. I’ve met so many people and broadened my world view.”

― Carol Kane

“Honestly, so much of my book is about the best things in my life have happened since I’m 40.”

― Carol Leifer

“I have been working in male-dominated industries most of my life. When I started my career in investment banking, I was one of two women in my analyst class.”

― Carol Roth

“Since I turned 50, I’ve had the best year of my life and I now throw as much effort into the social side of my life as I do work – more so now than ever before.”

― Carol Vorderman

“My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue, an everlasting vision of the ever changing view.”

― Carole King

“I was schooled at home, then didn’t go to university because I married when I was 17. I didn’t go into work until late in my life.”

― Carolina Herrera

“It’s not my aspiration to appear on a reality show. That’s the last thing I need in my life.”

― Carolina Herrera

“I’m not a big fan of Sundays, but now that my life is kind of chaotic, structure-wise, I don’t really notice it’s Sunday most of the time. But I used to associate it – when I was in school – to ‘back to school on Monday,’ so I didn’t like that day.”

― Caroline Dhavernas

“I have no regrets about doing ‘Strictly.’ This is the biggest achievement of my life.”

― Caroline Flack

“Learning to ask is like flexing a muscle. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. I started by learning how to ask for the small things in my life, and eventually I could make the Big Daunting Asks.”

― Caroline Ghosn

“I live my life as an entrepreneur in every possible way I can by applying the question ‘What can be done better and how?’ at every juncture.”

― Caroline Ghosn

“I’ve been a Democrat all my life.”

― Caroline Kennedy

“I’m not looking for anybody or anything. I’m just living my life.”

― Caroline Wozniacki

“I just live my life and do what I want to do and don’t think about what is written about me.”

― Caroline Wozniacki

“I’ve played Big Bird for over half my life, and now I’m in my 80s. It does feel older than 79. Someone said it’s just a number, and I said, ‘No, I genuinely feel older.’”

― Caroll Spinney

“I was a stylist behind the chair for over 20 years. then a salon owner and migrated into hair product manufacturing. I’ve pretty much lived and breathed hair in many different phases in my life.”

― Carolyn Aronson

“My work is my life.”

― Carolyn Porco

“I really don’t know what to do when my life is not chaotic.”

― Carrie Brownstein

“If my life wasn’t funny, it would just be true, and that’s unacceptable.”

― Carrie Fisher

“So when I was 24, someone suggested to me that I was bipolar, and I thought that was ridiculous. I just thought he was trying to get out of treating me. But he was also responding to the chaotic nature of my life.”

― Carrie Fisher

“I am a spy in the house of me. I report back from the front lines of the battle that is me. I am somewhat nonplused by the event that is my life.”

― Carrie Fisher

“I have been Princess Leia exclusively. It’s been a part of my life for 40 years.”

― Carrie Fisher

“People want me to say that I’m sick of playing Leia and that it ruined my life. If my life was that easy to ruin, it deserved to be ruined.”

― Carrie Fisher

“Directing is definitely something that is in my life for keeps, and the more I do it, the more I realize how much I want to learn and how much I have to give. And it kind of bolsters my acting – it enhances it in a really wonderful way that I wasn’t expecting.”

― Carrie Preston

“I was never really a career woman. My life always came first.”

― Carrie Snodgress

“I have so many wonderful people in my life. I’ve never had any major physical problems or an accident or anything like that. I’m a very, very lucky person, thus far, knock on wood.”

― Carrie Underwood

“You never know what curve balls life is going to throw you and there’s no way I can predict anything or make any assumptions about what the rest of my life is going to be like.”

― Carrie Underwood

“This is the best night of my life. And it’s going to get better.”

― Carrie Underwood

“It’s so easy to get caught up in this weird life. This isn’t normal and I’m not singing for people that live my life. I’m singing to the life I used to have. The life I want to have again.”

― Carrie Underwood

“If I could be lucky enough to just have radio as the base for the rest of my life, I could build off that. No matter how successful I become, I always look at radio as the only skill set I can really call on. I even know how to operate the boards.”

― Carson Daly

“I learned how to dance. I got a free spray tan. My life is good!”

― Carson Kressley

“I’m not an idiot; I can make adjustments to my life. But I like having a schedule.”

― Carson Wentz

“John Barry was my hero when I was about 13. His scores to the James Bond movies were the scores of my life back then.”

― Carter Burwell

“If my life was a song it would be ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’.”

― Casey Abrams

“I’ve written some love letters in my life, I can say.”

― Casey Affleck

“I feel like there’s an obligation – this sounds terribly pretentious – if you’re an artist, to share your own experience in a way that’s truthful and honest: ‘This is what I have to share; this is my life.’”

― Casey Affleck

“My family’s a very musical family, so music’s always been a part of my life.”

― Casey James

“I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine.”

― Caskie Stinnett

“Probably the biggest bring-down in my life was being in a pop group and finding out just how much it was like everything it was supposed to be against.”

― Cass Elliot

“I went through all these different phases in my life. And now, I’m finally in a place where I know who I am; I just needed that extra push. I feel really, really good in the position I’m in right now, and I don’t feel like I completely neglected my pop-rock sound: I was able to bring it in with my country roots.”

― Cassadee Pope

“I feel like my life is pretty much on display. So much of it is working, and that’s really all I want to do. I’m an open book.”

― Cassie Steele

“Yes, I learned history at school; I know everything about apartheid. My dad, he bought the books about it, stuff like that. But I just move on with my life. It’s completely different for me.”

― Caster Semenya

“Everybody tends to think I’m crazy, which is the biggest problem in my life.”

― Cat Power

“I think the hardest thing about my life is that I’ve met so many people all over the world who I love, but they’re not friends with each other.”

― Cat Power

“The spiritual quest was always the predominant aspect of my life. It’s always been there. But there’s also an incredible passion connected to it; it’s not just a dry investigative process. I have been extremely emotional about it, and that comes out in the songs.”

― Cat Stevens

“I want everything that’s possible that I’ve worked for to show up in my life and be mine.”

― Cat Zingano

“Nothing in my life has ever come easy.”

― Cat Zingano

“I live my life parallel with my work, and they are both equally important. I’m always amazed how much people talk about celebrity and fame. I don’t understand the attraction.”

― Cate Blanchett

“I think that’s what I love about my life. There’s no maniacal master plan. It’s just unfolding before me.”

― Cate Blanchett

“My life project is humanizing technology: making technology more real and bringing it back into human interactions.”

― Caterina Fake

“I love participatory media, collective knowledge systems, user-generated content and the like, and spent much of my life and career participating in them and making them.”

― Caterina Fake

“I do have ambition – I can dress up for a premiere, get in a limousine, but it’s not my life. My life is wearing jeans and tennis shoes and travelling on the metro. I have to do that because otherwise my acting is going to be false.”

― Caterina Murino

“I think my uncle was probably the biggest influence in my life. We grew up in the same house, and he was just a really great, hard-working, honest, ethical person.”

― Catherine Bell

“I didn’t devote my life to acting. I give a lot to my work, but my life has always been more important.”

― Catherine Deneuve

“I’ve always been able to decide what was more important at different points in my life, but I never gave up personal things to work, never.”

― Catherine Deneuve

“I had only two offers of marriage in my life, and I refused both.”

― Catherine Helen Spence

“Left to my own devices I’d get up at midday every day of my life.”

― Catherine McCormack

“I truly believe the eating disorder is gone. The discovery of what was at the bottom of it lifted me, and I walked into a different phase of my life.”

― Catherine Oxenberg

“My mum left my dad when I was six months old, so I don’t know him at all. I had no male figures in my life, really. I had my godfather, but he’s more like a grandfather, so I was quite sheltered. I’ve never tried to find my father.”

― Catherine Tate

“I do think I’m lucky I met Michael. Not just Michael Douglas the actor and producer with two Oscars on the shelf, but Michael Douglas, the love of my life. I really do think it was meant to happen.”

― Catherine Zeta-Jones

“Fantasy is my heart and love. And I just want to play in that garden for the rest of my life.”

― Catherynne M. Valente

“I don’t have a lot of regrets in my life.”

― Cathy Freeman

“I made my first Australian senior team when I was 16, first Olympics when I was 19, and I retired. I’m 32, I retired four years ago, so a good third of my life or nearly a third of my life has been all about running.”

― Cathy Freeman

“The biggest change in my life is that I now have to apologize for being thin.”

― Cathy Guisewite

“The specifics of Cathy’s and my life are different now, but the basic life challenges are exactly the same.”

― Cathy Guisewite

“I learned one thing from De Niro: He taught me to listen. Nobody says anything strictly from the script. It’s improvised. It was the best piece of advice I have ever gotten in my life. It has helped me through the past thirty years.”

― Cathy Moriarty

“I never realized until recently how much my life parallels Peter Pan.”

― Cathy Rigby

“My parents are a big help, and they’re always making sure I have a normal life and my life isn’t all just about acting and stuff.”

― Cayden Boyd

“After having my baby I felt like I’d been introduced to my life, I slowed down, I paid more attention to simple things, I addressed a few issues in my own life, I even got married, I looked at what was important and what wasn’t, and so I used that experience for inspiration.”

― Cecelia Ahern

“I am not afraid of European influences. The point is to use them, as Ellington did, as part of my life as an American Negro.”

― Cecil Taylor

“All my life, I’ve been lucky to work in social justice, starting as a labor organizer working with low-wage working women.”

― Cecile Richards

“Through acting and film, I felt that my life had a sense to it. I felt I had a mission.”

― Cecilia Roth

“Singing is my life. It has always been my life. It will always be my life.”

― Celia Cruz

“I’ve had to spend an awful lot of my life trying to pretend I’m not posh. Although once I open my mouth, I rather let things out the bag.”

― Celia Imrie

“My feet are definitely more grounded than before. And I know that I’m not holding onto a dream. I’m holding onto my life.”

― Celine Dion

“I knew it was going to be the most extraordinary thing in my life, but how powerful it is, you can never know until you have a baby.”

― Celine Dion

“There’s been nothing but discipline, discipline, discipline all my life.”

― Celine Dion

“I love to sing and perform. It is what I do and love. It completes my life.”

― Celine Dion

“I’m passionate about my fans and my shows. But my biggest reward in the success that is my life are my husband and kids.”

― Celine Dion

“I had one of the best nights of my life at Mardi Gras.”

― Cenk Uygur

“I think my life has everything, you know; it has comedy, has drama, has action.”

― Cesar Millan

“I am not brutal or cruel to animals. My mission has always been to save dogs – especially troubled and abandoned dogs. I’ve dedicated my life to this.”

― Cesar Millan

“I had come from Los Angeles – I had been there a partner of Gruen Associates, a large Los Angeles firm – and when the possibility of becoming a dean at Yale came, it was a very appropriate moment in my life. I was interested in a number of issues that I could not pursue while in a firm like Gruen’s.”

― Cesar Pelli

“Andrew Lincoln has to be the nicest, ego-less lead actor that I’ve ever met in my life. His energy and temperament just falls over everyone.”

― Chad Coleman

“My dad always taught me never to give up in my mind. You can never really beat me. It sounds ridiculous, but I will always come back for you. You can’t beat someone who never gives up. I could lose 100 times to you, but I will always get you. I will die trying. This applies not only to swimming but to my life as well.”

― Chad le Clos

“I have played football all my life, and my dad went to see Manchester United in 2005. Since then, I have been a fan.”

― Chad le Clos

“I have a really, really great girl in my life right now.”

― Chad Michael Murray

“I would love Jimmy Stewart to play my life story.”

― Chad Michael Murray

“I think the most stressful time of my life was when I was in New York, and I didn’t have money to pay my rent.”

― Chadwick Boseman

“To the extent that I come from a deeply religious tradition and have been contending with those beginnings all of my life – that constitutes the subject of much of my early fiction.”

― Chaim Potok

“I think the whole reason for my life is in there somewhere.”

― Chaka Khan

“My grandmother is a huge part of my life. She’s just a great woman: a woman of the church.”

― Chance The Rapper

“I like to be in ‘The Walking Dead,’ and I like to play video games and just hang out with my friends and try to be as normal as possible, so going to college would be another really cool, normal experience in my life.”

― Chandler Riggs

“When I was five years old, I told my parents that I wanted to take ballet. So, ballet was the focus of my life… until puberty. Then I discovered boys and started dating a guy with a mohawk who’d come to my ballet class and freak everybody out. Shortly after that is when I quit.”

― Chandra West

“I have quite a few gay couples and gay couples with children in my life.”

― Chandra Wilson

“The issue of work/life balance is a real one, and yet I still find myself frustrated if I feel like I’m giving some aspect of my life short shrift.”

― Channing Dungey

“I grew up reading Proust all my life, and he’s very dear to me.”

― Chantal Akerman

“When I was 21, I got into a motorcycle accident while traveling in Europe and I had to lie around a lot in the aftermath, which was really the first time in my life that I became really focused and inspired to write.”

― Chantal Kreviazuk

“If certain songs become popular enough to the point where I’ll be playing them the rest of my life, I don’t want them all to dwell on the same down moment that I’ll have to keep reliving.”

― Chantal Kreviazuk

“Racing takes so much determination, guts, and sacrifice to be on top. I once craved, lived, and breathed racing. I can honestly say now, I’m ready to slow down and enjoy my life. Maybe I’ll cut loose and have a cheeseburger or some pizza. Those types of indulgencies are not allowed when you constantly have to monitor your weight.”

― Chantal Sutherland

“I crossed paths with a horse that happened to change my life. That horse is Game On Dude, and what a horse! He’s a soldier. Together we traveled the world. We won the Santa Anita Big Cap, Goodwood, almost won the Breeder’s Cup Classic; we won the San Antonio, Hollywood Gold Cup and the Californian.”

― Chantal Sutherland

“I basically got into the radio game ’cause I was looking to do something positive with my life.”

― Charlamagne tha God

“’Stans’ can not see anything wrong with their favorite artist. They love everything they do. If the artist fart, they’re like, ‘OMG, that was the best-sounding fart I ever heard in my life. She farted on beat,’ whatever. I’m an ‘objective fan,’ so I can give my opinion about things.”

― Charlamagne tha God

“Every musician that dies is the greatest ever when they die. I never heard a David Bowie record in my life. But for whatever reason, he’s one of the greatest of all time now. You know why? ‘Cause he’s dead.”

― Charlamagne tha God

“I went to college and law school with the help of the GI Bill. That experience moved me so much, I dedicated the rest of my life to serving this great country and helping others succeed.”

― Charles B. Rangel

“One of the worst days of my life was telling Dick Ebersol I was going to TNT.”

― Charles Barkley

“My days, my years, my life has seen up and downs, lights and darknesses. If I wrote only and continually of the ‘light’ and never mentioned the other, then as an artist, I would be a liar.”

― Charles Bukowski

“Don’t ask me who’s influenced me. A lion is made up of the lambs he’s digested, and I’ve been reading all my life.”

― Charles de Gaulle

“I know I do not exaggerate, unconsciously and unintentionally, the scantiness of my resources and the difficulty of my life… I know that, but for the mercy of God, I might easily have been, for any care that was taken of me, a little robber or a vagabond.”

― Charles Dickens

“I’d like to have a decade of my life back. I dropped into a void for almost a decade.”

― Charles Durning

“My exposure to visual art all my life was intensive.”

― Charles Gwathmey

“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.”

― Charles Kettering

“I don’t want to dedicate my life to getting publicity.”

― Charles Koch

“The first books I was interested in were all about baseball. But I can’t think of one single book that changed my life in any way.”

― Charles Kuralt

“I had an insanely long commute – New York to D.C. – when I worked at ‘National Geographic.’ I hate to waste time, so I spent my time by writing about my life on the premise that I might be able to pitch those as short essays to magazines. It wasn’t until later that I realized that I was writing a book.”

― Charles M. Blow

“My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, no meaning, and yet I’m happy. I can’t figure it out. What am I doing right?”

― Charles M. Schulz

“You don’t help people in your poems. I’ve been trying to help people all my life – that’s my trouble.”

― Charles Olson

“I let people see the cracks in my life. We can’t be phony. We’ve got to keep it real.”

― Charles R. Swindoll

“I’m an attorney when I’m not writing comics, and have been for years. That’s a side of my life I don’t always associate with pure creativity, but it’s all worked out nicely.”

― Charles Soule

“One of the important things about temptation is, if I’m going to deal with it I’m going to have to recognize, this is an area of weakness in my life. I have been tempted here before and before and before.”

― Charles Stanley

“The law seemed to be always what I came back to. I have never, one day in my life as a lawyer, regretted my decision to become a lawyer.”

― Charles T. Canady

“I love being a judge, and I anticipate being a judge for the rest of my life.”

― Charles T. Canady

“I played rugby most of my life and then I switched to snowboarding, which provided me a lot of inspiration.”

― Charlie Bewley

“There are elements to my faith which are echoed very closely in the scripts that come through. I read certain moments, and I’m able to say, ‘Yes, I recognize that. I champion that. I ally myself to that idea.’ Then there are times where I don’t. My feeling is, at this stage in my life, that it will be an ongoing struggle.”

― Charlie Cox

“Any accolades that anybody puts toward this band really makes me feel good, because I have devoted such a big part of my life to this band, making it what I want it to be.”

― Charlie Daniels

“Right before I got ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ I actually quit acting for 18 months and didn’t read a single script, and I wrote a film. I felt like I needed to do something that I had control over, as an artist, and also just do something where I felt like I had some control over my life, as just a human, out in the world.”

― Charlie Hunnam

“Acting was never something I wanted to do for the rest of my life, so it was easy to walk away.”

― Charlie Korsmo

“I don’t love acting enough to give up my life.”

― Charlie Korsmo

“I got really into surfing, and that was my life from when I was 10 years old to 18. I surfed almost every day, and it was all I cared about – I was a sand-in-the-bed, total beach bum.”

― Charlie McDowell

“I’ve never felt like I was living in anyone’s shadow. My life was what it was.”

― Charlie Murphy

“The great regret of my life is that I didn’t have children.”

― Charlie Rose

“What they’re not ready for is guys like you and I and Nails and all the other gnarly gnarlingtons in my life, that we are high priests, Vatican assassin warlocks. Boom. Print that, people. See where that goes.”

― Charlie Sheen

“My life now could not be better.”

― Charlie Simpson

“I’m in this really cool place in my career, where the stage I’m on that night, whether it’s the Paisley tour, the CMT tour, or a bar with 10 people in it, it is the most important show I’ve ever played in my life. I go to the ends of my imagination to do something that’s unforgettable every night.”

― Charlie Worsham

“If they ever do my life story, whoever plays me needs lots of hair color and high heels.”

― Charlize Theron

“I’ve always been very aware of balance and, even before I had a child, my life always takes priority to my work.”

― Charlize Theron

“Riding clothes are ageless and timeless, and I love to incorporate that comfort and elegance in my life.”

― Charlotte Casiraghi

“I’m quite happy with the way my life is.”

― Charlotte Dujardin

“London was my first Olympics. It was my dream to get there, and I literally had the time of my life.”

― Charlotte Dujardin

“I can honestly say I had the time of my life in London. I don’t regret one part of it, and I have never wanted the moment to end.”

― Charlotte Dujardin

“I didn’t start my career or, really, my life before I came to Florida.”

― Charlotte Flair

“I don’t know if me and my dad have necessarily touched on this because we talk about Reid but not a lot. But me wrestling, I think, ultimately saved my dad’s career and not only saved my life but definitely put a whole other chapter that no one saw coming because it could’ve been rock bottom after my brother passed away.”

― Charlotte Flair

“Superstitions actually played a big role in my life. I wouldn’t even go on a casting call if I had a hunch that it was an ‘unlucky’ day.”

― Charlotte Rae

“I think the happiest time of my life was when I was in my late teens. I was a little bit of an it-girl. Making myself seen. And it was a wonderful time to be young.”

― Charlotte Rampling

“I could have carried on in comedy. But my life was dark.”

― Charlotte Rampling

“I’ve been doing TV for fourteen years, and I’ve always had a fascination with the political business side. It’s ruled my life. Ratings or no ratings have decided where I live, who I work with, and how long I’ll be doing that particular job.”

― Charlotte Ross

“I love my life. I love this ESPN thing; it’s been fun.”

― Chauncey Billups

“What mom cares about most is that I’m happy, healthy and enjoying my life.”

― Chaz Bono

“When I realised I was transgender I was so afraid of what my transition would do to everyone else in my life and how they would react to it and would I be rejected?”

― Chaz Bono

“Until I really accepted this about myself and got over any of my own transphobia that I had, I really felt like I wouldn’t be accepted. I thought I would ruin my life.”

― Chaz Bono

“I had a project for my life which involved 10 years of wandering, then some years of medical studies and, if any time was left, the great adventure of physics.”

― Che Guevara

“Being a third-generation Mexican-American and speaking English exclusively, I heard Spanish spoken by my relatives all my life, especially when they didn’t want me to understand what they were talking about.”

― Cheech Marin

“For most of my life, I did deliberately lead a private life and inadvertently led a public life.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“My grandmother, who passed away at the beginning of November, had a core adage in her life that ‘life is not about what happens to you but about what you do with what happens to you.’ She recently had been cajoling me and challenging me to do more with my life. To lead more of a purposefully public life.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“For most of my life, I deliberately led a private life in the public eye.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“I hadn’t planned on or expected to have a public dimension in my life.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“Running is the one part of my life in which I fundamentally feel like the observer instead of the observed.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“I’ve always been aware of both how extraordinarily normal and how extraordinarily extraordinary my life has been. It’s always been important, first to my parents when I was younger, and now very much to me, to live in the world. I would never want to live in a cloister.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“I have never thought of my life as being an enigma.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“I just want to go to work and play dress up, like, for the rest of my life.”

― Chelsea Kane

“I would say that I have a love-hate relationship with almost everything in my life, including stand-up.”

― Chelsea Peretti

“I’ve saved every dime I’ve made in my life.”

― Chely Wright

“Whenever I see people in difficulty, I just try to help them. In fact, I believe I have helped over 700,000 people in my life.”

― Chen Guangbiao

“By the time I’m wrinkly and old, I’ll have kids and grandkids that I’m watching grow up. I’ll be proud of what I’ve achieved in my life, and I’m not going to worry about my looks so much.”

― Cher Lloyd

“I wish that I did the things that I really believe in, because when I do, my life goes much smoother.”

― Cher

“It’s not necessary, in order to be a complete person, that I have a man. It’s not the end-all, be-all of my life.”

― Cher

“I don’t trust anybody in my life except my mother and my dogs.”

― Cheryl Cole

“It’s like the spiders are sharing an ancient secret with me, and that’s why I’m going to spend the rest of my life studying spider silk.”

― Cheryl Hayashi

“I’m at a point in my life where I have something solid now. I’m a peaceful person, and I want to be surrounded by peace no matter what I’m doing.”

― Cheryl James

“I’ve changed my life in a lot of ways. I’m a mom, a wife, and a Christian. Some of the things I expressed in my early 20s aren’t what I care to express right now.”

― Cheryl James

“I didn’t want to get back into the whole industry. I left overworked, overwhelmed, and not having any control over my life. I was bulimic and needed to heal.”

― Cheryl James

“Golf has been such a gift in my life, and I’ve enjoyed it so much and enjoyed lots of wonderful times on the golf course with my husband first, and then I got to play in all these celebrity tournaments. I’m often the only female celebrity in the tournament, hence the term ‘Token Chick.’ So it’s been such a great, great gift in my life.”

― Cheryl Ladd

“Many books have mattered enormously to my life and work. ‘David Copperfield’ by Charles Dickens would be one of several contenders for ‘most influential.’ I first read it at 13 and have reread it dozens of times since.”

― Cheryl Mendelson

“And my life for the first – you know, when I was in my 20s and 30s, I had my career, and I traveled the world, I lived out of a suitcase. I stayed up until dawn. I did all of those things that were very exciting.”

― Cheryl Tiegs

“I’ve had four amazing men in my life, very strong, powerful, wonderful men. I certainly will have a relationship with someone but I don’t think I will get married again.”

― Cheryl Tiegs

“I’ve been on the cover of ‘Time’ magazine three times, not for my beauty but because what I was doing was newsworthy around the world. I’ve worked with teams all my life, but I’ve been nice and I’ve been kind.”

― Cheryl Tiegs

“I went from living my life anonymously for 58 years to being a public figure known globally in a matter of minutes.”

― Chesley Sullenberger

“I never wrote for children. I wrote with respect for the audience, which I’ve maintained all my life. Doesn’t mean I couldn’t be risque, but I did it smartly, without being vulgar.”

― Chespirito

“It was definitely hard when I first started, and by no means do I consider my live show to be where I want it to be; it will develop step by step for the rest of my life.”

― Chet Faker

“I’ve been too funny in my life to have to play a character who’s… moderately funny.”

― Chevy Chase

“I like to do something good every day of my life, and I wanna leave the earth better than I found it.”

― Chi Chi Rodriguez

“I was working at a phone company. I got tired of my life and wanted to change it, so I did.”

― Chi McBride

“I could have been like so many other bloggers or ‘influencers’ who just have their agent and are more like celebrities, but I’ve never wanted it to be only like that. Of course, I still want that part in my life, but I also wanted to create a brand.”

― Chiara Ferragni

“As long as you’re ahead of a trend, I think you’re going to be fine. You really have to have a multitasking mind that can switch from one thing to the other easily without too much focus on, ‘Oh, I’m going to Instagram my life.’”

― Chiara Ferragni

“Miles Davis was a part of my life from 1947 on. I was born in 1941 and I first heard him in 1947 on a 78 rpm. And then I followed his career, starting with his first solo album in 1951. He was an icon and inspiration and a mentor to me.”

― Chick Corea

“I pressed my father’s hand and told him I would protect his grave with my life. My father smiled and passed away to the spirit land.”

― Chief Joseph

“No man has ever paid a single bill in my life – I didn’t want it.”

― China Machado

“I have some regrets that I might have hurt men in my life. But they can take care of themselves.”

― China Machado

“It was one of the best experiences in my life to work with Director Prem.”

― Chinmayi

“Also, there is a way I like to lead my life, which would adhere to certain norms. Anything that goes beyond that is not my purview.”

― Chinmayi

“Firstly, I’d say that A. R. Rahman sir is one of the biggest influences in my life. He’s given me some great numbers, and I’ve looked at him for inputs many a time with regards to my career.”

― Chinmayi

“Oh, the most important thing about myself is that my life has been full of changes. Therefore, when I observe the world, I don’t expect to see it just like I was seeing the fellow who lives in the next room.”

― Chinua Achebe

“The most important thing about myself is that my life has been full of changes. Therefore, when I observe the world, I don’t expect to see it just like I was seeing the fellow who lives in the next room.”

― Chinua Achebe

“My life is scattered and busy. I think of my home as a resort. When I step through the door, I feel relaxed. I almost feel like I’ve taken a vacation.”

― Chip Conley

“I came into Chicago in winter – I’d never been so cold in my life! I was very homesick, and a poor student at that time. America seemed so different and so filled with amazing things – and almost all of them were out of my reach.”

― Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

“I enjoyed being in California for a while. But that’s the thing about London: you can’t really shake it. I’ve always had the impression when I was in L.A. for long periods of time that simultaneously my life was happening somewhere else, and I’m missing it.”

― Chiwetel Ejiofor

“Solomon Northup is one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever encountered in my life; one of the most amazing stories I have ever been in any kind of contact with. To not tell that story would have been disgraceful, in my opinion.”

― Chiwetel Ejiofor

“I still have to say that I did ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ 11 years ago. That was a very sudden shift in my life and my relationship to my work, and it didn’t feel it was impossible to make a film like that.”

― Chiwetel Ejiofor

“I hope to make acting my career for the rest of my life, if I can.”

― Chloe Grace Moretz

“I’ll date one day if I find someone that I want to let into my life enough.”

― Chloe Grace Moretz

“I had some social anxiety when I was younger because I wasn’t surrounded by many people in my life.”

― Chloe Kim

“I’m, like, finishing up high school. I don’t know how you can learn anything from me because I’m still, like, a teenager. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.”

― Chloe Kim

“Snowboarding is a huge part of my life, but I also feel like it’s important to have a plan B or a back-up plan for after my career because I can’t snowboard for my whole life competitively.”

― Chloe Kim

“It’s such an honor to just represent the U.S. in the country where my parents immigrated from, and just this whole process has been amazing, and this journey has been so fun and full of so many memories that I will hold on to for the rest of my life.”

― Chloe Kim

“I’ve been an outsider all my life – I don’t care.”

― Chloe Sevigny

“I had always wanted to retell a Shakespeare play. It was an ambition from college days. But in order to be able to do it… the circumstances in my life didn’t come together for a long time.”

― Chris Adrian

“I’m at a space in my life where I see gifts I’ve been given, and if it ends, it’s been a helluva ride. I did more than I’d ever think I’d do.”

― Chris Bosh

“I would have to be in a very different place in my life to coach basketball. I’ll always work out and be in the gym.”

― Chris Bosh

“I would say I’m an inspirational guidelines book. You can take my life story or scenarios or songs and relate to them and apply them to your everyday life.”

― Chris Brown

“I’ve often been described more than once in my life as very much like a golden retriever: just sort of happy and excited to do whatever it is, even if it’s as simple as retrieving a ball and bringing it back ad nauseum.”

― Chris Carmack

“My life is an awkward visit from the kids table.”

― Chris Colfer

“My reason for getting into the film business was a Spider-Man comic called ‘The Night Gwen Stacy Died’ when I was a kid; it changed my life.”

― Chris Columbus

“There was a period in my life where most of my musical career was spent in a band that was very aggressive, and there was sort of a wall of volume all the time.”

― Chris Cornell

“It’s hard to imagine my life not writing. I love it.”

― Chris Crutcher

“I will continue to pursue my music and live my life with my family.”

― Chris Daughtry

“I always say that the times in my life when I’ve been happiest are the times when I’ve seen, like, a sunset.”

― Chris Evans

“I wish you could see some of the girls I have genuinely had crushes on in my life. They’re not the girls you would assume.”

― Chris Evans

“I’ve had a lot of fear in my life, from fear of flying to fear of making a speech in front of a lot of people.”

― Chris Evert

“When I got outta school, I didn’t know what I was gonna do with my life. I knew I didn’t have much in the grades department, and so I was very fearful. A whole lot of fear.”

― Chris Farley

“I understand fully that jobs are created by the private sector, having been all my life in the private sector, but I don’t buy the argument that the state has no role to play.”

― Chris Gabrieli

“Everything that I learned in the Navy, I took it with me into the next phase of my life.”

― Chris Gardner

“In 2002, I was taking an improv class because, as a white male with glasses who was born between 1978 and 1994, it’s legally required that I take at least one improv class in my life.”

― Chris Gethard

“I’m very happy with my decision to go sober. It’s helped my life. It’s helped my mental stability.”

― Chris Gethard

“’What if?’ is just about the worst question I can ask myself, and I want to avoid it at all costs for the rest of my life.”

― Chris Gethard

“In 2010, I was the star of a sitcom. It came and went pretty fast. But in the months from when I was cast in the sitcom through when it was done airing, my life did change remarkably.”

― Chris Gethard

“The street I lived on for the first handful of years of my life was lined with modest, lower-middle-class houses with small front yards and cracked driveways – your typical North Jersey neighborhood, with all the odd hidden darkness that that implies.”

― Chris Gethard

“I didn’t like who I was. I spent a lot of my life regretting who I was, which is a sad thing to say.”

― Chris Gethard

“I’ve put a lot of my life into making it possible to fly in space at all.”

― Chris Hadfield

“I’ve been out of work so many times in my life that relying too much on just one job is terrifying.”

― Chris Hardwick

“Even before I had an assistant, my calendar was color-coded and I had all these different e-mail rules for how to prioritize e-mails, so I made it a point years ago to figure all that stuff out because my life was a mess.”

― Chris Hardwick

“The underdog is a person that’s at risk, a person that has a lot of big trials you have to overcome. I mean, that was my life.”

― Chris Harris, Jr.

“Other people are talking about writing books about my life, or about some of the things I’ve done. I find it strange, but I also feel it’s my life and my story, and I guess I better be the one to get it on paper the way it actually happened.”

― Chris Kyle

“I probably have over a hundred pairs of high-heel shoes. I collect them. Over however-many years, from, like, the mid-’80s on – yes, I’m that old – I’ve been in drag several times in my life, and I collect a lot of stuff, and I do have a lot of high-heel shoes that I’m sure a lot of people would be jealous about.”

― Chris March

“One of the things that I’ve realized in my life is that nothing really happens unless people believe in you.”

― Chris March

“Obviously, cancer has affected my life, mostly everyone in the world in some level.”

― Chris Mullin

“Basketball’s fun; it really is. Because I’ve done it all my life.”

― Chris Mullin

“I’m in control of my life.”

― Chris Mullin

“It’s pretty well documented that Coach Nelson has had a big impact on my life.”

― Chris Mullin

“In the recovery world, it’s a higher power that helps you. You have to turn your life over to something greater. Anytime I tried to control my life, I had screwed it up.”

― Chris Mullin

“When I left the Royal College, I decided I would only make paintings that I would want to look at myself, that felt close to my life.”

― Chris Ofili

“I realize that I’m not going to be doing interviews for the cover of ‘GQ’ for the rest of my life, know what I mean? I’m on TV because I play basketball really well.”

― Chris Paul

“I feel prematurely old. I’m actually having this major belated quarter-life crisis. I’m turning 30 in a couple of weeks. I’ve been thinking a lot about mortality. A lot about what I’m going to do with my life and how to enjoy it. One of the things I’m going to work on is being more spontaneous, letting go, embracing the beauty of come-what-may.”

― Chris Pine

“Not a fan of spiders. I saw the movie ‘Arachnophobia,’ which was single-handedly rated in the top three worst choices of my life.”

― Chris Pine

“There have been, like, three auditions in my life where I feel like I’m in a ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit.”

― Chris Pine

“The first audition I went out on was because my father was on an audition for a TV show called the ‘Gilmore Girls,’ and that kind of snowballed a lot of stuff in my life.”

― Chris Pine

“For me, work is one thing, and my life is another.”

― Chris Pine

“I’ve eaten weird things through the course of my life. I’ve eaten wild game, I’ve eaten possum – possum’s no good.”

― Chris Pratt

“It’s bleak behind the Iron Curtain, although they do have the strongest vodka I’ve ever had in my life.”

― Chris Rea

“Once I faced the fact I was going to deal with illness for the rest of my life, I got on with what I really wanted to do.”

― Chris Rea

“In 2000, I fell in love. I had never felt anything like that before in my life. It kind of took me over.”

― Chris Robinson

“Music is the soundtrack to the crappy movie that is my life.”

― Chris Rock

“I was born in Fayette County, over in Lexington, Kentucky, but I was raised most of my life in Paintsville.”

― Chris Stapleton

“I need eclectic people in my life.”

― Chris Terrio

“I will always do stand-up, even if my acting career takes off. Stand-up is my life.”

― Chris Tucker

“I think my life is a movie and your life reflects your work.”

― Chris Tucker

“I believe that there will be many things that happen to me in my life that I will not be able to explain. Some of those might be magic. I’m not sure.”

― Chris Van Allsburg

“I’ve had hard coaches all my life.”

― Chris Webber

“I think that I’m lucky in that, even at levels where I, by and large, wasn’t making enough money to sustain my life, I worked as a male nanny, I waited tables and did what I had to, to keep doing theater and acting.”

― Chris Wood

“In my experience lust only ever leads to misery. All that suspicion and jealousy and anguish it unleashes. I don’t want those things in my life.”

― Chrissie Hynde

“When I turned 30, I had this epiphany that my life is my own and my choices are my own.”

― Chrissy Metz

“I don’t have to have a man in my life, and I think men are attracted to that.”

― Chrissy Metz

“Some people, I think, think that because I don’t take it as seriously as a lot of the girls do, that I frown upon modeling or think it’s stupid. I don’t at all. This is my life. I would be nothing without this. But I really don’t take it seriously.”

― Chrissy Teigen

“Sometimes work is a bit slow, and I always wanted to be a princess at Disneyland. There were 1,500 of us who auditioned, and 11 of us were hired. I went through all of the training, but never ended up actually getting to play Belle because ‘Revenge’ started. It was the time of my life, though!”

― Christa B. Allen

“I cannot join the space program and restart my life as an astronaut, but this opportunity to connect my abilities as an educator with my interests in history and space is a unique opportunity to fulfill my early fantasies.”

― Christa McAuliffe

“I think, a lot of my career and my life before I went to Sweden, I felt like I was trying to be someone else.”

― Christen Press

“I’ve stayed away from the actual L.A. scene for most of my life.”

― Christen Press

“I’ve had some painful experiences in my life, but I feel like I’m trivializing them by using them for a scene in a movie. I don’t want to do that. It just makes me feel kind of dirty for having done that.”

― Christian Bale

“My dad was the biggest influence on my life because he was never boring.”

― Christian Bale

“Finally, everything that has been part of my life, whether I wanted it to or not, has expressed itself in my dresses.”

― Christian Dior

“You know, I’m behind my company. My company has been a big part of my life. And it’s not that I been buying a company or that my father bought a company and tried to do something out of it. You know, it’s not the same thing. It’s my name, it’s my company, it’s my signature.”

― Christian Louboutin

“Necessity creates everything in my life.”

― Christian Louboutin

“It really does frustrate me when I watch MLS, and I see our best U-17 players – who, again, are so talented and so capable – being rostered… but then not being put on the field much to actually play. I watch that, and I just think about how I was given a chance… a real chance… and it changed my life.”

― Christian Pulisic

“I’m not a religious person by any means. But I certainly believe in some kind of a higher power and something looking out for me. I’ve definitely had angels that have either guided me or helped me through moments in my life, without a doubt.”

― Christian Slater

“I’ve had injuries in my life from things beyond my control: runaway horses, helicopters that decide to crash on mountaintops, boating accidents – things that were out of my hands.”

― Christie Brinkley

“I get bored if I do the same thing. The only constant that I have in my life is that I start whatever I do with my Total Gym, because I believe it helps keep me from getting injured.”

― Christie Brinkley

“The only constant that I have in my life is that I start whatever I do with my Total Gym, because I believe it helps keep me from getting injured.”

― Christie Brinkley

“I knew there would be a negative reaction in the press to my divorce, but I am not going to live my life because of something someone might say.”

― Christina Aguilera

“I know that my dad not being in my life made a huge impact on me.”

― Christina Milian

“I wanted ‘Comme si’ to immediately indicate that something changed in my life, mainly because I became the hero of my own desires instead of just dreaming about them.”

― Christine and the Queens

“Christine and the Queens is born out of a particular moment in my life where I was quite low.”

― Christine and the Queens

“When I was young, I would write all the time. Novels, plays, and poems. It’s like a disease – my life is filled with fantasies, and I have to write them all down.”

― Christine and the Queens

“I’m not trying to brag, but if I did expose my life, it would be a good YouTube series.”

― Christine and the Queens

“It’s a great time to be an actress at this point in my life.”

― Christine Baranski

“One way of reading my life is that I have been in constant search for a father.”

― Christine Keeler

“I’m more proud of quitting smoking than of anything else I’ve done in my life, including winning an Oscar.”

― Christine Lahti

“I grew up dancing, and for a while in college, I was a gym rat. I finally realized… I’m going to create a little more balance in my life and make exercise something that I enjoy doing. So I went back to dance when I started doing more musical theatre, and I’ve just found that it’s the best thing that works for my body.”

― Christine Lakin

“I couldn’t go anywhere unless there was a security guard with me. That spoiled my life. It was like being in captivity. Those days are gone, and I don’t ever want to see that happen to me again. Now I can wander around the streets of Los Angeles on my own. I like it that way.”

― Christine McVie

“Music left my life for a while, to be honest. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, but you know, I’m not really a solo player.”

― Christine McVie

“Eventually, I had to figure out what the hell I was going to do with my life. I needed to find my way back to Fleetwood Mac.”

― Christine McVie

“I want Tom Clancy, the Maryland novelist, to write the story of the rest of my life.”

― Christopher Buckley

“I have been on the receiving end of many blessings in my life, few as great as having known George and Barbara Bush.”

― Christopher Buckley

“The cause of my life has been to oppose superstition. It’s a battle you can’t hope to win – it’s a battle that’s going to go on forever. It’s part of the human condition.”

― Christopher Hitchens

“I sometimes wish I were suffering in a good cause, or risking my life for the good of others, instead of just being a gravely endangered patient.”

― Christopher Hitchens

“I have tried for much of my life to write as if I was composing my sentences to be read posthumously.”

― Christopher Hitchens

“For most of my life I let women do the driving and was happy to let them.”

― Christopher Hitchens

“Making films has never just been a job to me; it is my life. I have some interests outside of acting – I sing and I’ve written books, for instance – but acting is what keeps me going: it’s what I do; it gives life purpose.”

― Christopher Lee

“Most of my life I have played a lot of famous people but most of them were dead so you have a poetic license.”

― Christopher Plummer

“I’m in a place in my life where I get offered parts that I didn’t get offered before – fathers and uncles and grandfathers and so on. And it took me a long time to get to that place, but I’m glad because it opens up new territory.”

― Christopher Walken

“My life has been wonderful. Everybody has to be a little lucky, I think.”

― Christopher Walken

“The Gong Show provided me with five years of the happiest times of my life, but that’s that. And to be known as the guy who gave the world The Gong Show – listen, my Uncle George isn’t known as anything. So I guess it isn’t so bad in that context.”

― Chuck Barris

“My 12th was my most Christian and most boring year of my life. Try as I did, day after day, to cling to righteousness, I was washed down in suds of sinful surroundings.”

― Chuck Berry

“I’m plagued with indecision in my life. I can’t figure out what to order in a restaurant.”

― Chuck Close

“I also did an Ozzy piece for him, and so I got hired. Everything happened really fast. I can’t give people advice, because everything in my life changed completely in less than a year and it’s still not something I am used to.”

― Chuck Klosterman

“I gave my life to the Lord at 12. I was baptized at 12.”

― Chuck Norris

“Martial arts was really the first thing in my life that I followed through on and accomplished a degree of proficiency for.”

― Chuck Norris

“Long ago made it a principle of my life to cultivate a positive frame of mind, to strive to project it and to share it with those I meet. It is a principle that has served me well.”

― Chuck Norris

“My experience on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life.”

― Chyler Leigh

“I’ve got so many blessings in my life.”

― Chynna Phillips

“Having a child with someone, you’re always going to be respectful of that. But the song ‘I Bet’ was honestly inspired by my life experiences – I can’t just say it’s from one experience.”

― Ciara

“Being a mom to my son has taken precedence over everything in my life, and I think that’s the order it should be… It’s a great challenge that I don’t think’s ever gonna stop.”

― Ciara

“That time, making ‘Disco Pigs,’ was kind of the most important period of my life. The people I met there remain my closest friends.”

― Cillian Murphy

“How many girls, models or not, are secure about their bodies? I think I’m more realistic about what to expect of myself now. I also have a lot of other things than modeling going on in my life that I’m proud of.”

― Cindy Crawford

“I’ve lived my life in a way that I feel would be an example to young women and I’ve always given my best in everything I’ve tried.”

― Cindy Margolis

“Being a mother is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me in my life.”

― Cindy Margolis

“My children were the center of my life.”

― Cindy Sheehan

“Looking back, all I can say is that the meeting with Bush was one of the most disgusting experiences in my life.”

― Cindy Sheehan

“If I lived my life according to what Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh said about me, I would just stay in bed all day.”

― Cindy Sheehan

“I’ve spent my life pursing excellence as an artist, which is what I always wanted to do anyhow.”

― Claire Bloom

“I care about being formally physically attractive in my life, and I think that I am quite vain about my performance. I’m just not vain about how I look while I give the performance.”

― Claire Danes

“I have plenty of vanity in my life. I want to look pretty in the world. But it can be this bottomless pit.”

― Claire Danes

“I’ve experienced love and ambition and desire in my life, but never in the same way as in a family.”

― Claire Denis

“A career for me is something like building a bridge. You know, where to put the lifts. You have a plan. I have a blueprint for each film, but not for my life.”

― Claire Denis

“As an Englishwoman, you pick up a lot through osmosis. I’ve been watching the Queen all my life. But, yes, I did watch news footage and was able to pick a couple of little tics. For instance, she plays with her hands a lot and has a certain way of holding them on her lap when she’s in public.”

― Claire Foy

“My life was a sort of series of random disasters.”

― Claire Tomalin

“Key Largo… I could have stayed on that picture for the rest of my life. I adored it.”

― Claire Trevor

“I have this thing I say to myself that ‘tomorrow can be better.’ And I remember that period in my life where I never felt like tomorrow could be better. It was always dread for the next day.”

― Clara Hughes

“Like so many kids, I just wanted to fit in, and I see now that I spent most of my life trying to be what I wasn’t, trying to get people to like me.”

― Clare Balding

“Having thyroid cancer in 2009 really didn’t change my life at all. I wish I could say that I had this epiphany. But I knew I was lucky before that, so it’s not like I suddenly realised how lucky I am.”

― Clare Balding

“Music’s always been a big part of my life, but it kind of all happened in one big ball of storytelling rather than splitting acting and singing apart.”

― Clare Bowen

“If I only worked in England for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t feel like I failed.”

― Clare-Hope Ashitey

“Through all the hardships and all the operations and all the hospitals, all that stuff each part of my life, there’s been some goodness, some greatness that comes in here and helps me to be strong, to continue what I’m doing.”

― Clarence Clemons

“When a fan says, ‘Man, you saved my life; I heard ‘Jungleland’… and I cried… and I felt joy in my life again,’ that’s my hall of fame.”

― Clarence Clemons

“Going through all of this physical stuff, it’s been a tough job. But I’ve loved every second of my life.”

― Clarence Clemons

“Football is part of my life, but it is not all of my life.”

― Clarence Seedorf

“There’s a reason poets often say, ‘Poetry saved my life,’ for often the blank page is the only one listening to the soul’s suffering, the only one registering the story completely, the only one receiving all softly and without condemnation.”

― Clarissa Pinkola Estes

“My life has been nothing but a failure.”

― Claude Monet

“It’s fantastic because I’ve been living thousands of lives, not only my life.”

― Claudia Cardinale

“The entertainment industry is not always easy. I really needed to decide I can do this, and I will do this for the rest of my life.”

― Claudia Kim

“All my life, I have avoided any sort of exercise. I don’t enjoy sweating and I think people who show off about having just done 20 press-ups are pretty weird.”

― Claudia Winkleman

“Wherever I go, the club is never to stay on the same square on the board: they have to move up. I don’t know if it’s coincidence, some calling, or destiny – but whatever it is, it’s the story of my life.”

