Top 3 Paul Eluard Quotes of 2020

A Known Lyrical Poet, Paul Eluard

Paul Eluard is known for the surrealist poet in his era. He used to write such poetic contents that were appreciated by the large variety of poetry listeners. One of the best things that he discovered or you can say that he brought in their poetry is captivating verbal content. And they started becoming the most famous French poet. 

Paul Eluard
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Mr. poul eluard was born in a dazzling city situated in France. His father was an accountant after the Mr. Eluard was born. Within some years his family moved to Paris where he started going to the local school. He completed his schooling at the same school. Once he suffered TB which studying in school. 

Know a little bit about hit poems         

  • He wrote many poems of his time and most of them are performed as the plays as well. Many poems that he wrote a talk about suffering and sorrow. That touches the listeners’ hearts. One of the best parts of his poetry is that all of them are written in simple language. 
  • That could be understood by anyone. One story is very well known about him and that is the girl who he met first, encouraged him to be a poet. After that, he got confidence in writing good poems. 

You can observe the involvement of that girl in many verses of the poems written by him. Her nickname was Gala. She was a Russian girl. After that, he wrote very good poems which are read around the world. He has written      

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Best Paul Eluard Quotations List

“Hope raises no dust.”

― Paul Eluard

“Elephants are contagious.”

― Paul Eluard

“A woman is more beautiful than the world in which I live; and so I close my eyes.”

― Paul Eluard

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