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“I did not find my studies particularly enthralling.”

― Alex Cox

“I’m not particularly attention-seeking.”

― Annie Lennox

“Particularly with middle-class people, self-absorption is a struggle.”

― Ben Lewin

“Families are great murderers of the creative impulse, particularly husbands.”

― Brenda Ueland

“I get on particularly well with Patrice Evra.”

― Carlos Tevez

“I’ve never been particularly maternal.”

― Clare Balding

“It’s true, people don’t imagine I’d be particularly woody.”

― Clive Anderson

“Romantic comedies are particularly hard to make.”

― D. B. Sweeney

“I was never particularly fond of my voice.”

― David Bowie

“I didn’t feel particularly close to my father.”

― Henry Louis Gates

“I am not a particularly thick-skinned person.”

― J. K. Rowling

“I’m not a particularly good liar.”

― Jake Tapper

“The public doesn’t particularly care for advertisements.”

― John C. Malone

“I’ve never particularly liked bankers.”

― Jonathan Safran Foer

“I am not particularly well-behaved.”

― Justin Welby

“All literature has this moral strain, but in Russian literature, it’s particularly sharp.”

― Keith Gessen

“Producing a drama is particularly difficult.”

― Kevin Reilly

“I’m not particularly fond of the Hamptons.”

― Leven Rambin

“I don’t think I’m particularly beautiful at all.”

― Liv Tyler

“I don’t think I’m a particularly good negotiator.”

― Luke Roberts

“I didn’t particularly like being objectified.”

― L’Wren Scott

“I’m not particularly prolific.”

― Martin Gore

“I have horrible shoe hang-ups. Particularly when it comes to flats.”

― Mary H.K. Choi

“I’m not particularly fond of the hybrid writer-director or actor-director.”

― Melissa Leo

“I particularly don’t want to play unmotivated behavior.”

― Michael Zaslow

“I don’t think I’m a particularly good writer, and I’m not terribly insightful.”

― Moby

“I don’t know Ed Miliband as a person particularly well.”

― Nicola Sturgeon

“We have points in common with the FDP, particularly when it comes to tax.”

― Otto Schily

“I don’t particularly want to smear myself into a hillside.”

― Richard Hammond

“I’m particularly fond of sci-fi and fantasy genres.”

― Roop Durgapal

“But I’m not particularly comfortable around guns.”

― Ryan Phillippe

“I don’t particularly have a wide social circle.”

― Scott Rudin

“Kentucky isn’t particularly religious.”

― Sturgill Simpson

“I’m quite sharp but not particularly academic.”

― Tim Pigott-Smith

“George Burns was a Vaudeville performer I particularly loved.”

― Tom Waits

“I look cooking! Particularly pad thai.”

― Tom Weston-Jones

“I don’t particularly like L.A.”

― Walter Becker

“Chinese consumption, particularly high-end consumption, is booming.”

― Wang Jianlin
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