― Claudio Ranieri

“I have won trophies around Europe, but never the title. Three times, I was runner-up. Leicester and the fans will be in my heart for all of my life.”

― Claudio Ranieri

“I decided to study special education and fell in love with working with individuals with autism. That’s what I planned to do with my life.”

― Clay Aiken

“I felt that I could look back on my life and think about lots of folks that I helped become better folks. And I’ve tried to be as good a man as I could be.”

― Clayton M. Christensen

“I’ve been wearing jeans all my life. I remember my first denim as a kid because my mum used to buy me OshKosh overalls.”

― Clemence Poesy

“I don’t know if I see myself as an actress for the rest of my life.”

― Clemence Poesy

“I was a manual labourer. I figured out really early on that the value of my life could be determined by my hourly rate as a manual labourer digging holes.”

― Cliff Curtis

“We need to be adopted by God through Jesus – that was what happened to me, and that’s what changed my life so that now, I can see that my career can be part of a calling.”

― Cliff Richard

“That’s all I’m programmed for: to keep pushing and to try to make the most of my career and my life, to take care of my family.”

― Clint Dempsey

“I want to do something really special in my life.”

― Clint Dempsey

“I’ve played in a lot of important games in my life.”

― Clint Dempsey

“I’m not sure that there are days of my life when I’m not confronted with racism. For some, that may seem hyperbolic, but it’s true.”

― Clint Smith

“My life is in the art that I make, and I’m very happy with it.”

― Clive Barker

“It’s not for me to determine what a country artist has in common with a hip-hop artist. You go for those with long-lasting careers. And that’s what I’ve had as my target all my life.”

― Clive Davis

“I encourage the study of music. And the immersion. ‘Cause my life has been so enriched by being involved in music as I have.”

― Clive Davis

“I’ve taken care of myself all my life.”

― Cloris Leachman

“I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I don’t use drugs. That may be boring for some people, but that’s just me. That’s how I live my life.”

― CM Punk

“Straight edge is everything about a personal decision to not live my life under the influence or not being aware. I pretty much don’t like anything that alters my view of reality or my perception or my grasp.”

― CM Punk

“I’m not superstitious about anything in my life – except for playoff hockey. I get really kind of sketchy and weird about it. I don’t like talking about it. I don’t like making predictions.”

― CM Punk

“My life used to be governed by that. I would know what day it was because I would be at ‘Monday Night Raw’ or ‘SmackDown’ on Tuesday.”

― CM Punk

“I had to get healthy for a period in my life, so I learned a lot about food and diet.”

― Cobie Smulders

“Just when your ovaries should be brimming with youthful follicles, cancerous cells overtook mine, threatening to end my fertility and potentially my life.”

― Cobie Smulders

“I invented my life by taking for granted that everything I did not like would have an opposite, which I would like.”

― Coco Chanel

“I’ll start searching for that ideal partner when I turn 40. That will be a turning point in my life.”

― Coco Martin

“I’m a very positive person in my life. I’m very optimistic.”

― Cody Fern

“I have never had more fun in my life playing a character than I’ve had playing Michael Langdon. He’s so delicious. He’s so layered and complicated.”

― Cody Fern

“I can say that working with Jessica Lange has been one of the most incredible joys of my life.”

― Cody Fern

“What I can say, categorically, is that working with Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates will have been the most formative experience for me, as an actor, for the rest of my life.”

― Cody Fern

“I’m lucky to have my dad in my life. He’s very brilliant, I think he’s really a smart man, and he’s a kind guy.”

― Cody Horn

“I was actually born in Sacramento, in Rocklin, which is a suburb of Sacramento. I lived there for the first 8 years of my life.”

― Colby Covington

“I don’t think about the negative in my life. I just think about the positives.”

― Colby Covington

“I know how music makes me feel; I know how it affects my life.”

― Cole Swindell

“You can’t help but be in a good mood around Blake Shelton. I felt like I always knew him even though I was just meeting him; it was like he had been a part of my life forever.”

― Cole Vosbury

“I learned to canoe at summer camp and thought I’d pursue Olympic whitewater canoeing. In my senior year of high school, I instead decided to attend M.I.T. I like to say I’ve had only two jobs in my life: whitewater canoeing instructor and wilderness guide in college, and C.E.O. of iRobot.”

― Colin Angle

“I do adore food. If I have any vice it’s eating. If I was told I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, I could put up with sausage and mash forever.”

― Colin Baker

“I’ve been struggling so long with my career that I haven’t been in a position to invite a woman into my life. It would have been like, ‘Hey, come live with me and my two roommates, and let’s make ramen noodles tonight.’”

― Colin Egglesfield

“I’ve got plenty of love in my life already in the form of my sons and a few good friends who I value dearly.”

― Colin Farrell

“We’ve always been involved with America – I have a son who lives there and it’s a big part of my life.”

― Colin Firth

“I don’t walk off and come back for encores. I figure I can add four weeks to my life that way.”

― Colin Hay

“All my life, I’ve had these flashbacks, these dreams, nightmares, daymares, like visions, where I relive certain plays. Only the bad plays. I see them over and over, as if somebody’s rewinding a tape and forcing me to watch.”

― Colin Kaepernick

“Merlin was five years of my life. I enjoyed every year, every day. I had a brilliant time on it. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wanted to do more.”

― Colin Morgan

“I don’t want to spend the rest of my life giving speeches.”

― Colin Powell

“I’ve always been someone with a small circle of friends. Each stretch of my life has been defined by one person who was just my person. We became inseparable for a certain number of years, and that time was our season, just the two of us making our way through life.”

― Colin Trevorrow

“I wanted to be a painter when I was a kid. And then, I had to make a living. I had a child when I was in high school, so I kind of had that work phase in my life.”

― Colleen Atwood

“Everything was based on my life and the way I grew up. Some of the bits I’m most proud of in ‘Haters Back Off’ actually happened.”

― Colleen Ballinger

“I’m very open with my life, and I don’t regret it because it’s what got me here.”

― Colleen Ballinger

“I couldn’t comprehend why someone would film themselves alone in their bedroom and put it online. I thought that was so bizarre. Now I can’t imagine not putting my life online and talking to a camera alone in my bedroom; it’s become my life.”

― Colleen Ballinger

“My brain is a pretty intense, wacky place, and that’s kind of where Miranda lives. But that’s why I like the rest of my life and my stuff to be more clean, white, and simple without a lot of clutter.”

― Colleen Ballinger

“I chose to share my life online, so I can’t really complain about it. There’s not much that’s off limits.”

― Colleen Ballinger

“It’s weird when people come up to me and know stuff about my life. That sort of creeps me out.”

― Colleen Haskell

“The first time I read ‘Barbecue,’ I fell in love with it. I never laughed so hard in my life.”

― Colman Domingo

“My mother was the love of my life.”

― Colman Domingo

“My life is devoted to business and supporting my family.”

― Colonel Sanders

“I have a lot of love for a lot of things in my life.”

― Colton Underwood

“I want to find a wife. I want to find somebody who I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.”

― Colton Underwood

“I never imagined my life would be the way that it has been for the past 30 years. I have had the best experiences a person can have-and the worst as well.”

― Columba Bush

“My children are the most important thing in my life.”

― Columba Bush

“My mom has obviously had a powerful influence on my life, and her voice can describe certain things that I couldn’t see in myself.”

― Common

“I’m still strong and in the best shape to continue living my life.”

― Compay Segundo

“I’m quite content to spend my life helping young people find themselves. I’ve had my fill of politics.”

― Condoleezza Rice

“If some years were added to my life, I would give fifty to the study of the Yi, and then I might come to be without great faults.”

― Confucius

“Agriculture has deep roots both in my life and in Arkansas’ history.”

― Conner Eldridge

“I would say country is the one type of music I’ve spent the least amount of time with in my life. I grew up in Virginia, where there was a lot of it, but I was more interested in rock and roll. Southern rock.”

― Connie Britton

“I lost my mom to breast cancer, and then I lost my father three years later. I thought, ‘What am I waiting for?’ Motherhood has been the greatest gift of my life.”

― Connie Britton

“The South was influential in my life. It helped form who I am. I went to New York out of drama school, and I lived in California.”

― Connie Britton

“I say no to a lot of things that just don’t fit my life. I involve my kids in what I’m struggling with so they don’t compete with it.”

― Connie Nielsen

“Music is a huge part of my life and something I enjoy very much. I wanted to use my platform to share and promote the talented, undiscovered artists I listen to every day with a wider audience.”

― Connor Franta

“I train and I go home, and when I’m home, I think about training. That’s my life every day, and that’s it.”

― Conor McGregor

“I have a self-defense mind. I’ve had it all my life.”

― Conor McGregor

“I’ve cried, and you’d think I’d be better for it, but the sadness just sleeps, and it stays in my spine the rest of my life.”

― Conor Oberst

“Movement has been one of the few constants in my life, and I always feel a great sense of optimism when I set off to a new place.”

― Conor Oberst

“The one recurring theme in my writing, and in my life in general, is confusion. The fact that anytime you think you really know something, you’re going to find out you’re wrong – that is the rule. The moments where you think you have something figured out, those are the exceptions.”

― Conor Oberst

“When I try to explain to people the big influences in my life, or at least when I first started, the most important ones were my friends who were also writing songs and were typically four or five years older than me.”

― Conor Oberst

“All my life, Americans have been accustomed to thinking of theirs as ‘the richest, freest’ country in the world. By most measurements, it was long a contender for that honor, and – among the larger countries, if equal weight were given to wealth and indices of freedom – probably did deserve to be so described.”

― Conrad Black

“Photography is a very important part of my life.”

― Conrad Hall

“So now it is time to disassemble the parts of the jigsaw puzzle or to piece another one together, for I find that, having come to the end of my story, my life is just beginning.”

― Conrad Veidt

“I was 38 years old when we started trying to have a baby. I thought it would be no problem, but the 3 years it took us was the most difficult period of my life.”

― Constance Marie

“I’m constantly paranoid that I’ll be unemployed for the rest of my life… and have to go back folding shirts at the Gap, which you know… you gotta do what you gotta do.”

― Constance Wu

“But when I really look back on my life, being really honest about it and now that I’ve got the chance to travel the world, seeing how a lot of little kids grow up – my life wasn’t so bad.”

― Coolio

“I just do whatever it is that I believe I should do, regardless of the risks to my life.”

― Corazon Aquino

“I’ve tried to move on with my life and my career for the last two years and do my own thing, and ‘American Idol’ and FOX, they’ve just been making it really tough for me to do that.”

― Corey Clark

“Fatherhood is the most amazing thing that could ever have happened in my life.”

― Corey Feldman

“I’ve been labeled all my life.”

― Corey Feldman

“I’ve always kind of lived my life to be as much as possible a positive role model for children.”

― Corey Feldman

“My mom saved my life. She gave me mouth-to-mouth more than once.”

― Corey Haim

“There is nothing more important in my life than being a father. I will never allow any of my career choices or aspirations to threaten this bond.”

― Corey Hart

“This may sound strange but I had dreams as a kid of doing exactly what I ended up doing in my life.”

― Corey Hart

“The first year I was sober was probably the worst year of my life. My immune system was screwed. I completely isolated myself. I was weak all the time. I didn’t know who I was.”

― Corey Taylor

“I’m from a working-class background – I had free school meals all my life and then spent six years in art school.”

― Cornelia Parker

“I have been insane on the subject of moneymaking all my life.”

― Cornelius Vanderbilt

“I’m hopeful that at the end of my life, someone like Frederick Douglass would look at my life and say, ‘Well done: you’ve proven yourself to be worthy of the legacy we left you.’”

― Cory Booker

“There was a small point in my life in law school, right before I moved to Newark, when I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and I felt so lost.”

― Cory Booker

“The joke I always make is I’m either running for reelection, running for Senate, running for governor, or running for my life. The latter is also a viable possibility.”

― Cory Booker

“I have seen things in my life that have broken me in spirit.”

― Cory Booker

“I just sit down and the page just comes out and I look at it and the elements that appear on that page have a lot to do with what’s going on in my life.”

― Cory Doctorow

“I don’t need to be wildly famous for my life to make sense.”

― Cory Monteith

“I think having worked in a department store setting, if my life had not taken a drastically different turn when I became an actor, there’s a very high probability I would have continued to work at the department store.”

― Cory Monteith

“All I wanted was to be big, to be in show business and to travel… and that’s what I’ve been doing all my life.”

― Count Basie

“There’s no doubt that motherhood is the best thing in my life. It’s all that really matters.”

― Courteney Cox

“I grew up as an only child, so inherently, most of my life was centered around me. My parents taught me to play well with others and to share my toys, but I was still an only child who didn’t have to share my parent’s attention with siblings. As great as my childhood was, I always wanted brothers and sisters.”

― Coy Bowles

“I grew up in a really small town in Georgia, so the idea of knowing people who are actors or who are just involved in the Hollywood and movie scenes, that’s far beyond anything I ever thought would happen in my life.”

― Coy Bowles

“The ‘Will Powers’ story is like my life to a certain degree.”

― Coy Bowles

“I can understand failure: I’ve failed loads of times in my life; it’s not a problem. I’ve never feared it, because it’s a part of life.”

― Craig Bellamy

“My life is a monument to procrastination, to the art of putting things off until later, or much later, or possibly never.”

― Craig Brown

“My life has been, I suppose, the most incredible series of highs and lows.”

― Craig Charles

“My grandmother and my mother raised me, but my dad made a conscious effort to be in my life – every weekend he would take me out.”

― Craig David

“When I grew up, I was living on a council estate overlooking a car park for a good 16 years of my life.”

― Craig David

“If I live my life through nostalgia and what I did in the past and expect to be the new kid people have just discovered again, then unfortunately, I’m creating my own demise.”

― Craig David

“I try and live my life in bite-size chunks.”

― Craig Ferguson

“I want to live all aspects of my life, not just acting.”

― Craig Horner

“I was 15 when Chernobyl happened, I’ve been vaguely thinking about it for most of my life. But somewhere around 2015, it occurred to me that I didn’t know how it happened, which seemed like a pretty bizarre lapse in my understanding of the world and how it functions.”

― Craig Mazin

“I will live my life full of love and full of fun. It’s the only way I know how.”

― Craig Sager

“When I was diagnosed with cancer, like so many other people, my life changed forever.”

― Craig Sager

“I grew up in a very fundamentalist, evangelical Christian household. Both my parents were born-again – their faith infused every aspect of my childhood. I’ll probably spend most of my life working through that.”

― Craig Thompson

“I’ve always been fascinated with adrenaline; it’s saved my life more than once, and it’s caused me to need it to save my life more than once. One of the most fascinating responses in human evolution, adrenaline sharpens your brain; it sharpens your responses.”

― Craig Venter

“If I ever feel like, ‘Oh, my life!’ or get upset by silly things like a photographer, or if someone has written something nasty that’s upset me, I just think, ‘Worse things happen at sea.’”

― Cressida Bonas

“I’m the world champ at 145. Why do I have to go down a division? Of course I want to make the fights nice for the fans, but I don’t want to do something to make my life terrible.”

― Cris Cyborg

“If I make 140, I sacrifice a lot of things in my life: my diet, my training, my thyroid. It’s insane to make 140.”

― Cris Cyborg

“I always live my life for God.”

― Cris Cyborg

“I like to eat and the only thing I’ve ever been addicted to in my life is sugar.”

― Crispin Glover

“Well I think everything up to this point that I’ve been exposed to in my life has had an influence on me in some way, shape, or form even if I’m not conscious of it. So I definitely think that my studies in wu-shu, kung-fu, karate, kenpo, taikwando, all of that stuff certainly has an affect. I don’t think I follow any discipline traditionally.”

― Criss Angel

“I put my life in danger every time I do some of these demonstrations, whether it’s in the audience hanging upside down or on the stage. We now have a lot of dangerous stunts where anything can go wrong. In fact, I have fallen two stories and landed on the stage, so I am well aware of the dangers.”

― Criss Angel

“The first eight years of my life, we lived in an abandoned diner – we were basically squatters.”

― Cristela Alonzo

“Without football, my life is worth nothing.”

― Cristiano Ronaldo

“I love musicals; I just couldn’t book one to save my life.”

― Cristin Milioti

“I bring a lot of passion to my life and my politics – I don’t mind saying there is a very strong Latin component to it.”

― Cristina Kirchner

“I have gotten into a lot of trouble in my life for being brutally honest. Sometimes I put both my feet in my mouth. But like Elton John, I’m still standing.”

― Cristina Saralegui

“For me, the American promise isn’t just an idea or a theory – it’s my life story.”

― Cristina Saralegui

“I want to make sure I’m not a dilettante. Decorating has been a passion all my life. I love it.”

― Cristina Saralegui

“I’ll never retire from working; I’ll keep my life interesting until I drop dead.”

― Cristina Saralegui

“This sounds really cheesy and weird, but the pitbull is a sweet animal that just wants love until it’s provoked – that’s kind of how I’ve lived my life, too.”

― Crystal Bowersox

“When I’m writing, I just kind of put myself in a place, in a certain time period in my life.”

― Cuco

“People try to make a Greek tragedy of my life, and they can’t do it. I’m too happy.”

― Curt Flood

“Trust me, I have never written a speech in my life, and if I have my way, I never will.”

― Curt Schilling

“All my life I knew that there was all the money you could want out there. All you have to do is go after it.”

― Curtis Carlson

“I had to overcome challenge after challenge in order to take my life from nothing to living my dreams.”

― Curtis Jackson

“My grandmother, she’s been the positive portion of my life the entire time.”

― Curtis Jackson

“I’m just living my life.”

― Curtis Joseph

“I like to try to give something back to the community because I feel fortunate for how I was raised and how my life turned out. Each year, with the help of my brother, Grant, we run a charity golf tournament to raise money for the Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy.”

― Curtis Joseph

“For most of my life – well, maybe half of my life, but basically until I was in my mid-20s – I wrote stories. From the time I was 5 or 6 until I was 25. And I read a lot of stories during that time.”

― Curtis Sittenfeld

“When I sing I have a lot of visions. Like what’s happening now in my life.”

― Cyndi Lauper

“What I do for exercise sort of depends on what’s happening in the rest of my life.”

― Cynthia Nixon

“In terms of sexual orientation I don’t really feel I’ve changed. I don’t feel there was a hidden part of my sexuality that I wasn’t aware of. I’d been with men all my life, and I’d never fallen in love with a woman. But when I did, it didn’t seem so strange.”

― Cynthia Nixon

“Motherhood is the only thing in my life that I’ve really known for sure is something I wanted to do.”

― Cynthia Nixon

“I think most of my life I have not felt recognized.”

― Cynthia Ozick

“I have been on my own all my life except during those touring days.”

― Cyril Cusack

“I want to live my life so that my nights are not full of regrets.”

― D. H. Lawrence

“My life is an ongoing, ever changing adventure.”

― D. J. MacHale

“Everybody sees me now, and I’m the head coach at Clemson and this and that, but my life hasn’t always been this way.”

― Dabo Swinney

“I’ve never failed at anything in my life.”

― Dabo Swinney

“There’s a lot of ‘oops’ from us in life as people. I always say that God never says ‘oops.’ That’s just kind of how I’ve always lived my life, but we’re so imperfect that there’s a lot of times that we say, ‘Oops, my bad.’”

― Dabo Swinney

“I was bullied in high school, and it’s interesting coming from the other side of the camera lens, finding out that all of these people that I thought were my antagonists in my life were probably just as insecure as I was at that age.”

― Dacre Montgomery

“It became my solace. Because it’s the only thing structured in my life right now. Training is sort of a therapy session, I guess.”

― Daisy Ridley

“I love who I am and I love my life, but if I could be someone else, I’d be Beyonce in two seconds.”

― Dakota Fanning

“I always think about my dad. He’s always in the back of my mind. That helps me make good decisions. It has an influence on my life in every decision and everything I do.”

― Dale Earnhardt Jr.

“I’ve had loss in my life, and I like to think my mother’s energy lives on in some faintly Buddhist way. I do find some comfort there.”

― Damian Lewis

“I just try to live my life every day by doing the right thing.”

― Damian Lewis

“I traveled so much to dance that I feel a part of many places, but New York is where I spent most of my life and where my career has been – it’s the place where I exist.”

― Damian Woetzel

“There are a lot of musicians in my life. But movies came first for me. That was my original passion.”

― Damien Chazelle

“I was a jazz drummer, and it was my life for a while: what I lived and breathed every day.”

― Damien Chazelle

“The idea of going on tour for the rest of my life with old works is not that exciting. As an artist I definitely think the work in future is going to be better than the work in the past, otherwise why do it?”

― Damien Hirst

“I want to be a better person in every aspect. I really don’t feel I’ve in anyway fulfilled my potential in every area of my life. But I’m optimistic.”

― Damon Albarn

“I monetized my life so I never do anything that I don’t like or that I’m not participating in 100 percent.”

― Damon Dash

“Look at my life. I ain’t got nothing to be mad about.”

― Damon Dash

“I had to architect my life where I could raise my children.”

― Damon Dash

“For the first five years of my life, things felt pretty good. A lot went wrong after that, family-wise.”

― Damon Galgut

“I want to live my life moving forward with integrity and pride.”

― Dan Amboyer

“When I was a kid, the miracles of my life were the Resurrection, a candlelight service on New Year’s Eve, the Virgin Birth, and the Three Wise Men.”

― Dan Brown

“My life is as an artist, not an entertainer. I don’t consider myself an entertainer, but I can do that thing when I want to.”

― Dan Fogelberg

“I’ve never changed my life since I was 4 and went to the YMCA with a gym bag. I still have that philosophy. In fact, I still have that gym bag.”

― Dan Gable

“I’ve been a fanatic about working out all my life.”

― Dan Gable

“I feel like my life has always been the ‘Hey Look at Me Show.’ I’m not apologetic about that.”

― Dan Harmon

“One of the things I did to make myself feel better is that I kicked up my running even more. I knew that I had to stay active, that I had to keep living as if my life was actually going to unfold naturally because when you stop, when you freeze, and you think about it, that’s when the demons come and can drag you down.”

― Dan Hill

“My favorite sport, frankly, is college football. I’m a college football junkie, even though I’m associated with golf and like golf and have played it all my life.”

― Dan Jenkins

“My life has been very lucky, but I made some of that luck.”

― Dan Jenkins

“Thinking back, the majority of the conflicts I’ve had in my life have been a result of offering up my two unwelcome cents, crossing that line between constructive truth-telling and preaching.”

― Dan Levy

“My parents have – my dad has managed to succeed at his craft. So, you know, it’s not like I was struggling in my life.”

― Dan Levy

“I’ve been a Dolphin for 17 years, and I’ll be a Dolphin for the rest of my life. That will never change.”

― Dan Marino

“Yes, I did shatter my leg, and it really changed my life, in a way. It wasn’t much fun, but it did open me up, and as we all know intuitively, adversity can develop resources.”

― Dan Millman

“All my life, I was always in a hurry! I was always hustling!”

― Dan Pena

“I’m tired of living the vanilla, non-offensive life. I think that’s a really sad way to spend my life, and I lived it like that because that’s what I was brought up in, taught to not rock the ship.”

― Dan Reynolds

“I’ve been extremely fortunate in my life. So I actually believe that I’m the living embodiment of living the American dream.”

― Dan Rosensweig

“I don’t write about my life in my column.”

― Dan Savage

“Coming back to theatre is something I’m keen to do for the rest of my life. It recharges my batteries, so to speak.”

― Dan Stevens

“I’ve never seen anything so abhorrent in my life as Harry Reid. He’s an equal opportunity basher. He goes after everybody, and I think it has been so, frankly, disgusting.”

― Dana Perino

“I think it’s harder than ever to be an artist. I think that you end up, especially as a middle-aged person, you pay such big consequences for saying, ‘I’m just going to devote my life to making art,’ or ‘I’m going to devote my life to writing novels.’ You end up with no resources.”

― Dana Spiotta

“That was one of the reasons I became a writer – I never really had that many friends. I would read a lot, and listen to music. And that was my life.”

― Dana Spiotta

“My husband is a musician. He cooks and he’s a chef but he also, he makes basement recordings. So many people in my life make basement recordings, so I feel very lucky, I’m surrounded by very creative people.”

― Dana Spiotta

“All my life, I have been surrounded by the track. The week I was born, Dad took me to training. I do recall at some stage being pushed around in a pram on a track. I have a lot of inspiration from him. To see him carrying the Sydney Olympic torch really ignited my dream. As a coach, he knows the in and outs of race walking and technique.”

― Dane Bird-Smith

“When I was filming ‘Premium Rush’ in N.Y.C., I flew to L.A. to have a few general meetings. I sat down with Peter Cramer at Universal Studios and spoke about my life and career, and being that I’m such a goof, we spoke about how I really wanted to do a comedy next.”

― Dania Ramirez

“The love of my life found me! That’s how he would say it, anyway, since he claims he was attracted to my energy before I even turned around.”

― Dania Ramirez

“Publication in ‘The New Yorker’ meant everything, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it changed my life.”

― Daniel Alarcon

“I suppose there is nothing regular about my life.”

― Daniel Berehulak

“I don’t have to prove my life. I just have to live.”

― Daniel Berrigan

“Soon after, I returned home to my family, with a determination to bring them as soon as possible to live in Kentucky, which I esteemed a second paradise, at the risk of my life and fortune.”

― Daniel Boone

“I love sweets. Like, every week of my life, I’ve had a cheat day.”

― Daniel Bryan

“I loved wrestling in Philly. It was such an exciting time in my life. That really helped me grow and think differently. It was also just a lot of fun.”

― Daniel Bryan

“I love wrestling, and I love the entertainment aspect of wrestling, but the rest of my life, I just want to be able to live and enjoy my life. I don’t want to be living it essentially for other people’s entertainment.”

― Daniel Bryan

“I don’t want to live my life to entertain other people. I have other things that I’d like to do.”

― Daniel Bryan

“I like having a bunch of different experiences. I don’t want to do just one thing for the rest of my life.”

― Daniel Bryan

“Superman’s always chasing after someone who just mugged somebody, and I’ve never seen that happen in my life.”

― Daniel Clowes

“If I would have won that Olympic gold medal, I would have gotten a job somewhere coaching at a university, and I would be totally content with my life.”

― Daniel Cormier

“My confidence comes from knowing I do the right things in my life. I do the right things in the gym. I do the right things all together.”

― Daniel Cormier

“I was into basketball, but then once I found contact sports, it was over. I never played basketball again in my life.”

― Daniel Cormier

“I’ve dealt with a lot in my life.”

― Daniel Cormier

“I’m gonna live my life the correct way, and I’m gonna be a champion the kids look up to and hopefully aspire to be like.”

― Daniel Cormier

“I know in my life there’s stuff that will come back because I haven’t dealt with it, and it’s the same with everybody.”

― Daniel Craig

“As a kid, I kind of spent my life being amazed by being tricked. I love being tricked. I still love it today.”

― Daniel Craig

“I’ve done a lot of things in my life.”

― Daniel Craig

“Although I’m not from London originally: I moved down here when I was 16, so it’s played a part in my life. It’s where I’ve lived for all that time.”

― Daniel Craig

“If I wanted to make spy movies for the rest of my life, that would be one thing, but I don’t want to just make spy movies.”

― Daniel Craig

“Diversity is more than just a buzzword to me. It’s my life.”

― Daniel Dae Kim

“I live in a landscape, which every single day of my life is enriching.”

― Daniel Day-Lewis

“I was a savage for so many years of my life. There was some seed of determination in me that I was not conscious of. I was mostly consciously getting into trouble and drunk.”

― Daniel Day-Lewis

“I just knew at an early time in my life how important privacy was.”

― Daniel Day-Lewis

“I had always wanted to belong, and I had been thinking that this was going to get solved when I had money, and instead, I had no idea how I wanted to live my life. And no one teaches you what to do after you achieve financial independence. So I had to confront that.”

― Daniel Ek

“My feelings of revulsion and foreboding about nuclear weapons had not changed an iota since 1945, and they have never left me. Since I was 14, the overriding objective of my life has been to prevent the occurrence of nuclear war.”

― Daniel Ellsberg

“There was three or four years of my life where I hated myself and you know, would have quite happily ended it.”

― Daniel Johns

“People are very complex. And for a psychologist, you get fascinated by the complexity of human beings, and that is what I have lived with, you know, in my career all of my life, is the complexity of human beings.”

― Daniel Kahneman

“I think the ‘sunken place’ – that term is what I hear when I’m just casually living my life. People say it around me. Not because they’re around me; they’re saying it because it articulated a state of mind. Lil Wayne’s rapped about it.”

― Daniel Kaluuya

“I spent the first 22 years of my life absorbing everything, like a big disgusting cell, and now I’m disgorging it with jokes added out into the world. That’s a really gross metaphor.”

― Daniel Mallory Ortberg

“As I look back on the last few decades of my life, I am struck by the good fortune that came my way.”

― Daniel Nathans

“I was incredibly – I’ve never been more confident of anything in my life that Hillary Clinton was going to win and Donald Trump would lose by a very large margin.”

― Daniel Pfeiffer

“I like the idea of not having to do stuff for the money, and if I want to, I can pick indie projects for the rest of my life and be quite happy doing that.”

― Daniel Radcliffe

“I have never played the lottery in my life and never will. Voltaire described lotteries as a tax on stupidity. More specifically, I think, on innumeracy.”

― Daniel Tammet

“I was incredibly lucky that my first book found a large and loyal readership. It changed my life – from being a very withdrawn adult to living in Paris as a full-time writer. It has also given me enormous confidence.”

― Daniel Tammet

“One of the lines from my books is about having respect for different minds, and if I had to have an epitaph at this point in my life, that would be it.”

― Daniel Tammet

“I really don’t work a whole lot as far as touring, but I do stand-up every night of my life, no matter where I am.”

― Daniel Tosh

“I really don’t work a whole lot as far as touring, but I do stand-up every night of my life, no matter where I am. It’s really made the touring a lot less grueling.”

― Daniel Tosh

“I’d met some awfully tough gals in my life, and I find them compelling, if I don’t have to socialize with them too much.”

― Daniel Woodrell

“Music is as integral to me as my own DNA. My life has become a continual soundtrack, with music underscoring the most powerful and even the most banal moments of my life.”

― Danielle de Niese

“I have actually been very fortunate that I’ve met a lot of really wonderful straight men in my life – and a lot of really wonderful gay men in my life.”

― Danielle Fishel

“Directing is a very long process, and I have to be in love with it if I want to give up two years of my life and live with it from beginning to end!”

― Danielle Harris

“When you find out you’re working with someone like Jennifer Aniston, you’re like, ‘Whoa, what is my life right now? ‘ It kind of doesn’t really seem real. I grew up watching ‘Friends’ and all her movies, and I was so excited to work with her. And then, I met her, and I was like, ‘Oh. You’re, like, a very relatable human being.’”

― Danielle Macdonald

“I really enjoy doing stunts, especially. I had never done any stunt work, ever, in my life before, and in our first episode of ‘Legacies,’ I was doing a bunch.”

― Danielle Rose Russell

“I am endlessly busy, bringing up five young kids, and trying to keep up with the three older ones. I still spend most of my life driving car pools.”

― Danielle Steel

“I’m surprisingly practical in much of my life, but not when it comes to my shoes.”

― Danielle Steel

“I’m an honest man. I am living my life. I’m not stealing. And I’ve never been ashamed of who I am – I am a Roma.”

― Danis Tanovic

“I was just so blatantly shy throughout my life.”

― Danny Aiello

“At some point in my life, before I was gone, I wanted to make an album, even if it was for no reason other than posterity.”

― Danny Aiello

“It’s weird because horses kind of come and go in my life.”

― Danny Bonaduce

“I think I would have had less tumult in my life if I hadn’t grown up in my particular house.”

― Danny Bonaduce

“I’ve been around low-income people all of my life. I mean, growing up, low income, the community where I’ve chosen to live, low-income.”

― Danny K. Davis

“I feel that the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life is to be associated with UNICEF.”

― Danny Kaye

“What I’m having is this conflict in my life right now, that in New York, I see my directing friends and I see acting friends and they’ve all got this level of passion about either or both of those directions that I’ve never really found myself having.”

― Danny Pintauro

“It wasn’t until I could get out of Stanford that I could sit down and think about my life, to do the things that most kids do, which is to ask who am I, what do I want to be when I grow up. I never got to do Dan Pintauro.”

― Danny Pintauro

“I spent so many years of my life as a stage actor and when you do all these plays, a lot of really great plays are very politically driven. They deal with deep social issues, and that’s the kind of stuff that I love, as an audience member.”

― Danny Strong

“I try to find where the fun is and go there and then get asked if I want to have more fun. That’s the way I want my life to go. Follow the fun.”

― Danny Wallace

“Playing for United is all I’ve ever wanted to do – it’s the club I’ve supported all my life.”

― Danny Welbeck

“I think I have almost everything I could ever want. I have my family, and I have a lot of love in my life.”

― Danny Wood

“I didn’t want to be an actor. I wanted to design historical movies like ‘Ben-Hur’. I saw this as my life.”

― Dante Ferretti

“My life has always somehow been played out in a minor key, unresolved. Art somehow resolves things for me.”

― Daphne Guinness

“I’m becoming a professional nomad and enjoying that whole part of my life.”

― Dar Williams

“Therapy was the biggest romance of my life.”

― Dar Williams

“I’m a person who always wanted to turn my life into an archive. Social media made my dream come true.”

― Dara Horn

“I’m always going to have the puppets, probably not for the rest of my life, but I’m not going to stop doing ventriloquism anytime soon. I’m just going to add singing, recording songs, and maybe playing in a TV show.”

― Darci Lynne Farmer

“There are times where I’m like, ‘I wish I can do this’ or ‘I wish I can be normal like this,’ but with my life, I try to keep it normal.”

― Darci Lynne Farmer

“My life and career is my own adventure.”

― Dario Argento

“This is my life – I want to tell stories. There is something huge inside me that pushes me to tell stories, and tell stories for an audience and everybody.”

― Dario Argento

“I have lived most of my life in Paris, but I have a connection with Rome that I have with no other place. I’m attached by invisible strings.”

― Darius Khondji

“Ray Charles has always been a big part of my life.”

― Darius Rucker

“I don’t recall having a gun. I really don’t. I don’t think I ever pulled a gun on anyone in my life.”

― Darrell Issa

“Reading has always been the great love of my life.”

― Darren Shan

“My life is an open book.”

― Darryl Glenn

“I had done theater during high school and college, but with my life and everything I had going on, I decided to go for the health field, where there were stable jobs.”

― Dascha Polanco

“I think that the reason I became an actor, probably, underneath it, was that I spent my life acting normal.”

― Dash Mihok

“I spent my life figuring out ways to make the room OK with me.”

― Dash Mihok

“I have an imagination because my life is so boring that my imagination lets me get off the reality of what’s going on.”

― Dave Attell

“I don’t think the federal government should be involved in making life work, right? I mean, the enumerated powers – the state level is fine. The local level’s fine. But not – I do not want the federal government trying to make my life work.”

― Dave Brat

“I got real important relationships in my life that are very empowering relationships.”

― Dave Chappelle

“I went to public school all my life and all through college and I liked it.”

― Dave Eggers

“I swear to God, that movie comes up more in my life than any other movie. Someone says ‘Bowfinger’ once every month or two to me. And how many years ago did that come out?”

― Dave Franco

“I went to college in Iowa for a little bit and tried to get some bands together there. That was about a year of my life.”

― Dave Keuning

“When I look back, it was a strange period in my life, looking at my childhood and then my teenage years and forming Slayer when I was still 17, not out of high school.”

― Dave Lombardo

“Dude, I love playing drums, and I love being on stage, and I love recording. It’s my life… it’s been my life, all my life, and I don’t think it could ever become boring for me.”

― Dave Lombardo

“I plan my life in 15-minute sections.”

― Dave Pelzer

“I see my life flashing before me when I see people in the audience singing along to something I wrote in the ’80s, and they’re maybe standing next to someone who knows the more recent stuff.”

― Dave Pirner

“I spent too many years of my life stressing over and struggling with my sexuality. But it was a valuable lesson. I realised that by not sharing how you feel, you become inhibited in every facet of life.”

― Dave Rubin

“I don’t do anything in my life as far as I know, or at least consciously, that’s based in religion.”

― Dave Rubin

“And I found out, the other part of it is that I found out and in my desire to life successfully, that baseball fit very well into my life. It’s been a great teacher, trainer, mentor and you’ll see what I mean in the next few minutes that I have to speak.”

― Dave Winfield

“I was really aware, even while it was happening, that the discovery of arts education in my life sort of saved my life.”

― Daveed Diggs

“Often, the people I’m working with on music are separate from the rest of my life.”

― Daveed Diggs

“I saw one movie in theatres in the first 18 years of my life.”

― David A. R. White

“I want to live my life the way Jesus does – I want to love people.”

― David A. R. White

“I have enough money for the rest of my life and enough to leave a good inheritance for our kids.”

― David A. Siegel

“I know that Annie Lennox has saved my life quite a few times, and I never forget that.”

― David A. Stewart

“I’m happy to be the guy on the subway that people stare at and they just can’t quite place it. I don’t really like my life intruded upon too much. In a way, it’s kind of nice to not be all that well known.”

― David Alan Basche

“Marty Robbins once sang you give me a mountain, I’ve been given a few mountains in my life.”

― David Allan Coe

“I definitely want to do music for the rest of my life. So I just want to make sure that I’m doing music in the way that I feel is the way I need to.”

― David Archuleta

“I’ve been used by women all my life, fortunately.”

― David Bailey

“I’m not one of those people who is not looking forward to getting old. I’m happy with my life.”

― David Beckham

“I went to Ithaca, found the Grateful Dead and my life was changed.”

― David Boreanaz

“I went through all the musicians in my life who I admire as bright, intelligent, virtuosic players.”

― David Bowie

“I’ve been through a lot of experiences in my life being in the biggest band in the world.”

― David Bryan

“Sometimes I write stuff that strangely predicts what’s going to happen in my life.”

― David Byrne

“Most of the things that have happened in my life have been pretty arbitrary. I walk into a room, and someone hits me with a two-by-four, and that changes my life. I’m not sure what I’ve learned from anything.”

― David Carradine

“My life has flourished in so many ways both personally and professionally that I can’t ask for a better life.”

― David Cassidy

“As a father, I do everything my dad didn’t do. My son Beau’s birth changed my life.”

― David Cassidy

“Everything in my life was about performance when I was doing ‘The Partridge Family.’”

― David Cassidy

“I’ve had a great metamorphosis in my life. I struggled for a number of years because I was identified with that image of the Seventies.”

― David Cassidy

“I spent a majority of my life in Kansas City, so I am a Chiefs and Royals guy. I used to work for the Royals for like five years in the suites department and in the stadium club restaurant.”

― David Cook

“In the last couple of years I’ve been facing down a lot of the demons of the past and trying to find out, who I am, It’s something I think I’ll be doing for the rest of my life.”

― David Coverdale

“With all the highs and lows I’ve had in my life, I wouldn’t change anything. So no, I don’t, this is what I’m supposed to be doing.”

― David Coverdale

“I stand by every decision I’ve made throughout my career and my life, good or bad, up or down.”

― David Coverdale

“My songs emerge from my life, or wherever they do, unbidden and unplanned and completely on a schedule of their own.”

― David Crosby

“Sailing became one of the mainstreams of my life. I suppose my father was an influence. I remember seeing a photo of him at home sailing a big boat to Bermuda in his 20s. I still have it.”

― David Crosby

“I’ve keep every comic I’ve bought in my life. I used to be obsessive about boarding and bagging them all.”

― David Dastmalchian

“Normally, I’ve found in my life that the louder you speak, probably, the less of a fighter you are. All the fighters I’ve had a chance and the honor to serve with didn’t pat themselves on the back, were pretty humble men and women.”

― David Dewhurst

“I’m still a businessman. But what I do for my primary living and what is my life is music, and that will never change.”

― David Draiman

“The happiest moment of my life was probably when my daughter was born.”

― David Duchovny

“I envisioned that as my life: staying in academia to make a living and then taking summers off to write my novels.”

― David Duchovny

“When they ran out of cadre men they gave me my very own platoon and said, ‘Here are 63 men, try to keep as many of them alive as you possibly can.’ That was one of the more harrowing experiences of my life.”

― David Eddings

“I’ve fallen back on this periodically, although I must say that getting out of the grocery business ranked right up there with getting out of the army as one of the happier experiences of my life.”

― David Eddings

“It’s very easy for me to thank everyone for the incredible contribution they’ve made to my life.”

― David Geffen

“I would say that Bob Dylan is as interested in money as any person I’ve known in my life. That’s just the truth.”

― David Geffen

“I never went to business school. I was just bumbling through a lot of my life. I was like the guy behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz.”

― David Geffen

“I don’t want to be a full-time member of Pink Floyd all my life.”

― David Gilmour

“I love singing. I have spent as much of my life trying to improve my singing as I have practising guitar.”

― David Gilmour

“Self-talk, for me, has been the biggest thing in my life. A lot of us have a dialogue that is crap. It’s a crappy dialogue. We live in a world right now that is very external. Everything is very on the surface. Superficial. Everything. And what we’re telling ourselves is what we see on TV.”

― David Goggins

“I lived a sloppy life. So I took very small increments in my life. I started making my bed. I started cleaning my room. There were dishes in the sink. It started off with doing small house chores. I saw that the yard needed to be mowed. So instead of being told it needed to be mowed, I would mow it.”

― David Goggins

“My whole thing now is I know how to think properly to be successful in all aspects of my life. It’s not about ultra running or being a SEAL or pull-up records: it’s about if you want to be better you, have to change your perceived limitations and take the barriers down.”

― David Goggins

“I spend my life mostly disproving conspiracies.”

― David Grann

“Coming from a family of preachers, the idea of giving back has been part of my life as long as I can remember.”

― David Green

“I’ve never been sick a day in my life. I’m healthy, and I think I can make other people healthy, too.”

― David H. Murdock

“Taking the company private was not the easiest thing I’ve done in my life.”

― David H. Murdock

“I have one thing to say about the mental asylum. I’ve romanticized two things in my life, and both have fallen short. One is being in a mental asylum. Really, really not as fun as you think it is.”

― David Harbour

“When I was in 8th grade, I saw Branagh’s ‘Henry V’ in the Paris Theater, and it changed my life.”

― David Harbour

“I try to keep it separate as I can, but also, I’m not going to live my life in complete privacy. If I’m feeling something, I’m going to live my life. I will not hide things.”

― David Harbour

“’Via Dolorosa’ is the only thing I have ever acted in my life, professionally, and I’ll never act again.”

― David Hare

“I started reading DC stuff much later in my life. You realize that there’s a huge difference between the Marvel universe and the DC universe and the characters that own it.”

― David Harewood

“Living most of my life in New York, I witnessed plenty of nanny state laws. Later, I lived in D.C. for a bit and saw even more. I assumed when I got to Colorado, the Wild West, there would be a rejection of such intrusive legislation. I was wrong.”

― David Harsanyi

“Image is what people perceive my life to be. It’s nothing like the truth.”

― David Hasselhoff

“I did, I’d say, at least about 80 percent of the rest of the driving, and I had the time of my life.”

― David Hasselhoff

“Spirituality – prayer – is a big part of my life.”

― David Hasselhoff

“When Shanthi Ranganathan was the featured turn on ‘Hip Hop Saved My Life With Romesh Ranganathan,’ we learned she didn’t allow him to have a girlfriend until he’d finished university, and she learned – to her unfeigned horror – that he used to sneak girls into the house when she was out.”

― David Hepworth

“Smoking calms me down. It’s enjoyable. I don’t want politicians deciding what is exciting in my life.”

― David Hockney

“Last year, I finally got my own grand piano, and that was a big thing for me because it’s always been and always will be a very important part of my life.”

― David Hyde Pierce

“I’m a twin, but only I emerged live from the womb. The fact that I was originally one half of a duo gave rise to a theory, much propounded in newspaper profiles, that my life has been one desperate effort to compensate for that stillborn brother.”

― David Jason

“My life has been in reverse. It wasn’t fame, and it wasn’t money, but I always wanted to succeed. The only way I could do that was to try with every job to be better than I was in the last one, and to learn.”

― David Jason

“I joined an amateur drama group as a teenager, fell in love with theatre, and it totally changed my life.”

― David Jason

“As I recall, my life as a child was so all-consuming that I barely had time to consider the future.”

― David Johansen

“Now that I’m staring down the barrel of the last act of my life, I’m less excited about control and solo effort, and I resent the way the business aspects interfere with my space for creative writing.”

― David Knopfler

“I like the consistency of having people in my life for a long time.”

― David LaChapelle

“My life as an author has always been about brilliant, odd people.”

― David Lagercrantz

“The real demon in my life is my father.”

― David Lagercrantz

“It’s a funny thing when you think you’re dead. You’re not terrified of it anymore. There’s a sort of a epiphany to religious thing; it’s not sort of church-based, but you end up with a serenity which you didn’t have before, and I just simply enjoy it. It really does sound stupid, but I’ve got to tell you it’s made my life.”

― David Lange

“Class is something I know about. I’ve lived it every day of my life, and it shaped me in my identity.”

― David Lindsay-Abaire

“Just like any songwriter, the songs come out of where I am in my life and what I’m doing and who I’m hanging out with and the kind of sounds I’m imagining. I always loved the idea of it evolving in the same way that life changes.”

― David Longstreth

“I’m not searching for the meaning of life, but I’m looking for a meaning within my life.”

― David Lowery

“With any movie that gets remade, whether I like the remake or not, I’m glad that I can still go watch the original that I love. If the remake is offering something different, I really value that because I’m having a new experience and adding something new to my life.”

― David Lowery

“I love ‘Peter Pan’ to death. It’s one of the most influential pieces of storytelling in my life. It made a huge impact on how I grew up. I love the cartoon. I love the 2003 version.”

― David Lowery

“I don’t like being pessimistic. I don’t like living my life with a nihilistic mindset.”

― David Lowery

“I never rejected religion, but it just ceased to be an overriding concern in my life.”

― David Lowery

“I try to live my life with grace and through grace even though I don’t particularly believe in the divine – and that’s a direct result of my having been raised Catholic.”

― David Lowery

“I am an optimist in my life.”

― David Luiz

“I’ve had more than one girlfriend in my life.”

― David Luiz

“I forgive everyone in my life.”

― David Luiz

“I was a frustrated astronaut all my life. I grew up at a time when space seemed to have no boundaries, and lots of us presumed humans would be living on the moon and landing on Mars.”

