Top 29 Nightmare Quotes

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“Never, ever become a writer. It’s a nightmare.”

― Alain de Botton

“I’m not a good spectator; I’m a nightmare when I’m injured and I’m not playing.”

― Andrew Robertson

“As I say, ‘Every tackle’s nightmare is third and long.’”

― Andrew Whitworth

“The loss of a child is my greatest nightmare.”

― Angelina Jolie

“My biggest nightmare is that something doesn’t have enough salt.”

― Antoni Porowski

“I’m my production team’s biggest nightmare.”

― Big Narstie

“A nightmare is two bassists on stage.”

― Chris Squire

“I am a nutritionist’s nightmare.”

― Chrissy Teigen

“One time, I had a nightmare for two weeks after an advert.”

― Dele Alli

“It was a nightmare. The band had to tour Greenland by bus.”

― Fred Schneider

“I had a nightmare that I was mopping floors and that this Freddie Gibbs thing was all a dream.”

― Freddie Gibbs

“My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.”

― Gerald R. Ford

“The fairytale has turned into a nightmare.”

― Ian Thorpe

“There is no doubt something has happened that is lasting in terms of attractiveness of the nightmare that is the Islamic State.”

― James Comey

“My nightmare is that I don’t want to be OK.”

― James Nesbitt

“I had very clever producers, who scheduled it brilliantly, but scheduling it was a nightmare.”

― John Crowley

“Paris by night is a nightmare now. It is not a cliche anymore.”

― Karl Lagerfeld

“When I was 14, 15, 16, I was wearing ‘Edward Scissorhands’ and ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ stuff. I saw ‘Sleepy Hollow’ a dozen times.”

― Kate Leth

“As much as I might decry the students, as much as they’re a nightmare, it’s a privilege to be among youth.”

― Louise Wilson

“’The Shining,’ ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street,’ ‘Halloween.’ Those are the greats.”

― Maika Monroe

“Three writers together would be a nightmare of obstreperous self-consciousness.”

― Mary Gaitskill

“Jail was terrible. It was a nightmare.”

― Meek Mill

“There are so many factors that go into directing. It’s honestly a logistical nightmare for a lead to direct themselves in an episode.”

― Melanie Scrofano

“For me, school was a nightmare. I struggled.”

― Princess Beatrice of York

“I’m every woman’s dream and every man’s nightmare.”

― Ric Flair

“I really liked ‘Nightmare on Elm Street,’ ‘Halloween,’ and ‘Scream.’”

― Samara Weaving

“Warning stickers on books would be a nightmare.”

― Scott Westerfeld

“Packing is always a nightmare.”

― Stefanie Powers

“Lyrically, ‘Nightmare’ is an absolute masterpiece to me.”

― Synyster Gates
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