Top 212 Naked Quotes

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“It’s because I have no sense of shame that I’m always willing to give things a go: I’ve ridden horses naked into the sea, I’ve climbed rocks, all kinds of things.”

― Abbey Lee Kershaw

“Naked dudes are inherently funny.”

― Adam DeVine

“There are few nudities so objectionable as the naked truth.”

― Agnes Repplier

“I love being naked. I’m a free spirit.”

― Alessandra Torresani

“The funny thing about ‘The Naked Brothers Band’ movie was that we tricked the audience into thinking that we were actually rock stars.”

― Alex Wolff

“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked.”

― Allen Ginsberg

“War is murder. And the military preparations now being made for a potential major confrontation are aimed at collective murder. In a nuclear age the victims would be numbered by the millions. This naked truth must be faced.”

― Alva Myrdal

“They say a lot of women would like to see me naked, but there’s not a lens long enough for that.”

― Andy Garcia

“There are naked people in boots on a mountain top firing guns.”

― Andy Richter

“If all Christians and Jews tithed their income as the Bible commands, every poor person would be cared for, every naked person clothed, and every hungry person fed.”

― Ann Coulter

“I don’t want anyone seeing me naked.”

― Anna Benson

“I love Cronenberg so much, especially the films he was doing in the mid to late ’80s and early ’90s, like ‘Naked Lunch’ and ‘Dead Ringers’.”

― Ari Aster

“They, astounded at the flash of the armor, and the swiftness of the charge, and attacked by showers of arrows and missiles, half naked as they were, never stopped to resist but gave way.”

― Arrian

“’Scary Movie’ was a different type of comedy than I’m used to. I’ve mostly done sitcoms, so working with David Zucker, who wrote the film and who directed the last two ‘Scary Movie’s and ‘Airplane’ and ‘Naked Gun,’ was a lot of help.”

― Ashley Tisdale

“People’s attitudes about sex aren’t healthy anywhere, except maybe in those tribes where they go around naked.”

― Asia Argento

“The world has to have zero tolerance for naked dictatorship.”

― Asma Jahangir

“Memory, in widow’s weeds, with naked feet stands on a tombstone.”

― Aubrey de Vere

“Personally, I wouldn’t mind going on stage naked, totally naked.”

― Benjamin Clementine

“I’m not against half naked girls – not as often as I’d like to be.”

― Benny Hill

“The law was made for one thing alone, for the exploitation of those who don’t understand it, or are prevented by naked misery from obeying it.”

― Bertolt Brecht

“I often think that a slightly exposed shoulder emerging from a long satin nightgown packs more sex than two naked bodies in bed.”

― Bette Davis

“I feel that if you really want an Oscar, you’re in trouble. It’s like wanting to be married – you’ll take anybody. If you want the Oscar really badly, it becomes a naked desire and ambition. It becomes very unattractive.”

― Bill Murray

“It’s very liberating to be naked in front of a hundred people, but there’s nothing sexual about lovemaking on a movie set.”

― Bill Paxton

“In the next minute, I will be entirely naked. In the minute after that, fully dressed.”

― Billy Bush

“But even the President of the United States sometimes must have to stand naked.”

― Bob Dylan

“A poem is a naked person… Some people say that I am a poet.”

― Bob Dylan

“The pinpoints of starlight we see with the naked eye are photons that have been streaming toward us for a few years or a few thousand.”

― Brian Greene

“In the United States, viewers don’t get to see a lot of things we can show in other countries. We didn’t get to show our naked Twister game from Wild On Jamaica, but we definitely filmed it.”

― Brooke Burke

“Golf is more fun than walking naked in a strange place, but not much.”

― Buddy Hackett

“Eros will have naked bodies; Friendship naked personalities.”

― C. S. Lewis

“I can be shy, but I’m not shy with my body. Everyone is naked under their clothes – so what?”

― Cameron Richardson

“I don’t even like to be naked in front of myself!”

― Camryn Manheim

“I want to live my life naked, with all my little naked kids naked in the garden.”