― David Mackay

“I’ve always tried to not let movie, television or theatre be all that my life is about. I’ve always tried to get involved in the community or my family now I have kids.”

― David Morse

“Because I’d only done theater, that’s really what I thought most of my life would be. I always figured that movies would be a part of it at some point. I didn’t know how or when.”

― David Morse

“I’ve got huge affection for Everton. It was my life for over a decade.”

― David Moyes

“A huge part of my life is my job, and that’s the highest compliment you can pay to any job.”

― David Muir

“This might sound really foolish, but when I came to Edinburgh in 1988 I had spent nearly all my life living south of Bristol, and I was just amazed that a city like Edinburgh was actually in the British isles.”

― David Nicholls

“I think it’s vital to have something outside your acting to keep you rooted in the real world, and help you fill the vacuum. If you have nothing else, it can be unhealthy. For me being a Christian has been invaluable: it simply means acting isn’t the centre of my life.”

― David Oyelowo

“Iraq is a country I came to know well and the place where I spent some of the most consequential years of my life.”

― David Petraeus

“A running theme in my life is my inability to say no to anything.”

― David Pogue

“Training has been such a huge part of my life and career I hope to keep going with it.”

― David Prowse

“’Play It Again Sam’s opening shot is the same as ‘Purple Rose’s final one: a close-up of a face, rapt in a movie house. I’ve certainly felt that in my life. I’ve been known to cry watching Gene Kelly.”

― David Rakoff

“Only once in my life was I on the edge of incivility. I do not like to be unkind.”

― David Rockefeller

“Harvard has played an important role in my life. I was a student, Class of 1936, and I’ve been on the board of overseers. My experiences there shaped who I am.”

― David Rockefeller

“When I was 17 or 18 and it was time to figure out what to do with my life, I realized that I didn’t enjoy anything as much as I enjoyed playing music. I felt that I had no choice: that I had to become a musician.”

― David Sanborn

“I spend half my time just living my life, and the other half analyzing it.”

― David Schwimmer

“I don’t think my life is more interesting than anybody else’s.”

― David Sedaris

“I worry that I am not really a person anymore: I’m more of just a writing machine. I wonder what that has done to either my life and or my art.”

― David Shields

“I couldn’t tell a story if my life depended on it. I’m the world’s worst joke-teller.”

― David Shields

“To be honest, there are parts of ‘How Literature Saved My Life’ that began as interviews. Someone was telling me that they think the book sounds very phonic: that it sounds like me speaking. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that there are six to ten passages that I cadged from various interviews that I did post-‘Reality Hunger’.”

― David Shields

“My life has always gone step by step.”

― David Silva

“It goes without saying that the first few months after my son was born were the toughest of my life.”

― David Silva

“I have my life on the field, but when I finish that, I want a quiet life with my family.”

― David Silva

“As a director, it just makes my life fantastic to work with people like Elizabeth Hawthorne.”

― David Slade

“Pearl Harbor was the defining event in my life. It shaped who I am, and all of my hang-ups and my drives, I think, stem from that.”

― David Suzuki

“My favorite thing is still journalism. I’m almost 50. This has been my life ever since I was in college.”

― David Talbot

“I was very small, about 3 or 4 I think, and just wanted to be the people on telly telling these wonderful stories. Obviously the idea grew and matured with me but I can’t ever remember wanting to do anything else. I’ve just sort of taken it for granted all my life that that was what I would do.”

― David Tennant

“I still enjoy my life, and I feel like I’ve achieved enough things that if I never did anything again, I’d feel confident that I’d still have made my mark in some way. But maybe the self-loathing bit is the element that makes you strive for more. Makes you strive to be better.”

― David Walliams

“My life at the moment is a bit like my wardrobe. Organized chaos.”

― David Wenham

“My life has ever been devoted to her service from my youth up, though never before in a cause like this – a cause for which I would most cheerfully risk and lay down my life.”

― David Wooster

“I just want to focus on the positive things in my life.”

― Davinia Taylor

“My family is a part of my life and everything is all a mixture of enjoyment.”

― Davy Jones

“I’m a married man. If I want sex at this particular point in my life, I go home for it.”

― Davy Jones

“America changed my life, but I still think of home and working in Scotland was an important part of that.”

― Davy Jones

“The Monkees changed my life but ruined my acting career.”

― Davy Jones

“I’ve worked hard all my life.”

― Dawn Fraser

“I’ve chosen to stay in a jolly place for most of my life, and that is a lot of who I am.”

― Dawn French

“I have had the unfortunate experience of having someone write an unauthorised biography of me. Half of it is lies and the other half is badly written. My feeling is that if I’m going to write my life story, I ought to have my life first.”

― Dawn French

“I wouldn’t want anyone to think that work is the major thing in my life.”

― Dawn Steel

“Being truthful is a necessity because when I’m not being truthful it takes a toll on me. I don’t have any room for it in my life. I don’t have an across-the-board opinion on honesty in relationships. But for me, personally, it’s paramount.”

― Dax Shepard

“I’ve had plenty of crappy jobs, but the only job I’ve ever really dedicated myself to has been acting. It’s my life.”

― Dax Shepard

“I remember looking out into the sea of phone lights as Chris Martin belted ‘Yellow’ on the piano and deciding that that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

― Daya

“I just live and let live and live my life pretty much according to the Golden Rule. And it turns out well for me.”

― Dean Cain

“By no means am I as moral as Clark Kent, by no means at all. I made a lot of mistakes and done a lot of things that are in no way, shape, or form Superman- or Clark Kent-esque. But generally, I live my life that way and try to.”

― Dean Cain

“Serving in the United States Senate has been the greatest privilege of my life.”

― Dean Heller

“Earlier in my life, I had a tendency toward depression.”

― Dean Ornish

“I’m sure every song has some kind of undertone of what I was going through with Chris. It was my life.”

― Deana Carter

“One of the most constant and sustaining truths of my life has been this: I love the library.”

― Deb Caletti

“All of my books come from something that I happen to be working out at a given point in my life. It’s kind of self-therapy.”

― Deb Caletti

“Fear is the culprit that robs us of our greatest lives. And although it’s mostly made up or a learned behavior from our past, almost everybody I’ve ever met in my life struggles with fear.”

― Debbie Ford

“I always felt like if I lived in true authentic self-expression and lived in service and in support of many other people, I would be exempt from having to deal with yet another crisis in my life. I was wrong.”

― Debbie Ford

“I spent a lot of my life schlepping around New York with people not doing things for me.”

― Debbie Gibson

“’Singin’ in the Rain’ and childbirth are two of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life.”

― Debbie Reynolds

“Hollywood has been an enormous part of my life, as I know it has been for countless fans all over the world.”

― Debbie Reynolds

“My marriages have been one of the greatest voids in my life.”

― Debbie Reynolds

“I don’t think I have segments in my life; it runs all together.”

― Debbie Rowe

“I grew up going to church three times a week in my family. It’s been a center of my life.”

― Debby Boone

“I was raised to volunteer: nursing homes, clinics, church nurseries, school, everywhere that could use help. It’s such an intrinsic part of me, to use my life to help improve the quality of others.”

― Debby Ryan

“What was most important to me at the Olympics was going out there and performing my best. When I messed up the first jump combination, which was my big move, it hit me that I messed up the program of my life.”

― Debi Thomas

“Probably the ’86 nationals. That was my first real national title and first real statement I ever made in figure skating, and my life changed after I returned.”

― Debi Thomas

“I’d always assumed that by 40 I’d have at least a modicum of stability – a steady income, an established career, a bountiful fullness, like a pillow into which I could sink as I entered the second half of my life.”

― Deborah Copaken Kogan

“For someone whose goal in life was to stay unemployed, I can’t imagine what I thought was going to happen. I was so terrified of everything, I just thought I’d curl up in the gutter and die, and by a complete mistake, my life turned out to be absolutely wonderful.”

― Deborah Eisenberg

“As a woman in Canada, I get to do whatever I want to do, and I’m used to that. I’m used to not having my government tell me my life is going to be restricted because I’m female.”

― Deborah Ellis

“’Tulip Fever’ did change my life. It did that thing that sometimes happens when a book takes off – it opened doors on to whole other worlds.”

― Deborah Moggach

“I sensed that my life was better when I focused on things that were working as opposed to focusing on the long list that goes wrong, but I wanted to know if there was any validity to that.”

― Deborah Norville

“I’ve been blessed with so many wonderful women friends throughout my life.”

― Deborah Raney

“I grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y. For part of my life, I was living in Detroit, and I remember a friend of mine commenting she could always tell when I had been speaking to my mother because my New York accent had come back.”

― Deborah Tannen

“I always say that I take my life and turn it into story, and I certainly did that with ‘Countdown’.”

― Deborah Wiles

“My most amazing discovery was becoming a mother. It changed everything. I can’t imagine my life without these little beings.”

― Deborra-Lee Furness

“I pay parking tickets. You know, you can try to give 50%, but then they charge you all those penalties! Seriously, I have gotten many, many, many tickets in my life.”

― Debra Messing

“I love London. I love England. We were out in the countryside and I had the time of my life.”

― Debra Messing

“It’s a miracle to be an actor and to know that you have a job to go to a year from now is a rare thing, so I think peace of mind and financial stability come with that. Hopefully I’m a little wiser and have a little more perspective in my life than I did then.”

― Debra Messing

“Becoming a mother was the single defining event of my life. It felt like the whole world shifted.”

― Debra Messing

“I like to keep things moving; when I say moving, I mean different. I like to keep things changing in my life all the time, so sometimes it might be drama; sometimes it might be drama. At some point, I might get the chance to do something musical.”

― Debra Stephenson

“My husband is the love of my life.”

― Debra Stephenson

“I have to approach my life in this way so I can do what I need to do, and do it very well.”

― Debra Wilson

“I’ve been acting all along. I understand that I haven’t been in people’s viewers, but acting has never not been a part of my life, just more time in between and less high-profile.”

― Debra Winger

“In the early part of my life I carried the flame for fiery women: perky women who were not dumb.”

― Debra Winger

“I’ve worked all my life on the subject of awareness, whether it’s awareness of the body, awareness of the mind, awareness of your emotions, awareness of your relationships, or awareness of your environment. I think the key to transforming your life is to be aware of who you are.”

― Deepak Chopra

“Relationships or not, I believe that people don’t need to know about my life beyond a certain point.”

― Deepika Padukone

“There was never a point in my life where I gave up. My marriage, as you know, fell apart.”

― Deidre Hall

“I never in a million bazillion trillion years imagined that my life would have this many layers of love and richness.”

― Delilah

“I have more love in my life than I ever dreamed or imagined.”

― Delilah

“Like millions of parents, I chose to send my children to a religious school that shares my belief system, which is central to my life. I objected to changes in the school that, in my opinion, did not reflect that belief system.”

― Delilah

“I have been a Christian all my life, but it’s impossible to be so deeply involved in these stories without it making you think again, and without it making you consciously aware of the people involved.”

― Della Reese

“The second album was emotionally exhausting and my life felt like it had become very serious at a very young age.”

― Delta Goodrem

“I don’t allow people’s outlook on me dictate what I do in my life and how I live my life.”

― Demetrious Johnson

“I want to impact some lives down the road, one by one, and I want people to look at my story and my life as an inspiration.”

― Demetrius Shipp, Jr.

“Never be ashamed of what you feel. You have the right to feel any emotion that you want, and to do what makes you happy. That’s my life motto.”

― Demi Lovato

“I don’t have many deal breakers. I’ve done so much in my life, it doesn’t feel right to judge other people.”

― Demi Lovato

“I would say what scares me is that I’m going to ultimately find out at the end of my life that I’m really not lovable, that I’m not worthy of being loved. That there’s something fundamentally wrong with me.”

― Demi Moore

“I had an essence in my life that I was nothing.”

― Demi Moore

“My parents were in the book business, my brothers still run the Dutton bookstores in Los Angeles, and I’ve been interested in editing books and journals all of my life.”

― Denis Dutton

“In addition to my cousin, there were 30 or 40 guys I grew up with who became firefighters as well. So, I’ve been around firefighters all my life.”

― Denis Leary

“When I think of the 1980s, the only color that comes to mind is a brown, yellowish color. I guess it’s coming from my life experience, and it’s melancholia and sadness and a bit of joy.”

― Denis Villeneuve

“For me, living a balanced life means nurturing the academic, physical, and spiritual aspects of my life so I can maintain a sense of well-being and self-esteem.”

― Denise Morrison

“I’ve been preparing to run a big company all my life.”

― Denise Morrison

“My daughter is my biggest achievement. She is a little star and my life has changed so much for the better since she came along.”

― Denise Van Outen

“I’m on this road for the rest of my life.”

― Dennis Banks

“The regular things in my life now – training sessions and playing matches – will all fall away. That will leave a big empty space and it will need to be filled.”

― Dennis Bergkamp

“Drugs have played no significant factor in my life.”

― Dennis Brown

“I’ve done a lot of stage in my life, but I never had to dominate a stage for three hours.”

― Dennis Christopher

“They developed a platform for me to put up another 12 years, and that was my ticket to Cooperstown. Those were the best years of my life. It was like magic.”

― Dennis Eckersley

“Country life is different from city life, but I think it was good for me. Working on the farm, I got a balance in my life.”

― Dennis Edwards

“I live my life. And the best place to do that is Chicago.”

― Dennis Farina

“I’ve done a lot of different things in my life. I’ve parachuted, done some deep-sea diving. Inasmuch as it’s safe to do, I can do it.”

― Dennis Haysbert

“I’m just a middle-class farm boy from Dodge City, Kansas. And I always thought that acting was art, writing was art, music was art, painting was art, and I’ve tried to keep that cultural vibe to my life.”

― Dennis Hopper

“There’s an ethical dimension to my life and all of our lives, from the time we get up in the morning to the time we sleep, including what we sleep on. So I don’t separate my choices from ethical choices at any time.”

― Dennis Kucinich

“I didn’t know my Dad – he moved out early. And my mom’s politics were kind of hardscrabble. She didn’t think about Democrats or Republicans. She thought about who made sense. I’ve been both in my life.”

― Dennis Miller

“I have spent a good part of my life showing what an intellectual bubble the Left lives in.”

― Dennis Prager

“When I watch a movie that I’ve been in, I’m watching it, but I usually remember what I was doing at that time, what was going on in my life.”

― Dennis Quaid

“I started finishing ‘Nostalgic’ while trying to graduate at the same time. I graduated from high school, got my diploma, and my life just started when I completed ‘Nostalgic 64.’”

― Denzel Curry

“I rap about life in general, particularly my life, unless telling a story.”

― Denzel Curry

“I’ve worked with children all my life.”

― Denzel Washington

“There was a time in my early 20s when I would leave a movie theater and just feel so alone and lonely afterwards. I just felt like my life was nothing like those characters up on the screen, so perfect all the time. Why didn’t I talk like that? Why don’t I look like that?”

― Derek Cianfrance

“I was kind of reflecting on my life and certain experiences, and you know, when I’m teaching and coaching my partners on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ I sort of use those stories and anecdotes to help them sort of overcome certain fears.”

― Derek Hough

“I don’t think he’s permanently affected me except in the sense that I miss him. I miss being him. Or trying to be him. He is one of a gallery of characters that have had an impact on my career and therefore my life.”

― Derek Jacobi

“They were totally supportive, always saw everything I did. One of the thrills of my life was when they went to the theater to see something that I wasn’t in. It opened doors for them that otherwise would have been totally closed.”

― Derek Jacobi

“I don’t feel I’ve arrived home until I get on the beach. All my life, the theater of the sea has been a very strong thing.”

― Derek Walcott

“I don’t know what would have happened to me as a writer if I had gone to England and shaped my life out of England. Of course, I will never know, but I think I prefer what did happen.”

― Derek Walcott

“My wife says I spend my life trying to teach white folks. I’m not so sure I’m proud of it, but she’s right.”

― Derrick Bell

“We live in a very uncertain world, and I think that uncertainty of itself generates an environment which we should not make a decision that deprives future generations of the deterrent effect that the nuclear weapons have provided for us and for almost all of my life.”

― Des Browne

“Clemson was the best three years of my life.”

― Deshaun Watson

“My life is the same, and I am at a beautiful stage at 88. I am as excited as I was in my 20s.”

― Dev Anand

“I’ve been around older guys most of my life; I feel like that’s definitely an advantage for me.”

― Devin Booker

“My mom is just incredible. She’s delved into both the mother and father figure in my life.”

― Devin Druid

“The way that I write is I just write a ton of music in the background of my life, and then I just bring it into rehearsal. It’s, like, ‘Okay, guys. It goes like this. Let’s smooth it out.’”

― Devin Townsend

“After Strapping, the amount of things in my life had changed were more than I’d ever had to process in any one time, and as a result of that, I found that my writing was veering off in four – sometimes even more – directions.”

― Devin Townsend

“I lived in London for eight years and I like to say that I am two parts American and one part British because I lived there for a third of my life.”

― Devon Aoki

“I am a goofy person, really. That’s where my energy goes, that’s how I live my life. The goof gene is very strong inside me, really.”

― Devon Bostick

“Acting will always be my first passion, it’s what I live to do and I hope to be lucky enough to do it the rest of my life.”

― Devon Werkheiser

“If I didn’t finish high school, I would wonder about that part of my life.”

― Devon Windsor

“I’m in a position to look back at my life, and I realized there were a number of experiences that needed to be documented.”

― Dexter Scott King

“I did Albert Hall, I got to play the Hall of Fame with Prince. So I’ve done that kind of stuff for ages. It wasn’t until after we finished working on Brainwash, my dad’s album after he died, then it was like ‘That phase is over in my life now, now we can get on with our music, with our band.’”

― Dhani Harrison

“I just go about my life. I’m a mom, I drive an SUV, I go to the grocery store every day. I’m definitely not a celebrity. I always say that I’m a celebrity-adjacent.”

― Diablo Cody

“When Dusty Rhodes passed away, that hit me hard because I couldn’t call him any more. He couldn’t bust my chops. He made a huge difference in my life on so many levels.”

― Diamond Dallas Page

“For the first 42 years of my life, I was the guy who wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga.”

― Diamond Dallas Page

“Working with Dolly Parton was one of the coolest experiences of my life.”

― Diana DeGarmo

“My mom is my manager and handles day-to-day business to keep the DeGarmo machine up and running! She’s a huge, huge part of my career and my life.”

― Diana DeGarmo

“What I do is a little bigger than traditional country. I’ve been belting all my life, so I fit right in with the musical-theater style.”

― Diana DeGarmo

“You know, I’ve sung a lot of emotional songs in my life, but when you’re writing it yourself, it’s very difficult to decide what to reveal.”

― Diana Krall

“I try to choose the songs that really are basically coming from my heart. I think that through the songs that I select, people know what’s going on in my life.”

― Diana Ross

“My life has often been described as ‘from rags to riches,’ but in fact, the Rosses were never raggedy.”

― Diana Ross

“I never edited a photo of myself in my life. I don’t have the energy.”

― Diana Silvers

“I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.”

― Diane Ackerman

“One of the happiest times of my life, I lived in a tent on a porch on Hawaii.”

― Diane Greene

“I said I would never go to a psychiatrist, and I spent much of my life in psychoanalysis.”

― Diane Keaton

“I don’t think that because I’m not married it’s made my life any less. That old maid myth is garbage.”

― Diane Keaton

“Because too much of my life was spent waiting to be seen. Hoping to be seen, hoping to be picked. Once you realize that you aren’t looked at that way any more, other things start to happen and you have to depend on other things to get by.”

― Diane Keaton

“You know, I might get married at 50 or 60, when it actually means something to say ‘for the rest of my life.’”

― Diane Kruger

“I don’t want to live my life in a five-star hotel. That’s not real life to me. You can’t appreciate it.”

― Diane Kruger

“I’m done saying ‘I’m sorry I wasn’t who you needed or wanted me to be’ to everybody in my life.”

― Diane Lane

“For me, going away to work is the hardest part of my life and career.”

― Diane Lane

“Imagine if somebody said your nose is too big or your ears stick out. For me, it was my neck was too short. It stuck with me all my life.”

― Diane Lane

“I remember ‘vulnerability’ being an unattractive word for most of my life, and I resented it as a direction coming from a director just because it implied weakness so I get the job. But it is that humbling place that creates compassion.”

― Diane Lane

“Sometimes I forget some of the things I’ve done. I recently recalled that after Watergate I went away by myself to Tahiti for a month, moving from island to island. That was a point in my life where I didn’t know what was next.”

― Diane Sawyer

“The way I design generally is very much travel-oriented because that is my life. That’s why I make clothes that are so light and so easy to pack and a little bit seasonless.”

― Diane von Furstenberg

“I had aunts who played piano and sang and also were entertainers, so music was very much a part of my life.”

― Dianne Reeves

“My life has been going in ways I never could have dreamed of – doing the closing celebration for the Olympic Games and being appointed the creative chair for jazz at the L.A. Philharmonic. So I’ve just decided I’ll go with my flow and be very prepared.”

― Dianne Reeves

“I have been drawing all my life.”

― Dick Bruna

“I have a feeling that about 90% of my life has been shaped by my voice, both as an embarrassment and as an advantage. There was always the terrible incongruity of this deep voice barreling out of this little body. Somewhere in the back of my mind I was aware that it was ludicrous, that it took on an importance that wasn’t really there.”

― Dick Cavett

“Music bypasses the brain and goes straight to the heart. I wish my life had more of it.”

― Dick Cavett

“I’ve never followed a list in my life, and that’s probably what has created so much nervous energy in my body.”

― Dick Dale

“I’m not one of these guys who is dedicated to playing or performing – that’s just one facet of my life.”

― Dick Dale

“I’ve never taken a lesson in my life, and I can play every instrument there is. I play by ear, but I can fool anybody into thinking I went to some conservatory of music.”

― Dick Dale

“I’m dedicated to touring the rest of my life.”

― Dick Dale

“I think, the ‘Van Dyke Show’ and ‘Mary Poppins’ are two of the best periods of my life. I had so much fun, I didn’t want it to end.”

― Dick Van Dyke

“’Mary Poppins’ was one of the best experiences of my life.”

― Dick Van Dyke

“’The Dick Van Dyke Show’ was the most fun I ever had and the most creative period of my life.”

― Dick Van Dyke

“My life has been a magnificent indulgence.”

― Dick Van Dyke

“We’re very lucky people, doing something that we really love to do. I feel privileged to have been an actor all my life.”

― Dick Van Patten

“The biggest thing in my life – the biggest – is raising dollars to help kids battle cancer.”

― Dick Vitale

“I never danced a step in my life so naturally. My first motion picture was a musical, and Bob Fosse was the choreographer. I didn’t exactly dance for Fosse, I just did the best that I could to do what he taught us to do.”

― Dick York

“Life for rent means that my life isn’t really my own, I only rented it for a while, but if I don’t manage to buy it, to own it, then nothing of what I think is mine is really mine.”

― Dido Armstrong

“I hit Damian Fuller with a left hook that left him laid out for 30-45 minutes. They brought oxygen to him, they couldn’t wake him up, he was out cold. The television station kept having to take breaks, he was out so long. It was unbelievable. That was the best one-shot I’ve ever done in my life.”

― Diego Corrales

“Football is my life, and I cannot imagine myself doing anything other than playing this game.”

― Diego Costa

“I played 112 times for Uruguay and experienced some of the greatest moments in my life representing my country.”

― Diego Forlan

“I try to go through my life not owing anything to anyone.”

― Diego Forlan

“I will give 100 per cent and play with my life in every game. That’s one of my main features as a player.”

― Diego Godin

“When I saw ‘Incendios,’ it changed the way I looked at my life… and my family. It was very strong. I believe that theater has that power.”

― Diego Luna

“I am black or white, I’ll never be grey in my life.”

― Diego Maradona

“I’d give my life to be the national team coach.”

― Diego Maradona

“I did not know it then, but Frida had already become the most important fact in my life. And would continue to be, up to the moment she died, 27 years later.”

― Diego Rivera

“July 13, 1954 was the most tragic day of my life. I had lost my beloved Frida forever. To late now I realized that the most wonderful part of my life had been my love for Frida.”

― Diego Rivera

“In fact, the element of play has an important role in my life, and I think that should be the case in the life of every artist. Our life is occupied with playing, whether we play an instrument or a role.”

― Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

“My heroes always are mostly my parents – my father especially, and my mom, who’s passed on already. My dad is a very strong man, and by him being educated, and a principal and school superintendent over 37 years, he plays such a big role in my life.”

― Dikembe Mutombo

“When I travel around the globe, I try as hard as I can to represent the NBA and the game of basketball to the best of my abilities. I get to go around the world and not only share the game but also my philanthropic work. Building a hospital in the Congo is one of the proudest achievements of my life.”

― Dikembe Mutombo

“I came here from Jamaica as a kid and didn’t go to school, really, never had a great education. I was a little bit bad on the street, running around, doing this, doing that, and always getting into trouble. I was completely written off, so boxing has definitely saved my life.”

― Dillian Whyte

“Washburn built me the guitar that changed my life.”

― Dimebag Darrell

“When I signed for United, I felt like it was a reward for everything that I’d been through in my life.”

― Dimitar Berbatov

“I have handled pressure and expectation all through my life. I am not scared of it.”

― Dimitar Berbatov

“I read a book on candles and got curious. I followed it up by taking a course with famous London-based candle maker David Constable. And now these have become the passion of my life.”

― Dimple Kapadia

“My life is full.”

― Dimple Kapadia

“With the advances in technology, it’s so easy connecting to our fans. There’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I try to reach out to them. I try to update them on what’s happening in my life, what books I’m reading, or whatever I do.”

― Dinah Jane

“Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, the color of my skin and my rather peculiar background as an Ethiopian immigrant delineated the border of my life and friendships. I learned quickly how to stand alone.”

― Dinaw Mengestu

“I did go to Beijing, with a two-year assignment. I stayed four years. And those four years were the most formative four years in my life. What I learned was more than I would have learned in 10 years in America or Europe, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

― Dinesh Paliwal

“Music is an expression. It’s almost like a diary in my life, you know. You express your perceptions and your view on life – your world view.”

― Dion DiMucci

“1967 was the bleakest, darkest, most emotional period of my life.”

― Dion DiMucci

“The day I heard Hank Williams for the first time, my life changed.”

― Dion DiMucci

“I’ve had some incredible moments in my life – thus far. I hope a lot more are coming.”

― Dionne Warwick

“I don’t have a publicist, I don’t go to events, I don’t do magazines, and it’s just not my life.”

― Diora Baird

“I’ve done everything from cater, wait tables, pre-school teacher, painting, to being Cinderella, Elmo, a clown, nanny, selling hair… I would do kid’s parties and entertain and do magic and paint faces and balloon animals. The highlight of my life.”

― Diora Baird

“From dear, dear Gloria Swanson, I learned how to live long, happy and free of health problems. I owe her my life.”

― Dirk Benedict

“Frankly, I am boring. My life is all about the film set, gym classes, and home.”

― Disha Patani

“I could hold on to everything for the rest of my life. I don’t make friends easy, and I don’t lose friends easy.”

― Dito Montiel

“A story about my life should not be particularly interesting, but it is: it’s just about me and some kids who didn’t know how to talk to each other. It’s personal but not autobiographical.”

― Dito Montiel

“The show is very special to me, as I found my life partner Vivek Dahiya while working on ‘YHM.’ The entire cast and set has become like a second home to me.”

― Divyanka Tripathi

“It’s taken me all my life to learn what not to play.”

― Dizzy Gillespie

“I was given a chance some time ago, and it changed my life forever. I want to be able to give the same chance to the next generation of artists. There’s a new wave coming, and we are going to be a part of it.”

― DJ Snake

“Now I’m having the time of my life being on the road with one of the world’s all-time great big bands, and performing with symphonies. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

― Doc Severinsen

“I’m working on my life story. I’m not decided if it’s going to be a musical or a movie with music in it.”

― Dolly Parton

“I’ve always kinda been a little outcast myself, a little oddball, doin’ my thing, my own way. And it’s been hard for me to, to be accepted, certainly in the early years of my life.”

― Dolly Parton

“My life has been very full.”

― Dolly Parton

“I love to go home to my kids. I don’t have that lull in my life when I didn’t have them.”

― Dolores O’Riordan

“I was at that point where my children needed more than going around the planet in the back of a bus. They needed stability, they needed to build their own lives and relationships, and I needed to put my life on hold. I made my choice – I chose my children.”

― Dolores O’Riordan

“I keep my children safe and protected from all my baggage. They get to have a normal childhood, and they’re not affected by my life.”

― Dolores O’Riordan

“I think I was immediately fed, so food became a very important part of my life.”

― Dom DeLuise

“My mum was very conscious about fashion, and my dad was born into the tailoring tradition, so fashion has always been my life, although now, really, I wear the same thing – just in different weights – light and heavy cashmere in winter and cotton in summer. And jeans.”

― Domenico Dolce

“My mum was very conscious about fashion and my dad was born into the tailoring tradition, so fashion has always been my life, although now, really, I wear the same thing – just in different weights – light and heavy cashmere in winter and cotton in summer.”

― Domenico Dolce

“I’ve got a hectic schedule, but I wouldn’t have my life any other way.”

― Dominic Monaghan

“My fighting style, if you will, is a combination of mimicking, cowboy films and boxing that I have done throughout my life.”

― Dominic Purcell

“I certainly believe that having my husband be in my life has been a tremendous blessing.”

― Dominique Moceanu

“I learned to take those experiences that were difficult in my life and in the adversity that I had overcome to use it for a positive change.”

― Dominique Moceanu

“I embarked on my life – I didn’t do anything. I don’t have an explanation.”

― Don DeLillo

“If I had my life to live over, I would perhaps have more actual troubles but I’d have fewer imaginary ones.”

― Don Herold

“I’ve fallen in love with the classical world of imagery, and what I’d like to do now over the last bit of my life is to photograph some nudes.”

― Don McCullin

“I treat my life as though I am on a tightrope.”

― Don McCullin

“I’ve never done anything but what I wanted to do with my life. I don’t think too many people can say that. I wrote the songs I wanted to write, for me. I had no idea that ‘American Pie’ would relate to anybody.”

― Don McLean

“Show business is my life. When I was a kid I sold insurance, but nobody laughed.”

― Don Rickles

“To me, the stand up part in my life is great. I know I can do that. When I get an acting chance, I’m really thrilled.”

― Don Rickles

“My life was in Montreal years ago. Best food in the world.”

― Don Rickles

“To be honest I quit taking training and fighting so seriously and went back to living my life and having fun. I try to teach that to all the guys who come out here to train and live with me.”

― Donald Cerrone

“It’s a relaxed intensity I’ve got to live my life in.”

― Donald Cerrone

“As you know, I spent 30 years of my life in the private sector.”

― Donald Evans

“I thank Heaven every summer’s day of my life, that my lot was humbly cast within the hearing of romping brooks, and beneath the shadow of oaks.”

― Donald G. Mitchell

“For better or worse, poetry is my life.”

― Donald Hall

“Poetry is what I’ve done my whole life. And every important thing in my life had found itself into poems.”

― Donald Hall

“In my life, I’ve seen enormous increase in the consumption of poetry. When I was young, there were virtually no poetry readings.”

― Donald Hall

“This was the most important discovery I had ever made in my life. It was a discovery which has irrevocably changed my whole life’s direction. It immediately elevated me to the status of one of the world’s leading anthropologists.”

― Donald Johanson

“I’ll never know everything. My life would be a lot worse if there was nothing I knew the answers about – and if there was nothing I didn’t know the answers about.”

― Donald Knuth

“Nobody really turns out too happy in any of my stuff. It’s really strange, because I’m actually a pretty happy person. I’m not walking around giggling or anything like that, but I’ve got this feeling that everything is okay with my life.”

― Donald Ray Pollock

“I’ve been able to see some very impressive people that are in politics, and I’ve been able to see a lot more people that are much less impressive that I don’t know if I’d want to spend my life working with. When I see sort of how the sausage is made, it’s not very pretty.”

― Donald Trump, Jr.

“A little more moderation would be good. Of course, my life hasn’t exactly been one of moderation.”

― Donald Trump

“I’ve been dealing with politicians all my life. All my life. And I’ve always gotten them to do what I need them to do.”

― Donald Trump

“It’s my life. It just continues to go forward from ‘The Apprentice.’”

― Donald Trump

“The way I run my business seems to be easier than the way I run my life.”

― Donald Trump

“I’ve been making deals all my life.”

― Donald Trump

“Ever since ‘The Apprentice,’ my life has gotten so much busier.”

― Donald Trump

“I spent an important part of my life participating in conflicts. But for me, conflict was not the main principle.”

― Donald Tusk

“As with most things in my life, I believe you should try to enjoy yourself and never feel like you are a slave to a routine.”

― Donatella Versace

“In my life I had no other choice than to become a strong person.”

― Donatella Versace

“I have worked with wool all my life as a designer. There’s so much more to it than knitwear – it’s an amazingly versatile material and can be used in so many different ways from chic to rustic.”

― Donatella Versace

“Die and born again, die and born again. It’s the story of my life.”

― Donatella Versace

“Life experiences can, at times, be quite humbling, but you learn from them. But I like the changes in my life and what kind of person they’ve made me into. I’m very open, not as judgmental as I was in my twenties, and a lot more compassionate.”

― Donna Air

“My daughter is the funniest person I know, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her.”

― Donna Air

“I like to experiment, and my life has been eventful.”

― Donna Air

“Our public portrayal of fathers has shifted during my life. TV fathers have ‘evolved’ from real people like Sheriff Andy Taylor, Beaver’s dad Ward Cleaver and Heathcliff ‘Cliff’ Huxtable, to cartoon dads like Homer Simpson and Seth MacFarlane’s caricatures in ‘American Dad!’ and ‘Family Guy.’”

― Donna Brazile

“I’ve had a lot of therapy in my life.”

― Donna Lynne Champlin

“The two most painful things in my life are arthritis and divorce.”

― Donna McKechnie

“The whole cast of ‘Company’ was invited to Hal Prince’s house. This is one of the highlights of my life. We all sat in the living room. Sitting on the floor, I was right by the piano.”

― Donna McKechnie

“After graduating in the summer of 1980, I knew I wanted my life to count.”

― Donna Rice

“My life was changed in one breath from God.”

― Donna Summer

“I wish I could dance like Michael Jackson. I’d love to be able to have my life exactly the way it is, but with his dance moves.”

― Donny Osmond

“With success always comes criticism. I’ve been criticized every year of my life.”

― Donovan Bailey

“The happiest times in my life were the days when I was traveling with Les Brown and his band.”

― Doris Day

“I am always being described as having views that I’ve never had in my life.”

― Doris Lessing

“I’ve worked hard all my life. You have to if you want to get things done.”

― Doris Lessing

“If someone is mean, harmful, or evil, they’re out of my life. I cross them out.”

― Doris Roberts

“I have had so much at heart. Defeated, not conquered; disappointed, not discouraged. I have but to be more energetic and more faithful in the difficult and painful vocation to which my life is devoted.”

― Dorothea Dix

“You see the fairy tale – four minutes of glory at the Olympics. I thought my life would be cake after that.”

― Dorothy Hamill

“I should not like to leave an impression that all structural problems can be settled by X-ray analysis or that all crystal structures are easy to solve. I seem to have spent much more of my life not solving structures than solving them.”

― Dorothy Hodgkin

“I’ve heard all my life how I’m too short or not big enough to play this game. It’s nothing new.”

― Doug Baldwin

“I used to let a lot of unimportant things bother me. I don’t anymore. Right now, things are going great in my life. It used to be when that happened, I would be waiting for something to go wrong. Now I don’t expect that – if something negative does happen, I’ll deal with it, learn from it and realize it is the way it is supposed to be.”

― Doug Davidson

“I’m coming up with new music, I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m real sharp, my energy is strong. I look at it as: I’m just following the energy. That’s how I sum that up.”

― Doug E. Fresh

“I never want to repeat myself. I can’t imagine anything else as upsetting as realizing I’m redoing something I did before. For some reason, when it comes to film, I’m very good at not repeating myself. Even though in the rest of my life, I’m constantly repeating my mistakes.”

― Doug Liman

“In hindsight, everything in my life looks a little rosy. But the reality is that with, say, ‘Swingers,’ when we finished, it was considered a total failure.”

― Doug Liman

“I don’t think I’m all that twisted in my life. I’m not like some tattooed filmmaker who, you know, hangs out on the Lower East Side and is part of some satanic cult or something.”

― Doug Liman

“To be able to experience a thousand different lives within my lifetime is something that always appealed to me. I wasn’t content with just being one person for the rest of my life.”

― Douglas Booth

“I think half the people who get married now have met online. If I think about all the people in my life who married – they met online, online, online. And it makes sense if you think about it, because you fill out this form of 35 things that really define you and – bam – look, you’ve got two people who match. It works.”

― Douglas Coupland

“The one thing about my life that’s different from others is that I wake up for no one, and for some reason, that’s just good for your creativity.”

― Douglas Coupland

“My life is neither a disaster nor supernatural, yet it is an unlikely event.”

― Douglas Coupland

“When you look at my pictures, you are seeing my life.”

― Douglas Kirkland

“I’m having the time of my life and I’m glad people are enjoy it.”

― Douglas Wilson

“I went back to graduate school with the clear intention that what I wanted to do with my life was to improve societies, and the way to do that was to find out what made economies work the way they did or fail to work.”

― Douglass North

“I would be remiss if I left the impression that my life has been totally preoccupied with scholarly research.”

― Douglass North

“I take ‘signs’ in my life as seriously as advice from family and friends or proven facts. The universe speaks through events, y’all!”

― Dove Cameron

“The first CD I ever bought was Gwen Stafani’s first solo album. She was the light of my life when I was 8.”

― Dove Cameron

“Everything in my life has been about sound and making music, so Beats represents just that – the improvement of sound and the dedication to everything I’ve been doing from the day I started.”

― Dr. Dre

“Doc has been my name all my life, and John is my middle name. I’m proud of all my names – Malcolm John Michael Creaux Rebennack. I’m proud of them names.”

― Dr. John

“People like to build their own story about my life. I don’t know if it makes them feel better, or if it makes it okay for them to not like me, but the last thing I grew up as was rich.”

― Drake

“My life is mine to remember.”

― Drake

“I know things that I need to work on in my life, things that I can be better at.”

― Draymond Green

“Michigan State means so much to my life and me.”

― Draymond Green

“I don’t really mind any scrutiny. It doesn’t bother me. I’m going to still live my life and do everything I do the same way and not lose any sleep.”

― Draymond Green

“I am not someone who is ashamed of my past. I’m actually really proud. I know I made a lot of mistakes, but they, in turn, were my life lessons.”

― Drew Barrymore

“I guess I do have a childlike sense of fun, and although I still have my dark days, I’m generally an optimistic person. The way things have gone in my life, sure, I could have been a bitter person. But I just find bitter people really un-fun, you know? And who wants to be that person?”

― Drew Barrymore

“I love the very exposed, humorous, imperfect, never-trying to-pretend-to-be-perfect journey that I have been on in my life.”

― Drew Barrymore

“At 35, I’m definitely starting to feel more like a grown-up than I ever have. There’s nothing in my life that is childish or whimsical. Having fun is fantastic and I never want to lose a sense of that – and also, I think, you have to have that to put into your work or else it’s going to feel stiff.”

― Drew Barrymore

“I’ve approached so many things in my life with such intensity that I want to approach motherhood with dedication and focus.”

― Drew Barrymore

“I just want to make sure I have a sense of balance between work and life, because work is my life and the lines can get really blurry.”

― Drew Barrymore

“The way things have gone in my life, sure, I could have been a bitter person. But I just find bitter people really un-fun, you know? And who wants to be that person?”

― Drew Barrymore

“I’m so in control of my life, you shouldn’t dislike anything I do-because I’m not only in the best place I’ve ever been, but it keeps getting better and better.”

― Drew Barrymore

“I’ve produced and gotten to do a lot of optimistic love stories, and that was so where I was at for 10 years in my life. And now I feel like, Okay, now I know how to do that. I want to get scared again; I want to feel the way I felt when I started my company, when I started producing.”

― Drew Barrymore

“It wasn’t my choice to be an open book, but when people found out what my life was like when I was 14 or 15, I didn’t deny it. I think the more imperfect you are, the more human you are.”

― Drew Barrymore

“When I did ‘E.T.,’ it sort of solidified the only family I know are these film crews. These gypsies. These filmmakers. That was the solidification and the clicking revelations of ‘This is what I want to do with my life and this is where I’m going to survive.’”

― Drew Barrymore

“I have no regrets in my life whatsoever.”

― Drew Barrymore

“My life choices are not supposed to be the gateway to somebody else’s. That’s my journey.”

― Drew Barrymore

“My life takes me all over the world, and I know how hard that can be on a relationship.”

― Drew Barrymore

“It has been an interesting road, but I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world, because I feel like all of those instances in my life I felt molded me and strengthened me and made me who I am.”

― Drew Brees

“Football ruled my life for years, morning, noon and night.”

― Drew Busby

“I wanted to do a show based on what my life would be like if I had never become a comedian.”

― Drew Carey

“The ‘wisdom of the crowds’ is the most ridiculous statement I’ve heard in my life. Crowds are dumb.”

― Drew Curtis

“Personally I’m hoping to spend the last years of my life plugged into a real life MMORPG simulation that makes me think and feel like I’m 18 again while my 90 year old body lies in a tube somewhere getting fed thru an IV. Be a great way to finish up a life.”

― Drew Curtis

“I’ve always done more than I ever thought I would. Becoming a professor – I never would have imagined that. Writing books – I never would have imagined that. Getting a Ph.D. – I’m not sure I would even have imagined that. I’ve lived my life a step at a time. Things sort of happened.”

― Drew Gilpin Faust

“In my mind, my music is kind of inseparable from my hometown and my life growing up.”

― Drew Holcomb

“Dropbox is my life.”

― Drew Houston

“Wrestling is my life, and if I’m not training or in the gym, then I’m watching videos to learn more about it.”

― Drew McIntyre

“I moved from home in Scotland to home in WWE, and that was the first time being out on my own in my life.”

― Drew McIntyre

“The closest thing to hell on earth is prison. It’s the worst experience I’ve ever had in my life. Besides death.”

― Duane Chapman

“So, I decided that whatever I was, wanted to do with my life, it would have to do, it would have to have something to do with the exploration and doing new things.”

― Duane G. Carey

“My work is about my life as an event, and I find myself to be very temporal, transient.”

― Duane Michals

“I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me.”

― Dudley Field Malone

“I think you can tell stories and give perspectives and yet still keep stuff for yourself, too. I keep a lot of my life private, even in a public forum like writing.”

― Duff McKagan

“’The Joshua Tree’ was the soundtrack of my life when we were making ‘Appetite.’”

― Duff McKagan

“Never in my life have I thought, ‘Man, I gotta get a Grammy.’”

― Duff McKagan

“I’m doing a music video for a group called ‘Die Antwoord.’ That’s fun, but yeah, I’m trying to get a live-action film off the ground, and that could take anywhere from a few months to the rest of my life.”

― Duke Johnson

“’Warcraft’ is going to be a period of my life I treasure and loathe at the same time.”

― Duncan Jones

“I’d done a bachelor’s degree, which I’d enjoyed, but I didn’t know what to do with my life at the time. I was conflicted, and, being a hopeless romantic, I followed my girlfriend at the time to Vanderbilt, where, obviously, we broke up a couple of months later.”

― Duncan Jones

“I think my Buddhist practice has a profound influence on my life and encompasses my creative projects.”

― Duncan Sheik

“I certainly wouldn’t say that my life is a disaster, but there have been moments where I’ve felt like that.”

― Duncan Sheik

“Mindfulness has helped me succeed in almost every dimension of my life. By stopping regularly to look inward and become aware of my mental state, I stay connected to the source of my actions and thoughts and can guide them with considerably more intention.”

― Dustin Moskovitz

“The one thing that I keep learning over and over again is that I don’t know nothing. I mean, that’s my life lesson.”

― Dwayne Johnson

“Football changed my life and it gave me a platform to get out my aggression and it gave me a sense of value.”

― Dwayne Johnson

“I feel impelled to speak today in a language that in a sense is new-one which I, who have spent so much of my life in the military profession, would have preferred never to use. That new language is the language of atomic warfare.”

― Dwight D. Eisenhower

“It’s a fascinating area for me, UFOs have occupied a great part of my life since I was very young.”

― Dwight Schultz

“I wanted to star in a western opposite Robert Redford. That was my plan for my life.”

― Dyan Cannon

“I always felt like I needed to act. Not that I wanted to act, but I needed to. And I still feel that same way. There’s an expression that I get to have in acting that I can’t consciously express in my life. It has always defined me and it always will.”

― Dylan McDermott

“I never really had a career, to be honest with you. I never in my life sat down and planned it. I have thought, ‘Oh, I’d like to do this,’ like anybody would. But I’m not the type that says, ‘If I do this, it will lead to that.’”

― Dylan Moran

“I still remember when I was 18 and my life was completely different. I was in my apartment, and I got the call that I got Stiles for this pilot. I was just jumping around with my roommates, freaking out. It’s crazy to think about.”

― Dylan O’Brien

“I really try to live my life a little more, in ways I would hold back from previously.”

― Dylan O’Brien

“I’ve worked in television all my life, but really I’ve always wanted to work in the movies.”

― E. L. James

“Everything I did in my life that was worthwhile, I caught hell for.”

― Earl Warren

“Most of the umpires, it’s amazing: 98 percent of them will not hold a grudge. I always felt a couple of them did. I never wanted to argue with an umpire in my life.”

― Earl Weaver

“When I was young, I struggled with authorship: with everything the word meant and failed to mean. Irish poetry was heavy with custom. Sometimes at night, when I tried to write, a ghost hand seemed to hold mine. Where could my life, my language fit in?”

― Eavan Boland

“On the other hand, I’m very tolerant as well. I expect that everybody can play what they want. I’m only not tolerant when it comes to myself and what is presented on my album that I have to listen to for the rest of my life.”

― Eberhard Weber

“One of the regular intervals of meditation in my life, believe it or not, is in my car.”

― Ed Begley, Jr.

“I was concerned about filling my life up with something important to me. To me, it was just necessary.”

― Ed Harris

“I’m coming to the end of my life. I do reflect on what I’ve done for the 85 years that I have been given so far. And I’m proud of what I’ve done.”

― Ed Koch

“Never in my life have I thought, ‘What’s next?’ It’s just like ‘Finding Dory.’ Things just happen.”

― Ed O’Neill

“My life is just a series of mistakes and regrets of varying degrees.”

― Ed Weeks

“The divorce was the toughest thing in my life. It still hurts.”

