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“I swear my car won’t run unless I’m picking my nose: At least, I’m that superstitious about it, so I don’t want to take any chances.”

― Adam Carolla

“There’s no great shame in having your nose fixed.”

― Alexa Ray Joel

“I’ve been very honest with the press. The only thing I have ever had done is my nose.”

― Alexa Ray Joel

“The bloody nose was the album cover for my first album, but it’s since become my logo.”

― Andrew W.K.

“When you first saw ‘The Truman Show,’ did anyone else walk around for the next week not picking your nose just in case?”

― Anna Kendrick

“At nose tackle, you don’t have to run that much.”

― Bob McNair

“A thousand woodpeckers flew in through the window and settled themselves on Pinocchio’s nose.”

― Carlo Collodi

“Since I was a little child, my nose – I think it’s too big.”

― Celine Dion

“I’m Jewish and Italian, and I lucked out and got the nose of both cultures.”

― Chelsea Peretti

“I can play the harmonica with my nose.”

― Chord Overstreet

“In the land of the skunks, he who has half a nose is king.”

― Chris Farley

“Michael Jackson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It caused quite a controversy, because his nose isn’t eligible for another fifteen years.”

― Conan O’Brien

“Sometimes my favorite directors are the ones I literally want to punch in the nose.”

― Connie Britton

“I’ve kept my nose clean when I’ve been asked to to play out of position, and I’ve done it.”

― Craig Bellamy

“A large nose is the mark of a witty, courteous, affable, generous and liberal man.”

― Cyrano de Bergerac

“I’ve always been quite famous for my nose.”

― Darcey Bussell

“I remember on ‘JAG,’ Joe Jackson punched Stephen Culp and shattered his nose.”

― David James Elliott

“Instinct is the nose of the mind.”

― Delphine de Girardin

“I’m not looking to stick my nose into an area where I’m not needed.”

― Diane Nelson

“The nose of a mob is its imagination. By this, at any time, it can be quietly led.”

― Edgar Allan Poe

“What’s the use of making mysteries? It only makes people want to nose ’em out.”

― Edith Wharton

“A large nose is in fact the sign of an affable man, good, courteous, witty, liberal, courageous, such as I am.”

― Edmond Rostand

“I have a very sensitive nose. I identify with dogs. I understand the world through my nose.”

― Erica Jong

“A nose that can see is worth two that sniff.”

― Eugene Ionesco

“I’ve hated my nose since I was 13.”

― Farrah Abraham

“I had a couple of friends, but I was mostly the kid with his nose in a book.”

― George R. R. Martin

“I have a Roman nose. It roams all over my face.”

― Gerry Cooney

“I like poking my nose into other people’s lives.”

― Helen Garner

“I’ve always been battling against my sense of dignity and refinement. I was embarrassed by any bodily functions when I was younger. I could never even blow my nose.”

― Helen Mirren

“Joy, temperance, and repose, slam the door on the doctor’s nose.”

― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“The eldest and biggest of the litter was a dog cub, and when he drew his first breath he was less than five inches long from his nose to where his tail joined his back-bone.”

― Henry Williamson

“Marriage: a ceremony in which rings are put on the finger of the lady and through the nose of the gentleman.”

― Herbert Spencer

“I remember Nazi election propaganda posters showing a hateful Jewish face with crooked nose.”

― Jack Steinberger

“Acting didn’t come and just clip me on the nose.”

― Jamey Sheridan

“Before ‘M*A*SH*,’ people in the industry didn’t know what to do with this guy with the big nose.”

― Jamie Farr

“All I can do is keep my nose down and shoot the scene, shoot the scene, make it funny, make it funny, make it funny.”

― Jay Chandrasekhar

“The ear disapproves but tolerates certain musical pieces; transfer them into the domain of our nose, and we will be forced to flee.”

― Jean Cocteau

“I’ll always be this once-famous actress nobody recognises because of a nose job.”

― Jennifer Grey

“I used to walk to school with my nose buried in a book.”

― Jeremy Collier

“I was picked on as a kid. I had a nose the size of a softball plus braces and acne. It was rough.”

― Jillian Michaels

“I guess I’m just not the film femme fatale type. I giggle too much. I have freckles and a turned-up nose, and I walk like an athlete.”

― Joan Caulfield

“I pick my nose quite a bit.”

― Joe Calzaghe

“Michael, if he wants an operation on his nose, plastic surgery, hey, he can do it. It’s his right.”

― Joe Jackson

“Those who in quarrels interpose, must often wipe a bloody nose.”

― John Gay

“A writer is an eternal outsider, his nose pressed against whatever window on the other side of which he sees his material.”

― John Gregory Dunne

“I remember watching the 2000 Sydney Olympics, with my nose right up to the screen, knowing there and then that I wanted a sporting career.”

― Jonathan Brownlee

“My nose itched, and I knew I should drink wine or kiss a fool.”

― Jonathan Swift

“I can touch my eyebrows with my nose. Look at that! That’s not normal. I shouldn’t be able to do that.”

― Josh Thomas

“I don’t put my nose up at anything if the material is good.”

― Judge Reinhold

“I pick my nose and I’m not ashamed to admit it. If there’s a bogey then just pick it, man.”

