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“So with truth – there is a certain moment when one can say, this is the truth and here I put a dot, a stop, and I go to another thing. A judge has to put an end to a deliberation. But for a historian, there’s never an end to the past. It can go on and on and on.”

― A. B. Yehoshua

“Like most of those who study history, he (Napoleon III) learned from the mistakes of the past how to make new ones.”

― A. J. P. Taylor

“He was what I often think is a dangerous thing for a statesman to be – a student of history; and like most of those who study history, he learned from the mistakes of the past how to make new ones.”

― A. J. P. Taylor

“I can’t tell you where a poem comes from, what it is, or what it is for: nor can any other man. The reason I can’t tell you is that the purpose of a poem is to go past telling, to be recognised by burning.”

― A. R. Ammons

“The past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down.”

― A. Whitney Brown

“Through all the relationship stuff I’ve gone through in the past few years, I know there are fundamental differences in how men and women view sex and how they view their futures.”

― Aaron Eckhart

“I’ve always been able to get into the box, but in the past, I’d been very rash in my finishing; I wasn’t clear with what I was doing in the final third. When it came to shooting, I was very rushed. I wasn’t hitting the ball cleanly.”

― Aaron Ramsey

“It’s quite strange looking down the list of players who’ve won the young player award in the past and then thinking I’m in there too now. There’s some great names like Ryan Giggs, Craig Bellamy – and I can’t miss out Chris Gunter – and it’s a big boost to be included.”

― Aaron Ramsey

“Part of being a former abortion clinic worker is learning how to deal with your past sin.”

― Abby Johnson

“In the past, the West had tried to export one formula of democracy which should fit to the rest of the world, and they discovered that this doesn’t work.”

― Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair

“The study of history empowers nations and individuals with an ability to avoid errors of the past and lay foundations for victories in the future.”

― Aberjhani

“The passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 represented precisely such a hope – that America had learned from its past and acted to secure a better tomorrow.”

― Aberjhani

“If you’re dealing with a powerful leader, you’re inevitably going to have a dialogue with her political past. It was always my intention to interrogate Thatcher’s political life.”

― Abi Morgan

“Whenever I visited China in the past, the relationships always felt superficial; there was no time where I felt those moments of conflict and delight that make you feel close to another person. But since I started touring there in 2004, I would always collaborate with local musicians, and that opened up a new level of intimacy.”

― Abigail Washburn

“Nothing is to come, and nothing past: But an eternal now, does always last.”

― Abraham Cowley

“The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew.”

― Abraham Lincoln

“Chasing after the past is not going to lead you to the future you want.”

― Ad-Rock

“During past years, like frightened children, we were afraid to eat the strong meat of human rights and instead sucked the milk of civil rights from the breasts of white liberals, black Uncle Toms, and Aunt Jemimas.”

― Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

“I think rock ‘n’ roll would become exponentially, considerably more difficult to perform past about 65.”

― Adam Clayton

“Throughout the western world, new systems have risen up whose job is to constantly record and monitor the present – and then compare that to the recorded past. The aim is to discover patterns, coincidences and correlations, and from that, find ways of stopping change. Keeping things the same.”

― Adam Curtis

“You can go to Pinterest, and they’ll get to know who your friends are, but they don’t get to know very much about what you’ve done in the past. They’re starting with little information about you, and they have to do this personalization.”

― Adam D’Angelo

“In the past, there hasn’t been much reliable information about startups and small businesses available online. It’s information that’s really valuable, and it’s information that people want to share.”

― Adam D’Angelo

“I’m very inspired by past music.”

― Adam Lambert

“Other than Green Day, we haven’t had a lot of protest music over the past few decades.”

― Adam McKay

“In the past, in the ’60s and ’70s, genres were much more segmented. You had action guys who were deadly serious about it, and I think you had comics that were comics.”

― Adam McKay

“You know how in every heist movie they get past the security cameras that show the hallway leading to the diamonds by jamming the screens with a fake signal of everything looking safe and quiet? Usually a guard coughs so they don’t notice the blip from switching to the bogus feed.”

― Adam McKay

“In Czechoslovakia in 1968, communist reformers appealed to democratic ideals that were deeply rooted in the country’s pre-second world war past.”

― Adam Michnik

“I feel like a lot of my past career was going to film school, making a lot of different kinds of movies. I made a bunch of comedies, I made one drama and I made a couple musicals.”

― Adam Shankman

“I don’t really understand why we are paid less than the male actors, because we put equal efforts, and recent past has shown that actresses can deliver a hit film. We deserve better pay, equal to what actors get.”

― Aditi Rao Hydari

“At the beginning of the nineteenth century we abandoned tradition, it’s at that point that I intend to renew it because the present is built on the past just as the past was built on the times that went before it.”

― Adolf Loos

“O, my past years in Rangoon are spectres to haunt my soul; and they seem to laugh at me as they shake the chains they have riveted on me.”

― Adoniram Judson

“It seems we’re not only uninformed about our present, we’re ignorant of our past.”

― Adora Svitak

“People in the North are really taciturn and reticent, and they don’t really like to talk about the past.”

― Adrian McKinty

“Every journey into the past is complicated by delusions, false memories, false namings of real events.”

― Adrienne Rich

“It’s important to always mix the past with the present. I think that makes it feel more authentic and real.”

― Aerin Lauder

“The diseases of the present have little in common with the diseases of the past save that we die of them.”

― Agnes Repplier

“I spend a lot of time with the grandchildren. They love it when we sing together. It’s fantastic to hear them, and they really can sing. I don’t talk to them so much about ‘Abba’ and the past, but as they get older, they will become more aware.”

― Agnetha Faltskog

“In the past, we spoke of poverty, misery only in the south. Now there is a lot of misery, a lot of bad that creates victims in the north as well. This has become manifest: the global system was not made to serve the good of all, but to serve multinational companies.”

― Ahmed Ben Bella

“As someone from, and directly involved with, this part of the world, I am convinced Arabs are qualified to regain their glorious past.”

― Ahmed Zewail

“Some leaders think time will solve the problem. Their hope is that Assad’s regime will ultimately fall from the heavy toll of the horrors it has spawned. From past experience with such regimes, this scenario is unlikely to happen.”

― Ahmed Zewail

“I mean, I’ve been stupid in the past, and I’ve learned from that.”

― Aidan Quinn

“At readings, audience members sometimes ask if I keep writing past the two hours if I’m on a roll, but I don’t. I figure that if I’m on a roll, it’s partially because I know I’m about to stop.”

― Aimee Bender

“One of the things I’ve really gotten past in the last couple of years is the idea of being made uncomfortable by the way things appear, rather than how things are. Clearly in this business you have to contend with a lot of that.”

― Aimee Mann

“Inside me, ‘Dragon Ball’ became a thing of the past, but later, I got upset at the live-action film, revised the script for the anime film, and complained about the quality of the TV anime. I guess, at some point, it became a work that I like so much that I can’t leave it alone.”

― Akira Toriyama

“It’s a secret, but when I decided to apply to ‘Shonen Magazine,’ it was already past the deadline, so I had no choice but to go with ‘Shonen Jump.’ My motivation for becoming a cartoonist was… to put it bluntly, the Â¥100,000 prize money.”

― Akira Toriyama

“I don’t think about stardom anymore. I’m way past that phase.”

― Akkineni Nagarjuna

“CO2 is the exhaling breath of our civilization, literally… Changing that pattern requires a scope, a scale, a speed of change that is beyond what we have done in the past.”

― Al Gore

“I scare the neighbors, the kids… They don’t come to my house for trick-or-treating, trust me. I had to buy exactly zero amount of dollars worth of candy for the past couple of years.”

― Al Jourgensen

“Look to the past and remember no empire rises that sooner or later won’t fall.”

― Al Stewart

“The present and the past coexist, but the past shouldn’t be in flashback.”

― Alain Resnais

“I was terrified of being on stage, and I had to work very hard at a craft to get past that.”

― Alan Arkin

“Americans have a penchant for the future and tend to disregard the past.”

― Alan Dundes

“I mentioned that one of the tripartite formulas in American worldview involves time: past, present, and future.”

― Alan Dundes

“Polls are frequently taken to try to tease out or determine likely directions and trends, but once taken, they belong to the past, requiring that new polls be taken.”

― Alan Dundes

“I don’t just want my books to be about the ’30s and ’40s. I want them to read as if they had been written then. I think of them as ’40s novels, written in the conservative narrative past.”

― Alan Furst

“I could have done a hundred songs, really. It was hard to narrow them down, because I tried to pick songs for the most part that actually did have some effect on me or influenced me in the past.”

― Alan Jackson

“The advent of interactive communications has created an inflection point where it’s economical to provide education differently than in the past.”

― Alan Patricof

“Liquids may have existed on the surface of Pluto in the past.”

― Alan Stern

“I just love drawing on past human cultures; that’s a thrill for me.”

― Alan Taylor

“If you’ve gone to a sci-fi convention, you’ve only seen half of it. ‘Con Man’ delivers what convention ‘all-access’ passes have only promised in the past.”

― Alan Tudyk

“I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is.”

― Alan Watts

“In the past, I had workaholic issues.”

― Alanis Morissette

“In the past, modeling influences were largely confined to the styles of behavior and social practices in one’s immediate community. The advent of television vastly expanded the range of models to which members of society are exposed day in and day out.”

― Albert Bandura

“The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

― Albert Einstein

“In the past, if I was in the middle of a situation involving my personal life, I was always keeping it to me and my family. I wasn’t explaining or telling the fans what was going on because they don’t need to know.”

― Alberto Del Rio

“WWE is a PG and a family product. Everybody can watch and enjoy WWE, whereas in the past, the parents were worried about what their kids were watching because of the blood, foul language, etc.”

― Alberto Del Rio

“In the past I have never thought about loneliness when working, and I don’t think about it now. Yet there must be a reason for the fact that so many people talk about it.”

― Alberto Giacometti

“Trust me, my runners aren’t going to run one event while looking past it to the second event. When they get on the line for the 10K, that’s a do-or-die situation for them.”

― Alberto Salazar

“If today is anything like the typical day of the past 3 years, three American soldiers will die in Iraq or Afghanistan, the Taliban will get a little stronger in Afghanistan and the civil war will continue to be enhanced in Iraq.”

― Alcee Hastings

“I can literally count on one hand how many slave stories have gotten notoriety over the past few years.”

― Aldis Hodge

“Yes, I am a Mexican, and I have a past and a culture. But what matters is the film itself, not where it was financed or cast.”

― Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

“I don’t regret any past. I am not there. I am not sorry not to make pictures, because I know one day I will do it. I intend to live 150 years.”

― Alejandro Jodorowsky

“I had some problems in the past when I made some stupid mistakes and got some stupid cards, but I learned a lot from this, and I know now how to calm myself down.”

― Aleksandar Mitrovic

“We have become aware of the responsibility for our attitude towards the dark pages in our history. We have understood that bad service is done to the nation by those who are impelling to renounce that past.”

― Aleksander Kwasniewski

“I don’t worry about the future because that will take care of itself. I don’t carry around past baggage because what’s that going to do for me? We only have now.”

― Alesha Dixon

“The fragments for the past, for me, are not without life.”

― Alessandro Michele

“I love the English aesthetic; in a way, I feel it is close to my own, a beautiful chaos; it is a powerful mix of the past and the present.”

― Alessandro Michele

“For me, reworking the past over and over again is a way not to trivialise the garments and not to obsess over hem lengths. What I am interested in, as a matter of fact, is telling a story and, if someone sees fragments of other stories in it, be my guest. I don’t have to justify myself. What is urgent for me is what I want to say.”

― Alessandro Michele

“Mr. Snowden did not start out as a spy, and calling him one bends the term past recognition. Spies don’t give their secrets to journalists for free.”

― Alex Berenson

“Over the past several years, all of us as Canadians, and as members of the North American cultural and economic environment, have been to a greater or lesser extent party to a significant attitudinal change towards our culture.”

― Alex Campbell

“Over the past few years, many of us have increasingly begun to question the direction and meaning of our society as it has developed over the past several centuries.”

― Alex Campbell

“Even with, or perhaps, because of, this background, I have over the past few years sensed a very dramatic change in attitude on the part of Prince Edward Islanders towards the on-going rush for so-called modernization.”

― Alex Campbell

“I never seem to get past – I feel like a stupid guy from the Midwest.”

― Alex Graves

“In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.”

― Alex Haley

“Yosemite has the most impressive and accessible granite big walls in the world. The rock is amazing. And because of that, it’s been the mecca for climbing in the U.S. – and the world to a large degree – for all of climbing history. It’s the place to test yourself against the historic routes of the past.”

― Alex Honnold

“I will take ownership of the nutmeg. My uncle Okocha has got the skills but the nutmeg, the prince title they call me for that, I will say it is my ownership. It happens instinctively, sometimes the easiest way of getting past my opponent.”

― Alex Iwobi

“We are not going to dwell on the past, we are always looking forward to the next game.”

― Alex Iwobi

“I wasn’t the most technical player. But I was fast, and if I push the ball past a player, I can get there. Everyone always made fun of me in a good way for that.”

― Alex Morgan

“The Halifax area has long played a major role in Canada’s military operations, being the port of departure for convoys, naval task forces and army units over the past 100 years or so.”

― Alex Morrison

“I think you have to be very secure as an actor to escape yourself – to revisit someone’s past, whether you’re portraying another person or creating someone, and then to come back to who you are and not bring those emotions with you.”

― Alex Pettyfer

“Winners live in the present tense. People who come up short are consumed with future or past. I want to be living in the now.”

― Alex Rodriguez

“You can move past your eating disorder and not let it have control over your life anymore.”

― Alexa Bliss

“We did a ‘Vanity Fair’ spread for ‘The Hunger Games,’ and we were on set, and I saw a little head pop up from the tree. There were three teenage girls who snuck past security and made it into the forest.”

― Alexander Ludwig

“Youth culture now really looks back and embraces the past, but keeps it contemporary but not sticking to one particular style.”

― Alexander McQueen

“As the final weeks of my schooling draw to a close and exams loom, I find myself reflecting on the past six years of my secondary education only to realise that many questions are still unanswered. How have I been shaped by my learning experiences? What skills have I developed that are valuable and transferable in the workplace?”

― Alexandra Adornetto

“The South is full of memories and ghosts of the past. For me, it is the most inspiring place to write, from William Faulkner’s haunted antebellum home to the banks of the Mississippi to the wind that whispers through the cotton fields.”

― Alexandra Adornetto

“It might be the history major in me, but I look to the past when I try to construct my fictional futures.”

― Alexandra Bracken

“The belief that we can be done with our past is a myth.”

― Alexandra Fuller

“Millennials give comics the kind of adulation past generations reserved for musicians. We respect Lady Gaga. But we’ll travel hundreds of miles to touch the hem of Jon Stewart’s robe.”

― Alexandra Petri

“Your past is something you cannot change. You can’t live it; it’s dead.”

― Alexandra Stoddard

“Arsenal’s past appeals to me – I like clubs with a history.”

― Alexandre Lacazette

“I remember when my father passed away, we drove the funeral procession past the bank so he could say one last goodbye. That’s how much the bank meant to my father.”

― Alexi Giannoulias

“To map the Governor General’s Award is to map both the past and the future of Canadian literature, and to be nominated for my first book is wonderful.”

― Alexi Zentner

“When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness.”

― Alexis de Tocqueville

“I’m very grateful and proud of the progress Yahoo! has made over the past year. When I took the position as chairman, I told the board that my intention was to serve for one year in order to help Yahoo! during a critical time of transformation.”

― Alfred Amoroso

“I think dead humans rising from their graves with little to no sense of who they were in their past lives to mindlessly roam the earth consigning others to the same fate would be a bit depressing.”

― Alfred Enoch

“We’re well past the end of the century when time, for the first time, curved, bent, slipped, flash forwarded, and flashed back yet still kept rolling along. We know it all now, with our thoughts traveling at the speed of a tweet, our 140 characters in search of a paragraph. We’re post-history. We’re post-mystery.”

― Ali Smith

“I can understand when people copy people of the past and make the future their own.”

― Alice Dellal

“There are people who have benefited from therapy without being confronted with the past at all.”

― Alice Miller

“People are more aware now of cities and of different ways of life. I suppose the writing I do is a bit in the past, and I’m not sure it’s the kind of writing I would do if I were starting now.”

― Alice Munro

“Sometimes a job comes to you, and you didn’t ask for it. Your work in the past hires you, and that’s nice.”

― Alice Ripley

“Death is the last enemy: once we’ve got past that I think everything will be alright.”

― Alice Thomas Ellis

“I can easily imagine Obama sitting down and talking to any leader – or any person – in the world, with no baggage of past servitude or race supremacy to mar their talks.”

― Alice Walker

“I think Twitter is such a cool thing because it really is a direct line to the fans and for fans back to you, and it’s such a new thing. I think in the past there’s been usually fan mail and that’s really good, but Twitter, it gets an immediate response.”

― Alison Brie

“For better or worse, we live in possible worlds as much as actual ones. We are cursed by that characteristically human guilt and regret about what might have been in the past. But that may be the cost for our ability to hope and plan for what might be in the future.”

― Alison Gopnik

“As one went to Europe to see the living past, so one must visit Southern California to observe the future.”

― Alison Lurie

“In ‘Ozark,’ the truism that we are not as likely to do as well as our parents did in the past is front and center.”

― Alissa Quart

“Over the past years, I have lectured many times on the Cuban missile crisis, most provocatively to 200 senior officers of the former Soviet army in Moscow in 1991, among them KGB generals. There, my knowledge of Penkovsky’s role was thoroughly confirmed, and so was the Soviet military men’s residual sense of humiliation at Khrushchev’s ‘blink’.”

― Alistair Horne

“Shakespeare is practically our only link with the classic and the past. The future of education has much to do with whether we will be able to cling to him or not.”

― Allan Bloom

“Don’t waste time on what’s not important. Don’t get sucked into the drama. Get on with it: don’t dwell on the past. Be a big person; be generous of spirit; be the person you’d admire.”

― Allegra Huston

“I’ve been rewritten on past projects and thought, ‘That’s not what she was – she was this really powerful woman, and there’s nothing wrong with that.’ I’m going to keep writing them, and hopefully people will start making them.”

― Allison Schroeder

“At 32, I kind of thought I was past the point where I was gonna get a break that really changed my life overnight.”

― Allison Tolman

“I never really acted full-time. I certainly had gotten past the point where fame and fortune was something that I was dreaming about or anticipating.”

― Allison Tolman

“I don’t understand how some of these young actresses are wearing such provocative, editorial items, when they haven’t even established a career yet. It’s hard to see past that. I’m not so sure that’s smart in the long run.”

― Allison Williams

“Being a teen is past for me. Worrying about the world and my place in it is not.”

― Ally Condie

“Assuredly, Loving Souls, you should go to God with all humility and respect, humbling yourselves in His presence, especially when you remember your past ingratitude and sins.”

― Alphonsus Liguori

“Apology is often the first step in correcting a wrong. Having moved for a position of saying ‘I don’t need forgiveness,’ Mr. Trump is now taking a second look at past behaviors, things that he’s said and done that he regrets. While he is not asking for forgiveness for being human, he is admitting that he’s made mistakes and humbly making apologies.”

― Alveda King

“When you’re placed in a world where survival is the main focus, a lot of that other stuff, like wrongdoings in the past, become obsolete. You have to focus on the here and now.”

― Alycia Debnam-Carey

“I would never have changed anything in the past. I have been acting for 32 years now and I feel so lucky to be able to have done exactly what I wanted to do.”

― Amanda Burton

“Almost the first thing Obama did in the White House was to return the bust of Winston Churchill to the British embassy. That suggests a major re-ordering of things. It’ll be fascinating to see what happens from now on. It was a genuine break with the recent past – perhaps to re-connect with the past past.”

― Amanda Foreman

“We have to keep an eye on the future with a sense of the past in every passing moment of the present.”

― Amanda Harlech

“In the past, I’ve thrown myself into work so much there’s been very little room for anything else.”

― Amanda Holden

“I think I’m past the age of getting lost.”

― Amanda Seyfried

“I can’t really dwell on the past.”

― Amar’e Stoudemire

“Well, I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but I’ve been seeing this really sweet guy for the past few weeks.”

― Amber Frey

“A lot of young poets today, from what I’ve heard and experienced, can’t get their heads past George W. Bush, and I’ve heard so many poems about this democracy and this era of politics that I’m kind of bored by it.”

― Amber Tamblyn

“I fully trust Abbas-Mustan. We have worked together in the past, so I have full faith in them.”

― Amisha Patel

“My past makes me an insider, but my profession makes me an outsider. A writer always stands outside to report on reality.”

― Amitava Kumar

“I have always kept notes and have kept letters from my friends and mother, which is rather depressing, as it takes you to the past.”

― Amitava Kumar

“Two children of same cruel parent look at one another and see in each other the image of the cruel parent or the image of their past oppressor. This is very much the case between Jew and Arab: It’s a conflict between two victims.”

― Amos Oz

“In the past, when I’d recorded during a break in a tour, it was so easy to sing, because I felt strong. Also, like so many new mothers, I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep, and sleeping is such a huge part of being able to sing.”

― Amy Grant

“If the past is an indication, when women are given a job to do in Congress, they get it done.”

― Amy Klobuchar

“For books are more than books, they are the life, the very heart and core of ages past, the reason why men worked and died, the essence and quintessence of their lives.”

― Amy Lowell

“One of the major dangers of being alone in February is the tendency to dwell on past relationships. Whether you’re daydreaming about that ‘one that got away,’ or you’re recalling the fairy tale date you went on last Valentine’s Day, romanticizing the past isn’t helpful – nor accurate.”

― Amy Morin

“While reflecting on past relationships and learning from them can be helpful, February isn’t the best time to try and gain insight.”

― Amy Morin

“If we can see past preconceived limitations, then the possibilities are endless.”

― Amy Purdy

“The people I choose as models have a quality that seems to contain the past, the present, and the future all at once. It’s hard to explain. I can look at 100 people in a room but only find it in one person.”

― Amy Sherald

“I think in the wake of 9/11, like a lot of Americans, you know, we were all very traumatized by the attacks, traumatized in a totally different way by some of what happened afterward in response. And I think there have been these questions hovering in the past decade of, what kind of country are we? Who are we?”

― Amy Waldman

“I write songs about stuff that I can’t really get past personally – and then I write a song about it and I feel better.”

― Amy Winehouse

“I made some choices that weren’t right in the past. It cost me in terms of my confidence and everything.”

― Ana Ivanovic

“It’s quite unbelievable that Charlie Crist is getting away with this reinvention of himself – this rewriting of history for blatantly political purposes. Other than his gender, the guy has flip-flopped on everything, and I don’t put that past him either.”

― Ana Navarro

“As far as passenger cars are concerned, I have always said, in the past, we will work more with partners and partnerships. Our focus on our own would be on the SUVs.”

― Anand Mahindra

“If we do not act quickly, Jaxport will fall behind competitors on the East Coast – and the economic engine that has driven this community for the past decade will be put in danger.”

― Ander Crenshaw

“I have had no concerns in the past and have none moving forward regarding the Navy’s ability to effectively address any potential natural or man-made threat to Naval Station Mayport and any military asset located there, including any future nuclear aircraft carrier.”

― Ander Crenshaw

“Perhaps we underestimated the challenges in Afghanistan in the past. That’s why we are now strengthening and intensifying our commitment.”

― Anders Fogh Rasmussen

“Not to sound too Dr. Phil all of a sudden, but I think the key to survival is to embrace one’s past and to not run away from it. And to come to some sort of relationship with it or understanding of it.”

― Anderson Cooper

“My losses and my victories are in the past. I think of the future. After a fight is over, it’s in the past. I always have to go back to the gym and train to improve in all areas, winning or losing. I think I can always do better next time.”

― Anderson Silva

“From the moment that a fight ends, that fight is in the past, win or lose.”

― Anderson Silva

“Past waters don’t move anything. They only create mosquitoes.”

― Anderson Silva

“Even when I was winning my fights, once it’s over, it’s over. It’s in the past, and you’ve got to look forward.”

― Anderson Silva

“You’ve got to take the hems down, especially past 50. I don’t care how good your legs are.”

― Andie MacDowell

“Writing the past is never a neutral act. Writing always asks the past to justify itself, to give its reasons… provided we can live with the reasons. What we want is a narrative, not a log; a tale, not a trial. This is why most people write memoirs using the conventions not of history, but of fiction.”

― Andre Aciman

“As a memoirist, I may claim to write the easier-to-remember things, but I could also just be writing to sweep them away. ‘Don’t bother me about my past,’ I’ll say, ‘It’s out in paperback now.’”

― Andre Aciman

“Writing plays fast and loose with the past.”

― Andre Aciman

“I write – so it would seem – to recapture, to preserve and return to the past, though I might just as easily be writing to forget and put that past behind me.”

― Andre Aciman

“I’ve been criticized for not having perspective in the past and I thought that of myself many times but not there.”

― Andre Agassi

“To what a degree the same past can leave different marks – and especially admit of different interpretations.”

― Andre Gide

“The first recipe for happiness is: avoid too lengthy meditation on the past.”

― Andre Maurois

“It’s not easy, especially for a German national team player who did great things in the past and maybe is struggling. That’s why I think most of the German national team play abroad because if you don’t play for Bayern Munich and you don’t always win, it’s difficult.”

― Andre Schurrle

“People still make all sorts of assumptions about me. I’ve just gone past the point of caring.”

― Andrea Jeremiah

“I personally think the male and female roles have changed dramatically in the past few decades. Men are no longer the breadwinners. Financial independence for a woman is a huge thing.”

― Andrea Jeremiah

“I think the economic empowerment of women that has been growing over the past decade is at the ‘inflection point’ with this global recession. Women are, we believe, the solution for their families in their ability to go out and increase household income.”

― Andrea Jung

“A century after some women first got the vote, we are upping the pressure for change to consign Parliament’s legacy of inequality in the past.”

― Andrea Leadsom

“I can be like that: forgetting how hard it was to do something after I’m past it.”

― Andrea Seigel

“My dream was, start young, take hormones, live as a woman, try and become as passable as possible, bury your past, change your friends. Now I’ve realised that I don’t have to be ashamed of my past.”

― Andreja Pejic

“In the beginning, I was worried there are too many shots of me as a boy out there. Now I’m at a point where I know my past doesn’t make me any less of a woman today. I can be proud of it. I don’t have to bury it.”

― Andreja Pejic

“I definitely did look back into the past when I was a teenager for transgender icons, like a famous model called Tula in the 1970s-’80s who starred as a ‘Bond’ girl.”

― Andreja Pejic

“In the past, I had my idols but today I enjoy learning from all the soccer I watch.”

― Andres Iniesta

“In the public eye, being a victim of past injustices does not win the right to propagate current and future ones, and that’s intolerable to those in charge of the race industry today, whose power relies on maintaining forever a latent rage that can be turned on and off at the will of the nation’s elites.”

― Andrew Breitbart

“The Democratic Media Complex, in its pursuit of Orwellian hate-crime legislation, reparations, and sundry non-ameliorative resolutions to America’s troubled racial past, pursues its victims with blood lust.”

― Andrew Breitbart

“We have to be willing to give up all the injustices of the past that did exist – and that do exist right now. When we become interested in liberation, we then become interested in that which transcends time.”

― Andrew Cohen

“I am actually learning to enjoy bowling, and I never thought I’d say that. I didn’t enjoy it in the past because it hurt. It hurt my back or my ankle.”

― Andrew Flintoff

“There’s one thing very important to me in business and for the long-term: always be honest with people. For the past 60 years, I always pay my debts.”

― Andrew Gotianun

“Our past absolutely defines everything we do in the present. We can’t help it. We’re made by the events of our past, so there’s no escaping it.”

― Andrew Haigh

“I always think that there’s a weight of prejudice from the past that gay people perhaps carry around with them. Even if it doesn’t exist so much around them, they still have a feeling of being excluded, and perceived prejudice is almost as unsettling as actual prejudice.”

― Andrew Haigh

“In my past life, I started Moviefone. One of the reasons that I was drawn to do that was because it was just incredibly annoying to go see a movie when it should be the simplest thing in the world. I lived in New York, and it was really difficult to figure out the show times for a movie playing down the street.”

― Andrew Jarecki

“We need to look to the future. You can’t come up with new things unless you constantly forget the past. There’s no reason to keep wearing the same pair of pants.”

― Andrew Lau

“I have always said that I am one to look forward rather than back; what has happened in the past I can’t change now. What is forward, I can.”

― Andrew Robertson

“In many campaigns, one candidate or another is asked to answer for comments he or she made in the past. The answer is usually gibberish – ‘That was a long time ago,’ or ‘I was trying to say something else.’”

― Andrew Rosenthal

“Tiptoeing on a tightrope past insider trading laws may be deft and clever, but it doesn’t make it right.”

― Andrew Ross Sorkin

“We’ve seen in the past, Justin Trudeau professing his admiration for the basic dictatorship of China.”

― Andrew Scheer

“They had a contest where they would – for some reason, someone in the past loved musical theater, and so if you wrote a musical, they would fully fund it and put it on the main stage with full costumes and a set and everything, and my roommate said we should totally do that.”

― Andrew Sean Greer

“It’s funny how the present can change the past.”

― Andrew Sean Greer

“The problem is that even as you reveal the mysteries in your past, you are accumulating them in the present; complete honesty is the stuff of post-mortem, not autobiography.”

― Andrew Solomon

“Well, in the past, the size of government was one of the more fundamental dividing lines between Right and Left. The Right was supposed to represent the small government philosophy – limited spending, low taxes. Obviously, things have shifted.”

― Andrew Sullivan

“Over the past decade, prescribing information has grown more and more complex, more and more dense and more difficult to negotiate.”

― Andrew von Eschenbach

“There’s a great deal of scientific evidence that social connectedness is a very strong protector of emotional well-being, and I think there’s no question that social isolation has greatly increased in our culture in, say, the past 50 years, past 100 years.”

― Andrew Weil

“Language also encodes our past. We want to know who we are. To know who we are, we have to know who we used to be. Consequently, our literature, written in the past, anchors us in that past.”

― Andrzej Wajda

“Films made in the spirit of the past continued to be made.”

― Andrzej Wajda

“If they can look past the fact that I happen to wear mascara on stage – which, by the way, is a ridiculous thing that people have a stigma about – then we promise a good rock show.”

― Andy Biersack

“I run from Horatio Street down just past Battery Park City and back. It’s amazing to run and see the Statue of Liberty and the ferries coming in. People think if you’re not near Central Park, there’s nowhere to go, but there’s a whole ecosystem happening down here.”

― Andy Cohen

“Sometimes, to move into the future, you must go back the past.”

― Andy Dunn

“You know when you’re young you think you will always be. As you become more fragile, you reflect and you realize how much comfort can come from the past. Hymns can carry you into the future.”

― Andy Griffith

“I wanted to cut past the polemics and experience London’s Muslim communities for myself. My first visit was to Tower Hamlets, an East London borough that is about 38% Muslim, among the highest in the U.K. As I walked down Whitechapel Road, the adhan, or call to prayer, echoed through the neighborhood.”

― Andy Ngo

“I used to stay up at night and sneak into the TV room, past my parents, who were asleep, to watch Saturday Night’s ‘Main Event.’ That’s how I started watching SNL. On accident.”

― Andy Samberg

“It’s hard to avoid the past but one goes forward.”

― Andy Summers

“I don’t have a great nostalgia for the past.”

― Andy Summers

“In the past I’ve made movies that were pretty universally liked. You can’t really hate them. You can discard them, but you can’t really hate them.”

― Ang Lee

“Things didn’t quite work out at Manchester United for various reasons, but that’s in the past.”

― Angel Di Maria

“Art need no longer be an account of past sensations. It can become the direct organization of more highly evolved sensations. It is a question of producing ourselves, not things that enslave us.”

― Angela Carter

“Having led many negotiations with countries outside the E.U. in the past, we would never enter the same compromises and reach the same good outcomes with states that don’t shoulder the responsibilities and costs of the common market.”

― Angela Merkel

“This inclination to hoard is deeply ingrained in me because in the past, in times of scarcity, you took what you could get.”

― Angela Merkel

“I feel honored and privileged to have represented the USA program over the past 16 years. USA Hockey will always be a part of me and I will cherish the experiences and memories with this team.”

― Angela Ruggiero

“Maleficent has suffered abuse in the past, and there’s a reason why she is now as furious as she is. And I think that children who have been outcast and abused in any way will relate to her. There’s a beautiful side to her; she’s not just a dark person. She has all these facets. And that is interesting.”

― Angelina Jolie

“It’s hard to be clear about who you are when you are carrying around a bunch of baggage from the past. I’ve learned to let go and move more quickly into the next place.”

― Angelina Jolie

“I think inequality has gone past the point where it’s helping us all get rich, and it’s really becoming a serious threat.”

― Angus Deaton

“I wouldn’t know any newer bands. We’re past the pimple stage.”

― Angus Young

“I never thought we’d be put into any sort of historical thing. When we started as a band, it was a day-to-day thing. You sort of played a gig, you got your money and thought, ‘OK, where’s tomorrow’s gig?’ You never thought you’d get past a summer.”

― Angus Young

“Grant us more powers, not less; grant us more democracy, not less; grant us the tools to move forward because, I can assure you, Puerto Rico will move forward. We did it in the past; we will do it again.”

― Anibal Acevedo Vila

“The book begins and ends with the visits to give the impression of a tunnel into their ancestors and family history. I believe in going backwards into the past – I felt I was digging a tunnel back to the past.”

― Anita Desai

“India is a curious place that still preserves the past, religions, and its history. No matter how modern India becomes, it is still very much an old country.”

― Anita Desai

“Over the past decade… while many businesses have pursued what I call ‘business as usual,’ I have been part of a different, smaller business movement, one that tried to put idealism back on the agenda.”

― Anita Roddick

“The Republicans are whistling past the graveyard. If we don’t change our policies on immigration, you’re going to be looking at Iran Deal after Iran Deal after Iran Deal. I can count on Americans to protect Israel. I don’t count on foreigners to care about Israel, and that’s who’s coming in to vote.”

― Ann Coulter

“The Internet really lets people connect that wouldn’t have in the past, and lets conversations happen and connections happen.”

― Ann Leckie

“Food is an excellent way to do very elegant worldbuilding – the kind that can make a fictional world seem real, like it extends way past the edges of the frame.”

― Ann Leckie

“I know I’ve erred in the past putting too much of my social justice sentiments in comics, but hopefully not too much, and I tried to only do that with characters that it made sense with it. These days, with the ‘social justice’ aspects of the two books I write, ‘Catwoman’ and ‘Katana,’ the concerns are more about moral justice.”

― Ann Nocenti

“I wanted the new Green Arrow to somehow sense his long, brutal past. It’s like someone who has past lives they can’t remember but feels occasional flashes of.”

― Ann Nocenti

“One of my favorite activities when I was a teenager was going riding on the back of a horse with a friend of mine. Because we were rather high up, I could see into peoples’ lighted windows as we trotted past. Questions would rise up inside: Who lives there? Are they happy? What are they doing? Any dogs or cats in sight?”

― Ann Turner

“People look to you to replace a part in their lives that they can’t get back. You can’t get the past back, you can’t do it. We’ve all tried.”

― Anna Chlumsky

“We live trapped, between the churned-up and examined past and a future that waits for our work.”

― Anna Freud

“I think summer has become a venue for TV like it hasn’t been in years past, especially on Sunday nights. I know that when I’m winding down at the end of the weekend, just a really great TV show or movie is exactly what the doctor ordered.”

― Anna Wood

“Fifty years ago, historians advised politicians and policy-makers. They helped chart the future of nations by helping leaders learn from past mistakes in history. But then something changed, and we began making decisions based on economic principles rather than historical ones. The results were catastrophic.”

― Annalee Newitz

“Humans have continued to evolve quite a lot over the past ten thousand years, and certainly over 100 thousand. Sure, our biology affects our behavior. But it’s unlikely that humans’ early evolution is deeply relevant to contemporary psychological questions about dating or the willpower to complete a dissertation.”

― Annalee Newitz

“If we look at the past two centuries of economic history in Europe and the United States, we see an astounding pattern. Capital will accumulate in a tiny portion of the population, no matter what we do.”

― Annalee Newitz

“Composers are always going back to the past.”

― Anne Dudley

“I absolutely believe the past had its share of warrior women who fought like men. Whether some of these were the actual Amazons from Greek myth is another matter.”

― Anne Fortier

“We’re long past having to defend or explain why women should be on boards, given all the data that shows how companies with female as well as male directors perform better. It’s unfortunate when companies with a large percentage of women constituents don’t reflect that in their boardrooms.”

― Anne M. Mulcahy

“I wonder how often in the past I may have missed the good in people because I pre-judged, based on the differences?”

― Anne Perry

“I’m past it now – love. I can’t imagine it happening again.”

― Anne Reid

“I think in the past, around the time that method acting became so prevalent, it used to be that American actors were thought to be the kind that would work more from the inside out, and that the English actors worked more from the outside in.”

― Annette Bening

“Britons are good, though often brutal, colonists where they come into relations with entirely uncivilized tribes whose past is so remote as to be forgotten. But they trample with their heavy boots over the sensitive, delicate susceptibilities of an ancient, highly civilized and cultured nation, such as India.”

― Annie Besant

“An accurate knowledge of the past of a country is necessary for everyone who would understand its present, and who desires to judge of its future.”

― Annie Besant

“Aim for the chopping block. If you aim for the wood, you will have nothing. Aim past the wood, aim through the wood; aim for the chopping block.”

― Annie Dillard

“The future hasn’t happened yet and the past is gone. So I think the only moment we have is right here and now, and I try to make the best of those moments, the moments that I’m in.”

― Annie Lennox

“It’s hard to tell how far women’s individuality has come in the past twenty years.”

― Annie Lennox

“Whereas in the past people have seen the two sexes as almost incomprehensibly different, now there is a group of people that are explaining the connections between both the genders, literally in the way their biology informs some of their expression.”

― Anohni

“In the past, candidates’ performances of ‘Christianity’ have been strong points for voters, but Trump’s ascendancy with evangelicals has eviscerated that expectation. Evangelicals, like other voters, can be very pragmatic about the issues they want addressed by the leadership they support.”

― Anthea Butler

“True conservatives fear anything that is at odds with the status quo, even to the extent of being unable to recognise when the status quo represents injustice. And reactionary conservatives actually want to tear down the gains of the past.”

― Anthony Albanese

“You want to evaluate future borrowers, but in order to train an algorithm that will help you identify future defaults, you have to train it and evaluate it on past data.”

― Anthony Goldbloom

“I had written for Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman in the past. Jimmy had a different voice, and different priorities. He couldn’t be the bad guy in the joke; he couldn’t upset people, really.”

― Anthony Jeselnik

“Personally, I am stuck with one foot in the past and one foot in the present.”

― Anthony Kiedis

“The only way to security for Israel and a humane life for Palestinians in their own land is political. No matter where the fault for past negotiating failures lies, there is no other path.”

― Anthony Lewis

“For the past few years I have engaged in several inappropriate conversations conducted over Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and occasionally on the phone with women I have met online.”

― Anthony Weiner

“My goal is always to improve what has been done the previous season and also collectively seek to do better than the year past.”

― Antoine Griezmann

“Man spends his life in reasoning on the past, in complaining of the present, in fearing future.”

― Antoine Rivarol

“If I want to hear a voice, Lana Del Rey is very soothing, and I could just listen to her on repeat, but my real go-to that’s been very consistent for at least the past ten years is Miles Davis.”

― Antoni Porowski

“If you’re not a first-round pick or you’re not 6-2, they always say you can’t be the best. But the only time there’s a weight class is before the draft. This is the NFL. It’s all about what you do. I can run past guys and get done what I need to. I can do everything the big guy can do.”

― Antonio Brown

“For me, it’s important to concentrate to the present and leave the past.”

― Antonio Conte

“I think the past is not important. For every player, for every single player, the past stay there. If you did well in the past, OK.”

― Antonio Conte

“Some novelists want to give people in history a voice because they have been denied it in the past.”

― Antony Beevor

“The power of historical fiction for bad and for good can be immense in shaping consciousness of the past.”

― Antony Beevor

“The temptation in any approaching crisis or conflict is, because people haven’t got a clue what lies ahead, they’re always searching into the past for some sort of pattern … to galvanise the nation or their supporters and put themselves on a pedestal to sound Churchillian or Rooseveltian.”

― Antony Beevor

“It is this compulsion to look backwards at a time of crisis because one’s got no idea of what lies ahead. There is a notion of security that somehow it must resemble the past. It’s never going to. Just because we muddled through in the past doesn’t mean we can automatically muddle through in the future.”

― Antony Beevor

“Art is the means by which we communicate what it feels like to be alive – in the past, that was mixed up with other illustrative duties, but that was still its central function that has been liberated in the art called modern.”

― Antony Gormley

“I don’t want my guy to buy me cars, villas or diamonds. I can do all that. I don’t want any PDA, either. But my guy should be very sensitive to my pains and sorrows and should try to make me happy because I’d do all that for him. Sadly, most of the men that I have met in the past couple of years are too self-obsessed.”

― Anushka Sharma

“U.S. Speedskating has been riddled with problems since when I started my career, and we were always able to look past that. When it came down to performing on the ice, regardless of funding issues, we were always able to make it happen. And that’s what it’s all about.”

― Apolo Ohno

“Past ‘Drag Race’ alum that I’ve spoken to, their biggest advice to me was, ‘Expect the unexpected,’ and, ‘There’s no way that you can prepare for this,’ so I thought I was at least ahead of the curve knowing that I wasn’t prepared.”

― Aquaria

“Christmases past, my sister Carolyn and I – we’d been waiting for Santa all night. Nothing! Where is this man?”

― Aretha Franklin

“In campaigns, promises are usually treated skeptically. Past positions are viewed as the one reliable way to gauge a candidate’s instincts.”

― Ari Melber

“Evolution is a constant state. You evolve and become comfortable in situations in which you might have felt alien in the past.”

― Arjun Kapoor

“Happy is the person who knows what to remember of the past, what to enjoy in the present, and what to plan for in the future.”

― Arnold H. Glasow

“I can remember back to my early tour days when some fellows didn’t think I’d last too long. Nothing physical – they said it was my swing. Some said it was too much of a ‘muscle swing’ to stand the test of time. One fellow predicted I wouldn’t get past 30 out there.”

― Arnold Palmer

“Our enemies are Medes and Persians, men who for centuries have lived soft and luxurious lives; we of Macedon for generations past have been trained in the hard school of danger and war. Above all, we are free men, and they are slaves.”

― Arrian

“I don’t talk about my past; people ask me about it. I’ve done things I’m ashamed of, but one thing I can honestly say is that things I’ve done that I regret, I’ve never done twice. I work really hard at that.”

― Art Alexakis

“Tax reform is taking the taxes off things that have been taxed in the past and putting taxes on things that haven’t been taxed before.”

― Art Buchwald

“You can watch TV and see experts of all different colours and hues. But the minute you get past nine o’clock and you’re in primetime drama land, it’s like entering another world, one that doesn’t reflect the diversity of the society that we have in Britain in 2016.”

― Art Malik

“Not until somebody turns round and says, ‘Art, how do you fancy playing Charles Dickens? How do you fancy playing Prince Charles in this biopic?’ Until those movements come, then no, we haven’t got past anything.”

― Art Malik

“Lefty Grove could throw a lamb chop past a wolf.”

― Arthur Baer

“As an American man of the 1990s writing about a Japanese woman of the 1930s, I needed to cross three cultural divides – man to woman, American to Japanese, and present to past.”

― Arthur Golden

“Over the past 100 years, there have been three major periods of tax-rate cuts in the U.S.: the Harding-Coolidge cuts of the mid-1920s; the Kennedy cuts of the mid-1960s; and the Reagan cuts of the early 1980s. Each of these periods of tax cuts was remarkably successful as measured by virtually any public policy metric.”

― Arthur Laffer

“Over the past two decades, we have clearly seen an erosion of ethical values.”

― Arthur Levitt

“By all means, let us study the great writers of the past for their own sakes, but let us study them for our guidance: that we, in our turn, having (it is to be hoped) something to say in our span of time, say it worthily, not dwindling out the large utterance of Shakespeare or of Burke.”

― Arthur Quiller-Couch

“Against Knowledge I have, as the light cynic observed of a certain lady’s past, only one serious objection – that there is so much of it.”

― Arthur Quiller-Couch

“Opinion is like a pendulum and obeys the same law. If it goes past the centre of gravity on one side, it must go a like distance on the other; and it is only after a certain time that it finds the true point at which it can remain at rest.”

― Arthur Schopenhauer

“I believe the future is only the past again, entered through another gate.”

― Arthur Wing Pinero

“Richard Lewis is the master at taking a joke that he’s told a million times in a row in the past year, on the road, and making it look like he’s pulling it out of thin air.”

― Artie Lange

“Everything that happened last year stays in the past.”

― Asdrubal Cabrera

“I like storytelling movies and more than that I like historical movies; and I think someday I’ll definitely make a movie about the past 50 years history.”

― Asghar Farhadi

“I never think about the past. Why waste time thinking about something I cannot change.”

― Asha Bhosle

“Once when I was 16 I had my car taken away from me for being past curfew. Oh, and I said a bad word once, and I actually did get my mouth washed out with soap.”

― Ashlee Simpson

“You can’t continue to reflect on the past.”

― Ashley Nell Tipton

“I’m still operating as a wide player, and I’m still free to express myself, try to get one-v-one and get past someone, and there’s no better feeling than getting over a great cross and someone scoring.”

― Ashley Young

“I must admit that i am fascinated by the glories of ancient India. But when will the purveyors of Indian culture realise that not everything about our past was glorious?”

― Ashwin Sanghi

“It is not history, theology or mythology that interest me. It is the fact that history, theology or mythology could have alternative interpretations or explanations. I try to connect the dots between the past and the present.”

― Ashwin Sanghi

“Past experience has shown that the Islamists gain space when civilian authority weakens.”

― Asma Jahangir

“India has the sanction of her own past glory and future vision to become strong – in every sense of the term.”

― Atal Bihari Vajpayee

“I believe India and Israel should focus on building bilateral relations on the basis of shared perspectives and commonalities between our two democracies. This has to be a forward-looking exercise rather than harking back to perceptions of the past.”

― Atal Bihari Vajpayee

“The most direct evidence of the wonderful plasticity and elasticity of red corpuscles is obtained when they are watched in a current, where they can be caught against a projecting edge and bent by the pressure of the current flowing past them.”

― August Krogh

“I think all in all, one thing a lot of plays seem to be saying is that we need to, as black Americans, to make a connection with our past in order to determine the kind of future we’re going to have. In other words, we simply need to know who we are in relation to our historical presence in America.”

― August Wilson

“I love finding out-of-the-box inspirations and blending them with what I’ve done in the past. And when I started to experiment with genres, it didn’t sound forced. Maybe that’s because it’s all music that I listened to growing up, and it’s all music that I love.”

― Avicii

“Upper classes are a nation’s past; the middle class is its future.”

― Ayn Rand

“I’d always been interested in Nigeria’s past.”

― Ayobami Adebayo

“Thus the regime has deprived Iranian women not just of their present rights, but also of their history and their past.”

― Azar Nafisi

“In the past 30 years, officials of the Iranian regime and its apologists have labeled criticism, especially with regard to women’s rights, as anti-Islamic and pro-Western, justifying its brutalities by ascribing them to Islam and Iran’s culture.”

― Azar Nafisi

“The stories from Iran’s present and past are reminders that freedom, democracy and human rights, or fundamentalism, fascism and terrorism are not geographically and culturally determined, but universal.”

― Azar Nafisi

“In should be the duty of every soldier to reflect on the experiences of the past, in the endeavor to discover improvements, in his particular sphere of action, which are practicable in the immediate future.”

― B. H. Liddell Hart

“Through affliction hath His light shone and His praise been bright unceasingly: this hath been His method through past ages and bygone times.”

― Baha’u’llah

“Yes, we’ve still got more work to do. More work to do for every American still in need of a good job or a raise, paid leave or a decent retirement; for every child who needs a sturdier ladder out of poverty or a world-class education; for everyone who has not yet felt the progress of these past seven and a half years.”

― Barack Obama

“With so many of our fundamental rights hanging in the balance, it is not good enough to simply roll the dice, hoping a nominee has changed his past views. It’s not good enough to think, ‘This is the best we can expect from this president’.”

― Barbara Boxer

“I sat down and collected all of our eleven sales for the past six months and I added them all together and divided by eleven. I then took that average and presented it as the average price for a Manhattan apartment. The media ate it up.”

― Barbara Corcoran

“The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present.”

― Barbara De Angelis

“My works are an imitation of my own past and present.”

― Barbara Hepworth

“The unrecorded past is none other than our old friend, the tree in the primeval forest which fell without being heard.”

― Barbara W. Tuchman

“If a man is a writer, everybody tiptoes around past the locked door of the breadwinner. But if you’re an ordinary female housewife, people say, ‘This is just something Barbara wanted to do; it’s not professional.’”

― Barbara W. Tuchman

“Many older people I know are focused on the past. When they talk about the future, they are, quite understandably, preoccupied with the hassles and obstacles of their increasing age.”

― Bari Weiss

“In the past, on Earth, it has largely been to exploit foreign resources and to expand the domestic territory.”

― Barney Oliver

“I don’t want to live on past records.”

― Barry Gibb

“Acting brings up a lot of the past. I use my memories, whether they’re good or bad.”

― Barry Keoghan

“It’s very intense to go back to the past and revive work that I’ve already experienced and moved forward from. It’s like seeing an old girlfriend – awkward at times, nostalgic at times and downright maddening and embarrassing.”

― Barry McGee

“People forget that although we can pinpoint the price, we can only guess at future earnings. The past isn’t much help: It simply tells whether a market was pricey or cheap.”

― Barry Ritholtz

“Any Wall Street advertising that does not go into the boring details of methodology is most likely to be pushing past performance.”

― Barry Ritholtz

“I spent most of the ’60s, when I was starting to try to write novels, living and working in Greece and Turkey. These are countries where the ancient past is interfused with the daily present, and I remember being struck with wonder at the constant sense of continuity and connection, the reminders that lie in wait for you at every turn.”

― Barry Unsworth

“That’s the best thing that classic can do, is it can return to us from our own past to give us lessons about the future, and it can give us a sense of both who we were and who we could become.”

― Bartlett Sher

“If you want the present to be different from the past, study the past.”

― Baruch Spinoza

“Above Coblentz almost every mountain has a ruin and a legend. One feels everywhere the spirit of the past, and its stirring recollections come back upon the mind with irresistible force.”

― Bayard Taylor

“It’s truthful – every single song is an extension of me and a truthful piece of inspiration from my past or something I’m currently going through.”

― Bazzi

“I had many opportunities to get behind products in the past, and I was always careful to evaluate all of them. I will not put my name to shoddy items.”

― Bear Grylls

“In the past it seemed like I was making fun of rap a little bit. But it was more me making fun of myself, since I’m not technically a rapper, whatever that means.”

― Beck

“The past doesn’t matter. Take today.”

― Becky Sauerbrunn

“It is correct that I overlooked the contamination of the party, not just now but also in the past.”

― Bela Kun

“It’s in the act of having to do things that you don’t want to that you learn something about moving past the self. Past the ego.”

― bell hooks

“In the past, Federal Reserve chairmen have not generally gone directly to the public.”

― Ben Bernanke

“If bankers become overly conservative in response to past lending mistakes – or if examiners force such behavior – it will hurt bankers’ own long-term interests and the economy in general.”

― Ben Bernanke

“Small businesses have played an important role in fueling past economic recoveries.”

― Ben Bernanke

“While I am not a journalist, I have, myself, written more than one thing that has been plagiarized in the past.”

― Ben Domenech

“You look like gold. I’ve been fooled before, but now I know I’ve made the mistake in the past. But now I, now I know the difference from gold and brass.”

― Ben Harper

“You’re always trying to learn from the past to plot a course in the future that will be better. You’re always trying to learn.”

― Ben Howland

“Let them call it mischief: When it is past and prospered t’will be virtue.”

― Ben Jonson

“I like to call up ghosts of things past for myself when I’m working a lot.”

― Ben Mendelsohn

“The strange thing about Africa is how past, present and future come together in a kind of rough jazz, if you like.”

― Ben Okri

“Laos is the ghost of American military interventions past.”

― Ben Rhodes

“I was in school to play basketball; I wasn’t trying to be a doctor. It’s hard to talk about the NCAA rules and everything that happened in the past because I’ve just been focused on practicing and getting ready… I was trying to reach my dreams, and that’s to play in the NBA.”

― Ben Simmons

“The thing about acting is that it’s fairly random. At the end of the day you take what drifts past you or what’s given to you.”

― Ben Whishaw

“I’ve been back to the Kansas City area a lot in the past. My sisters went to college in the area. My brother went to college in the area. I’ve got friends there, so there’s some ties to the area.”

― Ben Zobrist

“The Israeli government has proved over the past year its commitment to peace, both in words and deeds. By contrast, the Palestinians are posing preconditions for renewing the diplomatic process in a way they have not done over the course of 16 years.”

― Benjamin Netanyahu

“Racial profiling punishes innocent individuals for the past actions of those who look and sound like them. It misdirects crucial resources and undercuts the trust needed between law enforcement and the communities they serve. It has no place in our national discourse, and no place in our nation’s police departments.”

― Benjamin Todd Jealous

“My nature is to try and look past apparent truths, to pull back layers and understand the psychological motives behind phenomena.”

― Bennett Miller

“I like to have something that I can challenge common-sense notions about, challenge the apparent truths, and really look past the many faces of a thing to see what’s behind it.”

― Bennett Miller

“Photography can only represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past.”

― Berenice Abbott

“If the history of the past fifty years teaches us anything, it is that peace does not follow disarmament – disarmament follows peace.”

― Bernard Baruch

“I’m a school teacher, and later on, well past my formal education, I became very interested in science.”

― Bernard Beckett

“When you forgive, you in no way change the past – but you sure do change the future.”

― Bernard Meltzer

“I’m not interested in the past or in talking about myself.”

― Bernard Sumner

“If something I do now sounds like something I did in the past, it’s because I played it. I can’t help sounding like myself. That’s going to happen. The things that I play on guitar that resonate with me are probably the same things that resonated with me when I started playing in Joy Division.”

― Bernard Sumner

“My very addictive personality and all sorts of strongholds are a thing of the past for me. Yet at the root of every single one of those issues was insecurity, something I had battled since childhood.”

― Beth Moore

“Doing everything with one arm, being well-known, and having a book and a movie, it’s fairly abnormal. As far as just not having to worry about past experiences, I’ve healed very well.”

― Bethany Hamilton

“My biggest ‘don’t’ from the past? Picking my face!”

― Bethenny Frankel

“Government tends to stifle innovation, and it abhors improvisation. Any good military strategist will tell you that a battle plan rarely survives past the first engagement. After that, you have to improvise to survive and to win.”

― Betsy DeVos

“Donald Trump has his Twitter account, but so do I, and so do millions and millions of Americans. So the way that we can organize around that is different than what we had in the past, and we can use that tool for good, not just for evil.”

― Betsy Hodges

“I’ve always tried to go a step past wherever people expected me to end up.”

― Beverly Sills

“I am concerned because even in the past two years that were the jubilee years, I have seen evident signs which show that the people are still in great difficulties, and there are things that still need to be remedied and looked after in many areas.”

― Bhumibol Adulyadej

“It is true, there are many bad people; there are more of them than in the past, but that is because there are more people, meaning the population has tripled; there must be three times more bad people.”

― Bhumibol Adulyadej

“I have always lived according to my conscience, and my past is clean.”

― Bidzina Ivanishvili

“The things that I leave creatively are going to stay here long past me. That’s the reason why the album is called ‘4Eva Is a Mighty Long Time.’”

― Big K.R.I.T.

“I feel like I’m able to relate to all races of people because when you learn to tap into the raw emotion of a person, that goes past color.”

― Big Sean

“Whatever I have come to offer, I have come to offer and it may or may not be connected to anything that has happened in the past.”

― Bill Bruford

“I wanted to make connections between Whale’s past and present.”

― Bill Condon

“Whatever I do, I attempt to do it fully. I try, and don’t always succeed, to be thorough. There are musicians who do not know their worth, and if they knew it at one time, it has eluded them. I know my worth. You try not to dwell in the past.”

― Bill Dixon

“As you get larger, it is harder to have focused discussions. Because one of the things I’ve learned about Congress over the past four years that I’ve been in is there’s no shortage of opinions about how things should be done on any particular subject.”

― Bill Flores

“I’d love to wrestle a Bruiser Brody or Andre the Giant from the past.”

― Bill Goldberg

“I think there’s value in experience and observations that link past to present.”

― Bill Kurtis

“We can get much better outcomes from people if we understand the genetic basis of the exact cancer that they have, what interventions might be most effective against it, what’s worked in the past and what hasn’t.”

― Bill Maris

“We do not have the luxury of two big oceans protecting us as we have had in the past, for we now have a new kind of enemy who deals with stealthiness. Our ability to protect ourselves is having the information ahead of time so we can thwart the attack.”

― Bill Nelson

“I speed up past mirrors.”

― Bill Nighy

“Unlike science, creationism cannot predict anything, and it cannot provide satisfactory answers about the past.”

― Bill Nye

“Past Olympians have a continuing role within the Olympic family.”

― Bill Toomey

“A woman past forty should make up her mind to be young; not her face.”

― Billie Burke

“There is no life for girls in team sports past Little League. I got into tennis when I realized this, and because I thought golf would be too slow for me, and I was too scared to swim.”

― Billie Jean King

“I’ve never had a series that’s gone past 12 episodes.”

― Billy Burke

“You’re only as good as what you’ve been. You can’t rely on the past.”

― Billy Butler

“I just don’t want to live in the past. I’m really disappointed by so many people of my generation who – in order to promote their new work, they have to constantly lean on their past. I don’t want to be that type of artist… I see a lot of people out here doing really marginal music.”

― Billy Corgan

“Upsetting the dope is a favorite pastime in baseball. Past performances count for but little in the national pastime. Reputations don’t get you anywhere. A club is judged solely on results, and to get results, you must win ball games.”

― Billy Evans

“Sooner rather than later, any other form other than digital media will be a thing of the past. It won’t vanish, but let’s face it, this is seemingly the way of the future.”

― Billy Gibbons

“I haven’t been faithful to my own advice in the past. I will in the future.”

― Billy Graham

“I’m trying to embrace social media because it gives artists a little more power than we’ve had in the past.”

― Billy Porter

“I ride my bike past the Danish Parliament, and it’s very accessible – there’s really no security!”

― Birgitte Hjort Sorensen

“My list of basic tools is a partial answer to the question about what has changed: Over the past few years, large numbers of programmers have come to depend on elaborate tools to interface code with systems facilities.”

― Bjarne Stroustrup

“We worry about the seemingly ever-increasing number of natural catastrophes. Yet this is mainly a consequence of CNN – we see many more, but the number is roughly constant, and we manage to deal much better with them over time. Globally, the death rate from catastrophes has dropped about fifty-fold over the past century.”

― Bjorn Lomborg

“It’s just different discipline, just doing the voice over. I guess I’ve done about 5 or 6 audio books in the past and I do the animated voice for a show called Fatherhood on Nickelodeon.”

― Blair Underwood

“In each action we must look beyond the action at our past, present, and future state, and at others whom it affects, and see the relations of all those things. And then we shall be very cautious.”

― Blaise Pascal

“If we examine our thoughts, we shall find them always occupied with the past and the future.”

― Blaise Pascal

“In country music, one of the ways we may have gone wrong in the past is trying to be politically correct all the time.”

― Blake Shelton

“We have never owned, as a country, the damage done not only to people who were enslaved but to future generations in which they were treated. I think that has damaged the future of many African-American people. Some have risen above it quite nobly, but it has impacted generations, and we have to be able to own that as part of the past.”

― Blase J. Cupich

“One day I asked myself, ‘What do I have to sell in this world?’ And I realised, well, I only can sell what I have in my bag, and what I have in my bag is my past, and this is Cameroon. This is the raw material of my career.”

― Blick Bassy

“Resume: a written exaggeration of only the good things a person has done in the past, as well as a wish list of the qualities a person would like to have.”

― Bo Bennett

“To me, living in the present means being aware of your conscious choice to focus on the past, present or future – it is not necessarily having to focus on the present.”

― Bo Bennett

“I’m not trying to be evasive, but when I say yes and no, I say ‘yes’ because there are narrow-minded people that won’t look past the logo and ‘no’ because ‘American Idol’ put me in front of millions of people and I would not have a career without ‘Idol.’”

― Bo Bice

“I’d like to teach kids how to write songs. This will be my first year so I’m just as green as some of the rest of the folks. It’s like a music camp and I get to hang out with some of the past contestants.”

― Bo Bice

“I’ve taken up golf in the past five or six years, and most of the time there aren’t too many people out there that can drive a ball further than I can.”

― Bo Jackson

“What I have learned over hundreds of campaigns is if you have lost voters who have supported you in the past, you can get them back. If you never had them, it is a very difficult sell.”

― Bob Beckel

“You learn from a conglomeration of the incredible past – whatever experience gotten in any way whatsoever.”

― Bob Dylan

“Well, the future for me is already a thing of the past.”

― Bob Dylan

“Whether you want to lose 20 pounds or 200, what the contestants on ‘The Biggest Loser’ have learned – and taught me – holds true: You’ve got to make a break. You’ve got to divorce yourself from the past and find a different way of living. And you can never go back.”

― Bob Harper

“When we recall the past, we usually find that it is the simplest things – not the great occasions – that in retrospect give off the greatest glow of happiness.”

― Bob Hope

“Are we blasphemous in saying that 2-D is largely a thing of the past, and computer-generated animation is the present and future? It’s all about creating a better experience for the viewer – and that includes 3-D.”

― Bob Iger

“In this bright future you can’t forget your past.”

― Bob Marley

“Don’t live in the past. There’s no point. You can’t change anything. What a waste of time.”

― Bob Newhart

“Before we move forward with new efforts to lower the barriers to international free trade, we must review the consequences of the policies of the past and address the problems of the present.”

― Bob Ney

“I’ve had a pilot every single year that didn’t sell for the past four years, that’ll smack you in the back of the head. I had a really good one last year; I wouldn’t have done the play in New York if I had gotten that one.”

― Bob Saget

“But with 9/11, we found that people tended to come back to the networks and the people who had been our core viewers in the past came back and they have stayed with us.”

― Bob Schieffer

“Walking has been ridiculous in college basketball the past 15 years.”

― Bobby Knight

“One of my first overseas trips with WWE was to France. I walked out of our hotel, and I see a little kid walking toward me with his mom. He gets a couple of steps past me and he stops in his tracks. I see his mom do a little bit of a double-take, then he runs over and just grabs on and starts hugging my leg as hard as he can, then he starts crying.”

― Bobby Lashley

“I don’t have a dark side as far as there is, like, murder in my past, but yeah, I think I’m a pretty nice, easygoing guy.”

― Bobby Moynihan

“The Federal prison population has increased more than 7-fold over the past 20 years.”

― Bobby Scott

“In the past, the movies I’ve made are perceived as dark, but a lot of comedies are way darker.”

― Bobcat Goldthwait

“If we should be blessed by some great reward, such as fame or fortune, it’s the fruit of a seed planted by us in the past.”

― Bodhidharma

“I still feel it was a privilege to be a part of this team the past years, that I helped make Barca the best team in the world.”

― Bojan Krkic

“Rock ‘n’ roll is ridiculous. It’s absurd. In the past, U2 was trying to duck that. Now we’re wrapping our arms around it and giving it a great big kiss.”

― Bono

“Racism is something that is taught. We, as a people, need to work to get past that.”

― Booker T

“For me, the association with rock is one of force and anger and aggression. And definitely, in the past, I’ve made songs that attack like that. But what I usually try to appeal to is peoples’ everyday feelings, the things that they’re going through as they deal with the system on a one-to-one level.”

― Boots Riley

“In my experience over the past 30 years in business, investment decisions can be slowed or stopped due to unpredictability in laws and regulatory framework or if free trade and competition is hampered or access to capital restricted.”

― Borje Ekholm

“For artists of my caliber, we’re not played on the radio, so we don’t really get a chance to get involved in that debate at all. We don’t get a chance, because this weird kind of ageism exists in pop music. If you’re past a certain age, you’re not relevant. That’s the kind of cliched term.”

― Boy George

“The only thing to prevent what’s past is to put a stop to it before it happens.”

― Boyle Roche

“Many people, companies, and organizations are trying to protect the past at any cost. We see this regularly in business as the incumbent vs. innovator fight, but I think it’s more profound than that. It’s literally a difference in point of view.”

― Brad Feld

“In charting our course to the future, we are mindful of our path from the past.”

― Brad Henry

“In the past, I tried to be more of a typical session guitarist. I wasn’t so concerned with impressing anybody.”

― Brad Paisley

“Illinois has commonsense regulations on concealed carry permits. For example, if you had two or more D.U.I.’s within five years, within the past five years, you do not have the right in Illinois to obtain a concealed weapons permit.”

― Brad Schneider

“I think the thought of a traditional family home is awesome. Traditional roles are becoming a thing of the past, but I think there is something really charming about them.”

― Bradley Cooper

“John Wells let me write a couple of West Wings, which was an incredible gift. I loved it once I got past the brain injury part of it, and so I’m working on a couple of things that are far from fruition, but what I want to pursue.”

― Bradley Whitford

“There are such beings as vampires, some of us have evidence that they exist. Even had we not the proof of our own unhappy experience, the teachings and the records of the past give proof enough for sane peoples.”

― Bram Stoker

“Interviewing someone is a very proactive process and requires taking a lot of agency into your own hands to get past people’s general normal self-preservation mode.”

― Brandon Stanton

“As a country, we like to ignore our past. We don’t like to look at it.”

― Brandon Victor Dixon

“Obviously, in my past, I had a quite wild relationship with Pamela Anderson.”

― Bret Michaels

“I absolutely love and respect the past, but I’m not a ‘glory days’ guy. I love where we’ve been and love where I’m at and going.”

― Bret Michaels

“Nearly everyone I know seems to have a well-developed theory as to why this country is past redemption, or almost, and every theory seems almost right.”

― Bret Stephens

“When I showed up at UH, my hair was past my waist. I had a goatee. I wasn’t a theater geek; I wasn’t an actor. But Cecil Pickett molded me and taught me.”

― Brett Cullen

“I’ve owned mopeds in the past.”

― Brett Dalton

“Even in past years, when I wasn’t in the Super Bowl, I wished I was.”

― Brett Favre

“I would say that is the beauty of Adult Swim is that they’re always pushing forward from what they’ve done in the past, and they’re always just trying different styles.”

― Brett Gelman

“I’ve definitely seen people get angry or really uncomfortable with stuff I’ve made in the past. And my stand-up, if you could call what I do stand-up, is quite aggressive, too.”

― Brett Gelman

“How can we have critical thinking without being able to quote and being able to compare what happened in the past? Television is dreadfully unrecorded and unquotable.”

― Brewster Kahle

“I don’t live in the past at all; I’m always wanting to do something new. I make a point of constantly trying to forget and get things out of my mind.”

― Brian Eno

“I do sometimes look back at things I’ve written in the past, and think, ‘I just don’t remember being the person who wrote that.’”

― Brian Eno

“The artists of the past who impressed me were the ones who really focused their work.”

― Brian Eno

“At the end of the day, you can’t reinvent yourself past a point, because you are you, and there are things that are inherently you that are always going to be there.”

― Brian Fallon

“The past nine years in San Diego have represented such a period of questioning.”

