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“I never go wild with nails.”

― Abbey Clancy

“I just got really into this one girl on Instagram and had her paint little pineapples on my nails during shooting.”

― Abbi Jacobson

“From my hair to my toes to my nails. Everything’s fake. Everything! Even my heart is fake.”

― Adriana Lima

“I have an odd fetish with nails. I was always doing beauty blogs about nails, and it would be on Fridays called ‘Friday’s Fingertip Fetish.’ It became so popular that a nail polish company approached me, and Fingertip Fetish was born.”

― Adrienne Bailon

“I don’t love duck nails, where the nails are really wide on top. I am not a fan of that!”

― Adrienne Bailon

“I am personally am a fan of buff nails – not so much of clear polish, but a great buff nail is amazing.”

― Adrienne Bailon

“My hands are delicate and elegant, thank you very much. They’re well-kept; my nails are clean.”

― Aisha Tyler

“Maybe the nails are a little stubby and gnawed on, but I definitely do not have man hands.”

― Aisha Tyler

“My brother is the youngest member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. And I wouldn’t let him cut my nails.”

― Alan King

“A lot of people have something to say about ‘Wuthering Heights,’ but nobody quite nails it.”

― Andrea Arnold

“What’s cool about indie rock is that one band can do effectively the same thing as another band, and one band nails it, and the other one doesn’t. I like that elusiveness.”

― Andrew Bird

“I’ve been doing the Vietnamese nail lady impressions since my mom first took me to get my nails done when I was 12.”

― Anjelah Johnson

“I find getting my nails done the most tedious thing. I’m such a fidgety person; it’s like torture. Everybody loves massages; I don’t know what my problem is. I feel like I have to talk to the masseuses.”

― Anna Kendrick

“I like Nine Inch Nails, and I like hip-hop.”

― Axl Rose

“I kind of felt like maybe I didn’t have what it took to look like a supermodel and wear high heels all the time and my nails.”

― Bayley

“Ladies, I’ll let you in on a lil secret: guys don’t notice your nails.”

― Beau Mirchoff

“There is a joke that your hammer will always find nails to hit. I find that perfectly acceptable.”

― Benoit Mandelbrot

“I bite my nails.”

― Bozoma Saint John

“Heath Herring is tough as nails, and he fights hard.”

― Cain Velasquez

“If I’m singing something I don’t like, it literally feels like stepping on nails.”

― Caitlin Rose

“I have the reputation of being easygoing. But inside, I’m like nails. I will kill.”

― Calvin Klein

“Actually, I wear the nail polish to hide how grubby my nails are.”

― Caroline Corr

“Shoes are a great invention. They keep us from stepping on nails. Your feet stay clean and warm and dry.”

― Carrie Brownstein

“Some kinds of nails, such as those used for defending the soles of coarse shoes, called hobnails, require a particular form of the head, which is made by the stroke of a die.”

― Charles Babbage

“I live at the dentist’s. I’m on my third set of teeth that they put in with nails and screws.”

― Charles Nelson Reilly

“I just want to be that young girl from L.A. who snowboards and gets her nails done.”

― Chloe Kim

“For the ‘Try’ video, I didn’t prep or starve myself and over-exercise. And then I didn’t get my nails done. I didn’t get my hair done. I didn’t get a facial. I didn’t have a stylist.”

― Colbie Caillat

“I do love to get my nails done.”

― Cynthia Erivo

“I take biotin to make sure hair and nails are growing well.”

― Cynthia Erivo

“But the exposure we got by doing the stint with Nine Inch Nails brought us a lot of attention.”

― Daisy Berkowitz

“I’m lucky if I get my nails done, period.”

― Darby Stanchfield

“Pithy sentences are like sharp nails which force truth upon our memory.”

― Denis Diderot

“Usually when you watch a film, you’re just sort of biting your nails about things you could have done differently.”

― Denis Leary

“I bite my nails. I’ve been chewing on them for years. As long as you don’t chew through flesh it’s all right.”

― Ed Westwick

“I just have to stop biting my nails. I’ve been on and off that bandwagon so many times. I feel like it’s going to be a lifelong struggle.”

― Emily Weiss

“I make sure the foods I eat will benefit the appearance of my hair, skin and nails.”

― Erin Heatherton

“I finish off my manicure with Dior’s Gel Coat, which has a thicker consistency than most top coats. It dries quickly and leaves your nails really shiny.”

― Eva Chen

“There does seem to be a kind of split. There are those people who are more entrenched in the early electronic years, and new people who have come to it because of people like Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson.”

― Gary Numan

“Dealing with babies is nothing to be afraid of. Just keep their nails trimmed, and you’re good.”

― Gavin McInnes

“I got makeup tests and hair tests for ‘Versailles,’ and the main thing they were obsessed with was that my hands were disgusting. I had three years of Irish dirt under my nails. I had to have manicures and everything.”