― Edd Byrnes

“I’ve been a massive obsessive about jazz singers all my life.”

― Eddi Reader

“I’m not here if Bill Hunter never forced my hand in wrestling. It was a pivotal point in my life.”

― Eddie Alvarez

“Wrestling just comes naturally to me. It wasn’t like there was this moment where I said, ‘This is what I’m going to do.’ It’s just what I did. It was my life.”

― Eddie Guerrero

“My life revolves around World’s Strongest Man. I want to be the World’s Strongest Man.”

― Eddie Hall

“Black culture has been a huge influence in my life.”

― Eddie Huang

“There was no religion in my life growing up. Did God invent us or did we invent God?”

― Eddie Izzard

“Everything happens to me. I’ve never had a streak of luck in my life.”

― Eddie Slovik

“When I plummeted into infamy in the Calgary Olympics, I never thought that a film would be made about my life.”

― Eddie the Eagle

“I want my life to move on. On the other hand, I can’t say no to offers, not when I’m getting £50,000 a year to be Eddie the Eagle.”

― Eddie the Eagle

“One thing people would be surprised about is that although hard rock and heavy metal are without question 90% of what I listen to and my passion, there are other things I enjoy. My first ever favorite band in my life before KISS was a power-pop band called The Raspberries.”

― Eddie Trunk

“The one thing I do have is good ears. I don’t mean perfect pitch, but ears for picking things up. I developed my ear through piano theory, but I never had a guitar lesson in my life, except from Eric Clapton off of records.”

― Eddie Van Halen

“I feel like we have to keep our eyes on the road. Being nostalgic is like taking an offramp and getting a sandwich – and then you get back on the highway. I don’t want to be spending the rest of my life at the gas station.”

― Eddie Vedder

“Presumptuously, I speak for all Who fans when I say being a fan of the Who has incalculably enriched my life. What disturbs me about the Who is the way they smashed through every door of rock & roll, leaving rubble and not much else for the rest of us to lay claim to.”

― Eddie Vedder

“I don’t need drugs to make my life tragic.”

― Eddie Vedder

“I went to a Katy Perry concert, and I experienced pure bliss for the first time in my life.”

― Eden Sher

“I have fantastic memories. It was a memorable time in my life, and I was pleased to get the chance to come to Barcelona and help the team.”

― Edgar Davids

“My father was a military attache, so I’ve been traveling all my life.”

― Edgar Ramirez

“Whenever someone comes up to me saying, ‘I saw you in ‘Carlos’ and then I saw the rest of your movies,’ for me, it’s an expression that we might be doing something well. So my life hasn’t changed that much. I just try not to go to very crowded places if I’m not in the mood.”

― Edgar Ramirez

“I played Woodstock in ’69, and it really changed my life. Without a doubt, it was the single event that really changed the way I felt about music. Up to that point, I hadn’t really thought of myself as more serious musician, and I didn’t really have that much interest in pop music.”

― Edgar Winter

“For me, body art is all about expression; it’s a lifestyle and can serve as a reminder that when my career is done, I’ll have a story to tell on my body. And it will be my story of my life on my body.”

― Edge

“I’m not sad about any of my life. It’s so unconventional. It doesn’t look anything like I thought it would.”

― Edie Falco

“I really am profoundly grateful just in general in my life. I’ve had an embarrassing amount of good fortune.”

― Edie Falco

“The second you are handed a newborn it is yours. It doesn’t matter what body it came out of. I’ve never felt more strongly about anything in my life.”

― Edie Falco

“I don’t have examples in my life of people who are all good or bad; I have deeply loved many people who are both, and I relate to those kinds of people on a far greater level.”

― Edie Falco

“I’m happy I’ve stayed because Rome has become my home and an indelible part of my life, in an almost unreal way.”

― Edin Dzeko

“I’ve always said that wherever I have played, I’ve always respected that jersey, and I’ve always defended it as though I had been a supporter of the team all my life.”

― Edinson Cavani

“All I’ve done all my life is disobey.”

― Edith Piaf

“These rejections hurt me terribly because I felt it was my life that was being rejected.”

― Edmund White

“In my life I have always found ways of dealing with a situation.”

― Eduard Shevardnadze

“For charity purposes, how do I help? A lot of prospective levers and tools have come into my life.”

― Eduardo Saverin

“Sickness, insanity and death were the angels that surrounded my cradle and they have followed me throughout my life.”

― Edvard Munch

“Disease, insanity, and death were the angels that attended my cradle, and since then have followed me throughout my life.”

― Edvard Munch

“I’d never seen anything like it in my life. Someone so blatantly challenging the ideas of race and gender and sexuality. In a way, it was comparable to David Bowie, except that Prince brought that to the black community.”

― Edward Enninful

“Life seeks life and loves life. The opening of a catkin of a willow, in the flight of the butterfly, in the chirping of a tree-toad or the sweep of an eagle – my life loves to see how others live, exults in their joy, and so far is partner in their great concern.”

― Edward Everett Hale

“When I was a kid, the idea of why I wanted acting to be the thing I do for the rest of my life was different. It was, Oh yeah, I’ll get girls and be famous.”

― Edward Furlong

“I’m a poet, and I spent my life in poetry.”

― Edward Hirsch

“It’s absolutely crucial to maintain my life as a poet.”

― Edward Hirsch

“When I was 18 I worked with the Ringling Brothers circus, taking care of menagerie animals. I used to rather deliberately risk my life with the big cats.”

― Edward Hoagland

“’Stand and Deliver’ has been the most successful thing I have done in my life. So many people have seen it. There was really no need for me to do anything else.”

― Edward James Olmos

“At this point in my life I’m not bent on proving anything, really.”

― Edward Norton

“I’m not trying to uncover the facts of my life but to discover the dramatic truth of the situations I was in.”

― Edward St Aubyn

“The joint lubrication was not what it was when I was competing, and I decided that not having arthritis or rheumatism for the rest of my life was a lot more important to me than returning to the track.”

― Edwin Moses

“I ended up with my life slanted toward television, and I just accept that. I think you play the hand the way it’s dealt, that’s all.”

― Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

“If I would characterize my life, I would say that I was a very lucky actor who came into very lucky times, and got to Hollywood, and was put under contract by Warners in the very last days of the studio contract era, and was privileged to go through that time which is gone now.”

― Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

“I was not born to be prime minister, and I’m not going to stay here until the end of my life. I’m too young for that.”

― Ehud Olmert

“I thought ‘Chelsea Girls’ was going to change my life.”

― Eileen Myles

“I tend to view my life as an accident, almost as a dream.”

― Eileen Myles

“God has been God in my life ever since I can remember.”

― El DeBarge

“The piano has been my friend all my life; it has always comforted me. Writing songs and sitting down at the piano is not only a business, it’s a hobby I enjoy.”

― El DeBarge

“We all want recognition and validation to an extent for our art, but greatness as a trade for decency is a risky proposition. In my life, I try to leave the people I encounter with the feeling that they have been respected and treated with warmth and appreciation.”

― El-P

“If you live in a crowded area of Brooklyn or Manhattan, having a car is a hindrance. It doesn’t even make sense. I basically grew up all my life without a car.”

― El-P

“I remember listening to ‘Low End Theory’: I had been kicked out of high school. I was in GED school in the LES, and all I could do was listen to ‘Low End Theory.’ I was in a strange time in my life, and ‘Low End Theory’ kind of defined that time.”

― El-P

“I’ve lived in New York City all my life. I love New York City; I’ve never moved from New York City. Have I ever thought about moving out of New York? Yeah, sure. I need about $10 million to do it right, though.”

― El-P

“I was raised by women. The men in my life were either not there or not good when they were there.”

― El-P

“I realize that I cannot live without a spiritual dimension in my life.”

― Elaine Pagels

“Audiences are not strangers to me. They’re the best friends I’ve got in my life.”

― Elaine Stritch

“I made driving mistakes in Sochi that cost me gold, and I’ll torture myself for the rest of my life about that!”

― Elana Meyers

“The first run in a four-man sled was one of the most nerve-wracking I’ve had in my life.”

― Elana Meyers

“I can feel the public side of my life and the private side of my life sort of drifting away from one another.”

― Eleanor Catton

“I have spent many years of my life in opposition, and I rather like the role.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

“Frankly, I don’t want to let trolls into my life.”

― Eleanor Tomlinson

“I will remember this day for the rest of my life. There is nothing you can say. It’s just like you won the match after the earthquake and it just feels great.”

― Elena Vesnina

“I gave my life to the Group Theatre, because in it I’m building something for myself. What I build, I am.”

― Elia Kazan

“I decided to devote my life to telling the story because I felt that having survived I owe something to the dead. and anyone who does not remember betrays them again.”

― Elie Wiesel

“I’ve given my life to the principle and the ideal of memory, and remembrance.”

― Elie Wiesel

“I have to be self-conscious of what I’m trying to do with my life.”

― Elie Wiesel

“I’m a teacher and a writer; my life is words. When I see the denigration of language, it hurts me, and it’s easy to denigrate a word by trivializing it.”

― Elie Wiesel

“Reading Epictetus, I realized that most of the pain in my life came not from any actual privations or insults but, rather, from the shame of thinking that they could have been avoided.”

― Elif Batuman

“Many books have changed my life, but only one has the word ‘life-changing’ in the title: Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying.’”

― Elif Batuman

“My life is based on pain, passion, and purpose.”

― Elijah Cummings

“I cannot surrender my principles, though the whole world besides should vote them down – I can make no compromise between truth and error, even though my life be the alternative.”

― Elijah Parish Lovejoy

“If I have been guilty of no violation of law, why am I hunted up and down continually like a partridge upon the mountains? Why am I threatened with the tar barrel? Why am I waylaid every day, and from night to night, and my life in jeopardy every hour?”

― Elijah Parish Lovejoy

“I have always kept a pretty healthy separation between my work in my film and my life outside of it.”

― Elijah Wood

“What I write about in my novels is also what’s in my life.”

― Elin Hilderbrand

“My life is a fairy tale. You could not make it up.”

― Elio Di Rupo

“Self-sufficiency is vitally important to my self-respect. I never wanted to rely on my parents in that way, because I knew that if I got used to it, I’d be reliant all my life.”

― Eliot Sumner

“Live, so you do not have to look back and say: ‘God, how I have wasted my life.’”

― Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

“Since I was a little kid, I was against fur. I never wore fur in my life.”

― Elisabetta Canalis

“I love variety in my life.”

― Elisabetta Canalis

“I’m a regular Canadian girl. I enjoy staying home. In the summer I’ve got a garden. I’m very much a homebody, a normal, family-oriented girl. But I do have this other incredible side of my life that involves acting and traveling.”

― Elisha Cuthbert

“I really know right from wrong and apply that to my life. At home, I was the oldest of three. My role was to be the responsible one.”

― Elisha Cuthbert

“I haven’t been watching any TV recently because I’ve been on the road, but I am an avid ‘EastEnders’ fan. I’ve watched it all my life, and so have my family.”

― Eliza Doolittle

“I suppose the best advice I ever got, frankly the advice that changed my life, came from my uncle who told me to go to drama school and study acting instead of taking a job, because he said the job would always be there.”

― Elizabeth Banks

“I’m not a fan of plastic surgery. Oh, and I’ve never had a wax in my life. Waxing makes no sense to me because you have to grow it out to wax it.”

― Elizabeth Banks

“’Showgirls’ was a critical point in my life. I had my head handed to me. At 21 years old, I had to find my self-esteem again. It was a very hard time.”

― Elizabeth Berkley

“All my life I have lived and behaved very much like the sandpiper – just running down the edges of different countries and continents, ‘looking for something’.”

― Elizabeth Bishop

“Growing up biracial and speaking four languages – French, Chinese, Portuguese, and English – gave me a different lens. I was always very acutely aware of coming from a different perspective. I think that definitely contributed to what I chose to do with my life.”

― Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi

“I wish I could say I’ve been following Youssou N’Dour all my life. I haven’t.”

― Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi

“It’s tricky territory, height and co-stars. The only thing I can say is that it’s never been an issue in my life.”

― Elizabeth Debicki

“My commitment is to strive to lean on the Lord with my whole heart, reading His word daily and earnestly seeking His will in my life.”

― Elizabeth Dole

“For most of my life, I, like many Americans, had greeted the idea of an arranged marriage with a mixture of fascination and skepticism.”

― Elizabeth Flock

“When I look at my life and the lives of my female friends these days – with our dizzying number of opportunities and talents – I sometimes feel as though we are all mice in a giant experimental maze, scurrying around frantically, trying to find our way through.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert

“I have these new policies toward my life, like ‘I will not accelerate when I see the yellow light.’”

― Elizabeth Gilbert

“I was a writer before ‘Eat, Pray, Love,’ and I’ll be a writer after it’s over. It’s what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert

“Despite having written five books, I worry that I have not written the right kinds of books, or that perhaps I have dedicated too much of my life to writing, and have therefore neglected other aspects of my being.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert

“When I thought about having the greatest impact with my life, I thought about all the times people lose loved ones because diseases weren’t detected early enough. I thought, ‘I can play a role there.’”

― Elizabeth Holmes

“I’m pretty nice. I’m far from an ax murderer. I’ve never been mean to anyone in my life.”

― Elizabeth Hurley

“I do like my life very much, yes.”

― Elizabeth Hurley

“You know, I’ve virtually never been chatted up in my life, it’s true.”

― Elizabeth Hurley

“My God, I have so much bounty in my life.”

― Elizabeth Marvel

“Sadness was something I was thinking about in my life outside of writing, so it wormed itself into whatever I wrote.”

― Elizabeth McCracken

“There is nothing in my life where I view myself as a 1920s person.”

― Elizabeth McGovern

“No, I wouldn’t want the paparazzi ever following me in my life.”

― Elizabeth Olsen

“Usually, my husband is a pretty good rock, a pretty good sounding board… He definitely brings a center of gravity into my life.”

― Elizabeth Smart

“Religion has been a huge part of my life.”

― Elizabeth Smart

“Out of my discomforts, which were small enough, grew one thing for which I have all my life been grateful, the formation of fixed habits of work.”

― Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

“I would not hesitate for a nanosecond to step in front of a bullet, to do anything to give my life for my children.”

― Elizabeth Vargas

“Because I am basically so insecure and anxious and afraid, I never, ever in my life learned to reach out for help, ever.”

― Elizabeth Vargas

“I now make meditation a daily part of my life. Ideally, I would find 20 minutes, twice a day, to sit and meditate with an app I have on my phone. In reality, on most days, I only get the chance to do it once. But it is still incredibly valuable.”

― Elizabeth Vargas

“I’ve been living with anxiety much, much, much longer than I’ve been with living with alcoholism, that’s for sure. I already knew from the sheer numbers and all the data that I’m not alone. I mean, the biggest mistake I did was spending most of my life thinking I was the only person who felt this way.”

― Elizabeth Vargas

“The men have piled up in my past, have fallen trenchantly through my life, like an avalanche that doesn’t mean to kill but is going to bury me alive just the same.”

― Elizabeth Wurtzel

“I’ve calmed down. Looking back, I was engaged more in dramas than I was in relationships. I’ve spent a lot of my life being in it for the plot, and I don’t do that anymore. I’m satisfied. I’m not competing with myself. I accomplished things I wanted to do, so everything I do now is because I want to, not because I’m trying to prove something.”

― Elizabeth Wurtzel

“I knew from the start that I wanted my life to be about music. I taught myself the notes of the piano aged three, and then I spent the next few years deconstructing chords to figure out how to play them. At 11, I researched online the sort of music school I wanted to attend, printed out the details, and handed them to my parents.”

― Ella Henderson

“There’s always been a piano around the house, and I’ve grown up around it. It’s a massive part of my life and always has been.”

― Ella Henderson

“That idea of escapism… these words could sum up my life.”

― Ella Maillart

“I can’t just pretend to be someone else all my life. I have to mix it up.”

― Ella Purnell

“I don’t think there was any point where I was like, ‘I want to be an actor for the rest of my life.’ The nice thing about being a kid is you don’t have to make those decisions. Then all of a sudden, you blink, and you’re 18.”

― Ella Purnell

“I’ve struggled so much, growing up, with just feeling that my life is valid because it’s not filled with these hyper-dramatic moments, and I think a lot of people of my generation feel that way. We’re so inundated with hyper-drama that people crave everyday life.”

― Ellar Coltrane

“I can’t really remember my life without movies.”

― Elle Fanning

“When I do a movie, that’s just a couple months out of my year and out of my life. All the other months I’m just at home, running around doing errands with my mom and going to sleepovers. I feel like I have that side of my life, and then I also do the films – which is just sort of a plus.”

― Elle Fanning

“I flip the turntables. I write a lot from the male perspective, but as a female. That’s how I live my life. I can roll with the boys.”

― Elle King

“I’ve lived most of my life in Manhattan, but as close as Brooklyn is to Manhattan, there are people who live there who have been to Manhattan maybe once or twice.”

― Ellen Burstyn

“I love ‘E.R.’ and I’m not ashamed to admit it. It makes me know I did not waste my life after all by not becoming a medical doctor.”

― Ellen Gilchrist

“I have lived most of my life in small towns, and I’m in the habit of knowing and talking to everyone.”

― Ellen Gilchrist

“One has to look at my life story to see what I’ve done. I’ve paid a heavy price that many people don’t realize.”

― Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

“I go to the theater because I need help dealing with my life; I want to see the greatest questions addressed. I need to see actors grappling with things that matter.”

― Ellen McLaughlin

“For me, being out within my life became far more important than being in any movie.”

― Ellen Page

“I’ve become really interested in permaculture, simplifying my life and doing everything I can to develop more of a sustainable lifestyle.”

― Ellen Page

“I grew up in this business… A lot of my life has been centered around this question about how NASA is helping us to understand our own home planet… and to understand our place in the universe.”

― Ellen Stofan

“’I am not adopted; I have mysterious origins.’ I have said that sentence many times in the course of my life as an adopted person.”

― Ellen Ullman

“Writing was a way to get away from my life as a programmer, so I wanted to write about other things, but of course nobody wanted to publish another story about a family, unless it was extraordinary. When I began writing about my life as a programmer, however, people were interested.”

― Ellen Ullman

“As a kid I’d lie awake at night and convince myself that a meteor was about to hit the Earth. It’s my fatalistic streak, which I’ve inherited from my mum. I firmly believe something cataclysmic is going to happen in my lifetime and I have to be prepared to run for my life when the time comes.”

― Ellie Goulding

“I always have ice cream in the house. I have a bowl of it, and then a bit more. One of the greatest pleasures in my life is going back and getting a second half-bowl. The first bowl is just the prelude.”

― Ellie Kemper

“Literature has always been a part of my life. I studied history and literature in college. My mother is a novelist; I grew up around books.”

― Elliot Ackerman

“As I get older, the more I don’t want my life to be emotionally out of balance in the way it was in my twenties.”

― Elliot Cowan

“What we consider typical of the male is a question I ask myself quite often – it’s relevant to my life as an actor and as a man.”

― Elliot Cowan

“I can’t really remember a time in my life when I didn’t know something about what we call the Holocaust. It was this dark topic that I would know more about when I got older, but which was spoken about in hushed tones.”

― Elliot Perlman

“Believe it or not, the first spark for everything I’ve done today came down to me meeting one person in college who changed my life. A student named Anthony Adams who lived across the hall from me in our freshman dorm showed me what it meant to be an ‘entrepreneur’ when I saw him launch his own start-up company.”

― Elliott Bisnow

“My life has been quite interesting professionally.”

― Elliott Erwitt

“I have a lot of money stashed away, but I do live my life from day to day.”

― Elton John

“I have no problem with someone who disagrees with my life. That’s your right to feel that way.”

― Elvis Duran

“I spend most of my life not wanting to be found, and actually, I’m pretty good at it.”

― Elvis Mitchell

“I hope I didn’t bore you too much with my life story.”

― Elvis Presley

“I’ve never written a song in my life. It’s all a big hoax.”

― Elvis Presley

“I won’t be skating for the rest of my life, that’s for sure.”

― Elvis Stojko

“My mom was a dancer, my dad’s a singer and I’ve always had that kind of music in my life.”

― Elvis Stojko

“I am a woman with chronic schizophrenia. I have spent hundreds of days in psychiatric hospitals. I could have ended up living most of my life on a back ward, but things turned out quite differently.”

― Elyn Saks

“I saw that philosophy had no power to make my life more bearable. Thus I lost my belief in philosophy.”

― Emil Cioran

“On ‘Into The Wild’ I spent months risking my life and on ‘Speed Racer’ I spent 60 days acting in front of a green screen. No danger to my physical self, but I sure had to use my imagination.”

― Emile Hirsch

“Music is something that’s always been a huge part of my life.”

― Emilia Clarke

“I spent most of my life watching HBO series wishing that at some point in my career I might be able to work with them.”

― Emilia Clarke

“Being a mum is the best thing that has ever been given to me in my life.”

― Emilia Fox

“I just get up and live my life for today – try and deal with it as it comes.”

― Emilia Fox

“I put myself into another world and another identity, and I design not for how my life is but for how my imaginary life is.”

― Emilia Wickstead

“I was born in 1976. I grew up in a traditional Mexican family. As a child, I had a pretty normal life: I would go to school, play with my friends and cousins. But then my father became President of Mexico, and my life changed.”

― Emiliano Salinas

“I have been through a lot in my life, my parents divorced when I was 16, and it was a very difficult time.”

― Emily Atack

“There was a point in my life where I either wanted to be an astronaut, an actor, a veterinarian, or a pirate. I just thought being in space would be really cool, but then you have to have 20/20 vision, which I don’t have, so there.”

― Emily Bett Rickards

“I never wear pants in my life. I never thought I’d say this, but I miss wearing pants. For the first time in my life, I miss my pants.”

― Emily Procter

“I was never forced to go to church, and there is a lot of beauty in Christianity that I take in my life as a gift, and there is a lot of beauty in other religions. I’m kind of a spiritual mutt.”

― Emily Saliers

“We live in a time where the media is a very difficult thing to navigate because it’s everywhere, and I tend to want to be a lot more private with my life.”

― Emily VanCamp

“Hip-hop saved my life, man. It’s the only thing I’ve ever been even decent at. I don’t know how to do anything else.”

― Eminem

“If there’s not drama and negativity in my life, all my songs will be really wack and boring or something.”

― Eminem

“I need drama in my life to keep making music.”

― Eminem

“I’ve reached the 50th year of my life, and now every question related with life also includes thinking about death. When I leave, I want to leave to my offspring a clear idea about identity.”

― Emir Kusturica

“I feel like Mills and Boon saved my life. It was a way of not living. I read a lot of other books as well, but they were definitely the best for just switching my brain off, not having to deal with reality.”

― Emma Healey

“I had the perfect level, growing up, between being normal and having a little taste into Hollywood. People would recognize me once in a while, but I could still go out and have my life.”

― Emma Kenney

“I have to say that one person I learned from the most as an actor in my life is Emmy Rossum. She is so insanely talented in the sense that when watching her work, it just turns into watching her speak – it’s no longer acting; that’s how good she is! She just becomes the person.”

― Emma Kenney

“I grew up with just my mom. She and I were like best friends. She’s a very independent woman and I admire that about her. In my life, I’ve tried to be like that. To be okay with being on my own and being independent.”

― Emma Roberts

“My life is PG-13 sometimes, and I really want Josh Grogan to propose to me, and he just won’t do it.”

― Emma Stone

“I just live my life how I live as a person. I certainly am not, like, a saint or an angel by any means. I’m not anything like that. But I live just how I live. I mean, I have a little paranoia, but that’s about it.”

― Emma Stone

“My life has really been about writing, though some think it’s all about once having been in a ball dress and having an odd life and marrying all the time. But it’s the writing that’s always been the point.”

― Emma Tennant

“I have had no control over my life. I have lived in a complete bubble. They found me and picked me for the part. And now I’m desperately trying to find my way through it.”

― Emma Watson

“I did not walk for the first four years of my life.”

― Emmanuel Adebayor

“It bothers me to think I may never put on a Real Madrid shirt again. Madrid is the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life.”

― Emmanuel Adebayor

“If one player can say that I, Emmanuel Adebayor, spoke badly to anyone in the changing rooms, then I’d honestly like to know who it is. It has never happened in my life.”

― Emmanuel Adebayor

“When I moved from Metz to Monaco, we reached an advanced stage in the Champions League, and we played against Real Madrid. It was one of most beautiful days of my life because I was lucky enough to get a signed shirt from the football legend Zinedine Zidane.”

― Emmanuel Adebayor

“I can’t just react on the strength of an email and three pages of synopsis, and say I’m going to take off for three months of my life.”

― Emmanuelle Beart

“I don’t see my old films, but I think of the characters I played as friends, like the women I meet in my life who made strong impressions on me. I remember them and they are part of me.”

― Emmanuelle Beart

“I was a typical French student of the 1990s – I imagined that, after a short excursion, I would work the rest of my life at home.”

― Emmanuelle Charpentier

“I don’t really live my life in the media spotlight. People don’t know that much really about me or what I think.”

― Emmy Rossum

“I look at my voice and my abilities as a gift. I don’t feel that I can even take any credit for it, but it’s such a huge presence in my life. It is my life. It’s my identity, it’s everything. And it’s given me a great deal of joy and a sense of purpose – I can’t imagine my life without it.”

― Emmylou Harris

“I’m zero to a hundred in almost every facet of my life.”

― Emory Cohen

“At school, I was a shy lad and still am. But acting gives me licence to be up there, demanding the focus. It’s the one time in my life where I don’t have to shout to be heard.”

― Emun Elliott

“I have represented romance all my life. Some have called me the ‘King of Romance.’”

― Engelbert Humperdinck

“The man who became a big influence in my life was Dean Martin. He started my career in Las Vegas. When I came to Las Vegas, he put his name on the marquee: ‘Dean Martin presents Engelbert Humperdinck.’ And I’m the only one he ever did that for.”

― Engelbert Humperdinck

“There are times when adverse publicity has hit my life, but these things are the growing pains of showbiz marriage.”

― Engelbert Humperdinck

“I played to the biggest audience I’ve ever played to in my life in New Zealand. I couldn’t see the end of the crowd. I understand it was over 200,000 people in a park somewhere.”

― Engelbert Humperdinck

“I don’t want to slow down. It’s my life. I love being on the road and giving concerts.”

― Engelbert Humperdinck

“My mum’s an amazing woman, a huge part of my life. She’s very entrepreneurial, owns a very successful business. I take a lot of inspiration from that. That has as much impact on my sport as being athletic does.”

― Eniola Aluko

“I will not surrender responsibility for my life and my actions.”

― Enoch Powell

“I don’t need a man in my life.”

― Enya

“There was a period in my life when I was eating ramen non-stop. These days, less so. Once you have a kid, you end up eating a lot of foods with broccoli in them.”

― Erez Lieberman Aiden

“I knew I didn’t want to be stuck in Stoke Newington for the rest of my life, hanging about with idiots. That wasn’t for me. I wanted to go out and have a look around.”

― Eric Bristow

“I live my life, breathless… A life of constant motion and excitement. A life that many will envy and most would avoid!”

― Eric Burdon

“I have a life beyond performance. I love it, and it probably is the better part of my life, but I do have another life.”

― Eric Burdon

“I’m just enjoying my life at the moment.”

― Eric Cantona

“They are deceptively simple. I admit that. But for me, all my life I try to simplify things. As a child in school, things were very hard for me to understand often, and I developed a knack, I think. I developed a process to simplify things so I would understand them.”

― Eric Carle

“I’d still stand in line all day to get into an AC/DC show, because that was the one show when I was younger that kind of changed my life. Because it was a little wrong. I think I was 14 or 15, first concert without the parents, you know, and they were all worried because we were going to an AC/DC show, and it was an amphitheater.”

― Eric Church

“The blues are what I’ve turned to, what has given me inspiration and relief in all the trials of my life.”

― Eric Clapton

“The person I am is who I am. My life is my career, my career is my life.”

― Eric Dane

“No day of my life passes without someone saying the words ‘Monty Python’ to me. It’s not bad.”

― Eric Idle

“I did my first professional play at 11, and there was really nothing else I ever dreamed of doing. I felt so fortunate that I knew at the age of like, 12, like this is all I want to do for the rest of my life; that’s the only play. There’s no backup plan. My mom wanted me to go to school and have a backup plan. I’m like ‘No, this is the only plan.’”

― Eric Johnson

“Back when I was in theater school, trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life, ‘Sweeney Todd’ was a huge touchstone for me, my favorite musical for sure.”

― Eric McCormack

“That was the only trepidation I had about ‘Will & Grace.’ It had nothing to do with the sexuality of the character. It was more, ‘This could be the next 7 to 10 years of my life.’”

― Eric McCormack

“As I got older, I realized that my life experience, what I really had, was always going to be more valuable than what I pretended to have.”

― Eric McCormack

“It took me all my life to learn how to salt a tomato.”

― Eric Ripert

“I’d been eating fast food all my life without thinking about it. And the more I learned about the subject, the more intrigued I became.”

― Eric Schlosser

“Most people take long breaks after Olympics. I needed some normalcy back in my life, so I came back to the pool.”

― Eric Shanteau

“I’ve been in a Speedo half my life. So I am really comfortable with my body.”

― Eric Shanteau

“When I went to college at the University of Nevada back in Las Vegas, I got tricked into singing in choir. The first thing we did was the Mozart ‘Requiem.’ That was the piece that changed my life overnight.”

― Eric Whitacre

“I read a lot of comics growing up. My mom used to say, ‘Would you please read a book?’ She was worried where I was going in my life.”

― Erica Durance

“Often I find that poems predict what I’m going to do later in my own writing, and often I find that poems predict my life. So I think poetry is the most intense expression of feeling that we have.”

― Erica Jong

“I grew up in Sudan and Kenya, and lived in both the rural and urban centers of both countries throughout my life.”

― Erik Hersman

“My life! That’s a long story, too. I was born in Brooklyn, New York, like half of the world, I think.”

― Erik Larson

“I was very excited about a currency that was not controlled by a central government, that could be a free market currency. That was all the incentive I needed to dedicate my life to it.”

― Erik Voorhees

“To be entirely honest, I am an extremely confident person, and I don’t think I would have gotten into this business if I felt that I wasn’t going to succeed and I intend to be in this business, for the rest of my life.”

― Erika Christensen

“The SAT is not particularly relevant to my life.”

― Erika Christensen

“Acting has been my life since I was five, and everything has just fallen into place. I’ve never had to push and shove.”

― Erin Moran

“Each piece of jewellery tells a story of my life. Picking one particular piece as a favorite would be like taking a chapter out of a book.”

― Erin Wasson

“I haven’t trusted polls since I read that 62% of women had affairs during their lunch hour. I’ve never met a woman in my life who would give up lunch for sex.”

― Erma Bombeck

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”

― Ernest Hemingway

“All my life I’ve looked at words as though I were seeing them for the first time.”

― Ernest Hemingway

“All that I can tell you is, that I used my humble powers to the uttermost, and raised my voice in behalf of Human Rights in general, and the elevation and Rights of Woman in particular, nearly all my life.”

― Ernestine Rose

“I didn’t understand anything about playing baseball. I started playing, and it was enjoyable. Most of my life, I played with older people on my team, in my league. I learned a lot about life. Every day in my life, I learned something new from somebody.”

― Ernie Banks

“I’ve got my life. I’m very serious about my business. I’ve got my family. And I’ve got my game.”

― Ernie Els

“I want to try to keep my life the same.”

― Erno Rubik

“In those early years in New York when I was a stranger in a big city, it was the companionship and later friendship which I was offered in the Linnean Society that was the most important thing in my life.”

― Ernst Mayr

“How happy I am to go to the front at last. To do my bit. To prove with my life what I think I feel.”

― Ernst Toller

“Anything that had to do with art I been doing all my life. It was a gift. It’s nothing I work real hard at doing.”

― Erykah Badu

“There’s nothing wrong with struggle. Anytime I look back at a difficult phase of my life and see what grew out of it – the creative survival tactics – I think that the good is way better than the bad.”

― Esperanza Spalding

“Setting targets is very important in my life; I always have targets to fulfil.”

― Essam El Hadary

“My life is like a series of comic strips, which is why I like investing: I really like new stuff.”

― Esther Dyson

“My friends have always known there was this more serious side to me, and all my life, I’ve had Conservative values.”

― Esther McVey

“Generally, all my life, I have had strong friction with life – I was a problematic soldier, I was kicked out of the army, I was in fights. There was something about writing that was a way of experimenting with this emotion.”

― Etgar Keret

“I would mark 2015 down as the best year of my life. Now, I beat a couple of legends, became World Heavyweight Champion, ascended to the very top of the industry; I got two cats – that was a big deal in 2015.”

― Ethan Carter III

“If my kids are doing well, then my life is going pretty well. And if my kids aren’t doing well, it doesn’t matter how the other elements of my life are. It’s kind of amazing to have a context like that. This is really wonderful.”

― Ethan Hawke

“I was a wrestler in high school, and that was a pretty big part of my life.”

― Ethan Slater

“I grew up with SpongeBob – it came out in 1999, right before I turned 7. So it’s been a part of my life and all my friends’ lives and defined our humor, in a way.”

― Ethan Slater

“Soccer is my life.”

― Ethan Zohn

“All the men in my life have been two things: an epic and an epidemic.”

― Ethel Waters

“All my life I’ve been prejudiced against wealthy people.”

― Ethel Waters

“I have no acting technique I act instinctively. That’s why I can’t play any role that isn’t based on something in my life.”

― Ethel Waters

“I took back my life.”

― Etta James

“The most important thing a pastor does is stand in a pulpit every Sunday and say, ‘Let us worship God.’ If that ceases to be the primary thing I do in terms of my energy, my imagination, and the way I structure my life, then I no longer function as a pastor.”

― Eugene H. Peterson

“I love comedy. Playing the underdog, and getting the laughs is my form of entertainment. I could think of nothing different that I would want to be doing at this time in my life.”

― Eugene Levy

“The truth is, for however much my stories come out of things that have happened to me, they’re not darkly or as deeply personal as someone like Marc Maron or a lot of comedians, but they are essentially my life and my interpretation of it.”

― Eugene Mirman

“I should have been smart enough to stay happy. But my ambition ruled my life.”

― Eva Gabor

“Everything for me has always been opposites; nothing has ever been in the middle… My life never had anything normal or in the center.”

― Eva Hesse

“Art is the easiest thing in my life, and that’s ironic. It doesn’t mean I’ve worked little on it, but it’s the only thing I never had to… I have no fear. I could take risks.”

― Eva Hesse

“There’s not been one normal thing in my life.”

― Eva Hesse

“I never had a time line for my life. I didn’t say I wanted to be married at 28 and have three kids by the time I was 32.”

― Eva Longoria

“My time in Weimar Berlin was the most elegant in my life. I would have parties for a hundred people – writers, scientists, artists.”

― Eva Zeisel

“I went to engineering school, which I thought was what I wanted to do, for about two weeks. We had an orientation class and we met this guy where he worked and stuff and it was cool, but I was like, ‘There is no way this is going to be my life.’”

― Evan Glodell

“I was a real tomboy for most of my life. Then I went through a really girlie period, then through a goth phase. I was so obsessed with my hair and makeup, and I was having so much fun as a teenager playing with my look.”

― Evan Rachel Wood

“My life has been a series of well-orchestrated accidents; I’ve always suffered from hallucinogenic optimism.”

― Evan Williams

“The people on my mum’s side of the family are atheist intellectuals who are ueber-proper. My dad’s side of the family are missionaries who are more comfortable sitting around in sweatpants than they are in a five-star restaurant. But those two influences converged in my life.”

― Evangeline Lilly

“While I was in London it was completely upside-down. I got a whole new life and it was a challenge to keep in touch with my life in Ireland, but it was great fun. Now though, I’ve been back home since November and gradually all connections with my HP life have been fading.”

― Evanna Lynch

“I don’t consider my life to be boring at all. I consider my life to be massively fortunate.”

― Eve Plumb

“I think I have had so many amazing moments in my life.”

― Eve

“My life has been being a daredevil. I am Evel Knievel. I am a daredevil.”

― Evel Knievel

“I have often wondered what my life would have been like if I had needed a size thirty-eight bra instead of a modest thirty-four.”

― Evelyn Keyes

“That’s just how I live my life. That’s how I was raised: to demand excellence out of myself.”

― Ezekiel Elliott

“I’m pretty sure that the Walkmen are the band that I’ve paid to see the most in my life.”

― Ezra Koenig

“Just because I grew up a white guy in America doesn’t mean that’s the music of my life.”

― Ezra Koenig

“My mother took me to a lot of operas and when I was eight I got the opportunity to be in one and I realized that transformation into these make-believe situations was possible. I decided that was essentially what I wanted to do with my life.”

― Ezra Miller

“Hip hop has been an integral part of my life and my whole career. I started off doing videos with Ice Cube and Dre and Mary J. Blige and TLC.”

― F. Gary Gray

“To write it, it took three months; to conceive it three minutes; to collect the data in it all my life.”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald

“Since I lost my sister, I decided to enjoy my life, no matter what.”

― Fabio Lanzoni

“There are few things I’ve never done in my life.”

― Fabio Lanzoni

“Big will always be a part of my life. But I’m still on this Earth, so I have to live my life for now and the future.”

― Faith Evans

“There were a lot of stop signs in my life… People telling you what to do, when to do it, and so on.”

― Faith Ringgold

“I’ve spent my life being responsible, building a career, and waiting to find the right partner with whom to start a family.”

― Faith Salie

“There’s a bit of a reluctance on my part to promote myself as any kind of hero because the things I’ve had to overcome in my life are not the deepest, darkest things.”

― Faith Salie

“Film has played such a big part in my life, in my impressions of the United States.”

― Famke Janssen

“I’ve been wanting to sing for a long time. I’ve been singing all my life, and I’ve tried different record companies, but it seemed like – it was such a struggle and so hard to get out there. So, I said, ‘I’m gonna go on American Idol and see how far it takes me.’”

― Fantasia Barrino

“NPR changed my life; I don’t even front.”

― Fantastic Negrito

“The one thing I had pure in my life was creativity.”

― Fantastic Negrito

“I came up with the album name ‘Please Don’t Be Dead’ because I felt like we’d lost our way as a society – and I know what happens when you chase the wrong things. It’s the story of my life.”

― Fantastic Negrito

“My life, my failures. I hope that gives people the lesson to rebuild their own lives.”

― Fantastic Negrito

“I always call myself a recovering narcissist. I lived my life thinking everything was about me.”

― Fantastic Negrito

“When I look into the audience, and I just know we understand each other, I can see their faces, and they know what I’m talking about. I feel like I’ve helped. Everything I’ve been through in my life, it helps people. Then that makes it worth it.”

― Fantastic Negrito

“I’ll just let people think what they would like to think, and that’s fine, because it really doesn’t infringe upon my life.”

― Farrah Abraham

“I was really from the streets, and I really did hustle in a major way. When I got my record deal, I left the streets alone as far as hustling. I never, ever hustled again. I said, ‘I’m gonna change my life, I’m going legit. This is where I’m at.’”

― Fat Joe

“Shah Rukh Khan is the love of my life. I love Aamir Khan also.”

― Fatima Sana Shaikh

“The motto of my life is, ‘The best advice is no advice at all.’”

― Fawad Khan

“My kids are the light of my life.”

― Fawad Khan

“’Khoobsurat’ introduced me to this huge, amazing audience so close to my home. In a lot of ways, it has changed my life, but the game keeps changing.”

― Fawad Khan

“I was very happy being a secretary. I loved working for the government. I was very happy with my life.”

― Fawn Hall

“I’ve been working with the land for most of my life; walking it and photographing it. And I love it to bits.”

― Fay Godwin

“All my life, I’ve been the kind of person who could shatter easily.”

― Faye Dunaway

“Ever since it was announced that Ryan Murphy intended to produce ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson,’ I have been inundated with the question as to ‘How do I feel about it?’ All I can say is, for me, it was personally the most heartbreaking tragedy that altered my life forever.”

― Faye Resnick

“I want nothing to do with O.J. Simpson. I want that name so far behind me, I want it out of my life.”

― Faye Resnick

“’Evil Dead’ was such a big movie in my life. It’s one of the few that I really remember when I watched it for the first time. I mean, I don’t remember when I first saw ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ and it’s one of my favourite movies.”

― Fede Alvarez

“My work has always been the thing that justifies my life.”

― Federico Fellini

“My life has been devoted to peacemaking.”

― Feisal Abdul Rauf

“I over-scrutinize anyone new entering my life.”

― Felice Picano

“Hollywood typecast me as the secretary. I could have worked as the quirky secretary for the rest of my life, but I decided not to do that.”

― Felicia Day

“The pressure on women to be thin is like a plague. I have gone through my life, like a lot of women, rating my experiences on the basis of, ‘Was I thin at that time or fat?’ And it doesn’t seem to let up.”

― Felicity Huffman

“Of course my life has changed because now everybody knows who Felix Baumgartner is.”

― Felix Baumgartner

“I am absolutely convinced that my life was redeemed by poetry.”

― Felix Dennis

“I came into the world a Jew, and although I did not live my life entirely as a Jew, I think it is fitting that I should leave as a Jew. I don’t want to turn my back on a great and noble heritage.”

― Felix Frankfurter

“The early years of my life were very, very traumatic. It was scary, because any child knew that death was sort of lurking around Europe as far as Jews were concerned.”

― Felix Rohatyn

“My life has been devoted to the upliftment of the Filipino by reestablishing his identity and dignity.”

― Ferdinand Marcos

“I look at myself as someone who has been very lucky – my job is also what I enjoy most in the world, and I can make my life doing it.”

― Fernando Alonso

“I always had that, even when I was a kid in a go-kart or when I was playing soccer or tennis: that need of winning. It was there all my life, and it’s still there now.”

― Fernando Alonso

“I made my own assessment of my life, and I began to live it. That was freedom.”

― Fernando Flores

“To choose ways of not acting was ever the concern and scruple of my life.”

― Fernando Pessoa

“You always have to aspire to everything; winning titles is what I’ve been missing. And I will give my life and everything I have in order to achieve it.”

― Fernando Torres

“Xi Jinping is one of the strongest and most capable revolutionary leaders I have met in my life.”

― Fidel Castro

“I am a Marxist Leninist and I will be one until the last day of my life.”

― Fidel Castro

“Being selected for West Indies actually changed my life.”

― Fidel Edwards

“I’ve been in opening matches of pay-per-views. I’ve been in main events of pay-per-views, and the same mentality is applied to both, and that is, ‘To this point, this is the biggest match of my life, and I’m gonna go out there and give it everything I have.’”

― Finn Balor

“I can honestly say it was the greatest decision of my life coming to WWE.”

― Finn Balor

“I respect Marvel as a company, and I think they’re great, but never in my life have I looked up to being a superhero.”

― Finn Jones

“Every day of my life, I make an effort. Like, everything’s an effort – a good effort.”

― Finn Jones

“That’s one of my real goals is to keep theater in my life.”

― Finn Wittrock

“Fantasy was something I’d read as a child. And, in fact, my teachers despaired a little bit because I refused to give up Enid Blyton. Then I walked through the wardrobe with C. S. Lewis, and I don’t think I actually have returned fully from the wardrobe. So, fantasy was something that was in my life from quite young.”

― Fiona McIntosh

“Half of my life, I’ve had people staring at me because they think I’m funny-looking and ugly. The other half of my life, I’ve had people staring at me because they think I’m fascinating. Everything neutralises. It’s more of a statement on society and how weird it is.”

― FKA twigs

“I love my life and my mistakes and my triumphs – all of it.”

― Flea

“My father was out of my life when I was pretty young – when I was 7 years old, he was gone. I didn’t see him for the rest of my childhood.”

― Flea

“I wanted to play in a band, and I wanted to do music for a living, and that’s what I dedicated my life to.”

― Flea

“Running opened up something beautiful in my life. I try to send the energy all over my body. I love the feeling of it.”

― Flea

“A big part of my life is music education because it changed my life – but arts, academics and athletics should all be equally treated in the school.”

― Flea

“When I first heard about Twittering, I thought it was the most disgusting thing I’d ever heard of in my life. It’s like the devil: the idea that your personal life is there for everybody.”

― Flea

“When Hillel died, it was during one of the happiest times of my life. I was married and completely in love and had a baby on the way.”

― Flea

“My show is my statement. What I have to say is on the screen. My life is my own. I don’t want to talk about my private self. Why should I?”

― Flip Wilson

“Music is my life, and if I like a song, chances are the world will also.”

― Flo Rida

“I had a general burnout: I got extremely tired; I couldn’t do anything anymore. I canceled tours; I cancelled everything in my life. For a year and a half, I was completely sick; I couldn’t do anything. So yeah, I wanted to write about it in my lyrics. ‘Anatomy Of A Nervous Breakdown’ is really about that, the inspiration behind it.”

― Floor Jansen

“My life has never been easy. It’s like all the major events of my life have always been difficult.”

― Florence Henderson

“Throughout my life, I’ve been that annoying kid on every stage at school, in every talent contest.”

― Florence Pugh

“My siblings and I were friends with the boys who would become our stepbrothers – we grew up on the same street. I feel very special to have these amazing people in my life and if we hadn’t all moved into this big house together I think I would have missed out on that, because we would have drifted apart.”

― Florence Welch

“I’ve had boxing gloves on since before I could walk and been in gyms all of my life.”

― Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

“I’ve grown up by the beach all my life, and I almost get anxiety if I haven’t been swimming for a couple weeks or a month. It kind of builds up, so I try and get out as much as possible.”

― Flume

“I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, which doesn’t feel like L.A. It’s a bit different. It’s still L.A. County, but it’s not the same, it’s not the kind of place where they embrace you for being a weirdo. You were just left alone with your Nintendo, and that was my life.”

― Flying Lotus

“I told as much of my life as I could to encourage people: to encourage others to get to where they should be, where they want to be.”

― Folorunsho Alakija

“I try to live my life in a holistic way, show that all of it intersects because I’m coming from the same place. Now, at the core of it, I’m just trying to connect and be there, so I’m trying to be there for my family, my wife, my kids, my friends.”

― Forest Whitaker

“The key is that I’m trying to keep growing and trying to keep learning and deepen my connection in every way, in my life, in my work. That’s what I do when I look at a role.”

― Forest Whitaker

“I’ve had many incidents in my life of racism. I’ve been thrown on the ground. I’ve been frisked. I’ve been arrested so many times I couldn’t tell you. I have no need to talk about it.”

― Forest Whitaker

“I work as if I were going to be the next person to need a respirator. I share in the benefits I bestow on others, and my work has enriched my life.”

