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“Chum was a British boy’s weekly which, at the end of the year was bound into a single huge book; and the following Christmas parents bought it as Christmas presents for male children.”

― A. E. van Vogt

“My parents come down to Los Angeles a lot.”

― A. J. Buckley

“You learn a lot about love before you ever get there. You learn at least as much about love from books as you do from watching your parents.”

― A. S. Byatt

“I’m so blessed to have such enlightened parents. It must have been very hard to watch their able-bodied son lock himself up in his old room for most of his 20s.”

― A. Scott Berg

“My co-founder Dylan Smith and I left our junior year of college to move to the Bay Area. To the horror of our friends’ parents, we actually had two other friends drop out of college to work on the product. The four of us were just working non-stop growing Box.”

― Aaron Levie

“My parents took me to see plays, starting from when I was very little. Oftentimes, I was too young to understand. I don’t know what my parents were thinking – ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’ when I was eight years old, that kind of thing. So lots of times, I didn’t understand what was going on, but I just loved the sound of dialogue.”

― Aaron Sorkin

“I did swimming, gymnastics, dance, and the acting was just a small part. I didn’t have pushy parents; it wasn’t forced upon me. They just said, ‘See if you like it. If you do, great; if you don’t, don’t worry about it.’ I was really fortunate to have that guidance and supportive parents.”

― Aaron Taylor-Johnson

“My world was completely different to other boys my age. When I was six I was earning money, and by 10 I was paying more tax than the parents of other pupils. I feel a lot older than my years. Because I was working with adults, I had to mature a lot quicker.”

― Aaron Taylor-Johnson

“The thing about travelling is that you work hard and play hard, but you can do all those things without your parents knowing.”

― Aaron Taylor-Johnson

“People lament that there’s no roles being written for South Asian or Muslim characters. But their parents don’t want their children to go into the entertainment field. You don’t get it both ways.”

― Aasif Mandvi

“We just sort of thought a Web series would be a cool thing to be able to send to our parents to show them that we were, in fact, actually doing comedy.”

― Abbi Jacobson

“I drew a lot. I always had sketchbooks. My parents were really great about any gift-giving holiday – birthdays, Hanukkah, Christmas – it was always art supplies for my brother and I.”

― Abbi Jacobson

“I was such a strong-willed child, my parents weren’t sure how to deal with me.”

― Abby Huntsman

“My parents, they’re the kind of people that didn’t want me to get a big head, so they just kept challenging me and challenging me.”

― Abby Wambach

“I was a pretty heartbroken 13-year-old. That was the year my grandmother died and my parents split up.”

― Abi Morgan

“My parents’ divorce was very difficult. Divorce is essentially incredibly painful, but it’s also an essential part of life.”

― Abi Morgan

“My parents played the radio, but music was never an obsession or something that I thought I could call a career.”

― Abigail Washburn

“My parents were both born in Virginia, of undistinguished families – second families, perhaps I should say.”

― Abraham Lincoln

“So I consider myself a dog person. Kind of. Had dogs when I was a kid, but my parents would never have dreamed of having them in the house.”

― Abraham Verghese

“My childhood was great, honestly. I have all these incredible memories of my childhood. I was an only child. I always had all my cousins around. I had my grandparents around. I had my parents around. I had my uncles around – whatever.”

― Action Bronson

“My parents were Zionists born in Poland. My father was a rabbi who didn’t know much about science and ran a grocery store in the neighborhood with my mother’s help.”

― Ada Yonath

“Once you lose your parents, you get this numbness, this feeling of having to really be able to connect yourself with someone. I depended on my brothers for that connection, but to have that feeling of being taken care of… I lost it when my parents passed away.”

― Adam Beach

“I could enjoy the life that I had by virtue of the educational attainment that my grandparents and parents had pursued. Education was always incredibly valued in our family.”

― Adam Braun

“I like my parents but they are just not good parents. They are nice enough people. I’m not interested in hurting their feelings.”

― Adam Carolla

“My parents split up when I was nine years old, and I started taking karate lessons at that point. I was very dedicated to my karate, and I looked up to my karate instructor kind of like a second father.”

― Adam Cole

“My parents are very cool and wildly supportive – maybe almost too much. I want to tell them to chill out.”

― Adam DeVine

“We don’t understand why we’re here, no one’s giving us an answer, religion is vague, your parents can’t help because they’re just people, and it’s all terrible, and there’s no meaning to anything.”

― Adam Driver

“I auditioned in Chicago for Juilliard and didn’t get in. I was basically living in a back room of my parents’ house, paying rent and not doing anything with my life. I’d like to say it was patriotic to join the Marines, but it was also that I was doing nothing honorable with my life and spending too much time at McDonald’s.”

― Adam Driver

“I never saw my parents kiss.”

― Adam F. Goldberg

“My parents are interested in politics.”

― Adam F. Goldberg

“If you’ve got kids who aren’t being looked after by their parents, there’s only so many times you can try and intervene to get that right.”

― Adam Giles

“I live in Las Vegas with my family, and I never realized what my parents would go through to get me to a five-minute audition.”

― Adam Hicks

“My parents are my major supporters. I look up to Denzel Washington, Jack Nicholson and Jim Carrey. They have all opened my mind and helped me with my craft.”

― Adam Hicks

“I think it’s up to the parents to discern what their child is watching on television.”

― Adam Lambert

“The summer before my senior year in college, I talked my way into an unpaid internship on Capitol Hill. I was able to have this stimulating resume- and network- enhancing experience because my parents could afford to keep me clothed, housed, and fed in the nation’s capital for 10 weeks.”

― Adam Lashinsky

“In theory, parents are supposed to empathize with one other – find common cause in the fervent desire to preserve and protect the world for the next generation, and connect on some deep, almost mystical level that those poor souls who have not experienced this kind of all-consuming love cannot possibly comprehend.”

― Adam Mansbach

“If anything, I was a prodigious eater of everything that was put in front of me. That was probably the only thing my parents wouldn’t complain about.”

― Adam Mansbach

“My parents’ convictions, when it came to discipline, were not very strong. For my bar mitzvah, I gave out a mix tape of ’90s grunge – if you got it now, you would think it was the ‘Singles’ soundtrack.”

― Adam Pally

“My parents were actors. And so I was born in New York City, and when I was 7, they quit acting and went back to medical school at the University Of Chicago.”

― Adam Pally

“When you’re around the kids, you feel like you act the most grown up just because you’re supposed to lead. I say things, like every other parent, that reminds you of your own parents. One thing I do know about being a parent, you understand why your father was in a bad mood a lot.”

― Adam Sandler

“When I’m around the kids I feel like I act the most grown-up just because you’re supposed to. And I say things, like every other day, that remind me of my own parents.”

― Adam Sandler

“I grew up cursing a lot. It felt natural. My parents told me to stop.”

― Adam Sandler

“When I take my kid to school, all the parents stop and stare.”

― Adam Sandler

“I started taking piano lessons when I was about 5, and there was always a lot of music in my family: my parents both play instruments, my grandparents were classical violinists, and my grandfather was actually a music professor and a conductor.”

― Adam Schlesinger

“Growing up, I did not have many friends with parents who were together.”

― Adam Scott

“My parents were pretty cool about letting me listen to whatever I wanted. The only objection might have been playing music too loud.”

― Adam Scott

“I think a lot of us are a lot more cautious with marriage because of what we saw happening with our parents. I see a lot more healthy marriages in my generation than they probably saw in theirs.”

― Adam Scott

“All possible means were used by the infatuated parents to conclude the bargain; and deception put an end to these usual artifices.”

― Adelbert von Chamisso

“When I was a kid, I’d always wanted to take karate, but my parents wouldn’t let me because I did a lot of other things, including ballet.”

― Adena Friedman

“You look up to your parents and you want them to accept you, and you don’t want them to look at you in a negative light. So you do things to make them proud and accept you.”

― Adepero Oduye

“All I wanted was to be an actor and have a happy family, and I did it. I still remember when I was doing shows in my parents’ living room, and everyone had to watch me.”

― Adina Porter

“Most of the parents in India, especially in smaller towns, fear for daughters due to the inhuman treatment meted out to them. They want her to go away, saying, ‘You’re not my responsibility anymore.’ I don’t understand: why don’t we nurture our girls?”

― Aditi Rao Hydari

“Both my parents are wonderful cooks – my father looks like he has been in the kitchen his whole life.”

― Aditya Roy Kapur

“Though music was not in my blood, I always considered myself belonging to music, and that remained with me throughout my studies. The studies were my parents’ wish, which I fully complied with, as one must be educated at the highest possible level.”

― Adnan Sami

“I am writing to make sure that kids don’t lose very important traits like curiosity that can drive social change because oftentimes I think parents emphasise more on doing well in school, which is important, but perhaps that sometimes comes at the cost of a child’s natural curiosity.”

― Adora Svitak

“Students read for tests and because their parents ask them to, but I think it’s very important to tell children that you can read for fun, too, and to understand human spirit. It builds empathy.”

― Adora Svitak

“My parents homeschooled my sister and me for many years. Why? Because the local school insisted that I, being three, should go to preschool, and my sister, being five, should go to kindergarten. The problem? You learn your alphabet in preschool, and I was already reading chapter books.”

― Adora Svitak

“I’m Japanese, but restaurants in my hometown served the most sanitized versions of California rolls. I grew up eating a lot of Japanese food at home that my parents or grandparents made.”

― Adrian Tomine

“I was thinking about what it was like for my parents to have a strange kid with a hobby or a pursuit that maybe they weren’t that familiar with. It must have been a strange experience – nerve-wracking, in some ways.”

― Adrian Tomine

“I started publishing my comic while I was still living with my parents.”

― Adrian Tomine

“There are two phone calls parents don’t ever want to get from their children. No. 1 is, ‘I’m in prison. Come fetch me.’ And No. 2 is, ‘I’ve written a novel… and it’s set in your hometown.’”

― Adriana Trigiani

“I grew up without a lot of money and my parents grew up with far less money. And that’s kept me in line. Really in line.”

― Adrien Brody

“I did a lot of acting when I was a child. I was very shy – the kind of kid who ran into a corner and cried on parents’ visiting day.”

― Adrienne Shelly

“Boarding school was a really pivotal moment. Before I went there, I was so happy. I’m not sure I was ready for it. I was only 13. My parents didn’t send me away; it was my choice as well. But I definitely shouldn’t have stayed for five years.”

― Adwoa Aboah

“My parents were very relaxed about music.”

― Agnes Obel

“I wish my parents had been more strict and made me learn more instruments.”

― Agnes Obel

“My parents named me Arlette, and I changed it to Agnes when I was young. I didn’t like it because I don’t like names with ‘ette’ – you know, it looks like a little girl’s name.”

― Agnes Varda

“People who lose their parents when young are permanently in love with them.”

― Aharon Appelfeld

“Yes, I am Algerian of Moroccan origin through my parents, but all my life is Algeria. I was born there.”

― Ahmed Ben Bella

“My parents told us how they felt but never imposed their beliefs on us, although I appreciate I got a healthy sense of democracy from them.”

― Ahmet Zappa

“I would ask my parents something, but then go to my siblings. We were encouraged to bounce ideas off everyone.”

― Ahmet Zappa

“We used to tie-dye T-shirts and sell them to classmates. We used to make egg rolls and sell them at street fairs. I worked at the mall. My parents probably spent more money on the gas driving me to different jobs than I made.”

― Aileen Lee

“When I go visit my mom in the retirement community where my parents live, she has a bunch of friends, and she will say, ‘These neighbors I play bridge with have a son with an idea,’ and it goes from there.”

― Aileen Lee

“I attended theater camps and classes growing up, but there was never any talk of me making a life out of acting. My parents were much too practical and grounded for that.”

― Ainsley Earhardt

“Not only was I the only black kid and the only poor kid, but my parents were transcendental meditation devotees, and I live in an ashram for a good portion of my childhood.”

― Aisha Tyler

“My parents were vegetarians. I’d show up at school, this giant black kid, with none of the cool clothes and a tofu sandwich and celery sticks.”

― Aisha Tyler

“I’ve been blessed to have insanely hip parents who think of me as their little Chris Rock.”

― Aisha Tyler

“Forty-six years after my parents’ journey from India, here I am, the grandson of a spare auto parts salesman and a file clerk, tapped by the President of the United States to be the nation’s chief communications regulator.”

― Ajit Pai

“My parents are deeply pious Hindus.”

― Akhil Sharma

“My parents didn’t make a lot of money. My dad was not a high school graduate – he didn’t have a career as such; he was a printing salesman essentially for most of his working life.”

― Al Franken

“My parents were really political. The news was very important in our home. We basically had dinner every night while watching the news, and then we’d discuss it with our parents.”

― Al Franken

“I get bitter, angry and disbelieving and I tell my kids there a lot of idiots out there. I also want them to know that being successful is not the real world – that their parents get treated better because they’re on TV.”

― Al Roker

“I grew up with my grandparents around. I think that’s important for a child. If for no other reason than to hear stories about their parents when they were children.”

― Al Roker

“Following Michael Brown’s death, I went to Ferguson and met with his parents. I stood with them as they tried to hold their heads high and deal with both their immense loss and the larger issues of police-community relations.”

― Al Sharpton

“Parents become very good at not hearing the explicit words and listening instead to what the child means but doesn’t yet know how to say: ‘I’m lonely, in pain, frightened’ – distress which then unfairly comes out as an attack on the safest, kindest, most reliable thing in the child’s world: the parent.”

― Alain de Botton

“Parents don’t reveal how often they have bitten their tongue, fought back the tears, or been too tired to take off their clothes after a day of childcare. The parent loves, but they do not expect the favour to be returned in any significant way.”

― Alain de Botton

“I was a very un-literary child, which might reassure parents with kids who don’t read.”

― Alain de Botton

“Children always assume the sexual lives of their parents come to a grinding halt at their conception.”

― Alan Bennett

“My parents were not at all involved in science. In fact, neither of them went to college.”

― Alan Guth

“My parents were so poor when I was a kid, I never went anywhere. I take our youngsters with us because I don’t know anything that teaches them so much.”

― Alan Ladd

“My parents certainly didn’t have anything to do with the theater. I’m some kind of accident.”

― Alan Rickman

“I never experienced any feelings of closeness and caring from my parents.”

― Alan Sugar

“Some believe all that parents, tutors, and kindred believe. They take their principles by inheritance, and defend them as they would their estates, because they are born heirs to them.”

― Alan Watts

“My brothers and I were raised by our parents to respect everyone regardless of background or race.”

― Alan Wilson

“I’m really connected to people, and my relationships with people are paramount, so I write about relationships, particularly strong female ones. In my family, there were six girls born in five years. We were best friends. And my parents raised all of us as first-class citizens.”

― Alane Ferguson

“My parents offered me the idea of ceilinglessness. There was no limit in terms of what was possible; no messages sent to me to say that I couldn’t do anything.”

― Alanis Morissette

“As a kid, I was listening to Aretha Franklin, Etta James and hip-hop as well as music my parents were listening to, like Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen.”

― Alanis Morissette

“It was a lot of fun being a child actress. It suited me. I don’t think it suits everybody, but I was in it because I had a passion, not because my parents wanted me to make money. If other kids want to do it, and they really like acting, go for it.”

― Alanna Ubach

“Osama bin Laden characterized his terrorist activities as ‘defensive jihad,’ provoked by ‘debauched infidels’ bent on enslaving the Muslim world. The lead industry blamed ‘ignorant parents’ for applying lead paint to juvenile furniture.”

― Albert Bandura

“I have often been struck by the fact that most parents who are experiencing positive and rewarding relationships with their pre-adolescent children are, nevertheless, waiting apprehensively and bracing themselves for the stormy adolescent period.”

― Albert Bandura

“I’ve been doing comedy since I was two. You know, kids who make other kids laugh. The sickness had set in! I could make my friends’ parents laugh; I had a sense of what was silly and funny.”

― Albert Brooks

“’Finding Nemo’ has spawned so many sort of emotions over the years. I don’t even know that you could really understand exactly what parents and kids are seeing in it, but they can see a lot of different stuff.”

― Albert Brooks

“As might be supposed, my parents were quite poor, but we somehow never seemed to lack anything we needed, and I never saw a trace of discontent or a failure in cheerfulness over their lot in life, as indeed over anything.”

― Albert J. Nock

“WWE is a PG and a family product. Everybody can watch and enjoy WWE, whereas in the past, the parents were worried about what their kids were watching because of the blood, foul language, etc.”

― Alberto Del Rio

“When I was a little kid, my parents would show me Marx Brothers’ films and westerns and stuff like that. That’s where all my desire to be an actor comes from and probably most of my understanding of acting comes from for sure.”

― Alden Ehrenreich

“My parents used to do these little film festivals in our house where we’d watch all the Marx Brothers movies, or Chaplin movies, and a lot of westerns.”

― Alden Ehrenreich

“My parents were big film buffs.”

― Alden Ehrenreich

“My parents weren’t involved in show business, but my parents would show me. We’d watch old films in the house. Little film festivals of Westerns and stuff like that when I was a kid. I knew I wanted to be those guys in those movies before I knew what being an actor was.”

― Alden Ehrenreich

“When I told my parents, ‘I’m going to be an actor,’ they screamed and wept and freaked out.”

― Alec Baldwin

“I think we are defined as human beings through our families, no matter what kind of family – through our relationships with parents, brothers and sisters.”

― Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

“From nine years old, I lived with fear. I saw our neighbours disappearing. I was scared that I would come home from school and my parents would not be there.”

― Alek Wek

“Everyone in my family is an artist. Both my parents are painters and my mom’s an opera singer. I was never shown any other way to process life.”

― Aleksa Palladino

“I have two homes, like someone who leaves their hometown and/or parents and then establishes a life elsewhere. They might say that they’re going home when they return to see old friends or parents, but then they go home as well when they go to where they live now. Sarajevo is home, Chicago is home.”

― Aleksandar Hemon

“I could have gone down a very different path, but my parents would not let me give up football.”

― Aleksandar Mitrovic

“Luckily, thanks to the way my parents taught me, I think I can handle the fame in the right manner.”

― Alessandro Del Piero

“My house was very strange. I didn’t do things other kids did because my parents were very strict – I stayed at home, quiet in my room.”

― Alessia Cara

“Both my parents are Italian. My mom was born and raised in Italy. My dad was born in Canada, but then they moved to Italy.”

― Alessia Cara

“My family is from the south of Italy in this little place called Calabria. It’s a big part of my family, the Italian culture. I grew up around it. My parents speak Italian, and I speak Italian.”

― Alessia Cara

“As a kid, my parents would always listen to a lot of Beatles, Queen, Elvis. My mom was born and raised in Italy, and my dad was born in Canada and moved back and forth between Canada and Italy, so they would also listen to all the big Italian stars like Eros Ramazzotti, Gigi D’Alessio, Tiziano Ferro, Laura Pausini.”

― Alessia Cara

“Individual children are separated from their parents only when those parents cross the border illegally and are arrested. We can’t have children with parents who are in incarceration.”

― Alex Azar

“I think I was born because my parents had two boys and wanted to give it one more go and try for a girl… they got me instead.”

― Alex Borstein

“I always loved performing, but my parents were very practical, middle-class Jewish people.”

― Alex Borstein

“But now all of a sudden some idiots in Taiwan start to say that they are not Chinese. Their grand parents were Chinese. But for some reason, they feel they are not Chinese.”

― Alex Chiu

“My parents are like religious atheists.”

― Alex Clare

“I could never call myself an atheist; my parents could, quite happily. I always felt like there was a little bit more out there, and was always into observing the world from a slightly more spiritual, as opposed to scientific, perspective.”

― Alex Clare

“I grew up Methodist and went to church until my parents gave up on religion when I was nine.”

― Alex Grey

“My most memorable meal was with my parents at Joel Robuchon’s Restaurant Jamin in Paris. It was Christmas 1982, and the flavors – from cauliflower and caviar to crab and tomato – astounded me. It was the first time I remember thinking that I would like to really learn how to cook.”

― Alex Guarnaschelli

“My reasons for becoming a chef are somewhat of a cliche. I always loved to eat but it was watching my parents cook that really served as the impetus for my career choice.”

― Alex Guarnaschelli

“I look at my books the way parents look at their children. The fact that one becomes more successful than the others doesn’t make me love the less successful one any less.”

― Alex Haley

“I’m from Boston, and I get easily overwhelmed in New York, so I go to Boston and stay with my parents for a few months at a time to write, or edit, or just to cry.”

― Alex Karpovsky

“One of my sisters is physically and mentally handicapped. She took a lot of my parents’ attention, so I grew up in my own world, playing in my room for hours and hours.”

― Alex Kingston

“My parents got me a $25 Kent steel-string acoustic guitar when I was around 12. The following Christmas, my parents bought me a Conora electric guitar. It looked almost like a Gretsch. It cost $59, and my mom still has it.”

― Alex Lifeson

“I spent the first seven years of my life in a caravan traveling around Europe and the United States because my parents were just obsessed with traveling.”

― Alex Sharp

“My grandparents bowed to the Americans and sought to learn from them. My parents sought to be them.”

― Alex Tizon

“The one thing that was nice about being an only child is that my friends’ parents would always ask me whether I would want any other brothers and sisters? My mom wasn’t able to have any more children, and they didn’t know that, but I would always say that I can have friends over, and whenever I get sick of them, I can just send them home.”

― Alexa Bliss

“Regardless of who your parents are, where you come from, or what you look like, you can embrace your flaws and be honest with yourself.”

― Alexa Ray Joel

“My parents tried to shield me from how famous they were when I was growing up on Long Island. I had no idea.”

― Alexa Ray Joel

“The Internet has become a tool to pick on people and ruin someone’s life. I don’t think parents realize what’s going on.”

― Alexa Vega

“Kids need to open up to their parents. And parents should realize that when kids are pushing you away, that’s the time to really step in.”

― Alexa Vega

“The Internet has become a tool to pick on people and ruin someone’s life. I don’t think parents realize what’s going on. Just because you’re not at school doesn’t mean kids aren’t harassing you on the computer.”

― Alexa Vega

“Acting was important, but it was not as important as getting an education, and I credit my parents with a lot of that.”

― Alexander Gould

“My parents know how passionate I’ve always been about acting. I convinced them this was something that I was going to put my heart and soul into.”

― Alexander Ludwig

“Always, as a child, I would go around the house, and if I found a word that I didn’t know the meaning of, I would write it down and ask my parents to define it and try to memorise it.”

― Alexandra Adornetto

“While my seemingly compulsive school-hopping has raised some eyebrows among my peers and caused my parents understandable consternation, I do not regret it.”

― Alexandra Adornetto

“I have never had other kids in the house… I had a huge collection of marbles, and they all had names, which I think concerned my parents. I used to go and sweep outside and talk to myself, and my mum’s friends would be over and say, ‘Do you realise she is talking to herself?’”

― Alexandra Adornetto

“Gen Y is depicted as self-centred and apathetic when it comes to politics, but it doesn’t help that we are largely overlooked. There have been policies to woo parents, pensioners and the sick, but the young do not appear to rank high on any political agenda.”

― Alexandra Adornetto

“Writing was something I have always been interested in. I’ve grown up in a household full of books, with both my parents English teachers and very booky.”

― Alexandra Adornetto

“Boundaries move with time. It’s like being the oldest child. Your parents don’t know what to expect, but by the time the little sister comes along, it’s like, ‘Oh, staying out late with a boy – no big deal.’”

― Alexandra Daddario

“Both my parents are professors, and I never really saw people do any other jobs, so I didn’t really know how to want a different kind of job.”

― Alexandra Kleeman

“A woman’s body never really belongs to herself. As an infant, my body was my mother’s, a detachable extension of her own, a digestive passage clamped and unclamped from her body. My parents would watch over it, watch over what went into and out of it, and as I grew up, I would be expected to carry on their watching by myself.”

― Alexandra Kleeman

“Standup comedy was my weird hobby. I would drag my poor parents out to the only open mics that were in coffee shops instead of bars. I’d get up and go, ‘Hi, I’m 17, and I have jokes about matriculation!’ At the time I was like, ‘Why is no one laughing?’”

― Alexandra Petri

“It always seemed to be a constant that my parents were political.”

― Alexei Sayle

“I want parents out there to know that it’s totally natural for kids to make believe and play games. It does not mean your child is going to be transgendered. And even if it were true, why is it such a horrible thing?”

― Alexis Arquette

“Once I started to grow up, I realised that my parents are normal people and they can make mistakes.”

― Alfie Allen

“We had many books and pictures… my parents’ way of life doubtless left a lasting impression on me. They created an atmosphere in which a certain kind of freedom could exist. This may well account for my seeking a related sense of liberty as I grew up.”

― Alfred Stieglitz

“Those who were fortunate enough to have the support of their parents or the state must in turn be generous, in solidarity, especially in hard times.”

― Ali Bongo Ondimba

“I’d gotten the message in my home, starting with my grandfather, that real work, the kind that makes you sweat and gets your hands dirty, is a respectable, necessary thing. But I wanted to write – and writing didn’t qualify. Whenever I told my parents I dreamed of becoming a writer, they said, ‘Great, but what are you going to do for work?’”

― Ali Liebegott

“My parents emphasized experiential learning – in my family, being adventurous was a sign of maturity.”

― Ali Wong

“My parents keep telling me to be thick-skinned in the industry. They tell me how people will put you up on a high platform and then bring you down. They also tell me to not believe in the image created by the hype.”

― Alia Bhatt

“Being gay is not a terrible, tragic disease that requires prevention or treatment chosen for you by your parents.”

― Alice Dreger

“Everyone’s parents were famous actors at my school, pretty much! I think I went to school with Paris Hilton when I was three. That’s what L.A. is, though – it’s an industry town. You go to school with kids and you think, ‘Well that’s normal, they make movies.’”

― Alice Eve

“Both my parents are actors.”

― Alice Eve

“I’m from a big family; I have four younger siblings. My parents are still happily married together. I grew up moving around a lot, and my family was certainly not affluent.”

― Alice Greczyn

“My parents were both first-generation Irish Catholics raised in Brooklyn.”

― Alice McDermott

“I love spending time in England, whether it’s for writing, producing, or seeing my parents and siblings.”

― Alice Merton

“Wherever I look, I see signs of the commandment to honor one’s parents and nowhere of a commandment that calls for the respect of a child.”

― Alice Miller

“The reason why parents mistreat their children has less to do with character and temperament than with the fact that they were mistreated themselves and were not permitted to defend themselves.”

― Alice Miller

“Parents are destined to sin against their kids; it’s inevitable. As is narcissism and the human condition. Everyone has their ego and their ambitions. Life happens in between.”

― Alice Ripley

“I grew up in the countryside and always used to wear my parents’ Barbour jackets. It is a fantastic British heritage brand.”

― Alice Temperley

“My parents were both storytellers. They always spoke with metaphorical richness.”

― Alice Walker

“It’s very hard for our parents who see us enter a world that they can’t imagine.”

― Alice Walker

“When I joined the freedom movement in Mississippi in my early 20s, it was to come to the aid of sharecroppers, like my parents, who had been thrown off the land they’d always known – the plantations – because they attempted to exercise their ‘democratic’ right to vote.”

― Alice Walker

“Create a garden; bring children to farms for field trips. I think it’s important that parents and teachers get together to do one or two things they can accomplish well – a teaching garden, connecting with farms nearby, weave food into the curriculum.”

― Alice Waters

“My parents weren’t married. It wasn’t like my dad up and left. I maintained a steady relationship with my grandparents. My dad’s mother is my nana, and I’m closer to her than almost anybody in this world.”

― Alicia Keys

“I started off when I was seven years old doing musicals. I was in ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘The Sound of Music,’ and my mum’s an actress. My parents divorced when I was young, and when she couldn’t find a babysitter, I was in the wings, sleeping.”

― Alicia Vikander

“My parents are definitely reformed hippies.”

― Alison Brie

“If parents are the fixed stars in the child’s universe, the vaguely understood, distant but constant celestial spheres, siblings are the dazzling, sometimes scorching comets whizzing nearby.”

― Alison Gopnik

“Each new generation of children grows up in the new environment its parents have created, and each generation of brains becomes wired in a different way. The human mind can change radically in just a few generations.”

― Alison Gopnik

“Like most parents, I think, my children have been the source of some of my most intense joys and despairs, my deepest moral dilemmas and greatest moral achievements.”

― Alison Gopnik

“Childhood is a fundamental part of all human lives, parents or not, since that’s how we all start out. And yet babies and young children are so mysterious and puzzling and even paradoxical.”

― Alison Gopnik

“Becoming an adult means leaving the world of your parents and starting to make your way toward the future that you will share with your peers.”

― Alison Gopnik

“Ours is an age of pedagogy. Anxious parents instruct their children more and more, at younger and younger ages, until they’re reading books to babies in the womb.”

― Alison Gopnik

“I can’t remember exactly how old I was when my parents gave me my first camera, but it was a Canon, and I was certainly far too young to have such a good camera.”

― Alison Jackson

“I think my parents had in mind that I would settle down at quite a young age, but I decided that being a housewife in a big country house wasn’t for me.”

― Alison Jackson

“I think my parents had in mind that I would settle down at quite a young age, but I decided that being a housewife in a big country house wasn’t for me. I wanted to leave the country, head for London and see what the world had to offer.”

― Alison Jackson

“My parents made us do everything, try everything.”

― Alison Krauss

“When my parents met, my mother was a waitress and my father was a dockyard worker. They were part of that post-war better-yourself generation, so they both went to night school.”

― Alison Owen

“Can you believe approximately 17 percent of American children ages 2 to 19 years are obese? How about this fact: approximately 60 percent of overweight children ages 5 to 10 already have at least one risk factor for heart disease? We are all to blame for this – parents, schools, kids – all of us.”

― Alison Sweeney

“The list of costly services that supplement some children’s public education is growing longer and now includes consultants, tutors, and test prep. That’s in addition to the homework help some stay-at-home parents can afford to provide.”

― Alissa Quart

“In ‘Ozark,’ the truism that we are not as likely to do as well as our parents did in the past is front and center.”

― Alissa Quart

“When I was growing up, my parents thought there could be nothing better than being a writer. And at that time, society afforded that impracticality.”

― Alissa Quart

“Parents who press their children to succeed do so in hopes of preparing them for an adulthood of high achievement.”

― Alissa Quart

“My parents, along with my brother and sister, are vegetarians.”

― Alissa White-Gluz

“Rock gives children, on a silver platter, with all the public authority of the entertainment industry, everything their parents always used to tell them they had to wait for until they grew up and would understand later.”

― Allan Bloom

“Kids can really get better quickly. Here’s another thing I would like to say: Kids should never be coached by their parents, ever. They should be as natural as possible.”

― Allison Jones

“I’ve wanted to act since I was little, but my parents told me I couldn’t pursue it until after college. The understanding was that I was lucky enough to be able to go to college and that it’s important to being successful in life.”

― Allison Williams

“I told my parents I wanted to be an actress years before I wrapped my head around what my dad did for a living. It’s not easy to explain the job of the television journalist, especially when a lot of my friends’ dads had jobs that were a lot easier to explain, like a lawyer, a banker or a doctor.”

― Allison Williams

“Like so many aspiring writers who still have boxes of things they’ve written in their parents’ houses, I filled notebooks with half-finished poems and stories and first paragraphs of novels that never got written.”

― Ally Carter

“I grew up in a Christian home with amazing parents.”

― Allyson Felix

“I feel that each and every one of us as individuals has a responsibility to one another. None of us would be here without the help of someone else – whether it be guardians, teachers, parents, relatives, etc. – someone contributed to your well being as a person. We’re all connected in so many different ways.”

― Alonzo Mourning

“Our children need to remember to love each other, how to honor each other, their parents, God, and their neighbors.”

― Alveda King

“We must continually work to obtain and preserve the right to vote and future votes of babies in the womb, their parents, the sick, the elderly, the poor, all Americans.”

― Alveda King

“If you have parents with a healthy relationship, you don’t learn that you don’t have to be married. I thought being a healthy adult meant you had to have a spouse. I didn’t know any different.”

― Alyssa Milano

“It’s a sad moment, really, when parents first become a bit frightened of their children.”

― Ama Ata Aidoo

“I was a complete tomboy. I loved wandering out in storms or walking on the beaches in the dark. It was a very free upbringing, and I’m grateful to my parents for that.”

― Amanda Burton

“If there was anyone primed to raise their kids feminist, it was me. My parents treated me no differently from my brother. I was raised to believe I was capable of doing anything I set my mind to.”

― Amanda de Cadenet

“I was a workaholic, I had food issues, and I had body issues. I was in a lot of pain. My parents didn’t recognise what was going on.”

― Amanda de Cadenet

“I grew up in northwest London on a council estate. My parents are Irish immigrants who came over here when they were very young and worked in menial jobs all their lives, and I’m one of many siblings.”

― Amanda Hale

“Christmas was the one time of year when my brothers surfaced at home, when my parents and grandparents congregated to eat my mother’s roast turkey.”

― Amanda Lindhout

“I had very literal parents and I wanted to survive with metaphor and art, and there was a real sense of shame around it.”

― Amanda Palmer

“My parents always made me dress up for church. I really didn’t want to.”

― Amar’e Stoudemire

“My parents are really supportive of everything I do.”

― Amber Liu

“Back in high school, I went on dates, but I was too focused on my career. My parents were like, ‘It’s nice to have a boyfriend, but it’s even nicer to own your house when you’re 21.’”

― Amber Riley

“My parents always instilled knowing that your beautiful, that your fearfully and wonderfully made, and that you know who you are.”

― Amber Riley

“I think everyone at times feels awkward, like they don’t fit in. But I was lucky to have super-cool parents who reminded me to embrace what makes you special – that you shouldn’t want to blend in with everybody.”

― Amber Stevens

“My parents cultured me a lot and they introduced me to a lot of artists, a lot of their friends.”

― Amber Tamblyn

“I do not read newspaper comics unless they happen to be out when I visit my parents, but I follow several online comics, which I check every morning while I drink my coffee and wake up for the day.”

― Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

“My parents were both Spanish-speakers and they used to speak to me and my siblings in Spanish and we’d answer them in English.”

― America Ferrera

“Fortunately, I grew up in a traditional family where questioning was encouraged, particularly by my pandit grandfather. We are all voracious readers, seeking knowledge. I learn a lot from discussions with my wife, siblings and parents.”

― Amish Tripathi

“A lot of my fighting qualities I inherited from my parents. They set tremendous examples right through my life.”

― Amitabh Bachchan

“I thought I’d be the first to introduce herbal tea to Patna. White tea, ginger tea, rooibos, camomile. No one touched it. On subsequent visits, I’d find the packets decorating the shelves in my parents’ dining room.”

― Amitava Kumar

“I researched children’s rights, divorce law, and parental kidnapping. Millions of children and parents are touched by the inadequacy of the legal system to deal with the human heart.”

― Amity Gaige

“I was born on an even keel. Family lore says I never cried, even at birth. I felt at ease on earth, in the right place. And like many children, I took comfort in life’s regularity: Every few days it rained, the school bus came and went, and my parents were rooted in their union.”

― Amity Gaige

“Several paranoid suspicions occurred to me, the worst of which was that my whole identity was merely a patched-together set of behaviors designed to keep my parents joined to each other – the repertoire of tricks of a small but intelligent dog.”

― Amity Gaige

“Grades can matter, especially for those students and parents who live for the next round of applications to graduate or professional schools. But there’s a problem with the grade emphasis. Math or science graduates earn more than students majoring in the humanities.”

― Amity Shlaes

“Young parents in America are holy and not to be messed with. If they say something is correct, we all acquiesce. And is there any man, woman or canine who doesn’t leap out of the way when one of those giant, all-terrain Bugaboo strollers comes barreling down the sidewalk?”

― Amity Shlaes

“Growing up, I didn’t come from a musical family. Neither of my parents played an instrument, sang out loud, or listened to the radio with frequency. The record collection in the living room was only about 2 feet long – and that included 4 solid inches of Neil Diamond and Herb Alpert.”

― Amor Towles

“On my parents’ scale of values, the more Western something was, the more cultured it was considered.”

― Amos Oz

“My parents – they tried to become American, they tried to become British, they tried to become Scandinavian – nobody wanted them, anywhere.”

― Amos Oz

“My parents always used to ask me to settle down, and I could never understand that term. However, after marriage, I have finally realised the importance of having a companion.”

― Amruta Khanvilkar

“My parents didn’t play golf.”

― Amy Alcott

“My family kept its history to itself. On the plus side, I didn’t have to hear nightmarish stories about the Holocaust, the pogroms, terrible illnesses, painful deaths. My elderly parents never even spoke about their ailments.”

― Amy Bloom

“In Chinese culture, it wouldn’t occur to kids to question or talk back to their parents. In American culture, kids in books, TV shows and movies constantly score points with their snappy back talk. Typically, it’s the parents who need to be taught a life lesson – by their children.”

― Amy Chua

“I think the biggest difference is that I’ve noticed Western parents seem much more concerned about their children’s psyches, their self-esteem, whereas tough immigrant parents assume strength rather than fragility in their children and therefore behave completely differently.”

― Amy Chua

“The Chinese model calls for giving your kids very little choice – and I’ve come to see that you can go too far with that. On the other hand, I also believe that Western parents sometimes give their young kids too much choice.”

― Amy Chua

“I do think that maybe, even subconsciously, a lot of parents in the West are wondering, have we gone too far in the direction of coddling and protecting – you know, you see kids, sometimes that seem very rude and disrespectful. And the more important thing is they don’t seem that happy.”

― Amy Chua

“When I’m not the Tiger Mom, I’m a professor at Yale Law School, and if one thing is clear to me from years of teaching, it’s that there are many ways to produce fabulous kids. I have amazing students; some of them have strict parents, others have lenient parents, and many come from family situations that defy easy description.”

― Amy Chua

“To be honest, I know that a lot of Asian parents are secretly shocked and horrified by many aspects of Western parenting.”

― Amy Chua

“Westerners often laud their children as ‘talented’ or ‘gifted’, while Asian parents highlight the importance of hard work. And in fact, research performed by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck has found that the way parents offer approval affects the way children perform, even the way they feel about themselves.”

― Amy Chua

“Some people don’t need parental commitment, they will still come out great, but for others, parents can be critical in providing moral and academic guidance.”

― Amy Chua

“I’m willing to be different than other parents and go against the mainstream.”

― Amy Chua

“When I was younger, I just thought that my plans were probably going to be more exciting than my parents’ plans or the establishment. I sort of got by on being a little bit of a rebel.”

― Amy Grant

“The building in the Bronx where I grew up was filled with mostly Holocaust survivors. My two best friends’ parents both survived the camps. Everyone in my grandparents’ building had tattoos. I’d go shopping with my grandparents, and the butcher, the baker, everybody in the whole neighborhood had tattoos.”

― Amy Heckerling

“I was mortified by my parents – what they did, who they were, everything. I hated who I was. I hated everything, and I would live in a fantasy world and try to be different. But that’s not a lot different, I think, than a lot of kids.”

― Amy Hill

“My parents came from lower-class British backgrounds. But they worked hard and, without formal education, made it where they are today.”

― Amy Jackson

“We don’t like what we don’t know or understand. Parents don’t like the thought of their kids embracing social media because they don’t fully understand the benefits and dangers.”

― Amy Jo Martin

“When I was prosecutor we had truancy and curfew issues and we made a refrigerator magnet, and that was hot with parents. They loved putting it up on the wall and saying, you know, if you don’t follow these rules, you could get prosecuted. Whether or not it actually happens, it changes a culture, and that’s part of what we’re trying to do here.”

― Amy Klobuchar

“So many times, these kids know more about the technology than their parents. And so many times, we’re putting kids in very adult situations and expecting them to behave like they’re 40 years old. Well, that’s just not going to happen.”

― Amy Klobuchar

“Who would know but ten years ago that kids would be texting each other all the time, that that would be one of their main forms of communication. And so many times, these kids know more about the technology than their parents. And so many times, we’re putting kids in very adult situations and expecting them to behave like they’re 40 years old.”

― Amy Klobuchar

“I remember when I was prosecutor we had truancy and curfew issues and we made a refrigerator magnet, and that was hot with parents. They loved putting it up on the wall and saying, you know, if you don’t follow these rules, you could get prosecuted.”

― Amy Klobuchar

“Achieving a balance between career and children doesn’t necessarily mean the time is split evenly. Successful parents understand there will be times when their family will need more attention and times when a career will demand more energy.”

― Amy Morin

“Parents who achieve a successful work-life balance don’t live and breathe to make their kids happy. Instead, they strive to raise independent children that will grow to become responsible adults.”

― Amy Morin

“I grew up where my parents would literally shove me in the car rather than have to say hello to a neighbor.”

― Amy Sherman-Palladino

“My parents had very high expectations. They expected me to get straight A’s from the time I was in kindergarten.”

― Amy Tan

“My parents are aging and there are difficult issues. It’s strange to have children at the beginning of life and parents nearing the end.”

― Amy Waldman

“My parents pretty much realized that I would do whatever I wanted, and that was it, really.”

― Amy Winehouse

“I’m obviously an American citizen. My parents are American citizens. But I’m not looked at as an American.”

― Ana Castillo

“It’s hard to explain to my parents what’s going on. You can’t compare Hollywood with Cuba. I didn’t even know I could dream this.”

― Ana de Armas

“When I was twelve, I heard about the National Theater School, and I told my parents, ‘That’s what I want to do.’ And that was it.”

― Ana de Armas

“I’m quite an emotional person. I cry a lot. I do not like conflict, so if I have an argument with my parents, I’ll often cry. I become too emotional.”

― Ana Ivanovic

“My parents were very protective of me and my brother, so they never talked to us about the situation in our country.”

― Ana Ivanovic

“The time during bombings was definitely difficult for everyone. My parents, they really protected me from it, and we came through together.”

― Ana Ivanovic

“My parents themselves both went to university, and they very much expected me to be an intellectual and go through further education, and it’s to kind of their surprise that I became an athlete.”

― Ana Ivanovic

“In tennis, a lot of parents are accused of driving their kids into tennis. I would say I’m the opposite: I drove my parents into it. They didn’t take it that seriously until I was about 11 or 12 years old, when they realised I had an opportunity to go pro.”

― Ana Ivanovic

“Colleges prefer to enroll wealthy students because they know it’s more likely that they’ll pay for full tuition without needing financial aid. They’re also more likely to have parents who will donate large sums of money to the school. When the privileged students graduate, they’re expected to join the alumni association and also donate cash.”

― Ana Kasparian

“If the federal government is so concerned with why people are deciding against having kids, maybe they should consider how little support and protection the middle class gets when it comes to being parents. Paid leave would be a good start, and increasing wages would also help.”

― Ana Kasparian

“Had my parents not had visas, had my parents not had the resources to hire lawyers, I would be a DREAM Act kid, too.”

― Ana Navarro

“I don’t relate to that angst-y kid who hates their parents because they were horrible. It’s just not my life and it’s not the life of a lot of my friends.”

― Ana Ortiz

“My daughter’s just going to be really hip! My goal is to be as eco-conscious as possible: There’s so much out there for parents who want to do that. I plan to keep her eco-friendly as she gets older. I think we all sort of have to do it.”

― Ana Ortiz

“I think it’s really important for my daughter to see her parents being physically fit and for that to be a part of her life. The examples we set for her will stay with her the rest of her life.”

― Ana Ortiz

“Cursed be he above all others Who’s enslaved by love of money. Money takes the place of brothers, Money takes the place of parents, Money brings us war and slaughter.”

― Anacreon

“My hairstyle is not common in India, where my parents come from.”

― Anand Giridharadas

“One of my clearest impressions about India as a child was that my parents’ stories would have been impossible had they stayed. Of course, such a vision was self-serving, for it made a virtue of our displacement.”

― Anand Giridharadas

“My parents never said to me, ‘Why don’t you go and get a real profession?’ And that really helped.”

― Anat Cohen

“It was important to me and, I think, important to my parents that I be on my own and figure things out on my own and kind of forge my own path, and I’m really grateful for that.”

― Anderson Cooper

“I was six when my parents divorced, and that was tough for me.”

― Andie MacDowell

“Whenever I have a play or opening or anything going on in my career, my parents always come up and see it.”

― Andre Holland

“With ‘Selma,’ I grew up in Alabama, 45 minutes away from Selma. I have gone to that commemorative march many times with my parents.”

― Andre Holland

“I always knew I would sing. I just didn’t know if I would be successful or not. But I sang at school, I sang at parties, I sang at church. Everyone always asked me to sing. I’d be playing football with my friends, and my parents would ask me to sing for their guests. I was never very happy about that because I wanted to play football.”

― Andrea Bocelli

“For many parents – myself included – I would be extremely happy for my children to grow up finding that their LGBT classmates are exactly the same as them.”

― Andrea Leadsom

“One of my own kids was in a class with a friend who had two mums, and that was absolutely normal right from a very young age. I think it’s important that we absolutely accept equality in every area whilst at the same time respecting that parents may have concerns about how young their children are when they become aware of these things.”

― Andrea Leadsom

“I wanted to be a good kid, and I wanted to please my parents.”

― Andreja Pejic

“I was lucky to grow up in a family where your parents loved you no matter what you were or what you came out as, and a lot of kids don’t have that ride.”

― Andreja Pejic

“We opened Panda Inn on June 8, 1973. The whole family – my parents, a brother and sister – all worked at the restaurant for free. We lived in a two-bedroom apartment in San Gabriel and didn’t have any money.”

― Andrew Cherng

“My parents signed me up for classical guitar lessons, which made for two years of the most depressing Wednesday evenings.”

― Andrew Garfield

“In my own life, my parents divorced when I was young. I lived with my dad, not with my mum, after they got divorced. And it’s been part of my life.”

― Andrew Haigh

“My parents saw their job of parenting as their most important role in life, and I aim to aspire to that.”

― Andrew Lincoln

“The sweetest thing we ever had was, like, animal crackers in the pantry. I think my parents sort of passively made sure that we didn’t have a lot of junk food at our disposal, and I think that helped me and all my siblings growing up with how to approach nutrition and eating right.”

― Andrew Luck

“You don’t really appreciate how much you are going to miss your parents. I keep thinking of all the times I should have made the effort to go up and see them but didn’t.”

― Andrew Neil

“I always knew I would come to London. I loved Glasgow, but it seemed filled with echoes of my parents’ lives, and sometimes you just want a city of your own.”

― Andrew O’Hagan

“It’s funny, actually… a few clubs called when I was in preseason with Hull in 2017, but I wasn’t really that interested. My missus was pregnant, and we were in the process of getting everything ready for our big arrival – that was our top priority, like any expectant parents.”

― Andrew Robertson

“There are lots of different people who use food banks – from young parents to older people.”

― Andrew Robertson

“As a child, I always enjoyed – my parents used to have these little cocktail parties – and I always loved trying to get the adults to tell me things they weren’t supposed to say. And in many ways, that’s what my job is today; it’s getting people to tell me things that they probably are otherwise not supposed to say.”

― Andrew Ross Sorkin

“I think what shaped me was I had two parents who were scientists, and especially, they were great readers. They had both grown up in sort of rural parts of the South and were oddballs where they grew up. They were budding intellectuals.”

― Andrew Sean Greer

“Both my parents were atheists, and my grandmother was an atheist in rural Kentucky, and so they were trying to make sure that my brother and I would be atheists, too, and it worked, which doesn’t mean that they didn’t teach us a lot of wonder of science and of nature and the world and all of that.”

― Andrew Sean Greer

“I was good in biology, but I did very badly in chemistry, and my parents were horrified by that.”

― Andrew Sean Greer

“The most important role models should and could be parents and teachers. But that said, once you’re a teenager you’ve probably gotten as much of an example from your parents as you’re going to.”

― Andrew Shue

“While all old people have been young, no young people have been old, and this troubling fact engenders the frustration of all parents and elders, which is that while you can describe your experience, you cannot confer it.”

― Andrew Solomon

“Kids with Down syndrome are, by and large, quite affectionate and relatively guileless, and frequently, the attachments to them grow and deepen. And the meaning that parents find in it grows and deepens.”

― Andrew Solomon

“Latino kids are not rejected by their parents for being Latino, nor are most Muslims disowned by their parents for being Muslims, but those who are gay are often the target of their families’ disapprobation or outright hostility.”

― Andrew Solomon

“My parents’ usual reprimand was to remind me that I was not the Prince of Wales.”

― Andrew Solomon

“I’m still craving approval from my parents. It took a lot of success for me to realize it was never coming. It’s just not in their nature.”

― Andrew Stanton

“I was just so fortunate to have parents who encouraged me to try things and do what I wanted.”

― Andrew W.K.

“I never thought I’d run for president. My parents were immigrants to this country – and leader of the free world was not on the list of careers presented to me as a skinny Asian kid growing up in upstate New York.”

― Andrew Yang

“Every parent pursues the best possible opportunities for their child while climbing over obstacles and limitations each day. So in a way, all parents are entrepreneurs.”

― Andrew Yang

“Very few parents keep up with who the top professors are or whose classes their kids are taking, partially because most undergraduates interact more commonly with graduate students.”

― Andrew Yang

“I had very little going for me as a kid except for the fact that I had demanding parents and was very good at filling out bubbles on standardized tests. I went to the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University because I did well on the SAT. I went to Exeter because I did well on the SAT.”

― Andrew Yang

“I wouldn’t listen to my parents, but I found out that I absorbed. I never heard what they said – told me – but I did what they did.”

― Andrew Young

“My parents divorced when I was six but stayed close.”

― Andrew Zimmern

“When I was 13, I came back from summer camp – summer of ’74 – and my mother had had an accident during surgery and was in an oxygen tent in a coma. It was so traumatic. My parents had been divorced for six or seven years at that point, and it was sort of the seminal event of my life.”

― Andrew Zimmern

“Thanks to my parents, who had me traveling around the world mouth-first, I knew from a young age I wanted a career in food.”

― Andrew Zimmern

“I simply love Wagner’s music. That actually started very early. He was the first composer I was exposed very much to because my parents introduced me to Wagner’s music very early.”

― Andris Nelsons

“When I was 19 years old, both of my parents died in the same year; my mom of cancer and my dad in a car accident. Through the next two or three years and a series of bad decisions – all my own, I might add – I ended up literally homeless, before that was even a word. I even slept occasionally under a pier on the Gulf Coast.”

― Andy Andrews

“My parents just neglected me, I wasn’t abused or anything.”

― Andy Dick

“Good parents are always on time. So are good CEOs.”

― Andy Dunn

“I grew up in a show business family, so we’ve always had a great sense of balance, being so close to my parents.”

― Andy Gibb

“I grew up in a show business family, so we’ve always had a great sense of balance, being so close to my parents. I’ve always known what is and isn’t reality.”

― Andy Gibb

“My parents would say, ‘Why don’t you go out and play?’ and I would say, ‘I can’t! I’m putting on my shows!’”

― Andy Kaufman

“My parents, especially my mother, were no influence on me whatsoever.”

― Andy Partridge

“I used to stay up at night and sneak into the TV room, past my parents, who were asleep, to watch Saturday Night’s ‘Main Event.’ That’s how I started watching SNL. On accident.”

― Andy Samberg

“Both my parents are Catholic and staunch believers. I’m not a Catholic now, but I still carry part of it with me.”

― Andy Serkis

“During my childhood in Cyprus, the British talked about the Cypriots as if the Cypriots were outsiders in their own country. And even though I was born in Cyprus, my parents were American, and so I was an outsider in the land of my birth.”

― Angela Bowie

“My parents had no interest in spending a lot of time with me. They were busy doing what they were doing, but they were not obnoxious. They were fabulous.”

― Angela Bowie

“As I got older, I never considered that tons of people were watching me on television every week. I give a nod to my parents for keeping me as normal as I could be in an un-normal adult world.”

― Angela Cartwright

“The most important thing parents can do, although it’s not the only thing they should do, is model the behavior they want from their kids.”

― Angela Duckworth

“I think it’s very important to send the message that, while parents are needed to remind you to practice and occasionally force you to finish things… they also need to learn to respect you. You as an individual, ultimately, are the captain of where you’re going.”

― Angela Duckworth

“The courts don’t remove children from their home because the child underperformed at school or required extra long walks or a game of basketball in order to blow off the steam all 5-year-olds have. It’s because the parents were unfit, not the kids.”

― Angela Featherstone

“’Pose’ makes the case that it’s important to have some sort of family structure, even if you have to create one. You know, if I go back home for a while, my mom will be like, ‘Oh, I didn’t really throw you out the house.’ And I know so many other LGBT parents who don’t really own or talk about the rejection, and it prevents healing.”

― Angelica Ross

“When I was growing up, I wanted to adopt, because I was aware there were kids that didn’t have parents.”

― Angelina Jolie

“If you want to get to know somebody you don’t ask other people: ‘How is she?’ You talk to the person herself. And then you don’t ask about facts like ‘date of birth’ or ‘profession of parents.’ but you talk about essential questions and themes in life.”

― Angelina Maccarone

“My parents were Democrats, and I was a Democrat. And John Wayne was a Republican.”

― Angie Dickinson

“Like many in academia and in the development industry, I am among globalization’s greatest beneficiaries – those who are able to sell our services in markets that are larger and richer than our parents could have dreamed of.”

― Angus Deaton

“Parents tend to value their lives more highly than people without kids, but they’re different in lots of ways: They’re richer. They’re better educated. They’re healthier.”

― Angus Deaton

“I’ve never had a very closely connected family. My parents split up when I was young and I was living with my mom for a little while, then I was kind of just on my own really young. It wasn’t some kind of global tragedy, it was just never really a very close-knit family. So there was support in the sense that they didn’t stand in my way.”

― Ani DiFranco

“My parents split up when I was young, and I was living with my mom for a little while, then I was kind of just on my own really young. It wasn’t some kind of global tragedy, it was just never really a very close-knit family. So there was support in the sense that they didn’t stand in my way.”

― Ani DiFranco

“It’s impossible to write and produce a record when your parents are dying. I really tried, I really, really tried, but it just wouldn’t come.”

― Anita Baker

“I was brought up to look after my parents. My family were Polish Jews, and we lived with my grandmother, with uncles and aunts and cousins all around, and I thought everybody lived like that.”

― Anita Brookner

“My parents used to go ballroom dancing in their latter years, and it gave them so much pleasure.”

― Anita Dobson

“My parents are older, and they lead a somewhat sheltered life. It was difficult to talk with them about things that were embarrassing to me, and that I had never spoken to them about.”

― Anita Hill

“My sister was always supportive. When I first moved to L.A., she was like ‘I know you can do it!’ But my parents, in the beginning, not so much. They were kinda like, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.’ But when I actually started booking things, my dad was like, ‘Oh, I knew it all along.’”

― Anjelah Johnson

“As parents, we teach our children to do what’s right.”

― Ann Callis

“My parents were strict but loving.”

― Ann Dowd

“There are so many cruel decisions parents have to make when their child dies. The funeral director requested a sheet for the coffin, and I sent the cozy flannel one, pale blue with happy snowmen, that had just been put away with the winter linens.”

― Ann Hood

“Each and every one of us who is still lucky enough to have our parents has a duty to them. We do owe them.”

― Ann Jillian

“I call my parents twice a day when I’m away.”

― Ann Jillian

“I think parents are probably really excited for their kids and want to give them everything. But there should be a limit on how much you give your kids. Because kids are quite creative, especially at a young age when they don’t really know what rules are.”

― Ann Makosinski

“I always tried to be the perfect little girl. Always tried to have the perfect little manners. Never wanted to displease my parents.”

― Ann-Margret

“I’ve always wanted to be in comedy… growing up with Asian parents and not seeing yourself represented in media – it was always just a daydream.”

― Anna Akana

“I’ve been acting since second grade, telling stories, making my parents laugh here and there, so I’m hoping my ‘thing’ is acting. But I also make a really good bread pudding.”

― Anna Camp

“My parents had four children quickly, divorced quickly – when I was two – and my mother remarried quickly. We were suddenly in a different environment with a different father.”

― Anna Chancellor

“I’m always crying. I get a lump in my throat when I see intimacy between parents and their children.”

― Anna Chancellor

“As kids do, they’re smart, and even if parents try to keep things away from them, conflict and issues and whatnot, kids pick up on what’s happening.”

― Anna Gunn

“My parents got married late and they had kids late, so I never felt a social or cultural thing to be married or pregnant or a homeowner by a certain age.”

― Anna Kendrick

“My father was from Northern Ireland, and coming from somewhere like that, your faith defines you. That’s something we don’t really understand outside Northern Ireland, but because of my parents and grandparents, I’ve experienced it.”

― Anna Maxwell Martin

“When children are small, parents should run their lives and not the other way around.”

― Anna Quindlen

“All parents should be aware that when they mock or curse gay people, they may be mocking or cursing their own child.”

― Anna Quindlen

“There is only room in the lifeboat of your life for one, and you always choose yourself, and turn your parents into whatever it takes to keep you afloat.”

― Anna Quindlen

“I think I’m a global citizen. My parents came from China, were educated in France and emigrated to the United States. And I think that opened up my mind to be able to live and work anywhere.”

― Anna Sui

“There’s so much anxiety coming from social media with teenagers that we have to give them characters that are real and that are not always happy; and that have bad parents and not great, supportive parents; and that are not going on these journeys to save the world with a bow.”

― Anna Todd

“Reading was my escape growing up in Ohio. Both of my parents lost their jobs when I was a teen, and it was hard. But I always had my books. Reading gave me a way of living different lives.”

― Anna Todd

“My parents called me their wise little baby. I was mature when I was 4 or 5. My brother and sister were older, so I was raised by four adults.”

― Annabeth Gish

“My parents thought I was crazy. When I graduated, you didn’t hear of basketball players going to Japan. Everyone went to Europe somewhere.”

― Anne Donovan

“All parents are an embarrassment to their kids. Often, grandparents are the relief. Kids don’t have to resist you.”

― Anne Lamott

“I was raised by my parents to believe that you had a moral obligation to try and help save the world.”

― Anne Lamott

“Most marriages are a mess, and the children get caught between two bitter, antagonistic parents. My parents stayed married for 27 unhappy years, till their kids were grown, and this was a catastrophe for us.”

― Anne Lamott

“I was quite shy. I used to write stories all the time, and I think that was a worry for my parents.”

― Anne-Marie Duff

“I went to a performing arts school. I went to an audition for a musical, ‘Les Miserables,’ in the West End, and I got in, and my parents were like, ‘Oh, you can sing?’ So I kind of started singing properly when I was, like, seven.”

― Anne-Marie

“I’ve got ‘trust’ tattooed on me, and I have a tattoo on my finger that’s for my parents.”

― Anne-Marie

“What mothers need, as well as fathers, spouses, and the children of aging parents, is an entire national infrastructure of care, every bit as important as the physical infrastructure of roads, bridges, tunnels, broadband, parks and public works.”

― Anne-Marie Slaughter

“Believe it or not, we will actually be better and happier workers if we are allowed to be better parents. We might even rediscover our capacity for fun.”

― Anne-Marie Slaughter

“I have a profound resistance to the idea that a reader could say, ‘Oh, well, that’s her story.’ We should all be interested, no matter where we come from, or who our parents are. It’s not my province; it’s ours. These questions concern us all.”

― Anne Michaels

“My parents were adorable. They were very kind, and very broad-minded compared to people of their generation.”

― Anne Reid

“Jasmine – it brings back memories of India with my parents.”

― Anne Reid

“Christmas Day itself hasn’t always been great. My parents went abroad when I was very young, and I went to boarding school. We had a few Christmases before that – I remember a big sack of presents and Mummy cooking goose.”

― Anne Reid

“I did go to public school, but that’s only because my parents were abroad. As a matter of fact, I think that’s helped my work. I can go from Victoria Wood’s ‘Dinnerladies’ to playing Barbara Cartland, from ‘Coronation Street’ to playing Celia in Last ‘Tango’.”

― Anne Reid

“I believe that it is our human right to be parents and women. And there’s no contradiction between feminism, which means women should have all that they are entitled to, all that they can do, all the opportunities that they can take advantage of they should have.”

― Anne Roiphe

“When I was ten, I caught glandular fever and had to have a year off school. My parents arranged for a tutor to keep me on track with my studies.”

― Anne Sebba

“I spend a lot of my spare time with my family. My sisters, parents, and in-laws all live nearby.”

― Anne Wojcicki

“My parents were passionate about what they did, very cheap, and very focused on doing good in society.”

― Anne Wojcicki

“My parents were very supportive. They went to every show. And they never told me not to do what I was doing.”

― Annette Bening

“Anybody who has children and children who are well feels a sense of responsibility towards parents and kids and families that are struggling and that aren’t well.”

― Annette Bening

“I feel very, very lucky to have come from the family I did. We have our dysfunctions and our problems, just like any family. But my parents are extremely loving people.”

― Annette Bening

“The challenge of writing books for teenagers is walking the fine line between truth and what the publishers, parents, and the more conservative librarians want to hear.”

― Annette Curtis Klause

“I was born in 1954. My parents were brought up in the war years, and life was hard.”

― Annie Lennox

“My parents went to Italy a lot, but I didn’t go with them. I can’t believe that!”

― Annie Wersching

“Parents can’t monitor what you are doing on Snapchat.”

― Ansel Elgort

“Technology moves so fast and social media moves so fast because everyone wants the new thing, but also, everyone wants to be where their parents are not. Once the mom got a Facebook and a Twitter and an Instagram, I don’t want to be there anymore.”

― Ansel Elgort

“I think my parents raised me well. And I’m pretty straight edge. All my friends make fun of me for being straight edge.”

― Ansel Elgort

“My parents would drive us to Florida every spring in this big old, rusy Suburban, and we’d collect stuff on the beach for our aquarium back in Ohio; we had this big saltwater aquarium back in Ohio. Every time we found anything, any mollusk, my mom would bring out the guidebook and quiz us on what it was, so that stuff was built in early.”

― Anthony Doerr

“I am from L.A., my siblings are from L.A., but both my parents are from Guatemala, and I have a lot of family members from Mexico.”

― Anthony Gonzalez

“My parents have always been there for me.”

― Anthony Gonzalez

“Mysteries, like the Masonic rites, are ones parents and elders are sworn not to reveal to the uninitiated, which include all children. And so we sought for signs.”

― Anthony Hecht

“I don’t believe in nepotism. I don’t much like the idea of parents who interfere.”

― Anthony Hopkins

“It is, of course, traditional in children’s literature to get rid of the parents.”

― Anthony Horowitz

“If my children were as unhappy as I was at school, I’d send them somewhere else, but it never occurred to my parents.”

― Anthony Horowitz

“I was raised well. My parents are from Nigeria; their culture is respectful. Very respectful. But I learnt that you have to be determined. It’s not violence or aggression. It’s sheer determination.”

― Anthony Joshua

“In New Orleans, where I’m from, the average household income, with two working parents, two kids, a dog and a little fence is $16,000 a year, so $15,000 for a movie sounds pretty good.”

― Anthony Mackie

“I quickly realized I live the least interesting literary life imaginable. My parents are happily married. There haven’t been any major traumas. I’m not sure that the story of my life would be much fun to read.”

― Anthony Marra

“Parents – especially step-parents – are sometimes a bit of a disappointment to their children. They don’t fulfill the promise of their early years.”

― Anthony Powell

“Parents are sometimes a bit of a disappointment to their children. They don’t fulfill the promise of their early years.”

― Anthony Powell

“Anyone who loses a parent, you have to find those parts of yourself that your parent held true in themselves, especially if they’re supportive parents.”

― Anthony Rapp

“My parents never went to college. My dad started as an hourly worker.”

― Anthony Scaramucci

“I’m lucky my parents raised me well.”

― Antoine Griezmann

“Because we had no other relatives living in the U.K., me, my parents and my siblings continuously journeyed abroad to bond with our extended family.”

― Anton du Beke

“My parents were of the opinion, because they had started skating very young, that you should have something that you do that you care about, because it structures your life as you’re growing up.”

― Anton Yelchin

“When I was around 18, I got kicked out of my parents’ house, and I wasn’t allowed to take anything with me. I slept on YMCA towels for a whole semester in university before my father found out and bought me a mattress. I felt really free because I was finally living on my own, but I was also really depressed because I had nothing.”

― Antoni Porowski

“I grew up with parents who were English professors at Wichita State University, and we were more liberal-minded as a family than most of the people I hung out with in Wichita. During summers, we went off to Telluride, Colorado, where I’ve returned every summer since I was born.”

― Antonya Nelson

“I have three brothers and one sister, and I’m the third child. Sometimes people say, ‘It’s only natural you would become a writer – your parents were English professors.’ But my four siblings were brought up in the exact same household, and no one else became a writer or an English professor.”

― Antonya Nelson

“I always knew I wanted to be in films but didn’t want anyone to taunt my parents. So I excelled in studies. I was a topper in school and college, so when I decided to become a model, people said, ‘Oh your daughter is modeling,’ so at least my parents could say, ‘Yeah but she also came first in class.’”

― Anushka Sharma

“I feel there is a great sense of achievement coming from a non-filmy background. But when you are going through a low phase, you don’t have anybody to advice you because your parents possibly can’t advice you on that.”

― Anushka Sharma

“Growing up, my parents treated my brother and me with absolute equality.”

― Anushka Sharma

“My parents never gave me a nickname. But for my friends, I am everything from ‘Nushki’ to ‘Nusheshwar.’”

― Anushka Sharma

“When I first started painting, I had an interesting nightmare about Cleveland – I dreamed the houses there were encased in this free-floating cage structure. I guess Cleveland was a confining place for me, even though my parents weren’t too conservative.”

― April Gornik

“Orphans, dead parents, lonely children at Christmas, morose spoken word recordings, everything you love about the holidays. Move the turkey over so you can fit your head in the oven.”

― April Winchell

“Whether it was with drag or with sports or in school or whatever I was interested in, my parents were always supportive of me.”

― Aquaria

“My parents both had Oxford degrees, they read important books, spoke foreign languages, drank real coffee and went to museums for pleasure. People like that don’t have fat kids: they were cut out to be winners and winners don’t have children who are overweight.”

― Arabella Weir

“My parents’ generation’s benchmark was simple: Fat Equals Bad.”

― Arabella Weir

“I wish my parents hadn’t made me feel that how I looked was linked to how much they loved me. But I do also see how hard it must be to see your child pile on the pounds and trust they’ll find their own way back to a healthy weight.”

― Arabella Weir

“The generation that migrated to the West in the 1970s or 1960s has now lived more in the West than India, and India has changed so much. My parents fall into that category.”

― Archie Panjabi

“Luckily my parents were not against my ambition, they’ve always been very supportive. But they were adamant that I went to university first.”

― Archie Panjabi

“Parents have to really talk to their children before they leave home.”

― Aretha Franklin

“I’m very fortunate in that my parents are artists. My mom is a brilliant poet… She still is a great visual artist. My dad is a jazz drummer… I’ve been very fortunate in that I’ve had parents who supported and encouraged me and haven’t really questioned what I’m doing or asked me to question it.”

― Ari Aster

“I went through a little hippy dippy program at Brandeis and was bat mizvahed by the rabbi who married my parents. We celebrated the High Holidays and had the traditional Rosh Hashanah dinner.”

― Ari Graynor

“I’ve already put my parents through the wringer with a number of my jobs!”

― Ari Graynor

“My mum was a dancer when she was a kid. Then my parents met and eventually had an art gallery; my dad taught himself how to frame pictures, and then he was a curator at an art gallery in the city I’m from. I’m an only child.”

― Ari Millen

“I haven’t really rebelled. I just think my parents were right. I never disagreed with anything that I was brought up with, in terms of their values or politics.”

― Ariel Levy

“I was not a popular little girl. I played Robinson Crusoe in a small wooden fort that my parents built for me in the back yard. In the fort, I was neither ostracized nor ill at ease – I was self-reliant, brave, ingeniously surviving, if lost.”

― Ariel Levy

“My grandfather was facing this terror, my parents, myself.”

― Ariel Sharon

“I have two lovely parents who support everything I do, two siblings, and three beautiful nieces. My house is always filled with laughter and fun!”

― Ariel Winter

“Children born of married parents in America face a higher risk of seeing them break up than children born of unmarried parents in Sweden.”

― Arlie Russell Hochschild

“Ellen Galinsky’s surveys at the Families and Work Institute pointed to a desirable norm for many parents for working not full-time, but part-time. And I get that. I mean, Norway has a 35-hour work week. That counts as part-time for us in the United States, you know. And Norway’s doing well, by the way.”

― Arlie Russell Hochschild

“I was 13 when my parents moved to Israel, and I was put in a Scottish mission school. Ninety-nine percent of the children were Israeli… Suddenly, I found myself speaking the wrong language, dressed in the wrong clothes, picked up by the wrong mode of transportation – an embassy car instead of a bus.”

― Arlie Russell Hochschild

“I think of my parents as a single unit, and it’s interesting because they shared so much, and they were totally opposite. My mother, a Martha Graham dancer, had a classical background; my father had a back-porch background.”

― Arlo Guthrie

“Research shows that children do better in school and are less likely to drop out when fathers are involved. Engaged parents can strengthen communities, mentor and tutor students, and demonstrate through their actions how much they value their children’s education.”

― Arne Duncan

“Teachers support evaluations based on multiple measures: student growth, classroom observation and feedback from peers and parents.”

― Arne Duncan

“We all have a role to play – the President, Congress, parents, students and schools – in making college affordable and keeping the middle class dream alive.”

― Arne Duncan

“I’ve known what it’s like to survive without a steady job. Growing up in the Philippines, I watched my parents juggle part-time jobs at the corner shop and as tailors, barely able to make ends meet for my three brothers and me.”

― Arnel Pineda

“We were an underprivileged family. My parents were both tailors. We got by. But we only had a few important things in our life.”

― Arnel Pineda

“In this country, it doesn’t make any difference where you were born. It doesn’t make any difference who your parents were. It doesn’t make any difference if, like me, you couldn’t even speak English until you were in your twenties.”

― Arnold Schwarzenegger

“That’s what I think our jobs as parents are, to educate as much as possible… I tell them to follow their bliss. The people who follow their bliss in this world tend to be the more happier people.”

― Art Alexakis

“I have frequently gained my first real insight into the character of parents by studying their children.”

― Arthur Conan Doyle

“I was born in St. Lucia on January 23, 1915. My parents, who were both school teachers, had immigrated there from Antigua about a dozen years before.”

― Arthur Lewis

“I am the slave of my baptism. Parents, you have caused my misfortune, and you have caused your own.”

― Arthur Rimbaud

“My parents were missionaries – I was born in the States but I grew up in Brazil.”

― Arto Lindsay

“I didn’t take the money route because I saw my parents struggle for survival.”

― Arunachalam Muruganantham

“My real name’s Rakim – my parents named me after the god MC himself.”

― ASAP Rocky

“People forget how the same children brought up with affection, effort, and love are the ones who later kick their parents.”

― Asha Bhosle

“We all know what it’s like to want to have that support from our family members and the people that we love, especially our parents.”