― Brian Ferneyhough

“We can no longer dwell on the divisive politics of the past but must focus on Georgia’s bright and promising future.”

― Brian Kemp

“I found in the past when I did a bit of punditry, I was very conscious of not saying anything negative about people I played against, because players are elephants and they remember when someone says something – I stored things for years and just waited for my opportunity.”

― Brian O’Driscoll

“As far as past men go, I loved Jeff Hardy. He reminds me of my husband in a way. He’s quieter but has a presence in the ring that’s, like, wow.”

― Brie Bella

“I never get hung up on the past – the memories are too negative.”

― Brigitte Bardot

“Hundreds of years ago, the most beautiful women of Havana were only glimpsed stepping in or out of carriages on this street. The first foreign writers who arrived and saw this could never get past just how incredibly beautiful their feet were.”

― Brin-Jonathan Butler

“I did learn one great lesson from a past relationship, and that was to never talk about relationships in print again because I’d rather live my private life than read about it.”

― Brittany Murphy

“Music and literature have always and continue to be massive influences. Writers such as Seamus Heaney and Frank McGuinness. I have always admired the humanitarians that I knew growing up in Derry whose influence steered me in the direction of some of the work that I have chosen in the past.”

― Bronagh Gallagher

“I think horror films in the past maybe touched on social themes having to do with whatever era in which they were made, but in the end, it’s definitely an escapist form of entertainment.”

― Brooke Nevin

“Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go.”

― Brooks Atkinson

“I see the young guys coming out of college. They are bombing it past me. They hit it so far, they are leaving me in the dust.”

― Brooks Koepka

“I don’t sit here and dream because I don’t care about the future. I wouldn’t take nothin’ for my past and I’ve got enough behind me that I can write forever.”

― Brownie McGhee

“It’s not highly intellectual material. I’m dedicating it to the pulp fiction of the past.”

― Bruce Boxleitner

“Somebody who can reckon with the past, who can live with the past in the present, and move towards the future – that’s fabulous.”

― Bruce Springsteen

“My only general rule was to steer away from things I played with the band over the past couple of tours. I was interested in re-shaping the Rising material for live shows, so people could hear the bare bones of that.”

― Bruce Springsteen

“In the past, some of the songs that were the most fun, and the most entertaining and rocking, fell by the wayside because I was concerned with what I was going to say and how I was going to say it.”

― Bruce Springsteen

“You can’t undo the past… but you can certainly not repeat it.”

― Bruce Willis

“I think the rules are going to have to change for me to ever run for public office. My checkered past will always keep me out of politics.”

― Bruce Willis

“I don’t watch my own past films: when I watch them, I find they don’t work very well, because I have changed. If I continue to make films, in fact, it is because I always want to repair my films. My inner rhythm has changed; I have changed. I have changed my way to film.”

― Bruno Dumont

“One of my greatest pleasures in motor racing is qualifying. You have loads of freedom from pushing a lap the whole way. I’ve always been very good in qualifying in the past; everything I’ve done, I’ve got pole positions.”

― Bruno Senna

“I think if you believe in past lives, I must have been an extremely deprived being. I must have been mistreated, beaten, and forced into indentured servitude because this life has just been phenomenal.”

― Bryan Cranston

“Education should prepare our minds to use its own powers of reason and conception rather than filling it with the accumulated misconceptions of the past.”

― Bryant H. McGill

“For a composer of concert music, 40 is actually very young. But for a rock musician, 40 is almost past due, where you think of rock music as really part of more youth-oriented culture.”

― Bryce Dessner

“There have been contestants on ‘The Voice’ from past seasons that didn’t even win, and I have been so inspired by them. To think that I am now one of those winners? I really, really hope there is a little girl out there that is believing in herself and knows that she can be here.”

― Brynn Cartelli

“The one thing we know today is we can’t continue to do business the way we have in the past.”

― Bud Selig

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

― Buddha

“It can be rebuilt if other countries with selfish interests will not meddle, as has been done in the past.”

― Bulent Ecevit

“As a former NFL player, I am one American who will have nothing to do with any NFL Team that cannot find the corporate courage to stand for the millions of courageous past great Americans whose sacrifice gave meaning to our flag and national anthem and to the millions upon millions who still dream to come to its free shores.”

― Burgess Owens

“We need to step up because our past generations did their jobs; we now need to do ours.”

― Burgess Owens

“Certainly, I’ve never wanted to live on past achievements.”

― Buzz Aldrin

“When we think about the past, we think, ‘It must have been so boring.’ It’s actually not.”

― Caitriona Balfe

“I’ve been a huge fan of Adele, Sam Smith, and Ed Sheeran, and those amazing artists draw inspiration from their present and past experiences; they write songs from their heart.”

― Calum Scott

“For the past few centuries, we have defined beauty as tall, slender figures, femininity and white skin.”

― Cameron Russell

“Over the past 20 years, I have noticed that the most flexible, dynamic, inquisitive minds among my students have been industrial design majors. Industrial designers are bracingly free of ideology and cant. The industrial designer is trained to be a clear-eyed observer of the commercial world – which, like it or not, is modern reality.”

― Camille Paglia

“Are we like late Rome, infatuated with past glories, ruled by a complacent, greedy elite, and hopelessly powerless to respond to changing conditions?”

― Camille Paglia

“Young feminists have been sold a bill of goods about American feminism. The enormous changes in women over the past 40 years are constantly and falsely attributed to the organized women’s movement of the late 1960s and ’70s.”

― Camille Paglia

“’Mad Men’ doesn’t capture one single thing about the decor, costumes, or sexual interaction. It is a total projection of contemporary snarky attitudes into the past.”

― Camille Paglia

“Our educational establishment is failing; it is past time for courage, honesty, and action commensurate with the need, particularly here in the United States.”

― Campbell Brown

“The movies that I’ve done in the past, everybody’s been like, ‘Cam always gets away in a movie playing Cam.’ So, like, I’m trying to step outside the box a little bit just to show my range in acting.”

― Cam’ron

“I love things that are old and glittery, that come with layers of glamour and past lives.”

― Candace Bushnell

“To praise it would amount to praising myself. For the entire content of the work… coincides almost exactly with my own meditations which have occupied my mind for the past thirty or thirty-five years.”

― Carl Friedrich Gauss

“You can do the best research and be making the strongest intellectual argument, but if readers don’t get past the third paragraph you’ve wasted your energy and valuable ink.”

― Carl Hiaasen

“Grounded in the natural philosophy of the Middle Ages, alchemy formed a bridge: on the one hand into the past, to Gnosticism, and on the other into the future, to the modern psychology of the unconscious.”

― Carl Jung

“We have a hope of succeeding if we learn from our past mistakes and pull together to make the hard choices.”

― Carl Levin

“In the governments, as we’ve witnessed in the past, they had to hide. Because there’s a lot of concentration on the friends-and-family club… We’re not about that. That’s not the government of the future of the State of New York. What’s gonna pull this state out of the doldrums that it’s in right now is an honest and open government.”

― Carl Paladino

“It is even better to act quickly and err than to hesitate until the time of action is past.”

― Carl von Clausewitz

“I think it would be shocking for me to pretend not to have any past. And also, it would be a lie.”

― Carla Bruni

“My record proves that I don’t make political or public-service decisions based on what typical folks in Washington do, which is, ‘What’s going to get me past the next election, or what’s best for my career?’”

― Carlos Lopez-Cantera

“In Los Angeles you get the sense sometimes that there’s a mysterious patrol at night: when the streets are empty and everyone’s asleep, they go erasing the past. It’s like a bad Ray Bradbury story – ‘The Memory Erasers’.”

― Carlos Ruiz Zafon

“Most people are prisoners, thinking only about the future or living in the past. They are not in the present, and the present is where everything begins.”

― Carlos Santana

“Most of the media… is positioning the merger with Compaq and the recent actions by Walter Hewlett and David Packard as a fight between the past and the future.”

― Carly Fiorina

“I think when it comes to pop I’m past the point of curiosity. I admit to a full-on obsession with it, and I think it’s getting worse, actually.”

― Carly Rae Jepsen

“I don’t think Estonians ever really hated Russians. It was more, ‘Leave us alone.’ We can’t change what is past. We can’t blame them for what their parents have done. We never hated them. They didn’t destroy us that bad.”

― Carmen Kass

“Children have in the past and continue to influence policy makers.”

― Carol Bellamy

“We all have relationships – I’ve had relationships in my past, and I don’t look back on them and think, ‘That was a mistake.’”

― Caroline Flack

“We’ve all had relationships; I’ve had them in my past, and I don’t look back on them and think, ‘Ah, that was a mistake.’ I take what I learnt and move onto the next one.”

― Caroline Flack

“You can’t dwell in your past but move forward, look forward. That’s it.”

― Caroline Wozniacki

“Even by the diverse standards of Saturn’s satellites, Enceladus was an outlier. Its icy surface was as white and bright as fresh snow, and whereas the other airless moons were heavily pocked with craters, Enceladus was mantled in places with extensive plains of smooth, uncratered terrain, a clear sign of past internally driven geologic activity.”

― Carolyn Porco

“In the past, I often found that when I reached out for a fast cure it led me down a slippery slope of more medications, hopeful dependence on the next prescription and ultimately a much longer drawn-out illness.”

― Carre Otis

“I try, in the present, to not exalt the past because I think that’s such a way of diminishing the present. And it’s hard to live like that.”

― Carrie Brownstein

“I like historical pieces. History was my favorite subject in school, it was the only subject I excelled in. I love the idea of history and the idea that we may have the opportunity to learn from our past mistakes.”

― Cary Elwes

“We now know that we cannot continue to put ever-increasing amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. Actions have consequences. In fact, the consequences of past actions are already in the pipeline. Global temperatures are rising. Glaciers are melting. Sea levels are rising. Extreme weather events are multiplying.”

― Cary Fowler

“Ah, beware of snobbery; it is the unwelcome recognition of one’s own past failings.”

― Cary Grant

“As you know, in the past several years, month after month, radio has increased its revenues – some of it even coming from Dot-Com advertisers. So, radio is a survivor.”

― Casey Kasem

“I’ve said many times in the past that my career’s not going to go on much longer; I’m not going to keep going and riding until I’m in my 30s and things like this.”

― Casey Stoner

“If interviewers are prejudiced against women or Hispanics, for example, a face-to-face interview will predictably result in discrimination. Reliance on tests, or on actual or past performance, can promote equality.”

― Cass Sunstein

“It doesn’t bother me that people think that Blake Shelton made me go country, because I can understand it. My immediate past is pop-rock, and people don’t know a ton about me as a kid – yet. They will soon.”

― Cassadee Pope

“I have ventured out and written about real-life experiences that I haven’t gone through myself, but I’ve known people to go through them. In the past, I’ve always written about my experiences and people related to that, but there’s a lot of other things that I’ve never written about that people have gone through.”

― Cassadee Pope

“In the past, I’ve always written about my experiences, and people related to that, but there’s a lot of other things that I’ve never written about that people have gone through. I’m still keeping it young and edgy, but I’m definitely putting more of a mainstream twist to it.”

― Cassadee Pope

“I suppose the more established one gets, you have what’s called a reputation, and so you want to protect that and preserve that. And I think the bravery really comes in one’s mid career where you then are constantly trying to move beyond that and move past that, because those so-called successors can become shackles.”

― Cate Blanchett

“You have to know how to evolve with age without trying to hang on to your younger image of yourself from the past.”

― Cate Blanchett

“What a man has made himself he will be; his state is the result of his past life, and his heaven or hell is in himself.”

― Catherine Crowe

“Technology has changed almost everything. One institution remains stubbornly anchored in the past. It’s where I work – the United States Congress, a 19th Century institution using 20th Century technology to respond to 21st Century problems.”

― Cathy McMorris Rodgers

“I’ve heard that many fine artists have to turn their ‘finished’ paintings to face the wall – otherwise, every time they walk past, they are tempted to pick up a brush and make small adjustments here and there.”

― Cecilia Dart-Thornton

“I am not in the camp of ‘Russia has to be our enemy, and they have to be that way forever,’ and I think sometimes we fight about from the past.”

― Cenk Uygur

“My style is different from everybody else’s because I’ve traveled so much and wrestled in so many places. I took something from everywhere I went, and I think that WWE’s most accomplished superstars have also done that in the past.”

― Cesaro

“There are many Superstars – past and present – I would love to get in the Swing.”

― Cesaro

“The goal of a private company is, first, zero to one: Get past the product-market fit; figure out whether people actually care about what you’re trying to build and someone will pay you money for that. That’s the zero to one problem.”

― Chamath Palihapitiya

“Maybe in past years, perhaps women didn’t feel quite as comfortable with revealing themselves, and their skills and their crafts… and now we are, so we’re out there, just like the guys.”

― Chantal Kreviazuk

“Now is the time for the U.S. and the nations of Western Europe who engaged in the slave trade throughout this hemisphere to come forward in a positive way to assist in undoing the harm that was caused by their past colonial policies in the hemisphere.”

― Charles B. Rangel

“The Cox Committee found that the Chinese military acquired many of the technologies over the past seven years, although many of them had been targeted for acquisition for more than a quarter century.”

― Charles Bass

“A moral being is one who is capable of reflecting on his past actions and their motives – of approving of some and disapproving of others.”

― Charles Darwin

“Reflect upon your present blessings of which every man has many – not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”

― Charles Dickens

“The age of chivalry is past. Bores have succeeded to dragons.”

― Charles Dickens

“In the past, NASDAQ has defended flash orders.”

― Charles Duhigg

“Furthermore, there is no good ethical or economic reason for asking workmen and current producers to forego all economic gain in order to increase the purchasing power of all the wealth accumulated in past years.”

― Charles E. Wilson

“In view of our public pledges, we public officials can never again go before the public merely promising election reform. The time for promises is past.”

― Charles Edison

“It is futile to talk too much about the past… like trying to make birth control retroactive.”

― Charles Erwin Wilson

“To have no heroes is to have no aspiration, to live on the momentum of the past, to be thrown back upon routine, sensuality, and the narrow self.”

― Charles Horton Cooley

“Use the losses and failures of the past as a reason for action, not inaction.”

― Charles J. Givens

“To design the future effectively, you must first let go of your past.”

― Charles J. Givens

“The standard formulation on remedy is that it ought to cure past violations and prevent their recurrence. That’s what antitrust is all about.”

― Charles James

“There’s definitely been some songs in the past that we’ve put out, and it was purely us going, ‘Okay, we think radio will play this. We think this will be a hit. This will be big for the show,’ and all this stuff. But it’s like, do you really believe in it?”

― Charles Kelley

“I’m not someone who dwells upon past events, taking the view that life is too short.”

― Charles Kennedy

“As a Scot, representing a Scottish constituency for almost the past 25 years, I do not harbour an overweening ambition to pronounce on each and every matter exclusively English.”

― Charles Kennedy

“Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth.”

― Charles Kingsley

“I have a horror of the blank page. I simply cannot write on a blank page or screen. Because once I do, I start to fix it, and I never get past the first sentence.”

― Charles Krauthammer

“Life is a culmination of the past, an awareness of the present, an indication of a future beyond knowledge, the quality that gives a touch of divinity to matter.”

― Charles Lindbergh

“The landscape of the Net has changed; that cyberfrontier of the past has become a teeming city of people, transactions, and businesses.”

― Charles Platt

“Most industrial designers do a bottle or a pen or a computer – things that go right past your eye. When you see a chair, it’s almost like a person. It’s this great big thing in front of you. It hits you more.”

― Charles Pollock

“We cannot change our past. We can not change the fact that people act in a certain way. We can not change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.”

― Charles R. Swindoll

“The belief may be too often mistaken, but the illusion of coming into direct contact with the past is intoxicating and persuasive, and can result in an interpretation that carries conviction. Sometimes confidence is all that’s needed.”

― Charles Rosen

“Luckily, I’m not a stand-up comedian, so I don’t get the fear of standing on stage in front of a dead audience: my humorous pieces have to make it past an editor before they get exposed to the public.”

― Charles Stross

“We have one life; it soon will be past; what we do for God is all that will last.”

― Charles Studd

“I cannot take back one word or action; the past does not change for anyone.”

― Charles Van Doren

“One thing I don’t understand is how people want you to replicate your past successes. Being an artist should be about freedom and not just becoming one thing, because I think that’s terrible and boring.”

― Charli XCX

“I can’t imagine voluntarily standing beside an F1 track in the rain, watching motorised wedges plastered in corporate decals zooming past at 500mph.”

― Charlie Brooker

“I do try not to dwell on the past too much, because I have a tendency to do that, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten very good at distancing myself from shoulda, woulda, coulda.”

― Charlie Hunnam

“The whole thing with the Rick James story sketch and the Prince story sketch – I recounted my past, you know? – and that’s what I was doing. It’s not like I sat down and said I want to come up with a great story about Rick James. That stuff really happened.”

― Charlie Murphy

“If I’m afraid of something, I’ll deal with it and get past it.”

― Charlie Murphy

“There was no way to lock down, or tighten up, or Fail-Safe into Security Theater a race that covers 26.2 miles, a race that travels from town to town, a race that travels past people’s houses. There was no way to garrison the Boston Marathon. Now there will be.”

― Charlie Pierce

“Everyone’s gone through a breakup, and I’ve dated girls in the past where… I’ve never had a messy breakup, thankfully, but I’m never the one to end it. I’m always caught off guard as to why things ended because I guess I’m oblivious in a way.”

― Charlie Puth

“There have to be more important things going on in the world than my past.”

― Charlie Sheen

“I just don’t want to live like I used to. And at some point, I’m going to put a gag order on myself in terms of talking about the past. I’ve got to slam the door and deal with the present and the future.”

― Charlie Sheen

“I’m not going to say that a very young Charlie Weber is without his indiscretions. But not anymore; I’m way past those days.”

― Charlie Weber

“I’ve always had to train harder than others to get the oxygen to my muscles because of my lung capacity. I have to push myself past the point of being comfortable.”

― Charlie White

“I mean, I’m new but I’ve always been very interested in film making process and I’ve been lucky enough to work with film makers in my past that have been very encouraging to let me hang around. I get so emotionally vested – that the producer part of me was natural.”

― Charlize Theron

“For so long, I was ashamed of my past, and I think that crippled me a lot in having confidence.”

― Charlotte Flair

“I actually don’t read comic books. I did when I was a kid – I used to read a lot of ‘X-Men’ comic books. I read a couple ‘Scott Pilgrim’ this past year, and those are really good, but I don’t read in general, unfortunately.”

― Charlyne Yi

“Everyone is scared of getting hurt, but having been there and taken the chance on someone and fallen in love – it’s worth getting past all of your heart’s reservations, regardless of how things transpire.”

― Chelsea Lankes

“I understand the harsh feelings and sentiments from my opponents and their supporters because I myself have been defeated twice in my political life in the past and I understand very well it is hard to accept your own failure.”

― Chen Shui-bian

“Some years I’m the coolest thing that ever happened, and then the next year everyone’s so over me, and I’m just so past my sell date.”

― Cher

“I have done so many love scenes in the past that I have learned how to pull off a sexy smoulder on the dance floor.”

― Cherie Lunghi

“Only fools live in the past or carry envy to the present.”

― Chi Chi Rodriguez

“The modern world is one wherein every nation has to develop the strength of which its citizens are capable. The independent status of the individual, his thoughts and actions become a thing of the past.”

― Chiang Kai-shek

“I’m happy with all of my past outfits, as they have felt right at the time, and your style always evolves.”

― Chiara Ferragni

“Bali is one of my favorite places in the world. In one of my past lives, I believe I was living on the island of Bali.”

― Chip Conley

“I think once you’re past 30 you shouldn’t wear a lot of glitter.”

― Chloe Sevigny

“Congress has changed the Social Security system over time, and over 20 times in the past Congress has raised taxes on Social Security in payroll taxes into the system.”

― Chris Chocola

“And on this you have my pledge – unlike in the past, when you stood up and did what was right, this governor will not pull the rug out from underneath you – I will sign strong reform bills.”

― Chris Christie

“I don’t like talking past the next game. It’s never served me right in the past.”

― Chris Coleman

“The past is the past, but if you’re overanalyzing or trying to repeat it, you’re gonna get stuck. I just had a wonderful youth, and I loved everything about it, so I really try and hang on to it.”

― Chris Evans

“I’ve been able to make films over the past 10 years but still maintain my anonymity.”

― Chris Evans

“Anyone who’s ever been around an emergency in Manhattan realizes that there are plainclothes officers on these streets walking past us more than we ever realize.”

― Chris Gethard

“I am a stereotypical northeasterner. I’m always in a rush. I’ve attracted stares from out-of-towners when I’ve shoved past someone blocking the subway door.”

― Chris Gethard

“The Navy credits me with more kills as a sniper than any other American service member, past or present.”

― Chris Kyle

“I’ve been fascinated with Stevie Nicks for a long, long time. I’ve written ‘Stevie Nicks’ inside everything I’ve made for the past 20 years.”

― Chris March

“Forget about what happened in the past. The past is the past. Who cares? Time heals things.”

― Chris Mullin

“The past four years at St. John’s University have been one of the most thrilling and challenging points of my career.”

― Chris Mullin

“I always get involved with the environment because once you go past the tipping point with the environment, you don’t get it back.”

― Chris Noth

“When I say I hate nostalgia, I hate things set in the recent past where everything is shiny and new.”

― Chris O’Dowd

“I’ve gone up for loads of jobs in the past that I knew were going to be terrible, and I’ve done my best, and I still haven’t got them. So I think I’ve been lucky in who’s decided I’d be worthy of their time.”

― Chris O’Dowd

“Every book that doesn’t first have to get past a gatekeeper or two, or 10, before being put in front of the public will be worse.”

― Chris Pavone

“I think it’s a very healthy thing to learn from what’s happened in the past. But only if you look at what happened and think, ‘How could I have dealt with that differently?’ Then let it go.”

― Chris Pine

“I think partly the problem with Yes – and I’ve had this discussion with people from the Hall of Fame in the past – is that it’s going to be difficult to decide how many of the members of Yes you’re gonna put in it and how many you’re not because of the extensive membership of the band through the years.”

― Chris Squire

“In the past, I have assumed the word ‘vulnerability’ equates with the word ‘weakness’ and ‘This Is Us’ shows us that it is in fact the opposite.”

― Chris Sullivan

“I went backwards and forwards over it until I was 22. And then in the past few years I began to say to myself, OK, look, I’m not messing around. This is something I want to attack, instead of thinking, I’ll just see what happens with it.”

― Christian Bale

“I’ve never been one to go past 20 players on the wing. I’m always going to be the guy sneaking the ball through, to build and create something.”

― Christian Eriksen

“I am not nostalgic for the past.”

― Christian Lacroix

“For whatever reason, the people that don’t appreciate Duke basketball or don’t pull for Duke basketball, they have a tendency to vilify one of the players. And a lot of times, it might be a white guy. And has it happened over and over in the past? Yes.”

― Christian Laettner

“We make way for the man who boldly pushes past us.”

― Christian Nestell Bovee

“I’ve been taking my time now between projects looking for stuff that has a little bit more substance, that isn’t surface. Some of the films that I’ve done in the past really were surface.”

― Christian Slater

“I have spent the past ten years in just about every war zone there was.”

― Christiane Amanpour

“I turned to music originally because of my past and needing a release or an outlet to get out anger or frustration or hurt.”

― Christina Aguilera

“I really feel free and not as serious as I have been in the past.”

― Christina Aguilera

“Sometimes I think my past life was unrealized. I met a tragic end – it might have been a car over a cliff. But it’s true, I came from another time and place, and landed in Paris Hilton’s backyard.”

― Christine Ebersole

“Once your company grows past a certain point, upholding values becomes more and more difficult. This is where companies get into trouble. Thus, it’s absolutely critical to take your company values seriously and practice it every day.”

― Christine Tsai

“I’d been told, or warned, that when you paint one room, not only will it look nice, but it will also make the room next to it look as if raccoons have been living in it for the past decade.”

― Christopher Buckley

“No doubt Western civilization has in the past been full of wars and revolutions, and the national elements in our culture, even when they were ignored, always provided an unconscious driving force of passion and aggressive self-assertion.”

― Christopher Dawson

“Broadly speaking, there are two approaches to crime: the realistically detailed police procedural, usually grim and downbeat, and the more left-field, joyous theatre of ideas in which past masters once specialised. Knowing that I would never be able to handle the former, I set about reviving the latter.”

― Christopher Fowler

“A society that has made ‘nostalgia’ a marketable commodity on the cultural exchange quickly repudiates the suggestion that life in the past was in any important way better than life today.”

― Christopher Lasch

“4chan is a framework of pictures and text. I’ve always been extremely hands-off with dictating what gets posted, past general categories and rules. I support providing a place to discuss anything, although I don’t agree with everything that’s posted.”

― Christopher Poole

“Sprawling, earnest, and ambitious – its modest title is ‘The Future’ – Al Gore’s new book embodies both the virtues and the flaws of its author. But those hardy souls who slog past the weaknesses will be rewarded by a book that is brave, original and often fun.”

― Chrystia Freeland

“Sometimes the past seems too big for the present to hold.”

― Chuck Palahniuk

“My personal theory is that younger audiences disdain books – not because those readers are dumber than past readers, but because today’s reader is smarter.”

― Chuck Palahniuk

“Every decade, we get a stunning collection of dynamic, heartbreaking short stories. In the past, those collections came from Barry Hannah, Mark Richard, and Thom Jones.”

― Chuck Palahniuk

“Mitt Romney would move the Court even further right, putting landmark decisions like Roe v. Wade at risk. Some say Romney would repeat the past. I disagree – he’d be worse.”

― Chuck Schumer

“A psychic once read my palm and told me I was my mother’s mother in a past life. Isn’t that weird?”

― Chynna Phillips

“I was really stuck in the whole Farah Fawcett hairdo long after it was past being in fashion.”

― Cindy Margolis

“The monarchy is thousands of years old and has experienced many things like ‘The Crown’ in the past. They’re always changing and evolving; that’s the thing. They have to.”

― Claire Foy

“Biographers use historians more than historians use biographers, although there can be two-way traffic – e.g., the ever-growing production of biographies of women is helping to change the general picture of the past presented by historians.”

― Claire Tomalin

“I’m interested in history, in trying to relate the past to the present and to understand how people thought about their problems and pleasures.”

― Claire Tomalin

“I have an almost complete disregard of precedent, and a faith in the possibility of something better. It irritates me to be told how things have always been done. I defy the tyranny of precedent. I go for anything new that might improve the past.”

― Clara Barton

“It is going to be an experiment of how it works, and I see I have all reasons to believe that it will work fine. But it’s a short time. And we also have pushed the envelope here a little beyond what has been done in the past.”

― Claude Nicollier

“I try to forget the past.”

― Claudio Ranieri

“The whole enterprise of teaching managers is steeped in the ethic of data-driven analytical support. The problem is, the data is only available about the past. So the way we’ve taught managers to make decisions and consultants to analyze problems condemns them to taking action when it’s too late.”

― Clayton M. Christensen

“Forgiveness allowed me to wash my burdened past away.”

― Clemantine Wamariya

“Never allow other people to classify you based on your past and current circumstances, where you were born, your experiences, your gender, or your race.”

― Clemantine Wamariya

“A lot of times we look at the past as something that was really great, but we ignore things that have actually gotten better since then.”

― Cliff Chiang

“And time itself? Time was a never-ending medium that stretched into the future and the past – except there was no future and no past, but an infinite number of brackets, extending either way, each bracket enclosing its single phase of the Universe.”

― Clifford D. Simak

“I guess I’m living in the present more than the past.”

― Clint Eastwood

“In past generations, people would try to play younger than they really are. My trick is, I don’t try to play younger than I really am.”

― Clint Eastwood

“I guess maybe when you get past 70, other people start asking you how you feel.”

― Clint Eastwood

“Schools are the single largest lever of mobility in this country. When we commit to creating and enforcing laws that acknowledge the injustice of the past, we open up the possibility of using schools as a means of reducing inequality.”

― Clint Smith

“At school, I never had a hold on English history, and cheder was a place run by sadistic incompetents, so I felt alienated from the Jewish part of my past.”

― Clive Sinclair

“There’s a lot to be learned by watching. I think the younger generation could fare a lot better in their game if they could sit down and watch some of the games of the past.”

― Clyde Drexler

“I’m a goal-oriented person, and instead of focusing on the past, I’d rather focus on the future.”

― CM Punk

“I never thought I’d play soccer past high school, so to go from that team to actually being most-capped and three World Cups is pretty special.”

― Cobi Jones

“If you think of any past artist, there was something that they looked at that inspired them to make their most famous pieces, whether it be the ‘Mona Lisa’ or ‘Venus Rising.’”

― Coco Rocha

“All you need to do is look down at my boots. My pro wrestling boots that I’ve worn for the past year have the Triforce symbol from ‘Legend of Zelda’ on them.”

― Cody Rhodes

“You can’t live off your past.”

― Colby Covington

“In the past, I’ve done some covering. My first show in New York, I covered three guys in ‘Jersey Boys.’ I think it was always something that was helpful for keeping my head on straight.”

― Colin Donnell

“What we have to find is the right level of regulation of our financial system so that it has the incentive to invest in things, but at the same time, it is sufficiently regulated so it can’t get in the kind of trouble that we have seen in the past and we have seen recently.”

― Colin Powell

“Whereas in the past optimism had been regarded as rather shallow – because ‘oh well, it’s just your temperament, you happen to be just a cheerful sort of person’ – what I wanted to do was to establish that in fact it is the pessimists who are allowing all kinds of errors to creep into their work.”

― Colin Wilson

“It’s interesting because I haven’t done a lot of period work in the past, but I always wanted to because I’m interested in history.”

― Colm Meaney

“In the past I’ve worked with directors who saw very much their scene in their head and knew exactly how they were going to cut it.”

― Colm Meaney

“History is a way of interpreting, rather than, say, knowing, the past. It is usually a set of disputes between those who have access to the same sources. It depends on ideology as much as voting in an election does.”

― Colm Toibin

“It may be enough to study history in all its nuance and ambiguity for its own sake. But there is no country free of the need to find new ways of reading the past as an inspiring way of thinking about everything else, including the present.”

― Colm Toibin

“I think one of the biggest political failures, and the biggest social failures, over the past few years has been the failure of empathy; not being able to look at the other person down the street.”

― Colum McCann

“I never imagined my life would be the way that it has been for the past 30 years. I have had the best experiences a person can have-and the worst as well.”

― Columba Bush

“Study the past, if you would divine the future.”

― Confucius

“I’m anxious about work, the future, friendships, past relationships… I’m just one of those people that, whatever I’m doing, it’s a big worry.”

― Conor McPherson

“The United States is a proud, determined, hard-working, talented, patriotic nation and people, and it is not over-extended in the manner of empires of the past that took over the lands of others and eventually collapsed under the weight of the over-ambitious hegemon.”

― Conrad Black

“Faith is not simply a patience that passively suffers until the storm is past. Rather, it is a spirit that bears things – with resignations, yes, but above all, with blazing, serene hope.”

― Corazon Aquino

“A vote for George Wallace is a vote for the past and oppression.”

― Coretta Scott King

“I feel George Wallace symbolizes something in the past which America has rejected.”

― Coretta Scott King

“For the past two years, the only thing the ‘Idol’ machine has been doing has been maliciously attacking my name.”

― Corey Clark

“At the end of the day, it is about the album and book and also about setting the record straight, because ‘American Idol’ has done a great job of defaming my name and throwing a lot of mud at me for the past two years. So that set up a lot of roadblocks for me.”

― Corey Clark

“’American Idol’ has done a great job of defaming my name and throwing a lot of mud at me for the past two years, so that set up a lot of roadblocks for me.”

― Corey Clark

“The people that become the biggest jokes are people who do not change. They stay the way they were in the past. Look at Michael Jackson, he never evolved.”

― Corey Feldman

“The people that become the biggest jokes are people who do not change. They stay the way they were in the past.”

― Corey Feldman

“Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future.”

― Corrie Ten Boom

“We also must pull from our highest ideals of justice and protect against those ills that destabilized our economy – like predatory lending, over-leveraged financial institutions and the unchecked avarice of the past that trumped fairness and common sense. Our platform calls for significant cuts in federal spending.”

― Cory Booker

“Much of my high-jinx have been drug-related. When you’re under 30, whatever, but once you’re past 40 it’s just ugly.”

― Courtney Love

“In the past, before games, I would near enough make myself ill. Nerves and stuff.”

― Craig Bellamy

“What would we do without plaques to tell us who lived where and when? They introduce the past into the present, and are the quickest and most interesting way of reminding us that our streets exist above and beyond the here-and-now.”

― Craig Brown

“Don’t trust anyone who has been in school for the past 24 consecutive years.”

― Craig Bruce

“If I live my life through nostalgia and what I did in the past and expect to be the new kid people have just discovered again, then unfortunately, I’m creating my own demise.”

― Craig David

“I think sometimes that people think brave means not being afraid, which of course it doesn’t mean that at all. It means that you’re afraid, but you move past that and do it anyway, do what you think is right.”

― Craig Ferguson

“The places I’ve worked in the past, I always stayed three years and moved on.”

― Craig Kilborn

“My personal belief is that there’s not much value in showing things from the past that have no relevance to today or failing to connect some kind of dotted line to where we are today, because otherwise, it just becomes homework.”

― Craig Mazin

“The past is past and I guess if you live in the past, you cease to live.”

― Craig McCaw

“If we are to put the past on trial, where do we stop?”

― Craig Shirley

“In the past, geneticists have looked at so-called disease genes, but a lot of people have changes in their genes and don’t get these diseases. There have to be other parts of physiology and genetics that compensate.”

― Craig Venter

“In the past, once a movie musical was made, it was believed that you were left with that version, good or bad, for posterity.”

― Craig Zadan

“There are a lot of stories I remember with ‘Wolverine.’ ‘Days of Future Past’ is one that jumps out in my mind.”

― Cullen Bunn

“On some level, every story draws something from life experiences. Most of the time, it’s just a matter of me pulling bits and pieces of my own past to help give characters or settings a little more life.”

― Cullen Bunn

“To my mind, one does not put oneself in place of the past; one only adds a new link.”

― Cy Twombly

“Hebrew in America has a bemusing past. The Puritans, out of scriptural piety, once dreamed of establishing Hebrew as the national language.”

― Cynthia Ozick

“I always think clothing is like a scrapbook: you remember all the good memories and the past times.”

― Cynthia Rowley

“Although I like the work I’ve done in the past, I like what I’m writing now even more.”

― Cynthia Weil

“The past is the only dead thing that smells sweet.”

― Cyril Connolly

“A healthy vision of the future is not possible without an accurate knowledge of the past.”

― Daisaku Ikeda

“We are not merely passive pawns of historical forces; nor are we victims of the past. We can shape and direct history.”

― Daisaku Ikeda

“Any radical change or trauma always makes for interesting subject matter, but then all stories deal, to some extent, with the disjuncture between past and present.”

― Damon Galgut

“Perhaps cliche is nothing more than the weight of the past pinning down your mind. In this sense, imaginative freedom is a way of finding the future, though it isn’t so easy to do.”

― Damon Galgut

“Hip hop is the new rock n’ roll, you know what I mean? And anybody who doesn’t think that is just sort of living in the past. It’s all just American music, really, when you get right down to it.”

― Dan Auerbach

“The location of Trump Tower in the heart of America’s largest city requires more complex security arrangements than have been needed for past presidents.”

― Dan Donovan

“It’s unacceptable for any past or present service member to lose access or go through increased hurdles to get the medical services they rely on.”

― Dan Donovan

“TPP replicates similar language from past trade agreements that has allowed foreign corporations the right to challenge U.S. federal, state, and local laws outside of American courts. These tribunals will not meet our high standard of transparency and due process, and they will rely on weak impartiality rules for selecting judges.”

― Dan Lipinski

“We cannot change the past, only recover from it. And perhaps learn its cruel lessons.”

― Dan Pena

“If you want to make more money, you’ll have to do things differently. You will have to do things you never even thought of doing in the past. You will have to do things out of your comfort zone.”

― Dan Pena

“It’s a question of whether we’re going to go forward into the future, or past to the back.”

― Dan Quayle

“I have made good judgments in the past. I have made good judgments in the future.”

― Dan Quayle

“The term we use on our team is ‘reset’: when you go through, whether it’s a negative play or a negative drive, and you get your next opportunity – not focusing on the past, but going back into your attack mode.”

― Dan Quinn

“I’m amazed by just constantly – there’s not a week that goes past where there’s not someone in Ulan Bator or Rio De Janeiro suddenly says, ‘Ooh, ‘Downton’ started this week.’ You completely forget it’s staggered across the world.”

― Dan Stevens

“The Gen X generation never got past ‘Reality Bites,’ apparently, and my generation, the Gen Yers… Facebook? Maybe a conservative revolution?”

― Dana Loesch

“I’ve been approached in the past to option my stories for television, but prior to Evergreen, there were no assurances the production would be filmed in Alaska.”

― Dana Stabenow

“I work with a lot of kids. Every year, for the past fifteen years, I work at Comedy Camp where I work with a lot of kids.”

― Dane Cook

“Sometimes it takes looking at the past to really be able to move forward and learn from it.”

― Danica Patrick

“I do not believe, given her past decisions and comments on the reasons to go to war in Iraq, that Dr. Rice will be able to represent the United States without a predetermined bias from the war.”

― Daniel Akaka

“I don’t really drink very much, although I have abused alcohol in the past.”

― Daniel Baldwin

“The mill cannot grind with the water that is past.”

― Daniel D. Palmer

“I feel less often compelled to do the work than I was in the past.”

― Daniel Day-Lewis

“I can’t re-examine work I did in the past with pride.”

― Daniel Day-Lewis

“In short, we need to recover the courage we celebrate in our heroes, and in particular, the courage to tolerate, for the sake of a free society, a level of risk we hardly ever imagined in the past.”

― Daniel Dennett

“Over the past 50 years we got versions of X-ray specs and space vacations, and even death rays. But the X-ray specs don’t fit on your face – they’re big things that screen your luggage for guns. Space vacations are real, but they cost $20 million. We have death rays, but you have to be a triple Ph.D. to play with them.”

― Daniel H. Wilson

“One thing we have lost, that we had in the past, is a sense of progress, that things are getting better. There is a sense of volatility, but not of progress.”

― Daniel Kahneman

“All of us roughly know what memory is. I mean, memory is sort of the storage of the past. It’s the storage of our personal experiences. It’s a very big deal.”

― Daniel Kahneman

“The steady expansion of welfare programs can be taken as a measure of the steady disintegration of the Negro family structure over the past generation in the United States.”

― Daniel Patrick Moynihan

“People don’t know the past, even though we live in literate societies, because they don’t trust the sources of the past.”

― Daniel Pauly

“There’s no shame in enjoying a quiet life. And that’s been the realization of the past few years for me.”

― Daniel Radcliffe

“For some reason, I got really obsessed with Samuel Pepys and his diaries when I read them, and with that period. I was probably a man with a wig and a frock coat in a past life!”

― Daniel Rigby

“I think I might have exaggerated some abilities in the past. Practical abilities for acting jobs you sometimes have on your CV – I have definitely exaggerated in meetings to get a job and then not been up to scratch on the day.”

― Daniel Rigby

“In the past, I’d felt I didn’t want to try something because I might get shot down for it. I’d tried it with England, and the goalkeeper – I think it was against Poland – saved it. This time, it came off.”

― Daniel Sturridge

“So I’ve learned in the past, if a company approaches me and they want something like this, or something like that that I’ve done and I turn them down, they’re going to do it anyhow.”

― Danny Elfman

“When you’ve moved past a point where you’re just scrambling for jobs, you think about the things that you want to do. And the things that you want to do are governed by what you’ve seen, what you choose to embrace.”

― Danny Glover

“Your future is only big enough for you to walk through, not for you and your past to walk through.”

― Danny Gokey

“I’m a long-time fan of Rob Long, and his books are hugely re-readable, detailing the ins and outs of being a Hollywood comedy writer with a past success but with everything to prove.”

― Danny Wallace

“The Dorm Room Diet is nothing like the conventional diets you may have tried in the past. It offers guidelines for creating a healthy lifestyle on your own, without the daunting restrictions of a quick-fix diet.”

― Daphne Oz

“I have a sordid past.”

― Dar Williams

“Commanded by God dozens of times in the Hebrew Bible to remember their past, Jews historically obeyed not by recording events but by ritually re-enacting them: by understanding the present through the lens of the past.”

― Dara Horn

“Memory as an article of faith often comes naturally to writers, who by temperament are likely to be diarists and record keepers, forever searching past events for elusive patterns – and forever believing that such patterns are to be found.”

― Dara Horn

“What I love about each album is the opportunity to expand on what we’ve done in the past – to push myself and the band creatively, vocally, and lyrically.”

― Darius Rucker

“Everyone has a past.”

― Darrell Issa

“’Harlem: The Unmaking of a Ghetto’ is a surprise and a fresh way of looking at Harlem, connecting the black district with the architecture of its historical past.”

― Darryl Pinckney

“I get a little heated when I talk about the past. But I wanted to be clear – I’m not mad at anybody – not anymore.”

― Dave Chappelle

“I definitely like the oddballs. There’s a song called ‘Little Thing,’ which is the only song that I have recorded that has no words. And it’s the one that I get past my critic inside me.”

― Dave Matthews

“While I’d like to believe that I’m not a bad or evil person, regardless, it’s clear that some of my past actions have hurt or offended several women. And I probably deserve to be called a creep.”

― Dave McClure

“A very great deal is written about the future of book publishing – much more than on its present or past – and the only takeaway from all these oracles seems to be that a great empire will be destroyed.”

― Dave Morris

“I think I’m long past the days where I would go to the store and drop a couple hundred bucks on CDs, so my playlist is gonna be pretty long in the tooth.”

― Dave Willis

“The self is an oral society in which the present is constantly running a dialogue with the past and the future inside of one skin.”

― David Antin

“I love round people, I love skinny people. I love people in general; we’ve got to get past labels and stop being so critical about everything.”

― David Arquette

“I’m absolutely strict about it. When I land, I put my watch right, and I don’t care what I feel like, I will go to bed at half past eleven. If that means going to bed early or late, that’s what I live by. As soon as you get there, live by that time.”

― David Attenborough

“I have always wanted to live in the present and never the past.”

― David Bailey

“I am not responsible for all the journalists in the past that have told lies.”

― David Bailey

“I do a lot of research on what people have done in the past.”

― David Blaine

“I have made mistakes in the past, but when I have, I have always said so.”

― David Blunkett

“The very purpose of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution is to protect minority rights against majority voters. Every court decision that strikes down discriminatory legislation, including past Supreme Court decisions, affirming the fundamental rights to marry the person you love, overrules a majority decision.”

― David Boies

“I’m well past the age where I’m acceptable. You get to a certain age and you are forbidden access. You’re not going to get the kind of coverage that you would like in music magazines, you’re not going to get played on radio and you’re not going to get played on television. I have to survive on word of mouth.”

― David Bowie

“When I was 18, I thought that, to be a romantic, you couldn’t live past 30.”

― David Bowie

“Self-righteous people can talk themselves into forgetting they are part of a civilization. They can then feed on that culture, bringing it down. It’s happened many times in the past. It could happen to us.”

― David Brin

“When I begin a book, I inevitably discover many things along the way, about the characters, their past histories and the political intrigues that surround them. This discovery process is vital, and I would not prejudice it by deciding too much in advance.”

― David Brin

“Criticizing Fox News has nothing to do with criticizing the press. Fox News is not a news organization. It is the de facto leader of the GOP, and it is long past time that it is treated as such by the media, elected officials and the public.”

― David Brock

“Why not invest in the future of music, instead of building fortresses to preserve its past?”

― David Byrne

“Just because something’s been good in the past doesn’t mean it will continue to be good.”

― David Chang

“Unfortunately, historians have become so absorbed in detailed research that they have tended to neglect the job of building larger-scale maps of the past.”

― David Christian

“I’ve just always been interested in moving past the keyboard and mouse.”

― David Cohen

“I’m the last person to ask ‘what do you remember’ from a particular time period… I like to learn from the past… not ‘live’ in it.”

― David Coverdale

“Artistic development is a thing of the past, sadly.”

― David Coverdale

“In the last couple of years I’ve been facing down a lot of the demons of the past and trying to find out, who I am, It’s something I think I’ll be doing for the rest of my life.”

― David Coverdale

“The main effect of the Internet on language has been to increase the expressive richness of language, providing the language with a new set of communicative dimensions that haven’t existed in the past.”

― David Crystal

“Increasingly, over the past ten years, I’ve come to take the view that a cultural perspective is intrinsic to the future of language teaching and learning, especially in the case of English, as it becomes increasingly global.”

― David Crystal

“There’s nothing unusual about a single language dying. But what’s going on today is extraordinary when we compare the situation to what has happened in the past. We’re seeing languages dying out on a massive scale.”

― David Crystal

“A maverick feels like he has no choice however difficult his choice of expression. In my case, it was going backwards into tonality. It seemed so wrong. The idea that progress is going into the past in a new way is very strange, even though there are precedents.”

― David Del Tredici

“When confronted with a direct threat to American security, Obama has shown he is willing to act unilaterally – in a targeted, get-in-and-get-out fashion, that avoids, at all costs, the kind of messy ground wars and lengthy occupations that have drained America’s treasury and spirit for the past decades.”

― David E. Sanger

“In some ways, writing a novel, especially a novel set in the past and about characters who once lived, is about amassing enough details and arranging them properly in order to offer the reader a verisimilitude that satisfies his or her curiosity about the story at hand.”

― David Ebershoff

“I wouldn’t put it past God to arrange a virgin birth if He wanted, but I very much doubt if He would.”

― David Edward Jenkins

“The value of the beans for oil production, as well as for human food, has become recognized so quickly and so generally during the past year that the crop has acquired a commercial standing far in excess of its previous status.”

― David F. Houston

“In the past, whistleblowers have had their desks moved to break rooms, broom closets, and basements. It’s a clever punishment, good-government activists say, that exploits a gray area in the law. The whole thing can look minor on paper. They moved your office. So what?”

― David Fahrenthold

“The past is past; what’s gone on has gone on.”

― David Furnish

“I’m a pro forma Bernie Sanders donor. In years past, when Michael Harrington was still alive, I was a very active member of Democratic Socialists of America.”

― David Garrow

“In the past, a great library was the result of librarians functioning as guardians of culture, tending and caring, selecting and recommending works that maintained and nurtured a cultural heritage.”

― David Gerrold

“I have memories – but only a fool stores his past in the future.”

― David Gerrold

“Earth is going to lose its oceans in the future, just as Venus did in the past. How long planets retain their oceans is a function of distance from the sun, all other things being equal.”

― David Grinspoon

“I think anyone who wants to live past 100 can do it.”

― David H. Murdock

“My father has always been interested in discarding the past. He’s never much liked China or the whole idea behind China or Chinese ways of thinking. He’s always been much more attracted to American ways of thinking. He feels Americans are more open – they tell you what they think – and he’s very much that way himself.”

― David Henry Hwang

“’They Walk Among Us’ is the work of husband-and-wife team Benjamin and Rosie. In the past, they’ve covered the Shannon Matthews case and the career of the prisoner known as Charles Bronson.”

― David Hepworth

“Old Filey lies around the Ravine, a glacial gash running down to Coble Landing. This is the fishing Filey of centuries past, with neat little terraced cottages and a cluster of attractive 18th century houses.”

― David Hewson

“What frustrates U.S. officials is that China sometimes seems more comfortable accommodating a strong United States, as it did in past decades, than partnering with an America that’s less dominant.”

― David Ignatius

“But in the past, US companies have been able to increase their profits through downsizing in the US, through colonizing other people’s resources, and through the increase of globalization.”

― David Korten

“The Congressional Budget Office tells us that Medicare spending has increased fivefold in the past 42 years, dramatically more than all other categories of federal spending.”

― David Limbaugh

“In the past, people generally believed they could acquire magic in two ways: through learning the craft, either from another practitioner or from books; or through obtaining magic from a powerful being-think Faust or the classic, demonized witch, both of whom get their mojo from Satan.”

― David Liss

“I don’t generally listen to music while working, but sometimes music can help me get past minor writer’s block.”

― David Liss

“In my research, what I found most interesting was how common and ordinary magic was to people in the past.”

― David Liss

“In the past, I’d been sort of a fan of writing a coat hanger of a script, and something I could hang ideas off of.”

― David Lowery

“I think we have to be positive and think about what we can do now because the past is the past – we cannot change it.”

― David Luiz

“I’ve been lucky enough to have flown some very interesting aircraft in the past, but SpaceShipTwo is far and away the most exciting of them all.”

― David Mackay

“Already we’re seeing graduates of U.S. higher education going back to their home countries and contributing to societies there, where in the past they would have stayed in the U.S. and built new companies here. We have to have immigration reform that allows talented foreigners to become Americans.”

― David Malpass

“A nation that forgets its past can function no better than an individual with amnesia.”

― David McCullough

“First of all, you can make the argument that there’s no such thing as the past. Nobody lived in the past.”

― David McCullough

“A kiss is often about the future and the past. A lost dream, about the discretion of the idealism.”

― David Means

“What part of 9/11 is big? If the future continues to reinterpret the past, it could be argued that 9/11 provides irrefutable proof that unless there is some other way that we learn to deal with our technology or deal with our brothers and sisters, it is goodbye as a species. That genie does not leave that bottle.”

― David Milch

“I’ve become a less brave traveller since I became a dad, but in the past I was more foolhardy than brave.”

― David Mitchell

“All of my peers died of AIDS, and I have no one to celebrate my past or my journey, or to help me pass down stories to the next generation. We lost an entire generation of storytellers with HIV.”

― David Mixner

“We can’t afford to deny our past in a bid to be empowered. But what we can do is contextualize the past.”

― David Oyelowo

“If you don’t have your experiences in the moment, if you gloss them over with jokes or zoom past them, you end up with curiously dispassionate memories.”

― David Rakoff

“I knew that alpaca wool, with its cashmere-soft weave, had been transformed into cuddly knick-knacks ranging from pillows to teddy bears. But through selective breeding over the past 6,000 years, alpacas have so diverged from their llama cousins as to become quite different animals.”

― David Roberts

“The conventional notions of art have changed, and a lot of things done today are considered works of art that would have been rejected in the past.”

― David Rockefeller

“Probably in 2035 we will pass that mantle on to China. It will be the biggest economy in the world, and it will go way past us and way past India. Given the growth, the size, the opportunities, I don’t think there’s any other place in the world that can match it.”

― David Rubenstein

“All the music that I’ve made in the past I’ve believed in. I think some of it has been more commercially successful than others, but it wasn’t premeditated.”

― David Sanborn

“Charity fundraisers are nothing new to me. In the past, I have taken part in ski races for hospitals, walks for breast cancer, and long distance bike rides for geriatric care.”

― David Sax

“I think family is very important in West Virginia and has long been so because the mountains made travel difficult in the past, and family members had to depend on each other.”

― David Selby

“History provides an antidote to cynicism about the past.”

― David Souter

“The dark shadow we seem to see in the distance is not really a mountain ahead, but the shadow of the mountain behind – a shadow from the past thrown forward into our future. It is a dark sludge of historical sectarianism. We can leave it behind us if we wish.”

― David Trimble

“Looking back and thinking about the past and what I’ve done makes no sense – I’d like to keep achieving things. Then, when I retire, I will appreciate everything that’s happened and everything I’ve achieved.”

― David Villa

“Knowledge in the Internet Age – networked knowledge – is becoming more like what knowledge has been in the past few hundreds years for scientists: it’s provisional; it’s a hypothesis that is waiting to be disproved.”

― David Weinberger

“To regret fully is to appreciate how high the stakes are in even the average human life; fully experienced, it turns our eyes, attentive and alert, to a future possibly lived better than our past.”

― David Whyte

“To admit regret is to understand that we are fallible – that there are powers beyond us. To admit regret is to lose control not only of a difficult past but of the very story we tell about our present. To admit sincere and abiding regret is one of our greatest but unspoken contemporary sins.”

― David Whyte

“How quickly we forget God’s great deliverances in our lives. How easily we take for granted the miracles he performed in our past.”

― David Wilkerson

“I don’t linger on the fact that Dawn Fraser was a great swimmer 40 years ago. That was in the past. I did break 41 world records, but I don’t live on that today.”

― Dawn Fraser

“If we learn the art of yielding what must be yielded to the changing present, we can save the best of the past.”

― Dean Acheson

“No one really has any idea about me. To me, what I give you is what happens onscreen, and past that, anything you’re coming up with in your own head, you’re creating in your own mind.”

― Dean Ambrose

“I believe that I was a dog in a past life. That’s the only thing that would explain why I like to snack on Purina Dog Chow.”

― Dean Koontz

“I’ve got a long list of books I wish I’d never written-and I’ve kept them all out of print for the past 20 years.”

― Dean Koontz

“I think a lot of bands go on way past the point where they’re relevant. Some of them keep doing it because they’re making millions of dollars. Or people are afraid – they don’t know what else to do. It’s scary to get out of a relationship of any kind.”

― Dean Wareham

“I was in relationship with a guy who was much older than me – either he was past his prime and I was coming into mine. There was nothing I could do to keep his attention.”

― Deana Carter

“It is our interpretation of the past, our limiting beliefs, and our undigested pain that stop us from being able to move forward with clear direction.”

― Debbie Ford

“New Year’s resolutions often fail because toxic emotions and experiences from our past can sabotage us or keep us stuck with the same old thoughts, patterns and regrets.”

― Debbie Ford

“Fear is the culprit that robs us of our greatest lives. And although it’s mostly made up or a learned behavior from our past, almost everybody I’ve ever met in my life struggles with fear.”

― Debbie Ford

“Your desires will source you with the inspiration to release your outdated beliefs and let go of whatever behavior is keeping you stuck in the past.”

― Debbie Ford

“While your past can inform you and your future can inspire you, the moment of choice exists in the here and now.”

― Debbie Ford

“When you fail to tell the truth, you are kept bound to the past in ways that devastate your soul.”

― Debbie Ford

“With devotion at the center of your awareness, you don’t have to refer to your past in order to make a choice of how to respond or react in any given situation.”

― Debbie Ford

“Throughout your life, you’ve been influenced by what you have done in the past, what you have been told you can and cannot do, and what your present circumstances seem to dictate.”

― Debbie Ford

“People used to say everyone knows someone who’s had breast cancer. In the past few weeks, I’ve learned something else: Everyone has someone close to them who has had breast cancer.”

― Debbie Wasserman Schultz

“We own the economy. We own the beginning of the turnaround and we want to make sure that we continue that pace of recovery, not go back to the policies of the past under the Bush administration that put us in the ditch in the first place.”

― Debbie Wasserman Schultz

“Born in 1966, I came of age at the dawn of a revolution. The past was gone; we would move on and get over it!”

― Deborah Copaken Kogan

“Nothing beats weaving through the rush-hour traffic or whizzing past the eternal gridlock that is the Strand.”

― Deborah Moggach

“In the past, great communicators were great orators, but great communicators today sound conversational, and interrupting is common in conversation. And public discourse is now more about entertainment than enlightenment.”

― Deborah Tannen

“Success follows those adept at preserving the substance of the past by clothing it in the forms of the future.”

― Dee Hock

“Each moment is defined by a multitude of histories, the past constantly converging upon us, perpetually decaying and reforming itself on the steady pulse of now, now, now, now.”

― Dee Rees

“People at risk of ‘honour’-based violence require long-term support, often years past the closure of a case, for continuing culturally-sensitive psychological support and the development of long-term protection plans.”

― Deeyah Khan

“A hedonistic lifestyle contrary to all the rules and expectations of Islam is not an unusual precursor to radicalisation: in fact, some young radicals see joining in the jihad as a way of achieving redemption for past sins.”

― Deeyah Khan

“I’m very grateful for the career that I’ve had. And I’m very grateful for the experiences that ‘Star Trek’ has afforded me, along with my past background.”

― DeForest Kelley

“When I’m at the greatest odds with my body, it’s usually because I feel my body’s betraying me, whether that’s been in the past, struggling with my weight and feeling that I couldn’t eat what I wanted to eat, or that I couldn’t get my body to do what I wanted it to do.”

― Demi Moore

“Our moneyed men have ruled us for the past thirty years. Under the flag of the slaveholder they hoped to destroy our liberty.”

― Denis Kearney

“Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future.”

― Denis Waitley

“You must learn from your past mistakes, but not lean on your past successes.”

― Denis Waitley

“The things that worked for us in the past wasn’t going to work the same way going forward.”

― Denise Morrison

“I like to think I would not have approved those methods in the past, but I do not fault those who made the decisions at that time, and I will absolutely defend those who carried out the interrogations within the orders they were given.”

― Dennis C. Blair

“I’ve had varying luck with comedy in the past, but I’d really like to give that another go. I don’t know if I’d chase down a part, but if the right thing came along I could certainly see myself stepping into that zone.”

― Dennis Quaid

“Over the past several years, I’ve been more in a managerial role.”

― Dennis Ritchie

“You have to, as an individual, know how to tune that stage of your life that’s in the past out.”

― Deontay Wilder

“I shot ‘Blue Valentine’ on 16mm for the past, and for the present on the Red Camera. I feel that both formats are valid. The stories should dictate the format we shoot on. Filmmakers should have a choice.”

― Derek Cianfrance

“I really have to make sure that I’m staying true to who I am, and that I know my responsibilities to current N.B.A. players, to future N.B.A. players, to our past and retired N.B.A. Players.”

― Derek Fisher

“We just want to win. That’s the bottom line. I think a lot of times people may become content with one championship or a little bit of success, but we don’t really reflect on what we’ve done in the past. We focus on the present.”

― Derek Jeter

“I think a lot of us can relate to not choosing to face a painful memory, and something that’s a painful past, and wanting to pretend like it never happened.”

― Derek Magyar

“We make too much of that long groan which underlines the past.”

― Derek Walcott

“Things I’ve done in the past always make me cringe a bit. When I think back to being a Christian. Proselytising to people, that makes me cringe.”

― Derren Brown

“If I just do everything the opposite of what my dad did, I think that will make things pretty easy. I can joke about it now because I’m past that stage where it used to hurt. By having a kid, it’s gone. I could take all that negative energy that I had and put it in a positive way.”

― Derrick Rose

“My favorite airport snack is probably either a smoothie with berries and Greek yogurt from Jamba Juice or an Auntie Anne’s pretzel because I cannot walk past Auntie Anne’s smelling that without eating it.”

― Devon Windsor

“In the past, I’ll admit, I’ve enjoyed being compared to the protagonists in my screenplays.”

― Diablo Cody

“I feel like I’m part of a generation of people who are stuck in the past and are really self-absorbed. I mean, we’re actually taking pictures of ourselves and posting them on Facebook, and keeping in touch with people that should have been out of our lives 15 years ago.”

― Diablo Cody

“When you realize the value of all life, you dwell on what is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.”

― Dian Fossey

“When you realize the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.”

― Dian Fossey

“I’m definitely interested in acting. I’ve done it in my past. I know I can do it, let’s put it that way. And it’s so much fun.”

― Diana DeGarmo

“Instead of looking at the past, I put myself ahead twenty years and try to look at what I need to do now in order to get there then.”

― Diana Ross

“I used to think consciousness itself was a virtue, so I tried to keep it all in my head at the same time: past, future, etc.”

― Diane Arbus

“Some people have issues in their past that might make them tweak out at certain moments, but it’s possible to snap back and be a real human being.”

― Diane Guerrero

“When I’ve been asked in the past about my dream role, I always expressed how much I’d like to be a superhero.”

― Diane Guerrero

“I’m a hoarder. For me, documentation has always been key, and I’ve kept everything from my past.”

― Diane Keaton

“American education has been littered with failed fads and foolish ideas for the past century.”

― Diane Ravitch

“We’re not perfect, and there are some dark patches in our past, but what makes us special is that we recognize these evils, we come to grips with them, and we fix them.”

― Dianne Feinstein

“One of the worst things we could do is start to act now as though the attack of 9/11 is a thing of the past and will never be repeated. That’s just not true.”

― Dick Cheney

“We need to provide support to those that are fighting ISIS. And we can provide that support: logistically, training, intelligence, air cover. There are many things we have already accomplished successfully. But the notion of sending in rotational troops, as we saw in Iraq in the past, and in Afghanistan, I think we have learned our lesson.”

― Dick Durbin

“They did ask me to do ‘Dancing With The Stars;’ I said I can do one show, but on that show you have to come up with a new number every week, and I told them that I think I’m a little past that stage.”

― Dick Van Dyke

“Country music is always changing but the Opry is always there to serve as a lighthouse for what country music really is. The past, present and future is all encompassed by not only the physical structure of the building but also the radio show.”

― Dierks Bentley

“Most bands don’t make it past two albums and tours, if that. We pulled it off, and everybody’s been happy and cool, but we got to the point where we knew it was time to take a break.”

― Dimebag Darrell

“I am capable of batting at No. 4, from where I can build an innings. I have performed the role in the past. I have also been coming later down the order and donned the role of a finisher.”

― Dinesh Karthik

“I first came to Brazil in the Sixties. Then I started coming back every year since touring most of the country. I grew to love it, the people, the music. I thought this is where I belong. I’ve been living in Brazil for the past 23 years. I call it my stress-free country.”

― Dionne Warwick

“You can never figure out what the future sounds like. As soon as you make it, it’s the past.”

― Diplo

“I think as someone who collects beautiful things from the past, the thing that I miss the most about modernism and the things I lament about the past are everyday things that you would use were made more beautifully.”

― Dita Von Teese

“Time is a great conference planning our end, and youth is only the past putting a leg forward.”

― Djuna Barnes

“I have in the past overly trusted people and was, in turn, let down by some. Since then, I have learned the difference between putting faith into people and blindly trusting them.”

― Do Won Chang

“Luckily I don’t have a sinful past, because there’s nothing you can hide from your kids now.”

― Dolores O’Riordan

“In the past there has been debate as to whether or not traditional rights such as that to trial by jury might be protected or if a Bill of Rights should extend into areas of social and economic policy.”

― Dominic Grieve

“As a past attorney general I consider a WTO Brexit to be a disaster for us as, leaving aside the economic damage it will cause, it would trash our reputation for observing our international obligations – as it must lead to our breaching the Good Friday Agreement with Ireland on the Irish border.”

― Dominic Grieve

“I’m ready to live in the present – not the past and not in the future – because in the present is where there’s peace.”

― Dominick Cruz

“Though I always experimented with electronic music in the past, I wasn’t invested in that sound. My heart has always been in folk. That’s my home.”

― Domino Kirke

“I just believe pregnant women need a familiar face, someone who isn’t related to them who they may have all this emotional past with, to be there, just for them, during the birth.”

― Domino Kirke

“I don’t mind doing two or three Eagles songs and playing the drums. I’m not one of those artists who’s going to sit here and deny the past.”

― Don Henley

“That song didn’t just happen. It grew out of my experiences. ‘American Pie’ was part of my process of self-awakening: a mystical trip into my past.”

― Don McLean

“Emmitt Smith has run past legends, danced with stars and posed for the sculptor crafting his Hall of Fame bust. He’s built upon his athletic talents by working hard, seizing opportunities and reaching out to others for advice when he needed it.”

― Don Yaeger

“All comparisons between America’s current place in the world and anything legitimately called an empire in the past reveal ignorance and confusion about any reasonable meaning of the concept empire, especially the comparison with the Roman Empire.”

― Donald Kagan

“I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That’s where the fun is.”

― Donald Trump

“We are not post-racial. And in many ways we don’t even know how to have a conversation about being post-racial. Until we get out of that old-school way of thinking about race and opportunity and the ability to transcend some of the past of this country, then we’re going to be stuck in the 20th-century conversation about race.”

― Donna Brazile

“But even after the first week, when Hart got out of the presidential race because of the Washington Post’s threat to reveal a long-term relationship Hart had apparently been having with a prominent Washington woman, the media continued to embellish my past.”

― Donna Rice

“The past is not simply the past, but a prism through which the subject filters his own changing self-image.”

― Doris Kearns Goodwin

“My son, Wolf, was born when I was past 40 and the author of a best-selling novel. That means he has grown up a middle-class child – one who sometimes asks me for stories of my childhood but knows nothing of what it means to grow up poor and afraid. I have worked to make sure of that.”

― Dorothy Allison

“Most people have no idea how to politely answer a phone. The English do, and it’s been their only major business advantage for the past two centuries.”

― Douglas Coupland

“Everybody past a certain age, regardless of how they look on the outside, pretty much constantly dreams of being able to escape from their lives.”

― Douglas Coupland

“It also allows you to look as though you’re not particularly from the present, future or past, either.”

― Douglas Coupland

“Happiness in the present is only shattered by comparison with the past.”

― Douglas Horton

“We must admit that history is enjoyable to a large extent because it enables us to pass judgement on the past.”

― Douglas Hurd

“There are thus great swathes of the past where understanding is more important and reputable than judgement, because the principal actors performed in line with the ideas and values of that time, not of ours.”

― Douglas Hurd

“As Apple continues to release new styles of netbooks, laptops, and even desktops with untold movie-watching and game-playing capabilities, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the iPhone operating system running on them – and the Macintosh eventually becoming a thing of the past.”

― Douglas Rushkoff

“On Facebook, your past comes into your present when someone from your second grade class suddenly pops up to send you a message, and your future is being manipulated by what Facebook knows to put in front of you next.”

― Douglas Rushkoff

“Somebody approached me about working with Michael Jackson, and I did say no because I like working with new artists or people that I’ve worked with in the past. I can develop them from the ground up. There’s no set standard that I have to live up to or anything like that.”

― Dr. Dre

“I am not someone who is ashamed of my past. I’m actually really proud. I know I made a lot of mistakes, but they, in turn, were my life lessons.”

― Drew Barrymore

“Since the middle of the twentieth century, our understanding of the American past has been revolutionized, in no small part because of our altered conceptions of the place of race in the nation’s history.”

― Drew Gilpin Faust

“It was very clear I wasn’t giving my all in the past – not even close.”

― Drew McIntyre

“Why would I ever be bitter and negative and focus on the past?”

― Drew McIntyre

“Aleister Black – we’ve battled in the past, across the world. I’ve enjoyed his build, to watch his evolution as well.”

― Drew McIntyre

“I appreciate when people give us some positive feedback, and in the past, when I was younger, I might have allowed it to get to my head and have a bit of an ego.”

― Drew McIntyre

“The cutter has really helped me stay in the game longer and helped me get past the five, six innings a little more consistently.”

― Drew Pomeranz

“If someone asked me if I would be interested in doing a Hindi film, I would not say no. There were offers in the past, but something about ‘Karwaan’ just called out to me. The storyline of three unique characters in a van with a coffin seemed fresh, and I got a good vibe from the team.”

― Dulquer Salmaan

“In the past, a lot of films based on video games think that the audience wants to experience what it’s like to play the game, and that’s absolutely not the case.”

― Duncan Jones

“Let them police themselves, and then it goes another step past them to my coaches and there a coach that is responsible for a different area and different category on the field.”

― Dusty Baker

“I like to use the hard times in the past to motivate me today.”

― Dwayne Johnson

“The free world must not prove itself worthy of its own past.”

― Dwight D. Eisenhower

“In the past 3-4 years I’ve developed a habit of keeping numerous small cassette recorders in my house and in a bag with me so that I’m able to commit to tape memory song ideas on a constant basis.”

― Dwight Yoakam

“The future has a lot to do with the past.”

― Dwight Yoakam

“I’ve always had a great relationship with my mother, and with both of my parents. We can sit down and talk about things, and even if we do argue, we can get over it and get past it.”