― Forrest Bird

“I did one of those ‘born again’ things and invited Jesus to become the chairman of the board, of my life.”

― Foster Friess

“My life needed to be saved. Not just Foxy. That’s my character. That’s my work. Inga is a person.”

― Foxy Brown

“My mum is still present in my life. Every goal I score, I dedicate to her. When I am not doing well, I also think about her.”

― Fran Kirby

“A lot of my life has been, ‘Fran plays football.’ But no, Fran is a normal human being, and I need to live my life.”

― Fran Kirby

“We’ve moved so much, and my life has been so inconsistent.”

― Frances Bean Cobain

“The oceans have been a part of my life for as long as I remember. As a child, I spent hours playing in the surf off Cape Cod. In college, I fished along the rocky coast of Nova Scotia with my school’s fishing team.”

― Frances Beinecke

“The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.”

― Frances E. Willard

“In my life, I don’t have roadblocks and obstacles. I might have something you would call a ‘challenge.’ I throw that out the window, and I call that a wonderful opportunity.”

― Frances Hesselbein

“It’s much easier to play supporting roles because that’s what I do in my life: I support my son.”

― Frances McDormand

“I’ve always known that I’ll have a career for the rest of my life because they’ll always make movies about men, and men need women in their lives. But, when it comes to telling a woman’s story, they’re complex, circular, and not genre-driven.”

― Frances McDormand

“I’ve given just as much of my life to that, and I practiced it with the same zeal, as I have acting. And I think that many of my skill sets from being a housewife I used for producing. Because you don’t stop until it’s done.”

― Frances McDormand

“There is simply too much of my life that is involved in my work that I couldn’t replicate in any other way.”

― Frances McDormand

“I’m often asked if I regret not going to Hollywood. I’m glad I didn’t go, because if I had I wouldn’t have my extended family, which is the fabric of my life. Only recently have I realised how special and unusual it is.”

― Francesca Annis

“I don’t think the media circus has ever been a shock to my life seeing as I was with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor when I was 17.”

― Francesca Annis

“The first part of my life, as a player, has ended but now I’m heading into an equally important part as a manager, hoping to do as well as I did on the field.”

― Francesco Totti

“I want the joy of knowing that I am doing something with my life, the joy of battle.”

― Francis Chan

“Every year in my life, I trust fewer and fewer people.”

― Francis Chan

“I finished up my graduate degree in quantum mechanics, but underwent a bit of a personal crisis, recognizing that I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life. It was too abstract, too far removed from human concerns.”

― Francis Collins

“I bring to my life a certain amount of mess.”

― Francis Ford Coppola

“’The Godfather’ changed my life, for better or worse. It definitely made me have an older man’s film career when I was 29.”

― Francis Ford Coppola

“I think it’s better to be overly ambitious and fail than to be underambitious and succeed in a mundane way. I have been very fortunate. I failed upward in my life!”

― Francis Ford Coppola

“I never went to a psychologist or psychiatrist in my life. Never. You know, Italians are a little prejudiced against that kind of thing.”

― Francis Ford Coppola

“I’ve figured out in the course of my life that the one thing I’m good at doing is writing books, and it would be crazy to trade that in for something else.”

― Francis Fukuyama

“There is nothing left to me but honor, and my life, which is saved.”

― Francis I

“Rio was a period of my life, and then, poof, I’m gone. I was very young living here, just kind of floating. New York was a foundation for everything I do today. Rio was the bridge.”

― Francisco Costa

“Someone who was a part of my life. Probably the only one that really mattered.”

― Franco Nero

“I watched ‘E.T.’ when I was a kid every day. Well, not all of it every day; I’d pause it and start over again. But I’ve watched ‘E.T.’ about 400 times in my life.”

― Francois Arnaud

“I was an opportunist and got away with things because I was very young, but I went to prison and came out and remade my life.”

― Frank Abagnale

“Most people are fascinated by what I did as a teenager, but when I look back at my life, I don’t think very much about those years. I was an opportunist and got away with things because I was very young, but I went to prison and came out and remade my life.”

― Frank Abagnale

“When I look back at my life now, I’m not amazed by what I did at 16 to 21.”

― Frank Abagnale

“When I was 28 years old, I thought it would be great to have a movie about my life. I was egotistical and self-centered.”

― Frank Abagnale

“For a startling period of my life, I reported the Troubles in Ireland for the BBC. I lived in Dublin and was called out to all sorts of incidents that, if taken together, add up to a war – bombings, assassinations, riots, shootings, robberies, jailbreaks, kidnappings, and sieges.”

― Frank Delaney

“Israel changed my life. It is one of the most amazing countries that I have ever been to.”

― Frank Grillo

“I have been black and blue in some spot, somewhere, almost all my life from too intimate contacts with my own furniture.”

― Frank Lloyd Wright

“The loss of my father was the most traumatic event in my life – I can’t forget the pain.”

― Frank Lowy

“The loss of my father marked my life. I’m 88 years old and I’m still mourning him because it’s such a drama for me. It was just after my bar mitzvah and it was so tragic. The effect on me, I carry it all my life.”

― Frank Lowy

“I knew that Britain and the United States were beacons of freedom and democracy at a time when my life – and Western civilisation itself – was at grave risk.”

― Frank Lowy

“All my life from a young man I have worked very hard and I enjoyed it very much and I was really afraid with what I would do when I no longer had the responsibility.”

― Frank Lowy

“I’m eternally grateful to the penal system in California for saving my life.”

― Frank Morgan

“This has always been my life and no one else’s, and that’s how it’s always been since the day I came in it.”

― Frank Ocean

“I booked my first studio at like 12 or 13. Somewhere in that season of my life, singing along with the radio became me wanting to be on radio, you know. And writing Langston Hughes replica poems became me wanting to write like Stevie Wonder.”

― Frank Ocean

“I booked my first studio at like 12 or 13. Somewhere in that season of my life, singing along with the radio became me wanting to be on radio, you know.”

― Frank Ocean

“I used to think, ‘How can I write my life story? I’m still living it.’”

― Frank Serpico

“My acting career began on the streets of New York. When I was a cop, I played many impressive roles, from derelict to a doctor, and my life often depended on my performance.”

― Frank Serpico

“What I do with my life is of my own doing. I live it the best way I can. I’ve been criticized on many, many occasions, because of – acquaintances, and what have you.”

― Frank Sinatra

“I don’t like to say I have given my life to art. I prefer to say art has given me my life.”

― Frank Stella

“I wanted to be what I am. All my life. A musician and an actor.”

― Frank Vincent

“There have been a lot of memorable meals in my life and in my career.”

― Frankie Avalon

“If I could have a record that represents every stage of my life, I’d be putting out one a month. Everything is always changing, and so is the way that I feel about stuff.”

― Frankie Cosmos

“Performing is something that has really grown on me and become an important part of my life, which I didn’t used to feel. I didn’t used to want to really perform live a lot. It’s been an interesting adjustment.”

― Frankie Cosmos

“I try very hard to live my life in an exemplary way, which is, you know, ‘Shine bright like Frankie.’”

― Frankie Grande

“’Ray of Light’ changed my life. The whole album, but that song specifically, was just so life-changing and incredible for me.”

― Frankie Grande

“If there is a transmigration of souls then I am not yet on the bottom rung. My life is a hesitation before birth.”

― Franz Kafka

“Hesitation before birth. If there is a transmigration of souls then I am not yet on the bottom rung. My life is a hesitation before birth.”

― Franz Kafka

“I wanted so badly to be in a famous band, and it was not happening. I played drums with different bands and with the Blue Man Group in Chicago, but I definitely felt like, ‘Wow, I did not picture my life being like this.’”

― Fred Armisen

“The bands that were big in ’77, like the Clash and the Sex Pistols and Talking Heads, I got into them in the early ’80s. And it changed my life. It got into my DNA.”

― Fred Armisen

“I don’t think I’ve ever hosted anything in my life.”

― Fred Armisen

“You have to understand how lucky I feel. I was on ‘Saturday. Night. Live.’ I played with the Clash! On what planet would I look at anything in my life in any less-than-stellar way?”

― Fred Armisen

“My life. The life I’m living that’s where all my inspiration comes from. Real life experiences.”

― Fred Durst

“Stryker was a company that allowed me, when I had my knee replaced and I got the Stryker GetAroundKnee put in, to get my career back and get my life back.”

― Fred Funk

“I was just living my life, and that’s what I wanted to do.”

― Fred Korematsu

“Ultimately, a director is a storyteller. I wanted to fortify that part of my life as a director, so I thought the best way to do that is to study and learn about the greatest stories ever written.”

― Fred Savage

“I saw the ‘Wizard of Oz’ recently and realized that, all my life, I thought they were real monkeys with wings. That’s how scary that movie was for me.”

― Fred Willard

“It’s just so much fun to relax and just play baseball for a living. It’s a great time in my life. I’m never going to forget it, and it’s very humbling.”

― Freddie Freeman

“The big new development in my life is, when I turned 80, I decided I no longer have to do four pages a day. For me, it’s like retiring.”

― Frederik Pohl

“I’m fully aware that ‘Doctor Who’ will always, always be part of my life, and that’s not something I would run away from in the slightest. I wear it with pride, definitely.”

― Freema Agyeman

“There have been two great accidents in my life. One was the trolley, and the other was Diego. Diego was by far the worst.”

― Frida Kahlo

“Painting completed my life.”

― Frida Kahlo

“I really feel that my life story is a continuation of the Great American Dream – the immigrant who comes to this country and is allowed to excel. How many other countries would let me do that?”

― Friedrich St. Florian

“It is just that all my life I have been so involved in my work that I guess one could say in general that, whenever I had to balance my private life and my profession, my profession always won out.”

― Fritz Lang

“I’m an entrepreneur. This is my life. This my career. This the way I eat.”

― Future

“My day one fans – my fans from my mix tape days – know my life now. They know where I’ve been. You don’t want to have a disconnection with those fans. You have to give them all of you because they feel like they’ve known you.”

― Future

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. I wouldn’t say musically, though.”

― Future

“I’ll be a Bay kid for the rest of my life. That’s in my veins; that’s in my bones.”

― G-Eazy

“I’ve never fit in anywhere in my life. Ever.”

― G-Eazy

“I think it’s natural for a creative to be sensitive. If I’m in the studio and I write something, I think it’s the greatest thing in the world; it’s like my baby. I just made something out of thin air that exists now in a tangible form. It’s the biggest thrill in my life.”

― G-Eazy

“Anything back in New Orleans is definitely nostalgic. I really played my first shows of my life and learned to perform here. I learned how to work a stage and how to connect with a crowd. It all started here.”

― G-Eazy

“All my life, people have made fun of the way I speak. I guess because a lot of my vocabulary is made up of things that other people say. I started making fun of them and imitating them and now that’s how I speak.”

― Gabourey Sidibe

“What is that song that Willie Nelson sang? ‘Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few.’ I think of that. No big deal. I’ve reached a stage in my life where I am content.”

― Gabriel Byrne

“I had one of the best days of my life. I spent the afternoon with my two kids and my ex-wife at Serendipity. Then I came to the theater, and you know, I think I did the play the best I’ve ever done it.”

― Gabriel Byrne

“I have two idols in my life – God and my mum.”

― Gabriel Jesus

“My life has always been full of challenges.”

― Gabriel Jesus

“Jardim Peri will be always marked in my life, and I’m always going to bring it with me. It will not only be on a tattoo on my body – but also in my heart.”

― Gabriel Jesus

“The two most important things in my life were academics and sports. I had to do my schoolwork first.”

― Gabriel Luna

“Tennis has had a very positive impact on my life.”

― Gabriela Sabatini

“I don’t feel like a pop star. I like being able to live my life the same as my mates. I don’t get recognised much.”

― Gabrielle Aplin

“I don’t revisit anything unless there’s a really good occasion, like BAM screened ‘This Is My Life’, with Lena Dunham and Nora Ephron before she died. It also screened ‘Uncle Buck’, so I took my niece. I don’t have a TV, so I don’t happen upon old movies like you would if you had cable.”

― Gaby Hoffmann

“I really, really loved making ‘This Is My Life’ and ‘Now and Then.’”

― Gaby Hoffmann

“I was anxious before I decided to go back to acting about what I wanted to do with my life. Once I realized I was sort of interested in acting, I’ve been pretty lucky and had all these great parts. And I feel pretty much like, ‘What will happen will happen.’”

― Gaby Hoffmann

“Morocco is completely alive for me because I spent about a third of my life there. The first few times I went back to Casablanca, I walked through the streets and remembered how years earlier I had walked those same streets and prayed that a miracle would happen and I would leave and become famous.”

― Gad Elmaleh

“My story about becoming an actor is a completely non-romantic one. I became an actor because my parents were actors, and it seemed like a very… I knew I was going to act all my life, but I didn’t know that I was going to be a professional actor. I thought I was just going to work as an actor every now and then.”

― Gael Garcia Bernal

“When I was immobilized by fear, I might have a panic attack. I’ve had a couple of panic attacks in my life.”

― Gail Sheehy

“There are few women in America that don’t want to lose 5 pounds, but I refuse to let that thought dominate my life. And there are too many other real problems in the world – real obesity problems and real hunger problems – to worry that much about a few pounds that I’d like to lose.”

― Gail Simmons

“Canada is a big part of my life.”

― Gail Simmons

“I have had a lot of dreams come true as a writer… I’ve gotten to work with artists I adored as a reader; I’ve gotten to write characters that changed my life as a kid.”

― Gail Simone

“I’ve been very active all my life. I was a combat instructor in the Israeli Army.”

― Gal Gadot

“I have spent my life paying attention to my art form, developing my art form, worrying about my show and what I’m bringing to people, making sure that I give them a fine trade.”

― Gallagher

“It only took one text message to change my life. That’s when I discovered my loving husband had been unfaithful. His infidelities ended our marriage.”

― Garcelle Beauvais

“I don’t go out, so I don’t get attention from girls. They’re not going to have posters of me on their walls. I just try to get on with my life.”

― Gareth Bale

“Speech and having a stammer is obviously a big part of my life.”

― Gareth Gates

“I’ve stammered all my life, and it’s fair to say that my stammer has shaped my life. It’s made me make some decisions that I’m sure I wouldn’t have if I didn’t suffer with this affliction.”

― Gareth Gates

“I have been in sport in different areas for long enough to know what my life is day to day.”

― Gareth Southgate

“As a heterosexual man, I’ve never really doubted my sexuality, but I’ve had men in my life and thought, ‘If I was gay, I’d be with him’ – you know?”

― Garret Dillahunt

“I used to be sick of the backroads of Minnesota. I had to drive 30 miles to get home every day, take the schoolbus for two hours. But to drive through America and see the backroads, from Nashville to Memphis, Lovick to New Mexico, was incredible. It was probably the greatest trip of my life.”

― Garrett Hedlund

“Just personally, I’ve been attached to ‘On the Road’ since 2007 and it was the greatest thing in my life when I got cast in it. I couldn’t believe it. When I was 17 and read the book, I looked it up on IMDb and it said that Francis Ford Coppola was going to direct it.”

― Garrett Hedlund

“I’ve met enough KGB colonels in my life.”

― Garry Kasparov

“It’s quite difficult for me to imagine my life without chess.”

― Garry Kasparov

“Editing is the only process. The shooting is the pleasant work. The editing makes the movie, so I spend all my life in editing.”

― Garry Marshall

“I feel that everything I do in my life I can do in a shorter time than most men can. It’s the quality, not the quantity.”

― Garry Shandling

“Here’s the thing – I’m single, I haven’t been married, I don’t have kids yet. If I do have kids I would be interested to see them in my life, so here’s a movie for kids and I’m in there and I’m supposed to be kind of funny for kids.”

― Garry Shandling

“I enjoy ‘The Apprentice’ and the one that’s called ‘Take My Life’ and the other one called ‘Stop Hitting Me.’”

― Garry Shandling

“I have nothing against priests. In fact, I tried for a time to be one… It should be clear, then, that I respect, and am often fond of, the many priests in my life.”

― Garry Wills

“I don’t really think about having a retrospective on my high-school years. It’s not something that, from a positive or a negative standpoint, is a driving force in my life.”

― Gary Bettman

“Maybe I’ve got to admit that what I did here was enough. I can make some more films. Maybe I’ll direct a film. Maybe I’ll have my musical put on stage. But nothing, really, to be absolutely honest, competes with making a very successful pop band for 10 years of my life.”

― Gary Kemp

“For 24 hours a day, for 10 years, all I thought about was being in a band. That’s all I did. I had no other social life. I don’t want my life to be like that now. I’ve spent the past 10 years having a real life as well. But Spandau Ballet is such a difficult shadow to outrun.”

― Gary Kemp

“Song-writing is therapy for me. I’m a very moody person, very difficult to live with. There’s a lot going on and a lot of contradictions. My life is always one step away from disaster.”

― Gary Numan

“Maybe I over-do the ‘not-80s’ thing. It should be a part of my life that I’ve got some sort of pride in, but I’ve got this huge chip on my shoulder about ’80s nostalgia – and it annoys fans sometimes.”

― Gary Numan

“Getting sober was one of the three pivotal events in my life, along with becoming an actor and having a child. Of the three, finding my sobriety was the hardest thing.”

― Gary Oldman

“In our family, we’ve always been owned by border collies, or dogs of one kind or another, and have rescued many dogs. We’ve lived in the woods and sometimes have had as many as 70 sled dogs. Or had six or seven dogs living in the house. Dogs have saved my life on more than one occasion – and I mean that literally.”

― Gary Paulsen

“I have this data bank garbage can in the back of my head that is an emotional collection of events that have occurred in my life.”

― Gary Sherman

“After spending three years of my life looking into this, I am more convinced than ever that the U.S. government’s responsibility for the drug problems in South Central Los Angeles and other inner cities is greater than I ever wrote in the newspaper.”

― Gary Webb

“There’s men and women who sacrifice and do so much for us so I can go out and play a game of golf and live my life under freedom.”

― Gary Woodland

“I was like, ‘I’m only going to do musical theater for the rest of my life. I’m never going to do TV.’ And whenever I’d get auditions for TV, I’d be like, ‘Okay, whatever. I’ve got a lisp, so they’re not going to take me.’ And then I started doing this, and I guess it was my sister that got me into the acting thing.”

― Gaten Matarazzo

“My life is with Shah Rukh and the kids. He is the best husband and father I could ever ask for.”

― Gauri Khan

“I’m sure I will reach a position in my life where people will understand it’s not about being Mrs. Shah Rukh Khan but about the work I do.”

― Gauri Khan

“My life is my life, and I’ll live it.”

― Gavin Creel

“It’s kind of nice to not have Twitter in my life.”

― Gavin McInnes

“I was an atheist most of my life, and now I am a God-fearing Catholic because of the miracle of life. And I’m pro-life.”

― Gavin McInnes

“Sundance is going to be a defining moment in my life. But the unfortunate thing about Sundance is, when you have a film there, you can’t have the opportunity to see other films.”

― Gavin O’Connor

“I don’t have a lot of men in my life. I’m married, but I have daughters. I’m surrounded by a lot of females in my world.”

― Gayle Forman

“I know for sure that nothing is guaranteed. Life always changes. I know for sure that I’m open to all possibilities always… let’s just say my life is never boring.”

― Gayle King

“I’m basically a really happy person. My life is nuts, but it feels complete.”

― Gayle King

“I never intended to become a data head. I could never have predicted it would play such an important role in my life. Yet here we are: My Institute on Gender in Media has sponsored the largest amount of research ever done on gender depictions in media, covering a 20-year-plus span.”

― Geena Davis

“I know my body. What happened is that I got so caught up in the applause I forgot how I should dance. All my life I’ve been what others wanted – in dancing and in life. Now I’m doing it my way.”

― Gelsey Kirkland

“I think in terms of me shying away from modelling, I would like to clarify in some way that I was taking a break from many things in my life and obviously what people in the public see is that I’m pulling away from what is more public.”

― Gemma Ward

“To make my brothers and my sister laugh was the greatest joy to me in my life. I like people who can make fun of themselves a lot.”

― Gemma Ward

“Perhaps the two greatest moments of my life were standing on the moon and being outside of the room when my granddaughter was born! We tend not to remember the worst.”

― Gene Cernan

“Neil Armstrong was probably one of the most human guys I’ve ever known in my life.”

― Gene Cernan

“I think a lot of the things in my life that I become most passionate about, and most excited about, are all from comics.”

― Gene Luen Yang

“I have felt many times trapped by ‘Star Trek.’ It cost me dearly. It won’t anymore, because I’ve come to grips with what it is and where it fits in my life.”

― Gene Roddenberry

“The only jobs kids have are to do well in school, to be charming and polite, and be thankful. That’s it. I’ll house you, protect you, I’ll even give my life for you, and in return, you will behave.”

― Gene Simmons

“Television and comic books are, and continue to be, probably the biggest influence in my life. It’s the biggest influence on everybody’s life.”

― Gene Simmons

“Trying to make order out of my life was like trying to pick up a jellyfish.”

― Gene Tierney

“I saw a play in a black box theatre, and it changed my life.”

― Geneva Carr

“Like I said, TLC has enough of my life. I have to keep some of it for myself.”

― Genevieve Gorder

“There is something else at work here that is beyond me – and that is Laura. She has a life of her own. There is a magic in her. The muse is in her. And I’m lucky to have her in my life.”

― Genie Francis

“I’m a boxer. I’m a boxer. If you’re interested, just watch my boxing, not my life.”

― Gennady Golovkin

“While writing, I’m always so happy in the middle of a book or finishing a book and really hate starting them, so I often think, ‘I wish I had a really big book to write to which I could devote seven years of my life.’”

― Geoff Dyer

“One of the great privileges of my life was growing up in a house without books.”

― Geoff Dyer

“Once I got cancer of the tongue and throat, I realised that stress is a killer and I had to try and get stress out of my life.”

― Geoffrey Boycott

“A lot of wasted energy in my life has been spent on sorting out problems and issues at Yorkshire cricket. Of course, I know I made mistakes along the way, but I care passionately about the club – I always have done and always will.”

― Geoffrey Boycott

“During the first six years of my life, Hungary was one of the most important components of the Habsburg dynasty’s vast Austro-Hungarian Empire, but after World War I it became an independent national entity.”

― Georg Solti

“I would be willing, yes glad, to see a battle every day during my life.”

― George Armstrong Custer

“I have been doing music all my life so everyday when I get up I expect music will be part of it.”

― George Benson

“My whole career from the early 70s on has been mind-blowing. I didn’t imagine in my life that I would ever be considered a guitar player first of all because I started off as a singer.”

― George Benson

“All my life affection has been showered upon me, and every forward step I have made has been taken in spite of it.”

― George Bernard Shaw

“In 1969, I gave up women and alcohol – it was the worst 20 minutes of my life.”

― George Best

“It all went wrong with football, the thing I loved most of all, and from there, my life slowly fell apart.”

― George Best

“When I look back on my life as a whole, it is impossible for me not to feel blessed.”

― George Best

“I’ve only read two books in my life: Baseball Sparkplug and Love Story.”

― George Brett

“I look to the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life.”

― George Burns

“My life isn’t focused on results. My life is really focused on the process of doing all the things I’m doing, from work to relationships to friendships to charitable work.”

― George Clooney

“It may be, however, that I am too much wedded to my own views in the matter, and as I have spent nearly eight years of the hardest work of my life in this department, I respectfully request that I may now be relieved from its command.”

― George Crook

“Spare all I have, and take my life.”

― George Farquhar

“Boxing has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. The biggest challenge in my life. I was a boxer. That was hard. Everything else is pretty easy.”

― George Foreman

“If you are asking did I support the Soviet Union, yes I did. Yes, I did support the Soviet Union, and I think the disappearance of the Soviet Union is the biggest catastrophe of my life.”

― George Galloway

“The U.S.S. George H. W. Bush is a great thing in my life. It’s amazing. A great honor.”

― George H. W. Bush

“I’d give a year of my life if I could hit a homerun on opening day of this great new park.”

― George Herman

“I’m glad I made the decision, although the practice of law – and particularly serving as a federal judge – was a part of my life that I really enjoyed and treasured and look back on it with fondness.”

― George J. Mitchell

“Changes your life, getting into the Hall of Fame. For the rest of my life, I’ll be known as Hall of Famer George Kell.”

― George Kell

“It was June 4, 1979, the first time I went on stage. I didn’t know I could do it but I knew I couldn’t not do it. I quit everything in my life and this was the one thing I couldn’t quit.”

― George Lopez

“It sounds a little bit too arrogant, but I think I certainly have a working model for how I conduct my life, and it may or may not be a correct worldview.”

― George M. Church

“I say to myself that I shall try to make my life like an open fireplace, so that people may be warmed and cheered by it and so go out themselves to warm and cheer.”

― George Matthew Adams

“I have to have a passion in my life.”

― George McGovern

“If someone really wants to hurt you, they’ll find a way whatever. I don’t want to live my life worrying about it.”

― George Michael

“I write about my life.”

― George Michael

“Is my body a temple, or is my life a temple? I’m definitely in the latter category, and I think my life has been better since thinking that way.”

― George Michael

“In terms of my work, I’ve never been reticent in terms of defining my sexuality. I write about my life.”

― George Michael

“I go to the Catholic Church. God is an important part of my life. If he was not, I don’t think I could have survived.”

― George Newbern

“I can’t imagine a God who would ever need to intercede in the daily travails of my life.”

― George Osborne

“I was really rudderless at one point my life. And once I started reading books, then I got the idea that maybe I could become a writer. I had a goal. And every day when I got up, there was a reason.”

― George Pelecanos

“My senior year at College Park, University of Maryland, I took an elective class in crime fiction taught by Charles C. Mish. He turned me on in a big way to reading and books. I was lucky to have a teacher who changed the course of my life.”

― George Pelecanos

“I started out in engineering. I was a geophysical engineer. Throughout the course of my life I’ve done a lot of strange jobs, and the effect has been to make me think a little more skeptically about our capitalist society.”

― George Saunders

“Winning is the most important thing in my life, after breathing. Breathing first, winning next.”

― George Steinbrenner

“In my mid-20s, I was directing episodes of ‘Alfred Hitchcock’ and ‘Peter Gunn.’ I was pretty much on course and – as I sometimes joke – was prepared to devote my life to become the second best film director in my family.”

― George Stevens, Jr.

“I’m just not going to tour. One point I want to get across to everybody is that I’m still going to make records and I may still do some events. It’s not the last time I’m onstage. It’s been a part of my life for too long to quit everything. I have done it since the ’80s, and I think it’s time now to maybe see if I can live without that part.”

― George Strait

“I am who I am: I have my life experiences and my professional experiences.”

― George Stroumboulopoulos

“I spent my boyhood behind the barbed wire fences of American internment camps and that part of my life is something that I wanted to share with more people.”

― George Takei

“It has long been a dream of mine that this important story one day would be told on the great American stage of Broadway. In fact, I’ve dedicated much of the latter half of my life to ensuring the story of the internment is known.”

― George Takei

“I have two passions in my life. One is to raise the awareness of the internment of Japanese-American citizens. My other passion is the theater. And I’ve been able to wed the two passions.”

― George Takei

“My religion is my most precious possession. Except for it, I could easily have become excessively occupied with industry. Sharing responsibility for church work has been a vital counterbalance in my life.”

― George W. Romney

“I have made sense of my life by developing an ability to analyze Mainstream American Cultural Artifacts.”

― George W. S. Trow

“I have lived much of my life among molecules. They are good company.”

― George Wald

“I know I have a successful career, a successful life. If I sit and say, ‘Look, I have a comfortable life,’ and I… just think about myself, I don’t think that would be fair. That would be very selfish. Because everything I do in my life is to benefit my people.”

― George Weah

“I think I knew I was going to be a musician for the rest of my life kind of early. When I was in third grade, I was playing in a talent show, and my dad wrote a two- or three-minute boogie-woogie piece. I played it, everybody loved it, and I was like, ‘Wow, this is great.’”

― Gerald Clayton

“I swim in a sea of words. They flow around me and through me and, by a process that is not fully clear to me, some delicate hidden membrane draws forth the stuff that is the necessary condition of my life.”

― Geraldine Brooks

“I’ve spent all my life playing roles that illustrious people have played before me.”

― Geraldine McEwan

“Ever since I was a child, I have loved being the centre of attention, but similarly, I can’t remember a time in my life that I haven’t battled with all sorts of quandaries, fears and weaknesses.”

― Gerard Butler

“All that I’ve done in my life thus far, all the poems and all the pictures, are not so much an intermingling of my life with art but a divine accident.”

― Gerard Malanga

“Barcelona is my life, and I do not plan to leave.”

― Gerard Pique

“Shakira has a very great career, knows a lot, and has taught me a lot. She came into my life to transform it, and that makes me very happy.”

― Gerard Pique

“I go to the studio every day, but I don’t paint every day. I love playing with my architectural models. I love making plans. I could spend my life arranging things.”

― Gerhard Richter

“I’m always coming up against scepticism in my life.”

― Geri Halliwell

“I’ve been all sorts of different shapes and sizes at different times in my life.”

― Geri Halliwell

“When I wrote ‘Before The Dawn,’ I made it quite clear that there are lots of people involved in my life who I can’t talk about simply because I’d put them at risk.”

― Gerry Adams

“I’ve spent most of my life in prison. I was a prisoner of my fear and my low self-esteem.”

― Gerry Cooney

“I had personal problems. I was spending 50% of my life on my family, 50% on boxing. Neither was getting anywhere. It was killing me. So I had to break away from fighting.”

― Gerry Cooney

“I had money, but I still didn’t know what to do with my life.”

― Gerry Cooney

“I try to pace my life out and try not to be too involved with negativity and try to fix what I can fix in my life.”

― Ghostface Killah

“After college, I drove across the country twice with friends. It was one of the most fascinating experiences of my life. I find it really inspiring seeing the country that way.”

― Gia Coppola

“Worthy or not, my life is my subject, and my subject is my life.”

― Giacomo Casanova

“I will begin with this confession: whatever I have done in the course of my life, whether it be good or evil, has been done freely; I am a free agent.”

― Giacomo Casanova

“Food was always a big part of my life. My grandfather was one of 14 kids, and his parents had a pasta factory, so as a kid, he and his siblings would sell pasta door to door. After he became a movie producer, he opened up De Laurentiis Food Stores – one in Los Angeles and one in New York.”

― Giada De Laurentiis

“I should have worked harder in my life. I suffer from a guilt complex.”

― Gian Carlo Menotti

“Yoga is a big part of my life now. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t do an Asana and mediation practice.”

― Giancarlo Esposito

“I love to read, and I like the fact that there’s some silence in my life.”

― Giancarlo Esposito

“Well, with each character that I play in my life as an actor, I try to figure out how to find the challenge.”

― Giancarlo Esposito

“I thought it’d be different. Kind of like, a lot of weight lifted off of my shoulders, as I don’t have to worry about finances for the rest of my life, or my family’s. But it wasn’t like that. It was more – there’s things I need to get done.”

― Giancarlo Stanton

“I have not lost an awful lot in my life, but the defeats have taught me more than the victories.”

― Gianluigi Buffon

“I have not lost an awful lot in my life, but the defeats have taught me more than the victories. Whenever I lose, I focus on the ability of my opponent and on the mistakes I made.”

― Gianluigi Buffon

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I think that’s normal for someone who wants to grow and develop. You will have to overcome plenty of obstacles, and it is normal that you should stumble sometimes.”

― Gianluigi Buffon

“I always wanted to be in movies, but I never thought that in a million years there would be a documentary about my life.”

― Gigi Gorgeous

“When I went through my life, I was like, ‘I sit around and play video games all day. Nobody wants to hear about this.’”

― Gilbert Arenas

“I always try to avoid anything that has to do with my life.”

― Gilbert Gottfried

“When the show’s not around any more, it’s going to be hard not to have her in my life.”

― Gillian Anderson

“I have a tendency to go through my life at full speed and as a one-man band, and so I don’t generally stop and take in other people enough to develop many relationships. I’m starting to regret that a bit. I want to change it.”

― Gillian Anderson

“I had my life Monday through Friday in school, and then I had my ‘real life,’ which was my acting class on Saturday.”

― Gillian Jacobs

“I feel like the Internet has embraced the pizza dance. I feel appreciated for once in my life.”

― Gillian Jacobs

“Everything I’ve written has been personal and touched on things that I needed to deal with in my personal life. So I just feel that writing is great therapy, and the best writing comes from truth, and so I mine my life constantly for that.”

― Gina Prince-Bythewood

“I grew up in Chicago, so hip-hop has always been a part of my life.”

― Gina Rodriguez

“I was a salsa dancer for the majority of my life, from, like, 7 to 17, and did the World Salsa Congresses. I realized that I wanted to continue obviously to be a performer. But in my household, being an actor and jumping into acting is not really accepted.”

― Gina Rodriguez

“Only I know my life.”

― Ginger Rogers

“I always say, you know, if I sit here and close my eyes and say, ‘When did I learn the most in my life, in my career?’ It’ll always be when I close them and everything I think of is when I took a risk. It’s when I think I learned the most.”

― Ginni Rometty

“I can safely say that other than macaroni and cheese, there’s no processed food in my life. There’s no inorganic food in my life these days. There’s no junk food. There’s not a lot of sugar. There’s no soy. I mean, really everything that’s going into my body is pretty pure.”

― Ginnifer Goodwin

“There’s nothing I want less than a piece of cheese or a burger. I have nightmares I’m being force-fed these things. I have no interest in converting anyone. It’s purely how I want to live my life. I don’t judge anyone.”

― Ginnifer Goodwin

“I couldn’t throw a knuckleball if my life depended on it.”

― Gio Gonzalez

“I am happiest in public, working in my world. Then I can be the star. That I can do. When I am not working, I am more guarded, set apart. It’s not my life, that. I like interactions, but interaction that is not forced.”

― Giorgio Armani

“A half dozen pictures would just about be enough for the life of an artist, for my life.”

― Giorgio Morandi

“Don’t ask who’s influenced me. A lion is made up of the lambs he’s digested, and I’ve been reading all my life.”

― Giorgos Seferis

“I don’t wear fur and I understand their cause. I am the biggest animal lover in the world. I have four dogs and two horses, and I have rescued animals all my life.”

― Gisele Bundchen

“This is our world and we need the same things to survive. If I’m making my life better and the circumstances of your life worse, that’s terrible because in the end it will affect me, too.”

― Gisele Bundchen

“I want to get a farm where I am going to live for the rest of my life. I like the idea of a secluded place.”

― Gisele Bundchen

“I had to make some adjustments from what my life was like before I was a mom. My kids are so fun and loving, but they are also demanding!”

― Gisele Bundchen

“I don’t regret any decisions I’ve made in my life.”

― Gladys Knight

“I’ve spent all of my life trying to get people to feel a passion for what I do.”

― Gladys Knight

“I’m running my life according to what I know to be true from the Bible and the old scribes.”

― Glen Campbell

“I think it’s important to talk to your inner thing. The purpose is to go over the decisions that will affect my life and others. I pray that I don’t make my decisions based on ego.”

― Glen Taylor

“I’ve been sacrificing my life for my work for 30 years, and now I want it the other way around. I want to find work that fits into my life and that would be based here.”

― Glenn Close

“When I grew up as a kid, a part of my life – I grew up in Boston near Revere Beach, at my grandma’s, and she would take me to the beach.”

― Glenn Danzig

“All that pop that you see on the radio? It’s just the worst crud I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s designed to make money, and that’s about it.”

― Glenn Danzig

“Except for a few guitar chords, everything I’ve learned in my life that is of any value I’ve learned from women.”

― Glenn Frey

“Because of my life experiences, I understand that I have an opportunity to help other women. I have the desire and the ability.”

― Gloria Allred

“I applied for a job at ‘The New York Times’ many years ago, and felt correctly that my life depended on it.”

― Gloria Emerson

“If there’s ever been a dark moment in my life… well, I wanted to check out. Music was a big escape.”

― Gloria Estefan

“I’ve never worn costume jewelry in my life. It’s really very self-defeating. Why should a man buy a woman real jewelry when she wears false pieces?”

― Gloria Guinness

“The day I initiated divorce proceedings against Michael Farmer, I was ready to retire to a desert cave and rethink my life.”

― Gloria Swanson

“I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life playing Norma Desmond over and over again.”

― Gloria Swanson

“My life would be in danger if I return to Mexico.”

― Gloria Trevi

“When I started travelling, I would go to a city and be on television and I used to get the question, ‘Why do you work? If I were you, I’d just go and lie on a beach somewhere.’ And I’d answer, ‘Well, I wanted to make something of my life.’”

― Gloria Vanderbilt

“Throughout my life I have taken detours in acting and writing, but art remains my abiding passion.”

― Gloria Vanderbilt

“My parenting heroes are the Obamas! They’ve been married for so long, and it looks like they’re having fun, and their kids are down to earth, well-adjusted, and smart. They seem to have a strong family unit that I would like to emulate in my life.”

― GloZell

“At 11 years old, I made a very definitive decision, and my decision was that I wanted to be happy. Above and beyond anything I ever did in my life, I wanted to be happy.”

― Goldie Hawn

“That’s how I live my life now, just day-by-day.”

― Goldust

“It took me a long time to get my life screwed up, and it’s going to take a long time to get it back.”

― Goldust

“In my life, my parents wanted me to be a musician, I was supposed to go to Vienna to study piano. But this train wanted to go in another direction.”

― Golshifteh Farahani

“I don’t regret anything and what I have done in my period of my life. Everything happens for a reason, and that’s why I am here.”

― Golshifteh Farahani

“My life has been that of someone who has moved from the countryside to the society. To make that transition, I have had to learn a lot.”

― Gong Li

“Football is my life, but there are more important things in life.”

― Gonzalo Higuain

“I spent one night in the hospital in my life. I was past 75 when that occurred.”

― Gordon B. Hinckley

“I spent the first 18 years of my life in the pastoral town of Vernal, Utah, in the shadows of the Book Cliffs and the Uinta Mountains.”

― Gordon Gee

“But certainly the laser proved to be what I realized it was going to be. At that moment in my life I was too ignorant in business law to be able to do it right, and if I did it over again probably the same damn thing would happen.”

― Gordon Gould

“It’s odd to meet a rather elderly man who says, ‘I’ve been reading you all my life.’ It makes you feel a slight chill.”

― Gore Vidal

“I didn’t mean to spend my life writing American history, which should have been taught in the schools, but I saw no alternative but to taking it on myself. I could think of a lot of cheerier things I’d rather be doing than analyzing George Washington and Aaron Burr. But it came to pass, that was my job, so I did it.”

― Gore Vidal

“I was raised in the Washington household of my grandfather Senator Thomas P. Gore of Oklahoma, and have known politicians intimately all my life.”

― Gore Vidal

“I have always listened to elders in my life.”

― Govinda

“Even though there will be times when I’ll need to protect myself – there will definitely be times when I’ll have to put up my guard just to monitor what comes in and out of my life – there’s a grace there… no pun intended!”

― Grace Gealey

“The arts have always been in and around my life.”

― Grace Gummer

“I’m 23, so I’m not done with my life. But acting, definitely, out of what I’ve done so far, makes me feel the most alive and is very invigorating and thrilling. So I figured I might as well try it for a while.”

― Grace Gummer

“I had done some small-sketch stuff in college, and at that time, Tina Fey was becoming a heavy influence on my life and my world. I decided I wanted to do what she was doing.”

― Grace Helbig

“When I was modelling, I spent half my life staring at thousands of perfect reflections. It got to a stage where I was losing all sense of reality – so after I quit modelling, I took all the mirrors out of my house.”

― Grace Jones

“To be honest, my life is not really as way-out and myth-loaded as people like to portray it.”

― Grace Jones

“I had no childhood, really, so I imagined more than played, and that definitely led to my showbusiness image, the theatrics and the drama of my life.”

― Grace Jones

“I did enjoy and take pride in my work as an actress, yet I’m bemused by suppositions that my life since has somehow been less fulfilling. That certainly is not the case. Rather the reverse.”

― Grace Kelly

“My life is happy, joyous, free, sober and saved, and a lot of fun, too. I have a lot of fun.”

― Grace Lee Whitney

“Prancing around on stage is not the entire purpose of my life.”

― Grace Slick

“I like to make little movies or fake stories about something that happened in my life. I will make a movie in my mind that would translate the same feeling or emotion that I had in whatever just happened.”

― Grace VanderWaal

“Regular school is one bajillion times easier than online school. I want friends; I want a social life. I want that experience in my life.”

― Grace VanderWaal

“The on-stage Gracie may look poised, but the real Gracie is shy, a little self-conscious, and, before every performance of my life, panicky.”

― Gracie Allen

“I had a breakthrough, I think my life just became calmer, I gave up drinking. My priorities changed as I had a young daughter. The group didn’t want me to record for the Think Tank album… so I took it as a sign to leave.”

― Graham Coxon

“Weight is something I’ve battled all my life.”

― Graham Elliot

“Space camp was actually, like, the best summer of my life. It was amazing. But I thought I wanted to be a computer programmer, and among computer science folks, Turing is this object of cult-like fascination.”

― Graham Moore

“I’m just this committed dilettante. I think what I’ve found is that I’ve tried to do a lot of different things in my life and discovered I’m not as good at them as I’d want to be.”

― Graham Moore

“Depression is something I’ve dealt with every day of my life.”

― Graham Moore

“Forty freaked me out. I didn’t see it coming. My life was in a state of chaos – I was moving jobs and moving house – and it just hit me like a ton of bricks.”

― Graham Norton

“I’m actually quite self-sufficient, so it might look as if there isn’t room for anyone in my life. That isn’t entirely the case.”

― Graham Norton

“My life could have been so grim… really, really grim.”

― Graham Norton

“All my interesting stories are from before I was on television. Nothing interesting has happened to me since then. Maybe it’s because the most interesting thing in my life is the show and that’s on telly.”

― Graham Norton

“I had a great dad and we had a great relationship, but he’s still a part of my life.”

― Graham Yost

“I have learned one thing in my life: If I put too much pressure on myself, then everything goes wrong.”

― Granit Xhaka

“Ray Bradbury is, for many reasons, the most influential writer in my life. Throughout our long friendship, Ray supplied not only his terrific stories but a grand model of what a writer could be, should be, and yet rarely is: brilliant and charming and accessible, willing to tolerate and to teach, happy to inspire but also to be inspired.”

― Greg Bear

“I wouldn’t trade my life for anybody’s.”

― Greg Boyle

“I know two L.A.s. Half my life was around the house my folks had for 46 years at 3rd and Norton. The other half was in Boyle Heights on the Eastside, working with gang members.”

― Greg Boyle

“I have a lot of people in my life, and I think there’s something key: the thing that leads to intimacy and relationship and connection is tenderness.”

― Greg Boyle

“My dad is the funniest human being I’ve ever met in my life – for years, I’d watch him hold court in whatever situation he was in; he was the most amazing raconteur. I often feel I’ve hijacked what should have been his career.”

― Greg Davies

“At 33 years old, I didn’t have to work anymore. I had to search through ‘What am I going to do for the rest of my life?’ I wasn’t ready to fly-fish for the rest of my life.”

― Greg Gianforte

“I spent my teens in northern California listening to KALX, KUSF, and KFJC, finding people that changed my life.”

― Greg Gutfeld

“I feel with ELP that I wasn’t making the most of my life and I wasn’t making the most of my creativity. I was marking time. I don’t want to do that. Life is to short.”

― Greg Lake

“When my kids were toddlers, they had all these rotomolded plastic things. My life became surrounded by big, hollow plastic toys – from the scale of playhouses down to rocking horses, and everything in between – which we would then take to the secondhand store. But we’d get sentimentally attached and hate to see them go.”

― Greg Lynn

“I decided in ’96 to dedicate my life to mostly promoting literacy and education for girls in rural Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

― Greg Mortenson

“Once I started the first school, I realized this is what my life is meant to be, is to promote education and help kids go to school, and that’s very clear.”

― Greg Mortenson

“When I first saw ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High,’ I thought: That’s what my life is like. That’s my day-to-day.”

― Greg Mottola

“To me I’ve just really, really found a relaxed, peaceful side of my life and I’m enjoying it.”

― Greg Norman

“I wouldn’t call it bitter. I think it’s just sweet. I’ve always believed my life seems like it’s gotten better and better as each decade has gone by. So I don’t see any I don’t see any bitterness about it.”

― Greg Norman

“I mean, I can actually say goodbye to the game of golf, never hit another golf shot the rest of my life and I’d be happy because I can get back in life without any rotation.”

― Greg Norman

“It’s funny, I lived my first 38 years of my life with maybe one or two people ever saying that I looked like Greg Kinnear. As soon as I get into the entertainment industry, now it’s 100 percent of people.”

― Greg Poehler

“I think the first time baby recognises me and smiles is going to be one of the most amazing times of my life, to be honest.”

― Greg Rutherford

“Lolo Jones came up to me and said, ‘Well done, Greg,’ and I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to her in my life.”

― Greg Rutherford

“Yeah, like, when I look back on my life, I just remember back what happened in ’74, or something. It seems like only the real good stuff comes to mind. I don’t think of all the tragedies and all the funerals. That just doesn’t come to mind at all. I guess I’m really blessed that way.”

― Gregg Allman

“The fans on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ were the craziest fans I’ve ever met in my life in the best possible way. The dedication that those fans have to the show and the characters is amazing.”

― Gregg Sulkin

“The Jewish community is all about love and family, which is the most important thing in my life, too.”

― Gregg Sulkin

“Because my life has been so notorious and so bad, it can overshadow my work.”

― Gregory David Roberts

“’Shantaram’ is the second in the series of a quartet of novels that I have planned about my life but is the first to be written. The third book is a sequel to ‘Shantaram,’ the first a prequel.”

― Gregory David Roberts

“John Glenn’s anniversaries have followed me all of my life. I was born in 1962, the year he orbited Earth.”

― Gregory H. Johnson

“While I pride myself on trying to be creative in all areas of my life, I have occasionally gone overboard, like the time I decided to bring to a party a salad that I constructed, on a huge rattan platter, to look like a miniature scale model of the Gardens of Babylon.”

― Gregory Maguire

“I don’t think my life itself is very interesting.”

― Greil Marcus

“You may boo, you may turn your back, but I have devoted my life to the conservative cause.”

― Gresham Barrett

“The story of my life is about back entrances, side doors, secret elevators and other ways of getting in and out of places so that people won’t bother me.”

― Greta Garbo

“This is where I have wasted the best years of my life.”

― Greta Garbo

“I’ve been through some very difficult stages in my life, but I wouldn’t change anything.”

― Greta Scacchi

“I’m ready to move on to the next chapter of my life in which I will redouble my efforts to empower women in the workplace.”