― Ashleigh Murray

“I really believe that parents need to know they are shaping the future of their children.”

― Ashley Graham

“When I was a teenager, my parents made me take a part-time job at the local Black Eyed Pea, which was a home-cooked-food family restaurant.”

― Ashley Jones

“I grew up in London. My parents and I lived in West Norwood, then we moved to Norbury, and I went to the Brit School. I’m a South London girl at heart.”

― Ashley Madekwe

“I was lucky that my parents listened to really good music. My dad loved Kris Kristofferson.”

― Ashley McBryde

“Some twins feel like they need to compare themselves to each other, but we’re not that way. That’s because of my parents, though, and having six kids in the family.”

― Ashley Olsen

“I’ve always wanted to be sure my parents approve of what I do.”

― Ashley Tisdale

“I’ve always wanted to be sure my parents approve of what I do. Even with my tattoos, my mom went with me.”

― Ashley Tisdale

“When my parents were paying for my sport, it wasn’t just me out on the ice. Pretty much every dollar my mom made teaching went into my skating.”

― Ashley Wagner

“Some skaters, they live for skating, and they are home-schooled. I’m very lucky my parents let me go to school and have a normal life.”

― Ashley Wagner

“My parents told me, ‘Skating is a privilege, not a right, and school always comes first.’”

― Ashley Wagner

“We were very kooky and inventive, and it didn’t take long for my parents to realize we should all be auditioning for things.”

― Ashley Williams

“I never thought in my life, I never really thought I would get married. I watched my parents go through a divorce, and I thought, like, this is just not something people are supposed to do.”

― Ashton Kutcher

“As a child, I was spoilt by my parents as an only son. They indulged my every whim, and I grew up in luxury.”

― Asif Ali Zardari

“As a kid, I thought movies were boring. My parents would hire VHS recorders for the weekend and watch Bollywood movies. I’d get bored and go out to Stoke Newington common to play football.”

― Asif Kapadia

“Both my parents are well educated; my father worked for the CBI before becoming a businessman, and my mother was a civil surgeon. But I did not want to be a doctor.”

― Asin

“I feel very happy that the society has matured and parents have opened up to their girls studying more and becoming working professionals and becoming bread winners for themselves.”

― Asin

“During the 1942 Quit India Movement, I was a student at Gwalior High School. I was arrested by the British for participating in the movement. My parents then sent me off to my village where, again, I jumped into the movement.”

― Atal Bihari Vajpayee

“Our parents were very prim and proper, but we always got one toy every day. That was a ritual. The money didn’t really matter.”

― Atif Aslam

“My parents believed in the ideology of the Left. And being influenced by Marxism and Leninism theories, they chose Marlena as my second name.”

― Atishi

“My parents are from Ghana. Until I was 17, I thought you had to go to college. I had no idea. I didn’t know it was not an option.”

― Ato Essandoh

“The first time I ever heard the blues, my parents had a stack of records that they weren’t using anymore. I found them when I was ten; I didn’t know what it was. But I found Lightnin’ Hopkins.”

― Ato Essandoh

“My parents taught me to believe that through the creative act, we’re able to transcend and give a response to desecration.”

― Atom Egoyan

“When I was 4, my parents took me to see a musical, and I was like, ‘I want to do that!’ I started doing all sorts of musical camps and a lot of professional theater. I took dance classes for 10 years, too – I was never the most amazing kid in the other classes, but tap stuck with me for some reason.”

― Aubrey Peeples

“There’s a lot to live up to when three of your parents are successful in the music business.”

― Aubrie Sellers

“Maybe it’s because my uncle and my parents were always very involved with the civil rights movement, so I just grew up and I was raised that you have to speak out and look out for your fellow man, woman, and child.”

― Audra McDonald

“My hero when I was 14 was Sonny Liston. No matter what kinds of problems you were having with your parents or at school, whatever, Sonny Liston would go and knock guys out, and that made it all right.”

― August Wilson

“My parents had this relationship that was really terrifying. I mean, the level of hatred that they had, and the level of physical abuse – my mother would beat up my father, basically – and I think I was drawn to images on television that were bright and reflective.”

― Augusten Burroughs

“For me, the toughest thing for kids to deal with is when the parents are fighting. It’s not violence on them – it’s the feeling of violence in the family.”

― Avi Arad

“Even with protection, even with death threats, I can publish, I can travel and I can live the life that I want and not the one my parents want or some imam somewhere thinks I should live.”

― Ayaan Hirsi Ali

“Being parents suits us. Having kids has been the best thing for both of us.”

― Ayda Field

“Gym class was, of course, where the strongest, best-looking kids were made captains and chose us spazzes last. More important, it was where the figures of supposed authority allowed them to do so. Forget the work our parents did molding our minds and values. Everything fell apart as soon as we put on those maroon polyester gym suits.”

― Ayelet Waldman

“I tend to approach giving interviews with the same sense of circumspection and restraint as I approach my writing. That is to say, virtually none. When asked what I made of blogs like my own, blogs written by parents about their children, I said, ‘A blog like this is narcissism in its most obscene flowering.’”

― Ayelet Waldman

“My kids are incredibly secure. More and more of their friends’ parents are divorcing, but my kids have absolute confidence that we’ll stay together forever. That goes a long, long way.”

― Ayelet Waldman

“My parents found this paper from my high school theater class where you had to write down what you wanted in a significant other. At the bottom, it said, ‘No athletes, because they’re arrogant.’”

― Ayesha Curry

“Both of my parents worked, so it was my way of helping around the house by making dinner for my family. I fell in love with it.”

― Ayesha Curry

“Parents realize their wealth should be used for social good rather than children’s good.”

― Azim Premji

“I just always knew I wanted to be an actor. I gave my Emmy acceptance speech when I was 11. But, I wasn’t allowed to do plays and things like that. It was considered dangerous. My parents didn’t think it was safe for a girl to do that, and they definitely didn’t think it was interesting to participate in the arts.”

― Azita Ghanizada

“In 1979, when I was toddler, the Russians invaded Afghanistan, and my whole family fled to Vienna, Virginia. Far from home, my parents were determined to raise my two sisters and me according to Afghan traditions.”

― Azita Ghanizada

“My dad died, I think, at 87. So I’ll be lucky if I make 87. But in a lot of cases, the younger people live longer than their parents. And they know more. My dad used to tell me he ate the hog from his rooter to his tooter. So do I when I’m not trying to lose weight.”

― B. B. King

“I didn’t want to disrespect my parents, so I never played blues around the house. But I knew then, same as I know today, that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I think that before they died, they both felt very proud of me.”

― B. B. King

“Asian people are very practical and come from a conservative world. The parents want their kids to be doctors and lawyers. There are casting calls for Asian children, but once the parents find out the children might miss school, they’re opposed to it.”

― B. D. Wong

“I’ve always had tremendous support from my parents. I think there’s a myth that gay people have lousy relationships with their parents.”

― B. D. Wong

“Maybe there are logical reasons for a gay person not to have a great relationship with their parents – not because there’s a parent who made him gay, but just because it may be difficult to understand everything.”

― B. D. Wong

“There’s something pure about our bloodline: There are no accidental kids of gay parents. Every single gay parent desperately, passionately wanted to be a parent. That’s neat, and I hope we can keep it that way.”

― B. D. Wong

“I don’t think my mother and father ever had any doubts about what I was to be punished for or not. My parents come from a very strictly defined culture.”

― B. F. Skinner

“My parents were hippies.”

― Balthazar Getty

“I treasure my meetings with individuals affected by autism – parents, children, teachers and friends. Their strength is inspiring. They deserve all possible opportunities for education, employment and integration.”

― Ban Ki-moon

“My parents are divorced, and seeing that was really painful for me. Really painful for me. But that’s also a big part of why I’m intrigued by the dynamics between people – because I was close to something that fell apart.”

― Banks

“My parents have always given me whatever I wanted. Took me to the ballet, the opera, museum exhibitions. I was always surrounded by art. It’s their fault I’ve become an actress.”

― Bar Paly

“I think becoming a scientist is the product of parents who gave me enormous opportunities to master nature.”

― Barbara Block

“Bias has to be taught. If you hear your parents downgrading women or people of different backgrounds, why, you are going to do that.”

― Barbara Bush

“I’m worried about parents who aren’t parenting.”

― Barbara Bush

“Our children are counting on us to provide two things: consistency and structure. Children need parents who say what they mean, mean what they say, and do what they say they are going to do.”

― Barbara Coloroso

“Given the choice, children who don’t want for anything will not save… We have an obligation as parents to give our children what they need. What they want we can give them as a special gift, or they can save their money for it.”

― Barbara Coloroso

“Parents do bear some of the responsibility if they don’t talk to their kids, are never around, even deny their kids the love that young girls often crave when they decide to have a baby.”

― Barbara Delinsky

“My parents were atheists, strong atheists. I never got the answer ‘God.’”

― Barbara Ehrenreich

“After ‘The Poisonwood Bible’ was published, several people believed that my parents were missionaries, which could not be further from the truth.”

― Barbara Kingsolver

“I live in southern Appalachia, so I’m surrounded by people who work very hard for barely a living wage. It’s particularly painful that people are working the farms their parents and grandparents worked but aren’t living nearly as well.”

― Barbara Kingsolver

“I didn’t finish college; my parents didn’t graduate college – we didn’t have a pot to piss in. I’m from Newark, New Jersey. I had to work. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to be an artist without having a job.”

― Barbara Kruger

“Even when I was a little girl, I remember going to the Museum of Modern Art. I think my parents took me there once or twice. And what I really remember is the design collection.”

― Barbara Kruger

“Parents today are under a lot of stress, sometimes working two jobs just to make ends meet. They’re trying to find day care for their kids and elder care for their own parents. The Federal Government shouldn’t add to their worries by not living up to its obligations.”

― Barbara Mikulski

“Parents of young children should realize that few people, and maybe no one, will find their children as enchanting as they do.”

― Barbara Walters

“I was lucky enough to have parents that took me out from country to country and go to school and learn how to be a better person.”

― Barkhad Abdi

“Our parents came home one day and heard us, and they thought it was the radio, but our grandfather told them it was us.”

― Barry Gibb

“My parents were very pleased that I was in the army. The fact that I hated it somehow pleased them even more.”

― Barry Humphries

“After everything I’ve been through – the foster care, the losing my parents and stuff like that, I was never one to kind of go, ‘I’m gonna just not try.’ I used it all as ammunition.”

― Barry Keoghan

“I knew everything in the forest. I had a secret home tree, where I pretty much lived. I also liked rooftops and streetlamps. My parents would get calls saying ‘He’s out there again.’”

― Bas Rutten

“I had Hallowe’en parties every year, as it was my birthday five days before. My parents would actually put prosthetic noses on, and my dad would wear a top-hat and tails, put on a fake curly moustache, and hold a pipe.”

― Bat for Lashes

“Growing up watching WWE, they used to have bra-and-panties matches or pillow fights, and that’s why my mom didn’t want me to watch wrestling. But when my parents divorced, I was able to watch wrestling again, and that’s when I started to really get into wrestlers like Ivory.”

― Bayley

“My parents were really encouraging of me doing theater, but the one thing they did do was say, ‘You’re not allowed to do film or television in high school.’”

― Beanie Feldstein

“I’ve had situations where producers would be like, ‘Could you meet me? Take the train; don’t tell your parents.’”

― Bebe Rexha

“My parents are so cool, so chill, super hip. They know what’s up.”

― Becky G

“My parents are high school sweethearts.”

― Becky G

“My favorite holiday memory was sitting at home all day in my pajamas during winter break for school watching a bunch of old Christmas movies like ‘Jack Frost’ and ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ with my siblings and parents.”

― Becky G

“When politicians say, ‘Oh, parents should supervise their kids’ Internet use,’ it drives me crazy.”

― Beeban Kidron

“Parents cannot be in the same physical space as their children at all times.”

― Beeban Kidron

“I grew up with my parents in the kitchen discussing the audition my dad had that day or moaning about something or other in the industry, so it was unglamourised and normalised for me from a very young age.”

― Bel Powley

“I told my parents when I was 12 I’d be a writer.”

― bell hooks

“There is nothing worse that a thirteen-year-old boy. You’re embarrassed by your parents, and you’re trying to find your independance because, deep inside, you are so dependent on your mom.”

― Ben Affleck

“My parents were secular. I am an atheist.”

― Ben Elton

“I know that the Seattle my parents knew is not the Seattle I know and that these things exist in a state of constant flux and change. The hope is that at least some of that change can be for the better.”

― Ben Gibbard

“It amazes me that parents are allowed to raise kids. There’s so much power and often very little accountability.”

― Ben Marcus

“My parents showed me by example that they could balance their work and family lives.”

― Ben Marcus

“I had one year of struggle. My parents were always there, but I didn’t want to rely on them. Now it’s moving pretty fast. I’m not rich, but obviously this is fantastic. All I know to do with money is put it in a shoebox anyway.”

― Ben McKenzie

“At 15 I had moved out of my parents’ place, and my options were looking pretty narrow. But I had this acting thing and I just wanted to be able to keep going because it was really good. That was all I wanted.”

― Ben Mendelsohn

“The very rough story is this: Melbourne boy, out of both my parents’ houses at a young age, lived with my grandmother, drama teacher twisted me into doing this TV thing that I thought my mates were doing, too.”

― Ben Mendelsohn

“I’d probably be one of these terribly over-protective parents whose children become a neurotic wreck because they’ve never been exposed to real life.”

― Ben Miller

“Life used to be a rite of passage in and of itself. But it’s not our parents’ generation anymore.”

― Ben Schnetzer

“Having children truly ends adolescence. We are all either parents or children: responsibility-takers or those who demand from others.”

― Ben Shapiro

“My parents are doctors, both my sisters are doctors, so I figured I’d just be a doctor too. Sometime in my junior year, I had this sudden realization that maybe that wasn’t for me. I was sort of lost at sea.”

― Ben Silbermann

“My parents, products of the Great Depression, were successful people, but lived in a state of constant fear that my sister and I, and they, would sink into the kind of economic insecurity that their generation knew so well.”

― Ben Stein

“It was a mixed blessing to have famous parents. It was tough to go to auditions and be bad, since I couldn’t be anonymous.”

― Ben Stiller

“My own parents were touchy-feely.”

― Ben Stiller

“My parents used to throw great New Year’s Eve parties. They invited such an eclectic mix of showbiz people. All those cool people were always hanging out at our apartment.”

― Ben Stiller

“Whatever talent I had, I’m sure it helped that my parents were in the business and that I grew up around actors, comedians and directors.”

― Ben Stiller

“’Benedict’ means ‘blessed.’ My parents liked the sound of the name and felt slightly blessed because they’d been trying for a child for a very long time.”

― Benedict Cumberbatch

“Although I was born to famous parents, I know and feel the problems of ordinary citizens.”

― Benigno Aquino III

“I remove a lot of the pressure from myself by saying I’m not competing with my parents. They are the persons who taught me my ideology. They actively practiced what they preached. They’re the exemplars and the role models. So how does one compete with a mentor?”

― Benigno Aquino III

“My parents always said that I would be a lawyer or pilot or doctor – and I always just thought that’s what I would do.”

― Benjamin Clementine

“If you have parents who can’t show you love, a kid can grow up to look arrogant. Because they need to create a fake self. Or they think they’re more powerful than they really are.”

― Benjamin Clementine

“I got into a lot of trouble. Maybe that’s why my parents didn’t really like me and I didn’t blend in with my family. I was always the naughty one.”

― Benjamin Clementine

“I don’t have a flat anywhere. I’m registered in the U.K. for tax purposes, I suppose, and my mail goes to my parents.”

― Benjamin Clementine

“My parents have been really supportive right from the very beginning.”

― Benjamin Cohen

“Distrust and caution are the parents of security.”

― Benjamin Franklin

“Yes, I grew up with guns. For my 16th birthday, in fact, I received a .357 instead of a car. But there was nothing playful about them; they were tools. My parents went through a back-to-the-land phase. Most of our vegetables and fruits came from our own garden.”

― Benjamin Percy

“Just about every weekend when I was growing up, we would throw rods and rifles and tents and shovels and pickaxes into the back of the truck and then head off to the side of a mountain or the bottom of a canyon. Hiking, fishing, hunting, rock-hounding: this is how my parents passed the time.”

― Benjamin Percy

“The child supplies the power but the parents have to do the steering.”

― Benjamin Spock

“We all end up at least somewhat like our parents, especially in the way we deal with our children.”

― Benjamin Spock

“On the average, older parents are more flexible, tolerant, understanding, and happy in child care.”

― Benjamin Spock

“You grow up a certain way, and you make decisions within your family, but then you go to college, and the decisions become harder. You are away from home, from the influence of your parents, dealing with peer pressure. There’s a lot of stuff that goes on in college.”

― Benjamin Watson

“We were kids that didn’t have any education. None of our parents were in the music business or even college graduates. We didn’t have someone guiding us. We were just uneducated kids from the middle of nowhere that suddenly had a band going around the world.”

― Benji Madden

“My parents always knew that I loved music. They just didn’t think I’d try to make it a career. They thought I’d be a painter or an art teacher or something like that.”

― Benmont Tench

“There was an undercurrent of poverty throughout my childhood. We lived with my grandmother in her two-bedroom flat, and I slept with my parents. We had cheap holidays, I had to save for my bike and get a paper round as soon as I was old enough.”

― Bernard Hill

“No matter how painful something is, you have to take it. I saw that in both my parents.”

― Bernard Lagat

“Parents need all the help they can get. The strongest as well as the most fragile family requires a vital network of social supports.”

― Bernice Weissbourd

“I certainly did not know what the word ‘socialism’ meant growing up, because I was brought up in a very nonpolitical family. My brother was somewhat active, but my parents were not.”

― Bernie Sanders

“Parents, teachers, clergy and physicians change lives with their words. It is hypnotic for a child or patient to hear an authority figure’s words. As I am always sharing, ‘wordswordswords’ can become ‘swordswordswords,’ and we can kill or cure with either words or swords.”

― Bernie Siegel

“I think musicals can be more than what people imagine. That’ll be the case with ‘Matilda.’ It’s such a clever thing to stage. Parents would have read this when they were young and will want to share it with their children because they have such a fondness for the source.”

― Bertie Carvel

“My parents were really poor. We never bought books because you could go to the library. It would be stupid to buy one.”

― Beth Macy

“I believe that children are, by nature, very forgiving. I don’t think children expect their parents to be perfect. I think they demand that their parents be real.”

― Beth Moore

“My parents were complicated people. They had a complicated relationship. My home was very, very complicated.”

― Beth Moore

“I’m a surfer at heart. Both my parents moved to Hawaii in the 1970s, where they met and became Christians. Then they taught me and my two brothers how to love the Lord – and how to surf!”

― Bethany Hamilton

“We all need that extra friend outside of our immediate family to talk about that extra stuff you wouldn’t normally talk to your parents about.”

― Bethany Hamilton

“Parents no longer believe that a one-size-fits-all model of learning meets the needs of every child. And they know other options exist, whether magnet, virtual, charter, home, faith-based, or any other combination.”

― Betsy DeVos

“Above all, I believe every child, no matter their ZIP code or their parents’ jobs, deserves access to a quality education.”

― Betsy DeVos

“The bigger goal of giving all parents more choices is one that will have to be discussed and undoubtedly roundly debated, but we are going to have to continue to build the case. The momentum is there on the state level in many states. That’s where the energy needs to be harnessed in a new way.”

― Betsy DeVos

“The bottom line is we believe that parents are the best equipped to make choices for their children’s schooling and education decisions.”

― Betsy DeVos

“Dick and I became increasingly committed to helping other parents – parents from low-income families in particular.”

― Betsy DeVos

“President-elect Trump and I know it won’t be Washington, D.C., that unlocks our nation’s potential, nor a bigger bureaucracy, tougher mandates, or a federal agency. The answer is local control and listening to parents, students, and teachers.”

― Betsy DeVos

“I had a hard-scrabble childhood with my parents. I have a lot of baggage. To come down to the footlights and accept the audience’s affection inside a Broadway theater – that didn’t come easily to me.”

― Bette Midler

“Both of my parents are actors, so I grew up backstage with them. I would see some of their shows 30, 40, 50 times. I would have it all memorized. I loved it.”

― Betty Gilpin

“And there was huge numbers of UFOs around my parents home in Kingston.”

― Betty Hill

“’Dear Mr. Henshaw’ came about because two different boys from different parts of the country asked me to write a book about a boy whose parents were divorced, and so I wrote ‘Dear Mr. Henshaw,’ and it won the Newbery, and I was – it’s been very popular.”

― Beverly Cleary

“My parents never told me about Papa’s lung cancer or the desperate nature of the operations he was about to undergo, which were a last-ditch effort to contain the spread of his cancer.”

― Beverly Sills

“My parents always told me that we won’t get you married until you are independent. Women have always been celebrated in my house.”

― Bhumi Pednekar

“Even as a teenager, my sensibility was different because my parents introduced me to some amazing films. I grew up watching films like ‘Kabuliwala,’ ‘Casablanca,’ and ‘Mandi.’”

― Bhumi Pednekar

“Having born and brought up in Mumbai, I am as urban as urban can be, but my parents ensured that my sister and I understand social responsibility as well.”

― Bhumi Pednekar

“During the first 10 years of my life, while my parents were married, I enjoyed a privileged upbringing. After their divorce, my life was difficult.”

― Bianca Jagger

“I didn’t always spell my name Bil. My parents named me Bill, but when I started drawing cartoons on the wall, they knocked the ‘L’ out of me.”

― Bil Keane

“Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that’s where it’s really at.”

― Bill Ayers

“Parents should watch what their children watch and not use TV as a babysitter. If a show is objectionable they should turn it OFF. They should write the president of the network and tell him they are never going to watch that program again and why.”

― Bill Bixby

“By the time I was 14, I had become self-motivated. Whatever raced inside me was more demanding than any pressure applied by parents or teachers.”

― Bill Bradley

“You may find that your parents are the most delightful people, but you don’t want to live with them.”

― Bill Bryson

“My parents have a ridiculous work ethic; my dad just works, works, works, works, works. I think it would be hard to find a guy who’s logged more hours than that guy.”

― Bill Burr

“My parents weren’t religious at all. I remember the first time I heard about Jesus was at school.”

― Bill Callahan

“My parents were divorced when I was young. I was really brought up by my mother’s side of the family.”

― Bill de Blasio

“In 1900, the typical American was a boy, not yet a teenager, named John. He lived with his parents and his sisters, Mary and Helen, on a farm in New York or Pennsylvania.”

― Bill Dedman

“We are all very deeply the children of our parents and their parents. Far more than we generally realize.”

― Bill Drayton

“I was taught by my parents that people who are loud don’t have anything to say. I’ve found if you’re suggesting quite big changes, a quiet style may be reassuring.”

― Bill Drayton

“When I was growing up, my parents were almost involved in various volunteer things. My dad was head of Planned Parenthood. And it was very controversial to be involved with that.”

― Bill Gates

“K to 12 is partly about babysitting the kids so the parents can do other things.”

― Bill Gates

“According to Ethiopian custom, parents wait to name a baby because children often die in the first weeks of life.”

― Bill Gates

“I had a very diametrically opposite set of parents.”

― Bill Griffith

“My parents were supportive. I didn’t have good grades, but they could tell I wasn’t lazy.”

― Bill Hader

“We build schools and give government loans and grants to college kids; for those of us who are parents, tuition will often be the last big subsidy we give the children we’ve raised.”

― Bill McKibben

“The only solution to the violence problem in America is a return to traditional parental involvement. This should be encouraged by every elected official. Also, the abandonment and neglect of children by their parents should have civil consequences.”

― Bill O’Reilly

“My parents were children during the Great Depression of the 1930s, and it scarred them. Especially my father, who saw destitution in his Brooklyn, New York neighborhood; adults standing in so called ‘bread lines,’ children begging in the streets.”

― Bill O’Reilly

“Many children fully realize their parents see them as astonishing creatures and incorporate that into their daily presentations. That is, they throw their stuff on the floor because if you are truly amazing you can pretty much do what you want. Right?”

― Bill O’Reilly

“Because of the fact that we’ve been through so much, we’re going to appreciate every step of being parents. I think we’re going to savor it and cherish it and we’re going to be the best parents we can be.”

― Bill Rancic

“My parents were out of town and sent me to stay at my grandma’s house. That’s where I learned how to make pancakes. I served them to all the old ladies who lived on her block. After the meal, they each left a $5 bill next to their plates. I thought, ‘Hey, I’m onto something here.’”

― Bill Rancic

“One important lesson is this: It is okay to try and fail at something, but it isn’t okay to not try. Parents need to encourage their kids, and it all starts in the home.”

― Bill Rancic

“Raising a family is difficult enough. But it’s even more difficult for single parents struggling to make ends meet. They don’t need more obstacles. They need more opportunities.”

― Bill Richardson

“Both my parents were far smarter than the opportunities they had.”

― Bill Shorten

“I have three older brothers, and each one of them has chosen one of my parents’ education. Two of them are actors, and the third is a doctor as my mother is.”

― Bill Skarsgard

“I went to NYU, and my parents had a rule that I needed to major in something other than acting if I wanted to pursue acting after college.”

― Billie Lourd

“My parents used to take me to the pet department and tell me it was a zoo.”

― Billy Connolly

“My parents were really encouraging. But I had to teach them the proper way you respond to an actor after seeing a play – regardless of whether you like their performance you tell them how great they are because they have to go on again the next night.”

― Billy Crudup

“My parents always looked like they loved being together. That’s what I took from them, and that’s how my wife and I are. I still feel like we’re dating.”

― Billy Crystal

“Losing my parents, who I admired, loved and needed, it took a long time to be able to move on.”

― Billy Crystal

“I do take for granted, probably, the fact that I grew up in New York City, one of the most liberal places on earth, with bleeding-heart, liberal parents who took me to see ‘Rent’ and Terrence McNally plays from a very young age.”

― Billy Eichner

“I was very much an only child who was raised by the television and movies, and I grew up in New York. We weren’t, like, rich people, but we were middle-class people and my parents supported this love I had for entertainment.”

― Billy Eichner

“I would watch the Oscars and every award show with my parents. I would make lists of who was going to win. I’d be doing Oscar predictions months ahead of time, and not only for the Oscars, for the Grammys. This is just what excited me as a kid.”

― Billy Eichner

“When I came out to my parents, I knew that they knew. My father was like, ‘Are you sure?’ I literally said, ‘You took me to see Barbra Streisand at Madison Square Garden.’”

― Billy Eichner

“I came out to my parents when I was a junior in college. And it was pretty fine. They were more concerned with why I wasn’t dating anyone. But now I’m 36, and I still don’t date anyone.”

― Billy Eichner

“I just worship Madonna. As, like, a young gay kid growing up in the ’80s and ’90s… I was at the Blond Ambition tour with my parents vogue-ing up in the mezzanine at the Nassau Coliseum.”

― Billy Eichner

“I was like a fat, sweaty kid growing up in Queens who just was plopped down in front of ‘Entertainment Tonight’ by my parents.”

― Billy Eichner

“I was obsessed with award shows and made charts and graphs and stuff when I was 7 years old. I found the entertainment business hilarious, ridiculous, and alluring – and my parents supported it, for better or worse.”

― Billy Eichner

“A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents will not have true respect for anyone.”

― Billy Graham

“Occasionally I’ve seen children become heavy-handed and insensitive when dealing with their aging parents, and it only caused resentment and hard feelings.”

― Billy Graham

“I think about my own sons and my own daughters, and I’m sure that many parents are concerned about what their children are exposed to.”

― Billy Graham

“My parents aren’t really conformists.”

― Billy Howle

“My hair used to be real long, and my parents were encouraged when I cut it. They thought I was going ‘straight,’ but I was just getting weirder – at least in their eyes. I was getting into the punk thing.”

― Billy Idol

“For missionary entrepreneurs, the dream outcome is to build an ‘Internet treasure’ – a brand that defines a generation, proves that we are better than our parents, and becomes something we couldn’t live without.”

― Bing Gordon

“So many parents these days are totally cool with their kids living on the couch the whole time. It’s like a new thing with families. But you’ve got to leave the nest and get out there.”

― Blake Anderson

“In terms of moments that pushed me toward becoming a writer… My parents, my wife, and my English teacher in the 8th grade were all hugely supportive at moments during my development as a writer that were critical, where I might have quit when things got too hard.”

― Blake Crouch

“I bought my parents a house. Then I bought myself a Rolex. My brother forced me to do it, but I’m glad he did.”

― Blake Griffin

“My parents, I’ve always said, are two of the hardest working people I know.”

― Blake Griffin

“The idea of community and helping others has always been a part of who I am. Growing up, my parents always made sure that my siblings and I were doing our part to serve our local community.”

― Blake Mycoskie

“I commend the parents who are sending their children to a Catholic school, because they’re making a sacrifice, and they’re paying twice for their child’s education: They’re paying the tuition, and they’re paying taxes.”

― Blase J. Cupich

“My family was very musical. My brother is an opera singer; my parents both sang.”

― Blythe Danner

“My parents were the traditional Filipino parents who didn’t talk about money around the dinner table.”

― Bo Sanchez

“As much as I loved the model of St. Francis, I realized that I couldn’t afford to be poor, because unlike St. Francis, I’m not celibate. I was enlightened that God’s call to me was not poverty but generosity and simplicity. And I had to go back to the lesson I learned from my parents: that is, simplicity.”

― Bo Sanchez

“My dad was born in Chicago in 1908… his parents came from Russia. They settled in Chicago, where they lived in a little tiny grocery store with eight or nine children – in the backroom all together – and my grandmother got the idea to go into the movie business.”

― Bob Balaban

“For decades, parents were told by so-called parenting ‘experts’ that offspring would be best raised on the belief each is special and entitled to all life has to offer.”

― Bob Barr

“Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.”

― Bob Beauprez

“My parents were exactly like millions of other Americans who had a fire in their belly to build something of their own, and in so doing they exemplified the dignity of work, the opportunity available in this great nation to those willing to work, and they left the world a bit better than it was when they first showed up.”

― Bob Beauprez

“I think because both of my parents were essentially salespeople, and Italian-Americans, I always seemed to get along with people; I had a knack of finding something to talk about.”

― Bob Colacello

“I was embarrassed when I went and told my parents that I was thinking about running for public office.”

― Bob Corker

“My father kept me busy from dawn to dusk when I was a kid. When I wasn’t pitching hay, hauling corn or running a tractor, I was heaving a baseball into his mitt behind the barn… If all the parents in the country followed his rule, juvenile delinquency would be cut in half in a year’s time.”

― Bob Feller

“The government gets it right on Head Start. We are providing opportunities for children in underserved areas where parents may not be able to afford preschool so they can begin their schooling with a running or Head Start.”

― Bob Filner

“When they asked Jack Benny to do something for the Actor’s Orphanage – he shot both his parents and moved in.”

― Bob Hope

“Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent.”

― Bob Keeshan

“A child needs to be listened to and talked to at 3 and 4 and 5 years of age. Parents should not wait for the sophisticated conversation of a teenager.”

― Bob Keeshan

“Parents will purchase the dot-com name for their baby. We have been aware of some instances where somebody didn’t name their child a particular name because the dot-com wasn’t available.”

― Bob Parsons

“Phil Niekro and his brother were pitching against each other in Atlanta. Their parents were sitting right behind home plate. I saw their folks more that day than they did the whole weekend.”

― Bob Uecker

“I lived on the farm with my parents and grandparents. I had no playmates as a young child, and I was indulged. I helped my grandmother piece quilts, and we made pretty albums, an old-fashioned pastime. We cut poems and pictures out of magazines.”

― Bobbie Ann Mason

“I’m more married to Sandy now than when we were married with the legal document. We’re still married as parents.”

― Bobby Darin

“Grilling outside with my parents at the Jersey shore. We would grill lobster and corn in the summer.”

― Bobby Flay

“My biggest musical influences are probably my parents.”

― Bobby McFerrin

“Part of our responsibility as parents, as adults, is to set examples for children. But we have to like children in order to be really happy fulfilled adults.”

― Bobby McFerrin

“I remember sneaking a look at films like ‘D.C. Cab’ and ‘Doctor Detroit’ when my parents weren’t watching. ‘One Crazy Summer’ with John Cusack was one of my favorites.”

― Bobby Moynihan

“One I built when I was a kid, and it was a real miniature of Disneyland. I fell in love with the park when I went there with my parents on my 12th birthday.”

― Bobby Sherman

“My parents put skates on me at age 2, the way it should be if you’re serious, and I’ve always liked it.”

― Bonnie Blair

“My parents weren’t at all in entertainment, but when I look back, something along the line prepared me and opened me up to entertainment.”

― Bonnie Hammer

“My parents did great and provided well, and gave all their kids personal, moral, ethical values, not a belief that we were entitled to something.”

― Bonnie Hammer

“I was always super, super musical. So my parents recognized that and put me in choirs, piano lessons, and all that.”

― Bonnie McKee

“I was born in Northern California and lived there until I was about eight years old. Then my parents moved me up to Seattle. I lived there from ages eight to 16. When I was a California kid, I remember running around in my bathing suit and barefoot all the time and getting a suntan.”

― Bonnie McKee

“People like hearing songs that sound like something they’ve heard before, that’s reminiscent of their childhood and of what their parents listened to.”

― Bonnie McKee

“I’ve been able to help my family financially since making my first hit record. I bought my parents a house. My husband and I have a property in Portugal and one in Mumbles, Wales, and my family are always coming out to visit us. It has been fantastic to have such a successful career and to have been able to help everyone.”

― Bonnie Tyler

“The best thing about success was being able to buy my parents a house.”

― Bonnie Tyler

“I grew up with both my parents around me at all times, but my kids are not knowing who I am half the time.”

― Boo Weekley

“Most people who are not of color, their parents didn’t need to tell them how to act around police or what to do if they ever got pulled over. Never, not once. We are taught that in the black neighborhoods. I’ve been profiled and pulled over, so it’s not like I don’t know.”

― Booker T

“I thought my parents were always having card parties – and they were – but they were actually also having meetings to organize people. My older sister would be part of youth organizing, and she’d have dance parties. People would be dancing and talking about how to improve their neighborhood.”

― Boots Riley

“Does anyone ask their parents how they are conceived?”

― Boris Becker

“I lost in the second round of the French Open and had 10 days off. I went to the Hard Rock Cafe. It was exciting to be away from my parents, to stay in a hotel. Hotels at 17 meant freedom.”

― Boris Becker

“I had a band when I was in middle school, but I was the drummer. I kind of thought if I was going to be in a band, I’d be the drummer. I’m innately drawn to rhythm. But we didn’t have any shows. We just jammed in our parents’ basement.”

― Borns

“My parents played the Bee Gees; Earth, Wind & Fire; Michael Jackson. The best pop music to infiltrate a child’s mind.”

― Borns

“My parents bought this baby grand piano, which was in my living room, that I owe a lot to. I would just play it and write on it for hours. It was my favorite toy.”

― Borns

“The music scene in Michigan is really folky and bluegrass, but my parents played a lot of disco. They really liked to dance.”

― Borns

“Remember that I was out of the closet at the age of sixteen. My parents knew I was gay; I’d had to tell them.”

― Boy George

“My parents were music lovers and collectors. It was around.”

― Boz Scaggs

“As a first-generation American, my parents expected that I would go on to have pretty tactical higher-education-type jobs – doctor, lawyer, engineer. Those were the three options. My dad was not at all open to the idea that there would not be a higher education in my future.”

― Bozoma Saint John

“I don’t like to look back. I love the next challenge and don’t keep awards. There are a few that are really important, but my parents have most of them.”

― Brad Paisley

“At the end of the day, we get to be parents, greeting our lovely, crazy children and talking about their day, making sure they brush their teeth, so all the tension from our day is tabled… until the next.”

― Brad Pitt

“Congress has a legitimate interest in making sure that a practice that appears to reduce disease and healthcare costs remains available to parents. And, nothing in my bill prohibits statewide law ensuring that male circumcision occurs in a hygienic manner.”

― Brad Sherman

“My parents have been together since 1963, so that’s something.”

― Bradley Cooper

“I spent summers with my mother’s parents in Arkansas, where religion felt very present. My grandmother was Baptist, and my grandfather was Methodist. Double Southern whammy.”

― Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

“I have a 16 year-old son, so I’m now a soccer mom. I stand on the sidelines and I hear the things parents are saying, so I want them to understand what it is their kids are feeling in any sports environment.”

― Brandi Chastain

“My parents and my grandfather on my mom’s side would travel the earth. They went to Australia and China, and they went to probably every soccer game I ever played.”

― Brandi Chastain

“Number one, it was a chance to thank my parents, because they passed away a couple of years ago. They gave me so much by giving me the opportunity to play soccer, and I wanted to share the story we had together.”

― Brandi Chastain

“My parents are wonderful, and I’m really lucky – but my mom has always been almost exclusively a right-brained person.”

― Brandon Boyd

“Actually, I was born in Las Vegas. My parents moved to Utah when I was eight because, after 40 years in Vegas, they were tired of it. We ended up in Nephi, a really small town in Utah.”

― Brandon Flowers

“My parents had a software company making children’s software for the Apple II+, Commodore 64 and Acorn computers. They hired these teenagers to program the software, and these guys were true hackers, trying to get more colors and sound and animation out of those computers.”

― Bre Pettis

“The good thing about my part in ‘Harry Potter’ was that I was pretty well disguised. When I was walking down the street, there was no real recognition factor. Parents would sometimes call their children to come say hello to Mad-Eye, and the kids wouldn’t know what they were looking at.”

― Brendan Gleeson

“My earliest interest in game design came when I was in primary school, and my parents bought a Commodore 128 computer. I taught myself to write programs in BASIC, and then I made my own games.”

― Brendan Myers

“I learned about being positive from my parents. They’re the most positive people I’ve ever known.”

― Brendon Urie

“When I got the ‘Blue Album,’ I was 11 years old, 10 years old, and then I convinced my parents to go and get my first drum kit, which was, like, 600 bucks.”

― Brendon Urie

“When you’re a kid, you always think about your parents, and I still do. I try to lead with the same example that they set.”

― Bret Hart

“Please spare us the self-pity about how tough it is to look for a job while living with your parents.”

― Bret Stephens

“I grew up with parents who liked the old line that they didn’t leave the Democratic Party – the Democratic Party left them.”

― Bret Stephens

“I’ve wanted to be a comedian since I was a kid, and my parents were very supportive of that.”

― Brett Gelman

“When people ask what it’s like to be an only child, I say it depends on who your parents are. I was lucky.”

― Brett Kavanaugh

“I had the best example set by my parents for what a couple can – and, in my opinion, should – be.”

― Brett Young

“I think I realized my parents’ relationship was special when I had my first girlfriend, and she came from a broken marriage. I watched how much closeness there was between her and her mom, and also how much bickering.”

― Brett Young

“I’m really a product of an excellent school system and supportive parents. My high school band director gave me recordings of Louis Armstrong, Kenny Ball, and contemporaries like Nicholas Payton.”

― Bria Skonberg

“My parents love each other. They work through their problems.”

― Brian Austin Green

“My parents were so proud when I got a scholarship to go to theatre school – it was unheard of that a coal-miner’s son should go to drama school.”

― Brian Blessed

“I was raised by my mom. My dad was always traveling, but she allowed me and encouraged me to be close to my dad. So I grew up with three parents: my mom, my dad and my stepmom. Ninety percent of the time I was with my mom, and 10 percent was with my dad.”

― Brian J. White

“My parents grew up during the space race, and I think they imagined the future would be us living on moon bases and everyone has rocket shoes.”

― Brian K. Vaughan

“My parents are Irish, my grandparents are Irish, my great-grandparents are Irish. I was born in England; my blood is Irish.”

― Brian McDermott

“I have my parents to keep me in check, a team that loves me, and I have the ability to go out there, dream, and chase it.”

― Brian Ortega

“You know how it is: you’re a kid, and you see your parents do something, you tend not to want to follow that and do your own thing.”

― Brian Ortega

“When my parents got divorced, I wanted to spend my time laying in the garage listening to the washer and dryer. Loud, immersive, changing. It was music to me.”

― Brian Reitzell

“The orphan in children’s literature allows the child protagonist to move the story forward themselves. I think that, however happy a family, every intelligent child thinks: ‘How did I come to be born to these parents?’ – it is about finding your place in the world.”

― Brian Selznick

“I’m one of the few lucky actors in the world. I’ve never waited tables. I never pumped gas. I’ve always earned a living. I never had to borrow from my parents. I was the first in our family to own a new car.”

― Brian Stokes Mitchell

“When I was 6 years old, I asked my parents for an organ. I don’t have any idea why I wanted an organ.”

― Brian Stokes Mitchell

“Despite the efforts of some parents, children still tend to act out the traditional sex roles of our culture. The child’s peer group may have more of an influence over this than the parents.”

― Brian Sutton-Smith

“I learned everything I know about music from my parents and my sisters.”

― Brian Tyree Henry

“If you are conscious and really want change in this world, and you don’t vote, then what was all the fighting for? All the things our parents and our parents’ parents fought for?”

― Brian Tyree Henry

“In my household growing up in Fayetteville, N.C., music was the great communicator between my parents and me.”

― Brian Tyree Henry

“My mom loved road trips, and sometimes we’d drive down to North Carolina. Though my parents were separated, she wanted me to stay connected with my dad.”

― Brian Tyree Henry

“I can be pretty nasty. Not ‘mean’ nasty, but nasty by your parents’ standards. But not by my parents’ standards, because my parents were nasty for their day.”

― Bridget Fonda

“My son has two loving parents and an extended family, whether it’s cousins or stepmothers or boyfriends. My son is surrounded by love.”

― Bridget Moynahan

“We had to give each other permission to be different as parents. That’s why there’s a mom and a dad with two different approaches, because you do need both.”

― Bridgette Wilson

“Sometimes I laugh with my parents, and sometimes I yell at them, and both are therapeutic.”

― Brie Larson

“I was nervous to even talk to other kids in my class. I would hide in my room when my parents had people over.”

― Brie Larson

“We have home videos that are really great tape on my parents being hysterical. So I think I always knew that my parents were funny, so I think that I always felt comfortable using comedy in my real life.”

― Briga Heelan

“My father was the president of the Hearst Corporation, and my parents were close friends of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and they all had pugs.”

― Brigid Berlin

“I learned from my parents the idea that, if you are devoted enough and you want to study something enough, you can really teach yourself anything.”

― Brit Marling

“I guess it’s because I do have a younger audience that, you know, parents worry about the role model thing. But when I was younger, I looked up to people, but I never wanted to be them. I always had my own identity. I’m an entertainer when I’m on stage, and they need to explain that to their kids. That’s not my job to do that.”

― Britney Spears

“I’d always listened to my parents’ Bee Gees albums.”

― Britt Daniel

“I would teach U.K. parents how to stop their children throwing litter. London is a beautiful city but its streets are disgusting.”

― Britt Ekland

“I grew up doing all that stuff because I was obsessed with the ’50s. I had sock hops for birthday parties. So I’ve always done The Twist and stuff. It was pretty natural and, with my parents doing it all the time, I’d just copy them. Not very pretty.”

― Brittany Snow

“A misperception about anorexia is that you don’t eat. Not true. Maybe you eat just 500 calories a day. It would be easy for me to say, ‘Why didn’t my parents notice?’ But I didn’t want them to. I made sure to eat half a sandwich around my parents.”

― Brittany Snow

“One of my earliest memories is seeing the bright blue, Epic 45 of Jackie Wilson singing ‘Higher and Higher,’ and I’d say, ‘That one!’ and my parents would play it every Sunday afternoon and we’d all get up and leap around the house.”

― Bronagh Gallagher

“I think, for the benefit of our parents, the perfect night out would be when Cate and I touch the wall and we tie. This is what they dream – that we’ll both win. Because then they don’t have to pick a favourite child.”

― Bronte Campbell

“My drive comes from my parents and from Westminster.”

― Brooke Baldwin

“I started off singing when I was little. My parents have said I was singing at 3 years old. So I think it was just something I probably came into this world wanting to do and knowing I was going to do.”

― Brooke Elliott

“I had never confronted my parents with the true feelings I had for them, and I had certainly never expressed the depth of my feeling for my mother, being too selfish to try when I should have.”

― Brooke Hayward

“My parents were very unusual people, but it was more valuable to have other people say that than me.”

― Brooke Hayward

“I would have thought that I would have become one of those parents – just because it’s my nature to be such a perfectionist – that anything falling short, I would have seen as a failure. But something has happened to me over the past few years – it’s not Zen, believe me, I’m not at all Zen – but I’m so appreciative of even the chaos.”

― Brooke Shields

“My parents are strict, but the most important thing they have taught me is to be humble and kind and to always treat others as I would like to be treated myself.”

― Brooklyn Beckham

“I felt very humble when my parents took me to meet Stephen Hawking.”

― Brooklyn Beckham

“My parents had us very young. We lived in a modest house. We built forts, we hiked, we went camping and they wanted us to be independent. It’s how children grew up in the 1940s and 50s: outside all the time, playing in the dirt, riding your bike around.”

― Brooklyn Decker

“With my first pay cheque I sent my parents to Jamaica, so they actually got passports! They’re pretty grounded; it wasn’t until they saw the trailer for ‘Battleship’ that they were like, ‘Ooh, this is a big movie, isn’t it?’”

― Brooklyn Decker

“No, I never – no one ever – I never learned anything when I was a kid. Honestly, my parents had nothing to tell me – like, no wisdom, nothing.”

― Bruce Eric Kaplan

“There was never any butter in our home. Just margarine. My parents acted like butter was lethal. I don’t think I ever saw either one have a piece of butter. I would go over to friends’ houses and down sticks of butter.”

― Bruce Eric Kaplan

“Let your kids pick their punishments. Our instinct as parents is to order our kids around. It’s easier, and we’re usually right! But it rarely works.”

― Bruce Feiler

“I’ve always been a family entertainer. Every show I have done has been suitable for any age – parents never need to worry that, if they pop out of the room, I’ll say anything untoward.”

― Bruce Forsyth

“My parents did an excellent job of bringing me up with values.”

― Bruce Smith

“I never remember my parents having an argument.”

― Brunello Cucinelli

“My parents wanted me to work in a bank or as an accountant.”

― Bruno Tonioli

“My parents were really nice to me.”

― Bryan Callen

“My parents lived in a poor rural community on the Eastern Shore, and schools were still segregated. And I remember when lawyers came into our community to open up the public schools to black kids.”

― Bryan Stevenson

“Most parents have long understood that kids don’t have the judgment, the maturity, the impulse control and insight necessary to make complicated lifelong decisions.”

― Bryan Stevenson

“I borrowed a lot of money from my parents in the years leading up to the 2000 Olympics, and I worked odd jobs.”

― Bryan Volpenhein

“Both of my parents were musicians.”

― Bryan White

“I feel like I almost didn’t grow up in the business, because my parents worked so hard at sheltering us from that. I was raised in Connecticut. And I honestly wasn’t aware that my dad was a celebrity until I moved to Los Angeles a year ago.”

― Bryce Dallas Howard

“When I was coming of age, I remembered reading and studying the initial ideas within the feminist movement. There was this idea with my parents’ generation that in order to find equality, a woman would need to behave like a man.”

― Bryce Dallas Howard

“My parents would never throw the kids in first class for the flights; they’d be up front, and we’d be economy – we knew we were lucky just to be travelling.”

― Bryce Dallas Howard

“Ours was a loving, nurturing household, but, at the same time, my parents’ goal was to make all their children self-sufficient.”

― Bryce Dallas Howard

“I’m obsessed with my parents.”

― Bryce Dallas Howard

“I’m very conventional compared to my parents.”

― Bryce Dallas Howard

“When I was seven, I was allowed to be an extra in ‘Parenthood,’ which was amazing. But then I kind of got addicted to it, and my parents didn’t want me to want to act. They felt that would be putting your kid in an adult world.”

― Bryce Dallas Howard

“My parents have been together since they were 16 years old.”

― Bryce Dallas Howard

“I’m in the middle of my own ‘Project Runway’ challenge given to me by my daughter’s preschool. All the parents have to make an outfit for their kids, for school pictures, made entirely out of recycled objects. I can not believe I have homework.”

― Busy Philipps

“As parents, you want to try to mitigate your children’s pain.”

― Busy Philipps

“Kids, help your parents if they don’t know how to use a smartphone.”

― Buzz Aldrin

“There are many stressed single parents who may be working two jobs in order to keep the family together.”

― C. Everett Koop

“One of the things we want to do is find ways, first, to impress these parents how important it is to have children in a situation where they can respond to them and, second, to bring intergenerational relationships into play.”

― C. Everett Koop

“The thing that reinforces my belief about that is having worked the last four years with the Safe Kids Campaign on a national basis. I am so amazed at what these little kids do in keeping their parents alerted to what they are there for.”

― C. Everett Koop

“There have been some good studies done in California with Hispanic parents where in the course of a year, they have changed their entire nutritional intake for the better. The kid becomes, in a sense, the bridge between the educational process and the home.”

― C. Everett Koop

“I grew up watching my parents work in the fields. That’s where I get my work ethic from, because I saw them work hard my whole life.”

― Cain Velasquez

“Both my parents came into the United States from Mexico.”

― Cain Velasquez

“I used to teach at a private school, and the parents thought I loved their children. I did not love their children! I liked them well enough, but I was always delighted to see them go off for summer vacation.”

― Caitlin Flanagan

“My parents managed a summer camp, and it was vacant for about seven or eight months out of the year. It was in the middle of nowhere in the woods. We backed up to a state forest. So absolutely, there were creepy woods all around the house. It was easy to get lost. It was really spooky.”

― Caitlin Kittredge

“My parents were hippies. I’m the eldest of eight children.”

― Caitlin Moran

“I started making music for fun, but I had two parents who were very much in the business. I didn’t run around trying to get the spotlight. I was very shy. I never sang in front of people ’til I was about 17 years old.”

― Caitlin Rose

“I’m close with my parents. I have a lot of acquaintances, but my very good close friends are few I can count my very good friends on one hand. And that’s how I like it to be.”

― Calista Flockhart

“Both my parents are Scottish, and although I grew up in Canada after moving over, all of my family are proud to be Scots.”

― Callum Keith Rennie

“Because when I go places and I talk to kids and I talk to parents and I talk to athletes all over, and they look at my story and they see a person, African-American or not, they see something that they can relate to.”

― Cam Newton

“My parents were the good parents that said, ‘You should try and get a good job and go to college and get an education.’”

― Cam

“I’m a war baby: I was brought up with rationing, and my parents always had to struggle. I remember when I was sent to boarding school – Prior Park College in Bath – my father was asked how he was going to pay the fees, and he replied: ‘In arrears.’”

― Cameron Mackintosh

“We certainly grew up and had opportunities. But it’s not like our parents are aristocratic blue bloods.”

― Cameron Winklevoss

“I was never the girl that grew up saying I want to get married. I actually told my parents to not expect me to get married.”

― Camila Alves

“My sister would write plays, and I would act in them and perform them for my parents. They were on the comedy side, very much inspired by ‘The Amanda Show.’”

― Camila Mendes

“I’m a Brazilian – full blood, parents born and raised, and I lived there for a little bit – but I didn’t grow up there.”

― Camila Mendes

“Sir Rodin convinced my parents to have me committed; they are all in Paris to arrange it.”

― Camille Claudel

“Sometimes, in the midst of a tragedy like the Newton massacre, we witness incredible acts of valor, tenderness, grace, and decency. We saw it from Sandy Hook Elementary School’s teachers, students, and parents, as well as from their community and country. The outpouring of sympathy and help has been touching and, at times, inspiring.”

― Campbell Brown

“Parents should be allowed to choose which cable or satellite channels – sources of the most extreme content – come into their homes.”

― Campbell Brown

“More and more parents and voters have rejected the teachers’ union antiquated, top down, one-size-fits-all approach to education and continue to elect candidates who embrace reform that celebrates students and empowers parents.”

― Campbell Brown

“My cousin in Louisiana started a small company with a little savings, renovating houses. A single mom, she saved enough to buy a home and provide child care for her son. When the economy went belly up, so did her company. She was forced to sell her home and move in with her parents.”

― Campbell Brown

“When you’re young, you don’t care about your parents and what they’re doing. But then you get to your 20s, and you start watching their movies. And then you become an actor, as I did late in college, and then you’re really watching them. And they were really very good.”

― Campbell Scott

“Parents know how to push your buttons because, hey, they sewed them on.”

― Camryn Manheim

“Both of my parents are professors and everyone in my family has some fabulous degree of something or another and I couldn’t get into college because I didn’t know a language.”

― Camryn Manheim

“My parents have always been offended by my weight, embarrassed maybe. It didn’t fit with their sensibilities.”

― Camryn Manheim

“Not that we didn’t have close relationships with our parents – I’m very close to my mom – but parents didn’t think anything of going off for a few weeks and leaving their kids.”

― Candice Bergen

“With the Lincoln assassination, the South didn’t feel it could mourn along with the North. But Garfield was beloved by all the American people. He was trusted and respected by North and South, by freed slaves and former slave owners. Also by pioneers, which his parents had been, and by immigrants.”

― Candice Millard

“Ask any teenage girl to describe her perfect bedroom, and you’ll get answers like ‘a room with a private phone line, a place to hang out with friends, and for it to be way-cool and funky.’ Ask parents the same question, and ‘a locked door that opens on their 21st birthday’ might top the list!”

― Candice Olson

“I know it can be difficult for parents, but I really do believe that kids need to play the predominant role in the choices that go into their own space.”

― Candice Olson

“I didn’t have an acting job when I moved to L.A. I was just naive enough to think that moving to L.A. was the next step after college. My parents were really supportive.”

― Candice Patton

“I was never once told to consider anything but my dreams. It’s probably one of the greatest gifts my parents gave me, because it never occurred to me to do something other than what I loved.”

― Candice Patton

“My parents have always advocated doing what I love to do.”

― Candice Patton

“My parents, Gary and Patricia, let me be in my world. They never told me what I couldn’t do. It helped me adapt in a positive way.”

― Candis Cayne

“When I told my parents that I was starting my transition, my Dad said, ‘Well that makes so much more sense ’cause I never saw you any other way and now it totally works.’”

― Candis Cayne

“My parents were both entrepreneurs.”

― Caprice Bourret

“I needed to purge myself of all the attention my parents had given me – I wasn’t neglected enough as a child.”

― Captain Beefheart

“I have real good parents. They poor. They have regular, poor jobs and what not. They real good people and what not; I was just raised in a bad society.”

― Cardi B

“I had very strict parents, I could never go outside or go to parties.”

― Cardi B

“Slow parents understand that childrearing should not be a cross between a competitive sport and product-development. It is not a project; it’s a journey. Slow parenting is about giving kids lots of love and attention with no conditions attached.”

― Carl Honore

“My parents were not professionals. They were products of the Depression.”

― Carl Kasell

“Three thousand people died at ground zero. Their families are entitled to a little bit of respect, to respect the memory of those poor people that died there. And how about the families of all those soldiers that died in the two ensuing wars? Aren’t they entitled to a little bit of respect – the kids, the wives, the parents?”

― Carl Paladino

“My parents loved comedies, so we saw Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, the Ritz Brothers, and the Marx Brothers. I wanted to be one of them.”

― Carl Reiner

“I support parents making the best decisions for their kids’ education.”

― Carlos Lopez-Cantera

“No government is ever going to get it perfect. The job of policymakers is to continue seeking perfection and making it better and constantly reassessing to ensure that the students and the parents are getting the most out of the education system.”

― Carlos Lopez-Cantera

“I grew up being very patriotic. My parents really love this country. A big part of what they love is freedom of speech… I’m fearless because aren’t we supposed to be able to speak our mind?”

― Carlos Mencia

“My parents weren’t artistic, but I was always surrounded by beautiful things. And Mexico is a country which has experienced thousands of years of art and culture.”

― Carlos Slim

“My parents sent me from Venezuela to the Convent of Our Lady, a boarding school in Hastings, which was horrible – like Harry Potter without the magic. Sometimes we went into town, and if we were caught chewing gum in our uniform, members of the public would take down our names and report us to the school.”

― Carmen Busquets

“I’ve lived with someone and probably will again, but I don’t want children and I have known that since I was little. My parents thought I would change my mind. My boyfriends always think I’m going to change my mind, but it never happened. I fall in love with my businesses.”

― Carmen Busquets

“It’s hard for some parents to give their children compliments.”

― Carmen Cusack

“I don’t think Estonians ever really hated Russians. It was more, ‘Leave us alone.’ We can’t change what is past. We can’t blame them for what their parents have done. We never hated them. They didn’t destroy us that bad.”

― Carmen Kass

“I could live on fresh bread. My parents, who are Polish, have brought us up on varieties of bread from European bakeries, and I love rye, caraway seed, dark rye… throw in some butter and cheese, and I’m set.”

― Carmen Marton

“My childhood was rough, we were poor and my parents were alcoholics, but nobody was mean. I knew I was loved. We were on welfare, but I never felt abandoned or unloved.”

― Carol Burnett

“I think if we are actually going to accept our generation’s responsibility, that’s going to mean that we give our children no less retirement security than we inherited from our parents.”

― Carol Moseley Braun

“We’re finding that many parents endorse a growth mindset, but they still respond to their children’s errors, setbacks or failures as though they’re damaging and harmful. If they show anxiety or overconcern, those kids are going toward a more fixed mindset.”

― Carol S. Dweck

“Our message to parents is to focus on the process the child engages in, such as trying hard or focusing on the task – what specific things they’re doing rather than, ‘You’re so smart. You’re so good at this.’ Although it’s never too late to change, what you do early matters.”

― Carol S. Dweck

“My father worked in high-energy nuclear physics, and my mother was a mycologist and a geneticist. After both parents completed postdoctoral fellowships in San Diego in 1962, my father took a faculty position in the Physics Department at Yale, and so the family moved to New Haven, Connecticut.”

― Carol W. Greider

“My parents always told me I could be anything I wanted to be.”

― Carole King

“I approach serious subjects, and I like to have the good guys win and have the parents among the good guys.”

― Caroline B. Cooney

“I love all of it, thinking up the plots, getting to know the kids in the story, their parents, backyards, pizza toppings.”

― Caroline B. Cooney

“I believe my readers are crazy about their parents and want to be just like them when they grow up.”

― Caroline B. Cooney

“Our parents were musicians.”

― Caroline Corr

“People don’t always realize that my parents shared a sense of intellectual curiosity and a love of reading and of history.”

― Caroline Kennedy

“I feel like my grandparents and parents gave me a tremendous amount. And if I can pass some of that on, then I’ll be very happy.”

― Caroline Kennedy

“Academic achievement was something I’d always sought as a form of reward. Good grades pleased my parents, good grades pleased my teachers; you got them in order to sew up approval.”

― Caroline Knapp

“One day my dad would say, ‘OK, if you want to play tennis I can help you out.’ And that’s how it started. And I had a goal. I wanted to beat my mom first. And my parents and my brother. And that was the ultimate goal.”

― Caroline Wozniacki

“I have a very close relationship with my parents.”

― Caroline Wozniacki

“My parents just always taught me to be reasonable.”

― Caroline Wozniacki

“My parents paid me small amounts for cleaning my room or cleaning the dishes and stuff, but I never really had a real job before I started on my professional tennis career.”

― Caroline Wozniacki

“My parents made choices that would put me in environments where I would feel comfortable. And I’m really appreciative of that. They made sure we had some Latinos in our lives, even though there were none near the area I grew up in.”

― Carolyn Aronson

“My parents were both from the East and had moved to San Francisco only so my father could go to law school there.”

― Carre Otis

“Though my parents assured me over and over again that I wasn’t stupid or slow, I sensed that my dyslexia was now a stigma on all of us.”

― Carre Otis

“Parents always stay older than you, but sibling sort of become adults together, and that complicates that relationship, I think.”

― Carrie Coon

“I have my three brothers, and then I have my adopted sister from El Salvador, who is actually the oldest. My brother and I were already born, and then my parents adopted my sister from El Salvador during the war and had two more kids.”

― Carrie Coon

“I have this idea of myself as this quiet, observant, thoughtful child, which my parents roundly contradict. They claim that I was loud and bossy and dancing all the time.”

― Carrie Coon

“I didn’t grow up knowing actors’ names, and my parents weren’t theater people.”

― Carrie Coon

“In the Fifties, my parents were known as ‘America’s sweethearts’. Their pictures graced the covers of all the newspapers. They were the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston of their day.”

― Carrie Fisher

“My parents had this incredibly vital relationship with an audience, like muscle with blood. This was the main competition I had for my parents’ attention: an audience.”

― Carrie Fisher

“I watched my parents’ fame diminish – as I was getting more conscious, their celebrity was going back down the mountain.”

― Carrie Fisher

“Even my parents sort of went along with the assumption that they were a good couple, but they probably weren’t a very good couple.”

― Carrie Fisher

“I will comprehensively review the education system with my team to create a stable, caring, and inspiring environment for students, parents, teachers, and principals.”

― Carrie Lam

“But my husband came from a small town and hardworking parents like I did, and I don’t think we’ve lost that mind-set. We don’t have a bowling alley in our basement. We don’t have houses on the beach and one in New York and one in L.A.”

― Carrie Underwood

“When I’m with my parents, that’s the place I can unplug. That’s the place I can shut down and not worry about work or what’s going on. I go home and hang out with them. I sleep more there than any place else ever.”

― Carrie Underwood

“My parents are both huge science-fiction and fantasy fans – I was fed it.”

― Carrie Vaughn

“It blows me away that my parents, they really weren’t much into theater, but they recognized that in me. When I think about the things they did to support that, I’m blown away.”

― Casey Nicholaw

“My parents are both super funny, and I always knew I wanted to be on ‘SNL.’ My mom and I would watch it a lot.”

― Casey Wilson

“Both my parents were working in politics when I was growing up, so going on stage was not that great a leap.”

― Casey Wilson

“Trump is more performance artist than zealot. But he’s finding enemies everywhere, whether they are judges of Mexican ancestry, parents of those killed in war, the current president, or children of immigrants. Whether or not he has a sense of decency, he is in grave danger of losing it.”

― Cass Sunstein

“Growing up, my parents loved Bon Jovi and Boston and Rush and all that, but it wasn’t really connecting with me. I was still in my boy-band phase – Backstreet Boys for life!”

― Cassadee Pope

“You have to be really, really confident in your decision to marry somebody. I don’t think my parents were stupid, but I do think maybe it was rushed. But if they hadn’t gotten married, my sister and I wouldn’t be here. I think everything happens for a reason.”

― Cassadee Pope

“I would never say I think divorce is wrong. After seeing what my parents went through, I would never want them to stay together just because they think it’s the right thing to do.”

― Cassadee Pope

“Empowering girls is extremely important to me because, growing up, I needed those empowering women to show me the way. When my parents divorced when I was 11, my mom was a force to be reckoned with. She showed me how to be self-sufficient and independent.”

― Cassadee Pope

“My parents are civil, but they don’t keep in touch or hang out or anything. If they’re in the same room together and are around each other, they’re totally fine and act like adults.”

― Cassadee Pope

“You have to be really, really confident in your decision to marry somebody. I don’t think my parents were stupid, but I do think maybe it was rushed. But if they hadn’t gotten married, my sister and I wouldn’t be here. I think everything happens for a reason. I’ve always believed that.”

― Cassadee Pope

“Whatever I do in life, my parents always taught me to focus on that, and they never let me quit.”

― Cassie Scerbo

“I’m from Connecticut. My Mom is an army brat, and my Dad is a navy brat. My childhood was fun. My parents are still together. My childhood was pretty carefree.”

― Cassie Ventura

“If your parents gave you fire to play with when you were two, you’d be standing in fire by the time you were an adult.”

― Cat Power

“Good parents, who are able to maintain the affection and respect of their children and whose offspring admire them and value their good opinion, can be reasonably certain that their values and ways of socialized behaving will be adopted by the next generation.”

― Caterina Fake

“The children of less effective, less competent parents will be more likely to adopt the customs and values of the peer group.”

― Caterina Fake

“I joined a meetup group called Bay Area Parents for a Commercial-Free Childhood, which I had searched for, as I was going to start a group like it myself.”

― Caterina Fake

“I loved thinking about how the law could be used to help others, how to interpret it that way. I think that probably comes from growing up in a family where my parents were actively involved in the community.”

― Catherine Cortez-Masto

“I like all music… My parents both just loved music from all genres. I don’t have a favorite; I just love music. That’s why I want to play the piano.”

― Catherine Cortez-Masto

“No doubt, my parents were hardworking, you know, middle class. My father, when my sister and I were younger, he was a parking attendant at the old Dunes Hotel and Casino. My mother was a bookkeeper in a title company.”

― Catherine Cortez-Masto

“My parents were part of the Christian Family Movement, where we would have Masses said in our home and rotate with other families. I recall priests coming to our home and saying Mass in our living room. Catholicism was really woven through so much.”

― Catherine Hicks

“I lived in L.A. for a few months. It seemed like no one there had parents. Or if they did have parents, they would deny it.”

― Catherine O’Hara

“Parents do not know what their kids are doing.”

― Catherine Oxenberg

“Humans are incredibly selfish. And in parents, flaws become hyper focused.”

― Catherine Reitman

“I can’t deny that I’ve had a privileged upbringing. I’ve been really fortunate regarding how I entered this world, not just financially, but in that I have really great parents who show me a lot of love.”

― Catherine Reitman

“All parents believe their children can do the impossible. They thought it the minute we were born, and no matter how hard we’ve tried to prove them wrong, they all think it about us now. And the really annoying thing is, they’re probably right.”

― Cathy Guisewite

“Seeing the show is like a visit to the fountain of youth for parents and the children.”

― Cathy Rigby

“I was always very active as a kid. I would climb on roofs and jump off using my parents’ bed sheet, hoping it would open like a parachute. I was always getting hurt, breaking a leg, you know, bruising, cracking my head open.”

― Cathy Rigby

“I would climb on roofs and jump off using my parents’ bed sheet, hoping it would open like a parachute. I was always getting hurt, breaking a leg, you know, bruising, cracking my head open.”

― Cathy Rigby

“Many working mothers feel guilty about not being at home. And when they are there, they wish it could be perfect. This pressure to make every minute happy puts working parents in a bind when it comes to setting limits and modifying behavior.”

― Cathy Rindner Tempelsman

“I was born in Cairns, Queensland. Then my parents and I moved to Sydney. We moved to New Wales. We moved around Australia. I was just really close to my parents, and actually, we moved around a lot when I was very young. I think it played a big part in making me the shy teenager that I was.”

― Catriona Gray

“I don’t have the habit of asking money from my parents.”

― Catriona Gray

“I’m an only child, and I’m very, very close with my parents, who actually live in Australia.”

― Catriona Gray

“I love my parents so much. My day or night is not complete without talking to them – on Skype.”

― Catriona Gray

“My parents are a big help, and they’re always making sure I have a normal life and my life isn’t all just about acting and stuff.”

― Cayden Boyd

“My parents are really funny. Laughter was a big part of my childhood. Of course, they tell a lot of bad jokes – but so do I. I tell a lot of bad jokes.”

― Cecily Strong

“When I meet other parents and they’re more ‘mumsy’ than I am – you know, I don’t want to be ‘mumsy,’ but I’m like, ‘Were you always like that or… what happened?’”

― Cecily von Ziegesar

“My parents came to America in the late 1960s because my father studied for a Ph.D. in Indiana. My mother joined him later. We had ancestors who came over at the turn of the century. One worked in a laundry, as is typical of Chinese-American immigrants.”

― Celeste Ng

“My parents did give me a lot of books – biographies of Marie Curie – and I did read them, because I was interested.”

― Celeste Ng

“My parents used books as bribes: if I got straight A’s on my report card, they would buy me one book. This was completely unnecessary, as I always got A’s, and they bought me books all the time anyway, and we all knew it.”

― Celeste Ng

“Now that I have a child of my own, I’m in awe of – and deeply grateful for – the time my parents spent in taking me to bookstores.”

― Celeste Ng

“My husband’s parents were both English teachers for decades.”

― Celeste Ng

“My parents are both Belgian-born, and so am I, actually.”

― Celine Buckens

“My parents are both Belgian-born, and so am I, actually. I’m bilingual, so I had experience with French.”

― Celine Buckens

“We need to help students and parents cherish and preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengthens this community – and this nation.”

― Cesar Chavez

“We moved to the city when I was 7, and the lack of exercise made me frustrated. I started fighting with my sisters, and my parents put me in judo as an outlet. I became very competitive and won a lot of medals.”

― Cesar Millan

“To my parents, writing seemed precarious and not the best idea.”

― Chad Harbach

“My parents work long, long shifts during the week and even on the weekend.”

― Chad Kelly

“You never know what your parents are going to say when you tell them you’re getting married – especially when it’s with someone they haven’t met yet.”

― Chad Kroeger

“Both of my parents graduated from high school, both attended college, both have government jobs now. They’ve always been very adamant about me finishing high school and finishing college.”

― Chance The Rapper

“My parents are super cheap.”

― Chance The Rapper

“My parents always wanted me to go to college.”

― Chance The Rapper

“Thankfully I have an ecosystem of in-laws, parents and husband, who are my rocks.”

― Chanda Kochhar

“What I was told by my parents was that, you know, take this inhibition out whether you’re a girl or a boy. Basically, pursue your dream, and as long as you’re a capable and hardworking human being, you will be able to follow and fulfill your dream.”

― Chanda Kochhar

“What my parents believed was that, you know, the best wealth they could give to us children was to educate us and, you know – give us that foundation.”

― Chanda Kochhar

“Our parents treated all three of us – two sisters and a brother – equally. When it came to education, or our future plans, there was no discrimination between us based on our gender.”

― Chanda Kochhar

“When I was five years old, I told my parents that I wanted to take ballet. So, ballet was the focus of my life… until puberty. Then I discovered boys and started dating a guy with a mohawk who’d come to my ballet class and freak everybody out. Shortly after that is when I quit.”

― Chandra West

“My parents – my mother, particularly – were very focused on our succeeding. I loved my parents, and was very grateful to them for everything, and I didn’t want to disappoint them.”

― Chang-Rae Lee

“I think my parents recognised that I’d always wanted to be a writer, and so they didn’t think that this was some idle, faddish wish on my part.”

― Chang-Rae Lee

“My parents couldn’t handle my energy so they enrolled me in every sport the school was offering. I didn’t resent it because I loved sports and picked them up easily.”

― Channing Tatum

“My mother arrived in Brussels in 1938 from a small town near Krakow. But strangely enough, in 1942 or 1943, she was taken back to Auschwitz, which was just 30 miles from where she grew up. Her parents died there and a lot of her family.”

― Chantal Akerman

“I’m not paid to be a role model, parents should be role models.”

― Charles Barkley

“Many foster children have had difficulty making the transition to independent living. Several are homeless, become single parents, commit crimes, or live in poverty. They are also frequent targets of crime.”