― Candice Swanepoel

“The Christian missionary may preach the gospel to the poor naked heathen, but the spiritual heathen who populate Europe have as yet heard nothing of Christianity.”

― Carl Jung

“As an actor, you’re naked emotionally; you’re revealing yourself emotionally.”

― Carla Gugino

“What woman wants a camera following around her naked butt?”

― Charlotte Ross

“There’s something so naked about being on stage as a musician. I think about that even with standup comedy or something – like, ‘This is it, this is what I got.’”

― Chris Pine

“I definitely love women. They are more attractive to the naked eye.”

― Christina Aguilera

“What goes down on film is different to what you see with the naked eye.”

― Christopher Eccleston

“I’d rather go naked than wear fur.”

― Christy Turlington

“As FIFA leaked information to the media, portraying me as an unethical person, I felt I was left naked, helpless to defend myself, as they repeatedly cut me with a sharp knife.”

― Chung Mong-joon

“If I had a great body, I’d be naked all the time.”

― Claire Forlani

“How much has to be explored and discarded before reaching the naked flesh of feeling.”

― Claude Debussy

“I was definitely born under an evil star. I have just been thrown out of the inn where I was staying, naked as a worm.”

― Claude Monet

“One newspaper even published one of my nude paintings – the one of me naked from the waste up.”

― Cleo Moore

“I’m not a prude. On the set, they called me ‘Butt Naked.’”

― Cuba Gooding, Jr.

“There’s nothing unclassy about being naked, if it’s appropriate.”

― Danica McKellar

“To write well you must be willing to go naked into the world.”

― Daniel Keys Moran

“My ideal is to wake up in the morning and run around the meadow naked.”

― Daryl Hannah

“We’ve never played at this place before. This place is big, and I’m kinda nervous, so we’re going to make it feel small by pretending we’re in a… bedroom. We’ll hang off the edge of the bed, take off our shoes and get naked!”

― Dave Matthews

“We’ve been asked to do ‘Playboy’ together, me and Victoria, as a pair. I don’t think I’ll ever go naked, but I’ll never say never.”

― David Beckham

“Many of us, both Jews and Christians, want the public square to be pluralistic, which is neither partisan nor naked.”

― David Novak

“The making of ‘Naked’ was an absolutely phenomenal, mind-bending experience. That film was life-changing and put my career onto a whole different level.”

― David Thewlis

“’Naked’ kind of kicked me off into the film world. It just so happens that all of the things that I have been offered have been films, and I’ve enjoyed the travel that goes along with that.”

― David Thewlis

“Most parts I’ve played since ‘Naked,’ I can barely remember who they were, let alone repeat any lines.”

― David Thewlis

“When I look half naked on stage, it’s not because I’m trying to be sexy but because I am dancing and want to be mobile enough to move.”

― Dawn Richard

“My definition of the blues is the naked cry of the human heart longing to be in union with God.”

― Dion DiMucci

“I always wear high heels – I simply feel naked without them.”

― Donatella Versace

“Two or three things I know for sure, and one is that I’d rather go naked than wear the coat the world has made for me.”

― Dorothy Allison

“I love ‘Airplane,’ the ‘Naked Gun’ films; everything the Zucker brothers have done is just awesome.”

― Drake Bell

“If I do a film and have to get naked, that tends to dictate how often I go to the gym. Acting in ‘Richard II’ on stage was a huge physical workout, so I ended up more toned than I normally am.”

― Eddie Redmayne

“Nineteen centuries would have been worth very little if we had not made some advance in welcoming the stranger, in feeding the hungry, in clothing the naked, and in caring for the prisoner.”

― Edward Everett Hale

“Most truths are so naked that people feel sorry for them and cover them up, at least a little bit.”

― Edward R. Murrow

“’Naked’ embodies what everyone, at the end of the day, really wants and how they should feel.”

― Ella Mai

“I’ve learned that I work best when I’m entirely naked. The recording process was done that way.”

― Emilie Autumn

“It’s a very weird thing. When you see your house naked, you feel very protective of it and of the people who lived here before.”