― Gretchen Carlson

“Becoming Miss America was one of those things. It immediately changed what I thought I was going to do with the rest of my life.”

― Gretchen Carlson

“A lot of things I’ve done in my life have taken incredible mental fortitude.”

― Gretchen Carlson

“I’ve reinvented myself many times in my life. I thought I’d become a concert violinist but burned out at 17. I thought I’d go to law school but became Miss America.”

― Gretchen Carlson

“Hearing that I had a 3 percent chance of ever having kids was one of the more devastating moments in my life.”

― Gretchen Carlson

“My career had zero to do with whether or not my husband also worked. It had everything to do with personal identity, personal goals, and making the most of my life.”

― Gretchen Carlson

“Getting paperwork under control makes me feel more in control of my life generally.”

― Gretchen Rubin

“All my life, I just felt that I should have finished my education.”

― Gretchen Wilson

“Being in the high-school band was some of the funnest years of my life.”

― GRiZ

“My life is my music, so how can I stop? I put 100 percent into my career. I keep this flow going, and that’s important.”

― GRiZ

“Whatever I can do for the longevity of my life, I’m going to do.”

― Grizz Chapman

“I had given thought to acting, but I never really had a good enough opportunity or a character who made sense and paralleled my life a little bit. I feel like I’m one of the poster boys for a bad guy in a movie. I feel like I’m a good person to play a bad guy in a movie. I can say that.”

― Gucci Mane

“There were influences in my life that were more important than journalism, such as comic strips and radio.”

― Guillermo Cabrera Infante

“I’ve been going through immigration all my life, and I’ve been stopped for traffic violations by cops, and they get much more curious about me than the regular guy. The moment they hear my accent, things get a little deeper.”

― Guillermo del Toro

“I’m very grateful of my life and my career and the movies I’ve been able to make.”

― Guillermo del Toro

“It was one of the great pleasures of my life to donate the entire sum of the Nobel Prize, in memory of my sister Ruth Blobel, to the restoration of Dresden.”

― Gunter Blobel

“I can only write a book like ‘The Tin Drum’ or ‘From the Diary of a Snail’ at a special period of my life. The books came about because of how I felt and thought at the time.”

― Gunter Grass

“Southall Broadway, in west London, has been a constant part of my life from the day I arrived in England as a baby from Kenya in 1962. My parents rented a room in one of the terraces off the Broadway, and I’ve seen it change from an ordinary English high street to what is now ‘Little India.’ with a confident Asian community.”

― Gurinder Chadha

“I love my life, and I try to keep my fans happy.”

― Guru Randhawa

“I’ve always been someone who’s had to compartmentalize my life because I was in the closet, and I was in fear of outing myself. I always had so much going on in my mind and couldn’t share it with anyone, so I actually feel like, now that I’m out, I have less to compartmentalize.”

― Gus Kenworthy

“I’ve been through stretches of my life where I’ve been super focused on what I’m eating, and then you’re on the road, and you end up eating a lot of carbs and tacos.”

― Gus Kenworthy

“Free time keeps me going. It’s just something that’s always been a part of my life. I was originally a painter, and I made films sort of as an extension of that, and then I started to try to make dramatic films because the early films were experimental films.”

― Gus Van Sant

“I hope to live all my life for my art, without abandoning my principles one iota.”

― Gustave Courbet

“Growing up in Northern California, I’ve only seen snow at Christmas maybe twice in my life! I was always jealous of my cousins on the East Coast with their white Christmases.”

― Guy Fieri

“I had been obsessed with the Arthurian legends all my life, and I knew that that would work its way into any trilogy I wrote. I was fascinated by the Eddas, the Norse and Icelandic legends, Odin on the world tree.”

― Guy Gavriel Kay

“What I lack in talent, I compensate with my willingness to grind it out. That’s the secret of my life.”

― Guy Kawasaki

“At the end of my life, is it better to say that I empowered people to make great stuff, or that I died with a net worth of $10 billion? Obviously I’m picking the former, although I would not mind both.”

― Guy Kawasaki

“I was impressed all my life. Because of the Montreal Canadiens’ past, it means a lot because it was a team I cherished as a kid. It was my dream playing for the Montreal Canadiens – it was my dad’s team.”

― Guy Lafleur

“I’ve been playing hockey since I was five years old. It’s a part of my life.”

― Guy Lafleur

“All my life I’ve been flirting. I’m no different. I still carry on the same way.”

― Guy Laliberte

“I always have traveled with a camera throughout my life, but I always had my old 35mm film camera. When I was training to go into space, the only equipment there was a digital camera. I went through a fast-track class on Earth. It actually was fun, though I’m basically a dinosaur with computers.”

― Guy Laliberte

“I grew up doing musicals. I’ve done so many musicals in my life, I kind of got them out of my system. But, I certainly would be open to them. Rocky Horror Show is a big favorite of mine.”

― Guy Pearce

“I was a different person before I started to write. When I realized I could be a songwriter and that people would listen – that was when I started feeling good in my life.”

― Gwen Stefani

“There’s so many parts of my life that I’ve struggled with – that so many millions of others struggled with – about being an outsider, about feeling ugly, about having to overcome looking different to other people.”

― Gwendoline Christie

“I eat whatever I want. I like bread and cheese and wine, and that makes my life fun and enjoyable.”

― Gwyneth Paltrow

“What I’ve learned is I want to enjoy my life, and food is a big part of it.”

― Gwyneth Paltrow

“During the strict macrobiotic chapter of my life, I ate miso soup every day for breakfast and sometimes with dinner as well.”

― Gwyneth Paltrow

“I think the personal stories that I tell in my life, I think, sort of do add up to say that you can fail and fail and fail again and continue to move forward.”

― H. Jon Benjamin

“In my life I do a lot of things but I never forget my training.”

― Haile Gebrselassie

“Facebook is my life.”

― Hailee Steinfeld

“I wrote a play that I directed and I was in, and I paid for the sets and the costumes and to put it up in a theater all through modeling. It really afforded me a lot of creative control in my life.”

― Hailey Gates

“I went to Carnegie Mellon for a year and a month or two, and then I dropped out because I got a movie. I didn’t anticipate ever leaving school – I was a really serious drama student – and then that happened, and my life sort of took a turn.”

― Hale Appleman

“If my life had to be a song I would name it, ‘Live every day like its your best day ever’, because it pretty much is.”

― Haley Reinhart

“Out of the depths, O Lord, out of the depths,’ begins the most beautiful of the services of our church, and it is out of the depths of my life that I must bring the incidents of this story.”

― Hall Caine

“I’m just going to live my life and be who I am.”

― Halle Berry

“I know that I will never find my father in any other man who comes into my life, because it is a void in my life that can only be filled by him.”

― Halle Berry

“Being a mother is probably the most important thing in my life right now.”

― Halle Berry

“My first album was called ‘Badlands,’ and it’s something that I think I’m most proud of having done in my life.”

― Halsey

“I went to high school in Los Angeles, and I grew up riding horses, so that was kind of my life. I always wanted to act.”

― Halston Sage

“I was a fashion editor for years in London before I came to ‘Vogue,’ and I spent my life arranging the folds of a ball gown skirt for a picture and pinning fabric and using all those stylist tricks. And you don’t have to do that now because they can do it in Photoshop.”

― Hamish Bowles

“I’m not a huge soccer fan, but I follow the sport. I played in high school, a little bit in college, played on various club teams most of my life, and all three of my sons are competitive soccer players and far better than I ever was.”

― Hampton Sides

“I don’t align myself with the West of the Muslim world. I align myself with what I perceive to be just and in accordance with my principles – the principles that I live my life by which are universal principles and that are embodied in the religion of Islam.”

― Hamza Yusuf

“Someone said that friends are angels in disguise. If this is true, I have been surrounded by angels for most of my life.”

― Hank Stram

“I have this dream of what I ultimately want my life to be like, and it involves a lot of quaint activities like cooking and canoeing and camping and hiking.”

― Hannah Kearney

“I’m a 27-year-old freshman, and returning to college after a seven-year break from high school was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

― Hannah Kearney

“The Special Olympics motto, ‘Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt,’ really speaks to me because it embodies exactly what I have pursued in my life. Really, that’s all any of us can hope for – a chance to be brave and to pursue a dream.”

― Hannah Teter

“I’ve always felt really lucky and really privileged with my life, how I grew up, and the opportunities I’ve had.”

― Hannah Teter

“My life is a lovely story, happy and full of incident.”

― Hans Christian Andersen

“I went to the studio of Fischli Weiss, and it was magical. I thought: ‘This is what I want to do with my life; I want to work with artists and be useful to them.’ I was magnetically attracted.”

― Hans-Ulrich Obrist

“Here’s something I probably shouldn’t be saying: I never listen to my soundtrack albums because I can’t stand it. It’s just stereo. When I write, I write in surround. My life is in surround.”

― Hans Zimmer

“It’s very hard to find true friends when your life is a bumpy ride full of twists and turns. But, I’m glad that amidst all the ramblings in my life I have managed to win some great friends.”

― Harbhajan Singh

“I can see a version of my life where it all becomes meaningless. On a good day, writing seems noble. Other times, it’s narcissistic and pointless.”

― Hari Kunzru

“Losing my parents was the most crushing thing that ever happened to me. I lost my dad when I was 26, and it changed my life entirely.”

― Harlan Coben

“Cricket, the whole thing, playing, watching, being part of the Gaieties, has been a central feature of my life.”

― Harold Pinter

“I feel a big obligation to the audience, almost in a moral sense, to say something useful. If I’m going to spend a year of my life on these things, I want something that I feel that strongly about.”

― Harold Ramis

“My life is a series of things that just happen.”

― Harold Russell

“Books have literally powered most of my life. Whether as a stress relief when doing hard things or as vacation fodder, they are a constant and important part of my life.”

― Harper Reed

“I would rather drudge out my life on a cotton plantation, till the grave opened to give me rest, than to live with an unprincipled master and a jealous mistress.”

― Harriet Ann Jacobs

“There have been few things in my life which have had a more genial effect on my mind than the possession of a piece of land.”

― Harriet Martineau

“I read, I gossip, I do crosswords. I think chatting with friends is relaxing. I’ve picked them up all through my life – if you live long enough, you end up with quite a large circle.”

― Harriet Walter

“I lived with my mother all my life until she died, and I don’t really think I knew her, because I was always using her as my mother, if you know what I mean.”

― Harriet Walter

“Work has been the central column for most of my life; it has always been my identity.”

― Harriet Walter

“I think ‘Indiana Jones’ was a lot of fun to do because of the places we went to and the adventures and the action. But Han Solo was also a huge part of my life.”

― Harrison Ford

“I’m having a lot of fun, enjoying my life and trying to raise my children.”

― Harry Connick, Jr.

“My life is spontaneous and things just kind of happen.”

― Harry Connick, Jr.

“I like my life.”

― Harry Connick, Jr.

“I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it.”

― Harry Emerson Fosdick

“I was just twiddling my thumbs in London, literally not knowing what I was going to do with my life, and my agent says, ‘You got an audition for ‘My Fair Lady’ with Bartlett Sher.’”

― Harry Hadden-Paton

“I have never written a letter in my life.”

― Harry Redknapp

“I am not a tax fiddler. I am not any kind of tax fiddler, never have been in my life.”

― Harry Redknapp

“I have been around football all my life, and it doesn’t happen. It never enters my mind. I don’t think, ‘Oh, what’s going to happen to me at the end of the season?’ Whatever happens to me, happens.”

― Harry Redknapp

“I don’t know what goes on in prison. I’ve never been in trouble with the police in my life.”

― Harry Redknapp

“I don’t live my life feeling bitter about anything. I’ve been so lucky. I’ve had such a great life.”

― Harry Redknapp

“Despite all that has happened in his career since, one of the biggest regrets of my life in management is not taking Luis Suarez to Tottenham when we had the chance.”

― Harry Redknapp

“All my life, whenever it comes time to make a decision, I make it and forget about it.”

― Harry S Truman

“I was always an actor, starting in middle school. I was in all the plays and all that. But dancing didn’t come into my life until late into high school.”

― Harry Shum, Jr.

“I tried all my life to make housing affordable. The more affordable the house, the more money I make.”

― Harry Triguboff

“I have never laid a brick in my life. But my people have laid more bricks than anybody else put together. Because I know how to pay.”

― Harry Triguboff

“The fact that Sanjay Leela Bhansali wanted me to be part of his film was a high point in my life.”

― Harshvardhan Rane

“My life has been pretty unconventional. The publishers saw a story in it, and yes, my life has been put in a book.”

― Harshvardhan Rane

“There is nothing else to do in my life… I have no family, relationships – this is the only thing that I do.”

― Harshvardhan Rane

“I fled my home town and did odd jobs, including things like re-designing old furniture, before I became an actor. Having said that, I don’t think the story of my life is in any way remarkable. What is remarkable is how acting opportunities have come my way.”

― Harshvardhan Rane

“Concentration is one of the happiest things in my life.”

― Haruki Murakami

“As long as possible, I would really like to complete one marathon per year. Though my time has been slowing down as I get older, it has become a very important part of my life.”

― Haruki Murakami

“The film’s success so far involves winning a couple of prizes at Cannes and Sundance, and getting some very nice reviews in newspapers and magazines. That hasn’t had a big impact on my life yet.”

― Harvey Pekar

“I have to be a freelance writer for the rest of my life, unless I get some kind of real lucky break. But other than that, I’ll always have to work. I always worry about whether my stuff is going to get over. Will they like this, will they like that?”

― Harvey Pekar

“I write about my life, choosing incidents that I think will be, for one reason or another, significant to people. Often because they may have experienced the same things.”

― Harvey Pekar

“It’s true: theatre has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I always liked everything about it. As a child, I used to get so excited about performing, I’d get the giggles.”

― Hattie Morahan

“I think at the age I’m at, it’s really hard for a film career, and I’m at a point in my life where I thought it would be a good idea to be a part of a good show and to be able to finish school.”

― Hayden Panettiere

“In my life, things have happened to me. I’ve never felt I was controlling anything.”

― Hayley Mills

“I would love for ‘The Goldbergs’ to continue for as long as we can possibly let it happen, because it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever done, and I can’t imagine my life without it.”

― Hayley Orrantia

“I have a very small group of friends that I’ve had – the three of them – for the majority of my life.”

― Haylie Duff

“If I am not enjoying my exercise regime, I am not enjoying my life, which means I am wasting it!”

― Hazel Keech

“’Bigg Boss’ has been a great experience, and I will treasure it for rest of my life.”

― Hazel Keech

“I’m in control of my life, not anyone in Hollywood.”

― Heath Ledger

“My life is together, both professionally and socially.”

― Heath Ledger

“I’d like to think I could do something great – a performance like Meryl Streep’s in ‘Sophie’s Choice’ – at some point in my life. At the same time, though, I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself to be great.”

― Heather Graham

“I’ve been evaluating how much I value happiness in my life. To be too driven takes away your happiness.”

― Heather Graham

“My eyes and spirit have opened up since I found someone that I get to share my life with.”

― Heather Matarazzo

“The overcoming of adversity and, ultimately, denying it the rite of passage, has been a constant and perpetual motive throughout my life.”

― Heather Mills

“I’ve won some pretty cool things in my life and I have a lot of great titles.”

― Heather O’Reilly

“There stand out in my life many incidents in my youth, of wonderful inspiration and power through men preaching the gospel in the spirit of testimony and prayer.”

― Heber J. Grant

“Many men say: ‘If I could only see an angel, if I could only hear an angel proclaim something, that would cause me to be faithful all the days of my life!’”

― Heber J. Grant

“I have, all the days of my life, enjoyed singing very much.”

― Heber J. Grant

“I consider it one of the greatest accomplishments of my life that I have learned to sing.”

― Heber J. Grant

“As a boy, without experience, never having spoken in public in my life, for any length of time, never ten minutes at once, I was called to preside over a stake of Zion.”

― Heber J. Grant

“Football has always been my number one thing, but I have other things in my life, like fashion, which is something that has always been in my family.”

― Hector Bellerin

“I’m living my life the way I want to live it, and not the way people think I should.”

― Hector Bellerin

“I’ve dodged bullets but there’s no scandal in my life.”

― Hector Elizondo

“I’m attracted to pathos, because life is mostly pathos. I’ve had a lot of it in my life.”

― Hector Elizondo

“Artists were always referred to as great artists. I thought that’s what the profession was. One word: great-artist. There wasn’t one moment in my life when I thought I wanted to be anything else.”

― Hedda Sterne

“I have a little piece of Hubble that someone brought back from one of the repair missions. It’s on my desk, where I work. I do feel a personal connection to it. It’s been part of my life for 20 years.”

― Heidi Hammel

“I danced for 15 years of my life. Which was my love and my passion.”

― Heidi Klum

“I definitely regret the surgeries that I have had over the years, I think I was so young and in such an unstable situation in my life with so much going on and so much pressure.”

― Heidi Montag

“Well, I’m at some kind of crossroads in my life and I don’t know which way to take. It’s not about money, I mean, because I’m established enough now as a writer to get a reasonable advance if I wanted to do fiction.”

― Helen Garner

“If I could write a story that would do for the Indian one-hundredth part what ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ did for the Negro, I would be thankful the rest of my life.”

― Helen Hunt Jackson

“It’s getting too late in my life to care about the small things. It’s getting too late to not be brave, to not live my life fully, to not try to be an artist. Trivial things like how nice your hotel room is, or if you have to be naked for a while, they fade away.”

― Helen Hunt

“I have to say, my celebrity is not a big factor in my life. Once in a while someone takes my picture. But I’m not exactly one of the four girls everyone’s chasing at the moment.”

― Helen Hunt

“I feel as though my life is bathed in golden sunlight. And the really wonderful thing is that I know it.”

― Helen McCrory

“The way I live now is that I only write, which means that I’m very poor but very happy. Everything in my life is the way I want it to be.”

― Helen Oyeyemi

“I thought Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying was one of the biggest pieces of crap that I’ve ever read in my life.”

― Helen Reddy

“I lived at Star City for more than a year ahead of my trip to Mir on May 18, 1991 in Soyuz TM-12. My life at Star City was so remote that learning Russian became my greatest priority.”

― Helen Sharman

“That’s my life in there. It would never be possible today to ask as many questions as I did.”

― Helen Suzman

“I think I’ll work all my life. When you’re having fun, why stop having fun?”

― Helen Thomas

“I should get a few ribs taken out, because I’ll be in a corset for the rest of my life.”

― Helena Bonham Carter

“My life had been very work-orientated, and all in close-up. Once I had the family, it went into sudden widescreen.”

― Helena Bonham Carter

“It has bothered me all my life that I do not paint like everybody else.”

― Henri Matisse

“I’ve had a tremendous problem with depression in my life. I’d rather not talk about it, because it’s over. But depression is real.”

― Henri Nouwen

“It would be fair to say that the start of my life in Manchester was not perfect, but there have been many other times when I’ve had setbacks, and I have never given up.”

― Henrikh Mkhitaryan

“I can be very serious, but if I’m being honest, I’m very happy with the way my life has turned out.”

― Henrikh Mkhitaryan

“I really enjoy my life in Manchester, my training, my games, everything.”

― Henrikh Mkhitaryan

“I did not want to later look back in my life and say, ‘Why would you not make times change?’”

― Henrikh Mkhitaryan

“You may call me selfish if you will, conservative or reactionary, or use any other harsh adjective you see fit to apply, but an American I was born, an American I have remained all my life.”

― Henry Cabot Lodge

“Growing up without a dad and not having a father figure – I noticed a hole in my life. For the longest time, I would run away from my problems instead of confronting them. I felt empty at one point. Not depressed, but empty.”

― Henry Cejudo

“I’ve lived more than half my life in Asia.”

― Henry Golding

“I’ve lived 16, 17 years of my life in Asia, and that’s most of my life. I was born in Asia – I’ve lived cultures that are synonymous with Asian culture – but it’s still not Asian enough for some people.”

― Henry Golding

“I love my life.”

― Henry Ian Cusick

“If I were to live my life over again, I would be an American. I would steep myself in America, I would know no other land.”

― Henry James

“I’ve been in a hurry all my life. I’ve been in a hurry to succeed, and in a hurry to prove myself.”

― Henry Kravis

“Do not suppose, dearest Sir, that I am so short-sighted as to destroy my life by English preaching, or any other preaching. St. Paul did much good by his preaching, but how much more by his writings.”

― Henry Martyn

“I have relied on prayer for health care all of my life.”

― Henry Paulson

“In all my life, I’ve been trained that when there’s a big problem, you run toward it.”

― Henry Paulson

“I don’t know anyone that says, ‘Boy, I had a great career, and I’m happy because I screwed up my life outside of my career, my family life.’ There’s no one that feels that way.”

― Henry Paulson

“If I had to live my life in anticipation of what others thought of me, little would get done.”

― Henry Rollins

“I’ve made some great mistakes in my life, but, you know, they were honest mistakes.”

― Henry Rollins

“I’ve never heard Daft Punk; I’ve never heard a track of theirs in my life. They’re the two guys with motorcycle helmets on?”

― Henry Rollins

“The first several years of my life were used to upload incredible amounts of fear, and I just became afraid of everything. I was afraid of my parents, afraid of my classmates, afraid of the streets of Washington, D.C. I would flinch at every gesture.”

― Henry Rollins

“I thought I was gonna be in the minimum-wage working world all my life.”

― Henry Rollins

“I have had a number of less-than-enviable moments in my life when dealing with other people. I won’t attempt to blunt that by saying I am not the only one.”

― Henry Rollins

“Florida is a crazy place, and I have played some of the wildest shows of my life here.”

― Henry Rollins

“I have been listening to the Stooges’ self-titled first album for well over half my life, and it remains one of the most exciting and essential records I have ever had the good fortune to come into contact with.”

― Henry Rollins

“Making ‘Coraline’ was one of the great filmmaking experiences of my life.”

― Henry Selick

“In five years, I completed grade school. Even when I was a young boy, I had a plan for my life.”

― Henry Sy

“I taught four classes in my life. They were a master class at Northwestern and three classes at Emerson when I was making ‘Here Comes the Boom’ in Boston.”

― Henry Winkler

“I tend to live in the past because most of my life is there.”

― Herb Caen

“I try to practice with my life.”

― Herbie Hancock

“If I had been under ObamaCare, and a beaurocrat had been trying to tell me when I could get that CT scan, that would have delayed my treatment. I was able to get the treatment as fast as I could based upon my timetable, and not the government’s timetable. That’s what saved my life.”

― Herman Cain

“P.E. was my life in school. Without it, I wouldn’t be standing here. It gave me confidence when I was an overweight kid with a speech impediment.”

― Herschel Walker

“One thing I’ve done in my life is train year-round to compete at anything, anything. I’ve got an invitation now to maybe be on the karate team for the Barcelona Olympics. I’m debating whether I want to do that. I just love to compete, and I want to win.”

― Herschel Walker

“I have wandered all my life, and I have also traveled; the difference between the two being this, that we wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.”

― Hilaire Belloc

“My life is very crazy and busy, but I love it that way.”

― Hilary Duff

“I’ve had a very unique path that’s different from everybody else’s. I was never a dater. I never went out that much. I’ve always had long-distance relationships. And, everything has come very fast in my life. I haven’t waited for much.”

― Hilary Duff

“When I was a child, there was very little money, so I’ve always been concerned for my financial security, which has meant that finding myself as a writer was a bad move. The practical difference the money has made is that I can support myself by fiction. That is what I have been trying to do throughout my life.”

― Hilary Mantel

“When narratives fracture, when words fail, I take consolation from the part of my life that always works: the stationery order. The mail-order stationery people supply every need from royal blue Quink to a dazzling variety of portable hard drives.”

― Hilary Mantel

“It’s a quality of my life that I wouldn’t change for the world, having grown up with such a humble background.”

― Hilary Swank

“Here’s the deal: I believe – and I attempt to live my life this way – we all have more time than we think we do. We all waste so much time.”

― Hill Harper

“I don’t think about a legacy; I think about my life, because I’ve had quite an unpredictable life.”

― Hillary Clinton

“I fought all my life for women to make their own choices, in their personal and professional lives. I made mine.”

― Hillary Clinton

“I don’t ask anyone else to live my life. I have enough trouble doing that.”

― Hillary Clinton

“Everything that I have earned in my life is just because of my guruji and his omnipotent blessing.”

― Himesh Reshammiya

“No, I don’t miss the character of Akshara, but I cherish it. I will cherish it all my life. Leaving Akshara was a conscious decision of my life, and I was well prepared. When you are well prepared, then you don’t miss, but you cherish it for a lifetime.”

― Hina Khan

“I’ve loved music all my life.”

― Hiro Murai

“I lost my father when I was 19, so the majority of my life has been under this cloud, and I have been full of the intention to find out what happened.”

― Hisham Matar

“For an overwhelming majority of my life, my country has been a source of pain, fear, and embarrassment.”

― Hisham Matar

“From time to time, I’ll look back through the personal journals I’ve scribbled in throughout my life, the keepers of my raw thoughts and emotions. The words poured forth after my dad died, when I went through a divorce, and after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. There are so many what-ifs scribbled on those pages.”

― Hoda Kotb

“I’ve had weight issues all my life. I’ve been on all the diets: Atkins, liquid protein, Scarsdale diet. Now I go to the gym often. I’m always on the StairMaster, and I do weights.”

― Hoda Kotb

“I’m an Apple-mad person. The iPad is now such a big part of my life.”

― Holly Branson

“I object to the actual phrase ‘Follow me.’ You’ve gotta be kidding! Why would I want to follow anybody else? Nor do I want them to follow me. The machinations of my life, the banalities – they’re mine. They belong to me.”

― Holly Hunter

“My life has a great degree of dimension without making movies.”

― Holly Hunter

“I’m a practicing Catholic. And faith is very, very important to me. It was pounded in my head as a kid, and I hated it. And I sort of lost my way in my 20s and part of my 30s and then found my way back. And I don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s huge in my life.”

― Holly Hunter

“Writing, for all that it’s harder than nursing ever was, is also more joyous and more fun and a lot less dangerous. And the major themes of my life have become the major themes of my writing, too – so it has all worked out pretty well.”

― Holly Lisle

“But when you have a baby inside you, you’re like ‘Whoa!’ Anything can happen here, I’ve got to give this baby all the nutrients it needs and really take care of myself, so this is definitely the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life.”

― Holly Madison

“I love boxing, and boxing has always been my favorite sport. I was always into it, and I boxed recreationally all of my life.”

― Holt McCallany

“All my life, everything important that had ever happened had always happened somewhere else. But Sputnik was right there in front of my eyes in my backyard… I felt that if I stretched out enough, I could touch it.”

― Homer Hickam

“Part of me, even when I was trying to get acting jobs, I was still kind of thinking, ‘Oh I should do something else with my life.’”

― Hong Chau

“I have not spent years in therapy; I tried therapy in my mid-twenties, and it did not go very well. I just thought, ‘This is so not for me. I would rather talk to one of my girlfriends.’ I’m not at a point in my life when I’m analyzing too much. I have young children, and I’m just pretty much crazed.”

― Hope Davis

“I’m not at a point in my life when I’m analyzing too much.”

― Hope Davis

“I’m not ready to decide if modeling is what I want to do with my life.”

― Hope Hicks

“My life is pretty small. Even as a successful scientist, I’m not a public figure. I like people – I just don’t know that many!”

― Hope Jahren

“I live for competition. It makes my life complete.”

― Hope Solo

“I try to live my life one day at a time, and if I look too far in advance, I get really stressed.”

― Hope Solo

“My life is a beautiful struggle.”

― Hope Solo

“My life goes in four-year cycles. The World Cup is every four years and the Olympics are every four years.”

― Hope Solo

“No period of my life has been one of such unmixed happiness as the four years which have been spent within college walls.”

― Horatio Alger

“Since I believe that a person’s philosophical point of view has little meaning if it is not matched by being and action, I found myself willingly wed to an endless series of unpopular causes, experiences which I feel enriched my writing as much as they depleted other aspects of my life.”

― Howard Fast

“The Hercules’ was a monumental undertaking. It is the largest aircraft ever built… I put the sweat of my life into this thing.”

― Howard Hughes

“It’s more important to me to get an e-mail that says, ‘I saw your page and it changed my life,’ than how many hits the page got.”

― Howard Rheingold

“I’ve spent my life alone in a room with a typewriter.”

― Howard Rheingold

“I have thoughts – obtrusive thoughts and rituals that have to – it’s like a broken re – a skipping record. And if these thoughts or these triggers happen to me through maybe shaking a hand or just a thought or just – then I can’t get past it and move on with my life.”

― Howie Mandel

“I’m uncomfortable with selfies and status updates documenting mundane pieces of my life, which I don’t think should be of interest to anyone else.”

― Hozier

“I expected to die. At no time before the trial did I expect to escape with my life. Yet being executed in the gas chamber did not necessarily mean defeat. It could be one more step to bring the community to a higher level of consciousness.”

― Huey Newton

“All my life, people have been underestimating me.”

― Hugh Carey

“Basically, my life is so boring, it’s embarrassing.”

― Hugh Grant

“Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of acting: character acting and lead acting. And in my life, to begin with, in the 1980s, it was all character acting. And then when, by fluke, through ‘Four Weddings’, I got into doing lead parts, it’s a completely different thing.”

― Hugh Grant

“Throughout my life, whenever I thought I’m dancing welI, I’m not.”

― Hugh Grant

“For me, the magazine was always the heart of what my life was all about, and the other half was living the life.”

― Hugh Hefner

“There were chunks of my life when I was married, and when I was married, I never cheated. But I made up for it when I wasn’t married. You have to keep your hand in.”

― Hugh Hefner

“I can look back on my life, where there have been moments where things might have gone the other way. Everything is like stepping stones, and I’ve seen people I admire falter. We’re all vulnerable.”

― Hugh Jackman

“The secret to modern life is finding the measure in time management. I have two kids, career and I travel, and I don’t think my life is any different than most couples. The most valuable commodity now for many people is time and how to parcel that out.”

― Hugh Jackman

“It dawned on me that acting was what I wanted to do with my life. Nothing had ever touched my heart like acting did.”

― Hugh Jackman

“I’m quite an independent person, and I had to be. As a boy and growing into a young man I had to look out for myself. And now I’m very family-oriented. It’s a big priority in my life.”

― Hugh Jackman

“I have two kids, career and I travel, and I don’t think my life is any different than most couples. The most valuable commodity now for many people is time and how to parcel that out.”

― Hugh Jackman

“I have resolved to pick one novel and just read it over and over again for the rest of my life, because I cannot remember anything anymore.”

― Hugh Laurie

“When I was a small boy, 10, 11, 12, probably somewhere around there, when I first heard a blues song on the radio, it was a jolt of electricity. It grabbed me by the throat, it made me shiver. And I knew from that moment that this was for me and this would be with me for the rest of my life.”

― Hugh Laurie

“My life is every moment of my life. It is not a culmination of the past.”

― Hugh Leonard

“But it’s been a great, humbling – and I’ve been very honored to have the opportunity to serve and to lead and to be the representative of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who are in Washington. And it’s been the greatest honor of my life.”

― Hugh Shelton

“I think I’m a bit of a dreamer. I don’t like the reality of life to impinge much on my life.”

― Hugo Weaving

“I have always said that Twitter is my forum to talk to people about what’s happening in my life.”

― Huma Qureshi

“I fill my life with a lot of ‘busyness’ in between jobs. Then I work very hard. Some of it is quite unhealthy. It’s compulsive. I don’t know what to do about it. I’m a little old to change.”

― Hume Cronyn

“So, not only am I panicking over the weekend if I need to know my lines, but also if can I get the kids to the zoo. Can I even go to church? I was asking for certain things that would allow me to plan my life a little better.”

― Hunter Tylo

“My children are the focal point of my life. I was asking for a little more time to spend with them.”

― Hunter Tylo

“After becoming deaf, I realized that I’d better get an education if I was ever to do anything with my life.”

― I. King Jordan

“Classical music only really came into my life in 1969. I wish I had heard classical music and church music when I was a teenager or even as a child.”

― Ian Anderson

“I was just on the edge of getting married, and I was frenzied at the prospect of this great step in my life after having been a bachelor for so long. And I really wanted to take my mind off of the agony, and so I decided to sit down and write a book.”

― Ian Fleming

“I’ve been in music all my life.”

― Ian Gillan

“I realised that if I wanted to carry on with my musical dreams, I had to change, so I started meditating, and I changed my life entirely.”

― Ian Gillan

“My life is one that I’ve aimed for – I’ve always wanted to be an actor who worked in film and television and was able to provide for himself and his family.”

― Ian Harding

“As an actor, I’m very much a company person. And this also goes through my life: I have a dread of responsibility. I like someone else to be in charge.”

― Ian Holm

“The first time I ever recorded, which was into my boom-box, I was like, ‘Wow, check that out.’ It sounded great. The narcotic of it was so intense – it was pleasurable. I was like, ‘You sound like a band.’ Then I ended up spending the rest of my life trying to chase that initial high again.”

― Ian MacKaye

“I feel quite connected to the past, and my memory. Everything that I’ve ever done I can still relate to, and feel connected to it in a way. There’s no part of my life that I look at and go, ‘I don’t recognize that person at all.’”

― Ian MacKaye

“I’ve done thousands of interviews in my life, and it’s a format that I quite enjoy, because I think of questions in interviews as an opportunity to sort of gauge my growth in a way. It gives me an idea of how I’m navigating this world that I’m in.”

― Ian MacKaye

“There are not many things in my life I can be absolutely proud of or certain I got right, but one of them is that I’ve got better as an actor. I’ve learnt how to do it. And I still have enough energy to do it.”

― Ian Mckellen

“There are some tremendous actors in the U.K. who have been knighted, and I’ve spent much of my life admiring many of them, like Laurence Olivier. So it’s very flattering to be in their company. But you also end up in the company of people you don’t admire, including some rather dodgy politicians.”

― Ian Mckellen

“There are still times in my life where I pull back from being totally honest, and I can’t imagine a single straight person who would understand that.”

― Ian Mckellen

“There are some tremendous actors in the U.K. who have been knighted, and I’ve spent much of my life admiring many of them, like Laurence Olivier. So it’s very flattering to be in their company.”

― Ian Mckellen

“I certainly wouldn’t define myself as a northerner. I’m not even really sure what that means. I’ve lived in London for 50 years. I wasn’t born here, but I have spent most of my life here. So I don’t make much of it, to be honest. I’m just myself.”

― Ian Mckellen

“Gandalf is ever-present in my life. I like it.”

― Ian Mckellen

“’King Lear,’ I’ve been seeing all my life. I mean, the great actors of my lifetime… to join their company, as it were, by playing a part that’s challenged them, is one of the great joys of being an actor who does the classics.”

― Ian Mckellen

“Acting is such a huge part of my life. It really allows me to have a creative outlet and to actually be able to have an outlet to discuss openly the things that truly I think are relevant in the world, that make a difference.”

― Ian Somerhalder

“I started working professionally as soon as I could, doing weddings and things like that in high school, while everyone else was having keg parties. I just felt destined to do it and really committed and driven; it was something that just felt right all my life.”

― Idina Menzel

“Believe me, I don’t take that lightly. To have struck gold twice with ‘Rent’ and ‘Wicked.’ I know it’s rare and I’m very lucky to have that kind of phenomenon in my life. They’re not just great shows, they’re shows that resonate with young audiences.”

― Idina Menzel

“’Rent,’ for me, was a significant time in my life because it was my first break. It was my first professional job. I also met my husband in that cast, Taye Diggs.”

― Idina Menzel

“I feel like I was born to do this… I started working professionally as soon as I could, doing weddings and things like that in high school, while everyone else was having keg parties. I just felt destined to do it and really committed and driven; it was something that just felt right all my life.”

― Idina Menzel

“I have learned throughout my life as a composer chiefly through my mistakes and pursuits of false assumptions, not by my exposure to founts of wisdom and knowledge.”

― Igor Stravinsky

“I haven’t understood a bar of music in my life, but I have felt it.”

― Igor Stravinsky

“Even though I do share a lot of stuff, it’s a very small portion of my life. And I think you just have to be careful because, anything that you post, it essentially is there forever. If it’s not something you don’t want everyone to see, don’t post it.”

― iJustine

“I’m more scared of parking by a parking meter than vampires because one of them is real and adversely affects my life and results in a $35 fine, and one is nonsense.”

― Ike Barinholtz

“I’m not gonna try to defend, or undo what’s been done. All I could say about whatever’s been done, it’s been done, and it’s water under the bridge. I have no regrets of my life.”

― Ike Turner

“I miss riding those fast trains in Japan… ’cause I’d never seen a train that fast in my life.”

― Ike Turner

“They’ll probably start working on my movie sometime… They are doing a complete movie of my life story. It will not be based on any negativity. It will be more about my life, from a kid, how I came up and why I came through.”

― Ike Turner

“I had difficulty in grasping how music was made for films. It was a huge learning curve and the toughest phase of my life.”

― Ilaiyaraaja

“I try not to think of my life in terms of separation.”

― Ilhan Omar

“I believe in having a neat workspace because everything else in my life is so unpredictable, and my mind is so crowded – I wake up with commercials from the ’90s blaring in my head. I try to give myself a fighting chance by having an organized workspace.”

― Iliza Shlesinger

“A very long time ago, I accepted that travel is just a necessary evil, and unlike many things in my life, I decided going with the flow would make it less painful.”

― Iliza Shlesinger

“My dreams have become puny with the reality my life has become.”

― Imelda Marcos

“Music rules a lot of my life – I was bitten by the bug young.”

― Imelda May

“Music was always part of my life – my mother says I came out singing. I wanted to be Gene Kelly – or Judy Garland.”

― Imelda May

“Leaving the record companies tweaked something inside me and I realised I don’t have to deal with labels to make something happen. If I want to meet someone, I don’t have to go through the label – I’ll just go to them. I took my life in my hands and social media has just helped me do that more.”

― Imogen Heap

“If the night’s right and the people are right, of course I want to be out, I want to be socializing. I don’t want to be in my studio 24 hours a day for the whole rest of my life.”

― Imogen Heap

“Unfortunately, Poots is the name that I’ve been graced with for my life, but it’s not short for anything – apart from Imogen Poots.”

― Imogen Poots

“I just like challenge. I had a lot of them in my life, and then when it comes to that, I think I can be ready for anything, really.”

― Imran Tahir

“Writing changed my life. It has an existential dimension, and that’s the same for every writer. Every artist has a moment of awakening, of happening upon an idea that grabs hold of you, regardless of whether you are a painter or a writer.”

― Imre Kertesz

“I think I am a travel junkie, and I have never enjoyed anything else in my life more than travelling and going to places.”

― Imtiaz Ali

“Anything I wanted to do and achieve has not been influential in my life, but my failures have.”

― Imtiaz Ali

“All the conscious decisions that I have taken in my life have never borne fruit. Not even come close! So, I am just very happy not planning.”

― Imtiaz Ali

“I was called to audition for a play when I was very young, following which I continued to act as well as write and direct. When I moved to Delhi and joined Hindu College, theatre became a very big part of my life.”

― Imtiaz Ali

“I did lie once to get a job as a bartender. I said I had two years’ experience making drinks, when really, I’d never made a drink in my life.”

― Inbar Lavi

“I’m really judgmental, especially about things that I feel make my life harder.”

― India Arie

“When it comes down to the song writing, I’m just very slow – very slow. Because the songs are about my life, so I’m doing emotional work on myself.”

― India Arie

“I wanted a stable job, and I wanted to feel like I was grounded with my family and to have personal relationships in my life that were healing and honest and genuine.”

― Indya Moore

“I am normally afraid of birds and have never dreamt of any bird in my life.”

― Ingmar Bergman

“Not a day has gone by in my life when I haven’t thought about death.”

― Ingmar Bergman

“I have no regrets. I wouldn’t have lived my life the way I did if I was going to worry about what people were going to say.”

― Ingrid Bergman

“These years after my liberation were years of reconstruction, and I think I made the right decisions… I mean, I lost everything: my life; my father died; I didn’t know anything about my children.”

― Ingrid Betancourt

“What I intend to do is to launch a batting academy. I have been a batsman throughout my life, and I can’t open a bowling academy after all!”

― Inzamam-ul-Haq

“I’ve been hiding crucial events in my life since I was 13.”

― Ira Sachs

“As a gay person, my life has been marginalized.”

― Ira Sachs

“I’ve received many good pieces of advice throughout my life.”

― Irene Rosenfeld

“I don’t describe myself as a Christian or religious, but I like to think that how I live my life is honest.”

― Iris Dement

“’IronE’ stands for an eagle in flight with an unbroken spirit. I coined that term because it is indicative of my life story and the fact that I’m out of the inner city.”

― IronE Singleton

“There were a lot of moments in my life where I could have died or I could have ended up serving 20 years to life in prison. I overcame those things, those obstacles, because I listened and I obeyed that higher power that was speaking to me at the crucial moments in my life when it really counted.”

― IronE Singleton

“My life also prepared me to play T-Dog. That was what my entire life was about – surviving. To be on the set of ‘The Walking Dead,’ it was like being back home. I had to survive again, though in the fictional world.”

― IronE Singleton

“One of my first days shooting on ‘Game of Thrones’ was possibly the coldest day I’ve ever experienced in my life, and that sticks out especially because I’d never, ever done anything before.”

― Isaac Hempstead Wright

“It wasn’t like I ever said, ‘I want to be an actor.’ I was in the right place at the right time. I went to a local drama group because I found football on the weekends too cold – which is highly ironic because I’ve had some of the coldest experiences of my life filming ‘Game of Thrones.’”

― Isaac Hempstead Wright

“Most of my life I was occupied with American television and American food. My ethnicity was my choice. It still is.”

― Isaac Mizrahi

“I have been a foreigner all my life, first as a daughter of diplomats, then as a political refugee and now as an immigrant in the U.S. I have had to leave everything behind and start anew several times, and I have lost most of my extended family.”

― Isabel Allende

“I have a foot here and a foot in some spirit world. There are many more layers to reality, and that permeates my life and my writing in a very natural way. I don’t even think about it.”

― Isabel Allende

“My life is about ups and downs, great joys and great losses.”

― Isabel Allende

“I want to have an epic life. I want to tell my life with big adjectives. I want to forget all the grays in between, and remember the highlights and the dark moments.”

― Isabel Allende

“I’ve been a story-teller all my life but I realized it only recently.”

― Isabel Allende

“My mother didn’t want me to be a feminist, a radical, political person, because she was scared. She wanted me to be protected and safe, but my life never was.”

― Isabel Allende

“I rebelled against all form of authority, against my grandfather, my step-father, the Church, the police, the government, the bosses. Everything male that was there, and was determining my life.”

― Isabel Allende

“Everything I write has to be connected to my life. One of the things that always comes up in my writing is the search for freedom, especially in women.”

― Isabel Allende

“I’ve always been an entertainer all my life; I come from a family of entertainers. I always made, very pretentiously, a comparison with Agatha Christie. Her inspiration was crime, and I’m sure she must have taken courses or read about crime, because it was the basis of her stories. But ultimately, it was her own fantasy.”

― Isabella Rossellini

“If I had not passed through trial – through passion, one could say – through these years so painful and so rich, I don’t believe I could take on my life and my career as I do today.”

― Isabelle Adjani

“If my life hadn’t itself been a modern adaptation of ‘Les Atrides,’ I probably would never have left the theatre.”

― Isabelle Adjani

“I’ve been in pressure situations before. All my life it’s been about pressure and having to get it done. Just because you say it publicly, it does not make me afraid of it or make me shy away from it.”

― Isaiah Thomas

“If all I’m remembered for is being a good basketball player, then I’ve done a bad job with the rest of my life.”

― Isaiah Thomas

“Shahid’s been a big influence in my life.”

― Ishaan Khatter

“Shahid is a paternal figure to me. He’s almost like a teacher. All my life, I’ve learned so much by watching him. I can’t possibly consider him as competition to me. In fact, I would say, we’re a team.”

― Ishaan Khatter

“In early 1993, when I was 12, I was separated from my family as the Sierra Leone civil war, which began two years earlier, came into my life.”

― Ishmael Beah

“I love religions and find them fascinating, and I find Judaism very beautiful. It’s enriched my life enormously.”

― Isla Fisher

“Having spent the greater part of my life under a Communist dictatorship, I am very familiar with the Bolshevik mentality according to which an author in general, and an eminent author in particular, is always guilty, and must be punished accordingly.”

― Ismail Kadare

“I entered the navy with the great ambition of becoming a naval soldier and going to war. Either I die from this festering wound – because I refuse to have my arm amputated – or I recover from it and continue being a soldier. I have a one-in-two chance, and I shall bet my life on it!”

― Isoroku Yamamoto

“I’ve done nothing with my life but write plays.”

― Israel Horovitz

“I’ll stick to finding the funny in the ordinary because my life is pretty ordinary and so are the lives of my friends – and my friends are hilarious.”

― Issa Rae

“I personally don’t feel any pressure to make jokes about multiple baby-fathers and stereotypical black jokes, because one, that’s just not my life, and two, I wouldn’t even sound right talking about those things.”

― Issa Rae

“Real estate is my life. It is my day job, if you will. But it consumes my nights and weekends, too.”

― Ivanka Trump

“I think as men begin to see things that address them, they will feel that they can relate. They can’t relate to ‘Basketball Wives,’ ‘Housewives of Atlanta.’ I am not judging or criticizing those shows at all; what I am saying is the perspective is not necessarily the male perspective. ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’ is inclusive of everyone.”

― Iyanla Vanzant

“The show is ‘Fix My Life!’ Get it? Life. I do not fix people.”

― Iyanla Vanzant

“My life is gardening, cleaning around the house and power washing.”

― J. B. Smoove

“For me, standup will always be some part of my life, and other things will move around and find their place.”

― J. B. Smoove

“Just making a movie the way ‘All is Lost’ had to be made was a great experience, because it was structured differently than any other film I will make for the rest of my life.”

― J. C. Chandor

“I don’t know how you make decisions in your life, but I weigh lots of things, and it’s not always the purest of things for why I take a job or do this. I always try to think of the many different factors in my life, and not one is pure greed. One is pure quality of life.”

― J. C. Chandor

“Serving in Congress has been more than an honor; it has been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life… It has been a wonderful ride. It has been a wonderful journey.”

― J. C. Watts

“If you had looked at my life when I was 14 years old and said, ‘Well, what’s going to happen to this kid?’ you would have concluded that I would have struggled with what academics call upward mobility.”

― J. D. Vance

“I always loved hip-hop, being a black little kid. I always used to freestyle on the bus when I was young. It was always a part of my life.”