― Charles Bass

“It wasn’t a leap for me to go from not wanting to be in my body as a teenager, not wanting to be in my house, to thinking, ‘What would happen if I had disappeared?’ And then going from writing scenes of angry kids to thinking a little more about the parents and what their lives would be like.”

― Charles Bock

“My parents have a pawnshop in Downtown Las Vegas for quite awhile. I grew up seeing people come in and want – need – money so they could go and gamble again or so they could pay their bills or whatever reason, and try and sell items that were of value to them.”

― Charles Bock

“My grandfather was a pawnbroker, and when I was in first or second grade, my parents opened their own store. I probably learned to count by putting pawn tickets in numerical order in the back room of the shop.”

― Charles Bock

“All parents remember the moment when they first held their children – the tiny crumpled face, an entire new person, emerging from the hospital blanket.”

― Charles C. Mann

“Like other parents, I want my children to be comfortable in their adult lives.”

― Charles C. Mann

“The problem with children is that you have to put up with their parents.”

― Charles de Lint

“I know from my own parents how important active older people are to a local community.”

― Charles Kennedy

“My parents encouraged me in everything I ever wanted to do.”

― Charles Kuralt

“I was born in the summer of 1970, the last of five boys stretched over eight years. My parents were a struggling young couple who had been married one afternoon under a shade tree by a preacher without a church. No guests or fancy dress, just the two of them, lost in love, and the preacher taking a break from working on a house.”

― Charles M. Blow

“That children shall be compelled to receive religious instruction which is in antagonism to the wishes of their parents, is what no man with say sense of justice would suggest.”

― Charles Tupper

“I’m lucky I have really cool parents.”

― Charli XCX

“When I was younger, I was a rave kid trapped inside a singer/songwriter’s body. But I kind of figured my way out because I started making these really terrible beats on this Yamaha keyboard that my parents got me for my 10th birthday.”

― Charli XCX

“Short of finding a place on the witness protection programme, you don’t get many opportunities to completely reinvent your life. Going to university changes that. Away from home, away from parents, away from anyone who remembers you from school, you can pretend to be far cooler and more experienced than you are.”

― Charlie Brooker

“My parents are more likely to know who Franz Liszt is than Snooki.”

― Charlie Day

“Both of my parents are actually music teachers.”

― Charlie Day

“There are days when I still wake up angry, and no one handles it perfectly all the time, but honestly, I feel lucky to have diabetes because of the people I get to meet. The families, the kids, the parents, the other athletes. If I could pick a club to be in, this would definitely be it.”

― Charlie Kimball

“My parents are in the business – they’re actors – so I kind of grew up on a film set, which was a funny place to grow up.”

― Charlie McDowell

“Gradually, football has seen its appeal slip at the most basic levels. Pediatricians are advising parents not to let young children play organized football too early in life.”

― Charlie Pierce

“I think everyone has experienced the realization about their parents in some way. I most certainly have. That doesn’t mean you don’t love your parents or mean you aren’t going to be loyal to them. But, you are both human beings who have different opinions.”

― Charlie Plummer

“In my time, I’ve gotten the chance to play a few different people who are younger and have been rejected by their parents, and I think a lot of times that results in them really seeking help, even subconsciously doing so.”

― Charlie Plummer

“When I was growing up my parents never thought I would be an actor.”

― Charlie Plummer

“I think probably everyone can relate to wanting to believe that your parents are one thing, and having to come to the realization that they might not be.”

― Charlie Plummer

“My parents were in the theater so I was always somewhat surrounded by it.”

― Charlie Plummer

“There’s a lot of ways someone can grow up, but one way is discovering your parents are not all they say they are.”

― Charlie Plummer

“My parents had a great work ethic.”

― Charlie Rose

“My parents couldn’t be looser. It was the ultimate laissez faire upbringing.”

― Charlie Trotter

“I have never been particularly picky when it comes to what I’m putting in my hair. Most of it is just the genes I’m so fortunate to have inherited from my parents.”

― Charlie White

“My parents don’t have a lot of money, and it was only when my mum’s mum died that we could buy Fernandez, my first grand prix horse.”

― Charlotte Dujardin

“I didn’t want to hurt my parents’ feelings about how hard certain things were in my 20s, how hard it was when my dad left my senior year before I went to college.”

― Charlotte Flair

“I know, some kids, their parents have nothing in common and don’t ever talk. I can call my dad at 3 o’clock in the morning, and I know he is going to answer.”

― Charlotte Flair

“There were always questions about my parents; I got so fed up with that.”

― Charlotte Gainsbourg

“Both my parents are actors, and I saw them struggle with work, waiting for phone calls.”

― Charlotte Le Bon

“Parents must lay down ground rules for their children to help them to grow up and to learn responsibility for their actions. They must learn to stand on their own two feet.”

― Charlotte Rae

“I always thought of myself as inadequate. Kids of divorced parents always feel that way – that, on some subconscious level, they’re responsible.”

― Charlton Heston

“A lot of parents never speak to their transgender kids again; that’s not the case in my family.”

― Chaz Bono

“Parents have to understand: if your kid isn’t you, don’t blame the kid.”

― Chaz Bono

“And after every audition I booked, my parents would buy me a Barbie, so that was it for me: You got a Barbie, and you got to hang out with friends. And I thought it was just the best thing ever.”

― Chelan Simmons

“Changing laws and changing the political dialogue, while necessary, is insufficient to ensure that bullying stops; to ensure that every young person is supported by their parents and their teachers as they question who they are and they discover who they are regardless of the sexuality.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“As a kid, I was pretty obsessed with dinosaurs and the day that my parents took me to Dinosaur National Park, I didn’t think life could get any better.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“I’ve always been incredibly proud of both of my parents and proud of the work I had done privately as a person, professionally and academically.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“My parents taught me to approach the world critically, but also to approach it with a sense of responsibility.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“My parents have been incredibly supportive from perhaps the first real independent decision I made to become a vegetarian at 11, which was certainly not consistent with their diet at the time.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“I always knew I was the center of my parents.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“I’ve always been aware of both how extraordinarily normal and how extraordinarily extraordinary my life has been. It’s always been important, first to my parents when I was younger, and now very much to me, to live in the world. I would never want to live in a cloister.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“I love my parents, and I want my mother to be president.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“My parents were definitely on the incentive side of parenting. Like, they told me that my father had learned to read when he was three. So, of course, I thought I had to, too.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“I definitely taught my parents how to text and how to charge their phones.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“My parents were very firm about me always getting my homework done.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“The first sort of big present I remember getting from Santa Claus was quite a small telescope that I remember going into our backyard with my parents and figuring out how to assemble, and staring at the night sky, just for hours, with both of my parents.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“My parents are not shy, clearly publicly and otherwise, in expressing their hopes that they will soon be grandparents.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“I never once doubted that my parents cared about my thoughts and my ideas. And I always, always knew how deeply they loved me. That feeling of being valued and loved, that’s what my mom wants for every child.”

― Chelsea Clinton

“Seeing your parents fall apart is really rough. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.”

― Chelsea Handler

“I was broke from 19 to 26, borrowing money from my parents or my brothers or sisters every week to pay the bills.”

― Chelsea Handler

“You either become like your parents or you become the opposite of your parents. And I like to think that I’m the opposite of my parents.”

― Chelsea Handler

“I started my own business because my parents had no dowry for me, and I was worried. I ran it from their Martha Vineyard’s summer house. I baby-sat for a 14-year-old boy all summer and was giving him time-outs, even though I was two years younger than him.”

― Chelsea Handler

“The counter-argument would be, so what if my sexual relationships are superficial, one can still have satisfying and rewarding relationships with friends, or parents, or siblings, or whatever.”

― Chester Brown

“Parents will be parents. Even now, my mom asks me sometimes, ‘When are you going to go back and get a real job?’”

― Chieh Huang

“I knew I did not want to be a doctor; my parents kept talking to me about that. I wanted to be an NBA player, but around freshman and sophomore year, I stopped growing, so that was the end of that.”

― Chieh Huang

“I grew up loving to go to Price Club, and later Costco, with my parents.”

― Chieh Huang

“My parents went through the dictionary looking for a beautiful name, nearly called me Banyan, flicked on a few pages and came to China, which is cockney rhyming slang for mate.”

― China Mieville

“My parents were early converts to Christianity in my part of Nigeria. They were not just converts; my father was an evangelist, a religious teacher. He and my mother traveled for thirty-five years to different parts of Igboland, spreading the gospel.”

― Chinua Achebe

“When I was supposed to go to a certified kindergarten that’s supposed to teach you actual things like how to read, I went to a daycare that my parents thought was a kindergarten. I was Crayola-ing inside the lines with no fundamental education at all. So I walked into the first grade with no formal education at all.”

― Chip Gaines

“In many immigrant families, the parents are just talking and talking about the home country until the children are like, ‘Oh, don’t tell us any more.’”

― Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

“I grew up in San Francisco. And I grew up with gay parents.”

― Chloe Benjamin

“It would be meaningful if I can get a gold medal in my parents’ country.”

― Chloe Kim

“People ask where I’m from, and I say ‘Los Angeles.’ Then they ask again. ‘Well, my parents are from Korea.’”

― Chloe Kim

“I don’t think I made many sacrifices myself, but my parents have.”

― Chloe Kim

“Competing in my first Olympics in the country where my parents came from is pretty insane. I’m feeling nothing but excitement.”

― Chloe Kim

“The first time I went to therapy, I had to stop going because they were making me hate my parents.”

― Chloe Sevigny

“I got my first instrument for Christmas when I was three or four years old. My parents got me a mandolin because it was the only instrument that would fit me because I was so small. I went straight from that into the drums when I was six, and then I started playing guitar when I was seven or eight.”

― Chord Overstreet

“My mother was English. My parents met in Oxford in the ’50s, and my mother moved to Nigeria and lived there. She was five foot two, very feisty and very English.”

― Chris Abani

“Every successful artist comes from a family – parents or siblings or both – who, although equally gifted, chose not to pursue the treacherous and difficult path of the artist.”

― Chris Abani

“I remember watching ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ with my parents as a kid. All those weird outfits she wore, like turtlenecks and long skirts, really stayed in my head.”

― Chris Benz

“On the one hand, I’m this guy who grew up in the suburbs of New York City to very conservative parents, and the other side of me is fascinated by the peripheries of our culture, maybe because that’s where our culture is most in transition and where there’s likely to be conflict.”

― Chris Bohjalian

“To have my fan club. I am very proud of doing everything. I try to support my parents, friends and fans. I am also proud of my performing in the visual arts, and motion television.”

― Chris Burke

“Back in the early ’40s, they used to call Down syndrome infants and babies ‘mongoloids.’ It’s very hard for parents.”

― Chris Burke

“I’ve watched parents sometimes on the touchlines at youth games, and they are screaming and shouting, which is not the way to go.”

― Chris Coleman

“My parents were both lawyers and were very active in social causes when I was young.”

― Chris Connelly

“A lot of people get into alternative music as part of their identity. It’s something that isn’t the mainstream, that their brothers and sisters don’t know about, and that their parents don’t like. It’s something they can have as their own.”

― Chris Cornell

“If I have any complaints about my youth… one is that many well-meaning adults lied to me. Not spiteful lies with malicious intent but lies designed to prevent emotional and psychological pain – lies told by the people who cared about me most: my parents, teachers, relatives.”

― Chris Crutcher

“When you were growing up, your mom and dad told you to look both ways before crossing the street or not to get into a car with a stranger. It’s the same with the Internet. We have a big responsibility and a huge role in bringing all the stakeholders to the table – users, parents, educators, law enforcement, government organisations.”

― Chris DeWolfe

“I know I’m British. I haven’t spent much time in the U.K., but my parents are British, my family heritage is British, so if I wasn’t British, what would I be? I am British.”

― Chris Froome

“By August of 2003, I had graduated from Rutgers, gone through a stretch of living at my parents’ house, and wound up sharing an apartment with a college friend of mine in Montclair, New Jersey.”

― Chris Gethard

“Growing up, my parents were my heroes, in the way they conducted their lives.”

― Chris Hemsworth

“I was on significant financial aid, an only child, with parents who didn’t have much living in North Carolina.”

― Chris Hughes

“I look up to a lot of people, but outside of my parents, I’ve never really had a mentor.”

― Chris Hughes

“I think my parents had a hard time dealing with me.”

― Chris Lilley

“There’s a reason why people who’ve had bad relationships with their parents listen to angry stuff.”

― Chris Martin

“All my siblings went to college, and my parents stressed getting school work done first before we could play.”

― Chris Mullin

“We come from fallible parents who were kids once, who decided to have kids and who had to learn how to be parents. Faults are made and damage is done, whether it’s conscious or not. Everyone’s got their own ‘stuff,’ their own issues, and their own anger at Mom and Dad. That is what family is. Family is almost naturally dysfunctional.”

― Chris Pine

“I want to show how much fun you can have drawing… parents and children can draw together as a wonderful shared activity.”

― Chris Riddell

“I think there is a time in every person’s life where they have to let their parents go and figure out what being a parent means for themselves.”

― Chris Sullivan

“I think parents generally know what’s best for their children. But I suppose it’s possible to be overprotective.”

― Chris Van Allsburg

“I did a severe amount of plays in high school. I was in every single show that my drama club produced. Then in the summer I would do plays, and I was also playing sports. I was probably a hellish kid, come to think of it, for my parents’ schedule. But then I went to college in North Carolina.”

― Chris Wood

“I’m Cuban. Both my parents are Cuban. My grandparents are, too. Although I have no idea where Fit comes from.”

― Chrissie Fit

“My parents divorced when I was eight; I never really knew my dad, and my mom raised my older sister and brother and me alone. It was challenging.”

― Chrissy Metz

“Some parents struggle to put food on the table. And plenty of women aren’t getting the pay they deserve. While I don’t expect the government to solve all these problems, I do want leaders who care about these things and do what they can to help.”

― Chrissy Teigen

“I grew up in New York City, and both my parents worked. On weekends, we’d go out to the country, and on Sunday nights we’d come back. Sometimes we were a little cranky – it was a long drive. But we could always look forward to one thing: my mother’s ziti and meat sauce.”

― Christa Miller

“And I not only inherited an aversion to the nine-to-five routine, but the sense from my parents that being bored and boring is the worst thing that you can be.”

― Christian Bale

“My parents had a difficult divorce.”

― Christian Camargo

“My parents had a difficult divorce. My dad had to take a backseat for a few years, and my grandfather came in. He was also my inspiration for becoming an actor. I really respected him.”

― Christian Camargo

“Born in England during the First World War, of Belgian parents with partly German roots, I grew up in the cosmopolitan city of Antwerp, where I had the benefit of a classical education taught in the two national languages of Belgium: French and Dutch.”

― Christian de Duve

“Every Olympics, when I was growing up and playing basketball, my parents and I made it a point to sit down and watch the U.S.A. compete. To join that team later, and play and practice one-on-one with David Robinson, Larry Bird, Chris Mullens and all these guys I looked up to, was a dream come true.”

― Christian Laettner

“We didn’t have much, but I was raised to believe if you had books, you had a lot. My grandfather and my parents made me and my twin brother Kiel read at least a book a week.”

― Christian Scott

“It’s very, very difficult because we’re living in a world where they invent things in order to hide things from parents. There are these secret creator app guys who make things to intentionally do that, to keep your parents in the dark, and you’ve really got to work extra-hard to stay on top of it.”

― Christian Slater

“Actually, my parents were separated by the time I was about 2 years old.”

― Christie Hefner

“Acting, as a child, I remember being lots of fun. I know it must have been very stressful on my parents, since auditions were unpredictable, and they both worked full time jobs.”

― Christie Laing

“My parents are a bedrock. And I have three complex, strong, and funny sisters who inspire and sustain me.”

― Christina Baker Kline

“I have God, Jesus Christ: I’m Christian. I try to stay as grounded as I possibly can. And I have my parents that help me and my friends that are really great accountability partners to me.”

― Christina Grimmie

“I first went on YouTube aged 15, and people were saying, ‘Why not do this cover?’ Then they wanted to hear my own stuff live, and it escalated from there. Selena Gomez’s parents found my videos and manage me to this day.”

― Christina Grimmie

“The way we dress on ‘Mad Men’ is so associated with old photographs, with people’s parents and grandparents.”

― Christina Hendricks

“My parents didn’t exercise, so it was not something I saw was good for you or fun. I wish I had grown up knowing to do that.”

― Christina Hendricks

“It’s a tough business. To my parents or to their friends, I was not a success, but to me I was a huge success. I was having a blast. I was working on shows I loved, I was working with actors I loved, and I was making a living as an actor. And I loved every second of it.”

― Christina Hendricks

“Any child may go through periods during which they become less outspoken with their parents or teachers. But girls, like boys, live in many different worlds – they have their friends and their classroom and their parents – and within these different domains, they may have different levels of expressiveness.”

― Christina Hoff Sommers

“Both of my parents worked incredibly hard, and eating out was a treat.”

― Christina Tosi

“My parents are creative on many fronts, and they pushed me to be that way, too. They wanted me to write, actually.”

― Christine Elise

“I don’t like kissing on camera. It’s bad enough to be caught kissing by your parents. But when you have a whole crew watching you, it’s a little weird.”

― Christine Lakin

“I don’t have siblings, which is probably the biggest reason why my parents were able to give the attention to my career that they did.”

― Christine Lakin

“I did my fair share of stupid stuff in high school, like anyone. I had a healthy fear of my parents, and I certainly never wanted to disappoint them. That would be the worst thing I could ever do.”

― Christine Lakin

“My parents had five children in six years and one week, meaning that my mom was pregnant for most of the ’60s and driving carpools for most of the ’70s. When we were young, she dressed us alike so she could pick us out in crowds: identical skirts for the four girls with the color-coordinated pants for my brother.”

― Christine Pelosi

“Moms get their fair share of conflicting advice, with a heaping of unsolicited advice. Parents debate the pros/cons of different types of disposable diapers, whether the supposed carcinogens in Johnson & Johnson baby products hurt their kids who used it, which method of sleep training to use.”

― Christine Tsai

“There are huge pain points experienced by parents. It’s hard to find good child care options in one place. It’s hard figure out things to do with your kids on the weekends or after school. It’s hard to find iPad apps for your kids that you are confident are helping them learn vs. just being entertained.”

― Christine Tsai

“At 500, our policy is 12 weeks of fully paid leave for all parents in the U.S. Parents can choose to take this leave consecutively or spread it out through the first 12 months after birth.”

― Christine Tsai

“There was a glamorous Nick-and-Nora element to my parents. If you remove one from the other, you’re left with neither. But parents are parents.”

― Christopher Buckley

“Her parents, Austin Taylor and Kathleen Taylor, were big deals in Vancouver – they were civic leaders, and he raced horses in the Kentucky Derby – and my mother grew up a debutante. And when she and my dad were married, there were about a thousand guests at that reception.”

― Christopher Buckley

“I can say this, now that my own beloved and irreplaceable parents are gone: George and Barbara Bush are parents anyone would kill to have.”

― Christopher Buckley

“My parents didn’t really know one another.”

― Christopher Durang

“When my parents separated, I was very grateful.”

― Christopher Durang

“It can be very difficult to trace your birth parents.”

― Christopher Eccleston

“My parents always knew I was hopeless at everything else, I was fortunate in that I was backed all the way. I came to it late and only because I thought there’d be loads of women and drinking!”

― Christopher Eccleston

“The film is about Joe discovering who his mother and father are and his relationship with them, and the identity crisis he goes through once he finds out who his parents are.”

― Christopher Eccleston

“We like to think that our parents made a decision to bring us into the world.”

― Christopher Eccleston

“Well, I have a Norwegian father who emigrated to America in the 1950s, and he still speaks with varying degrees of an accent. Over my lifetime my ear has been well-tuned to that accent. Any first generation kid has that wonderful gift from their parents.”

― Christopher Heyerdahl

“Many parents and teachers have become irritated to the point of distraction at the way the weed-style growth of ‘like’ has spread through the idiom of the young. And it’s true that in some cases the term has become simultaneously a crutch and a tic, driving out the rest of the vocabulary as candy expels vegetables.”

― Christopher Hitchens

“My parents couldn’t afford a full time drama school, but I basically just did every class I could do, and followed every drama interest I could. When I was 15 or 16 I did drama courses.”

― Christopher Parker

“I actually was brought up by an Airedale. I don’t really remember my parents, especially my mother. It was only the dog that I saw.”

― Christopher Plummer

“I didn’t want my parents to know about 4chan at first because of the adult content. By the time I was 18 and could talk about it, the site had become notorious for its exploits and the adult content on there.”

― Christopher Poole

“I think in any relationship, even in the healthiest of relationships, we are all parents to each other at times. I think that’s a normal, healthy sort of relationship. I think there are times when we’re each a mother and a father when we need to be.”

― Christopher Stanley

“Both my parents had heavy accents, and so did everybody they knew. It’s a rhythm thing – people who speak English where they have to hesitate and think of the right word. And I think it rubbed off.”

― Christopher Walken

“I was born in America but all of my friends’ parents, everybody’s parents, including my own, had come to America from Europe. Many people in my neighborhood hardly bothered to learn English.”

― Christopher Walken

“I come from a part of New York that was almost entirely immigrants. I was born in America, but all of my friends’ parents, everybody’s parents, including my own, had come to America from Europe.”

― Christopher Walken

“Parents should not smoke in order to discourage their kids from smoking. A child is more likely to smoke when they have been raised in the environment of a smoker.”

― Christy Turlington

“Parents should be the most important examples for their children.”

― Christy Turlington

“My late mother moved back to her parents’ homeland in the 1990s when Ukraine and Russia, along with the thirteen other former Soviet republics, became independent states. Drawing on her experience as a lawyer in Canada, she served as executive officer of the Ukrainian Legal Foundation, an NGO she helped to found.”

― Chrystia Freeland

“We need to make sure parents and coaches are aware of the dangers an on the look-out for the warning signs. Performance enhancing drugs are too damaging to young people for parents and coaches to not be involved.”

― Chuck Grassley

“My parents used to fight a lot, and I think they fought a lot at night, and they would turn the television up to hide the sound of their fighting.”

― Chuck Palahniuk

“As a lower-class kid, I was raised to think success would be owning stuff. Having that great job, too. Now I find my parents’ dream was wrong. You never really own anything. And you’re never really finished as a person.”

― Chuck Palahniuk

“My parents divorced about the same time the movie ‘The Parent Trap’ came out, about two twins at camp who scheme to get their parents back together. I had that same fantasy.”

― Chuck Palahniuk

“I’m thankful I don’t have parents that I feel I need to get their attention. They’ve always been there for me.”

― Cierra Ramirez

“I’m a Roman Catholic. Or was. I was brought up that way and used to say my prayers every night, but I don’t pray to God any more. I might use the usual phrases I picked up from my parents, ‘Oh, if God spares me next year…’ or ‘Please God…’ but they’re only phrases.”

― Cilla Black

“I think it’s in my blood: both of my parents are very hard workers and were always working when I was growing up. I love working and what I do.”

― CL

“Parents spend a lot of time talking over kids. My son went through a vocabulary burst as I was writing ‘The Bear.’ I thought, ‘What if I just stopped and listened?’”

― Claire Cameron

“I’m exceptionally open with my own parents, and they’re exceptionally open with me.”

― Claire Danes

“I was very driven to act from a very young age, and my parents were not only tolerant of that drive but also encouraging.”

― Claire Danes

“My parents never condescended to me. As a child, I always sat at the head of our dinner table. I was always given a lot of responsibility.”

― Claire Danes

“I’m lucky I had parents willing to be open and believe that an 11-year-old might know what she wanted to do. Or maybe they thought I’d find out that’s what I didn’t want to do.”

― Claire Forlani

“My parents are Italian and British. They live in Berkeley now – we all moved there four years ago.”

― Claire Forlani

“Writing with kids is an adventure. It seems like someone always has the flu or pink-eye. I mean, you don’t even have to be in direct contact with anyone to get pink-eye. But for parents who write, flexibility becomes essential, and as long as I have a pad of paper and a pen, I can write anywhere. Starbucks is fine.”

― Claire Messud

“Once your kid reaches middle school, parents are really supposed to fade out of the social picture. Kids are supposed to make their own plans, keep up with sophisticatedly crude discussions, and be able to go out on their own without supervision.”

― Claire Scovell LaZebnik

“My parents have always been very supportive. I didn’t go to school because my home was my school.”

― Clara Mamet

“My parents listened to music in our house all the time when we were growing up. It was everything from Dolly Parton to Paul Simon… We packed in everything.”

― Clare Bowen

“The first half of our lives are ruined by our parents and the second half by our children.”

― Clarence Darrow

“If your parents didn’t have any children, there’s a good chance that you won’t have any.”

― Clarence Day

“I always joke around with my parents and say that if Hollywood doesn’t work out I’ll go to Broadway!”

― Claudia Lee

“Children are ready to learn when they are ready to learn, not necessarily when their parents are ready to teach them.”

― Clayton M. Christensen

“The parents of teenagers would love to have a car that won’t go very far or go very fast. They could just cruise around the neighborhood, drive it to school, see their friends, plug it in overnight.”

― Clayton M. Christensen

“I’ve always felt lucky because my parents included my sister and I in their cultural life.”

― Clemence Poesy

“My parents were crazy. They just wanted to do everything they could for their kids.”

― Clint Dempsey

“My parents gave us all a chance to accomplish our goals,and I was blessed with that – I was lucky with that – and I learnt at a very young age that anything less than my best wasn’t acceptable.”

― Clint Dempsey

“My parents raised me and my siblings in an armor of advice, an ocean of alarm bells so someone wouldn’t steal the breath from our lungs, so that they wouldn’t make a memory of this skin.”

― Clint Smith

“My ‘act’ was schoolwork. I was your basic, garden-variety, ambitious, upwardly mobile, hard-working Jewish boy from Brooklyn. I was bound to go beyond my parents. It was simply the way things were.”

― Clive Davis

“In 1966, I bought my parents a carriage clock for their silver wedding anniversary. It was last wound 30 years later, in December 1996, the month my father died.”

― Clive Sinclair

“I’m coming to that realization that I’m going to be seen as a mom to someone, and it makes you think about your own parents. You know, who were they?”

― Cobie Smulders

“I think all kids think their parents are strict. My parents aren’t superstrict, but they seem to be stricter than most. But even though it’s like, ‘Oh, gosh, I’ve gotta be in at this time,’ they know what they’re doing. I have great parents.”

― Cody Linley

“I thought boxes were the best toy. When my parents got a new car, I ran to my mother and said, ‘Did it come in a box?’”

― Colin Angle

“I had a wonderful home life. My parents are the ultimate, wonderful supporters, so there was never a moment where I felt like I had to get away.”

― Colin Donnell

“My parents and grandparents have always been engaged in teaching or the medical profession or the priesthood, so I’ve sort of grown up with a sense of complicity in the lives of other people, so there’s no virtue in that; it’s the way one is raised.”

― Colin Firth

“I never felt that I was supposed to be white. Or black, either. My parents just wanted to let me be who I needed to be.”

― Colin Kaepernick

“In any kid’s relationship with their parents, there’s always an influence there. You always want to do them proud.”

― Colin Morgan

“I grew up in a small town in Washington State, so I wasn’t really aware of costume design as a career growing up, but I loved clothes. I remember I saved all my money, and the first thing that I bought was a white blazer, which was to the horror to my parents. But I have always had a strange connection with clothing.”

― Colleen Atwood

“The Roman Catholic Church and its rituals were so much part of life that, although my parents would often question a small matter of dogma and none of us seemed more religious than anyone else, no one ever questioned the rituals or the basic tenets of belief.”

― Colm Toibin

“Once I got to college, it seemed that the Hamptons were a little bit too posh for me and didn’t represent the kind of values I was embracing in my late teens. So, I didn’t go out there, except to visit my parents, for a long time. And then, after 9/11, I discovered it was a nice, mellow place to hang out.”

― Colson Whitehead

“I was 7 years old when ‘Roots’ was first broadcast, and my parents gathered all us kids around the TV to learn about how we got here. But it wasn’t until I sat down and immersed myself in the research that I got the barest inkling of what it meant to be a slave.”

― Colson Whitehead

“My parents elected me president of the family when I was 4. We actually had an election every year, and I always won. I’m an only child, and I could count on my mother’s vote.”

― Condoleezza Rice

“I think it goes back to whether or not race and class – that is, race and poverty – is not becoming even more of a constraint. Because with the failing public schools, I worry that the way that my grandparents got out of poverty, the way that my parents became educated, is just not going to be there for a whole bunch of kids.”

― Condoleezza Rice

“I would even say that my parents, and their friends in our community, thought of education as a kind of armor against racism.”

― Condoleezza Rice

“I do well with peoples’ parents, but I’ve certainly had friends who were not. One of my best friends is pretty consistently reviled by his girlfriends’ parents!”

― Connor Paolo

“My parents listened to a lot of music when I was really little. They used to listen to people like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder and I used to be really into that.”

― Conor Maynard

“My parents never told us that our great-grandmothers had been slaves.”

― Constance Baker Motley

“My parents did not pay a cent for my education; they didn’t give me a car or furniture – I did that 100% on my own. I had to pay back a lot.”

― Constance Wu

“Well, acting was just in me and I tried to avoid it. I didn’t want to do what my parents did, you know?”

― Corbin Bernsen

“Knowing what I know now, if I could have chosen parents, I would have chosen exactly the ones God selected for me.”

― Coretta Scott King

“My acting career began at age three and my parents got me into it. I was in a McDonald’s commercial.”

― Corey Feldman

“My parents met when they were 16 and bonded over the antiwar movement.”

― Corey Stoll

“My parents never had to tell me about the birds and the bees, you know? It was very out in the open.”

― Corey Stoll

“My love of reading and the English language is something given to me by my parents, and I’ve passed it on to my children.”

― Corin Tucker

“My parents were always doubtful about my making a living as an artist. Even when I was up for the Turner Prize, my mum suggested I apply for a curator’s job.”

― Cornelia Parker

“I was raised in a very religious home with two parents who were deeply involved in the black church. When I was young, I went to a small black AME church in New Jersey.”

― Cory Booker

“I learned about community organizing from my parents. As a child, their stories were so instructive.”

― Cory Booker

“After Yale Law School, I was proud to try to live up to my parents’ example and began my career working for The Urban Justice Center in the streets of Newark, organizing residents to fight for better housing conditions.”

― Cory Booker

“My story starts with my dad, a black boy born to a single mother in a small town in North Carolina. It starts with my parents meeting in Washington, D.C., in the ’60s, at a time of incredible activism.”

― Cory Booker

“My parents were obsessed with my education.”

― Cory Booker

“At some point, you realize your parents are human. They make the best decisions they can with the options available to them.”

― Cory Monteith

“My parents were 30 years older than I was, and my parents had my brother and I ten years apart. My parents grew up in segregation, and they both lived in all-black neighborhoods and grew up with large black families. I didn’t have any of that, and I didn’t understand feeling so differently and being treated so differently.”

― Courtney A. Kemp

“Our parents didn’t let us watch a lot of television growing up. We had Disney on Sunday nights, and at 8:30, they were like, ‘Turn it off! Go to bed!’”

― Courtney B. Vance

“My parents were all about education. My mother was a librarian – she retired after 30 years – and she made sure that we were always at museums, that we went to plays.”

― Courtney B. Vance

“I’ve really learned a lot from Zac Brown over the years. He is someone that I consider to be one of my best friends, and besides my parents, he has taught me more than anyone else. Zac is, by nature, a giving and understanding person.”

― Coy Bowles

“Women are more sensitive, more practical, more intelligent, more balanced, better able to deal with people, better cooks, better parents, better carers, better leaders, and so on and so forth.”

― Craig Brown

“’Peeples’ is definitely not ‘Meet the Parents’. It’s more a movie about family secrets. It does explore class issues somewhat, but it’s mostly about living your own truth.”

― Craig Robinson

“I understand the importance of mentorship for young people, even outside their parents. That’s more important now than ever. You gotta have that support system everywhere you can.”

― Craig Robinson

“My parents did the whole good-cop/bad-cop thing – Dad was the bad cop, and Mom was the good cop. I remember my father saying, ‘I’m his father, not his friend.’ That kind of stuck with me.”

― Craig Robinson

“I lost my parents when I was fairly young.”

― Craig T. Nelson

“Every single cancer is a genetic disease. Not necessarily inherited from your parents, but it’s genetic changes which cause cancer. So as we sequence the genomes of tumours and compare those to the sequence of patients, we’re getting down to the fundamental basis of each individual person’s cancer.”

― Craig Venter

“Knowing what your parents have gives you hints of things, but your genome is a totally unique combination of and interchange of DNA from your parents. There is no one else like you genetically.”

― Craig Venter

“Genomics are about individuals. It’s about what’s specific to you, not your siblings, not your parents – each of us is totally unique. We will only see that uniqueness by drilling down to the genetic code.”

― Craig Venter

“Playing with my grandfather, grandmother and my parents, I came to music pretty naturally.”

― Creed Bratton

“I came to this country when I was 12 years old because my parents wanted to give me new opportunities to succeed. President Obama wants everyone to have the chances I had.”

― Cristina Saralegui

“Growing up, my parents did everything they knew how to do to support me. My dad was always kinda my roadie; he drove me from gig to gig. But I got my own gigs. I was this 12-year-old kid, shuffling business cards, calling people, telling them I wanted to play.”

― Crystal Bowersox

“I had what you could call a chaotic childhood. My parents divorced when I was 2; I went back and forth between my mom’s and dad’s houses for years.”

― Crystal Bowersox

“I went to high school in Rockville Center on Long Island. It’s this small, soccer-loving town that my parents moved to, from Queens, before my brother and I were born.”

― Crystal Dunn

“My grandmother raised me when I was little. I was born here, and my parents are immigrants; they needed someone to help take care of me because they were working a lot, so my grandmother came from Korea. So I’m very close with my grandmother, and I keep in touch with her a lot.”

― Crystal Hana Kim

“I’m the only child of immigrant parents, you know? So all the pressure is just kind of on me: You have to make it. And I was like, ‘Well, let me make it in music.’ They were like, ‘Nah, you gotta go to school.’”

― Cuco

“My parents took me to Sam Ash, and I got a pretty cheap setup – a MIDI keyboard and one of those cheaper mixers – but it was dope, though; it was something. That was kind of how it was: just going to school, skating back home, making music, telling my parents I did my homework.”

― Cuco

“My parents love what I’m doing. Like, at first, they were so skeptical, dude. Like, I would be ditching school and, like, do music. And I’d be telling my parents I’d be in class.”

― Cuco

“Like most parents, I want everything for my kids that I didn’t have. But I don’t intend to spoil them. I just enjoy everything that comes naturally with parenthood.”

― Curtis Joseph

“My parents were from New England. It’s very funny, but when I grew up, you always had to say, ‘Yes, ma’am’ and ‘Yes, sir.’”

― Cy Twombly

“I was raised on technology. I grew up in Livermore, California, a town of physicists and cowboys. My parents worked at the government laboratories there. So technology was very normal for me.”

― Cynthia Breazeal

“We are building a country where a person’s prospects are determined by their own initiative and hard work and not by the color of their skin, place of birth, gender, language, or income of their parents.”

― Cyril Ramaphosa

“Students want free education because their parents are struggling. The fees of universities and technikons are too high.”

― Cyril Ramaphosa

“No, we don’t control who our parents are. We don’t control what color we are. We don’t control what home we are born into. But we control our attitude. We control our work ethic. We control our drive and our commitment.”

― Dabo Swinney

“My parents worked in the film industry, but they both worked behind the camera, so I like to think that I have a really good understanding of how all the parts of the puzzle come together to make a film or TV show.”

― Dacre Montgomery

“Fits did not go over well in my house. There was a lot of discipline and obedience and you had to be very ladylike. Ladies didn’t curse and I still don’t curse in front of my parents.”

― Daisy Fuentes

“Both my parents are creative. My dad did act when he was younger, but they’re both very creative.”

― Daisy Ridley

“What we’ve seen of Rey, she looks like she can handle her stuff. So most of the comments I get are from parents who say how wonderful it is that their little girls can see this character.”

― Daisy Ridley

“Rey’s parents left her at 5, and we meet her when she’s late teens or early 20s, and for someone to keep hopeful that there’s a better life to come, I think, is astounding. Though she starts off alone, she very much finds her place in a group of people, and that’s lovely.”

― Daisy Ridley

“I was being groomed to be a tennis player for sure. My grandparents and parents realised I had a natural athletic ability and if I was forced to do it, I could probably do well. But all I wanted was to play pretend.”

― Dakota Fanning

“I have a weird vision of relationships because my parents have known each other since second grade, and they got married right out of college.”

― Dakota Fanning

“My parents never talked to me like I was a kid. Maybe that’s why I’ve been seen as mature.”

― Dakota Fanning

“I’d watch my parents work and think, ‘Yeah, I’m going to do that.’ It wasn’t even a thing. It’s the only thing I know how to do.”

― Dakota Johnson

“Sometimes your parents are the ones with the biggest mouths of all time.”

― Dakota Johnson

“My parents had some problems of their own that put me in a position of having to deal with very grown-up stuff at a very young age. I needed some help with that, therapy-wise.”

― Dakota Johnson

“I understand how important it is for both parents to be in a child’s life.”

― Dakota Meyer

“I remember walking out in front of that crowd, all the parents’ faces and the applause, and folding my little self in half and thinking, ‘I could get used to this.’ And I just never stopped.”

― Dallas Roberts

“I had the good fortune to spend hours with my parents around the dinner table having debates on politics and economics.”

― Dambisa Moyo

“The people I admire unreservedly are my parents. They are the real pioneers of Africa in many ways. They were born and raised in rural Africa during the colonial period. They are the ones who came to the U.S. long before I did.”

― Dambisa Moyo

“I am fortunate: my parents told me the world was my oyster, when they could have said I wouldn’t make it for a lot of reasons – rural, girl, small African country. So, no regrets.”

― Dambisa Moyo

“My parents were incredibly inclusive.”

― Damian Lewis

“My parents came to see me in a play at Eton when I was 16. And then, when I said I wanted to try for drama school, they knew there was enough passion there for them to be brave and back me.”

― Damian Lewis

“Most parents are able to be with their kid every day. Every day of their life, their parents have an opportunity to be with them, and we don’t have that luxury as professional athletes. That’s the hardest thing.”

― Damian Lillard

“Everybody always wants to rebel against their parents’ music, but nobody listened to music louder than my dad.”

― Dan Auerbach

“When I was in high school, my parents had this power over me – if I ever lied or got caught doing something that I shouldn’t be doing, then I would no longer be able to go to L.A. and continue to pursue the acting thing.”

― Dan Byrd

“I’ve had a lot of different lives. I was adopted, I grew up in Nebraska, and then I went to Northwestern… Then I had this really extraordinary, different life than my parents.”

― Dan Chaon

“People my age, we would hear from our parents and grandparents who were raised in Detroit about how great this city was from 1900 to the ’60s.”

― Dan Gilbert

“When I was a kid I never knew the difference between a sitcom and a drama. I just knew what my parents were watching and what was making them happy.”

― Dan Harmon

“In 1953, Mom and Dad, living in Toronto, discovered, to their shock, that Mom was expecting. I was born in June 1954. My parents, thrilled, showered me with love.”

― Dan Hill

“In an age where overindulgence seems to be the norm, I can’t help but look back and feel thankful that my parents chose to hold out on giving me everything that I wanted growing up.”

― Dan Levy

“Wise people, my parents.”

― Dan Levy

“There was a commonality in a lot of the private school experiences that I had of children whose lives were not their own. They thought they were their own, but they were essentially gifted this life by their parents. So they were spending money; they were going on trips – I guess, in a way, it is their life, but they didn’t earn it.”

― Dan Levy

“My parents have – my dad has managed to succeed at his craft. So, you know, it’s not like I was struggling in my life.”

― Dan Levy

“Entertainment seems to be the only arena where children who pursue the work of their parents, which is an inherently natural thing to do, is met with a lot of skepticism.”

― Dan Levy

“My parents would always say, ‘It doesnt’ matter if it’s a guy picking up the garbage or the President of the United States, treat everybody as you would want to be treated.”

― Dan Marino

“I think it’s more and more important to spend time with your children, because it seems to be harder and harder for them to succeed as their parents have succeeded.”

― Dan Marino

“I think what my parents did was perfect. They were strict, concerned about my safety and held me back just a little.”

― Dan O’Brien

“I have always been terrified of the death of my parents. I never knew if I could count on myself. I never knew if that would send me over the edge.”

― Dan Pallotta

“Our lives are a series of lowered expectations year after year. We got pounded by everything around us. Just like our parents and their parents. We are products of our social and economic milieu.”

― Dan Pena

“It does not mean you’re broken to have depression and anxiety. I would encourage you to speak out. Don’t hold it inside. Talk to friends. Talk to parents. If it’s available, go to a therapist.”

― Dan Reynolds

“I’ve had so many parents ask me, ‘So when should you talk about what it means to be gay or LGBTQ with a child?’ I don’t think there’s any age that’s too young.”

― Dan Reynolds

“I grew up and had a lot of friends who were gay and Mormon. They couldn’t come out to their parents. They couldn’t even come out to me because we just wouldn’t talk about it.”

― Dan Reynolds

“The bullied straight kid goes home to a shoulder to cry on and support and can talk freely about his experience at school and why he’s being bullied. I couldn’t go home and open up to my parents.”

― Dan Savage

“Like it or not children are being raised by gay and lesbian parents all over America – as many as 10 million children. And it does nothing to make their lives more stable and secure to attack their families, to attack their parents to prevent us from marrying each other.”

― Dan Savage

“Parents like options when it comes to their children’s education. And they respond to quality.”

― Dan Webster

“This movie will actually increase the sex life of parents everywhere because they can put this on, with the 45 minutes of extras and they’ve got almost two hours to do whatever they’ve got to do while the kids watch the movie.”

― Dana Carvey

“After years of begging, I got my parents to get me a little Craig tape recorder, a reel to reel. Then I started recording voices, or recording Jonathan Winters off television and stuff like that.”

― Dana Carvey

“I just saw a clip of Maria Bamford. She has a comedy show that was filmed and performed from her bed – the whole thing supposedly takes place in her bedroom at her parents house in Duluth, MN. I thought it was great and really strange – to have a comedy special without having to leave your bed.”

― Dana Schutz

“When I was little, my parents took away candy except on the weekends. So I’d rush out of my room at 5:00 A.M. on Saturday and sit in front of the TV, jamming my face with candy.”

― Dana Walden

“I call myself Zimerican. I was born in the Midwest to Zimbabwean parents. My father was a professor at Grinnell College in Iowa.”

― Danai Gurira

“My parents were just really weird and protective about the music I listened to. Whenever I wanted to buy an album, they would have to buy it first and listen to it and let me know if I could have it.”

― Dane DeHaan

“It was weird – my parents would let me have some Green Day albums but not all Green Day albums.”

― Dane DeHaan

“My parents gave me a practical example of what life was about, and I won’t forget that.”

― Dani Alves

“My parents made the decision never to focus on my looks, and I had no sense of myself as beautiful.”

― Dani Shapiro

“I got into the entertainment world and started modelling when I was 15. When I told my parents that was what I was going to do for a living, it was very shocking for them.”

― Dania Ramirez

“My parents moved to the states when I was 6, so I was raised by my grandma in the Dominican Republic and didn’t see them again until I was 10.”

― Dania Ramirez

“I just did a spread in ‘Maxim’, I’m 35 years old. I’ve had women and parents email me asking if I should really be doing that, since I’m still considered a role model.”

― Danica McKellar

“Keep an eye on what your kids are seeing online. Parents need to stay involved in what their children are being exposed to. It’s so important.”

― Danica McKellar

“What I got which was unusual, especially as a child actress, was parents who believed that Hollywood was not that important. They told us education, family, health, all come first and they meant it.”

― Danica McKellar

“My parents always went to rallies and demonstrated against certain things; my generation, we often have a political conscience, but we’re not that involved.”

― Daniel Bruhl

“When I was around nine, my parents took me to my first live event, which was a WWE show with Ultimate Warrior. From then on, I loved it.”

― Daniel Bryan

“I come from not just a household but a country where the finesse of language, well-balanced sentence, structure, syntax, these things are driven into us, and my parents, bless them, are great custodians of the English language.”

― Daniel Day-Lewis

“Emotional intelligence begins to develop in the earliest years. All the small exchanges children have with their parents, teachers, and with each other carry emotional messages.”

― Daniel Goleman

“I have been using Victorinox Cutlery since I was a young man, when my parents gave me a block set to properly equip me for my culinary apprenticeship.”

― Daniel Humm

“When I was a kid, we’d go to the movies, and my parents would reach out to everyone around us in the theater, most of whom could barely afford the movie ticket. They’d hand out popcorn and Milk Duds, strike up conversations with them, lend shoulders to cry on, learn their names, and smile at everyone.”

― Daniel Lubetzky

“We don’t always know exactly what we’re doing as parents. Children don’t come with instruction manuals, as the saying goes. So it’s important to me that I always question the choices I’m making as a father, to really stay alert and open to the balance between being too hard or too soft.”

― Daniel Lubetzky

“It certainly was unusual growing up with two fairly well-known pastors as my parents.”

― Daniel Mallory Ortberg

“My parents are both pastors. In the ’80s and ’90s in the mainstream Christian world, it was not really common for a woman – especially a married woman and a mother – to be a pastor.”

― Daniel Mallory Ortberg

“We went to church twice a week. My parents were employed in ministry; we prayed before dinner. We rollerbladed in the summer. We were allowed to watch the ‘Simpsons.’ I fought with my younger brother over Legos.”

― Daniel Mallory Ortberg

“My parents came to the United States in the early years of this century as part of a wave of Russian Jewish immigrants seeking freedom and opportunity in the New World.”

― Daniel Nathans

“My parents are proud to be Canadian, as I am. They had a lot to do with my success and sacrificed a lot over the years.”

― Daniel Nestor

“My parents were what I like to call proper musical fans. Lots of Sondheim was played in the car.”

― Daniel Radcliffe

“I was very much a product of the public-school system. There was only one other kid in my class who had parents not involved in the stock market or law.”

― Daniel Radcliffe

“Also I just think I’ve been lucky enough to have great parents, and I’ve had good people around me who have always been honest with me, who would give me a purely metaphorical slap if I ever got too big for my boots.”

― Daniel Radcliffe

“Both of my parents have been actors; there were a lot of show tunes on in the car all of the time. I grew up with that.”

― Daniel Radcliffe

“My parents were willing to spend time and invest time in my hobbies, no matter how odd they seemed. When I was really young, I collected rocks and minerals. But mostly I would hang out with friends, playing basketball. It was not the most eventful childhood, but I think that’s good.”

― Daniel Schwartz

“It’s important to be courteous; it has to be. I was raised very well by my parents, so it’s about being polite and courteous.”

― Daniel Sturridge

“My parents were very protective of me. Hockley had some crime, so my mum didn’t want me out there, and my dad was the same. I would have to be in at a certain time, as there was a lot of violence surrounding our area.”

― Daniel Sturridge

“I was born here in the States. I moved to Portugal when I was five. And then my parents put me in an English school.”

― Daniela Ruah

“Early on, my parents noticed an aptitude for being a show-off. I loved attention. I was always saying, ‘Watch me do this, watch me do that,’ which I now realize with my own kids is a phase that most kids go through.”

― Daniela Ruah

“I was born in Boston, and when I was two and a half, my parents moved to Minneapolis. And then from there, when I was five, we moved back to Portugal. But before that, a lot of family members had come to visit us, and we had been back to Portugal many times because my whole family lived there.”

― Daniela Ruah

“My parents thought it was really important that I grow up with the high school experience, because if I was going to continue acting, there was always going to be time to do that.”

― Danielle Campbell

“I think of myself as an Olympian. I have had a dream since I was a very small child. And because I have parents without whom I couldn’t have realised that dream.”

― Danielle de Niese

“My parents kept me very grounded.”

― Danielle de Niese

“As kids, we grow up thinking our parents are perfect and flawless – well, some of us – but they’re trying to do the best they can.”

― Danielle Fishel

“My sister, myself, and my cousins would put on shows for our parents and charge them to come and watch, apparently. That’s what I’m told. My parents said I knew how to milk it.”

― Danielle Macdonald

“When we lived in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, my sister and I did a local play. My whole family got involved. My mom did the makeup. My sister and I were being homeschooled, and my parents wanted us to be socialized. We had a lot of fun with the other kids hanging out backstage.”

― Danielle Panabaker

“If you’re a kid in Southern California, somebody – whether it’s you or your parents – somebody throws your hat into the ring and I think everyone had a commercial or two.”

― Danny Bonaduce

“My parents worked their tails off, but we weren’t the poorest people in town. Some people I went to school with, you could tell they were dirt poor.”

― Danny DeVito

“I was alone a lot as a kid, because my parents were divorced.”

― Danny Strong

“My parents made me who I am. They are kind, generous, loving people.”

― Danny Welbeck

“The only reason we make good role models is because you guys look up to athletes and we can influence you in positive ways. But the real role models should be your parents and teachers!”

― Dante Hall

“My parents always wanted me to know why eating healthfully was important to overall performance, probably to drown out my whining for junk food.”

― Daphne Oz

“Figuring out how to eat healthfully on your own without your parents’ guidance is one of the hardest lessons you must learn when you leave home for college.”

― Daphne Oz

“I was raised by parents who really admired the religious leaders of the left, as many 60s and 70s liberals did.”

― Dar Williams

“I really value people besides parents who nurture kids.”

― Dar Williams

“My siblings and I had this theory that my parents were spies.”

― Dara Horn

“I think all parents have a double life.”

― Dara Horn

“When you see the sacrifices that your parents make for you, you want to do well for them.”

― Dara Khosrowshahi

“We always go to downtown Oklahoma City to look at all the Christmas lights that have been put up… We go to the Christmas Eve service at church, and we always beg my parents to open a present – just one present – on Christmas Eve. We get them to cave.”

― Darci Lynne Farmer

“My parents prepared me for the worst, hoped for the best.”

― Darci Lynne Farmer

“As parents, we need to send our kids back to ‘old-fashioned’ outdoor summer camps, which have been on the decline as the demand for sports and academics-based camps has risen. We need to fight budget cuts to public parks programs and resist closures of public swimming pools and playgrounds.”

― Darell Hammond

“I’ve never had to rebel against my parents; I never had that sort of teen-angst thing where you didn’t get along with them. My dad’s always been my buddy.”

― Daria Werbowy

“I delivered Chinese food on Long island, which is pretty depressing. I lived with my parents and did that for six months. I got a job a few towns over from mine so I wouldn’t have to see people from my high school.”

― Darin Strauss

“When I left my parents’ home when I was 19, I went to the University of Florida, and within 24 hours was in the mental health department. And within 20 minutes, I was being told by the director there that they didn’t have what I needed there.”

― Darrell Hammond

“Turning 30 was when my parents both got cancer and were fighting it and beat it, but their mortality started to get to me. Everything wasn’t as hunky-dory like it was.”

― Darren Aronofsky

“I’m in a real minority as far as having really supportive parents in regards to the arts. They never batted an eye as far as not letting me do that stuff. That’s invaluable. I can’t believe how unabashedly supportive they were about everything, between music and acting.”

― Darren Criss

“I was inadvertently raised in the ‘gay community.’ I had straight parents, but I spent massive amounts of time at a very early age with gay, theater-hopeful thirty-somethings.”

― Darren Criss

“I think sometimes parents and teachers can push children away from reading by telling them it’s something they must do, the same way they must eat their greens and must pass their exams in school. Poppycock! Read or don’t read – that’s your call.”

― Darren Shan

“I trust Colorado families and teachers way more than I trust D.C. central planners who think they know better than parents do.”

― Darryl Glenn

“I’ve seen a shift in general about the literacy of the public to what Tourette’s is. And that’s a testament to local kids and parents having the courage to share their experience.”

― Dash Mihok

“I believe that we parents must encourage our children to become educated, so they can get into a good college that we cannot afford.”

― Dave Barry

“You can do and use the skills that you have. The schools need you. The teachers need you. Students and parents need you. They need your actual person: your physical personhood and your open minds and open ears and boundless compassion, sitting next to them, listening and nodding and asking questions for hours at a time.”

― Dave Eggers

“I really believe strongly that kids should be spared the runoff of their parents’ lives and problems.”

― Dave Eggers

“Children who reach the age of eighteen with their entire skills set composed on Nintendo and eating Doritos have been neglected. Their parents neglected to give them the character traits necessary to live successfully.”

― Dave Ramsey

“As parents, we teach our kids about things we feel competent in. That’s why so many parents don’t teach their kids about money.”

― Dave Ramsey

“You know, we were worried that in the UK, there’s no anarchy on kids TV. When we grew up kids TV was very anarchic and it was about stuff that your parents would probably object to, if they got to object. And it’s gotten very safe.”

― Dave Rowntree

“Neither of my parents live in Oakland anymore. They both got priced out.”

― Daveed Diggs

“My parents are not together, but they were both always around.”

― Daveed Diggs

“Parents should be vigilant and spiritually attentive to spontaneously occurring opportunities to bear testimony to their children. Such occasions need not be programmed, scheduled, or scripted. In fact, the less regimented such testimony sharing is, the greater the likelihood for edification and lasting impact.”

― David A. Bednar

“My parents… has always wanted all their kids to go to at least one year of Bible college after high school. I always knew that I was on my way to Moody Bible Institute when I graduated high school.”

― David A. R. White

“But we are not going to stand by and go back to allowing people with preexisting conditions to be discriminated against, go back to the situation where people can be thrown off their insurance simply because they become seriously ill or you can’t get on your parents’ insurance after the age of 20.”

― David Axelrod

“My parents were always very strict, and they gave me the right beliefs in how to treat people. It was very strict and all about morals – I try to pass that on to my own children.”

― David Beckham

“I’ve got my wife. I’ve got my four kids. I’ve got parents, grandparents still, and three really good friends. It’s all you need. I’d rather have three really good friends than 20 good friends.”

― David Beckham

“My parents have been there for me, ever since I was about 7.”

― David Beckham

“My grandparents – my mom’s parents – they’re Jewish. But nobody ever pushed religion onto us. It wasn’t something I ever grew up with.”

― David Beckham

“Parents don’t believe that lifting life-chances in one school means reducing them in another.”

― David Blunkett

“We’re now segregating our schools based on economics; we’re segregating our schools based on where a child’s parents live. And it has the same corrosive effect of destroying people’s opportunity as racial segregation did.”

― David Boies

“You wouldn’t go to a hospital, you wouldn’t go to a law firm where the doctors and lawyers were not retained on merit: where they all had tenure regardless of competence. Parents feel the same way about schools that they send their children to.”

― David Boies

“I’ve always regretted that I never was able to talk openly with my parents, especially with my father. I’ve heard and read so many things about my family that I can no longer believe anything; every relative I question has a completely different story from the last.”

― David Bowie

“She had called in the debt that parents owe a child for bringing her, unasked, into a strange world. One should never make an offer without knowing full well what will happen if it is accepted.”

― David Brin

“The fundamental premise of sci-fi is not spaceships and lasers – it’s that children can learn from the mistakes of their parents.”

― David Brin

“My father was a very big musical influence on me. He was a trumpet player. And that’s what I started with. Then, when I was 7, my parents introduced me to the piano.”

― David Bryan

“I went to a very posh school, I had a very privileged upbringing with parents who were incredibly loving and brilliant. I’ve never tried to hide that; I’m not going to change my accent or talk in a different way.”

― David Cameron

“I was an only child. We were so poor, my parents and I had the same room.”

― David Copperfield

“When I was 11 years old, my parents wanted me to do something besides get in trouble. So they enrolled me in sailing classes at the Sea Shell Association in Santa Barbara, Calif. From the moment I climbed into that 8-foot dinghy in 1952, I knew instinctively what to do and sensed I had done it before.”

― David Crosby

“We’re kind of wishing some parents would come back. And of course we’re uneasy about the fact that we wish they’d come back – I mean, what’s wrong with us?”

― David Foster Wallace

“My parents have been married for 50-plus years, and I wanted to have what they had.”

― David Furnish

“I’d been politically active ever since my parents wheeled me in a stroller in a ‘ban the bomb’ march in Boston in 1963.”

― David Grinspoon

“You know, kids come to see me in the same way that their parents would go to see a rock concert.”

― David Guetta

“My parents were extreme left so everything was against the system. I was walking barefoot in the streets of Paris when I was eight. When I started to DJ they hated it, because for them, nightclubs, and all of this life, was terrible and fake.”

― David Guetta

“I feel like the most human among us are the weirdest among us. Those voices can be the most creative and the most special. You look around at your parents, your friends, your aunts and uncles, and you realize nobody is normal.”

― David Harbour

“My parents are very proud of my success but still worry, as I’m in a profession where there is no guarantee of work. They have always supported my decision to go into acting, but there have been tough times work-wise.”

― David Harewood

“I grew up in Birmingham, but my parents are originally from Barbados. My dad, Romeo, was a long-distance lorry driver, and my mother, Mayleen, worked in catering.”

― David Harewood

“My parents came over from Barbados in the late 1950s and early ’60s.”

― David Harewood

“My parents both defected from communist Hungary and were what most people would today call libertarian. I grew up with a general distaste for taxation and any policy that intruded on our lives.”

― David Harsanyi

“As with most people, my ideology and my attitudes about life were informed by parents and family.”

― David Harsanyi

“With theatre, we all agree to suspend our disbelief about so many things, but not about race. It’s totally OK to have one actor playing five roles – people are willing to believe that. But they won’t believe it if there’s a black or an Asian kid who has white parents. What does that say about us?”

― David Henry Hwang

“Chinese culture in general is not very religious. Confucianism is more a code of ethics than a religion, and ancestor worship is a way for parents to control you even after they’re dead.”

― David Henry Hwang

“I was going to be a concert pianist, and when I was in high school, my parents were scared to death that I would focus too much on that too soon. And that I’d end up in some sort of dead end, and not fulfilling whatever potential they thought I had.”

― David Hyde Pierce

“I stand here today – in the shadow of my parents’ and grandparents’ accomplishments – because of their willingness to sacrifice and look to my future.”

― David Ige

“I was 25 when I’d told my parents that I was giving up steady work as an electrician to become an actor. They couldn’t have been less enthusiastic if I’d proposed starting a commercial newt-breeding operation in the bathroom.”

― David Jason

“The Christmas of 1965 was a Yuletide with a difference at my parents’ tiny terrace house in North London: it was the first time my family had been able to see me on television.”

― David Jason

“We were taught fortitude by our parents, who had gone through the war. Being a child then was fun. We could go out and play in the street – there were few cars – and we felt very safe.”

― David Jason

“When I was a lad, my parents and all their equivalents never lusted after other people’s riches or success.”

― David Jason

“My parents went crazy when they found out that I had gotten the part in ‘Conversations With My Father!’ I’d never given acting a thought. They were proud of me and very encouraging.”

― David Krumholtz

“I moved to New York when I was 15, but my parents lived nearby in Connecticut, so I could go be in this incredible countryside when I needed it.”

― David LaChapelle

“When I was in Taiwan, we were there for about 8 months, and I was 11 at the time, so it was definitely a culture shock. But it was a really interesting time to be there. I didn’t entirely realize how different it is from the States. I just accepted it because I was there and my parents needed to be there.”

― David Lambert

“My parents are famously not part of the gestalt of the fashion industry.”

― David Lauren

“The very first film I ever made, when I was seven years old, when I got my hands on a camcorder, was a remake of ‘Poltergeist,’ which I hadn’t seen yet because my parents wouldn’t allow me to. But I made my own version of it, and it starred my brother in a bed sheet.”

― David Lowery

“I grew up in a deeply Catholic home. Our parents always encouraged us to march to our own drums, though, so some of us are still Catholic and some are not. That’s always going to be a part of me though; little bits of it trickle into my work. Whether it’s an embrace or a rejection, I’m not always sure, but I can’t avoid it.”

― David Lowery

“When I talk about my artist parents, people imagine a bohemian environment and think, ‘Aha, so that’s where he gets it from!’ But we were as white, straight, and middle-class as the next family on our white, straight, middle-class housing estate.”

― David Mitchell

“I’m from a time and place where bigheadedness was a really savage crime, and you’d get cut down for it by your peers and parents.”

― David Mitchell

“When I told my parents I wanted to be an actor, it was like saying I wanted to be an astronaut. Not because it was highfalutin’ in any way – just because they didn’t know anybody in that field. They were anxious of a profession they knew nothing about.”

― David Morrissey

“Proud parents document the arrival and growth of their future CIA officer in all forms of social media that the world can access for decades to come.”

― David Petraeus

“A secondhand wardrobe hand clothes doesn’t make one an artist. Neither do a hair-trigger temper, melancholic nature, propensity for tears, hating your parents, or HIV. I hate to say it – none of these make one an artist. They can help, but just as being gay doesn’t make one witty… the only thing that makes one an artist is making art.”

― David Rakoff

“When you have a lot of resources, the most important thing is to have had good parents and to have been brought up by people who gave one the proper values.”

― David Rockefeller

“My parents are artists and they decided they would prefer to paint in the Mediterranean rather than in Scotland.”

― David Russell

“When I was six years old, my parents took me to this farmers’ market with a petting zoo. They put me on a pony and, for some reason, it took off at a run and they had to chase it down. They tell me it was kind of traumatic.”

― David Schwimmer

“My parents from a very young age raised my sister and I under a pressure to achieve. They’re both attorneys. So good marks, getting through university, there was a huge emphasis and pressure to do well and keep going.”

― David Schwimmer

“After a few months in my parents’ basement, I took an apartment near the state university, where I discovered both crystal methamphetamine and conceptual art. Either one of these things are dangerous, but in combination they have the potential to destroy entire civilizations.”

― David Sedaris

“Both of my parents were journalists, and my rebellion, such as it was, was to become a fiction writer.”

― David Shields

“I don’t like my parents; I never will. I didn’t cry at either of their funerals. I haven’t missed them for five seconds. I didn’t – you know, our characters were so at odds with one another right from the beginning. But I do understand them now as human beings, with the understanding of an adult.”

― David Small

“As parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts we need to start getting out into nature with the young people in our lives. Families play a key role in getting kids outside.”

― David Suzuki

“When I was a kid, being outside was the norm. Rain or shine, our parents would tell us to get out of the house.”

― David Suzuki

“I remember a conversation with my parents about who the people on the TV were, and learning they were actors and they acted out this story and just thinking that was the most fantastic notion, and that’s what I want to do.”

― David Tennant

“Each child should try to see in his parents the children they previously were. Each parent should try to see in his child the adult he seems to be becoming.”

― David Viscott

“It is important for children to understand that some of the disappointment their parents feel for them is often really the parents’ disappointment in their own lives.”

― David Viscott

“I was 11 when a teacher suggested to my parents that they should send me to drama classes to curb my disruptive ways in the classroom. The next Saturday I was acting, and thereafter it became a ritual of my youth to see a show at the Belvoir on Sundays and, if I was lucky, another at the Opera House on Monday after school.”

― David Wenham

“Growing up, my parents were Roman Catholic – strict Catholics – from New Orleans. I understood the idea in the principle of spirituality. I noticed it in the stories that I read. The Trinity was something that was brought up consistently: the power of three. Things happened in threes, and I thought that was brilliant.”

― Dawn Richard

“I don’t wish homelessness on anyone, especially when you come from where your parents work hard.”

― Dawn Richard

“I watched my parents lose everything, from a house to birth certificates. We were homeless for about six months, then we stayed in Baltimore, and my parents got jobs.”

― Dawn Richard

“In my family, education was something you endured. My parents weren’t educated past high school, and the only book in our house was a ‘Reader’s Digest’ condensed book. Can you imagine?”

― Dawn Steel

“Some friends of mine had parents who made school a treat, a gift – not something to be endured.”

― Dawn Steel

“I grew up with four sisters – four very talented and intelligent sisters – and two parents that were very supportive of whatever we wanted to do.”

― Daya

“I think I have always been a hard worker in school and in sports and everything. Growing up, my parents encouraged me to do that from day one.”

― Daya

“My parents always taught me that my day job would never make me rich; it’d be my homework.”

― Daymond John

“My dad was a singer in a band and neither of my parents went to college, and I ended up getting into Harvard and was the first person in my family that went to college and it happened to be Harvard.”

― Dean Norris

“Parents and kids know they should pass up the fries for an apple and exchange the video game for a game of tag – but knowing and doing are certainly different things.”

― Dean Ornish

“I have a slightly bourgeois upbringing, I guess. My parents paid for me to go to school, which is nice, but I haven’t gotten a dime since then. I have no trust fund. I wish I did.”

― Dean Wareham

“Yes, we do mimic our parents in a lot of ways.”

― Deana Carter

“Like all kids with divorced parents, I have an abundance of holidays.”

― Deb Caletti

“We slept in the park before we had a house, and eventually we shared a home – my parents, my grandparents and five uncles, my family, all of us – on White Oaks Street by Magnolia Street near the railroad. Those were hard times, but I loved living there.”

― Debbie Reynolds

“One of the saddest things in this world is to see a child grow up hating one of their parents because they only got one side of the story.”

― Debbie Rowe

“I think the shape of our bodies has as much to do with the shape of our parents as it does with training.”

― Deborah Bull

“There’s a big thing in Canada that parents need to talk to their children about drugs and sex. I don’t think talking to your kids about war is any less important than that.”

― Deborah Ellis

“I didn’t have drama in high school. So when I graduated high school and started at Wayne State in Detroit, I told my parents I was going to major in theater. And they were like, ‘OK. Why? You’ve never done it.’ But, it was just what I wanted, and they came to see my very first show and, from then, completely supported me.”

― Deborah Joy Winans

“My parents would take us to double-feature movies on the weekends, and I would just point at the screen and tell them that that’s what I wanted to do.”

― Deborah Joy Winans

“I thought I had a huge crush on a young Canadian photographer who was commissioned to go down to Australia to do a series, so I tried to figure out a way to follow him without getting in trouble with my parents, and that was by auditioning for their National Institute.”

― Deborah Kara Unger

“I have that memory of dancing on my father’s feet to all the music my parents used to listen to.”

― Deborah Kass

“My parents were both writers – they would type their manuscripts sitting side by side on the veranda of our house near Watford – so I wanted to do something different. I wanted to be a bluegrass singer, an architect, a landscape gardener, or to do something with animals.”

― Deborah Moggach

“I think our job as parents is to give our kids roots to grow and wings to fly.”

― Deborah Norville

“I believe the wedding vows are sacred and precious, and it’s been one of my goals as a writer to portray the kind of marriages I’ve seen modeled in my family – my parents and grandparents, who all celebrated fifty-year anniversaries and well-beyond.”

― Deborah Raney

“Most parents’ goal is to launch their children into the world with all the tools they need to make it on their own.”

― Deborah Raney

“In some ways, siblings, and especially sisters, are more influential in your childhood than your parents.”

― Deborah Tannen

“It’s an interesting point about sisters not getting the same attention as parents and children, and even brothers. I suspect it’s just because women didn’t count that much and weren’t the ones writing the accounts.”

― Deborah Tannen

“If you talk to your friends the way your parents talk, they will think you are stiff and odd.”

― Deborah Tannen

“It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t go to college and have a career – as well as a family – of my own. Both my parents, but especially my mother, encouraged me and led me to believe that it was possible.”

― Dee Dee Myers

“In some communities it is – like, for me, coming out with my parents, they were not accepting; they were not understanding. So it depends. For kids in New York and L.A., maybe it’s different, but for kids in Iowa, for kids in Tennessee, it’s still something that’s not really talked about.”

― Dee Rees

“I was never physically abused, but when I came out to my parents late in life, when I was 27, they definitely had an intervention.”

― Dee Rees

“Even though I played national level badminton, I told my parents when I was in 10th that I was not interested in continuing. Being a model or actor fascinated me from a young age, and I even did a couple of ads when I was just eight years old.”

― Deepika Padukone

“My parents never raised their hand or fired me. Their way of disciplining me was to tell me what is right or wrong.”

― Deepika Padukone

“My parents worry all the time because I trust people very easily.”

― Deepika Padukone

“Many Muslim parents are authoritarian, which leaves young men and women with limited spaces to express themselves. Self-expression and autonomy are regarded as symptoms of ‘Westernisation.’”

― Deeyah Khan

“I always wanted to make sure my parents didn’t have to work again for the rest of their lives.”

― Deion Sanders

“Like millions of parents, I chose to send my children to a religious school that shares my belief system, which is central to my life. I objected to changes in the school that, in my opinion, did not reflect that belief system.”

― Delilah

“I left my parents’ home when I was 22, I moved to New York with my ex-girlfriend. We did a film together with Raul Julia.”

― Demian Bichir

“My two brothers and I grew up in the theater, going everywhere with my parents when they performed.”

― Demian Bichir

“My parents were in the book business, my brothers still run the Dutton bookstores in Los Angeles, and I’ve been interested in editing books and journals all of my life.”

― Denis Dutton

“I’m born and raised in the Northeast. My parents are Irish immigrants. So our tendency is to shy away from the big yellow ball that comes up in the sky every once in a while.”

― Denis Leary

“I know gay – gay people who aren’t married who are better parents than some, you know, straight people I know who are married.”

― Denis Leary

“I taught in Belize for a year, and before I left, my parents were birddogging me to get health care coverage. So what I did was, I reenrolled in college, and then got coverage through my college.”

― Denis McDonough

“My upbringing was middle-class but my parents’ families were both working-class so I had this odd combination of working-class background but in a privileged position.”

― Denise Mina

“I talk to my parents a couple of times a week. I talk to my daughters every day.”

― Denise Morrison

“My parents, I don’t know about ‘strict,’ but I would say they were fair and judicious, you know?”

― Dennis Farina

“If you did something, and it wasn’t right, you definitely found out about it. And they were pretty smart people, both my parents, so you didn’t get too much by them.”

― Dennis Farina

“In various European countries, it is increasingly common for young men to live with their parents into their 30s and even longer. Why not? In the welfare state, there is no shame in doing so.”

― Dennis Prager

“From their teenage years on, children are considerably more capable of causing parents unhappiness than bringing them happiness. That is one reason parents who rely on their children for happiness make both their children and themselves miserable.”

― Dennis Prager

“To be told that one can be dependent on one’s parents until age 26 should strike a young person who wants to grow up as demeaning, not as something to celebrate.”

― Dennis Prager

“You don’t bad-mouth your ex or anything like that. The key is your kid knowing that both parents still love him and are there for him.”

― Dennis Quaid

“If you look at ‘Threatz’ and ‘Parents,’ then you look at ‘Zone 3,’ all of that is nostalgic.”

― Denzel Curry

“My parents were really into music. They would play the Funkadelics, Parliament, OutKast; they would just play that all around the house. They’d also play Isaac Hayes, Marvin Gaye, James Brown.”