― Dylan Everett

“My past is not pleasant; I grew up in a very tough town, Waterbury, Connecticut. I grew up in New York, too, but Waterbury was tougher.”

― Dylan McDermott

“Just going out and seeing friends, not being cooped up in my house because I don’t want to get my picture taken or anything like that – I’ve tried to let go of that stuff a bit, accept that it’s going to happen to me, and not let it prevent me from doing anything I want to do, which I have in the past.”

― Dylan O’Brien

“Education in the past has been too much inspiration and too little information.”

― E. Franklin Frazier

“Many past products advertised in old publications can be profitably promoted all over again. Sometimes, just by giving them a new twist or modern application, you’ll hit a real winner.”

― E. Joseph Cossman

“We are willing enough to praise freedom when she is safely tucked away in the past and cannot be a nuisance. In the present, amidst dangers whose outcome we cannot foresee, we get nervous about her, and admit censorship.”

― E. M. Forster

“The mistakes and unresolved difficulties of the past in mathematics have always been the opportunities of its future.”

― E. T. Bell

“We won the war, but we are losing the occupation and reconstruction of Iraq. It is past time for a new approach, one that relies on accountability, responsibility, and phasing down the scope of our military commitment.”

― Earl Blumenauer

“I don’t like to travel as much as I have in the past, but it’s good for my soul to get to pick, especially with these good musicians and these guys that play so well.”

― Earl Scruggs

“If a poet does not tell the truth about time, his or her work will not survive it. Past or present, there is a human dimension to time, human voices within it, and human griefs ordained by it.”

― Eavan Boland

“Our present will become the past of other men and women. We depend on them to remember it with the complexity with which it was suffered. As others, once, depended on us.”

― Eavan Boland

“There is a recurring temptation for any nation, and for any writer who operates within its field of force, to make an ornament of the past: to turn the losses to victories and to restate humiliations as triumphs.”

― Eavan Boland

“There is a fine balance between honoring the past and losing yourself in it. For example, you can acknowledge and learn from mistakes you made, and then move on and refocus on the now. It is called forgiving yourself.”

― Eckhart Tolle

“The fact is that we as a party at the Republican National Committee registered 3.4 million new voters in the past two years and brought them into the political process. The president won by 3.5 million votes.”

― Ed Gillespie

“I don’t want to be disrespectful of the president of the United States, but as a political person, one of the things I appreciated about this president, in the past year especially, is he is a fantastic candidate.”

― Ed Gillespie

“I’ve always wanted to work with Paul Newman. I had a couple opportunities in the past, and I didn’t take advantage of it, so it was really fun to be working with him.”

― Ed Harris

“In the past 10 years, I’ve looked at life as this Pollock stuff. And now I’m almost in the post Pollock phase.”

― Ed Harris

“The segregated schools of today are arguably no more equal than the segregated schools of the past.”

― Ed Markey

“The thing is, it really did take us too long to get these recordings done. We’ve had our rough times in the studio in the past, but after four weeks most of the material would have been recorded. This time it seemed like it just goes on and on.”

― Ed O’Brien

“You had to make an appointment to see her. But it was just a crazy spectacle, people filing past.”

― Eddie Campbell

“When I get the ball with my back to goal, I like to be in touching contact. I need to feel the guy. He will try to take the ball, and I will go past him.”

― Eden Hazard

“I try to be this kind of player: the type who does something whenever he gets the ball. Sometimes in the past, I’ve gone through games where I’ve not touched the ball for 20 or 30 minutes.”

― Eden Hazard

“The past can influence the future. When you finish one chapter, you open another, which will be influenced by what you’ve just lived through.”

― Edgar Davids

“The law of humanity ought to be composed of the past, the present, and the future, that we bear within us; whoever possesses but one of these terms, has but a fragment of the law of the moral world.”

― Edgar Quinet

“The ordinary experiences of aging alter and clarify your view of past, present, and future.”

― Edith Pearlman

“Historians tell the story of the past, novelists the story of the present.”

― Edmond de Goncourt

“You can never plan the future by the past.”

― Edmund Burke

“Both European and American historians have done away with any conceptual limits on what in the past needs and deserves investigating. The result, among other things, has been a flood of works on gender history, black history, and ethnic history of all kinds.”

― Edmund Morgan

“No one escapes from the past without bearing some of its burdens.”

― Edmund Morgan

“By 1892, enlightenment had progressed to the point where the Salem trials were simply an embarrassing blot on the history of New England. They were a part of the past that was best forgotten: a reminder of how far the human race had come in two centuries.”

― Edmund Morgan

“Most historians don’t much like generalizations. Indeed, they make a trade of showing that this or that generalization about the past will not work here or there or then.”

― Edmund Morgan

“APL is a mistake, carried through to perfection. It is the language of the future for the programming techniques of the past: it creates a new generation of coding bums.”

― Edsger Dijkstra

“I’m a writer obsessed with remembering: with remembering the past of America above all – and above all, that of Latin America, intimate land condemned to forgetfulness.”

― Eduardo Galeano

“In the past goodness was always a collective experience. Then goodness became privatised.”

― Edward Bond

“What is past is past, there is a future left to all men, who have the virtue to repent and the energy to atone.”

― Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

“Lots of science fiction deals with distant times and places. Intrepid prospectors in the Asteroid Belt. Interstellar epics. Galactic empires. Trips to the remote past or future.”

― Edward M. Lerner

“I have to believe SF writers will continue to inspire the public to have faith in – to demand! – a future that is at least as big and bold as the past.”

― Edward M. Lerner

“People say, ‘Don’t live in the past.’ But I guess it depends on how interesting your past is.”

― Effa Manley

“Finding oil is a multidisciplinary science. You need a lot of people – statisticians, engineers, and geologists, of course. And what I have learned in the past 30 years is that I read people better than I read books.”

― Eike Batista

“Weirdly, the past starts to be about something else. It becomes about style in a way that it wasn’t about, and I don’t mean writing style, but cultural style.”

― Eileen Myles

“The important thing to remember with the Internet is that there are large companies that have an interest in controlling how information flows in it. They’re very effective at lobbying Congress, and that pattern has locked down other communication media in the past. And it will happen again unless we do something about it.”

― Eli Pariser

“I grew up thinking that it was immoral to idealize the past because, in the past, there was slavery and no penicillin.”

― Elif Batuman

“Women need to be able to speak out if they are uncomfortable or something happened in the past that they were not comfortable with.”

― Elisabeth Moss

“I’ve featured in some soundtracks in the past, and I would love to do more. I love great soundtracks to movies. Quentin Tarantino always picks amazing soundtracks, so I would like to do something for him or write a song for him.”

― Eliza Doolittle

“The history of the past is but one long struggle upward to equality.”

― Elizabeth Cady Stanton

“In the past, I think my films that focused on African subjects struggled in the marketplace because of their subject matter.”

― Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi

“It often happens that you leave your house in the dark, shoot on a sound stage without natural lighting, and then go home in the dark. A whole week can go past, and it can feel like 12 hours.”

― Elizabeth Debicki

“In ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four,’ protagonist Winston Smith works at a propaganda department for the state called the ‘Ministry of Truth,’ where inconvenient news can be discarded down a ‘memory hole.’ Orwell was fixated on the idea that under certain governments, the past can be altered or documents rewritten.”

― Elizabeth Flock

“Buckhannon, population 5,639, is a deeply conservative town and long has been. While coal is its past, oil and gas are its likely future. It’s a town where guns are sold at yard sales, where Pentecostal churches are nearly as common as restaurants, and where distrust of Hillary Clinton is visceral and deep-seated.”

― Elizabeth Flock

“A fool too late bewares when all the peril is past.”

― Elizabeth I

“The past cannot be cured.”

― Elizabeth I

“My work is as an ethnographic rescuer: a conduit between past and future generations. The urgency of this effort cannot be overstated.”

― Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey

“You can also make explicit certain social problems which, again, would be prejudged or not encountered at all in real life, because people have set up defenses against it. Fantasy allows you to get past defenses.”

― Elizabeth Moon

“I have anxiety and have had depression in the past.”

― Ella Purnell

“I’ve moved about 10 times over the past 15 years. I don’t move for the sole purpose of getting rid of stuff. I’m not crazy. I also move so that I never have to wash any windows.”

― Ellen DeGeneres

“I do think you can change the past and the present somehow. Even if something has already happened, it doesn’t mean it’s settled.”

― Ellen Gallagher

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned, it seems, to direct the Middle East policy of the Obama administration.”

― Elliott Abrams

“Today, no less than in the past, the tetrahedral form of the earth and the relation of the tetrahedron to the poles and to the equator preserve the conditions that favor rapid evolution.”

― Ellsworth Huntington

“A lot of designers still have nostalgia for the past. As for the furniture in the future, I hope they use less of real wood. Conservation in wood is necessary.”

― Elsa Peretti

“I am so in the past. I’m such a Luddite when it comes to making music. All I can do is write at the piano.”

― Elton John

“I found with this record I had to really be strong-willed, because in the past I’ve tended to tinker and add a thing or take a thing away, and nearly always been wrong.”

― Elvis Costello

“Obviously the people that I admired, like the Beatles, were really into rock’n’roll, but it was already a little past rock’n’roll when I started listening and making my own choices about music.”

― Elvis Costello

“I’ve found in the past that if we planned the show a night before, once we slept and woke up, we weren’t in that mood anymore. Because I really think doing a live show means you should be exploring your live feelings, and planning is not good.”

― Elvis Duran

“One thing that makes me optimistic is other media from the digital world coming at radio. MTV tried to kill the radio star back in the ’80s. And with all the digital services coming at us, people say it’s a thing of the past – it’s not.”

― Elvis Duran

“In period films, it always helps to have someone built to carry a sword, and Channing Tatum clearly hasn’t missed a workout for the past two years, so he fits the bill in that regard.”

― Elvis Mitchell

“Because they’re my stories, they’re my version of events of the past three years. But I really hope people can hear their own stories within the songs and they can become our version of events.”

― Emeli Sande

“I’d give my right arm to be, like, a random extra on ‘Girls,’ just to walk past one of the scenarios. I’d love that more than anything.”

― Emilia Clarke

“I’m not a tart. I feel like I’ve been treated like one in the past.”

― Emily Atack

“I had so much self doubt in the past, but I’m trying to push myself.”

― Emily Atack

“Being a curvy girl, I’ve always, in the past, dressed just what’s flattering rather than what I actually really want to wear. I’m trying to say that you can wear whatever you want.”

― Emily Atack

“I couldn’t wait to look at someone who shared my genes. I thought my baby was going to provide a decoder key to my past. But then I looked at Pippa and realized, no, she’s actually the key to my future.”

― Emily Procter

“Keeping physical items from the past is important – we keep old toys, grandparents’ jewelry, yearbooks, dance recital programs – and we assign meaning to them. Those items become the memories, and that’s a very healthy thing to do. The problems occur when we have too many of those sentimental items, and they start weighing us down.”

― Emily V. Gordon

“Maybe I don’t take myself so seriously any more. And I don’t care how I’m judged. I’m past all that.”

― Emma Thompson

“We should never remain hostages of our past.”

― Emmerson Mnangagwa

“For the past eight years, the right has been better at working the refs. Now the left is learning how to play the game.”

― Eric Alterman

“I’m not the type of person that lives in the past, quite honestly.”

― Eric Bischoff

“I do write about people who are complex and are striving with something and can’t quite get past their own stuff, which would be a proxy for myself because that’s what the deal is with me.”

― Eric Bogosian

“Longevity is something I never gave a second thought to. I guess it’s the shadow of growing up in post WWII, but I never believed I would live past 20. Here I am though… a senior citizen… my voice and heart are stronger than ever, but boredom is the greatest enemy so I have to be careful not to slip over the edge.”

― Eric Burdon

“You can feel very quickly as a prisoner of your past, of the memories.”

― Eric Cantona

“I don’t care about the past.”

― Eric Cantona

“Nations without a past are contradictions in terms. What makes a nation is the past, what justifies one nation against others is the past, and historians are the people who produce it.”

― Eric Hobsbawm

“I want those young whipper-snappers to know that in days past we actually used to kill trees and make those things called books.”

― Eric Jerome Dickey

“I don’t think you can run around and crash and bang quite the way that I might have done in the past.”

― Eric Lindros

“Today, public understanding of our past and our system of government is pitifully low.”

― Eric Liu

“Job 29 is about Job reflecting on his past before the calamity hit him to say this is the type of man I was. So, you want to know what God calls perfect and upright? Read Job 29, and you will understand what kind of man God esteems.”

― Eric Ludy

“I am not a picture guy. I like to live in the present and keep the image of the past vivid in my mind. I don’t need the precision of the picture.”

― Eric Ripert

“The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that men may become robots.”

― Erich Fromm

“If I speak of Vienna it must be in the past tense, as a man speaks of a woman he has loved and who is dead.”

― Erich von Stroheim

“My goal is to produce as rich and historical an experience for the reader as I possibly can, to the point where when somebody finishes reading the book, he or she emerges from it with a sense of having lived in the past.”

― Erik Larson

“With my research, I really need absolute confirmation of what actually happened, direct physical connections to the past.”

― Erik Larson

“I’m concerned that we don’t address the water pollution problems in other countries. If we move forward and don’t clean up the messes of the past, they’ll just get swept under the rug.”

― Erin Brockovich

“I get so busy that I forget to eat, and that’s really hurt me in the past. I gained weight from that.”

― Erin Heatherton

“The history of the past interests us only in so far as it illuminates the history of the present.”

― Ernest Dimnet

“There will always be men struggling to change, and there will always be those who are controlled by the past.”

― Ernest Gaines

“All writers write about the past, and I try to make it come alive so you can see what happened.”

― Ernest Gaines

“The day when the scientist, no matter how devoted, may make significant progress alone and without material help is past. This fact is most self-evident in our work.”

― Ernest Lawrence

“For us, Marxism is always open because there are always new xperiences, there are always new facts, including facts about the past, which have to be incorporated in the corpus of scientific socialism.”

― Ernest Mandel

“Positional play is good for training, but in games, to win matches, you need someone who can go past defenders and take chances.”

― Ernesto Valverde

“With photography a new language has been created. Now for the first time it is possible to express reality by reality. We can look at an impression as long as we wish, we can delve into it and, so to speak, renew past experiences at will.”

― Ernst Haas

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it without a sense of ironic futility.”

― Errol Morris

“Our achievements speak for themselves. What we have to keep track of are our failures, discouragements and doubts. We tend to forget the past difficulties, the many false starts, and the painful groping.”

― Ethel Barrymore

“Music, in the past few years… anything singable or understandable is square.”

― Ethel Merman

“After costs, only the top 3% of managers produce a return that indicates they have sufficient skill to just cover their costs, which means that going forward, and despite extraordinary past returns, even the top performers are expected to be only as good as a low-cost passive index fund. The other 97% can be expected to do worse.”

― Eugene Fama

“It is only education and understanding of the past that teaches us not to repeat history.”

― Eugene Jarecki

“I won’t play past 30. Why? I want to – I don’t know – start a family, live life.”

― Eugenie Bouchard

“Whoso neglects learning in his youth, loses the past and is dead for the future.”

― Euripides

“I think that as my kids grow up and hit milestones that spark emotion for myself in my own history, it will always trigger personal feelings from those times – whether good or bad – and I definitely want to develop the tools I need to keep the immediacy of those negative emotions in the past.”

― Eva Amurri

“I don’t regret anything I do, ever, whether articles I’ve done or things I’ve said. And as far as what’s happened in the past, I wouldn’t take anything back.”

― Eva Longoria

“The girl with a future avoids a man with a past.”

― Evan Esar

“In the final years of his life, when former Communist Party Chief Zhao Ziyang lived under house arrest, in Beijing, his aging friends resorted to donning white doctors’ coats in order to slip past the guards stationed outside his home.”

― Evan Osnos

“I don’t want to just model. Anyone can do that. I’ve let myself be in magazines in the past without participating as much as I should have.”

― Evangeline Lilly

“We have been through this is biennial convulsion four or five different times over the past 10 or 12 years, and now it appears that we are going through this quiet agony all over again.”

― Everett Dirksen

“It is sadder to find the past again and find it inadequate to the present than it is to have it elude you and remain forever a harmonious conception of memory.”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald

“Writers are historians, too. It is in literature that the greater truths about a people and their past are found.”

― F. Sionil Jose

“The past could liberate or imprison – it creates a nation’s character, provides the nourishment or the poison a people imbibe in their very marrow.”

― F. Sionil Jose

“The Japanese covet important symbols – their heroic past as enshrined in Yasukuni, the Imperial family which has never been sullied by scandal.”

― F. Sionil Jose

“I envy those Hindus and Buddhists who have in their religion philosophy and ancestor worship which build in the believer a continuity with the past, and that most important ingredient in the building of a nation – memory.”

― F. Sionil Jose

“Christianity doesn’t demand that we worship our ancestors. If we don’t remember our ancestors, then, in all likelihood, we cannot also recall the distant past.”

― F. Sionil Jose

“At 86, I can easily look back to the last eight decades. Though memory often fails me now, so many images of the past are still clearly polished, and I can yet recall not just an abiding sense of place, but the keen smells, the sensory responses to the events of that past.”

― F. Sionil Jose

“There are things I’ve done in the past I’m not proud of – and I could talk about them if I wanted to – but I don’t reveal my secrets… I prefer certain things to remain personal; there have to be boundaries. And I don’t think you need a scandal to have an interesting story.”

― Faith Hill

“We should not fear what is new, but we should not throw out that which is in the past but is still valuable.”

― Fantastic Negrito

“If there is one lesson for U.S. foreign policy from the past 10 years, it is surely that military intervention can seem simple but is in fact a complex affair with the potential for unintended consequences.”

― Fareed Zakaria

“The modern Muslim state has never presented itself as secular. Muslim nationalist forces, trapped by a militant and colonialist West unable to share or export its humanism, were driven to build up a rampart, to entrench themselves within the past.”

― Fatema Mernissi

“Crawford washed her hands a lot. She washed her arms all the way up past her elbows. She just couldn’t get enough done in that direction. She was compulsive about being clean, clean, clean!”

― Fay Wray

“Unless you come to terms with your past… it haunts you, and you never leave it.”

― Faye Dunaway

“I believe you are never past the point of creating opportunities for yourself.”

― Felicia Day

“The past speaks to us in a thousand voices, warning and comforting, animating and stirring to action.”

― Felix Adler

“Well, to me, my past accomplishments weren’t crazy. They required a lot of skill and careful planning.”

― Felix Baumgartner

“I’m so suspicious of our own understanding of the past. I just think that your mind plays absolute tricks on you and fools you every minute of every day. And so when you’re talking about the past, you’re talking about something that never happened. At least it didn’t happen the way you think it happened.”

― Felix Dennis

“My countrymen: we have reached a turning point in our history. The choice is yours. Shall we venture into this brave new world, bright with possibilities, or retreat to the safety of our familiar but sterile past? I am for crossing the frontier.”

― Ferdinand Marcos

“To write our constitution is for the past, the present, and the future to come together all at once in one single motion, in one single heave, one single cry. For we correct the errors of the past and chart a new course for the future, based on the experience of the present.”

― Ferdinand Marcos

“When I left prison, I had to figure out how to embrace my past.”

― Fernando Flores

“I just do not see myself playing for Madrid. They do not attract me, especially because of my past with Atletico.”

― Fernando Torres

“A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past.”

― Fidel Castro

“Playing with Coutinho is easy. He’s a very quick player who dribbles well. He knows how to play out wide, and my job is not just to go past and help him: it’s also to give the greatest number of passes to him in space around the opposition right-back.”

― Filipe Luis

“The past always looks better than it was. It’s only pleasant because it isn’t here.”

― Finley Peter Dunne

“Wrestling has a funny way of regenerating itself, and I’m sure, in the past, a lot of people have asked questions about ‘Who’s going to replace Sami Zayn in the locker room?’ or ‘Who’s going to replace Kevin Owens in the locker room?’ People always step in.”

― Finn Balor

“Ireland has always been a nation of great athletes from the past: in the nineties, we had Sonia O’Sullivan and Steve Collins.”

― Finn Balor

“I’m really obsessed with the past.”

― Fisher Stevens

“People have said things about me, and wrote and criticized me about things in the past, but it goes in one ear and out the other.”

― Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

“I’m a professional fighter and like most professional fighters I have had difficulties with my hands in the past.”

― Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

“Mayweather Promotions – we are the past, the present, and the future of sports and entertainment, and everybody knows Mayweather’s pay is better.”

― Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

“I always feel like the past informs my present musically.”

― Flying Lotus

“As human beings, we all have reasons for our behavior. There may be people who have certain physiological issues that dictate why they make certain choices. On the whole, though, I think we’re dictated by our structure, our past, our environment, our culture. So once you understand the patterns that shape a person, how can you not find sympathy?”

― Forest Whitaker

“In a lot of films, they’re showing more complete, developed characters of diverse ethnic backgrounds. The larger concern is to be able to tastefully explore the stereotypes, and still move past them to see the core of people.”

― Forest Whitaker

“People expect you to dribble past 10 players and put the ball in the back of the net.”

― Fran Kirby

“Nearly every president in the past 100 years has declared national monuments, from Teddy Roosevelt creating the Grand Canyon National Monument to George W. Bush preserving 10 islands and 140,000 square miles of ocean waters in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.”

― Frances Beinecke

“It puzzled me that other people hadn’t found out, too. God was gone. We were younger. We had reached past him. Why couldn’t they see it? It still puzzles me.”

― Frances Farmer

“Something happened culturally: No one is supposed to age past 45 – sartorially, cosmetically, attitudinally.”

― Frances McDormand

“But what is past my help is past my care.”

― Francis Beaumont

“Every man is his own ancestor, and every man his own heir. He devises his own fortune, and he inherits his own past.”

― Francis Herbert Hedge

“Libraries are public treasuries. They’re ways in which well-meaning societies leave the wealth of the past arranged A to Z so that anyone walking past can find it.”

― Francis Spufford

“Philosophy finds it an easy matter to vanquish past and future evils, but the present are commonly too hard for it.”

― Francois de La Rochefoucauld

“What is happening in the Sahel for the past several months is that terrorists have structured themselves, have installed themselves. It’s not simply a menace for west Africa.”

― Francois Hollande

“I don’t write diaries and things like that, but I have a fantastic memory. I call that like a magic carpet. I can really concentrate and travel back in the past I don’t know how many years from now and evoke that space if I wanted.”

― Francoise Gilot

“We really need to get control over Social Security numbers. My children’s generation, they’re past it. But their children should be able to have a number that is secure.”

― Frank Abagnale

“In examining the CIA’s past and present use of the U.S. media, the Committee finds two reasons for concern. The first is the potential, inherent in covert media operations, for manipulating or incidentally misleading the American public.”

― Frank Church

“I am fascinated with times past.”

― Frank Darabont

“I think my attitudes about the past are very traditional. You can’t ignore history; you can’t escape it even if you want to. You might as well know where you come from, and you might as well know that everything has been done in some shape or form.”

― Frank Gehry

“The possibility of saying anything about a thing rests on the assumption that it preserves its identity, or continues to be the same thing in the respect described, that it will behave in future situations as it has in past.”

― Frank Knight

“A friend of mine jokes that I have a painstaking royalty complex. Like maybe I was a duke in a past life.”

― Frank Ocean

“The evolution of football has seen a reduction in the space between the teams. It is therefore important for the modern footballer to react and be quicker than in the past, because there is more happening in the restricted space.”

― Frank Rijkaard

“It takes a long time to bring the past up to the present.”

― Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Don’t forget what I discovered that over ninety percent of all national deficits from 1921 to 1939 were caused by payments for past, present, and future wars.”

― Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Art is not a treasure in the past or an importation from another land, but part of the present life of all living and creating peoples.”

― Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Biodiversity starts in the distant past and it points toward the future.”

― Frans Lanting

“The German car industry has a clear vision of the necessity of stability in the continent that goes beyond selling cars. For Germany, the economy is an instrument in a much wider issue of stability in continental Europe and overcoming the mistakes of the past.”

― Frans Timmermans

“In other words, we are interested in the anatomical and mental characteristics of men living under the same biological, geographical, and social environment, and as determined by their past.”

― Franz Boas

“Parents are like shuttles on a loom. They join the threads of the past with threads of the future and leave their own bright patterns as they go.”

― Fred Rogers

“I always feel bad when people ask me questions. I always felt that I was a terrible interview because I don’t have any problems with anyone, and I don’t have a terrible past. Or I don’t have any terrible problems to talk about that would make interesting articles.”

― Fred Savage

“Call us the future from your past.”

― Fred Schneider

“We’ve made some mistakes in this country in times past – the Korean conflict proceeding that, some say proceeding the Persian Gulf War, where we were ambiguous as to what we would do.”

― Fred Thompson

“New discoveries and production of resources like shale oil and gas are dramatically altering our energy supply outlook and the entire global geopolitical landscape. And the pace of change – particularly in the past few years – continues to accelerate.”

― Fred Upton

“In the past, my success has come with sticking to one plan. That usually works. Obviously it’s going to falter, and I’m going to go into slumps here and there, but stick with the plan, and hopefully it will come out successful more times than not.”

― Freddie Freeman

“We have to do with the past only as we can make it useful to the present and the future.”

― Frederick Douglass

“America is false to the past, false to the present, and solemnly binds herself to be false to the future.”

― Frederick Douglass

“The man in gray decided to take the Glen Suite of diamonds at midnight. Provided they were still in the apartment safe and the occupants away. This he needed to know. So he watched and he waited. At half past seven he was rewarded.”

― Frederick Forsyth

“Every man is his own ancestor, and every man is his own heir. He devises his own future, and he inherits his own past.”

― Frederick Henry Hedge

“Each age tries to form its own conception of the past. Each age writes the history of the past anew with reference to the conditions uppermost in its own time.”

― Frederick Jackson Turner

“It is curious to reflect, for example, upon the remarkable legend of the Philosopher’s Stone, one of the oldest and most universal beliefs, the origin of which, however far back we penetrate into the records of the past, we do not probably trace its real source.”

― Frederick Soddy

“The future influences the present just as much as the past.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

“If many things in the past have gone wrong in the lives of men and in the lives of their communities, it is because both small- and large-scale activities were blundered into without any thought or vision of universal planning.”

― Fritz Zwicky

“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for the past and fear of the future.”

― Fulton Oursler

“Holding on to things from the past is the same as clinging to an image of yourself in the past. If you’re the least bit interested in changing anything about yourself, I suggest you be brave and start letting things go.”

― Fumio Sasaki

“Unhappiness isn’t just the result of genetics or past trauma or career trouble. I think that some of our unhappiness is simply due to the burden of all our things.”

― Fumio Sasaki

“At first, Hendrix went and became a superstar in London, but if he walked past the Apollo in Harlem, no one would know who he was. I’m the hip-hop version of him.”

― Future

“In the past, my process would start with a sample of another song, and I’d chop it up and use that as the basis of the song that I was making.”

― G-Eazy

“I was at my best at a little past forty, when I was a professor at Oxford.”

― G. H. Hardy

“Adolescence as the time when an individual ‘recapitulates’ the savage stage of the race’s past.”

― G. Stanley Hall

“The man of the future may, and even must, do things impossible in the past and acquire new motor variations not given by heredity.”

― G. Stanley Hall

“Ninety percent of the comic books I’ve written in the past had little or nothing to do with Islam.”

― G. Willow Wilson

“I did some research once on the way people in the past imagined the year 2000. They tended to picture the things they already had getting more sophisticated – flying cars, self-cleaning windows. And the folks in the early 1900s had a wildly optimistic estimate of the future of pneumatic tubes.”

― Gail Collins

“I probably prefer Spanish football to the others. It’s very technical, the way they play; they keep the ball well, and whenever Spurs have played against Spanish teams in the past, they’ve always made it difficult for us.”

― Gareth Bale

“I’m never going to be seen as an attacking midfielder who’s going to dribble past anyone, create untold chances, and score lots of goals, but going forward is something I’ve always enjoyed doing.”

― Gareth Barry

“There are a plenty of shots that I have been amazed by, but a lot of these shots are played because you have worn an iron mask. Take away the protection, and let me see if they play them. Don’t forget that the past players did not have any protection.”

― Garfield Sobers

“In the past, if you did film, you couldn’t do stage, and if you did film, you certainly didn’t do television. You had to pick what you wanted to be. Now it seems like we can bounce around, not only between genres, but between mediums, and I like that. I like change and I like a good story.”

― Garret Dillahunt

“When you come across someone colorful and vibrant maybe in the present it isn’t so interesting, but, in the past, it sheds a wonderful light onto living life.”

― Garrett Hedlund

“I keep my scrapbooks in the car. When I come to a stoplight, I start looking through my past. Sometimes I wish the red lights were longer.”

― Garry Shandling

“You can’t deny RCA’s past and its history. I was also on Capitol Records, so I have that past history.”

― Garth Brooks

“There’s immense fun to be had as long as you can sort of sneak it past DC. I have been told on occasion that I need to have more respect for these characters.”

― Garth Ennis

“The Treatise tries to analyze not only modern Western families, but also those in other cultures and the changes in family structure during the past several centuries.”

― Gary Becker

“I’ve discovered all kinds of music and done all kinds of music over the past 40 years, from playing tango with Piazzolla to all the different bands I’ve had.”

― Gary Burton

“All too often, legacy management practices reflexively perpetuate the past – by over-weighting the views of long-tenured executives, by valuing conformance more highly than creativity and by turning tired industry nostrums into sacred truths.”

― Gary Hamel

“Large organizations don’t worship shareholders or customers, they worship the past. If it were otherwise, it wouldn’t take a crisis to set a company on a new path.”

― Gary Hamel

“In 1973, America imported 30 percent of its crude oil needs. Today, that number has doubled to more than 60 percent. Gas prices are as high as they are now in part because we’ve had no comprehensive national energy policy for the past few decades.”

― Gary Miller

“Nothing in the past is as important as the future.”

― Gary Rossington

“Your future takes precedence over your past. Focus on your future, rather than on the past.”

― Gary Ryan Blair

“One must always maintain one’s connection to the past and yet ceaselessly pull away from it.”

― Gaston Bachelard

“In the early ’90s, I was hired to write educational dramas about HIV and AIDS in the shantytowns. I did that for two and a half years, and then I was hired on other films. When ‘Tsotsi’ presented itself, I thought, ‘This is not a world I grew up in, but I’ve spent a great deal of time writing about it and researching it in my past.’”

― Gavin Hood

“I always think that I love doing what I’m doing at the moment. The past is over. I can’t go play one of those characters again. But I can play this and I can continue to grow in what I’m doing at the moment and that’s really what I’m thinking about now.”

― Gavin MacLeod

“I always wrote about things that were important to me. I think our past success showed that it was also important for a lot of others.”

― Gavin Rossdale

“I fell in love with it after going there on holiday when I was 16: we went on one of those red bus tours, and it goes past Juilliard, and I was like, ‘I want to go there’.”

― Gayle Rankin

“I have taken a break from the media spotlight for the past few years.”

― Gemma Ward

“For books are more than books, they are the life, the very heart and core of ages past, the reason why men lived and worked and died, the essence and quintessence of their lives.”

― Gene Fowler

“Three decades ago, in a top story of the century, Americans placed six flags on the Moon. Today we no longer try for new and bold space achievements; instead, we celebrate the anniversaries of the past.”

― Gene Kranz

“I knew I could not cope with the future unless I was able to rediscover the past.”

― Gene Tierney

“My evangelical phase about Burning Man is well and truly in the past.”

― Geoff Dyer

“I’m really proud of all the stuff we’ve built with Green Lantern – from Larfleeze to the different corps. The universe has expanded and will live well past my run. It was more than just telling another story, but really giving back to the character by expanding and adding to their mythology.”

― Geoff Johns

“’Justice League’ takes place in the past, and Aquaman has a lot more to prove. He’s just starting out. The perception is already beginning, and all these super humans are just showing up, and here’s Aquaman. The perception is, ‘What’s next? Now we’ve got a guy talking to fish. What can be next?’”

― Geoff Johns

“Throughout Yorkshire’s history, the committee had not been known for its visionary approach. They just assumed that because Yorkshire had been fantastic in the past, and the county was full of kids wanting to play cricket, everything would be okay.”

― Geoffrey Boycott

“I have always had a great interest in visually documenting the past.”

― Geoffrey Ward

“I wanted to get away from my past and everything connected with it.”

― Georg Solti

“Man does find in Nature deliverance from himself, oblivion of his past, with peace and purity!”

― George A. Smith

“Our enemies are our evil deeds and their memories, our pride, our selfishness, our malice, our passions, which by conscience or by habit pursue us with a relentlessness past the power of figure to express.”

― George A. Smith

“Nothing is improbable until it moves into past tense.”

― George Ade

“Forget the past – the future will give you plenty to worry about.”

― George Allen, Sr.

“There’s no present. There’s only the immediate future and the recent past.”

― George Carlin

“I have, for many years past, contemplated the noble races of red men who are now spread over these trackless forests and boundless prairies, melting away at the approach of civilization.”

― George Catlin

“We must not try to force him to take civilization immediately in its complete form, but under just laws, guaranteeing to Indians equal civil laws, the Indian question, a source of such dishonor to our country and of shame to true patriots, will soon be a thing of the past.”

― George Crook

“The future will be the child of the past and the present, even if a rebellious child.”

― George Crumb

“One very important aspect of our contemporary musical culture – some might say the supremely important aspect – is its extension in the historical and geographical senses to a degree unknown in the past.”

― George Crumb

“The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us, and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone.”

― George Eliot

“Rome – the city of visible history, where the past of a whole hemisphere seems moving in funeral procession with strange ancestral images and trophies gathered from afar.”

― George Eliot

“I desire no future that will break the ties with the past.”

― George Eliot

“I wanted to collaborate with someone, but it had to be someone I could work with and who wouldn’t disrespect my past.”

― George Harrison

“Imagery is not past but present. It rests with what we call our mental processes to place these images in a temporal order.”

― George Herbert Mead

“Our specious present as such is very short. We do, however, experience passing events; part of the process of the passage of events is directly there in our experience, including some of the past and some of the future.”

― George Herbert Mead

“Even in high school I was very interested in history – why people do the things they do. As a kid I spent a lot of time trying to relate the past to the present.”

― George Lucas

“Very often, as I wander through life, I’ll get that old feeling that I’ve come back from the future, and I’m living in the past. And it’s a really horrible feeling.”

― George M. Church

“Clearly, we are a species that is well connected to other species. Whether or not we evolve from them, we are certainly very closely related to them. A series of mutations could change us into all kinds of intermediate species. Whether or not those intermediate species are provably in the past, they could easily be in our future.”

― George M. Church

“What is overlooked is the astonishing amount of history Hollywood has got right… For better or worse, nothing has been more influential in shaping our visions of the past than the commercial cinema.”

― George MacDonald Fraser

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

― George Orwell

“All political thinking for years past has been vitiated in the same way. People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome.”

― George Orwell

“Whether as victim, demon, or hero, the industrial worker of the past century filled the public imagination in books, movies, news stories, and even popular songs, putting a grimy human face on capitalism while dramatizing the social changes and conflicts it brought.”

― George Packer

“Out of the past come the standards for judging the present; standards in turn to be shaped by the practice of present-day dramatists into broader standards for the next generation.”

― George Pierce Baker

“Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable.”

― George S. Patton

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

― George Santayana

“We must welcome the future, remembering that soon it will be the past; and we must respect the past, remembering that it was once all that was humanly possible.”

― George Santayana

“The best way to suppose what may come, is to remember what is past.”

― George Savile

“We can’t let the past be forgotten.”

― George Takei

“Happily, the days when overt racial discrimination and segregation were championed by social conservatives are long past.”

― George Takei

“As a nation we have, over the past seven years, been rebuilding our intelligence with powerful capabilities that many thought we would no longer need after the Cold War. We have been rebuilding our clandestine service, our satellite and other technical collection, our analytical depth and expertise.”

― George Tenet

“We all know the Red Sox did not win a World Series for 86 years after unloading Ruth, and the Cubs just might be carrying some heavy weight for past karmic transgressions.”

― George Vecsey

“We should not look back unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors, and for the purpose of profiting by dearly bought experience.”

― George Washington

“It takes an extraordinary toll on me to re-live my experiences, the horrors of my past and the pain I had to endure. And yet, I believe remembering is the only way to promote healing, to promote awareness and accountability.”

― Ger Duany

“Inner peace can be reached only when we practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is letting go of the past, and is therefore the means for correcting our misperceptions.”

― Gerald Jampolsky

“Forgiveness means letting go of the past.”

― Gerald Jampolsky

“I think that an artist is a bit like a computer. He receives information from the world around him and from his past and from his own experiences. And it all goes into the brain.”

― Gerald Scarfe

“It’s so difficult to write in motion and get rid of the past tense, and also to create a sense of impermanence.”

― Gerald Vizenor

“Nothing changes more constantly than the past; for the past that influences our lives does not consist of what actually happened, but of what men believe happened.”

― Gerald W. Johnson

“If somebody from the past doesn’t rise up from the grave and start talking to me, I haven’t got a book. I have to hear that voice, the voice of the narrator. How she sounds will tell me who she is, and who she is will tell me how she will act – and that starts the plot in motion.”

― Geraldine Brooks

“I think I’m still chewing on my years as a foreign correspondent. I found myself covering catastrophes – war, uprising, famine, refugee crises – and witnessing how people were affected by dire situations. When I find a story from the past, I bring some of those lessons to bear on the narrative.”

― Geraldine Brooks

“We had prepared, my staff had prepared for me a whole dossier on virtually – on George Bush on his votes on his records, what he had done over the past number of years in public service.”

― Geraldine Ferraro

“Just to cover the increase in fuel costs over the past two years, American would have had to raise fares nearly $75 per round-trip ticket. During this time period, our average fare increased by only $15.”

― Gerard Arpey

“I do not want to live more from the past. I have my present and a great future that is on the other side.”

― Gerard Deulofeu

“I can’t stand comparisons to the past. It doesn’t matter what we did in previous seasons.”

― Gerard Pique

“In the past I have defended the right of the IRA to engage in armed struggle. I did so because there was no alternative for those who would not bend the knee, or turn a blind eye to oppression, or for those who wanted a national republic.”

― Gerry Adams

“Such decisions will be far reaching and difficult. But you never lacked courage in the past. Your courage is now needed for the future.”

― Gerry Adams

“The past is yesterday. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

― Gerry Cooney

“You can’t change the past with a couple good months.”

― Giancarlo Stanton

“In my opinion, there are fewer and fewer great goalkeepers because, with respect to when I started, they have to do so much more compared with in the past.”

― Gianluigi Buffon

“In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do.”

― Gianni Versace

“I am not interested in the past, except as the road to the future.”

― Gianni Versace

“I talk about past relationships in my book, all of which I would never regret, as they played huge parts in who I am today.”

― Gigi Gorgeous

“I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had over the past 36 years for anything.”

― Gil Gerard

“Once I planned to write a book of poems entirely about the things in my pocket. But I found it would be too long; and the age of the great epics is past.”

― Gilbert K. Chesterton

“I never thought I would be in a comedic role; my past is in drama.”

― Gillian Jacobs

“I’ve thought a lot about how if something horrible happened, and if it were like ‘The Road’ situation, I’ve decided I don’t want to survive past the death of society as we know it.”

― Gillian Jacobs

“I think I was probably a cowboy in a past life.”

― Gin Wigmore

“We have to get past this persistent negativity. The negativity has held Rhode Island back for a long time.”

― Gina Raimondo

“I’ve been lucky to find a husband who doesn’t judge my past.”

― Ginger Zee

“As I say to our own team: ‘Never protect your past, never define yourself by a single product, and always continue to steward for the long-term. Keep moving towards the future.’”

― Ginni Rometty

“Don’t protect your past. Don’t protect your products.”

― Ginni Rometty

“While women certainly have made great strides toward pay parity in the past 30 years, there is still a gap in earnings between men and women in equivalent professions.”

― Ginny Brown-Waite

“I prefer being around young people. I don’t like situations from the past, definitely no nostalgia. I prefer to think of doing everything new with a different generation that has a different mentality.”

― Giorgio Armani

“I’ve been allowed to grow over the past twenty years. I’ve managed to avoid being trapped in one moment of my career and for that, I’m very thankful.”

― Giovanni Ribisi

“Progressivism is the cancer in America and it is eating our Constitution, and it was designed to eat the Constitution, to progress past the Constitution.”

― Glenn Beck

“Anyone who knows me or my past knows that I never walk away from a fight.”

― Glenn Danzig

“The Obama administration’s attempted short-term fixes, even with unprecedented monetary easing by the Federal Reserve, produced average GDP growth of just 2.2% over the past three years, and the consensus outlook appears no better for the year ahead.”

― Glenn Hubbard

“I realize at one point, that I was being followed, and then I began to see the surveillance that was going past the road on my house. And so, these cars began to surveil me. People began to follow me around, and it did, it was very disrupting to think that your privacy was being violated, and for no reason that I could come up with.”

― Gloria Naylor

“A majority of Americans want redemption for racism – for our terrible, destructive racist past – and so see a vote for Obama as redemptive.”

― Gloria Steinem

“Fashion in the past meant conforming and losing oneself. Fashion in the present means being individual and finding oneself.”

― Gloria Steinem

“’Stay’ is all about how to stay in a relationship past the newness and love stronger.”

― Goapele

“In the past, radiation treatment planning has been a very lengthy procedure. Now, with the aid of CT therapy-planning computer programs, we can position the therapy beams automatically with precision in a few minutes.”

― Godfrey Hounsfield

“One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.”

― Golda Meir

“There are times when I wish I would have gotten a degree, but the past is history, and tomorrow’s a mystery.”

― Goldust

“The past is history. I can’t change any of that.”

― Goldust

“My philosophy is never start talking about ‘if,’ ‘and,’ ‘but’ or the past, because 90 percent of what follows will be negative.”

― Gordie Howe

“I spent one night in the hospital in my life. I was past 75 when that occurred.”

― Gordon B. Hinckley

“Climate change is a consequence of the build up of greenhouse gases over the past 200 years in the atmosphere, and virtually all these emissions came from the rich countries.”

― Gordon Brown

“You have to live in the future, not the past.”

― Gordon Brown

“But I do feel a little teeny right now that I’m just about ready to start, and winter is entering. Half past autumn has arrived.”

― Gordon Parks

“Open-mindedness is considered to be a virtue. But, strictly speaking, it cannot occur. A new experience must be redacted into old categories. We cannot handle each event freshly in its own right. If we did so, of what use would past experience be?”

― Gordon W. Allport

“History is nothing but gossip about the past, with the hope that it might be true.”

― Gore Vidal

“A friend was surprised to hear me say that there was not one moment of my past that I would like to relive.”

― Gore Vidal

“The punters know that the horse named Morality rarely gets past the post, whereas the nag named Self-interest always runs a good race.”

― Gough Whitlam

“I don’t think much about how my past films have performed at the box office.”

― Govinda

“I realize I’ve had this spirit-animal relationship with sweatpants. In a past life, I probably was a pair of sweatpants. There’s something beautifully simple but highly underestimated about them.”

― Grace Helbig

“We must work to stabilize Social Security. We must not gamble with our nation’s social insurance program, one of our most popular and effective federal programs that has remained dependable and stable for the past 70 years.”

― Grace Napolitano

“President Bush has consistently used rhetoric, and that is not convincing given his past record.”

― Grace Napolitano

“I didn’t write any fiction until I was past thirty.”

― Grace Paley

“I see myself as a journalist reporting neglected stories about our past and trying to bring rigor, reason and intuition to the quest.”

― Graham Hancock

“I’m not an academic; I’m not an archaeologist. I’m a writer, communicating ideas to the public. There is a model of how the past is, and a lot of academic archaeology is about refining the model. It’s not about changing the model radically. I’m not aware of any current which is about radically changing the model. It’s just me, really.”

― Graham Hancock

“I have done hard jobs in the past, and acting isn’t one of them.”

― Graham McTavish

“We are excited about the music, past and present and future, and are really looking forward to playing.”

― Graham Nash

“I’m rather pleased with the new manuals. I see Inform now as a gauche young adult, having got past the stage of growing out of his shoes every few months.”

― Graham Nelson

“No, Borussia is not falling apart. It does not matter whichever players will leave. That is what the past has showed. The club has developed and actually improved despite big-name players leaving.”

― Granit Xhaka

“In the past, we showed that we could play football, but Vladimir Petkovic has worked with us on the psychological side of things in particular. I think that’s where we’ve made the most progress. He’s brought us closer together as a team.”

― Granit Xhaka

“There aren’t any looks or customs I wish would come back. Today almost anything goes. Culture constantly devours the past so there’s not much that’s missing.”

― Graydon Carter

“Where past generations had film cameras, scrapbooks, notebooks, and that part of the brain which stores memories, we now have a smartphone app for every conceivable recording need.”

― Graydon Carter

“Americans get it. They’re ready for some opportunities to have greener communities, to have cleaner communities, and to have transportation options that perhaps they haven’t had in the past.”

― Greg Abbott

“Me and my sister made up a game called ‘Milky Cow’. We were on holiday in France when I was 12, and there was a kid who had bovine features, and every time we went past her, we’d say, ‘There’s Milky Cow’.”

― Greg Davies

“Is Donald Trump a fascist? It’s an interesting question that has generated insightful commentary over the past few months, with the best answers situating Trumpian illiberalism within America’s long history of racial oppression, slavery, Jim Crow apartheid, and the ongoing backlash to the loss of white privilege.”

― Greg Grandin

“Starting in the early 1800s, Southerners in the United States began to defend slavery as their ‘peculiar institution,’ and northerners didn’t mind, since the phrase suggested that chattel bondage was quarantined from the rest of the nation: that it was, or soon would be, a relic of its past and would not define its future.”

― Greg Grandin

“I’m not too interested in talking about the past. It doesn’t do us any good whatsoever.”

― Gregg Popovich

“The Matrix itself is not some external evil, but rather an outcome of our own error, our karmic payoff of past actions. Not merely illusion, it is an allusion to a founding myth of our culture.”

― Gregory Benford

“Nostalgia is eternal for Americans. We are often displaced from our origins and carry anxious memories of that lost past. We fear losing our bearings.”

― Gregory Benford

“Anyone who doesn’t miss the past never had a mother.”

― Gregory Nunn

“With the new year comes a refueled motivation to improve on the past one.”

― Gretchen Bleiler

“No leader did more for his country than Winston Churchill. Brave, magnanimous, traditional, he was like a king-general from Britain’s heroic past. His gigantic qualities set him apart from ordinary humanity; there seemed no danger he feared, no effort too great for his limitless energies.”

― Gretchen Rubin

“I have a terrible memory of my own past. I can barely remember my childhood. I have few memories from college and law school – though once I got married, I got the advantage of being able to consult my husband’s memory.”

― Gretchen Rubin

“I never really had the chance to play the kind of music I wanted to play. It was always just classical. It had its limits. I play piano now and again in the new forms of music that I actually want to play, but at the time, it was something that I just kind of moved past.”

― GRiZ

“I have said no to many, many Day of the Dead projects in the past, about 10 or 15, because every time I heard a take it was from someone who didn’t know the celebration.”

― Guillermo del Toro

“Our minds aren’t bound by a chronological corset. When thinking and dreaming, past, present and future are mixed up. That’s also possible for a writer.”

― Gunter Grass

“So this anchoring in some way, in some important way in the past without repeating the past, but on the basis of the past building something new: that is what is important.”

― Gunther Schuller

“During the past few years I have led a sometimes hard battle for German foreign policy.”

― Gustav Stresemann

“The concept of active cooperation has taken the place of opposition to the new form of government and of dreamy resignation entranced with the beauty of times past.”

― Gustav Stresemann

“Poetry and fiction have grieved for a century now over the loss of some vitality which they think they see in a past from which we are by now irrevocably alienated.”

― Guy Davenport

“Even if we remember the past, odds are good we’ll still repeat it.”

― Guy Gavriel Kay

“Fantasy is more than an escape from the truths of the world and the past: it is an open acknowledgment that those truths are complex and morally difficult. It offers a different route to creating something which will resonate with readers, in a way which resists the erasure of privacy and autonomy which pervades our modern world.”

― Guy Gavriel Kay

“I don’t plan ahead; each book finds me. History itself, the resonance of the past with the present, is the common denominator in all of them.”

― Guy Gavriel Kay

“I was impressed all my life. Because of the Montreal Canadiens’ past, it means a lot because it was a team I cherished as a kid. It was my dream playing for the Montreal Canadiens – it was my dad’s team.”

― Guy Lafleur

“Our biggest goal is to continue to force ourselves to always start our creative work on a white page and not take advantage of past successes and challenging ourselves.”

― Guy Laliberte

“I’m not much of a chef, so people keep buying me cookery books to broaden my culinary horizons, but I’ve not got far past shepherd’s pie yet.”

― Guy Martin

“One of the things that I’ve learned working with Madonna is you just move forward. It’s really rare that she ever brings up the past.”

― Guy Oseary

“I’ve been asked to do action-oriented movies in the past and they just haven’t been right for me.”

― Guy Pearce

“It’s hard to pinpoint why all of a sudden a group of Australian films will be doing well and why they perhaps are better made than some from the past.”

― Guy Pearce

“The precariat can be divided into three further groups – atavists, who look back to a lost past; nostalgics, who look forlornly for a present, a home; and progressives, who look for a lost future.”

― Guy Standing

“The beauty of existence is that we get past the superficialities and material world and hopefully move into – lord – hopefully a bit of depth.”

― Gwendoline Christie

“For the past ten years I have had no financial problems.”

― Gyorgy Ligeti

“Exit polls have gone notoriously wrong in the past.”

― H. D. Kumaraswamy

“The past is the beginning of the beginning and all that is and has been is but the twilight of the dawn.”

― H. G. Wells

“The past is but the past of a beginning.”

― H. G. Wells

“Everything that happens today is like something in the past, but it’s also unlike things in the past. We never know until an event happens if it’s the similarities or differences that matter more.”

― H. W. Brands

“In the academic world, biographies of these great figures of the past fell out of favor in the 1960s, when there was a turn toward social history, which meant the history of the voiceless and faceless. But the public at large never embraced the idea that these dead white guys should be abandoned.”

― H. W. Brands

“People always think they’re in the middle of a revolution while they tend not to realize the enormity of a change that has happened in the past. The telegraph was a revolution, but who looks at it that way these days? The telegraph sped up the transportation of messages over long distances by a huge factor.”

― Ha-Joon Chang

“An awareness of our past is essential to the establishment of our personality and our identity as Africans.”

― Haile Selassie

“The older supermodels sometimes don’t agree with the fact there is a new generation of models. We’re not saying we’re supermodels. I’d rather people look at us as businesspeople, and, yes, modeling is our business right now, but we’re not trying to take anybody’s spot, and we’re not trying to discredit the past.”

― Hailey Baldwin

“When something happens far back in the past, people often can’t recall exact details. Blame depends upon point of view. There may be a villain, but reality is frustrating because it’s often ambiguous.”

― Hallie Ephron

“Terrorism, ladies and gentlemen, in my eyes I have a very, very, very simple explanation. Gangs of criminals, killers, used unfortunately by certain governments in the past for political purposes, who are on their own now as gangs.”

― Hamid Karzai

“September 11 was a wake-up call to me. I don’t want to contribute to the hate in any shape or form. I now regret in the past being silent about what I have heard in the Islamic discourse and being part of that with my own anger.”

― Hamza Yusuf

“We Muslims in the West, like Jews before us, grapple with the same issues that Jews of the past did: integration or isolation, tradition or reform, intermarriage or intra-marriage.”

― Hamza Yusuf

“The people in the well-ordered ages of the past upheld the public law and abandoned private strategies; they focused their intentions and unified their conduct. Everything they did was for the sake of being employed by the ruler.”

― Han Fei

“I looked for the same pitch my whole career, a breaking ball. All of the time. I never worried about the fastball. They couldn’t throw it past me, none of them.”

― Hank Aaron

“There are always signs that a reign is ending, and they are usually spotted not in the king himself but in his court. In the inner circle, latent jealousies between advisers spill into open conflict, as they angrily debate who is to blame for the calamity, chewing over each other’s past errors and pointing the finger at old and nascent enemies.”

― Hanna Rosin

“It is in the very nature of things human that every act that has once made its appearance and has been recorded in the history of mankind stays with mankind as a potentiality long after its actuality has become a thing of the past.”

― Hannah Arendt

“I’ve been in relationships in the past where communication wasn’t great, and when it is, it makes it so much easier to talk to each other.”

― Hannah Bronfman

“I’ve always done live art history lectures and small documentaries in the past in Australia, on Australian art and art galleries, so I’ve already done a lot of that.”

― Hannah Gadsby

“The simple truth of our finiteness is that we could, by whatever means, go on interminably only at the price of either losing the past and, therewith, our identity, or living only in the past and therefore without a real present. We cannot seriously wish either and thus not a physical enduring at that price.”

― Hans Jonas

“We do violence to the consciousness of a past age when we divide what was indivisible to it: the one sacred truth of the Christian creed.”

― Hans Jonas

“In a basic sense, ‘A Little Life’ is a homage to how my friends and I live our lives. I wanted to push past the definitions of how we typically define friendship. It’s a different version of adulthood, but it’s no less important and no less legitimate than anyone else’s.”

― Hanya Yanagihara

“’Caught’ is a novel of forgiveness, and the past and the present – who should be and who shouldn’t be forgiven. None of my books are ever just about thrills, or it won’t work.”

― Harlan Coben

“In America, we eat until we’re full, which means we usually go past the point of satiety because satiety actually follows digestion.”

― Harley Pasternak

“I can’t change the past, and I don’t think I would. I don’t expect to be understood. I like what I’ve written, the stories and two novels. If I had to give up what I’ve written in order to be clear of this disease, I wouldn’t do it.”

― Harold Brodkey

“The past is what you remember, imagine you remember, convince yourself you remember, or pretend you remember.”

― Harold Pinter

“A character on stage who can present no convincing argument or information as to his past experience, his present behaviour or his aspirations, nor give a comprehensive analysis of his motives, is as legitimate and as worthy of attention as one who, alarmingly, can do all these things.”

― Harold Pinter

“I mean, don’t forget the earth’s about five thousand million years old, at least. Who can afford to live in the past?”

― Harold Pinter

“I really don’t spend time thinking about the past. I think about the future. I’m not stopping.”

― Harold Prince

“I don’t compare shows. It’s very simple. I don’t live in the past. If there’s any secret to my longevity, it’s living in the future. And a little bit in the present.”

― Harold Prince

“I read a lot of books. I read because it inspires me and shows me paths that I could never imagine. Sometimes those paths are horrible and sad, and sometimes they are hopeful and amazing. Not always are they paths to the future, and sometimes the paths are actually about the past but make sense when applied to the future. Books are amazing.”

― Harper Reed

“The past, the present and the future are really one: they are today.”

― Harriet Beecher Stowe

“People know you as an actor, and labels are so comfortable for people. That syndrome is always hard to get past.”

― Harry Dean Stanton

“I’m not as focused on my acting career as I have been in the past.”

― Harry Hamlin

“I wrote ‘Ain’t It Cool? Hollywood’s Redheaded Stepchild Speaks Out,’ because in doing hundreds and hundreds of interviews over the past six and a half years, I was tired of the story being half told or a third told or erroneously told.”

― Harry Knowles

“Most of the problems a President has to face have their roots in the past.”

― Harry S Truman

“The form of my poem rises out of a past that so overwhelms the present with its worth and vision that I’m at a loss to explain my delusion that there exist any real links between that past and a future worthy of it.”

― Hart Crane

“Worrying about the past or the future isn’t productive. When you start chastising yourself for past mistakes, or seeing disaster around every corner, stop and take a breath and ask yourself what you can do right now to succeed.”

― Harvey Mackay

“I concentrate, more than I think virtually any comic book artist has in the past, on the so-called mundane details of every day life – quotidian life. What happens to a person during a working day, marital relations, and stuff like that.”

― Harvey Pekar

“Everybody’s past and history informs them.”

― Hasan Minhaj

“The Iranian people, with regards to the policies of various American administrations in the past 30 years, are very worried. They don’t trust them.”

― Hassan Rouhani

“Asean is obviously a very important association for us. Over the past 30 years Asean has made great strides in regional cooperation covering a number of areas, although recently it has been under strain because of the financial crisis and other challenges.”

― Hassanal Bolkiah

“New Mexico has been, in the past, a swing state.”

― Heather Wilson

“We could imagine nothing pleasanter than to spend all of our lives digging for relics of the past.”

― Heinrich Schliemann

“We have all examined our past critically and are very much aware of even the unpleasant things. Now, we need to look at what we plan to do with the lessons we have learned from the past.”

― Heinz Fischer

“Well, there have been periods in the past when prime ministers of Australia and New Zealand were at each others’ throats publicly and frequently. That’s not productive at all.”

― Helen Clark

“Those who try to obliterate the past are injuring the present.”

― Helen Dunmore

“If we understand the past, we are more likely to recognise what is happening around us.”

― Helen Dunmore

“In Plains, I saw Jimmy Carter as he really is – a nice, decent man… in terms of compassionate contribution to society, he certainly has proven to be our best past president.”

― Helen Thomas

“If coming events are said to cast their shadows before, past events cannot fall to leave their impress behind them.”

― Helena Blavatsky

“It is, then, by those shadows of the hoary Past and their fantastic silhouettes on the external screen of every religion and philosophy, that we can, by checking them as we go along, and comparing them, trace out finally the body that produced them.”

― Helena Blavatsky

“Isolated decisions, however well-founded they might seem to the individual, and national go-it-alone moves must belong to the past. They should not be the 21st-century method of choice, particularly because the consequences of the European community’s actions must often be carried collectively.”

― Helmut Kohl

“Solitary decisions, no matter how well-founded they may appear to individuals, must belong to the past – along with national, unilateralist action.”

― Helmut Kohl

“I think the history and the past we have is just an energy we’ve built up to do what we do now.”

― Helmut Lang

“The present contains nothing more than the past, and what is found in the effect was already in the cause.”

― Henri Bergson

“In reality, the past is preserved by itself automatically.”

― Henri Bergson

“In every loving woman there is a priestess of the past – a pious guardian of some affection, of which the object has disappeared.”

― Henri Frederic Amiel

“I’m growing old, I delight in the past.”

― Henri Matisse

“The real enemies of our life are the ‘oughts’ and the ‘ifs.’ They pull us backward into the unalterable past and forward into the unpredictable future. But real life takes place in the here and now.”

― Henri Nouwen

“As in geology, so in social institutions, we may discover the causes of all past changes in the present invariable order of society.”

― Henry David Thoreau

“The ideas which now pass for brilliant innovations and advances are in fact mere revivals of ancient errors, and a further proof of the dictum that those who are ignorant of the past are condemned to repeat it.”

― Henry Hazlitt

“For other nations, utopia is a blessed past never to be recovered; for Americans it is just beyond the horizon.”

― Henry Kissinger

“When Europeans came upon real ruined cities they refused to believe that they had been built by Africans. Here the past has been distorted and denied.”

― Henry Louis Gates

“Creation is not taking place now, so far as can be observed. Therefore, it was accomplished sometime in the past, if at all, and thus is inaccessible to the scientific method.”

― Henry M. Morris

“In the past, if a homeowner with a mortgage had a problem making the payment, often he’d get together with a lender and strike a deal, because foreclosures are very expensive to the lender and obviously not good for the homeowner and the community.”

― Henry Paulson

“An over-reliance on past successes is a sure blueprint for future failures.”

― Henry Petroski

“The paradox is that when we model future designs on past successes, we are inviting failure down the line; when we take into account past failures and anticipate potential new ways in which failure can occur, we are more likely to produce successful designs.”

― Henry Petroski

“I’m not in a position where I get to pick and choose roles. I usually go on auditions in long lines and embarrass myself in front of casting directors, and with a lump in my throat and my ears burning, I walk past reception and smirking actors as I go to the parking garage and go back on the highway.”

― Henry Rollins

“I think it’s important to have some documentation of the past.”

― Henry Rollins

“I would hate to think that some people have found themselves in a musical cul-de-sac and have ceased to explore new music, or at least music that is new to them, because they are so glued to the past.”

― Henry Rollins

“Past experience, on the shuttle and the Titan rockets, suggests that large multi-segment solid rockets have a probability of failure of 0.5 to 1 per cent.”

― Henry Spencer

“The curious defiled past him, after squeezing the Presidential fingers into the room, and settled either on the sofa or chairs or remained standing for protracted observations.”

― Henry Villard

“What we call wisdom is the result of all the wisdom of past ages. Our best institutions are like young trees growing upon the roots of the old trunks that have crumbled away.”

― Henry Ward Beecher

“Saddam Hussein has systematically violated, over the course of the past 11 years, every significant UN resolution that has demanded that he disarm and destroy his chemical and biological weapons, and any nuclear capacity. This he has refused to do.”

― Henry Waxman

“I tend to live in the past because most of my life is there.”

― Herb Caen

“Creeds and castes, and all forms of intellectual and emotional grouping, belong to the past.”

― Herbert Read

“Nobody seriously believes in the social philosophies of the immediate past.”

― Herbert Read

“The wise man must remember that while he is a descendant of the past, he is a parent of the future.”

― Herbert Spencer

“The fact disclosed by a survey of the past that majorities have been wrong must not blind us to the complementary fact that majorities have usually not been entirely wrong.”

― Herbert Spencer

“In the past, there’s always been one leader that has led the pack to development of the music.”

― Herbie Hancock

“The past several months I have been able to meet with people across this country. One thing is clear: America craves for real solutions to the problems we face. That’s why I’m running for President of the United States.”

― Herman Cain

“I sat down with my trainers to check my past seasons and to see what could be done to keep me motivated and in good shape. I had to find a new motivation, a new momentum.”

― Hermann Maier

“Our educational system is like an automobile which has strong rear lights, brightly illuminating the past. But looking forward things are barely discernible.”

― Hermann Oberth

“You can’t build a future if you don’t have a past.”

― Herta Muller

“I would point out that the cultural advance of these people has been suppressed in the past and continues to be suppressed in the present by policies designed to keep them in ignorance.”

― Hideki Tojo

“In the past, the U.S. was the centre of the world, where everything was happening. I think my stories have always sought to question this, maybe even criticise it.”

― Hideo Kojima

“It’s true that I’m sad about not being involved in the development of ‘Dark Souls II,’ because I’ve worked on ‘Demon’s Souls’ and ‘Dark Souls” development for the past five years.”

― Hidetaka Miyazaki

“Effectively transcending and conquering the legacies of enchainment, impoverishment and racial denigration continue to elude us. Residual elements of the plantation-based past continue to shape our societies and determine their trajectories.”

― Hilary Beckles

“Since I was a very small child, I’ve had a kind of reverence for the past, and I felt a very intimate connection with it.”

― Hilary Mantel

“History is always changing behind us, and the past changes a little every time we retell it.”

― Hilary Mantel

“I believe that one reason I began writing essays – a form without a form, until you make it – was this: you didn’t have to borrow from an emotionally and visually upsetting past, as one did in fiction, apparently, to write your story.”

― Hilton Als

“Forget the past, and ask me what’s next.”

― Hima Das

“I don’t care how my past was or what I had to go through.”

― Hima Das

“I maintain that the past record of my race is a true index of the feelings which today animate them. They bear toward their former masters no revengeful thoughts, no hatreds, no animosities. They aim not to elevate themselves by sacrificing one single interest of their white fellow-citizens.”

― Hiram Rhodes Revels

“Reflecting on the past, where the film industry became united with ‘national interest’ and ‘national policy,’ I tend to think that keeping a clear distance from government authority is the right thing to do.”

― Hirokazu Kore-eda

“I’m really into ghost towns. I’ve driven cross-country the past few summers, and I would stop at some ghost towns along the way. They’re like a microcosm of America as a whole.”

― Hong Chau

“We must continue as in millennia past, nourishing the future as we feed ourselves and, each year, plant only the very best of what we have collectively engineered.”

― Hope Jahren

“I think I make good beats, but when it’s not mastered correctly, it can definitely make it sound like it’s not a good beat, and that has been an issue sometimes with me in the past.”

― Hopsin

“I cannot walk past Peanut Butter M&Ms and Oreos.”

― Horatio Sanz

“I like a singalong. And I’m a bit of a sentimentalist for the past myself.”

― Howard Jacobson

“Advertising in the past has been predicated on a mass market and a captive audience.”

― Howard Rheingold

“The idea that your spouse or your parents don’t know where you are at all times may be part of the past. Is that good or bad? Will that make for better marriages or worse marriages? I don’t know.”

― Howard Rheingold

“I was always incredibly obsessed with germs and cleaning and taking shower after shower after shower. Even when I was very young, I wouldn’t tie my shoelaces because they had touched the ground. I had continuous repetitive thoughts that I couldn’t get past. As a child, my mind was a lot busier than I was.”

― Howie Mandel

“In the past 20 years and more since China embarked on the road of reform and opening up, we have moved steadfastly to promote political restructuring and vigorously build democratic politics under socialism.”

― Hu Jintao

“The essence of statesmanship is not a rigid adherence to the past, but a prudent and probing concern for the future.”

― Hubert H. Humphrey

“I’ve had people come up to me in the past and say they enjoyed whatever show I’ve been in.”

― Hugh Bonneville

“Global poverty is the product of reversible policy failures overseen by politicians, past and present. The poorest of the poor don’t vote in American or European elections. They don’t make donations to political parties or hire lobbyists in D.C., London or Canberra.”

― Hugh Evans

“My life is every moment of my life. It is not a culmination of the past.”

― Hugh Leonard

“If a woman comes out saying she has been abused or assaulted, we should not start finding flaws in her character or try to dig up her past for murky details.”

― Huma Qureshi

“I grew as an actress, and I feel I gained a lot, whenever I have worked with any great director in the past.”

― Huma Qureshi

“Peace, so elusive in the past many decades, now finally prevails all over the country.”

― Hun Sen

“The lessons of the past should steer us towards ensuring lasting legacies for generations yet to be born.”

― Hun Sen

“We should face reality and our past mistakes in an honest, adult way. Boasting of glory does not make glory, and singing in the dark does not dispel fear.”

― Hussein of Jordan

“It is my firm belief that I have a link with the past and a responsibility to the future. I cannot give up. I cannot despair. There’s a whole future, generations to come. I have to keep trying.”

― Hussein of Jordan

“I have said this in the past and I will continue to repeat it as long as I live: Whoever tries to hurt our national unity is my enemy until the day of judgement.”

― Hussein of Jordan

“The future of Conservatism lies in our beliefs and values, not by throwing them away. We need to shed associations that bind us to past failures, but hold faith with those things that make us Conservatives.”

― Iain Duncan Smith

“I went up to the top of the career ladder and I came down again, I am past all that.”

― Iain Duncan Smith

“I might bump into them because I live in Belfast, and Belfast is not that big a place. You go for a walk, and you walk past Kit Harington. You go for a meal, and there’s Peter Dinklage.”

― Ian Beattie

“The thing to remember when you’re re-recording pieces from the past is that you have to have respect for the original performances, recordings, and arrangements.”

― Ian Gillan

“Each of us becomes a new person as we re-describe the past.”

― Ian Hacking

“Atheists have as much conscience, possibly more, than people with deep religious conviction, and they still have the same problem of how they reconcile themselves to a bad deed in the past. It’s a little easier if you’ve got a god to forgive you.”

― Ian Mcewan

“There have been many gay knights in the past – like Sir Noel Coward or Sir John Gielgud.”