― Emily Procter

“The body is an actor’s tool, like the face, malleable. I never thought that being naked was immoral or outrageous.”

― Emmanuelle Beart

“You may think of me as an object of desire and I’m going to tell you that I can be in front of you naked and not be erotic.”

― Emmanuelle Beart

“We are all born naked into this world, but each of us is fully clothed in potential.”

― Emmitt Smith

“No, no I’m not, no, but I just think… when people are naked it tells you a lot about their relationships.”

― Ewan McGregor

“There are those who so dislike the nude that they find something indecent in the naked truth.”

― F. H. Bradley

“To see you naked is to recall the Earth.”

― Federico Garcia Lorca

“Astronomers sometimes observe that a star of medium magnitude increases suddenly in size; a star invisible to the naked eye may become very brilliant and visible without any telescope – the appearance of a Nova.”

― Frederic Joliot-Curie

“I was born naked. I’m a natural. I’m a natural nude. So I’ve been on camera naked a lot.”

― Gaby Hoffmann

“Facts which at first seem improbable will, even on scant explanation, drop the cloak which has hidden them and stand forth in naked and simple beauty.”

― Galileo Galilei

“Cheever constantly voiced doubts about his writing. Reading ‘The Naked and the Dead’ made him despair of his own ‘confined talents.’”

― Geoff Dyer

“Dictators cause the world’s worst problems: all the collapsed states, and all the devastated economies. All the vapid cases of corruption, grand theft, and naked plunder of the treasury are caused by dictators, leaving in their wake trails of wanton destruction, horrendous carnage and human debris.”

― George Ayittey

“A bare assertion is not necessarily the naked truth.”

― George Dennison Prentice

“I have been wearing black, which was a reaction to the Ginger thing. But now I have hopes and I can be anything. Tomorrow I might be naked with a feather boa, who knows?”

― Geri Halliwell

“If you look at sculptures from hundreds of years ago, everyone’s naked. It’s not a bad thing.”

― Gigi Hadid

“I can’t even find someone for a platonic relationship, much less the kind where someone wants to see me naked.”

― Gilbert Gottfried

“Writing songs is super intimate. It’s a bit like getting naked.”

― Gwen Stefani

“I wasn’t naked, I was completely covered by a blue spotlight.”

― Gypsy Rose Lee

“I wouldn’t ever pose naked… I’m fine to do bikinis and certainly lingerie if I feel it’s done tastefully… cute like Victoria’s Secret, but nothing like raunchy or overly sexual.”

― Hailey Baldwin

“I joke that my niche in Hollywood has been naked foreigners.”

― Hank Azaria

“One of my favorite snacks is Chobani yogurt with Bear Naked granola, because it has all the nutrients I need; it’s all-natural, and it has a lot of protein.”

― Hannah Kearney

“I’m OK with people being naked. There shouldn’t be a huge deal made about it.”

― Hannah Teter

“Flesh sells. People don’t want to see pictures of churches. They want to see naked bodies.”

― Helen Mirren

“With a book, there’s no volume to turn up. You’re very naked with a book.”

― Henry Rollins

“I’d rather go naked than wear fur.”

― Holly Madison

“Oh that I were seated as high as my ambition, I’d place my naked foot on the necks of monarchs.”

― Horace Walpole

“I don’t see why women have to get naked to sell an album. It’s crazy.”

― Imelda May

“Is Naked Juice a beverage, or is it a snack? I think we can liquefy snacks or snackify liquids.”

― Indra Nooyi

“If you really do want to be an actor who can satisfy himself and his audience, you need to be vulnerable. You must reach the emotional and intellectual level of ability where you can go out stark naked, emotionally, in front of an audience.”

― Jack Lemmon

“If I ask my actors to bare themselves, to reveal themselves as almost naked, I have to bare myself, expose myself as well. That’s what creates excitement.”

― Jacques Audiard

“I did undergo hypnotherapy, and it didn’t work! The guy couldn’t put me under. I was very disappointed. I was very keen to be suggested, to have somebody tell me to run naked or cluck like a chicken or whatever, but it didn’t work for me, I’m afraid.”