― George Blagden

“Female violence is a specific brand of ferocity. It’s invasive. A girlfight is all teeth and hair, spit and nails – a much more fearsome thing to watch than two dudes clobbering each other.”

― Gillian Flynn

“Two things I do for maintenance: I get a manicure once a month, and I see my therapist about every six weeks. I am happy to report that, at this point, my nails crack more often than I do.”

― Gina Barreca

“What makes characters real are details, and if you’re crafting a person from scratch, you’re probably not going to pay as much attention to a question like, ‘Does this person bite their nails?’”

― Gina Rodriguez

“The appendages of the skin are the nails, the hairs, the sudoriferous and sebaceous glands, and their ducts. The nails and hairs are peculiar modifications of the epidermis, consisting essentially of the same cellular structure as that membrane.”

― Henry Gray

“The arteries are found in nearly every part of the animal body, with the exception of the hairs, nails, and epidermis; and the larger trunks usually occupy the most protected situations, running, in the limbs, along the flexor side, where they are less exposed to injury.”

― Henry Gray

“Gardening gloves are for sissies. I always have dirt under my nails.”

― Hilarie Burton

“I like music that’s more offensive. I like it to sound like nails on a blackboard, get me wild.”

― Iggy Pop

“Writers divide into those who write biting their nails and those who don’t. Some writers write licking their finger.”

― Italo Calvino

“In this industry, there are only two ways up the ladder. Rung by rung or claw your way to the top. It’s sure been tough on my nails.”

― Jack Nicholson

“As a technology, the book is like a hammer. That is to say, it is perfect: a tool ideally suited to its task. Hammers can be tweaked and varied but will never go obsolete. Even when builders pound nails by the thousand with pneumatic nail guns, every household needs a hammer.”

― James Gleick

“When I was 15 or 16 – I slept really well then. Now I sleep on a bed of anxiety-tipped nails.”

― James McAvoy

“Barbies, nails, and fashion – I’ll take everything in baby pink, please.”

― Jeffree Star

“I have been getting glitter-dipped nails for ages and love them.”

― Jeffree Star

“I am allergic to a certain kind of glue. Most eyelash glues are terrible, the glue in acrylic nails. I get a rash up my arm and face.”

― Jennifer Coolidge

“I still bite my nails.”

― Jesse McCartney

“Paint is the skin of a painting: it is fiction. In houses, it disguises the plumbing and wiring and studs and nails.”

― Jessica Stockholder

“Some men are like nails, very easily drawn; others however are more like rivets never drawn at all.”

― John Burroughs

“No brilliance is needed in the law. Nothing but common sense, and relatively clean finger nails.”

― John Mortimer

“I feel like, with a television show, you’re always biting your nails hoping you’re going to get that next season.”

― Jonathan Groff

“I’m definitely low maintenance, but I do have a lot of massages, and I have this girl who comes to my house to do my nails. My friends will come over ,and we’ll all get our nails done or have waxes.”

― Kate Moss

“It is very easy to try to type and accidentally type, if you just got your nails done.”

― Katie Nolan

“I just blow-dry my hair and put on mascara and lip gloss, and I’m ready to go. I really don’t get long nails. They’re so Edward Scissorhands.”

― Kelly Clarkson

“I’m a big fan of Kate Moss’s style – no-one nails boho meets hippy chic like she does.”

― Kristin Cavallari

“I love manicures – I’m really into colorful nails.”

― Leandra Medine

“Violinists’ hands aren’t the prettiest because of our nails and what our hands have to go through.”

― Lindsey Stirling

“Ninety percent of the day is working out. Sometimes I get my nails done and go to the grocery store.”

― Lindsey Vonn

“I don’t do yoga. I bite the hella outta my nails. I smoke, I eat all the wrong food, I don’t exercise.”

― Lisa Marie Presley

“My favorite thing is to get my nails done or get a facial.”

― Liv Tyler

“My nails are a disaster. If I play guitar when my nails are long, I just tear them off.”

― Liz Phair

“All your mannerisms change easily when you have inch-long acrylic nails.”

― Margot Robbie

“I could do my own nails… I went to beauty school in the 11th grade. But why would I do that now?”

― Mariah Carey

“I love nineties stuff like Alice in Chains and Nine Inch Nails. It’d be my dream to have a Radiohead-themed episode of ‘Glee.’ I also love jazz greats like Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Herbie Hancock.”

― Mark Salling

“This whole acting thing was always just for me and was always an absolute shot in the dark. If it didn’t pan out, I had my hammer and tool belt, banging nails again tomorrow if I had to.”

― Matt LeBlanc

“Christ was liberated on the cross through spiritual centers located where the nails are said to have been driven, and elsewhere.”

― Max Heindel

“Nine Inch Nails’ sound is dominated by clanging synths and sardonic, shrieking vocals.”

― Michael Azerrad

“Certain people in the United States are driving nails into this structure of our relationship, then cutting off the heads. So the Soviets must use their teeth to pull them out.”