― Ian Mckellen

“In the past, kids didn’t tell their parents they were gay, so there were never the bust-ups. Some parents react so strongly to the news that their children are gay that the reaction is, ‘Get out of our house.’ There’s a residue of old prejudices that are going to die hard.”

― Ian Mckellen

“I’m interested in Scotland now and then, how it’s changed. I want to get the reader to think about that by thinking about something from the past. How has society changed, how has policing changed, have we changed philosophically, psychologically, culturally, spiritually?”

― Ian Rankin

“Past success is no guarantee of future success, so I have learned to be an entrepreneur. I began to produce and direct my own projects.”

― Ian Ziering

“A society that does not correctly interpret and appreciate its past cannot understand its present fortunes and adversities and can be caught unawares in a fast changing world.”

― Ibrahim Babangida

“Democracy opens new vistas and opportunities. We should use the opportunities it offers to correct past mistakes not to blunder anew.”

― Ibrahim Babangida

“I am only 33, I’ve got a lot to do. This is the first half of my career. I’m looking forward to the future and I’m proud about the past.”

― Ice Cube

“One of the tragedies of modern times is that people have come to believe that something said by someone in the past, perhaps for illustrative or provocation purposes, actually represents that person’s beliefs at the time.”

― Idries Shah

“It’s daunting to go back through the past, to read tweets and come across Facebook profiles of people who have passed away. It stirs up memories you never actually shared online or never will share online. It was a very emotional process.”

― iJustine

“The dictionary contains thousands of words on Tamil music. I am not familiar with most of the words, but it shows the rich past of Tamil music.”

― Ilaiyaraaja

“The precondition to negotiating NAFTA is that we can’t go back to the past.”

― Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal

“In the past, when we toured countries like Australia or South Africa, we struggled, but we also got to learn a lot, and we learnt to cope with pressure.”

― Inzamam-ul-Haq

“It is never easy for a professional cricketer, who has represented his country for 17 years, to forget the past and adopt a new lifestyle.”

― Inzamam-ul-Haq

“In my view, you can’t go to the future if you haven’t come from the past.”

― Iris Apfel

“We did major work at the White House. But what people often don’t understand is that when you do a historic restoration, you can’t just do whatever you want. You work alongside the fine-arts commission and are obliged to create a replica of the past, as close as humanly possible. It’s a historic institution, not a showhouse.”

― Iris Apfel

“The problem with middle age, at least when it comes to modeling, is you seldom see a model who is past 27, 28. If they use anyone older, then it becomes automatically a ‘personality’ story.”

― Isabella Rossellini

“The very desire for guarantees that our values are eternal and secure in some objective heaven is perhaps only a craving for the certainties of childhood or the absolute values of our primitive past.”

― Isaiah Berlin

“We cannot deny that 80 or even 90 percent of the spiritual treasures from the past 3,000 years have come from Europe. There is no other Greek theatre anywhere else in the world. There is no other Shakespeare, Dante or Cervantes.”

― Ismail Kadare

“In antiquity, there were three regions in southern Europe: Greece, Rome, and Ilyria. Albanian is the only survivor of the Ilyrian languages. That is why it has always intrigued the great linguists of the past.”

― Ismail Kadare

“It is like a disease to think that an invincible status has been achieved after being satisfied with the past successful operations.”

― Isoroku Yamamoto

“The Past: Our cradle, not our prison; there is danger as well as appeal in its glamour. The past is for inspiration, not imitation, for continuation, not repetition.”

― Israel Zangwill

“You know, you have a lot of people – I’ve met a lot of people in the past, I’ve gone to private schools, you know, encountered different people who think that it’s OK to make comments, insensitive comments about your race because they’re joking. And think that if they’re joking and they say it, you know, good-naturedly, that things will fly.”

― Issa Rae

“Many people repeat the past. I’m not interested. I prefer evolution.”

― Issey Miyake

“I’d rather look to the future than to the past.”

― Issey Miyake

“In the past, art was admired and revered from afar. Today, there is more of an interactive relationship between the art and the person who admires it.”

― Issey Miyake

“I am not sentimental about the past. I like to think about what is next.”

― Issey Miyake

“I tried never to be defined by my past.”

― Issey Miyake

“There has been enough blood in the Balkans. Serbia is offering its hand. Let us turn to the future and not deal with the past.”

― Ivica Dacic

“The Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center serves as a poignant reminder of our past and a trusted source of education for schoolchildren, community members, and visitors from across the country.”

― J. B. Pritzker

“Governor Rauner talks about what he might get done or what he tried to get done. It’s past time for all his talk. It’s time for action. It’s what I’ve been doing my whole life.”

― J. B. Pritzker

“We want to change to point of view about Latinos in the world and Colombians. Forget about the bad past.”

― J Balvin

“I believe that we are a result of our past.”

― J Balvin

“There’s a Dar Williams song about ‘houses that are haunted, with the kids who lie awake and think about other generations past who used to use that dripping sink.’ I was one of those kids.”

― J. Courtney Sullivan

“One of the most interesting social trends of the past 20 years is the rise of residential segregation. So rich are living with rich and poor are living with poor.”

― J. D. Vance

“In becoming a citizen, one undertakes certain duties and responsibilities. One of the more intangible of those duties and responsibilities is no matter what one’s birth and background, to accept the historical past of the new country as one’s own.”

― J. M. Coetzee

“People spend too much time finding other people to blame, too much energy finding excuses for not being what they are capable of being, and not enough energy putting themselves on the line, growing out of the past, and getting on with their lives.”

― J. Michael Straczynski

“By forgetting the past and by throwing myself into other interests, I forget to worry.”

― Jack Dempsey

“Obviously I’ve had my problems in the past, but these are the moments you live for, when you are in the papers for the good reasons.”

― Jack Grealish

“The other inmates stand in a long straight line, flanked by guards, and I am dragged past them. I do not respect them, because they will not run – will not try to escape.”

― Jack Henry Abbott

“Since I was 21, I have not been able to sleep past 9 A.M.; I just want to get up and do something.”

― Jack Lowden

“I’m very fortunate to have gotten past the cancer problem.”

― Jack Ramsay

“There have been ups and downs over the years, but that’s in the past, and now I’m just looking forward and focussed on the future ahead.”

― Jack Rodwell

“The Profile in Courage Award recognizes elected officials who choose to do what is right, not what is easy, so that we might learn from their example. Each time we give the award, we bear witness to the past for the sake of the future.”

― Jack Schlossberg

“If you look at the top midfielders in the past for England, like Lampard, Gerrard, and Scholes, they were always on the scoresheet.”

― Jack Wilshere

“We have got loyalty at Arsenal, and players have shown that in the past.”

― Jack Wilshere

“We have loyalty at Arsenal, and players have shown that in the past.”

― Jack Wilshere

“It takes leadership to improve safety. And I started off the movement in my time, but the person who has done more over the past 20 to 30 years and who has led it is Professor Sid Watkins.”

― Jackie Stewart

“New needs need new techniques. And the modern artists have found new ways and new means of making their statements… the modern painter cannot express this age, the airplane, the atom bomb, the radio, in the old forms of the Renaissance or of any other past culture.”

― Jackson Pollock

“In the past, two colleagues died each season. It was generally accepted this could happen.”

― Jacky Ickx

“I’ve become really aware since putting out music that some people can’t get past the acting thing. But acting was never what I meant to do.”

― Jacob Anderson

“I’m not interested in the past, I’m interested in the future. Europe is past.”

― Jacob Rees-Mogg

“When it’s the same team that’s created magic at the box office in the past, you know you are in safe hands.”

― Jacqueline Fernandez

“To me, elegy suggests that there is hope, and in some respects you’ve moved past the loss and are able to deal with it and to write about it.”

― Jacqueline Woodson

“Except among those whose education has been in the minimalist style, it is understood that hasty moral judgments about the past are a form of injustice.”

― Jacques Barzun

“Even in Britain, the trade unions tell me that employment contracts have less protection than in the past.”

― Jacques Delors

“When I wrote ‘Fast Food My Way’ in 2004, I hoped that my friends would prepare my recipes. Now, more people cook from that book than any other I’ve written in the past 30 years.”

― Jacques Pepin

“Conserving fuel is fine, and it was great in the past. The problem is that the drivers don’t have to do it. It’s all done electronically. You sit there, and it saves fuel for you, and that defeats the purpose.”

― Jacques Villeneuve

“As far as my mental approach, I really think it’s just knowing that the past is really irrelevant.”

― Jake Arrieta

“You can’t think about the past anymore.”

― Jake LaMotta

“Think about the past to learn, but move forward.”

― Jake Peavy

“Time past, present, and to come, as also depth and height, near and afar off, are all one in God, one comprehensibility.”

― Jakob Bohme

“As president of Iraq, I shall strive to represent the diversity of a country that has too often in the past denied difference.”

― Jalal Talabani

“The justice of our cause must be reflected in the manner in which we rectify the crimes of the past.”

― Jalal Talabani

“I’m not one of those kind of people that likes to beat up the past to validate the present. Certain people think that it’s cool to make fun of MC Hammer. I’m like, ‘Yeah, but you owned all of his records.’”

― Jaleel White

“Civilizations may clash, but they surely fall if robbed of light from above. It could come from the 1 percent or the 99%, but a guiding light is needed to keep the United States from becoming the rubble of past great civilizations.”

― James A. Forbes

“Being a leader doesn’t mean you created something or you did something great in the past or some other person has given you any kind of authority.”

― James Altucher

“Mistakes I’ve made in the past make me afraid to try new things in the future. I want to be perfect.”

― James Altucher

“Getting past 30 as a sportsman, the end could be just around the corner.”

― James Anderson

“I was asked, ‘Why do you think the male ‘X Factor’ winners haven’t been successful in the past?’ And I said, ‘Because obviously the body of work that they’ve brought out wasn’t good enough,’ and that was it.”

― James Arthur

“No jealousy their dawn of love overcast, nor blasted were their wedded days with strife; each season looked delightful as it past, to the fond husband and the faithful wife.”

― James Beattie

“Everything that ever happened is still happening. Past, present and future keep happening in the eternity which is Here and Now.”

― James Broughton

“In falling markets, there is nothing that has not happened before. The bear or pessimist sees only the past, which imprisons the wretched financial soul in eternal circles of boom and bust and boom again.”

― James Buchan

“Osama bin Laden, the Saudi-born revolutionary who is believed by most Arab and Iranian observers to be the inspiration of the attacks in New York and Washington, is the best known of the Islamic militants to have emerged in the past 20 years and the least difficult to fathom.”

― James Buchan

“Men in makeup, obviously, is a very new concept. It has not been widely accepted in the past.”

― James Charles

“Prosecutors necessarily weigh a number of factors before bringing charges. There are obvious considerations, like the strength of the evidence, especially regarding intent. Responsible decisions also consider the context of a person’s actions and how similar situations have been handled in the past.”

― James Comey

“Folks who think organised crime is a thing of the past are only kidding themselves.”

― James Comey

“I appreciate what others have done in the past especially for my genre, and my style of singing. And they sure put a footprint – you know, they got the foot in the door, but I’m going to put my foot straight through the door.”

― James Durbin

“In the past, the U.K. got away with selling things that weren’t unusual. Now it’s no use trying to export without having something that’s unusual and better.”

― James Dyson

“The European who comes to America plunges into the virgin forest with wonder and delight; while the American who goes to Europe finds his greatest pleasure, at first, in hunting up the memorials of the past. Each is in quest of novelty, and is burning with the desire to gaze at objects of which he has often read.”

― James Fenimore Cooper

“Even the recognition of an individual whom we see every day is only possible as the result of an abstract idea of him formed by generalization from his appearances in the past.”

― James G. Frazer

“For the modern physicist, reality is the whole thing, past and future joined in a single history. The sensation of now is just that, a sensation, and different for everyone. Instead of one master clock, we have clocks in multitudes.”

― James Gleick

“In spacetime, all events are baked together: a four-dimensional continuum. Past and future are no more privileged than left and right or up and down.”

― James Gleick

“For much of the twentieth century, 1984 was a year that belonged to the future – a strange, gray future at that. Then it slid painlessly into the past, like any other year. Big Brother arrived and settled in, though not at all in the way George Orwell had imagined.”

― James Gleick

“Particle physicists may freeze a second, open it up, and explore its dappled contents like surgeons pawing through an abdomen, but in real life, when events occur within thousandths of a second, our minds cannot distinguish past from future.”

― James Gleick

“There’s virtually nothing made up in ‘The Immigrant.’ So much of the film came from somewhere in my family’s past. All the details are from my own family.”

― James Gray

“In short, chronological connectivity puts us in touch with the holy. It is at once humbling and exhilarating. I say this as someone who has never followed any formal religious practice. Connection with the past and the future is a pathway that charms us in the direction of sanity and grace.”

― James Howard Kunstler

“The past history of our globe must be explained by what can be seen to be happening now. No powers are to be employed that are not natural to the globe, no action to be admitted except those of which we know the principle.”

― James Hutton

“We, who are the living, possess the past. Tomorrow is for our martyrs.”

― James L. Farmer, Jr.

“The wind industry has made major strides over the past two decades, and they have proven their industry to be efficient and self-sustainable. There is no need for the taxpayer to continue to subsidize a wind start-up tax credit.”

― James Lankford

“The day is past when schools could afford to give sufficient time and attention to the teaching of the ancient languages to enable the student to get that enjoyment out of classical literature that made the lives of our grandfathers so rich.”

― James Loeb

“A safe but sometimes chilly way of recalling the past is to force open a crammed drawer. If you are searching for anything in particular you don’t find it, but something falls out at the back that is often more interesting.”

― James M. Barrie

“And I have no doubt that every new example will succeed, as every past one has done, in showing that religion and Government will both exist in greater purity, the less they are mixed together.”

― James Madison

“I like reading about the past. I’m definitely not a history buff, but I do read a bit of history now and again, and to do that for work is really exciting.”

― James McAvoy

“Nothing is a bigger waste of time than regretting the past and worrying about the future.”

― James Meredith

“To be in the last four of the biggest competition is where you want to be and where Liverpool have been as a club many times in the past.”

― James Milner

“Joys too exquisite to last, And yet more exquisite when past.”

― James Montgomery

“Perhaps not being very self-aware in the past masked depression. I think I was confused. I think I was immature. I think I probably was quite depressed.”

― James Nesbitt

“Belfast is a city which, while not forgetting its past, is living comfortably with its present and looking forward to its future.”

― James Nesbitt

“I questioned her further, and eventually got to talk to her doctor. And her doctor sort of shook his head and he said, ‘I have examined her for throat cancer at least 15 times in the past few years.”

― James Randi

“I started writing short stories. I tried writing horror, mystery, science fiction. I joined a little critique group here in town and ran my stories past them. After about three years, I tackled my first novel, Subterranean. It took me 11 months to write.”

― James Rollins

“Man was very fortunate to have invented the book. Without it, the past would completely vanish, and we would be left with nothing, we would be naked on earth.”

― James Salter

“In the past I have declined to comment on my own work: because, it seems to me, a poem is what it is; because a poem is itself a definition, and to try to redefine it is to be apt to falsify it; and because the author is the person least able to consider his work objectively.”

― James Schuyler

“If you find great difficulty in trying to reckon with the future or even the present, I think it’s intuitive to start that process by reckoning with the past.”

― James Spader

“Let the past be content with itself, for man needs forgetfulness as well as memory.”

― James Stephens

“Unlike fuel-economy standards, the most common method of reducing demand for oil over the past thirty years, a gas tax doesn’t tell people what kind of car to drive. It simply raises the price of gasoline and lets people adjust their behavior accordingly.”

― James Surowiecki

“The past is an old armchair in the attic, the present an ominous ticking sound, and the future is anybody’s guess.”

― James Thurber

“Don’t ever put anything past kids. They will surprise you in the best ways.”

― James Van Der Beek

“You know the puritan ethic that started out four centuries ago in this country, needless to say – at least for the moment – a thing of the past – from what I can tell.”

― James Young

“With apologies to all my past boyfriends, I never loved a man the way I loved my old apartment.”

― Jami Attenberg

“In the past, I was sometimes put in this women’s lit category, and I was never really sure that was the appropriate place for me – although I certainly recognize it can be helpful and correct for other people.”

― Jami Attenberg

“For me, at the end of the day, I want to be judged for my work, not for what I’ve been through and past experiences, necessarily.”

― Jamie Clayton

“If I have a connection with someone, I’d like to think that they’d be able to respect that connection enough and respect themselves enough to not care about my past – that they would want to see what happens between us.”

― Jamie Clayton

“In the past I’ve had a bad injury, and then struggled when I’ve got back because I’ve been unfit.”

― Jamie Redknapp

“I’m nearsighted, in part, because I would read past my bedtime in the dark. I didn’t want my mom to see that I was still awake.”

― Jamila Woods

“In some ways, you can think of end-to-end encryption as honoring what the past looked like.”

― Jan Koum

“Efforts to repeal Obamacare are misguided, dangerous, and just another instance of Republicans fighting the political wars of years past. But, health care shouldn’t be about politics; it must be about helping people lead healthier lives.”

― Jan Schakowsky

“Republicans who oppose Obamacare have a responsibility to show that they can do better – not return us to the days when insurance companies alone decided who to cover for what benefits at what price. Otherwise, they should move beyond the repeal fights of the past, accept Obamacare as the law of the land, and work with us to make real improvements.”

― Jan Schakowsky

“Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.”

― Jane Austen

“I use Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, £12, on my lips, and my arms if they’re sunburned. I’m past caring that sunbathing is dangerous.”

― Jane Birkin

“We saw hundreds of programs to redevelop the central city, the neighborhoods, in the past.”

― Jane Byrne

“I spend a lot of time in the future, But to help the future, sometimes you got to go back to the past, and sometimes you got to stay in the present.”

― Janelle Monae

“I started writing when I was 21. I was going to become an historian. And then I realized there was more to the world than just the past. I didn’t want to spend my life in the library.”

― Janet Fitch

“What has too often happened in the past is that people have threatened punishment but have failed to carry it out. It’s imperative in any initiative that is undertaken that punishment be real and that there be truth in sentencing, and that the truly dangerous offenders – the recidivists and the career criminals – be put away and kept away.”

― Janet Reno

“When you share something about your adolescence, it’s a way to roll over and show your soft underbelly when it comes to talking about your past and the person that you once were.”

― Janet Varney

“Bad leadership during the past years has cast on our Party the shadow of great and grave burdens.”

― Janos Kadar

“Introspection and preserved writings give us far more insight into the ways of past humans than we have into the ways of past dinosaurs. For that reason, I’m optimistic that we can eventually arrive at convincing explanations for these broadest patterns of human history.”

― Jared Diamond

“It’s critical to show that we can meet our commitment to students with disabilities without raising taxes and without increasing the deficit. In the past, there’s been strong support for full funding and I’m still hearing that from many of my colleagues.”

― Jared Polis

“Far too many of our elected officials are chained to an ideology that is rooted in the past. They are keepers of normalcy who embrace things as they’ve always been.”

― Jared Polis

“You write a song about how you think at the time, and then gradually you drift away from that, and when it’s far enough in the past, that’s when you think, ‘Now I have to write something new.’”

― Jarvis Cocker

“I learned from my past.”

― Jason Calacanis

“It’s very important to go pitch-by-pitch and game-by-game and not getting too far ahead of myself. In the past, it was trying to make up for a bad game and thinking ahead and what do I have to do to fix this.”

― Jason Hammel

“The past is where its supposed to be.”

― Jason Newsted

“Most people are nostalgic in a way that they’re fond of the past, but they still are happy that they are where they are now. You know, when you say, ‘Oh, high school was this or that,’ you don’t want to go back. No matter how much you loved high school, you don’t want to actually be back in high school. I certainly wouldn’t.”

― Jason Reitman

“There’s peer pressure of not being respected of having a certain amount of money, but if you know who you are, then you see that and look past it.”

― Jay IDK

“American politicians who dwell on American exceptionalism only dishonor us by suggesting we play dumb to our past.”

― Jay Parini

“There is an opportunity for us to renew ourselves. There’s an opportunity for us to leave the past behind and present something different for the future.”

― Jay Weatherill

“South Australia has transformed. There has been a range of changes to our economy over the past 10 years in which we have genuinely set ourselves up for the future. I think we have to start behaving like that’s real and project a quiet confidence in the future of our state.”

― Jay Weatherill

“I think we really forget how connected we are to the past.”

― Jayne Anne Phillips

“When you are forty, half of you belongs to the past… And when you are seventy, nearly all of you.”

― Jean Anouilh

“If you haven’t gotten a raise in the past couple years for a job well done, it might be time to ask for one.”

― Jean Chatzky

“Anything past 90 days constitutes ‘severe,’ but all late payments stay on your report for seven years if reported.”

― Jean Chatzky

“In the past, I was working out too heavy.”

― Jean-Claude Van Damme

“Children have neither a past nor a future. Thus they enjoy the present, which seldom happens to us.”

― Jean de la Bruyere

“Children enjoy the present because they have neither a past nor a future.”

― Jean de la Bruyere

“Again I entered my smithy to work and forge something from the noble material of time past.”

― Jean Froissart

“The common people have no history: persecuted by the present, they cannot think of preserving the memory of the past.”

― Jean Henri Fabre

“The current state of knowledge is a moment in history, changing just as rapidly as the state of knowledge in the past has ever changed and, in many instances, more rapidly.”

― Jean Piaget

“When I am up in Paris then the restaurant which has remained my favourite for the past decade is Guy Savoy. The menu is huge, sophisticated and very creative but I keep to simple choices.”

― Jean Reno

“The books one has written in the past have two surprises in store: one couldn’t write them again, and wouldn’t want to.”

― Jean Rostand

“There are certain moments when we might wish the future were built by men of the past.”

― Jean Rostand

“We all fantasize about a relationship we’d like to do over or something we’d like to change about our past. I think there are a lot more opportunities for second chances in our lives than we think.”

― Jean Smart

“To create a past that seemed authentic but would be a fiction, you need an invented language.”

― Jeanette Winterson

“Jim Udinski has been coaching in the league for the past fourteen years, and his Division II team, the Lenape Valley Indians from suburban Philadelphia, has already made history – twice.”

― Jeanne Marie Laskas

“Many people with physical disabilities have romantic lives and good marriages to partners who see past their disabilities and recognize all of the things they can do.”

― Jeanne Phillips

“My life is not just about the past.”

― Jeannette Walls

“I have a past of making a fool of myself.”

― Jed S. Rakoff

“Unless you’re a vegan freak of nature like Tony Gonzalez, I don’t think you can play sports much past your early 30s.”

― Jeff Ament

“You know you’re not anonymous on our site. We’re greeting you by name, showing you past purchases, to the degree that you can arrange to have transparency combined with an explanation of what the consumer benefit is.”

― Jeff Bezos

“My employer was never at any time aware of anything in my past beyond the writing I did, because, frankly, it isn’t relevant to the job I was asked to do, which was to be a reporter.”

― Jeff Gannon

“I want to force the other drivers to find a way past me.”

― Jeff Gordon

“If an immigrant comes here, and they’re willing to create jobs, and they’re willing to contribute to our economy, we have to make it easier for the kinds of immigrants we want, because that is the past of America; that’s our greatness, and that will continue to be our greatness in the future.”

― Jeff Greene

“When Bill Clinton chose Al Gore in 1992 – from the same generational, ideological, and geographical background as his – it underscored his campaign’s central argument that this was a clash between the past and the future, that ‘Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow’ was indeed the campaign’s anthem.”

― Jeff Greenfield

“At times in the past, the U.S. did not restrict the number of immigrants.”

― Jeff Hawkins

“The Green Arrow stuff that I’ve responded to from the past is the Mike Grell stuff. I’ve liked a lot of other stuff, but I think for me, the direction and the mood and the tone that I really want is something much darker and more aggressive and really fast-paced action.”

― Jeff Lemire

“There are so many versions of Batman that I love so much from different artists that I had to almost stop trying to draw those versions and get past that and just draw the Jeff Lemire version of Batman eventually.”

― Jeff Lemire

“There are certain things in ‘Descender’ that I’ve dealt with in the past. I think you can see a direct parallel with Sweet Tooth in TIM-21.”

― Jeff Lemire

“Most film productions, when they’re based at a place, they get, like, a 30-mile radius or a 30-minute radius to get out of the town. And once you go past that, your day starts to become shorter, and you have to start paying your drivers more, and everybody just gets paid more, and you have less time to shoot, and everything costs more.”

― Jeff Nichols

“I was never at my best when I was at my worst. When I did do good stuff in the past, it was because I was able to transcend the parts of my being that weren’t healthy.”

― Jeff Tweedy

“I love seeing fashion from the past making a comeback.”

― Jeffree Star

“The past can never be erased. It is always going to be there.”

― Jeffree Star

“My past has been recorded, it’s been videoed. It’s been exploited all over the Internet.”

― Jeffree Star

“At the same time, it’s a family story and more of an epic. I needed the third-person. I tried to give a sense that Cal, in writing his story, is perhaps inventing his past as much as recalling it.”

― Jeffrey Eugenides

“When our culture shifts, it tends to overcorrect, throwing out everything associated with an era we’ve moved past, rather than saving what was good and combining it with what is new.”

― Jeffrey Kluger

“I came to New York late; I was already past 30.”

― Jeffrey Tambor

“I was told when I went for a life-insurance exam when I was 18 that I was not likely to live past 50, so I refused to pay the premium.”

― Jeffrey Tate

“I could open a thousand Excel documents and still never think to scroll past a wall of empty rows to see if, hidden beneath them, there is a tab I need to click. Just doesn’t occur to me. Because, design.”

― Jeffrey Zeldman

“Bravely going out into the world and trying, yet still deep down believing you’re ruled by your past circumstances, is like forgiving someone but still hoping they sit in something wet.”

― Jen Sincero

“The music that I’ve made in the past has had strong contemporary country roots, but I think moving on in music, I will branch out from that a bit.”

― Jennette McCurdy

“I’m not sitting dwelling about the past or stressing or fretting about something in the future.”

― Jennifer Aniston

“I feel like I’ve started a new chapter in my life, and I need to leave the past behind.”

― Jennifer Capriati

“In the past, when we’ve tried gene therapy, we haven’t had tools that have allowed targeted gene correction.”

― Jennifer Doudna

“I know people will think it’s funny because I’ve done glamour modelling in the past, but I felt embarrassed about my body and just wanted to cover it up.”

― Jennifer Ellison

“My first two novels were set in the past, and that freed me up in a lot of ways; it allowed me to find my way into my story and my characters through research.”

― Jennifer Gilmore

“Writing about carrying the past on your back is a manifestation of my Irishness, because we go on and on and will for another two or three generations.”

― Jennifer Johnston

“I get photographers hiding in my bushes. We’re way past autographs. We’re into being stalked and followed.”

― Jennifer Lawrence

“I do believe in ghosts, or at least in some kind of persistent spiritual echoes of the past in certain places.”

― Jennifer McMahon

“My past has helped me grow as a person.”

― Jennifer Winget

“I don’t have the time to think about my past, and I don’t think I need to.”

― Jennifer Winget

“In the past, I have played the roles of subdued, self-sacrificing women. But we need to show our women as bolder individuals. I know this will happen.”

― Jennifer Winget

“In the past, like for the last Rilo Kiley record, ‘Under the Blacklight,’ I wore exclusively hot pants because the themes in that record were the underbelly of Los Angeles.”

― Jenny Lewis

“Some shows suck, but I always – the show must go on. I learned it from my past as a child actor. The show must go on. You have to just keep on with it.”

― Jenny Lewis

“I wish it wasn’t so natural for me to dwell on the past.”

― Jenny Zhang

“There’s so much nostalgia for music from the past.”

― Jens Lekman

“When it comes to heartbreaks and disappointments, I often have to be more or less done with them to be able to write about them. Then you might ask why I would write about them at all, but I think I owe it to the Jens of the past.”

― Jens Lekman

“In the past, I used to rely on the randomness of working with samples, which was a good way because it threw you in a completely different direction. You just thought, ‘What if I take this samba drum and combined it with an ’80s synth line or something from this record?’”

― Jens Lekman

“Biology has tended to be an observational science, and deriving things from first principles has not been possible in the past, but I hate to predict the future on that.”

― Jeremiah P. Ostriker

“Apparently, some physicists argue that time is curved. I suppose this means that the past is in some way still present.”

― Jeremy Hardy

“People have had certain assumptions in the past about Conservative governments, partly because of some of the things that happened in the 1980s, and partly because of the tone of some of the debate in the 1980s that appeared to say public spending on the arts was something you might want to progressively reduce.”

― Jeremy Hunt

“It was really a pleasure to play someone who’s literally pushed past her breaking point repeatedly.”

― Jeri Ryan

“Happy is the person who cherishes the precious lessons of the past and lives vigorously in the present.”

― Jerome Hines

“The director’s who want to be innovative use the DVD as a tool to see what people have done in the past and you have other people who will actually take from better directors and that makes them better directors.”

― Jerry Bruckheimer

“Can space break? I mean the space of art galleries. Over the past 100 years, art galleries have gone from looking like Beaux Arts salons to simple storefronts to industrial lofts to the gleaming giant white cubes of Chelsea with their shiny concrete floors.”

― Jerry Saltz

“Calling a young artist ‘great’ these days can give one the heebie-jeebies: The word has been denatured in the past decade.”

― Jerry Saltz

“It’s great that New York has large spaces for art. But the enormous immaculate box has become a dated, even oppressive place. Many of these spaces were designed for sprawling installations, large paintings, and the Relational Aesthetics work of the past fifteen years.”

― Jerry Saltz

“A canon is antithetical to everything the New York art world has been about for the past 40 years, during which we went from being the center of the art world to being one of many centers.”

― Jerry Saltz

“Art is for anyone. It just isn’t for everyone. Still, over the past decade, its audience has hugely grown, and that’s irked those outside the art world, who get irritated at things like incomprehensibility or money.”

― Jerry Saltz

“I love creating that community and writing about that place, because I think, in some ways, Bois Sauvage is like the DeLisle of my past; it’s like the DeLisle of the ’80s that I can never return to. So in some ways, when I write about Bois Sauvage, I’m writing about a home that I’ve lost.”

― Jesmyn Ward

“’The UnAmericans’ is a compassionate and brilliantly rendered debut – and for a book set largely in the past, these stories feel essential to understanding the contemporary world in which we live.”

― Jesmyn Ward

“In the past, I travelled with ‘The Hero and the Crown’ by Robin McKinley: I suffer from a fear of flying, and I felt a bit safer knowing I carried the book and characters with me.”

― Jesmyn Ward

“I recently read a collection of stories called ‘Boondock Kollage,’ by Regina Bradley. The stories follow multiple characters through the South, through the past and present. I loved reading that book: the first time I read the opening story, I was breathless and incoherent.”

― Jesmyn Ward

“Faithfulness to the past can be a kind of death above ground. Writing of the past is a resurrection; the past then lives in your words and you are free.”

― Jessamyn West

“In the past, I’ve been a bit diffident about my own albums, almost excusing them for some reason, even though deep down I felt strongly about them.”

― Jesse Harris

“No experience is necessary to push yourself past what you think you can do.”

― Jesse Itzler

“Every role I take on, I try and bring my best and to be as honest as possible. I try not to repeat things I’ve done in the past. Which gets harder and harder.”

― Jesse Plemons

“I kind of cheer the presence of any gay characters at all – I think the more we can saturate television with any gay character or lesbian character or transgender character, I think that’s a really great thing. We’re kind of getting past the fact that they’re the punchline or that they’re the novelty.”

― Jesse Tyler Ferguson

“I do so many things. Like when I was younger, if I drove past a house that I didn’t want to live in, I’d hold my breath. Driving around somewhere like Slough I’d go blue in the face.”

― Jessica Brown Findlay

“I’m inspired by antiques. I look at things that have a wink to the past but are also reinterpreted in some way and made to feel modern… and maybe that’s what I am.”

― Jessica Chastain

“I think, in the past, being brave – being powerful, being strong – were qualities that people associated with being masculine. And I think… no, I don’t think – I know that now we’re realizing they can be feminine, too.”

― Jessica Chastain

“I sit down with my coach to watch past performances. But I can be very critical. I don’t watch myself very often – it makes me cringe!”

― Jessica Ennis-Hill

“I always carry a tinted moisturiser with SPF sunscreen. A good lip balm is a must – I can’t go past Lucas’s Papaw Cream.”

― Jessica Hart

“I’m not on Facebook because I can’t open the door to the past.”

― Jessica St. Clair

“Whatever has happened in your past, it’s – you can never deny it. I mean, you can never wash what’s happened before in your life out of you.”

― Jessie Buckley

“My grandparents would never admit to being Tasmanian, but I think it’s really great and funny. But I guess, in the past, Tasmanians just weren’t quite accepted. You had that lazy reference to them being felons.”

― Jessie Cave

“Every President that went to China, I would meet them and have dinner and talk about the past and the future. That was in the ’70s.”

― Jet Li

“I never stopped studying Buddhism. In the past few years, in between movies, I do a retreat.”

― Jet Li

“I’m English and love England. Whenever I’m there, I’m always seeing the present but feeling its past.”

― Jez Butterworth

“Goth culture, as mired in the past as it is, even it goes through changes, so Goth when I was growing up is not what it is now. When I think of Goth culture as it is at the moment I think of mall culture.”

― Jhonen Vasquez

“I’m bound to fail when I write in Italian, but unlike my sense of failure in the past, this doesn’t torment or grieve me.”

― Jhumpa Lahiri

“The environment that we call society is created by past generations; we accept it, as it helps us to maintain our greed, possessiveness, illusion.”

― Jiddu Krishnamurti

“As someone who has spent a lot of her career as an investigative reporter, I’ll confess that a frustration of mine has always been that so much investigative journalism involves a dissection of events in the past.”

― Jill Abramson

“I have been determined for the past couple of years to move away from all those Holiday programmes.”

― Jill Dando

“Conservatism cherishes tradition; innovation fetishizes novelty. They tug in different directions, the one toward the past, the other toward the future.”

― Jill Lepore

“People’s attitudes have been changing over the past 15 years, but China is still the world’s biggest consumer of dogs.”

― Jill Robinson

“Strong, not skinny, is now sexy, and long workouts are a thing of the past.”

― Jillian Michaels

“There are no pat answers – we’re pushing through some new frontiers, and lessons of the past don’t always apply.”

― Jim Barksdale

“I think we’re proving ourselves as we go along. The past several months our strategy has been evolutionary – making maximum advantage of our client browser, as well as our enterprise software for people who want to build Web sites.”

― Jim Barksdale

“I want my testimony to stand on that point. But I would point out that Zona Research Inc. showed we have increased market share among business users, educational users, and government users over the past several months – and that’s more recent than the IDC report.”

― Jim Barksdale

“It is difficult to live in the present, ridiculous to live in the future and impossible to live in the past. Nothing is as far away as one minute ago.”

― Jim Bishop

“First, the year 2004, the year past, the Comptroller General of the United States, David A. Walker, said that arguably it was the worst year in American fiscal history, clearly setting our Nation on an unsustainable path.”

― Jim Cooper

“I have in the past acquired a reputation for concocting non-existent writers and unwritten volumes.”

― Jim Crace

“We know from our own history that democratic institutions take decades to mature, and we know from past conflicts that freedom is not free.”

― Jim DeMint

“For the mission’s sake, for our country’s sake, and the sake of the men who carried the Division’s colors in past battles – carry out your mission and keep your honor clean.”

― Jim Mattis

“I’ve been a working actor for many years, but it’s not always been successful for me. I certainly struggled in the past.”

― Jim Parsons

“As I said a moment ago, there is no higher priority in our budget, or certainly in the budgets of the past few years, than providing for what is needed for the protection and security of our country and support of our troops.”

― Jim Ryun

“Given Mr. Obama’s lack of experience as an executive, and his past performance in crises such as the oil spill, it is reasonable for those of us who support the effort in Afghanistan to worry that he will not be up to the job.”

― Jim Talent

“Technology has saved us money in some circumstances, but it has really afforded us the ability to cover stories from locations we might not have been able to in the past.”

― Jim Walton

“I don’t have nothing to regret at all in the past, except that I might’ve unintentionally hurt somebody else or something.”

― Jimi Hendrix

“Around 2001, I went to rehab in Arizona, and I started to see what was going on and how the past affected me. I started to get a grip on it. But over the next decade, I reverted to the behaviour I used to protect myself when I was young – being mindless, being defeatist and full of bravado.”

― Jimmy Barnes

“Speaks cheerful English and in the past has written this language with a paintbrush that talks.”

― Jimmy Breslin

“I’ve just finished my 20th book this past year and I’m working on my 21st book about the Middle East right now that I’ll finish this year. And I get up early in the morning and when I get tired of the computer and tired of doing research, I walk 20 steps out to my woodshop and I either build furniture or paint paintings. I’m an artist too.”

― Jimmy Carter

“There’s such a currency to Led Zeppelin, or the members of Led Zeppelin. If I put it to you this way, on the run-up to the O2 concert, the only music that we played was music of Led Zeppelin – the past catalog stuff; that’s what we played on the way towards shaping up the set list for that. But we played really, really well.”

― Jimmy Page

“Why can’t I beat AJ Styles? I beat AJ Styles in the past before.”

― Jinder Mahal

“Hurricane Katrina this past week was certainly the worst episode in what has become an all-too-familiar and tragic cycle, and our nation is now faced with a set of unprecedented challenges.”

― Jo Bonner

“’Phantom’ was for me an interesting technique of telling the story. You have one voice that it is in the present telling what is happening, and then there’s one voice from the past that’s also driving the story forward. And you know that the two story lines will meet eventually.”

― Jo Nesbo

“For the past few years, I was the more visible Asian performer, and I think it gave young girls a kind of role model showing it’s possible to actually reach success doing movies.”

― Joan Chen

“As for the historical inspirations I drew on in writing The Snow Queen, I suppose I would call them more cross-cultural inspirations, though they frequently involve past societies as well as present day ones.”

― Joan D. Vinge

“When writing about Edinburgh, I place my characters in the parts of the city that I myself have lived in, or else know well, those being the Southside, Marchmont in particular, where I lived as a student, and the New Town/Stockbridge area where I live now and have done for the past 30 years.”

― Joan Lingard

“I’d describe myself as a saver, but just sometimes I can spend like a kicking horse! Ryman is the one shop I can’t go past without going into. I just can’t resist lovely stationery.”

― Joanna Lumley

“The past is full of examples of renegade writers who were overlooked in their time not only because their work didn’t fit neatly into potted categories but also because they avoided the self-promotional efforts of their peers.”

― Joanna Scott

“There are plenty of writers, past and present, from Shakespeare to Henry James to Lydia Davis, who test the limits of coherence and put pressure on current notions of accessible (and acceptable) narrative methods. To thrive and change and grow, any art needs this kind of pressure.”

― Joanna Scott

“My heroes and heroines are often unlikely people who are dragged into situations without meaning to become involved, or people with a past that has never quite left them. They are often isolated, introspective people, often confrontational or anarchic in some way, often damaged or secretly unhappy or incomplete.”

― Joanne Harris

“I just don’t like to talk about the past.”

― Jochen Zeitz

“I wanted Puma to regain strength with the existing logo rather than try to get rid of the past.”

― Jochen Zeitz

“Things won’t get better dwelling on the past. Accept what has happened. Then move forward.”

― Jocko Willink

“I write adult fiction, but a good 40 to 50 per cent of my readers are teenagers. I love that if they have to grow up and move past JK Rowling they can move to me. From Jo to Jodi!”

― Jodi Picoult

“I’m the type of person that you’d walk past and go, ‘I think I went to school with her,’ or ‘I know her and I can’t quite place it.’ It certainly isn’t, ‘I know her full name, and I can tell you who she is.’”

― Jodie Whittaker

“Trying to sneak a fastball past Hank Aaron is like trying to sneak the sunrise past a rooster.”

― Joe Adcock

“I want to go to Mexico. I’ve been stonewalled, so far, by federal officials. I want to go to Mexico, and I want to meet with the top Mexican officials. I want to tell them my past experience and what I can do here as Sheriff to help them get better intelligence and communications on the drug thing, not the illegal immigration thing.”

― Joe Arpaio

“I find it quite sad to see the likes of Evander Holyfield carrying on past their sell-by date.”

― Joe Calzaghe

“I had read too many memoirs that were written after the writer or the director was past his or her prime.”

― Joe Eszterhas

“I wound up through a wild set of circumstances getting into coaching. I went in and volunteered with Don Coryell, who was a big part of my past, great coach. A lot of people say he was one of the greatest coaches ever. He was very good in high school, college and pro. Another guy on that staff was named John Madden.”

― Joe Gibbs

“In the past, I’ve been lucky enough to receive some high praise, but when the experts have a go, I’m usually not particularly interested in what they have got to say.”

― Joe Hart

“This act demonstrates graphically a turning away the past and moving ahead. You now get to refresh your time in a friendly way by running with the watch instead of against it or away from it.”

― Joe Henderson

“I love fashion. Over the past year I’ve got heavily into it.”

― Joe Jonas

“Irrespective of our past, we need to look forward.”

― Joe Kaeser

“I’ve primarily worked with actors the same age as me for the past four years, so working with somebody who is 10 years younger than me, you learn a whole different set of skills.”

― Joe Keery

“I don’t live in the past. I just live in the enjoyment of the game.”

― Joe Montana

“I don’t live in the past.”

― Joe Montana

“I don’t want to return to the past. I don’t yearn for when I was 18 years old. I was in high school then. I had acne. I had a terrible hairdo. I’m sure I was sporting polyester pants.”

― Joe Scarborough

“Unfortunately, I’ve gotten so conditioned, it’s hard to sleep past 4 a.m.”

― Joe Scarborough

“I’ve been lucky over the past few years. Things have just happened for me.”

― Joe Wright

“The ultimate function of prophecy is not to tell the future, but to make it. Your successful past will block your visions of the future.”

― Joel A. Barker

“Your successful past will block your visions of the future.”

― Joel A. Barker

“The past guarantees you nothing in the future if the rules change.”

― Joel A. Barker

“After my bar mitzvah, I started to assimilate, to really not pay attention to my roots. The anti-Semitic experiences of my youth had been very painful. You try to put all that in the past and become a person of the world. I think that’s the right thing to do. But it’s not right to leave out who you really are. That’s a tragedy.”

― Joel Grey

“History is the interpretation of the significance that the past has for us.”

― Johan Huizinga

“The darkest aspects of imperialism are still very much prevalent in many cultures around the world; hundreds of years later, and we have a collective responsibility to encounter the deeds of our past.”

― Johan Renck

“Paleoclimatic records show clearly that the past 10,000 years, the Holocene, is a remarkably stable period in which we went from being a few hunters and gatherers to become more sedentary agriculture-based civilizations, which then moved us to the current populated modern era.”

― Johan Rockstrom

“Give the composer time to experiment, time to try out ideas. Also, the time to fail. When the composer has very little time, the temptation is to reach for stock ideas – ideas they know will work and have worked in the past.”

― Johann Johannsson

“I never wished to be a ‘rock star.’ I just wanted to be a working musician. My dreams didn’t even go past a session player or a working musician. It was too far beyond my dreams.”

― John 5

“We think we’re living in the present, but we’re really living in the past.”

― John Banville

“I have this fantasy. I’m walking past a bookshop and I click my fingers and all my books go blank. So I can start again and get it right.”

― John Banville

“In the past, poetry came in the form of spells and chants used to effect change.”

― John Barton

“In the past, Google has used teams of humans to ‘read’ its street address images – in essence, to render images into actionable data. But using neural network technology, the company has trained computers to extract that data automatically – and with a level of accuracy that meets or beats human operators.”

― John Battelle

“I don’t want to crawl over the entrails of past disputes.”

― John Bercow

“The past grows gradually around one, like a placenta for dying.”

― John Berger

“Post-modernism has cut off the present from all futures. The daily media add to this by cutting off the past. Which means that critical opinion is often orphaned in the present.”

― John Berger

“Unless you’re very boring, I think most people who’ve lived long enough have something in their past which will never go away.”

― John Boyne

“We can pay our debts to the past by putting the future in debt to ourselves.”

― John Buchan

“I discovered that Thailand was one of those countries, like Sri Lanka and India, where memory of past lives used to be commonplace. Go back a few generations, and you find people talking about earlier lives with total certainty.”

― John Burdett

“By this time it was past six, and the enemy’s van and ours were at too great a distance to engage, I perceived some of their ships stretching to the northward; and I imagined they were going to form a new line.”

― John Byng

“I would rather be an independent senator, governed by my own views, going for the good of the country, uncontrolled by any thing which mortal man can bring to bear upon me, than to be president of the United States, put there as presidents of the United States have been for many years past.”

― John C. Calhoun

“I do believe the most important thing I can do now is to help young people understand the past and prepare for the future.”

― John C. Stennis

“We need not destroy the past. It is gone.”

― John Cage

“I like what the future holds. I don’t like thinking about the past.”

― John Cale

“Yet consider now, whether women are not quite past sense and reason, when they want to rule over men.”

― John Calvin

“As you get older, you treasure the beautiful things of the past but also see things more clearly.”

― John Cameron Mitchell

“Stripe was very much the product of our past experiences.”

― John Collison

“I’ve been an assistant to a folklorist and a teacher. There may or may not have been some sandwich-making at a certain sub chain in my past as well.”

― John Corey Whaley

“The French Revolution is the ultimate modernist statement. Destroy everything. Don’t build on the past. There is no past.”

― John Corigliano

“Alasdair MacIntyre is one of the world’s most influential living moral philosophers. He has written 30 books on ethics and held a variety of professorial chairs over the past four decades in North America.”

― John Cornwell

“People try to keep their past, like kind of holding on to their past. Every Springsteen song talks about that.”

― John Cusack

“I try not to dwell on the past. I’m not a big go-back-and-try-to-relive-your-past kinda person.”

― John Cusack

“To be able to look back upon one’s past life with satisfaction is to live twice.”

― John Dalberg-Acton

“If the past has been an obstacle and a burden, knowledge of the past is the safest and the surest emancipation.”

― John Dalberg-Acton

“By a series of violent shocks, the nations in succession have struggled to shake off the Past, to reverse the action of Time and the verdict of success, and to rescue the world from the reign of the dead.”

― John Dalberg-Acton

“I can’t dwell on the past, that I haven’t won a lot, but anytime I didn’t play good was mainly because I didn’t putt very good.”

― John Daly

“To me, the only good reason to be touring is if you still have something good to share instead of just revisiting past glories.”

― John Darnielle

“Oil is largely our energy past, and Keystone does little to respond to the actual challenges and opportunities before us.”

― John Delaney

“It is pretty clear that they are ineffective in stopping the course of thought at present, but they have not always been so in the past and we cannot be sure that they will not be so in the future.”

― John Desmond Bernal

“After President Obama took office, his campaign book ‘The Audacity of Hope’ receded into his past fast. Its sweet, naive, bipartisan ‘let’s reason together’ passages fell away, too.”

― John Dickerson

“In terms of the past, I think we’ve all learned from the past. I think that’s great wisdom.”

― John Dorsey

“I bet you that we all learn from our mistakes. I’ve learned from my mistakes in the past, too.”

― John Dorsey

“We need to open up the future. We also need to keep everything valuable from the past.”

― John Eaton

“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”

― John F. Kennedy

“History is a relentless master. It has no present, only the past rushing into the future. To try to hold fast is to be swept aside.”

― John F. Kennedy

“To state the facts frankly is not to despair the future nor indict the past. The prudent heir takes careful inventory of his legacies and gives a faithful accounting to those whom he owes an obligation of trust.”

― John F. Kennedy

“A nation which has forgotten the quality of courage which in the past has been brought to public life is not as likely to insist upon or regard that quality in its chosen leaders today – and in fact we have forgotten.”

― John F. Kennedy

“I feel like, every single decision I make and every single album I make, it’s all about letting go. Letting go of the past and just getting on with it.”

― John Grant

“Denver is a city that will be far more defined by its future than its past.”

― John Hickenlooper

“What would I put in a museum? Probably a museum! That’s an amusing relic of our past.”

― John Hodgman

“If the house is to be set in order, one cannot begin with the present; he must begin with the past.”

― John Hope Franklin

“One thing that is likely to make you lose touch is if you keep in touch with the past too much.”

― John Hurt

“And, in the past, it has been all too easy for legislators to load costs onto business in order to meet broader social goals. And costs for business means costs for consumers.”

― John Hutton

“My view is that targets, properly constructed and applied across public services have been fundamental to past successes and will be an essential part of sustaining progress into the future.”

― John Hutton

“In the past, I’ve played where I only just rely on my serve.”

― John Isner

“The present in New York is so powerful that the past is lost.”

― John Jay Chapman

“The greenness of Ireland is a false greenness, after all. Not that it isn’t green – the place can still make you have to pull off and swallow one of your heart pills. It’s that the greenness doesn’t mean what it seems. It doesn’t encode a pastoral past, much less a timeless vale where wee folk trip the demesne.”

― John Jeremiah Sullivan

“In the past, I had these really high-tech boardshorts.”

― John John Florence

“The sediments of the past are many miles in collective thickness: yet the feeble silt of the rivers built them all from base to summit.”

― John Joly

“Going back to the past is not productive.”

― John L. Flannery

“In Britain, the theatre has traditionally been where the public goes to think about its past and debate its future. The formation of the National Theatre, at the Old Vic, near the South Bank, in 1963, institutionalized the symbolic importance of drama by giving it both a building and state funding.”

― John Lahr

“Isn’t it amazing the way the future succeeds in creating an appropriate past?”

― John Leonard

“In the past the great majority of minority voters, in Ohio and other places that means African American voters, cast a large percentage of their votes during the early voting process.”

― John Lewis

“Everything about ‘Hugo’ to me is poignant, from the broken orphan to the old man losing his past to the fragility of film itself.”

― John Logan

“You have moments of grief in life, and if you can put pen to paper and capture that, that’s something wonderful. I can revisit actual songs about past deaths, and I know that emotion is as true now as it was then.”

― John Lydon

“Where the mind is past hope, the heart is past shame.”

― John Lyly

“I do not know which makes a man more conservative – to know nothing but the present, or nothing but the past.”

― John Maynard Keynes

“The superior man acquaints himself with many sayings of antiquity and many deeds of the past, in order to strengthen his character thereby.”

― John Milton

“I’m neither Republican nor Democrat. I’ve worked for the past five administrations.”

― John O. Brennan

“One of my resolutions is to quit smoking. I’ve tried for the past two years, but this year I am going to stick with it.”

― John Oldham

“They spend their time looking forward to the past.”

― John Osborne

“The practice of executing such offenders is a relic of the past and is inconsistent with evolving standards of decency in a civilized society.”

― John Paul Stevens

“When I’m writing a novel, I’m dealing with a double life. I live in the present at the same time that I live in the past with my characters. It is this that makes a novelist so eccentric and unpleasant.”

― John Phillips Marquand

“I have had many opportunities to visit universities all over the world in the past 50 years.”

― John Pople

“I see this fella built like a barn door… and there’s all these fox hunters, who didn’t like me, screaming and shouting and as I walked past him I looked at him and he hit me with something.”

― John Prescott

“In order to handle rejection, we have to reflect on the past, analyze/study it. Next, just like a computer, we have to reboot. Next, get it out of our system by rejecting every aspect of it.”

― John Rampton

“I feel rejecting rejection is one of the most crucial steps in getting past failure.”

― John Rampton

“I have been raising money for the past 14 years for diabetes research.”

― John Ratzenberger

“Our fans should know that the Phillies organization is committed to restoring the Phillies to its recent dominant past. We will approach the 2017 season and the years to follow with even greater intensity and determination, knowing our fans are eager to bring a championship back to Philadelphia. We intend to accomplish that goal.”

― John S. Middleton

“The greatest advancements in living standards over the past century have been coincident with affordable energy.”

― John S. Watson

“I think that my past stands me in good stead in that it does have a certain strength for musicians.”

― John Sebastian

“Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing, Thanks for mercies past received.”

― John Sheffield

“The future, according to some scientists, will be exactly like the past, only far more expensive.”

― John Sladek

“Memories are just stories we tell ourselves about our past; and that’s often why they don’t match when we’ve shared the same experiences with someone.”

― John Slattery

“It’s counterintuitive, but the most divisive arrangement is when the same party controls both Congress and the presidency, a situation encountered in eight of the past 10 years. With government unified under a single party, the minority has the least possible incentive to cooperate with the majority.”

― John Sununu

“Our line of business structure has served us very well in the past, when customer segments and product requirements were very distinct.”

― John T. Chambers

“Baseball presents a living heritage, a game poised between the powerful undertow of seasons past and the hope of next day, next week, next year.”

― John Thorn

“Pursuing employment or climatic relief, we live in voluntary exile from our extended families and our longer past, but in an involuntary exile from ourselves and our own past.”

― John Thorn

“I’ve done so many interviews that I’ve gotten past the ego and the personality.”

― John Travolta

“The past has to inform the present.”

― John Turturro

“Golf appeals to the idiot in us and the child. Just how childlike golf players become is proven by their frequent inability to count past five.”

― John Updike

“Our artistic heroes tend to be those self-exercisers, like Picasso, and Nabokov, and Wallace Stevens, who rather defiantly kept playing past dark.”

― John Updike

“We’re past the age of heroes and hero kings… Most of our lives are basically mundane and dull, and it’s up to the writer to find ways to make them interesting.”

― John Updike

“It has become much more difficult to smuggle dangerous substances across our borders over the past three years, and this is creating real problems for drug traffickers.”

― John Walters

“We need to educate Americans about the real harms of marijuana if we want to sustain the gains we’ve made over the past three years.”

― John Walters

“I like to spend time in the past, with the things that have been important to me.”

― John Wooden

“You can tell a lot about your cooks’ personalities by their music collection. I personally have such an eclectic collection, partly due to the combining of music libraries with girlfriends past.”

― Johnny Iuzzini

“There are not so many songs written about love today like there were in the past. It’s all changed, but that’s why my songs still last as big favorites today.”

― Johnny Mathis

“Some of the country stuff in the past has been so polished – if you were a guy with a nice pair of jeans, a big belt buckle and nice hat, you were country.”

― Johnny Van Zant

“’Johnny’ was a coping mechanism who could take those things which could have ordinarily destroyed me, by tweaking my past and throwing it back out there, getting laughs from things that would have otherwise upset me.”

― Johnny Vegas

“We are at a crossroads in the music business: with the rise of the internet, the world we live in has changed, and the past is not coming back. But I see the glass as half-full: the internet and social networking are new avenues for the next Bob Dylan to be born on.”

― Jon Bon Jovi

“At least the rap metal stuff is good, but it’s not really my bag. I’ve been listening to the radio since we’ve been touring the past month, because we don’t get it most of the time.”

― Jon Crosby

“That’s the fun of going to a high school reunion: it’s seeing the people who you were close to all those years ago, and re-exploring the relationships of the past.”

― Jon Hurwitz

“The past always seems somehow more golden, more serious, than the present. We tend to forget the partisanship of yesteryear, preferring to re-imagine our history as a sure and steady march toward greatness.”

― Jon Meacham

“Evolution has been the key tenet of success over the past 13 years, and we have transformed from a single subscription e-commerce image business into a company with a diversified portfolio of content offerings, servicing the needs of businesses of all types and sizes globally.”

― Jon Oringer

“People associate me with being pernickety and down. In the past, I was guilty of keeping myself like that just to maintain my comic persona.”

― Jon Richardson

“I look forward to working with President Trump. I’ve worked with him many times in the past, but we disagree.”

― Jon Tester

“I was this guy who’d been racing around down there, on that field in 1999, running straight over people, scoring tries, winning games, having fun. And I ended up so sick I couldn’t even run past a little baby.”

― Jonah Lomu

“For me, the past is dead. Can’t go back.”

― Jonathan Ames

“I have interviewed Hugo Chavez, Tim McVeigh, and hundreds of fascinating characters in South America, where I have lived for the past 15 years.”

― Jonathan Franklin

“The fact that a crime might have been committed with impunity in the past may make it seem more familiar and less gruesome, but surely does not give it any greater legitimacy.”

― Jonathan Kozol

“It’s exciting being in the present. You’re always reading emails, talking about the future, looking at pictures on Facebook of the past. But living in the present? It’s almost a dead medium. I almost want to do a sketch about being in the present.”

― Jonathan Krisel

“The past is still visible. The buildings haven’t changed, the layout of the streets hasn’t changed. So memory is very available to me as I walk around.”

― Jonathan Lethem

“The burden of the past is only, I think, oppressive when you’ve got to go on the experience of the avant garde.”

― Jonathan Miller

“Northern Ireland still suffers from its past, and it will take generations to escape sectarianism and for violence to end totally. Nonetheless, it is in a different place now than during the Troubles, and it will not go back to the old days.”

― Jonathan Powell

“Britain, relative to the U.S., is a highly secular society. Philanthropy alone cannot fill the gap left by government cutbacks. And the sources of altruism go deep into our evolutionary past.”

― Jonathan Sacks

“We do not always appreciate the role the Queen has played in one of the most significant changes in the past 60 years: the transformation of Britain into a multi-ethnic, multi-faith society. No one does interfaith better than the Royal family, and it starts with the Queen herself.”

― Jonathan Sacks

“While we can remember the past, we cannot write the future. Only our children, the future of our community, can do that.”

― Jonathan Sacks

“Instead of using new technologies to preserve for ready discovery material that might in the past never have been stored, or deleting everything as soon as possible, we can develop systems that place sensitive information beyond reach until a specified amount of time has passed or other conditions are met.”

― Jonathan Zittrain

“I don’t like to look too far back into the past.”

― Jordan Henderson

“The fact is that all writers create their precursors. Their work modifies our conception of the past, just as it is bound to modify the future.”

― Jorge Luis Borges

“Old cookbooks connect you to your past and explain the history of the world.”

― Jose Andres

“We should all be involved in the avant-garde as long as we look toward the past.”

― Jose Andres

“Our work at the OECD shows that migration, if well managed, can spur growth and innovation. Unfortunately, in the past, migration has not always been well managed: migrants have been concentrated in ghetto-like conditions, with few public services or employment prospects.”

― Jose Angel Gurria

“When I’m writing, I can always play around with tense. I can always make past present. I can always kind of manipulate, and I can always be delusional in a way that’s completely self-serving. With film, it’s like, the camera can’t really lie. It can manipulate to a certain extent.”

― Jose Antonio Vargas

“Drones can be a highly effective way of dealing with high-priority targets, but they should not become the drug of choice for an administration that is afraid to use successful, legal and safe tactics of the past.”

― Jose Rodriguez

“Mexico is now a country where we have justice and a rule of law that didn’t exist here in past years.”

― Josefina Vazquez Mota

“The invention of ethical and political doctrines, which blossomed into our own social sciences, is a product of times when things appeared manageable. The same goes for the criticism of those doctrines, though as a voice from the past, this criticism proved prophetic.”

― Joseph Brodsky

“As failures go, attempting to recall the past is like claiming to grasp the meaning of existence. Both make one feel like a baby clutching at a basketball: one’s palms keep sliding off.”

― Joseph Brodsky

“I think that people have short memories, and I think that they believe that our forbearers in the past were these Founding Fathers who were ideal and who were – would never have stooped to dirty tricks.”

― Joseph Cummins

“Surveying the way viruses have been discovered in the past, I came to the conclusion that I could use my technology that I developed as a graduate student – DNA microarray technology – to create a chip that would simultaneously screen for all viruses ever discovered, and furthermore have the built-in capability of discovering new viruses.”

― Joseph DeRisi

“We must respect the past, and mistrust the present, if we wish to provide for the safety of the future.”

― Joseph Joubert

“With the overhand right in the past, I always got caught. My chin was up, and my shoulder wasn’t where it was supposed to be, covering my chin.”

― Joseph Parker

“I was upset about not going to the Olympics. It was a dream of mine, and I’d been working at it for a long time. But I’ve turned pro now; it’s in the past, and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

― Joseph Parker

“If Trump actually wants to help those who have been left behind, he must go beyond the ideological battles of the past.”

― Joseph Stiglitz

“In the past, I’ve been a selfish player. I’ll definitely admit that.”

― Josh Gordon

“In 1987, I had no idea who Steven Isserlis was. We met at the Spoleto Festival in Charleston, South Carolina. It was originally just an Italian summer festival, but for the past 14 years, there’s also been a spring festival in America.”

― Joshua Bell

“We all have something in our past that is gripping us, and ‘Violet’ is very much about leaving those things behind.”

― Joshua Henry

“We can never run away from our past. The past will catch up to us because it is us. It is a part of us; it’s what makes us we are. It’s what delineates the borders of our societies.”

― Joshua Oppenheimer

“I think fundamentally, I had to make a decision really on whether this was a film about the past or the present. And ‘The Act Of Killing’ is a film about the present.”

― Joshua Oppenheimer

“I don’t really want to leave anything in life behind. We have bad experiences, we have difficult experiences, but if you leave everything behind, you have no past.”

― Joshua Oppenheimer

“’The Act of Killing’ helped catalyze this basic transformation in how the media talks about the past.”

― Joshua Oppenheimer

“I do like to drive fast and I have gotten pulled over in the past. I use my skills to get out of tickets.”

― Josie Maran

“The only way to real mature love is to get past the tropes of what we consider ‘romance.’”

― Joss Whedon

“I always felt that, when I saw Denzel or Viola do scenes in their past films or past projects, that if it’s a heavy scene, and it’s requiring a lot of emotional weight, that we would have nothing but silence and incense burning in between takes just to keep things quiet.”

― Jovan Adepo

“I love the sound of the saxophone. It became my singing voice, and it sounds so human. The saxophone could carry the words past the border of words. It can carry it a little bit farther.”

― Joy Harjo

“A writer can’t subtract or excise any of his/her past because doing so would erase the work produced during that time.”

― Joyce Carol Oates

“After my parents passed away – in 2000 and 2003 – I felt I could take the time to think about the past and imagine what it would have been like to be my grandmother.”

― Joyce Carol Oates

“I don’t know what marriages are like in general, but there are many things which I don’t talk about with my husband. We discuss practical problems, but I wouldn’t sit down with him and talk about the distant past. It’s somewhat in contrast to other Americans, who feel that they have to confess things, but I’m really not like that.”

― Joyce Carol Oates

“Movies by Carlos Saura and others had ghosts, memories from the past, that they used to make a political point. Things you couldn’t talk about openly, you could speak of through ghosts.”

― Juan Antonio Bayona

“The Bible doesn’t sugarcoat pain and suffering; it gives you something to move past it.”

― Jud Wilhite

“As we get past our superficial material wants and instant gratification we connect to a deeper part of ourselves, as well as to others, and the universe.”

― Judith Wright

“I had some wonderful dreaming meetings. I can’t tell you specifically what they’ve been in the recent months. In the past they’ve been verbal kinds of messages that he needed to give me. Now they’re more dreams of his presence.”

― Judy Collins

“I am not a member of any organization listed by the Attorney General as subversive. In any instance where I lent my name in the past, it was certainly without knowledge that such an organization was subversive. I have always been essentially and foremost an American.”

― Judy Holliday

“You can’t get past the liberal press with a bucket of ink.”

― Judy Martz

“For the past 21 years, I’ve been privileged to be part of an amazing organization called the International Women’s Media Foundation.”

― Judy Woodruff

“I can’t live off of yesterday – that’s in the past.”

― Juice Newton

“I don’t live in the past or focus on making new songs sound like my old stuff; it would be stupid, and I don’t think anyone would like it.”

― Juicy J

“If a person’s around me talking about ’92, or 2005, I get away from them quickly. I don’t want to be around anybody talking about the past.”

― Juicy J

“You earn the title of favourite when you win. It’s not when people say you’re a favourite because of past achievements; it’s when you show it on the pitch.”

― Julen Lopetegui

“Football does not stop. Spanish football is proud of its past, but we will look to the future.”

― Julen Lopetegui

“’Movement is life;’ and it is well to be able to forget the past, and kill the present by continual change.”

― Jules Verne

“When the mind once allows a doubt to gain entrance, the value of deeds performed grow less, their character changes, we forget the past and dread the future.”

― Jules Verne

“I think really what needs to happen is the people of the United States need to stand up and say, ‘Oil is an energy model from the past. It doesn’t work for the planet, it doesn’t work for the people, it never has and it never will.’”

― Julia Butterfly Hill

“Whether or not you welcome it, moving house requires you to make choices about the past as you move into the future. What of all of your bits of stuff is truly valued? What should be left behind?”

― Julia Gillard

“When we set out to build Eventbrite, we had to face many challenges and come up with creative solutions to get past them. Each time we learned new ways to cope, we became a stronger and more cohesive team.”

― Julia Hartz

“’Tragedy’ and ‘Loud City Song’ are both inspired by stories from the past.”

― Julia Holter

“I don’t use the harpsichord because it evokes a past time period: I use it because I like the sound.”

― Julia Holter

“I’ve done interviews in the past where, apparently, I didn’t give the journalist any eye contact. I’m a bit shy, yes. I’ve thought about refusing to do any press at all.”

― Julian Barratt

“My grandmother, when she was young, would’ve walked past shops where some folks had out a sign that said, ‘No Mexicans or dogs allowed.’”

― Julian Castro

“Traditionally, photography is supposed to capture an event that has passed; but that is not what I’m looking for. Photography brings the past into the present when you look at it.”

― Julian Schnabel

“I wanted to make pictures where you would not know who took them. I also bring the present into the past.”

― Julian Schnabel

“I would suggest that our listening is the main way that we experience the flow of time from past to future.”

― Julian Treasure

“A lot of my past is gone from my mind.”

― Juliana Hatfield

“There are elements of me in the roles I’ve played in the past. But people forget that Mary Poppins was just a role, too.”

― Julie Andrews

“I’ve never been nostalgic, personally or politically – if the past was so great, how come it’s history?”

― Julie Burchill

“I felt my mother about the place. I don’t think she haunts me, but I wouldn’t put it past her.”

― Julie Walters

“I shall go further and say that even if an examination of the past could lead to any valid prediction concerning man’s future, that prediction would be the contrary of reassuring.”

― Julien Benda

“I knew I never wanted to become an archaeologist. But at school I became intrigued by what people were doing on an everyday basis in the past.”

― Juliet Aubrey

“I live for the present always. I accept this risk. I don’t deny the past, but it’s a page to turn.”

― Juliette Binoche

“Movies are open doors, and at every door, I change character and life… I live for the present always. I accept this risk. I don’t deny the past, but it’s a page to turn.”

― Juliette Binoche

“There is growth. Get out of the past.”

― Juliette Lewis

“You try to avoid the mistakes you made in the past.”

― Julio Iglesias

“Arbor Day is not like other holidays. Each of those reposes on the past, while Arbor Day proposes for the future.”

― Julius Sterling Morton

“I like to have Chinese furniture in my home as a constant and painful reminder of how much has been destroyed in China. The contrast between the beauty of the past and the ugliness of the modern is nowhere sharper than in China.”

― Jung Chang

“I think because of their terrible past, particularly this century, the Chinese have come to accept cruelty more than many other people, which is something I feel very unhappy about.”

― Jung Chang

“Did you know that the word ‘tsunami,’ which is now being used worldwide, is a Japanese word? This is indicative of the extent to which Japan has been subject to frequent tsunami disasters in the past.”

― Junichiro Koizumi

“In the past, Japan through its colonial rule and aggression caused tremendous damage and suffering for the people of many countries, particularly those of Asian nations.”

― Junichiro Koizumi

“The past isn’t going to get you to your goal.”

― Junior Seau

“My novel, which I had started with such hope shortly after publishing my first book of stories, wouldn’t budge past the 75-page mark. Nothing I wrote past page 75 made any kind of sense. Nothing. Which would have been fine if the first 75 pages hadn’t been pretty damn cool.”