― J.I.D

“The two cities I’ve found very hard to leave in my life were New York and Buenos Aires.”

― J. J. Field

“If there’s ever any point in my life where I could meet Jennifer Aniston, I think that’d be pretty incredible!”

― J. J. Watt

“If you’re an outsider looking into my life, you’re thinking, ‘That dude is crazy. He’s literally crazy.’”

― J. J. Watt

“I was set free because my greatest fear had been realized, and I still had a daughter who I adored, and I had an old typewriter and a big idea. And so rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

― J. K. Rowling

“I feel 80% of my life is completely normal.”

― J. K. Rowling

“I’ve had a contemptuous relationship with authority throughout my life. I found myself at odds with authority, and I’m disdainful of blind authority.”

― J. K. Simmons

“After the second and final time that I got hugely fat in my life and when I lost that weight six or seven years ago, I pretty much decided that I was going to stay in decent shape for the rest of my life.”

― J. K. Simmons

“I have been called many things in my life, but if there has been but one constant, one barb, one arrow flung my way time after time, it is the accusation that I am, in essence, nothing more than an escapist. Apparently this is bad, suspect, possibly even un-American.”

― J. Maarten Troost

“My life in science has been rich and rewarding. I have sacrificed very little.”

― J. Michael Bishop

“I was 37 when my father died-and I no longer had any freedom of choice over what I would do with the rest of my life.”

― J. Paul Getty

“I’ve learned in my life that it’s important to be able to step outside your comfort zone and be challenged with something you’re not familiar or accustomed to. That challenge will allow you to see what you can do.”

― J. R. Martinez

“My mother has done so much for me in my life and has continuously been there and been my rock.”

― J. R. Martinez

“My parents, my family, that’s the biggest inspiration in my life. I’ve been in a lot of dark spots in my life, and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to get out of it, but they are who they are. They followed me. They yelled at me. They screamed at me. They loved me.”

― J. R. Smith

“China was the worst place I’ve ever been in my life.”

― J. R. Smith

“My life as a child did not prepare me for the fact that the world is full of cruel and bitter things.”

― J. Robert Oppenheimer

“Music is my heart, but I see television and more movies in the next stage of my life.”

― Ja Rule

“I came into the rap game in 1992; my life was changing, but my group wasn’t successful; I also saw the biggest rappers in the world die all of a sudden in the ensuing years, so it was a matter of conquering yourself before you can conquer the world.”

― Ja Rule

“Being incarcerated is truly very serious, and it has changed my life to such an extent that breaking the cycle has become my sole focus. Jail is definitely not cool. Education is.”

― Ja Rule

“Human rights, no matter whom they affect, are something that should matter to all of us. It’s always been a part of my life.”

― Jack Antonoff

“I’m 30. I’m not that young, right? I’m not, like, 24 or 22. I’m no longer in the phase of my life where I talk about everything as in the future. Like, I’m in the future.”

― Jack Antonoff

“I don’t have any real spirituality in my life – I’m kind of an atheist – but when music can take me to the highest heights, it’s almost like a spiritual feeling. It fills that void for me.”

― Jack Black

“I have written a new book called ‘The Golden Motorcycle Gang.’ The premise of the book is taken from actual events in my life. My life has been dedicated to inspiring and motivating others to live their highest vision of their ideal life and offering transformational trainings that help people succeed in all aspects of their lives.”

― Jack Canfield

“There have been many people whom I have admired, emulated and even modeled parts of my life after. I study how they do things, and then I go through a period of ‘trying on’ those same thinking patterns and behaviors. After awhile, what is not essentially me falls away while the useful parts remain.”

― Jack Canfield

“My parents had no money, but they had strong values that I’ve carried throughout my life – things like not going into debt, never borrowing money, never leveraging, paying your bills on time, keeping your agreements, selling customers the right things, treating employees right, and growing things.”

― Jack Dangermond

“My maternal grandmother, Penelope, was a very big figure in my life. She was a child of the Raj, born in India, a debutante who hobnobbed with royals, then married a Canadian, Bill Aitken, who became MP for Bury St Edmunds.”

― Jack Davenport

“I spent the first 25 years of my life not knowing what I wanted to do.”

― Jack Dee

“I have had issues with depression all my life, and it’s probably true to say there was a tendency towards it even when I was very young, during my schooldays. There was often – and this is quite common with comics – a sense of not feeling as if I belonged anywhere.”

― Jack Dee

“The book is called ‘Thanks for Nothing’ and it’s really the story of how I got into comedy and traces back every strand in my life that is relevant to that story. It’s kind of an autobiography but isn’t, as it stops about 25 years ago. It goes right up to the first time I do stand up.”

― Jack Dee

“I spent 19, 20 years of my life being terrified about what I looked like. I was a ginger white kid.”

― Jack Garratt

“Winning the BBC Music Sound Of 2016 poll has left me feeling pretty stunned at the end of one of the most emotionally and physically intense years of my life.”

― Jack Garratt

“Everyone I know thinks television is the most important part of my life. I did it for the money! I was able to send my daughter to college.”

― Jack Germond

“You know, having raised animals all my life for 50-something years, I would say that you know, I’m fascinated by cats.”

― Jack Hanna

“That is how prison is tearing me up inside. It hurts every day. Every day takes me further from my life.”

― Jack Henry Abbott

“I could not finish the rest of the tours the band had planned. I was replaced by Matt Cameron. The next years of my life were about recovery, healing, and right living. I never lost the need to create.”

― Jack Irons

“Having this interest here in the Redskins is the chief hobby of my life.”

― Jack Kent Cooke

“I always said all my life if I wasn’t born and they gave me the question I’d say I don’t want to be born.”

― Jack Kevorkian

“The single worst moment of my life… was the moment I was born.”

― Jack Kevorkian

“There are such strong women in my life that there’s no chance of me getting too big for my boots.”

― Jack Lowden

“I’m coming to this world not to work. I want to come to this world to enjoy my life. I don’t want to die in my office. I want to die on the beaches.”

― Jack Ma

“If Alibaba cannot become a Microsoft or Wal-Mart, I will regret it for the rest of my life.”

― Jack Ma

“I think that I, Jack McBrayer, am somewhat of a people pleaser, and I do enjoy being good at my job. But I would never endanger my life with gullibility or naivete.”

― Jack McBrayer

“Well, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I haven’t been a rogue most of my life.”

― Jack Nicholson

“I would never complain about my life, even though I really would like to have a mate.”

― Jack Nicholson

“I played competitive golf all my life. Then all of a sudden, when I quit playing the game, I’ve got all this spare time and this energy. And certainly I wasn’t ready to pack up my bags and go sit in front of the television with a shawl on.”

― Jack Nicklaus

“The fact is, I diet every day of my life. I have to work at it. But I diet so I can pig out.”

― Jack Nicklaus

“It’s been real weird. It wasn’t how I expected my life to turn out. Especially, mainly pertaining to the show. It never crossed my mind that one day I’m gonna be big and famous and have my own TV show, you know?”

― Jack Osbourne

“Looking back, my life seems like one long obstacle race, with me as the chief obstacle.”

― Jack Paar

“I’ve just had a little boy, and my wife and I called him Elliott because ‘E.T.’ sort of saved my life because that film is absolutely about something being out there that’s greater than yourself.”

― Jack Thorne

“I never worked in an office in my life.”

― Jack Vance

“I’ve always felt it’s ridiculous to say, of any of the females in my life: You’re my friend, you’re my wife, you’re my girlfriend, you’re my co-worker. This is your box, and you’re not allowed to stray outside of it.”

― Jack White

“I’d make a White Stripes record right now. I’d be in the White Stripes for the rest of my life. That band is the most challenging, important, fulfilling thing ever to happen to me. I wish it was still here. It’s something I really, really miss.”

― Jack White

“I didn’t really even think of recording under my own name for a long time. I thought, ‘I’ve got the rest of my life to do that.’”

― Jack White

“Football has been my life for as long as I can remember.”

― Jack Youngblood

“I’m tired of fighting. I’ve always known that I can’t be an action star all my life.”

― Jackie Chan

“I don’t want to be an action star, an action star’s life is so short. I want my life to get longer, I want my career to get longer.”

― Jackie Chan

“I don’t want to be an action star; action star’s life is so short. I want my life to get longer. I want my career to get longer.”

― Jackie Chan

“It’s important to me to try and expose young people to the things they believe are off-limits to them. I tell them, ‘There are no walls, only the ones we put up.’ My advice to young people looking at my life is not to follow my footprint but to go out there and make their own.”

― Jackie Joyner-Kersee

“I want to live my life, not record it.”

― Jackie Kennedy

“I have enough money to last me the rest of my life unless I buy something.”

― Jackie Mason

“During my life, I have had a few nightmares which happened to me while I was wide awake. One of them was the National Republican Convention in San Francisco, which produced the greatest disaster the Republican Party has ever known – Nominee Barry Goldwater.”

― Jackie Robinson

“I couldn’t dance to save my life.”

― Jackie Shroff

“All my life, I have lived in the chawls. They are my people.”

― Jackie Shroff

“My life experiences have helped me to be less fearful. In politics, that has allowed me to take on issues sooner rather than later.”

― Jackie Speier

“I was born in South Bend, and I’ve been a Hoosier all my life.”

― Jackie Walorski

“Before the season begins, I had even damaged some frames, but Ken did not hold it against me and kept all his confidence. He was the one who incontestably changed my life, because without his help, I do not know what I will have become.”

― Jacky Ickx

“I actually remember the exact date I got the call that I got the ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ role – May 6, 2016. It was probably the best day of my life.”

― Jacob Batalon

“If my life was a song it would be, ‘It ain’t that easy being green’ from Sesame Street.”

― Jacob Lusk

“Every song is personal, but ‘Ohio,’ on my first EP, was on another level. I really opened up about the lack of relationship I had with my father. We stopped talking about four years ago, and I haven’t had a father figure in my life since.”

― Jacob Whitesides

“I am forever indebted to the ANC, the liberation movement I have served almost all my life.”

― Jacob Zuma

“All my life, I have served and will continue to serve the ANC in its pursuit of the objectives of the National Democratic Revolution.”

― Jacob Zuma

“My grandparents were wealthy; my mom was not. I would walk into these worlds of privilege and then walk back into this other world. My little brother is biracial. So race and economic class and sexuality – these were always issues that were a part of my life.”

― Jacqueline Woodson

“I have spent more time in my life working and being in restaurants than being at home. I immediately feel comfortable entering a restaurant, and I feel even more comfortable in the back with the chef and cooks.”

― Jacques Torres

“You can be committed to somebody because of ego: ‘I said I was going to be with this joker for the rest of my life, so I’m just going to do it.’ Or you can be committed because you have a deeply rooted connection.”

― Jada Pinkett Smith

“Milk is a really important part of my diet. For London, I had to be in the best shape of my life, and having milk every day played a part in that.”

― Jade Jones

“I don’t have to go to a mountain to meditate. I’m meditative in every moment of my life.”

― Jaggi Vasudev

“I speak passionately. I drive passionately. If I hit a ball, I will do it passionately, too. Because I don’t understand how you go through life without involvement. Whatever I am doing in my life, whether big or small, I am 100 per cent involved.”

― Jaggi Vasudev

“Squash has been my life and I owe a lot to the sport.”

― Jahangir Khan

“Every time I copy something, I can draw it for the rest of my life. But research is so painful – I mean just opening up a magazine looking for a picture of a car or looking out the window looking for a car is just hard!”

― Jaime Hernandez

“I’m a really good cook. I left home to start my career at 15 – so my choices were to either learn to cook or eat Ramen noodles for the rest of my life.”

― Jaime Pressly

“Everything I did and continue to do happens for a reason, and honestly, I don’t regret much in my life.”

― Jaime Pressly

“Cultural appropriation is a big problem, but the thing is, I didn’t invent my life. I really lived in Africa.”

― Jain

“I could never imagine ever in my life that I’d be on the side of The Louvre.”

― Jain

“I want to shoot an elk with a bow. Mind you, I’ve never hunted in my life. But I feel like if I’m ever going to hunt, it’s going to be with a bow. I just feel like a bow requires more skill.”

― Jake Arrieta

“Oh, my father’s had a huge, immense impact on my career. I grew up on movie sets that he was working on, and it just become a part or was a part, was the only part of my life because I spent my whole childhood traveling and being on film sets.”

― Jake Busey

“Being a dad is the best thing that ever happened to me. It changed my life entirely.”

― Jake Busey

“Oh yeah, ‘Starship Troopers’ was one of the best experiences of my life, and I made some lifelong friends.”

― Jake Busey

“I did ‘Degrassi’ for five years in Toronto, and I made the decision to quit the show to go to theatre school, which a lot of people thought I was really crazy to do, but it was one of those major decisions in my life that I haven’t regretted – hopefully I won’t! I really wanted to go to school.”

― Jake Epstein

“I’m going to continue doing what I want to do. And if it means I want to go and make a big movie, if it has something to say, I will want to make it. I don’t want to spend my life wasting my time. If it’s a big movie, I want to do it. If it’s a small movie, I want to do it.”

― Jake Gyllenhaal

“All my life I made a living out of hurting people. Now, I make a living out of making people laugh.”

― Jake LaMotta

“All my life, I wanted to be champion.”

― Jake LaMotta

“YouTube is the vlogs and my life, then Instagram is comedy skits and pictures that I take. Twitter’s text, and Instagram Stories is even more behind-the-scenes vlog stuff. I’m always posting.”

― Jake Paul

“Disney was, like, such an amazing experience always for me, such a huge part of my life.”

― Jake Paul

“I think I was about seven years old, and I remember I was at Moffat Road Baptist Church, where I grew up with all my friends and family and probably didn’t understand nearly enough, but I knew enough to understand I wanted to be saved and wanted Jesus to be Lord of my life. What an awesome experience.”

― Jake Peavy

“Music runs my life. I can’t imagine going a day without it.”

― Jake Peavy

“Diamond Dallas saved my life. He didn’t have to, but that’s the kind of guy he is. He’s helped so many people with his DDP Yoga. It’s just incredible with the lives he’s changing, the lives he’s affecting. I am so honored to be part of that.”

― Jake Roberts

“I’ve always loved to write, and I wrote fiction all my life. That’s what I thought I was going to do in my life – until I started writing songs.”

― Jake Shears

“The English language started out as a distortion in my life, but nothing remains the same, and so the distortion is now just normal. That is one of the things that will happen to all distortions: They become normal and turn into something else.”

― Jamaica Kincaid

“I am a responsible parent and have always provided for my children. That fact cannot be disputed. I have made mistakes in my life, but failing to care for my children is not one of them.”

― Jamal Lewis

“With the arrogance of youth, I thought, ‘I don’t drink, don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, so why would I get cancer?’ The week I spent waiting for the result of the biopsy to see if it was malignant felt like the longest of my life.”

― Jameela Jamil

“I have had many troubles in my life, but the worst of them never came.”

― James A. Garfield

“I saw ‘Star Wars’ when I was seven years old, and it changed my life.”

― James Altucher

“I’ve spent most of my life watching fast bowlers – initially as a kid on TV and later in the flesh when I started playing top-level cricket.”

― James Anderson

“My life is brillant, My love is pure.”

― James Blunt

“If the Army helped towards my tuition fees I would then give them four years of my life.”

― James Blunt

“I haven’t had the difficulties in my life that other people have had. I didn’t have an unhappy childhood.”

― James Blunt

“Carrie Fisher was the most remarkable person I’ve ever known. I made my first three albums in her house. ‘Goodbye My Lover’ was recorded in her bathroom. My life will not be nearly as much fun now she’s gone.”

― James Blunt

“I was convinced that I was going to be onstage for the rest of my life.”

― James Callis

“The Magnificent Seven was really kind of a miraculous event that took place in my life.”

― James Coburn

“I’ve spent my life doing action films and most of my own stunts, so my teeth have been knocked out along the way. It happened so frequently that I can’t even remember where I lost most of them.”

― James Cosmo

“One of the greatest joys in my life was giving a lecture in French at the College de France.”

― James Cronin

“I’m more interested in enjoying my life and looking after my family than being hugely successful.”

― James D’arcy

“The reason I wanted to be an actor is that I don’t want to play me for the rest of my life and make money out of that.”

― James D’arcy

“I’m not really very ambitious. I’m more interested in enjoying my life and looking after my family than being hugely successful.”

― James D’arcy

“Sinatra was the biggest influence on my life, my singing career. And rightly so. I mean he was the best singer ever.”

― James Darren

“If my life were a song it would be called ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. Yeah.”

― James Durbin

“I’ve obviously used fans – I wouldn’t say all my life, because we couldn’t afford them when I was young, but from my 20s and onwards we’ve had to use fans. And I’ve always loathed them. Everything about them. The way you adjust them, getting them at the angle you want. Carrying them. Cleaning them. The danger of putting your finger in them.”

― James Dyson

“My grandmother had the most dramatic effect on my life because she set me in one direction, and I had to go back the other direction for my sanity, and for my ability to be a social human being.”

― James Earl Jones

“I really think I ambled through a lot of my life, or ambled from one thing to the other.”

― James Earl Jones

“Over the eons I’ve been a fan of, and sucker for, each latest automated system to ‘simplify’ and ‘bring order to’ my life. Very early on this led me to the beautiful-and-doomed Lotus Agenda for my DOS computers, and Actioneer for the early Palm.”

― James Fallows

“Some people think memoirs should be held to a perfect journalistic standard. Some people don’t. Obviously I don’t. My goal was never to create or to write a perfect journalistic standard of my life. It was always to be as literature.”

― James Frey

“I spent much of my life – almost 40 years – as a military officer. My specialty was in the part of the Navy that operates ocean-going ships, and as a result, I was at sea for many months at a time.”

― James G. Stavridis

“I feel like I’ve kinda danced around telling the truest story I can for many years of my life. I’ve been a little distracted by trying to be shocking or edgy or cool or whatever, and by letting go of that and telling the truest story I can – even if it’s about aliens and talking raccoons – it works.”

― James Gunn

“My life isn’t just one genre. It’s a romance one minute, an action movie the next – it’s actually rarely, rarely an action film, to be frank.”

― James Gunn

“My favorite dark comedy, which is also one of my favorite films of all time, is ‘After Hours.’ I’ve seen ‘After Hours’ as much as almost any film I’ve ever seen in my life; I’ve watched it dozens of times, and I still watch it once a year. I still get a thrill out of it every time I see it.”

― James Gunn

“The majority of my life is ‘Guardians,’ but being able to clean my brain a little bit by doing something totally different like ‘Belko’ was incredibly helpful to the creative process.”

― James Gunn

“If I hadn’t had music in my life, it’s quite possible I’d be dead and I’d much rather be alive.”

― James Hetfield

“Some of the things I’ve done in my life, I’ve done to make money because I had to make money… and some things I did just because they were on my mind and they were of interest to me… some of the little plays I wrote.”

― James Lapine

“I am starting to get into this whole idea of caring about what I wear. There was a time in my life when I could not care less about fashion.”

― James Marsden

“I’ve got a new pair of trainers. That’s the only difference in my life since I started working for Amazon.”

― James May

“I try to keep my life low key, and I don’t like going to parties unless they’re thrown by a friend of mine, or they’re to do with a project I’m in, or it’s because I’ve been nominated for an award.”

― James McAvoy

“A story about my life would be utterly dull.”

― James McAvoy

“I used to walk through the Old Times Square fearing for my life. Now I wouldn’t be caught dead there.”

― James McBride

“I don’t live for my work. My life is my life. That’s more important, and I think that helps my work.”

― James McBride

“Throughout my life, I have grappled with my own identity, who I am. As a young child, I often felt ambivalent about myself, in fact, confused.”

― James McGreevey

“At different points in my life, I had grappled with the idea of going into the priesthood – in high school or law school. Where it ends, I’m not quite sure. Perhaps it ends with death, grappling with one’s spirituality.”

― James McGreevey

“Being gay is a fundamental part of my being – the core of who I’ve always been, and the thing that I had repressed and run from all my life.”

― James McGreevey

“I realized that I had screwed up my life living different parts of my life in different places. I wasn’t whole. I wasn’t integrated. I wasn’t a complete person. And after that, came out, spent some time at a psychiatric hospital.”

― James McGreevey

“I have learned as much in the last three years as in any other comparable period of my life, but with an added realisation of how little over a half century of study one has in fact managed to learn of the whole range of economic policy issues.”

― James Meade

“I’ve watched too many artists in my life forget how good the things they used to do were.”

― James Murphy

“From a very early period of my life I have derived the highest enjoyment from listening to music, especially to melody, which is to me the most pleasing form of composition.”

― James Nasmyth

“In my life, I have made the occasional catastrophic choice, and it’s just a case of moving on and learning from it.”

― James Nesbitt

“I’ve got a history in my life of difficult times.”

― James Nesbitt

“All my adult life, there was the Troubles. That was the backdrop of my life.”

― James Nesbitt

“I grew up loving women and without misogyny, rancour or prejudice, totally loved and loving. And no matter what has happened since, I don’t think I have treated women in my life very badly.”

― James Nesbitt

“If I get to the end of my life, and people say, ‘He was in ‘Cold Feet,’ well, I was, and it was great. I thought the fourth series wasn’t great. I thought there were weak episodes throughout. Overall, I thought it was a good show, it had an impact, it dealt with a lot of issues, and it was a great part.”

― James Nesbitt

“My agent Sue realised after ‘Cold Feet’ that I could have spent the rest of my life doing similar roles. So she was instrumental in moving me away from that.”

― James Nesbitt

“My life revolves around my writing, my wife and my son.”

― James Patterson

“I don’t get a chance to be funny with the thrillers. I like to be funny, and I think I am really funny. So with ‘Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life’, it was fun to let loose.”

― James Patterson

“I’m not eager at all to present my life out there for public consumption. I like to do one or two films a year and then do what is absolutely obligatory in terms of promoting them. My life outside of films is vital to me.”

― James Spader

“I think the most significant change in my life is the decision to do a series. An hourlong dramatic television series on a broadcast network swallows you and chews you up and refuses to spit you out. You’re making a decision that’s going to be a profound and significant impact on the practical aspects of your life.”

― James Spader

“I never had a single conversation about politics with Ross Perot in my life; still haven’t.”

― James Stockdale

“If the gig’s going really well, I’m incredibly happy on stage and really feel good about my life and things.”

― James Taylor

“I’m not about to talk about what’s romantic in my life – I figure if you talk about it once – then that’s an open invitation for everyone to dig into your personal life even further.”

― James Van Der Beek

“Being the lead of the show and working a lot of hours – all good stuff, a tremendous education, incredible opportunity, it changed my life – it was a marathon, and by the end of it I was pretty beat.”

― James Van Der Beek

“And so for a couple of years my life was divided between my music and my school books.”

― James Weldon Johnson

“All I want to do in my life is be known as me and for what I do.”

― James William Middleton

“I emceed in metro Detroit throughout college, and even when I moved to New York, I would actually fly back on a Friday, emcee on a Saturday, and fly back on Sunday so that I could audition during the week. It was a big part of my life.”

― James Wolk

“You can find old Jewish newspapers from Detroit that have my promotional ad in them. It was a totally insane time in my life. Paul Rudd was also a bar mitzvah emcee, you know? It was like being a local rock star in Detroit.”

― James Wolk

“I want to do musician things and start making this my life. I want to learn – there’s so much I have to learn about what it takes to be a recording artist, about what it takes to go on tour. I want to take this time and be a sponge and start meeting people and start – just start.”

― James Wolpert

“I look back on my life and have to face the fact that I have been narcissistic and selfish.”

― James Woods

“I’m at a time in my life where I’m so filled up that I don’t want more.”

― Jami Gertz

“As a mom, I always feel I have to protect them. I talk about them because they are the most important things in my life but they are private people. I won’t use them for my own press.”

― Jami Gertz

“I feel yoga has helped me with everything in my life. Especially my snowboarding; between the strength, flexibility, balance, and meditation aspects of yoga, it has helped me in so many ways!”

― Jamie Anderson

“One of my favorite things about my life is that I have the same group of friends that I grew up with. I love them so dearly, and we give each other a hard time.”

― Jamie Dornan

“I feel good that I have my life in order. I’m not addicted to anything that I’m aware of.”

― Jamie Dornan

“’The Fall’ changed my life – that’s not an overstatement.”

― Jamie Dornan

“I’ve been a sports fan all my life, and like most other actors, I’m convinced I could have been a pro athlete if Hollywood hadn’t come calling.”

― Jamie Foxx

“Every single thing in my life is built around race.”

― Jamie Foxx

“Photography is a big part of my life: taking photographs, being around photographers.”

― Jamie Hince

“There are plenty of cities that have given me the time of my life for a week or two – including Sao Paulo, Paris, and New York – but London has an enduring appeal that keeps on unfolding.”

― Jamie Hince

“Generally, my life is absolute chaos, but when I’m writing songs, it’s very thought out and regimented.”

― Jamie Hince

“I’ve run several of my own small businesses in my life.”

― Jamie Hyneman

“I was very close with my mother growing up. I have four older sisters who were an important part of my life. And I’ve been very close to all the women I’ve dated. I feel most comfortable around women.”

― Jamie Johnson

“I barely got out of high school, and I look back at my life often and go, ‘Wow, this was awesome!’”

― Jamie Lee Curtis

“I’ve been in showbusiness all my life, but as an actress I have never been overly driven.”

― Jamie Lee Curtis

“My life is really so much based in England.”

― Jamie Oliver

“But what goes on in my life outside of the game should be my business.”

― Jamie Redknapp

“I worked in an insurance office for six years, and it was there that I just woke up one day and realised there was something massively lacking in my life, and a non-contributory pension and a subsidised canteen could not fill it.”

― Jamie Sives

“My life has changed, but I’m not money-motivated at all; that’s the last thing on my mind. I just want to play football, and that’s how I’ve always been.”

― Jamie Vardy

“My life is extremely full and wretchedly busy, and I feel that while my life drains energy from my work, my work in turn drains energy from my life. The result is, I am always playing catch-up spiritually. That is my thorn.”

― Jan Karon

“I do have a tendency to want to go back to school at all times in my life. Maybe I’ll do the Ph.D. in art history when I’m 50, or maybe divinity school. I like teaching, too.”

― Jandy Nelson

“I love art, and it plays a huge role in my life. It’s definitely one of my greatest joys, and I’m a bit fanatical about certain painters and poets and musicians and sculptors.”

― Jandy Nelson

“I could not sit down to write a serious romance under any other motive than to save my life.”

― Jane Austen

“I have been a selfish being all my life, in practice, though not in principle.”

― Jane Austen

“I have no regrets about my life.”

― Jane Badler

“I am a Democrat. I have been one all of my life.”

― Jane Byrne

“There is more to life than a job. I didn’t ever want to look back and point to a bookshelf of videotapes and say, ‘That’s been my life.’ It’s so much easier to write a resume than it is to craft a spirit.”

― Jane Clayson

“I have a confidence about my life that comes from standing tall on my own two feet.”

― Jane Fonda

“Through therapy and a lot of thinking and writing my memoirs, I’ve been able to use my life as a lesson.”

― Jane Fonda

“I have people in my life who will say, ‘Honey, you’re trying too hard.’ I like being saucy, but I’m 73 and a half. I’m still trying to find my way between matronly and coltishness.”

― Jane Fonda

“All my life I had believed that unless I was perfect I would not be loved.”

― Jane Fonda

“I was in my mid-40s. I was a bulimic, and I realized if I continue with this addiction of mine, I will not be able to continue doing my life. The older you get the more damage it does; it takes longer to recover from a binge. And it was very hard.”

― Jane Fonda

“I thought my life was mapped out. Research, living in the forest, teaching and writing. But in ’86 I went to a conference and realised the chimpanzees were disappearing. I had worldwide recognition and a gift of communication. I had to use them.”

― Jane Goodall

“In ‘Straight Talking,’ I had bared my soul, and the press attention had been overwhelming. There were times when I felt scared and vulnerable, regretting the articles I had written to publicize the book, regretting I had opened my life up for all to see.”

― Jane Green

“I don’t think of my life as having two marriages; I think of it as a continuum.”

― Jane Hawking

“I try not to live my life on my phone or my social media pages.”

― Jane Levy

“I had friendships with two people in my life who, when I attempted to do my habitual behavior of building a case to break up with them, wouldn’t allow me to do it. They both said to me, ‘I’m not going anywhere.’ And that moved me so deeply.”

― Jane Lynch

“I don’t really sit there and think, ‘What would I like my life to be?’”

― Jane Lynch

“I’ve been in Chicago for every Christmas of my life.”

― Jane Lynch

“When my life is stressful, my favorite game is called ‘Pop It,’ where you pop balloons and prizes fall out. It’s a five-minute game that focuses my mind and gives me extra attention when I’m stressed.”

― Jane McGonigal

“I spent an awful lot of my life underestimating myself and, as a result, not exceeding my own expectations.”

― Jane Pauley

“Music has brought me some of the highest moments of my life. I don’t even hear the music. I don’t even hear the notes. I’m not aware that someone has turned on a tape machine – I’m in another world.”

― Jane Seymour

“I thought I might write mysteries for the rest of my life.”

― Jane Smiley

“After coming out as gay, I soon felt a lot more comfortable in my life, moment to moment.”

― Jane Velez-Mitchell

“All my life, I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific.”

― Jane Wagner

“I’ve read comics all my life and have wanted to write a comic for as long as I can remember. Alex Barnaby and Sam Hooker seemed like the perfect team to make the move into the graphic medium.”

― Janet Evanovich

“As a person with terrible handwriting, I love the computer. I’ve waited all my life for the computer.”

― Janet Fitch

“I’ve been depressed many times in my life. But under it all I’m an optimist.”

― Janet Fitch

“I started writing when I was 21. I was going to become an historian. And then I realized there was more to the world than just the past. I didn’t want to spend my life in the library.”

― Janet Fitch

“Another side to me is this very sexual being. When I look back on my life, it’s always been there. It’s been there since I was 10 years old, having the imagination that I had.”

― Janet Jackson

“I wanted to talk about my life. There is so much. I was 18 when I made the record, and I had a lot to say.”

― Janet Jackson

“Recording is more autobiographical than acting. It’s me – either how I’m feeling then or once felt at some point in my life. It’s all me.”

― Janet Jackson

“I always write my music based on what is going on in my life at the time.”

― Janet Jackson

“My concepts are never bright ideas; they’re never notions I think will sell or be trendy or attract new fans. I don’t think that way. All I can do is sing from my life.”

― Janet Jackson

“I spent my life navigating systems built upon me – a black child in America – not making it out.”

― Janet Mock

“As someone who wasn’t heavily supported or resourced as a young person when I was going through the hardest times of my life, I’m used to operating outside of systems. The trans movement has always been that way.”

― Janet Mock

“The first job I ever had in my life was in the Dade County Sheriff’s Office in the Identification Bureau in the summer that I graduated from high school and was getting ready to go to college.”

― Janet Reno

“One of the most important parts of my life has been community.”

― Janet Reno

“I wish I felt that I acted like Korra in any part of my life. I really carry around ‘Be the leaf’ in my head. That’s not a character, but it’s something from the show that’s really impacted my daily life.”

― Janet Varney

“Both my parents were high school teachers, and they were beloved high school teachers, so I constantly meet people through my dad’s life where they’d be like, ‘Your dad changed my life. He’s the reason I became a lawyer. He’s the reason I started writing. He’s the only reason I stayed in school.’”

― Janet Varney

“This band has a weight to it. Our songs feel important to play… That was missing in my life without Sleater-Kinney.”

― Janet Weiss

“It depends on the book and what else is going on during my life, but it usually takes me about six months to write and revise the first draft.”

― Janette Rallison

“I did all the musicals in my high school; I was in a pop group signed to Cash Money Records in college. Music has always been a really big part of my life.”

― Janina Gavankar

“I often think I am a better person because I lived for many years of my life with a flashlight. I have developed skills I did not think were possible – bathing with a cup of water by candlelight, for instance, and writing a story with a headlamp on.”

― Janine di Giovanni

“South Africa is a whole other world. I went to grade school there and high school in Johannesburg, and before that, my family lived in Kenya in Nairobi where my brother was actually born, and my sister was born in Capetown. I spent the first 10 years of my life in South Africa.”

― Jann Klose

“I speak with my father about everything in my life.”

― Jared Kushner

“I don’t know, when I was a kid, when I would see shows that changed my life, I would go to see shows where there was my mother taking us to see classic rock concerts, like Zeppelin, or when I saw Pink Floyd or when I saw, you know, when I was a little older, and I saw Nine Inch Nails, and I saw The Cure.”

― Jared Leto

“The things in my songs are the edited highlights of my life. I don’t go seeking out strange sexual experiences every day of the week.”

― Jarvis Cocker

“Books have always been an important part of my life.”

― Jasmine Guinness

“I was raised Christian; I was raised in the South where everybody’s raised Christian, but at this point, I’m 41 years old, and I’ve been an atheist, at this point, a little more than half my life.”

― Jason Aaron

“I have no illusions about having another ‘Seinfeld’ in my life.”

― Jason Alexander

“I looked around at the relationships that were the longest in my life, and they were the ones I had with my friends. I thought, ‘If I only wanted to get married once, I should probably marry a friend.’”

― Jason Bateman

“I don’t have anything to fix! I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, and I don’t eat carbs. My life is just great now. Normal. Vanilla.”

― Jason Bateman

“It was a blast. I was doing everything that teenagers do and everything people in their twenties do. I was playing as hard as I was working, which was an effort to really balance my life.”

― Jason Bateman

“I’ve yet to meet a person in my life who doesn’t have some moral ambiguity.”

― Jason Beghe

“The minute I was told what to do at any age, I did the opposite. Hopefully I’ll do that for the rest of my life.”

― Jason Blum

“The biggest waste of time of my life was playing ‘Call of Duty.’ But I got really good at ‘Call of Duty’ – a little bit too good at that time.”

― Jason Day

“I look back on the influence my dad had on my life and career, and I just try to take the best parts of what he had.”

― Jason Day

“I grew up in Southern California, Simi Valley. I’ve lived in the same house all my life.”

― Jason Dolley

“As my life changes, it gives me new things to write about.”

― Jason Isbell

“When I was still drinking, I thought I was kind of in control of everything in my life and other people’s lives and realized at some point that that just wasn’t the case at all.”

― Jason Isbell

“I’ve been very fortunate in my life.”

― Jason Jones

“One of the questions I get asked a lot is, ‘What do you do to stay in shape?’ My glib answer is, ‘I play.’ But I mean it. Sure, I go to the gym, but I don’t spend my life there. Most of my activity is outdoors, whether it’s basketball or mountain biking or rock climbing.”

― Jason Lewis

“I didn’t really plan on fame. I never really factored that part into my life.”

― Jason Mitchell

“I couldn’t get a job to save my life. That’s why I wrote ‘Road to Paloma.’ That got into Sundance and got into that scene, and that’s how I got the role in ‘The Red Road.’”

― Jason Momoa

“I’ve done a lot of dumb things in my life.”

― Jason Momoa

“My parents dreaded the fact that I was changing my life to do this, but I just kept doing it.”

― Jason Mraz

“I always write to understand my place in the world. I can see myself and my life unfold on the page, and I can understand my strengths, my weaknesses – I can see where I need to step up a bit.”

― Jason Mraz

“You can’t live the rest of your life carrying a pain because your parents couldn’t get along. I choose to spend my life crafting a joy.”

― Jason Mraz

“I like to keep my expectations low and my aspirations high in my career and my life. That way I’m pleasantly surprised more often than desperately disappointed.”

― Jason O’Mara

“I love being a husband and a father. That aspect of my life has been a joy.”

― Jason Priestley

“I’ve been very, very lucky in my career, in my life – from day one. When aspiring directors say, ‘What’s your advice?’ first I say, ‘Be born the son of a famous director. It’s invaluable.’”

― Jason Reitman

“The truth is, my life was made infinitely more difficult because I didn’t read any books. But I didn’t read any books. That’s my story. That’s my truth.”

― Jason Reynolds

“I know the feeling of confusion and betrayal. I know the feeling of fearing for my life.”

― Jason Reynolds

“One of the fun things as an actor is to find a character that if you were to look up a rap sheet about them, you might say, ‘I don’t really necessarily want to hang out with this guy’ or ‘I would never be this kind of guy in my life.’ I think it’s part of an actor’s job to say, ‘Maybe you could be.’”

― Jason Ritter

“I’ve never had an acting lesson in my life. I don’t know whether that’s a good or bad thing.”

― Jason Statham

“I went through that phase in my life where everything I did wrong was displayed into the public and all over national TV, so I went through a part of my life where I was afraid to do things because I didn’t want to make a mistake.”

― JaVale McGee

“People try to bring negativity into my life, but it’s crazy how I deflect it.”

― JaVale McGee

“I literally have never lived anywhere longer than two years in my life. I never just stuck anywhere.”

― JaVale McGee

“I’ve never in my life had a cavity. Not one!”

― Jay DeMarcus

“For me, my life is a journey.”

― Jay Electronica

“No, I’ve never played baseball in my life.”

― Jay Hernandez

“When I started my writing process for ‘Empty Bank,’ everything had to do with money. It was at a time in my life where I started to see money differently.”

― Jay IDK

“I’ve dedicated my life in public service to defeating climate change.”

― Jay Inslee

“I love being able to go on local flights when the weather is right. I’ve popped to the Isle of Wight, Cornwall and been mountain flying in Wales. When I got my licence I was over the moon, it was one of the greatest days of my life – it took two years to get!”

― Jay Kay

“I’m afraid that – not necessarily deliberately, but consistently – I’ve made a kind of laboratory out of my life, where I mix the stuff in the test tubes to create explosions – possibly resulting in interesting by-products. I mean, not deliberately – I’d be crazy to deliberately do that – or maybe not.”

― Jay McInerney

“I don’t want to have my life fall apart for my work.”

― Jay McInerney

“Everyone knows I’m married; I just don’t discuss it. Because it’s a part of my life that I’d rather keep private… When your whole life is played out in front of everybody, for your sanity, you need parts that are just yours.”

― Jay-Z

“The most important thing in my life is to live my life and enjoy it – to do what I think is right and what I think is good.”

― Jaye Davidson

“I had attached my life to basketball so closely that it made me physically ill.”

― Jaylen Brown

“I was really across-the-board, like a nutcase. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, so I just did everything. I was even part of FHA, Future Homemakers of America. How lost was I?”

― Jayma Mays

“My husband calls me a ginger every single day of my life, so that I’m completely used to it, and I’ve come to see it as a term of endearment.”

― Jayma Mays

“One of my weaknesses happens to be lying, and I could tell you that I’m never going to lie again in my life, but that would be a lie.”

― Jayson Blair

“I remember placing the New Era cap on my head at the 2017 NBA draft – that moment changed my life. I’m excited to be a part of a brand that has a strong sport heritage and look forward to being a part of their history.”

― Jayson Tatum

“If I had to think of what I would do different in my whole career, it’s that I never would have picked up a beer, bottle of vodka. That definitely changed my life. That is an Achilles’ heel for me.”

― Jayson Williams

“I’m definitely going to make sure that I just continue to live my life authentically.”

― Jazz Jennings

“Bathrooms have always been a big issue in my life. My parents fought for me to be able to enroll in elementary school as a girl, which I did. But I still would not be allowed to use the girls’ room under any condition.”

― Jazz Jennings

“Hormone blockers changed and saved my life.”

― Jazz Jennings

“I have met in my life two big destroyers: Gorbachev, who destroyed the Soviet Union, and Cameron, who destroyed the United Kingdom to some extent, even if there is no wave of Scotland to become independent.”

― Jean-Claude Juncker

“Life is short. I’m 47 years old. I’ve got 10 years to go where I can be the best I can be. I want those 10 years to be precious, not like before, cranking two or three movies a year. I’ve made a ton of movies in my life, but so what?”

― Jean-Claude Van Damme

“I like the hot-cold, the sugar-salt, being able to play over-the-top and dramatic things – in the same film. Just as in my life, I can be very funny and at other times almost extinguished.”

― Jean Dujardin

“The first 13 years of my life, I lived in China. My parents were missionaries there, and I was an only child. Often I felt lonely and out of place. Writing for me became my private place, where no one could come.”

― Jean Fritz

“I arrived in Bangkok in 1980: I was 23 years old, and it changed my life.”

― Jean-Georges Vongerichten

“The dish that changed my life was tom yum kum. You start with a pot of water, add lemongrass, lime leaves, lime juice, coriander, mushrooms, and shrimp; ten minutes later, you have the most incredible, intense soup.”

― Jean-Georges Vongerichten

“I thought I was going to be a bum the rest of my life.”

― Jean-Michel Basquiat

“I was recently realizing that I’ve probably spent 80 percent of my life in studios! It’s very difficult to do that and still have a private life; it’s very difficult to do anything else.”

― Jean-Michel Jarre

“I just had one occasion in my life when suddenly my private life was everywhere, and that was an accident and beyond my control.”

― Jean-Michel Jarre

“I don’t like dreams or reality. I like when dreams become reality because that is my life.”

― Jean Paul Gaultier

“All that I know about my life, it seems, I have learned in books.”

― Jean-Paul Sartre

“The strongest moments in my life are when I’m filming. It’s an adventure. As an actor I try to seduce someone, try to share something. The rest of my time is spent exploring experiences with women.”

― Jean-Pierre Leaud

“I was a banker in Morocco when I first saw ‘American Graffiti.’ It was before I was an actor, a melancholy time in my life, and this mood was reflected in the film.”

― Jean Reno

“For me, there is nothing worse than the knowledge that my life holds nothing for me but being a writer.”

― Jean Stafford

“My life is very exciting now. Nostalgia for what? It’s like climbing a staircase. I’m on the top of the staircase, I look behind and see the steps. That’s where I was. We’re here right now. Tomorrow, we’ll be someplace else. So why nostalgia?”

― Jeanne Moreau

“My life is very exciting now.”

― Jeanne Moreau

“If I had my life to live over, I would do it all again, but this time I would be nastier.”

― Jeannette Rankin

“My life is not just about the past.”

― Jeannette Walls

“I had the chance to be governor for eight years and I took a year to transition out and a year to transition in, so that’s a decade of my life where I pursued my own ambitions and I thought it was time to rearrange my life to focus on other things.”

― Jeb Bush

“I loved being governor. It was a blast. Eight years was enough. But it was certainly one of the greatest thrills in my life to be able to serve the people of Florida. I miss that from time to time.”

― Jeb Bush

“If I live my life thinking that something might not pass the Senate, I would never even get up and bother to go to work.”

― Jeb Hensarling

“The fun that I’ve had needs to be seen on the screen. I like the thought of a bunch of people laughing at what I laughed at – because my life is surreal, completely wacko.”

― Jeff Beck

“The special ops guys and the firefighters around the world have this great phrase. They say, ‘Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast,’ and that is true. Everything I’ve accomplished in my life has been because of that attitude.”

― Jeff Bezos

“Yeah, I’d been around horses most of my life.”

― Jeff Bridges

“I think my love of journalizing my life comes from my mom.”

― Jeff Bridges

“I have hesitation making any kind of decision, really in my life. I’m really slow at it.”

― Jeff Bridges

“My life is pretty much an open book.”

― Jeff Conaway

“I got very depressed. Hollywood can be a terrible place when you’re depressed. The pits. I decided I had to change my life and do different things.”

― Jeff Conaway

“I love the theater, but if I had to choose, I would choose a film at this time in my life. Something meaty, to sink my teeth into.”

― Jeff Daniels

“So much of my life is spent just focused on driving race cars.”

― Jeff Gordon

“My life is pretty ordinary in so many ways. I live in a town called Plainville. I have the life of an average dad. It feels like I have this secret identity as an author, and it’s still very surreal to me.”

― Jeff Kinney

“Pretty mundane closet, but a lot of ties. And I tend not to throw anything out, so I have a lot of clothes from all times from my life. I can be a little sentimental with things like that.”

― Jeff Koons

“When I’m doing the Justice League stuff, my point of view is always coming through Buddy. And he’s a dad, and there’s stuff about his life that I relate to with my life, and I can also take the abilities of animals, which a lot of people don’t know about me.”

― Jeff Lemire

“Marvel Comics has always been a place where I felt at home. It has been a very important part of my life and has always been a wellspring of creative and relevant ideas.”

― Jeff Lindsay

“My stated goal as a filmmaker is to feel something. Is to have a palpable emotion in my life, carry it through the gauntlet of the filmmaking process and try and have it land for an audience at some point during the viewing experience. That to me is successful filmmaking.”

― Jeff Nichols

“I’ll be honest: ‘Badlands’ changed my life: it really did rewire my brain as to how film can operate.”

― Jeff Nichols

“I’ve spent over half my life at NBC. This is the only place I have ever worked.”

― Jeff Zucker

“I’ve always written, all my life, and when I was very young I developed an interest in poetry.”

― Jeffery Deaver

“I think being authentic online and living my life so openly allows people to actually relate to me.”

― Jeffree Star

“I learnt a lot about myself, I learnt a lot about other people and the problems they have. If I was lucky enough to live to a hundred, how I will feel about two per cent of my life being that way, I don’t know.”

― Jeffrey Archer

“And I did wonder – because it’s now three years ago since I left prison – whether there would come a time when I would forget it, or it would be in the past as anything else might be – no, it’s there every day of my life.”

― Jeffrey Archer

“At the end of my trial, I was rather hoping the judge would send me to Australia for the rest of my life.”

― Jeffrey Archer

“I’m not taking any interest in politics. I’m not involved in politics in any way. My life is in writing now.”

― Jeffrey Archer

“If I could just make Westerns for the rest of my life, that’s all I would do. It’s my favorite movie to make. There’s something about being a cowboy.”

― Jeffrey Dean Morgan

“We had to make ends meet. My parents were divorced, so my father wasn’t really in my life. We grew up like most kids, just wanting things.”

― Jeffrey Donovan

“I was directed because I knew I wanted to be a novelist, but I didn’t have a very good job or a way of getting published. I found those years to be among the most difficult of my life.”

― Jeffrey Eugenides

“I’m not really an autobiographical writer, though I use lots of stuff from my life to make my stories seem real. But when I actually write about myself, I get very confused.”

― Jeffrey Eugenides

“I can only speak for me… but in my life, I find that, in sobriety, I feel much more, and I have much more depth. I also feel – not to segue, but as being a parent of five kids, I can bring much more to my acting, and so I’m all about anything that gives you more feeling and more depth.”

― Jeffrey Tambor

“I almost should have a shirt made: ‘Jill Soloway has changed my life…’ Not only changed my life with the opportunity to play Maura, but the opportunity and the responsibility of playing Maura.”