― Justin Timberlake

“I like my old nose. If I could get it out the cupboard and put it on, then I would.”

― Katie Price

“Smoking is hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lungs.”

― King James I

“I don’t turn my nose up at anything. If it’s a great part, it’s a great part. I’d love to do a box-office hit.”

― Laura Dern

“Lead the audience by the nose to the thought.”

― Laurence Olivier

“But inside, I’m going, ‘Oh my God, is my zipper up? Do I have a booger in my nose?’ That’s my inner monologue.”

― Leah Remini

“A guy named Charlie Beacham was my first mentor at Ford. He taught me the importance of the dealers, and he rubbed my nose in the retail business.”

― Lee Iacocca

“My favorite way to be bold? Bouncing on a little highlighter with a damp Beautyblender. Especially under the brow bone, on the tip of the nose, and on the Cupid’s bow!”

― Madelaine Petsch

“My eyes are too small, and they’re too close together, and I have a pointy nose. But who cares? Who cares?!”

― Mamie Gummer

“I thought my nose was too prominent so I had this corrected via plastic surgery in 1959.”

― Marie Windsor

“Though it’s harder to justify the use of a cadaver for practicing nose jobs than it is for practicing coronary bypasses, it is justifiable nonetheless. Cosmetic surgery exists, for better or for worse, and it’s important, for the sake of those who undergo it, that the surgeons who do it are able to do it well.”

― Mary Roach

“I have less to do with ‘The Simpsons’ every season, but I stick my nose in here and there. Basically, it’s just trying to keep the characters consistent and making sure the show has a soul.”

― Matt Groening

“Robin hasn’t got a big nose – but I can soon arrange that.”

― Maurice Gibb

“’Ick investing’ means taking a special analytical interest in stocks that inspire a first reaction of ‘ick.’ I tend to become interested in stocks that by their very names or circumstances inspire unwillingness – and an ‘ick’ accompanied by a wrinkle of the nose on the part of most investors to delve any further.”

― Michael Burry

“I broke my nose and got a concussion when I was 13.”

― Michael Cera

“One thing my mother had a nose for was inauthenticity.”

― Michael Keaton

“Muftis and bishops should be like ripe camembert cheeses – a bit on the nose and not for the faint-hearted, but memorable!”

― Michael Leunig

“I try to catch them right on the tip of his nose, because I try to punch the bone into the brain.”

― Mike Tyson

“About 20 percent of the genetic information in your nose doesn’t match anything that we’ve ever seen before.”

― Nathan Wolfe

“I was once, I think, bitten on the nose by a lion cub.”

― Newt Gingrich

“I used to be a jazz snob, believe it or not. I sort of turned my nose up at anything more commercial.”

― Norah Jones

“Science fiction let me do both. It let me look into science and stick my nose in everywhere.”

― Octavia E. Butler

“There is nothing so difficult to marry as a large nose.”

― Oscar Wilde

“The bad part about growing older is I’m going bald. The good part is my nose seems to be getting shorter.”

― Pete Townshend

“I benefit from the Mr. Potato Head syndrome. Put a wig and a nose and glasses on me, and I disappear.”

― Phil Hartman

“When I was younger and my parents used to always slap my hand if I was picking my nose or if I was running around screaming I was told to shut up.”

― Prince William

“In school, I was a beanpole with a nose I hadn’t grown into.”

― Richard C. Armitage

“I think the State shouldn’t poke its nose into the sexual relations of consenting adults.”

― Rocco Buttiglione

“I’m not a romantic lead. I have sticking-out ears and a little troll nose.”

― Russell Tovey

“There are parts of me that I feel are beautiful, but they don’t have anything to do with my nose.”

― Sally Field

“I had broken my nose while practicing. Also I got a fracture on my shoulders, knees.”

― Sangram Singh

“I’ve never been bitten by a shark, though God knows I had to poke a lot of them in the nose.”

― Scott Glenn

“Despite being a classical musician, I keep poking my nose in other genres of music.”

― Shankar Mahadevan

“There are so many examples of people who have flourished by keeping their nose to the grindstone and doing their thing. Be persistent and don’t give up.”

― Stephnie Weir

“As a kid, I always had my nose buried in the side of a cereal box.”

― Steve Rushin

“I’ve had, like, 10 surgeries in my life: four or so on my knee, my hip and my nose a couple of times.”

― Sue Bird

“He that has a great nose, thinks everybody is speaking of it.”

― Thomas Fuller

“A drinker has a hole under his nose that all his money runs into.”

― Thomas Fuller

“I partnered with AstraZeneca to help launch the ‘Mom Nose Best’ campaign, where I provide tips for flu season.”

― Tia Mowry

“It’s not how you pick your nose, it’s where you put that booger that counts.”

― Tre Cool

“My eyes aren’t special, my nose isn’t special, my mouth isn’t special.”

― Valerie Bertinelli

“I knew I needed to keep my nose clean and set the right example.”

― Vernon Law

“I was afraid of having to present my big nose to strangers.”

― Violette Leduc

“Ambition may be defined as the willingness to receive any number of hits on the nose.”

― Wilfred Owen

“I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.”

― Woody Allen

“Since I could read, I always had my nose in a book.”

― Zoe Sugg
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