― Mikhail Gorbachev

“I love James Taylor, Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith and Nine Inch Nails.”

― Nat Wolff

“I pay attention to my nails. I have had this particular German nail kit for years, and I take it everywhere. If I don’t trim and file my nails, they turn into talons. I cook a lot, too, and I don’t like to see bits of food stuck under them.”

― Neil Morrissey

“If I didn’t have fake nails, my fingers would be bloody stumps.”

― Nikki Cox

“Holy cow, she was tough as nails, man. When I was starting, Moolah was the head woman. She could kick 90 percent of the guys’ butts.”

― Paul Orndorff

“T.S. Eliot was one of the first poets introduced to me when I started studying literature and has felt like a close friend ever since. No one nails urban despair quite like Eliot.”

― Penelope Mitchell

“When I do fall in love, I’ll go to the ends of the earth for that person. I’d lay down on a carpet of nails for the person I love.”

― Peter Andre

“Man is a wingless animal with two feet and flat nails.”

― Plato

“My daughter gets to paint my nails and put clips in my hair, and I love it.”

― Ricardo Antonio Chavira

“I’ve always liked the heavier stuff. I’ve always loved Tool and System of a Down, Korn and Nine Inch Nails.”

― Rick Springfield

“I was in the cement end of the construction business, as a laborer. I was pouring concrete, and stripping forms off of set concrete, and pulling nails, and stacking plywood, and doing that kind of thing. I was in peak condition in those days.”

― Sam Elliott

“I love salon days to pamper myself, do my nails.”

― Sania Mirza

“I’ve always leaned toward a feminine, funky style, even in business settings. I used to paint my nails blue in 1993, before it was mainstream.”

― Sara Blakely

“No one likes getting their nails done more than I do.”

― Serena Williams

“When I was younger, I was always obsessed with nails.”

― Serena Williams

“We’ve gone from the image of India as land of fakirs lying on beds of nails, and snake charmers with the Indian rope trick, to the image of India as a land of mathematical geniuses, computer wizards, software gurus.”

― Shashi Tharoor

“To me, goth is like really hard black lipstick, black nails, black clothes.”

― Shawna Thompson

“Throughout my years in From First to Last, I was always dabbling and making electronic music on my own time. The first records I ever owned were crossover electronic rock, like Prodigy, Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails.”

― Skrillex

“Painting my nails was one of the things I liked to do, and I was so terrified of, like, ever letting anybody see my nails painted.”

― Teddy Geiger

“There was a time when nails were high-tech. There was a time when people had to be told how to use a telephone. Technology is just a tool. People use tools to improve their lives.”

― Tom Clancy

“We found that the most exciting environments, that treated people very well, are also tough as nails. There is no bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo… excellent companies provide two things simultaneously: tough environments and very supportive environments.”

― Tom Peters

“My wife had a bad habit of biting her nails, but I cured her. I hid her teeth.”

― Tommy Cooper

“Self-examination with a close-up mirror in an antiseptic environment is what Nine Inch Nails is based on.”

― Trent Reznor

“In Nine Inch Nails, I’ve been the guy calling the shots since inception. I’d gotten used to that.”

― Trent Reznor

“It probably wasn’t until Nine Inch Nails played the first Lollapalooza that I actually went to a festival.”

― Trent Reznor

“I lived a fairly average, anonymous small-town life till I got the idea to do Nine Inch Nails. Then I locked myself in a studio for a year, and then got off the tour bus two years after that, and I didn’t know who I’d turned into.”

― Trent Reznor

“I like the idea of working in an album-sized chunk, you know, and I never looked at Nine Inch Nails as a project that would be a hit-driven, single-based kind of thing.”

― Trent Reznor

“Appearance is something you should definitely consider when you’re going out. Have your girlfriend clip your nails or something like that.”

― Usher

“The Taliban outlawed wearing polish in the late 1990s, punishing some offenders by amputating a fingertip. Importing polish was banned only in July 2001, which suggests that women were still wearing painted nails within the safety of their homes.”

― Virginia Postrel

“I use a nude color on my nails all the time!”

― Vittoria Ceretti

“Men, like nails, lose their usefulness when they lose their direction and begin to bend.”

― Walter Savage Landor

“In our society, the sound of men complaining is like nails on a chalkboard.”

― Warren Farrell

“I have never gotten my nails done.”

― Yuan Yuan Tan

“Everything that I have is natural – braid, nails – I practically never use cosmetics. They often ask me in the provinces about my braid.”

― Yulia Tymoshenko

“With Nine Inch Nails, it’s all Trent Reznor. So when we get a new record from Nine Inch Nails, it depends on what side of the bed Trent’s waking up on and what he’s been eating lately and what he’s been into. Because he’s preparing the whole meal.”

― Zakk Wylde

“I’m more of a guy’s girl. I like having a beer in a bar, and I don’t bicker or sit down and do my nails.”

― Zoe Saldana
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