― James McAvoy

“The first time I was ever on stage, I was naked at 17. It was very cold!”

― James Purefoy

“Man was very fortunate to have invented the book. Without it, the past would completely vanish, and we would be left with nothing, we would be naked on earth.”

― James Salter

“For four years, I worked as one of the general shop crew on movies like ‘Naked Lunch’ and ‘Arachnophobia.’ I made lots of bugs.”

― Jamie Hyneman

“I don’t think you would want to see all five Go-Go’s naked – I think we would be scary.”

― Jane Wiedlin

“I can do most anything and not have a problem with it. The only time I have negative attention is when I run naked through the streets brandishing a handgun.”

― Janeane Garofalo

“It’s your flaws, not your strengths, that go down in the depths of your books. You’re exposed, like dreaming you’re naked in a public building.”

― Janet Fitch

“At male strip shows, it is still the women that we watch, the audience of women and their eager faces. They are more obscene than if they were dancing naked themselves.”

― Jean Baudrillard

“Naked is the best disguise.”

― Jeanette Winterson

“Did I feel naked being naked? Yeah. Totally.”

― Jennifer Lawrence

“I have a few caftans just for lounging purposes. When I want to feel free, it’s the closest thing to feeling naked without being naked.”

― Jill Scott

“I started doing improv when I was 8 years old, so it’s always been in my life. I would feel naked without it.”

― Jillian Bell

“I’m gonna put a curse on you and all your kids will be born completely naked.”

― Jimi Hendrix

“All I’m writing is just what I feel, that’s all. I just keep it almost naked. And probably the words are so bland.”

― Jimi Hendrix

“It’s a lot of pressure. Some of the cast wants a StairMaster on the set so you can work out like crazy before your naked scene.”

― Jimmy Smits

“Each time, storytellers clothed the naked body of the myth in their own traditions, so that listeners could relate more easily to its deeper meaning.”

― Joan D. Vinge

“Consider then, O man! whether there can be anything more wretched and poor, more naked and miserable, than man when he dies, if he be not clothed with Christ’s righteousness, and enriched in his God.”

― Johann Arndt

“Nakedness reveals itself. Nudity is placed on display. The nude is condemned to never being naked. Nudity is a form of dress.”

― John Berger

“How my film career happened, I don’t know. It was unplanned. I’d been in films and TV throughout the Sixties and early Seventies, but it was really ‘The Naked Civil Servant’ in 1975 that put me on the radar.”

― John Hurt

“’The Naked Civil Servant’ was as important for me as ‘Easy Rider’ was for Jack Nicholson. No question.”

― John Hurt

“People in extreme conditions are suddenly naked, realer than normal, perhaps even more alive.”

― John Shirley

“Being naked approaches being revolutionary; going barefoot is mere populism.”

― John Updike

“Well, in Japan, I have got a group of musicians that I have worked with a lot, that concentrate just on the hardcore stuff, say, that Naked City has been working on. We have like a repertoire of sixty songs now.”

― John Zorn

“That is a lot of the reason I do what I do, to really spread the word and spread information and turn people onto different things they may not be, y’know, aware of. That is what Naked City is certainly about.”

― John Zorn

“A lot of people forget how extraordinary Elway was handing the ball off to Terrell Davis, and those bootlegs, those naked bootlegs off of those stretch plays was devastating.”

― Jon Gruden

“In recitals, you are naked before the audience – well, naked with your jacket and tails. The audience sees and hears the real person, not some role you are interpreting.”

― Jose Carreras

“We were mainly concerned about nudity – how much could be shown in 1959 and how much would convey, without being gratuitous, the terror of being attacked naked and wet.”

― Joseph Stefano

“I wasn’t really naked. I simply didn’t have any clothes on.”

― Josephine Baker

“Skydiving is a rush. Doing it naked could be more of a rush, but it’s nothing I would ever consider.”

― Jud Tylor

“If somebody on this team actually gets to first base, I’ll stand there naked.”