― Junot Diaz

“I think there’s something really painful about your identity being entirely composed of ghosts. For me, I didn’t want to be this kid whose Dominicanness was something caught utterly in the past, is an abstraction, the thing that I write about. Instead I wanted it to be, first and foremost, a thing that I lived.”

― Junot Diaz

“Everyone has a past, but I try not to let that affect the way I see them; I want to get to know who they are today.”

― Jurnee Smollett-Bell

“There’s injustices within our system that we inherited from this time, from slavery, and until we confront our past, we’re not going to be able to heal the wounds for our future.”

― Jurnee Smollett-Bell

“Tom Fort, a BBC radio journalist, starts from the assumption that ‘many of us have a road that reaches back into our past’. For him, this is the 92 miles of the A303 – as he subtitles his book, the ‘Highway to the Sun’.”

― Justin Cartwright

“DeLillo has said that he no longer feels a compulsion to write long, compendious books. In his later years, Saul Bellow said something similar. DeLillo, of course, has written very long in the past, notably with the 850-page Underworld (1997), and his story has been America.”

― Justin Cartwright

“The future of ballet is really in the hands of the creators, so if it’s something that interests them to push the envelope with gender roles, then I think it will change. But if that’s not of interest to a dance-maker, if their interest is to sort of preserve the way things have been done for the past 200 years, then nothing is going to change.”

― Justin Peck

“There’s a few times in the past when I wrote a song, and I put the words together, and they were very clear pictures, and I felt like I was putting together a really good story. But I don’t think I was ever really able to stay on that. What I’ve sort of developed lyrically is more about the sound of the vocals and what they are.”

― Justin Vernon

“I love having first-time experiences. When you’re past the age of 20 or so, there are less and less first-time experiences.”

― Justine Bateman

“I’m nearly 50. I’m past being photographed falling out of bars.”

― K. D. Lang

“’Bloo’ is a compilation of a few songs I’ve written over the past year, inspired by the necessity of finding happiness in the people I choose to surround myself with.”

― Kacy Hill

“I don’t want to be involved with an actor because I know how they are. I’ve had problems in the past being with guys who haven’t had any success or haven’t made as much money, and it’s very uncomfortable.”

― Kaley Cuoco

“I’ll admit, when I look back on the past couple decades, a lot of it seems like a blur.”

― Kane

“I am not ashamed of anything – not my past, not my affairs, not my body, and most definitely not my desire.”

― Kangana Ranaut

“I don’t look into negative things. Go past mistakes and look forward.”

― Kapil Dev

“Yeah… I was a singer as a kid. I had a lot of stage fright, and what’s happened with ‘Idol,’ it has got me past so much of that.”

― Kara DioGuardi

“The illusion is that most of my work is simply about past events: a point in history and nothing else.”

― Kara Walker

“While the Internet has allowed for some extraordinary progress in creating conversations about diversity, it also allows uninformed comments that one has made in the past to live forever.”

― Karamo Brown

“When a certain swathe of India’s population considers the country’s ancient past, it doesn’t see a country fragmented into kingdoms, savaged by caste divisions, and mired in poverty; rather, what’s envisioned is a vast, unified Hindu empire stretching from Kashmir to the Indian tip at Kanyakumari.”

― Karan Mahajan

“It’s getting worse under Prime Minister Modi. The economic miracle has failed, to a degree, and people are reaching back to a kind of imagined Hindu past for a feeling of pride. And that feeling of pride necessarily comes from denying any kind of Muslim heritage. People my age seem to be becoming illiberal in a way that I’m surprised by.”

― Karan Mahajan

“As a Punjabi, you only have to look at your own family’s past to find horror stories about arranged marriages and brutality.”

― Karan Mahajan

“I express myself the way I want. Sometimes, I know, I do put up posts that might be insensitive, but I am not someone who deletes a post. If my posts end up hurting people, I don’t have any qualms apologising, and I have done that in the past.”

― Karan Patel

“We don’t get offered roles because of who we are but because of what we delivered in the past.”

― Karan Patel

“Ironically, the first thing that appealed to me about Islam was its pluralism. The fact that the Koran praises all the great prophets of the past.”

― Karen Armstrong

“In the past some of the most influential Jewish, Christian and Muslim theologians, such as Maimonides, Aquinas and Ibn Sina, made it clear that it was very difficult to speak about God, because when we confront the ultimate, we are at the end of what words or thoughts can do.”

― Karen Armstrong

“I don’t think there’s any reason why girl goalkeepers cannot train alongside the boys in academies. We have done it in the past. But health and safety have stepped in and stopped us. It may be there were child protection regulations to observe.”

― Karen Bardsley

“When you hit 30, people have got this perception that you’re past it, and I really disagree with that.”

― Karen Carney

“I’ve been in a New York City-based cabaret for the past seven years called The Citizens Band. It’s possibly one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever been involved with.”

― Karen Elson

“It was all men, and there I was prancing around in gowns that barely got past the censors.”

― Karen Morley

“You dwell too much on the past, you forget that you’ve got to take care of the present.”

― Karl-Anthony Towns

“I discovered that the study of past philosophers is of little use unless our own reality enters into it. Our reality alone allows the thinker’s questions to become comprehensible.”

― Karl Jaspers

“I like today and perhaps a little future still, but the past is really something I’m not interested in. So, as far as I’m concerned, I like only the past of things and people I don’t know. When I know, I don’t care because I knew how it was.”

― Karl Lagerfeld

“I hate the past – especially my own past.”

― Karl Lagerfeld

“I wish I had the billions of dollars that George Soros has that he has used to fund Democratic causes in the past.”

― Karl Rove

“Normally, my goal is to get past the first round, because that’s the hardest.”

― Karolina Pliskova

“I put the movie days totally behind me… It was a part of my past that I really kind of put in a little drawer and shut the door.”

― Karolyn Grimes

“I used to watch a lot of Malayalam films in the past.”

― Karthi

“We have been reformulating anything that had carmine in the past, and if we can’t reformulate, we just throw them out. I can live without a purple eye shadow. It’s fine.”

― Kat Von D

“I find the past so fascinating. Photographs are strange, almost surreal, almost here yet gone. I slip into thinking what the past must have been like and I enjoy creating that ambience and atmosphere – 1730 to around 1870 is the most interesting period.”

― Kate Atkinson

“The fact that I’m very close with my past relationships is something I pride myself on. My mom is still close to her first husband. It’s nice to be able to enjoy someone in a different form.”

― Kate Bosworth

“Stories are like that. Like cities, they are built on the stones and bones of the past.”

― Kate Forsyth

“The modern museum has multiple purposes – to curate and preserve, to research, and to reach out to the public. They challenge us and ask us to question our assumptions about the past or the world around us.”

― Kate Williams

“I’m fascinated by historical fashion, and I like to live in the past slightly. If I could walk around all day dressed in a crinoline, I would.”

― Kate Williams

“I think I can see more clearly now – about how the pattern of past experiences has shaped who I am and the characters I have played – and I’m grateful for that.”

― Kate Winslet

“Most Americans probably have no idea how hostile anti-abortion sidewalk counseling outside clinics can be. There’s a reason pro-choicers volunteer to escort patients as they make their way past angry crowds to the clinic door.”

― Katha Pollitt

“Dressing up is a bore. At a certain age, you decorate yourself to attract the opposite sex, and at a certain age, I did that. But I’m past that age.”

― Katharine Hepburn

“It’s not like I pretend the past doesn’t exist or that I’m not proud to be a part of it.”

― Katharine Weymouth

“Yes. I do about 70 shows a year, in the past year I’ve been to Italy, Australia, Japan, China, just about everywhere. I do it because I love singing. The money is a bonus.”

― Katherine Jenkins

“Because usually in the past when I was in a big band, that was all I did.”

― Kathy Valentine

“Normally, Finns wait for a couple of years and watch Aki’s films on television. But it is as though the international reputation of ‘The Man Without a Past’ caused them to go and see it at the cinema.”

― Kati Outinen

“I’ve said in the past that if I were Prime Minister, I would ban obesity.”

― Katie Hopkins

“It’s hard, but I try not to think of happiness as either pending or in the past.”

― Katie Kitamura

“The best part about winning the PGA is getting great pairings at tour events. It’s fun to play with Phil Mickelson and other past major champions.”

― Keegan Bradley

“I’ve stopped worrying about whether people think what I do is any good. I’ve taken stick in the past, and I’ve genuinely worried and got incredibly upset.”

― Keeley Hawes

“I don’t think about my past or future.”

― Keerthy Suresh

“I had trained a bit in Bharatanatyam in the past but did not learn in depth. The same goes with jazz, western, and cinematic dance, as I was quite laid back with the training.”

― Keerthy Suresh

“I’m a little bit sillier than past Cinderellas… at least, I am so far. But it’s only the second day into rehearsal!”

― Keke Palmer

“Everyone is the sum total of past experiences. A character doesn’t just spring to life at age thirty.”

― Kelley Armstrong

“I don’t think I’ve been shy in the past. Young and uncomfortable, maybe. But shy? It has become this annoying term that I’ve been lumbered with.”

― Kelly Macdonald

“When I’m driving past the place I used to work, or when I’m driving past the comedy studio where I used to take photos in exchange for classes, or when I’m driving past the yoga studio I used to clean on the weekends – it’s not that far removed from me yet. I get very sentimental over things like that.”

― Kelly Marie Tran

“It’s hard to come across someone who can look past an artist who is larger and just see them for the talent they are and have them be willing to invest what’s necessary to make them a star.”

― Kelly Price

“I don’t really want to go into it, because whenever I say anything about my past now, it becomes a pissing match… but I realised that I had acquiesced, in my 40s, to an idea of ‘You know what, maybe this thing that you wanted in your life, maybe it just wasn’t important.’”

― Kelsey Grammer

“Good history is a question of survival. Without any past, we will deprive ourselves of the defining impression of our being.”

― Ken Burns

“A lot of great inventions are just little improvements on past ideas.”

― Ken Hakuta

“The past has infinite value if one learns from it.”

― Ken Hensley

“Loved. You can’t use it in the past tense. Death does not stop that love at all.”

― Ken Kesey

“The idea that somehow the way forward is to abandon the past, to me, is preposterous and both undesirable and unrealistic.”

― Ken Liu

“My only regret is the media’s obsession with the past.”

― Ken Livingstone

“We not only heard it before 20 years ago, before George Bush in 2001 passed his tax relief, before in 2003 the tax relief were past, we were told they were dead. Before we provided prescription drugs for Medicare, we were told it wasn’t going to happen.”

― Ken Mehlman

“What you’re doing now, or have done in the past, need not determine what you can do next and in the future.”

― Ken Robinson

“I can’t become another person, no matter how much makeup I wear. Something of your own past, your experiences and personality always comes out in the role, and that makes acting very risky. You’re exposed. You always wonder if you can pull it off.”

― Ken Watanabe

“When I was younger, I used to bite my nails so bad. I used to play sports; I played, like, every sport. I would be playing soccer, and I’d be in the middle of the field just zoned out, biting my nails, and I’d, like, miss the ball going past me.”

― Kendall Jenner

“I’m trying to put the past to rest, but things just keep popping up to just pull me back in.”

― Kendra Wilkinson

“I don’t see any harm with coming out and talking about your life and talking about problems and talking about things that happened when you’re past certain situations.”

― Kendra Wilkinson

“I choose to be inspired by things that have been done well in the past. So, I don’t worry about being compared, because I think that does paralyze you.”

― Kenneth Branagh

“A lot of the films I’ve done have links to other movies that I’ve directed in the past.”

― Kenneth Branagh

“Investors covet past improvements but also always believe pricing unimaginable future creativity and efficiency gains is Pollyannaish. And they’re always wrong. Bet on it.”

― Kenneth Fisher

“Animals arrived, liked the look of the place, took up their quarters, settled down, spread, and flourished. They didn’t bother themselves about the past – they never do; they’re too busy.”

― Kenneth Grahame

“Little kids grow up discovering the world that’s shown to them and then when you become a teenager, it kind of shrinks a little bit. I think when you get past that point, one of the important things is that you see there is more to the world than yourself.”

― Kenneth Lonergan

“A city whose living immediacy is so urgent that when I am in it I lose all sense of the past.”

― Kenneth Tynan

“A novel is a static thing that one moves through; a play is a dynamic thing that moves past one.”

― Kenneth Tynan

“Real freedom is creative, proactive, and will take me into new territories. I am not free if my freedom is predicated on reacting to my past.”

― Kenny Loggins

“I am not as scared about people tearing this one up as I would have been in the past because of the basis in ‘knowing’ this one has. There are people out there that are hungry for this.”

― Kenny Loggins

“Paradoxically, the people and state of Japan living on such moral props were not innocent but had been stained by their own past history of invading other Asian countries.”

― Kenzaburo Oe

“I stumbled upon Charles White purely by chance while looking through a book ‘Great Negroes, Past and Present’ in the library at Forty-Ninth Street Elementary School in South-Central Los Angeles. I was in the fifth grade.”

― Kerry James Marshall

“We are past the stage in our relations that you come to Washington with an empty goody bag and then you go back with a bag filled with stuff.”

― Kersti Kaljulaid

“I’m pretty sure that I was JFK in my past life.”

― Kesha

“I think a lot of success I have had in the past is I have been able to work points, find the right time to come forward.”

― Kevin Anderson

“It’s incumbent on all of us to remember our history and not repeat our past sins.”

― Kevin de Leon

“We live in an emotionally fragile culture. We are in touch with every hurt past, present, and perceived. We are the walking wounded, and we want everyone to know.”

― Kevin DeYoung

“The way that organizations and organisms anticipate the future is by taking signals from the past, most the time.”

― Kevin Kelly

“Every film that is made about the past is always a reflection of the present.”

― Kevin Macdonald

“America needs education reform on all levels to expand quality schools, build on past successes, and lower college debt.”

― Kevin McCarthy

“It’s kind of interesting, because hacking is a skill that could be used for criminal purposes or legitimate purposes, and so even though in the past I was hacking for the curiosity, and the thrill, to get a bite of the forbidden fruit of knowledge, I’m now working in the security field as a public speaker.”

― Kevin Mitnick

“I actually think looking to the past for inspiration is pretty redundant.”

― Kevin Parker

“In the past I’ve thrown my wicket away on certain occasions.”

― Kevin Pietersen

“Fans don’t care what’s in your private life, what happened in your past, where you come from. If you don’t perform, they judge.”

― Kevin-Prince Boateng

“Don’t ask me about Real Madrid – it’s just the past.”

― Kevin-Prince Boateng

“We are in the year 2013, and racism is still amongst us and is still a problem. It’s not simply an argument for the History Channel or something that belongs to the past or something that only happens in other countries.”

― Kevin-Prince Boateng

“My dream is to help young players. I don’t want them to make the mistakes I did in the past.”

― Kevin-Prince Boateng

“As nations we should also commit afresh to righting past wrongs. In Australia we began this recently with the first Australians – the oldest continuing culture in human history. On behalf of the Australian Parliament, this year I offered an apology to indigenous Australians for the wrongs they had suffered in the past.”

― Kevin Rudd

“What we have seen in financial markets should bring home to us all that the central organising principle of this 21st century is interdependence. For the century just past, interdependence may have been one option among many. For the century that is to come, there is no longer an alternative.”

― Kevin Rudd

“While data can only tell you what has happened in the past, it can in some ways give you a sense of what might be of interest to an audience in the future.”

― Kevin Spacey

“In the past, people have looked at photos as a record of memory. The focus has been on the past tense. With Instagram, the focus is on the present tense.”

― Kevin Systrom

“I’m not particularly fond of the past, but I do ramble on about it quite a bit.”

― Kevin Whately

“Factors affecting effective regional cooperation are mindsets and perceptions emanating from the past.”

― Khaleda Zia

“My past is a bit checkered.”

― Kid Rock

“I’ve worked with incredible producers in the past, but when me and El-P got in a room, there was no way I was going to let off his head because not only was he one of the greatest producers I heard, he was one of the illest rappers I had ever heard.”

― Killer Mike

“Past records of inter-Korean relations show that confrontation between fellow countrymen leads to nothing but war.”

― Kim Jong-un

“I have six brothers, and in the past I’ve done quite a few girlie films, like ‘Wild Child’ and ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging’ – so when they’ve been to those, they’ve been incredibly embarrassed. They won’t be embarrassed going to see ‘Black Death’ – I reckon they’re going to love it.”

― Kimberley Nixon

“I’m definitely in a place where I’m looking for different than what I’ve done in the past, just so I can go to work and do something I haven’t done before.”

― Kimberly Elise

“If I could throw my phone away, I would probably do it. It’s always on silent, and I don’t like when it rings and people are calling. We could live without those things in the past when we just had a phone on the street somewhere, on the corner or at the house. I have no interest in telling all the people what I do every day and where I am.”

― Kimi Raikkonen

“Stuff like Buena Vista Social Club and Fela Kuti were quite a main thing to my childhood. As soon as I reached an age where I realized that Fela was singing in English, when I got past his accent, I loved the rawness of it, and the funk and the rhythm and the melody.”

― King Krule

“The Screen Directors Guild was organized solely by and for the motion picture director… We are not anti-anything: The Guild being formed for the purpose of assisting and improving the director’s work in the form of a collective body, rather than as an individual, as was necessary in the past.”

― King Vidor

“I do not believe in living in either the future or the past.”

― Kiran Bedi

“In Vedic times, we had the great quest for the unknown. We did wonderful things; we celebrate our past vigyaan and our wonderful heritage of science and technology of the Vedic times.”

― Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

“I am not a fan of Facebook or Twitter. They both allow too much information to be available and they make privacy a thing of the past.”

― Kirsty Gallacher

“We are all part of a tradition, at least we depend on the past.”

― Klaus Schulze

“In old age we are like a batch of letters that someone has sent. We are no longer in the past, we have arrived.”

― Knut Hamsun

“There’s a time where people were out holding posters in protest outside shows I was doing, and thankfully, we’ve moved past that. And a lot of country stations wouldn’t play me. They were more conservative than I was.”

― Kris Kristofferson

“The past couple years training with Kurt have really brought inspiration into my skating.”

― Kristi Yamaguchi

“Often, the roles I’m offered in England are melancholic women who are filled with regret for the past, regret for their fading beauty.”

― Kristin Scott Thomas

“My burden is my past as a TV star. But, you know, pasts cannot be a life sentence.”

― Ksenia Sobchak

“Sometimes, with vocalese, I’m dealing with something, a great solo from the past, which is so iconic I can’t presume to change it or mess with it.”

― Kurt Elling

“Man’s inhumanity to man is as old as humanity itself. Some people just do evil things. Most do not. A billion people have seen ‘Batman’ movies over the past 20 years, and they have been entertained and inspired. One man saw it as a sick entry point for mass murder. The one is tragic. The billion are not. I choose to write for the billion.”

― Kurt Sutter

“Reality is on a delay. For you, nothing is now. Realizing this fact is unsettling. If we can only react to the past, how do we manage to navigate the present? It’s easy to spiral into a treatise on free will while in the fetal position, overthinking our forever past.”

― Kyle Hill

“I’ve done Graham Norton’s show three times now. He tackles taboos and subject matter that wouldn’t make it past the censors in the States.”

― Kyle MacLachlan

“I’m scared of the day I turn 19. I really don’t want to grow past 18.”

― Kylie Jenner

“I love my friends and my past, and it’s made me who I am.”

― Lady Gaga

“He has a future and I have a past, so we should be all right.”

― Lady Randolph Churchill

“In exile, I have tried to profit by the past and prepare for the future.”

― Lajos Kossuth

“I love the smell of Burger King when I ride past, but sometimes I have to avoid it.”

― LaMarr Woodley

“Hollywood screwed up in the past. They made Asians the other – a separate group that could only hang out with each other.”

― Lana Condor

“Fashion is inspired by youth and nostalgia and draws inspiration from the best of the past.”

― Lana Del Rey

“The bulk of my learning – if I may call it such – has come within the past three months, after I became a part of the fragile body of patients who make up an AIDS hospice. Here, surrounded by teams of supportive nurses, attentive doctors, and interns, one gently comes upon his own strengths and shortcomings.”

― Lance Loud

“I’m originally from Dallas, Texas, where Bonnie and Clyde were from, so when I was a little kid, my grandfather used to drive me past the Barrow Filling Station. At my elementary school, there was a barn outside that they used to say was a Bonnie and Clyde hangout.”

― Lane Garrison

“I am very lucky and grateful to have this living link to a past era, the violin presumably having much more history to it than the later portion that I know.”

― Lara St. John

“The same things we’ve done the past couple of seasons. We’ve worked on the engine and clutch. We’ll try and pick up the performance and consistency of the car and go back out there.”

― Larry Dixon

“The only thing simple about the past is that it’s not now.”

― Larry Poons

“The thing that’s changed the way I do my stand-up act is having kids and getting older and wiser and smarter. There might be a joke or two in the past that I wish I hadn’t done, but in the past, you can’t have it back.”

― Larry the Cable Guy

“J has told me about his past. I know what happened and why. But he is the one person who made me believe in my talent and whatever happened in the past, he’s been a wonderful manager to me.”

― LaToya Jackson

“Comparing in the past years, Tamyra Gray and everyone else that didn’t win but their careers are doing well.”

― LaToya London

“It’s funny, we all really, really got along. I don’t know how it was in years past but this year, I was really with a good group of people. No one tried to sabotage each other or steal the other ones moments.”

― LaToya London

“The kitchen is where we deal with the elements of the universe. It is where we come to understand our past and ourselves.”

― Laura Esquivel

“The only way we’ll know where we’re going is to look at the past and to remember who we were through ceremonies and rituals.”

― Laura Esquivel

“Everyone’s past is locked up in their recipes – the past of an individual and the past of a nation as well.”

― Laura Esquivel

“The same way one tells a recipe, one tells a family history. Each one of us has our past locked inside.”

― Laura Esquivel

“I don’t like the road. I love being on the track. I like being indoors and the fact I’m not battling past 200 other riders.”

― Laura Trott

“The past is an open wound, a life force busily shaping an increasingly bewildering present.”

― Laura van den Berg

“I don’t mind if people say I was on ‘American Idol,’ because I was, and that is a part of my past, and I’m super proud of it, but I don’t want that to be all there is to me.”

― Lauren Alaina

“Legends are all to do with the past and nothing to do with the present.”

― Lauren Bacall

“In the past, I’ve been a workaholic. I’m trying not to be anymore.”

― Lauren Shuler Donner

“I think getting rid of my leg was getting rid of the past and getting ready for my journey ahead.”

― Lauren Wasser

“Bureaucracy defends the status quo long past the time when the quo has lost its status.”

― Laurence J. Peter

“No one who cooks, cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and menus of cooks present, and the wisdom of cookbook writers.”

― Laurie Colwin

“My husband is stricken with dementia, and it’s a trick of his condition that events and people from his past are more real to him than what happened five minutes ago.”

― Laurie Graham

“A dream job is to walk right past hair and makeup.”

― Laurie Metcalf

“Like all artists, I’m a complete cinephile; I see everything. I see past movies, present movies, indie movies, experimental movies.”

― Laurie Simmons

“Have you noticed in your past experience that your kind interpretations were almost always truer than you harsh one?”

― Lawrence G. Lovasik

“In the past, I have been an immigration reformer, not a restrictionist.”

― Lawrence Kudlow

“Remember the refrain: We always build on the past; the past always tries to stop us. Freedom is about stopping the past, but we have lost that ideal.”

― Lawrence Lessig

“I still miss qualities of Khmer life that are hard to quantify: the slow, sensual pace, the hovering presence of the past, the vast skies filled with terrifying and beautiful butts. And, of course, the food.”

― Lawrence Osborne

“Islam and the West have clashed in the past and have not clashed. There is nothing inevitable about it.”

― Lawrence Wright

“Britney Spears is definitely my favorite past Candie’s girl; her campaigns were gorgeous.”

― Lea Michele

“I’ve always had a show that went seven episodes or 13 episodes or whatever. And I’ve never had a show that’s gone past a first season. It really is a lot of work.”

― Leah Remini

“Life is made up of a series of judgments on insufficient data, and if we waited to run down all our doubts, it would flow past us.”

― Learned Hand

“I belong to a nation which over the past centuries has experienced many hardships and reverses. The world reacted with silence or with mere sympathy when Polish frontiers were crossed by invading armies and the sovereign state had to succumb to brutal force.”

― Lech Walesa

“After the war, Germany fully confessed to all its dirty tricks. It’s necessary to is draw a line under the past, even if people did something evil. Until we do, wounds won’t heal.”

― Lech Walesa

“I think a lot of it had to do with, you know, I was always a daddy’s girl. I was always wanting to please him, and I think he was pleased when he’d walk past my room and I was listening to those records.”

― Lee Ann Womack

“I was 24 when I was blacklisted. I was 36 when I got off the blacklist. How much of a life does an actress have in L.A. past 25? … I was really scared of having producers know that I was on my way to 40.”

― Lee Grant

“North Korean defectors can usually tell when other defectors are lying about their past.”

― Lee Hyeon-seo

“China is not going to become a liberal democracy; if it did, it would collapse. I do not believe you can impose on other countries standards which are alien and totally disconnected with their past.”

― Lee Kuan Yew

“I’ve dominated past competitions, but I’ve sweated blood and tears for every medal. I take nothing for granted, and I’m fully focused on doing my best.”

― Lee Pearson

“One thing I always loved about vinyl was the length of a side, around 20 or 22 minutes. That’s the perfect length of an attention span for listening time, you know? You could listen and give it all your attention. Put on something that’s 70 minutes, and nobody’s sticking around past the first 20 or 30 minutes.”

― Lee Ranaldo

“How we think about the future and the past determines everything about how we think about our situation as human beings.”

― Lee Smolin

“Golf is played between the ears and if you are not 100 percent focused on what you are trying to do, then people will go past you no matter who you are.”

― Lee Westwood

“We’ve made bad albums in the past, and people have bought them. I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m just grateful for it.”

― Lemmy

“I think there’s something inherently dishonest in trying to go back and mess with the past.”

― Len Wein

“In the past, when I shot films about fishermen and hunters, I always had to admire their ability to perceive time in its entirety. The present was always temporary.”

― Lennart Meri

“During the past 23 years, I have set a number of goals for myself and I’m proud to say that these goals have been achieved.”

― Lennox Lewis

“I’ll demand of myself and my own government what, in the past, I insisted of others.”

― Leo Varadkar

“The traditional divide between left and right, capital and labor, small state and big state, high taxes and low taxes doesn’t define politics in the way it did in the past.”

― Leo Varadkar

“One could look over the past century and ask oneself, has the increased longevity been good, bad or indifferent?”

― Leon Kass

“Iran’s continued drive to develop nuclear capabilities, including troubling enrichment activities and past work on weaponization documented by the IAEA, and its continued support to groups like Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist organizations make clear that the regime in Tehran is a very grave threat to all of us.”

― Leon Panetta

“The last thing I want to do is to make the mistakes of the past.”

― Leon Panetta

“The only thing that interests me is history – reviewing the past and making something out of it.”

― Leon Redbone

“I think there’s a preoccupation with the American market to make excuses and justify its past. If it isn’t current, it means somebody has to make an excuse for it. If it’s ‘cult,’ it gives it a sense of illegitimate legitimacy.”

― Leon Redbone

“I don’t mind letting people in a little bit, but I have learned from the past not to talk too much about my relationships and to keep things as private as possible.”

― Leona Lewis

“A part of me feels like I was an animal in my past life that wasn’t treated very nicely.”

― Leona Lewis

“We should keep in mind that it is easy to concoct stories explaining the past or to become confident about dubious scenarios of the future. We should view both explanations and prophecies with skepticism.”

― Leonard Mlodinow

“I’m beginning to see that just knowing the piece is not enough. Having a clear technique is not enough. Having a broad repertory is not enough. I want desperately to get past all those things.”

― Leonard Slatkin

“I do miss England. Well, I miss the idea of England, I think. But I haven’t been back for years. I probably just miss the past.”

― Leonora Carrington

“I’ve met and sketched most of the great athletes from the past five decades and their movement, grace and energy have kept me captivated over the years. That’s what the ancient Greeks first saw and that’s what caught my interest.”

― LeRoy Neiman

“If you are carrying strong feelings about something that happened in your past, they may hinder your ability to live in the present.”

― Les Brown

“For the past couple of years I’ve been pretty bored with music in general… just bored with it.”

― Les Claypool

“I have been devoted to my son, and there have been lots of jobs in the past that I haven’t done because I didn’t want to be away from him.”

― Lesley Manville

“I think it’s the end of progress if you stand still and think of what you’ve done in the past. I keep on.”

― Leslie Caron

“Jane Austen is at the end of the line that begins with Samuel Richardson, which takes wonder and magic out of the novel, treats not the past but the present.”

― Leslie Fiedler

“The global phenomenon of poverty tourism – or ‘poorism’ – has become increasingly popular during the past few years. Tourists pay to be guided through the favelas of Brazil and the shantytowns of South Africa. The recently opened Los Angeles Gang Tour carries visitors through battle-scarred territories of urban violence and deprivation.”

― Leslie Jamison

“Whenever I’ve been stuck on a project, it’s always brought me solace to the return to books that moved me in the past. It’s a nice way to get outside my own head; and it brings me back to one of the most important reasons I write at all: to bring some pleasure to readers, to make them think or feel.”

― Leslie Jamison

“It’s been dawning on me slowly that for the past 35 years I have been cast against type, and I’m finally getting to do what I really wanted to do.”

― Leslie Nielsen

“Ah, tell me not that memory sheds gladness o’er the past, what is recalled by faded flowers, save that they did not last?”

― Letitia Elizabeth Landon

“Even though I have spent literally years of my life trying to learn another language, any other language – and even though I have in the past claimed in several key professional contexts that I speak other languages – I am in fact still trapped inside the bubble of English.”

― Lev Grossman

“Songs don’t wear out. Good songs are good now. If they were a comfort during those hard times in the past, they’ll be a comfort in today’s age.”

― Levon Helm

“We are anxious in the face of our unchangeable past; we long to recreate segments of our private histories, but we are stuck with them.”

― Lewis B. Smedes

“I learned two basic lessons on Everest. First, just because something has worked in the past does not mean it will work today. Second, different challenges require different mindsets.”

― Lewis Gordon Pugh

“When I was a kid, I used to play a game called ‘Grand Prix Two.’ Interlagos was always the first race of the season on that, and I never really got much past the second race. I would always restart the season, so I always seemed to be doing Interlagos – it was a real pain!”

― Lewis Hamilton

“People need to remember that I am the first black driver in F1, so I am obviously going to be different to past drivers.”

― Lewis Hamilton

“Traditionalists are pessimists about the future and optimists about the past.”

― Lewis Mumford

“The future is too interesting and dangerous to be entrusted to any predictable, reliable agency. We need all the fallibility we can get. Most of all, we need to preserve the absolute unpredictability and total improbability of our connected minds. That way we can keep open all the options, as we have in the past.”

― Lewis Thomas

“I’m involved in quite a few ministries as a bridge builder, trying to match generous givers and donors to other ministries. Based on my past, I’m also involved in mainly the prison ministry. I go to jails and prisons and share my story, trying to give them some hope.”

― Lex Luger

“For the past 10 years, people have been making fun of the eighties. Why are we bringing them back?”

― Lexa Doig

“The great thing about a reboot is, you can learn from the past if you care enough.”

― Lexi Alexander

“Openness has been vital to Asia’s fast growth in the past and it will continue to be crucial for the area’s further development.”

― Li Keqiang

“In the past, proactive fiscal polices almost always meant just more investment and an increase in the fiscal deficit.”

― Li Keqiang

“In my view, Asian countries have learnt the lessons from the past and significantly enhanced their capabilities to fend off risks.”

― Li Keqiang

“Let’s just shatter the illusion. I am not wealthy. I’ve lived in the same house for the past 30 years.”

― Liam Cunningham

“A sex symbol? A symbol of sex? I don’t think that I am a sex symbol, although it’s very flattering. I’m 59, now, so I think I’m possibly past my sell-by date. I think I am.”

― Liam Neeson

“I think I’m past my due date. I just feel it.”

― Liam Neeson

“Trying to tear down the past prohibits you from building up your future.”

― Lil Wayne

“We are a people who do not want to keep much of the past in our heads. It is considered unhealthy in America to remember mistakes, neurotic to think about them, psychotic to dwell on them.”

― Lillian Hellman

“I love MySpace; it’s done an amazing job for me and it’s been insane over the past couple of weeks, but I’m not a poster girl for them.”

― Lily Allen

“Everything for me has happened so quickly. I finished shooting ‘The Blind Side’ not this past June, but the June before, and all of sudden up to now, it seems like it’s gone from zero to 60 for me. I feel so fortunate to be able to say that.”

― Lily Collins

“That had been a real problem for me in the past – meeting people that were opportunists, so I had a few bad experiences where I really believed people cared about me, but they didn’t.”

― Limahl

“To be sure, political unions between European countries have often failed in the past, but usually only after relatively brief periods. Denmark and Iceland separated after 130 years; the unions between Spain and Portugal and between Sweden and Norway each lasted less than a century.”

― Linda Colley

“In the past, Britons were scathing about the cruelties of the old Roman empire and the excesses of Catholic empire builders such as the Spanish and the French. They convinced themselves that their empire was different and benign because it rested on sea power and trade rather than on armies.”

― Linda Colley

“Now, as in the past, rank is closely associated with modes of representation and display: with making an ordered arrangement of people or things visible and evident to onlookers in some fashion.”

― Linda Colley

“In the past, rulers led their troops into battle and, even in peacetime, called themselves fathers of their people. And modern politics retains abundant masculine rituals. Prime minister’s question time in Britain, for instance, is a stylised duel and tournament redolent of testosterone.”

― Linda Colley

“In the past, the imperialism of the West, like that of the rest, was often difficult – for the doers as well as for their victims – but western states were, nonetheless, usually able to dispatch forces overseas against non-western peoples without any fear of being attacked themselves. That kind of immunity is probably now a thing of the past.”

― Linda Colley

“Empire in the past was always a far harsher and much more accident-prone business than conventional history books imply. And the costs of these overseas invasions were borne not just by those on the receiving end but – frequently – by ordinary, vulnerable people among or associated with the invaders.”

― Linda Colley

“Most national holidays in most countries rest on selective memories of the past.”

― Linda Colley

“I write to relieve an intellectual itch. I stumble across a hitherto neglected set of events, transformations, characters, or source materials from the past, and they nag at me until I make sense of them in words. But I also write to seduce and to make my readers think.”

― Linda Colley

“I never saved my money. Whenever I worked in the past, I would spend it on my family or my husbands.”

― Linda Evans

“We’re the curator for the African-American experience for the past, present and future. That’s my job.”

― Linda Johnson Rice

“I think you will find that a lot of young African-Americans are really searching for, ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Where did I come from?’ and ‘What is my past?’”

― Linda Johnson Rice

“But before looking to the future, let’s glance back at the road we’ve traveled these past two years because that is the source of much of the optimism we are all feeling about the future.”

― Linda Lingle

“It is past time for Democrats and Republicans to join together to create a bipartisan coalition for courage and common sense.”

― Linda McMahon

“I thought I knew what love was before giving birth to my baby, but whatever I had experienced in the past paled in comparison to the utterly unconditional love I immediately felt for the little bundle I now held in my arms.”

― Linda Thompson

“That kind of creaming off the pretty postcard image of the past, I think, is a road to nowhere.”

― Lindsay Duncan

“I know that in my past I was young and irresponsible – but that’s what growing up is. You learn from your mistakes.”

― Lindsay Lohan

“I won’t lie – I picked up the occasional gossip magazine in the past because I thought that maybe 5 to 10 percent of it was true. Now I think it’s zero percent.”

― Lindsey Vonn

“Facebook and Twitter have changed how people follow ski racing. In past Olympics, you couldn’t stay in touch with the fan base that followed you during the Olympics. They thought they had to wait four years to reconnect.”

― Lindsey Vonn

“I’m really glad that I kept the gap. There are a lot of iconic women from past and present who have one.”

― Lindsey Wixson

“From depicting the past, so goes the suspicion, it is a short step to glorifying the past.”

― Lion Feuchtwanger

“Like the philosopher, the author views his task as one of establishing a clear connection between life and history, and of making the past bear fruit for the present and future.”

― Lion Feuchtwanger

“An author who sets about to depict events of the past that have run their course is suspected of wishing to avoid the problems of the present day, of being, in other words, a reactionary.”

― Lion Feuchtwanger

“The Cosby years were a major part of my life, but it is the past; I don’t really concentrate on it.”

― Lisa Bonet

“I think you save things from your past that you don’t quite understand, and you put them in a box, and you save them for later until you can unwrap them and try to understand what they meant.”

― Lisa Brennan-Jobs

“I like to believe my suspense novels marry the strong characters from my romance writing past, with the twisty, clever plots of my mystery writing present.”

― Lisa Gardner

“Being a writer can be a very lonely profession, but having a network of people who can sympathize with everything you’re going through – from contract issues to the terror of changing your novel from past- to present-tense – is an invaluable asset.”

― Lisa Graff

“When people think of slavery, they think of an era from the distant past. Grainy photographs from Civil War times. And yet it goes on.”

― Lisa Kristine

“I have, in the past, been attracted to really strong and dominant men. But on the other side, I have been attracted to very androgynous men. I don’t typically fall for your average jock. I just like people that are a little atypical.”

― Lisa Marie Presley

“My own novel, ‘The Silver Bough,’ about the inhabitants of a remote town at risk of being overwhelmed by Scotland’s mythological past, was once criticised by a disgruntled fan as ‘fantasy for people who don’t read fantasy.’”

― Lisa Tuttle

“It is easier to criticize than to correct our past errors.”

― Livy

“I realized that I had the ability to carve out a life for myself, that it was in no way limited by what had already occurred in my past. And that inspired me to go to school.”

― Liz Murray

“I have issues with anyone who tries to claim that science is unworkable – creationists who deny evidence for past history, yet are happy to benefit from the products of the methodology that they otherwise deny.”

― Liz Williams

“I never quit. The times when I have quit in the past because I couldn’t face trying harder have stayed with me, and the guilt is not worth it.”

― Lizzie Armitstead

“I have a special ability to spot TV shows that don’t go past two seasons; that’s my gift.”

― Lizzy Caplan

“You can’t let your past hold your future hostage.”

― LL Cool J

“Our names are labels, plainly printed on the bottled essence of our past behavior.”

― Logan Pearsall Smith

“Often in the past, there have been authors that were deeply disappointed in their adaptation, but that’s because they haven’t accepted the fact that a movie is a different thing, and it can’t possibly be the same as the book.”

― Lois Lowry

“For pleasures past I do not grieve, nor perils gathering near; My greatest grief is that I leave nothing that claims a tear.”

― Lord Byron

“The best prophet of the future is the past.”

― Lord Byron

“Instead of turning away from our neighbors, our friends, our colleagues, let us instead learn from our history and avoid repeating the mistakes of our past.”

― Loretta Lynch

“I am an independent reform candidate. I do not represent the past.”

― Lori Lightfoot

“I’m not affiliated with Ed Burke, Joe Berrios or anyone else who represents the old, corrupt Chicago way. I am offering voters a complete break from that past and pushing us forward in a way that brings people together and makes government more inclusive.”

― Lori Lightfoot

“I have spent much of my adult life flinching with pain as I tried to pull out the threads that bound the shadows of my past to me.”

― Lorna Luft

“I was certainly no Maradona. I was a very fast player. When I saw a space, I used it. When I went past somebody, he didn’t catch up with me again. I was a player who came with a run-up. What Maradona could see in a small space, I saw over long distances.”

― Lothar Matthaus

“I think life is far too short to concentrate on your past. I rather look into the future.”

― Lou Reed

“I think that ego-driven leaders will be a thing of the past because the masses are tired.”

― Louis Farrakhan

“With two thousand years of Christianity behind him… a man can’t see a regiment of soldiers march past without going off the deep end. It starts off far too many ideas in his head.”

― Louis-Ferdinand Celine

“In writing ‘A Portrait of Athens’ I have attempted – rather impressionistically – to give a panorama of its present. But I have also brought in its past because I sincerely think that there is a continuity.”

― Louis MacNeice

“It is the mass dream of inverted self, populous with fears overt and secret, that forms the continuous but gossamer thread upon which are strung as phantom beads all civilizations from the remotest past of record to that of the present day and hour.”

― Louis Sullivan

“I think people are so immersed in the anti-Scientology mindset by consuming tabloid media and stories about space aliens. It’s baffling. When I say I want to see a more positive side of the church, all I’m saying is I want to get past these headlines that talk about aliens and Tom Cruise jumping on a sofa.”

― Louis Theroux

“In the past, I’ve tried to show the human side of people involved in stigmatised or misunderstood lifestyles. I’ve tried to resist easy judgments and not pander to prejudices.”

― Louis Theroux

“It seems to me in the past it’s been a good thing, as a writer, to have experiences I hadn’t expected.”

― Louise Gluck

“Adolescence represents an inner emotional upheaval, a struggle between the eternal human wish to cling to the past and the equally powerful wish to get on with the future.”

― Louise J. Kaplan

“All the events you have experienced in your lifetime up to this moment have been created by your thoughts and beliefs you have held in the past. They were created by the thoughts and words you used yesterday, last week, last month, last year, 10, 20, 30, 40, or more years ago, depending on how old you are.”

― Louise L. Hay

“Learn from the past and let it go. Live in today.”

― Louise L. Hay

“It’s important to remember that we evolved. Now, I know that’s a dirty word for some people, but we evolved from common ancestors with the gorillas, the chimpanzee and also the bonobos. We have a common past, and we have a common future.”

― Louise Leakey

“With the discovery of Zinjanthropus at Olduvai Gorge in 1959, my grandmother Mary Leakey pioneered the research in East Africa with my grandfather Louis. Many more spectacular fossil finds have since been made, both in Africa and elsewhere, by many researchers driven to understand our past.”

― Louise Leakey

“For a performer, passion is far more important than technical skills. If a dancer’s leg isn’t at a perfect angle, I can see past that, but if someone’s dead in the face, it’s really boring.”

― Louise Nurding

“We have record high temperatures and record high energy prices across the country, and we’ve seen the dangerous effects caused by extreme temperatures in the past.”

― Louise Slaughter

“In the past, you’d have one magazine, it would arrive monthly, and that was your magazine. You’d devour it; you’d absorb all the knowledge in it; you’d read it over and over again.”

― Louise Wilson

“I am convinced that the public, large majority of the Greek people, realize that policies pursued in the past and the market practices have to be changed, in order to improve the prospects of the Greek economy. So there is, I think, strong public support despite the increases in social tensions.”

― Lucas Papademos

“I’ve always done a lot of stunts in the past, and I sound like I’m tooting my own horn here, but I’ve always impressed the people I’ve worked with, and they’ve let me do more and more.”

― Lucas Till

“There is no prodigy in our profession. If you see all the great singer of the past, none of them are.”

― Luciano Pavarotti

“The economic and social decline of Zimbabwe is shocking and appalling. Life there is unrecognisable from that of the recent past. Each day is a struggle for basic survival.”

― Lucy Powell

“The great art of the past became great because it started to go out of the perimeters that defined art and defined new territories.”

― Ludovico Einaudi

“Technology is rooted in the past. It dominates the present and tends into the future. It is a real historical movement – one of the great movements which shape and represent their epoch.”

― Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

“Any creator owes a debt to past creation.”

― Lukas Foss

“I don’t want to be left in the past. When I stand next to Kylie, Beyonce or Rihanna, I don’t want to be a decrepit old lady.”

― Lulu

“I’ve seen players in the past who wanted to stay with their team, and it didn’t work out.”

― Luol Deng

“When I’m not writing or tweaking my computer, I do embroidery. When I’m not plunging into the past, tweaking, or embroidering, I’m reading books about history, computers, or embroidery.”

― Lynn Abbey

“I guess you could say I’m ‘kind’ to my past books in the way you might be kind to an old boyfriend you still quite like and bear no grudge against but with whom have absolutely no interest in getting back together.”

― Lynn Coady

“I think there’s nothing sadder than a pro athlete who plays past his prime.”

― Lynn Samuels

“By the time the United States went to war with Afghanistan in the fall of 2001, I had made three trips to the country. I covered the fall of the Taliban in Kandahar and have been returning routinely for the past 14 years.”

― Lynsey Addario

“I won’t cling to the past.”

― Lyoto Machida

“I always go into every fight trying to forget about what happened in the past, whether I won or lost.”

― Lyoto Machida

“Modern as the style of Pascal’s writing is, his thought is deeply impregnated with the spirit of the Middle Ages. He belonged, almost equally, to the future and to the past.”

― Lytton Strachey

“With a face like this, there aren’t a lot of lawyers or priest roles coming my way. I’ve got a face that was meant for a mug shot, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the past thirty years.”

― M. C. Gainey

“I might have created the phrase ‘memory tools’, but people have always found talismans to help them meditate into a state of hypnosis where they can access their past lives.”

― M. J. Rose

“I’ve always been fascinated by how the past impacts the present. For the first half of my career as a novelist, I wrote psychological suspense mysteries. I wanted to be a therapist but was told that while I was a fine diagnostician, I would be a terrible therapist because I wanted to solve everyone’s problems.”

― M. J. Rose

“I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of reincarnation. I learned that many brilliant people were interested in reincarnation, including Carl Jung. I’m a big Jungian. So I began writing novels involving theories integrating past and present, even if the past element in the novel took place 500 or 1,000 years ago.”

― M. J. Rose

“They say every writer really just writes about one thing over and over. I guess my one thing is how the past impacts the present.”

― M. J. Rose

“Your agent should be invested in the success of your book past the contract stage. After all, if it sells well, she’s going to be getting 15 percent of every dime you make. She can be your best advocate in fighting for your book – not just with editing and the cover, but with marketing and sales as well.”

― M. J. Rose

“When the written and spoken word is censored, the urban landscape becomes a nation’s only physical link to the past.”

― Ma Jian

“I don’t like to talk about sustainability, because sometimes I see green buildings that don’t appear any different from those in the past.”

― Ma Yansong

“After much soul searching I was able to renounce my past Islamist ideology, challenging everything I was once prepared to die for.”

― Maajid Nawaz

“Elvis was just like a big old kid. It was like he never got past 19, I don’t think, in a lotta ways.”

― Mac Davis

“That past which is so presumptuously brought forward as a precedent for the present, was itself founded on some past that went before it.”

― Madame de Stael

“I have a really weird thing with my dreams. I’ve had vivid dreams in the past that actually came true days after the dream.”

― Maddie Marlow

“One of my favorite feelings is the sense I get from pouring over parts of my past before lighting them up and leaving it all behind me to start over again.”

― Madi Diaz

“I believe that I am past my prime. I had reckoned on my prime lasting till I was at least fifty.”

― Maggie Smith

“I know there is something out there, and like most people, I tend to believe in it more when things go bad. But I’m not like Shirley MacLaine, who probably believes we were past lovers in another life.”

― Maggie Smith

“If we keep on raking up the past, you can never work with anybody. You will always be fighting against your enemies, and that is bad.”

― Mahathir Mohamad

“Partition is bad. But whatever is past is past. We have only to look to the future.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

“Attachment and aversion are the root cause of karma, and karma originates from infatuation. Karma is the root cause of birth and death, and these are said to be the source of misery. None can escape the effect of their own past karma.”

― Mahavira

“It would be false if I claim that the Congress has in the past not let down its ideology, especially pertaining to Muslim community.”

― Mahesh Bhatt

“I have my own past and my own personality. I’m going to relate to the material in a completely different way than somebody else might.”

― Maika Monroe

“A lot of actors and actresses pull from past experiences.”

― Maisie Williams

“I worry about children not having a sense of any direct connection to the past.”

― Mal Peet

“Disconnection or alienation from the past has political consequences.”

― Mal Peet

“We women are going to bring change. We are speaking up for girls’ rights, but we must not behave like men, like they have done in the past.”

― Malala Yousafzai

“Hamas and Hezbollah operate within geopolitical norms. They can be negotiated and reasoned with. ISIL is a different animal altogether – a religious cult an order of magnitude more extreme than even the most extreme Islamic groups of the past.”

― Malcolm Nance

“I wouldn’t have made it past the first round of American Idol auditions. It was months before our first song was recorded. The guys were like, ‘Just seeng!’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know how to seeng! Can’t I just play the triangle?’”

― Malin Akerman

“I don’t believe in regrets. There are a few things I’d do differently, but I can’t go back in time and redo them, however much I might wish to. All I can do is learn from past mistakes and move forward.”

― Malorie Blackman

“I don’t miss what has passed. I am enjoying the present. I am not one of those people who live in the past.”

― Manisha Koirala

“Nobody should be allowed to tinker with democracy. We will not discontinue the good works of the past government.”

― Manmohan Singh

“It is important to move on from the laurels of the past. I can’t let success go to my head.”

― Manoj Bajpayee

“In the past, goalies weren’t even part of the team. They had their own dressing room. They didn’t speak with the other team members. They were lone warriors.”

― Manuel Neuer

“I think in the past I think I probably was a little too diverse, probably went from one spectrum to the complete opposite and confusing people.”

― Marc Almond

“The days when a car aficionado could repair his or her own car are long past, due primarily to the high software content.”

― Marc Andreessen

“For me, ‘The Kite Runner’ became about a guy who’s emotionally shut down because he hasn’t confronted his past.”

― Marc Forster

“Living in the past or living in the future – those aren’t real. The moment is now, and that’s where safety and comfort and all that good stuff is.”

― Marc Jacobs

“I like to take on the thing I don’t like at the moment. I like to find something that looks wrong or feels off, something that I would never have done in the past, like brocade. And then all of a sudden, if we can make brocade work, then we’ve really done something, because I hate it. And that’s just a reference. I don’t actually hate brocade.”

― Marc Jacobs

“Sadly, voter suppression is not a thing of the past.”

― Marc Veasey

“For me, the ‘Three Stoppages’ was a first gesture liberating me from the past.”

― Marcel Duchamp

“I want to make sure people are connected with the future as well as the past.”

― Marcel Wanders

“Modernism is an outmoded way of thinking about design: it just doesn’t reflect the way we live now. It always puts forward this idea that the past is irrelevant to tomorrow – and tomorrow is all that matters. But the past is part of who we are.”

― Marcel Wanders

“In the past, my voice was my enemy.”

― Marcello Giordani

“I’ve been working so hard for the past eight years and I’m tired – but I’m also deliciously tired because what a wonderful life I’ve lived.”

― Marcia Cross

“No economic system is perfect. But the American Free Enterprise system has empowered millions of people in the past. I know, because I saw it with my own eyes.”

― Marco Rubio

“I know in the past Republicans have agreed to minimum-wage increases that there’s built-in protections for small and midsize businesses.”

― Marco Rubio

“Honestly, I don’t focus on what my writing is called. I don’t mean to sound artsy and pretentious, I just really can’t think of things in that way. For me, the point is telling a story that keeps people up past bedtime, while hopefully exploring ideas that resonate.”

― Marcus Sakey

“Sweet is the memory of past troubles.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

“As soon as you have a language that has a past tense and a future tense you’re going to say, ‘Where did we come from, what happens next?’ The ability to remember the past helps us plan the future.”

― Margaret Atwood

“The beauty of the past belongs to the past.”

― Margaret Bourke-White

“On his own okay, Bush has authorized eavesdropping on as many as a thousand people over the past three years, with some of those intercepts being purely domestic, the New York Times reported.”

― Margaret Carlson

“I’m sad to report that in the past few years, ever since uncertainty became our insistent 21st century companion, leadership has taken a great leap backwards to the familiar territory of command and control.”

― Margaret J. Wheatley

“In the past, it was easier to believe in my own effectiveness. If I worked hard, with good colleagues and good ideas, we could make a difference. But now, I sincerely doubt that.”

― Margaret J. Wheatley

“We do as much harm holding onto programs and people past their natural life span as we do when we employ massive organizational air strikes. However, destroying comes at the end of life’s cycle, not as a first response.”

― Margaret J. Wheatley

“The passion for the past is clearly about more than market forces or government policies. History responds to a variety of needs, from greater understanding of ourselves and our world to answers about what to do.”

― Margaret MacMillan

“For many human beings, an interest in the past starts with themselves. That is, in part, a result of biology. Like other creatures, humans have a beginning and an ending, and in between lies their story.”

― Margaret MacMillan

“I’m always wary of the lessons of the past. There’s a lot of past out there, and you can draw whatever lessons you want.”

― Margaret MacMillan

“We must do our best to raise the public awareness of the past in all its richness and complexity.”

― Margaret MacMillan

“I first read the ‘Raj Quartet’ in the early 1970s, when Paul Scott’s decision to set his novels in the dying days of the British Raj in India seemed an eccentric choice, almost as though he did not want readers. The British were tired of their imperial past.”

― Margaret MacMillan

“The Canadian government has had a field day apologising for past policies towards a series of ethnic groups: Italian, Ukrainian, Sikh, Chinese, Japanese and Jews.”

― Margaret MacMillan

“You shouldn’t expect people in the past to do things they couldn’t have done.”

― Margaret MacMillan

“If we do not, as historians, write the history of great events as well as the small stories that make up the past, others will, and they will not necessarily do it well.”

― Margaret MacMillan

“It’s a fallacy that people think that today’s teenagers are shallow or somehow less intelligent than in the past.”

― Margaret Stohl

“Anyone who says that writing for children or teens is easier than writing for adults has never tried it, because they are so much more critical than adults. You cannot get anything past them.”

― Margaret Stohl

“You were not supposed to show off in Negroland because you are supposed to be perfectly decorous and well behaved. You were also not supposed to tell any stories that reflected badly on the group because that reflected badly on the race. I use past tense, but it still feels like present tense.”

― Margo Jefferson

“I hope to be around past the 90’s. I don’t want to just be categorized as one of this era. My goal is to have a career that stands.”

― Mariah Carey

“We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we’re not extending in the present.”

― Marianne Williamson

“Our past is a story existing only in our minds. Look, analyze, understand, and forgive. Then, as quickly as possible, chuck it.”

― Marianne Williamson

“With thoughts of the past and concerns about the future, we rob ourselves of a full experience of the present.”

― Marianne Williamson

“The dead and past stories that I have told again in divers fashions, are not set down without authority.”

― Marie de France

“The process of facing and selecting our possessions can be quite painful. It forces us to confront our imperfections and inadequacies and the foolish choices we made in the past.”

― Marie Kondo

“I am convinced that our movement will be more demoralized and weakened by blind and uncritical admiration than by frank admission of past mistakes.”

― Marie Louise

“Little things in my past that I really thought were over and done with were still elements of the puzzle that weren’t pieced together, and so she helped me do that.”

― Marie Osmond

“Leaders have to see past problems to solutions, and my mother excelled at just that.”

― Marillyn Hewson

“Often when a person can’t get past stress, she will turn to overeating, drinking or smoking, which can become a greater problem than the stress itself.”

― Marilu Henner

“You can break through old limits, past inertia and fear, to… richness of choice, freedom, human closeness.”

― Marilyn Ferguson

“Your past is not your potential. In any hour you can choose to liberate the future.”

― Marilyn Ferguson

“Radical common sense is the wisdom gleaned from the past that recognizes the perishable opportunities of the moment. It is the willingness to admit error and the refusal to be deterred by failure.”

― Marilyn Ferguson

“It’s not to much fun to know yourself too well or think you do – everyone needs a little conceit to carry them through & past the falls.”

― Marilyn Monroe

“Know the names of past and current artists who are most famous for playing their instruments.”

― Marilyn vos Savant

“Time is an illusion. Time only exists when we think about the past and the future. Time doesn’t exist in the present here and now.”

― Marina Abramovic

“We always project into the future or reflect in the past, but we are so little in the present.”

― Marina Abramovic

“I’m interested in utopian communities of the past. Many of them didn’t survive and I’m examining closely the reasons they failed.”

― Marina Abramovic

“Past leaders chose deregulated globalization. They said it would be happy; it turned out to be atrocious.”

― Marine Le Pen

“Great architecture of the past was always clear. SFMOMA is still a simple building to understand.”

― Mario Botta

“We must get the American public to look past the glitter, beyond the showmanship, to the reality, the hard substance of things. And we’ll do it not so much with speeches that will bring people to their feet as with speeches that bring people to their senses.”

― Mario Cuomo

“I can no longer play at a level I was accustomed to in the past.”

― Mario Lemieux

“I don’t try to match wine with food, I just drink what I like. And I think a lot of people are going towards that now, which never used to be in the past.”

― Mario Lemieux

“I understand that Italy could have been associated with the idea of an undisciplined country in the past.”

― Mario Monti

“I’m not someone who lives in the past; I find other people live in my past. I live in the present and the future.”

― Marisa Berenson

“I don’t think X-23’s past is the most interesting thing about her, but it’s not like she can escape it, either.”

― Marjorie Liu

“In an urban environment, a church building is a thing of the past.”

― Mark Batterson

“In the past, people used to tell me to shut up a bit. But what I believe is to put out your opinion and let everyone else react. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.”

― Mark Cuban

“It states, History should be regarded as a means for understanding the past and solving the challenges of the future. It also suggests that this celebration of the end of slavery is an important and enriching part of the history and heritage of the United States.”

― Mark Foley

“I was afraid of the sophomore slump even before our first record came out. It was a very real fear because I’d watched so many bands I’d loved in the past not deliver. I knew it was a very real thing. I didn’t know why it happens, but I’d been thinking about it a lot.”

― Mark Foster

“I appeared on a show with Jonathan Harris on it-the Bill Dana show-even before Lost In Space. Someone gave me a tape of it in the past year, but in all these years we hadn’t remembered.”

― Mark Goddard

“PTSD occurs following a trauma that was so awful that in retrospect you don’t understand how you survived. What that causes is an extreme feeling of vulnerability that you get past but that doesn’t go away.”

― Mark Goulston

“In my life, I think I have had more than two hundred significant breakthroughs that exponentially accelerated my life forward. However, each and every one of them was preceded by a breakdown that was not pretty, was often scary, and often felt like something I would not get past.”

― Mark Goulston

“I have very fond memories of swimming in Walden Pond when we lived in Boston. You’d swim past a log and see all these turtles sunning themselves. Slightly disturbing if you thought about how many more were swimming around your toes, but also rather wonderful.”

― Mark Haddon

“I’ve had a pretty chequered past, you know, as a kid, as a troubled kid.”

― Mark Hunt

“I’ve got a chart here that shows our debt-to-GDP ratio. And while we did run deficits in the past, we now number our debt in trillions rather than in billions. And I think that represents a long-term danger, especially to the, the American dream.”

― Mark Kirk

“Instead of receding, the past actually becomes more important. That’s what will happen to you. It sounds unlikely, but the past actually changes complexion as you get older.”

― Mark Knopfler

“I was never super comfortable playing music in front of people anyway. Now I enjoy it, but it wasn’t the easiest thing to get past.”

― Mark Lanegan

“I’m not here to discuss the past… I’m here to be positive.”

― Mark McGwire

“Republicans working in leadership and the trenches are largely old, white, male, out-of-touch, out of ideas, technology averse, and living in the past.”

― Mark McKinnon

“Elections are about the future. And the GOP will not win a campaign focused on the past.”

― Mark McKinnon

“In difficult times, it’s important to speak up. We cannot change the past, but we can impact the future.”

― Mark Parker

“As we celebrate the considerable progress we’ve made toward full equality in our military, we cannot forget about those who continue to suffer because of the discriminatory policies of our past.”

― Mark Pocan

“The idea of future or past, either way, is a core part of entertainment. It’s something we’ve always loved as humans. Its part of our psyche, I think.”

― Mark Sheppard

“Past performance speaks a tremendous amount about one’s ability and likelihood for success.”

― Mark Spitz

“In the past, if I didn’t work, I didn’t eat but now I feel I can not work and I won’t starve.”

― Mark Strong

“You sign for a sequel for everything these days, just in case, options. In the past, you avoided them like the plague because it meant somewhere down the road you couldn’t take a job because you had to do a sequel. Now it’s a feature of pretty much any feature you do.”

― Mark Strong

“Good-faith re-examination of a position you’ve held in the past should be seen as a virtue, not a vice.”

― Mark Udall

“An important task for government is to think about the future as well as to learn from the past, and the Foresight Programme, run by the Government Office for Science, helps in the development of this thinking.”

― Mark Walport

“Being asked to play one of the butlers is like being picked to play for England. All you have to do is think of the great butlers from the past – Terry-Thomas in ‘How To Murder Your Wife,’ John Gielgud in ‘Arthur’ and Denholm Elliott in ‘Trading Places.’”

― Mark Williams

“There is plenty of blame to go around for the U.S. housing bubble, but not much of it belongs to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The two giant housing-finance institutions made many mistakes over the decades, some of them real whoppers, but causing house prices to soar and then crater during the past decade weren’t among them.”

― Mark Zandi

“Past experience with fiscal austerity at home and overseas strongly suggests that it is best for the economy’s long-run performance to restrain government spending rather than raise taxes.”

― Mark Zandi

“I think to regret is useless in life. It belongs to the past.”

― Marlon Brando

“In the past, I played No. 10 and No. 9 sometimes when I had to help the team. I can play there and help my team-mates and my team; it’s not important where I play. It’s important to win the game.”

― Marouane Fellaini

“Liberals in Congress have spent the past three decades pandering to environmental extremists. The policies they have put in place are in large part responsible for the energy crunch we are seeing today. We have not built a refinery in this country for 30 years.”

― Marsha Blackburn

“The Obama Administration continues to talk about the ‘policies of the past’ and insist that a return to those policies will lead to disaster.”

― Marsha Blackburn

“Understanding the past is perfectly admissible if your issue is accepting the past. But if your issue is changing the future, understanding will not take you there.”

― Marshall Goldsmith

“Denial exists because human infants, though equipped with trust-o-meters, are built to trust, blindly and absolutely, any older person who wanders past.”

― Martha Beck

“I’ve often said in the past that I thought MTV was sort of evil incarnate and signified the beginning of the end. And I don’t know if I’m entirely wrong about that, but they did sign my paychecks a year ago, so I guess I’m part of the problem.”

― Martha Plimpton

“I sat down once with the application for and started to laugh. I couldn’t even get past the first page. And that’s a very good site!”

― Martha Stewart

“I do like to write about characters who aren’t just starting out, who have had adventures before, who have had a past they aren’t that happy looking back on.”

― Martha Wells

“Present-day Spain translates as many books into Spanish, annually, as the Arab world has translated into Arabic in the past 1,100 years.”

― Martin Amis

“I think that over the last few decades, we have seen better economic outcomes than in the past.”

― Martin Feldstein

“We take from the art of the past what we need. The variable posthumous reputations of even the greatest artists and the unpredictable revivals of interest in even the most obscure ones tend to reveal more about those who make revisionist assessments than about those who are being reassessed.”

― Martin Filler

“Our ascendancy of the past two centuries – first Europe and then the U.S. – has bred a western-centric mentality: the West is the fount of all wisdom. We think of ourselves as open-minded, but our sense of superiority has closed our minds. We never entertained the idea that China could surpass the U.S.”

― Martin Jacques

“The past is prophetic in that it asserts loudly that wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows.”

― Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The task ahead of us will be extremely challenging as the Tory party continue with their austerity agenda and as we continue to resolve the issues of the past and build unity, reconciliation, and equality.”

― Martin McGuinness

“What’s important is that, when you’re tested, you stand firm against the violent activities of those who would try to plunge our people back into the misery of the past.”

― Martin McGuinness

“Ever since Darwin, we’ve been familiar with the stupendous timespans of the evolutionary past. But most people still somehow think we humans are necessarily the culmination of the evolutionary tree. No astronomer could believe this.”

― Martin Rees

“We can’t keep thinking in a limited way about what cinema is. We still don’t know what cinema is. Maybe cinema could only really apply to the past or the first 100 years, when people actually went to a theater to see a film, you see?”

― Martin Scorsese

“Our world is so glutted with useless information, images, useless images, sounds, all this sort of thing. It’s a cacophony, it’s like a madness I think that’s been happening in the past twenty-five years. And I think anything that can help a person sit in a room alone and not worry about it is good.”

― Martin Scorsese

“I’m all for past influences; the question is whether they are deterministic. Freud and the behaviorists argue that what we are at any given moment is billiard balls whose past determines our future course. That doesn’t take into account that we are forever generating internal representations of positive futures and choosing among them.”

― Martin Seligman

“I’ve been bothered about time generally and our tripartite division of time into past, present, and future. I think I know what the past is, and I think I know what future is, but I’m really not comfortable with the notion of present.”

― Martin Seligman

“Politics are well past logic. It’s entertainment.”

― Martin Shkreli

“The law increasing and organizing the military establishment of the United States has been nearly carried into effect, and the Army has been extensively and usefully employed during the past season.”

― Martin Van Buren

“In the future as in the past, both Clausewitz and Sun Tzu will undoubtedly have a lot to offer.”

― Martin Van Creveld

“Anyone that has come to America past the age of eighteen will be able to understand when I say that you can never shake your accent.”

― Martin Yan

“You can’t live in the past, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

― Martina Navratilova

“Over the past few years special interests have had a larger and larger say over who gets what in America, and the voices of average citizens are being shut out.”

― Marty Meehan

“I don’t think that we are completely dominated by what we have inherited from the past, but it is the case that as far back as you can go – just to Homer, but also to the literature of Rome, the literature of the Middle Ages and Renaissance – what you will find is that women’s voices are not taken seriously.”

― Mary Beard

“In general, I never think it is a good idea to try to recreate past successes. You have to strike out on your own, for better or worse.”

― Mary Beard

“I’m trying to get to a deep future, but in order to get to a deep future, I had to think about the deep past.”

― Mary Daly

“Women in the U.S. are influenced by the same trends – popular culture, runway trends, etc. – and our hypothesis is that she’s quite anxious to be able to buy products in her town that perhaps she hasn’t been able to in the past.”

― Mary Dillon

“It was not uncommon for the children to be told they were being treated this way because it was their bad karma and they must have hurt a child in a past life.”

― Mary Garden

“My experience is that the universal is the personal. If you can get past your navel-gazing into the deepest part of yourself as a writer, you find everyone – we’re all there.”

― Mary Gauthier

“’Sorry’ is unlike anything Bieber has made in the past. It has been classified as ‘tropical house’ and ‘dancehall,’ but everyone seems to agree on one thing: It’s a banger.”

― Mary H.K. Choi

“Because I dieted so much in the past, I just can’t diet again. It’s something I don’t want to do and I don’t even know if I am capable of. I think it’s a much healthier and happier way to live.”

― Mary Helen Bowers

“The best way to heal a broken heart, it turns out, is to find a way to move past the hurt.”

― Mary Kay Andrews

“Bike lanes are the coolest. My favorite past time is flipping off cars from my bicycle. Just kidding – I’m more of a silent resentment kind of girl.”

― Mary Lambert

“That past is still within our living memory, a time when neighbour helped neighbour, sharing what little they had out of necessity, as well as decency.”

― Mary McAleese

“While most American labor unions have struggled for the past several decades, professional baseball players comprise one of the strongest packs of organized workers in the world.”

― Mary Pilon

“It’s not uncommon for some Khmer boxers to fight with dangerous frequency, sometimes as often as weekly or bi-weekly, getting up to three hundred or more fights in a career, with the length of a career varying from fighter to fighter, some engaging in bouts far past their prime.”

― Mary Pilon

“We are tomorrow’s past.”

― Mary Webb

“The past is only the present become invisible and mute; and because it is invisible and mute, its memorized glances and its murmurs are infinitely precious. We are tomorrow’s past.”

