Top 5 Ozzie Smith Quotes of 2020

How Ozzie Smith Establish An Outstanding Image?

When you see the most motivating personalities in the baseball world, then Ozzie Smith is one of the best most known one of them. When he used to play baseball on the ground, then he used to know a player who plays crazy. And that is something the people used to come to see about him. And that gives him a legend image in the baseball field. One of the most famous things about him is that his nickname is The Wizard on the ground. 

Ozzie Smith
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He was born in a small city known as Mobile. After some years of his was born, his family moved to Los Angeles. At a young age, he used to play different games or sports, but he used to love baseball most. After that, ozzie smith started working on the baseball.   

Thrive in life

  • When he was in high school, he used to participate in baseball tournaments at different places or stadium. And he started getting famous as an outstanding defender. The people used to come to see the way he used to play the role of an outstanding defender.    
  • His jumps, dives, and throws always were the topic of discussion between the people. And in many sports magazines, this kind of article published. That is one reason that he is used to known as The Wizard. 

He broke many records by performing a defensive brilliance on the baseball ground. Mr. Smith won the award called Gold Glove consecutively many years in his baseball career.            

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Best Ozzie Smith Quotations List

“We hope there is a sense of purpose in everything.”

― Ozzie Smith

“I don’t think anybody ever really just retires where they don’t do anything.”

― Ozzie Smith

“My short game’s not that good. It just becomes a matter of getting that weight moving.”

― Ozzie Smith

“We saw very little of the real Jack Buck behind the microphone. He would touch people in ways that we will never know. Jack was much more than just an announcer.”

― Ozzie Smith

“I don’t know how many people have ever seen the National Guard break in somewhere, but they mean business.”

― Ozzie Smith

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