― Kate O’Brien

“Listen: I like my bikinis very small, and I also like, uh, nude-colored bikinis because people double-take – they think I’m naked on the beach.”

― Kate Upton

“In camp when I was eight – a bunch of kids threw me outside naked. I got ’em back!”

― Kelsey Grammer

“I like to walk around my apartment naked. I like sitting around in the nude watching sports, actually.”

― Kylie Bax

“I’m hideously shy as myself, but on stage I can run around naked and bite the heads off fish.”

― Laurie Metcalf

“There is something vulnerable about showing your tattoos to people, even while it gives you a feeling that you are wearing a sleeve when you are naked.”

― Lena Dunham

“When we strip away the clothes, the jewelry, that’s who we really are. I walk around naked in my house.”

― Leonor Varela

“One of my challenges was to try to photograph the Great Wall of China. And I did actually take some photos, but it was hard to discern the wall with the naked eye.”

― Leroy Chiao

“I personally don’t have a problem with naked bodies on television.”

― Lesley-Anne Down

“Given the opportunity, under the right conditions, two cells from wildly different sources, a yeast cell, say, and a chicken erythrocyte, will touch, fuse, and the two nuclei will then fuse as well, and the new hybrid cell will now divide into monstrous progeny. Naked cells, lacking self-respect, do not seem to have any sense of self.”

― Lewis Thomas

“My inspiration has always been photography’s ability to stop time and reveal what the naked eye cannot see.”

― Lois Greenfield

“Nabokov’s adventures in language and style and naked braininess are really unparalleled.”

― Lorrie Moore

“You can’t be afraid to make errors! You can’t be afraid to be naked before the crowd, because no one can ever master the game of baseball, or conquer it. You can only challenge it.”

― Lou Brock

“The whole process of music for me is something absolutely honest and really naked and bare, so I never forced myself to write in French.”

― Lou Doillon

“Singing is the rawest thing. Having been naked in films or naked in photo shoots, it’s nothing compared to singing. It’s absolute nakedness. You are stripped bare! It’s very strange. Acting seems much easier, in fact, because you are putting on a costume – whereas here, you are taking everything off.”

― Lou Doillon

“The gold iridescent ‘Naked’ outfit is perhaps not my finest moment.”

― Louise Nurding

“I have a bronze statue of myself, naked. I have these really big curls and water comes out of every curl. It’s hot.”

― Macy Gray

“The naked thing was short-lived. It was only around for about six months because we thought it was shocking. Once people expected us to do it we kind of never did it again.”

― Mark Hoppus

“I go from pub to pub, or jumping on buses or stopping cars. I don’t need a TV audience. Every time I go naked, all of a sudden TV cameras pop up around me.”

― Mark Roberts

“I run around my house naked with heels all the time. It’s so funny.”

― Mary-Kate Olsen

“As soon as I check into a hotel, I get butt naked and I watch super trash TV like ‘Storage Wars’ and ‘The Bachelor.’”

― Mary Lambert

“The labor of keeping house is labor in its most naked state, for labor is toil that never finishes, toil that has to be begun again the moment it is completed, toil that is destroyed and consumed by the life process.”

― Mary McCarthy

“I just never want to be in this situation where I get to set and they’re like, ‘We rewrote this scene, you’re now naked.’ I need a little prep work.”

― Max Greenfield

“Nick hasn’t seen me naked – I’m not a person who’s constantly flinging my clothes aside and strutting about.”

― Megan Mullally

“I’m glad I am a woman who once danced naked in the Mediterranean Sea at midnight.”

― Mercedes McCambridge

“In recurring episodes over the next couple of decades, the minority view gradually won. A profusion of factors differentiates each case from the others, including naked partisanship on both sides, but the trend has been clear.”

― Michael Kinsley

“I’ve always been very comfortable wearing not much, in my swimwear or my underwear, or running around naked. I’ve always been very free like that. I don’t really know why, exactly, but I just have been. Not really too shy about that.”

― Miranda Kerr

“Naked need is the occasion for God’s giving, not a need adorned with the clean, elegant robes of respectability and good works.”

