Top 10 NATO Quotes

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“Russia’s number-one goal is to pull apart the E.U., to pull apart NATO.”

― Chris Murphy

“We have a firm commitment to NATO, we are a part of NATO. We have a firm commitment to Europe. We are a part of Europe.”

― Dan Quayle

“We also have a real opportunity to join NATO.”

― Eduard Shevardnadze

“A stronger E.U. of defence makes NATO stronger.”

― Federica Mogherini

“NATO expansion and Russian expansion – one leads to the other, and one reflects the other.”

― Jeremy Corbyn

“In Romania, American forces have found a devoted NATO ally.”

― Joe Biden

“NATO’s essentially run by the United States.”

― Noam Chomsky

“NATO remains the cornerstone of Atlantic security.”

― Victor Ponta

“The NATO forces will, to the extent that they have capacity, assist the war crimes tribunal.”

― Warren Christopher

“Turkey’s a NATO member. If Turkey gets attacked, we have to help defend Turkey.”

― Wesley Clark
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