― Denzel Curry

“I was raised by both parents up to 17. We had a good family. We had a middle class family, good teaching and good surroundings, raised by the church, where I went every week whether I wanted to or not.”

― Deontay Wilder

“My neighborhood was normal. I had a neighborhood where everyone knew everyone. Typical American upbringing. Sometimes we got into trouble, but everyone watched after each other, so if my parents didn’t see me making trouble, another family would tell them.”

― Deontay Wilder

“When I was a kid, I had two nightmares: one was nuclear war, and the other was that my parents would get a divorce; and when I was twenty, they split up, and I just felt like I needed to confront all those things that scared me as a kid – entering young adulthood and trying to have relationships.”

― Derek Cianfrance

“As a parent myself, I can appreciate the MPAA and what they’re supposed to do, but what happens with NC-17 is that the MPAA is basically taking away the rights of parents. They’re basically telling me that I can’t show my kids this movie if I decide they can see it.”

― Derek Cianfrance

“My parents didn’t have the opportunities that my wife and I have now, from a quality of life standpoint.”

― Derek Fisher

“When it was time for parent-teacher conferences, I remember that I was always embarrassed about what my parents would hear about me!”

― Derek Jeter

“I always used to get in trouble for talking too much. When it was time for parent-teacher conferences, I remember that I was always embarrassed about what my parents would hear about me!”

― Derek Jeter

“I looked up to my parents because they were very successful in what they wanted to do. I was lucky; I didn’t have to look far for role models.”

― Derek Jeter

“I’ve always been very cautious with what I do. You know, that started at a young age. I always had the approach or the mentality I never wanted to embarrass my parents.”

― Derek Jeter

“I wasn’t terribly sociable. I had two or three friends at school. I drew things, played with Lego. My parents left me free to do whatever made me happy.”

― Derren Brown

“When I was going to high school, in the high school band we would play these kind of hour-long concerts for our parents. All the parents would come to the gymnasium, and the band would play an hour-long kind of orchestra piece. ‘Synchestra’ is supposed to be similar, like a high school band orchestra piece.”

― Devin Townsend

“I started playing football when I was ten years old, and the main reason was because I wanted to make my parents proud. I didn’t even like the sport at the time, but it didn’t matter to me.”

― Devon Cajuste

“I have parents come up to me and say, ‘I don’t know who you are, but my kid wants his picture taken with you.’”

― Devon Werkheiser

“My parents raised me to put school first and modeling and extracurriculars second.”

― Devon Windsor

“My first trip abroad was to do a TV version of ‘Les Miserables’ in France with Anthony Perkins. There I was at 12 acting with the guy from ‘Psycho.’ My parents were teachers, and it was hard for them to relate to that world.”

― Dexter Fletcher

“I was an only child. I hung out with my parents.”

― Dhani Harrison

“My parents took me around the world when I was young, so I caught the bug. Every person is different when he travels, and every travellers’ story is uniquely his own.”

― Dhani Jones

“Fact: The new ‘90210’ is cooler than the old ‘90210.’ It’s the lithe, streamlined Skipper to the elder series’ venerable Barbie. Gone are the traditional parents – they’ve been replaced by a hipster mom n’ pop who get busted necking in the car.”

― Diablo Cody

“There was no way that I could explain to dogs, friends, or parents my compelling need to return to Africa to launch a long-term study of the gorillas.”

― Dian Fossey

“My parents were both born in 1930. They grew up during the Depression. They wanted their children to have secure lives, to have a good salary and a pension plan. If I could’ve guaranteed that I’d be a best-selling writer, that would’ve been one thing, but nobody could say that. So I knew better than to say that was ambition.”

― Diana Gabaldon

“My parents sacrificed so much for all of us. It makes me want to give back to them by being the best I can be.”

― Diana Lopez

“It is pretty amazing. My parents, who came from Nicaragua to the U.S. – who would have thought that they would have American kids on the Olympic team? I think that’s the epitome of the Olympic dream.”

― Diana Lopez

“Neither one of my parents played sports at a very high level when they grew up in Nicaragua.”

― Diana Lopez

“My parents liked to go dancing, and they encouraged all of us to bring our friends home. My brother had a skiffle group, and there would often be dancing in the house. And my parents would come and dance with us.”

― Diana Quick

“Parents, you know, can be terrible.”

― Diana Vreeland

“Both my parents were doctors, and my mother had her surgery in the house. There were six children.”

― Diane Cilento

“My parents really did believe in the Golden Rule. They really did believe that all people should be treated equally. They had friends of every culture, we celebrated different holidays, but really, secretly behind it, they had no problem telling me who I couldn’t marry.”

― Diane Farr

“Neighbors broke the news that my parents had been taken away by immigration officers, and just like that, my stable family life was over.”

― Diane Guerrero

“While awaiting deportation proceedings, my parents remained in detention near Boston, so I could visit them. They would have liked to fight deportation, but without a lawyer and an immigration system that rarely gives judges the discretion to allow families to stay together, they never had a chance.”

― Diane Guerrero

“I learned at a very young age that my parents were undocumented.”

― Diane Guerrero

“My parents have always been very honest with me.”

― Diane Guerrero

“My parents were desperately trying to become documented citizens of this country and tried very hard to get there, but to no avail.”

― Diane Guerrero

“I was lucky enough to be with my parents until I was 14. Having my parents tell me that I could do anything. I was special. I matter.”

― Diane Guerrero

“Once my family was taken, I became fully aware that my community matters less to some people. That we are treated differently because of the color of our skin or where our parents were born.”

― Diane Guerrero

“For me, picking a college was really difficult. I wish I had had my parents there kind of supervising me. But I chose well. I did OK.”

― Diane Guerrero

“My real story is this: I am the citizen daughter of immigrant parents who were deported when I was 14. My older brother was also deported.”

― Diane Guerrero

“I worked a variety of jobs in retail and at coffee shops all through high school. And, though I was surrounded by people who cared about me, part of me ached with every accomplishment, because my parents weren’t there to share my joy.”

― Diane Guerrero

“My parents instilled a lot of American values in me. They encouraged me to work hard and told me that anything was possible for me because I was a citizen.”

― Diane Guerrero

“Growing up without my parents by my side is a weight I still carry today.”

― Diane Guerrero

“I loved to sing and dance and play-act, and I always believed that my dream to become an actor would come true because my immigrant parents had taught me to believe in the American dream.”

― Diane Guerrero

“I always wanted to, to the smallest detail, make my parents proud.”

― Diane Guerrero

“I want to be viewed like a serious actress, and I’m afraid that people are just going to see me as the poor little girl whose parents were deported when she was 14.”

― Diane Guerrero

“I am a proud American, regardless of the fact that my parents were separated from me forcefully.”

― Diane Guerrero

“I’m one of nine sisters. My parents were dairy farmers in Wisconsin. My father didn’t believe in girls doing farm work. Girls did housework, and he hired young men to do farm work. I would have preferred to be outside.”

― Diane Hendricks

“I became pregnant by my first love at 17 and did what my parents thought was the right thing. I married him. My first husband and I moved to Janesville, Wis., where he worked in a Chrysler plant.”

― Diane Hendricks

“When I was about seven, I started touring the globe as part of New York’s La MaMa theater company – without my parents!”

― Diane Lane

“I was the only kid in Manhattan I knew whose parents had a car.”

― Diane Lane

“Theatre and opera were always the twin kingdoms that I felt I had to conquer, because they were my parents’ favorites.”

― Diane Paulus

“When I was small, my parents came back from Tijuana, and my dad bought me a very small acoustic guitar. I loved it. I started making up my own songs right away.”

― Diane Warren

“At West Point, we first lived in Central Apartments in a third-floor walk-up next to the hospital where my father worked. My two younger brothers and I shared one big bedroom, and my parents had a tiny one.”

― Dianne Wiest

“I shared a room with my parents until I was 7, and I lived with my uncles and aunts and my cousins and my grandfather… so the house was always full of people.”

― Dichen Lachman

“When I make a book, I make it for the child and not for the parent – no jokes in it for the parents!”

― Dick Bruna

“If your parents never had children, chances are… neither will you.”

― Dick Cavett

“If your parents never had children, chances are you won’t either.”

― Dick Cavett

“I feel sorry for the poor kids whose parents feel they’re qualified to teach them at home. Of course, some parents are smarter than some teachers, but in the main I see home-schooling as misguided foolishness.”

― Dick Cavett

“If you want to stay young-looking, pick your parents very carefully.”

― Dick Clark

“My parents wanted me to be a Baptist minister. I was a youth minister in my church when I was still in college. And I was in a lot of theater in high school, and at Northwestern.”

― Dick Gephardt

“I don’t think parents can protect their kids in this media-nut culture.”

― Dick Van Dyke

“I never even had a bachelorhood: I went straight from my parents’ home to a marriage.”

― Dick Van Dyke

“When I arrived in France, I cried every day. Not because I was in France – I could have been anywhere – but because I was so far, far away from my parents. I missed them so much.”

― Didier Drogba

“I wish parents at the end would think a little bit about how everything we do affects the lives of our kids and defines who they’re going to be.”

― Diego Luna

“We are created in the image of our heavenly parents; we are God’s spirit children. Therefore, we have a vast capacity for love – it is part of our spiritual heritage.”

― Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“My parents have always been very concerned of making sure we know who we are and where we come from. I have to give them credit for that. Knowing your roots is quite important.”

― Dilshad Vadsaria

“My parents gave me a small telescope, then I built my own, and one thing led to another. So that’s how I ended up going from being a hobby astronomer to a professional astronomer.”

― Dimitar Sasselov

“My parents wanted their daughters to reach their full potential. I joke that they said, ‘We left our homeland so you could pursue your dreams – as long as you’re a lawyer, a doctor, or an engineer.’”

― Dina Powell

“I was just grateful for the fact that I was able to repay my parents for their sacrifices throughout my career.”

― Dinah Jane

“When I think of my work, I’m aware that I’m American and African at all points and times. And without a doubt, my experience and understanding of America was shaped by having immigrant parents.”

― Dinaw Mengestu

“My parents never referenced Ethiopia that much, largely because of the circumstances under which we left. We left during a time of political upheaval, and there was a lot of loss that came with that, so my parents were reluctant to talk about those things. So I had, by and large, an American childhood.”

― Dinaw Mengestu

“I told my parents I was going to be a doctor and then a lawyer, but I never believed it and never tried.”

― Dinaw Mengestu

“I grew up with my parents screaming and yelling at each other for the rent in Bronx, New York City at the time. It was $36. So my mind hadn’t stretched out to that place where I could spend a whole month’s rent on a 45-minute plane flight to Fargo, N.D.”

― Dion DiMucci

“I never knew I was a songwriter. I didn’t even know I was a singer. My parents just got me a guitar ’cause my uncle told them to get me one, and I started fooling with it.”

― Dion DiMucci

“I grew up in Florida in different cities. I was born in Mississippi. My parents moved a lot, so I moved to Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia, all through the South. But my family’s roots were from central Florida, like Daytona Beach area, so we ended up moving there.”

― Diplo

“Children… are our legacy. Our responsibility. They are our destiny and we are theirs. The extent to which we fail as parents, we fail as God’s children.”

― Dirk Benedict

“I believe that the first 8 years are most important and the time in a child’s life when parents must be absolutely and completely present.”

― Dirk Benedict

“Children who cling to parents or who don’t want to leave home are stunted in their emotional, psychological growth.”

― Dirk Benedict

“I grew up with a sister and a younger brother in a house where every evening was spent performing a dance routine in front of our parents with my sister.”

― Disha Patani

“Things went so quickly from being a sub in Lille to scoring in the World Cup to signing for Liverpool, but I always had good advice from my parents and my religion to help keep me grounded.”

― Divock Origi

“My parents have been my biggest support. Had it not been for them, I would have not been able to be the confident and fearless person that I am today.”

― Divyanka Tripathi

“Learning can take place in the backyard if there is a human being there who cares about the child. Before learning computers, children should learn to read first. They should sit around the dinner table and hear what their parents have to say and think.”

― Dixie Carter

“Once you succeed at what you’re doing, your parents see that what you were doing wasn’t so bad after all, though they’d prefer to see you in a secure lifestyle where you have a contract for years and years, or you have a diploma or degree.”

― Dolores O’Riordan

“My parents were in the local church choir, and I used to go along and sing and play the organ at all the weddings and christenings.”

― Dolores O’Riordan

“Everyone talks about how we’re on our phones all the time, but the fact remains that when I’m away on a film set for two months, I can Skype my family. I remember the phone calls my parents had to make when my dad was away for a while when I was younger – that once-a-week expensive phone call! The time pressure on talking to your father!”

― Domhnall Gleeson

“I’ve always traveled, as a kid my parents moved me around, a different place in Germany every four years. But I got the travel bug when I was a kid, living in different countries.”

― Dominic Monaghan

“My parents are pretty cool people.”

― Dominic Monaghan

“My mum’s parents were from Ireland, my dad’s mum was American-Irish.”

― Dominic West

“Both my parents came with their parents during the revolution in Cuba. Both my parents were born in Cuba. They left everything over there. My family got stripped of everything – of their land, of their jobs, everything.”

― Dominik Garcia-Lorido

“I think it’s good for parents to be supportive, to motivate, and to somewhat nudge their kids because the majority of kids will want to quit something when it gets hard – that’s just their nature. Children will normally take the easier road.”

― Dominique Dawes

“I distinctly remember watching Daniel Day Lewis in ‘My Left Foot,’ and my parents were discussing the fact that he’s an actor. To me, it was a foreign concept. I was like, ‘Someone is pretending to do that? That’s so awesome!’ After that, it just stayed in the back of my mind.”

― Dominique McElligott

“In my very first interview, at nine years old, I said I wanted to be an Olympic gold medalist. That was the first time I said it out loud in front of somebody other than my parents.”

― Dominique Moceanu

“My parents didn’t know anything about collegiate scholarships, so they had accepted the national team training stipend, the monthly stipend that I received after making the national team, so I was ineligible for NCAA eligibility anyway.”

― Dominique Moceanu

“My parents enrolled me in a gymnastics class when I was three years old, and I just was drawn to gymnastics. I loved it. It was my playground, and I could run around and be free there.”

― Dominique Moceanu

“I have a secret sibling that I never knew existed and who was given up for adoption at birth by my parents, and she was born without legs.”

― Dominique Moceanu

“I realized I was the one doing all the training, earning the money, and my parents were living off of me.”

― Dominique Moceanu

“I was raised into the Romanian Orthodox culture by my parents, and most notably my mother, who is a profoundly religious and spiritual woman.”

― Dominique Moceanu

“In Romania, of course, gymnastics is among the most popular sports, and my parents had a dream of escaping the Ceausescu regime and giving their child a better life. So they came to the United States and put me in gymnastics.”

― Dominique Moceanu

“When you have traveled the world, won Olympic gold, and gone through a very public court battle against your parents all by the age of seventeen, surprises don’t come easy.”

― Dominique Moceanu

“My parents, Romanian immigrants, struggled to provide me a better life than the ones they had left in their homeland. They worked hard to give me every opportunity in life, and once I showed natural talent as a young gymnast, they spent every last penny on my training.”

― Dominique Moceanu

“Standing on the podium at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and receiving a gold medal was the crowning jewel in a successful gymnastics career and, most certainly, the confirmation that my parents’ sacrifices were not in vain.”

― Dominique Moceanu

“But I think role models also start in the home with your parents.”

― Dominique Wilkins

“Support the athlete, encourage the team, help the coach. That’s what good track parents do.”

― Don Kardong

“I grew up in Queens, and on Sunday evenings, my parents would drive my brother and me past the factory. We could smell the week’s supply of bread baking. I always connected the 59th Street Bridge with that scent. Who woulda thunk, years later, I’d be there, directing and producing a hit TV show?”

― Don Scardino

“It was all that stuff about taking your parents’ car when you’re 13, sneaking booze into rock shows and ditching school with your friends. I could relate to that as a former teenager, rather than as a present parent.”

― Donal Logue

“It starts in the home environment. If the parents eat bad? Those kids are going to eat bad. If they see their parents stopping at McDonald’s or Pizza Hut, then that’s what they’re going to eat as well.”

― Donald Driver

“My parents were willing to let me follow my nose, do what I wanted to do, and they supported my interest by buying the books that I wanted for birthdays and Christmas, almost always poetry books.”

― Donald Hall

“I loathe the trivialization of poetry that happens in creative writing classes. Teachers set exercises to stimulate subject matter: Write a poem about an imaginary landscape with real people in it. Write about a place your parents lived in before you were born. We have enough terrible poetry around without encouraging more of it.”

― Donald Hall

“I grew up in the once segregated South. I experienced forced integration during my formative school years. I lived the sacrifices, burdens, and tears. I also lived the moments of understanding, of acknowledgment, of fellowship and success. I saw my parents and grandparents coming home beaten down – and some of my friends beaten up.”

― Donna Brazile

“It’s coaches. It’s people that are involved in kids’ lives at every level, and it’s supporting their parents. Their parents need better jobs. So that they can help them with their homework and don’t have to work two jobs.”

― Donna Shalala

“I would argue that we have a generation of young people, particularly minorities, who are no longer putting up with the kinds of things their parents put up with. They’re much more self-confident. It’s no longer acceptable to make fun of people because of race or sex. But it has always been present in American society.”

― Donna Shalala

“This whole head of the home thing has been blown way out of proportion. Some guys just take it way too far. Some parents take it way too far. Yet children need guidance. They need a parent to help and guide them. They also need a friend. They need a confidant.”

― Donny Osmond

“Thank goodness I had a great family growing up, a great foundation. But I will say my faith, my parents, my family, all that stuff is very, very important. And I’ll say that until the day I die.”

― Donny Osmond

“When I raced, I had great parents, even a greater coach and a nutritionist. I was never insecure.”

― Donovan Bailey

“Wrinkles are hereditary. Parents get them from their children.”

― Doris Day

“I think after Sandy Hook, when Obama went out, and he talked a lot about gun control and met with the parents, there was a sense that something was going to happen. But then, I guess, the power of special interests was greater than public sentiment.”

― Doris Kearns Goodwin

“We use our parents like recurring dreams, to be entered into when needed.”

― Doris Lessing

“I think kids ought to travel. I think it’s very good to carry kids around. It’s good for them. Of course it’s tough on the parents.”

― Doris Lessing

“The World War I, I’m a child of World War I. And I really know about the children of war. Because both my parents were both badly damaged by the war. My father, physically, and both mentally and emotionally. So, I know exactly what it’s like to be brought up in an atmosphere of a continual harping on the war.”

― Doris Lessing

“I was really a spoiled brat when I was a kid skating. Meals are cooked for you, you are driven to the rink, they make costumes for you. Your parents sit around and watch admiringly while you skate. You don’t have to think about anything but skating. You’re just plain spoiled.”

― Dorothy Hamill

“My parents didn’t have a lot of money, but we never knew that. They really did the best they could.”

― Dorothy Hamill

“It’s different today than it was then. In those days we were strictly amateurs. If I had wanted to stay in for the ’80 Olympics, my parents couldn’t have afforded it.”

― Dorothy Hamill

“Arizona has three of the top 10 public high schools in the nation. We know how to educate a child. We just need to do it more often in more locations, and where we’re having issues are in low-income areas where – where kids don’t have a parent that cares or two parents that care, and, of course, also in our tribal nations.”

― Doug Ducey

“Too often, I hear stories of teachers and parents spending part of their paychecks to ensure there are supplies in the classroom – even basic necessities like pens, pencils and paper. This is unacceptable.”

― Doug Ducey

“As parents, we all want the best for our children.”

― Doug Ducey

“My daughter is very strong-willed and is a great kid. She doesn’t drink. She doesn’t smoke. She doesn’t fold to peer pressure. I think how affectionate my wife and I have been with her over the years all plays into that. She realizes the more people she is exposed to that kids who have both parents around grow up to be much better people.”

― Doug Flutie

“It’s common knowledge that professional athletes earn extraordinary incomes. What is less known or understood is how the advent of these riches has seeped into the conscious and unconscious ways in which our society now parents children.”

― Douglas Brunt

“I’ve gone from a kid who was sneaking out of my childhood house and lying to my parents to do shows in a community theatre in Reading, PA, to now having two shows on Broadway opening within two months of each other. That’s sort of crazy, that trajectory.”

― Douglas Carter Beane

“The harder you try to become the opposite of your parents, the more quickly you become them.”

― Douglas Coupland

“My question about luging is, How do you get into the luge community to begin with? Is it one day like, ‘Mom, Dad, I really want to luge.’ And your parents are like: ‘O.K., I’ll quit my job. We’ll move to an Alpine community.’”

― Douglas Coupland

“I can remember my sister and me volunteering for Nixon. My parents liked him. I liked my parents. So I figured he was good.”

― Douglas McGrath

“Web sites are designed to keep young people from using the keyboard, except to enter in their parents’ credit card information.”

― Douglas Rushkoff

“I learned from my parents that you have to get pleasure out of what you’re doing, or don’t do it.”

― Douglas Tompkins

“While I’ve lived in L.A. since 1985, I’ll always consider Chicago my home town and have much affection for it. My parents and sister still live there so I try to visit as often as I’m able.”

― Douglas Wood

“I don’t want to have to think about what is right; I want to live right. And what that means to me is going to be different to some of my fans, some of their parents, and some other role models.”

― Dove Cameron

“My whole thing was, as much as I was inspired by what my parents do, and growing up on film sets, watching that made me really want to do that. I am my own person, and I think that the only thing with the Hemingway name is that it has gotten me in the door.”

― Dree Hemingway

“When I was a kid, everything was so unplanned, my parents were so erratic, and my world was so inconsistent.”

― Drew Barrymore

“I think the world offers so many wonderful varieties of obstacles, but that shouldn’t be one for kids – is the worry that ‘my parents wont be there.’”

― Drew Barrymore

“I have this blanket thing about giving parenting advice to parents, and that’s: ‘Don’t take other people’s advice on parenting.’”

― Drew Lachey

“When we were studying at the Royal Antwerp Academy, we were taught to seek inspiration from everyone, everything and everywhere. My parents and grandparents were also a great inspiration for me a very young age.”

― Dries van Noten

“My parents never pushed me towards music. I feel like, growing up in a musical household and always being surrounded by it, I was always kind of a performer child. I remember my parents would have guests over, and they would bring their kids, and I would make sure that we were ready to put a show on.”

― Dua Lipa

“You become friends with your kids’ friends’ parents. That’s just the way it’s gonna be. And sometimes you luck out, and it’s great.”

― Duff McKagan

“It’s always nerve-racking, showing your parents things you’ve been working on.”

― Duncan Jones

“My parents did call me Zowie now and then, but then, realising that it drew too much attention, they called me ‘Joe’. Then, later, I sort-of co-opted my own name back.”

― Duncan Jones

“So when I told my parents I wanted to go into acting because I was flunking out of my first year of junior college, they were relieved that I had picked something other than joining the army. But I can’t imagine how they had high hopes for me.”

― Dustin Hoffman

“I used to be really anxious about money. I got that from my parents. I still am, but for entirely different reasons.”

― Dustin Moskovitz

“My parents were dealing with evictions and repossessions and electricity getting shut off, and I just realized that I had to get it together.”

― Dwayne Johnson

“My parents weren’t actors or studio executives.”

― Dwayne Johnson

“One of the nicest satisfactions you can have is to be able to give something back to your parents when they’ve given so much to you.”

― Dwight Gooden

“I think people have had the understanding for many years that whatever happens with the separation of parents, that the kids automatically go to the mother. The fathers don’t know their rights.”

― Dwyane Wade

“I’ve always had a great relationship with my mother, and with both of my parents. We can sit down and talk about things, and even if we do argue, we can get over it and get past it.”

― Dylan Everett

“My parents were inspired by Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas when naming me. They specifically saved this masculine name for their only girl.”

― Dylan Lauren

“My parents screened ‘Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory’ for my 6th birthday, and I became fascinated by the idea of living in a candy land with chocolate rivers and lollipop trees.”

― Dylan Lauren

“I think my parents love that I want to do something a little different than what they do.”

― Dylan Penn

“I don’t deny that I had a very privileged upbringing, but my parents and that town maintained a sense of normalcy that I think many people find hard to achieve, and I am so grateful for that.”

― Dylan Penn

“I didn’t want to go to college, and my parents said, ‘Well, then you’d better get a job, because we’re not paying for you to drop out of school.’ So I delivered pizza near USC for a while. We had to wear khakis and a baseball hat with the logo on it, and I worked almost every day.”

― Dylan Penn

“I don’t make a habit of watching my parents’ films, because it is a little strange. But I will say that I binge watch ‘House of Cards’ compulsively, and I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen one of my mom’s projects and totally forgot she was my mom!”

― Dylan Penn

“My name is Dylan simply because my parents did not know before I was born if I would be a boy or a girl, and Dylan was a name that worked in both cases.”

― Dylan Penn

“Here he tells us that the new birth is first of all ‘not of blood’. You don’t get it through the blood stream, through heredity. Your parents can give you much, but they cannot give you this.”

― E. Stanley Jones

“Both of my parents had me reading at a really young age. Maybe it was a hereditary thing, but my mom always had my nose in a book. I’ve always been a bookworm.”

― Earl Sweatshirt

“You must remember that anyone under 30 – especially a ballplayer – is an adolescent. I never got close to being an adult until I was 32. Even though I was married and had a son at 20, I was a kid at 32, living at home with my parents. Sure, I was a manager then. That doesn’t mean you’re grown up.”

― Earl Weaver

“Today’s accent may be on youth, but the stress is still on the parents.”

― Earl Wilson

“When you’re the youngest and the only boy, you get spoilt but you get told you’re spoilt so you don’t get to enjoy it very much. I was the only man in the house because my parents divorced and my dad moved away when I was 13.”

― Eddie Marsan

“Both parents were hard-working and made me work for my pocket money by doing household chores. That taught me the value of money and gave me a strong work ethic.”

― Eddie the Eagle

“I’ve got to say, my parents have always been very supportive. I used to sit in my bedroom and read every liner note and listened to records. My parents are rock fans.”

― Eddie Trunk

“I was around nine when a babysitter snuck ‘Who’s Next’ onto the turntable. The parents were gone. The windows shook. The shelves were rattling. Rock & roll. That began an exploration into music that had soul, rebellion, aggression, affection.”

― Eddie Vedder

“My parents used to talk about Sergio Leone films a lot. And I got really into them. I love Clint Eastwood. I love the camera angles. I love the music.”

― Edgar Wright

“My kids have never seen me scream at anybody. They’ve never seen an argument. There’s never been even a cold silence. And those are things that I grew up with because my parents did end up divorcing.”

― Edie Falco

“When I was a little boy, there were a lot of children with physical problems in my hometown, and my parents used to work with them, and I learned a lot about that. Since I was a child, helping out, doing what I can, was something that fulfilled me.”

― Edinson Cavani

“I grew up, until age 6, in Chicago. My parents rented their apartment and, at the end of the Depression, my parents wanted to replicate that situation. So, again, we lived in a somewhat suburban setting outside of New York City, and again, they rented.”

― Edmund Phelps

“Paradoxically, since gay men rarely have gay parents, cultural transmission must come from friends or strangers (a problem since the generations so seldom mix in gay life).”

― Edmund White

“What would you do in order to marry Sophia Loren? I think anyone would become French to marry Sophia Loren. Love was more important than nationality. The cultural heritage of that country and my parents is so interlaced that it really doesn’t matter that a piece of paper tells them they’re French.”

― Edoardo Ponti

“My parents could not be more Italian.”

― Edoardo Ponti

“Look, you’ve got a generation of people coming along who are going to form their own new relationship with the idea of supporting the causes that they care about or changing the world. And these people are not going to do it the way our parents do it.”

― Edward Norton

“The inner me was always under attack by authority, by the way my parents wanted me to be brought up, by these English schools I went to. So I’ve always felt this kind of anti-authoritarian strain in me, pushing to express itself despite the obstacles.”

― Edward Said

“The thing that impresses me most about America is the way parents obey their children.”

― Edward VIII

“Reagan cut through irrational federal regulations to allow children to live with their parents, where they could receive care that would cost the taxpayer one-sixth as much as institutional care. By contrast, Obamacare has added thousands of pages of bureaucratic regulations and will cost the federal government untold billions.”

― Edwin Meese

“Both parents supported my becoming a world class athlete.”

― Edwin Moses

“My parents felt so uncomfortable coming to the kind of theater I was in; they had nothing to say about it.”

― Eileen Atkins

“Acting is not in the blood. My parents weren’t actors, but I imagine that if you’ve been brought up with actors, you have a lovely time at home and just want that to carry on.”

― Eileen Atkins

“I got everything I wanted from my parents: Brooks Brothers sweaters and Spalding saddle shoes.”

― Eileen Ford

“Parents don’t want their kids to be nerdy.”

― Eileen Pollack

“When parents ask why there are still so few girls in advanced science and math classes in high school, I tell them, because girls still need way more encouragement than boys to take those courses.”

― Eileen Pollack

“My parents didn’t know how to provide me with the encouragement I needed to achieve my dreams.”

― Eileen Pollack

“My parents were very supportive.”

― Elaine Chao

“My parents were very, very strict parents, and they were not used to this new, you know, American custom of letting your children sleep in someone else’s house.”

― Elaine Chao

“While there have been news reports of recent college graduates living with their parents because they have been unable to find a job paying a salary sufficient to move out, their near and long-term career prospects remain far brighter than for those without a college degree.”

― Elaine Chao

“I really, really wanted to be an Olympian. My parents knew about this dream of mine, and they suggested I try my hand at bobsled. They’d seen it on TV at the Salt Lake City Games in 2002 and thought it would be a good sport for me.”

― Elana Meyers

“I grew up on the South Island of New Zealand, in a city chosen and beloved by my parents for its proximity to the mountains – Christchurch is two hours distant from the worn saddle of Arthur’s Pass, the mountain village that was and is my father’s spiritual touchstone, his chapel and cathedral in the wild.”

― Eleanor Catton

“I’m the rogue Canadian in my family – I just happened to be born here while my parents were studying here.”

― Eleanor Catton

“My sense of injustice about our family’s ‘weirdness’ in not owning a car was amplified by the fact that we did not own a television, either – my parents were unapologetic about this and told me very cheerfully that I would thank them for it when I was older, which was quite true.”

― Eleanor Catton

“My parents took me to the Bronte parsonage in England when I was a teenager. I had a fight with my mum, burst into tears, jumped over a stile and ran out into the moors. It felt very authentic: A moor really is an excellent place to have a temper tantrum.”

― Eleanor Catton

“My parents are always supportive of anything their kids do. They point out the pros and cons, but they let you make your own decisions, and when it’s bad they stick by you.”

― Eleanor Mondale

“I have been incredibly lucky. My parents are actors; they’ve been the safety blanket around me.”

― Eleanor Tomlinson

“Neither of my parents are involved in theater or acting, but they are very artistic. My mom is a painter; she’s an artist. She went to school for fashion illustration. My father is into collecting antiques and fine wine, so they’re both really creative people.”

― Elena Kampouris

“As is said about most writers, on the one hand, all I ever did from when I was a child was read, and I was a loner, which was furthered by my parents and my upbringing. On the other hand, the more I read, the more I felt this well-known fissure between me and the world.”

― Elfriede Jelinek

“School boards are, for the most part,made up of political wannabes who see a board seat as a stepping stone for political office, or well-meaning parents who represent an ethnic group or geography, or have some other narrow interests. Few people on them understand what governance is about.”

― Eli Broad

“People don’t know I’ve got a deep social conscience. I’m a child of the Depression, born in 1933. My parents were very liberal in their social views.”

― Eli Broad

“My parents were early adopters, and I’ve been online since a rather young age. You should regard anything from 2001 or earlier as having been written by a different person who also happens to be named ‘Eliezer Yudkowsky.’ I do not share his opinions.”

― Eliezer Yudkowsky

“My parents were born into a secular country. They met in Turkey’s top medical school, moved to America in the nineteen-seventies, and became researchers and professors.”

― Elif Batuman

“I felt grateful to Ataturk that my parents were so well educated, that they weren’t held back by superstition or religion, that they were true scientists who taught me how to read when I was three and never doubted that I could become a writer.”

― Elif Batuman

“The problems in the Russian novel are quite similar to the problems of Turkish nationalism and Turkish culture, which was something that I grew up thinking didn’t affect me very much because my parents didn’t really talk about it.”

― Elif Batuman

“My family is not only not religious, but my parents are both – they’re secularists. My father is actually an atheist and feels very strongly about it.”

― Elif Batuman

“Nothing but a miracle of sovereign mercy could have arrested and saved me from eternal perdition. How I could have so long resisted the entreaties, the prayers, and the tears of my dear parents, and the influences of the Holy Spirit, is, to me, a wonder entirely incomprehensible.”

― Elijah Parish Lovejoy

“I most earnestly advise you, again and again, love, honor, and obey your parents. Friends like them, you need not expect to find in this world.”

― Elijah Parish Lovejoy

“People always have to have a reference – I think I’ll always be in the shadow of my parents.”

― Eliot Sumner

“Self-sufficiency is vitally important to my self-respect. I never wanted to rely on my parents in that way, because I knew that if I got used to it, I’d be reliant all my life.”

― Eliot Sumner

“According to my parents, I was supposed to have been a nice, churchgoing Swiss housewife. Instead I ended up an opinionated psychiatrist, author and lecturer in the American Southwest, who communicates with spirits from a world that I believe is far more loving and glorious than our own.”

― Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

“I used to play the piano by listening to it – like Chopin pieces, when I was, like, a little kid – and then the minute my parents got me lessons to read music, I couldn’t do it anymore.”

― Eliza Coupe

“I think my parents did want me to go to university just in case, but neither my mum or dad went to uni, so they couldn’t talk.”

― Eliza Doolittle

“My mom grew up in Idaho, went to Brigham Young University: they’re very Molly Mormon. And my father is, like, first generation Albanian, and his parents lived in Southey and grew up in downtown Boston. My parents are complete opposites.”

― Eliza Dushku

“My parents divorced when I was born, and my mother is a political science professor, like a feminist Mormon, which is sort of an oxymoron.”

― Eliza Dushku

“I have a gay cousin who came out to my parents before he came out to his own. So I benefited from having a very open, supportive family, and I want to pass that on.”

― Elizabeth Banks

“I remember, as a child, wanting all the time to buy my parents presents. I stood around forlornly in fancy shops, unable to afford a single thing.”

― Elizabeth Berg

“I was born in the small city of Hobart in Tasmania, Australia, in 1948. My parents were family physicians. My grandfather and great grandfather on my mother’s side were geologists.”

― Elizabeth Blackburn

“My parents are both immigrants, and we traveled a lot.”

― Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi

“I was a dancer from a young age. My parents were dancers; we were taken to a lot of ballet as children. It occurred to me that what I liked more than dancing the steps was acting the story of whatever particular performance I was taking part in.”

― Elizabeth Debicki

“My parents were ballet dancers, and I did a lot of ballet, too, so I think I learned quite early on how to hold my body. Although I do recall desperately wishing I was shorter at school.”

― Elizabeth Debicki

“My heart goes out to the grieving parents who lost their two-year-old or their newborn.”

― Elizabeth Edwards

“A study by the Parents Television Council, a media watchdog group, found scenes of graphic violence and gore are increasing in TV dramas – and particularly on NBC.”

― Elizabeth Flock

“Here’s the thing: the unit of reverence in Europe is the family, which is why a child born today of unmarried parents in Sweden has a better chance of growing up in a house with both of his parents than a child born to a married couple in America. Here we revere the couple, there they revere the family.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert

“It’s not an accident that both my sister and I are writers. Our parents created an accidental Petri dish. My family has great storytellers, and I grew up in a very funny, conversational house and didn’t have television. This small family farm was a bubble world that didn’t have much to do with reality.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert

“Everyone can relate to loving someone and hating them in the same moment – husbands, wives, partners, siblings, parents, friends. It’s kind of universal in that way.”

― Elizabeth Henstridge

“Divorce is, of course, difficult for a child. I didn’t go through it as my parents stayed together, but I have a lot of friends who did.”

― Elizabeth Hurley

“I shall lend credit to nothing against my people which parents would not believe against their own children.”

― Elizabeth I

“As a child, I was raised by native Hawaiian elders – three old women who took care of me while my parents worked.”

― Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey

“Remember that a woman who has given birth to a dead child has given birth and is recovering physically, too. Don’t be afraid of grieving parents.”

― Elizabeth McCracken

“A comic strip that your parents read when they were young is a curious thing: it’s an heirloom, and it’s also intimate. You peer through windows and look at the things that made your elders laugh, and then you wonder whether the laugh really belongs to you.”

― Elizabeth McCracken

“I’m not an immigrant – I was born and raised in New York. My parents are Puerto Rican, and Puerto Rico is a part of the U.S., for the people that don’t know. So my whole life, I’ve identified as an American. There are times when I’ve gone to Puerto Rico, and there, I’m seen as the American cousin.”

― Elizabeth Rodriguez

“My parents have raised me to believe in a kind and a loving God and someone who cares about me, who is always there for me, and who would never wish harm or illness or any kind of tragedy upon me.”

― Elizabeth Smart

“My parents were very, very, very strict.”

― Elizabeth Strout

“We want to feel that this earth is all ours, like our parents’ house when we were children.”

― Ella Maillart

“I shall never forget the despair and agony on the parents’ faces on the awful day of the funeral when the 13 little children, victims not only of John D. Rockefeller, but of the government of the state of Colorado were buried.”

― Ella R. Bloor

“I didn’t have my parents to rebel against, but I had society, and that definitely is what they taught me. Just: Trust nothing.”

― Ellar Coltrane

“I was born out of a Vegas marriage: My parents got married three days after they met.”

― Elle King

“There was no such thing as child abuse. Parents owned their children. They could do whatever they wanted.”

― Ellen Burstyn

“When we were growing up our parents somehow made it clear that being famous was good. And I mistakenly thought that if I was famous then everyone would love me.”

― Ellen DeGeneres

“I didn’t see deep emotion from my parents. It was all very polite and very surface. I never knew how anybody was feeling.”

― Ellen DeGeneres

“Parents should have perfect control over their own spirits, and with mildness and yet firmness bend the will of the child until it shall expect nothing else but to yield to their wishes.”

― Ellen G. White

“Not just my parents, but teachers, friends, mentors – a host of people are to be thanked for any success I have had, and a whole lot of just plain luck.”

― Ellen McLaughlin

“Ever since I was a little kid, whenever my parents would have company over, I would put on shows, whether they would be magic shows, singing shows, dancing shows, little skits.”

― Ellen Muth

“I’d hope to reach any kid who feels apart from the group – those who seem to be outsiders, who feel different. Kids who want to reach their parents often don’t know how to do so.”

― Ellen Muth

“When I was younger, my dad taught me how to cook. He’s a genius in the kitchen. I went to Vietnam with my parents, and I went on a cooking course with him.”

― Ellie Bamber

“The only day I remember of my parents’ marriage was the day my dad walked out. As I stood there at five years old, with my older sister and younger brother, I knew that he was gone.”

― Ellie Goulding

“You get to a certain age and you can’t judge yourself on your dad or your parents.”

― Ellie Goulding

“My parents are big Shakespeare fans.”

― Ellie Kendrick

“My parents made every effort to encourage me to pursue anything in life that I enjoyed or found appealing so that I would be able to better understand myself and my passions as I grew up.”

― Elliot Knight

“My dad’s Israeli. He was born in Baghdad to Iraqi Jews. Then, at age two, his parents wanted to move to their homeland and he grew up in Israel. I’ve been there twice, once as a baby and once when I was 15.”

― Elliott Yamin

“You wouldn’t think it would but my parents were really balanced about that. When it came time for me to be out of the house and out on my own they were very supportive.”

― Elmer Bernstein

“I grew up conservative because my mum was a conservative, and when I finally realized what conservatives were, I changed my mind immediately. As children, we tend to copy our parents.”

― Elton John

“There was not a lot of rock n’ roll in the house. Our parents didn’t think it was very groovy, and I tend to agree with them. If you grew up with Charlie Parker, Bill Haley wasn’t very hip.”

― Elvis Costello

“My parents are from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and I feel like it’s an old Southern thing where people say that, as a kid, you can be an astronaut or a ballerina or a singer, but as a grown person, you need to go and get a job.”

― Elvis Mitchell

“In a way, I had a very good and normal childhood. I had loving and caring parents. But I had a lot of quirks or problems when I was growing up. I had phobias and obsessions.”

― Elyn Saks

“Not long ago someone said I should shorten it to just Emma. But I really, really love my name. From as far as I can remember, my parents have taught me to be really proud of my name.”

― Emayatzy Corinealdi

“I’m very close to my parents and my grandma.”

― Emeraude Toubia

“A lot of parents ask me how to get kids to eat more vegetables. The first thing I say is that it starts from the top.”

― Emeril Lagasse

“Impossible to spend sleepless nights and accomplish anything: if, in my youth, my parents had not financed my insomnias, I should surely have killed myself.”

― Emil Cioran

“My parents met at the Art Institute of Chicago as students, and somewhere in there, they procreated off to the side and created me.”

― Emil Ferris

“I told my parents I wanted to be an actor, and they were getting ready for a life of unemployment, so they’re just happy I’m in work!”

― Emilia Clarke

“My parents never pressured me except to advise me against acting.”

― Emilia Fox

“I was born in Argentina, June 13, 1943. I brought up my parents very well, so they let me come to America to study at Princeton University.”

― Emilio Ambasz

“Since the beginning of time, every child on the planet has endeavored to please their parents.”

― Emilio Estevez

“I have been through a lot in my life, my parents divorced when I was 16, and it was a very difficult time.”

― Emily Atack

“I’m always interested to meet my friends’ parents, or who they were raised by. Where they grew up, I always find very interesting.”

― Emily Bett Rickards

“I know a lot of parents of kid actors I’ve worked with have pressured them into acting, but my parents are different. I’m really lucky to have them because they let me make my own decisions.”

― Emily Browning

“I just came home and said, ‘I’m a vegetarian.’ My parents were very kind about it. And then, I became a vegan a year or two after that. Animal cruelty really got to me.”

― Emily Deschanel

“As comfortable as I was with my adoption, the nature-versus-nurture question has been a big one for me. I adore my parents, but I always wondered if I would feel a different kind of love-not more or less, just different-for someone who was biologically related.”

― Emily Procter

“I was real into theater, and then I tried soccer, acting and ballet. Both my parents didn’t want a child-star model, so I didn’t get into modeling until I was 14.”

― Emily Ratajkowski

“I remember the first time I pulled out of my driveway in my grandparents’ Nissan Ultimate or Centra. I just remember getting in a car that smells like my grandparents, with both my parents standing on the lawn, so petrified. That was my car up until I was 18.”

― Emily Ratajkowski

“I spent most of my time with adults because although my parents were older when they had me, they’re really like teenagers. I sort of became the third musketeer.”

― Emily Ratajkowski

“You know, even growing up going to school, I had teachers that were against bilingual teaching. I never understood that. My parents always had me speak Spanish first knowing I was going to speak English in school.”

― Emily Rios

“Parents go to sleep early. This is universal.”

― Emily V. Gordon

“My parents wouldn’t let me shave it earlier, so I made a PowerPoint presentation to convince them. I strategically put pictures of bald women in there.”

― Emma Gonzalez

“I’ve written tons of scripts, and when I wrote ‘The New Girl in Town,’ I read it to my parents, and they suggested I make a movie out of it. I got a few friends together, and I shot the movie in one weekend, and then my mom and I edited it.”

― Emma Kenney

“I think something that really shocked me as a nanny were parents who sort of assumed the worst from the get-go. People who didn’t accept the benefit of the doubt.”

― Emma McLaughlin

“When I was 14 -years-old, I made this PowerPoint presentation, and I invited my parents into my room and gave them popcorn. It was called ‘Project Hollywood 2004’ and it worked. I moved to L.A. in January of 2004.”

― Emma Stone

“My parents are both very funny but they’re also relatively soft-spoken, normal human beings while I’m just a lunatic. I don’t know where this loud, ballsy, hammy ridiculousness came from. I’m just glad I followed my goals and my parents did too. It’s not like we even had a plan when I dragged my mom to Los Angeles.”

― Emma Stone

“I was very lucky with the parents I was blessed with. I don’t think it could have worked out any better. They’ve always been so understanding of me and understanding of what I want to do.”

― Emma Stone

“The last thing in the world my parents would want to do is get on a stage or do a movie. They would probably rather die. But they let me be who I was, and they supported me.”

― Emma Stone

“I didn’t come from a background of films. I didn’t even really ever watch films. The fact is, my parents weren’t into that stuff, and neither was I.”

― Emma Watson

“As a child, you are influenced by your parents’ actions.”

― Emmanuel Adebayor

“My parents sent me to Montreal because I kept getting kicked out of school in France.”

― Emmanuelle Beart

“As a child I was given the freedom to explore my passion for acting, but I also grew up in a home where there were a lot of rules. I didn’t have ‘yes’ parents.”

― Emmanuelle Chriqui

“My parents, especially my father, discussed the question of my brothers’ education as a matter of real importance. My education and that of my sister were scarcely discussed at all.”

― Emmeline Pankhurst

“I haven’t had a stationary home since going with the circus, but since my parents lived in Lafayette about 25 years ago and my sister lives here now, I always claim it as home.”

― Emmett Kelly

“I think we’re all a lot more like our parents than we want to admit.”

― Emmy Rossum

“I think I can be pretty focused, but as I say, it was more wanting to be the good student, seeing myself as a good student, and also, my parents had expectations. They wouldn’t have cared if I got a B or a C or even a D.”

― Emmylou Harris

“If you’re at uni just because your parents have said so… There’s a lot of success stories of people who have dropped out.”

― Eniola Aluko

“If both parents must work, I think it is more important that the mother has proximity to the child to therefore establish a childcare situation at the big corporations not once a day, but many times a day.”

― Eric Braeden

“My father’s parents were from Sardinia and my mother’s from Barcelona.”

― Eric Cantona

“I think I’m proudest of making my parents proud.”

― Eric Dickerson

“My wife and I are foster parents.”

― Eric Garcetti

“I mean you got to thank your parents for giving you the right genes.”

― Eric Heiden

“My parents genuinely loved Vienna, and in later years I learned from them why the city exerted a powerful hold on them and other Jews. My parents loved the dialect of Vienna, its cultural sophistication, and artistic values.”

― Eric Kandel

“My parents were not born in Vienna, but they had spent much of their lives there, having each come to the city at the beginning of World War I when they were still very young.”

― Eric Kandel

“I had great representatives looking out for my best interests and safety. They just happened to be my parents.”

― Eric Lindros

“I’m torn about late parenting. I believe people should spend their twenties living and having fun and not having any regrets later. I also think people in their thirties generally make better parents but so many of my friends are having trouble – myself included – as fathers get older.”

― Eric McCormack

“My parents moved to American Samoa when I was three or four years old. My dad was principal of a high school there. It was idyllic for a kid. I had a whole island for a backyard. I lived there until I was eight years old and we moved to Santa Barbara.”

― Eric Stoltz

“My parents worked really hard.”

― Eric Swalwell

“My parents are divorced, but they have and always are there for me. They’ve never missed a ball game or anything else I’ve done, and we’ve always been so close.”

― Eric Winter

“Parents must not only have certain ways of guiding by prohibition and permission, they must also be able to represent to the child a deep, almost somatic conviction that there is meaning in what they are doing.”

― Erik Erikson

“This happens to a lot of kids from different backgrounds – they lose a lot of their parents’ and grandparents’ teachings, language and culture because they have to deal with another language and culture 24/7. By the time I was 44, I was terrible at Spanish. I was always intimidated whenever I had to speak it.”

― Erik Estrada

“Musicians were always coming and going in our house. My parents didn’t play much, but they were forever arranging these parties for artists. As a result, they didn’t have to play that many records.”

― Erik Hassle

“Trying to find ideas is the hardest part of my job. You’d think it would be the most fun. Just sitting around reading whatever I want, going to cafes and libraries. But I always feel so unproductive. I think I was raised too well by my parents.”

― Erik Larson

“At about twelve I just knew, something clicked, and I knew I wanted to be an actor and my parents, to their credit, granted this 12 year old girl a chance to give it a try.”

― Erika Christensen

“I told my parents I wanted an agent, and they decided to let me have a go at it. Then I started working right away. I was 12.”

― Erika Christensen

“I think it’s a mother’s dream come true to see it work out that way. Not just the mother, but certainly parents, to know that their children have a very solid moral foundation and religious foundation.”

― Erika Slezak

“Our parents are beyond proud that we never sold out once and created something together.”

― Erin Foster

“We have really good parents, and even though they broke up when we were little, we were still raised by two people who had really good ethics. They were never going to let us turn into Paris Hilton. I think that it wasn’t really an option to become spoiled brats.”

― Erin Foster

“I blame my parents for never introducing me to good music.”

― Erin Foster

“We didn’t have parents who let us get away with anything. We grew up here with privilege, and we never got a D.U.I., we never went to rehab, we never got pregnant.”

― Erin Foster

“As a child I had dealt with a lot of loss and grief. I was constantly losing my parents, losing my home, constantly moving around, living with this stranger, that stepfather, or whatever.”

― Erin Gray

“I was going to show my kids that no matter what happened with their parents, parole officers and other teachers, I wouldn’t give up on them. I let them know it matters to me that you come to class, it matters to me that you try, it matters to me when you succeed.”

― Erin Gruwell

“I went to a private Jewish school before high school, and a lot of the kids had beautiful homes, but my parents don’t really care about those kinds of things.”

― Erin Heatherton

“Somewhere it is written that parents who are critical of other people’s children and publicly admit they can do better are asking for it.”

― Erma Bombeck

“The motives of these parents vary, many parents don’t like the curriculum being taught to their kids, or are wary of the threat of peer pressure or the presence of drugs or violence lurking in too many of our schools today.”

― Ernest Istook

“I remind everyone: Whether you school them at home or send them to school, you as a parent have the responsibility to make sure they learn and behave. Teachers and principals may help, but parents are the ones who must accept responsibility.”

― Ernest Istook

“Education begins at home and I applaud the parents who recognize that they – not someone else – must take responsibility to assure that their children are well educated.”

― Ernest Istook

“That other saying, I’m a part of all that I have met, I think that would have to begin with my wonderful parents back in Atlanta when I was a youngster five years old I was tongue tied.”

― Ernie Harwell

“The real cause of personal existence is not the favor of the Almighty, but the sexual love of one’s earthly parents.”

― Ernst Haeckel

“I’m not trying to win an award for being the best vegetarian, just want to be healthy. Take a salt bath. Do things that my parents were never able to do. I’m blessed to do anything I want, so I decide to take the best care of my body and my family in the same way. Holistically. Vitally.”

― Erykah Badu

“When you’re in a relationship you want it to work. My parents did, I did. But we are not taught how to make it work.”

― Erykah Badu

“My parents are extremely proud of me.”

― Esha Gupta

“Parents, raise your kids. Young men and women, raise your kids.”

― Estelle

“My parents are both scientists. They like order.”

― Esther Dyson

“When I was growing up, my parents put money into food, utility bills, and the mortgage.”

― Esther McVey

“I’m glad to take on the role of a domestic because many of your black leaders, your educators, your professionals came from domestic parents who made sacrifices to see that their children didn’t go through what they did.”

― Esther Rolle

“I maybe convinced my parents to let me cut school once, but definitely, in college, I cut school a lot.”

― Ethan Peck

“I was born in Manhattan on West 12th. My parents were kind of hippies and they did a home birth.”

― Ethan Suplee

“When we lost Bobby, I would wake up in the morning and think, ‘He’s OK. He’s in Heaven, and he’s with Jack and a lot of my brothers and sisters and my parents.’ So it made it very easy to get through the day thinking he was OK.”

― Ethel Kennedy

“I was born in my parents’ bedroom on January 16. The World Almanac says it was 1909. I say it was 1912. But what difference does it make as long as I feel 33?”

― Ethel Merman

“I was born near Bucharest, but my parents came to France a year later. We moved back to Romania when I was thirteen, and my world was shattered. I hated Bucharest, its society, and its mores – its anti-Semitism for example.”

― Eugene Ionesco

“I’d be lying to you if I said at 8 I went up to my parents and said, ‘Listen, I’m going to become an actor.’ That was not the case.”

― Eugene Simon

“Yes, we can make prudent choices as parents, but we can’t create an environment where there’s zero risk for our children. Not only is that impossible, I don’t think it’s desirable, either.”

― Eula Biss

“My parents have always said, ‘You’ll be so unhappy if you’re no more than your career, that it’s important to get out there and do things other than just your career.’”

― Eva Amurri

“If your child seems to click with another kid in the class, try to set up a time for you to meet at a park after school and get to know their parent. Seeing you be outgoing with the parents of other children will encourage your child to be open and active in their friendships, too!”

― Eva Amurri

“For a lot of children of immigrants, what happens is your parents want you to do something very linear that they can understand. I had an aptitude in sciences and never really questioned it.”

― Eva Chen

“But I also like to shower my parents with presents. I bought them a beautiful car and a house.”

― Eva Herzigova

“Attacking school segregation requires all hands on deck. We in the charter sector must move beyond our traditional comfort zone, serving disadvantaged students, and meet the demands of parents who have other high quality options.”

― Eva Moskowitz

“Suspensions convey the critical message to students and parents that certain behavior is inconsistent with being a member of the school community. Pretend suspensions, in which a student is allowed to remain in the school community, do not convey that message.”

― Eva Moskowitz

“Parents who don’t like Success should find a school they do like. For someone to enroll their child at Success and insist we change our model is like a person walking into a pizzeria and demanding sushi. If you want sushi, go to a sushi restaurant!”

― Eva Moskowitz

“For my book, ‘Age of Ambition,’ I spent time documenting, among other things, the trials of young Chinese strivers who are bombarded by pressures unlike those that their parents faced.”

― Evan Osnos

“As for Hollywood children, their social life can get a little overboard, just like their parents can. Living in town, you attend so many functions.”

― Eve Arden

“Don’t hold your parents up to contempt. After all, you are their son, and it is just possible that you may take after them.”

― Evelyn Waugh

“A lot of parents tell their children that if they want to be an actor, that’s fine, but they should do something else first, so they’ve got something to fall back on. It doesn’t work like that, as far as I’m concerned.”

― Ewan McGregor

“I never imagined it wouldn’t work out for me. I had that absolute certainty in myself that has seen me through, I think, and my parents were absolutely behind me all the way.”

― Ewan McGregor

“As parents, I think we’re always novices, and every day presents a new challenge.”

― Ewen Bremner

“Childhood vaccines are one of the great triumphs of modern medicine. Indeed, parents whose children are vaccinated no longer have to worry about their child’s death or disability from whooping cough, polio, diphtheria, hepatitis, or a host of other infections.”

― Ezekiel Emanuel

“For months, my parents had been trying to prepare me for the arrival of a real sibling. They had given me a doll to play with and encouraged me to take care of her. And when the baby, a little boy they named Rahm, finally arrived, they encouraged me to help take care of him, too.”

― Ezekiel Emanuel

“In the 1950s and 1960s, many parents were generally standoffish with their male children and acted as if they were raising a generation of would-be soldiers. I remember some of my friends’ parents who would shake their children’s hands at bedtime.”

― Ezekiel Emanuel

“Our parents deserve our honor and respect for giving us life itself. Beyond this they almost always made countless sacrifices as they cared for and nurtured us through our infancy and childhood, provided us with the necessities of life, and nursed us through physical illnesses and the emotional stresses of growing up.”

― Ezra Taft Benson

“I feel certain that if, in our homes, parents will read from the Book of Mormon prayerfully and regularly, both by themselves and with their children, the spirit of that great book will come to permeate our homes and all who dwell therein.”

― Ezra Taft Benson

“Some spiritually alert parents hold early-morning devotionals with their families in their homes. They have a hymn, prayer, and then read and discuss the Book of Mormon.”

― Ezra Taft Benson

“My parents separated when I was 2, and my dad always lived in Chicago and my mother in L.A. I’d go back and forth and sometimes spend the summer with my dad, but L.A. was home.”

― F. Gary Gray

“My parents always used to complain about my eating habits. I was different. I was wrong. Everything had to be plain or boiled. I was 14 before I ate pasta with tomato sauce. My dad would take me to the best restaurants, and all I would eat was rice with olive oil.”

― Fabio Lanzoni

“I haven’t actually spoken to my parents since the hurricane.”

― Faith Ford

“Being a parent to my daughters, son to my parents, and friends to many people, I would wish for a society that’s fair to everyone, that’s free of prejudice and as non-divisive as possible.”

― Farhan Akhtar

“My parents got put into jail, both my mom and my dad.”

― Farrah Abraham

“Nothing I have ever done has made my future worse, my parents’ life worse, my daughter’s life worse.”

― Farrah Abraham

“My parents are overweight, and I think the biggest problem we have in America is a lack of education. The place to start is with parents and teaching them to cook healthier.”

― Fat Joe

“It was good for us, I suppose. Those kinds of times produce qualities in us that make us better for having had them. My parents were not getting along. My mother was quite intolerant of friendships that were being developed.”

― Fay Wray

“The influence of one’s parents is powerful and permanent.”

― Faye Wattleton

“I am an American citizen born in Kuwait of Egyptian parents. I grew up in Great Britain, Malaysia, and Egypt and have lived in the United States since 1965, when I was seventeen.”

― Feisal Abdul Rauf

“I don’t think my parents would have let me go straight into acting full time when I was 12. I do like to have balance, naturally, as an individual.”

― Felicity Jones

“When I come home, I am literally the most popular person with my friends’ parents for doing ‘The Archers.’”

― Felicity Jones

“It was in India that I started my acting career, courtesy of my parents, long before I set foot on stage in England. They headed a company of travelling players performing Shakespeare up and down the land.”

― Felicity Kendal

“My parents always encouraged us to get an education and establish a profession. However, my brothers and I grew up with considerable freedom, whether it was saving or spending our tips from the restaurant or our career choices.”

― Ferid Murad

“I knew I wanted considerable education so that I wouldn’t have to work as hard as my parents.”

― Ferid Murad

“My parents are very similar to me.”

― Fernando Alonso

“My parents have supported me everywhere I’ve went: U.K. to Japan, NXT.”

― Finn Balor

“My parents owned a soul food diner. It inspired me to go to culinary school.”

― Flavor Flav

“I grew up being terrified of my parents, particularly my father figures.”

― Flea

“I can’t ignore what I grew up listening to. My parents used to listen to Michael Jackson non-stop. They used to listen to Luther Vandross, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder.”

― Fleur East

“The main reason I wanted to be successful was to get out of the ghetto. My parents helped direct my path.”

― Florence Griffith Joyner

“My parents used to play me this album when I couldn’t go to sleep. It was called ‘Deep Forest.’ I think it was a self-titled record. It’s actually still one of my favorite albums of all time.”

― Flume

“I think that cinema and the arts are central in our lives because we grow up and learn about the world through our exposure to stories. Parents use them as a tool to teach their children fundamental truths and values, much as adults can view them to gain exposure to cultures and individuals that they’d never be able to view in their own lives.”

― Forest Whitaker

“Would-be adoptive parents have to struggle for years through a bureaucratic obstacle course at an average cost of $30,000.”

― Foster Friess

“The United Nations Children’s Fund reports that more than 18 million children worldwide have lost both parents to the ravages of AIDS, starvation, war or natural disasters.”

― Foster Friess

“When I was a kid, I would make these incredibly bloody movies in my back yard. I was constantly making weird blood concoctions; Jell-O and milk was a good one. I was constantly ruining clothes and staining my parents’ walls and stuff.”

― Fran Kranz

“I’m very lucky because my eyes work with almost any hair color. Thanks for the genetics, parents.”

― Frances Bean Cobain

“I’m famous by default. I came out of the womb, and people wanted to know who I was because of my parents.”

― Frances Bean Cobain

“If you’re a big Nirvana fan, a big Hole fan, then I understand why you would want to get to know me, but I’m not my parents.”

― Frances Bean Cobain

“When you lose a spouse, you’re a widow or widower; when you lose your parents, you’re an orphan. When you lose a child, there’s no word in the English language for that position, that place that you’re left.”

― Frances McDormand

“My name is Frances Louise McDormand, formerly known as Cynthia Ann Smith. I was born in Gibson City, Ill., in 1957. I identify as gender-normative, heterosexual, and white-trash American. My parents were not white trash. My birth mother was white trash.”

― Frances McDormand

“I was quietly rebellious. My parents thought I was very good but secretly I did things like saying I was staying in one place and going somewhere else instead. My older sister was openly rebellious and would tell my parents where to go, but I never did that.”

― Frances O’Connor

“I worry that some politicians still think we are living in the 1950s where the man is the main breadwinner and the woman works for pin money. Actually, most families where there are two parents depend on two incomes to get by.”

― Frances O’Grady

“My parents were hugely supportive like that. I was always the best – it’s so embarrassing, isn’t it? I was always the best at everything.”

― Francesca Annis

“I love Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton. I also love more cerebral poets like H.D. and Emily Dickinson. My parents subscribed to a monthly poetry periodical, and as a teenager I was introduced to Denise Levertov, who was an influence.”

― Francesca Lia Block

“To the children of yesterday, who have grown up and become parents, and to the children of today, who perhaps shout ‘Tottigol,’ I’d like to think that, for you, my career has become a fairytale for you to pass on.”

― Francesco Totti

“For me, at least with my parents, I feel that they wanted me to have all the opportunities that they did not have, and for them, that meant going to private school.”

― Franchesca Ramsey

“I’m very fortunate to have a husband and friends and family that are super supportive of my career in all aspects. I do so many different things, it’s really nice to have a support network that includes him and my parents and my friends that encourage me to continue to work towards whatever it is that I want to do.”

― Franchesca Ramsey

“No matter when you were born or where, puberty is the same. It’s the same for your parents as it is for you – what’s happening in your body dictates everything.”

― Francine Pascal

“The joys of parents are secret, and so are their grieves and fears.”

― Francis Bacon

“Parents are supposed to instruct their kids. It doesn’t mean they necessarily have that gift of teaching.”

― Francis Chan

“My parents had a factory, so I was linked to the textile and fashion industry.”

― Francisco Costa

“I was a very lucky child because at the age of 16, 17 years old, my parents would buy me clothes from Yves Saint Laurent, which was an incredible luxury at the time, but I was attracted to that whole world. I had a pretty nice little wardrobe by the age of 17.”

― Francois Nars

“The most important thing that parents can teach their children is how to get along without them.”

― Frank A. Clark

“Unlike most divorces, where the children were usually the first to know, my parents were very good about keeping that a secret.”

― Frank Abagnale

“I was just a guy who ran away from home at 16 because my parents were getting a divorce and the judge was making me choose which parent to live with. I didn’t want to make that choice. I ended up in New York City.”

― Frank Abagnale

“Christopher Walken and Nathalie Baye played my parents so well that I really thought I was in my living room at Christmas. My mother couldn’t have been played more correctly.”

― Frank Abagnale

“If I wanted to lay down a baby con, I could say I was the product of a broken home. But I’d only be bum-rapping my parents.”

― Frank Abagnale

“I have always been a singer, a writer, and a musician, not as a prodigy or as in a trade handed to me by my parents, but because of an inner voice or maybe a command from beyond reality as it is usually defined.”

― Frank Black

“My parents got married when they were 16, and they never had any money.”

― Frank Grillo

“I never wanted to be a puppeteer. I stopped puppeteering when I was about 18. I puppeteered when I was eleven years old to 18 to make extra money to go to Europe, which I made half of and my parents gave me half.”

― Frank Oz

“A ‘live’ show is either alive or not. Free speech is free or it is not. Viewers are free to use their remote or TiVo. Parents are responsible or they are not.”

― Frank Pierson

“No one, however powerful and successful, can function as an adult if his parents are not satisfied with him.”

― Frank Pittman

“Each generation’s job is to question what parents accept on faith, to explore possibilities, and adapt the last generation’s system of values for a new age.”

― Frank Pittman

“Parents can make us distrust ourselves. To them, we seem always to be works-in-progress.”

― Frank Pittman

“My particular historical vantage point is a product of my upbringing as that odd duck, a native Washingtonian whose parents were not in government. The first presidential transition of my sentient lifetime, Kennedy’s, I remember vividly.”

― Frank Rich

“I think it is that parents just don’t kick their kids out the door as much as they used to. I think the demise of sandlot sports has had a lot to do with it.”

― Frank Shorter

“I come from good stock. Both of my parents are big – my dad is a big guy; my mom is a big lady.”

― Frank Thomas

“I always performed when I was a child. My parents got very annoyed, because my brother and I had our little bedrooms upstairs, and I would plaster the house with posters with arrows pointing upstairs.”

― Franka Potente

“I had an American boyfriend, went to football games, tennis tournaments, and to my prom. I was so serious about my American boyfriend that I brought him back to Germany with me to visit my parents. They were horrified.”

― Franka Potente

“When I was 18, I borrowed my parents’ car, and they are super supportive. They might give us snacks for the road, but it’s not like they are paying clubs to book us.”

― Frankie Cosmos

“I was seeing kids my age playing shows at their parents’ houses or the couple of all-ages venues that existed. I feel like I saw so many different kinds of music that I wouldn’t have discovered on my own.”

― Frankie Cosmos

“My parents listened to a lot of James Taylor and Hall and Oates. My mom and I used to listen to Liz Phair and Indigo Girls a lot in the car, too.”

― Frankie Cosmos

“My parents have both done some music stuff. My family was very artist-friendly, so that was encouraging.”

― Frankie Cosmos

“As parents, we have kids who reflect back to us our addiction to devices, and we have all sorts of worries about whether this is a healthy thing.”

― Franklin Foer

“My parents married in 1959 and came to Amsterdam on honeymoon. That was a huge thing, event, for them. Now my children fly off for the weekend to Riga, Prague, or Barcelona.”

― Frans Timmermans

“My parents had broken through the shackles of dogma.”

― Franz Boas

“Tyranny or slavery, born of selfishness, are the two educational methods of parents; all gradations of tyranny or slavery.”

― Franz Kafka

“My father came from Germany. My mom came from Venezuela. My father’s culturally German, but his father was Japanese. I was raised in New York and spent two years in Rio. My parents met at the University of Southern Mississippi, and they had me there, and then we moved to New York. I’m not very familiar with Mississippi.”

― Fred Armisen

“I was impersonating people way, way, way early, as far back as I can remember. And I would do people on my street for my parents, I remember. And in school, I did the same thing with all the teachers. It was just like, I mean, it was something I loved to do. I don’t think there was a time when I wasn’t doing it. I was always doing it.”

― Fred Armisen

“Taking a child to the toy store is the nearest thing to a death wish parents can have.”

― Fred G. Gosman

“A child who has never fantasized about having other parents is seriously lacking in imagination.”

― Fred G. Gosman

“Before the war, my parents were very proud people. They’d always talk about Japan and also about the samurai and things like that. Right after Pearl Harbor, they were just real quiet. They kept to themselves; they were afraid to talk about what could happen. I assume they knew that nothing good would come out of it.”

― Fred Korematsu

“Parents are like shuttles on a loom. They join the threads of the past with threads of the future and leave their own bright patterns as they go.”

― Fred Rogers

“I saw this new thing called television, and I saw people throwing pies in each other’s faces, and I thought, ‘This could be a wonderful tool for education! Why is it being used this way?’ So I said to my parents, ‘You know, I don’t think I’ll go into seminary right away. I think I’ll go into television.’”

― Fred Rogers

“I’ve got a pretty close bond with everyone in my family. I’ve got a brother and a sister whom I’m very close to, and my parents have always been the world’s best parents.”

― Freddie Stroma

“We take a lot of pictures with fans, and when they walk away, their parents say, ‘Who was that?’”

― Freddie Wong

“My sister and I were born in San Francisco. When our parents died, we came down here to live with relatives.”

― Freddy Fender

“My mum had me brought up by nannies and governesses. I didn’t have much to do with my parents until I was 21.”

― Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark

“I was fortunate to grow up in a middle-class home with two hardworking parents who enjoyed both reading and mathematics.”

― Freeman A. Hrabowski III

“I think the ’70s are always inspiring to me. I was born then, so I have a lot of memories about how my parents were and what kinds of movies I was watching.”

― Frida Giannini

“When she became very ill with heart trouble, I saw that it would be impossible for my parents to provide for my studies, and I obtained their permission to go to sea to make a career for myself there.”

― Fritz Sauckel

“I grew up in New York till I was 5, and I remember going to see ‘Annie’ and some musicals as a kid, and I remember my parents being somewhat okay with us watching ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show,’ which, it boggles my mind that they allowed me to watch it.”

― Gabriel Macht

“My parents would have loved it if my brother or I had become a doctor or lawyer.”

― Gabriel Macht

“That was my dream, to compete against the best surfers in the best waves. But as a kid, it all seemed so unattainable. It was this big dream, but deep down I never thought it could really happen. But my parents always believed I could do it, and they helped me get through all the stages and take all the right steps.”

― Gabriel Medina

“I still love records, and I’ve been fortunate that my parents bought me a record player so I didn’t just have my vinyls to stare at!”

― Gabrielle Aplin

“My parents are music fans, even though neither of them play an instrument. I was exposed to their record collection, so I love everything from Joni Mitchell to Bruce Springsteen.”

― Gabrielle Aplin

“I just thought acting would be something to help out with my student loans, but my first year as an actress, I made more money than my parents. That’s when I realized it could turn into a career. After that, I put everything I had into it.”

― Gabrielle Union

“Our parents all experimented with raising us in a fairly loose, unorthodox way. A huge emphasis was placed on creativity, and our artistic efforts were never dismissed as childish. There was a sense that we – kids and grown-ups – all had the potential to make something of value. Our drawings were not simply destined for the refrigerator.”

― Gaby Hoffmann

“As someone who escaped religious persecution in Lebanon and whose parents were kidnapped in Beirut, I fully support the protection of all individuals from institutional discrimination. That said, I am weary of the ethos of victimhood that has parasitized our culture.”

― Gad Saad

“I was little there were times I wanted my parents to be normal. I wanted them to have a religion. I wanted them to have a job, like the parents of every other kid I went to school with.”

― Gael Garcia Bernal

“My parents separated when I was very small. I grew up with my mother, and I was a single child then. She was very independent, doing her things and having fun alone and working.”

― Gael Garcia Bernal

“My story about becoming an actor is a completely non-romantic one. I became an actor because my parents were actors, and it seemed like a very… I knew I was going to act all my life, but I didn’t know that I was going to be a professional actor. I thought I was just going to work as an actor every now and then.”

― Gael Garcia Bernal

“There was a time when my parents had to sell off a plot of land so that I can buy a rifle for competitive tournaments. After that we stayed in a rented house for the next 15 years.”

― Gagan Narang

“I have a very vivid memory of the way my parents spoke, and the 50’s that I grew up in are closer to the 20’s, I think, than today in many, many ways.”