― Jeffrey Tambor

“What can I say about a world without Garry Shandling? This is where I need Garry. He would have something pithy, and there would be a laugh, and your heart would break at the same time. He changed my life.”

― Jeffrey Tambor

“I could manage my life so much better if an app could tell me exactly when my parcels will be delivered so I don’t spend the day under virtual house arrest.”

― Jen Lancaster

“Basically, I chose not to identify with being broke any longer. I realized I deserved a beautiful life, and abundance was something that I needed to welcome into my life.”

― Jen Sincero

“I was gifted at birth with this talent, and I’ve tried to honor it all my life. And I did – through hell and storms and tsunamis and earthquakes. I’ve been through too much not to know that giving back is everything.”

― Jenifer Lewis

“I wrote a show – just as a joke, actually – and called it ‘Bipolar, Bath, & Beyond,’ just to bring some humor to it. I wasn’t saying to myself that I’ll ‘come out’ with it – I didn’t think there was anything to ‘come out’ with – I was just writing another one-woman show about my life.”

― Jenifer Lewis

“I had been a hurricane all my life. And that was, of course, because I was bipolar and did not know it. And I was – you know, the mania took control. When you’re on stage and when you’re performing, you’re heightened, and it’s an extreme.”

― Jenifer Lewis

“All I’d ever wanted to do in my life was write and publish books, and woe to anyone who stood in my way.”

― Jenna Blum

“I’m just not political. I have opinions, but there’s nothing about the process that has ever interested me. I’m 22, and this is the first interview I’ve ever done in my life.”

― Jenna Bush

“I loved the domesticity of my life as a struggling actor. When I wasn’t going to auditions, I could do things like cook dishes from scratch and take them to parties or be really thoughtful about birthdays and anniversaries.”

― Jenna Fischer

“Sometimes I like to think it would be nice if you just had a character, and your personal life was your personal life. My life is definitely out there, you know?”

― Jenna Marbles

“When you’re pregnant, you go out and buy every single book; you have this stack of books on your nightstand, but there was nothing that was preparing me for anything even remotely resembling what my life was going to look like.”

― Jenna McCarthy

“I wish I could never spend another second talking about cancer and all it does to everyone it surrounds, but unfortunately, that cannot be because of my life.”

― Jenna Morasca

“I will always have dogs in my life, and I absolutely can’t be with someone who will challenge that or disagree with that stance – I will not budge on this, ever.”

― Jenna Morasca

“Every time I am stuck in traffic, stub my toe, get a middle seat on the flight, I just remember how all of this is just a blip in the radar of my life.”

― Jenna Morasca

“I realized not long ago that by the time I leave this Earth, no matter when it is I will have officially only spent approximately 14 years of my life where I did not have to deal with cancer.”

― Jenna Morasca

“My mother did not want cancer to interfere with my life, as she knew it would eventually end hers.”

― Jenna Morasca

“College was the greatest four years of my life.”

― Jennie Finch

“I know I have the ability to do so much more than just stand in front of the camera the rest of my life.”

― Jennie Garth

“I’ve never in my life said I didn’t want to have children. I did and I do and I will!”

― Jennifer Aniston

“I realised it was only me who was stopping myself from living my life.”

― Jennifer Aniston

“I feel like I’ve started a new chapter in my life, and I need to leave the past behind.”

― Jennifer Capriati

“Let me say that the path I did take for a brief period of my life was not of reckless drug use, hurting others, but it was a path of quiet rebellion, of a little experimentation of a darker side of my confusion in a confusing world, lost in the midst of finding my identity.”

― Jennifer Capriati

“I try to stay focused on my life and do try not to be brought into the Hollywood fantasy.”

― Jennifer Connelly

“If I wasn’t an actress and I wasn’t Stifler’s mom, my life would be so dull.”

― Jennifer Coolidge

“I am at my worst trying to write about things that overlap with my life.”

― Jennifer Egan

“It’s the feeling of being lifted out of my life into another world that is the thrill of writing fiction.”

― Jennifer Egan

“I should say, I don’t write about myself or my life. So for me, in fiction, it’s always been about what I can dream up, that feels far away from me.”

― Jennifer Egan

“I write to escape from my life. Writing about men separates ‘me’ from my work in a way that I find comforting.”

― Jennifer Egan

“So much of my life is not about work and that is usually mainly what I do tweet about. We live a very quiet life.”

― Jennifer Ehle

“I knew that if-God forbid-anything ever happened in my life, I needed to know how to take care of myself.”

― Jennifer Flavin

“It’s about getting the kids up and fed, getting one to school, getting the other down for a nap, going to the grocery store, picking one up from school, getting the other one down for another nap, cooking dinner… I live my life at these two extremes. I’m either a full-time stay-at-home mom or a full-time actress.”

― Jennifer Garner

“To become a classical ballerina, you have to move to New York when you’re 12 or 11 and that becomes your life. I just wanted to be good in my company in Charleston and I wanted it to always be part of my life.”

― Jennifer Garner

“I certainly never expected to be in front of a camera one day of my life.”

― Jennifer Garner

“Simple. Pared down. Timeless. The ties were never too thick or too thin; the pants were never too flared or too skinny. In my life with Dad, he wore Western apparel because we went riding – jeans, cowboy boots, the turquoise belt buckle. But it was all very simple, and that classic look is very ‘Ralph Lauren.’”

― Jennifer Grant

“Traditional values are big in my life.”

― Jennifer Hudson

“Even though she’s my younger sister, Becky’s definitely a role model in my life. She’s the most genuinely positive person I’ve ever met.”

― Jennifer Hyman

“My parents are both massive feminists and always led me to believe that I could dream big and do anything that I wanted in my life, almost to a delusional degree.”

― Jennifer Hyman

“I really go against drama in my life. Life is too short.”

― Jennifer Jason Leigh

“I’m a fraidy cat. I play everything very safe in my life, so I think that’s why I like characters that don’t.”

― Jennifer Jason Leigh

“And when I’m on set, I’m just thinking about the script and of working. I think I’ve stayed focused on the work so much that I haven’t really noticed my life start to change except for I’ve gotten busier.”

― Jennifer Lawrence

“I don’t regret what I’ve been through. I’ve had ups and downs, super highs and some really low lows. I’ve been so blessed that I could never say, ‘I wish this didn’t happen.’ It’s part of who I am. There’s nothing in my life that’s so ugh.”

― Jennifer Lopez

“I just knew that was what I wanted to do. I was going to perform as a singer; I was going to perform as a dancer, and I was, you know, going to do movies and be an actress. I was going to do it or die trying. That’s what my life was.”

― Jennifer Lopez

“Never in my life have I been captivated by by anybody onscreen the way I was when I saw Audrey Hepburn for the first time. She’s everything a woman should be.”

― Jennifer Love Hewitt

“All my life, I had this idea that if I could unravel the mystery that was my mother, then I could help save her. But it didn’t really work. We were close, but she struggled with mental illness and alcoholism, and it was rough at times.”

― Jennifer McMahon

“I’m trying to incorporate colour into my life. Until recently, everything in my closet was black, white, grey, navy or olive.”

― Jennifer Morrison

“’House’ was such a special part of my life.”

― Jennifer Morrison

“I feel simultaneously completely vulnerable and made wholly brave by becoming a parent. It has changed the way that I live my life. Because I want to be an example for my son.”

― Jennifer Nettles

“People tattoo for different reasons. I use a tattoo as a marker of time, to be reminded of a time in my life. It is something special and personal.”

― Jennifer Nettles

“For my whole career, I’ve been a singer-slash-songwriter, even though I’m very thankfully known for my voice. Songwriting has always been a joy in my life, and to be recognized for it is extremely validating.”

― Jennifer Nettles

“I feel fiery in my life. I feel fiery in my art.”

― Jennifer Nettles

“I came to Christ when I was thirty-eight. That transformed my life.”

― Jennifer O’Neill

“I haven’t got time in my life to do all the things I should be doing, like running and dieting and decorating my house, buying some furniture.”

― Jennifer Saunders

“I’m not in charge of my life.”

― Jennifer Weiner

“I wrote my first books when I was single and then I got married and then had a kid and there were different things happening in my life.”

― Jennifer Weiner

“I don’t regret a single day of my life.”

― Jennifer Winget

“There is no lack of love in my life.”

― Jennifer Winget

“I feel like my mum is in heaven sharing a cup of tea with Lady Fate and plotting my life out like a chess game.”

― Jenny Frost

“I once threw myself a surprise party on Twitter because I was lonely. It was awesome. Thousands of people showed up and then Wil Wheaton and I made a bunch of monkey-ponies. It was the most successful surprise party I’ve ever thrown in my life. It was also the only surprise party I’ve ever thrown in my whole life.”

― Jenny Lawson

“It’s interesting how songs can evolve. Sometimes I’ll write a song that feels relevant in the moment, but four years later, I don’t want to sing it anymore. Then something will happen in my life, and the song becomes relevant again.”

― Jenny Lewis

“All the Jewish tradition I had came from my grandmother, who grew up in Palestine and eloped with my grandfather and went to New York. She lived very close to us until she died when I was around 20. She sang a lot of songs, led the Passover seders. It was a very rich part of my life, and my grandmother was a big part of my life.”

― Jenny Scheinman

“It looks like I’m just gonna keep getting really, really happy and sad and embarrassed and excited and disappointed for the rest of my life, so let’s just do that.”

― Jenny Slate

“My baseline function is I’m usually really happy and optimistic. I think I really genuinely like being alive, and I’ve got a spring in my step – that’s what I’ve been like all my life.”

― Jenny Slate

“Early in my life, without any supporting evidence, I fretted over what I believed was my fate: accidentally becoming an international pop star. The pages of my diary were filled with hypothetical ethical dilemmas.”

― Jenny Zhang

“When I was a teenager, I felt my life was constrained by rules, school, my parents. I wanted to feel like I was empowered and different; that’s why superheroes, comics, manga, and video games filled my needs. When I got older, I realized power is not free; it comes with responsibility.”

― Jenova Chen

“Video games have always been a part of my life.”

― Jenova Chen

“I grew up with games. It changed my life. It changed my social relationships with my friends. It defined my childhood. It’s something I really cherished.”

― Jenova Chen

“I feel like the few times in my life when I really felt like I love my own story is when I’ve been the happiest.”

― Jens Lekman

“My first single was based around the mishearing of the words ‘make believe’ – ‘I thought she said maple leaves.’ That kind of stuff is very central to my music and my life.”

― Jens Lekman

“When I was a kid, I had a period in my life when I was eight or nine when I was so scared of dying that I wouldn’t go out of our house for a whole year. I refused to step out of the door because I thought something would happen. I had all these compulsive thoughts or whatever, and my head was really messed up.”

― Jens Lekman

“If someone was making a movie about F1 in the last six months, they wouldn’t need to add a Hollywood ending. If they do make that movie, it’s got to be ‘The Curious Case Of Jenson Button,’ where I’ve lived my life backwards. I’d like Johnny Depp to play me but he wouldn’t be quite right.”

― Jenson Button

“When I was younger, I read a book by Frank Barnaby, this wonderful nuclear physicist – he said that media had a responsibility, that all sectors of society had a responsibility to try and progress things and move things forward. And that fascinated me, because I’d been messing around with a camera most of my life.”

― Jeremy Gilley

“I don’t mind getting older. I’m enjoying not having that raging ambition I’ve had all my life.”

― Jeremy Irons

“’Vanity Fair’ caught me at a very exciting time in my life filled with night clubs, international fashion shows, celebrities and lots of cash to go around. Sometimes things just fall into place. ‘Vanity Fair’ was one of those things.”

― Jeremy Jackson

“I think right now the way society’s going, I think role models are important, and kids need direction. If I didn’t have that direction growing up, who knows what I could be doing, because I’ve been lost many times in my life, and I’ve had to have someone guide me back on the right path.”

― Jeremy Lin

“From the sense of being an ambassador for Jesus Christ, hopefully, through my story and through all the improbables and the miracles that happened in my life, people are inspired or at least a little bit warmer to the idea of exploring who Jesus is.”

― Jeremy Lin

“As a result of my life on the road and the increasing number of rainy afternoons in cinemas, I began to get the idea that I might write a film.”

― Jeremy Lloyd

“A lot of people in my life are getting sick or potentially going to get sick from tobacco.”

― Jeremy London

“I don’t want to bust my butt for the rest of my life, like my parents.”

― Jeremy London

“I’m just mystified and fascinated by women, and I’m still single. Hence all of that, and the fact that I celebrate them so much, I understand that I’m unevolved at this exact moment to share my life with one. I wouldn’t inflict that upon anyone yet. But, I’m getting closer.”

― Jeremy Piven

“Fear is just not a part of my life – so much so that if it’s involved in somebody else’s life and they’re close to me, I won’t be around them.”

― Jeremy Renner

“I live my life through fear. If I’m afraid of it I’ll do it just so I’m not afraid of it anymore.”

― Jeremy Renner

“Not every actor gives their life to do this job. Some just do it as a job. Well, it’s my life.”

― Jeremy Renner

“Suddenly, Dallas has become a big part of my life, and now I feel like I’m part of the fabric of the community here.”

― Jeremy Scott

“My life is crazy sometimes.”

― Jermaine Dupri

“My life is incredible.”

― Jermaine Dupri

“Humor was how I got through everything in my life. I used to find a funny way to get out of situations. That’s who I was. That’s who I am!”

― Jermaine Fowler

“I’ve been poor most of my life.”

― Jermaine Fowler

“Emily Dickinson has haunted my life – her poems, her persona, all the tales about her solitude. Ever since I discovered her in the seventh grade, I’ve had a crush on that spinster in white, who had such a heroic and startling inner landscape of her own.”

― Jerome Charyn

“I can say without melodrama or malice that Hollywood ruined my life.”

― Jerome Charyn

“While it was a very interesting period in my life, I was happy to get back to more direct contact with students in the classroom and in my research projects.”

― Jerome Isaac Friedman

“Like everybody, I’m making up my life as I go along.”

― Jerry Cantrell

“I came into advertising in 1961. I had been turned down for jobs on the Ford account in the late Fifties as ‘not their type.’ If it hadn’t been for Bill Bernbach, I would now be sitting in some luncheonette, continuing my life as a messenger.”

― Jerry Della Femina

“To me, it’s not the end of the world if I end up not being with someone. I love romance. I love sex. I love men’s company, but I don’t feel I have to be married. Men are a wonderful part of life, like chocolate. But my life goes on whether they’re there or not.”

― Jerry Hall

“I love men’s company, but I don’t feel I have to be married. Men are a wonderful part of life, like chocolate. But my life goes on whether they’re there or not.”

― Jerry Hall

“I don’t really want to get married. I’ve got my career, my friends – my life is very, very full. It’s nice to go out to dinner with a man and have fun, but I wouldn’t rush into anything because I don’t think it’s right to bring another man into the house with my four children.”

― Jerry Hall

“Being a parent has been such a wonderful privilege for me. My kids make me laugh and cry, but there are definitely more laughs. They really do give my life meaning.”

― Jerry Hall

“When I look back on my life, I overpaid for my big successes every time. And when I tried to get a bargain, get it a little cheaper or get a better deal on it, I ended up usually either getting it and not happy I got it. Or missing it.”

― Jerry Jones

“Probably the best part of my life has been watching the kids play their games.”

― Jerry Kramer

“Never in my life would I have expected USDA to be opposed to farmers and ranchers.”

― Jerry Moran

“All my life, since I was 16, I’ve been wondering where that next job was gonna come from.”

― Jerry Orbach

“Looking at the Batman pages is like revisiting my youth. My first seven years in New York were the first seven years of Batman itself. While my time on Batman was important and exciting and notable considering the characters that came out of it, it was really just the start of my life.”

― Jerry Robinson

“One of the greatest listeners I know is Bob Tishman. That has probably had the greatest impact on my life than any other thing.”

― Jerry Speyer

“Sometimes I’m asked if I do research for my stories. The answer is yes and no. No, in the sense that I seldom plow through books at the library to gather material. Yes, in the sense that the first fifteen years of my life turned out to be one big research project.”

― Jerry Spinelli

“I was very naive, and I thought it was just a matter of writing my first book and sending it in, and for the rest of my life I would be writing books and collecting royalties. Nobody told me how hard it was going to be to get published.”

― Jerry Spinelli

“It’s been the structure of my life: you scheme and plan and try and fail and try again and accumulate and lose and win back, and then you tell.”

― Jerry Weintraub

“I’ve seen a lot in my life. I’ve seen a lot of winning. I’ve seen a lot of testing times. I think when you’re tested, you really find out what you’re made of, OK?”

― Jerry West

“Even though I felt, at times, ‘My goodness, you’re among the upper echelon,’ there is still a huge void there. A huge void. It is about self-esteem. That’s a thing that has always been a real complex part of my life.”

― Jerry West

“My time at Yahoo, from its founding to the present, has encompassed some of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life.”

― Jerry Yang

“My time in New York really clarified things for me. I thought, ‘What could I do with my life that would give it meaning?’ And writing was that for me.”

― Jesmyn Ward

“In the South, there is more overt racism. It’s more willfully ignorant and brazen. But it’s not as if by moving I’m going to be able to escape institutionalized racism. It’s not as though my life won’t be twisted and impacted by racism anymore. It will.”

― Jesmyn Ward

“My dad is from Nottingham – although I’ve only been there twice in my life, with one being when my friend was at university there. I’ve always found it a friendly place and has a good night life.”

― Jess Glynne

“Disguising your own origins is a deeply American impulse, but that doesn’t make it any less compromising. The way I live my life is to try to foreground the tensions and paradoxes of being a white person who’s interested in racial justice and reconciliation, rather than disguise or obliterate them.”

― Jess Row

“I’m not on Page Six, because I don’t have anything salacious happening in my life… unfortunately.”

― Jesse Eisenberg

“I don’t look at anything in my life as achievements. I look at them as experiences.”

― Jesse Itzler

“If I’m ordering power bars online, I’ll order 480. Everything is times-10 in my life.”

― Jesse Itzler

“I have always lived my life outside of the box. I find it to be way more fun there.”

― Jesse Itzler

“My life is ready, fire, aim, and it is one of adventure.”

― Jesse Itzler

“I don’t intend to write the same kind of book for the rest of my life because I feel I would not be satisfied only writing in one mode.”

― Jesse Kellerman

“Jesse Tyler Ferguson is probably one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life. Everything the kid does is funny. I think he tunes his life to being funny.”

― Jesse L. Martin

“Politics is not my life. I have a career in radio and another career in film.”

― Jesse Ventura

“Don’t vote for a Democrat or Republican, I have never voted for one in my life and I never will.”

― Jesse Ventura

“I’ve never been arrested in my life. Never had cuffs put on me, never been charged with a crime, never spent one day in jail.”

― Jesse Ventura

“I believe in commitment to duty. That’s how I’ve lived my life.”

― Jesse White

“The most influential people in my life are deceased. These include my parents, George Dunne, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., my minister in college.”

― Jesse White

“I’m a disciplinarian. And I’ve always been disciplined. I like to be on time. If I have a job to do, I’m going to see it from its beginning to its conclusion. No excuses, no alibis. That’s how I run my life. It’s called self-tough love.”

― Jesse White

“It’s not my plan or whatever in my life to be a sex symbol. It never is. You are who you are, but you can’t help what you look like. And when you do a film, like for me, it’s just not about that. I would prefer to downplay it. I prefer to downplay the sex appeal.”

― Jessica Biel

“I’ve spent my life being embarrassed.”

― Jessica Chastain

“I’m not taking jobs anymore where I’m getting paid a quarter of what the male co-star is being paid. I’m not allowing that in my life.”

― Jessica Chastain

“I went to public school, and I didn’t do well in school. And it wasn’t until, actually, I got into school at Juilliard – it was the first time in my life that I thought, ‘Oh, maybe I’m not stupid,’ because I was so inspired and passionate about what I was learning, and it was the first time in my life I had felt that.”

― Jessica Chastain

“I cut school to read Shakespeare and to learn about that because, for the first time, I felt like I really discovered a passion – the passion of my life.”

― Jessica Chastain

“I never heard in my entire life that a man was overprepared for anything. I am overprepared in my life. What’s wrong with being ambitious, being overprepared, being one step ahead?”

― Jessica Chastain

“Katie McGrath got me hooked on the ‘Great British Bake Off.’ It’s ruining my life.”

― Jessica De Gouw

“Hybridity keeps me from being rigid about most things. It has taught me to appreciate the contradictions in the world and in my life. I scavenge from the best.”

― Jessica Hagedorn

“I’m Asian, and I’m an actress, and I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager, so if anyone understands the conversation about misrepresentation and underrepresentation, it’s me. I live and breathe it; this is my life.”

― Jessica Henwick

“Successful model? That’s a myth. The year I modeled was the most painful year of my life. Editors would always talk to you in the third person as though you were merely a piece of merchandise.”

― Jessica Lange

“Once I started on ‘Frances’ I discovered it was literally a bottomless well. It devastated me to maintain that for eighteen weeks, to be immersed in this state of rage for twelve to eighteen hours a day. It spilled all over, into other areas of my life.”

― Jessica Lange

“When the movie ‘Sliding Doors’ came out, it almost sent me into existential crisis because I think about that all the time. Like, ‘Wait. If I left my house five minutes later, maybe this would have happened and I’d be on this different track of my life. How would that affect me?’”

― Jessica Rothe

“Music has always been a huge part of my life.”

― Jessica Sanchez

“Music has always been my passion. It was not a hobby or something I can take out of my life.”

― Jessica Sanchez

“I worked half my life to be an overnight success, and still it took me by surprise.”

― Jessica Savitch

“I had three jobs in college. The best day of my life was when I paid off my student loans, on my own.”

― Jessica Seinfeld

“If I’m going for advice for anything in my life, I go straight to my father because he has the answers.”

― Jessica Simpson

“My family is my life, and I’ll never lose that.”

― Jessica Simpson

“Through a huge duration of my life, someone has always picked up after me. And when you’re on your own and you’re trying to be independent, it’s definitely different.”

― Jessica Simpson

“In my life, I got a haircut junior year of college that was a real wash-‘n-go type of situation. It was short. I had six or seven people say I looked just like Hugh Grant. And I was like, ‘That’s a man. So… that’s not nice.’”

― Jessica St. Clair

“There’s something really terrible about having your BlackBerry next to your bed or having your laptop in the living room when you’re talking to someone. The biggest source of stress in my life is the screen, the blogging.”

― Jessica Valenti

“In L.A., I’m always going to dinner and hanging out. In New York, it’s like my life just feels crazier, and there’s more options.”

― Jessie Baylin

“There have been moments in my life when I’ve become numb to certain aspects of myself that I found frightening. Or I’ve conformed to certain morals of society and then maybe rebelled or found a way out.”

― Jessie Buckley

“I want everybody to think I’m a hard worker as an aunt, a sister, a friend, a daughter, a niece, everything. I want to be great at every role, because every role in my life is as important as being Jessie J.”

― Jessie J

“I like my life to be pure and clean and organised, and I like to have had eight hours’ sleep a night. I honestly don’t think I’d be as successful if I was a party animal. Because I don’t think my personality would be as focused and open as it is.”

― Jessie J

“I am a very honest person, and I can only say there are moments in my life where I really did think I was being me in the sense of my morals and beliefs and the way I acted. But when I look back at certain things that I wore and my hair and make-up, I was like, ‘Whoa! That wasn’t me!’ But I didn’t know it back then.”

― Jessie J

“I’ve spent a part of my life focused on acting, so if there was an opportunity that I’m right for and I feel confident, I would definitely go for it.”

― Jessie Pavelka

“Amy Winehouse affected my life tremendously. I think maybe she was the first sense of intimacy that I had with a complete stranger, musically speaking.”

― Jessie Reyez

“I want to thank my mum, my daddy, my coach, my teacher, everybody in my life.”

― Jet Li

“I was turning 20 during my first record. Those decade birthdays always kind of cause me, it seems, to reflect, look back, and then look forward. I just was closing this period of my life where I was living in a car and scrambling my whole life to then signing a six-record deal with Atlantic.”

― Jewel

“The essential dilemma of my life is between my deep desire to belong and my suspicion of belonging.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“I’ve never had Internet access. Actually, I have looked at things on other people’s computers as a bystander. A few times in my life I’ve opened email accounts, twice actually, but it’s something I don’t want in my life right now.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“The urge to convert experience into a group of words that are in a grammatical relation to one another is the most basic, ongoing impulse of my life.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“I feel very grateful for the way I was brought up. I did not realise it then, but as I grew older and started writing and realised the material that was there was very strong, I felt very grateful that my life was complicated and that my identity was never clear but put me in a position that was always questioned.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“I find it really liberating to be in a place where I am a foreigner in every way. I’ve lived with this all my life – this divide, this bifurcation. And in Italy, I don’t feel it. There’s none of that tension, only the expectation I place on myself to speak the language well. I find it relaxing. Something drops away, and I observe.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“Immersing myself in Shakespeare’s plays, reading them closely under the guidance of a brilliant, plain-spoken professor changed my life: It opened up the great questions; it put my petty problems into perspective. It got me out of bed in the mornings and kept me in the library late into the night.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“I always wanted to grow up in a house full of books, English books, and I wanted the sort of fireplaces that worked, overstuffed chairs, that whole kind of fantasy of a bookish New England life. So the library gave me that; for the hours that I was there, I was surrounded by that atmosphere that I craved in my life.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“It was very hard for me, for most of my life, to feel American, or call myself American, and that is a very complicated topic that would require a very long conversation.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“When all is said and done, I always used to say this to recruits: ‘I don’t remember one goal I scored. I don’t remember one result. I just remember the people that touched my life and that connected with me.’”

― Jill Ellis

“I have a lot of fond memories of my life in England.”

― Jill Ellis

“If you can’t help me grow, there’s no point with you being in my life.”

― Jill Scott

“Whatever happens in my life, whether I stand up or I fall down, whatever the case, I’m going to use it in my art. Why? Because I’m an artist and I have to.”

― Jill Scott

“I have never made a cent off a record in my life. I have never recouped enough, and I never sold enough.”

― Jill Sobule

“I have never made a cent off a record in my life. I have never recouped enough, and I never sold enough. When people see you have a song on MTV, they think you are doing well – but you know, the way the traditional label deal was set up, it is really hard for an artist, unless they sold a lot, to see anything.”

― Jill Sobule

“Years of my life were lived knowing that I’d get a book out of them one day.”

― Jill Soloway

“I started doing improv when I was 8 years old, so it’s always been in my life. I would feel naked without it.”

― Jillian Bell

“I document my life and archive the things that are important and remind me of what my specific energy brings to the world.”

― Jillian Hervey

“I’m trying to get into the best shape of my life for 40.”

― Jillian Michaels

“I had my nose done when I was 16 years old, and I’ll be honest: it did change my life.”

― Jillian Michaels

“I never was a great Thatcher fan, and it wasn’t a sad day in my life when she resigned.”

― Jim Broadbent

“The three greatest people in my life were white, OK. My high school coach, my high school superintendent and my mentor in Manhasset, Long Island.”

― Jim Brown

“I think of my life as a journey, and I’m still on it.”

― Jim Brown

“We played at a club called, the Elbow Room. Don Carlos, the nightclub owner, was very hip and a very important person who made a big impact on my life.”

― Jim Capaldi

“I refuse to feel guilty. I feel guilty about too much in my life but not about money. I went through periods when I had nothing, so somebody in my family has to get stinkin’ wealthy.”

― Jim Carrey

“Green Eggs and Ham was the story of my life. I wouldn’t eat a thing when I was a kid, but Dr. Seuss inspired me to try cauliflower!”

― Jim Carrey

“My life is not unlike Truman’s. I can’t go anywhere.”

― Jim Carrey

“I think that one of the strengths of Cop Shoot Cop lay in the different, and at times, clashing personalities, Ideally, I want to have both ways of working in my life.”

― Jim Coleman

“I’ve had a lot of highs in my life and a lot of lows, some pivotal experiences, and in ways I feel like I’ve already lived a couple of lives.”

― Jim Coleman

“The airplane has had a big impact on my life.”

― Jim Courier

“All the uncontrollable and unpredictable parts of my life – from the actual creation to my emotional responses to the finished book – I’ve succeeded in banishing to the office. And I think I’m happier for it.”

― Jim Crace

“I’ve never scared anybody in my life.”

― Jim Crace

“I have, I must admit, despised the English countryside for much of my life – despised it and avoided it for its want of danger and adventure.”

― Jim Crace

“I drive Fords, and I’ve driven American cars all my life, and I want to have a strong American manufacturing sector, especially in automobiles.”

― Jim DeMint

“Lord, make my way prosperous, not that I achieve high station, but that my life may be an exhibit to the value of knowing God.”

― Jim Elliot

“Your subconscious mind is trying to help you all the time. That’s why I keep a journal – not for chatter but for mostly the images that flow into the mind or little ideas. I keep a running journal, and I have all of my life, so it’s like your gold mine when you start writing.”

― Jim Harrison

“Well, I’ve been in the political arena all of my life, and 10 years of that as a candidate and elected official, and that’s about enough.”

― Jim Hightower

“I was feeling a strong need to change, grow, and break with particular things that were going on in my life and my history, and the material was the perfect answer for that.”

― Jim Hodges

“Ever since I got back surgery, everything in my life has been about reduction. I’ve got the lightest backpack I can carry and the lightest MacBook.”

― Jim James

“Pain has been part of my life. I don’t complain about much. When you grow up with six boys, you can’t show your pain, and if you do, they’ll give you another piece of pain.”

― Jim Kelly

“Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts.”

― Jim Morrison

“My life hasn’t been the norm. The most interesting parts are before I got into show business.”

― Jim Nabors

“Golf is a central part of my life and I look forward to working with the great folks at Vineyard Vines to create an authentic golf apparel brand that speaks to the golfer.”

― Jim Nantz

“I’ve been a Raider all my life.”

― Jim Otto

“’The Big Bang Theory’ has completely changed my life.”

― Jim Parsons

“The theater I got to do informs every move I make as an actor and will for the rest of my life. I can’t shake it if I wanted to, but I don’t want to.”

― Jim Parsons

“The best 45 years of my life were the 5 years I spent with Ton Jones.”

― Jim Sullivan

“I am a very lucky man. I am living my life with my hobby as my profession.”

― Jim Sullivan

“I’m probably more comfortable inside a Marine Corps rifle company than I am anywhere in my life.”

― Jim Webb

“I’m not a freak. I’m not really crazy or anything. I don’t think I’m really abnormal. It’s just, like anybody else, I have interests I cultivate, and one of my interests is not getting too used to things. I’ve sacrificed a lot of things in my life in order to keep that sense of things being unfamiliar.”

― Jim Woodring

“I’m the one that has to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to.”

― Jimi Hendrix

“Songs are like sign posts in my life.”

― Jimmy Barnes

“One of my major regrets was that period in my life where I wasn’t present in my kids’ life. I was in another world.”

― Jimmy Barnes

“I busted out of the place in a hurry and went to a saloon and drank beer and said that for the rest of my life I’d never take a job in a place where you couldn’t throw cigarette butts on the floor. I was hooked on this writing for newspapers and magazines.”

― Jimmy Breslin

“Decisions I make, the money, my contract, all of that will handle itself. I don’t ever worry about my money. I already have enough money for the rest of my life. It’s all about winning.”

― Jimmy Butler

“We’ve become, now, an oligarchy instead of a democracy. I think that’s been the worst damage to the basic moral and ethical standards to the American political system that I’ve ever seen in my life.”

― Jimmy Carter

“My understanding of racial discrimination as a child was highly distorted because the most prominent man in Archery was an African-American bishop. When he came home from up north, where he was in charge of A.M.E. churches in five states, it was front-page news. He was the most successful man in my life.”

― Jimmy Carter

“On balance, my life has been a constant stream of blessings rather than disappointments and failures and tragedies. I wish I had been re-elected. I think I could have kept our country at peace. I think I could have consolidated what we achieved at Camp David with a treaty between Israel and the Palestinians.”

― Jimmy Carter

“Because I know about the Holy Land, I’ve taught lessons about the Holy Land all my life, and – but you can’t bring peace to Israel without giving the Palestinian also peace. And Lebanon and Jordan and Syria as well.”

― Jimmy Carter

“Music is my life. It is sacred.”

― Jimmy Chamberlin

“Meru was the most challenging climb of my life. Not once but twice.”

― Jimmy Chin

“I am always concerned with finding the right spot and the right shot, so sometimes I forget to appreciate the skill of my fellow adventurers, but I am aware of how my life has been changed by my ability with a camera.”

― Jimmy Chin

“Basically, I’m motivated to write about sociopolitical issues as well as relationships. I think those themes have stayed with me throughout my life.”

― Jimmy Cliff

“For the last five or six years the most important thing in my life has been my family.”

― Jimmy Connors

“But why should I read what somebody else thinks of my life when I know the real story?”

― Jimmy Connors

“No, like I said, my dad was never really part of the tennis. His involvement around what I did with the tennis and with my mom and my grandparents was really not a part of my life.”

― Jimmy Connors

“Poverty was the greatest motivating factor in my life.”

― Jimmy Dean

“In my life, the sky is literally the ceiling.”

― Jimmy Graham

“In my life, there have been a lot of people who weren’t there for me, so to now have people counting on me is awesome.”

― Jimmy Graham

“My life changed because Bruce Springsteen got on a mic in front of me.”

― Jimmy Iovine

“I don’t think I should ask my kids to inherit my business, because they can’t start where I did: I was from the street. I’m a very different make of person. I’ve been a fighter all my life.”

― Jimmy Lai

“I played guitar all my life, all the way through the Yardbirds, but I knew that for me, this was going to be a guitar vehicle, because that’s what I wanted it to be. There is no way I would play guitar like a tour de force like I did in Led Zeppelin.”

― Jimmy Page

“I’ve never had a record in my life. People would buy somebody a record for their birthday or Christmas or something like that. People used to play records in their houses. I used to borrow. I only had about 10 records. That’s all I needed. And I’d borrow them from anybody.”

― Jimmy Savile

“My life is the greatest life in the world. The greatest life in the world!”

― Jimmy Savile

“I love show business. It’s my life, honey, and I try to enjoy it.”

― Jimmy Scott

“My life hasn’t changed that much. Sure, people recognize me, and airports can get tough, but the people who stop me tend to be real nice.”

― Jimmy Smits

“I’ve never seen a man in my life I wanted to marry.”

― Jimmy Swaggart

“To create and distribute a free encyclopedia of the highest possible quality to every single person on the planet in their own language – That’s who I am. That’s what I am doing. That’s my life goal.”

― Jimmy Wales

“It’s so crazy: my mom and dad divorced when I was 11, and my fondest memories are in the Philippines and being raised by my mom. It’s such a big part of my life.”

― Jo Koy

“My dad’s my biggest fan. When I went to college, my dad came into my life in full-on dad mode. I was doing comedy, and he was so excited for my comedy, whereas my mom wasn’t. So we bonded through comedy.”

― Jo Koy

“Everything I put on stage is real; that’s what my life is. My emotions – I wear them on my sleeve. I’m definitely putting my heart out there when I’m on stage.”

― Jo Koy

“Ever since I was in my teens I had plans at one point in my life to write a novel.”

― Jo Nesbo

“I get recognised sometimes. But I just live my life. I get on the bus, I get on the subway, it’s not a problem.”

― Joan Allen

“But I have had to give up certain things in my life. One is shopping. Two is lunch with the girls. Three is cocktail parties, and four is studying my lines.”

― Joan Collins

“I have always tried to live my life with enthusiasm and pleasure.”

― Joan Collins

“I’ve spent years when I’ve not been in the limelight at all and I’m perfectly happy living my life without being swooped on by paparazzi.”

― Joan Collins

“It was fun; you know, at this point in my life it’s like, I want to do stuff that’s meaningful.”

― Joan Cusack

“I think what I’m going to do is get more balance in my life to still be able to go out and play the hard rock ‘n’ roll and do what I like to do in music.”

― Joan Jett

“I’ve been doing this stuff for so long it’s the one aspect of my life that I’ve paid attention to and really sort of not paid attention to the rest of it.”

― Joan Jett

“If I had stayed in Belfast, my life there wouldn’t have as easy as it was in Scotland. I see the strain on the people who stayed. Always worrying about the safety of their children.”

― Joan Lingard

“David Jacobs is a great influence on my life, has taught me so much about so many things.”

― Joan Van Ark

“If I didn’t have Chip Gaines in my life, I’d still be dreaming in my head – but not acting out on any of that, not living it out.”

― Joanna Gaines

“I’ve struggled with depression in my life and sort of the way that the depression itself becomes an addiction.”

― Joanna Going

“As bad as it feels, it’s familiar to you. And the depression itself is making you unable to reach out. So, I’ve definitely experienced that in my life.”

― Joanna Going

“I don’t want to sacrifice my life, as I feel that I’m still very selfish and still want to pursue my dreams.”

― Joanna Krupa

“’The Real Housewives of Miami’ only shows my life in Miami, and, to be honest, my life is more L.A.”

― Joanna Krupa

“I’m very good at getting up in the morning – so much of my life has been spent on film sets where we start at the crack of dawn.”

― Joanna Lumley

“I don’t bring my life into a character at all.”

― Joaquin Phoenix

“I don’t spend most of my life in front of the media.”

― Joaquin Phoenix

“All my life I’ve taken photographs of people who are completely at peace being what they were in the situations I photographed them in.”

― Jock Sturges

“’The Little Mermaid’ changed my life.”

― Jodi Benson

“When you work on a story like the Weinstein investigation, every other non-critical part of your life disappears. For months and months and months, my life basically consisted of my work and my kids, my work and my kids.”

― Jodi Kantor

“Even though I don’t write about things that come from my life because I’m lucky, and I live in a great place with great kids and, you know, a great husband, I think you can find threads of me in the characters, so that’s really what being a writer is, probably.”

― Jodi Picoult

“I’d always need a creative outlet. But sometimes, I do fantasize what my life would be like if I weren’t famous.”

― Jodie Foster

“My kids are young and my life with them is really stimulating and really full and significant.”

― Jodie Foster

“I don’t know why people think child actresses in particular are screwed up. I see kids everywhere who are totally bored. I’ve never been bored a day in my life.”

― Jodie Foster

“I feel at various times in my life that I’ve been at a point where I had to choose between a death sentence and a life sentence. And I want to live. What do I do to live? What do I do to be vital? And the answer is always creativity. The answer is always art.”

― Jodie Foster

“I saw leaving college as an opportunity to do something different with my life. I always thought that becoming an academic was going to be my path.”

― Jodie Foster

“I was one of those avid moviegoers as a kid, and we didn’t have video, so we went to see everything five times. I went to see every foreign film playing in my town. As times went on, I watched a lot less films. I have a different film school now. My film school now is my life experience.”

― Jodie Foster

“As an actor, I’m attracted to drama; as a director, it’s humor – because it’s the story of my life, and I can’t be that serious about it. Being alone is a big theme in all my movies, both as a director and as an actress.”

― Jodie Foster

“All the movies that I make in some ways have to be the story of my life. There are different chapters in my life.”

― Jodie Foster

“I don’t mind doing occasional guest appearances on shows, but I have other things I’d like to do in my life now.”

― Jodie Sweetin

“The stories of wine lords who trade wine on intimidation or food critics who trade free meals for reviews… those are the stories of my life. I am telling the stories of my life in a true way.”

― Joe Bastianich

“I went through a period in my life where I didn’t have money to buy ramen noodles and peanut butter and jelly, but I also needed to go to the guitar store and buy strings and picks and polish and rags. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t play guitar.”

― Joe Bonamassa

“Beating Chris Eubank in 1997 was a great win and the toughest fight of my life, and beating Jeff Lacy was great, too. But Mikkel Kessler topped it, winning all the belts and fighting in front of all those fans in my home town.”

― Joe Calzaghe

“I’ll spend the rest of my life chasing that feeling I had on ‘The Grey,’ because I think we’re all aware that, first and foremost, we were having an adventure, and we were also making this movie at the same time.”

― Joe Carnahan

“Rock and roll came into my life when I was about 12, 13, when Little Richard and Chuck Berry had just started hitting the shores of England.”

― Joe Cocker

“Design has always been a driving force in my life: it’s the lens through which I experience the world.”

― Joe Gebbia

“I’ve been very lucky in my life.”

― Joe Gold

“It was the highlight of my life being in the Mae West show, because I saw and did things I never had before.”

― Joe Gold

“It means a lot to me to be from London. Obviously, it’s where I spent the majority of my life, it’s where I learnt a lot about different cultures and different people, and it toughened me up at times.”

― Joe Gomez

“I keep my focus on the stuff that matters to me, and that is pretty much how I live my life.”

― Joe Hart

“Criticism certainly doesn’t affect my life, and whatever the pundits have called me, I’m sure they have been called a lot worse in their day.”

― Joe Hart

“It’s a great feeling knowing you’ve helped someone. That’s what I’ve spent my life doing and my practice.”

― Joe Jamail

“I’ve gone through a lot of stuff in my life so far. There are stories I haven’t really been able to tell.”

― Joe Jonas

“I have been extraordinarily fortunate in my life, luckier than almost anybody on this planet. And whenever I ran into challenges, my parents did everything they could so that I could maximize my own potential.”

― Joe Kennedy III

“Soap opera wouldn’t be my first choice, but at this point in my life, I would consider a soap. It would allow me to act and still do other things with my life.”

― Joe Lando

“I was really lucky about two things about my life as a kid: I had awesome parents, and I had awesome peers.”

― Joe Lonsdale

“One of my biggest intellectual influences in my life was Alex Karp of Palantir.”

― Joe Lonsdale

“My family’s the most important thing in my life.”

― Joe Namath

“Something’s been guiding me around throughout my life.”

― Joe Namath

“Most of my recognition comes from us winning that championship. The words may not come out – ‘Super Bowl III’ – because a lot of the folks at the grocery store, gas station or mall weren’t even born when we won the Super Bowl. But they’re aware of it. It has had a tremendous impact on my life since then.”

― Joe Namath

“I enjoy my life very much.”

― Joe Nichols

“It doesn’t matter what people think of me. I’ve lived my life.”

― Joe Paterno

“My father was the first person to introduce me to self-defense and martial arts, which I’ve been doing all my life now.”

― Joe R. Lansdale

“I decided with ‘Savage Season’ to use a lot of things in my life as the basis.”

― Joe R. Lansdale

“’Night They Missed the Horror Show’ is my signature story. It changed my life, so it remains my favorite.”

― Joe R. Lansdale

“I’ve done jiujitsu a huge chunk of my life, and I try to spend a lot of time educating people on the nuances, the subtleness of the ground game. It’s a big part of mixed martial arts.”

― Joe Rogan

“I’m just happy I got a hole-in-one for the first time in my life.”

― Joe Sakic

“You know what’s good? Going on the ice and knowing that you don’t have to skate when the whistle blows. All my life I’ve been the one skating.”

― Joe Sakic

“Having kids has been a turning point in my life because when I was still single, all I wanted was to impress beautiful girls.”

― Joe Taslim

“I don’t have a great deal of stress job-wise in my life, and that feels good.”

― Joe Torre

“I don’t remember everything about my life, but I’m very fortunate to have a group of friends I can rely on – they fill in the blanks.”

― Joe Walsh

“’Blue Velvet’ changed my life forever. It was like I’d always read Chaucer and suddenly discovered Charles Bukowski. It made me understand that there is poetry of sublime ecstasy and dark terror, and it spoke to a side of me that hadn’t been reached before.”

― Joe Wright

“When I left college, I though that I would be immediately embraced by the film world and instead found myself sitting in a squat for three years not knowing what to do with my life.”

― Joe Wright

“I can’t draw a straight line to save my life. I just can’t draw.”

― Joel Courtney

“I don’t want at the end of my life to look back at just a bunch of fictional movies I was involved in that kept taking me away from the real world.”

― Joel Edgerton

“I love what I do, but it occurs to me I may have handed over a large portion of my life to fiction.”

― Joel Edgerton

“Blue Tongue Films is a very important part of my life.”

― Joel Edgerton

“I started playing basketball very late, and for me to make it to the league so fast… I’ve always said my life is a movie.”

― Joel Embiid

“I want to be in Philly for the rest of my life.”

― Joel Embiid

“My life is like a movie.”

― Joel Embiid

“Everything in my life happens really fast.”

― Joel Embiid

“Being at the Play House, the only way I could see my life was that I would be an actor in a company, doing a lead role one week, a small part the next. That’s what I thought I was going to be.”

― Joel Grey

“Eight times a week, I got to be a gay man, a remarkable gay man, and every night, that felt as full, as true, as passionate, and as authentic as I ever felt in my life.”

― Joel Grey

“I never think about my age very much. I’ve always lived my life the same way, full of excitement and anticipation of wonderful things and the knowledge that some not-so-wonderful things come with it.”

― Joel Grey

“The way I live my life or conduct myself when I have a problem is very different from many of the characters I play.”

― Joel Kinnaman

“When I heard Nirvana, it changed my life.”

― Joel Madden

“I’m not trying to follow a set of rules and stuff. I’m just living my life.”

― Joel Osteen

“I’ve made a lot of stupid action films in my life but I like stupid action films and am kind of proud of them.”

― Joel Silver

“I’m a filmmaker and I’m proud of the movies I’ve made. But in the background of my life I was also very involved in the creation of the sport.”

― Joel Silver

“I have the greatest job in the world, and my life revolves around my love for food – particularly devouring hot dogs.”

― Joey Chestnut

“Slipknot is my baby. It is my life. It means everything. Everything I do means the world to me, but when it comes down to it, Slipknot… that’s my blood.”

― Joey Jordison

“My life isn’t that dramatic. My dad really loves me, he just can’t talk on the phone. He’s too crippled and shy, and that’s almost harder. He’s there and he loves me, and I try and try and try, it’s just impossible to have a relationship.”

― Joey Lauren Adams

“Ballroom dancing is like being on Mars compared to what I’ve done throughout my life.”

― Joey McIntyre

“I enjoyed my life when I had nothing… and kinda like the idea of just being happy with me.”

― Joey Ramone

“Making ‘Orphee’ has been a true labour of love, one that has been a part of my life for six years, and yet the music always remained fresh – it was constantly in a state of flux and renewal.”

― Johann Johannsson

“For me, ‘Blade Runner’ is one of the big influences in my life – I saw it when I was 13 or 14, when it first came out, and since, I’ve seen it many, many times.”

― Johann Johannsson

“I am not very extreme in my life. But I’m very attracted to art that works with extremes and works with limits, that transgresses limits and transcends limits and crosses borders and has a certain boldness.”

― Johann Johannsson

“What is