― Mary Webb

“We would be the worst of fools if we would ever lose this extraordinary capacity to go beyond the limits of past thought and past prejudices.”

― Maryanne Wolf

“In the past, I worked for HAL, and when working there, I had limitations and had restrictions on what I could create. They wanted me to make the next ‘Smash Bros.’ and the next ‘Kirby,’ and that wasn’t the place for me.”

― Masahiro Sakurai

“Promiscuity is like never reading past the first page. Monogamy is like reading the same book over and over.”

― Mason Cooley

“The discontented believe that their regrets are about the past.”

― Mason Cooley

“Taste refers to the past, imagination to the future.”

― Mason Cooley

“When I stopped playing and became a coach, I realised that in the past, all the arguments that I had with my coaches were mainly focussed on the technical aspects, and probably that was the biggest signal that I had to have things done my way!”

― Massimiliano Allegri

“’Young Love’ is about falling in love and dealing with your past so you can move forward. I wanted it to be a clear record.”

― Mat Kearney

“As a rock band, you’re slightly one foot in the past, playing instruments like guitar, bass and drums.”

― Matt Bellamy

“The demands of the present must stand above the political habits of the past.”

― Matt Blunt

“I can safely say that I had an incredibly difficult and trying past growing up and trying to be an artist and standing up as who I am in this world.”

― Matt Bomer

“I like Batista very much, and we have been friends in the past.”

― Matt Hardy

“Immunity to obsolescence is the only obsolescent-immune conceit of the past millennium.”

― Matt Mullenweg

“I was probably one of the top three or four wrestlers in the world on the indies, just killing it. Nobody really saw me going to a bigger company because of my past and just how people view me.”

― Matt Riddle

“I felt cheated by the way grown-ups told me that the future of the world was bleak when I became a teenager in the 1970s. The pollution explosion was unstoppable. Global famine was inevitable. I genuinely want the next generation, my own kids, to know that actually it’s possible that the future might be better than the past.”

― Matt Ridley

“Italy remained attached to conservatism. It had a political class that lived in the past and didn’t build the future. The past is our strength, but it risks becoming our ruin if we walk with our heads turned backwards.”

― Matteo Renzi

“Hundreds of data-mining companies sell landlords tenant-screening reports that list past evictions and court filings.”

― Matthew Desmond

“Character actors are becoming a thing of the past. They’re just going by the wayside. They’re just cutting through that caliber of acting.”

― Matthew Lillard

“To be a comedian, you have to have some darkness behind it. I certainly draw on my past, and it helps.”

― Matthew Perry

“There’s no shame in being a support act for anyone. It’s been extremely beneficial for us to be allowed onstage for any of the artists we’ve toured with, and we’ve gotten some big exposure from them sharing their crowds with us in the past.”

― Matthew Ramsey

“The typical Western is kind of a good-guy/bad-guy thing, and that’s great, but initially when I heard about ‘Into the West,’ and what I love about it is it delves into both sides of our cultural past, and it puts more of a human face on the Native Americans.”

― Matthew Settle

“Of history, how little do we know by personal contact; we have lived a few years, seen a few men, witnessed some important events; but what are these in the whole sum of the world’s past.”

― Matthew Simpson

“We know the past and its great events, the present in its multitudinous complications, chiefly through faith in the testimony of others.”

― Matthew Simpson

“Man wants to be reconciled to God; wants to know that the past is forgiven.”

― Matthew Simpson

“My family lives there, so I come back sometimes between shows for a couple days. I get back a couple times a year. When I was 30 to 34 I was weirded out when I came back – you know, how your past gets away from you. It’s grown so much.”

― Matthew Sweet

“If you were not to set an alarm clock, would you sleep past it? If the answer is yes, then there is clearly more sleep that is needed.”

― Matthew Walker

“The risk of any great luxury brand that has its history in the past is that it can get dusty.”

― Maureen Chiquet

“We need what I have often called an ecological approach to the management of these resources and we do not have that now. We have the inertia of past habits, unsustainable habits.”

― Maurice Strong

“Not to say that corporations are perfect today, but even grand corporations like Dupont have made immense progress in translating some of their past environmentally damaging practices into new profit opportunities.”

― Maurice Strong

“All I can say is that WWE and its entire machinery has been nothing but a joy to work with. I’m not just saying that because I’m paid to or that I’m a member of the company. I have criticized WWE in the past, but I am still a big fan of the product.”

― Mauro Ranallo

“There are significant human rights abuses in China. In some areas, the situation is worse today than in the past. In other areas, there have been improvements. We will recognize the latter, and be critical of the former.”

― Max Baucus

“Assimilation of the fruits of each past life takes place before the spirit descends to rebirth, and consequently, the character generated is fully formed and readily expressed in the subtle, mobile mind-stuff of the Region of Concrete Thought, where the archetype of the coming dense body is built.”

― Max Heindel

“Man’s body had a different shape in the past from that of the present, and from that which it will have in the future. During involution it was approximately spherical, as it still is during ante-natal life, because the intra-uterine development is a recapitulation of past stages of evolution.”

― Max Heindel

“Hysteria, epilepsy, tuberculosis, and cancer were all found to result from the erratic propensities of a past life.”

― Max Heindel

“Regarding lack of vision or disabilities of the organ of sight, it has long been known among researchers that it is the effect of extreme cruelty in a past life.”

― Max Heindel

“It changes from track-to-track, but when you are behind someone, you know after a few laps where they are weaker and stronger around the lap. You try to position yourself in the best possible way to attack them at a point they don’t expect or at the point that they are just not as strong as you. That’s how you try to get past.”

― Max Verstappen

“In the carriages of the past you can’t go anywhere.”

― Maxim Gorky

“In the maxim of the past you cannot go anywhere.”

― Maxim Gorky

“Not disown my past or upbringing, but I’d admired American actors, really American movie star – particularly the rebel heroes of the ’50s.”

― Maxwell Caulfield

“Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible.”

― Maya Angelou

“I don’t wear pants, or like them; I’m a Jewish woman who’s made the decision to wear skirts, so I wear mostly skirts past the knee.”

― Mayim Bialik

“It’s wonderful to be appreciated for being quirky, and to see Zooey Deschanel and the quirky, indie film types get mainstream play is amazing for women, because women are much more complicated than what we’ve see on TV in the past.”

― Mayim Bialik

“I’m a lot easier to work with now than I have been in the past, for sure.”

― Maynard James Keenan

“I’ve sold shows based on my standup twice to CBS, but they’ve never gone past the script stage. TV is very competitive.”

― Maz Jobrani

“For the past 32 years, I’ve done nothing outside the entertainment business. I’ve had some real highs and some real lows, but I love the work so much that I never once thought of quitting.”

― Meat Loaf

“To develop your own voice, you have to keep writing a ton, and this is something where I think Twitter is helpful. I use it to write a ton of jokes. You have to write a ton of bad stuff before you know what you’re good at. And that’s what some people I think have trouble with, the thought of getting past the bad stuff.”

― Megan Amram

“I think whatever generation you’re in has a nostalgia for the generations past and the generations you weren’t in.”

― Meghan Daum

“We Republicans need to look at the future instead of living in the past.”

― Meghan McCain

“I’m overly excited to finally announce this amazing global partnership deal back home with EMI Music. I know I have mentioned doing music in the past but for legal reasons I was not in a position to release any new music.”

― Mel B

“For the past seven years we have been cracking down on crime in Missouri, passing tougher laws for drug crimes and sex offenses and requiring prisoners to serve more time.”

― Mel Carnahan

“There isn’t a dearth of it, but I will confess that it’s harder for me to find songs on which I’m willing to invest anything from ten to fifteen hours writing an arrangement than it was in times past.”

― Mel Torme

“I’m a young girl with an old soul. I wanted to fuse the two together, the past and the present.”

― Melanie Fiona

“I directed some movies in the past, and I’d still love to do that. You know, the whole thing is a labor of love, I think.”

― Melanie Mayron

“We have our own script. We have our own calendar. We represent the greatness of Africa’s past. We also represent the worst of Africa’s present, in terms of poverty. It is the best and the worst of African reality.”

― Meles Zenawi

“I know more now than I did in the past about the process of democratization. I know more about the pitfalls.”

― Meles Zenawi

“The American people expect more from Congress. They expect fiscal responsibility and common sense. They expect us to return to the pay-as-you-go budget rules that we had enacted in the past that helped us establish a surplus, however briefly.”

― Melissa Bean

“I’m obsessed with Michael Fassbender. He’s unbelievable. I think he’s a modern day Brando. Every movie that he’s done in the past couple years, I just died for him. He’s extremely fascinating.”

― Melissa Benoist

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

― Melody Beattie

“That’s why writing is important to me. Time goes past, and you’ve been somewhere and come back that hasn’t hurt you, and you’ve been somebody else.”

― Melvyn Bragg

“Film has changed the way we look at the past.”

― Melvyn Bragg

“I believe you can remember the future as much as the past.”

― Meredith Brooks

“Sometimes in the past when I was going to perform a piece again I would listen to old recordings and try to reproduce the material. This time I realized that carrying around old information, trying to get everything in, and still be in the moment just doesn’t work.”

― Meredith Monk

“Municipal debt outstanding doubled in the past 10 years. And in the past 30 years, the U.S. has been in real economic nirvana.”

― Meredith Whitney

“I enjoy hearing from different people who have turned their personal struggles into something that can inspire others and encourage people to push past hard times.”

― Merle Dandridge

“There’s been periods of broadcasts in the past where you could see all ages of entertainers, ranging from George Burns to Shirley Temple. That’s not the condition now.”

― Merle Haggard

“Things I didn’t have in the past I try to give to kids. I know how it feels not to have things. We were poor, but we had enough food to eat. It was a big family, four kids, and it was not like you could just go and buy something. But we had the essentials, the food.”

― Mesut Ozil

“Now, you can bring up the past, but anybody can bring up the past. Even my daughter brings up the past sometimes. She makes a lot of jokes about the things that I’ve done.”

― Metta World Peace

“I continue to learn about myself, about my past, understanding energy between people, understanding my own energy, being healthy.”

― Metta World Peace

“An astounding thing is that, almost every single week, I have met someone from my past.”

― Michael Aspel

“My past business dealings, my personal life, who I’m dating, the details of my divorce, other business matters that I’ve had – all that should be completely off-limits.”

― Michael Avenatti

“When I began designing my Spring ’13 collection, it wasn’t even Spring ’12 yet. Snow was actually still on the ground in New York, but I knew I wanted this particular spring season to be freer, more colorful, easier, more about feeling good, and I wanted there to be a sexier feeling than we’ve been known for in the past.”

― Michael Bastian

“I just want the respect I deserve. Not for what I can do in the future but what I’ve done in the past. And I just want a fair opportunity, a fair chance, a fair shot to play basketball.”

― Michael Beasley

“This fact immediately suggested a singular event – that at some time in the distant past the universe began expanding from an extremely small size. To many people this inference was loaded with overtones of a supernatural event – the creation, the beginning of the universe.”

― Michael Behe

“To protect our country’s economic future and the health and well being of all Americans, we must find a way to rein in out-of-control costs, provide quality, affordable health care choices to all, and make outrageous insurance industry abuses a thing of the past.”

― Michael Bennet

“I think the inhabitants of the past are fighting hard to keep the rents they acquired in the 20th century.”

― Michael Bennet

“Due to the UFC educating people on MMA as a sport, people give us the respect as athletes, opening doors to opportunities which wasn’t available in the past. It has been amazing to be part of the UFC journey.”

― Michael Bisping

“When everybody fought Anderson Silva in the past, they were terrified of him. Absolutely terrified. That’s part of the reason why he was so successful.”

― Michael Bisping

“I think I could look back through the past few years at missed opportunities and stuff, but one thing I have learned is not to dwell on missed chances or times where you have failed.”

― Michael Chang

“There’s a need to dig up the past and analyze it.”

― Michael Cimino

“I think the only boundaries are individual and personal. A writer should be free to write about anything he or she wants to, including the twin towers. I have made small references to 9/11 in my past two books.”

― Michael Connelly

“Ross McDonald had a greater influence on me than any other writer. His style of writing, the repeated theme of the past coming out to grab somebody, that’s very attractive to me as a reader and, now, as a writer.”

― Michael Connelly

“For those of us with an inward turn of mind, which is another name for melancholy introspection, the beginning of a new year inevitably leads to thoughts about both the future and the past.”

― Michael Dirda

“I was interested in variations in temperatures of the oceans over the past millennium. But there are no records of these changes so I had to find proxy measures: coral growth, ice cores and tree rings.”

― Michael E. Mann

“If you go too soon, you can come unstuck with 50m left when the guys are going past you.”

― Michael East

“So when you put the kick in and the other runners go past you, it’s game over!”

― Michael East

“She became so important to them that they wondered how they had ever managed without her in the past. And the longer she stayed with them the more indispensable she became, so indispensable in fact that their one fear was that she might some day move on.”

― Michael Ende

“One of the most unusual shuttles operates at the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Site in Texas, carrying visitors on a one and one-half hour trip past Johnson’s birthplace, the family cemetery and ranch house, and through the ranch.”

― Michael Frome

“The American obsession with ‘Downton’ amuses me slightly because it’s such a fiction. I’ve always been questioned about my historical veracity, and ‘Downton’ just flies past, when it’s completely made up.”

― Michael Hirst

“Back 20 years ago, there was a division between movie actors and TV actors. That’s kind of gone away. People who have had a lot of success in movies in the past now want to be on TV. There used to be much more of a quality division between TV and movies, and that’s kind of not the case anymore.”

― Michael Imperioli

“I’ve sold scripts in the past, and also a TV pilot that didn’t get made, to Fox. But yeah, I’ve been writing for a while.”

― Michael Jai White

“It is hard to celebrate the past in an ecumenical way, or even in a fair-minded one, apparently. The trouble with the past is not just that it’s behind us, it’s that it is not even over yet.”

― Michael Korda

“In Eastern Europe, the past is not only always hovering over the present, it is not even passed. It waits, like some malevolent caged beast, ready at any moment to escape and bring back all the horrors.”

― Michael Korda

“While politicians may be forgiven for failing to predict the future – who can, alas? – it is amazing that they defiantly ignore the past.”

― Michael Korda

“The Messi of the early years was a phenomenon, but he always wanted to finish off the move. Now he goes past one, two, or three players and is happy to give an assist to a team-mate – it makes him more dangerous and more difficult to stop than ever before.”

― Michael Laudrup

“I do not like to live in the past, I live in the present. I think that is very important as a player, as a coach, and as a human being.”

― Michael Laudrup

“If you are always talking about the past, then you don’t really have much in the present.”

― Michael Laudrup

“In the past, my aspirations were as arty as they could get, and I’m really embarrassed by it.”

― Michael Lehmann

“After all, the past is our only real guide to the future, and historical analogies are instruments for distilling and organizing the past and converting it to a map by which we can navigate.”

― Michael Mandelbaum

“The values, the programs, the formula, the determination, and the patriotism responsible for America’s past success are still here to be tapped.”

― Michael Mandelbaum

“Words matter, especially words defining complicated political arrangements, because they shape perceptions of the events of the past, attitudes toward policies being carried out in the present, and expectations about desirable directions for the future.”

― Michael Mandelbaum

“In the past, a blow to the international system’s strongest power would have been welcomed by its rivals. In the wake of September 11, however, every significant government in the world declared its support for the United States.”

― Michael Mandelbaum

“In the past when a country became as powerful as the United States, other countries would band together to clip its wings. But that isn’t happening now and I don’t think it’s not going to happen, because other countries are not threatened by us, and they secretly appreciate the services that we provide, even if they don’t usually say so.”

― Michael Mandelbaum

“Any Human Rights Council reform that allows countries that sponsor terrorism to remain as members, such as Cuba, is not real reform. And in the past, countries such as Libya, Iran and Syria have participated on this council.”

― Michael McCaul

“Over the past year, several cases of human rights abuses, specifically sexual exploitation and abuse, by individuals involved in U.N. peacekeeping operations have raised the suspicions of many Members of Congress and members of the International Relations Committee.”

― Michael McCaul

“There have been albums I’ve recorded in the past that have had success, and then there have been ones I’ve had extreme faith in, and they ended up as commercial failures.”

― Michael McDonald

“A sane person would think that Wal-Mart would never carry ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ because it’s simply not in their best interests to inform their customers of their shady past.”

― Michael Moore

“Halliburton is not a ‘company’ doing business in Iraq. It is a war profiteer, bilking millions from the pockets of average Americans. In past wars, they would have been arrested – or worse.”

― Michael Moore

“Paying more heed to the lessons of the past might teach us to be a little more cautious about some of the political decisions taken today.”

― Michael Morpurgo

“And the university’s reputation will only continue to grow as stories like Elaine’s are spread. Delaware State University’s motto ‘a past to honor, a future to insure,’ couldn’t be any more fitting for this transitional period you are going through.”

― Michael N. Castle

“Typically what happens is, somebody drags an idea from the past that worked in an old set of logics that they try to apply to the new one. And it doesn’t work.”

― Michael Nesmith

“The past is still, for us, a place that is not safely settled.”

― Michael Ondaatje

“Roja Dove believes that by test and experimentation – by a sort of psychoanalysis via fragrance – you can find the flavors and smells that connect you both to the here and now and to memories of the past.”

― Michael Paterniti

“This is my 20th year in the sport. I’ve known swimming and that’s it. I don’t want to swim past age 30; if I continue after this Olympics, and come back in 2016, I’ll be 31. I’m looking forward to being able to see the other side of the fence.”

― Michael Phelps

“I am 26 and, and I don’t recover as fast as I have in the past.”

― Michael Phelps

“After writing ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma,’ I wanted to write a book that got past the choir, that got to people who didn’t care about how their food was grown but who did care about their health.”

― Michael Pollan

“My father was possessed of an extraordinary romantic idealism, an unwavering belief in certain principles. He was always talking about the past. Always. Of course, it has a powerful effect on me.”

― Michael Portillo

“If I were to be cast as Cyrano or a Connecticut prep-school teacher or a gay boutique owner, it would only happen if some director I had worked with in the past said, ‘Why don’t we give Rispoli a shot at it?’”

― Michael Rispoli

“I sing because it takes, for a brief second, it takes a little from my past, and just in that moment, I’m just happy and I’m glad to be who I am. That’s the reason why.”

― Michael Sam

“In the past, I have not been able to hear myself. I play with feeling so I need to hear what is coming out of the amplifier to inspire me; I don’t just play mechanically.”

― Michael Schenker

“As a social primate species, we modulate our morals with signals from family, friends and social groups with whom we identify because in our evolutionary past, those attributes helped individuals to survive and reproduce.”

― Michael Shermer

“We’re our own worst enemy. You doubt yourself more than anybody else ever will. If you can get past that, you can be successful.”

― Michael Strahan

“The point is technology and innovation have advanced far past what DCGS is capable of doing. It’s not an agile enough tool to be able to incorporate and integrate the most advanced technology that is on the shelf today that can be bought by our forces that frankly our war-fighting units want.”

― Michael T. Flynn

“All I would say is that I have been honored to serve my country for the past three decades and look forward to serving in other ways now that I am retired from the U.S. Army.”

― Michael T. Flynn

“It’s an unfortunate situation. After such a great play I felt like I got hit late, no flag, broke my hand. That’s it. That’s pretty much been the story for the past three weeks, and obviously at some point something catastrophic was going to happen, and I broke my hand.”

― Michael Vick

“I’ve been really lucky to work with some really great film people in the past, but television works on a much quicker schedule, and it’s the TV directors I’ve worked with that I looked to and became a big fan of.”

― Michael Weatherly

“How does the past ambush us? How can we be accurate about what happened, how can we be true to it? And can war be declared over? And can we ever evolve from the notion of war, of nations, of us versus them?”

― Michael Winter

“So many books that have Christian characters but are written by atheists mercilessly pillory and mock and question the motives of people with faith. I’m past all that.”

― Michel Faber

“I believe my past is my strength.”

― Michel Martelly

“When I was campaigning, I told the people if nothing happens under my mandate it will still be a positive thing because my mandate will be used as a rupture between the past and the future.”

― Michel Martelly

“The 1984 European Championships were held in France and that was something important. I felt on form then, even though I was practically always injured at all the World Cups. It’s a great memory. But in any case, the past is past.”

― Michel Patini

“The current global landscape is quite different from the not-too-distant past. The process of globalization has intensified, and the world is moving towards new forms of governance.”

― Michelle Bachelet

“Women say that my election represents a cultural break with the past – a past of sexism, of misogyny.”

― Michelle Bachelet

“Most academic historians accept that historians’ own circumstances demand that they tell the story in a particular way, of course. While people wring their hands about ‘revisionist’ historians; on some level, the correction and amplification of various parts of the past is not ‘revisionism’ as it is simply the process of any historical writing.”

― Michelle Dean

“I come from a very working-class background, so my family would have been downstairs in the past, as opposed to upstairs. People are often quite surprised to hear that, that I’m not actually posh.”

― Michelle Dockery

“The WWE universe finally demanded that the girls get the attention that they deserve. I think women past, present, future, should forever be grateful for our super fans.”

― Michelle McCool

“Yes, romance has found it’s way into my heart in the past.”

― Michelle Trachtenberg

“I know the different ways that I have lost. I think that’s beneficial to me because I know how I got in those situations in the past, and I know how to avoid those situations.”

― Michelle Waterson

“When I get bored, or get stuck on an equation, I like to go ice skating, but it makes you forget your problem. Then you can tackle the problem with a fresh new insight. Einstein liked to play the violin to relax. Every physicist likes to have a past time. Mine is ice skating.”

― Michio Kaku

“I’ve actually met quite a few of my heroes from the past.”

― Mick Foley

“The past is a great place and I don’t want to erase it or to regret it, but I don’t want to be its prisoner either.”

― Mick Jagger

“I must be careful not to get trapped in the past. That’s why I tend to forget my songs.”

― Mick Jagger

“It’s funny because unlike back in the seventies when I made hardly any money, today I could just live off the past if I wanted to. I have no interest in that.”

― Mick Rock

“Everything has a trend to it; I don’t care if it’s appliances or engines. I always ask, ‘What has a company done in the past five years that somebody’s noticed?’”

― Mickey Drexler

“Where I am they can smell out a hurricane. My house survived Hurricane Hazel, but it didn’t get past Hugo.”

― Mickey Spillane

“I’m not really a guy who draws on things from my own past. I think if you’re a competent actor with a good imagination, and if it’s on the page, it makes your job a lot easier. If it’s well written, it allows your imagination to run wild and draw inspiration from that.”

― Miguel Ferrer

“In the past, it weighed on me because nobody in my family is gay. I had no role models so I had to find my own way.”

― Mika

“When I got to university, I would read plays and go, ‘But these are about the past. Where are the plays that I love about now?’ I couldn’t find them, so I started writing.”

― Mike Bartlett

“Elections are about the future and not about the past.”

― Mike DeWine

“I’m not going to make it the all – everything. Our (the Saints) goal is to get better, make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl, but I’m not gonna anguish over it like I have in the past.”

― Mike Ditka

“I mean, when you’ve had a problem in your past, whether it’s attributed directly to high cholesterol or not, you want to lower your cholesterol. You want to eat healthy. You want to feel healthy. You want to have a little more energy.”

― Mike Ditka

“And we do talk a lot about my past and my impression of things and how it relates to what we’re doing now. The Brady Bunch, in its heyday, was really the genesis of when TV started to become the force that it is today.”

― Mike Lookinland

“The chip comes from silicon foundries who have been running their plants for the past fifty years, understand mass manufacture, and are the area that is most likely to understand the volume increase problem.”

― Mike Marsh

“I’ve painted in the past, but I only average about one painting a year, and the last painting I did, I actually really liked.”

― Mike Mignola

“Most great plays of the past lose their grip on immediacy; on application to our lives right now.”

― Mike Nichols

“You can always tell gifted and highly intelligent people as they always turn to the past. Any young person who knows anything that happened before 1980, or 1990, or 2000 for that matter, is immediately someone who is intelligent, probably creative, maybe a writer. Nobody who is drawn to the past and learning about the past is not gifted.”

― Mike Nichols

“I think of the pop music that I’ve made in the past and hear on the radio as candy bars. And I was really good at making candy bars.”

― Mike Posner

“Racial politics in Chicago has a long history of being intertwined with the mayor’s race, but I’d like to think we’re past much of that.”

― Mike Quigley

“I’m looking forward to the future, and feeling grateful for the past.”

― Mike Rowe

“Five years is a good run for a sitcom; seven is good, but usually, it’s a couple years of staying past your welcome.”

― Mike Scully

“The reason to split a court is for administrative purposes, and in the past there has been much debate about the liberal decisions of the Ninth Circuit and so forth; and people have wanted to get out of the Ninth Circuit for that reason.”

― Mike Simpson

“It would be naive to think that the problems plaguing mankind today can be solved with means and methods which were applied or seemed to work in the past.”

― Mikhail Gorbachev

“What’s important to me now is to uphold my good name and achieve a fair court decision – the past cannot be recovered anyway.”

― Mikhail Khodorkovsky

“I think a lot of Americans forget that they are not originally from here, that somebody in their past was a refugee.”

― Milana Vayntrub

“In the past, I tried to put on a brave face and smile after a defeat, but then it would backfire in training, and I’d get frustrated. Now I just embrace it, let it out, and then, two days later, I’m back in training and ready for the next game.”

― Millie Bright

“For many years, I didn’t even like the idea of doing a one-person play. Public speaking got me past that. I’ve always been good at public speaking, but I never really enjoyed it. Then I started to really enjoy it, and that’s made all the difference.”

― Mimi Kennedy

“The only problem in the past has been my kids. I’d want to bring them to London with me, but they are at an important stage in high school.”

― Mimi Rogers

“What I’d really like to write is a romantic comedy. This is my favorite kind of movie. I feel almost embarrassed revealing this, because the genre has been so degraded in the past twenty years that saying you like romantic comedies is essentially an admission of mild stupidity.”

― Mindy Kaling

“I wouldn’t change a thing about what I’ve done in the past because what may have been bad choices have all led me to this moment.”

― Minnie Driver

“It’s easy to look into the future and worry about the past.”

― Mirai Nagasu

“I got stuck up a tree when I was about seven, and my dad had to come and get the ladder to get me down. I loved to climb all the way up to the top. I must have been a koala in my past life.”

― Miranda Kerr

“I really feel every word to every song a lot more than I have in the past.”

― Miranda Lambert

“In the past, I was always drawn to really quirky, idiosyncratic characters.”

― Miranda Otto

“It’s time that we gave our children what we owe them, which is a richer understanding of the past and of the importance of all that Germany has done for England and that England has done for Germany.”

― Miranda Seymour

“A lot of time, the characters I’ve played in the past kind of come out in me in situations when it’s very useful.”

― Miriam Shor

“Teams in the past have been slow starters yet gone on to win the World Cup.”

― Miroslav Klose

“You imagine running 120 miles a week, week in, week out, for the past four or five years. It takes a little bit out of you.”

― Mo Farah

“Well, I think we still have to verify whatever declaration we will get and make sure that it is comprehensive and accurate. So, that would take care of the past activities.”

― Mohamed ElBaradei

“If you look at the developments in the international scene over the past many years, we haven’t been able to resolve many problems and many crises, because we have approached them from a zero-sum perspective. My gain has always been defined as somebody else’s loss, and through that, we never resolve problems.”

― Mohammad Javad Zarif

“That’s what I do not believe – that dividing Iran into ‘reasonable’ and ‘unreasonable’ forces is either correct, conducive, or anybody’s business. When the United States exercised that practice in the past, it didn’t produce results.”

― Mohammad Javad Zarif

“Your message is stupid. Iraq is not afraid of you or anyone else when it has a right to claim. What you warned about is not on Iraq’s agenda. Iraq is vital and powerful. It is not an opportunistic country. Your administration has not learned from the past.”

― Mohammed Aldouri

“The Cruise missiles do not frighten anyone. We are catching them like fish in a river. I mean here that over the past two days, we managed to shoot down 196 missiles before they hit their target.”

― Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

“I have a hard time getting past the day without the nap, so the nap is a must.”

― Mohnish Pabrai

“We recognise that, with time, every human being will cease being, will only have been. And so we seek to resist time. We rebel against it. We are drawn like lovers to the unreachable past, to imagined memories, to nostalgia.”

― Mohsin Hamid

“I feel no desire to write a novel that takes place in the past.”

― Mohsin Hamid

“Look at the things you’ve done and ask for forgiveness. After clearing out that wreckage from the past, you can move forward, in a way, to keep your finger on the pulse.”

― Molly Bloom

“I think Picasso was someone who took art’s powers of consuming, its powers of much-ness and multiplicity, and used that to his fullest extent. That’s something that was permitted to men, obviously, much more than women, but was also permitted in the past much more often than now.”

― Molly Crabapple

“My friends would always joke that I’m ‘the grandmother’ and ‘the homebody’ because I can’t stay up past nine o’clock, but a lot of that rest is so important for me.”

― Molly Qerim

“I don’t really believe in regret. I think you can always learn from the past, but I wouldn’t want a different life.”

― Molly Ringwald

“Learning from the past helps to ensure that mistakes are not repeated.”

― Monica Johnson

“There was a time, in the not so distant past, that if you didn’t have what you needed on Thanksgiving, you were pretty much going to have to wait until Friday. Not anymore!”

― Monica Johnson

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t angry some days. But I really have worked hard to put a lot of the anger and disappointment in the past.”

― Monica Lewinsky

“I have spent the past several years working so hard to just move on, and to try and build a life for myself.”

― Monica Lewinsky

“I think, in the past, you could buy a flat and live comfortably on theatre and touring theatre, but you can’t do that anymore, which means that you have to have a certain amount of celebrity and profile to, therefore, get TV and film work.”

― Morfydd Clark

“I’ve always been aware that to be named after someone from the past carries with it all kinds of bittersweetness.”

― Morris Gleitzman

“Literature and philosophy both allow past idols to be resurrected with a frequency which would be truly distressing to a sober scientist.”

― Morris Raphael Cohen

“Lastly, literature and philosophy both allow past idols to be resurrected with a frequency which would be truly distressing to a sober scientist.”

― Morris Raphael Cohen

“In the past there were various suggestions in the framework of financial and other agreements to benefit with Iran. But Iran interpreted those suggestions in a mistaken way and deceived the international community.”

― Moshe Katsav

“Architecture should be rooted in the past, and yet be part of our own time and forward looking.”

― Moshe Safdie

“I want my buildings to take root and look as if they’ve always been there. It isn’t about pastiche or adapting what’s already there. It’s about trying to blend the future and the past.”

― Moshe Safdie

“I am not like a pebble on the beach – a grain of sand on the seashore or just one of millions of human beings past, present and future. No, I am a unique human being loved by God as if I were an only child – the only fruit of his creative powers.”

― Mother Angelica

“Our memories are our own, and we cannot blame anything or anyone in the past for any pain dwelling there. If we open the door to them or keep hashing over past incidents in our minds, we have only ourselves to blame.”

― Mother Angelica

“To God, all things are present; there is no past or future – it is all now.”

― Mother Angelica

“Like Jesus, every human being has enough memories in his past to occupy his time and thoughts continually. It is not the remembrance of these incidents but the reliving of them that creates havoc in our souls.”

― Mother Angelica

“For me, in the past, scoring has not always been the most important thing. My priorities have been to play well, to be important for the team. After that, I’ve always told myself that if I score, then that’s just okay.”

― Mousa Dembele

“I live for the moment – not the future, not the past.”

― MS Dhoni

“I know that after my letter there will be undoubtedly an ‘opinion’ about me, but I am not afraid of it. I openly say what I think. Talent, of which we are proud, must not be submitted to the assaults of the past.”

― Mstislav Rostropovich

“Islam expect every Muslim to do this duty, and if we realise our responsibility time will come soon when we shall justify ourselves worthy of a glorious past.”

― Muhammad Ali Jinnah

“If you will work in co-operation, forgetting the past, burying the hatchet, you are bound to succeed.”

― Muhammad Ali Jinnah

“Secrets of the past! Who does not wish to keep the past locked in a cage like a ferocious beast? The rich are sleepless for fear of thieves. The respectable have to guard their reputations in the same way.”

― Munshi Premchand

“That’s history. I say history because it happened in the past.”

― Murray Walker

“Eight minutes past the hour here in Belgium – and presumably eight minutes past the hour everywhere in the world.”

― Murray Walker

“Schumacher wouldn’t have let him past voluntarily. Of course he did it voluntarily, but he had to do it.”

― Murray Walker

“My message to everyone is that we truly are one, and the minute you see me as the person, not just as the Muslim – when you see me as Adeel Alam and not just the character on TV – when you see past all of that, we are all the same, and we are all just one.”

― Mustafa Ali

“The past is always recycled. I’m just taking what the people I looked up to did and translating it for my generation.”

― Mustard

“Life is too short to hold on to the past and grudges.”

― Mya

“In the past, some natives used to collude with Britishers. In the same way, YSRCP is now colluding with Centre.”

― N. Chandrababu Naidu

“I have been responsible for so many fronts in the past: The National Front, the United Front; the UNPA, too, was created by me.”

― N. Chandrababu Naidu

“I do not believe in any legacy. The past is dead and gone.”

― N. R. Narayana Murthy

“I believe in ‘soulmates,’ especially growing up and seeing how much my parents loved each other. They always said that they had been married in past lives, too.”

― Nadia Bjorlin

“You can’t go back and alter the past.”

― Nadya Suleman

“Some of the things I have done… of course I’m ashamed of in the past… was just to put food on the table and just take care of my family.”

― Nadya Suleman

“The West has demonstrated its ability in the past to project power and move troops to distant regions.”

― Naftali Bennett

“Over the past months and years, divisions have opened up in Malaysian society. Now it is time for all of us, in government and beyond, to put the bitterness behind us.”

― Najib Razak

“We are not going back to the failed policies of the past. We are fighting for the middle class!”

― Nancy Pelosi

“I had never used the prefix ‘Dr.’ with my name, but when I started with NASA, I had to. Otherwise, I could not get past the secretaries.”

― Nancy Roman

“Going back to my own past as a reader, I was a big, big reader of romances, particularly as a teenager, the age that my books are aimed at.”

― Nancy Werlin

“I really love to resurrect pieces from my past collections and wear them to fashion week parties.”

― Nanette Lepore

“’Ninnu Kori’ urges us to take a broader view of life, look past stumbling blocks, and rise above self sympathy.”

― Nani

“History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.”

― Napoleon Bonaparte

“I don’t carry the burden of the past or the madness of the future. I live in the present.”

― Narendra Modi

“I want to sound like an instrument. I want my voice and my words to marry the beat. I go with the rhythm of it and the words start to come to my mind and those words could be based on things that’s been on my mind for the past year, the past month, the past week, whatever; I write it.”

― Nas

“I don’t see anything remotely like me in boxing, past or future.”

― Naseem Hamed

“I do enjoy thinking about the past.”

― Naseeruddin Shah

“I had to make peace with my past because I can’t change it.”

― Natalie Cole

“Our memories are the keys to our past and everything we’ve ever worked for, fought for, and dreamed of.”

― Natalya Neidhart

“When you begin to think about the past, you realize how much of it is lost to us.”

― Natasha Trethewey

“Any psychologist will tell you that healing comes from honest confrontation with our injury or with our past. Whatever that thing is that has hurt us or traumatized us, until we face it head on, we will have issues moving forward in a healthy way.”

― Nate Parker

“I never felt the need to introduce all the obstacles in my past when I say, ‘Hello, my name is Nate.’ But at the same time, I’ve never hidden from it.”

― Nate Parker

“When you try to predict future E.R.A.’s with past E.R.A.’s, you’re making a mistake.”

― Nate Silver

“No one wants to see a person on TV who’s super-ultra-cool. That’s Superman, that’s a thing of the past. Heroes are now flawed, and have terrible tempers, you know? They’re real people.”

― Nathan Fillion

“It’s so great in Hollywood now. You have people past 40 sitting and talking about serious stuff, writing and making movies and TV, but there’s laser pistols and superheroes and alien monsters involved. It’s viable and mainstream.”

― Nathan Fillion

“One of the questions I face when working on a book about a historical event is whether I should visit the actual place that I’m writing about. No matter how scrupulously maintained a historic house or battlefield may be, it is nothing like it was in the long-ago past.”

― Nathaniel Philbrick

“Unfortunately, we have a tendency to see figures from the past as caricatures – either all good or all bad – when the truth is always much more complex.”

― Nathaniel Philbrick

“We prefer to be isolated in Odisha. That is a policy of equidistance, and going it alone has served us well in the past.”

― Naveen Patnaik

“In the past, due to faulty economic policies like freight equalisation, resource-rich states like Odisha have suffered from the discriminatory policies of the Centre.”

― Naveen Patnaik

“The ball whizzes past like a bumblebee and the Indians are in the sea.”

― Navjot Singh Sidhu

“The sad part about our past is that religions, ironically enough, are responsible for creating the most destructive idea that has ever been visited upon the human race: the idea that there is such a thing as ‘better.’”

― Neale Donald Walsch

“With regard to robots, in the early days of robots people said, ‘Oh, let’s build a robot’ and what’s the first thought? You make a robot look like a human and do human things. That’s so 1950s. We are so past that.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

“The deciphering of ancient scripts changed forever the way Europeans were able to imagine the story of humanity, destroying centuries of received authority about the past with repercussions as important for our understanding of time and history as the geological studies of the same period.”

― Neil MacGregor

“Once, I went speeding past an old couple and smiled as I imagined their conversation: him grumbling about me and her telling him not to be such an old grouch. Then, suddenly I was in tears, thinking, ‘I’ll never get to be a grumpy old grandpa!’”

― Neil Peart

“If you think about the actual problems we are facing – all the crises – we have the means to solve these crises. The past has shown us we are able to do things we never imagined we would be able to do.”

― Neil Turok

“It may be that we live in an endless universe, both in space and in time. And there’ve been Bangs in the past, and there will be Bangs in the future.”

― Neil Turok

“Moral licensing comes into play when people rely on past behavior to dismiss current prejudiced behavior. This is better known as the ‘Some of my best friends are…’ defense.”

― Nell Scovell

“Whether or not our system of Indian management has been a success during the past ten, fifty, or hundred years is almost answered in the asking.”

― Nelson A. Miles

“On the contrary, if they are treated with justice and humanity, proper example and the advantages of education given them, the coming years will be as bright and prosperous to the unfortunate race as the past has been dark and painful.”

― Nelson A. Miles

“Forget the past.”

― Nelson Mandela

“It appears that PepsiCo views structural change as a sign of weakness, an admission of failure, and an untenable break with past traditions.”

― Nelson Peltz

“My issue in the past with nudity was that these scenes had been written solely for box office draw.”

― Neve Campbell

“Have you heard a single national figure tell you all of the crises of the recent past are not economic, they’re cultural?”

― Newt Gingrich

“I’ve always said I learned to defend myself from an opponent coming for a hard hit. Tricks are part of my repertoire; I use them to try to get past my opponents, but the objective is always to score goals.”

― Neymar

“The promise given was a necessity of the past: the word broken is a necessity of the present.”

― Niccolo Machiavelli

“Girls’ education is no silver bullet. Iran and Saudi Arabia have both educated girls but refused to empower them, so both remain mired in the past. But when a country educates and unleashes women, those educated women often become force multipliers for good.”

― Nicholas Kristof

“Comedy is my favorite genre. I think it often doesn’t get the respect it deserves, and I think one of the reasons is there was a tradition in the past of comedy looking kind of brightly lit and like a sitcom.”

― Nicholas Stoller

“I have a particular dislike for children’s films. I’m way past the novelty aspect.”

― Nick Cave

“I’m not living in the past.”

― Nick Foles

“With 1.7 million private sector jobs lost and half a million jobs shipped overseas over the past three years, we must take action to spur job creation and restore economic prosperity.”

― Nick Lampson

“We truly have an ancient part of the brain that was about survival when we were prey but we seem to have gone past prey. We eat everything and nothing eats us.”

― Nick Nolte

“We have to look forward and keep filming new films and not get stuck in the past.”

― Nick Park

“A lot of the time, in the past, I have played the pretty blonde in a lot of roles.”

― Nicky Whelan

“When I look back, I only do so to see what I’ve done in my past – my gold medals and the Championships that I’ve won. Really, I just look to the future and hopefully winning even more.”

― Nicola Adams

“Voting Labour in the past hasn’t protected Scotland against Tory governments.”

― Nicola Sturgeon

“Too often in the past, Scotland has been sidelined and ignored in the Westminster corridors of power, but that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.”

― Nicola Sturgeon

“I realized I’ve spent all my life creating a past.”

― Nicolas Roeg

“The best way to move forward – to bury the past. That doesn’t mean you forget it.”

― Nicolas Winding Refn

“The way I toe the line with comedy is I run jokes past people.”

― Nicole Byer

“Some of the History Channel’s documentaries involve docudrama segments and are highly speculative – but there seems, on the part of the producers, to be a real determination to get at the history behind our past – not the sex, which is left to drama shows and entertainment channels.”

― Nigel Hamilton

“I am all for charity in judging the men who have occupied the Oval Office over the past seventy years, given the huge responsibilities the president carries across the world.”

― Nigel Hamilton

“Those who claim that to leave the E.U. would damage the City are the very same as those who in the past confidently predicted, with a classic failure of understanding, that the City would be gravely damaged if the U.K. failed to adopt the euro as its currency.”

― Nigel Lawson

“I don’t want to sound like a retrospective person stuck in the past, but the fact remains that, in my day, everything was in the hands of the driver – the gear changes, the delicate art of clutch control during race starts, managing engine revs during gear changes – everything.”

― Niki Lauda

“Clearly-drawn front lines have become a thing of the past due to complex locations with ubiquitous enemy threats.”

― Niki Tsongas

“Something I have learnt from my past trips is, however tired you are, make sure you make the most of the moment and the place you are in. The regret of missing out on things kicks in later on.”

― Nikita Dutta

“You’ve got to have dedication because there’s a lot of sacrifice which goes into it – a lot of your time is minimal with friends and family, especially in the past 10 years.”

― Nikita Parris

“Unfortunately, these past few years, you can work hard, try to be as successful as possible, follow the rules, and President Barack Obama will do everything he can to stand in your way.”

― Nikki Haley

“We have to learn from the past.”

― Niko Kovac

“To say a player is past it at 29, 30 isn’t right.”

― Niko Kovac

“The year 2100 will see eugenics universally established. In past ages, the law governing the survival of the fittest roughly weeded out the less desirable strains. Then man’s new sense of pity began to interfere with the ruthless workings of nature. As a result, we continue to keep alive and to breed the unfit.”

― Nikola Tesla

“Everywhere across whatever sorrows of which our life is woven, some radiant joy will gaily flash past.”

― Nikolai Gogol

“While experiencing happiness, we have difficulty in being conscious of it. Only when the happiness is past and we look back on it do we suddenly realise – sometimes with astonishment – how happy we had been.”

― Nikos Kazantzakis

“It has been popular to threaten ‘small islands and low-lying coasts’ with scenarios of disastrous future flooding. The Maldives has been the most utilised target. We have undertaken a careful analysis of actual sea level changes in the Maldives. No rise has been recorded either in the present or the past centuries.”

― Nils-Axel Morner

“When I first heard the ‘Urumi’ script, I was surprised, shocked, and excited. It was a strong script with a reference to the past. It had fact mixed with fiction. To incorporate facts into a film and introduce fictional characters was interesting. I loved the script.”

― Nithya Menen

“What is driving the tendency to discount Joseph Smith’s revelations is not that they seem less reasonable than those of Moses; it is that the book containing them is so new. When it comes to prophecy, antiquity breeds authenticity. Events in the distant past, we tend to think, occurred in sacred, mythic time.”

― Noah Feldman

“I have been interested in Irish traditional music for the past few years.”

― Nobuo Uematsu

“It took me a really long time to get past all of that internalized dissociation with being female that I was being given by media.”

― Noelle Stevenson

“The coolest thing I’ve gotten to do in the past few years is guest star on Sesame Street.”

― Norah Jones

“The nervous system and the automatic machine are fundamentally alike in that they are devices, which make decisions on the basis of decisions they made in the past.”

― Norbert Wiener

“During the past 30 years, European governments have provided more than $15 billion in the form of low- and no-cost loans to Airbus for the specific purpose of developing new aircraft lines.”

― Norm Dicks

“Nevertheless, the number of farmers, small as well as large, who are adopting the new seeds and new technology is increasing very rapidly, and the increase in numbers during the past three years has been phenomenal.”

― Norman Borlaug

“Man can and must prevent the tragedy of famine in the future instead of merely trying with pious regret to salvage the human wreckage of the famine, as he has so often done in the past.”

― Norman Borlaug

“During the past three years spectacular progress has been made in increasing wheat, rice, and maize production in several of the most populous developing countries of southern Asia, where widespread famine appeared inevitable only five years ago.”

― Norman Borlaug

“No doubt one can, in light of further study and life experience, come to repudiate past convictions.”

― Norman Finkelstein

“I was bashing Israel in the past because nobody else was exposing its true record. Many people are doing it now, so I switched hats from a critic of Israel to a diplomat who wants to resolve the conflict. I have not changed, but I think the spectrum has moved.”

― Norman Finkelstein

“As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.”

― Norman Foster

“The present time, together with the past, shall be judged by a great jovialist.”

― Nostradamus

“One whom the infernal gods of Hannibal will cause to be reborn, terror of mankind; never more horror nor worse days in the past than will come to the Romans through Babel.”

― Nostradamus

“We have a harder way to succeed in life as Serbs because of the past that we had and because of the history we had.”

― Novak Djokovic

“But, it’s because we have a harder way to succeed in life as Serbs because of the past that we had and because of the history that we had. We have to dig deeper and we have to do much more in order to be seen and to be spotted.”

― Novak Djokovic

“Everybody used to be busy writing songs – great songs – that became hits. Now everybody’s writing hits. Everybody’s desperately writing a hit because they know they can’t survive if they don’t have a hit. Where in the past, we were writing a song like ‘More Than Words’ on a porch, not really believing it was gonna be a hit.”

― Nuno Bettencourt

“There is no point staying on the past.”

― Nuno Espirito Santo

“In the past, it was only in science fiction novels that you could read about ordinary people being able to go to space… But you laid the foundation for space tourism.”

― Nursultan Nazarbayev

“Often in the past, when we have had a deaf person in the spotlight, we have been portrayed badly. It was up to me to change that.”

― Nyle DiMarco

“Once you grow past Mommy and Daddy coming running when you’re hurt, you’re really on your own. You’re alone, and there’s no one to help you.”

― Octavia E. Butler

“No, I think the future of humanity will be like the past, we’ll do what we’ve always done and there will still be human beings. Granted, there will always be people doing something different and there are a lot of possibilities.”

― Octavia E. Butler

“I should be married and have 19 kids. And now I’m thinking my eggs are dying on the shelf. They’re going to go past their expiration date. But it’s what I chose, so I’m fine with that decision.”

― Octavia Spencer

“Life stuff happens. You get knocked down, and you get back up. That’s just always been my mentality. I’m not really fazed by anything. It’s in the past. There’s nothing I can really do about it now. You learn from it, and you move on.”

― Odell Beckham, Jr.

“In every country I visit, I am proud to present Jasmine and what we are doing here. I am in no doubt that we will soon be called upon to teach others the model we have been developing for the past decade, for the promotion of women-owned businesses.”

― Ofra Strauss

“In the past Berlin was much more radical and extreme and now it’s becoming much more of a conventional European city.”

― Olafur Eliasson

“Music evokes so many feelings in us, memories, nostalgia, things that are connected to our past.”

― Olga Kurylenko

“Wisdom is the abstract of the past, but beauty is the promise of the future.”

― Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

“Every event that a man would master must be mounted on the run, and no man ever caught the reins of a thought except as it galloped past him.”

― Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

“I think one’s history and past is important at a certain time in your life, especially as an artist, just to try to hone in on that.”

― Olivia d’Abo

“You want to find out what it is about you or what it is about your past and your lineage that’s in you now, and whether you carry those traits and maybe what one’s mission is to take it to the next level.”

― Olivia d’Abo

“I have been immeasurably honored to serve the people of Maine for nearly 40 years in public office and for the past 17 years in the United States Senate. It was incredibly difficult to decide that I would not seek a fourth term in the Senate.”

― Olympia Snowe

“Everybody’s trying to repeat the past with the new network, with new devices and new tools. Why not make something brand-new?”

― Om Malik

“I really had a problem with being ‘the man.’ I’m past it now, but that was my insecurity. I ran from that. I was cool with being No. 3 on the call sheet or No. 2.”

― Omari Hardwick

“You cannot survive if you do not know the past.”

― Oriana Fallaci

“What has history said of eminence without honor, wealth without wisdom, power and possessions without principle? The answer is reiterated in the overthrow of the mightiest empires of ancient times. Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome! The four successive, universal powers of the past. What and where are they?”

― Orson F. Whitney

“American democracy in the past has always been known for its large middle class and its relatively few very wealthy people and very few very poor people, but that is gone to today and the middle class is shrinking.”

― Os Guinness

“Latins are predisposed to thinking about the past. Catholicism has a lot to do with it because Catholicism is a contemplation of the past, of symbols that are supposed to be eternally present.”

― Oscar Hijuelos

“If you feel anything weird, immediately call 911 and give them your address because you may not make it past the phone call.”

― Oscar Munoz

“I have run two Olympic ‘A’ standard times over the past 12 months and with the time I ran at the African Championships last week I know my speed and fitness are constantly improving so that I will peak in time for the Olympics.”

― Oscar Pistorius

“The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.”

― Oscar Wilde

“Literature must rest always on a principle, and temporal considerations are no principle at all. For, to the poet, all times and places are one; the stuff he deals with is eternal and eternally the same: no theme is inept, no past or present preferable.”

― Oscar Wilde

“No man is rich enough to buy back his past.”

― Oscar Wilde

“One’s past is what one is. It is the only way by which people should be judged.”

― Oscar Wilde

“By 2025, we can expect the world to be completely digital. Paper books will be a thing of the past. Education will be delivered through analytics-based assessment tools and adaptive learning platforms.”

― Osman Rashid

“I can’t talk about every single film I made. It’s not my way to go back into the past and to look at my old pictures and to discuss them.”

― Otto Preminger

“The military has been tremendously important in the past during catastrophes and in protecting the population. But it shouldn’t become an auxiliary police force.”

― Otto Schily

“The whole structure of science gradually grows, but only as it is built upon a firm foundation of past research.”

― Owen Chamberlain

“Supposedly, summer vacation happens because that’s when the kids are home from school, although having the kids home from school is no vacation. And supposedly the kids are home from school because of some vestigial throwback to our agricultural past.”

― P. J. O’Rourke

“I like fiction and the kind of history that gives the grace and flavor of fiction to the past. No bloviation on current events, please. I can write that junk myself.”

― P. J. O’Rourke

“You’re human; you make mistakes. You have to put all the things in the past.”

― Pablo Sandoval

“All the things that are in the past are in the past.”

― Pablo Sandoval

“I do want to play characters that have redeeming qualities, that are likable, for sure, and I have in the past, and I will again.”

― Pablo Schreiber

“You walk past people in streets, or they serve you in shops, and you know nothing about the horrors they may be living with.”

― Paddy Considine

“In the past, before phones and the Internet, all communication was face-to-face. Now, most of it is digital, via emails and messaging services. If people were to start using virtual reality, it would almost come full circle.”

― Palmer Luckey

“I don’t connect much with the present. I have more of an affinity for what came in the past.”

― Paloma Faith

“It’s a hilarious part of my past, all the sitcoms I did in the ’80s. And then all the animation – animation is amazing. It’s really been great.”

― Pamela Adlon

“I was getting a little bored with my hair. It’s kind of a symbolic thing, just getting rid of the past, moving forward. It’s amazing what a reaction you get when you cut your hair.”

― Pamela Anderson

“While I love walking past those beautifully lit bookstores in my neighborhood, what I mostly buy there are blank notebooks and last-minute presents for children’s birthdays.”

― Pamela Druckerman

“What ‘Floating Worlds’ does draw on is Holland’s artistry in bringing the past to life in her historical fiction and depicting the people who inhabited that past.”

― Pamela Sargent

“As an Indian, you feel easily connected with certain histories in places like Indonesia, where one sees, because of the presence of the Hindu-Buddhist past, Hindus still living there or Muslims performing rituals that are instantly familiar.”

― Pankaj Mishra

“Though there are laws against blasphemy and insult to religion in many European countries, France has institutionalised its anti-clerical past by proscribing religion from public life.”

― Pankaj Mishra

“Italy has no colonial past in Iran.”

― Paolo Gentiloni

“Although Alchemy has now fallen into contempt, and is even considered a thing of the past, the physicain should not be influenced by such judgements.”

― Paracelsus

“The yogi offers his labyrinthine human longings to a monotheistic bonfire dedicated to the unparalleled God. This is indeed the true yogic fire ceremony, in which all past and present desires are fuel consumed by love divine.”

― Paramahansa Yogananda

“I don’t like parties past 2 am. Then it’s all losers and weirdos.”

― Paris Hilton

“In the past, I always set definitive goals for myself, but I’ve stopped doing that.”

― Park Bo-young

“When I was living an almost mechanical lifestyle as an idol, I was constantly wrapped up in thoughts about who I was. That’s when I entered a phase in which I was trying to discover myself. Because I was able to get past that difficult phase, I now realize how important it is to protect myself and my identity.”

― Park Hyung-sik

“Sometimes I miss playing football, but it’s a past thing now.”

― Park Ji-sung

“I used to like humorous people in the past, but these days, I like serious people more.”

― Park Shin-hye

“In the past, I used to tell everyone that I have never had a boyfriend, because I was still quite young. However, I cannot say the same thing now.”

― Park Shin-hye

“I believe we need to learn from our past.”

― Parvathy

“I think you’re in trouble if you start chasing what you’ve done in the past. You always need to move on and look forward and do something new.”

― Passenger

“I think Passenger is a bit of an ambiguous thing because in the past, it’s been a band, or it’s been just me, or a duo or whatever, but I kind of like that as well. I think it’s whatever that I’m doing with whoever I’m doing it with!”

― Passenger

“I don’t know of any other creature on earth other than man that will sit in a corner and cry because of some painful experience in the past.”

― Pat Morita

“I live in the present because the past is regret, and the future is anxiety.”

― Patrice Evra

“I think people live in the past and tend to look that way, because they drop off when they’re happiest and most successful.”

― Patricia Norris

“I have no doubt I was someone very interesting in a past life.”

― Patricia Velasquez

“I don’t stop at my past; I like new work. I like what I’m doing tomorrow.”

― Patrick Demarchelier

“I know of no way of judging the future but by the past.”

― Patrick Henry

“Something even minor I do is going to be reported because of things that have happened in the past. You have to be aware of that.”

― Patrick Kane

“I’ve always had the wish, the nostalgia to be able to write detective novels. At heart, the principal themes of detective novels are close to the things that obsess me: disappearance, the problems of identity, amnesia, the return to an enigmatic past.”

― Patrick Modiano

“In my case, I write in the past because I’m not really part of the present. I have nothing valid to say about anything current, though I have something to say about what existed then.”

― Patrick O’Brian

“I’ve often reflected on this in the past weeks as I’ve been following the presidential campaign: Very often, I thought it would have been great for both of these guys to sit down and be force-fed a couple of dozen episodes of Star Trek.”

― Patrick Stewart

“If you live through the initial stage of fame and get past it, and remember thats not who you are. If you live past that, then you have a hope of maybe learning how to spell the word artist.”

― Patrick Swayze

“We do things in our past that we need to do at the time.”

― Patti Davis

“You drive past your old high school, and even if everybody treated you terribly, you still go take a look, don’t you?”

― Patti Scialfa

“The only way you’ll have a pen of potential Romeos from your past to choose from is to actually have a past.”

― Patti Stanger

“Everything we have today that’s cool comes from someone wanting more of something they loved in the past. Action figures, videogames, superhero movies, iPods: All are continuations of a love that wanted more.”

― Patton Oswalt

“In the past, I’ve allowed myself to record songs that I wish I had not, but agreed to for one reason or another.”

― Patty Smyth

“The thing you realize when you get into studying neuroscience, even a little bit, is that everything is connected to everything else. So it’s as if the brain is trying to use everything at its disposal – what it is seeing, what it is hearing, what is the temperature, past experience.”

― Paul Allen

“I’ve been on record many times in the past about the challenge of being competitive with NBA teams in smaller markets.”

― Paul Allen

“Knowledge comes from the past, so it’s safe. It is also out of date. It’s the opposite of originality… Experience is the opposite of being creative.”

― Paul Arden

“I’m living in the present, thinking about the past, hoping for the future.”

― Paul Auster

“One does not substitute oneself for the past, one merely adds to it a new link.”

― Paul Cezanne

“As much as I love elements of Spider-Man’s past, I don’t really want to go back in and retell the Gwen Stacy and Green Goblin story in animation just so I can do my take on it. I don’t want to redo the first ‘Spider Slayer’ story.”

― Paul Dini

“Praises for our past triumphs are as feathers to a dead bird.”

― Paul Eldridge

“I can still remember the feel in my hand of that most wonderful American coin ever minted, a nickel with a buffalo on one side and the head of an Indian on the other. That nickel was a daily proof of our country’s past. Bring it back!”

― Paul Engle

“I’ve never been comfortable around groups of guys when it gets into the putting-down. My past being a kind of geek – it kind of turns into an attack on the weakest of the group.”

― Paul Feig

“We should not forget, no matter how we quantify it: ‘Freedom is not free.’ It is a painful lesson, but one from which we have learned in the past and one we should never forget.”

― Paul Gillmor

“Few great men would have got past personnel.”

― Paul Goodman

“I don’t want to be one of these guys who sits in a room watching old footage of himself, reliving old glory. It’s just not me. I want to create new adventures. I’m not trying to live vicariously through my own past.”

― Paul Heyman

“It’s been a huge part of my life in the past few years, and I just couldn’t turn my back on all that – the bakers themselves, the bakes, the team that makes it, and of course the tent, the bunting, and who could forget… the squirrels. So I am delighted that I will be continuing as a judge when ‘Bake Off’ moves to Channel 4.”

― Paul Hollywood

“The true artist is never afraid of anything – including the glories of the past.”

― Paul Horgan

“We are journeying externally from country to country. We are traveling in historical time, from the present to the distant past. We are traveling inwardly as well, through the music of meditation.”

― Paul Horn

“In the past, the U.S. has shown its capacity to reinvent its gifts for leadership. During the 1970s, in the aftermath of the Nixon abdication and the Ford and Carter presidencies, the whole nation peered into the abyss, was horrified by what it saw and elected Ronald Reagan as president, which began a national resurgence.”

― Paul Johnson

“Donald Trump figured out that the campaign for a moderate presidency is different than it’s been in the past. He didn’t put together a traditional campaign.”

― Paul Manafort

“I love the past. There are parts of the past I hate, of course.”

― Paul McCartney

“My school days were the happiest days of my life; which should give you some indication of the misery I’ve endured over the past twenty-five years.”

― Paul Merton

“I can’t change the past, but one person can change the future – anything can happen.”

― Paul Mooney

“But you get past that and realize you have to let go of what you think you want. There’ll be plenty of time for that later. Right now, go and be with that baby. Just play with this beautiful little boy.”

― Paul Reiser

“The moment that I realized my name was going to be said in the same sentence as children and sex, that’s really intense. That’s something I knew from that very moment, whatever happens past that point, something’s out there in the air that is really bad.”

― Paul Reubens

“With Free, we had phased out all of the blues material and wanted to phase in all original material, and the only song that stayed from our blues past was ‘The Hunter’ by Albert King. People just loved that. And I said, ‘We have to write a song that will top that – otherwise, what are we doing here?’ That was the birth of ‘All Right Now.’”

― Paul Rodgers

“I was never much into knights and sorcery and that kind of thing. It’s not because I was into anything cooler. I certainly wasn’t. I played with LEGOs. I played with LEGOs way past when most people played with LEGOs.”

― Paul Rudd

“We need leadership. We don’t need a doubling down on the failed politics of the past.”

― Paul Ryan

“My view is that you show Messi one side or the other, and if he goes past you, he goes past you. But if he slips it through your legs, then you have to obstruct him and take the foul. Just don’t ever let yourself be nutmegged.”

― Paul Scholes

“I first remember Wayne Rooney from a game at Old Trafford in 2002 when he came on as a late substitute for Everton and, in a brilliant 15-minute performance, skipped past me on a couple of occasions.”

― Paul Scholes

“People say that Rooney could have been like Lionel Messi, a more prolific goalscorer who dribbles past opponents more. But they are different characters. You will never see Messi snapping around the heels of an opponent to win the ball back deep in his own half. Wayne does that all the time, and sometimes that enthusiasm will count against him.”

― Paul Scholes

“The past becomes a texture, an ambience to our present.”

― Paul Scott

“In the past, mushrooms were maligned as nutritionally poor. Since they are about 80 to 90 percent water when fresh, their net concentrations of nutrients can be underestimated. Like grains, however, mushrooms should be weighed when dry to get their correct nutrient value.”

― Paul Stamets

“There is no teacher, living or past, who can give us the actual understanding of Truth. A teacher can only put our feet upon the path and point the way. That is all. It is wholly dependent on the individual to make his way to Truth.”

― Paul Twitchell

“Of course I’m proud of what I’ve done, but I’m interested in what’s next. I want to be relevant now, in 2012. I’ve done my bit for the past. I’ve only ever been about what’s next, really, and I’ll be that way until I keel over.”

― Paul Weller

“In the past, children learned their values at home, reinforced by organizations such as the Boy Scouts and, of course, their church or synagogue, but in all too many families that is no longer the case.”

― Paul Weyrich

“China, in the future, is going to have even more nuclear capability than it has had in the past. I don’t believe that they have anything to fear from the United States, and I frankly don’t believe they do fear the United States.”

― Paul Wolfowitz

“Hold on to your dream. Don’t let past failures or dire economic forecasts make you a pessimist. Keep your youthful dreams alive and create your own opportunities.”

― Paul Zane Pilzer

“There’s not one food that causes diabetes. What causes Type II diabetes is being overweight… I’ve just come to grips, over the past four or five months, with my diabetes.”

― Paula Deen

“I grew up in Zimbabwe in Southern Africa, and I moved to London when I was 17. And I started commuting and, actually, to go to college. And I used to really enjoy that part of my journey where the – it was actually a Tube train, but it was over ground, and it went right past the backs of people’s houses, and I could actually see right in.”

― Paula Hawkins

“No talking has ever gotten me out of my game. The things that have gotten me out of my game in the past have definitely not been talking.”

― Paulie Malignaggi

“I’m past 75, I still walk, and I don’t dye my hair blond, and I don’t touch it up.”

― Pauline Trigere

“My connection with Brazil is so abstract. My blood and my way of thinking is Brazilian, but that’s it. I don’t tend to go back to the past, and although I have an apartment there, I rarely visit. When I move, I really move.”

― Paulo Coelho

“We all have a past; it’s just that my past is out there for all to see.”

― Pauly Shore

“There is a way to look at the past. Don’t hide from it. It will not catch you if you don’t repeat it.”

― Pearl Bailey

“One faces the future with one’s past.”

― Pearl S. Buck

“I’m not an historian but I can get interested – obsessively interested – with any aspect of the past, whether it’s palaeontology or archaeology or the very recent past.”

― Penelope Lively

“The Photograph is concerned with the power that the past has to interfere with the present: the time bomb in the cupboard.”

― Penelope Lively

“We all need a past – that’s where our sense of identity comes from.”

― Penelope Lively

“Equally, we require a collective past – hence the endless reinterpretations of history, frequently to suit the perceptions of the present.”

― Penelope Lively

“The present hardly exists, after all-it becomes the past even as it happens. A tricky medium, time – and central to the concerns of fiction.”

― Penelope Lively

“Fear not for the future, weep not for the past.”

― Percy Bysshe Shelley

“I love being able to escape my past, even though my past was great.”

― Perry Farrell

“Greatness will come by looking forward – untethered from the politics of the past and anchored by our shared values – and by changing our nation’s future.”

― Pete Buttigieg

“We can’t look for greatness in the past.”

― Pete Buttigieg

“Experiences with friends or family members coming out have helped millions of Americans to see past stereotypes and better understand what being gay is – and is not.”

― Pete Buttigieg

“The policy of the future cannot forever be determined by the politics of the past – or even the present.”

― Pete Gallego

“Too many people take New York for granted. The primary reason is that history is not taught. That’s outrageous in a city where the past is still visible.”

― Pete Hamill

“Boxing is one of those leftovers from a more primitive past that should be finished off and killed. I don’t love it anymore.”

― Pete Hamill

“No president can amend the past, and the public is tired of candidates who simply point fingers instead of offering their own solutions. They want a leader who will describe the threats as they are and rally the country behind a strategy to defeat them.”

― Pete Hoekstra

“Asking presidential candidates whether they support or would change past foreign policy decisions is the most common line of questioning among members of the media. It’s also the most pointless.”

― Pete Hoekstra

“Past is past.”

― Pete Waterman

“I’m not into bands for the sake of being into bands. I’ve grown past that. There was a time in my life when I was that guy.”

― Pete Wentz

“You don’t have to be brought up in a grand house to have a sense of the past, and I truly believe that there are certain people to whom or through whom the territory – the place, the past – speaks.”

― Peter Ackroyd

“The English have always been greedy for news of times past, with that mixture of fatalism and melancholy which is part of the national character.”

― Peter Ackroyd

“I don’t believe necessarily the past is in the past. It’s eternal, it’s all around us.”

― Peter Ackroyd

“In ‘The Plato Papers’ I wanted to get another perspective on the present moment by extrapolating into the distant future. So in that sense, there’s a definite similarity of purpose between a book set in the future and a book set in the past.”

― Peter Ackroyd

“Analyses of the movie marketplace points to an interesting phenomenon: High-profile movies are continuing to do well year-to-year in the U.S. and overseas – this past summer, for example, the top 10 movies registered at the same level as in ’04.”

― Peter Bart

“The future’s come and gone; it’s a thing of the past. That once impossibly exotic expression ‘the year 2000,’ for so long evocative of silver suits and robots in pinnies, now feels antiquated.”

― Peter Baynham

“Keeping a relatively small, predominantly U.S. Special Forces presence in Afghanistan to continue to train the Afghan army past December 2016 is a wise policy that would benefit both Afghans and Americans.”

― Peter Bergen

“Trump, of course, has been very wrong in the past about important issues such as President Barack Obama’s place of birth and Mexican immigrants, but the Republican frontrunner is correct in saying that former Republican President George W. Bush did not keep the country safe during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.”

― Peter Bergen

“Sanctions on Pakistan have been part of the troubled U.S.-Pakistan relationship in the past and should not be considered as an option in the future.”

― Peter Bergen

“Because of the 9/11 attacks, the framing of terrorism by politicians, the media, and the public too often in the past decade and a half has been that it is Islamist political violence that is the terrorism we need to be concerned about.”

― Peter Bergen

“When ISIS and al Qaeda have attacked or plotted attacks in the West in the past decade or so, they have invariably used hydrogen peroxide-based bombs because acquiring military-grade explosives or dynamite is nearly impossible for would-be terrorists in Western countries.”

― Peter Bergen

“In the past, Joint Special Operations Command, or JSOC, of which SEAL Team 6 is a key component, has only launched ground raids in Yemen when the lives of hostages held by al Qaeda seemed at risk.”

― Peter Bergen

“STG and the Ramshorn Theatre are a vital part of Glasgow’s rich cultural history. To abandon them now is to abandon not only our past, but our future.”