― Gail Carson Levine

“The economic sense of possibility was so great when I was growing up that my parents had no question that I could do anything I wanted to do, even as a girl. I’ve always believed that the economics of a story intersects with the women’s story – that stuff often happens at the time it happens because of the economy.”

― Gail Collins

“My parents’ marriage was very rocky. They were always arguing. When they split up when I was in my 20s, my brother and I were both delighted because we knew they weren’t good for each other.”

― Gail Porter

“Parents are trying to be friends with their kids rather than draw the line and tell them what proper public behavior would be.”

― Gallagher

“I always travel with my coach and with my physio. And then when I’m in Europe, my parents, maybe they come to events.”

― Garbine Muguruza

“Conversations between parents and kids are important – about race issues, about all kinds of things, about heritage.”

― Garcelle Beauvais

“My parents split up when I was 3 years old, and I lived with my mother.”

― Garcelle Beauvais

“You go to a theater now and you literally see parents watching the movie and they suddenly cover their kid’s ears. I figured I’d make one movie where they didn’t have to do this.”

― Garry Marshall

“My first name, with the rare two-r spelling, came from a sportswriter named Garry Schumacher. My parents didn’t know him personally, but my mother liked the spelling.”

― Garry Marshall

“I have spent a lot of time studying the issue of relationships, how I grew up, my parents’ influence on me. I’ve talked to a therapist,; I’ve looked inward spiritually at myself, and what it seems to come down to is that I’m a Sagittarius. Please don’t make me reveal more than that. It’s tough enough as it is.”

― Garry Shandling

“I grew up in a house full of books and parents who read, which led to me to reading from a very young age. And reading seemed to naturally progress to writing.”

― Garth Nix

“My dad, of course, like a lot of Asian parents, wanted me to be an engineer or doctor and never could understand why I would want to be a lawyer. And then, when I first said I wanted to run for office, he thought that was absolutely insane.”

― Gary Locke

“I was a loner as a child and happiest at home, launching toy rockets and aeroplanes. When I started causing trouble in my third year at grammar school, Mum was really surprised. My parents sent me to a child psychologist, who suggested I might have Asperger’s syndrome.”

― Gary Numan

“I have one brother, John, an airline pilot, who is seven years younger. He’s adopted, though we’re still blood related – he’s my cousin. My parents couldn’t have any more children after me, so when Dad’s brother died, they adopted John, then just a baby.”

― Gary Numan

“My parents were brutal to each other, so I slept in the basement by an old coal-fired furnace. I became a street kid. Occasionally, I’d live with aunts or uncles, then I’d run away to live in the woods, trapping and hunting game to survive. The wilderness pulled at me; still does.”

― Gary Paulsen

“The reason we love our parents is because they loved us first. Every single company should take this advice.”

― Gary Vaynerchuk

“When I was 17 or 18 I wanted to become a wine expert, and my parents wouldn’t let me drink. So I was devastated. All I could do was read, and I read and I read. And I’d read something like, you know, ‘Subtle hints of cassis.’”

― Gary Vaynerchuk

“I auditioned at four different colleges. When I got into the University of Michigan, my parents said, ‘Okay, maybe you do have talent.’”

― Gavin Creel

“Cory Booker grew up rich in an all-white suburb. He’s basically a white guy. His parents were very wealthy executives at IBM.”

― Gavin McInnes

“My brother and I were separated when I was a child; we went with different parents.”

― Gavin O’Connor

“Being a dad is like – there’s nothing more important. So the exploration of that in stories, with parents and fathers and brothers, siblings, I just think that you’re always in the terrain of love, whether it’s absence of love or the giving of love or the desire for love.”

― Gavin O’Connor

“My parents are both from Vermont, very old-fashioned New England. We heated our house with wood my father chopped. My mom grew all of our food. We were very underexposed to everything.”

― Geena Davis

“I have a Web site that parents and girls can use to learn about Title IX and take action if they find their school is not in compliance. Thirty years after Title IX passed, 80 percent of schools are not in compliance.”

― Geena Davis

“Our parents faced more hardship than us. They didn’t stop us from training despite hearing the taunts from the people in the village. We were fortunate to have parents like them.”

― Geeta Phogat

“My father, once he has decided on something, doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks. All the men in our family swore at him for training us. His parents said he was mad. But he didn’t listen.”

― Geeta Phogat

“When Aamir Khan was in Haryana, we met him and he was very respectful to my parents.”

― Geeta Phogat

“I want to tell the students to follow their heart and respect their parents and teachers as they are their ultimate gurus.”

― Geeta Phogat

“It’s important for parents to be strict if you want the kids to succeed.”

― Geeta Phogat

“Visiting Spain does not excite me as much as making my parents proud does.”

― Geeta Phogat

“I hope Indian parents will allow girls to choose their own destiny.”

― Geeta Phogat

“I liked helping my parents, feeling useful, feeling smart.”

― Geisha Williams

“My parents are wonderful, practical, sensible people, and the expectation was that I would study something academic.”

― Gemma Chan

“My parents thought they were getting an accountant and a lawyer. Instead, they ended up with a PR and an actress.”

― Gemma Chan

“Even if your parents don’t have Alzheimer’s or aren’t in a wheelchair, your parents get old – if you’re lucky to have parents who live for a long time. It’s a challenge, and it’s difficult and lovely and touching and awful and ghastly and real.”

― Gemma Jones

“Things parents say to children are oftentimes not heard, but in some cases you pick up on things that your parent would like to see you have done.”

― Gene Hackman

“Immigrant parents dream that their children will find a place in their new home, and they willingly suffer hardships in service to that dream. That was certainly true of my parents.”

― Gene Luen Yang

“One of the things we have to remember about the poorest countries in the world is that parents, extremely poor parents, are making the choice of whether to send their girls to school. And they are struggling with lack of water, lack of firewood, and lack of care for their youngest children. And those burdens fall on the girls.”

― Gene Sperling

“I know I can’t eat whatever I want and look the way I want, so you need to work for it. I give credit to Pilates and my parents’ good genes.”

― Genesis Rodriguez

“I’m sort of a Southerner because those are my roots, but my parents are from Iowa.”

― Geneva Carr

“I have a few homes. I have my family home in Adelaide where my parents and my brothers and sisters are, and I have a few friends and my place where I used to live in Sydney, and then my husband and our family in London, so… I’m from everywhere and nowhere.”

― Genevieve O’Reilly

“In two-parent households, women have increasingly entered the workplace, and in single-parent households, there is even more of a need for the adults to work. That means parents do not fully control their own schedule and have to scramble to find high-quality after-school options.”

― Geoffrey Canada

“This is what happens when you are on the wrong side of 40. Young adults, who could be your children, are now working with you. I was playing their parents or mentor. I started to think: Oh, I am not part of that group any more.”

― Geoffrey Rush

“Parents don’t take a baby’s temperature to decide whether the room is too warm; likewise, for global warming, we need a story that spurs us to do what is necessary.”

― George Akerlof

“I did school plays, and then, at the age of 18, I applied to drama school in London, and I got in. I’ve been very lucky that no one so far has stopped me from being able to live my dream – the industry or my parents.”

― George Blagden

“Indecision and delays are the parents of failure.”

― George Canning

“When I hear music that parents hate, or older musicians hate, I know that’s the new music. When I hear older people saying, ‘I hate Rap or Techno’ I rush to it.”

― George Clinton

“You can rebel against everything adults say. When I want to find out what the new music is, I find out what parents hate.”

― George Clinton

“My parents were disappointed I didn’t finish college, and they were really upset when I went to Hollywood to become an actor. I was a big disappointment to them.”

― George Clooney

“I’m so lucky to have been raised the way I have, because my parents believed that everyone had the right to their own feelings, opinions, and existence; as long as they weren’t harming others, you had to defend those rights.”

― George Clooney

“My parents separated soon after I was born, so I left Helsinki when I was a year old. My mother took me to Paris and then other places throughout Western Europe.”

― George Gaynes

“The 1960s were big for folk music, and the Kingston Trio led the way. They were the ones who started it all. The music was fresh and alive. College kids loved it and their parents did, too.”

― George Grove

“My parents were very poor, but we never felt any sense of need or want. It was a very close, loving, tightly-knit family growing up, and I never felt any sense of deprivation or anything like that.”

― George J. Mitchell

“My father was the orphaned son of immigrants to the United States from Ireland. My father never knew his parents. His mother died – we’re not sure – either at or shortly after his birth, and he and all of his siblings were placed in orphanages in the Boston area.”

― George J. Mitchell

“I really owe everything to my parents and their devotion and drive to see to it that their children had the education which led to the opportunities that they never were able to have.”

― George J. Mitchell

“From my parents, I learned a very strong work ethic, and all of my brothers and sisters all worked from the earliest days of life right through to the present time.”

― George J. Mitchell

“Maybe the perceived fact that smart, rich parents tended to have smart, rich kids was largely due to the fact that they also tended to have stay-at-home moms or nannies who read to their kids, held them, put mobiles over their cribs, playing those annoying ditties, and sent them off for SAT training at six months.”

― George Kaiser

“Those who have won the ovarian lottery by being born in an advanced society to loving parents have a special obligation to help restore the American Dream.”

― George Kaiser

“Rich, smart parents tend to have rich, smart kids – not because it’s genetic but because they can create a home environment and sensory stimulation that lower-income kids often don’t get.”

― George Kaiser

“I guess I’m taking for granted how open my parents are.”

― George MacKay

“I never really told my parents that I wanted to be a pop star or anything. They just knew that I was totally obsessed with music. Funnily enough, my father always used to say that he didn’t think I could sing.”

― George Michael

“I think the mix of narrative and analysis that the ‘New Yorker’ requires is a perfect expression of what my parents each gave me.”

― George Packer

“Parents lend children their experience and a vicarious memory; children endow their parents with a vicarious immortality.”

― George Santayana

“The outcome can truly determine whether our homes will be destroyed, whether our children will be torn from their mothers, trained as conspirators and turned against their parents, their home and their church.”

― George Smathers

“Both my parents instilled an interest in science and mathematics.”

― George Smoot

“I believe education should be a right for every child, but tragically in many parts of world it is a privilege for certain children whose parents have money. There are 72 million children in the world who don’t go to school and many of them are in Africa.”

― George Weah

“The reason why the Son of God took upon him our nature, was, the fall of our first parents.”

― George Whitefield

“Some parents say it is toy guns that make boys warlike. But give a boy a rubber duck and he will seize its neck like the butt of a pistol and shout ‘Bang!’”

― George Will

“Perhaps the soundest advice for parents is: Lighten up. People have been raising children for approximately as long as there have been people.”

― George Will

“Only recently – about five minutes ago, relative to the long-running human comedy – have parents been driving themselves to distraction by taking too seriously the idea that ‘as the twig is bent the tree’s inclined.’”

― George Will

“Fame is a weird thing. I think maybe I learned to never get too big for your boots. Keep your feet on the ground and keep your head down and work hard – that’s probably what I learned from my parents more than anything. Remain generous and kind, and have humility.”

― Georgia King

“My parents never really lecture me.”

― Georgia May Jagger

“I think when your parents are as rebellious as mine were, it’s difficult to top them. So what’s the point?”

― Georgia May Jagger

“I’m quite dyslexic in school. My dad let me figure out what I wanted to do on my own. My parents never really lecture me.”

― Georgia May Jagger

“When I went on tour with my father, I knew he was a musician. But they were my parents. I still think of my mum as being kind of a dork – a cooler one, but still a dork.”

― Georgia May Jagger

“I’m like a middle-aged person; when my friends go on about modern bands, I don’t know what they are talking about. I’m into rock n’ roll, like Jimi Hendrix. Not so much because of my parents, who used to play a lot of Nina Simone and older blues, but my brother and sister.”

― Georgia May Jagger

“Both my parents loved words. That was the big deal in our house.”

― Geraldine Brooks

“My parents didn’t have records, they didn’t have radios, and they didn’t listen to music. My grandmother was my main connection to art and music. She could play piano very well, and she had perfect pitch.”

― Gerard Way

“In California, where you’re allowed to drive at 16, you get so much freedom with that. It’s a freedom to get outside of your parents’ house and to do bad things.”

― Gia Coppola

“Food was always a big part of my life. My grandfather was one of 14 kids, and his parents had a pasta factory, so as a kid, he and his siblings would sell pasta door to door. After he became a movie producer, he opened up De Laurentiis Food Stores – one in Los Angeles and one in New York.”

― Giada De Laurentiis

“My mom was a model. She met my dad when he was building the Ritz-Carlton in Colorado and she was modeling there. Although we were very blessed, my parents never wanted us to believe we didn’t have to work. They didn’t want us to think that our situation would get us through life.”

― Gigi Hadid

“My parents and I didn’t speak for 10 years. It took a long time to rebuild that relationship.”

― Gilbert Baker

“The relation between parents and children is essentially based on teaching.”

― Gilbert Highet

“My parents weren’t into fashion. I didn’t have an eccentric granny who mixed lace mantillas with tweed.”

― Giles Deacon

“In my case, I was born to parents who were very young, and I don’t think they were entirely ready to have a child. My dad was going to college and working two or three jobs at the same time, and my mum was working and going to school.”

― Gillian Anderson

“It’s up to each person’s parents whether they think it’s too frightening or too violent, how much their kids can handle, what they want to teach them, what they want to show them.”

― Gina Philips

“I grew up with white parents, and until after college, it was a lot of confusion, especially because I grew up in an all-white area. So I never looked around and saw anyone who looked like me.”

― Gina Prince-Bythewood

“Being an actress wasn’t realistic. I knew that I was going to have to do it in a way that would speak to my parents. So I went to NYU Tisch School of the Arts for theater, and I studied at the conservatory.”

― Gina Rodriguez

“Parents just want their baby to be happy and healthy, and we’re giving every ounce of ourselves to do that.”

― Ginger Zee

“I grew up with Scientology – my parents at one point were clerical. It’s a pragmatic philosophy, not merely a belief system. Yeah, it’s had media exposure because certain luminaries do Scientology, but millions of people do it who are not celebrities. It’s not a threat or some cult.”

― Giovanni Ribisi

“I’m very nurturing. I come from a large family, and my parents were loving. But the most important thing for me as a mum is to keep my word. When I say no, I mean no.”

― Gisele Bundchen

“With the first money I got, I built my parents a house back home, gave them a string of credit cards, and said ‘Go.’”

― Glen Campbell

“My parents believe in the happy endings to the stories of their children.”

― Glen Duncan

“For a long time, I’d wanted to write a book that I would be proud and happy and psychologically and morally comfortable about my parents’ reading.”

― Glen Duncan

“I was blessed by my parents and my antecedents by a very strong work ethic. I mean, being a Member of Parliament is 24/7, just as much as when you’re actually doing a play. It’s not quite 24/7, but it’s the work that counts.”

― Glenda Jackson

“The last two years with the Eagles were pretty intense times. There was a lot of drinking and we were all getting high a lot. My parents were relieved when I got off the Eagles treadmill.”

― Glenn Frey

“My advice for men who aren’t yet parents is to make sure you’re a happy person before having a baby.”

― Glenn Kelman

“Being Latin parents makes us extremely expressive with our affections.”

― Gloria Estefan

“When I was little, I knew that I was not adopted, but I actually imagined and hoped that I was – and that my real parents were going to come get me.”

― Gloria Steinem

“In Sweden, both parents take care of the children.”

― Gloria Steinem

“I feel sure that unborn babies pick their parents.”

― Gloria Swanson

“Computers shouldn’t be parents, but they are. Please, spend time with your kids. If you don’t want to, then I don’t want to. It might hurt you to discipline your offspring, but it saves the child from being disciplined later by someone less forgiving. Like a criminal court judge. If you don’t spank your child, someone else will.”

― GloZell

“There are some parents who always have their daughter’s hair whipped. Mine wasn’t always like that, but I appreciate that both my parents were into me having natural hair, so they did find Anota Scott, who I was going to for my cornrows and wrapping last year and a couple years before that.”

― Goapele

“My parents always supported me, but I was put to task. My father thought when I sang, I was sharp; my mother was upset when I wasn’t in the first line at recitals.”

― Goldie Hawn

“In my life, my parents wanted me to be a musician, I was supposed to go to Vienna to study piano. But this train wanted to go in another direction.”

― Golshifteh Farahani

“Although we didn’t have much when I was growing up in Split, Croatia, my parents always tried to ensure that my sister and I had the things we needed, and it was enough for us.”

― Goran Ivanisevic

“Parents have no greater responsibility in this world than the bringing up of their children in the right way, and they will have no greater satisfaction as the years pass than to see those children grow in integrity and honesty and make something of their lives.”

― Gordon B. Hinckley

“We live in a world of shifting values. The family is falling apart. Parents failing in what they ought to do.”

― Gordon B. Hinckley

“A lot of people influenced me as I was learning, but probably Bing Crosby was the most influential because I would hear his Christmas albums, which my parents played a lot.”

― Gordon Lightfoot

“Digital intimacy ruins the appetite for the real thing. So, when kids are gaming or even when spouses are gaming, they lose their appetite for genuine intimacy. Kids lose their appetite for getting their intimacy needs, their hunger for significance and attachment, with the family, and it erodes the relationship between them and their parents.”

― Gordon Neufeld

“Parents are the designated caregivers and are best suited for being able to raise children.”

― Gordon Neufeld

“I started my career in parent education with the idea that we needed to let our kids go. I believed that parents were suffocating for their children. There was no room for individuality and personhood.”

― Gordon Neufeld

“We have lost sight of nature’s role in the whole process of maturation and growing up. Parents and nature are a team. And nature can’t go on without the parental role of being able to foster individuality and viability unless the attachment needs are fully met.”

― Gordon Neufeld

“Peer attachments are not the problem themselves. It’s when they compete with adult attachments that the problems emerge. It’s just like when siblings get attached to each other. If they start revolving around each other, then the parents can’t do anything with them because it’s a competing attachment.”

― Gordon Neufeld

“All children alarm their parents, if only because you are forever expecting to encounter yourself.”

― Gore Vidal

“I am thankful to my audience, parents, and the media who have supported me over the years.”

― Govinda

“I’m just lucky to have great parents. My sister’s an actress. My brother’s a musician. I found it hard growing up in such a… creatively driven family. I wanted to have this thing to create, myself.”

― Grace Gummer

“I was a go-go dancer, too. I called myself ‘Grace Mendoza’ to fool my parents.”

― Grace Jones

“Even if I aspired to be in showbiz, I felt physically inadequate being compared to my parents.”

― Grace Poe

“My parents raised me on Spooky Tooth and The Band, Derek and the Dominoes, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, all that stuff. Rock n’ roll was just in my subconscious.”

― Grace Potter

“With my childhood and growing up in a very free place where my parents were artists and always encouraging me to explore, you wouldn’t think I was locked up in my own mind, but I was.”

― Grace Potter

“My parents were very open about what kind of talent I had. They never pushed me to become an accountant because they knew that would be just absolutely ridiculous. So they were encouraging in what I am able to do with some success.”

― Grace Slick

“I don’t imagine my parents are too excited about my kind of life. The surrounding weirdness bothers them. Still, I think they’re pretty good. Their lives are based on what their friends think, just like ours are.”

― Grace Slick

“Too many people try to please their parents. My parents were Republicans, which is too bad, but they allowed me to be who I wanted to be.”

― Grace Slick

“My parents grew up working class, but in that way that working class families do, they spent a fortune on education to better me.”

― Graham Norton

“I never learned music. I’m quite uneducated, and usually I sat in front of the TV, with soap operas on, in England. It was very inspiring for me, I’d done all this traveling around, I came back living with my parents, everyone around me was like they’re living in a soap opera.”

― Graham Parker

“My parents walked in on me Googling ‘agents for kids’ when I was 9.”

― Graham Phillips

“I was a quiet, nerdy kid living in the Bronx. I spent most of my teens in my room, taking apart electrical items to figure out how they worked before putting them back together, and listening to the music my four older sisters and parents played.”

― Grandmaster Flash

“When I was younger, even though I had a big brother, my parents would give me the house key every day.”

― Granit Xhaka

“One of the most revealing details about my parents is that they only got together three months before my dad’s arrest.”

― Granit Xhaka

“Each month from our income – we have a separate account, obviously – we give 80 percent of it to our parents back home.”

― Granit Xhaka

“It has become an accepted tenet that kids will rarely listen to their parents but seldom fail to imitate them. Communicating the message has never been a good substitute for ‘showing up’ and embodying the message.”

― Greg Boyle

“Growing up with Bronx Irish parents during an era of protests against the status quo, I was especially committed to doing the opposite of what I was told to do. Forty-four years later, I am left with only one means of making a living: comedy.”

― Greg Fitzsimmons

“I was 12 when my parents told me we were moving to Lebanon. I remember thinking, ‘Leba-who?’ I had absolutely no concept of the place.”

― Greg Kinnear

“I used to trapshoot. I was actually a junior national champion. My parents are trapshooters, so I’m more into target stuff.”

― Greg LeMond

“I owe a lot to my parents, especially by mother and my father.”

― Greg Norman

“My team are incredible, and I have the most amazing parents and beautiful girlfriend in the world.”

― Greg Rutherford

“My parents were great at making sure I got out of bed when I needed to play football on a Sunday morning and that I was ready after school to go to training on a Tuesday and Thursday. But it was never forced upon me or rammed down my throat. If it had been, I could have ended up hating sport.”

― Greg Rutherford

“It will be good fun finding out what sport baby’s good at; perhaps it will be something obscure. My parents were fantastic at taking me to training sessions and letting me try lots of different sports, so I want to do the same.”

― Greg Rutherford

“If ‘Star Wars’ wasn’t enough to prepare me for a dark future, there was the ‘Planet of the Apes’ franchise, conveniently repeated for me in Los Angeles on KABC’s Channel Seven 3:30 movie. Apes enslaving humans! Mutants with boils and an atom bomb! Ape riots in Century City! They killed baby Caesar’s parents!”

― Greg van Eekhout

“I’m a trained architect. Both my parents were architects.”

― Greg Wise

“In the transmission of human culture, people always attempt to replicate, to pass on to the next generation the skills and values of the parents, but the attempt always fails because cultural transmission is geared to learning, not DNA.”

― Gregory Bateson

“Certainly I see no reason why society should prevent grieving parents from having a baby cloned from the cells of a dead child if they wish.”

― Gregory Benford

“I moved up over Lower East Side and I was adopted by eight foster parents; I lived all over New York City with these parents, man, till I was about ten years old.”

― Gregory Corso

“My brother still lives in the house my parents owned in Fairborn. I go back there a lot to visit friends and keep my connection to the National Museum of the Air Force and my membership with the Dayton Engineers Club.”

― Gregory H. Johnson

“I don’t remember not dancing. When I realized I was alive and these were my parents, and I could walk and talk, I could dance.”

― Gregory Hines

“As parents, we’re human beings, too, but sometimes we’re not as understanding as we’d like to be.”

― Gregory Hines

“I’m a product of public housing. My parents grew up poor, but their dream was to own a home.”

― Gregory Meeks

“I have done everything I can to make sure my daughter knows her father because you form your own identity by rebelling against your parents – but first you have to know them.”

― Greta Scacchi

“My parents took a fairly liberal approach at raising me, always encouraging me to be creative and free-thinking.”

― GRiZ

“My parents were founders of the Cuban Communist Party, and I grew up extremely poor.”

― Guillermo Cabrera Infante

“I remember my parents taking me to see ‘The Exorcist’ in theaters when I was really young. They’re Cuban and didn’t really speak English, so I don’t think they got that it was a movie about a girl possessed by the devil.”

― Guillermo Diaz

“I’m Cuban. My parents are immigrants.”

― Guillermo Diaz

“That was more or less coincidental in the sense that my parents wanted me to come back to New York because that’s the center of musical activity still to this day, more or less, and so I auditioned for the Metropolitan Opera.”

― Gunther Schuller

“I know it sounds really weedy, but we are all children who seek approval from our parents.”

― Gurinder Chadha

“I can’t stand films where parents are portrayed as old and doddery, and ignore their kids.”

― Gurinder Chadha

“I never wanted to impress anyone nor had to complete my education just so that my parents could allow me to pursue music.”

― Guru Randhawa

“To any child, the first occupations that are presented to you are your parents’. I was appealed to my dad’s occupation from the get-go.”

― Gustaf Skarsgard

“For me, Venezuela is very important, not just because it’s a place I go to conduct, but because my family is there – my wife, my parents and my musical family.”

― Gustavo Dudamel

“My parents were very musical in the sense that they were, you know, music lovers and avid buyers of records, but none of them actually play an instrument.”

― Gustavo Santaolalla

“Preparing food is one of life’s great joys, but a lot of times, parents ask their kids if they want to cook with them and then tell them to go peel a bag of potatoes. That’s not cooking – that’s working!”

― Guy Fieri

“My parents were all into macrobiotic cooking and natural cooking, and my sister was a vegetarian. I wasn’t down with that.”

― Guy Fieri

“I was raised with hippie parents, so I get down with the positive. I don’t pay attention to the negative.”

― Guy Fieri

“My parents moved out to California in 1968 from Ohio in a VW station wagon pulling a little trailer. I was 4 months old. They were following the energy out here.”

― Guy Fieri

“It’s nice to see the young ones 7, 8, 9 years old. It seems like they know you through their parents.”

― Guy Lafleur

“I was working on the farm to get in shape, about a mile away from my parents. You know, I did everything as a kid to stay in shape – jogging, work on the farm, driving the tractor. I’ll never forget.”

― Guy Lafleur

“Although the precariat does not consist simply of victims, since many in it challenge their parents’ labouring ethic, its growth has been accelerated by the neoliberalism of globalisation, which put faith in labour market flexibility, the commodification of everything, and the restructuring of social protection.”

― Guy Standing

“My parents always pushed creativity on us, but they made it seem like the fun thing to do.”

― Gwen Stefani

“My parents treated my height as a wonderful thing to be celebrated, but also normal.”

― Gwendoline Christie

“My parents have always been incredibly supportive, driving me back and forth to Stratford and so on. They realised from an early age that I wouldn’t go into medicine because I couldn’t do biology and chemistry.”

― Gwilym Lee

“I wasn’t the high-school play queen or anything. And my parents would let not me act until I graduated from college.”

― Gwyneth Paltrow

“A Sunday school is a prison in which children do penance for the evil conscience of their parents.”

― H. L. Mencken

“Both of my parents were first-generation Americans, the children of Jews who left Eastern Europe around the turn of the century.”

― H. Robert Horvitz

“The rivalry between the Montague and the Capulet kids seems very modern to me. Juliet is a free spirit, full of untapped love and passion. I think a lot of girls can relate to her. And it’s very relevant in terms of kids defying their parents.”

― Hailee Steinfeld

“I’m lucky that I have my family, I’m lucky that my parents are still together. Those are the things that I cherish.”

― Hailey Baldwin

“I think a lot about when times were simpler, when I was still dancing and living with my parents. I really miss living at home sometimes. I get really sad.”

― Hailey Baldwin

“All my tattoos except my first were not planned. I would just go into the shop late at night with friends and ask for something on the spot. My first is my parents’ wedding date. I thought it would soften the blow of getting a tattoo.”

― Hailey Baldwin

“Parents often talk about the younger generation as if they didn’t have anything to do with it.”

― Haim Ginott

“All musicians need a day job in the beginning. Unless they still live with their parents, I guess. I’m just lucky that my day job is simply another form of art.”

― Hal Sparks

“My parents are from the South – they were both born in Birmingham – so my dad saw R.E.M. really early on when they were playing college stuff in Athens. He had a bunch of their cassettes from the ’80s, and when I was 8, 9, or 10, those were the sort of things that were around the cassette player in the living room.”

― Haley Joel Osment

“My parents were both born in Birmingham, Alabama, and come from large Catholic families with lots of Michaels, Marks, and Patricks, so they wanted to choose two names that I don’t think you could find anywhere else in the family tree: Haley and Joel.”

― Haley Joel Osment

“My parents never got carried away with the extraneous elements of being in the business.”

― Haley Joel Osment

“Actually, ‘Die Hard’ was the first movie I ever saw in the theater. When I was a newborn, my parents were going stir-crazy in the house, and they put me in the bassinet, and I slept through ‘Die Hard’ in the theater as an infant.”

― Haley Joel Osment

“My parents have been with me every step of the way.”

― Haley Reinhart

“My parents have basically just taught me the rules of the stage and everything since I was eight.”

― Haley Reinhart

“As we got older, we grew comfortable in roles that met our parents’ expectations. Nora was the smart one. Delia, the comedian. I was the pretty, obedient one. And Amy was the adventurous mischief-maker.”

― Hallie Ephron

“Most Americans have parents or grandparents who immigrated to this country, and we know the hardships they faced, from learning the language to dealing with prejudice.”

― Hank Johnson

“On the one hand, parents want their children to swim expertly in the digital stream that they will have to navigate all their lives; on the other hand, they fear that too much digital media, too early, will sink them.”

― Hanna Rosin

“Previously, young children had to be shown by their parents how to use a mouse or a remote, and the connection between what they were doing with their hand and what was happening on the screen took some time to grasp. But with the iPad, the connection is obvious, even to toddlers.”

― Hanna Rosin

“’Castles Made of Sand’ was a song that my parents put me to sleep to, so naturally, it still puts me in a zen state.”

― Hannah Bronfman

“I knew exactly what I wanted to do since I could remember. As a kid, if my friends came round after school for dinner, I’d put on shows; I’d write plays and charge the parents £1.50 for a ticket for sweetie money.”

― Hannah John-Kamen

“My parents are so supportive of whatever we want to do and completely nurtured that, and they’re so proud of that as well. My sister’s a doctor, and I have an older brother as well. He went into the music industry; he’s very musically talented.”

― Hannah John-Kamen

“I was a very imaginative child, and my parents were very encouraging of that. My sister and I would put on plays; I would write my own stories.”

― Hannah Kent

“I’m moving into a yurt in the woods near my parents’ home in Vermont.”

― Hannah Teter

“I always get super stoked to go to the Open, because it’s in my home state. I get to stay in my parents’ house and get to eat pancakes.”

― Hannah Teter

“Something like your parents divorcing never quite leaves you. What you thought was real isn’t real anymore, and that changes your perspective. It makes you more wary but also means you are better equipped to deal with challenges.”

― Hannah Ware

“My parents have put in a lot of efforts for me. Whatever I am and wherever I am is because of them. I won’t do anything to displease them.”

― Hansika Motwani

“When you have very lax parents, you tend to get more conservative kids.”

― Hanya Yanagihara

“I am actually a bit chubby, and I eat everything. I eat in a way – if my parents fed me the way I choose to eat as an adult, they would’ve lost custody.”

― Hari Kondabolu

“I got the Fire Stick as a gift at the Amazon Emmys after-party in 2015, and because I haven’t lived in a house with cable television since I lived with my parents as a child, I’ve just streamed everything. I can afford cable. I have a television. But I only stream things.”

― Hari Nef

“Losing my parents was the most crushing thing that ever happened to me. I lost my dad when I was 26, and it changed my life entirely.”

― Harlan Coben

“No one wanted me to be a conscientious objector. My parents certainly didn’t want it. My teacher and mentor, Joe Brearley, didn’t want it. My friends didn’t want it. I was alone.”

― Harold Pinter

“My parents are very supportive: they helped redirect my technology attitude and my punkness into positive things.”

― Harper Reed

“My Dad is my hero. He’s 85 now and he is in great health. He is handsome and strong. He has an incredible moral and ethical backbone. I couldn’t have been luckier with my parents.”

― Harry Connick, Jr.

“I couldn’t have been luckier with my parents.”

― Harry Connick, Jr.

“My parents are Polish. I don’t know anything about Italian-ness.”

― Harry Lloyd

“My parents both work in publishing, and I was a bright, academic kind of kid, and I read a lot of books, and when you read a lot, I guess the muscle that gets exercised is where you can hear the voices in your head. You can turn words into pictures and into sounds and into colours and smells.”

― Harry Lloyd

“I see it every week – parents shouting and screaming at kids. My dad was the same. He was always there, but he never interfered. Ron Greenwood, who was the manager of West Ham when I was a kid, wouldn’t allow any parent to shout from the touchline. He thought players should be allowed to think for themselves.”

― Harry Redknapp

“You know that being an American is more than a matter of where your parents came from. It is a belief that all men are created free and equal and that everyone deserves an even break.”

― Harry S Truman

“My family was lower middle class, and my parents both worked, so we couldn’t take proper vacations. We’d go for three days to Santa Barbara or to the desert, so my first real vacation came was when I was 12, when friends of my parents were taking their kids away. We went to Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park in Arizona and Utah.”

― Harry Shearer

“My parents didn’t want me to be a regular in a series. I was a working actor from time to time but they thought was a little too much being a star of a series. They wanted me to have a slightly more normal childhood.”

― Harry Shearer

“When I was younger, I was very scared to talk to people. To the point where my parents took me to a therapist because they thought something was wrong with me.”

― Harry Shum, Jr.

“With parents, that’s the only way sometimes that they can get across to their kids is by giving them an ultimatum.”

― Harry Shum, Jr.

“My parents weren’t stereotypical and pressuring me to go to college. They mentioned it a lot and constantly, but it wasn’t a do or die thing, like, ‘You have to do this or you’re done.’”

― Harry Shum, Jr.

“I miss my parents a lot. I obviously don’t see them loads anyway because they live up north. But knowing that they’re only a couple of hours away is a lot different than knowing that they’re 12 hours away.”

― Harry Styles

“I’ve seen the best and worst of times. My parents were divorced when I was a child. I was brought up by my father.”

― Harshvardhan Rane

“You must come out. Come out… to your parents… I know that it is hard and will hurt them, but think about how they will hurt you in the voting booth!”

― Harvey Milk

“One of the biggest things immigrant kids oftentimes feel is this big disparity between our parents and us. And our parents are staunch pragmatists, and I consider myself to be an optimist.”

― Hasan Minhaj

“The parents have not only to train their children: it is of at least equal importance that they should train themselves.”

― Havelock Ellis

“An Australian girl size 12 and a Swedish girl size 12 are completely different, just because of the way they’re formed. It’s becoming this worldwide movement because people are getting it. We all have two different parents; we’re not supposed to look the same. It’s ridiculous.”

― Hayley Hasselhoff

“It’s wonderful to see parents come together and openly support their LGBTQ kids at my shows.”

― Hayley Kiyoko

“My parents are British but they emigrated to America, where I was born.”

― Heather Brooke

“You can never empathize with your parents as a teenager. You just think they’re just on another planet.”

― Heather Langenkamp

“A lot of children grow up in poverty with flawed parents, but their inner world is still as inherently filled with wonder and innocence as children who are kept away from the city’s underbelly.”

― Heather O’Neill

“My parents put everything in a trust fund for me. I won’t get it until I’m 18, so I’ll use it for college.”

― Heather O’Rourke

“Children tease each other because you’re short or you’re tall or you’re a redhead or because you’re ugly or because you’re smart or because you’re dumb or all kinds of differences and as parents we have to deal with that and strengthen our children to be comfortable with themselves and also to show empathy and acceptance towards others.”

― Heather Wilson

“I used to work, part time, in a deli, in those days when your parents made you work just so you should know what work was like. And you’d make 4, 5, 6, ten dollars.”

― Hector Elizondo

“I come from a family of working people. My parents were Guatemalan immigrants who spent most of their lives in the service industry.”

― Hector Tobar

“Most children turn out badly because they have the wrong parental image. This doesn’t mean their parents are criminal. It means they are boring and cruel.”

― Hedy Lamarr

“I was a good kid. My parents laid rules out for me, and I followed them.”

― Heidi Klum

“As individuals, we are shaped by story from the time of birth; we are formed by what we are told by our parents, our teachers, our intimates.”

― Helen Dunmore

“From your parents you learn love and laughter and how to put one foot before the other. But when books are opened you discover that you have wings.”

― Helen Hayes

“I’ve always had to force myself to make friends and speak to people. My parents were quiet, and it took me a while to get used to the fact that people talk about their feelings, their problems.”

― Helen Hunt

“My own parents were very un-neurotic, so I never thought that I had to change enormously in order to become a parent.”

― Helen McCrory

“The whole ‘R’ rating depends on a strange sort of fantasy land where all adults are responsible people, and children only ever go to the cinema with their parents.”

― Helen Mirren

“I worked with my parents on the stage in production numbers since I was 4, but I never really gave much thought to being a performer on my own until I was 12 or 13.”

― Helen Reddy

“Ethiopia’s government is doing a commendable job of working closely with donors and humanitarian organizations to educate parents about child marriage, and to support organizations like the Hamlin Fistula Hospital.”

― Helene D. Gayle

“My parents were Christians – Catholics, but not in the close-minded sense. I remember my mother to be a very pious woman, but she was never against other religions.”

― Helmut Kohl

“I always wanted to become a football player, and I thank my parents, as they helped me so much to realise this dream. They always supported me on my path.”

― Henrikh Mkhitaryan

“Parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles are made more powerful guides and rescuers by the bonds of love that are the very nature of a family.”

― Henry B. Eyring

“Children are to be born into a family where the parents hold the needs of children equal to their own in importance. And children are to love parents and each other.”

― Henry B. Eyring

“I suppose that when I’m building a character, it’s usually related to what their family is like and who their parents are, as well as how I grew up – that nurture side.”

― Henry Cavill

“My parents are from Mexico City.”

― Henry Cejudo

“I was very lucky: a lot of people go through the college system not knowing what they want to do. Thankfully my parents were very supportive of my choices and pretty much gave me free reign.”

― Henry Golding

“My brother and I had a really privileged relationship with my parents… They treated us like adults.”

― Henry Louis Gates

“As long as I can remember, I had a strong interest in fishing, and my parents, even though they had never fished or camped, took us on canoe camping trips in the wilderness of Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada, where I could fish to my heart’s content.”

― Henry Paulson

“Kids need parents who love and support them unconditionally, full stop.”

― Henry Rollins

“The first several years of my life were used to upload incredible amounts of fear, and I just became afraid of everything. I was afraid of my parents, afraid of my classmates, afraid of the streets of Washington, D.C. I would flinch at every gesture.”

― Henry Rollins

“I know that collector types can be a pain in the neck and seem perpetually frozen in time – or at least in their parents’ basement – but someone has to look out for the past, lest it slip away forever.”

― Henry Rollins

“As the middle class is predated upon with an ever greater malicious intensity, their children stand to lose more and harder than their parents ever did.”

― Henry Rollins

“I don’t know if I was so much of an outsider until after I started doing films. That put me on the outside. I grew up in Texas, and I wasn’t the child of industry parents, and I didn’t have a lot of friends in the industry or anything like that.”

― Henry Thomas

“I grew up in a rural area, I was from kind of a poor family and my parents weren’t showbiz people. But going back was strange, and perhaps stranger for the other students.”

― Henry Thomas

“We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.”

― Henry Ward Beecher

“When Richie Cunningham drank too many beers, his parents sat him down and explained their concerns. If you live on this earth, you find out that we are all the same.”

― Henry Winkler

“Actually, when I first started dabbling in photography, I was still working for my parents as a salesman.”

― Herb Ritts

“Every now and then, we hear parents commenting on the fearful things which motion pictures may do to the minds of children. They seem to think that a little child is full of sweetness and of light. We had the same notion until we had a chance to listen intently to the prattle of a three-year-old.”

― Heywood Broun

“My parents were huge fans of westerns, European cinema, and horror in particular. They wouldn’t just show me kids’ films.”

― Hideo Kojima

“My parents were born in the 1930s, and they experienced the air raids on Tokyo.”

― Hideo Kojima

“I pop gum. My parents get so annoyed with me. I know my dad wishes he never taught me how to do that.”

― Hilary Duff

“Growing up on an all-boys’ team wasn’t the easiest thing. I’d have guys come after me on the ice and just hit me because I’m a girl. I’d have parents heckling me from the stands, other parents not wanting me on the team, not making certain teams just because I was a girl.”

― Hilary Knight

“Both of my parents have loved and supported me from my very first strides.”

― Hilary Knight

“My parents raised me and my six siblings with little money… but lots of love.”

― Hilda Solis

“My parents were both union members, and I grew up hearing how important it was to empower workers and have fair labor practices.”

― Hilda Solis

“My parents both are physicians, and my grandfathers were both physicians.”

― Hill Harper

“I feel very lucky because of my parents and then my education, the opportunities that I’ve had, so I would like to continue working to improve lives for others.”

― Hillary Clinton

“When I was growing up, my parents always told me that I had to do what I thought was right and not listen to other people. That was hard for me.”

― Hillary Clinton

“Of course, parents are the most important people in a child’s life.”

― Hillary Clinton

“I was homeschooled on the road for kindergarten, then went to elementary school and a private Christian school while living with my grandparents until I graduated, and I loved it. But my parents were gone a lot.”

― Hillary Scott

“My parents traveled a lot, so my grandparents practically raised me. My grandmother and I really bonded in the kitchen. She’s this amazing southern cook, and I would always help her – whether it was cracking eggs or stirring the green beans. It takes me back there.”

― Hillary Scott

“I was naughty but never demanding. I never asked my parents for shoes or tracksuits. I was happy with what I had.”

― Hima Das

“I am a positive person, and I want to look ahead in life and do something for my parents and the country.”

― Hima Das

“I want to thank my parents and my coaches, who brought me out of Guwahati.”

― Hima Das

“As the Japanese family gets more and more atomized, grandparents don’t live with the nuclear family, so parents of children can’t consult with their own parents about how to raise their children and rely on that to help raise them.”

― Hirokazu Kore-eda

“My parents left Libya in 1979, escaping political repression, and settled in Cairo. I was nine.”

― Hisham Matar

“When I was 12 years old, living in Cairo, my parents enrolled me in the American school. Most of the Americans there appeared oddly stifled, determined to remain, if not physically then sentimentally, back in the United States.”

― Hisham Matar

“My parents were fairly laid-back, but there were certain things about which they were very strict. My brother and I were told never to turn away a person in need. And it didn’t matter what we thought of their motives, whether they were truly in need or not.”

― Hisham Matar

“I was so tiny when my parents split up that I can’t remember them ever being together. That was never an issue, as I guess I never went through the trauma of them splitting up.”

― Holliday Grainger

“It’s almost an impossible task to sum up all the things my parents have taught me over the years. Whether it was how to tie my shoelaces or encouragement in whatever career choice I wanted to pursue, they have both always been there to support me.”

― Holly Branson

“Our parents are the most invaluable teachers we have, and no matter how alien it might seem to ask them to enter your ‘work’ world, you might just be surprised what comes out of it.”

― Holly Branson

“Yes, my parents brought us up like anybody else. We didn’t get any more presents than other people.”

― Holly Branson

“I was the product of very young parents, and they had wild ways. My mother was in a punk band. Rebelling would have been learning to play piano.”

― Holly Marie Combs

“My parents encouraged thought. You’ll get through life better if you learn how to think.”

― Holly Near

“My parents had been involved in the labor movement; if we’d grown up in the city, we would have been red-diaper babies.”

― Holly Near

“Until I began to build and launch rockets, I didn’t know my hometown was at war with itself over its children and that my parents were locked in a kind of bloodless combat over how my brother and I would live our lives.”

― Homer Hickam

“My parents wanted to be actors. They tried for years but didn’t get anywhere. Then Mum got pregnant with me and they decided to make actors out of their children. You need your parents’ support if you’re going to do it. Otherwise who’s going to ferry you to castings?”

― Honeysuckle Weeks

“From the very start, if there was a spotlight, I would step into it. My parents wondered what to do with this insufferable show-off. They chose acting for me, and I’m very grateful I can still make a living from it.”

― Honeysuckle Weeks

“My parents are Vietnamese refugees; they left Vietnam after the war. They were part of the boat people, and they ended up in a refugee camp in Thailand after being on the water for three days, and I was born at that refugee camp in Thailand.”

― Hong Chau

“If anyone has to leave their homeland by boat, they all have difficult stories. But my parents had a difficult journey, and their story always seems like a movie to me.”

― Hong Chau

“My parents speak with an accent. A lot of people that I know speak with an accent. I have friends who speak with an accent. Accents in a vacuum aren’t a problem; it’s how you portray those characters and how well they’re served in a script.”

― Hong Chau

“Asian-Americans, we’re not a monolithic group. There might be some Asians who are second-generation, third-generation, who may not speak the language that their parents or their grandparents spoke.”

― Hong Chau

“I grew up speaking Vietnamese – that was my first language because my parents didn’t speak any English, and I didn’t learn English until I started school.”

― Hong Chau

“People who I’ve encountered who have had more given to them, they tend to be more disappointed and unable to carry on when something doesn’t go their way, and that’s not my parents.”

― Hong Chau

“I grew up playing with kids who were the kids of people my parents grew up playing with, and they know me like nobody else. I thought everybody was that way when I was growing up, and then I left to go to college, and I realised that the world is full of strangers.”

― Hope Jahren

“I hate the cliche of ‘just have fun,’ but what I’ve seen in today’s sports, especially with parents, is they put so much pressure on the kids.”

― Hope Solo

“It is of no consequence of what parents a man is born, as long as he be a man of merit.”

― Horace

“Thus the castle of each feudal chieftain became a school of chivalry, into which any noble youth, whose parents were from poverty unable to educate him to the art of war, was readily received.”

― Horatio Alger

“Brevity and conciseness are the parents of correction.”

― Hosea Ballou

“I align myself with almost all researchers in assuming that anything we do is a composite of whatever genetic limitations were given to us by our parents and whatever kinds of environmental opportunities are available.”

― Howard Gardner

“My parents had a gardener when I was growing up, and he and I would dig in the dirt together – my mom and dad were definitely not digging with me! When I was 5, he helped me plant some corn in our backyard, and I remember how fascinating it was to watch it grow. Little did I know that 50 years later I’d be growing corn in a different way.”

― Howard Graham Buffett

“Without parents, you sort of lose the gravity that keeps your feet on the earth.”

― Howard Lutnick

“The idea that your spouse or your parents don’t know where you are at all times may be part of the past. Is that good or bad? Will that make for better marriages or worse marriages? I don’t know.”

― Howard Rheingold

“I was born on the other side of the tracks, in public housing in Brooklyn, New York. My dad never made more than $20,000 a year, and I grew up in a family that lost health insurance. So I was scarred at a young age with understanding what it was like to watch my parents lose access to the American dream.”

― Howard Schultz

“My parents really wanted me to get out of New York, be exposed to other people, other ways of life.”

― Howard Schultz

“I think my parents took me to see Sting when I was very, very young.”

― Hozier

“When I did my first episode of ‘Xena,’ I told my parents this is the worst acting I’ve ever done.”

― Hudson Leick

“My parents are wonderful people and they instilled in me an idealism for which I’m grateful.”

― Hugh Hefner

“Both my parents are English and came out to Australia in 1967. I was born the following year. My parents, and immigrants like them, were known as ‘£10 poms.’ Back then, the Australian government was trying to get educated British people and Canadians – to be honest, educated white people – to come and live in Australia.”

― Hugh Jackman

“As you get older you have more respect and empathy for your parents. Now I have a great relationship with both of them.”

― Hugh Jackman

“I was brought up in a way that when you’re at a dinner party, you don’t grab a chip unless it’s been offered to everyone else. It’s the manners of being brought up by English parents.”

― Hugh Jackman

“I always felt love from both my parents.”

― Hugh Jackman

“Parents should be encouraged to read to their children, and teachers should be equipped with all available techniques for teaching literacy, so the varying needs and capacities of individual kids can be taken into account.”

― Hugh Mackay

“Both my parents are English and I was born in West Africa, and I moved around as a kid, lived in Bristol, lived in Buckinghamshire and Surrey as a kid, and then moved when I was 16.”

― Hugo Weaving

“I remember going with my parents to weddings where the women would arrive covered in black veils, but underneath, they’d be wearing the most exquisite brightly colored Dolce & Gabbana suits. They were like peacocks showing off their tails.”

― Huma Abedin

“My parents gave me a strong sense of entitlement. And I use that in a very good way.”

― Huma Qureshi

“I’ve always been shy, but I see that as a good thing because it kept me focused on music. When I was in seventh grade, I asked my parents for a mobile recording system for Christmas, and I got it. I didn’t come out of my room for years after that. I’d get invited to the movies and I’d say, ‘I’m gonna finish a couple of demos.’”

― Hunter Hayes

“When I was in seventh grade, I asked my parents for a mobile recording system for Christmas, and I got it. I didn’t come out of my room for years after that. I’d get invited to the movies and I’d say, ‘I’m gonna finish a couple of demos.’”

― Hunter Hayes

“I’ve never done a blind date but my parents met on a blind date.”

― Hunter Parrish

“I guess that’s one of the things about growing up in the fifties – it never occurred to me that you wouldn’t be at least as successful as your parents.”

― Hunter S. Thompson

“We share responsibility. It’s important to have a good spouse; that’s where I sympathize with single parents.”

― Hunter Tylo

“I wanted to be a pilot, but I was always drawing bodies. When I realised I wanted to pursue something creative, my parents pushed me towards architecture.”

― Hussein Chalayan

“Getting a family into work, supporting strong relationships, getting parents off drugs and out of debt – all this can do more for a child’s well-being than any amount of money in out-of-work benefits.”

― Iain Duncan Smith

“I can remember running around at the age of 3, wanting to play golf, cricket and football. I was always active, one way or another, driving my parents mad.”

― Ian Botham

“The anti-Darwin movement has racked up one astounding achievement. It has made a significant proportion of American parents care about what their children are taught in school.”

― Ian Hacking

“My mom is in the navy and my dad works for the army, but I never called them ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ or anything like that, and we never really moved around a lot because both my parents were stationed in D.C.”

― Ian Harding

“My parents were keen for me to have the education they themselves never had. They weren’t able to guide me towards particular books, but they encouraged me to read, which I did, randomly and compulsively.”

― Ian Mcewan

“Before I ever acted as an amateur – which I did a great deal at school and at university – I used to go to the theater with my parents in the north of England, where I was born and brought up… Theater of all sorts.”

― Ian Mckellen

“In the past, kids didn’t tell their parents they were gay, so there were never the bust-ups. Some parents react so strongly to the news that their children are gay that the reaction is, ‘Get out of our house.’ There’s a residue of old prejudices that are going to die hard.”

― Ian Mckellen

“I just followed my parents’ example and advice on living, which was to leave the world a better place than you found it. They were professional do-gooders, ministers of the church, social workers, teachers, and missionaries, that sort of thing.”

― Ian Mckellen

“I dunno whether it was to do with my parents – we were working-class – but it was important to me to be self-sufficient.”

― Ian Rankin

“My parents were working class and didn’t have much money, so holidays tended to be two weeks in a caravan at St. Andrews or a B&B in Blackpool.”

― Ian Rankin

“Being working class, my parents thought, ‘Ian’s going to uni, the first in the family,’ and I’d do dentistry or accountancy. I was going to do accountancy; then I got a C in Economics and thought, ‘Why am I doing this?’ The only thing I was interested in was books and literature.”

― Ian Rankin

“The trimmings of wealth are not as important to me and my generation as they were to my parents’ generation.”

― Ian Schrager

“When I was a kid, it was always very embarrassing for me if I wet the bed – I was 5 years old. I didn’t want my parents or my brothers to find out because they’d bust my chops to no end.”

― Ian Ziering

“I don’t want to make any mistakes. My parents have been married for 40 years. I want to stay married.”

― Ian Ziering

“I was born in Newark, New Jersey, and grew up in Summit, an upscale town in north Jersey. There was this tiny area of Summit where most of the black families lived. My parents and I lived in a duplex house on Williams Street.”

― Ice T

“My husband and I grew up with parents who supported our passion, and we’re grateful to them for that. It really helps you find your identity when you’re younger. It helps you become a really well-rounded person, the more you can show from different perspectives. The arts show us empathy, which is so important.”

― Idina Menzel

“My story is so boring: Long Island Jewish parents take their daughters to Broadway.”

― Idina Menzel

“My parents wanted to light my artistic candle. But over time, the definition of ‘the arts’ began to stretch. And as I got older, they suddenly realized, Oh, my God, we’re the parents of Iggy Pop.”

― Iggy Pop

“Through the ‘It’s About Ability’ campaign and with parents and other members of society, we have created a social family for children with disabilities.”

― Igor Luksic

“I’ve always taken apart calculators and anything I can get my hands on when I was younger. When I was around 12 – like, 6th grade – my parents always had around Mac computers because my mom is a teacher. So I’d always be playing around with all the crazy applications and making banners and printing things out and always into graphic design.”

― iJustine

“When I was really, really young, I wanted to be a cook at Bob Evans because my parents would always go there every Sunday after church.”

― iJustine

“I want to thank the people who have always supported me, my parents, my brother.”

― Iker Casillas

“My parents were simpletons. Everyday living was a big thing in that small village where I was born. They had no clue about music.”

― Ilaiyaraaja

“I decided I would go to NYU so I could get into the comedy world and have legit housing, and my parents would not have trusted investing in a straight-up comedy career.”

― Ilana Glazer

“My father worked as a mechanical draftsman at Mazagaon Docks and is a Catholic. My mum was a Muslim, so my parents broke quite a few rules to get married.”

― Ileana D’Cruz

“I used to take a recorder around and interview my parents and do impressions of my classmates as guests on my show.”

― Iliza Shlesinger

“After graduating high school, Betty attended the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute in Birmingham, Alabama, the alma mater of both her parents. My mother relocated to New York because she refused to accept the oppressive racism of the Jim Crow south.”

― Ilyasah Shabazz

“I was born in Somalia, which is in East Africa. My parents started with nothing: poor, poor, poor. They eloped, which was unheard of in my country, when my father was 17 and my mother was 14.”

― Iman

“I was under 18, and to leave Kenya to come to the United States, to get a passport, you had to be 18. So I lied and said I was 19 to get the passport, because otherwise, I had to have permission from my parents, and my parents would never have let me come.”

― Iman

“Both my parents had heart problems: my mother had type 2 diabetes, and my father had a stroke.”

― Imelda Staunton

“Education was something my parents always put a lot of emphasis on. It was naturally in me, and my sister is equally driven. She is a paediatric endocrinologist.”

― Imran Amed

“My parents landed in Calgary in December 1974, straight from Nairobi. They were immigrants, like many people coming to build a better life. My mom was five months pregnant with me when they landed.”

― Imran Amed

“I lost my parents, which is the toughest thing to overcome.”

― Imran Tahir

“I lost my parents without them seeing me play international cricket.”

― Imran Tahir

“I think that we all desperately try to fit in to different molds: our parents, our bosses, our partners, social status, friends. We all figure out a look that we think will get us the job or make his parents approve of us or get that girl to want to go on a date, whatever. We all change ourselves to please whoever it is.”

― Inbar Lavi

“When I was growing up, I only saw really brown people on ‘The Cosby Show,’ and they were rich, and their parents were doctors. It wasn’t like my home.”

― India Arie

“I was happy to be with my parents. I didn’t see very much of them, so I was very happy when my father was there and out of jail.”

― Indira Gandhi

“I asked my parents for permission to study in America and they were so sure that I wouldn’t get in and get a scholarship that they encouraged me to try. So I applied to Yale and got an excellent scholarship. I then worked for the Boston Consulting Group for six and half years.”

― Indra Nooyi

“A lot of times, when parents overdiscipline their children, especially when they’re queer, their intention isn’t to hurt them. They think they’re saving their children from harm. But they don’t realize that they’re causing harm, that they’re doing to their kids exactly what they’re afraid of the world doing to them.”

― Indya Moore

“We always regret that we did not ask our parents more, really get to know them while they were alive.”

― Ingmar Bergman

“Being attractive, it’s not something I do consciously. It’s incredibly flattering that people think I appeal to women. But that was a gift from my parents.”

― Ioan Gruffudd

“We write not only for children but also for their parents. They, too, are serious children.”

― Isaac Bashevis Singer

“My parents were never condescending to us. They treated us like adults from a very young age.”

― Isaac Hanson

“Our parents were really, really grounded people but also really ambitious people, meaning they saw our ambition and were willing to help us chase it.”

― Isaac Hanson

“God made and governs the world invisibly, and has commanded us to love and worship him and no other God; to honor our parents and masters, and love our neighbours as ourselves; and to be temperate, just, and peaceable, and to be merciful even to brute beasts.”

― Isaac Newton

“I mean my mother migrated from Georgia -Rome, Georgia, to Washington, D.C., where she then met my father, who was a Tuskegee Airman who was from Southern Virginia. They migrated to Washington and I wouldn’t even exist if it were not for that migration. And I brought her back to Georgia, both my parents, actually.”

― Isabel Wilkerson

“There are certain things that we take for granted that simply would not have existed without the great migration. Motown, for example, would not have existed – it simply would not, because Berry Gordy, the founder of it, his parents had migrated from Georgia to Detroit where he founded Motown, and where did he get his talent?”

― Isabel Wilkerson

“Miles Davis, his parents migrated from Arkansas to Illinois, where he had the luxury of being able to practice for hours upon hours. He never would have been able to do that in the cotton country of Arkansas.”

― Isabel Wilkerson

“I live in New York, but I am always delighted to come to Europe because I am European and grew up here until I was 20. I am not only Italian, I am partly Swedish. When my parents divorced, I was three years old and went to live in Paris… when I am offered a film in Europe, I come with great enthusiasm!”

― Isabella Rossellini

“When I was young, it was difficult to imagine entering a world where my parents succeeded so much and I could have risked failing. It would have felt much harder.”

― Isabella Rossellini

“I was very young when my parents separated, and later, my mother remarried.”

― Ishaan Khatter

“When your parents divorce, it makes you grow up fast. I’d urge parents to strongly consider working things out. I’d work things out and I’d definitely stay put.”

― Isla Fisher

“I never really had to put much thought into my race, and neither did anybody else. I knew I was black. I knew there was a history that accompanied my skin color, and my parents taught me to be proud of it. End of story.”

― Issa Rae

“Bringing a child into the world makes sense only if this child is wanted consciously and freely by its two parents. If it is not, then it is simply animal and criminal behavior.”

― Italo Calvino

“I was born in Cuba, and my parents were tropical agronomists.”

― Italo Calvino

“Believe me, I’ve had interviews where the person says, ‘So when did you start and why? What about your parents?’ I say to them, ‘Please, have you heard of the word ‘Google?’”

― Itzhak Perlman

“If you look at any superior athlete, you will find a strong parental influence. Parents introduce their children to a sport, and then they support them.”

― Ivan Lendl

“You know how kids are. They like to do what parents do.”

― Ivan Lendl

“I believe that two people can meet and enrich each other’s lives. I’d say that about my parents. But I think it is harder and harder to commit to only one person in a lifetime.”

― Ivana Trump

“I think it’s the human condition to be frequently embarrassed by your parents.”

― Ivanka Trump

“A word of advice: your interview is about you. It’s not about the school you went to, what you majored in, what your GPA was, or who your parents happen to be or know. Most of that stuff is right on your resume, and it might even have gotten you into the room, but it won’t get you much farther.”

― Ivanka Trump

“I had very busy parents, but I really appreciated having a set of traditions during my own childhood, like consistently celebrating holidays at the same place.”

― Ivanka Trump

“No matter what I hear about my parents, about my family, no matter what I read, the fact is that I’m absolutely proud to be a Trump. For a while, I was worried that for my whole life I’d sort of be under my parents’ shadow, but it’s not a bad shadow to be under.”

― Ivanka Trump

“Everything I am I owe to my faith and secondly to parents who were old school.”

― J. C. Watts

“My parents were divorced by the time I was even conscious – like, I don’t remember them ever being together.”

― J. Cole

“For my seventh birthday, my parents gave me a plain, unfinished wooden dollhouse. It had six empty rooms, two floors, a staircase, and a door that swung out onto a little front stoop. The windows opened, and the roof retracted on one side, revealing an attic.”

― J. Courtney Sullivan

“In March 1943, my parents, four-year-old sister and I were interned with other foreign civilians at Lunghua camp, a former teacher training college outside Shanghai, where we remained until the end of August 1945.”

― J. G. Ballard

“We have this obsession with broken homes. Everyone wants to find a problem with it, but not me. I had great homes. Both my parents remarried and I got more people to learn from!”

― J. J. Field

“My family is a middle-class family. When I grew up and learned how much it actually cost for us to play hockey, I could not believe that my parents let us play as long as they did.”

― J. J. Watt

“My parents would definitely be my childhood heroes.”

― J. J. Watt

“However my parents – both of whom came from impoverished backgrounds and neither of whom had been to college, took the view that my overactive imagination was an amusing quirk that would never pay a mortgage or secure a pension.”

― J. K. Rowling

“Of all the subjects on this planet, I think my parents would have been hard put to name one less useful than Greek mythology to securing the keys to an executive bathroom.”

― J. K. Rowling

“My full name’s Jonathan Kimble, but my parents didn’t want to call me either. So for a while, I went by Kim, which is a name for a girl or a Korean person.”

― J. K. Simmons

“If I see a now-28-year-old woman coming up to me, she’s probably thinking of ‘Juno’ because she watched it with her parents when she was 18 years old.”

― J. K. Simmons

“When I was 3, my parents strapped on a pair of Playskool plastic roller skates to my feet, and that’s where the story begins.”

― J. R. Celski

“My father was a food lover and a deadbeat dad, and maybe a connection between good food and bad dads was forged early, in the deepest folds of my subconscious, where we make so many decisions about our parents.”

― J. R. Moehringer

“Everything I do is for my parents, None of this matters without them. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be here… If it wasn’t for them, if it wasn’t for the structure and the backbone that I have, I wouldn’t be able to mess up and keep coming back and sit in front of you as a world champion.”

― J. R. Smith

“Everything I do is for my parents and my family. The car is nice, the house is nice, but none of this matters without them. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here. I don’t know where I would be, honestly.”

― J. R. Smith

“When I first came into the league, I followed my parents for everything. Now, I’m really doing stuff on my own.”

― J. R. Smith

“I received my parents’ permission and went into the Navy on June 3, 1941.”

― Jack Adams

“My parents had a house on the Jersey shore – I grew up right there, going down there every summer and living there. It is home for me.”

― Jack Antonoff

“There’s something about a divorce in that even if your parents still love you, the fact that they can’t live with each other makes you feel there’s something wrong with you.”

― Jack Black

“My parents were very supportive of me and my artistic endeavours. My father and mother came to every school play I ever did.”

― Jack Black

“My parents were laborers so we lived on South Park, which was a low-income region of Seattle. You had a choice – you either joined or formed a gang or you let others bully you.”

― Jack Bowman

“My parents owned a plants nursery. We all grew up growing things and planting things and selling things, and I also managed landscape crews.”

― Jack Dangermond

“My parents were immigrants who started a nursery as a way to get us kids through school. I learned around the dinner table about customer service and cash flow and paying bills.”

― Jack Dangermond

“My parents divorced when I was seven. Because divorce is messy, for good or ill, they sent me to boarding school.”

― Jack Davenport

“I’m close to both my parents and very proud of what they’ve achieved.”

― Jack Davenport

“The thing that was most constant when I was growing up was just complete support and adoration from my parents.”

― Jack Garratt

“I grew up with parents who really encouraged me to listen to as much music as I could.”

― Jack Garratt

“My parents always encouraged me to do creative stuff, to do weird stuff.”

― Jack Kilmer

“Allowing adult children who live at home who are in between jobs to stay on their parents’ health care, I think that’s a lot of Republican support for that, with or without Obamacare.”

― Jack Kingston

“The trouble is that, while my parents were great when they were apart, they were terrible together.”

― Jack Lemmon

“I remember trying to be funny, and both of my parents were terribly funny. My father was also very dignified, but my mother was an absolute ding-a-ling, a ripper.”

― Jack Lemmon

“Our parents were just brilliant parents who encouraged us to do whatever we wanted to do.”

― Jack Lowden

“I was under the assumption that the first job you get out of college is the job you have for the rest of your life. That’s how my parents were; my parents have been teachers for as long as I’ve known ’em. I was worried that I’d gotten into something that I was going to hate.”

― Jack McBrayer

“One of my school friends’ parents owned a minigolf course, and a bunch of us kids would play there all day in the summer. Two-under deuces was a good score.”

― Jack Nicholson

“I was playing sports all the time, and my parents, Anne and John, encouraged me to play in grade school and high school.”

― Jack Ramsay

“My mother was very strong on me to go to college. No one had ever been to college, including my parents.”

― Jack Ramsay

“I got scouted at six by Everton. My parents said it was maybe a bit too young. A year later, I went down to trials at Everton and have been there ever since.”

― Jack Rodwell

“The only group in America that deserves to scrutinize what we are doing… are parents.”

― Jack Valenti

“I was born in London, England during the great fog of 1952, but survived the coal-fueled air pollution with no ill effects and after less than a year in England was carried to Canada by my parents.”

― Jack W. Szostak

“We were like a white family from the 1920s or something. My parents had this bizarre, different way of looking at things from the people that surrounded us. I went to an all-Mexican grade school and an all-black high school, and not many people in those places liked the same stuff as me.”

― Jack White

“I was in a Montessori school. There was a drum circle with all the kids passing around a little bongo drum. I was the last person in the circle, and when it got to me I played ‘Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits’ – in front of all the parents. Blew the crowd away at five years old.”

― Jack White

“My mother was 45 when she had me, so when I was in high school my parents were the same age as my friends’ grandparents.”

― Jack White

“I love gay Mardi Gras in Sydney, which is a big parade, a big march that thousands and thousands of people participate in. And there’s one little group… well it’s not little, it’s got hundreds of people marching, and they’re all very sweet, middle-aged and elderly people who are the parents of gay children who are out and proud.”

― Jacki Weaver

“I was an adventurer, and I got married a few times. I kept trying to find a relationship as good as my parents’.”

― Jacki Weaver

“Since the child knew his parents would give in, he tried the same trick again and again.”

― Jackie Chan

“My parents are OK with me wearing a small heel, up to 1.5 inches high. Heels give me height when I wear such long dresses. For me, they complete the outfit.”

― Jackie Evancho

“Yes, my parents are strict about me having a childhood. I go ice skating and sledding, and swimming in the summer.”

― Jackie Evancho

“It’s easy to say that he/she is a star kid and has had it easy in Bollywood, but being a star kid is the real pressure. You have to undergo a lot of pressure, as you are being constantly compared to your parents.”

― Jackie Shroff

“I’m a hybrid, and I kind of like that. Raised by African parents, growing up I lived between Burkina Faso and Stains, a suburb just outside of Paris. In Stains, I had all the cultures in the world on my doorstep, and that opens up your mind.”

― Jacky Ido

“I was lucky enough to have parents with a huge film library. My mum is a huge Bollywood film geek. When we were kids, we would watch Indian films with her as well as Chinese and Japanese films. My father was more into the classics, American films, and also Hitchcock films.”

― Jacky Ido

“My parents divorced when I was 18 months old. They haven’t always been the best of friends, but they were good at keeping that stuff away from me.”

― Jacob Anderson

“When I was a senior, I got accepted into the Julliard School for Dance, but ultimately decided to move to L.A. to act, so that was a fun conversation with the parents. I truly have some of the greatest parents ever.”

― Jacob Artist

“I am pure Filipino; both my parents are Filipino.”

― Jacob Batalon

“My parents did not discourage me but could not understand how I could make a living by art. Their idea of an artist was a person who was condemned to starvation.”

― Jacob Epstein

“Proper British nannies put the child ahead of everything. They do not like to see children used as accessories, carried around in slings for the convenience of the parents’ social life. They want a proper set-up, where the baby is rested and happy, not shown off to all-comers.”

― Jacob Rees-Mogg

“My parents divorced. There was the usual awkward business of going between them, but I was mostly with my mother. She remarried to a Greek painter Nico Ghika, so we were always around artists and intellectuals.”

― Jacob Rothschild

“I was an accidental banker. To please my parents, I went for an interview with Chase Manhattan Bank in 1983. They promised to send me into their offices in more than 40 countries and essentially audit the practices. It was an extraordinary job.”

― Jacqueline Novogratz

“I was the little French boy who grew up hearing people talk of De Gaulle and the Resistance. France against the Nazis! Then when that boy grew up, he began to uncover things. We began to legitimately ask the question, ‘What exactly did our parents do during the Occupation?’ We discovered it was not the story they were telling us.”

― Jacques Audiard

“Chance makes our parents, but choice makes our friends.”

― Jacques Delille

“This is what a family is all about – one another, sitting around the table at night. And it’s very, very important, I think, for the kid to spend time not only around the table eating with their parents, but in the kitchen.”

― Jacques Pepin

“I started cooking around 9 years old. I would make crepes at home for my parents. By 15 years old, I had started my apprenticeship at a bakery.”

― Jacques Torres

“When you are born into a family like mine, you don’t really know anything else. But you quickly realise that it’s more about other people and how they are dealing with it. Some can be hugely in awe or uncomfortable, but to you, your parents are just your parents.”

― Jade Jagger

“My parents are definitely my biggest role models.”

― Jaden Smith

“I was emancipated at 15 and off to Japan on a contract working. I felt for my parents. I apologized profusely years later, but I was just very strong-willed and strong-minded and had my own idea – thought outside of the box.”

― Jaime Pressly

“I was always playing with whatever I could get under my hands, making rhythm with it, which was natural for me, because my parents were listening to a lot of African music.”

― Jain

“When I was 9, I auditioned for an arts school in Toronto with a few of my friends. The sole reason we auditioned was that we found out you got to miss a couple days of school to do the audition. Without actually wanting to go to arts school, I accidentally got in. My parents encouraged me to try it, and I ended falling in love with performing.”

― Jake Epstein

“Even as an actor, I think like a storyteller. My parents raised us to look at the script.”

― Jake Gyllenhaal

“I grew up on movie sets, so it was something I just found familiar. When I was growing up also, in high school, I would audition for things and my parents let me audition for things – with the thought that I wouldn’t get them. And then I would get them… sometimes, and it would surprise them.”

― Jake Gyllenhaal

“I want to make music and songs about things that real musicians and artist aren’t able to make songs about – you wouldn’t hear Justin Bieber making a song about homework, or, like, you wouldn’t see someone make a song with their parents on the track.”

― Jake Paul

“I was, like, 17 years old, making more money than my parents.”

― Jake Paul

“I am so lucky to have really good parents. They didn’t hesitate to let us go to L.A. They didn’t hesitate, because they knew that they raised their kids the right way: to be able to live by themselves and not get caught up by L.A.”

― Jake Paul

“I have very vivid memories of my parents talking about Nixon, my mom watching Watergate on the black-and-white set in the living room. The mayor at the time in Philadelphia was a guy named Frank Rizzo – a Democrat, a real bully, a racist.”

― Jake Tapper

“I’ve got a life that really matters to me, and that’s because of the way I was raised. My ethics are high because my parents did a great job.”

― Jakob Dylan

“I wasn’t a kid trying to become famous. I wasn’t a part of any Disney Channel wheelhouse. I was basically a black kid whose parents put him into the business so he could go to college.”

