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“He who indulges in falsehood will find the paths of paradise shut to him.”

― Abu Bakr

“Getting married and starting a family has been a lifelong goal and one that I have persevered through different paths up to it!”

― Alanis Morissette

“I’m a Twitter addict. Jose Andres is a serial tweeter. It’s funny to see which chefs have embraced it, and the different paths they take.”

― Anthony Bourdain

“Travelers, there is no path, paths are made by walking.”

― Antonio Machado

“A national security letter cannot be used to authorize eavesdropping or to read the contents of e-mail. But it does permit investigators to trace revealing paths through the private affairs of a modern digital citizen.”

― Barton Gellman

“I love hiking in Iceland most, there are lots of brilliant paths.”

― Bjork

“All along the untrodden paths of the future, I can see the footprints of an unseen hand.”

― Boyle Roche

“All paths are the same, leading nowhere. Therefore, pick a path with heart!”

― Carlos Castaneda

“There are several paths one can take, but not every path is open to you.”

― Claire Bloom

“There are direct paths to a successful career. But there are plenty of indirect paths, too.”

― Clayton M. Christensen

“I am indeed willing to acknowledge what I have done, an error and presumption. I will call it an error and presumption because I swerved from the accustomed flowery paths of female delicacy.”

― Deborah Sampson

“Thus the races, though alike in their physical response to climate, may possibly be different in their mental response because they have approached America by different paths.”

― Ellsworth Huntington

“Since 1966, hundreds of books have been published that follow murderers along their paths of destruction. Every serial killer, it seems, now has a biographer or two.”

― Eric Schlosser

“There’s certain artists that are meant to have certain paths and go the way of the corporate world. And then there are artists who are artists.”

― Fantastic Negrito

“Broad paths are open to every endeavour, and a sympathetic recognition is assured to every one who consecrates his art to the divine services of a conviction of a consciousness.”

― Franz Liszt

“One of the writers I most admire is Hilary Mantel because in the middle of her career, she just changed paths entirely and became just a totally different novelist.”

― Hanya Yanagihara

“I could not tread these perilous paths in safety, if I did not keep a saving sense of humor.”

― Horatio Nelson

“Even now, we make no apologies for the choice we made. The sacrifices we made were selfless. The options we offered were patriotic while the paths we chose were well thought out.”

― Ibrahim Babangida

“There were two paths I was on: pre- and post-meeting my wife. I wanted to be an actor, but I didn’t have headshots until I met her.”

― Jake Johnson

“I’ve gone down several paths. I started school as an engineer, but underneath it all, I knew I wanted to use instruments, not build them.”

― Jidenna

“From where we lived, to practise in St Louis was an hour-and-a-half drive each way, so that took a lot of the time. So really, our lives just took different paths.”

― Jimmy Connors

“We want to empower artists and filmmakers to forge new paths.”

― Joe Russo

“It was only as I wrote about it that I began to find paths of access to feelings that were intolerable to me then.”

― Jonathan Lethem

“I’ve always been obsessed about how people choose – or are destined – for the paths they take.”

― Julie Salamon

“All equity categories, correctly calculated, create near-identical lifelong returns. They just get there via wildly differing paths.”

― Kenneth Fisher

“Abstraction and representation are supposed to be going down two very different paths, one sociological and the other aesthetic.”

― Kerry James Marshall

“I’ve never met Beckham, but I’d love to. I’m a massive fan of him. Hopefully we can cross paths and chat.”

― Kieran Trippier

“Voila, we’re all molded by our personal paths, which forge our sensibilities.”

― Marine Le Pen

“There are many paths but only one journey.”

― Naomi Judd

“Puerto Rico has two divergent paths forward. After a reasonable transition period, it could become a state. Or it can become a sovereign nation.”

― Pedro Pierluisi

“Critics! Those cut-throat bandits in the paths of fame.”

― Robert Burns

“With advances in technology come new in-demand career paths.”

― Tae Yoo

“Children should be led into the right paths, not by severity, but by persuasion.”

― Terence

“The paths of glory lead but to the grave.”

― Thomas Gray

“I’m partial to the Cornish coast, as it’s near where I grew up in Plymouth. The views across the water are stunning. I love walking along the sandy beaches and the seafront paths.”

― Tom Daley
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