― Miroslav Volf

“I find nothing wrong with the naked body.”

― Moira Kelly

“We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.”

― Mother Teresa

“As a Christian, you forgive, and you feed the hungry and clothe the naked, and you visit the sick and comfort the lonely. If I’m a true follower of my lord and saviour Jesus Christ, I got to do the things you’re supposed to be doing.”

― Mr. T

“I’m very comfortable being naked. It’s one of my favorite things to do.”

― Nadine Velazquez

“Beware of the naked man who offers you his shirt.”

― Navjot Singh Sidhu

“Everyone knows I’m a lash girl by now. When I don’t have my lashes, I feel naked.”

― Nicki Minaj

“You don’t have to be naked to be sexy.”

― Nicole Kidman

“I don’t mind being naked.”

― Nicole Kidman

“We need to keep examining evilness. For instance, I’m totally against the fact that Osama bin Laden was shot. I think that he should have been put on trial and exposed as that human being he was. I think he should’ve been standing mentally naked in front of the rest of us and stand to justice for what he did.”

― Niels Arden Oplev

“A lot of people refuse to do things because they don’t want to go naked, don’t want to go without guarantee. But that’s what’s got to happen. You go naked until you die.”

― Nikki Giovanni

“When one tears away the veils and shows them naked, people’s souls give off such a pungent smell of decay.”

― Octave Mirbeau

“I could live naked… I love it.”

― Olivier Theyskens

“I said if I have a No. 1, I’ll do a naked photo shoot! I’m not sure a lot of people would like to see that, but it was more to the fans, really. Every gig I do, they try to get me to take my clothes off, so it’s a promise to them – if I get a No. 1, I’ll happily do a naked shoot.”

― Olly Murs

“I always say: To be well dressed you must be well naked.”

― Oscar de la Renta

“It’s not that that I’m not comfortable being naked, but when you grow up fat, you can’t take away the shame or embarrassment even though you’re a model. It’s not just erased.”

― Paloma Elsesser

“I’m still traumatized that I’m going to be on a big screen in a white bikini and naked so who knows!”

― Patricia Clarkson

“Soul and blues were a definite influence on me. It was raw and naked emotion which you didn’t get much where I come from.”

― Paul Rodgers

“I’ve been naked in a lot of my movies. There’s something inherently funny about the naked male body, particularly mine.”

― Paul Rudd

“In my house every Sunday, everybody was cleaning the house. There was always music, and everybody was dancing, sometimes naked, around the house. Not hippie, but very free.”

― Penelope Cruz

“Revenge is the naked idol of the worship of a semi-barbarous age.”

― Percy Bysshe Shelley

“God already knows the naked truth about us, of course. Why not acknowledge it?”

― Philip Yancey

“Coming from where I came from, I was born naked with no teeth. Now I have everything.”

― Rafael dos Anjos

“I wouldn’t mind going half naked on stage, if that is what my role demands.”

― Randeep Hooda

“Calculation has its advantages, but no one likes naked calculation.”

― Rich Lowry

“In all the writers I admire, the common detonator is their courage to walk naked.”

― Richard Flanagan

“I wouldn’t inflict my naked body on any paying audience.”

― Richard Griffiths

“In the fifties I had dreams about touching a naked woman and she would turn to bronze or the dream about hot dogs chasing donuts through the Lincoln Tunnel.”

― Robert Klein

“I’m not photographing anything naked these days. I haven’t been concentrating on bodies recently.”

― Robert Mapplethorpe

“If people were really naked and everyone knew what each other was thinking, everyone would probably just laugh… or they’d lock each other up.”

― Robyn Hitchcock

“What do you say to your sister who poses in the nude? It’s not like you are really itching to see photographs of your sister naked. I mean, it’s just something that is not too exciting.”

― Ron Reagan

“Acting is standing up naked and turning around very slowly.”

― Rosalind Russell

“I was in Florida with Burt Stern, the photographer who shot Marilyn Monroe on the beach with a sweater, and we smoked a joint. The bathing suit kept coming off in the water, and I just ripped it off. I was very comfortable being naked.”