― Jaleel White

“My parents always told me never be a follower, always be a leader. It’s very difficult to do, to step out and be different and not follow the norm. If you want what’s best for your team, you gotta be different.”

― Jalen Brunson

“Going to your set with the headphones on in the middle of the night so that your parents don’t know what you’re doing when you’re supposed to be asleep is great. I was rocking the bedroom. That was so much more fun when I got the 1200s.”

― Jam Master Jay

“My parents are very good examples of Christians. They are big on forgiveness.”

― James Acaster

“Everyone learns how to talk by doing an impression of their parents. I’m one of many people who has a highly developed ability to do that.”

― James Adomian

“Growing up in Hitchin was comfortable and easy enough. My parents had some great records – and some not-so-great ones – and that’s where I got introduced to Motown and the Stones and Springsteen.”

― James Bay

“Like any parents, mine wanted me to have a secure job with a regular wage and career prospects. And the one job my father knew of, that he’d had experience of himself, was the army, so he could help me in that direction.”

― James Blunt

“I didn’t have parents I could take a million dollars from. We were a lower-class family.”

― James Caan

“My parents started questioning me about whether or not I was transgender – whether or not I was trying to be a woman. It was a big argument.”

― James Charles

“The threat that ISIL presents and poses to the United States is very different in kind, in type and degree than al Qaeda. ISIL is not your parents’ al Qaeda. It’s a very different model.”

― James Comey

“ISIL is not your parents’ al Qaeda. It’s a very different model.”

― James Comey

“Your parents’ al Qaeda was a very different model than the threat we face today.”

― James Comey

“My parents made it clear that I should never display even the slightest disrespect to individuals who had the power to let me skip a half grade or move into more challenging classes. While it was all right for me to know more about a topic than my sixth-grade teacher had ever learned, questioning her facts could only lead to trouble.”

― James D. Watson

“As a child, I lived with being punier than other boys in class. The only consolation was my parents’ empathy – they encouraged constant trips to the local drugstore for chocolate milk shakes to fatten me up. The shakes made me happy, but still, all through grammar school, other kids shoved me around.”

― James D. Watson

“I have a son, who is a… not an ordinary form of schizophrenia, but clearly, cannot take care of himself. And the great fear of then, of all parents is, when the parents die, who takes care of your child? And the answer is: they become homeless.”

― James D. Watson

“I think the one thing this picture shows that’s new is the psychological disproportion of the kids’ demands on the parents. Parents are often at fault, but the kids have some work to do, too.”

― James Dean

“My parents were amazing people who had no business being together – and they knew it.”

― James Denton

“Children want the challenge of difficult tasks – just look how much better they are than their parents on a computer.”

― James Dyson

“We learn much of parenting from our own parents. My love for my father deepened profoundly when he was kind, patient, and understanding.”

― James E. Faust

“I have sometimes questioned the advice and direction I received from my parents and grandparents, but I never questioned the fact that they loved me. I learned that they were in a better position to know more about right and wrong than I did from my limited understanding and from my limited experience.”

― James E. Faust

“All parents hope and pray that their children will make wise decisions. Children who are obedient and responsible bring to their parents unending pride and satisfaction.”

― James E. Faust

“If children are expected to be honest, parents must be honest. If children are expected to be virtuous, parents must be virtuous. If you expect your children to be honorable, you must be honorable.”

― James E. Faust

“Boys and girls, have confidence in the direction and counsel and advice of your parents and grandparents who love you more than anybody else in the world does.”

― James E. Faust

“I was an adopted child of my grandparents, and I don’t know how I can ever express my gratitude for that, because my parents would have been a mess, you know.”

― James Earl Jones

“My name is James Edward Franco. Ted is a nickname for Edward. That’s what my parents called me. I also got ‘Teddy Ruxpin’ a lot. It just got to a point where I got sick of it, so when a teacher called out ‘James Franco’ my junior year of high school, I didn’t correct her.”

― James Franco

“I grew up in the East End of London, the youngest of three boys in a Catholic household. Both my parents were market traders and worked seven days a week.”

― James Herbert

“Too many people have been analyzing their pasts, their childhoods, their memories, their parents, and realizing that it doesn’t do anything-or that it doesn’t do enough.”

― James Hillman

“As Plotinus tells us, we elected the body, the parents, the place, and the circumstances that suited the soul and that, as the myth says, belongs to its necessity.”

― James Hillman

“The circumstances, including my body and my parents, whom I may curse, are my soul’s own choice and I do not understand this because I have forgotten.”

― James Hillman

“My suggestion is that there’s no way out of the human condition. Sex, death, marriage, children, parents, illness. There’s no way out. They’re a misery, all of them.”

― James Hillman

“My dad wanted me to be a professional person, which I was – I was a civil engineer. I graduated from civil engineering at USC in California. I became an engineer, and I helped design the roads for the L.A. County Roads Department. And I did that for about one and a half years in a sense to please my parents – to be a ‘respectable’ person.”

― James Hong

“Every schoolteacher will tell you that there is no substitute for engaged parents in the education of a child.”

― James Lankford

“When you grow up, you don’t realize that your parents are any different than anybody else’s. And their behavior – you have nothing to compare it to. So that is what normal is, even if it’s abnormal.”

― James Lapine

“Who knows what kind of life I might have had had I not been fortunate enough to have the parents I’ve had.”

― James MacArthur

“Parents are the perfect people to talk to. They have no hidden agendas.”

― James Maddison

“Whenever a youth is ascertained to possess talents meriting an education which his parents cannot afford, he should be carried forward at the public expense.”

― James Madison

“When you’re a young kid and you’re gay, you’re out there on your own. And you’re trying to figure this thing out. And your parents typically aren’t gay.”

― James McGreevey

“Margaret had close links with Geneva where she had spent some years as a student while her parents had been wardens of the Quaker Hostel there and where she had gone back as secretary to Gilbert Murray.”

― James Meade

“As a child, I lived in Germany at the Ramstein air force base, where my dad sang at a nightclub in Kaiserslautern. My parents couldn’t afford a babysitter, so when I was, like, ten or 11, I would go with them to the bar until two in the morning.”

― James Mercer

“Strange about parents. We have such easy access to them and such daunting problems of communication.”

― James Merrill

“Ours was a very progressive Protestant family, but my parents were God-loving rather than God-fearing. We went to church, and I still go with my mum and dad when I return home – it’s a family thing. I played flute in my dad’s marching band, but I had an integrated upbringing. We had a lot of Catholic friends.”

― James Nesbitt

“I don’t know a single person who doesn’t regret the things that they did to hurt their parents, or the things they didn’t say to them.”

― James Nesbitt

“Love your parents, but don’t have them as your mates.”

― James Nesbitt

“True parents do not see to it that their children grow in a particular way, according to a preferred pattern or scripted stages, but they see to it that they grow with their children.”

― James P. Carse

“The fact is that our kids aren’t reading books – or frankly, much of anything lately. Schools are under funded, some schools even closing their libraries. Parents have to realize that it’s their job, and not the school’s job, to get kids into the habit of reading for fun.”

― James Patterson

“It’s our job – as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles – to find books our kids are going to like.”

― James Patterson

“If the White House could do more to tell parents that getting children reading is their business too, we’d see a big difference. Hollywood and the NBA or NFL could step in, too. In England they have an event called Book Day, where every child receives a pound to use at any bookstore.”

― James Patterson

“With my adult books, for the first six weeks or so, it’s about 60 percent ebooks in terms of sales. The kids’ books, it’s like 5 percent. Which means that the parents, the ones that aren’t going into stores now, they’re no longer buying books for their kids, which is not great.”

― James Patterson

“I always figured there would be a kid audience and an adult audience, and there is. That’s true for ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Twilight’ and ‘Harry Potter.’ And ‘Maximum Ride,’ for sure. In particular what happens is a lot of parents share the books with their kids, and the mom has read it, and the kids, and they talk about it.”

― James Patterson

“Schools and parents can team up to find books that kids will really get excited about – that will make them say, ‘That was a great experience. Now I know why people get excited about reading.’”

― James Patterson

“I was a strange, dark little dude. I fell in love with horror movies, at a very early age. Somehow, as a first grader, I was able to convince my parents to let me go see stuff like ‘An American Werewolf in London’ in theaters, so I was headed in that direction anyway.”

― James Roday

“I remember one night, my parents were out at a function of some kind and I had just gotten cable in my room. That was a big deal, and I saw ‘Blue Velvet’ on HBO. It blew my mind in a way that I don’t think children’s minds are supposed to be blown, but they probably shouldn’t be watching ‘Blue Velvet.’”

― James Roday

“Your parents are the parents you know best. Your brother and sister, if you have them, are the brother and sister you know best. They may not be the ones you like the best. They may not be the most interesting, but they are the closest and probably the clearest to you.”

― James Salter

“Parents fear for their children. Absolutely, I think it’s a deep and troubling theme to explore.”

― James Watkins

“My parents were always entrepreneurial.”

― James William Middleton

“I have always joked that I have three mothers. I couldn’t get away with anything as a kid. Whether I got a bad mark or was told off, it would always end up getting back to my parents.”

― James William Middleton

“My parents started Party Pieces the same year I was born, so I have grown up with their entrepreneurial way of thinking, which, to me, became the norm.”

― James William Middleton

“When I was young, my parents made me listen to old music and watch Jimmy Durante. I fell in love with the whole mystique of acting and entertainment.”

― James Wolk

“I played basketball to try to get my parents from working so hard.”

― James Worthy

“I was fat because my parents were a little fat themselves at that point in their lives, and I ate what they ate.”

― Jami Attenberg

“My parents are still married. They don’t weigh 350 pounds; they go to the gym all the time.”

― Jami Attenberg

“Midwest kids got to summer camp. There is something very special about being away from your parents for the first time, sleeping under the stars, hiking and canoeing.”

― Jami Gertz

“The great medical facilities are a relief for the parents, too, who don’t have to think about caring for their young ones on their own for a weekend. They have a great time.”

― Jami Gertz

“I have three sons, a husband, parents, and I’ll fight and get angry, but what is very important that I have found as I’ve matured, is that I have to move on.”

― Jami Gertz

“My parents have always supported me, and they still come to my events and support me each day.”

― Jamie Anderson

“My parents, in their 40s, moved to a different country, started a business, bought a house, didn’t speak the language, raised two kids – it’s kind of amazing.”

― Jamie Chung

“As I grow older and meet more and more people, I realise how lucky I am to have had a stable family environment. Both my parents had loving families but unstable upbringings, so they wanted us to have a more stable situation.”

― Jamie Cullum

“My parents weren’t very good at keeping things, which is why I treasure my own sons’ work so much now – I don’t want to lose anything.”

― Jamie Hewlett

“I squatted for most of my adult life. I’m not condoning squatting; it was just the only way I could do what I wanted to do. I didn’t have, you know, a trust fund or parents that could help out.”

― Jamie Hince

“I think happiness comes from self-acceptance. We all try different things, and we find some comfortable sense of who we are. We look at our parents and learn and grow and move on. We change.”

― Jamie Lee Curtis

“My parents trust me.”

― Jamie-Lynn Sigler

“Heads know that failing to invest in good, nutritious food is a false economy and parents won’t tolerate reconstituted turkey being put back on the menu.”

― Jamie Oliver

“Growing up in Chadds Ford, Pa., I shuttled between studio space in my parents’ house and my grandfather’s studio just up the hill. It was a solitary childhood, but I loved it.”

― Jamie Wyeth

“I started using vinyl because I stole all my parents’ records when I was 10. I didn’t think about sound quality then, but I always loved how they sounded.”

― Jamie xx

“My parents’ record collection was the music I was hearing as long as I can remember, and I would play Otis Redding over and over again.”

― Jamie xx

“Both my parents were immigrants, as were many of their friends, the parents of the children with whom I grew up. Of course I respect and admire immigrants and their undeniable contributions to America, as we all should.”

― Jan C. Ting

“I grew up in a country where I remember my parents not being able to have a conversation on the phone. The walls had ears, and you couldn’t speak freely.”

― Jan Koum

“We were far from rich, but I never remember my parents worrying about money.”

― Jan Schakowsky

“I think no matter what you do you go through stages when you play. There was a number of times when I didn’t do very well or was tired. It was too much to combine school and tennis altogether. Parents need to step in and say, take a little time off, do something fun.”

― Jana Novotna

“My parents were not theatrical at all.”

― Jane Asher

“Arizona is a national leader in school choice with both charter schools and tuition tax credits giving parents and their children more school choices than ever before.”

― Jane D. Hull

“If we as a nation are to break the cycle of poverty, crime and the growing underclass of young people ill equipped to be productive citizens, we need to not only implement effective programs to prevent teen pregnancy, but we must also help those who have already given birth so that they become effective, nurturing, bonding parents.”

― Jane Fonda

“Parents are supposed to give the child back to herself with love. If they’ve got duct tape over their eyes because of narcissism, it doesn’t happen.”

― Jane Fonda

“Children born to teens have less supportive and stimulating environments, poorer health, lower cognitive development, and worse educational outcomes. Children of teen mothers are at increased risk of being in foster care and becoming teen parents themselves, thereby repeating the cycle.”

― Jane Fonda

“While not impossible, it is especially challenging for teenage parents to develop bonds with their children. A high percent of them were themselves children of teenage parents and have never experienced appropriate parenting.”

― Jane Fonda

“I was so clear on the fact that I wanted to be a journalist that I asked my parents if I could go to a tutorial college to do my O-levels early, which I did when I was 13.”

― Jane Goldman

“I always was passionate about science fiction and horror, and my parents enjoyed that as well.”

― Jane Goldman

“Parents, however old they and we may grow to be, serve among other things to shield us from a sense of our doom. As long as they are around, we can avoid the fact of our mortality; we can still be innocent children.”

― Jane Howard

“My parents were involved in community theater in New Jersey. Instead of hiring a baby sitter, they would take me with them. So my love of acting seeped in from watching my parents and seeing them having fun.”

― Jane Krakowski

“I love the story of how my parents met because it seems very 1950s Brooklyn. They met on a brownstone stoop as my father was singing a little doo-wop.”

― Jane Krakowski

“I have amazing parents and some really great friends that would kick my butt if I ever started acting different.”

― Jane Levy

“A lot of the songs in ‘See Jane Sing!’ are pulled straight from the kitchen table and my parents harmonizing together.”

― Jane Lynch

“My parents felt judged by me.”

― Jane Lynch

“When parents or gamers ask me, ‘What’s the best game to play?’ I say that playing face-to-face is more beneficial than playing online.”

― Jane McGonigal

“My parents had an experience of life that is as opposite to mine as you can imagine.”

― Jane Pauley

“My parents were terrific – mother was a church organist and my father was probably the most respected person in our church outside of the minister and sometimes maybe that much. The neighbors all called him – a gentleman.”

― Jane Pauley

“We’re going to live longer than our parents’ generation, and there comes a point when you ask yourself, ‘What am I going do?’ You can only play so much golf.”

― Jane Pauley

“We live in an age of generational turmoil. Baby-boom parents are accused of clinging on to jobs and houses which they should be freeing up for their children. Twentysomethings who can’t afford to leave home and can’t get jobs are attacked as aimless and immature.”

― Jane Ridley

“I was an only child. I’ve known only children. From this experience, I do believe that the children should outnumber the parents.”

― Jane Smiley

“There’s no constitutional right for your parents to pay for college.”

― Jane Velez-Mitchell

“If parents don’t instruct their kids on the narrow boundaries of respectful behavior toward the opposite sex, their kids won’t learn it anywhere else.”

― Jane Velez-Mitchell

“I’m lucky to have parents who used to be bodybuilders! They help me keep fit by going to the gym and training with me. I’m also addicted to Cardio Barre classes and hiking.”

― Janel Parrish

“I wanted to be on my own and get out of the house. We were the kind of kids that – we – obeyed our parents. If they said no, you don’t ask why.”

― Janet Jackson

“My personal style really started in my teens when I gained purchasing power to actually buy my own damn clothes. For so long, my parents dictated what I wore, which largely was their way of containing me within the gender binary.”

― Janet Mock

“My parents split before my fifth birthday, and I moved with Mom and my three siblings to her native Oahu.”

― Janet Mock

“Let us develop an agenda for children that says we can do something about teen pregnancy. Let us make sure that parents are old enough, wise enough, and financially able to take care of their children.”

― Janet Reno

“Both my parents were high school teachers, and they were beloved high school teachers, so I constantly meet people through my dad’s life where they’d be like, ‘Your dad changed my life. He’s the reason I became a lawyer. He’s the reason I started writing. He’s the only reason I stayed in school.’”

― Janet Varney

“My parents were born in 1906 and 1907. I think the experience of the Depression greatly influenced the way they thought about the world.”

― Janet Yellen

“Sibling rivalry was, and still is to this day, rampant in my family. We were all competing for my parents’ divided attention.”

― Janine di Giovanni

“Full disclosure: I went to university as an eager young feminist for many reasons – to get away from my parents, to soak up literature and knowledge, to cease being a child, to expand my mind and my world.”

― Janine di Giovanni

“My parents both were doing the Civil Rights Movement, were very involved with the civil rights to Congress. And my friends’ parents were as well.”

― Janis Ian

“If I could do one thing over I’d have been nicer to my parents.”

― January Jones

“I never lost an argument and my parents assumed I would be a lawyer. They cast me in that role.”

― Jared Harris

“Too often, our most vulnerable students – English-language learners, immigrants, poor kids, teenage parents, students with behavioral problems and learning disabilities – fall through the cracks.”

― Jared Polis

“But parents and schools have their priorities; making sure our kids eat right because research shows a clear connection between nutrition and student performance in school.”

― Jared Polis

“My parents were active in the anti-war movement in the 1960s, so I grew up with a tradition of civic activism around our dinner table and going to different marches for different causes.”

― Jared Polis

“My parents were kind of like me in that they had tons and tons of weird, amazing stuff.”

― Jaron Lanier

“I’d always fought against presenting radio really, because my father was a radio DJ in Australia. He’s just recently retired. And I kind of didn’t want to follow in his footsteps. But I suppose, as we all find as we become older, to some extent we do all become our parents.”

― Jarvis Cocker

“I knew nothing about my mum’s family. Her parents were dead by the time she was 14. She was brought up by two aunts, and she only ever met one uncle.”

― Jasmine Guinness

“I think children of divorced parents do grow up quicker. You just do.”

― Jasmine Guinness

“I talk to my parents more than anybody in my family.”

― Jason Earles

“I convinced my parents to let me see an agent, but because I had been taught never to speak to strangers, I was so quiet during the interview, they said to bring me back when I was older.”

― Jason Fuchs

“You’re breaking up, you’re getting together, you’re changing your life, you’re arguing with your parents, you’re making terrible mistakes, you’re having great triumphs. It’s what happens to teenagers.”

― Jason Katims

“Both my parents were painters.”

― Jason Momoa

“Both my parents are artists, so that just makes me look at everything slightly different. I listened to different music; I dressed differently. So I kind of grew up without following the pack.”

― Jason Momoa

“My parents dreaded the fact that I was changing my life to do this, but I just kept doing it.”

― Jason Mraz

“My parents were always very supportive and accepting. They even shared my curiosity for life, or perhaps I theirs.”

― Jason Mraz

“I have a strange fascination with the Midwest. I’m waiting to find out that my parents are actually from the Midwest. I grew up in Beverly Hills, up the street, and I just feel comfortable there. I’ve shot in Minneapolis, in Detroit, in St. Louis, in Omaha – they would say they’re the Plains, not the Midwest – and I love it.”

― Jason Reitman

“I think as far as I’ve been able to understand from my friends that I went to college with and things like that is that it almost seems like Russian Roulette when you’re coming out of the closet to your parents.”

― Jason Ritter

“It was 1939. There was no money or jobs around. I did my parents a favor and joined the Navy.”

― Jason Robards

“Growing up, I wouldn’t say I was poor. But my parents, although we lived in a nice, middle-class home, they had their struggles.”

― Jay IDK

“You’ve got to know how to hustle. I got a lot of inspiration from my parents. My father was definitely a hustler. With six kids in the house, you always got to be hustling. And my mom, she’s got sick work ethic.”

― Jay Pharoah

“As long as we, again, kind of keep earning the sequels with material and I’m confident Mike can, I’m in. You know I always want to do those. But I also want to keep going in some of the direction as Meet the Parents has.”

― Jay Roach

“Sometimes I would like the opportunity to do character-driven comedy and that’s really what I was trying to do in Meet The Parents. I think in a way this is a more old fashioned type of comedy.”

― Jay Roach

“I was a very hyper-active child and my parents just didn’t know what to do with me.”

― Jay Ryan

“When I changed my degree to acting, I almost gave my parents heart attacks.”

― Jayma Mays

“That whole business of having two homes, and that divided loyalty bind that kids get into. I mean, my parents were divorced – though I was adult – but I still grappled with being responsible to both of them.”

― Jayne Anne Phillips

“I was born and raised in China, and my parents were missionaries.”

― Jayne Meadows

“Being able to provide for your kids in a way that maybe your parents couldn’t do for you is a great feeling.”

― Jayson Tatum

“My parents are supportive of me, whatever school I go to.”

― Jayson Tatum

“I’m a big traveler these days. I was in Hong Kong. I live there. I was just in Belgium with my parents and now I’m on my way to North America. You will find me all over.”

― Jean-Claude Van Damme

“The first 13 years of my life, I lived in China. My parents were missionaries there, and I was an only child. Often I felt lonely and out of place. Writing for me became my private place, where no one could come.”

― Jean Fritz

“I was lucky to have parents who loved me.”

― Jean Paul Gaultier

“Before playing with his equals, the child is influenced by his parents. He is subjected from his cradle to a multiplicity of regulations, and even before language he becomes conscious of certain obligations.”

― Jean Piaget

“Because I was born in Casablanca and my parents were from the south of Spain, I do not have a big central root in France. I feel French but in a few ways, not at all French.”

― Jean Reno

“My parents were dismayed by my love of horror movies as a young girl, then even more dismayed when I kept rooting for Dracula to win instead of Van Helsing.”

― Jeaniene Frost

“Excuse me if I’m clinging on to life, but my parents wove me from tight thread.”

― Jeanne Calment

“I never had any question that my parents loved me. I had a real sense of self confidence.”

― Jeannette Walls

“I have a joyful life, and I attribute that to both of my parents.”

― Jeannette Walls

“I’m happy to be helping people that are passionate about empowering parents for student learning.”

― Jeb Bush

“Is advertising a profession, like law or medicine? How many new parents clutch their baby to their breast and declare, ‘I want this child to grow up to be a media planner’?”

― Jef I. Richards

“I remember when I was a kid, with the acting thing, I resented it because, you know, you don’t want to do what your parents want you to do.”

― Jeff Bridges

“Parents and teachers alike are alarmed by this top-down approach to education that wrongly ties education money for states to the adoption of academic standards that do not fully reflect the values of South Carolina.”

― Jeff Duncan

“I had a happy, dramafree youth, growing up in an upper-middle-class neighborhood in Dallas, Texas. The only thing that was slightly unusual compared to most of my friends was that I was an only child… I don’t think that’s why my parents gave me a dummy, at least they’ve never copped to it.”

― Jeff Dunham

“My parents never discouraged me. There were a couple times when my dad criticized a couple things that I did, but it was nothing. So through the bad shows, I never wanted to quit.”

― Jeff Dunham

“Part of my growing up was always trying to make my parents proud and always trying to keep them happy. I think part of what held them together was my involvement in sports.”

― Jeff Garcia

“My kids have played soccer and baseball and basketball, and the parents who come to games are always saying and doing things that are just wildly inappropriate.”

― Jeff Garlin

“Parents have got to chill out. Let your kid eat dirt – they’re gonna be fine!”

― Jeff Garlin

“Kids and adults have a difference of opinion when it comes to what constitutes legitimate reading. Adults often push books that they loved as children, which, ironically, were often books that their parents weren’t particularly keen on.”

― Jeff Kinney

“My parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles were all funny, and I felt that energy, that delivery, that timing, that sarcasm. All that stuff seeped into my brain.”

― Jeff Ross

“My parents were in the Peace Corps.”

― Jeff Vandermeer

“I’ve worked with kids that are just horrendous, and it’s mostly because of their parents.”

― Jeffrey Dean Morgan

“We had to make ends meet. My parents were divorced, so my father wasn’t really in my life. We grew up like most kids, just wanting things.”

― Jeffrey Donovan

“We had to be parents by long distance, which is far from satisfactory.”

― Jeffrey Hunter

“Vaccines save lives; fear endangers them. It’s a simple message parents need to keep hearing.”

― Jeffrey Kluger

“Your parents leave you too soon and your kids and spouse come along late, but your siblings know you when you are in your most inchoate form.”

― Jeffrey Kluger

“When you’re your parents’ one shot at a genetic legacy, you may get to attend all the best schools, wear all the best clothes and eat all the best foods – at least relative to children in multiple-sibling households. But you also wind up with an overweening sense of your own importance.”

― Jeffrey Kluger

“For years now, Chinese parents and teachers have lamented what’s known as the ‘xiao huangdi’ – or little emperor – phenomenon, a generation of pampered and entitled children who believe they sit at the center of the social universe because that’s exactly how they’ve been treated.”

― Jeffrey Kluger

“There aren’t a lot of ironclad rules of family life, but here’s one: No matter how much your parents deny it – and here’s betting they deny it a lot – they have a favorite child. And if you’re a parent, so do you.”

― Jeffrey Kluger

“When it comes to raising civilized kids there are no hard rules, but there are two things on which most parents agree: Boys are generally wilder than girls, and adolescents are wilder than kids of any other age. If you’ve got an adolescent boy, you’re in the sweet spot for trouble.”

― Jeffrey Kluger

“Older siblings get more total-immersion mentoring with their parents before younger siblings come along. As a result, they get an IQ and linguistic advantage because they are the exclusive focus of their parents’ attention.”

― Jeffrey Kluger

“I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and my parents are really right wingers. My dad watches, like, five or six hours of ‘Fox News’ every day and stuff like that.”

― Jeffrey R. Immelt

“’Dad, Dad, I’m getting married.’ ‘Sh-sh, don’t say it. Nothing, nothing. Don’t do anything.’ So he honestly – ’cause he was taught don’t celebrate – they’ll take it away from you. And his parents were taught that, and his parents and parents’ parents. Because if you did celebrate, and you were visible, it could be very, very dangerous.”

― Jeffrey Tambor

“War violates the natural order of things, in which children bury their parents; in war parents bury their children.”

― Jeh Johnson

“My parents didn’t hide reality. I watched cartoons and the news with equal fascination.”

― Jello Biafra

“I’m completely English, but I grew up in Paris and went to school here. My parents moved when I was five.”

― Jemima West

“I think some parents think, ‘Oh, having kids is so beautiful; I want others to feel the joy I do.’”

― Jen Kirkman

“Sometimes I feel like if two parents were given $100, and a child-free person was given $100, everyone would assume that the parents would invest their money wisely because they’re smart. And people like me would just go buy candy.”

― Jen Kirkman

“Parents talk a lot about how much strength and dedication it takes to raise a child. I think it also takes a lot of strength and dedication to carve out a life that doesn’t seem normal to anyone else.”

― Jen Kirkman

“I’m sure there were times when I wish I had thought, ‘Gosh, that might really embarrass mom and dad,’ but our parents didn’t raise us to think about them. They’re very selfless and they wanted us to have as normal of a college life as possible. So really, we didn’t think of any repercussions.”

― Jenna Bush

“Our parents have always encouraged us to be independent and dream big.”

― Jenna Bush

“As a teacher you can see the difference in kids who have parents who were involved. That difference, by the time these kids get to the third grade, is drastic.”

― Jenna Bush

“I don’t have any children. I just have a cat, to my parents’ dismay.”

― Jenna Bush

“My parents taught us it’s important to give back.”

― Jenna Bush

“Not hippie – my parents were not hippies – but they were very supportive and encouraging, and that does a lot for someone, and it gives them a lot of confidence.”

― Jenna Elfman

“Well, I don’t know if this is true of everyone, but I have this relationship with my parents where, despite however mature or articulate or grown-up I think I’ve become, as soon as I go home, I turn into this petulant 13-year-old, especially with the tone of my voice.”

― Jenna Fischer

“Since my mother passed away, my father and I forged a bond that is so tighter than one could possibly imagine. Keep in mind, I am an only child, so I was always fiercely close with both my parents. The tragedy my father and I endured when my mother passed created a bond between us that no amount of force can break.”

― Jenna Morasca

“I always had a strong support system. My parents always supported the stuff that I did.”

― Jenna Ushkowitz

“I can’t tell you how much I respect all the single parents out there doing it all solo.”

― Jennie Finch

“As an adult, I can’t blame my parents any more.”

― Jennifer Aniston

“Of course, the ideal scenario for parenting is obviously two parents of a mature age.”

― Jennifer Aniston

“I was always singing around my house, and my parents thought they should put me into voice lessons just for fun.”

― Jennifer Damiano

“A lot of teenagers have parents that are maybe a little too real with them.”

― Jennifer Damiano

“I distanced myself, relatively, from my parents for a year or so in my late twenties. It was necessary for me to feel my autonomy. Other than that brief gap, we have always been a very close family.”

― Jennifer Ehle

“I’m still really close with everyone at home and their parents – and their brothers and sisters. I was so, so, so lucky to grow up as part of a community and I don’t take that for granted. I try very hard to stay part of it.”

― Jennifer Garner

“My parents came from a poor background and worked their way up because of education. They saw it as a way to succeed. So they cared about me getting straight A grades when I was growing up.”

― Jennifer Garner

“My mom was really vigorous about making sure that we saw things and that we questioned things. Education was so important to both of my parents.”

― Jennifer Garner

“It’s not what your parents give you. It’s what you do with your own stuff.”

― Jennifer Grant

“I had intelligent, high-minded, liberal parents who wanted to make sure my values were just like theirs.”

― Jennifer Grey

“I always say, you never know how much your parents loved you until you have a child to love.”

― Jennifer Hudson

“My parents are both massive feminists and always led me to believe that I could dream big and do anything that I wanted in my life, almost to a delusional degree.”

― Jennifer Hyman

“My parents wanted me to be a lawyer. But I don’t think I would have been very happy. I’d be in front of the jury singing.”

― Jennifer Lopez

“I watched my parents. My dad worked nights, and I was aware of how much he was doing for us. My mom was a Tupperware lady and also worked at the school. I always felt that I couldn’t let them down. And I had a natural discipline from early on. I was always training for something.”

― Jennifer Lopez

“Our parents got divorced when I was 8 or 9.”

― Jennifer Todd

“My parents were more surprised that I wanted to go away for school than anything. They didn’t really understand the benefits.”

― Jennine Capó Crucet

“It seems disrespectful to my parents who left… to hear their story over and over again which always ends with… ‘and I’ll never go back as long as anyone in the Castro family is in power.’ Well, what happens if you can go back? Would you want to see things?”

― Jennine Capó Crucet

“I was a first-generation college student as well as the first in our family to be born in America – my parents were born in Cuba – and we didn’t yet know that families were supposed to leave pretty much right after they unloaded your stuff from the car.”

― Jennine Capó Crucet

“When I was young, my family didn’t go on outings to the circus or trips to Disneyland. We couldn’t afford them. Instead, we stayed in our small rural West Texas town, and my parents took us to cemeteries.”

― Jenny Lawson

“My parents divorced when I was 3 years old. They had a lounge act in Las Vegas, where I was born. The band broke up and the marriage dissolved, and my mother, my sister and I moved to Southern California. And I didn’t see my dad a lot growing up; he was on the road a lot. I’d see him every couple years.”

― Jenny Lewis

“I come from a duo, actually, quite literally. My parents are Linda and Eddie, and they had an act in Vegas called ‘Love’s Way.’”

― Jenny Lewis

“Hope is the greatest thing for moms of autism. Hope is what gets us out of bed in the morning. I’m on a mission to tell parents that there is a way.”

― Jenny McCarthy

“It’s absolutely imperative for the parents and the typical kids to have time by themselves, to go out to dinner or even go on vacation while someone else cares for the autistic child.”

― Jenny McCarthy

“Without intervention today, the cost of care for adults with autism will be significantly greater and the burden will no longer lie with the parents, but on our entire society.”

― Jenny McCarthy

“Google is one of the most incredible breakthroughs that we have today. Yes, it can scare a lot of patients, thinking we’re all dying because we look up something on Google. But there’s also a lot of anecdotal information from parents, firsthand accounts of what they did for their own child.”

― Jenny McCarthy

“If you ask 99.9 percent of parents who have children with autism if we’d rather have the measles versus autism, we’d sign up for the measles.”

― Jenny McCarthy

“My parents have been married multiple times each, so the idea of being committed to somebody was scary.”

― Jenny Mollen

“Even when I speak English to my parents, I’ll say an English word differently to my Chinese parents and friends than I do to my English-speaking friends – you know, I’ll pronounce ‘McDonald’s’ differently, because it feels right, and that’s what I’m used to.”

― Jenny Zhang

“Chinese people of my parents’ generation who lived through the Cultural Revolution knew so much of death at such a young age, and the psychic toll those experiences left was immense. I knew the stories of the Cultural Revolution before knowing what the Cultural Revolution was.”

― Jenny Zhang

“When it comes to love, maturity often gets a bad rap – second love is boring; it’s practical. It’s what our parents feel for each other.”

― Jenny Zhang

“I think being a writer is being heavily attuned to the absolute absurdity of things you take for granted, and I think that having actual parents who lived through the Cultural Revolution who are also interested in literature, they’re also very attuned to those moments.”

― Jenny Zhang

“I don’t want to bust my butt for the rest of my life, like my parents.”

― Jeremy London

“I was influenced by a lot of comedy growing up, I had good parents. They were funny, too. My mom was hilarious; my dad was hilarious. I guess being at home around the environment was just a good stage to get started.”

― Jermaine Fowler

“My parents argued a lot. It was pretty tumultuous at times.”

― Jermaine Fowler

“The education of my brother and myself was of paramount importance to my parents, and in addition to their strong encouragement, they were prepared to make any sacrifice to further our intellectual development.”

― Jerome Isaac Friedman

“And there’s a lot of that stuff with people bringing their kids, kids bringing their parents, people bringing their grandparents – I mean, it’s gotten to be really stretched out now. It was never my intention to say, this is the demographics of our audience.”

― Jerry Garcia

“N.W.A had something in common with the Rolling Stones and MC5 and groups like that: the voice of rebellion. It’s rebellion against your parents. It’s rebellion against the system. It’s rebellion against society.”

― Jerry Heller

“We have a problem now with parents stealing their kids’ CDs, so the roles have been reversed.”

― Jerry Only

“My parents didn’t want to move to Florida, but they turned sixty and that’s the law.”

― Jerry Seinfeld

“Kids still can be said to live in their own little world. Even if their parents are helicoptering around them, assigning play dates and so forth, I think they’re still living in some sense of their own little perceptual worlds.”

― Jerry Spinelli

“I grew up in a lot of different homes when I was younger: my parents rented trailers and small, boxy houses set high on cement block pillars.”

― Jesmyn Ward

“I think everyone assumes that I talk to my parents a lot about writing, but I didn’t – they’re my parents. We didn’t have constant workshops running in my household.”

― Jesse Kellerman

“It’s not as though I decided to sit down and write a mystery novel so I could capitalize on my parents’ success.”

― Jesse Kellerman

“It’s always been a struggle to differentiate myself, but I like my parents. I enjoy doing events with them, and I don’t feel I should purposely avoid something just for the sake of being different.”

― Jesse Kellerman

“Five people read my work before its ready for publication, and I solicit opinions from all of them: my wife, my agent, my editor, and my parents.”

― Jesse Kellerman

“It’s impossible for me to disentangle how much of my storytelling urge is the product of growing up with novelist parents and how much is a genetic legacy from those same parents.”

― Jesse Kellerman

“Naturally, it was easier for me to envision becoming a novelist than it is for most people. I had two great in-house teachers; I had parents who considered a career in the arts a real possibility rather than a dreamy arrow shot into the sky.”

― Jesse Kellerman

“Most people’s problems start as children when their parents, especially mothers, cause them to become angry.”

― Jesse Lee Peterson

“Parents don’t care about their children; they’re emotional, egotistical, selfish, and screw up their kids! Pastors knowingly mislead their flock by telling them that they can continue to sin and yet know God – because they themselves still sin. And we all know that the government does not care at all for the people.”

― Jesse Lee Peterson

“Absolutely, I grew up listening to soul music. People like Stevie, Aretha, Ray Charles, Michael and Prince. My parents’ record collection was all I had when I was a little kid. If it wasn’t that, it was something else in their collection.”

― Jesse McCartney

“My parents were both very musically inclined, they were both songwriters and musicians, so we grew up in the house singing music together, and R&B had a huge strong arm in the foundation of my career.”

― Jesse McCartney

“I didn’t really start doing stuff until I was 8 or so, but I was an extra in a bunch of different movies, and I just really took to it and really enjoyed it. I kind of bugged my parents to give L.A. a shot, and they were just super-supportive.”

― Jesse Plemons

“Patriotism to your country is something that comes from your heart. It should be taught to you by your parents.”

― Jesse Ventura

“My parents made a great sacrifice to make sure that we had something wonderful at Christmas, and through the help of the state and others, we were able to have a good meal.”

― Jesse White

“We just believe when you have parental involvement, we are going to get a better bang for the buck, so to speak. And we also encourage parents to speak with their young people about the importance of safe driving. And also remind them, too, they cannot be distracted.”

― Jesse White

“I want to encourage all parents to read to their children because it helps them to become better educated, better informed.”

― Jesse White

“My parents were young and liberal and knew I was going to drink anyway, so they let me do it at home.”

― Jessica Alba

“My Barbies were usually naked. Once, I took their heads off, cut their hair, drew on their short, spiky hair with some markers, then stuck the heads on Christmas lights. Every year, we’d string our tree with those Barbie heads. It looked demonic. My parents were so cool – they saw it as a form of self-expression.”

― Jessica Biel

“I don’t look at Twitter between events because it’s a distraction but I will ring my fiance and parents to let them know how it’s going.”

― Jessica Ennis-Hill

“Both of my parents were both multi-sport athletes. Their mindset was, be an athlete as long as possible, up until they became parents. And so they dropped their dreams for their children.”

― Jessica McDonald

“I’ve had so many parents DM me on social media thanking me because I simply have dreadlocks, because their daughters wear dreadlocks and play with dreadlocks, and I’m like, ‘Well why not? Let’s do it.’ It’s really cool to be able to inspire the younger generation of kids of color that look like us.”

― Jessica McDonald

“Obviously this is something huge, just to be playing on the world stage and repping all the parents out there – not just the parents, but obviously all of the African American girls who feel as if they don’t have much to rely to make your dreams come true, whatever the circumstances may be.”

― Jessica McDonald

“My parents made me finish high school before I started acting, and I did, like, two weeks of fine arts college before I was like, ‘This sucks. I’m going!’ I got a few small jobs, and then I booked a big-for-Canada feature.”

― Jessica Pare

“When I was a kid, my parents told me that every time we went to see a play or musical, I would sit there with my mouth hanging open completely immersed. I think it has just always spoken to me, been the thing that makes me feel alive, seen, and the way I can express myself.”

― Jessica Rothe

“I watched horror films growing up, and I would love watching them with friends. But then, I would spend the next week sleeping in my parents’ room because I would be so scared.”

― Jessica Rothe

“During the week, my days are consumed with school commitments, play-dates and work for Baby Buggy, a nonprofit I started, which collects kids’ gear for parents in need. So on weekends, I look forward to uninterrupted time with my family.”

― Jessica Seinfeld

“As for singing, my parents say I have a good voice, but then again, they have to say that.”

― Jessica Springsteen

“My parents taught me that having a passion is a rare thing, so following it through and working hard, even when it’s tough, is important.”

― Jessica Springsteen

“My parents sold my childhood home, and I literally was 35 years old, but I cried for, like, two and a half weeks. Like, openly wailed.”

― Jessica St. Clair

“I grew up in Long Island City. When I was growing up, my parents owned a women’s clothing store in Queens. It was for older women. I got my bras there, until I realized I didn’t want those huge, taupe bras. Everything was beige, with massive amounts of hooks.”

― Jessica Valenti

“When you ask most American parents why they want to have kids, it’s to bring more joy into their lives. So, when you don’t feel that all-encompassing joy, it must be that something is wrong with you. I think it’s dissatisfaction that the expectation was different than the reality.”

― Jessica Valenti

“I focused on my career. I grew up super Christian, both my parents are ministers, so I did a purity ceremony when I was a teenager.”

― Jessica Williams

“My parents have always been very supportive.”

― Jessica Williams

“I have the happiest, most confident babies, and I know it’s because they feel that strong love from their parents.”

― Jessie James Decker

“I think we’re such great parents together – I could not have picked a better partner to have kids with.”

― Jessie James Decker

“I feel like I’m really grateful that my parents chose Canada, and I feel like there’s open arms here, and it’s very apparent.”

― Jessie Reyez

“I have really dope parents.”

― Jessie Reyez

“Some people’s parents listened to the Beatles… but my family is Alquimia, Celia Cruz, and Carlos Vives – this old, rich Colombian music. I loved hearing that while I was growing up.”

― Jessie Reyez

“My parents said to us, practically on a daily basis, that we were as good as anyone else on this earth, and that we would simply have to work harder in order to show that.”

― Jessye Norman

“I knew that I was loved. And that’s such an important thing. And, of course, at such an early age, you take it for granted. Of course your parents love you. Of course Mrs. Hubert across the street loves you and your godmother loves you and your grandparents love you.”

― Jessye Norman

“So what are we given? We’re also given, my generation, the disillusionment of our parents.”

― Jewel

“I was really inspired while I was pregnant and I wrote a whole album for my baby. I wanted to write a kids album that didn’t annoy parents. I used The Beatles ‘Rocky Raccoon’ as sort of a starting place for my writing.”

― Jewel

“A grandparent can be simply affirming. A grandparent has been there, done that child-raising stuff, and has the wisdom of experience. And so in some ways, they’re free to love without the anxiety of being the actual parents. They’re free to give.”

― Jewell Parker Rhodes

“It didn’t matter that I wore clothes from Sears; I was still different. I looked different. My name was different. I wanted to pull away from the things that marked my parents as being different.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“A lot of my personality was informed by feeling very different in the world I grew up in, feeling that I didn’t fully belong, that my parents didn’t belong.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“This story is based on a gentleman who indeed did… used to come to my parents’ house in 1971 from Bangladesh. He was at the University of Rhode Island. And I was four, four years old, at the time, and so I actually don’t have any memories of this gentleman.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“I’ve inherited a sense of that loss from my parents because it was so palpable all the time while I was growing up, the sense of what my parents had sacrificed in moving to the United States, and yet at the same time, building a life here and all that that entailed.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“I don’t know why, but the older I get the more interested I get in my parents’ marriage. And it’s interesting to be married yourself, too, because there is an inevitable comparison.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“As a child, I felt that the Indian part of me was unacknowledged, and therefore somehow negated, by my American environment and vice versa. Growing up, I was impatient with my parents for being so different, holding on to India the way they did, and always making me feel like I had to make a choice of which way I would go.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“Part of my whole project from the beginning was to make an absent world present for my parents, which was India.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“My parents’ relationship with Kolkata is so strong. Growing up, the absence of Kolkata was always present in our lives.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“I was always aware of what the language I was using meant in terms of my bond with my parents – how it defined the lines of affection between us. When I spoke English, I felt I wasn’t completely their child any more but the child of another language.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“My parents came from Calcutta. They arrived in Cambridge, much like the parents in my novel. And I found myself sort of caught between the world of my parents and the world they had left behind and still clung to, and also the world that surrounded me at school and everywhere else, as soon as I set foot out the door.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“I think one of the things that I picked up from Nigeria is the constant pressure to be excellent. Parents drill in this responsibility towards family, but also a responsibility toward making sure your family name is heralded.”

― Jidenna

“’Doctor Who’ began as family television: a show that kids and their parents and grandparents can all watch, maybe even together, on the sofa.”

― Jill Lepore

“I had a brother six years older than me, so I wasn’t just listening to teenybopper stuff. My brother had the cooler music, but my parents had the Burt Bacharach, Tom Jones, the Association, the Fifth Dimension; these groups were un-cool, but I secretly loved them.”

― Jill Sobule

“I always love the soapy conflicts between somebody’s family of origin and their new family – ‘Do I have Thanksgiving at my husband’s parents’ house, or at my parents’ house?’”

― Jill Soloway

“Both of my mom’s parents were music teachers, so I got a lot of knowledge about everything from classical music to jazz to musicals.”

― Jillian Hervey

“My own parents loved each other very much.”

― Jilly Cooper

“My parents were blue-collar.”

― Jim Acosta

“I got a lot of support from my parents. That’s the one thing I always appreciated. They didn’t tell me I was being stupid; they told me I was being funny.”

― Jim Carrey

“One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.”

― Jim DeMint

“Everyone wants instant gratification: you have to have everything your parents had right away.”

― Jim Flaherty

“Secondary school parents tell me that they are frustrated, that their teachers ignore them, their children don’t give them much feedback because they are adolescents, they feel kind of out of the loop.”

― Jim Knight

“Technologically we can deliver the ability of parents to be able to log into a school intranet, be able to see what homework has been set or look at lesson planning, whether the child is attending, see what the timetable is like, all of that is possible and there are some schools that are doing it already.”

― Jim Knight

“Teachers tell me that they’d like to work more closely with parents.”

― Jim Knight

“The most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder.”

― Jim Morrison

“Super Bowl V was the Colts against the Cowboys and Jim O’Brien kicked a 32 yard field goal to beat the Cowboys. I was traumatized by it. Everyone at school knew I was the only Cowboy fan in the area. I didn’t want to go to school and I begged and pleaded with my parents. Those are indelible memories when you are a kid.”

― Jim Nantz

“I was very much a latchkey kid. My parents would feel the back of the television to make sure I hadn’t been watching it when they were gone, which inevitably I was.”

― Jim Rash

“My well-meaning parents decided to send me to a Catholic grade school to get a better education than I probably would have received at the local public school. They had no way of knowing that the school nuns, who were the majority of the teachers at this particular parochial school, were right-wing, card-carrying John Birch Society members.”

― Jim Starlin

“I believe Congress has a duty to do so as well; not simply as a body of legislators, but more importantly as a community of friends, neighbors, parents and Americans.”

― Jim Walsh

“My father came by himself across the North Korean border when he was seventeen. And hasn’t seen his brothers or sisters or parents since then. And he died some time ago, but never saw any of his relatives. My mother was a refugee in war-torn Korea.”

― Jim Yong Kim

“People have heard about me, but they haven’t heard about things my brother and my parents have gone through, and stories about growing up and living a dream come true.”

― Jimmer Fredette

“We are the people our parents warned us about.”

― Jimmy Buffett

“I’m obsessed with TV. How wrong our parents were when they said we should only watch an hour a day. Stop wasting your time reading books.”

― Jimmy Carr

“I’m still the community college kid with immigrant parents.”

― Jimmy Gomez

“For the son of immigrants to run for elected office, not even a generation after my parents got here, that’s what makes America a great place.”

― Jimmy Gomez

“Most newborn things are influenced by parents or even grandparents.”

― Jimmy Savile

“I have no tattoos at all – it was a huge undertaking for me in the ’80s to let my parents know I was piercing my ear when I did ‘L.A. Law.’”

― Jimmy Smits

“I wasn’t one of those hideous children who make their parents sit through hour-long performances when you’re seven. I didn’t do anything like that thankfully.”

― Jo Brand

“Who can blame desperate parents for wanting to escape the horror that their families are experiencing?”

― Jo Cox

“Having a child is difficult enough already, bringing with it a whole range of wonderful challenges, and we shouldn’t be trying to guilt parents into ‘there is just one way to do it’.”

― Jo Swinson

“Two weeks into looking after a newborn, you don’t necessarily feel as if you’ve got it all under control. It’s just turned your life absolutely upside down, and I think there are a lot of parents who would feel that having the opportunity for both parents to be around in those early weeks would be something that would be really, really valuable.”

― Jo Swinson

“There is nothing that compares to the bonding between parent and child in that first year of life. Study after study shows how both parents being involved in the early weeks and months of a child’s life is good for the child’s development.”

― Jo Swinson

“If we want a Parliament that understands people’s lives when it takes decisions, it needs to be representative of society, which includes having MPs who are parents of small children – both mums and dads.”

― Jo Swinson

“Most families need both parents to work. Moms need to be able to work and earn fair pay and have the flexibility in their jobs to also be primary caretakers.”

― Joan Blades

“All Asian parents are into your children having a respectable, decent stable job. Acting was unimaginable to my parents.”

― Joan Chen

“My parents instilled in me that life was going to be very difficult and that I’d have to work for everything.”

― Joan Collins

“Because I don’t think it’s very healthy to hold people to idealized views. I think that’s a certain stage in life, something kids do. You have to go through that idealistic phase with your parents, but at a certain point, you need to see people as just people.”

― Joan Cusack

“I don’t think anybody feels like they’re a good parent. Or if people think they’re good parents, they ought to think again.”

― Joan Didion

“Girls see these defined roles they’re supposed to follow in life, but when I was a young child, my parents told me I could be anything.”

― Joan Jett

“My parents taught me I could be anything in the world I wanted to be.”

― Joan Jett

“I like writing about teenagers because it’s a time of great change and conflict. Up to then, you accept what your parents tell you.”

― Joan Lingard

“I was born in Washington, D.C., where my father was working for the Federal Trade Commission, and my mom was editor for the National Council of Catholic Women, but my parents were simply awaiting my birth before moving back to their roots in Rhode Island to raise their family.”

― Joanna Going

“It’s very kind of ‘Wuthering Heights’ where my parents’ house is, moors and deserted. It’s very wild and mystic.”

― Joanne Froggatt

“My parents were language teachers. They talked about teaching all the time and all their friends were teachers. It was considered a pre-ordained thing that I would go into teaching.”

― Joanne Harris

“When I was young, and I wouldn’t eat, my parents would say, ‘Eat, or else you’re going to become a little Biafran.’”

― Joanne Liu

“When I look back I can’t believe how my parents managed, but the cliche is true. We didn’t have money, but we were rich in so many other ways.”

― Joaquin Phoenix

“My parents were just searching for an alternative way of raising their children.”

― Joaquin Phoenix

“When I went to my local grammar school, Lurgan College, girls were not encouraged to study science. My parents hit the roof and, along with other parents, demanded a curriculum change.”

― Jocelyn Bell Burnell

“You can convert the teachers, and you can convert the kids, but if they go home saying they want to be a physicist, and the parents question why they would want to do that, then it makes it very difficult.”

― Jocelyn Bell Burnell

“I think anybody over 30 plays parents because it happens in your thirties and so that’s kind of a natural progression. But I’m definitely drawn to it. It’s probably the most intense, passionate thing that happens to you as you get older.”

― Jodie Foster

“I came from a very normal, un-Hollywood background. My parents provided me with every sort of normal upbringing that they could.”

― Jodie Sweetin

“Catholic schools in our Nation’s education have been paramount in teaching the values that we as parents seek to instill in our children.”

― Joe Baca

“There’s no way you should try to send somebody back who came here as a child with their parents and who’s grown up here in the United States. They’re Americans.”

― Joe Barton

“I have ‘Parents’ magazine in my home.”

― Joe Biden

“That’s where the Black Keys and Jack White have succeeded and I’ve failed: They’ve actually convinced college kids that they’re listening to hip music – but it’s just blues twisted a new way – while I’m playing for the college kid’s parents.”

― Joe Bonamassa

“It’s interesting, as I said on the last tour in America, the audience actually came out, they had to have been the kind of fans who listened to my music via their parents, you know what I mean?”

― Joe Cocker

“The best holiday I ever had was the first one I went on without my parents, when I was 17.”

― Joe Elliott

“I have been extraordinarily fortunate in my life, luckier than almost anybody on this planet. And whenever I ran into challenges, my parents did everything they could so that I could maximize my own potential.”

― Joe Kennedy III

“Talking with other parents really gave me some lessons that I try to hold on to now, as a parent of two boys.”

― Joe Lando

“I was really lucky about two things about my life as a kid: I had awesome parents, and I had awesome peers.”

― Joe Lonsdale

“When I was growing up in the ’70s and ’80s, by the time you were 16, you were kind of expected to be an adult. By the time we were 16 and able to drive, certainly by 17 or 18 and into college, you just had very little interaction with your parents.”

― Joe Meno

“Social Security, for example – I’m 43. I’ve paid into the system. You know what? That money has been stolen from me. I know that my parents who are on Social Security – they’ve got to continue to receive it. They’re dependent on it. It is their primary source of income.”

― Joe Miller

“We have a good opportunity to be good parents right now.”

― Joe Nichols

“My dad was born in 1909, my mother in 1914, I believe. Their life experiences were different than younger parents, so I grew up with a different perspective.”

― Joe R. Lansdale

“My parents had become adults during the Great Depression, as had many of my aunts and uncles, so I got stories from all of them. They are fastened up inside me, and now and again, they have to come out.”

― Joe R. Lansdale

“The only place I considered home was the boarding school, in Yorkshire, my parents sent me to.”

― Joe Strummer

“I get on all right with my parents. But I don’t see them very much. They split up when I was eight. I stayed with my mum, but I felt it was a bit soft with her. I could do whatever I liked, and I wasn’t getting nowhere, so I went to stay with my dad.”

― Joe Strummer

“My parents wanted me to become a national athlete.”

― Joe Taslim

“Soon after I was born, my parents moved to the South Florida area, and I’ve lived here ever since (with a few years of living in both Portugal and Brazil in my younger days).”

― Joe Tex

“Film has become a very passive experience, but with theatre, there is a contract made with the audience, where they participate. That’s why my parents’ puppet theatre was such a special place – people used their imaginations. It’s a muscle that needs using.”

― Joe Wright

“My parents are apolitical – no bumper stickers, no yard signs. They don’t talk about politics.”

― Joel Burns

“I went to high school in Texas for one year, my senior year. My parents wanted me to get out of Stockholm because I was running with the wrong crew. They wanted me to get back to my roots.”

― Joel Kinnaman

“My parents got married when I was 12.”

― Joel Kinnaman

“My parents were the same in the pulpit as they were at home. I think that’s where a lot of preachers’ kids get off base sometimes. Because they don’t see the same things at both places.”

― Joel Osteen

“Too often, parents whose children express an interest in farming squelch it because they envision dirt, dust, poverty, and hermit living. But great stories come out of great farming.”

― Joel Salatin

“I was almost tragically shy, like, clinically. I should’ve been admitted somewhere. I think my parents knew, but maybe they didn’t think much about it. It’s hard walking the Earth shy. You miss out on a lot.”

― Joelle Carter

“I was 2 when my parents – actress Connie Stevens and singer Eddie Fisher – divorced. I was too young to experience the pain of their split, but it was rough growing up with a father who wasn’t there.”

― Joely Fisher

“I was 21, and I was in college, and I’d eat real healthy during the week, and then on the weekends I would reward myself, and I’d just go to town on whatever my parents had in the fridge. And my little brother would be like, ‘Hey.’ And so it was actually him that begged me to do my first contest.”

― Joey Chestnut

“I’m lucky. My parents are, like, super hippies. They were just happy I was going to school and I wasn’t getting in trouble.”

― Joey Chestnut

“What made me want to play drums in the first place was Led Zeppelin and The Who. My parents had their records, and I grew up listening to them with the stereo cranked.”

― Joey Jordison

“Without Metallica, I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing. I have every Metallica record, of course, and I would spend hours on drums in my parents’ basement with the stereo behind me, cranking those records and learning Lars’ drum beats, beat by beat.”

― Joey Jordison

“I was 14 in Barcelona, and when I initially went there, I didn’t see my mum for six months and my dad for four months. Australia is far from Spain, but I don’t remember how long or how short the days felt. I think what was most difficult for my parents was that if anything went wrong, they couldn’t say, ‘OK, we’ll be there in a couple of hours.’”

― Johanna Konta

“I was training in Spain for 15 months, and while I was there, my parents didn’t want to be halfway around the world away from their 14-year-old daughter. So they migrated to the U.K. because they had Hungarian passports, and that’s in the E.U., so they could work there.”

― Johanna Konta

“I would love to get my parents a house somewhere or a place in the country.”

― Johanna Konta

“When my parents gave me that first guitar, I became totally obsessed. I would stay in my room all the time with it, and my parents were concerned.”

― John 5

“My friends and family are not really fixated on the specifics of ‘Star Wars.’ My parents don’t know anything about ‘Star Wars.’ They’ve never watched a ‘Star Wars’ film.”

― John Boyega

“My father’s parents were Irish. Only a year before my father died, he and I went back to Ireland for a week to look at the old homestead.”

― John C. Hawkes

“If you are a parent, you have probably already realized that your children are always watching what you do. And just as children watch their parents and emulate their behavior, so do employees who are watching their bosses.”

― John C. Maxwell

“My parents allowed their two sons to be individuals. My family was a wild and wonderful place, with lots of friends and neighbors visiting and talking loud and eating loud and nobody telling the children to be quiet or putting them down.”

― John Cassavetes

“Most parents were, like, Little League coaches and all that. My dad was a wrestling fan. Instead of going out and playing home run derby with my old man, we just watched wrestling together.”

― John Cena

“You’re trying to grow up, and you don’t want to be like your parents, and that gets mixed up with being Korean… They brought their values from Korea, and I accepted them because I didn’t know anything more. But as I grow older, I feel more Korean every year; it’s very strange.”

― John Cho

“I’ve thought for years, sometimes against my will, about what kind of son I’m supposed to be, what’s expected. Being Korean, that’s a particularly charged question. Is your duty to your culture or to your parent? Is your life your own, or the second half of your parents’ life? Who owns your life?”

― John Cho

“I think my parents were surprisingly cool with me entering the arts. Although, I think they thought it was going to be a phase, and they didn’t expect me to actually stick with it, and rightfully so. They were concerned whether I could afford groceries, being an actor.”

― John Cho

“Our parents more or less just kind of wanted us to pursue our passions. Whatever they would have been, they would have helped light the fire. They are very liberal, artistic people, but they didn’t force us into acting. They let us find our own ways.”

― John Cusack

“They were very supportive parents in all my endeavors. They have very different approaches on how they give advice.”

― John David Washington

“’The Voice Kids’ was a tremendous success in Holland. There was a big emotional reaction from the parents of the children taking part.”

― John de Mol, Jr.

“I basically applied to law school as a way of telling my parents that I wasn’t going to medical school.”

― John Delaney

“I ran away from home when I was a senior in high school, and it came out of all the conflicts that happen between parents and their children who can’t communicate.”

― John Denver

“The walls of our upstairs hallway testify that we once had photogenic children. There are rows of framed pictures that show them playing baseball, basketball, holding a toad, and smiling in the sunlight at their eager parents. Everything is orderly and bright.”

― John Dickerson

“Mom would talk about Eric Sevareid and Murrow and Howard K. Smith the way other parents talk about sports figures.”

― John Dickerson

“And there should not be a limit on the creation of new public schools. We ought to expand choices for parents.”

― John Engler

“If I didn’t already sense that I was different, I certainly was reminded, whether by my parents or by the other school kids. Not just reminded. Told… I was made to believe it wasn’t right. If I went a little bit too off – slap! It was Dad’s upbringing and it was Victorian, and that’s the way he was.”

― John Galliano

“I want to share music that we grew up with for this generation, the music my parents shared with me.”

― John Gourley

“I love that phrase that parents say to their children when they cry: ‘I’ll give you something to cry about.’”

― John Grant

“Certain people are not going to connect with a book about the effect a dog has on a family. But every one of us has parents and has either said goodbye to those parents or knows that someday they will.”

― John Grogan

“My parents owned a pharmacy in Budapest, which gave us a comfortable living. As I was their only child, they wanted me to become a pharmacist. But my own preference would have been to study philosophy and mathematics.”

― John Harsanyi

“My parents felt that acting was far too insecure. Don’t ask me what made them think that painting would be more secure.”

― John Hurt

“Parents are the worst teachers, if they are good at it and you’re not. My father thought I was the densest offspring he could have produced.”

― John Hurt

“No Child Left Behind taught us that parents, teachers and state and local leaders are more suited to address students’ needs than a one-size-fits-all accountability system developed by Washington bureaucrats.”

― John Kline

“When I talk to teachers, parents, superintendents, my colleagues, everyone wants to fix No Child Left behind. There is great dissatisfaction with No Child Left Behind.”

― John Kline

“My parents and my brothers and their wives are incredible and formed me as a person long before I got to Hollywood.”

― John Krasinski

“Luckily, I have two of the coolest parents around. They’re so open about having any and all experiences, so they never hindered us in any way by categorizing or judging anything.”

― John Krasinski

“One of the things I have noticed about my novels is that they all concern people who can’t quite bring themselves to tell the truth about their own lives… I’ve come to realise that this interest in damaged, untellable stories comes from my parents.”

― John Lanchester

“When I got cut from the National Football League, I had nowhere to go. I moved in with my parents until I got on my feet again.”

― John Layfield

“The monsters of our childhood do not fade away, neither are they ever wholly monstrous. But neither, in my experience, do we ever reach a plane of detachment regarding our parents, however wise and old we may become. To pretend otherwise is to cheat.”

― John le Carre

“My parents were incredibly strict, almost military style.”

― John Leguizamo

“My parents told me in the very beginning as a young child when I raised the question about segregation and racial discrimination, they told me not to get in the way, not to get in trouble, not to make any noise.”

― John Lewis

“Grown adults often tell me that they used to sit, as children with their parents, and watch ‘3rd Rock from the Sun,’ and they would all enjoy it for completely different reasons. I think that’s part of the magic of the show.”

― John Lithgow

“As an actor ages north of 60, he tends to be in more father roles than anything else. It’s generational. And it tends to be a relationship that fascinates people, the flawed relationships between parents and kids.”

― John Lithgow

“Parents wonder why the streams are bitter, when they themselves have poisoned the fountain.”

― John Locke

“I didn’t have parents, so I lived in people’s homes… And because I grew up with no parental role models, I learned to become my own friend, eventually my own father and my own mother.”

― John Lone

“I always knew the Sixties wasn’t a revolution. It really was just a bunch of university students with wealthy parents having fun.”

― John Lydon

“When I grew up on the south side of Chicago, it was kind of a rough neighborhood, and when my parents saw the prospect of my older sister going to middle school, high school, they decided that we would move to the north side of Chicago, Highland Park, and for me, that was a whole new ballgame.”

― John M. Grunsfeld

“Growing up, I found I was good at two things: Art and Math. To hear my parents say it, though, it was only, ‘John is good at Math.’”

― John Maeda

“I took the fear of marriage from my parents’ relationship, because I didn’t want to end up in a relationship like that, whereas my brothers and sisters learnt a lesson from it and made sure they didn’t carry it on into their own marriages.”

― John Mahoney

“I’m very proud of what my parents achieved and what they stood for. They didn’t have much, but in many ways they were richer than most.”

― John Major

“I don’t think my parents know what I do.”

― John Malkovich

“Well I think that’s probably one of a few, where I grew up in the City of New York, it’s got a lot of energy, my parents are Irish-American so there was a bit of yelling going on in my house but it seemed normal.”

― John McEnroe

“When I was eight and a half, my parents moved to a part of Queens where there was a club nearby. We joined, and if you believe in someone up above, I think I was meant to play tennis.”

― John McEnroe

“My parents were not at all backstage parents. We had none of that in the family. It was just very clear right away that I was an actor, even from 4 years old. I’ve never waited a table. I taught some – I’ll teach classes in improv or Shakespeare, but there’s some motor in me that needs to do that.”

― John Michael Higgins

“It is unfortunately true that our generation and that of your parents have left you with a big mess that will now be yours to clean up: wars, budget challenges, pollution, global warming, battles of health care, natural disasters. They’re all there for you. We’re willing those to you. Are you ready?”

― John Morgridge

“I was singing when I was two years old, and my parents were very supportive, but they weren’t musicians themselves.”

― John Oates

“I would say that my parents were intermittently proud of me. They couldn’t hang onto it, you know? It would come and go, like the flu.”

― John Patrick Shanley

“I’m concerned about the insidious influence of the media’s bad messages that undermine the lessons parents try to instill in their sons and daughters.”

― John Ratzenberger

“When I looked further into my mother’s history, I realised that her anxieties and her neuroses could be accounted for by facts from a very early age. Her parents, William Henry Jones and Sarah Emily, were desperately poor.”

― John Rhys-Davies

“My parents were always Welsh-speaking and very proud of Wales.”

― John Rhys-Davies

“Perhaps the single most important thing for a child is to be with a loving, supportive family. And all things being equal, any child of any race should be placed with any qualified parents without restriction or special conditions.”

― John Ridley

“And friends of mine that had photography class in high school would develop the film and make prints and I’d take them back to the track and give ’em away or try and sell them. Much to my parents’ dismay, I majored in photography in college.”

― John Sexton

“I don’t crush the kids. But I do want them to know that they have to earn what they get. I’m not like Jimmy Piersall’s dad or anything. I mean, I tell them I’m happy if they just do the best they can. My parents were that way with me.”

― John Stockton

“I want my kids to have a life like I did growing up. The greatest gift I was given in life was from my parents. Though I can’t match them, I’d like to be that kind of parent.”

― John Stockton

“If I could turn into my old coaches, or my parents, then I’d consider that a definite plus.”

― John Stockton

“As far back as I remember, and earlier, I was an artisan, a maker and doer. Mechanically minded, my parents said.”

― John Sulston

“I had two parents who were doctors, and my mom was valedictorian in multiple classes.”

― John T. Chambers

“There is a growing acceptance and interest in publicly funded school choice as a catalyst for education reform in general and a way to empower parents to be education reformers.”

― John T. Walton

“I grew up wanting to be a musician, but my parents were sure I would starve to death. So, they put me in physics and chemistry. That eventually blew up, and I got into radio.”

― John Tesh

“The Founding Fathers in their wisdom decided that children were an unnatural strain on parents. So they provided jails called schools, equipped with tortures called an education.”

― John Updike

“Parents should monitor their behavior, know who their friends are, and keep track of what they do.”

― John Walters

“Research shows that parents are the single biggest influence on children – if you are worried about your teen and drugs, talk to them.”

― John Walters

“I used to run away to New York from Baltimore all the time. I would get on the Greyhound bus and tell my parents I was going to some sorority weekend… I’d even make up fake permission slips, come to New York, and just ask people on the street if I could stay with them and go see midnight movies.”

― John Waters

“Bergman movies were the most influential. They used to show at Goucher University, which was where my parents used to live. ‘Brink of Life’ was the first one I ever saw. Three pregnant women in a maternity ward and their misery – I love that. That is what I want to show at my funeral.”

― John Waters

“I had a stage when I was 12 years old. I had a puppet show career. I wrote horror stories in camp, and all the parents called and complained.”

― John Waters

“I grew up in Baltimore, which is, you know, a city of extremes certainly, but my parents were very conservative. But they made me feel safe, and even though they were mortified at what I was doing, they encouraged it. I think because they thought, what else could I do?”

― John Waters

“I think I’m probably the only person that, when the parents lent me money to make the movie, they wished I had not paid them back. They could have said ‘No,’ and it would have ended, and I would have gotten a real job.”

― John Waters

“My dad, he would go through these periods of self-doubt. We’d do something that was controversial or that wasn’t welcomed by everybody, and he’d go, ‘Well, Shirley, our parents cursed us with ethics, and we passed it on to our children.’”

― John Wesley Shipp

“All this time I lived with my parents, and wrought on the plantation; and having had schooling pretty well for a planter, I used to improve myself in winter evenings, and other leisure times.”

― John Woolman

“If kind parents love their children and delight in their happiness, then he who is perfect goodness in sending abroad mortal contagions doth assuredly direct their use.”

― John Woolman

“My parents instilled something greater than myself. They instilled faith in me.”

― Johnathon Schaech

“I made odd noises as a child. Just did weird things, like turn off light switches twice. I think my parents thought I had Tourette’s syndrome.”

― Johnny Depp

“My dad was an actor, and he made it all seem quite magical. It felt like a slightly subversive thing, telling stories, when all of my other friends’ parents were builders or bank clerks. It’s always seemed quite magical to me.”

― Johnny Flynn

“We didn’t have a TV because we didn’t have a whole lot of money. My parents would have their friends over – their friends who thought, ‘How can you live without a TV?’”

― Johnny Galecki

“My parents would have their friends over – their friends who thought, ‘How can you live without a TV?’ By the time they left, they understood why, because I had done the second act of ‘West Side Story’ and the first act of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar,’ playing all the parts. In many ways, that’s what I’m still doing. I’m just getting paid better.”

― Johnny Galecki

“Both my parents worked. So it wasn’t like the previous generation where we learned how to cook and bake from our mothers and grandmothers.”

― Johnny Iuzzini

“It’s unfortunate when kids get hurt, but I wish parents would monitor what their kids are doing and watching. It’s common sense, really.”

― Johnny Knoxville

“My parents said that I was nine months old and would throw myself out of the crib onto the floor continually. As soon as they left the room after putting me back in they’d hear a big bump and I’d be on the floor again.”

― Johnny Knoxville

“It’s a very hard goal. But, what I want is to tell people who are getting bullied to stand up to the bully and not let it be OK – tell a teacher, the principal, or your parents. I want people to stand up and to be confident.”

― JoJo Siwa

“I think my parents were high when they named me.”

― Jolene Blalock

“My background’s working class. My parents had to work to make ends meet. We don’t come from any sense of privilege.”

― Jon Bon Jovi

“We must do all we can to empower parents and communities to protect our youth and to encourage healthy behavior free from binge drinking and other forms of alcohol abuse.”

― Jon Corzine

“It’s great to be able to connect parents with children both emotionally and through humor. I look forward to exploring family entertainment once again and examining the specifics of our day-to-day lives against the backdrop of an extraordinary adventure.”

― Jon Favreau

“When you’re a kid, you’re just not equipped to deal with some of the stuff that life brings you. It’s why you have parents. And then, when you don’t, there better be somebody who fills in that gap, or you’re going to be rudderless for a while.”

― Jon Hamm

“My parents always kept us in the house. We weren’t allowed to spend the night at other people’s houses. We were sheltered kids.”

― Jon Jones

“My father was a world-class scientist and my mother was a prolific painter. I could see that my parents had completely different ways of knowing and understanding the world, and relating to it. My father approached things through scientific inquiry and exploration, while my mother experienced things through her emotions and senses.”

― Jon Kabat-Zinn

“My parents came to San Francisco when they were probably 19 or 20, in the mid-’60s.”

― Jon M. Chu

“One thing that’s great about seeing your kids is you see things that you admired in your parents.”

― Jon Voight

“As a foreign minister, I have to respect the authority to look after the best interest of the child is, as always, in my country like in India, with the parents and the family. But in extreme cases, the situation is open for the child protection authority to intervene.”