― Peter Capaldi

“I think it’s always exciting when ‘Doctor Who’ touches its past.”

― Peter Capaldi

“The great thing about using the past is that it gives you the most colossal freedom to invent. The research is necessary, of course, but no one writes a novel to dramatically illustrate what everybody already knows.”

― Peter Carey

“Nostalgia is something we think of as fuzzy. But it’s pain. Pain concerning the past.”

― Peter Carey

“I don’t separate my books into historical novels and the rest. To me, they’re all made-up worlds, and both kinds are borne out of curiosity, some investigation into the past.”

― Peter Carey

“I’m not the type of player that’s going to run in behind or go past three and score.”

― Peter Crouch

“I just think that some version of the past in our culture is going to rise up and become dominant.”

― Peter Davison

“It is a way we reassess our past. We can do that in poetry in ways we can’t do in prose.”

― Peter Davison

“True disruption means threatening your existing product line and your past investments. Breakthrough products disrupt current lines of businesses.”

― Peter Diamandis

“Politeness and caring for each other cannot be a thing of the past.”

― Peter Frampton

“What’s crucial is that the IRA produce a credible statement that paramilitary and criminality activity is a thing of the past. That they are committed to a future which is exclusively peaceful and democratic.”

― Peter Hain

“It costs so much to promote something these days that almost always safety is the preferred option, reference back to things which have been successful in the past. Also, people are simply not given the time to develop and find themselves and their audience as we were.”

― Peter Hammill

“The BBC TV programme ‘Back In Time For Dinner’ doesn’t just have one of the cleverest titles ever. It is a more-than-usually-serious attempt to recreate the recent past, the day before yesterday.”

― Peter Hitchens

“We had to get past the mechanical film age to be able to explore other things, but it will be interesting.”

― Peter Jackson

“The past is malleable and flexible, changing as our recollection interprets and re-explains what has happened.”

― Peter L. Berger

“Old companies that had nothing to do with software in the past all have software development activities to unlock the invention that’s occurring inside of these organizations. And so the developer is a very important part of that overall ecosystem.”

― Peter Levine

“For too long, decisions have been taken behind closed doors – tablets of stone have simply been past down to people without bothering to involve people, listen to their views or give them information about what we are doing and why.”

― Peter Mandelson

“I think the past need not be the dead past. If we get it right, with new books, the past can be a beacon for the future.”

― Peter Mayer

“What ‘Flashpoint’ does is examine the inherent inconsistencies in Shade’s past and attempt to explain it and give it some logic.”

― Peter Milligan

“If I’m at home on my own and the writing isn’t going well, I clean my house. And there have been times in the past few years when my house has looked really clean.”

― Peter Mullan

“Surrender your forces and give yourselves and your troops the opportunity to be a part of Iraq’s future and not a part of Iraq’s past.”

― Peter Pace

“In the past the publishers I’ve worked with have been extremely generous. And in almost every case, have been people who believed in the work rather than the sales and marketing.”

― Peter Sotos

“Most of my books have caused distribution and printing problems in the past.”

― Peter Sotos

“Architecture is exposed to life. If its body is sensitive enough, it can assume a quality that bears witness to past life.”

― Peter Zumthor

“The prolific Chinodya has written a number of striking books, most notably ‘Dew in the Morning’, an exploration of an idyllic rural boyhood; the sophisticated ‘Strife,’ in which sins from the pre-colonial past cast shadows into the present; and the rich and varied short-story collection ‘Can We Talk?’”

― Petina Gappah

“Learn from the past, look to the future, but live in the present.”

― Petra Nemcova

“I am the type that cannot stay put in living in the past and solely in the past. It’s not healthy and it doesn’t feel right.”

― Phil Anselmo

“I think Pantera is a type of band that has been documented very, very well over the years. With the past re-releases, we were fortunate enough to have old demos and stuff that never really saw the light of day. But Pantera was not the type of band to waste many riffs or many parts or songs.”

― Phil Anselmo

“I’ve bought pretty much every book ever written about the Alamo, and I talk to my friends that I’ve made over the past 15, 20 years. It’s just a constant learning and fascinating thing for me.”

― Phil Collins

“I was proud to represent the 11th District of Georgia as a member of Congress for the past 12 years and am excited to now be joining the respected, growing Government & Regulatory Affairs Practice at Drinker Biddle & Reath.”

― Phil Gingrey

“I want to widen the pool. In the past, England players have maybe had the comfort of knowing what the next squad is going to be before it’s announced, but I’d like there to be more uncertainty. More competition for places means the standard goes up.”

― Phil Neville

“From facing a manager for the past 16 years to suddenly being the one person everyone is looking at is a daunting prospect. It’s something I want to be prepared for. If I get the opportunity, I don’t want to let myself down.”

― Phil Neville

“Basically, I don’t ever move too far past the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, because it’s of first importance. And I make sure it’s of first importance with anyone I’m talking to. It all comes down to that, really, when you get right down to it. So it’s not complex. Jesus removed our sins and guarantees we can be raised from the dead.”

― Phil Robertson

“The hardships that I encountered in the past will help me succeed in the future.”

― Philip Emeagwali

“I shot a lot of close-ups on this movie ’cause there’s like a dual mystery, she’s searching through her haunted past to find some truth and she’s also following an external mystery where she comes to think she might be the killer.”

― Philip Kaufman

“We’re really trying to make movies for TV. Producers and writers are taking risks that they weren’t in the past.”

― Philip Winchester

“What happens when good people are put into an evil place? Do they triumph or does the situation dominate their past history and morality?”

― Philip Zimbardo

“Time perspective is one of the most powerful influences on all of human behavior. We’re trying to show how people become biased to being exclusively past-, present- or future-oriented.”

― Philip Zimbardo

“It’s better to keep your past and present loves separate.”

― Phoebe Robinson

“National Standards was not a narrative of past events but was leftwing revisionism and Political Correctness.”

― Phyllis Schlafly

“In a way, my past gives me a little credibility. Not that anybody cares what I did nineteen years ago, but I did have a career, and a legitimate one, before I met my husband.”

― Pia Zadora

“In the past, I’ve visited remote places – North Korea, Ethiopia, Easter Island – partly as a way to visit remote states of mind: remote parts of myself that I wouldn’t ordinarily explore.”

― Pico Iyer

“I am not nostalgic about things. When you have a kind of improvement, I am not nostalgic about the past.”

― Pierre Boulez

“An example is often a deceptive mirror, and the order of destiny, so troubling to our thoughts, is not always found written in things past.”

― Pierre Corneille

“I have said in the past that I dream of playing in Spain, but Dortmund has become my second home. I love this club, its fans, and this city.”

― Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

“France cannot be destroyed. She is an old country who, despite her misfortunes, has, and always will have, thanks to her past, a tremendous prestige in the world, whatever the fate inflicted upon her.”

― Pierre Laval

“To our critical eyes, the threads of which the past is woven are, by nature, endless and indivisible. Scientifically speaking, we cannot grasp the absolute beginning of anything: everything extends backwards to be prolonged by something else.”

― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“The meaning of words has become so blurred by past usage that ‘abstract’ is identified with ‘vague’ and ‘unreal,’ and ‘inwardness’ with a sort of traditional beatitude… The conception of the word ‘plastic’ has also been limited by individual interpretations.”

― Piet Mondrian

“When I become prime minister, I’m going to buy one of those Margaret Thatcher handbags, and I’ll bang it on the table and demand my money back from the government for past bad services.”

― Pim Fortuyn

“I am appalled by Le Pen’s anti-Semitic past and feelings. A man who says the Holocaust is no more than a footnote in history is beyond my comprehension.”

― Pim Fortuyn

“I would say that normally it is the creative minorities that determine the future, and in this sense, the Catholic Church must understand itself as a creative minority that has a heritage of values that are not things of the past, but a very living and relevant reality.”

― Pope Benedict XVI

“It is important to learn to understand in a historical text, a text from the past, the living Word of God, that is, to enter into prayer and thus read Sacred Scripture as a conversation with God.”

― Pope Benedict XVI

“I have no definition of life. Just be happy and don’t think about the past.”

― Prabhu Deva

“Certainly there are many Congress members who have been arrested in the past on immigration issues and will continue to because we all understand that staying silent is not an option.”

― Pramila Jayapal

“As Indians, we must of course learn from the past; but we must remain focused on the future. In my view, education is the true alchemy that can bring India its next golden age.”

― Pranab Mukherjee

“Perhaps it has been too uncomfortable for those with vested interests to acknowledge, but we have spent the best part of the past century enthusiastically testing the world to utter destruction; not looking closely enough at the long-term impact our actions will have.”

― Prince Charles

“I don’t live in the past. I don’t play my old records for that reason. I make a statement, then move on to the next.”

― Prince

“I don’t talk about the past.”

― Prince

“I am not a person who will think about the past.”

― Prithvi Shaw

“We knew from theoretical models that mergers of massive, gas-rich galaxies were more frequent in the past. Now we’ve found that these mergers are responsible for producing both the nearby obscured quasar population and their distant cousins.”

― Priyamvada Natarajan

“In features, we’re languid: we shoot one or two scenes over, like, three days. In TV, the pace is so different. You’re shooting ten scenes a day, going way into the future or way back into the past. It’s complete madness, and I’m just trying to keep up with this really electric pace.”

― Priyanka Chopra

“To all those who have suffered as a consequence of our troubled past I extend my sincere thoughts and deep sympathy. With the benefit of historical hindsight we can all see things which we would wish had been done differently or not at all.”

― Queen Elizabeth II

“In the past, TSR and now Wizards of the Coast have asked me to do game stats for my characters, and I’m never comfortable doing that. It’s all relative after all.”

― R. A. Salvatore

“I firmly believe that you live and learn, and if you don’t learn from past mistakes, then you need to be drug out and shot.”

― R. Lee Ermey

“There have been a lot of changes in recruit training in the past twenty years.”

― R. Lee Ermey

“If you decide on a goal – for example, ‘I’m going to write a novel’ or ‘I’m going to run a 10K’ – your subconscious will formulate the likelihood of that happening based on past experiences.”

― Rachel Hollis

“At nine years old, I was presented an opportunity to move to Toronto to train for pairs dancing. As soon as I heard that that’s what it entailed, I was out of there. It’s like a past life. I hung up my skates and never looked back.”

― Rachel McAdams

“I have volunteered for Musicians on Call for the past 12 years because of the incredible one-on-one experiences in hospital rooms when no one other than the patient and I would remember the love that was exchanged.”

― Rachel Platten

“Sometimes I have problems where I get into a mode where even just looking at a page on a screen makes me panic. And getting past that is a really intense thing to do.”

― Rachel Swirsky

“Which is not to discount everything I’ve done in my past; everything I have learned tremendously from.”

― Rachel True

“It is true that I did not shine as I had wanted in England, but that is part of the past.”

― Radamel Falcao

“I want to talk more about the future than the past.”

― Rafael Benitez

“In the past, being young, I might have been standoffish to working with other songwriters.”

― Raheem DeVaughn

“I was frustrated in the past, like, ‘Wow, why do they have to throw me in the R&B urban adult contemporary lane?’ ‘Woman’ was a no. 1 hit at Urban AC, so there’s no disrespect to that lane. But did it get a fair shot at urban radio? No, I don’t think so.”

― Raheem DeVaughn

“One of my friends, Bruno Andrade, was so quick, he just used to knock the ball past whoever he was playing against, and I thought, ‘Why can’t I do that?’ Until then, I would try to dribble and maybe try a stepover, but Andre would just knock it then – beep, beep – and he was so fast, he would get there first.”

― Raheem Sterling

“In the past, leaders of both parties have been able to reach across the partisan divide. They succeeded by retaining their own humanity and recognizing the same in their political opponents.”

― Raja Krishnamoorthi

“Even people who have successfully obtained a visa are sometimes being turned back at the airport. Such incidents have never happened in the past but are increasing now because even low level officers of the border patrol department are being entrusted with too much discretion power on how they execute the laws.”

― Raja Krishnamoorthi

“Don’t hold on to the past; it won’t help in moving forward. Dare to dream big.”

― Rajeev Suri

“When it comes to our cultural values, I would love to hold on to the past because Nokia had some of the best spirit ever. Having grown up in the company, I loved it for the value and culture, which matched my own.”

― Rajeev Suri

“If given an opportunity, knowing I’ll play 36 minutes a night, I can perform at a high level. Spotty or inconsistent minutes, which have been the case in the past, then the numbers fluctuate.”

― Rajon Rondo

“The act of writing requires a constant plunging back into the shadow of the past where time hovers ghostlike.”

― Ralph Ellison

“Confirming John Roberts would endanger much of the progress made by the nation in civil rights over the past half century.”

― Ralph G. Neas

“With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I absolutely hated ‘Gattaca.’ I left the theater shaking my head because the science in the film was just terrible. No genetic test will ever tell you how many heartbeats you have left. No genetic test will ever be more accurate in telling an employer how well you’ll do at a job than your performance at a past job would be.”

― Ramez Naam

“Incidents of the past – a lost love, a missed opportunity – shape us and make us what we are.”

― Rana Daggubati

“I believe that the mistakes you make in the past are learning experiences and make you grow as a human.”

― Rana Daggubati

“There’s certain things as a songwriter that I don’t really care to write about, and there are certain things I won’t sing about anymore. There are just so many things that I probably thought was OK for me, or have been in the past, that I would never want my son to think was OK.”

― Randy Houser

“When I first met my wife, I really just settled down quite a bit and I started living a much cleaner lifestyle. I was able to concentrate on things that I neglected in the past a little more and I was spending a lot more time at home than I normally would.”

― Randy Houser

“When rough times have fallen upon our state in the past, Texans have always responded with generosity and an eagerness to help. The compassionate response to the fires has proven that this community spirit is alive and well.”

― Randy Neugebauer

“Housing has led our nation’s economic expansion over the past few years, accounting for 16 percent of our Gross Domestic Product. New housing starts and home sales hit record levels from 2003 through 2005.”

― Randy Neugebauer

“In addition to a soaring stock market, 6.6 million jobs have been created since tax relief measures went into effect in 2003. Our deficit situation has also improved as tax revenues have increased at double-digit rates over the past two years.”

― Randy Neugebauer

“Fuel your kids’ dreams. Sometimes, that means letting them stay up past their bedtimes.”

― Randy Pausch

“It is a great honor to become Executive Producer of ‘Frontline.’ David Fanning’s mentorship and partnership over the past fifteen years has been extraordinary. I am inspired by his legacy and honored to guide ‘Frontline’s future.”

― Raney Aronson-Rath

“It’s not about the past; it’s about knowing your history so that you can fight in the present. Otherwise, you don’t know who the real enemy is, what the real issue is, because it had been covered by many layers of bad information, of lies, and manipulation.”

― Raoul Peck

“Detroit can become a national model for urban revitalization, but to do so, it must break free from past development models.”

― Rashida Tlaib

“What is the obsession with not repeating clothes or making appearances that have been similar to the one’s we’ve made in the past? Why is the fashion police so intense? What do they expect from us? What kind of pressure is this?”

― Raveena Tandon

“Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future.”

― Ray Bradbury

“In the past, missionaries have traveled to far countries with the message of the gospel – with great hardship and often with the loss of life. In contrast, we can reach millions instantly from the comfort of our homes by merely hitting the ‘send’ button on our computers, or with iPads, or phones.”

― Ray Comfort

“I suppose I’ve been selfish in the past and put my career first. But priorities change.”

― Ray Fearon

“Over the past several decades, a growing number of investors have been choosing to put their money in funds that screen companies for their environmental and labor records. Some socially responsible investors are starting to add free expression and privacy to their list of criteria.”

― Rebecca MacKinnon

“I’ve tried in the past to blog about ghostwriting and have failed. I have a lot of opinions on the whole issue, and I’m constantly censoring myself to make sure I don’t just sound like a bitter writer.”

― Rebecca Serle

“I don’t really think of past experiences as ‘mistakes’ – I think everything brings us where we need to go and teaches us what we need to learn. I’m grateful for all my wobbles because I wouldn’t be here without them.”

― Rebecca Serle

“I feel often that we don’t have the right language to talk about emotions in disasters. Everyone is on edge, of course, but it also pulls people away from a lot of trivial anxieties and past and future concerns and gratuitous preoccupations that we have, and refocuses us in a very intense way.”

― Rebecca Solnit

“We have extradited terrorists to the United States in the past. And we expect the same thing to be done by the United States.”

― Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“To a father, when a child dies, the future dies; to a child when a parent dies, the past dies.”

― Red Auerbach

“Regardless of what level the actor’s at, you always learn something. And you can learn something from bad actors as well, who I’ve also worked with in the past.”

― Reece Thompson

“In hindsight, I slid into arrogance based upon past success.”

― Reed Hastings

“Too often, bridal shows are boring – I love including a small, unexpected element to make it interesting, like the removable skirts and umbrellas in seasons past.”

― Reem Acra

“The idea of ignoring your past, only to confront it later in life, is a familiar experience whether you come here from Hungary or French Canada or Ireland.”

― Reg E. Cathey

“The appeal of Wii to nongamers has taken away some of the seasonality of sales we’ve come to expect in the past.”

― Reggie Fils-Aime

“My favourite game is ‘The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.’”

― Reggie Fils-Aime

“In the past, individuals and companies envisioned a lifetime mutual commitment. That’s not realistic anymore – nor is it in the interest of either party. So both parties need a more adaptable way to engage each other and co-invest over shorter periods of time for mutual benefit.”

― Reid Hoffman

“The last four years under President Obama have been trying and troubling for this entire country. The tired big government policies of the past have failed us. We can’t afford more disappointments. We need a new direction. We need a new president.”

― Reince Priebus

“I couldn’t tell you what was my last performance before I was incarcerated. I couldn’t tell you what last meal I had, or anything of those things because I didn’t think about it; it wasn’t important to me. I think about it now. I can tell you everything I ate for the past week. I think that alone makes me a better person.”

― Remy Ma

“With light field technology, there is a huge opportunity for creativity in photography that hasn’t been available in the past.”

― Ren Ng

“The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries.”

― Rene Descartes

“The history of Iranian foreign investment in the past, their terms were always quite challenging, quite difficult.”

― Rex Tillerson

“Never mind a world that can’t see past brutality.”

― Ric Ocasek

“The senior officer who met with reporters in Baghdad said there had been 21 car bombings in the capital in May, and 126 in the past 80 days. All last year, he said, there were only about 25 car bombings in Baghdad.”

― Rich Lowry

“If you judge people by what they’ve done in the past, you’re wrong.”

― Richard Ashcroft

“I’m not one of those freaks who can’t see anything past 1977.”

― Richard Ashcroft

“If someone says they’re going to ring me at 10 o’clock and it’s 10 past and they haven’t rung, I’m irritated.”

― Richard Attenborough

“In my several visits to Germany, I have written in admiration of that country’s strenuous efforts to face its past and make amends.”

― Richard Cohen

“I agree that sometimes Michelle Obama can come across as angry – and anger is discomforting. We venerate that empty word, closure, wanting to seal off the pain of the past and refusing it admittance to the chirpy present. This, of course, is nonsense.”

― Richard Cohen

“In my experience, copy editors, like the stalwart staff I’ve worked with and learned from in my 34 years at ‘TIME,’ are linguistic conservatives – the keepers of the flame ignited by the Strunk-White ‘Elements of Style,’ published in full in 1957 and chosen by ‘TIME’ as one of the 100 most influential nonfiction books of the past century.”

― Richard Corliss

“So much Western storytelling comes from Scandinavia. I’ve read that in the past, storytellers would travel to Iceland and exchange stories. It’s kind of the birthplace of great storytelling.”

― Richard Dormer

“Kerry is an adult – he thinks things through. He learns from the present as well as the past. To George Bush, thinking things through is for sissies.”

― Richard Dreyfuss

“Now, past middle age, with so many books written I still care about and only a few still in print, I know the feeling of being overlooked.”

― Richard Elman

“Turkey wants to see Bashar al-Assad go and wants to kind of expand its sphere of influence into Turkey so its Ottoman glory or Ottoman past are once again project into the Syrian provinces. That’s kind of what Turkey’s vision is.”

― Richard Engel

“The past is there, but life is circular. I have a strong sense of the circularity of time.”

― Richard Flanagan

“Within white Australia, there was a growing movement for what was known as reconciliation – a movement that peaked with millions marching in 2000 to demand the government say sorry for past injustices.”

― Richard Flanagan

“The art of living your life has a lot to do with getting over loss. The less the past haunts you, the better.”

― Richard Ford

“If I could have married my wife and been a sports writer for the past 30 years, I wouldn’t be sitting here – but I don’t think I’d be sitting someplace where I was sorry to be sitting.”

― Richard Ford

“When someone has a strong intuitive connection, Buddhism suggests that it’s because of karma, some past connection.”

― Richard Gere

“I do think the past changes at a slower rate. It sits a little more still for its portrait.”

― Richard Greenberg

“In the past, liberals have competed to see who could shout the loudest to shut down the banks, ridicule success, and penalize anyone working in finance. In fact, the Occupy Wall Street movement was an aggressive liberal effort to shut down Wall Street banks.”

― Richard Grenell

“What is needed to pass gay marriage is not a Democratic majority – this past year has proven that to be true – but politicians and judges comfortable enough to ignore what the majority of the voters want and do what is uncomfortable, unpopular – and morally right.”

― Richard Grenell

“I trained as an artist originally, so I know what a nice human body looks like, and I would like to look like that notion, and of course I never will. But I’ve got past that.”

― Richard Griffiths

“It used to be that artists thought of nature as their environment. Now media is our environment. It has been for the past 50, 70 years. It’s what you see on TV, on the computer, what is in the magazines and newspapers.”

― Richard Hell

“I think history is continuous. It doesn’t begin or end on Pearl Harbor Day or the day Lyndon Johnson withdraws from the presidency or on 9/11. You have to learn from the past but not be imprisoned by it. You need to take counsel of history but never be imprisoned by it.”

― Richard Holbrooke

“This sunlight linked me through the ages to that past consciousness.”

― Richard Jefferies

“To the soul, there is no past and no future; all is, and will be ever, in now. For artificial purposes time is mutually agreed on, but there is really no such thing.”

― Richard Jefferies

“Cinema has only been around for about 100 years. Has all of the world’s violence towards women taken place only within the past 100 years?”

― Richard King

“We are telling our kids that nature is in the past and it probably doesn’t count anymore, the future is in electronics, the boogeyman is in the woods, and playing outdoors is probably illicit and possibly illegal.”

― Richard Louv

“In the past, there has always been so much pressure about carrying a show and promoting a record.”

― Richard Marx

“It is in the interest of Americans to find out what those wanting to be president think about a wide range of challenges and what they might do about them. We should want to get their take on the wisdom of past decisions, what they agree and disagree with, and why.”

― Richard N. Haass

“The philosophical question before us is, when we make an observation of our track in the past, does the result of our observation become real in the same sense that the final state would be defined if an outside observer were to make the observation?”

― Richard P. Feynman

“I think the Republican Party has moved substantially to the right, particularly on social issues… And the Democratic Party has moved to the left over the past decades. So we’ve got a lot more room in the middle.”

― Richard Painter

“I keep a quotes journal – of every sentence that I’ve wanted to remember from my reading of the past 30 years.”

― Richard Powers

“Living in the past is a Jethro Tull album, not a smart poker strategy.”

― Richard Roeper

“Architecture is measured against the past; you build in the future, and you try to imagine the future.”

― Richard Rogers

“I think that a good Left is a party that always thinks about the future and doesn’t care much about our past sins.”

― Richard Rorty

“The past is what the past is.”

― Richard Sherman

“In the past we couldn’t talk to non-union workers. Now we can at least talk to non-union workers so we’ll be mobilizing them and educating them not for just six or eight months before an election, but we’ll be doing it year-round.”

― Richard Trumka

“All of us, whether guilty or not, whether old or young, must accept the past. It is not a case of coming to terms with the past. That is not possible. It cannot be subsequently modified or undone.”

― Richard von Weizsaecker

“Cheyenne Autumn was received not too successfully. I still think it was a very good movie. It was kinda Ford’s apology for the way he had treated Indians in his past pictures.”

― Richard Widmark

“In the nineties I was doing those Blues Bureau records, but over the past two years, I have really gone back to my Christian roots and have been born again.”

― Rick Derringer

“For the past several years, the Meth Caucus has worked to engage the Office of National Drug Control Policy on this issue. We have tried to get their attention that meth requires a strong, comprehensive Federal policy.”

― Rick Larsen

“Racial rhetoric has been entwined with government from the start, all the way back to when the enemy was not Obamacare but the Grand Army of the Republic (and further in the past than that: Thomas Jefferson, after all, was derided as ‘the Negro President’).”

― Rick Perlstein

“While writing books about the past, I think about the present. It’s not intentional, but somehow my books end up being written under the sign of a political mood.”

― Rick Perlstein

“For a movement supposedly devoted to conserving the past, conservatives are oh-so-splendid at forgetting their own past.”

― Rick Perlstein

“I always made a few records in the past – ‘Aston Martin Music,’ ‘Diced Pineapples’ – that the ladies would always be able to appreciate.”

― Rick Ross

“I’ve talked about commodity price volatility in the past: go back to the tape… I never said it was about inflation.”

― Rick Santelli

“The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ came to do three things. He came to have my past forgiven, you get a purpose for living and a home in Heaven.”

― Rick Warren

“I can’t dwell on past mistakes.”

― Rita Moreno

“I never had an easy time making friends in the past, for many reasons. I didn’t go into therapy for nothing.”

― Rita Moreno

“I have hosted many shows in the past. Anchoring is something I really enjoy; hence, when I was offered to host the show ‘Super Dancer,’ I was excited to take it up.”

― Rithvik Dhanjani

“It is only by reflecting on the past that one can create a better future.”

― Rithy Panh

“In all of my films, there is a desire to testify, to interrogate the past.”

― Rithy Panh

“The Khmer Rouge tried to delete everything. They tried to erase our past, our personality, our land, our sentiment. What we tried to do in ‘The Missing Picture’ was to reconstruct our identity, to bring it back to the people through cinema.”

― Rithy Panh

“I don’t want to take the escalators. Give me the stairs that have the dips and the two old ladies that are blocking it and they’ve got an attitude, and they don’t want you to go past them.”

― RJ Cyler

“The way skateboarding contests were in the past was like going to a basketball game and being told at the end of the game what the score was and who won. Think about how unengaging that would be if you didn’t know who was ahead or if it was a close game.”

― Rob Dyrdek

“We can’t be beholden to the past.”

― Rob Liefeld

“This past year has been very turbulent for the Middle East, and my conversation with Prime Minister Netanyahu strengthened my belief that we need to remain vigilant in our support of our critical ally.”

― Rob Portman

“Rebecca Black might sing like a robot, but that’s just proof she has evolved beyond us. Her vocal is just a slightly exaggerated version of the robot glitch-twitch stutter that’s been mainstream pop vocalese for the past 10 years or so.”

― Rob Sheffield

“My dad? He died when I was 19, which is a bad time for your dad to die, because there’s an awful lot of things you have to resolve with your parents past your teens if you’ve been a difficult teenager.”

― Robbie Coltrane

“Our greatest responsibility is not to be pencils of the past.”

― Robert A. M. Stern

“What are they going to do to me that they haven’t done already? They took away my entire past. They took away my entire future. What’s left for them to take?”

― Robert Blake

“But how carve way i’ the life that lies before, If bent on groaning ever for the past?”

― Robert Browning

“When I look back at it now, my past and the way I grew up, I grew up on communes.”

― Robert Carlyle

“Everything we are is anchored in our childhoods. The drama comes in how we deal with it. Are we slaves to our past, or can we rise above it? This is the stuff of great stories.”

― Robert Crais

“Success in past U.S. conflicts has not been strictly the result of military leadership but rather the judgment of the president in choosing generals and setting broad strategy.”

― Robert Dallek

“We are weak, writing is difficult, but for my own sake I do not regret this journey, which has shown that Englishmen can endure hardships, help one another, and meet death with as great a fortitude as ever in the past.”

― Robert Falcon Scott

“In most, if not quite all, parts of the world, the size, shape and longevity of the human body have changed more substantially, and much more rapidly, during the past three centuries than over many previous millennia.”

― Robert Fogel

“The Iron Curtain may be a thing of the past, but Mother Russia is as mysterious as ever.”

― Robert Gottlieb

“No system of religion should go in partnership with barbarism. Neither should any Christian feel it his duty to defend the savagery of the past.”

― Robert Green Ingersoll

“I do not believe anything comes by chance. I regard the present as the necessary child of a necessary past.”

― Robert Green Ingersoll

“When your future arrives, will you blame your past?”

― Robert Half

“One gains a double benefit in writing about the past, conjuring up how things might have been, and at the same time acquiring a different perspective on the present.”

― Robert Harris

“Know what the old masters did. Know how they composed their pictures, but do not fall into the conventions they established. These conventions were right for them, and they are wonderful. They made their language. You make yours. All the past can help you.”

― Robert Henri

“If the only new thing we have to offer is an improved version of the past, then today can only be inferior to yesterday. Hypnotized by images of the past, we risk losing all capacity for creative change.”

― Robert Hewison

“Most of what we know about human life we know from asking people to remember the past, and as we know, hindsight is anything but 20/20. We forget vast amounts of what happens to us in life, and sometimes memory is downright creative.”

― Robert J. Waldinger

“The past relationship with Simpson no longer exists, and my views on that subject have already been expressed.”

― Robert Kardashian

“Who wants their life and everything they have done for the past 25 years dragged in front of the American public?”

― Robert Kardashian

“It is one thing to open the schools to all children regardless of race. It is another to train the teachers, to build the classrooms, and to attempt to eliminate the effects of past educational deficiencies. It is still another to find ways to feed the incentive to learn and keep children in school.”

― Robert Kennedy

“The best way to predict the future is to study the past, or prognosticate.”

― Robert Kiyosaki

“I always thought I was more of a mommy’s boy, because she was charming, talkative, a great storyteller. But as I dug back into my past, I realized I am exactly like my father on so many levels, although I never thought I inherited anything from him.”

― Robert Lepage

“We have a tendency in Quebec – and I include myself in this – to describe ourselves using the past. We’re always nostalgic.”

― Robert Lepage

“Wine writers have been around for almost as long as there has been wine, but in the past, generally speaking, most wine writing was uncritical and emphasized wine as a romantic, historic beverage. Criticism and comparative tastings were eschewed for fear of offending the trade, which most writers depended upon for survival.”

― Robert M. Parker, Jr.

“After I became a citizen, I felt freer to say what I thought about this country, both negative and positive. I think I had been, consciously and subconsciously, biting my tongue in the past.”

― Robert MacNeil

“Hopefully as a country, that we learn from our mistakes of the past.”

― Robert Matsui

“I have to say that it’s very few countries that are willing to look back at its past and apologize for its act, or make amends for its act, as the United States had one.”

― Robert Matsui

“I don’t think American poetry has gotten any better in the past 35 years. Oddly enough, creative writing programs seem to have been good for fiction, and I would not have predicted that.”

― Robert Morgan

“There is no justifiable prediction about how the hypothesis will hold up in the future; its degree of corroboration simply is a historical statement describing how severely the hypothesis has been tested in the past.”

― Robert Nozick

“What hadn’t been realized in the literature until now is that merely to describe how severely something has been tested in the past itself embodies inductive assumptions, even as a statement about the past.”

― Robert Nozick

“First and foremost, I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to the family of Michael Brown. As I have said in the past, I know that, regardless of the circumstances here, they lost a loved one to violence. I know the pain that accompanies such a loss knows no bounds.”

― Robert P. McCulloch

“I’ve been doing this 17 years but I can tell you I have more websites now than I have ever had devoted to me or my past career or my character. When I got this show, I think I had two fans out there that had created websites on my behalf.”

― Robert Patrick

“The past is a stepping stone, not a millstone.”

― Robert Plant

“Never revisit the past, that’s dangerous. You know, move on.”

― Robert Redford

“Sadly, cinemas with film as the primary source are disappearing. We need to remain open to change. That does not require one to divorce the past but to respect and process both the present and the future.”

― Robert Richardson

“It’s amazing when I walk through an expo hall and can’t figure out what a company does just by walking past its booth.”

― Robert Scoble

“A few years ago, I actually did come up with a mocking sort of epitaph for myself. It’s this: ‘Here lies Robert Silverberg. He spent most of his life in the future. Now he’s in the past.’”

― Robert Silverberg

“I never answer if someone knocks on my door and only the band and my manager have my phone number. In any case my phone doesn’t ring so I never notice it. I occasionally just walk past and pick it up to see if anyone’s there.”

― Robert Smith

“Instead of causing us to remember the past like the old monuments, the new monuments seem to cause us to forget the future.”

― Robert Smithson

“When a finished work of 20th century sculpture is placed in an 18th century garden, it is absorbed by the ideal representation of the past, thus reinforcing political and social values that are no longer with us.”

― Robert Smithson

“The museums and parks are graveyards above the ground- congealed memories of the past that act as a pretext for reality.”

― Robert Smithson

“It is my belief that it is not the fact that he traveled as much as he did during the past few months as much as what he said and how he said it that hurt him.”

― Robert Teeter

“We have for the past year and undoubtedly will be for the next year, dealing with an electorate that is more alienated and more cynical than at any point in modern time.”

― Robert Teeter

“It was not possible to film in California, because all the areas are heavily built up now. Coming to Cape Town is an invitation to step into the past and recreate Los Angeles of the 1930s.”

― Robert Towne

“One of the reasons for going back into the past is that it’s almost the only place that there’s any drama.”

― Robert Towne

“Don’t make music to make money, because that’s not why you should be doing it. Have fun, be creative, and embrace the past.”

― Robert Trujillo

“When the Mac ad campaign was in full swing, I quickened my pace as I went past certain bus stops. My wife told me that she loyally took a piece of chewing gum off my nose once.”

― Robert Webb

“Although I didn’t spend much time in New Zealand at all, I feel really privileged to have that Maori blood and link to my past. I got my tattoo out of respect to that.”

― Robert Whittaker

“While I honor the soldiers in my family, and I am a student of history, the past is the past, and I do not live in the past.”

― Robert Wilkie

“That Britain today is a liberal society is largely because of the philosophy and outlook of the Anglican Church, which did so much to shape our core values in the past few centuries.”

― Robert Winston

“Over the past 20 years, I have presented many science programmes on BBC1. But none is, I think, more socially important, or of more human interest, than this ongoing series of ‘Child of Our Time.’”

― Robert Winston

“In the past, so many of my records, really, have been sketches for records that never really got made.”

― Robert Wyatt

“The world is full of people whose notion of a satisfactory future is, in fact, a return to the idealised past.”

― Robertson Davies

“Stay true to your vision/dream. There’s something to be said for just staying at what you are trying to achieve well past the point everyone else gives up.”

― Robin S. Sharma

“If I look into my past, I was definitely into inventors. I was into stories of Edison and Tesla and da Vinci and all these guys making stuff in their garage.”

― Robin Sloan

“For me, the teen years were all about searching for a place for myself, wondering why I seemed so different than everyone else, wondering especially why no one could look past the surface and figure out who I really was underneath.”

― Robin Wasserman

“We romanticize the past with an illusion that we’d know how we’d fit.”

― Robin Weigert

“When I had money in the past, I would always travel rather than spend it on big apartments or cars. And I still feel exactly the same way.”

― Robin Wright

“Unfortunately, my departure from Madrid was not pleasant, but those things are in the past, and I have learned a lot and matured.”

― Robinho

“In every religion I can think of, there exists some variation on the theme of abandoning the settled life and walking one’s way to godliness. The Hindu sadhu, the pilgrims of Compostela walking past their sins, the circumambulators of the Buddhist kora, the haj.”

― Robyn Davidson

“The past was more Christian? At times perhaps, in others, though, no.”

― Rocco Buttiglione

“There seems to be an interest in connecting the history of the past to the present and asking whether things have really changed. Films like ‘The Contender’ and ‘Bulworth’ seem quaint compared with Trump!”

― Rod Lurie

“I made a big mistake with him the first day I shot. We’re shooting the scene where I come back from the party, the dance, in the sleigh with Julie Christie and we turn the corner and go past the camera and the camera follows us just a little bit and we disappear.”

― Rod Steiger

“It has gone past me now, the writing phase.”

― Rod Stewart

“When you’re younger, love is this magic thing where the heavens open up. You live 40 years past that, you realize sometimes the heavens close down.”

― Rodney Crowell

“’The Outsider’ is a culmination of a lot of things I’ve been working diligently toward as a recording artist. Hopefully it will render my past pigeonholing obsolete while positioning me more solidly as a socially conscious American singer/songwriter. Wouldn’t that be entertaining?”

― Rodney Crowell

“Federal support for Morristown National Historic Park and the inclusion of additional lands present a unique opportunity for our government to express its commitment to preserving our past. Failing to do so may allow these historically important lands to go unprotected.”

― Rodney Frelinghuysen

“The idea that America, whose oil production has been declining for the past 40 years, is now on track to become the world’s biggest producer by 2015 is still hard to grasp.”

― Roger Altman

“I’m a fan of characters wherever they come from. Truth be told, I wasn’t a big comic book fan growing up. Maybe that helps me bring a fresh perspective to things because I’m not trying to match anything that’s been done in the past.”

― Roger Craig Smith

“Not only am I a spender, I have had a couple of business people in the past who have been spending my money quite happily.”

― Roger Moore

“Given what the media have put the country through this past decade, it must come as a surprise to most Americans that the press has a code of ethics.”

― Roger Mudd

“History is with us until we learn from the suffering of the past.”

― Roger Rees

“As an entertainer, Justin Timberlake has learned from the past. He can cradle a mic stand like Elvis Presley, move like Michael Jackson, and swoon like Frank Sinatra.”

― Roger Stone

“You can’t live in the past.”

― Roger Taylor

“Over the past two years, the House has passed more than 50 measures focused on stimulating the economy and expanding opportunities for American workers. The tax relief provisions in this package have been an important part of our pro-growth agenda.”

― Roger Wicker

“In any novel I write, I have in my mind several things which happened in the protagonist’s past which I never mention in the book.”

― Roger Zelazny

“Even if we encounter some shameful events in the past, we shouldn’t avoid or hide them.”

― Roh Moo-hyun

“Once you get past 100, it is all about not making a mistake.”

― Rohit Sharma

“Conventionally, one looks at history as something of the past. But after Einstein, who knows what is in the past and what is in the present?”

― Roland Joffe

“The striking thing about love and will in our day is that, whereas in the past they were always held up to us as the answer to life’s predicaments, they have now themselves become the problem.”

― Rollo May

“The reason I score more and more goals, season after season, is I know my mistakes from the past, I know my strengths, and I work on my strengths, but the little points I want to get better, and it’s constant.”

― Romelu Lukaku

“Whether we live in Sri Lanka or Malaysia or India, the U.K. or the U.S., we face similar issues of understanding, remembering the past that has made us and seeing the future we want.”

― Romesh Gunesekera

“In the sense that writing is to retrieve the past and stop the passing of time, all writing is about loss. It’s not nostalgia in the sense of yearning to bring back the past, but recognition of the erosion of things as you live.”

― Romesh Gunesekera

“Whether it is better to forget and let wounds heal or remember and learn from the past is a crucial question for all of us, wherever we are.”

― Romesh Gunesekera

“Who controls the present controls the past. There’s a power structure, if you like, between the present and the past and the future, and that’s what I’m interested in.”

― Romesh Gunesekera

“As a kid, I really loved ‘Jane Eyre,’ I used to fantasise that the past was so much better and my lifetime was crap.”

― Romola Garai

“In the past few years, we’ve been doing amazing stuff with desserts. Pastry chefs have been using herbs and spices in their desserts. So vanilla cake doesn’t have to be just vanilla, it can have a little thyme. Or you could have a custard with a little lavender in it, which is just amazing.”

― Ron Ben-Israel

“Mutual fund managers are trapped in this rather deadly vicious circle: the more successful they are, the more money flows into their mutual fund. Then, it is more difficult for them to beat the market averages or even to match their own past performance.”

― Ron Chernow

“I think there’s a tide that tends to carry historians back to the past.”

― Ron Chernow

“What I’ve said in the past is that I want the Labour Party to approach this matter on the basis of unity.”

― Ron Davies

“Obama does not need to worry as much as past Democratic presidents about being labeled soft on national security – not after giving the order that led to the assassination of Osama bin Laden. No, his biggest concern is being labeled tone deaf on joblessness and debt.”

― Ron Fournier

“I’m not a caterer. I just have to stay with my creative convictions. At some point, you have to just get past the special-interest groups and do what you’re there to do, which is make a movie.”

― Ron Howard

“It is past time for Congress to get serious about our spending crisis and impose fiscal restraint.”

― Ron Johnson

“Employer contribution pension plans have become increasingly popular throughout the past two decades.”

― Ron Lewis

“We can choose between the future and the past, between reason and ignorance, between true compassion and mere ideology.”

― Ron Reagan

“Too often in the past, U.S. leaders have forced Israel to pay the price for American strategic interests in the Middle East – through concessions in the peace process as well as passivity in the face of Iraqi attacks.”

― Ron Silver

“To be old is to be part of a huge and ordinary multitude… the reason why old age was venerated in the past was because it was extraordinary.”

― Ronald Blythe

“Supermarket companies are big logistics companies, and one of the ways we’ve increased profitability in the past is by re-evaluating how they do logistics.”

― Ronald Burkle

“The FBI Academy teaches new agents that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.”

― Ronald Kessler

“While I take inspiration from the past, like most Americans, I live for the future.”

― Ronald Reagan

“The national team is part of my life. I have an incredible history, of many conquests and also many defeats. But to play for Brazil, I have to have a club and play well. I’m not going to be picked on my past or because of my sponsor, as many have said.”

― Ronaldo

“The Democratic Party has become the party of the coastal elite, and the Republican Party is the party of the working class and that average American citizen who’s been struggling over the past eight years with Obama in the White House.”

― Ronna McDaniel

“I’m a person who really doesn’t dwell on the past.”

― Ronnie Lott

“I don’t think the news department will have to lie down and play dead like it has in the past. By and large the network has been understanding, but then so have I.”

― Roone Arledge

“In the past ABC has made half-hearted efforts or, worse, cosmetic efforts, to do something about news and I wasn’t certain about what their real aim was – nor am I now.”

― Roone Arledge

“The thing that interests me most about Scotland is how we differ from our neighbours. How do our ambitions differ? What kind of society are we? What can we learn from the mistakes of the past, and how do we position ourselves in the world?”

― Rory Stewart

“For the past 30 years, I have been committed to the development and application of radioisotopic methodology to analyze the fine structure of biologic systems.”

― Rosalyn Sussman Yalow

“The failure of women to have reached positions of leadership has been due in large part to social and professional discrimination. In the past, few women have tried, and even fewer have succeeded.”

― Rosalyn Sussman Yalow

“I used to fight with hate. There’s been a lot of aggression in my past growing up and stuff. That’s because I was hurt myself.”

― Rose Namajunas

“I’m a huge animal lover – I love animals to death. I’ve got tortoises and three dogs, and I’ve had a million animals in the past. I just think that we should do all we can to take care of them.”

― Roshon Fegan

“TV is going to be more tailored to you, and the traditional experience of coming in in the middle of a show will be part of the past.”

― Roy Price

“I’ve been blessed because there are a lot of great singers out there that didn’t make it past their first album.”

― Ruben Studdard

“It’s time to get past our racial differences. We owe it to our children to help them keep their clean start.”

― Ruby Bridges

“Schools should be diverse if we are to get past racial differences.”

― Ruby Bridges

“If we’re gonna get past our our racial differences, it’s gonna come from our kids, but they have to be together to do that.”

― Ruby Bridges

“The whole of ancient astrology owed its origin to conversation with the cosmic intelligences. But by the time of the first centuries after the rise of Christianity, ancient astrology – that is to say, conversation with cosmic intelligences – was a thing of the past.”

― Rudolf Steiner

“There is no more time for us left to revive our great country. No more time to repeat our mistakes of the past. Washington needs a complete turnaround, and Donald Trump is the agent of change, and he will be the leader of the change we need.”

― Rudy Giuliani

“Billy is a funny, cheeky, lovely boy and I love being with him. Parenthood is terrifying though. I can barely walk past a building without panicking that it’s going to collapse on his head.”

― Rufus Sewell

“I have an inner drag queen. Or rather, I feel like I was a drag queen in a past life.”

― Rumer Willis

“Societies or companies that expect a glorious past to shield them from the forces of change driven by advancing technology will fail and fall. That applies as much to my own, the media industry, as to every other business on the planet.”

― Rupert Murdoch

“The idea is that there is a kind of memory in nature. Each kind of thing has a collective memory. So, take a squirrel living in New York now. That squirrel is being influenced by all past squirrels.”

― Rupert Sheldrake

“The left puts a lot of faith in a lot of people in the past that were dismal failures that they think are the greatest people who ever lived.”

― Rush Limbaugh

“Health care for all Americans is the most pressing domestic issue today. It’s far past time for the President and Congress to deliver health care to everyone.”

― Russ Feingold

“When I was really young, I wanted to be a history teacher because I was obsessed with the past.”

― Russell Tovey

“There are people in your past that you can’t shake free from no matter how hard you tried. There’s a certain process that you have to go through to say goodbye. That fire doesn’t get extinguished. You have to put a gun to it.”

― Ruta Gedmintas

“People who think you could wave a magic wand and the legacy of the past will be over are blind.”

― Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“In ages past, there was less of a dichotomy between good literature and fun reads. In the twentieth century, I think, it split apart, so that you had serious fiction and genre fiction.”

― Ruth Glick

“The committee’s work is not about whether or how we should pay reparations. That was never the intent nor will the payment of reparations be the outcome. This is an effort designed to involve the campus community in a discovery of the meaning of our past.”

― Ruth J. Simmons

“I meet people, and we can get past small talk pretty quickly if they’ve read my books. It’s a great shortcut.”

― Ruth Reichl

“The critic has to do more of what the book critics and art critics have done in the past. Which is give you a context for understanding the restaurant, give you a better way to appreciate it, give you the tools to go in there and be a more informed diner who can get more pleasure out of the experience.”

― Ruth Reichl

“I like to show what happens to people in the past and how it affects their present.”

― Ruth Rendell

“If every song is in the past tense, that’s a drag, so you have to predict the future.”

― Ry Cooder

“In the past, biology has been a backwater type of activity – a bunch of nerds in a lab. Now the sheer potential of biology to re-program our physical world is a new reality for everyone.”

― Ryan Bethencourt

“I really want to get into designing my own business suit. I’ve designed a couple suits for myself that I’ve worn in the past, and I have a good idea of what I want and need to use.”

― Ryan Lochte

“I feel like I grew up in such a big way in the past couple of years, in a way that I never thought I would. You can’t be the enfant terrible when you have the enfant at home.”

― Ryan Murphy

“I’m living with every step. I can’t live with regret. The past is the past. I’m not worried about it. I can’t change it. I can’t fix it. It is what it is. I’m just living.”

― Ryan Sheckler

“In modern Russia, you have no official, formal assessment of this past. Nobody in any Russian document has said that the policy of the Soviet government was criminal, that it was terrible. No one has ever said this.”

― Ryszard Kapuscinski

“There is a lack of critical assessment of the past. But you have to understand that the current ruling elite is actually the old ruling elite. So they are incapable of a self-critical approach to the past.”

― Ryszard Kapuscinski

“Music has become something different from the past, when it was one hundred per cent live. Throughout the twentieth century, it was recorded, and the medium adjusted.”

― Ryuichi Sakamoto

“In the past, when Jay-Z did ‘Best of Both Worlds’ with R. Kelly, I thought it was a great album, but the campaign went south because of personalities.”

― Rza

“I have learnt a lot from my past experience.”

― S. Sreesanth

“I think the toughest phase of life is over, and I don’t wish it on anyone. My family has gone through a lot, and I don’t want to dwell on the past.”

― S. Sreesanth

“I don’t want to live on my past performances and say that I did well then.”

― S. Sreesanth

“Something theoretical in the past may become evident and established in the present or in the future. It is a self-evident fact that creation has an innate tendency towards perfection, and it is through this that creation is bound to the law of development or gradual perfection.”

― Said Nursi

“Imagine you can tell YouTube you have an hour to watch TV, and it would give you programming based around what you have watched in the past, what your friends watched and recommended, what your favourite celebrities tweeted about, and on one piece of input from you about what mood you are in.”

― Salar Kamangar

“I make it a priority to keep in touch with people with whom I’ve worked in the past. And I’m fortunate, because I’ve worked with some terrific folks.”

― Sallie Krawcheck

“On Wall Street, the industry in which I grew up, a culture in which ‘my word is my bond’ shifted over the past few decades toward one where the big print can say ‘Free’ while the small print gives the real costs.”

― Sallie Krawcheck

“Middle-aged women on telly is a bit of a hot topic – before, we were 27 to 37, and now we’re 40 to 50. You do notice as you get older… you go past 35, and suddenly you’re playing baddies.”

― Sally Phillips

“I noticed in the past, a lot of guys who like strong women, they really freak out if you’re not strong 24/7. Or they complain about you being strong, then the moment you’re not strong, they’re like, ‘Oh, no, no, no.’”

― Salma Hayek

“In the past, I had a knee-jerk approach to work, and it showed on screen. I was doing movies for the wrong reasons – trying to juggle dates, do too many guest appearances, take up projects under pressure or for emotional reasons.”

― Salman Khan

“The President seems to extend executive privilege way out past the atmosphere. What he says is executive privilege is nothing but executive poppycock.”

― Sam Ervin

“I’ve done a lot of costume dramas and things that are set in the past, and it’s great to be able to have things that you can research and material that you can look at.”

― Sam Heughan

“I never thought about having a daughter, and then I had a daughter, and it was a remarkable thing. It was very different from having a son and your response to it. With a son, it’s much more complex. And it’s probably because of my stuff in the past. With a daughter, I was surprised at how simple it is.”

― Sam Shepard

“Having children is exciting. Life puts the past into perspective.”

― Sam Taylor-Johnson

“I’m just fascinated by the past. You know, both by the possibilities it holds and by the complete tyranny of it, the way it sort of keeps you in this stranglehold and makes you want things that you no longer have and you can never get back.”

― Samantha Harvey

“The past is open to all sorts of magical possibilities because it can’t be verified. It’s as we make it, so it seems to be entirely free. It seems to be completely up for grabs. But of course it’s not.”

― Samantha Harvey

“One of the most unsettling things about ‘Monologue’ is its long silences, in which the man sits alone, staring into the middle distance, without grip of his narrative, lost to the past.”

― Samantha Harvey

“The sense of one’s past is so strong and forms our sense of self so strongly, it will always fascinate, elude and confuse me.”

― Samantha Harvey

“On the rare occasions when U.N. blue helmets have made the news in the past, it has unfortunately too often been in the context of situations where peacekeepers have failed to shield civilians, or even when the peacekeepers themselves have been involved in abuse.”

― Samantha Power

“Most canele recipes begin with an instruction to brush $30 copper molds with melted beeswax. Unsurprisingly, I’ve never made it past the Internet search for ‘used canele molds’ before giving up.”

― Samin Nosrat

“The past is the past, and we have to look forward.”

― Samir Nasri

“If you were to ask me would I change anything or could I go back to the past and change anything, I really wouldn’t.”

― Samoa Joe

“Obviously we had to study Shakespeare at school, but to be honest, I was not a fan. I found the language very difficult, and I didn’t enjoy watching it or studying it. I auditioned five times for the Royal Shakespeare Company early on in my career, and I didn’t even get past the first rounds.”

― Samuel Barnett

“God cannot alter the past, though historians can.”

― Samuel Butler

“And so there is no God but has been in the loins of past gods.”

― Samuel Butler

“Our government leaders… have made many mistakes in the past when they have lost sight of the sacred American values rooted in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We are at the brink of even graver mistakes and assaults on these values.”

― Samuel Dash

“Mexican immigration poses challenges to our policies and to our identity in a way nothing else has in the past.”

― Samuel P. Huntington

“Language is the armory of the human mind, and at once contains the trophies of its past and the weapons of its future conquests.”

― Samuel Taylor Coleridge

“There’s no point sulking for what has happened in the past.”

― Sandeep Singh

“I consciously make an effort to get to know some of the women who may be in the middle of the organization – they’re not at senior management levels – and try to figure out whether there’s a new opportunity they can take on that enables them to shine and succeed in a way they may not have in the past.”

― Sandra E. Peterson

“On the upswing of an economic cycle, workers, consumers, savers, investors, and entrepreneurs imagine a future that is brighter than the past. On the downswing, they imagine a future dimmer than the past.”

― Sanjaya Baru

“The question shouldn’t be ‘Are we guilty about our colonial past;’ it should be ‘Why aren’t we more guilty about our corporate present’?”

― Sara Sheridan

“While the past asks only to be remembered, a woman’s memory alters on her behalf and in her best interests. Memory – the vain old biddy – cannot resist penciling a few slight, cosmetic revisions in the margins of the past.”

― Sarah Ban Breathnach

“In the past, I always used to be looking for answers. Today, I know there are only questions. So I just live.”

― Sarah Brightman

“I’m not one to sit and wallow – I would rather figure out a way around so I can move past it and be at peace with things. I don’t like bad feelings gnawing away at me.”

― Sarah McLachlan

“I think President Obama is trying to deceive the public in pretending that he was not a part of Congress that has made some decisions in the past that got us to where we are today.”

― Sarah Palin

“In archaeology, context is everything. Objects allow us to reconstruct the past. Taking artifacts from a temple or an ancient private house is like emptying out a time capsule.”

― Sarah Parcak

“Less than 1 percent of ancient Egypt has been discovered and excavated. With population pressures, urbanization, and modernization encroaching, we’re in a race against time. Why not use the most advanced tools we have to map, quantify, and protect our past?”

― Sarah Parcak

“I think archaeologists are stuck, and we are losing our past at a very rapid rate. Tens of thousands of sites will be lost, and we’ve only unveiled a tiny percent of the past.”

― Sarah Parcak

“’Satellite archaeology’ refers to the use of NASA and commercial high resolution satellite datasets to map and discover past structures, cities, and geological features.”

― Sarah Parcak

“With population pressures, urbanization, and modernization encroaching, we’re in a race against time. Why not use the most advanced tools we have to map, quantify, and protect our past?”

― Sarah Parcak

“I do love the past but wouldn’t want to live in it.”

― Sarah Waters

“Despite the volatile mixture of family, politics and past misdeeds darkening the present, ‘Hardball’ doesn’t have the sharp tang of the early novels or the expansive reach of more recent series installments.”

― Sarah Weinman

“My past was always there. And I always understood that I was adopted. It wasn’t like a massive issue to me. But identity was an issue. I knew that I was Indian, but I didn’t really know much about myself, really. I mean, I really disassociated myself from what happened in the past to present. But, it was affecting in regards to identity.”

― Saroo Brierley

“What happened in my past happened. What’s the term – don’t cry over spilled milk? That’s the thing people don’t understand. I’m all right. I configured myself into coming out on the other end OK. I can disassociate myself.”

― Saroo Brierley

“My training has been going really well these past few days and my goal is to keep it up for the next few weeks and hopefully earn a spot on the U.S. Olympic team.”

― Sasha Cohen

“Obviously, I’m still building a name and reputation for myself. The stigmas that come with my past will remain there for quite some time, but I’m not afraid to challenge those things, and I never have been.”

― Sasha Grey

“Pride, to me, is a celebration of the past because we have come such a long way from the very first Pride parade marking the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, so it’s a celebration of all that we’ve accomplished.”

― Sasha Velour

“I love that drag is political. For me, one of the reasons I started doing drag was reading about how in the past, drag performers were able to organize the queer community and move us forward.”

― Sasha Velour

“Everyone has ways of trying to find a way to memorise our past. There’s something very poetic about that.”

― Saskia de Brauw

“If the first entrant always wins the market, the Dreamcast must have won the race against the PS2, for example. There are many precedents like that in the past. The first to market is not necessarily the winner in the race.”

― Satoru Iwata

“In the past, there was hardware, software, and platforms on top of which there were applications. Now they’re getting conflated. That is all going to get disrupted by the move to the cloud.”

― Satya Nadella

“Every now and then, someone comes along – we used to call it ‘New Jack’ – tries to do something new, tries to take all the credit, without acknowledging the past.”

― Savion Glover

“The spirituality of the dance, that’s something that’s evolved for me in the past ten years or so. I’m still trying to figure out where that’s taking me.”

― Savion Glover

“There’s no such thing as an aura of mystery anymore. It doesn’t exist. That’s a thing of the past.”

― Scarlett Johansson

“I think people got this idea that I wanted to be a star. Managers of the past don’t have any kind of public persona – it’s all about the fame of the artist. I really don’t want to be a star. I just want to have a platform.”

― Scooter Braun

“We’ve always looked for guys and girls who have striking ability… there’s a reason my past company was called Strikeforce.”

― Scott Coker

“I’m running because it is past time that Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District be represented by someone who is a true conservative and who represents who we are in the Volunteer State.”

― Scott DesJarlais

“By in large in this country the issue of gay rights and equality should be past the point of debate. Really, there should be no debate anymore.”

― Scott Fujita

“I feel more like an environmentalist since I’ve been up here. There are parts of the Earth that are covered with pollution all the time. I saw weather that was unexpected. Storms bigger than we’ve seen in the past. This is a human effect. This is not a natural phenomenon.”

― Scott Kelly

“There are parts of the Earth that are covered with pollution all the time. I saw weather that was unexpected. Storms bigger than we’ve seen in the past. This is a human effect. This is not a natural phenomenon.”

― Scott Kelly

“Just to get the basic fundamentals and empathy – I think that’s the most important thing to bring to it if you’ve acted in the past and are now a director: the empathy.”

― Scott Mechlowicz

“The American preoccupation with the law, which is certainly not past, was at its zenith in 1995. The 1980s, the late 1980s, had sort of begun to percolate up to public consciousness this enormous interest in the law.”

― Scott Turow

“I’m not a great hunter. But I have fired guns in the past, when I was growing up. But it was part of growing up where I lived. You go out hunting or target practice. They also taught you to respect guns.”

― Scott Wilson

“There is always tension between the possibilities we aspire to and our wounded memories and past mistakes.”

― Sean Brady

“Ireland and its people have much to be proud of. Yet every land and its people have moments of shame. Dealing with the failures of our past, as a country, as a Church, or as an individual is never easy. Our struggle to heal the wounds of decades of violence, injury and painful memory in Northern Ireland are more than ample evidence of this.”

― Sean Brady

“My mother was always working for a job, so I guess I was always trained that I should have multiple jobs, multiple aspirations. And I remember she had multiple aspirations, always hearing about her dreams and things she did in the past and things she wanted to do.”

― Sean Combs

“You can’t start changing things in your past. Everyone has challenges and lessons to learn – we wouldn’t be who we are without them. I certainly wouldn’t be who I am.”

― Sean Combs

“At the beginning of ‘Will and Grace’, I played Jack as the funny next-door-neighbor type, as we’ve seen in the past. And I thought that was my role.”

― Sean Hayes

“The particular aspect of time that I’m interested in is the arrow of time: the fact that the past is different from the future. We remember the past but we don’t remember the future. There are irreversible processes. There are things that happen, like you turn an egg into an omelet, but you can’t turn an omelet into an egg.”

― Sean M. Carroll

“I think the thing that you’ve seen with Donald Trump is that he doesn’t – he doesn’t look to the past and say, ‘I’ve got to conform to these precedents.’”

― Sean Spicer

“I think I had a lot to do with why there’s even a thing such as 205 Live. In the past, when they started that, they didn’t even acknowledge me. I’ve gotta lie to tell you that that didn’t bother me.”

― Sean Waltman

“I found ‘Bordertown’ when I was standing on the border between childhood and my teens, and it carried me past that transition. In the process, it helped to create the next step of its own evolution: the modern urban fantasy owes a lot more to ‘Bordertown’ than many people will ever know.”

― Seanan McGuire

“It took Austria a long time to be honest about its past.”

― Sebastian Kurz

“What every generation must do is try to make Europe better than it was in the past.”

― Sebastian Kurz

“Call me an optimist, but in the past 300 years we have built amazing technologies which – by and large – have advanced humanity.”

― Sebastian Thrun

“I don’t care too much what happened in the past. I prefer to focus on what is coming next and I am really looking forward to it.”

― Sebastian Vettel

“I have a pretty healthy perspective on what my past music was.”

― Selena Gomez

“My past seems to be way more fascinating for people than my future, which bums me out.”

― Selena Gomez

“I usually never sleep in past 10, unless it’s the weekend and I had a night out with my friends, because I like to start my day.”

― Selena Gomez

“I definitely have found a balance. I’ve had so many offers in the past to do different movies or different things and I always choose tournaments over it.”

― Serena Williams

“Once you get past funny, my other qualities are so below average. It’s not like I’m handy.”

― Seth Meyers

“One of the greatest falsehoods of American politics over the past several decades is that the Republican party is the party of fiscal responsibility.”

― Seth Moulton

“If I’m writing for a particular artist, I definitely think about their past records, pay attention to the type of tempos that they like. If I have the privilege of actually being in the session with the artist, I just like to have a conversation with them.”

― Sevyn Streeter

“I don’t want to talk about the past. I don’t live in past.”

― Shahid Afridi

“As long as you are winning, everything is fine, and you lose a game, and all hell breaks loose. That is grossly unfair. We should not overlook someone’s past achievements just because he is going through a bad patch.”

― Shahid Afridi

“Israel is my past. My two boys are my future.”

― Shai Agassi

“To me, the NWA is a thing of the past.”

― Shane Douglas

“When something’s painful, you just avoid it. Why bother dredging up the past if it’s nothing but bad stuff?”

― Shane Koyczan

“I won’t lie, I’ve had a lot of discouraging moments in the past years, moments I wasn’t sure about things and doubted myself.”

― Shania Twain

“I think once I kind of got to a place of self-acceptance, looking past all the insecurities that I have, I’ve really grown so much as a person.”

― Shannon Purser

“But I’ve always believed that Christine Cagney shouldn’t be played past a certain age.”

― Sharon Gless

“If China wants to build a new six-lane expressway, it can bulldoze its way past any number of villages in its path; in India, if you want to widen a two-lane road, you could be tied up in court for a dozen years over compensation entitlements.”

― Shashi Tharoor

“I’ve made tons of mistakes over the past years, but if there’s anything I’ve done well, if I see an opportunity, or if I see God moving or going in a direction or opening a door for me, I try to take it; I try not to hesitate.”

― Shaun King

“I just got Kill Bill: Vol. 2. I’ve watched it like eight times in the past two months. I just love the scene at the end between David Carradine and Uma Thurman.”

― Shawn Ashmore

“I don’t really look into the past too much.”

― Shawn Mendes

“I have always had a desire to prove people that looked past me wrong, whether it was because I was a female trying to wrestle or fight in MMA or because I grew up on the wrong side of town.”

― Shayna Baszler

“Because I’ve been around the MMA block a little bit, I’m at a point now where I just want bodies to beat up. I’m past the point in my career where I’m picking and choosing.”

― Shayna Baszler

“Let’s forget the baggages of the past and make a new beginning.”

― Shehbaz Sharif

“Rulers in the past did irreparable losses to the country, and the now it is the PML-N government trying hard to recover the losses and enable the country to stand at par with the respectable and prosperous nations.”

― Shehbaz Sharif

“If we remain hostage to our past, then we will go nowhere.”

― Shehbaz Sharif

“We cannot keep on carrying burdens of the past and keep ruining our future.”

― Shehbaz Sharif

“Whatever the motivation of the ‘Wall Street Journal’ and other right-wing publications, it is clearly long past time for the climate denial scheme to come in from the talk shows and the blogosphere and have to face the kind of an audience that a civil RICO investigation could provide.”

― Sheldon Whitehouse

“Getting past the influence of the fossil fuel industry will take courage, especially on the part of the Republican majority whom they so relentlessly bully and cajole. But we must do it.”

― Sheldon Whitehouse

“But most of what I’ve learned about acting – and a lot of what I’ve learned about life in the past seven years – was taught to me by Robert Altman.”

― Shelley Duvall

“My message always is: No matter where you are from, no matter what past you have, it is all about your future and your goals.”

― Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

“TV and appointment viewing is a thing of the past for the youth.”

― Shenaz Treasury

“It is human nature to be shortsighted and to lose momentum to make changes once the story is out of the headlines and there aren’t financial incentives or political rewards. We owe to ourselves to learn from the past so we can try to do better.”

― Sheri Fink

“I think there’s an anxiety in life where we automatically tend to look to the next thing or we’re complaining about the past. Worrying is not going to make it happen or not happen.”

― Sherilyn Fenn

“It is past time for Republican leadership to answer for record deficits and reckless spending, both in Iraq and in the U.S. It’s time for a plan to bring our troops home.”

― Sherrod Brown

“We’re not thinking about the past, we’re full steam ahead on the future.”

― Shervin Pishevar

“The second is that the role of China trade in Japanese economy, important as it is, has often been exaggerated, as proven by our experience of the past 6 years.”

― Shigeru Yoshida

“Legal discrimination between the sexes is, in almost every instance, founded on outmoded views of society and the pre-scientific beliefs about psychology and physiology. It is time to sweep away these relics of the past and set further generations free of them.”

― Shirley Chisholm

“You know, I think I had my first past life recall when I was 7.”

― Shirley MacLaine

“Make-believe colors the past with innocent distortion, and it swirls ahead of us in a thousand ways in science, in politics, in every bold intention.”

― Shirley Temple

“I can’t change the past. It made me what I am.”

― Shonda Rhimes

“I misfired and said some things in the past about people, namely John Mayer. And I didn’t have the guts to apologize.”

― Shooter Jennings

“And I have been campaigning for the past three months trying to get the Senate Judiciary Committee that has the oversight authority and responsibility to start its own public hearings.”

― Sibel Edmonds

“I think computing power is ready to do 3D justice. It was great for shooters and racing games in the past, but I didn’t think it was right for strategy games.”

― Sid Meier

“Fear of death has been the greatest ally of tyranny past and present.”

― Sidney Hook

“I love my past, I love my present. I am not ashamed of what I have had, and I am not sad because I no longer have it.”

― Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

“I am going away with him to an unknown country where I shall have no past and no name, and where I shall be born again with a new face and an untried heart.”

― Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

“If there were a clear prospect that such evils were part of a barbarian past, then at least we might find a small crumb of comfort. No such prospect exists: no scientific analysis can even remotely answer or account for past and present horrors of human behaviour.”

― Simon Conway Morris

“In the ‘Days Of Future Past’ comic, the aim is to go back in time to preserve peace for the lives of mutants in the future.”

― Simon Kinberg

“It takes a perverse determination to drain that instinctive curiosity away and make history seem just remote, dead and disconnected from our contemporary reality. Conversely, it just takes skilful storytelling to recharge that connection to make the past come alive in our present.”

― Simon Schama

“Historical fiction is simply fiction set in the past, and should be judged as such.”

― Simon Sebag Montefiore

“Real stories – whether in pure fiction or historical – have a certain indefinable power; we are endlessly curious about the past and hungry for learning that we hope will illuminate the present.”

― Simon Sebag Montefiore

“The challenge of the unknown future is so much more exciting than the stories of the accomplished past.”

― Simon Sinek

“If you do come across ‘Sanctus’ in a bookshop, please see past the cross on the cover and the sinister outline of a monk and just read the first page and make your own mind up. If it’s still not for you, then that’s fine; just put it back and walk away.”

― Simon Toyne

“I’ve tried to learn something from other players and how they are really focused on the Grand Slams. I couldn’t do that in the past.”