― Rosanna Arquette

“It’s important to remember that you’re born naked, and the rest is drag.”

― RuPaul

“I get very few nasty letters. A few from people who disapprove of the fact that I’m getting naked on television yet again. I don’t know why – I suppose they don’t like the idea that I’m doing that while I’m married with children.”

― Rupert Penry-Jones

“I wouldn’t do really gratuitous nudity. When I was in my late teens, you’d read stuff and be like, ‘That character serves no purpose except being naked’, so that would not be something I’d want to do. It’s pointless for me.”

― Ruth Bradley

“I don’t get sick of being naked, but the added pressure is staying in really good shape, because naked shape is a different kind of shape than just regular TV shape. Regular, having-your-clothes-on TV shape is intense, but naked TV shape is, I mean, you really have to watch what you eat.”

― Sam Trammell

“Ever since I was a kid and growing up and watching things like the ‘Naked Gun’ movies, there was always this stereotype about how Arabs were perceived and portrayed. I’ve never watched those Arab villains in the movie and felt like that was me.”

― Sami Zayn

“I believe that human beings shouldn’t live in climates that they cannot survive naked… and New York, although full of energy and heart, does not fall within that rubric.”

― Sean Baker

“Now, music almost feels naked in my mind.”

― Sean Lennon

“If God wanted us to be naked, why did he invent sexy lingerie?”

― Shannen Doherty

“I don’t thrive on the concept of being naked at every possible moment, but it’s not the biggest deal in the world to me.”

― Sharon Stone

“Apparently I’m the most naked that anyone’s been on TNT. My poor mother. I’m ready to run away.”

― Sheryl Lee

“The end was surely near. The Nazis killed you only when you were naked, because they knew, psychologically, that naked people never resist.”

― Simon Wiesenthal

“If I walk outside without lipstick, I feel naked.”

― Sofia Vergara

“I wanted women wearing my sweaters to give the impression they were naked. The aim wasn’t to impose outfits but to stay as close as possible to women’s bodies and their freedom of movement.”

― Sonia Rykiel

“I don’t feel ashamed or humiliated when I am naked, but I definitely feel it when I am playing games.”

― Stellan Skarsgard

“Shoes and clothing damage our ability to survive naked in the wilderness.”

― Steve Mann

“Some of the evil of my tale may have been inherent in our circumstances. For years we lived anyhow with one another in the naked desert, under the indifferent heaven.”

― T. E. Lawrence

“To be black in the Baltimore of my youth was to be naked before the elements of the world.”

― Ta-Nehisi Coates

“I can’t stand a naked light bulb, any more than I can a rude remark or a vulgar action.”

― Tennessee Williams

“I feel naked without earrings. I’ll pass out twice. It feels like I’m missing a body part.”

― Tionne Watkins

“I cook naked, and I walk around naked. I’m very comfortable with my body.”

― Tracee Ellis Ross

“The actress they’d hired had refused to appear naked in front of the camera. I didn’t like to appear naked either, but the first thing I did was take off my clothes and jump into the pool completely naked.”

― Victoria Abril

“The Negro was freed and turned loose as a penniless, landless, naked, ignorant laborer. Ninety-nine per cent were field hands and servants of the lowest class.”

― W. E. B. Du Bois

“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

― Warren Buffett

“Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed.”

― William Blake

“Justifying faith is not a naked assent to the truths of the gospel.”

― William Gurnall

“We are on pace this year to have a trade deficit that is larger than $800 billion. We have never faced that before, but we continue to put forward trade agreements like these that leave us naked to competition that is neither free nor fair.”

― Xavier Becerra

“The naked mole is, like, the ugliest freakin’ creature in the world. It is so radically, unbelievably disgusting. And the star-nosed mole is also. It looks like it snorted a firecracker. They live way underground, and to get footage of them is basically impossible.”

― Ze Frank

“Few Indians only had breech cloths, most being wrapped in buffalo robes, otherwise quite naked.”

― Zebulon Pike
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