― Jonas Gahr Store

“It’s hard to leave New York: this is where my friends are, my parents are. It is so vital. The whole world seems to look to New York.”

― Jonathan Ames

“I grew up in northern New Jersey – the banlieue of New York – and I now live in Brooklyn. I am separated from my parents by about 50 miles, but really there is almost no distance between us. I speak to them nearly every day.”

― Jonathan Ames

“My parents were extremely liberal. They didn’t believe in being Catholic or Protestant, and that was a big deal at the time.”

― Jonathan Anderson

“When I was younger, we went to Ibiza a lot because my parents bought an apartment there. I feel like that has always stuck with me.”

― Jonathan Anderson

“My parents divorced after 25 years of marriage.”

― Jonathan Evison

“I was a late child from my parents, so I grew up surrounded by people a lot older than me. I think even when I was 21, I felt like I was a 70-year-old man.”

― Jonathan Franzen

“I remember telling my mom, ‘Mom, I’m gay, but I’m not going to march in a parade or anything.’ That’s what I was telling my parents and all my friends and everything. I’m gay, but I’m not going to be on a float or something. Cut to five years later, and I was the grand marshal of the gay pride parade.”

― Jonathan Groff

“I left ‘Spring Awakening,’ and within a month of leaving the show, I came out to my parents and to my friends and broke up with my boyfriend and moved into an apartment of my own and completely changed my life.”

― Jonathan Groff

“My family took a vacation to Universal Studios when I was really young. Me and my brother Richard – who’s also an actor – were both really intrigued by seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff of how films are made. We kind of begged our parents to get into acting.”

― Jonathan Jackson

“The arts and a belief in the values of the civil rights movement, in the overwhelming virtue of diversity, these were our religion. My parents worshipped those ideals.”

― Jonathan Lethem

“I grew up with an artist father, and my parents’ friends were also mainly artists or writers, so he connects what I do with his example.”

― Jonathan Lethem

“My first real television-watching experience was when I watched ‘L.A. Law,’ like, at 10 o’clock Thursday nights with my parents. They would let me stay up late.”

― Jonathan Levine

“We were always thinking big, dreaming big – no project was too big for us to tackle, and that comes from how we were raised. Our parents actually said to us, ‘If somebody says you can’t do something, find five ways to do it.’”

― Jonathan Scott

“My parents taught us to live within our means. It’s time to force Washington to do the same.”

― Joni Ernst

“In the fields of southwest Iowa, my parents and grandparents worked and sacrificed. Like so many Iowans, the American Dream for them was never about wealth or fame. Their dream was to leave their children and grandchildren a better life, with greater opportunity, than their own.”

― Joni Ernst

“If I’m censoring for anyone, it’s for my parents. They are very old-fashioned and moral people. They still don’t understand me that well.”

― Joni Mitchell

“My parents told me I’d point to a bed of flowers and say ‘Pink. Pretty,’ before I knew any other words.”

― Joni Mitchell

“I meet people from really grand backgrounds who had horrible parents who took no interest in them, whereas I’m a working-class boy from Deptford who was worshipped by all my rellies. Everybody in my extended family helped to raise me, and I realise now how lucky I was to grow up among kind folk.”

― Jools Holland

“At 11, I went to live with my maternal nan and granddad temporarily, after my parents separated, and Nan would let me have a go on her piano. My grandparents were like something out of the Noel Coward play, ‘This Happy Breed,’ and it was magical to hear them sing music-hall songs.”

― Jools Holland

“The piano has disappeared from working-class family life, which is a shame. It’s associated with the middle classes now. Everyone in my family sang and played piano, but my parents were delighted and amazed when I became the first professional performer in the family – apart from a clog-dancer way back.”

― Jools Holland

“I grew up listening to the greats of the ’80s and, thanks to my parents, the ’70s – the Doobie Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Luther Vandross, Lionel Richie.”

― Jordan Fisher

“I just don’t know when, as a society… it sort of only became OK to represent gay people in the traditional sense, where they have a great job and well-adjusted parents and maybe a surrogate or adopted child. When was that the only way you could represent gay people?”

― Jordan Gavaris

“All things considered, there’s nobody better for children than parents.”

― Jordan Peterson

“Nothing really affects me. That’s from being brought up well by my parents and where we’re from, and we’re a hard working family.”

― Jordan Pickford

“I chose to stay close with my family and my parents and my brother.”

― Jordan Rodgers

“I played softball and basketball growing up. I really wanted to play football but both parents said no. I was mad for a second, then got over it. Now, just because I’m tall doesn’t mean I can play basketball. I was waaaaay better at swinging a bat.”

― Jordin Sparks

“Both my parents have been big influences on me wanting to do music. My mum’s always been, ‘Just do it. Just sing.’”

― Jorja Smith

“I grew up in Berkeley and my parents were hippies, obviously, since my name’s ‘Jorma.’ I didn’t watch much television growing up because they weren’t into it at all.”

― Jorma Taccone

“It wasn’t until I got ‘SNL’ that my parents told me they were a little bit worried, like that I would have food to eat.”

― Jorma Taccone

“Like many parents after a long family holiday, I usually welcome the moment when my kids head back to school.”

― Jose Andres

“I remember being a young boy in Spain and watching my parents cook. We didn’t go to a lot of restaurants because we didn’t always have the money, so cooking at home was just what we did.”

― Jose Andres

“Immigration has defined my entire life. My parents left Mozambique with nothing but their wits in search of a better life for their kids. They moved to England in the 1970s, saw the classism there, and left for America soon after.”

― Jose Ferreira

“I think I’ve become more aware of aging in the last couple of years because of friends dying of cancer or friends’ parents dying and myself – I’m still healthy, but I’m aging, and that’s something that I think about more, even though I shouldn’t be too concerned.”

― Jose Gonzalez

“I speak Swedish, it’s my first language. Of course, growing up with Latin American parents from Argentina, I also have some other influences from other cultures. But Sweden is where I feel the most at home.”

― Jose Gonzalez

“The people who have recently come to this country to work and better their lives should be given the same opportunities that our parents, grandparents, and ancestors were given.”

― Jose Serrano

“My father’s parents were carpenters. They were also builders partly. They were painters. And several of them were very, active in the theatre and all such nonsense, you know.”

― Josef Albers

“My parents were hardworking. They made every penny stretch as far as possible. That was probably the major reason everything they gave me was always two or three sizes too large.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“As parents know, little children are, by their nature, without guile. They speak the thoughts of their minds without reservation or hesitance as we have learned as parents when they embarrass us at times. They do not deceive. They set an example of being without guile.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“Born of a noble father and a saintly mother, President Hinckley learned as a young boy the truths of the restored gospel from his faithful parents. He came to respect deeply and value highly his pioneer heritage.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“Wayward, disobedient children cause their parents grief and anxiety.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“Parents should plant deeply the seed of the work ethic into the hearts and habits of their children.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“Young people should ponder over problems that might confront them and be prepared to cope with them in a way that their parents, their leaders, and their Heavenly Father would have them cope, that they might keep themselves clean and pure.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“Often, parents feel overwhelmed. Many must accomplish the whole job single-handedly while bearing all of the emotional pain of divorce.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“My parents taught me to react quickly when temptation comes and to say ‘No!’ instantly and emphatically. I recommend that same counsel to you. Avoid temptations.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“Parents look at me like I’m somebody pretty important, and say, We were raised on your characters, and now we’re enjoying them all over again with our children.”

― Joseph Barbera

“But that was war. Just about all he could find in its favor was that it paid well and liberated children from the pernicious influence of their parents.”

― Joseph Heller

“At a moderate calculation, among a million of persons inhabiting the metropolis, there are, at least, twenty-five thousand children who attend these schools, and cost their parents as many pounds sterling, per annum.”

― Joseph Lancaster

“My parents always instilled in me this feeling of wanting to be a normal person. I never moved out to L.A. as a kid and got into that scene and that whole thing that happens to kid actors that’s the reason they go off the deep end.”

― Joseph Mazzello

“It’s a very important part of my life: parents and church – and your surroundings.”

― Joseph Parker

“Without the help of my parents, the roles they played, I wouldn’t be in this situation. I wouldn’t be fighting for the world title.”

― Joseph Parker

“When I was growing up, I always wanted to do well in boxing. I wanted to look after my parents, and I wanted to look after myself.”

― Joseph Parker

“My parents taught me good standards, and I feel like I’m taking it to the boxing realm.”

― Joseph Parker

“I grew up with classical music blasting in my parents’ living room and my older brother’s practicing saxophone in his room listening to jazz… a beautiful chaos.”

― Josephine de La Baume

“My parents are divorced, and that was the last thing I wanted for myself. I waited until I was 36 to propose, and I’m really proud of that.”

― Josh Duhamel

“I like to see my parents, and they like it when I’m around.”

― Josh Gondelman

“My parents are hippies, so I must have a bit of hippie in me.”

― Josh Hartnett

“I think some horror authors are trying to scare you, but with me, I’m as scared as the reader is of the story. I’ve always been that way, since watching the ‘Twilight Zone’ movie – watching ‘Firestarter’ when my parents were out, or sneaking out to watch ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ at a friend’s house because I couldn’t watch it at my house.”

― Josh Malerman

“I just never in my life imagined not graduating college, so I feel like it’s kind of my obligation to my parents, almost, to give them a degree in return for everything they’ve given me.”

― Josh Rosen

“Certainly the experiences of Seth and his relationship to his parents and his point of view of the world are very similar to my own and very much based on my experiences at the University of Southern California.”

― Josh Schwartz

“I come from a Latin nation that had an open policy with the U.S. My parents moved right to Florida, opened a pharmacy, and had me.”

― Josh Segarra

“I was lucky enough to have parents who started me on music very early, but most kids don’t get that kind of exposure.”

― Joshua Bell

“I grew up in a musical environment. My parents played music and had it playing on the radio. They brought me to a concert at the age of 5, the same age I started violin lessons.”

― Joshua Bell

“I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Canada. I left when I was three. My parents went to Miami, and that’s where I grew up.”

― Joshua Henry

“My dad is a very good sounding board. He’s very, very smart. Both of my parents are very, very sharp, much smarter than I, I’m happy to acknowledge.”

― Joshua Malina

“I grew up and I was weaned on the Marx Brothers. They were sort of my all-time favorite. My parents showed me their movies when I was very young. And as I got older, I became a Charlie Chaplin fan, and I love Buster Keaton.”

― Joshua Malina

“Millions of Indonesians who live with secrets in their family who have a sense of that kind of secret that their parents never told them, want to be told about what happened so they can know where they come from.”

― Joshua Oppenheimer

“I think that every decision I made came from what’s best for the kids. If both parents have the children’s best interests in mind, it’s going to go OK. The second that the parents don’t do that, it gets ugly.”

― Josie Bissett

“I was a gymnast when I was younger. My parents put me in gymnastics, and I was actually only good at the floor. I was terrible at everything else, especially beam. Unfortunately, you can’t be a gymnast unless you’re good at all of the apparatuses, so I became a competitive cheerleader. I was just the main tumbler for my squad.”

― Josie Loren

“After high school, I was going to move out to L.A. and try to pursue my dreams of acting. My parents said, ‘That’s fine. We support you, but you have to go to school,’ which was fine because I’m a studious person anyway; I enjoy it.”

― Josie Loren

“My mom being raised in England, her father always wanted to pursue the arts and wanted to have a stage career in England. According to her, he never had the courage to actually pursue it full-time. I think that my grandfather’s parents thought that it wasn’t a formidable job to have.”

― Jovan Adepo

“If politics were a high school movie, Republicans would be the jocks and mean girls locking hapless freshmen inside their lockers and threatening to call in their rich parents if the teachers complain – plus the broke kids who are always willing to strong-arm homework for them from the nerds.”

― Joy Reid

“Women didn’t go to school when they were young because parents preferred to send their brothers. The women couldn’t access loans in their own right because the banks sought the approval of a male dependent.”

― Joyce Banda

“The relationship between parents and children, but especially between mothers and daughters, is tremendously powerful, scarcely to be comprehended in any rational way.”

― Joyce Carol Oates

“After my parents passed away – in 2000 and 2003 – I felt I could take the time to think about the past and imagine what it would have been like to be my grandmother.”

― Joyce Carol Oates

“My parents were very proud of me. After they passed, my career doesn’t mean as much to me.”

― Joyce Carol Oates

“It’s not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can’t tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it, myself.”

― Joyce Maynard

“The portrait of my parents is a complicated one, but lovingly drawn.”

― Joyce Maynard

“Growing up in the fifties and sixties, I can only remember knowing one child, ever, whose parents got a divorce, and hardly any whose mother ‘worked’ at anything besides raising her children.”

― Joyce Maynard

“I’m sure most parents read to their children to explain what certain things mean. So books are a good way to convey a message to anybody. Everybody reads.”

― Joyce Meyer

“I’ve always felt misunderstood. Growing up, it’s been my word against the teachers’ or my parents’ word, and nobody would ever listen to me.”

― Joyner Lucas

“My parents were born abroad. I was born in France, but I feel comfortable everywhere – I don’t see the borders.”

― JR

“My parents never really wanted me to be a musician at all, because in Peru you don’t earn any money that way. But when they realised it was genuinely what I wanted to do, they supported me always.”

― Juan Diego Florez

“My parents moved from ranch to ranch, valley to valley, town to town, but our roots in Fowler never really faded. For me, it’s a place of history, stories and songs, not just facts and figures.”

― Juan Felipe Herrera

“Just like my parents immigrated from ranch to ranch picking crops, I have migrated from city to city.”

― Juan Felipe Herrera

“What I really had was stories, the oral traditions of my parents. We moved so much that that was really our encyclopedia. A dream world told to me from my parents in the living room.”

― Juan Felipe Herrera

“If you ask me, ‘Are you for or against gay parents?’ for example, having kids – it’s hard for me to say, ‘Yes.’”

― Juan Pablo Galavis

“I know gay parents, and I support them and their families. They are good parents and loving families.”

― Juan Pablo Galavis

“While they would have provided financial support if I had needed it, the greatest support my parents gave was emotional, psychological.”

― Judd Nelson

“My parents were practicing Jews. My mother grew up in an orthodox synagogue, and after my grandfather died, she went to a conservative synagogue and a little later ended up in a reform synagogue. My father was in reform synagogues from the beginning.”

― Judith Butler

“Parents should conduct their arguments in quiet, respectful tones, but in a foreign language. You’d be surprised what an inducement that is to the education of children.”

― Judith Martin

“My children did not go through a stage of being rude to their parents. I’m sorry if that sounds incredible.”

― Judith Martin

“Because we believe ourselves to be better parents than our parents, we expect to produce better children than they produced.”

― Judith Viorst

“As children, many of us were taught never to talk to strangers. As parents and grandparents, our message must change with technology to include strangers on the Internet.”

― Judy Biggert

“Let children read whatever they want and then talk about it with them. If parents and kids can talk together, we won’t have as much censorship because we won’t have as much fear.”

― Judy Blume

“Parents still have a big influence on their kids – just ask any therapist. No, really, I think the parent is the most important influence on children: It’s how they learn to love and treat other people.”

― Judy Blume

“I think divorce is a tragedy, traumatic and horribly painful for everybody. That’s why I wrote ‘Smart Women.’ I want kids to read that and to think what life might be like for their parents. And I want parents to think about what life is like for their kids.”

― Judy Blume

“When I was young, my parents had a library in our living room. I was always free to browse and read.”

― Judy Blume

“By the time I was 12, I was reading my parents’ books because there weren’t teenage books then.”

― Judy Blume

“This might be the first generation where kids are dying at a younger age than their parents and it’s related primarily to the obesity problem.”

― Judy Davis

“My parents, stupidly, always let me go downtown. This was pre-pager, even. It made me adventurous. I think it makes you tough.”

― Judy Greer

“Working parents bring a certain amount of guilt to their relationship with their children.”

― Judy Sheindlin

“I don’t know where, or by whom, Judge Wapner was raised, but my parents taught me, when you don’t have something nice to say about someone, say nothing.”

― Judy Sheindlin

“My mother was adored by her family and by the scores of children she took care of and their parents, all of whom called her ‘Miss Woody.’”

― Judy Woodruff

“When you have your own kid, it suddenly makes you more aware of how your parents treated you and educated you. Your relationships with your partner, your uncles, your mother all change; you’re more conscious of where you came from, of where your roots are. I find that very interesting.”

― Juergen Teller

“The original ‘Artist’s Way’ focused on the nurturing of the self. The ‘Artist’s Way for Parents’ focuses both on nurturing the self and nurturing the children in our care.”

― Julia Cameron

“There’s this mythology that parents are supposed to be parents 24/7 and are supposed to be completely fulfilled by their kids. That’s not the case. We need to make our own passions a priority.”

― Julia Cameron

“I’m sure all parents think their kids are funny, and I’m sure a lot of kids are, whether their parents are comics or not.”

― Julia Davis

“I think my dad has a similar black sense of humour to mine, so perhaps it’s just an inherited thing. I’ve got two little boys now, and I can see it with them as well. I don’t know if you learn it off your parents – but my dad used to take me to see certain plays when I was quite young, so maybe that had an effect as well.”

― Julia Davis

“I remember my mom being very scared the first few auditions. My parents are very supportive, but they’re also very realistic, which is great.”

― Julia Garner

“I didn’t grow up, really, in the film business, even though my parents are both artists. I grew up in New York City. They would never put me into acting. I just kind of wanted it, and I told them that.”

― Julia Garner

“I started taking acting classes when I was 14. That’s when I knew I wanted to try it professionally. Before that, I watched movies, always, but I didn’t think it was a real job. I watched Turner Classic Movies with my parents. I’ve always loved the old classics.”

― Julia Garner

“I thought I was gonna get a doctorate in composition or be a composer and be at a university for the rest of my life, mostly because my parents are academics, and that was the logical thing to do.”

― Julia Holter

“I dropped out of college my junior year to do Saturday Night Live, and I didn’t even consult my parents. They were very supportive because they had no choice.”

― Julia Louis-Dreyfus

“My parents were strict with school, strict with grades. I had piano classes, horseback riding, dance.”

― Julia Restoin Roitfeld

“I have very smart parents. I feel I learned a lot from both of my parents and life experience.”

― Julia Roberts

“Ever since I can remember feeling love for my parents, I’ve been frightened of losing them.”

― Julia Sawalha

“My parents always stressed finding some sort of creative outlet, so they would take me to dance classes, take me to jazz clubs.”

― Julia Stiles

“You know some of the people in The Strokes, yeah, their parents had success – but we didn’t live like yuppies.”

― Julian Casablancas

“My parents separated when I was eight. I grew up with my mom alone.”

― Julian Casablancas

“There has been a great challenge in improving educational achievement. It’s a long-term issue, not a short-term one. It includes everything from getting more parents involved to addressing issues of poverty and improving what happens in the classroom.”

― Julian Castro

“My parents came from different backgrounds. My father’s was grander than my mother’s, so my mother had… to put up with the disapproval of my father’s relations.”

― Julian Fellowes

“This devaluing of listening is handed down from generation to generation. There are many children who don’t have the experience of being listened to by their parents.”

― Julian Treasure

“As parents, we tend to be in Tell rather than Listen mode.”

― Julian Treasure

“If I had been living through the ’80s, I probably would’ve gotten into a lot more trouble than my parents.”

― Julianne Hough

“My parents were in Vaudeville, in musical. And I would tour with them and had a couple of wonderfully lucky breaks in England.”

― Julie Andrews

“My parents had an old-fashioned ideal of college, that four years at a liberal arts college should be a liberal arts education.”

― Julie Bowen

“This whole generation of parents – I’m guilty of it too – does too much for their kids.”

― Julie Brown

“Families, generally, suck. And I say that as someone who, like my husband, had parents who proved the proverbial exception to the rule.”

― Julie Burchill

“My parents came to this country after World War II, Jews from Czechoslovakia who had survived Auschwitz and Dachau. They settled with my sister in rural Ohio in the 1950s, where my dad became the town doctor and I was born.”

― Julie Salamon

“I have an action figure, and so do my parents, so it’s odd that we all have these dolls of ourselves. It’s a little bit surreal but kind of fun. You can play with the whole family.”

― Juliet Landau

“I think I was about seven when people started telling my parents I would be an actor or a performer of some kind.”

― Juliet Rylance

“My parents are just the best.”

― Juliette Lewis

“If children were brought up to become non-conformists it would only ruin their lives. So parents all over China who loved their children told them to do as Chairman Mao said. It was not possible to tell them anything else.”

― Jung Chang

“When I was in China, Mao was Chairman, and parents were terrified to tell their children anything that differed from the party line in case the children repeated it and endangered the whole family.”

― Jung Chang

“For dinner I want real sushi – not the Americanized kind. My parents are American Samoan so I don’t go for any of those rolls. I’ll have raw prawn or sea urchin or octopus. I love it.”

― Junior Seau

“Whether it be with your parents or your siblings, everyone is dealing with different kinds of things.”

― Justin Hartley

“My parents demonstrated against the Vietnam war, they were into the civil rights movement, the feminist movement, they started the first vegetarian restaurant in Pittsburgh.”

― Justin Sane

“I guess, for me, I’ve always thought that there was humor everywhere. And as a kid, I just, you know, I grew up an only child, and I – sort of nothing made me happier than to make my parents laugh. I remember I had costumes and things laying around the house that I was, you know, anything that I could do to make my parents laugh.”

― Justin Timberlake

“I have really great, great parents, and they were very supportive of me.”

― Justin Timberlake

“I was an only child and was obviously really bored, so I would entertain my parents by imitating cartoon voices like Scooby Doo, Boo Boo and others.”

― Justin Timberlake

“My parents split up when I was about 2. I realize more and more how much I’m like my father. My gentleness comes from my mother.”

― Justin Townes Earle

“Anytime I meet people who got to make the deliberate choice, whose parents chose Canada, I’m jealous. Because I think being able to choose it, rather than being Canadian by default, is an amazing statement of attachment to Canada.”

― Justin Trudeau

“I sort of locked into the idea that if I could be the perfect son to both of my parents, well maybe that would be enough to keep them together. And ultimately, obviously, it wasn’t. Regardless of what I tried to do. That was a lesson about limitations.”

― Justin Trudeau

“Parents are the centre of a person’s solar system, even as an adult. My dad had a stronger gravitational pull than most, so his absence was bound to leave a deep and lasting void.”

― Justin Trudeau

“People are very much worried that our kids are not going to inherit the same opportunities that we inherited from our parents.”

― Justin Trudeau

“We’re committed to making sure parents have affordable, quality early learning for their kids – there’s no question about it.”

― Justin Trudeau

“Just in general as a person, not necessarily as a songwriter, being in cities wasn’t the right fit. I couldn’t escape and be in the woods in 10 minutes if I needed to. I like that in Eau Claire, I can walk to a bar or a coffee shop, and there’s city-ish things, but I can also drive and in eight minutes be at my parents’ land outside of town.”

― Justin Vernon

“I had barely turned 12 when my parents packed me off to Doon School. I was transported to a world of confusion with 600 other kids, no home-cooked food, no made-to-order clothes. It was a shock, but I adjusted.”

― Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia

“Both my parents are teachers, and while they were always cool with what I did, they never let me take my education lightly.”

― K. L. Rahul

“My parents aren’t crazy conservative. They’re actually pretty open-minded. But my grandparents are, and where I’m from, East Texas, is the Bible Belt.”

― Kacey Musgraves

“I never dreamt of the Olympics growing up. It’s not something that I watched on TV; it’s not something my parents ever talked about.”

― Kaetlyn Osmond

“One can’t live with a child of Holocaust survivors without absorbing some of the same sensibilities that her parents transmitted to her as a young girl. It is an unspoken dread, a sense of fragility, an anxious anticipation of unseen horrors.”

― Kai Bird

“My parents have always taught me to be myself and to follow my instincts.”

― Kaia Gerber

“You know, I have the best parents in the world and I got really, really lucky because they think that everything I do is Oscar-worthy.”

― Kaitlin Olson

“I liked making people laugh. I remember that specifically, being really young and having my parents being in the audience and laughing. It wasn’t really a ‘Oh, I’m the center of attention’ feeling; it was more ‘Oh, I’m making them so happy right now’ feeling. I liked that.”

― Kaitlin Olson

“The water cooler conversation in every job I’ve had is sports, it’s what did you do this weekend, it’s ‘How are your parents doing?’”

― Kal Penn

“I will always be the way I was a couple years ago before anything happened. And that’s to my parents’ credit, my amazing parents who have been around me my whole life and raised me right. I’m very happy with what has happened so far.”

― Kaley Cuoco

“I had such a normal and amazing childhood. I’ve been so lucky. My parents are cool and normal. They don’t talk about the business, and I still have stuff to do at their house.”

― Kaley Cuoco

“My parents spent 16 years hauling my butt to L.A. for audition after audition. I remember always hoping I could help take care of them because they took such good care of me.”

― Kaley Cuoco

“With my parents, when I was younger, I always had to do two things. If I was acting, I always had to do a sport or something on the arts side of things along with that. That way, if one fell apart, I always had something else to fall back on.”

― Kaley Cuoco

“My family lived in Thousand Oaks. In 2002, when I was 17, I begged my parents to let me move out. I had money, a real job, and wanted to get my own place.”

― Kaley Cuoco

“I was born in Pondicherry. Both my parents are French. They met in Pondicherry in the ’70s, got married, and stayed back in India.”

― Kalki Koechlin

“At home, my parents were quite old, so the surrounding was of elder people. There was no noise. Reading books was encouraged; TV was not encouraged, so I was the geeky, studious type of girl.”

― Kalki Koechlin

“My parents met when they were graduate students at UC Berkeley in the 1960s. They were both active in the civil-rights movement.”

― Kamala Harris

“One thing about me is that my parents didn’t force me to be an athlete.”

― Kamaru Usman

“My parents didn’t want me to do this. My dad, when I told him I wanted to wrestle, he told me no, if you’re going to play any sports, play baseball.”

― Kamaru Usman

“I grew up with a sense of music being a very spiritual experience while playing in church and with parents who were socially aware, always teaching me to look beyond the obvious in understanding how the world works.”

― Kamasi Washington

“My parents both worked full-time flipping burgers at the local fast-food joint, and my grandmother looked after us. English was her second language, so instead of books, I learned spoken French nursery rhymes and curse words.”

― Kameron Hurley

“A lot of people say I inspire them or I’ve helped them – kids who have been bullied in school or parents coming up to me because their kids have been bullied or anything that they’ve went through. It really touches me.”

― Kane Brown

“Money can’t buy everything, but it can buy most of it. Because of money, I could give my parents a comfortable life.”

― Kangana Ranaut

“I come from a middle class family, and my parents weren’t too supportive of my career choices.”

― Kangana Ranaut

“My parents gave me the easy option that if you’re going to go your way, that’s the highway. You can expect no funds and no support, which I think was legitimate; that was a fair option.”

― Kangana Ranaut

“It was a unique childhood, to say the least. My father was born in Patiala to refugee parents and was a part of the Indian Air Force. The talented few amongst the Air Force pilots are made test pilots. Test pilots are best suited to look at the space programme as they are trained to expect the unexpected.”

― Kapil Sharma

“To the youth who have taken up guns, I urge them to return to their parents and shun violence.”

― Kapil Sibal

“I was a pop-music junkie. My parents were into Frank Sinatra and Doris Day. They weren’t too excited when I had Aretha or the Stones pumping.”

― Kara DioGuardi

“Parents don’t even know what’s going on on Snapchat.”

― Karamo Brown

“My household runs the same way it was with my parents, who were a mother and father with their kids.”

― Karamo Brown

“We must be vigilant in sharing our stories and our truths as queer parents of color at every chance we get if we hope to see art imitate real life.”

― Karamo Brown

“Encourage your friend and family member who are queer parents of color to post their stories and share it with the world. It’s time for us to be seen.”

― Karamo Brown

“I think it’s just so important that parents actually really study the apps on the phones and figure out what’s going on.”

― Karamo Brown

“I remember breaking the news to both my parents that I wanted to be a director, and they both looked very doubtful. They didn’t know what a closet Hindi film buff I was. I used to dance to old Hindi films songs on the sly, so my decision to be a part of Hindi cinema was shocking even for my parents.”

― Karan Johar

“I am originally a surd who was born in Delhi in 1982, just two years before the Sikh riots, so all my childhood pictures are in baby frocks with ponytails, as my parents wanted to hide the fact that I was a Sikh boy, given the riots. My dad worked for a travel agency, and we soon moved to Saudi Arabia.”

― Karan Singh Grover

“Music rhythms are mathematical patterns. When you hear a song and your body starts moving with it, your body is doing math. The kids in their parents’ garage practicing to be a band may not realize it, but they’re also practicing math.”

― Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

“My parents are very modern. My father is a cosmopolitan person. He always supported the fact that I will be an actress. There is nothing else I would do rather than being an actor.”

― Kareena Kapoor Khan

“Kids in school told me my parents had accents, but I had no idea; they’ve always sounded that way to me.”

― Karen Bardsley

“Every time I step onto the field, I think of my parents. It’s such an honor to represent them and my family.”

― Karen Bardsley

“I was born to Haitian parents, and the idea of giving back is really just a part of our culture. So, I don’t think there was ever a moment that I questioned my call to philanthropy, but I can say that the more I’ve grown, the bigger that call has become.”

― Karen Civil

“I wasn’t the biggest hip-hop fan, because I had to listen to whatever my parents listened to, so growing up, it was a lot of Dolly Parton, Elvis, and Whitney Houston. When they finally put a TV in my room and I got to listen to MTV Jams I was like: ‘Here I am!’”

― Karen Civil

“Coming from a Haitian-American home, I thought it was necessary to give back to the country in which my parents were raised. That is why I believe in Project PlayWorld’s efforts to to provide secure playing spaces for the children of Haiti with the Live Civil Playground.”

― Karen Civil

“Just as the Supreme Court has said that women have the right to choose whether or not to be parents, men should also have that right.”

― Karen DeCrow

“My parents are pretty open-minded.”

― Karen Fukuhara

“I started karate in middle school when my parents wanted me to babysit my younger brother. He was a little troublemaker, so they wanted me to make sure the class was going okay. I ended up being way more into it than my brother.”

― Karen Fukuhara

“I think that for a child to be in a household… with a situation where the parents are not married, as in being one man and one woman, is not the best household for a child.”

― Karen Handel

“The year I turned 16, I spent the weeks before Christmas dropping hints to my parents about how much I wanted – no, needed – my own transportation.”

― Karen Robards

“My parents did not encourage romances.”

― Karen Robards

“I’m an only child, and I think one of the sweet things about that is that my parents are really interested in every aspect of my life.”

― Karen Thompson Walker

“I grew up having the library as the best place ever. I spent a lot of weekends there as a kid – my parents would drop me off and leave me there all day. I would just sit in the back and read whatever I could find.”

― Karin Slaughter

“My parents encouraged me to be creative by being creative and interesting people themselves, and by making it clear how highly they valued creativity in others.”

― Karl Iagnemma

“My parents, particularly my father, had been used by commentators, political journalists and political commentators, to attack me, and the collateral damage was the reputations of my father and my mother.”

― Karl Rove

“I would love to be a professional athlete. When I was living in Mexico as a teenager, I did seven years of gymnastics and went to the Junior Olympics. I was getting to the level of going to the international competitions, but I was only 14, and my parents were really worried because they did not want that to be my life.”

― Karla Souza

“My parents have ensured that we never develop starry airs.”

― Karthi

“Until I was pursuing my collegiate education, I was in Madurai with my parents. Bengaluru was the first place where I was independent. So, the city is very close to my heart.”

― Karthik Subbaraj

“I would say my parents were really supportive after a point. I had to prove to them that I am not just dreaming; I can really make it.”

― Karthik Subbaraj

“My parents wanted me to get a degree.”

― Kartik Aaryan

“I think we forget that part of parenthood means having to face and reject or face and embrace a kind of animal capacity for unkindness. And if, when, parents do embrace that, it reveals something very ugly to oneself.”

― Karyn Kusama

“As a kid, my parents had the typical stuff going on in the home, like Bee Gees, The Carpenters. Then I got exposed to what my brothers were listening to: a lot of classic rock, Led Zeppelin. It was around the mid-’80s when the whole Electro-Techno-Pop-House music thing started happening in Chicago.”

― Kaskade

“I’m a very safe saver. I save everything. I save all my money and my parents raised me like that.”

― Kat Dennings

“I was an only child and grew up in York where my parents ran a surgical supplies shop. When I say I wish I had brothers and sisters, friends say it’s not what it’s cracked up to be, but I think it must be good to have someone who knew you from the beginning.”

― Kate Atkinson

“That’s the funniest thing about portraying certain things on screen, sitting next to your parents and they get to see this glimpse of me kissing another guy.”

― Kate Bosworth

“My parents were amazing and wonderful, but there was a lot of pressure to do my best and in every way possible.”

― Kate Bosworth

“As educators and policy makers, it is important to demonstrate for parents the connection between high levels of student participation in assessment and system accountability – ensuring the success of every student.”

― Kate Brown

“Under HB 2655, the state is responsible to ensure parents are aware of the purpose and value of assessments and receive notice from their local school districts about their rights and obligations. Educators must engage with parents about the value of assessment and the potential consequences if parents opt out and student participation diminishes.”

― Kate Brown

“My parents weren’t keen on the giving up of school at the beginning to go into singing and dancing, but once they saw I was serious about it, they gave support. I was quite stubborn about my decision, and in the end, they realised it was for the best.”

― Kate Bush

“It distresses me that parents insist that their children read or make them read. The best way for children to treasure reading is to see the adults in their lives reading for their own pleasure.”

― Kate DiCamillo

“My parents are separated. My father left when I was six years old.”

― Kate DiCamillo

“My parents are not theatrical people, but my dad took me to the theater.”

― Kate Fleetwood

“I went on countless auditions. I begged my parents until I finally was allowed to be in a theatrical play when I was 13. It was the most important thing in my life.”

― Kate Hudson

“My parents aren’t married. And one of the reasons why they never got married is because they had been married before, and they liked it the way it was. They didn’t feel like they needed a piece of paper to be committed. So for me, I know that marriage is not a golden ticket.”

― Kate Hudson

“Our job as friends, mentors, parents, and writing coaches is not to write anyone’s college essay. That’s cheating. Plus, it sends a discouraging message to the teenager that he or she can’t be trusted with this important assignment. Trust the student to write the essay, but verify that it gets done. Gentle editing and proofreading are allowed.”

― Kate Klise

“There was just a lot of comedy on the TV in the house, and my parents are both very funny.”

― Kate McKinnon

“I babysat kids in a ShopRite, which is a grocery store. They had a babysitting center so that parents could bring their children while they shopped. It was awful. I also was not very good at keeping the kids calm.”

― Kate Micucci

“It is our duty, as parents and as teachers, to give all children the space to build their emotional strength and provide a strong foundation for their future.”

― Kate Middleton

“Parents, teachers, and other school staff need the tools to help these young people early in their lives. And the earlier, the better. It is proven that early action prevents problems later in life.”

― Kate Middleton

“We need to help young people and their parents understand that it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help.”

― Kate Middleton

“I was lucky. My parents and teachers provided me with a wonderful and secure childhood where I always knew I was loved, valued, and listened to.”

― Kate Middleton

“No matter what job you do, we all have a much different life than our parents had. My parents’ generation had one job and then they retired. Now, people have many different jobs.”

― Kate Walsh

“My parents met because my father was an actor friend of one of my mom’s brothers, but my mother has never set foot on the stage – she’s quite shy. So it’s a strange thing because people say, ‘Oh, coming from acting parents,’ when the idea of acting would literally make my mother just want to throw up.”

― Kate Winslet

“My parents didn’t have any money.”

― Kate Winslet

“Growing up, I had a very happy childhood, with two parents who are still very much together.”

― Kate Winslet

“My grandparents – both of my mother’s parents – were actors, and they ran the Reading Repertory Theatre Company, through the town of Reading, where I come from.”

― Kate Winslet

“I looked at my parents when I was 17, and I said, ‘I’m moving to L.A.’”

― Katee Sackhoff

“There’s always going to be someone somewhere who doesn’t agree with my parents’ opinion of me. It can’t bother you.”

― Katee Sackhoff

“As a little girl, I could not sit still until my parents told me it was time to go to the gym.”

― Katelyn Ohashi

“My parents were very artistic, but busy.”

― Katey Sagal

“My roots are Scottish. My dad’s parents are from Scotland, and my mum’s dad is Scots.”

― Katharine Isabelle

“One thing that was very clear to me is that the young people in a place like Annawadi aren’t tripping on caste the way their parents are. They know their parents have these old views.”

― Katherine Boo

“My sister is Korean and my parents adopted her about three years before I was born and that is how I grew up.”

― Katherine Heigl

“I decided to move out of the apartment I was sharing with my best friend before graduation and move back home. My parents had recently separated, and I wanted to move back home with my mom and my siblings.”

― Katherine Schwarzenegger

“When I was younger, I played sports and went to camp. As I got older, my parents began to instill in us the importance of giving back to the community, especially those places around the world that are less fortunate than my very privileged life growing up in Los Angeles.”

― Katherine Schwarzenegger

“One of my earliest memories was when I was three, going to this full-length mirror in my parents’ bathroom and saying into the mirror, ‘You are going to be an actress.’”

― Katherine Waterston

“We’ve been finding that when you empower engineers, scientists, and coders, they respond by creating new tools to empower physicians, patients, and parents.”

― Kathleen Sebelius

“I think in terms of the parents that I had, I sort of drew a bad hand, or bad karma; who knows? And I did have a family that was complicated, with some quite eccentric members. So there was a lot of grist there.”

― Kathryn Harrison

“Know your career values: Not your parents’ values, not your friends’, but what you personally value in work. For me, it’s things like moving quickly and scrappily, ownership and authority over my work, and flexibility.”

― Kathryn Minshew

“I’m really close to my parents.”

― Kathryn Newton

“My parents were always pretty free with me. They were of the school of thought that if you really cramp down on someone and tell them not to do all these things, it’s gonna become like forbidden fruit.”

― Kathryn Prescott

“Now I’ve gotten to know more about the industry. And now that I’m over 18, I can work without my parents on set. That was nice and helped me get comfortable.”

― Katie Chang

“Unlike most divorced parents, whose interactions are confined to the topic of the kids, people still sharing a house have to talk about clogged sinks and moth infestations.”

― Katie Hafner

“Speaking as the child of divorce, I have to say that one of the most disconcerting findings in ‘The Longevity Project’ focused on divorce: On average, grown children of divorced parents died almost five years earlier than children from intact families.”

― Katie Hafner

“I got caught kissing. Like by my parents. It was so horrible. It’s so embarrassing, I’m blushing.”

― Katie Holmes

“I watch ‘The Great British Bake Off’ in the way I used to watch people kiss on TV in front of my parents when I was young. Cringe.”

― Katie Hopkins

“There are all sorts of parents I hate – super-keen parents, PTA parents, and fat parents on a bus.”

― Katie Hopkins

“I grew up in a conservative household, my parents were small business owners, so it really just was kind of part of who we were.”

― Katie Pavlich

“I didn’t realize until high school that the man wearing a cowboy hat on the poster in our garage was actually Ronald Reagan, so my parents just – it was how we were, I grew up on five acres of land in Flagstaff, Arizona and we really just lived a conservative lifestyle.”

― Katie Pavlich

“The question of a valid parental-child relationship is at the center of how the Department of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services handle detainment. Because of fraudulent documentation, profits to smugglers, and false asylum claims, there is essentially no way to prove or verify adults traveling with children are indeed their parents.”

― Katie Pavlich

“In many corners the concept of DACA is a fair and compassionate one, giving reprieve to children brought into the country illegally by their parents. But the way the program is lawfully mandated and implemented matters.”

― Katie Pavlich

“I think that they way my parents raised me, they taught me to always follow my dreams and never give up, no matter what the obstacle.”

― Katie Stevens

“Through school, I saw plenty of theatre my parents weren’t necessarily up on. They would prefer a football game to watching ‘The Nutcracker,’ and that’s fine. I enjoy both.”

― Katori Hall

“As a kid, I used to love going to the arcade. I used to tell my parents I was working on my hand-eye coordination. It was probably just a way to get more quarters from them.”

― Katrina Adams

“My parents have been unbelievable. Obviously, without them, I wouldn’t be where I am.”

― Katrina Adams

“My parents raised me that way: to appreciate what I have and pass it along to others.”

― Katrina Adams

“My parents were teachers.”

― Katrina Adams

“I’m not defined by where I came from. I never took part in the rules and hatred that sometimes go along with religion. But if my parents are happy with what they believe, then I’m happy to stay out of their way. We agree to disagree.”

― Katy Perry

“I think sometimes when children grow up, their parents grow up. Mine grew up with me. We coexist. I don’t try to change them anymore, and I don’t think they try to change me. We agree to disagree.”

― Katy Perry

“My parents are very quirky, eccentric. They have their own world.”

― Katy Perry

“I think sometimes when children grow up, their parents grow up. Mine grew up with me. We coexist. I don’t try to change them anymore, and I don’t think they try to change me.”

― Katy Perry

“The media tried to destroy my parents and has taken things completely out of context, but there’s not a whole lot you can do in terms of fighting back. You have to hope that it passes, which it always does. But they have to be careful. They didn’t necessarily sign up for this.”

― Katy Perry

“My parents were strict, but it was the world I lived in. I had no idea there was a world outside.”

― Katy Perry

“I think that parents grow up with an idea of what they want their kids to be like – and then their kids grow up to be people of themselves, of their own.”

― Katy Perry

“I never took part in the rules and hatred that sometimes go along with religion. But if my parents are happy with what they believe, then I’m happy to stay out of their way. We agree to disagree.”

― Katy Perry

“I wasn’t going to great schools, because my parents didn’t believe in public education. They wanted the education to be influenced by their religion, so I was going to these halfway education-slash-Christian schools that were like pop-up shop-style education.”

― Katy Perry

“People don’t understand that I have a great relationship with my parents – like, how that can exist. There isn’t any judgment. They don’t necessarily agree with everything I do, but I don’t necessarily agree with everything they do.”

― Katy Perry

“My parents are Republicans, and I’m not.”

― Katy Perry

“My mom and dad were ‘helicopter parents,’ literally. Meaning, I didn’t have a nanny, so I went up in the helicopter. My entire early childhood education consisted of tagging along while they reported on car accidents, multiple-alarm fires, and shootouts.”

― Katy Tur

“My parents are incredible, and they did incredible things.”

― Katy Tur

“My parents covered police pursuits, and it was, in many ways, the beginnings of reality show TV in this captivating story that was a lot of flash but not all that much substance.”

― Katy Tur

“I spend so much time with my parents. My mom and I were joined at the hip for five years. There was not one moment when I wasn’t with her.”

― Kay Panabaker

“I’m from the suburbs, really, so I actually didn’t go to Montreal until I was, like, 19. I wasn’t allowed to go to the city at night or really be in the scene with other producers. It was hard for my parents to understand what I was trying to do as an artist, but it didn’t stop me. They eventually saw that it wasn’t a joke.”

― Kaytranada

“Especially for Haitian immigrant parents, being a musician is not a job.”

― Kaytranada

“I was born in London. In a lot of ways I’m English, but I have this Iranianness, this culture instilled by my parents, by my family.”

― Kayvan Novak

“My parents were not big sports fans, but my mother loved Barry Sanders, but she wasn’t a huge fan. Now she likes Calvin Johnson. He’s such an amazing athlete and such a wonderful, humble guy.”

― Keegan-Michael Key

“Coming from a family where the parents had been together for 40 years, you never imagine that divorce is going to happen to you.”

― Keeley Hawes

“We’re not an acting family, but my parents have always encouraged me.”

― Keeley Hawes

“I always wanted to act, but not because my parents were associated with the industry.”

― Keerthy Suresh

“I have never behaved like a star kid, and since a lot of people in the Tamil and Malayalam film industries know my parents, they treat me like their own child.”

― Keerthy Suresh

“I always wanted to be an actress, but my parents were adamant that I complete my studies first before I take up acting.”

― Keerthy Suresh

“I don’t take up too many projects at a time. I choose with care. I guess that clarity comes because my parents are from the industry.”

― Keerthy Suresh

“My parents themselves had a love marriage.”

― Keerthy Suresh

“I was out of the house at 16 by my own doing. It forced me to really grow up and take care of myself, and I learned a lot of things that your parents usually teach you, on my own.”

― Kehlani

“You always rebel what your parents want you to listen to.”

― Keifer Thompson

“I am really fortunate to have parents who supported my plan to become an actress when I was a little kid. And then there was my grandma. She was the best. She was always there and ready to drive me to all my plays and stuff.”

― Keiko Agena

“My upbringing is why I am the person I am today. I have very wise parents.”

― Keira Knightley

“And we’re fortunate if we have parents who are great and loving and inspiring. But, unfortunately, there are people who don’t have that.”

― Keira Knightley

“Baba Seva – Seva Efraimovna Gekhtman – was born in a small town in Ukraine in 1919. Her father was an accountant at a textile factory, and her mother was a nurse. Her parents moved to Moscow with her and her brothers when she was a child.”

― Keith Gessen

“My parents were attached to Russian culture by a thousand ineradicable ties. But they did not cut me off from American society, nor could they have. I assimilated wholeheartedly, found my parents in many ways embarrassing, and allowed my Russian to decline through neglect.”

― Keith Gessen

“My parents and my brother and I left the Soviet Union in 1981. I was six, and Dima was sixteen, and that made all the difference. I became an American, whereas Dima remained essentially Russian.”

― Keith Gessen

“In truth, I was desperate to leave New York. And Moscow was a special place for me. It was the city where my parents had grown up, where they had met; it was the city where I was born.”

― Keith Gessen

“Brodsky was born in May, 1940, a year before the German invasion. His mother worked as an accountant; his father was a photographer and worked for the Navy Museum in Leningrad when Brodsky was young. They were doting parents and much beloved by Iosif Brodsky, who was their only child.”

― Keith Gessen

“When I was little, my parents would have these gatherings, and it was a common thing for me and my cousins to have to put on, like, shows.”

― Kelela

“I started playing soccer when I was 4 because my sister was doing it. It was my first organized sport, and my parents thought this was a great way to get coordinated and be part of a team. I had an array of options but eventually figured out soccer was best for me.”

― Kelley O’Hara

“I think what’s universal about the story of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is every one has grown up and done something that was rebellious against their parents’ wishes, be it love or something else.”

― Kelly Asbury

“Not enough children being vaccinated against measles, mumps, and rubella because their parents, for whatever reason, have decided that it is voluntary.”

― Kelly Evans

“Growing up, I’ve always felt I was from two different worlds. I was born in the U.S., but my parents were born in Vietnam, and they raised my sisters and I with the parenting methods of the Vietnamese culture.”

― Kelly Marie Tran

“My parents are not of this world. I’ve had to work multiple jobs, been in a position where I cannot pay off student loans.”

― Kelly Marie Tran

“So many people don’t realise you need to be on a certain level of Maslow’s hierarchy to have a dream: you have to have food and be safe from danger, all these things my parents didn’t have at the get go, so I, from the very beginning, believe I have been living for multiple generations, for my parents and grandparents.”

― Kelly Marie Tran

“My parents are refugees from Vietnam, so they didn’t grow up with ‘Star Wars.’ I don’t think they know what’s going on in the movie at any given time.”

― Kelly Marie Tran

“My parents didn’t get to have a dream. Their dream was to live in a country where their kids would have choice.”

― Kelly Marie Tran

“I truly did feel that I owed it to my parents, my grandparents, to do whatever it was that I wanted, because if I wasn’t happy, if I wasn’t being true to myself, then I wasn’t living fully. They had given up so much so that I could live at the level that so many people are just automatically born into.”

― Kelly Marie Tran

“So much of me is because of what my parents experienced in this country. So much of me is because of the things my parents overcame so that I could have the luxury of having a dream.”

― Kelly Marie Tran

“I thought it was such a unique concept to play parents who happen to be super heroes and have a son who is going through puberty and starting high school.”

― Kelly Preston

“My parents were like June and Ward Cleaver; there was nothing dysfunctional about them.”

― Kelly Ripa

“I think high school’s very difficult. You’re figuring out your own power and your effect on other people. You look back and see how you spent so much energy on figuring out things with your parents or your peers.”

― Kelly Rutherford

“I’m saying when young men get to the NCAA Tournament, let’s find a way to get their parents and their brothers and sisters a plane ticket and a hotel room. I don’t think that’s asking too much.”

― Kelvin Sampson

“Without my parents, I would be nothing, so I’d like to thank them.”

― Kemba Walker

“My father believed a real man didn’t read, and my parents hoped I’d get some sense and find a job in insurance.”

― Ken Bruen

“The only book in our home was the Bible. My parents forbade books. They thought I needed help because I wanted to be a writer!”

― Ken Bruen

“Most kids don’t get to go their parents’ wedding.”

― Ken Livingstone

“I’m lucky that I’ve never been bullied personally. There are always going to be kids who are mean and say stuff, but the people that matter to you – the people you love, like your parents, your siblings, and your friends – those are the people you should listen to.”

― Kendall Jenner

“My parents taught me that work ethic is one of the most important keys in life, and I believe it.”

― Kendall Jenner

“I knew I was blessed with a gift of having both parents.”

― Kendrick Lamar

“My parents were fairly young in the city of Compton. So the things that they played – you know, that was the hip crowd. So I was being exposed to all these ideas, from Big Daddy Kane to Eazy-E to the Bay Area – Too Short, E-40 – you know, back to Marvin Gaye and the Isley Brothers.”

― Kendrick Lamar

“My undergraduate education, at the City College in New York, was made possible only by the existence of that excellent free institution and the financial sacrifices of my parents.”

― Kenneth Arrow

“My parents are the reason I wanted to make Shakespeare available to ordinary people.”

― Kenneth Branagh

“Let me be clear: All I really care about is my kids know that their parents love them.”

― Kenneth C. Griffin

“When I moved to Los Angeles, I figured I’m really going to make an attempt to become a real actor. And when I did that, I thought it was time for me to face my parents and tell them what I did.”

― Kenneth Choi

“I had a fantastic upbringing by two parents who cared deeply about their children but, more importantly, believed that anything was possible for their children and, in some ways, almost brainwashed us to be successful.”

― Kenneth Frazier

“You discover two things when you’re a teenager. One, that your parents are not the idols that you thought they were when you were growing up, if you had nice parents. And two, that you have power over them, and you can upset them and confront them and attack them.”

― Kenneth Lonergan

“It’s somewhat disquieting that the same parents and educators who are horrified by the notion of child soldiers have bestowed upon ‘The Hunger Games’ a double mantle of critical praise and global bestsellerdom.”

― Kenneth Oppel

“Make no mistake about it: Next to parents and families, our teachers are the most important influence in our children’s lives.”

― Kenny Guinn

“We busted a lot of family secrets with this. But to make a long story short, my parents relationship was built heavily on security issues for my Mom, and when my Dad couldn’t provide security, the relationship unraveled.”

― Kenny Loggins

“That kid who lives in the projects, he has a self-esteem problem – everybody looks down on him. He may be a good kid, but other parents don’t want their kids to be with them because percentages say they could be bad. I went through a lot of that.”

― Kenny Troutt

“Frequently parents forget that children are people. I don’t try to treat Kristen as an adult, but I do try to treat her as a person, with a child’s sensibilities.”

― Kent McCord

“And I feel like, as a black man within black culture, I know very well firsthand – as do my parents and my grandparents and great-grandparents – we’re used to things not going our way.”

― Kenya Barris

“My dad was always so strict that I was scared to speak to him. Haitian parents are very, ‘This is adults’ business; this is kids’ business.’”

― Kerby Jean-Raymond

“My earliest memories of defying my parents were through music. I remember rap being banned in my house, and then getting a Cam’ron album.”

― Kerby Jean-Raymond

“I wish I had more movies I could watch with my parents and not feel super uncomfortable.”

― Kerris Dorsey

“I’m used to riding horses. My father used to breed horses when I was a child. I grew up in Tipperary, in the country, and lots of people have horses there. If my parents hadn’t been in the business, we would have them anyway, as pets. And my cousin Richard is a jockey.”

― Kerry Condon

“I got out of difficult situations when many of my classmates didn’t because I was smart, and I was lucky, and my parents were amazingly literate and helpful.”

― Kerry Greenwood

“People don’t think about the fact that when Barack Obama’s parents had him – it was illegal for them to be married in several states in this country. So if we start making it okay that certain people can marry and other people can’t, it’s a slippery slope of civil rights. Who knows who is going to be allowed to marry or not marry next.”

― Kerry Washington

“From kindergarten, I knew that politics is something that you talk about only at home, because if you weren’t quiet, your parents might be taken to prison. All Estonian families have these kind of stories.”

― Kersti Kaljulaid

“I wanted to make youthful, irreverent anthems. Parents might not get it, but kids would.”

― Kesha

“I realised that you could easily turn any room into a cinema with a projector, so I went on and on at my parents for one. They eventually got me a projector for Christmas when I was ten, and I realised I’d made a ridiculous mistake – I’d forgotten to say ‘movie’ projector; I got a still one.”

― Kevin Brownlow

“Both my parents died on the young side. My father was 45, and my mother was 61, so cancer’s affected me in a big way.”

― Kevin Connolly

“Bruce Wayne is Batman. He became Batman the instant his parents were murdered. Batman needs Bruce, however hollow that identity feels to him from time to time. Bruce keeps Batman human.”

― Kevin Conroy

“Maybe if I ever come to write about my teens and adulthood – and I can’t imagine I will – but if I do, then maybe I will want to say a bit more about the ways in which my parents’ relationship with one another impacted on me in later years.”

― Kevin Crossley-Holland

“I love both my parents dearly.”

― Kevin Eubanks

“The things I really learned, I learned from watching my parents. They take care of business. Always have.”

― Kevin Eubanks

“I remember I was supposed to take the bar exam that summer just when we got the chance to make our first feature. I told my parents I wasn’t going to take the bar exam, and they were pretty upset about it.”

― Kevin Heffernan

“My parents have sacrificed so much, more than any parents really should.”

― Kevin Jonas

“Of all time, my craziest fan experience was signing a little baby’s forehead, like a newborn baby. The parents came up to me, they wanted me to sign his forehead.”

― Kevin Knox

“For everybody in the world, the answers to the mysteries in your life usually lie in your childhood, your upbringing, and your parents.”

― Kevin Macdonald

“When kids start school, families often have little choice over where they can go. Sometimes, children are forced into a failing school simply because their parents live in a certain district, and that school is the only option.”

― Kevin McCarthy

“I had a very easy middle class upbringing and never had to worry about anything. But my parents came from nothing and from broken homes, and their stories were always very interesting.”

― Kevin Morby

“A lot of what I’ve written that’s made its way onto my records I’ve written in Kansas, which is interesting because I’ve never written about Kansas. But I go have these experiences. and I’ll be back at my parents house, and it’s like I’m in a safe incubator.”

― Kevin Morby

“Every homeless puppy and kitten was born to parents who weren’t spayed or neutered. I’m proud to support PETA’s work to prevent animal homelessness.”

― Kevin Nealon

“My parents could have told me, when I was 12 years old and telling them I wanted to be a wrestler, that it was silly and to be serious and find something more secure and safe, but they didn’t. They pushed me as hard as they could.”

― Kevin Owens

“I have almost no memory of my parents ever speaking to each other. They split up on bad terms. I assumed that’s what family life was like. Just essentially a soap opera.”

― Kevin Parker

“If we can get kids talking about conservation and doing it, they can have a great influence on their parents by lecturing them and pointing the finger.”

― Kevin Richardson

“My parents were distrustful of the outside world. They didn’t think much good came out of it… The outside world was this strange place that was not so much dangerous as not as interesting as what went on in the house.”

― Kevin Wilson

“I didn’t technically grow up in the South, but both my parents were from there.”

― Kevin Young

“I felt on the periphery of high school culture; one of those invisible creatures that walk the campus. I think it was a lot worse for my parents.”

― Khaled Hosseini

“I grew up around a lot of Rumi, Hafez and Omar Khayyam books. My parents in Kabul had all the volumes around the house.”

― Khaled Hosseini

“My parents were reasonably affluent in Kabul. In the States, we were on welfare. My mom became a waitress, and my dad became a driving instructor. That part of the American immigrant experience applies to people of any nationality.”

― Khaled Hosseini

“There’s nothing I missed out on. I do everything a normal kid does. My parents keep me grounded. I still play sports. I still go to a rec center every day.”

― Khleo

“I had parents who were incredibly loving and nurturing and always made me feel beautiful, so I never really questioned that.”

― Khloe Kardashian

“My parents always told me be confident but be humble at the same time.”

― Khris Middleton

“My parents are still here in Charleston, and I have a lot of family here, so it’s great to be back.”

― Khris Middleton

“I have my parents to thank for that, they raised me to be active and play all sports. They taught me the importance of staying healthy, being focused and setting goals in whatever I do.”

― Kiana Tom

“I took part in plays in school and college, and that is when I realised this is what I wanted to do. My parents told me to finish education and then do what interested me. This is what all parents say, and I am glad that I did that. I took mass media and advertising in under-graduation.”

― Kiara Advani

“My parents not only did it for a living, but they were really good at it.”

― Kiefer Sutherland

“I wouldn’t be were I am now without my parents.”

― Kieran Trippier

“To be quite honest, my fans growing up were my friends’ parents. Like, 30-plus was, like, ‘Mad Men’ age group.”

― Kiernan Shipka

“In a country that provides no subsidized child care and no mandatory family leave, no assurance of flexibility in the workplace for parents, no universal preschool and minimal safety nets for vulnerable families, making it a crime to offer children independence in effect makes it a crime to be poor.”

― Kim Brooks

“A lot of my friends aren’t parents. I find this culture of all-consuming motherhood so oppressive. Not that I don’t like to talk about my kids, but if I’m socializing, I don’t want to talk about Montessori versus Waldorf.”

― Kim Brooks

“’Did our parents really let us do that?’ is a game my friends and I sometimes play. We remember taking off on bikes alone, playing in the woods for hours, crawling through storm drains to follow creek beds.”

― Kim Brooks

“I grew up in a time when I could play and bike in the neighborhood, largely because my parents assumed that if I ever needed help, I could ask a nearby adult.”

― Kim Brooks

“Virginia, like most states, has few guidelines about how closely parents are expected to supervise their children. As a result, I was charged not with leaving my son in the car, but with the misdemeanor of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

― Kim Brooks

“As a teenager, I’d longed to get my driver’s license so I could get away from my parents. Then I’d longed to go to college to get away from the people I’d called my friends.”

― Kim Brooks

“Having children, entering the realm of parents and parenthood, changes our relationship to the world in ways we could not have anticipated and might not have signed up for. Before I had children, for example, I believed strongly in the nobility of suffering.”

― Kim Brooks

“We should educate all Party members and other working people to become genuine patriots who first love their parents, spouses and children and further sincerely shed sweat and dedicate their all to spruce up their homes, villages and workplaces so that they are better than others’ and add lustre to their country, their motherland.”

― Kim Jong-un

“Those who do not cherish affection for their parents, spouses and children and for their homes, villages and workplaces cannot love their country and fellow people; they can never become genuine patriots.”

― Kim Jong-un

“I know people think we drive around in these nice cars and we do whatever we want and our parents will pay our credit cards, but that’s not the case. Sure, my parents were generous; I got a nice car at 16, but at 18 I was cut off. I’ve worked really hard. I opened the store myself.”

― Kim Kardashian

“Dad is my best mate and I can tell Mum absolutely anything. I really appreciate Mum and Dad. Why are we so close? Young parents, I think. The rock business keeps their minds young.”

― Kim Wilde

“My parents have a wonderful marriage, for many years. But I can’t commit myself for such a long time.”

― Kim Wilde

“Love always comes up to my mind when I think about my parents.”

― Kim Woo-bin

“My parents say to cherish the people around me, and I try to meet their satisfaction by maintaining a long relationship with people I meet.”

― Kim Woo-bin

“When I first came to Seoul to start model work, I felt bad asking for financial support from my parents, so I lived in the sauna for about six months.”

― Kim Woo-bin

“I said I wanted to be a model when I was in middle school. Everyone close to me raised doubts except for my parents. My parents trusted me and gave me full support.”

― Kim Woo-bin

“The moment kids start to lie is the moment storytelling begins. They are talking about things they didn’t see. It’s amazing. It’s a wonderful moment. Parents should celebrate. ‘Hurray! My boy finally started to lie!’ All right! It calls for celebration.”

― Kim Young-ha

“My family were all entrepreneurs, including my parents and grandparents.”

― Kimbal Musk

“We get emails from parents asking us what kale is because their kids are asking for it. That kind of extraordinary presence in the community is critical to the future of real food.”

― Kimbal Musk

“Thankfully, I was given a strong base by my parents, an understanding of who I was and my strength.”

― Kimberly Elise

“Talking about the loss of my parents… that was really, really difficult to go through.”

― Kimberly Guilfoyle

“Parents matter, buildings count, curriculum choices, materials, resources – all these things are important in a top-class education. But, in the end, it comes down to the teachers.”

― Kimberly Quinn

“Most of my story ideas come from my childhood. Sometimes they hatch from stories my parents told me, sometimes they come from experiences in my own life, and sometimes they are inspired by mere moments.”

― Kimberly Willis Holt

“I was lucky that I had parents that had had supernatural experiences, so I could talk to them openly without them looking at me as some lunatic.”

― King Diamond

“It’s funny ‘cos I think a lot about kids who grow up with their parents being really important members of their fields, and they just go the opposite way.”

― King Princess

“I’ve got the best parents you could ever ask for. My parents are from New Jersey, and they met in Vermont in college. My Dad grew up listening to heavy, psychedelic music. He’s my biggest fan.”

― King Tuff

“I loved living with my parents – that’s probably why I did it for so long. But it was almost too easy to live there. I had to force myself to get out, had to challenge myself. I had to start a new chapter.”

― King Tuff

“Many years ago, when I was born in the ’50s – ’50s and ’60s didn’t belong to girls in India. They belonged to boys. They belonged to boys who would join business and inherit business from parents, and girls would be dolled up to get married.”

― Kiran Bedi

“I guess I was very fortunate; I had a very very, lets put it this way, I had very wonderful upbringing and a childhood where my parents, of course, exposed us to many cultural aspects, not only of India but other parts of the world.”

― Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

“I sometimes found myself more comfortable around my TV family than I did with my own parents and sister.”

― Kirk Cameron

“What would my parents think about America if they arrived here today? Would they even want to come? I wonder.”

― Kirk Douglas

“Along with a livable wage, many parents are desperate for quality affordable child care.”

― Kirsten Gillibrand

“I’m fighting to make childcare more affordable for working parents so they can continue working and advancing their careers, closing wage gaps that for too long have held women back from the fair economic opportunities they need.”

― Kirsten Gillibrand

“No matter what parents do, kids retain their uniqueness.”

― Kirstie Alley

“It’s amazing how coke encompasses everything in your life. Addicts cannot confront life because they only think of their next hit. I ruined life for my parents, my sister and all my friends.”

― Kirstie Alley

“My true satisfaction came when my parents told me that someone had seen me on TV and congratulated them.”

― Kirti Kulhari

“I’m very lucky, I’ve got two very loving parents, still very much together, and always been very supportive.”

― Kit Harington

“My parents brought us up in a very clever way, which was that they saw what we were interested in naturally, and then they encouraged whatever that may be. When I started sharing a keen interest in drama and the theater, instead of steering me away from it, they encouraged me to see plays and think about drama school.”

― Kit Harington

“I do want to have children, but my parents had me when they were in their forties. I’d like to copy that.”

― Kit Harington

“My parents are my backbone. Still are. They’re the only group that will support you if you score zero or you score 40.”

― Kobe Bryant

“Upon receiving my notification of acceptance to the university, my parents noticed that they were obliged to submit to the university, among other things, a copy of my official family register. After much mental anguish, they decided to inform me of the secret of my birth.”

― Koichi Tanaka

“I grew up in the large house and the larger garden of my parents in Altenberg. They were supremely tolerant of my inordinate love for animals.”

― Konrad Lorenz

“I owe undying gratitude to my patient parents.”

― Konrad Lorenz

“I think when you’re 14 years old, I think you’re sort of looking for markers that prove you’re an adult and you’re independent of your parents.”

― Koren Zailckas

“Growing up, I never heard my parents curse, never. The first time I ever said a curse word was with my sister Kim.”

― Kourtney Kardashian

“My parents got me a sewing machine for Christmas during my senior year of high school. I made three pieces of clothing and had a fashion show at the end of the year, where we had to wear the clothes that we made. I took it to a whole new level; I made all my friends clothes.”

― Kourtney Kardashian

“My parents are pretty religious, devout, but did they force it on me? No, I don’t think so. I still think of myself as a Lutheran, just one who doesn’t go to church.”

― Kristen Schaal

“Growing up as an athlete, I started skating very young. My parents didn’t know anything about the sport, so they went with the flow. I had two great coaches who gave great advice and gave guidelines for my parents. My parents let the coaches dictate what was going on on the ice.”

― Kristi Yamaguchi

“Skating was something I really wanted to do; my parents knew nothing about it. They said they’d support me as long as I was trying my hardest and enjoying it.”

― Kristi Yamaguchi

“I was kind of a tough girl. And I guess that came through, like, moving around, my parents getting a divorce, different step-families, and stuff like that. I’d been through a little bit more than most people who are just from Laguna Beach.”

― Kristin Cavallari

“I’m just grateful that my parents still love each other.”

― Kristin Gore

“My parents were enthusiastic fans of ‘Sammy’s Hill.’ But they think ‘Sammy’s House’ is a better book.”

― Kristin Gore

“When my father became vice president, I was a sophomore in high school. I’d do things like go on a run with my soccer team and purposely dodge the security van. Then my parents compromised with the Secret Service when I went to college. I just had a panic button in my dorm room, so if I pressed that, they’d be there within 2 or 3 minutes.”

― Kristin Gore

“Both of my parents have great senses of humor.”

― Kristin Gore

“My parents didn’t treat me as if there was anything in the world I couldn’t do, except be unkind.”

― Kristin Hersh

“I didn’t play video games because my parents didn’t allow it. That was banned from my childhood experience.”

― Kristin Kreuk

“It takes a long time to appreciate one’s parents.”

― Kristin Scott Thomas

“I am sure that, had I grown up with both parents, had I grown up in a safe environment, had I grown up with a feeling of safety rather than danger, I would not be the way I am.”

― Kristin Scott Thomas

“My parents were like the kind of people who read the ‘Enquirer’ and believed everything it said.”

― Kristy Swanson

“My parents have been very supportive. To survive in this industry, you need a great support system, and I am really blessed to have one.”

― Kriti Kharbanda

“I am not going to do anything that embarrasses my parents.”

― Kriti Kharbanda

“My parents actually wanted me to join the service.”

― Krysten Ritter

“I didn’t even know how to speak Hindi or act. I didn’t think about fame and money. I didn’t talk about money with the producers, as I was a minor. My parents handled that part. But I am from a family where money was never an issue.”

― Krystle D’Souza

“You know, in Russia we say there are three things you can’t choose: your parents, your gender and your president.”

― Ksenia Sobchak

“When I was, like, 16 or 17, I was just finding out about this YouTube thing. Then I saved a bit and asked my parents for some help to get the recording software and equipment.”


“I kept on telling my parents school wasn’t for me. And they were like, ‘No you need to go university.’”


“I’m still trying to figure out how to have an adult relationship with my parents.”

― Kumail Nanjiani

“My parents don’t really understand my career. They don’t really bring it up that much.”

― Kumail Nanjiani

“My parents aren’t the demographic for a lot of things I do. If I did a stand-up show, and I saw 62-year-old Pakistanis in the crowd, I’d be like, ‘I’m gonna bomb.’”

― Kumail Nanjiani

“Having parents who were hard working, blue collar, and staunchly independent, neither political party’s positioning really impressed me.”

― Kurt Bills

“My parents got divorced when I was 2, so I have this weird thing where I have 8 brothers and sisters, but I am also an only child.”

― Kurt Braunohler

“All anti-abortion protesters should be presented, on the spot, with an application to sign up as foster parents. They should also be given the names of children in their area in need of adoptive parents. And if they won’t sign or volunteer, they should shut up.”

― Kurt Eichenwald

“Call me Jonah. My parents did, or nearly did. They called me John.”

― Kurt Vonnegut

“I think I told my parents I wanted to be a writer, just so they’d kind of think I had some direction in life. It made it easier to pick out classes at college, like, ‘Oh, this is writing classes, that’s what I’m doing.’”

― Kyle Kinane

“My parents didn’t pay for college because we all got scholarships.”

― Kyle Korver

“My parents moved to Los Angeles before I was born and built a beautiful home here in Bel Air.”

― Kyle Richards

“I know when my parents passed away, I wanted all the support I could get.”

― Kyle Richards

“Back in the day, we ate fresh; our parents cooked. Now, we’re starting to think things are fresh because they’re in a can, they’re in a box, or they’re frozen. That’s not fresh. It’s difficult to get real fresh.”

― Kym Whitley

“I lived for two years in an abandoned gas station with no running water and no electricity after my parents got divorced and my stepdad couldn’t get a job. So I think a lot about families like mine who were middle class and struggled. So that experience really drives my philosophy.”

― Kyrsten Sinema

“You think I’m going to ask these sweet 14 year olds to ask their parents to buy a $100 ticket then run around in latex and lip sync? No way.”

― Lady Gaga

“I decided to pursue music, so I dropped out of school and I told my parents I didn’t want any money from them. I got three jobs and I just hit the ground running.”

― Lady Gaga

“I hold that the beginning of modern Irish drama was in the winter of 1898, at a school feast at Coole, when Douglas Hyde and Miss Norma Borthwick acted in Irish in a Punch and Judy show; and the delighted children went back to tell their parents what grand curses ‘An Craoibhin’ had put on the baby and the policeman.”

― Lady Gregory

“I’m not a team sports person type person, so I probably would have been good at tennis, because I like tennis. But my parents really didn’t push me. I think if my parents would have guided me and stay committed, I could have played any sport I wanted to, but I never did.”

― Laila Ali

“I went to a lot of theatre. My parents were very involved with the performing arts. I went to nightclub shows when I was a little girl. We went to Florida and we would go to the Cocoanut Grove down there. We’d go see Lena Horne, Jimmy Durante, Sophie Tucker and Judy Garland.”

― Lainie Kazan

“My parents always wanted me to learn about my culture and tried to make me eat Vietnamese food.”

― Lana Condor

“I never considered myself as part of a biracial family – we’re just a family – but my parents are white, and my brother is Asian.”

― Lana Condor

“My parents would dress us up in traditional Vietnamese clothing to go to school for heritage day. We have a Vietnamese nanny that my parents wanted us to have so we could stay in touch and know where we came from.”