― Simona Halep

“If Germany, thanks to Hitler and his successors, were to enslave the European nations and destroy most of the treasures of their past, future historians would certainly pronounce that she had civilized Europe.”

― Simone Weil

“The destruction of the past is perhaps the greatest of all crimes.”

― Simone Weil

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m now in the business of making spiritual records and using my voice for that purpose. I’m not going to be singing songs that I made in the past. I closed the door on that incarnation of Sinead O’Connor.”

― Sinead O’Connor

“I’m not going to be singing songs that I made in the past. I closed the door on that incarnation of Sinead O’Connor.”

― Sinead O’Connor

“There’s nothing in the recent past I want to write about.”

― Sinead O’Connor

“I didn’t grow up in a regular upbringing. I ended up at my grandmother’s house past a certain age, so I took care of things myself. I moved out of home when I was 16.”

― Sky Ferreira

“I love to sing. Seriously, in my past life I was Miley Cyrus or something. I swear I’m a singer, but I know I’m not. If I could sing, I would be the happiest person on Earth.”

― Sloane Stephens

“In the past, those who had ideas they wished to communicate to the public had the unquestioned right to disseminate those ideas in an open marketplace, called a mall, we should not abridge that right.”

― Sol Wachtler

“It makes the city unique and hold a charm. In old Kolkata, there are some beautiful old buildings… some of them are well-maintained; somewhere reflects what the city has gone through in the past.”

― Soni Razdan

“The Congress has faced many difficult times in the past, much tougher than today. But we have never lost heart; we have repeatedly demonstrated our resilience by remaining committed to our vision, values, and the beliefs that have always sustained us.”

― Sonia Gandhi

“You know, failure hurts. Any kind of failure stings. If you live in the sting, you will – undoubtedly – fail. My way of getting past the sting is to say no, I’m just not going to let this get me down.”

― Sonia Sotomayor

“Floods, droughts, and natural disasters are a fact of life for farmers, ranchers, and foresters. They have persevered in the past, and they will adapt in the future – with the assistance of the scientists and experts at USDA.”

― Sonny Perdue

“Your body tells you what it needs, and if you sleep past your alarm on a Saturday morning, it’s probably because you need the sleep.”

― Sophia Bush

“I’ve never tried to block out the memories of the past, even though some are painful. I don’t understand people who hide from their past. Everything you live through helps to make you the person you are now.”

― Sophia Loren

“If you were to do a line-up of past suitors, it’s definitely a very eclectic group, is all I’ll say.”

― Sophia Myles

“We’re all struggling to get out of the past. We see something that reminds us of something, and then we bring our baggage into the present. Then we project it onto people constantly.”

― Sophie B. Hawkins

“The thing that separates Sophie from the music I do for other people is that it’s 100% written by me. In the past, I’ve written my songs and then asked friends if they could record the vocals. I didn’t want to use my own voice, because other people have much better voices. I was hearing the music with a voice that I don’t have.”

― Sophie

“I’m fascinated by delving into the historical context of what life was like in the past.”

― Sophie Rundle

“Not to be born is, past all prizing, best.”

― Sophocles

“Whoever neglects the arts when he is young has lost the past and is dead to the future.”

― Sophocles

“Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.”

― Soren Kierkegaard

“Bangladesh, despite producing big upsets in the past, doesn’t have the art of beating big teams consistently.”

― Sourav Ganguly

“People who live in the past generally are afraid to compete in the present. I’ve got my faults, but living in the past is not one of them. There’s no future in it.”

― Sparky Anderson

“I like hiring people based on a feeling – this person gets it – rather than what they’ve done in the past.”

― Spike Jonze

“The lessons of the past are ignored and obliterated in a contemporary antagonism known as the generation gap.”

― Spiro T. Agnew

“In the past, I never wrote any love songs. That was not my thing.”

― St. Lucia

“We continue to confront racism from our past and our present, which is why we must hold everyone, from the highest offices to our own families, accountable for racist words and deeds and call racism what it is – wrong.”

― Stacey Abrams

“Sometimes my past is extraordinarily heavy. That’s when I scream and cry until I feel like I can breathe again.”

― Stacey Dash

“You have to keep time aside for life, which I haven’t done enough over the past couple years.”

― Stacey Dooley

“The first principle of contract negotiations is don’t remind them of what you did in the past – tell them what you’re going to do in the future.”

― Stan Musial

“Regardless of any experiences in the past, for me it really is important to be engrossed in as much of the creative process as I possibly can. I was surprised with how much the eight years I spent on ‘Castle’ actually serviced that. I ended up, in a way, having a free education on that show.”

― Stana Katic

“I think I’ve done more recording in the past 10 years than most people, but it’s all been directed toward film composing and soundtracks. Just the same, it’s been great.”

― Stanley Clarke

“I was always attracted to the past as a kid.”

― Stanley Tucci

“I never hanker after the past – I prefer to devote myself to new tasks.”

― Steffi Graf

“It’s fun to play characters with a past, but it’s also fun to play any role that is what I would call a ‘pressure cooker’ kind of character, where the lid is on, and it’s left to simmer throughout the movie.”

― Stellan Skarsgard

“A lot of animated movies in the past have sort of relied on these archaic tropes on what the female characters in those movies can be and who they are.”

― Stephanie Beatriz

“We are not animals. We are not a product of what has happened to us in our past. We have the power of choice.”

― Stephen Covey

“Is it appropriate still for a German to have a gun? I only use that as an example of a country that’s still deeply involved and engaged in the conversations about how to come to terms with the past. Certainly for that country, it’s not forgotten.”

― Stephen Daldry

“Until we perceive the meaning of our past, we remain the mere carriers of ideas, like the Nomads.”

― Stephen Gardiner

“If you keep having to dip into the story’s past to explain the present, then there’s a good chance your real story’s in the past, and you’re just using the present as a vehicle to deliver us there.”

― Stephen Graham Jones

“In the past, there was active discrimination against women in science. That has now gone, and although there are residual effects, these are not enough to account for the small numbers of women, particularly in mathematics and physics.”

― Stephen Hawking

“The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.”

― Stephen Hawking

“I never really imagined a show about a sponge going past our first season. I thought maybe we’d have a cult following, and we’d be gone after one season.”

― Stephen Hillenburg

“Live in the present moment. The past and future are nonexistent. Only the present can be grasped or, better, embraced.”

― Stephen Hough

“If I’m walking along the street, ideas come. Ideas about things that I’m interested in. I’ve jotted them down in the past on bits of paper and then, more recently, on apps in my phone. I’ve always written poetry since I was a kid.”

― Stephen Hough

“As long as ‘Pearl Harbor’ stays in the past, it’s perfect; when it wretchedly changes gears in the late going, it becomes the wrong kind of same old story: Hollywood stupidity and callowness, writ large across the sky.”

― Stephen Hunter

“Contrary to current cynicism about past golden ages, the abstraction known as ‘the intelligent layperson’ does exist – in the form of millions of folks with a passionate commitment to continuous learning.”

― Stephen Jay Gould

“In the past, secularists sought to challenge dogma by the use of rational argument, claiming, for example, that miracles described in the Bible are scientifically impossible.”

― Stephen Kinzer

“One of the most perplexing political questions of the late 20th century is how new democracies should punish deposed dictators and their associates. Victims cry for justice, but leaders of new regimes must decide to what extent it is possible, moral or prudent to pursue evildoers of the past.”

― Stephen Kinzer

“I think going to another country and being able to evolve past my thinking and what actually went on in America was a little bit different from what athletes experience here in America.”

― Stephon Marbury

“It’s been an unbelievable thing for me to walk Bruin Walk and walk past Coach Wooden’s statue, a guy that when I was in elementary school, it’s Coach Wooden winning his final championship, his 10th in 12 years.”

― Steve Alford

“I’ve studied documentarians extensively to come up with my own in-house style. I’m a student of Michael Moore’s films, of Eisenstein, Riefenstahl. Leave the politics aside, you have to learn from those past masters on how they were trying to communicate their ideas.”

― Steve Bannon

“When I wrote ‘The Alexandria Link,’ I discovered that we are only aware of about 10 percent of the knowledge of the ancient world. In the ancient world, most of the knowledge was destroyed. Every emperor of China who came in wiped out everything that came before them, to the point that the country completely forgot its past.”

― Steve Berry

“In the past, when venture-funded startups told their investors they’d found a profitable business model, the first thing VCs would do is to start looking for an ‘operating exec’ – usually an MBA who would act as the designated ‘adult’ and take over the transition from Search to Build.”

― Steve Blank

“There’s nothing wrong with a business that supports you and perhaps an extended family. But if you want to build a scalable startup, you need to be asking how you can you get enough customers/users/payers to build a business that can grow revenues past several $100M/year.”

― Steve Blank

“The sacrifices ordinary American men and women from communities large and small have been willing to make, often before they were past their teenage years, have secured our nation unprecedented freedoms and made us the world’s bulwark of liberty.”

― Steve Buyer

“That’s the past. I don’t agree with retrospect.”

― Steve Carlton

“I continue to have a special pride and passion for AOL, and I strongly believe that AOL – once the leading Internet company in the world – can return to its past greatness.”

― Steve Case

“I am connected to the past in a way that keeps me going forward. Every leap forward that I make is by reaching back and firmly getting a footing in the past, and pushing forward as hard as I can.”

― Steve Earle

“To say that past managements of Citigroup were poor would be a kindness.”

― Steve Eisman

“Looking inward and understanding where you made mistakes in the past helps you set up for change.”

― Steve Ells

“Memory runs by its own itinerary, departing and arriving at stations of the past on its own schedule.”

― Steve Erickson

“The banjo is truly an American instrument, and it captures something about our past.”

― Steve Martin

“I have given to Democrats in the past. I’ve always believed in supporting the best candidate at the time.”

― Steve Mnuchin

“What happened in the past is just that, the past. Champion or not.”

― Steve Nash

“All I can say is that I’m going to try to coach the way I’ve coached in the past. And if it ends up not being good enough, then so be it.”

― Steve Spurrier

“My past is very interesting, and I treasure it, but to write about it, it’s just not on my radar.”

― Steve Vai

“We have to get better at that. All of the Stanley Cup winning teams throughout the past few seasons, when they needed to play defense, they did it. If you can play defense, that’s when you know it’s game over.”

― Steve Yzerman

“I especially object to having my character assassinated by reference to events from my past which bear absolutely no relationship to the question of who the anthrax killer is.”

― Steven Hatfill

“We know about every massacre that has taken place close to the present, but the ones in the distant past are like trees falling in the forest with no one to hear them.”

― Steven Pinker

“These rovers are living on borrowed time. We’re so past warranty on them. You try to push them hard every day because we’re living day to day.”

― Steven Squyres

“Young fans want to know about the past and older fans also want to find new music.”

― Steven Van Zandt

“Whenever I think of the past, it brings back so many memories.”

― Steven Wright

“The same undisciplined government spending and social engineering that has undermined our economy over the past 30 years has also been tearing at the social fabric of this land.”

― Stockwell Day

“When Savage died, that was hard on me. I didn’t even hardly know Randy, but I just turned 51 this past December, and he was 58 when he died. I’m like, ‘Hey man, just because I’m in that line of work, do I have an expiration date? Am I supposed to go?’ I always wonder, but I don’t harbor it.”

― Stone Cold Steve Austin

“The past is filled with people who aren’t traditionally thought of as fantastic singers singing these songs that capture people; songs like ‘Louie Louie.’ I just aim toward that, and I think I’ve gotten better at it.”

― Stone Gossard

“I want to praise activists through the years. I praise those of the past as well, to have them honored.”

― Studs Terkel

“The Ozarks are old and worn mountains from the geological past.”

― Sue Hubbell

“Precision, directness, and quickness are what human beings are good at. What we have never been good at – in our past, at least – is figuring out the impact, the consequences, of what our skills have allowed us to do.”

― Sue Hubbell

“Let us not be bitter about the past, but let us keep our eyes firmly on the future.”

― Sukarno

“My mission is a cosmic mission. My concern is for all of humanity, and not only this present world, but the world hereafter. My mission penetrates the past, present, and future, and encompasses all humanity.”

― Sun Myung Moon

“We want to overthrow the imperial power not because it is Manchurian but because we want republicanism… We republican revolutionaries can never have the notion of becoming emperors after the revolution, like all the peasant rebels did in the past.”

― Sun Yat-sen

“There was nothing in my past that had lended itself to anything that had to do with space except for watching ‘The Jetsons’ and ‘Star Trek’ and stuff when I was little.”

― Sunita Williams

“I’m pleased the administration is endorsing the need for legislation dealing with the chemical sector. In the past, the administration’s position has been ambiguous.”

― Susan Collins

“A lot of women have been whistle-blowers in the past, and a lot of them have just gotten torn down and treated terribly. One of the things that kept popping up was this idea that if you do whistle-blow about sexual harassment, then that is what will define the rest of your life.”

― Susan Fowler

“When I was younger, I used to think that my unconventional upbringing was a weakness, but over the past few years, I’ve learnt to see it as one of my greatest strengths.”

― Susan Fowler

“What is buried in the past of one generation falls to the next to claim.”

― Susan Griffin

“In the course of transferring all my CDs to my iPod, I have found myself wandering the musical hallways of my past and reacquainting myself with music I haven’t listened to in years.”

― Susan Orlean

“If we are to garner sustained U.S. domestic support for future trade agreements, we have to make sure those Americans who have suffered as a consequence of past agreements have an effective social safety net, adjustment assistance, opportunities for retraining and new job creation that enables all Americans to thrive.”

― Susan Rice

“So much of memory comes from the beginning of our lives when we know the world for the first time with a kind of clarity. It is that discovery of the past in the present on which a writer depends again and again as if our lost childhoods, like the surprising cyclamen plant, are forever opening new blossoms.”

― Susan Shreve

“As photographs give people an imaginary possession of a past that is unreal, they also help people to take possession of space in which they are insecure.”

― Susan Sontag

“In America, the photographer is not simply the person who records the past, but the one who invents it.”

― Susan Sontag

“The past itself, as historical change continues to accelerate, has become the most surreal of subjects – making it possible… to see a new beauty in what is vanishing.”

― Susan Sontag

“Existence is no more than the precarious attainment of relevance in an intensely mobile flux of past, present, and future.”

― Susan Sontag

“There is so much strife and tension in the world that I find the silent world of paintings from the past both hopeful and healing.”

― Susan Vreeland

“I’m a writer-director originally from Rhode Island, now living in Los Angeles. I’ve spent the past eleven years working with a writing partner, Joni Lefkowitz, and am now making the transition into feature directing thanks to this script we wrote together and our incredible producer Jordana Mollick.”

― Susanna Fogel

“People didn’t just wear wedding dresses in the past. They also wore plain cotton shifts beneath them. As pretty as the dresses might be, and as lovely as they might look on display, if a museum doesn’t hang the shifts beside them or acknowledge that the shifts existed, that exhibit’s incomplete.”

― Susanna Kearsley

“In my book ‘The Winter Sea,’ set north of Aberdeen, I couldn’t just ignore the fact some people there – especially the people in the past – would speak the Doric.”

― Susanna Kearsley

“The task of understanding the past is neverending.”

― Susanna Moore

“It may be that my most helpful contributions to music aren’t my compact discs but my articles about other great singers of the past for American Heritage magazine.”

― Susannah McCorkle

“The Afghans, despite their backwardness, are a friendly lot, but the Taliban are as barbaric as the Huns from the past.”

― Sushmita Banerjee

“One of the joys of language is its constant evolution, and a lexicographer’s job is both to track new words and to reassess those from the past.”

― Susie Dent

“If I have to pick one story that most influenced ‘The Hunger Games,’ it would be the Greek myth of Theseus, which I read when I was about 8 years old. In punishment for past deeds, Athens periodically had to send seven youths and seven maidens to a labyrinth. In the maze was this Minotaur, and it would eat them.”

― Suzanne Collins

“Remember: If the IRS suspects you haven’t reported income, it can challenge returns from the past six years. So if you are self-employed or have multiple income sources, hold on to six years of files to be absolutely safe.”

― Suze Orman

“I’ve written more songs for this record than I ever have in the past so I’m trying to give it a lot of special attention to be sure my ideas really get translated right.”

― Suzy Bogguss

“Working in sports for nearly the past twenty years, I have seen first-hand how gun violence affects athletes and their families.”

― Suzy Shuster

“Faith may be encouraged by what has happened in the past, or what is thought to have happened in the past, but the only proof of it is in the future.”

― Sydney Carter

“I have great expectations for the future, because the past was highly overrated.”

― Sylvester Stallone

“Steve Jobs was Galileo in a past life. Discovery was instinctual for him.”

― Sylvia Browne

“I’ve always been interested in past lives, because they’re earmarks of what creates us.”

― Sylvia Browne

“It is one of the ironies of my life and in many lives that whenever you are the happiest, all of this stuff from the past will come pushing up and demand to be noticed.”

― Sylvia Fraser

“No innovation in the past 200 years has done more to save lives and improve health than the sanitation revolution triggered by invention of the toilet. But it did not go far enough. It only reached one-third of the world.”

― Sylvia Mathews Burwell

“The problems I had with the Paris Opera Ballet are a thing of the past.”

― Sylvie Guillem

“Fate is like a train. When it flies past, you can choose if you want to get on it or not, to say no or say yes.”

― Sylvie Guillem

“But my point is these Civil War songs were gruesome. The hatred that’s so bad in this country today, and for the past 10 or 15 years, bad as it is, is nothing compared to the kind of things people would write down and sing back in the Civil War.”

― T Bone Burnett

“I think I have more patience now than I did in the past.”

― T. Boone Pickens

“We cannot embrace God’s forgiveness if we are so busy clinging to past wounds and nursing old grudges.”

― T. D. Jakes

“Forgiveness is about empowering yourself, rather than empowering your past.”

― T. D. Jakes

“I’ve done stuff in the past and followed in the footsteps of my heroes, and each time, it felt a little bit surreal.”

― T. J. Perkins

“We want to believe racism is an artifact of the past, and if you have a political massacre, that contradicts that.”

― Ta-Nehisi Coates

“I would say as a journalist, I would envision travelling to other countries that have had to reckon with their past and see how they’ve done it: what worked, what didn’t work, finding characters that would tell the story of how that process was done.”

― Ta-Nehisi Coates

“In literature, the ghost is almost always a metaphor for the weight of the past. I don’t believe in them in the traditional sense.”

― Tabitha King

“I think of the past and the future as well as the present to determine where I am, and I move on while thinking of these things.”

― Tadao Ando

“What you have to understand is that blues… it’s in a line from the oldest forms of African music. If you’re playing it like it’s an echo of the past, it would be a lot less exciting, but this music lives today.”

― Taj Mahal

“I’m aware that given what I’ve done in the past – and having a well-known parent – that people will be very quick to judge my path more than others, but I have to just not care.”

― Tali Lennox

“Our past is who we are, and death is one of our experiences. I lost my husband a long time ago, but it’s always yesterday.”

― Talia Shire

“The only thing I regret about my past is the length of it. If I had to live my life again I’d make all the same mistakes – only sooner.”

― Tallulah Bankhead

“Everyone has a past, and the downside to my life is that the past gets dragged up.”

― Tamara Ecclestone

“I believe accurately remembering – and honoring – our whole past is the first step in governing in a way that effectively represents the whole America.”

― Tammy Duckworth

“I like the fact I’ve got a past to learn from, but I don’t want to wish my life away, either.”

― Tamzin Outhwaite

“Yoga is not about the history of yoga. Yoga is not about being in a sacred community of the initiated few. Yoga is about uniting inward, which takes place in the present, not the past, in each and every moment.”

― Tara Stiles

“When we practice cleaning our slate and interacting without motive, what we actually ‘get’ in return is greater than what we might have expected. Life can open up and be full of surprises that blow past our narrow expectations.”

― Tara Stiles

“At BYU, I discovered history, then historiography. I became fascinated with the study of historians and historical trends, with the idea that the way we remember the past changes and shifts with our own preoccupations.”

― Tara Westover

“Foundations have to think outside the box and maybe expand past the usual suspects that get all of the funding and start thinking about how to reach into communities and support community healing on a more local level.”

― Tarana Burke

“We must delve deep into history the better to engage a true dialogue of civilisations. Fear of the present can impose upon the past its own biased vision.”

― Tariq Ramadan

“I’ve played music that’s terrible in the past, and not everyone likes you, which is fine.”

― Tash Sultana

“Ryan is my bridge to the past, to memories that lose some of their sting when he recounts them.”

― Tatum O’Neal

“It brings me no joy and not enough comfort to dwell too much on things I’ve said or written or made or worn in the past.”

― Tavi Gevinson

“All my friends from my past would know me as Scott Diggs.”

― Taye Diggs

“All my friends from my past would know me as Scott Diggs. Taye Diggs comes from Scott-taye. When I went to college I liked it because it was so different and I have an infatuation with nicknames.”

― Taye Diggs

“Don’t let the past steal your present. This is the message of Christmas: We are never alone.”

― Taylor Caldwell

“I’ve been lucky enough to have fulfilled so many ambitions, and gone way past anything I ever thought I would do. I could never have imagined the career that I’ve had with the Foo Fighters – playing stadiums and having songs on the radio. It’s amazing, and my goal is really just to carry on playing.”

― Taylor Hawkins

“I’ve spent the past month in Washington, D.C., and it is terrific to be back in America.”

― Ted Cruz

“It is well past time for President Abbas to stand up and condemn all acts of violence, rather than encouraging violence by glorifying terrorists and teaching children to view Israelis as animals.”

― Ted Deutch

“We need to move past blame and make sure we are delivering care to our veterans.”

― Ted Deutch

“Sochi will be my third Olympics, and I’m coming into these games in a stronger position than I’ve been in years past.”

― Ted Ligety

“Being able to compete for consumers’ attention and dollars over the preciousness of access is a thing of the past. Everyone is using the Internet to globally market a product.”

― Ted Sarandos

“Never walk past a problem with an animal – fix it.”

― Terri Irwin

“What I find interesting about folklore is the dialogue it gives us with storytellers from centuries past.”

― Terri Windling

“You can’t live in the past.”

― Terry Bradshaw

“I see a lot of actors that are doing things to please their coaches, their teachers in the past. They say ‘No’ to parts they should have said ‘Yes’ to simply because of the opinion of people in their past. I have no one in my past who is judging me and saying, ‘Maybe you shouldn’t do that.’ I’ll do it all.”

― Terry Crews

“The German philosopher Walter Benjamin had the curious notion that we could change the past. For most of us, the past is fixed while the future is open.”

― Terry Eagleton

“There is no way in which we can retrospectively erase the Treaty of Vienna or the Great Irish Famine. It is a peculiar feature of human actions that, once performed, they can never be recuperated. What is true of the past will always be true of it.”

― Terry Eagleton

“The past can be used to renew the present, not just to bury it.”

― Terry Eagleton

“We have been so successful in the past century at the art of living longer and staying alive that we have forgotten how to die. Too often we learn the hard way. As soon as the baby boomers pass pensionable age, their lesson will be harsher still.”

― Terry Pratchett

“If the government ever imposes a tax on books – and I wouldn’t put it past them – I’m in dead trouble.”

― Terry Pratchett

“It’s certainly no secret that American students are taught less and less about the canonical literary masterpieces of the past, and there is no shortage of people who believe that what little they’re required to learn in school is still too much.”

― Terry Teachout

“I have goals, I have my purpose. I want to build upon what my grandpa and my dad and my stepdad did in the past.”

― Tessa Blanchard

“Well, I’m not saying that we’re solving every problem or arresting every person that ought to be arrested and deported, but we’re doing a better job than has been done in the past.”

― Thad Cochran

“Everything is so fast now, everything is so disposable now, there’s no time to build up a career like we used to have in the past.”

― Thalia

“The Joker is my favorite villain of all time: You don’t know his past; you just know what his plans are.”

― The Weeknd

“The recent past always presents itself as if destroyed by catastrophes.”

― Theodor W. Adorno

“He who has loved and who betrays love does harm not only to the image of the past, but to the past itself.”

― Theodor W. Adorno

“No heirloom of humankind captures the past as do art and language.”

― Theodore Bikel

“Considering the importance of resentment in our lives, and the damage it does, it receives scant attention from psychiatrists and psychologists. Resentment is a great rationalizer: it presents us with selected versions of our own past, so that we do not recognize our own mistakes and avoid the necessity to make painful choices.”

― Theodore Dalrymple

“Freedom from effort in the present merely means that there has been effort stored up in the past.”

― Theodore Roosevelt

“I take references from the past and flip them.”

― Theophilus London

“Labour ministers often look puzzled when reports show that Britain has one of the lowest levels of social mobility in the developed world. They just don’t get it. They see poverty, inequality, fairness, as all about income. For the past 12 years, they have relied on tax credits to solve this. But tax credits do not solve poverty: they mask it.”

― Theresa May

“One of my dreams is to lift a title with Spain. I lifted titles in the past that did not feel like mine.”

― Thiago Alcantara

“Usually, people have a tendency to be caught in the worries concerning the future or in the regret concerning the past. There is some kind of energy that is pushing them to run, and they are not able to establish themselves in the present moment.”

― Thich Nhat Hanh

“Because that’s just the way it is, and don’t sleep on what you did before, you know, because it can… not hurt you, but you can find yourself sleeping on something that happened in the past, but you dare to progress and there is always room for progression.”

― Thierry Henry

“People bring up Willie Horton or some other political bombshell in the past, but what they’re not being intellectually honest about is if we do not work on early release, if we do not rehabilitate 95 percent of the people who go into the prison system and come out, far more innocent people are going to be harmed.”

― Thom Tillis

“Rome is one enormous mausoleum. There, the Past lies visibly stretched upon his bier. There is no today or tomorrow in Rome; it is perpetual yesterday.”

― Thomas Bailey Aldrich

“In books lies the soul of the whole past time.”

― Thomas Carlyle

“Nothing that was worthy in the past departs; no truth or goodness realized by man ever dies, or can die.”

― Thomas Carlyle

“Baseball is a game of tradition. It lives, in large measure, on its past.”

― Thomas Hauser

“Young fighters dream of the future. Old fighters seek to recapture the past.”

― Thomas Hauser

“The flesh endures the storms of the present alone; the mind, those of the past and future as well as the present. Gluttony is a lust of the mind.”

― Thomas Hobbes

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”

― Thomas Jefferson

“Redeem thy misspent time that’s past, And live this day as if thy last.”

― Thomas Ken

“Sometimes I watch past goals, but I don’t watch them because I think that it’ll help me to score in the next game.”

― Thomas Muller

“I don’t take the ball in the middle of the pitch and dribble past six guys.”

― Thomas Muller

“I have long argued that, if China and the United States were interested in pursuing a strategic partnership, Africa is the best place to start, as neither enters the situation with past colonial baggage, and both possess interests that are quite complementary.”

― Thomas P.M. Barnett

“An Obama administration truly looking to break with the molds of the past would stop treating Africa as an obligation and start treating it as globalization’s next great opportunity, understanding that Chinese – along with Indians and Arab sovereign wealth funds – are natural partners in this process.”

― Thomas P.M. Barnett

“Let us forget the frustrations of the past and think of our unfulfilled potential.”

― Thomas P. O’Neill

“It seems like people don’t learn from the past.”

― Thomas Peterffy

“Once constituted, capital reproduces itself faster than output increases. The past devours the future.”

― Thomas Piketty

“Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.”

― Thomas Sowell

“In the past, men created witches: now they create mental patients.”

― Thomas Szasz

“For every minute, the future is becoming the past.”

― Thor Heyerdahl

“Besides music and charity, fashion is one of my interests that has been growing over the past few years. I think it goes so hand in hand, music and fashion.”

― Tiesto

“But that in and of itself this past year was not a factor in what I did for the national team every time I stepped out there, or in training, or when I stepped out there in the WUSA.”

― Tiffeny Milbrett

“In the past, I played in bands, worked at coffee shops, babysat, and worked as a production assistant.”

― Tig Notaro

“The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.”

― Tim Berners-Lee

“I’ve never played golf with Tiger Woods. To tell the truth, I’m not sure that watching him pound it 100 yards past me all day is something I’d like to do.”

― Tim Finchem

“I have my flaws and my issues, past and present and who knows what will happen in the future. I want people to know I’m vulnerable too and each one of us is.”

― Tim Gunn

“I know I’m not a marquee name, and I’m looked past by most guys.”

― Tim Kennedy

“In the past, there’s reasons why ‘The Goon’ wasn’t made; it’s because people were afraid of edgy animation. Now, I think that ‘Deadpool’ has proved that that audience is out there in a bigger way than some people thought.”

― Tim Miller

“Considering the fact that I’ve used it in the past, and know what it is, and seen the results of it, I don’t view marijuana as a dangerous drug.”

― Tim Robbins

“I was at sea the other day and loads of meat floated past. It was a bit choppy.”

― Tim Vine

“If giving tax breaks to millionaires created jobs or grew our economy, I would be in favor of them, but they are the same failed policies of the past that just don’t work.”

― Tim Walz

“Although I was writing songs when I was younger, I didn’t feel I had much of a clue as to what I was doing or how I was doing it. There are a few songs from my past where I thought, ‘Well, that’s pretty decent,’ but I didn’t have a discipline. I suppose I’m kind of a late bloomer.”

― Timothy B. Schmit

“One thing, however, I know with certainty: violence, or the direct threat of violence, of the kind we have seen in the past few days, is totally unjustified as a response to any published word or image.”

― Timothy Garton Ash

“As financial markets continue to broaden and deepen, the behavior of asset prices will play an important role in the formulation of monetary policy going forward, perhaps a more important role than in the past.”

― Timothy Geithner

“Looking past the immediate crisis, a more resilient system must be built on stronger and better designed shock absorbers, both in the major institutions and in the infrastructure of the financial system.”

― Timothy Geithner

“When our systematic knowledge of human expressive behavior is more advanced, it will be possible to study the literary and historical documents of the past and to determine the expressed and implied views of personality that determined the behavior of our ancestors.”

― Timothy Leary

“Everything is a railway junction where past and future are sliding over one another, not touching.”

― Timothy Morton

“’Nowness’ is a dynamic relation between the past and the future.”

― Timothy Morton

“The cloud that descended on Black Rock on Monday was not for the past but the future. How much will this debacle chill the pursuit of other risky investigations?”

― Tina Brown

“I think that everybody, at one time or another, has been betrayed and lied to, and it’s about the pain, and it’s about the healing process, and it’s about how do you get past that and move on.”

― Tina Knowles

“I don’t like to dwell on the past.”

― Tina Turner

“Our culture is hung up on and overemphasises what can be derived from material objects. I think this is something quite new, over the past 200 or 300 years – that life has become about accumulating material wealth. The 21st century is not about accumulating material wealth like the 20th century. It’s already eroding.”

― Tino Sehgal

“I love the past. I read about the past all the time.”

― Tiny Tim

“Don’t sit there and wallow in woe-is-me stuff that happened in your past. Move forward. Face whatever you’re afraid of. Or deal with it.”

― Tionne Watkins

“I was told I wouldn’t live past 30 or have children.”

― Tionne Watkins

“Anybody can be very destructive in that position without at all meaning to be, and I know that I have been inadvertently destructive in the past for certain people on certain occasions.”

― Tobias Wolff

“It’s probably why I’m a short story writer. I tend to remember things in the past in narrative form, in story form, and I grew up around people who told stories all the time.”

― Tobias Wolff

“The fancy term for what America has squandered in the past year and a half or so is legitimacy.”

― Todd Gitlin

“I see things about the present more clearly when I’m looking through the frame of the past: I think it’s very hard to assess the present moment that we are in.”

― Todd Haynes

“Despite the increase in world attention toward Sudan in the past months, the genocide in Darfur has continued without any serious attempt by the Sudanese government to do what governments primarily exist to do, protect their citizens.”

― Tom Allen

“Mass literacy is a phenomenon of the past few centuries, and one that has reached the majority of the world’s adult population only within the past 75 years.”

― Tom Chatfield

“If I do a bad dive, that’s in the past. Move on. The next dive is a completely separate thing. It’s just about being really present in a particular moment.”

― Tom Daley

“The past has an undeniable grip on everyone, except, perhaps, amnesiacs.”

― Tom Drury

“Vaccines and antibiotics have made many infectious diseases a thing of the past; we’ve come to expect that public health and modern science can conquer all microbes. But nature is a formidable adversary.”

― Tom Frieden

“People have a misconception that the tobacco epidemic is a thing of the past. Tobacco still kills more Americans than any other cause.”

― Tom Frieden

“What you don’t want to do is to hang on to the aging superstar past his prime and take resources away you can otherwise use to build a better overall team.”

― Tom Hicks

“I don’t think anyone, until their soul leaves their body, is past the point of no return.”

― Tom Hiddleston

“An expert is someone who knows a lot about the past.”

― Tom Hopkins

“Every musician writes about past relationships. And other than that, I can promise you, I have very little in common with Taylor Swift.”

― Tom Odell

“The Democratic Party has learned from the terrible mistakes of the past. Our platform requires that we honor, fulfill, and strengthen the federal government’s trust responsibility to American Indians. We take this responsibility seriously.”

― Tom Perez

“I used to describe myself as a comic novelist, but my concerns seem to have darkened over the past few years.”

― Tom Perrotta

“Winners must learn to relish change with the same enthusiasm and energy that we have resisted it in the past.”

― Tom Peters

“During my past career as a journalist, I relished writing obits and equally dreaded phoning relatives for the necessary facts. But to my surprise and great relief, they often wanted to talk – they wanted their recently deceased loved ones recorded in print.”

― Tom Rachman

“We can’t double down on the failed energy policies of the past.”

― Tom Steyer

“As a businessman, Trump preyed on the hopes and anxieties of struggling middle-class families. He cheated and scammed employees and customers alike. He left behind a trail of bankrupted companies. Past is prologue, and Trump has continued to pursue his own aggrandizement ruthlessly and relentlessly as a candidate and as president-elect.”

― Tom Steyer

“One feels that the past stays the way you left it, whereas the present is in constant movement; it’s unstable all around you.”

― Tom Stoppard

“I’m attracted to the past.”

― Tom Stoppard

“There is something deeply disturbing about a popular culture that will not forgive the sins of the Confederacy seven generations past but celebrates the teachings and legacies of Che Guevara, Mao Zhe-Dong, and Jeremy Wright.”

― Tom Tancredo

“In the past 40 years, the United States lost more than a million farmers and ranchers. Many of our farmers are aging. Today, only nine percent of family farm income comes from farming, and more and more of our farmers are looking elsewhere for their primary source of income.”

― Tom Vilsack

“Over the past two years, the Obama Administration and USDA have worked to build a foundation for sustainable economic growth in rural America. At the center of our vision is an effort to increase domestic production and use of renewable energy.”

― Tom Vilsack

“We know that there are significant health benefits from consuming more fruits and vegetables, and that’s an opportunity for us to sort of move away from some of the meals that we’ve been preparing in the past.”

― Tom Vilsack

“There’s no future in spending our present worrying about our past.”

― Tom Wilson

“We are always acting on what has just finished happening. It happened at least 1/30th of a second ago. We think we’re in the present, but we aren’t. The present we know is only a movie of the past.”

― Tom Wolfe

“Bobby and I have been to various reunions of Our Gang. We’ve been to like three or four reunions over the past 15 years or so. We were at one in Palm Springs, California.”

― Tommy Bond

“I don’t believe in past lifetimes, but if there was one, I had to be a gladiator.”

― Tommy Morrison

“In the past, we might have lost a game, and you get fans messaging you, saying, ‘Ah, don’t worry, you’ve done so well,’ and it can be a bit patronising, do you know what I mean?”

― Toni Duggan

“In the past, you might have said, ‘This player is technically not good – let’s prey on her.’ But now, the game is professional in most countries – you can’t just play on that.”

― Toni Duggan

“The competition for World Cup places is massive, and you can’t just rest on what you’ve done in the past or anything like that.”

― Toni Duggan

“I think, at 32, you are past your prime as a footballer.”

― Toni Kroos

“To move past fear is a cliche.”

― Tony Abbott

“In the past, the Republican Party has depended on unified support at election time from Evangelical Christians. But times are changing!”

― Tony Campolo

“It is hard to say what the future holds, but this is probable – it won’t be just like the past.”

― Tony Campolo

“As someone who has owned a small business in the past, I understand how difficult it can be to get a loan.”

― Tony Cardenas

“In the past, I’d sort of know before Ozzy sang something, what he was going to sing. I’d know what sort of way a melody was going to go ’cause of the way he’d approach it.”

― Tony Iommi

“Social democracy does not represent an ideal future; it does not even represent the ideal past.”

― Tony Judt

“If you have value as an artist it’s probably going to be in your capacity to let things inside you get past things that are placed there to keep you from telling the truth. The more you see things as clearly and coldly as you can, the more value you’re going to have.”

― Tony Kushner

“I’ve come to believe that all my past failure and frustration were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living I now enjoy.”

― Tony Robbins

“Rock and Roll has certainly tried to take its toll on me. I’d rather not talk about my past excesses here, although some hardcore rockers might argue that those excesses were responsible for some great records, but I know which side I came out on.”

― Tony Visconti

“It is hard to work with the nagging doubt that perhaps some foreign intelligence agency is reading all your correspondence, especially when you know they have done so in the past.”

― Toomas Hendrik Ilves

“I’m just a receiver. I don’t want to be labeled as a deep-threat guy, which is always going to happen because I’m always going to be able to run past people until I’m slow. I watch some guys who are very good at being deep threats, but it’s like people don’t respect them doing anything else.”

― Torrey Smith

“Thus, the questions we should ask here are what makes the current economic upswing different from the past two recoveries, and whether such differences are sufficient for the economy to reach the sustained growth path.”

― Toshihiko Fukui

“During the past two decades, inflation has fallen to a low level in major industrial countries.”

― Toshihiko Fukui

“If you come into Formula 1, and you try to eat each other or perform on the highest level, and equalisation is what you need after the first race, and you cry out after the first race, it’s not how we’ve done things in the past and not how we’ve moaned.”

― Toto Wolff

“Citizens, not less generous than myself, let your most precious moments be employed in causing the past to be forgotten; let all my fellow-citizens swear never to recall the past; let them receive their misled brethren with open arms, and let them, in future, be on their guard against the traps of bad men.”

― Toussaint Louverture

“Human’s can’t live in the present as animals do; they just live in the present. But human’s are always thinking about the future or the past.”

― Townes Van Zandt

“What I think is exciting is that, to a certain extent, there is a revolution happening where black women are owning their own beauty, despite the standard of beauty that in the past has not had space for it.”

― Tracee Ellis Ross

“My writing process is such that a story will be in my head for awhile, and I’ll start making notes on my computer. I create character sheets that include a character’s past, fears, goals and ambitions.”

― Tracie Peterson

“Maybe it’s naive to say, but it almost seems like, in the past, people tried to sell you something you would actually need, like a hammer or a broom or a toothbrush. But now there’s this notion that they can sell you anything. And all they have to do is convince you that you need it.”

― Tracy Chapman

“For every year past the age of 27, you need to take another step toward commitment somewhere in your life. Instead of freelancing, you get a staff job. Instead of renting, you buy. Fine, instead of couch-surfing, you rent.”

― Tracy McMillan

“I’ve been standing at water coolers for the past thirty years talking to women about their love lives, and here’s what I’ve learned: Eventually, most women I know want to be partnered.”

― Tracy McMillan

“We are the country that has attracted the biggest volume of foreign investment in southeastern Europe in the past few years. Romania doesn’t need to beat itself, believing that it is a second-class citizen.”

― Traian Basescu

“Mistakes and pressure are inevitable; the secret to getting past them is to stay calm.”

― Travis Bradberry

“A poor choice of words conveyed to some the impression that I embrace the discarded policies of the past. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I apologize to anyone who was offended by my statement.”

― Trent Lott

“In the late 19th century, Russian Cosmists such as Nikolai Fyodorov believed we need to go to space to collect all the particles of all the people who had ever lived. Cosmism says going into space is going into the past.”

― Trevor Paglen

“You can’t make experimental work by copying past work.”

― Trey Parker

“As a black man who doesn’t know another black man who hasn’t had strange run-ins with police officers, it’s impossible for us not to think about whether that could have been us – based on our country, based on our culture, based on our past experiences.”

― Trip Lee

“I dwell in the past.”

― Troy Aikman

“Before I even agreed to work with Hennessy and the Privilege Awards, I wanted to do some research on it, look up past winners, and find out more about it.”

― Troy Carter

“I shall take all the troubles of the past, all the disappointments, all the headaches, and I shall pack them in a bag and throw them in the East River.”

― Trygve Lie

“Right actions in the future are the best apologies for bad actions in the past.”

― Tryon Edwards

“All of the fillers I had in the past have now dissolved – apart from my lip fillers. I left them in, and they are something I have to maintain.”

― Tulisa

“There have been moments in the past where I haven’t made it easy for myself.”

― Tulisa

“In the past, I may have felt quite trapped – rebelled a little bit and been quite defensive and not known how to relax.”

― Tulisa

“In my past, I said and believed things that were wrong and – worse – hurtful to the LGBTQ+ community and their loved ones.”

― Tulsi Gabbard

“Proust writes, he remembers, physically. He depends on his body to give him the information that will bring him to the past. His book is called ‘In Search of Lost Time,’ and he does it through the senses. He does it through smell. He does it through feeling. He does it through texture. It is all physically driven, that language.”

― Twyla Tharp

“Everything present is included in the past somewhere; nobody’s present pops out of nowhere.”

― Twyla Tharp

“When I sit down and try to write lyrics first – I’ve definitely done that in the past – but most of the time, they come off as a put-on, or less genuine than you would think. I’m the kind of guy that if I overthink a sentiment or I overthink a statement, it’s weird.”

― Ty Segall

“I was late to the franchise; ‘Days of Future Past’ was the first X-Men movie I saw.”

― Tye Sheridan

“We’re past the self-doubt. We just have fun with it and just try to make the best music that we can make.”

― Tyler Joseph

“A lot of bands have an unfortunate past; we’ve dodged a lot of bullets when it comes to that.”

― Tyler Joseph

“I’m competitive with myself. I always try to push past my own borders.”

― Tyra Banks

“There have been top supermodels in the past that weren’t as tall as the industry demands, like fashion icon Kate Moss.”

― Tyra Banks

“I’ve never had to fight hard for anything I’ve gotten in the past.”

― Tyrese Gibson

“In the past, I said I didn’t want to speak on certain issues because the second I said one thing about race, then ‘Tyron’s playing the race card.’ But if you really think about it, what is the race card? The race card is that the man held me down, I had unfair circumstances, and I wasn’t able to be successful because I was held down.”

― Tyron Woodley

“Although I think of myself as the greatest heavyweight, I do respect the legends of the past for what they did. But they are not my heroes.”

― Tyson Fury

“I’ve said a lot of stuff in the past, but not with any intentions to hurt anybody. It’s all a bit tongue-in-cheek.”

― Tyson Fury

“After I retire, I have my own vision, which is not connected to the state of Israel. It’s about me, living near the sea, and maybe writing something about the past.”

― Tzipi Livni

“It is clear that when you write a story that takes place in the past, you try to show what really happened in those times. But you are always moved by the suspicion that you are also showing something about our contemporary world.”

― Umberto Eco

“There are more people than you think who want to have a challenging experience, in which they are obliged to reflect about the past.”

― Umberto Eco

“The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.”

― Unknown

“I believe in past lives but I know nothing about mine and I don’t want to know. I live in the present, taking one day at a time.”

― Uri Geller

“I guess we’re all kinda searching for a connection with something that’s relevant to our past and speaks to who we are, and maybe helps us make a connection to what we are, and where we come from.”

― Usher

“Our racial past and future is something that we Americans must address.”

― Uzodinma Iweala

“Like all things, cities must change – even a city as enamoured of the past and memory as D.C.”

― Uzodinma Iweala

“To be converted you have to destroy your past, destroy your history. You have to stamp on it, you have to say ‘my ancestral culture does not exist, it doesn’t matter.’”

― V. S. Naipaul

“What was past was past. I suppose that was the general attitude.”

― V. S. Naipaul

“Your past always leads to who you are.”

― Vaclav Smil

“I’m not going to the past, and it’s not tied to me, every time moving forward, and this is more important – to move forward every time.”

― Valentina Shevchenko

“Forgiving is giving up the wish that things could have been different. They weren’t. That’s the past. Let it go.”

― Valerie Harper

“I’m constantly being inspired by the old days and taking things from the past and allowing them to lift me up where I am now.”

― Valerie June

“I think when you get past your second album, it all becomes something of a routine. So you have to struggle against that, find a way of making what you do sound fresh and new each time.”

― Van Morrison

“Nowhere in the Bible did anyone bring back anyone’s past sins and throw them in their face.”

― Vance McAllister

“I learned a lot from that first record and I learned a lot from my experiences touring, but really the biggest education I got over the past two years was learning the importance of arrangements.”

― Vanessa Carlton

“I do sometimes strongly hope that in a past life, my most recent life before this, I was absolutely horrible, evil, hideous. Because otherwise – well, hell, to even things up next time around, I’m going to have to pay for this one, am I not?”

― Vanessa Paradis

“I don’t harp on what I could change about the past, because I can’t go back and change it. But definitely a lot of things I would change.”

― Vanilla Ice

“Getting past my past… was a process, a very serious process indeed.”

― Vanity

“I live in the present and in the future. Not in the past.”

― Varg Vikernes

“Fiction connects: past and present; the great and the small; the surface with the depths. Fiction brings out the innermost, invisible springs of life that cannot be revealed in factual narratives.”

― Varley O’Connor

“Our policy is not to discourage the private sector, but to see that Air India plays the role of flagship in the industry. In the transport sector, Air India is the ‘fate of India’ and all efforts will be made to restore its past glory.”

― Vayalar Ravi

“I think maybe I was a shepherdess in a past life.”

― Vera Farmiga

“Things that came before, people and things and experiences – that does mean something to me. It doesn’t mean I don’t embrace the new, but I don’t forget the past, either.”

― Vera Wang

“I see myself as a true modernist. Even when I do a traditional gown, I give it a modern twist. I go to the past for research. I need to know what came before so I can break the rules.”

― Vera Wang

“I’ve always been a happy-go-lucky person. I haven’t got any dark tales, I didn’t draw on my own past, I’m from a very normal stable background and had an amazing childhood, and I haven’t got any complaints really.”

― Vicky McClure

“I’d like to do something where there’s a strong female character and some action. I’ve done a few stunts in the past.”

― Vicky McClure

“I was afraid I would see someone from my past who thought I was this big athlete, and then I end up being just normal.”

― Victor Cruz

“This bloody past suggests to us that enemies cease hostilities only when they are battered enough to acknowledge that there is no hope in victory – and thus that further resistance means only useless sacrifice.”

― Victor Davis Hanson

“The gradual decline of a society is often a self-induced process of trying to meet ever-expanding appetites, rather than a physical inability to produce past levels of food and fuel, or to maintain adequate defense.”

― Victor Davis Hanson

“What is history? An echo of the past in the future; a reflex from the future on the past.”

― Victor Hugo

“We see past time in a telescope and present time in a microscope. Hence the apparent enormities of the present.”

― Victor Hugo

“When I play against a winger, because I’m a winger myself, I understand what they are going to do before they try and go past me, so it makes it a lot easier for me.”

― Victor Moses

“I’ve always been very open with my emotions. Actually, that’s got me into a lot of trouble, too, in the past.”

― Victoria Pendleton

“I think the beautiful thing about the past is that it leads you to the present.”

― Vidya Balan

“Kids accept where they are because they don’t know the past. They know what they have; they know where they are.”

― Viggo Mortensen

“In the past, whenever I had a niggle, I would ignore it and let it heal on its own. Now, I tell the physio that I am facing some difficulty.”

― Vijay Shankar

“The future or the past – It’s very simple: building the future, or a restoration of post-communism.”

― Viktor Orban

“It’s a wonderful feeling being a bridge to the past and unite generations.”

― Vin Scully

“It’s a wonderful feeling to be a bridge to the past and to unite generations. The sport of baseball does that, and I am just a part of it.”

― Vin Scully

“My job is to support businesses, that means promoting British commerce in the big emerging markets that have been neglected in the past. It means keeping Britain open to inward investors, trade and skilled workers. It means cutting red tape which is suffocating growing companies which create jobs.”

― Vince Cable

“I made records in the past that are as traditional as any other country records that have been made, but at the same time the records have a contemporary slant on it too.”

― Vince Gill

“I don’t think France is a racist country, I really don’t, but we do still have many problems with our immigrant past, and there’s a shame that goes with that, that works both ways, in the host and in the post-immigrant generation.”

― Vincent Cassel

“Over the past decade, I’ve been lucky to have witnessed and played a part in Manchester City’s rise as a club and a brand.”

― Vincent Kompany

“I don’t know if I hadn’t grown up poor, and in the neighborhood I did, if I would have had that much to bring to my art form. I call upon my past with characters.”

― Ving Rhames

“We all carry our past. But it is a case of getting on with your life and improving it, if you want to.”

― Vinnie Jones

“To me, England is past its sell-by date. It’s not the country I grew up in.”

― Vinnie Jones

“I did a lot of great things in the past, but I live for today and for the future.”

― Vinnie Paul

“A lot of people are really hung on the past – they can’t get past that – but you’ve gotta get past that if you want any future.”

― Vinnie Paul

“I don’t live in the past.”

― Vinnie Paul

“If you live in the past, you’ve got no future.”

― Vinnie Paul

“When I came back, I wasn’t looking past this year. This is a bonus for me. I just wish it would have turned out a little better, but we all don’t get what we want all the time.”

― Vinny Testaverde

“I have had issues in the past with the characters and the limitations of the characters and the structure of the narratives given to me as a woman of color.”

― Viola Davis

“There’s no sustenance in the past.”

― Violette Leduc

“In the game of cricket, a hero is a person who respects the game and does not corrupt the game. The one who doesn’t or corrupts the game, they are the villain. They should be punished, and they have been punished in the past.”

― Virat Kohli

“I don’t really read a lot of newspapers. I don’t pay attention to what is being said or written about me. I’ve had lots of experiences in the past when I got too much into it. That sort of diverts your focus.”

― Virat Kohli

“What lingers from the parent’s individual past, unresolved or incomplete, often becomes part of her or his irrational parenting.”

― Virginia Satir

“I can only note that the past is beautiful because one never realises an emotion at the time. It expands later, and thus we don’t have complete emotions about the present, only about the past.”

― Virginia Woolf

“Each has his past shut in him like the leaves of a book known to him by his heart, and his friends can only read the title.”

― Virginia Woolf

“My future is in my past and my past is my present. I must now make the present my future.”

― Vladimir Horowitz

“I have often noticed that after I had bestowed on the characters of my novels some treasured item of my past, it would pine away in the artificial world where I had so abruptly placed it.”

― Vladimir Nabokov

“A novelist is, like all mortals, more fully at home on the surface of the present than in the ooze of the past.”

― Vladimir Nabokov

“Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it.”

― Vladimir Nabokov

“I would prefer to abandon the terminology of the past. ‘Superpower’ is something which we used during the cold war time. Why use it now?”

― Vladimir Putin

“I’ve tried several diets over the past couple of years – not because I need to lose weight, but because my pants are trying to cut me in two.”

― W. Bruce Cameron

“It would be presumptuous to say writing a book would be a sufficient gesture, but if people were more preoccupied with the past, maybe the events that overwhelm us would be fewer.”

― W. G. Sebald

“If you’re based in two places, on a bad day you see only the disadvantages everywhere. On a bad day, returning to Germany brings back all kinds of spectres from the past.”

― W. G. Sebald

“I think memory is essential to what we are. If we – we wouldn’t be able to talk to each other without memory. And what we think of as the present really is the past. It is made out of the past.”

― W. S. Merwin

“The past is always – one moment it’s what happened three minutes ago, and one minute it’s what happened 30 years ago. And they flow into each other in ways that we can’t predict and that we keep discovering in dreams, which keep bringing up feelings and moments, some of which we never actually saw.”

― W. S. Merwin

“From now back to the past, we can observe clearly that none of us is free.”

― Wadada Leo Smith

“Mix-tapes are something that have been going on for a while. They’ve been pretty important to hip-hop for the past 10 years. It’s the way we advertise our music to the public for free.”

― Wale

“Since grief only aggravates your loss, grieve not for what is past.”

― Walker Percy

“I wasn’t surprised to find Samsung’s OLED screen to be bright, vivid, and clear. It’s beautiful, although in viewing some photos and videos, I found, as I have in the past, that – to my eye, at least – Samsung tends to oversaturate colors.”

― Walt Mossberg

“I’m happy to report that the first Chromebook designed from the ground up to run Android apps out of the box has arrived, albeit a little past the end of 2016.”

― Walt Mossberg

“I say that democracy can never prove itself beyond cavil, until it founds and luxuriantly grows its own forms of art, poems, schools, theology, displacing all that exists, or that has been produced anywhere in the past, under opposite influences.”

― Walt Whitman

“Memory is not an instrument for exploring the past but its theatre. It is the medium of past experience, as the ground is the medium in which dead cities lie interred.”

― Walter Benjamin

“The true picture of the past flits by. The past can be seized only as an image which flashes up at the instant when it can be recognized and is never seen again.”

― Walter Benjamin

“History must share with reading, writing and arithmetic first rank as the most important subjects in the curriculum. Understanding the issues on which citizens of a republic are expected to vote is impossible without an understanding of the past.”

― Walter Cronkite

“Writing about the future and the past is less a way of dramatizing change than of showing, by way of contrast, what abides.”

― Walter Kirn

“If the future, as imagined in literature, is really the present taken to extremes, then the past is also the present, but boiled down.”

― Walter Kirn

“Unlike some, I don’t claim to hold the mystic key to the future. But judging from past events, it seems to me that those who want to prophesy the imminent end of America’s unique global role have a harder case to make than those who think we will limp on for a while, making a mess of things as usual.”

― Walter Russell Mead

“And my generation in Brazil was influenced by Cinema Novo. So we’re echoing what’s been done way in the past.”

― Walter Salles

“Look back, and smile on perils past.”

― Walter Scott

“In the past, people worked together only when some great disaster threatened.”

― Walter Ulbricht

“If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians.”

― Warren Buffett

“I have had shoulder injuries in the past, but usually it’s from training.”

― Warren Cuccurullo

“It’s always difficult with the superhero stuff because you’re working with characters who have been written by 100 to 200 people over the past 20 years, at least, so they never sound the same or act the same. The best approach is to try to draw the best fitting line through all of the interpretations.”

― Warren Ellis

“So long as you create laws that define women as victims, as creatures that demand protection, that need bodyguards, you are going to perpetuate the very worst of our sexist past.”

― Warren Farrell

“Duncan Aldrich has been my partner in most recording projects, and touring projects, for the past decade.”

― Warren Zevon

“I never want to make a complete, 180 reactional record. I wanted a connection to what I’ve done in the past but still move forward and evolve.”

― Washed Out

“There are certain sounds that have a loaded past. Like the sound of a harp, if you go back to old movies, represents a dream sequence; it transports you there.”

― Washed Out

“The nightmare of materialism, which has turned the life of the universe into an evil, useless game, is not yet past; it holds the awakening soul still in its grip.”

― Wassily Kandinsky

“I had 500 kids at camp this past summer for example. We do nine weeks for kids and nine days for grown ups every summer. The adult camp is a lot of fun.”

― Wavy Gravy

“Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.”

― Wayne Dyer

“The past is our definition. We may strive with good reason to escape it, or to escape what is bad in it. But we will escape it only by adding something better to it.”

― Wendell Berry

“My dad prepared me for the worst of times while also enabling me to succeed in the best. He taught me to confront the insidiousness of racism head on, no matter what the ramification, so it will not fester. Defeat it and get past it. That was The Talk. Nothing scared me after that.”

― Wendell Pierce

“I have noticed, with much distress, the excessive wartime activity of the investigating bureaus of Congress and the administration, with their impertinent and indecent searching out of the private lives and the past political beliefs of individuals.”

― Wendell Willkie

“We’ve done a lot of research on the characteristics of our teachers who are the most successful. The most predictive trait is still past demonstrated achievement, and all selection research basically points to that.”

― Wendy Kopp

“As a founder of two organizations that recruit top college graduates to expand educational opportunity, I’ve spent a lot of time examining what’s at work in successful classrooms and schools over the past two decades.”

― Wendy Kopp

“I wouldn’t have changed a thing in my past. Life is like dominoes: if you move one, it wouldn’t fall the right way.”

― Wendy Williams

“Create your future from your future not your past.”

― Werner Erhard

“The uncertainty relation does not refer to the past; if the velocity of the electron is at first known and the position then exactly measured, the position for times previous to the measurement may be calculated.”

― Werner Heisenberg

“There’s power in turning to the past to illuminate the current state of things.”

― Wesley Morris

“I kind of put people from the past up on a pedestal; I don’t think, in a lot of ways, that we’re at their level.”

― Whit Stillman

“Don’t let something hurtful in your past hold you back from what you want to do. Be brave.”

― Whitney Wolfe Herd

“For the past few years my fans have made it very clear that they would like to read my novels and revisit my family of characters faster than I can write them. For them, I am willing to make a change to my working methods so the stories in my head can reach the page more frequently.”

― Wilbur Smith

“Let them look to the past, but let them also look to the future; let them look to the land of their ancestors, but let them look also to the land of their children.”

― Wilfrid Laurier

“I prefer playing up front, really, because I feel like if I make the right run, or if I get the ball at the right time, I can just be one-on-one with the defender, and then if I manage to get past the centre-back, it’s one-on-one with the ‘keeper.”

― Wilfried Zaha

“There have been only 268 of the past 3,421 years free of war.”

― Will Durant

“In survey after survey, people report that the greatest dangers they face are, in this order: terrorist attack, plane crashes and nuclear accidents. This despite the fact that these three combined have killed fewer people in the past half-century than car accidents do in any given year.”

― Will Self

“Not only is the statistical madness an assault on individuality, it’s also one on temporality too. Statistics – even when accurate – are only an image of the past that can then be Photoshopped before being pasted on to the future.”

― Will Self

“What was any art but a mould in which to imprison for a moment the shining elusive element which is life itself – life hurrying past us and running away, too strong to stop, too sweet to lose.”

― Willa Cather

“There is no such thing as a good or bad ad in isolation. What is good at one moment is bad at another. Research can trap you into the past.”

― William Bernbach

“As I have said in the past, revealing specific targets or successes of U.S. intelligence activities is not in the public interest.”

― William Binney

“Scrooge pushed past Mary number 1 and Joseph number 2 in the wings without so much as an ‘excuse me’. Typical.”

― William E. Geist

“The very nature of the government, and the direction it’s been heading in for the past 40 years, is one of contrived government solutions to all the problems in the United States.”

― William E. Simon

“God be thanked for books; they are the voices of the distant and the dead, and make us heirs of the spiritual life of past ages.”

― William Ellery Channing

“The history of the past, a hundred years from now, won’t be the history of the past that we learned in school because much more will have been revealed, and adjectives we can’t even imagine will have been brought to bear on what we did learn in school.”

― William Gibson

“What happened in the past that was painful has a great deal to do with what we are today, but revisiting this painful past can contribute little or nothing to what we need to do now.”

― William Glasser

“My thoughts will be taken up with the future or the past, with what is to come or what has been. Of the present there is necessarily no image.”

― William Godwin

“We have peace with God as soon as we believe, but not always with ourselves. The pardon may be past the prince’s hand and seal, and yet not put into the prisoner’s hand.”

― William Gurnall

“We remained at our encampment of this day until the morning of the 7th, when we descended ten miles lower down and encamped on a spot of ground where several thousand Indians had wintered during the past season.”

― William Henry Ashley

“Events in the past may be roughly divided into those which probably never happened and those which do not matter.”

― William Inge

“When you’re travelling, you are what you are right there and then. People don’t have your past to hold against you. No yesterdays on the road.”

― William Least Heat-Moon

“What you’ve done becomes the judge of what you’re going to do – especially in other people’s minds. When you’re traveling, you are what you are right there and then. People don’t have your past to hold against you. No yesterdays on the road.”

― William Least Heat-Moon

“A bibliophile of little means is likely to suffer often. Books don’t slip from his hands but fly past him through the air, high as birds, high as prices.”

― William Lyon Phelps

“The past is not dead, it is living in us, and will be alive in the future which we are now helping to make.”

― William Morris

“Madly, futilely, I wrote novel after novel, eight in all, that failed to find a publisher. I persisted because for me the novel was the supreme literary form – not just one among many, not a relic of the past, but the way we communicate to one another the subtlest truths about this business of living.”

― William Nicholson

“What is past is prologue.”

― William Shakespeare

“They say miracles are past.”

― William Shakespeare

“Firms would be given initial entitlements to gross markup on the basis of past performance. These entitlements would be transferable and a market in them would be developed.”

― William Vickrey

“Personally, I do not believe that we shall have greater armaments in the future than we have had in the past. On the contrary, I believe there will be a gradual diminution in this respect.”

― William Watson

“I do not intend to prejudge the past.”

― William Whitelaw

“Life is divided into three terms – that which was, which is, and which will be. Let us learn from the past to profit by the present, and from the present, to live better in the future.”

― William Wordsworth

“Freedom is control in your own life. I have more control now than in the past, and I’m learning the value of saying no. That’s very important.”

― Willie Nelson

“In Iroquois society, leaders are encouraged to remember seven generations in the past and consider seven generations in the future when making decisions that affect the people.”

― Wilma Mankiller

“Many French directors, having now realised there was no more real criticism, that the standards of the past have gone, are very offended about the quality of film criticism.”

― Wim Wenders

“I don’t think it’s helpful to go dismantling the past, but you can refuse to honor aspects of it that you don’t believe in anymore.”

― Winnie Byanyima

“When I was young, I was the sweetheart of the press. They loved me but were kind of waiting for me to mess up. I had no skeletons in my closet, no major past to talk about.”

― Winona Ryder

“If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future.”

― Winston Churchill

“For my part, I consider that it will be found much better by all parties to leave the past to history, especially as I propose to write that history myself.”

― Winston Churchill

“I would love more stories with strong characters of color who don’t always fit the mold that Hollywood has created in the past.”

― Winston Duke

“It’s only until we confront the darkness of our past that we can responsibly move forward.”

― Winston Duke

“It must be tiring being Bob Dylan for the past 50 years. People act like he’s not even human, which must be hard work. Every room he walks into just goes quiet.”

― Winston Marshall

“I exist only in the past.”

― Wojciech Jaruzelski

“When you are 25, everything comes easy to you. When you get past 35, every training session is a sacrifice. I can’t see myself doing that.”

― Wojciech Szczesny

“When it’s time to let go, I don’t look back, and I start another project as soon as possible. One thing I remind myself is that I don’t want to Photoshop my past.”

― Wong Kar-wai

“In our case, we have no script. So the only people we can work with are people who have been working with us in the past, and they know we are going to do something; it’s kind of a trust.”

― Wong Kar-wai

“Generally young men are regarded as radicals. This is a popular misconception. The most conservative persons I ever met are college undergraduates. The radicals are the men past middle life.”

― Woodrow Wilson

“I will not speak with disrespect of the Republican Party. I always speak with respect of the past.”

― Woodrow Wilson

“How many times have you seen me run into the box with the ball, dribbling past players? It’s uncommon because it’s not my game; it’s not my thing.”

― Xabi Alonso

“We cannot undo the past in this misguided war in Iraq.”

― Xavier Becerra

“The nature and the DNA of IMAX has been redefined in the past years to shoot these huge blockbusters. But I think that it’s not the sole purpose of IMAX to capture cars exploding in your face.”

― Xavier Dolan

“I don’t have mom issues or dad issues. I think I have found peace about many things in my past. I have forgiven and asked to be forgiven.”

― Xavier Dolan

“I am a man of tomorrow, but I also live my past.”

― Yair Lapid

“There have been failures in the past, and I know there will be in future as well. But I have learnt from them.”

― Yami Gautam

“I think seeing some of the past can be helpful, especially if you’re into crime solving.”

― Yancy Butler

“I felt the weight of the past at the beginning of my career of singer.”

― Yannick Noah

“In the not so distant past, we were close enough to our community to physically see how our actions impacted the group overall. Now it’s just too easy to look the other way, or turn off the TV or computer and detach ourselves from the others.”

― Yehuda Berg

“I’m trying to learn the lessons of the past, but not to make speeches about the past.”

― Yitzhak Rabin

“Regardless of some disagreements in the past with Dr. Kissinger, I personally had a very good relationship with the secretary when I served as ambassador to the United States and later on as premier.”

― Yitzhak Rabin

“I don’t think about the future. I don’t think about the past. I just think of what comes into my head at the time. So that might be about the past, that might be about the future. Or, the present.”

― Yoko Ono

“I have tried the fancy, superficial life in my past, but I quickly learned that diamonds are not my best friend.”

― Yolanda Hadid

“Sometimes experience is an obstacle because you cast your future based on your past experience.”

― Yossi Ghinsberg

“In my heart, I’m 100% real. You can’t pull out nothing in my past that can say I’m not 100% real.”

― Young Jeezy

“I like connecting the abstract to the concrete. There’s a tension in that. I believe the reader or listener should be able to enter the poem as a participant. So I try to get past resolving poems.”

― Yusef Komunyakaa

“I’m a historian. I really like the past. But most people seem far more interested in what you can tell them about the future.”

― Yuval Noah Harari

“I’m past my wooing days now. See, I am an honest person. If I like a girl, I will go and tell her.”

― Yuvraj Singh

“I haven’t collected memorabilia. I am not a person who lives in the past.”

― Yvonne Craig

“Football is such a traditionalist sport. Whatever happened in the past is usually going to continue. But the bullying has no place in any sport. That’s the bottom line.”

― Zach Ertz

“When you play a character, there are choices you have to make about the past, the present, the future, etc. You have to make those choices on your own a lot.”

― Zach McGowan

“There has been a kind of stereotypical ‘gamer dude’ that has been representative for the gamer community in the years past. But I want to spearhead or be a part of changing that.”

― Zachary Levi

“I’m a big believer in the notion that our greatest potential lies in our darkest parts. To a certain extent it’s only in facing those parts of ourselves that we can truly grow, and I think that’s true of all of the characters I’ve played, certainly in the past few years.”

― Zachary Quinto

“As scientists, we keep an open mind, but we have to base our ideas about the past on archaeological evidence.”

― Zahi Hawass

“When you ghost hunt, you kind of time travel: you get that residue of the past.”

― Zak Bagans

“Too many people dwell on the past: the thing is to get on with life.”

― Zarin Mehta

“I’m a massive fan of Drake, and we walked right past him. He’s too cool to be clapping One Direction though.”

― Zayn Malik

“Anniversaries are like birthdays: occasions to celebrate and to think ahead, usually among friends with whom one shares not only the past but also the future.”

― Zbigniew Brzezinski

“The future is inherently full of discontinuities, and lessons of the past must be applied with enormous caution.”

― Zbigniew Brzezinski

“The mullahs are part of the past in Iran, not its future. But change in Iran will come through engagement, not through confrontation.”

― Zbigniew Brzezinski

“My mother’s proud of where she’s from, and her history, and her past, and same with my dad. I have roots in Africa. Like, I am from Africa as well as from Germany, and I am very proud of that.”

― Zendaya

“No matter the bad things that happened in past time, let’s try to live the best we can now.”

― Ziggy Marley

“It’s so weird, like, it’s not like Gamergate is the only bad thing to happen to me. I’ve been homeless before, I’ve had to come through other stuff. A profoundly abusive childhood, but at least that stuff feels like I got to move on from it, that stuff is in the past.”

― Zoe Quinn

“The present was an egg laid by the past that had the future inside its shell.”

― Zora Neale Hurston
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