Top 9 Operate Quotes

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“In the U.S., we didn’t have scale, and without scale, it’s difficult to operate.”

― Baba Kalyani

“We operate under the law. Covert action authorities are communicated in a memorandum of notification.”

― Cofer Black

“I can operate in half-a-song format.”

― Frank Ocean

“I operate by the seat of my pants.”

― Jim Finks

“I operate off of fear almost exclusively.”

― Joel McHale

“I don’t operate on fear, and I don’t let fear control me.”

― Kali Uchis

“I don’t operate in fear anymore.”

― LeToya Luckett

“You can’t operate by hindsight.”

― Max Baucus

“I need to point out that African-Americans are not a monolith and do not operate in groupthink.”

― Omarosa Manigault Newman
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