― Lana Condor

“I love cooking. It’s one of my favorite things to do. To share my parents’ recipes that I grew up with is just something very special to me.”

― Lance Bass

“I’m a Southerner. We dream of having the family and the kids, and the parents want grandkids, that’s all they care about, give me some grandbabies.”

― Lance Bass

“I’m the only gay person my parents know.”

― Lance Bass

“I love everyone that supports me, and things can get wild at times, but my parents raised me to be grounded and to always remain humble. I think that’s one of the main reasons that my fans support me.”

― Lance Gross

“When you’ve grown sick of reading and bug-eyed from watching TV, when your friends are all visited out, no words can adequately praise the link to the outside world provided by your parents and family.”

― Lance Loud

“My parents got to see all my hard work pay off.”

― La’Porsha Renae

“My parents never told me, ‘You’re supposed to wear pink,’ or ‘You’re meant to do this because you’re a girl.’”

― Lapsley

“I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. I grew up in a very Jewish neighbourhood and thought the whole world was like that. My parents were secular, but I went to a very Orthodox Jewish school, and I really got into it. I found it all fascinating, and I was just kind of really attracted to the metaphysical questions.”

― Larry Charles

“My parents did their best – that earns a lot of forgiveness. But they say children grow up in spite of their parents, and I think I did.”

― Larry Drake

“Studies show that children of divorced parents can have outcomes as positive as those coming from intact homes, provided the father remains financially supportive and active in his children’s lives.”

― Larry Elder

“For being a young guy, I’m articulate and can hold a decent conversation with somebody. But I’ve been able to do that since I was young. I don’t think that has to do too much with schooling, it has more to do with the people I was raised around, my parents. I have respect for adults.”

― Larry Fitzgerald

“As a child, I craved sophistication and culture. My parents didn’t know what to make of me.”

― Larry Harvey

“We need to encourage innovative ideas that give parents better alternatives to prepare children for higher education and for the jobs of the future.”

― Larry Hogan

“My parents are from the Midwest. They’re from Evanston, Illinois. They moved out to Los Angeles right before I was born.”

― Larry Wilmore

“My father had a lot of allergies, and he just didn’t like the cold of Chicago, and his father – his parents had broken up when he was young, and his father had lived in Pasadena for a while, and he kind of fell in love with Southern California.”

― Larry Wilmore

“I posed nude to show my parents they couldn’t dictate to me any more – that I control my life.”

― LaToya Jackson

“I think the deepest problem is between my parents and me. I just don’t know if it will ever be the same.”

― LaToya Jackson

“When I was 4 years old, I woke up in the middle of the night and told my parents there was a witch crying outside in the boxwood bushes. I didn’t know who she was or why she was crying, but I was terribly upset.”

― Laura Amy Schlitz

“My parents were in ‘Brigadoon’ on Broadway when I was a couple of years old.”

― Laura Benanti

“I love my parents. But they have their life, and I have mine.”

― Laura Dekker

“My parents have sailed around the world; they know what can happen and that it’s not always fun, but because I want to do it so much, they agreed and supported me.”

― Laura Dekker

“It’s always been a desire of mine to work with my parents.”

― Laura Dern

“I know that I’ve seen a mannerism, or a way I’ve cried, or something, where I see a flash of my parents.”

― Laura Dern

“At 12, turned 13, made a movie with Sex Pistols and The Clash. Learned about a lot of things I never knew and hope will never know again. Don’t know how my parents let me do that.”

― Laura Dern

“If I had different parents who were in it for the money, I might have a different perspective. But they really are artists; they intelligently approach each character and prepare in every sense of the word. I grew up in a world that had great discipline.”

― Laura Dern

“Both of my parents had a change of career. My mum was a nurse, and now she’s a college lecturer.”

― Laura Fraser

“My parents were divorced and I would spend weekends with my father.”

― Laura Linney

“If you have two parents who have to work, who want to work, you need to have someone to guide your child.”

― Laura Linney

“My parents encouraged us to commit to things, so if we wanted to learn an instrument, it was all the grades and all the theory.”

― Laura Mvula

“I had a very thorough grounding in music; I’d grown up around songs. My parents listened to a lot of music. My dad was majorly into jazz, which was absolutely a big influence on me, even if it was more subconsciously as a kid.”

― Laura Mvula

“My parents were quite strict; we couldn’t just listen to whatever music we wanted. It was very much like they monitored what we listened to.”

― Laura Mvula

“There was always a piano in the house when I was growing up – my dad played, and I thought it was cool – and when I was eight, I begged my parents to let me have lessons. After a couple of weeks, I wanted to give up, but my parents were very focused and made me keep going, which I’m very pleased about now.”

― Laura Mvula

“When I was 5, I wore a tie, and I wanted to change my name to Larry, which probably tipped my parents off that I was gay.”

― Laura Ricketts

“I played my first match aged six. Neither my opponent nor I knew how to score, so our parents had to help us out from the sidelines.”

― Laura Robson

“I was the family alien. Both my parents are quite creative, but I was… appalling… always putting on little shows. I was rather a shy child, not a natural performer, but there was a performative edge to everything I did.”

― Laura Wade

“Certainly my parents were a huge influence. They always expected the most out of all of us. And expected us to do our very best. I’m thankful to them for allowing me to do what I wanted to do.”

― Laurel Clark

“My parents got divorced, and they both remarried other people.”

― Lauren Alaina

“My parents have always had pretty high expectations, but they’re very supportive.”

― Lauren Cohan

“Listen to advice from people who have been there and done that. It is so hard to believe that when you are young, but parents, mentors, teachers, they can all be so valuable when it comes to advice.”

― Lauren Conrad

“God, it sucks to disappoint your parents, even at forty-two years old.”

― Lauren Myracle

“I understand why parents worry about books – they’re worried about their kids. They want to keep their kids safe. But parents aren’t always realistic.”

― Lauren Myracle

“My parents were pretty liberal, but they were still parents. I definitely had my teenage rebellion.”

― Lauren Oliver

“Heredity is what sets the parents of a teenager wondering about each other.”

― Laurence J. Peter

“Psychiatry enables us to correct our faults by confessing our parents’ shortcomings.”

― Laurence J. Peter

“I know my parents loved me – they certainly did everything they could for me – but displays of affection were kept on a distinctly low flame.”

― Laurie Graham

“My parents never told me I was beautiful, and for one very good reason. I wasn’t. When your child is a tubby, bespectacled little oddity, as I was, it’s important not to give them false expectations.”

― Laurie Graham

“It’s bad timing, but a lot of kids become teenagers just as their parents are hitting their mid-life crisis. So everybody’s miserable and confused and seeking that new sense of identity.”

― Laurie Halse Anderson

“Growing up, there wasn’t an exact Hispanic role model that I had. I didn’t realize how big a difference I was making, going to the Olympics and being Hispanic, until I would be in an autograph session, and parents would come up to me and say, ‘You know, our family is so proud of you, you’re really doing Hispanics proud.’”

― Laurie Hernandez

“My parents have tried not to intrude. They kind of stayed apart from my gymnastics but are very supportive, and that’s very helpful as a gymnast to not have your parents say, ‘Did you do this today?’ and just be very on top of you.”

― Laurie Hernandez

“I’m way more influenced by my children than I was by my parents.”

― Laurie Simmons

“It’s been ingrained in me, from my parents and others, this idea of making a difference in the world.”

― Lawrence Bender

“The arguments about parents being too permissive and kids growing up without superegos are not based on fact. Our research tells us that the family is not the only purveyor of morality.”

― Lawrence Kohlberg

“Parents, of course, have concerns and ‘say,’ but they don’t have the right to shield their children from knowledge. That is not a right, any more than they have the right to shield their children from healthcare or medicine.”

― Lawrence M. Krauss

“My parents were bookish, very musical, but otherwise uninvolved in the arts or the academic world.”

― Lawrence Osborne

“My parents were decent, aspirant first-generation middle class. They read ‘Reader’s Digest’, listened to classical music; my grandparents had a bust of Stalin on the mantelpiece. The kids of that generation were terrified of being below par, class-wise.”

― Lawrence Osborne

“When my parents first arrived there, North Dakota had just been admitted to the Union, and the country was still wild and harsh.”

― Lawrence Welk

“I grew up seeing my parents perform and sing, and I just always wanted to be singing, too. Music has always been my deepest passion and what I felt most connected to.”

― Leah LaBelle

“My parents are actually very famous singers in Bulgaria. My dad was in a rock band, and my mom was in a pop group. They met, fell in love, and actually formed a group together to escape the country because it was Communist, and they couldn’t leave. They didn’t know any English but eventually found their way to America.”

― Leah LaBelle

“I’ve gotten a lot of good advice from my parents. Probably the best advice I’ve ever gotten from my mom is ‘Let it go.’”

― Leah Pipes

“I wanted to emulate my parents – Mum captained India in basketball, and Dad won a bronze in hockey in 1972 Olympics. My focus has always been to achieve excellence whether in the field of tennis, in the corporate field, in the art of acting or in motivating youngsters.”

― Leander Paes

“People often ask me if my parents helped me. My mother did lend me $10 to register the domain name.”

― Leandra Medine

“My parents have provided guidance, objective feedback, and unconditional support. They are advocates of what I do.”

― Leanne Caret

“Parents must lead by example. Don’t use the cliche; do as I say and not as I do. We are our children’s first and most important role models.”

― Lee Haney

“More than ever, we as parents and a nation must do something about the growth of obesity in our children. We must do more than just talk, we must be concerned enough to act.”

― Lee Haney

“When I was 10, I asked my parents for a set of weights. I had my Charles Atlas book to go along with that. Every time we went to the grocery store, I’d rush to the magazine area and read the ones with Arnold Schwarzenegger and all those guys on the covers: ‘Pumping Iron,’ ‘Muscle and Fitness,’ ‘Muscle Builder by Joe Weider.’”

― Lee Haney

“We considered the Dear Leader our god. That’s huge. He’s more than our parents. I thought all of the world respected Kim Il Sung. That’s why we were bowing to their pictures.”

― Lee Hyeon-seo

“North Koreans are forced to work at state jobs in a moribund economy. Countless parents watch their children go to bed hungry. Many North Korean families feel they have no option but to try to escape.”

― Lee Hyeon-seo

“Well when I was young, actually not just me, but we were all poor. Korea used to be one of the poorest countries in the world. Despite such circumstances, I was very, very fortunate to be blessed with having parents who always instilled in a spirit of can-do spirit.”

― Lee Myung-bak

“I was raised in a little church, the Grundy Methodist Church, that was very straight-laced, but I had a friend whose mother spoke in tongues. I was just wild for this family. My own parents were older, and they were so over-protective. I just loved the ‘letting go’ that would happen when I went to church with my friend.”

― Lee Smith

“For anyone who’s had a transition in their life – heading off to college, parents sending their kids off to college, people getting out of college and heading off into the workforce. Those are major transitions.”

― Lee Unkrich

“I know I’m going to send my three kids off to college someday. I know my parents will pass away someday. It’s one thing to say, ‘I’ll be able to deal with that day when it comes,’ and it’s another thing to find yourself at that day, dealing with it.”

― Lee Unkrich

“I grew up believing in meritocracy and the American dream. My parents came here from India. They had no connections. My brother and I went to public schools, and both of us succeeded.”

― Leila Janah

“Migration is the story of my life: my parents and grandparents journeyed across four continents to flee war and find jobs, eventually finding their way to the U.S.”

― Leila Janah

“I had a nanny growing up in Morocco, and my parents encouraged me to put myself in her shoes sometimes.”

― Leila Slimani

“My parents were lovers of books, and they raised us in a manner that viewed freedom and subversion as indispensable.”

― Leila Slimani

“My two sisters and I had a very nice nanny at home in Morocco until I was 13. I remember my parents saying how she had insinuated herself into our family. They knew she would suffer when we broke away from her.”

― Leila Slimani

“I don’t miss anything by being a bachelor. I don’t know any happily married couples, not even my parents.”

― Lemmy

“My foster parents were very religious. They told me that they had not decided to take me in, rather that it was God that had decided it for them.”

― Lemn Sissay

“To Western parents that want to adopt a child, I would say to people that money is not everything, wealth does not matter.”

― Lemn Sissay

“I talk to my kids about my mother’s energy and how she would have loved them. I talk about how kind and polite my father was. So that they have some kind of remembrance that even though my parents died from their addictions and so that they know they were genuine in how they were.”

― Lemon Andersen

“I get so annoyed at people not looking after their parents. The deal is when we are growing up they look after us and as they grow older we look after them. That’s the deal.”

― Len Goodman

“I’ve only recently realized that I have a radically different relationship with my parents than a lot of people.”

― Lena Dunham

“My parents are artists; in their world, in the world of modern artists, you are supposed to just go into your studio and tune everything out, and your entire relationship with your work is supposed to be a super private one. That was the way to do it and you weren’t deeply truly artistic if that wasn’t the way you were engaging the press.”

― Lena Dunham

“My parents were very supportive when I was growing up and have been all the way through.”

― Lena Dunham

“I felt like my parents were always involved with abstraction, and I wanted to do something very specific.”

― Lena Dunham

“Having started in sciences, I then turned around and said, ‘Oh, I don’t want to do sciences. I want to do philosophy.’ And to their credit my parents said, ‘if that’s what you want to do, then go for it’. Then I got the scholarship to Stanford, which was very nice for the parents to talk to their friends about.”

― Lenny Abrahamson

“It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them.”

― Leo Buscaglia

“The best students come from homes where education is revered: where there are books, and children see their parents reading them.”

― Leo Buscaglia

“If my parents were to hear that their son won an Academy Award, they’d roll over in their graves. I was the luckiest person, but that luck came through the grace of Muhammad Ali.”

― Leon Gast

“My parents, and especially my mother, encouraged by the director of the local school which I was attending, wanted in spite of everything to send me to a National School of Arts and Crafts so that I could later become an engineer.”

― Leon Jouhaux

“Cloning looks like a degrading of parenthood and a perversion of the right relation between parents and children.”

― Leon Kass

“We owe our existence to our parents, but we actually didn’t have a choice.”

― Leon Kass

“The most important thing to me is to give something back to my parents, because they’ve done so much for me throughout my life.”

― Leona Lewis

“My parents have always done what they’ve loved, and they’ve had many different careers.”

― Leona Lewis

“My parents know I was outgoing as a child, and whenever people came over, I’d automatically do impressions of them as soon as they left; it was my mom’s favorite thing. Yes, I grew up in Hollywood, but not in any rich neighborhood.”

― Leonardo DiCaprio

“I did imitations of anyone who came to my parents’ house, and that was my identity at school – if there were ten minutes to lunch, and the teacher was done with the lesson, he’d say, ‘Okay, Leo, get up there and do something.’”

― Leonardo DiCaprio

“I didn’t have time to be anybody’s muse; I was too busy rebelling against my parents and learning to be an artist.”

― Leonora Carrington

“For sure, my parents knew what I had to eat and how to prepare for training sessions and what behaviour was needed in order to be serious about my football. But they weren’t pushy, like you had to be a certain way.”

― Leroy Sane

“Growing up, I knew you were supposed to have a profession – and something better than being a shopkeeper, which is what my parents were.”

― Les Wexner

“When I was 9, my parents let me take a cab to the mall all by myself. I had hardly any money to spend, but I did have a very specific list of things I wanted to do: buy cookies and sit on the furniture at Sears.”

― Leslie Mann

“I talk about beepers going off in the middle of a concert and people being late and not apologizing, and people not RSVP-ing, and adult children going back to live with their parents, which we didn’t have in the ’60s and ’70s.”

― Letitia Baldrige

“I think, a lot of times as women, we feel pressure from our parents, our friends: we see our friends get married.”

― LeToya Luckett

“We made satires of everything – news broadcasts and TV shows that we watched. When I look at them now, they are totally amateurish, but I find it quite remarkable that we were so skeptical of the world! My parents watched them and thought they were funny; they really encouraged us.”

― Lev Yilmaz

“My parents wanted me to be smart and be a scholar, and the best I could do was graduate high school.”

― Levon Helm

“A boy becomes an adult three years before his parents think he does, and about two years after he thinks he does.”

― Lewis B. Hershey

“I believe that we should, on biblical grounds, tell all parents of mentally disabled children that God loves their children, regrets terribly that they are disabled, and will, when they die, carry them gently into a heavenly life where every person is forever whole.”

― Lewis B. Smedes

“You look at my audience, and it proves what Congress thinks America is, is wrong. I get people across the political spectrum. Parents and kids come and they’re all punked out, and there are these other guys in John Deere caps.”

― Lewis Black

“My parents were married for sixty-five years, and I was married for about ten minutes, my first year at Yale Drama School. Something, somehow, didn’t get passed on to my generation.”

― Lewis Black

“No matter what, your parents are going to worry about you. I had a tour bus, and my mother still thought I was broke. Remember: It’s your life, not theirs. Just because your parents sent you to college doesn’t mean they bought the rest of your life.”

― Lewis Black

“I remember hearing people like Joe Cocker, Fleetwood Mac, and Elvis. My parents were big fans of them, and they were the early seeds. My brother was more into Slipknot, and I still listen to them, too, but it wasn’t until I listened to Paolo Nutini that it really clicked.”

― Lewis Capaldi

“My parents used to take me to a lot of theatre when I was young.”

― Lexa Doig

“Thank God my parents had an abundance of patience.”

― Lexa Doig

“I got into the Shanghai Drama Institute because my parents, like all parents, want their children to have good grades and to go to a good college. I became a college student because of them.”

― Li Bingbing

“I was born in April of 1966, on the eve of the Cultural Revolution. Soon after, my parents and grandparents all lost personal freedom simply for being intellectuals. So I spent most of my childhood rotating between adopted families of peasants and coalminers.”

― Li Lu

“I grew up in a good family with good parents, and I was able to dream big and have the support to live it out.”

― Liam Hemsworth

“I love all kinds of movies. I love a really good comedy and not the cheesy ones. My parents hate this, but I love horror films. Those are my favorite, and of course, dramatic roles. I’m really drawn to those as well. All different genres.”

― Liana Liberato

“I was involved with MySpace and Facebook and everything at a very young age because it’s so casual now, and I’m into texting, obviously. But I’ve never been involved in any type of chat room. My parents are pretty cautious about it and know all my passwords and know who my friends are and who I’m talking to.”

― Liana Liberato

“Because I was crazy and because my parents wanted me out of their hair, they put me in an all-day acting class… so they wouldn’t have to deal with me, probably. And it just so happened there agents auditing the class, and I ended up getting signed.”

― Liana Liberato

“We all, as parents, are laughing at ourselves and helicopter parenting and saying, ‘This isn’t the way we were parented; we were allowed to run free.’ When I talk to my friends, we are all fascinated by what we are doing, but we can’t seem to stop ourselves.”

― Liane Moriarty

“Now you can get on Facebook and read an article, ’10 Ways You Are Ruining Your Child Forever.’ I’m sure it’s making us better parents in some ways, but in other ways, it is sending us all a little crazy.”

― Liane Moriarty

“I didn’t learn about depression or anxiety at school. So when I had to go to my parents to say ‘I need help, I need to go to therapy,’ I felt like this weird, messed up kid. And I wasn’t, but I felt that way.”

― Lili Reinhart

“I think I was 10 when I did my first community play, and then I started booking bigger roles in these plays, and people were telling me and my parents that I was talented. And I was like, ‘Well, this is something I wanna do.’”

― Lili Reinhart

“My mom would drive me from Cleveland to New York City and use my dad’s hotel points for auditions. They were the most supportive parents that I could have. Without them, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.”

― Lili Reinhart

“I was a rebel. I went to Carmel Convent in Delhi where I was a complete rebel. I thought I was 12 going on 18. I wanted to go out with friends older to me, stay out late – my parents were horrified. It was then that we began having our first disagreements.”

― Lillete Dubey

“The parent characters that I portray are Indian because I grew up in an Indian household. Having said that, I feel like people of all cultures would relate to those parents.”

― Lilly Singh

“I’m actually not making fun of my real parents. I’ve taken stereotypical traits of my real parents, my aunts, my uncles and parents of every race and put them into these two characters, who are just over-the-top ridiculous and super-alpha parents about everything.”

― Lilly Singh

“I think I’ve been brought up very well by both my parents. I am very cautious and I think I’m now fit for the world I’m in. They’re very much behind my modelling and very supportive.”

― Lily Collins

“I’ve grown up seeing the pros and cons but I love it and I’ve always wanted to act. Throughout all the rejections at auditions, and especially when I finally did get something, both my parents have been so supportive and always told me it is all about passion and, if I was doing it because I love it, there’s no wrong choice.”

― Lily Collins

“You want to feel like people are hiring you because they want to work with you, not because of who your parents are.”

― Lily Rabe

“For a long time I was cautious of working with my parents because I wanted to feel separate from them in the community. Now there’s no more wasting time.”

― Lily Rabe

“Being a part of the theater community has been important to me from the time I was a child, through my parents.”

― Lily Rabe

“I am my parents’ daughter, and I always want to be. But I first wanted to make sure that I was standing on my own two feet.”

― Lily Rabe

“I grew up with the media circus. My whole life. My parents were very calm about the photographers, the fans, and all that. But I understood right away that I hadn’t done anything to deserve that attention. No matter what happens, it will be there. I didn’t choose it. You just can’t take that too seriously. You need to live your life. And stay calm.”

― Lily-Rose Depp

“My parents were very calm about the photographers, the fans, and all that. But I understood right away that I hadn’t done anything to deserve that attention. No matter what happens, it will be there. I didn’t choose it. You just can’t take that too seriously. You need to live your life. And stay calm.”

― Lily-Rose Depp

“My parents weren’t very strict. They’ve always trusted me to be independent and make my own decisions. There wasn’t really anything to rebel against.”

― Lily-Rose Depp

“My father made with me one serious mistake which I see parents about me making. He got himself somehow into the awkward position of an authority; I thought he knew and was right on everything – for a while.”

― Lincoln Steffens

“I was extremely close with my parents. Breaking away from that is a double-edged sword: It’s something you need to do, but it’s hard to cut the apron strings.”

― Linda Cardellini

“I was born and spent my first five years in Chester, an ancient city that retains some of its Roman walls and fortifications and contains a great medieval cathedral, as well as Tudor, Stuart and early 19th century architecture. Visiting these things was free, and my parents – who had little money – made the most of this.”

― Linda Colley

“I was born in Connecticut. But my parents brought my sister and I to L.A. when-Hollywood, actually, when i was 6 months old.”

― Linda Evans

“I was embarrassed by my parents. I thought they had nothing of interest to say or contribute to anything. My real crime was not understanding that they were interesting, and I have been trying to make it up to them for being so indescribably blase, so genuinely uninterested and dismissive.”

― Linda Grant

“I try to keep a balance. I actually believe that children want normal parents, they don’t want celebrities or important parents or anything different from all the other parents.”

― Linda Hamilton

“It really hit home that my parents felt as though they didn’t have to worry anymore. They realized if you could win an Oscar, that was a good sign.”

― Linda Hunt

“The magazines were born out of a need that my parents saw: that there were no magazines that really spoke to black people. ‘Ebony’ wrote about architects and artists, the share cropper who sent his nine kids to college, real African Americans at a time when everyone else only covered them as entertainers and athletes.”

― Linda Johnson Rice

“I went to USC in L.A. Part of me is a real West Coast kid. My parents had a house in Palm Springs, which I now have. I spend a lot of time there.”

― Linda Johnson Rice

“I’m an outgoing person. Once my parents passed away, it was just my daughter and myself. So, really, my friends are my family.”

― Linda Johnson Rice

“We both came from families in which parents got married, had children and the whole thing. So we were not the kind of people to live together permanently.”

― Linda McCartney

“My parents’ greatest wish was that I graduated from college. Neither of my parents had a college education, and they really wanted me to have one.”

― Linda McMahon

“I was raised in a time when parents brought out belts, and you got tough love.”

― Linda Perry

“What upset me the most was not that I would die, but that I was letting down my parents. I felt very guilty for chasing this dream career of mine, at the expense of my parents.”

― Linda Vester

“I didn’t want my parents to support me. I wanted to prove that I could do it by myself.”

― Linda Vester

“I was the suburban kid of Scottish parents, and the idea of an acting career was so beyond my experience. I didn’t even know there were drama schools until a friend told me.”

― Lindsay Duncan

“My parents’ generation was definitely pre-telly, and they knew how to entertain each other. Everybody knew something that they could do – a song or a poem, or a piece of music. At school, I remember being a cat and then a budgie and then a bumble bee. I obviously thought all that was marvelous.”

― Lindsay Duncan

“I never rebelled against my parents – I worked hard, I was responsible, and I didn’t go to high-school parties.”

― Lindsay Lohan

“My parents were big movie-musical fans. And I thought ‘Grease’ was different from the usual MGM musical. I was intrigued and fell in love with it.”

― Lindsay Mendez

“In real life, my parents pretty much approved of all my boyfriends. I guess I was doing something wrong. I should have been more rebellious.”

― Lindsay Pulsipher

“Even growing up, I was always the helper-outer, the sous-chef to my parents.”

― Lindsey Vonn

“Both my parents are actors, in very different ways.”

― Linus Roache

“I was born in Darien, Connecticut, but in 1959, when I was four, my parents moved to the suburbs of Toronto. Then, in the late 1960s, they bought a cottage in a resort/trailer park in the Kawarthas region of Ontario, and we moved up there. I wrote a book about it in 2000 called ‘Last Resort: Coming of Age in Cottage Country.’”

― Linwood Barclay

“As a teenager, I ached to grow up even more than I dreaded to. I craved escape from my parents’ impositions on what I believed.”

― Lionel Shriver

“Set a good example as parents, since the most convincing argument that a girl can become a computer coder is that her mother is one.”

― Lionel Shriver

“In the spring of 1978, when my parents were 23, my mother gave birth to me on their friend Robert’s farm in Oregon with the help of two midwives. The labor and delivery took three hours, start to finish.”

― Lisa Brennan-Jobs

“I had pretty cool parents. Still do.”

― Lisa Cholodenko

“My secret vice is Sudoku puzzles. Can’t stop playing them. My parents are accountants. I blame them entirely.”

― Lisa Gardner

“When I was in fourth grade, I had a lot of upheaval in my life. Both of my parents remarried, and we all got new houses. That was also the year my older brother got very sick.”

― Lisa Graff

“My family always ate dinner at the table, and we would chat about our day while eating. My parents like to have a few glasses of wine and linger after the meal is over, peeling oranges for dessert while talking. It’s lovely.”

― Lisa Hanawalt

“My parents’ marriage was, on an aesthetic level, very pleasing to behold.”

― Lisa Jewell

“I was brought up in the same house I was born in, and I lived there until I left home as an adult. I also went to a Catholic school, which was full of Irish girls whose parents never split up, so everyone I knew had these big family set-ups.”

― Lisa Jewell

“It is said that the way to prevent obesity is not to allow kids to become overweight in the first place. But it takes a multi-pronged approach that has to start with parents. Kids are just too young to understand the consequences of obesity.”

― Lisa Ling

“Very often, overweight children have parents who are struggling with weight issues.”

― Lisa Ling

“I was never obsessed with being adopted. I was simply curious about my biological parents.”

― Lisa Lutz

“For about 30 years, Halloween was taken over by pranksters. By the ’30s, pranks were causing cities millions of dollars of damage. They considered banning Halloween in many cities, but instead, parents got together and came up with party ideas for kids, and a lot of them involved dressing up and costuming.”

― Lisa Morton

“I’ve been athletic since I was a kid. My parents got me playing tennis when I was seven years old and I started to play competitively.”

― Lisa Rinna

“My parents were divorcing, and I think at certain times of your life you do attract the wrong type of person. You don’t know any better, and you don’t know how you’d like to be treated.”

― Lisa Snowdon

“And my parents’ separation was tricky. But my mum had always been really honest with me, and treated me like an adult even when I was really young, so I knew they hadn’t been getting on.”

― Lisa Snowdon

“Like many Asian parents, mine were very focused on education. My dad would quiz me with multiplication tables when I was about 5.”

― Lisa Su

“My parents were typical Asian parents, and they do, like all parents, want their children to be successful. They really encouraged my brother and I to study math and science, and that’s what we did as kids.”

― Lisa Su

“I often find that the best parents are the ones without children.”

― Lisa Vanderpump

“Growing up, I stayed in a child’s place. My father was murdered when I was 20. I was a model and never had a real job and my parents took care of me.”

― LisaRaye McCoy-Misick

“My parents are very humble people who have simple lives… they live in a pleasant little town in China.”

― Liu Wen

“There are a lot of bands that my parents used to go see that I haven’t necessarily heard of, and asking them to dig up stuff like that is a really fun way to discover music.”

― Liv Bruce

“I know how much parents love buying clothes for their kids and how they want to give them something new in the closet.”

― Liya Kebede

“I had a calling inside of me. I had a sense that when I was going through experiences like living on the streets, losing my parents to AIDS, just having my whole world turned upside-down, there was this feeling inside of me like I was meant for something greater.”

― Liz Murray

“All parents gush about what it’s like to be a parent. I love it.”

― Liz Phair

“Well, when I was growing up it was Ozzie and Harriet on TV – nobody’s parents were like that.”

― Liza Minnelli

“You see, that’s another thing that my parents gave me: an enormously great sense of humor.”

― Liza Minnelli

“I thought that making movies was drab. I’d lived through that. And I didn’t want to use my parents, ever… They didn’t want to push me into this business.”

― Liza Minnelli

“I was given an enormous amount of love by my parents.”

― Liza Minnelli

“I’d listen to the radio, especially when my parents were out on house calls to pray for people – you know, shut-ins. Sometimes, if we were incredibly sneaky, we could do it at night when everyone was asleep.”

― Lizz Wright

“We had no television, and I only heard the radio when my parents went out to a Bible study group. They liked a quiet, meditative house.”

― Lizz Wright

“I didn’t wait around for my parents’ opinion about my venture out into contemporary music.”

― Lizz Wright

“I liked Pat Cash, and I loved Mats Wilander. I went to the Australian Open with my parents, and I used to watch Wilander being cheered on by the Swedish fans, and with his game style being like mine, I drew comparisons with him.”

― Lleyton Hewitt

“My parents were horrified when I told them I wanted to be an author.”

― Lloyd Alexander

“Oh, my parents never cracked a book, just newspapers.”

― Lloyd Alexander

“My dad had emphysema and both of my parents had chronic bronchitis and ended up with cancers – all smoking related.”

― Loni Anderson

“Prince Charles is an absolute Mountbatten. The real intelligence in the royal family comes through my parents to Prince Philip and the children.”

― Lord Mountbatten

“My dad is a civil engineer, and my mom is a stay-at-home mom. The fact that my parents weren’t really involved in music was kind of good, because it meant that I had something that was private and personal.”

― Lorde

“I’ve always hung out with people older than me, with my parents’ friends, because I appreciated the conversation.”

― Lorde

“Both my parents were huge stars. I would never have attempted to become as big of stars as they were because they lived in a different era.”

― Lorenzo Lamas

“Certainly, by providing individuals coming out of institutions with ways to become productive citizens, we reduce recidivism. What that means is we reduce crime. There are fewer victims when individuals have options – when they have job skills, when they have life skills, we break the cycle of children following their parents into institutions.”

― Loretta Lynch

“Telling parents in New Jersey you want to act isn’t exactly like telling them you want to be a doctor or a dentist. There are no guarantees. It’s hard, but all the arts are. Can you imagine the pain of writer’s block?”

― Loretta Swit

“But there are parents out there who feel like they have been shut out from the process of how their children are educated, and that’s never a good thing.”

― Lori Lightfoot

“I grew up in a small segregated steel town 6o miles outside of Cleveland, my parents grew up in the segregated south. As a family we struggled financially, and I grew up in the ’60s and ’70s where overt racism ruled the day.”

― Lori Lightfoot

“I think about my parents, and I think a lot about the sacrifices they have made.”

― Lori Lightfoot

“Between them, my parents had 10 marriages.”

― Lorna Luft

“You know, growing up, I lived in a neighborhood in Long Island where there was basically one black family. And I remember hearing all the parents and the kids in the neighborhood say racist things about this family.”

― Lorraine Bracco

“Our cellar home had a kitchen and a combination bedroom and half bath, which meant we had a sink next to the bed. We had no refrigerator, no shower or tub, and no privacy. My parents shared the bedroom with my sister and me.”

― Lou Holtz

“When my mother died, and when my father died, it’s big. Our parents are giants; they’re titans of our lives, so of course it’s going to be a big deal.”

― Loudon Wainwright III

“You always want to break away from your parents, and you always think, ‘I’m never going to be like that guy.’ What I’ve discovered is you kind of wind up becoming your parents, which is also a cliche in itself. My father, despite the fact that he’s been dead for over 25 years, he’s been a huge influence on me.”

― Loudon Wainwright III

“I grew up in Brooklyn, and my parents were Holocaust survivors, so they never taught me anything about nature, but they taught me a lot about gratitude.”

― Louie Schwartzberg

“My parents played bridge, and I remember being fascinated watching them. I sometimes got a chance to sit in on a hand, which I loved. But then I didn’t actually play on my own for about 30 years.”

― Louis Sachar

“My parents worked enormously hard to put four children through college. We didn’t have a lot of money.”

― Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.

“I have drawn my whole life. My parents were in the tapestry restoration business, and as a young girl, I would draw in the missing parts of the tapestry that needed to be rewoven.”

― Louise Bourgeois

“My parents’ marriage is a gift to everyone around them – 60 years of making their kids laugh. How many parents are actually funny?”

― Louise Erdrich

“The Golden Rule of Parenting is; do unto your children as you wish your parents had done unto you!”

― Louise Hart

“If you want to understand your parents more, get them to talk about their own childhood; and if you listen with compassion, you will learn where their fears and rigid patterns come from. Those people who ‘did all that stuff to you’ were just as frightened and scared as you are.”

― Louise L. Hay

“We choose our sex, our color, our country, and then we look around for the particular set of parents who will mirror the pattern we are bringing in to work on in this lifetime.”

― Louise L. Hay

“My problem with my parents growing up was not that I was afraid to cry in front of them – they always wanted me to cry because they wanted me to be okay, but it felt kind of icky and gross to cry in front of my parents. So my problem was the polar opposite – I didn’t want to cry in front of them because I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction.”

― Lucas Hedges

“My parents have seen me flirt with girls in front of them, so they’re kind of used to it.”

― Lucky Blue Smith

“My parents always traveled a lot with their job, so it became embedded in my nature quite early on that I would crave that constant change and traveling.”

― Lucy Boynton

“All of our family holidays were always work trips for my parents, so my sister and I would sit somewhere or find a kids’ club while my parents would be interviewing people.”

― Lucy Boynton

“When you’re a kid, you learn whatever your parents think until you start taking in media. Because all your friends are your age as well, media is the third parent that you ever have. So I think about that a lot, what visual imagery is teaching us, and media in general having a huge impact.”

― Lucy Dacus

“Yo La Tengo were a major inspiration for me because they’re one of the first bands that I got into on my own, separate from my parents, when I was in high school. I have all their albums. That’s the place we’d like be in someday.”

― Lucy Dacus

“My parents don’t press it but, you know, they’re into good grades.”

― Lucy Deakins

“I talked my parents into sending me to Roedean at 16. I had this idea that if I could get into Cambridge, then I could join Footlights. My problem was that I went to a comprehensive in Brighton. I thought I’d have to start from a good school, and the best I could think of was Roedean.”

― Lucy Griffiths

“Few parents are aware of the difficulties that beset the minds of the little philosophers and theologians who sit upon their knees or play at their feet; and many a parent could not comprehend the disturbance, if he were aware of it.”

― Lucy Larcom

“Over 90 percent of parents in Puerto Rico want their children to be totally fluent in English.”

― Luis Fortuno

“I am a senior Democratic Member of Congress whose parents were born in Puerto Rico and for whom Puerto Rico self-determination has been – and remains – a central issue of my congressional career.”

― Luis Gutierrez

“My parents separated when I was nine, but my father was always around, and he still follows me now. He is always sending me messages.”

― Luis Suarez

“No one I knew in Sydney was thinking about how they might come to America and become a movie star. That would be considered delusions of grandeur. My parents were supportive, though. They just told me to keep at it as long as I was having fun.”

― Luke Bracey

“Chicago is fun. We’ve spent a lot of time there, about 15 years. My wife’s parents and family live in Chicago, so that’s a big selling point.”

― Luke Donald

“As much as my parents were worried about me moving to London at 17, they could see that I was hungry to find my path. And it probably helped that they saw me succeeding at it, slowly but surely.”

― Luke Evans

“I’ve always had quite long canines. It’s a very strange thing. My parents don’t have them.”

― Luke Evans

“As a parent, you go through a whole lot of really tough things, and you kind of want other parents to experience those tough things as payback – especially when it’s your brother.”

― Luke Hemsworth

“I like a girl that takes pride in her appearance – looks are important to me, but it’s also important she gets on with my friends and family. If my parents don’t like a girl, then she’s instantly a no-go.”

― Luke Pasqualino

“I think that sometimes kids use the show as a jumping off point for talking about things with their parents.”

― Luke Perry

“And that meant so much to me to have my parents’ support. I don’t think I could have continued to push through with the first feature and the many shorts that I did without their support.”

― Lulu Wang

“My mother always wanted to play an instrument. Her parents never gave her that. Then it got to a point where I’d been playing for 18 years, and to give it up would make me feel guilty. But my parents also knew that realistically, I wasn’t going to become a concert pianist.”

― Lulu Wang

“Egypt was tough without our parents. My brothers and sisters had to work day by day, and every time they collected a pay cheque, they brought it into the house and put it on the table. That’s how we lived.”

― Luol Deng

“I spent some time back in Mexico at 16 because my parents thought it would be prudent for me to learn Spanish, because I held a Mexican passport.”

― Lupita Nyong’o

“My parents gave me a Mexican name. In our culture, we are named after the events of the day.”

― Lupita Nyong’o

“Everyone gets surprised because neither one of my parents play golf. Like I said in my speech, my aunt and uncle really love golf, and we visited them, and she gave me two clubs. Like people think when they don’t know who my dad is, they think he’s my coach.”

― Lydia Ko

“Children depend mightily on animals for comfort, inspiration, imagination, and art. And parents have long recognized this.”

― Lydia Millet

“Both my parents worked, so I was home alone a lot, and I would listen to their records. They belonged to the Columbia House record club, so they had records!”

― Lyle Lovett

“My parents worked for Exxon, and they gave me every chance to take part in music. I took guitar lessons, and I was in the choir at school.”

― Lyle Lovett

“We are all somebody’s children, and when we’re in pain, we regress, instinctively looking to our parents to make everything better.”

― Lynn Coady

“I started doing karate at four, my parents were karatekas. I stopped when I was 17 and went to Julliard and had a lot of stage combat there.”

― Lynn Collins

“I’m a trained martial artist. My parents were both martial artists.”

― Lynn Collins

“Yes, and when I had Aaron, he left me, and I didn’t know how to raise a child. And I wasn’t close to my parents, and because I was too proud to go to my parents for help, I mistreated that little baby. I didn’t want a baby.”

― Lynn Johnston

“I know it sounds crazy, but I have had far more connection with my parents after their deaths.”

― Lynn Johnston

“My parents are avid consumers of art, collectors of African American paintings, and have always gone to the theater. My mother has always been an activist, too. As long as I can remember, we were marching in lines.”

― Lynn Nottage

“Imagine living in a state where businesses can legally refuse to serve people based on their sexual orientation. Where parents can force their children to undergo conversion therapy to ‘cure’ them of their ‘homosexual tendencies.’”

― Lynn Schusterman

“I was lucky because I had parents who have enabled me to do whatever I was passionate about and never held my siblings and me back from anything. But I think a lot of people don’t have that experience.”

― Lynsey Addario

“Parents are supposed to instill a sense of right and wrong in their children and then keep up the due diligence necessary to make sure they don’t veer off that path.”

― LZ Granderson

“As a newspaper reporter, I covered and was around a fair number of crime scenes involving juvenile delinquents, and few things bothered me more than listening to their parents. Crying, ranting, proclaiming how great their children were despite being kicked out of school or previous run-ins with the law.”

― LZ Granderson

“I don’t claim to know everything about parenting, but I do know parents do their children a disservice by constantly sugarcoating their shortcomings to protect their feelings.”

― LZ Granderson

“If children can’t handle competition when it’s necessary, or take some criticism, or never strive to be better because their parents inadvertently programmed them to believe they are already the best even when they’re not, then they are in for some serious shocks and bumps down the road.”

― LZ Granderson

“Children are wonderful, but they are not the center of the universe. The sooner their parents make them understand that, the better off we all will be.”

― LZ Granderson

“Not to get mushy, but I realized after talking to my parents what absolute guts they must have had to let their teenage daughter be in a rock band, play in bars, do all of that.”

― Lzzy Hale

“The more kids that we can meet or kids that are terminally ill, we try to do it because it’s really important, and you can see the hope in their eyes and in their families and their parents.”

― M. Shadows

“I am a Muslim. I am born to Muslim parents. I have a Muslim son. I have been imprisoned and witnessed torture for my previous understanding of my religion.”

― Maajid Nawaz

“I work hard, and I’m very separate from what my parents do.”

― Mabel

“I lived wherever my parents felt like making music, which had its ups and downs – I’ve had to move schools, but I’ve also seen a lot of amazing places and been on tour with my parents.”

― Mabel

“I moved from Stockholm to London, and I didn’t want to work with my parents or have them help me in any way, I think just to prove to myself that I have my own talent.”

― Mabel

“I think I took after my parents. Using music as one of my main ways of expression just felt natural.”

― Mabel

“I wouldn’t be who I am if my parents hadn’t been musicians.”

― Mabel

“The death tax robs parents of the opportunity to pass something along to their children, and it is responsible for destroying a lot of family-owned businesses.”

― Mac Thornberry

“I’m doing naughty things, I’m drinking too much, I’m going to clubs. It really didn’t matter to me, other than the fact that some parents wouldn’t let their kids hang out with me.”

― Macaulay Culkin

“It drives me crazy when your parents try to read your mind. It’s even worse when they try to read your mail.”

― Macaulay Culkin

“Oh wow, you know what’s wrong with all these families on TV? All these kids say stuff no kid would say. Stuff grown-ups want them to say. Man, I’d make a really realistic family. Where kids get spankings. On TV parents say, ‘Oh, you shouldn’t do that ever again. Now you can have ice cream.’ Forget it.”

― Macaulay Culkin

“I’m from Cleveland. I don’t have any famous parents. I don’t have any media training, I don’t have a history in the industry to where I would have any preconceived notions of how I’m supposed to be.”

― Machine Gun Kelly

“The relationships that people have – that are sexual, psychological, emotional – these relationships are not open to supervision by parents, schools, churches, or government. Nobody has any right to intervene at all in any kind of relationship like that.”

― Madalyn Murray O’Hair

“The center stone on my ring is the diamond from my mom’s original engagement ring. My parents have been married 25 years! My dad bought her a new ring a while back, so she kept her original diamond to pass down to me or my sister someday. It is so special having an heirloom ring because I will get to pass it down one day, too.”

― Maddie Marlow

“’Conservative’ is a term that resonates differently with people. For us, Tae and I take that as being modest. The easiest way to put it is, if there’s a little girl in the audience, and she’s looking at us, I want her parents to feel comfortable with her admiring us and looking up to us.”

― Maddie Marlow

“I didn’t have a lot of skin care products when I was a kid – my parents were very au naturale – and I think I was about 9 years old when my girlfriend told me she used Biore. I was like, ‘Hmm, never heard of it.’ So my mom took me to the store, and I picked out five different things and have been literally using it ever since.”

― Madelaine Petsch

“I was raised by vegan parents, and we ate out of my backyard garden for my whole life.”

― Madelaine Petsch

“My parents were of the generation who thought they were the children of a free Czechoslovakia, the only democracy in central Europe.”

― Madeleine Albright

“I believe that my parents did wonderful things for us.”

― Madeleine Albright

“My parents were big music fans, and my dad plays music, so I grew up with Madonna, Frank Zappa, the Beatles, Alice In Chains… it was all over the place. I had a Third Eye Blind record, but I also had Korn, Courtney Love, and Shania Twain.”

― Madi Diaz

“Both of my parents were super music lovers when I was growing up – they had a massive record and tape collection. I think my dad even had a couple of laser discs, but that was a short-lived thing.”

― Madi Diaz

“My parents were super supportive of my big dreams; I was pretty lucky. I guess I became a musician because I didn’t see myself doing or loving anything else as much.”

― Madi Diaz

“Peer pressure is something everyone will face in school. You have to really go by what you think is the right thing to do. Turn to the friends you trust the most when you are put in a compromising situation. If your friends are making the wrong decision, then turn to your parents.”

― Madisen Beaty

“You shouldn’t feel unsafe walking to school. It’s where you should feel safe. Our parents should feel their children are going to be taken care of, looked after.”

― Madison Beer

“I actually used to make these little plays. I would stand there, and I would act out where I was dying or something. I would make them sit there and watch all my plays. I would be talking in gibberish language, like I was talking in a different language, and my parents would be like, ‘Oh that was great!’ and I’d be like, ‘Wait, it’s not done!’”

― Madison Davenport

“I really wanted a tennis dress. My parents told me that if I played, they would buy me one. I was like, ‘Hey, I’ll try it.’”

― Madison Keys

“Every single day, my parents fed me balls. Eventually it turned into having a coach, and then it went to being at an academy. You know, it worked out pretty well.”

― Madison Keys

“I had great mentors in my parents who always sought to understand the world around them. And they would push me to really think things through.”

― Mae Jemison

“Sometimes parents squash students’ interests because they are afraid of science or math. So they don’t participate. You don’t have to know the answers to engage kids; you just have to let them know it’s important.”

― Mae Jemison

“I never wanted to write. I just wrote letters home from a kibbutz in Israel to reassure my parents that I was still alive and well fed and having a great time. They thought these letters were brilliant and sent them to a newspaper. So I became a writer by accident.”

― Maeve Binchy

“Because I saw my parents relaxing in armchairs and reading and liking it, I thought it was a peaceful grown-up thing to do, and I still think that.”

― Maeve Binchy

“When I was teaching Latin in girls’ schools before I became a writer, I didn’t much like it if parents would come in and say, ‘We’ll have less of the Ovid and Virgil and more of the grammar, please.’ After all, I was the one in charge. That’s how I feel about doctors. You should trust them to do their job properly.”

― Maeve Binchy

“When my sister Joan arrived, I asked if I could swap her for a rabbit. When I think what a marvellous friend she’s been, I’m so glad my parents didn’t take me at my word.”

― Maeve Binchy

“I like that in ‘Caprica’ the virtual world is a new thing. The parents didn’t have that growing up. And it’s the same thing about the Internet and all the current technology. It didn’t exist like it does now for our parents’ generation. Kids aren’t relating to their parents anymore, and I just find that so honest.”

― Magda Apanowicz

“Meanwhile, parents, students and teachers all report higher satisfaction with charter schools. People like them. They cost less money. They raise the academic achievement of poor kids. Go ahead, get a little enthused.”

― Maggie Gallagher

“In the ’60s, parents were told to let their teens rebel, explore their boundaries. Increasingly the same message is being given to the parents of tweens.”

― Maggie Gallagher

“My parents were wonderful Christians. They were religious, but they were not fanatical in any way. I was the one who took it to the extreme. I was told in Sunday school that you had to accept Jesus into your heart if you didn’t want to go to hell. So of course I did that a thousand times. But the catch was you had to mean it with all of your heart.”

― Maggie Rowe

“My parents were very permissive when it came to animals. As long as we earned the money to buy them and built whatever structure it was they were going to live in, we could have any kind of pet we wanted. They would have let us have a rhinoceros if we could have afforded it.”

― Maggie Stiefvater

“One of the things that I really like about young adult fiction is that you can explore the relationships between teens and their parents. I definitely think that teens are a product of their parents. You either end up just like them or you consciously make the decision to be unlike them.”

― Maggie Stiefvater

“I honestly think that kids should not exercise: they should keep fit through play. The most important age is zero to seven, both for the kid and the parent – for parents, because this is the time when your kid learns how to walk, talk and other behaviour.”

― Magnus Scheving

“My parents were in high school when I was born. My mom was 16, my dad was 17. They were kids, at the very beginning of coming into their own and finding themselves.”

― Mahershala Ali

“Most Indians go into education. Their parents just push them into education like parents in Australia push them into sports.”

― Mahesh Bhupathi

“My parents were like these hippies almost: they are free-spirited, but they were also strict – which seems like a weird dynamic – but it worked.”

― Mahira Khan

“I have a weird thing with knives. I don’t like knives very much. Like when my parents are cooking in the kitchen and using knives to chop vegetables, I can’t be in the same room. For whatever reason, knives just terrify me.”

― Maika Monroe

“We hope that the elected officials will respond positively to a ground swell of letters, phone calls, e-mails and visits from parents. The law clearly states that the responsibility for giving a sound basic education to our children lies with New York State.”

― Major Owens

“Some parents do not send their children to school because they don’t know its importance at all.”

― Malala Yousafzai

“My parents never planted the seed that anything was impossible. They planted the seed that things were doubly hard for a black man. My brothers and I made sure we outworked people and were better than everyone we were around.”

― Malcolm Brogdon

“Being raised, I think, in a household where your parents really taught you never to let people see you sweatin’ – that’s the motto I live by.”

― Malcolm Brogdon

“Government and companies working together to support parents, teachers, and mentors within the community can give kids a strong background in financial literacy.”

― Malcolm Jenkins

“So the proposition that the ideal parents for any child are its biological parents is a statement with which we can all agree in the generality, but which does not apply, for one reason or another, in many particular circumstances.”

― Malcolm Turnbull

“My parents would always tell you that I was the crazy princess growing up. I was a drama queen.”

― Mallory Jansen

“What I would like to do is make sure every primary school child has a library card, so where parents don’t get their children library cards, we’ll see if we can get schools to step in and make sure that every child has one.”

― Malorie Blackman

“If I can’t go to my parents, then my parents come to me.”

― Maluma

“Of course my parents are picky about the girls I date; my parents watch out for me.”

― Maluma

“Our parents have, by far, the greatest influence on shaping who we are and how we deal with the world.”

― Mamie Gummer

“One of my brothers, Eric, who is one year older than me, was actually the first one to start boxing, and being the youngest sibling, I wanted to do what he did, so I pushed my parents to let me join.”

― Mandy Bujold

“I’ve gone skydiving twice. I was terrified about doing it, but I wanted to overcome that. The first time, I did it with my parents and I remember that they had already both jumped out, and suddenly it was my turn. And I thought, ‘Well, I don’t want to be an orphan,’ so I guess I have no choice, and I jumped out of the plane.”

― Mandy Moore

“My mom has never been a big meddler and isn’t, like, extremely opinionated or at least just doesn’t voice it to me. She’s sort of let me come into my own by myself, and I think that’s just a testament to what my parents did in terms of raising us.”

― Mandy Moore

“Mannu – in Punjabi, it means ‘mine.’ My parents would call me that.”

― Maneet Chauhan

“Growing up, my parents always played artists like Alanis Morissette, Aerosmith and Michael Jackson, so I just grew to love their music. And I just love so many diverse artists for different reasons; some for their instruments, some for their edge, some for their vocals.”

― Manika

“Asian parents, or a lot of parents in general, they have no idea what goes on in this industry. Mine were born in the Philippines, where it’s different, because it is about who you know, and who knows what you have to do to get to the top? So they had a lot of that skepticism.”

― Manny Jacinto

“I would say the hardest part in the Latino world is approval from your parents. It’s such an intense thing.”

― Manny MUA

“I told my parents that I wanted to work on menstrual hygiene because I believe a girl can achieve everything if she is healthy.”

― Manushi Chhillar

“I relate to ‘Dangal’ because of the way it presents the state’s culture and how Haryanvi parents are. They might act strict, but will always motivate their children to do their best and will stand by them, always being emotionally connected to them.”

― Manushi Chhillar

“I feel fortunate that my parents supported me.”

― Manushi Chhillar

“My parents have a great role in inculcating values in me.”

― Manushi Chhillar

“My parents have always encouraged me to follow my dreams and do what makes me happy.”

― Manushi Chhillar

“Until he announced his immigration policy last week, Obama had the support of most Hispanic voters – but not the enthusiasm they had shown for him in 2008. That may be changing in part because of the decision not to deport young immigrants whose undocumented parents brought them here as children.”

― Mara Liasson

“I think that when I was child, acting was mostly just a hobby for me. It was something that my parents encouraged me to think of the way that my brothers thought of their cross-country classes, or my little sister to dance classes and art classes, and it was something like that for me.”

― Mara Wilson

“We are all members of a single humanity, inside our hearts we all speak the same language, we all love our children and our parents, we all live in the same world.”

― Marc Forne Molne

“As policy makers, Congress has the power to promote public policies that economically empower single parents and drastically reduce childhood poverty.”

― Marc Veasey

“I know other people who have started their kids in tackle football for, like, four- and five-year-olds. So I think it’s up to each individual’s parents, but for me personally, no I wouldn’t. But would I be OK with him playing in seventh or eighth grade? Yes.”

― Marc Veasey

“My parents weren’t cultured people.”

― Marcel Wanders

“If at first you don’t succeed, blame your parents.”

― Marcelene Cox

“Parents are often so busy with the physical rearing of children that they miss the glory of parenthood, just as the grandeur of the trees is lost when raking leaves.”

― Marcelene Cox

“Where was the closure for Michael Brown’s parents?”

― Marcia Fudge

“My parents were working class folks. My dad was a bartender for most of his life, my mom was a maid and a cashier and a stock clerk at WalMart. We were not people of financial means in terms of significant financial means. I always told them, ‘I didn’t always have what I wanted. I always had what I needed.’ My parents always provided that.”

― Marco Rubio

“I’m going to be working the next 25 or 30 years. People like me, if we want, number one, for no benefit reductions for our parents and our grandparents, number two, for the system to survive and exist for us, and, more importantly, number three, for the system to exist for us children, we are going to have to make reforms to that system.”

― Marco Rubio

“There is a role for government, but no matter how much money the government spends, it will never be able to take the place of parents and strong families.”

― Marco Rubio

“In so many ways, a lot of the drive I’ve had to do certain things has been because of this sense that I have both the opportunity and in some sense the obligation to ratify that my parents’ life had purpose.”

― Marco Rubio

“I think parents should be able to teach their kids what their faith says, what science says.”

― Marco Rubio

“My parents were just as smart as I am, just as hard working if not harder; I think my father and grandfather were probably better men, yet I’ve been able to accomplish things professionally that they were not able to.”

― Marco Rubio

“The key to a vibrant middle class is an abundance of jobs that pay enough so that workers can provide for themselves and their families, enjoy leisure time, save for retirement and pay for their children’s education so they can grow up and earn even more than their parents.”

― Marco Rubio

“My first job paid well for a young attorney. I was making over $50,000, which was more than either of my parents had ever made. I thought I was rich.”

― Marco Rubio

“Both of my parents were born into poor families on the island of Cuba. They came to America because it was the only place where people like them could have a chance.”

― Marco Rubio

“To be a winner of that, and to fall in the long line of traditional great backs at USC, to have your name in perpetuity, the fact that your parents are like icons… that’s the greatest thing.”

― Marcus Allen

“Gen Y is really quite distinct from Gen X; it’s really self-involved and very narcissistic – their cameras are filled with pictures of themselves; Facebook, it’s about me. It’s a generation that’s been pampered by their parents and their schools, given prizes for just taking part.”

― Marcus Buckingham

“I had great schooling, and my parents were always in front of me, or next to me, or behind me, making sure I had whatever I needed.”

― Marcus Samuelsson

“The journey into adoption started for my parents, as it does with so many families: my mother and father desperately wanted to have kids, but they couldn’t.”

― Marcus Samuelsson

“I came into this environment where there was so much love, so much positive energy. I never heard my parents say, ‘We have adopted kids.’ The minute my sister Linda and I landed in Sweden, we were their kids.”

― Marcus Samuelsson

“When I ride the subway back and forth, sometimes I look at the other passengers and wonder if any of them are children who have been adopted or parents who have adopted.”

― Marcus Samuelsson

“In Texas, it’s legal for a kid to be in a bar with your parents.”

― Maren Morris

“My parents are very funny when they have to deal with anything racy or off-color. They usually pretend they don’t speak English.”

― Margaret Cho

“My parents never really had that much money, so I kind of live in the same world that they do.”

― Margaret Cho

“I watched my parents in their leadership callings in the Church and the community. We just grew up knowing that we should serve and do whatever we could do to make things grow.”

― Margaret D. Nadauld

“As long as any adult thinks that he, like the parents and teachers of old, can become introspective, invoking his own youth to understand the youth before him, he is lost.”

― Margaret Mead

“It was funny being at high school and also grocery shopping and having a job. Other kids were going home to their parents, who were doing their laundry, and I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ I was super isolated. I was 16, alone in New York, and modelling.”

― Margaret Qualley

“I grew up never thinking about acting as a profession because that was what my mum did, and often, you don’t want to be like your parents.”

― Margaret Qualley

“I think, a lot of times, people don’t want to do what their parents do because they want to be their own person.”

― Margaret Qualley

“I don’t visit my parents often because Delta Airlines won’t wait in the yard while I run in.”

― Margaret Smith

“I think all kinds of parents are different in what they’re seeking.”

― Margaret Spellings

“I think it’d be useful for parents to know kind of what is the culture of an institution.”

― Margaret Spellings

“There’s lots of institutions and lots of different cultures, and so that’s the kind of thing that parents need to be able to evaluate, and students themselves, when they make a selection.”

― Margaret Spellings

“And I think that’s righteous, I think that’s what parents want to know. They want to know what’s going right in the school, and what needs improvement, and that’s what this law does.”

― Margaret Spellings

“I was raised in a community of Christian orthodoxy that had traveled with my parents to Los Angeles when they moved there for my father’s job.”

― Margaret Stohl

“I think our jobs as parents is to raise our children with empathy – to figure out who this little character is, almost from birth, and then guide them to fulfill their best potential.”

― Margaret Trudeau

“I would certainly say that my life, and perhaps human life in general, follows an intricate pattern of defining, declaring, struggling for, fighting for what we think of and treasure as the self. The inviolate self. This begins with our families: your parents are part of your cultural landscape, and they are also shaped by larger forces than them.”

― Margo Jefferson

“Our next-door neighbour taught physics at Hampton University. Our church abounded with mathematicians. Supersonics experts held leadership positions in my mother’s sorority, and electrical engineers sat on the board of my parents’ college alumni associations.”

― Margot Lee Shetterly

“My parents didn’t do office hours, and they did not do vacations, so if you had a problem, you could always come around. I watched them and thought, ‘OK, this is what you are supposed to do.’ I was very engaged in my local primary school and when I went to secondary school and to university. And one thing led to another, and here I am.”

― Margrethe Vestager

“Parents are your teachers until a certain point, and if they don’t give you love, you’ll go somewhere else to find it.”

― Marguerite Moreau

“I am a wild orchid of comedy, so I can only do well under specific conditions… There are people who I think can do any room, and do stadiums and thousand-seat theaters, and then there are people like me who just perform for my parents.”

― Maria Bamford

“My parents came from very humble families. My grandfather had a construction business coming from farmland, and my grandmother could never read or write. We were very spoiled. We had a nice house – and then, all of a sudden, we had nothing.”

― Maria Cornejo

“My parents, they were both Socialists; they were young – 30, 31. They were both successful career people. They had been teachers, and my dad spoke English.”

― Maria Cornejo

“I remember my parents quarrelling. They would talk as if they were against each other’s ideas about Trotsky, but it was just a couple arguing.”

― Maria de Medeiros

“The social relations which are the basis of the reproduction of the species are founded upon the continuous union of parents in marriage.”

― Maria Montessori

“I heard endless conversations between my parents when I was going to sleep about how we would survive, how we would continue. All of them were about trying to make me better.”

― Maria Sharapova

“My parents had a normal life in Russia and they could have easily kept living a normal life, working and raising a child in Russia.”

― Maria Sharapova

“I owe a lot to my parents.”

― Maria Sharapova

“To all those mothers and fathers who are struggling with teen-agers, I say, just be patient: even though it looks like you can’t do anything right for a number of years, parents become popular again when kids reach 20.”

― Marian Wright Edelman

“Parents have become so convinced that educators know what is best for their children that they forget that they themselves are really the experts.”

― Marian Wright Edelman

“You didn’t have a choice about the parents you inherited, but you do have a choice about the kind of parent you will be.”

― Marian Wright Edelman

“I got my interest in Lotte Lenya and the Brecht-Weill canon from my parents. And I love classical music – I got that from my parents. I love Cole Porter – that I got from my dad.”

― Marianne Faithfull

“I’m a member of the African diaspora: my parents left the Caribbean and came to London for a better life.”

― Marianne Jean-Baptiste

“I was brought up by parents who embraced the 1960s and taught me that being faithful isn’t the be-all and end-all.”

― Marie Helvin

“On the one hand, I’m so relieved that I’ve actually managed to finish my very first series and that I’ve been able to see my characters through to the end of their journeys. On the other hand, I feel like how parents must feel when they send their kid off to college. It’s a bittersweet mix.”

― Marie Lu

“My very first system was the Sega Genesis back when I was 7 or 8 years old. I played that into the ground. Like, my parents had to confiscate it and put it in attic, the whole thing.”

― Marie Lu

“I wish my parents could have raised every man out there.”

― Marie Osmond

“Parents forgive their children least readily for the faults they themselves instilled in them.”

― Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

“I hate the thought of my children being glued to a screen. Children only play on computers all day because their parents let them.”

― Mariella Frostrup

“I was raised a socialist by two very socialist parents, and I still feel very animated about socialist principles.”

― Mariella Frostrup

“My parents split up, and a lot of things going on in the outside world made me want to immerse myself in an alternative world.”

― Mariella Frostrup

“The sight of parents, children and grandparents all descending on a tented field to enjoy the pleasure of ideas and books renews my faith in humanity.”

― Mariella Frostrup

“Coming from a broken home, I wanted to be as sure as I could be that my kids would have two parents who will stay together and bring them up.”

― Mariella Frostrup

“When a child is bruised physically or emotionally, parents often reward him with a treat.”

― Marilu Henner

“My dad loves what I do and I support my parents financially because they didn’t have a job that gave them a pension.”

― Marilyn Manson

“I grew up with my grandmother because my parents were making careers and didn’t have much time for me. She was a highly religious Serbian Orthodox, spending most of her time in church. It’s a great mix, and I use all these elements in my work.”

― Marina Abramovic

“I have never tried to bear a judgment against my own father because I consider that, in our European culture, one does not judge his parents. Now, I have expressed my disagreements with my father on certain points, disagreements related to the way one should express things, something that has also to do with a difference of generations.”

― Marine Le Pen

“My parents were immigrants.”

― Mario Cuomo

“When I was in elementary school, I was very interested in science already. I must have been ten or eleven years old. I started experiments with chemistry sets at my home in Mexico. I was able to borrow a bathroom and convert it to a laboratory. My parents supported it. They were pleased. My friends just tolerated it.”

― Mario J. Molina

“Usually I’ll go to San Diego to hang out with my parents if I want to unwind.”

― Mario Lopez

“I studied law, economy, international relations, communications, in order to find what I would do. It’s the hardest thing, being 17 and trying to find what to do in life. You’ve explored so little. I’m lucky: My parents let me explore.”

― Mario Testino

“I had unusual parents. We’d been to Europe. We’d been in the theater. We were sort of like the Addams Family.”

― Mario Van Peebles

“My parents always told me that if you want something, you can do whatever you have to do to get it. As long as it’s not against someone else.”

― Marion Cotillard

“My parents definitely sparked something in me. I’m sure of it. I saw how happy and fulfilled they were, and I knew I wanted the same job.”

― Marion Cotillard

“When you are abandoned by two parents as a baby – wow, that is something to live with.”

― Marion Cotillard

“I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, and the whole lifestyle revolves around the beach. My parents met surfing, and the beach was a major part of our daily lives.”

― Marisa Miller

“I am the youngest of four siblings, and we’re all so close. I don’t know where I would be without my brothers and sister. I secretly believe that my parents love me the most!”

― Marissa Jaret Winokur

“I have an extensive library – every birthday when I was a kid my parents would ask what movie or book I wanted, so I have built up a big collection over the years.”

― Mark Bridges

“I was born to sell it as a kid. I think it’s partially innate, and partly it’s because my parents were always very clear: if I needed anything that wasn’t a necessity, I was going to have to save my money and buy it myself. That meant not only did I have to buy basketball shoes, but I had to figure out how to pay for college as well.”

― Mark Cuban

“By offering an education centered on values, the faculty in Catholic schools can create an interactive setting between parents and students that is geared toward long-term healthy character and scholastic development for all enrolled children.”

― Mark Foley

“If kids like a picture book, they’re going to read it at least 50 times, and their parents are going to have to read it with them. Read anything that often, and even minor imperfections start to feel like gravel in the bed.”

― Mark Haddon

“When I was very young, I used to clean up after my parents. If I stay in a hotel, I make the bed and clean the room when I get up, even the bathroom mirror, for which I carry a tiny bottle of ammonia.”

― Mark Helprin

“In the Freudian age, parents say to their children, ‘Don’t be defensive,’ meaning, ‘You have no argument,’ but I was born in the age of Rommel, when defense was considered an honorable thing.”

― Mark Helprin

“Parents don’t understand kids and kids don’t understand parents. My parents were divorced when I was really young and I went to live with my dad.”

― Mark Hoppus

“The thing you realize as you get older is that parents don’t know what the Hell they’re doing and neither will you when you get to be a parent.”

― Mark Hoppus

“My parents were pretty lenient with me. But, they gave me morality while I was growing up. They taught me the difference between right and wrong.”

― Mark Hoppus

“Yes, I was a bully. But the scrapping on the streets was my way of dealing with the anger I felt towards my parents.”

― Mark Hunt

“Most of the neighbours didn’t like our parents, and they particularly gave Dad a very wide berth. We kids didn’t have that luxury.”

― Mark Hunt

“You are more likely to be overweight if your friend’s, friend’s friend is overweight than if your parents are overweight.”

― Mark Hyman

“At the federal level, we must help, not hinder, local school boards, parents, teachers and administrators as they make decisions about educating our children.”

― Mark Kennedy

“But the best thing Washington can do for education is realize that our role is limited. Washington must keep its promises, but let those who know our childrens’ names- parents, teachers and school board members- make education decisions.”

― Mark Kennedy

“I don’t worry about anything except my parents’ health, things like that.”

― Mark Kozelek

“My parents were always involved in community theatre, and I’d do the tech work and play the child.”

― Mark Linn-Baker

“I have had to tell my son, my parents, my friends that I used steroids. It’s been very hard. It’s been very difficult.”

― Mark McGwire

“Everybody has parents. As a dramatist, whenever you write a character, you must write their parents as well, even if the parents aren’t there.”

― Mark O’Donnell

“My mother was incredibly strict, especially when we moved to New York. Compared with most of the American parents, who seemed so relaxed with their children, my mother was virtually a dictator.”

― Mark Ronson

“I never had that wicked stepmother or evil stepfather thing at all. I’m very close to both step-parents and I consider them to be my parents, too.”

― Mark Ronson

“You draw the best things from your parents and family. You’re going to pick up some of the bad things as well – there’s a temper that runs through my dad’s side of the family that I’m not especially keen on picking up a giant block of.”

― Mark Ronson

“I didn’t apply to any colleges – I lied to all my friends and told them I was going to UCSD, because all their parents would be like, ‘Mark, where’re you going to college?’ and I’d just lie ’cause I felt it was unrealistic to be an actor.”

― Mark Ruffalo

“Parents with meager means have the same aspirations for their children as other parents. Children from poor families have the same needs as other children.”

― Mark Sanford

“I haven’t inherited the earth from my parents, I am borrowing it from my children.”

― Mark Udall

“In the case of ‘The Book Thief,’ my research was hearing the stories of my parents when I was a child. But I started changing the stories when I began moulding the book.”

― Markus Zusak

“I have a great husband, great parents and in-laws, and I have help with a nanny. It’s not easy, but there are others who do it every day and don’t have a high-profile job as I do.”

― Marlee Matlin

“I guess not being able to hear just made me adventurous and daring. And in most cases, that didn’t make my parents very happy with me.”

― Marlee Matlin

“By the time I was a teenager, my desire to be daring and taste everything got me in trouble. Too often, I was in the company of kids my parents would call ‘wild.’”

― Marlee Matlin

“My parents were the ones who gave me the independence, who gave me the spark to do anything that you set your mind to, as all parents should do for their kids.”

― Marlee Matlin

“During a visit to California, when a friend of my grandmother’s told my parents that I must be deaf because I was not responding to sounds, my father was absolutely convinced that I was simply being stubborn.”

― Marlee Matlin

“My parents have taught me the value of reading and self-love through books that have characters that look like me and talk like me.”

― Marley Dias

“My parents taught me the importance of telling the truth no matter what.”

― Marley Dias

“Losing my parents was probably the hardest and deepest blow from which I’ve had to recover.”

― Marlo Thomas

“My parents and I always look at movies and just think, ‘What’s missing?’ from the plot to the people of color or diversity in general.”

― Marsai Martin

“I would always thank my parents in everything I do because they sacrificed everything for me to do what I love.”

― Marsai Martin

“My parents took a chance and sacrificed their jobs and a big move to California. And they were like, ‘Are you sure you want to do this? We’re literally packing up this whole house.’ And I would always say, ‘Yeah.’ I’m six years old. And they were like, ‘OK, if she wants to do this and this is her passion, then let’s do it.’”

― Marsai Martin

“My parents would watch movies like ‘Big’ and ‘Freaky Friday,’ and I wanted to see that kind of story told from an African-American angle. So I had the idea for ‘Little,’ and then I told my parents, and we all fleshed it out together.”

― Marsai Martin

“My parents always told me I could do anything, so I never had limits on what I could or couldn’t do.”

― Marsai Martin

“At a very young age, when I was a baby, I used to mimic all of these movies, like ‘Dreamgirls’ and ‘Ray,’ the type of movies you wouldn’t think a little kid would know. But my parents thought I was great.”

― Marsai Martin

“O.K., helplessness is repugnant to me, as a father, as a piece of protoplasm. My parents were activists. I don’t believe you can’t do anything.”

― Marshall Brickman

“Remember: the ratings system is a voluntary infringement of First Amendment rights, an uneasy bargain between the needs of parents, the needs of artists, and the needs of large media corporations to make profits. Any time we chip away at the First Amendment, we should at least do it with some reverence.”

― Marshall Herskovitz

“You get social pressure from your parents, who teach you to pay attention to certain things and not to others. You get it in school.”

― Martha Beck

“Here’s a trick to giving the birds-and-bees talk: You gotta do it in a car, so they can’t escape. That’s what all my girlfriends’ parents did.”