Top 42 Paulo Dybala Quotes of 2020

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Dybala: Paulo Dybala made his professional debut for the Argentine club Instituto. “I always wanted to be a football player, I always loved this sport a lot and the truth is — and I’m sincere — I never thought that I would get here, to a club as important as Juventus, to play for the national team of my country, to play with the best players in the history of football.

Juventus: In 2015, he joined Juventus for an initial fee of 32 million and has since made over 100 appearances for the club, winning the double of Serie A and Coppa Italia in his first three seasons, as well as two more consecutive league titles, and two Supercoppa Italiana title

Inter: Dybala made his senior Inter national debut for Argentina in 2015 and was chosen for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the 2019 Copa America , helping his nation to win a bronze medal in the latter tournament.

Serie: He played three seasons for Palermo, two in Serie A, and one Serie B in 201314.
Argentina: At the age of just 17, he made his professional debut for the club in Argentina ‘s unforgiving second division.

Champions League: His first UEFA Champions League goal in a 22 home draw to Bayern Munich in Juventus’ first round of 16 leg.

Juventus has put Paolo Dybala, who was voted as Italy’s best player last season, up for sale, according to 90 Minutes.

Paulo Dybala Quotes

“God gives us a gift, but then that gift has to be worked.”― Paulo Dybala

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“I’m the kind of player who is never satisfied on the pitch. If I score twice, I’m already thinking about getting a third one.”― Paulo Dybala

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“In football, you always have the chance for revancha.”― Paulo Dybala

“You learn more from the negative things.”― Paulo Dybala

“People should know that I am Dybala, and I want to continue to be so. I understand the comparisons and expectations on me from the Argentines, but I don’t want to be the new Messi or the Messi of the future.”― Paulo Dybala

“There are some big teams out there who don’t play in Champions League, but I can’t deny that I’d love to play in Europe’s most prestigious competition.”― Paulo Dybala

“I practice as if I’m one of the starters.”― Paulo Dybala

“I’m a forward, and I dream of a goal in the World Cup, pushing it, kicking it from outside the box, wherever. I dream of scoring at a World Cup.”― Paulo Dybala

“I love Italy. This is the country that made me famous, and I would love to stay in Serie A.”― Paulo Dybala

“I am more of a support striker.”― Paulo Dybala

“If I get annoyed because I’m not in the headlines and don’t do well in training, I won’t do well if I have to go in. I’ve to be prepared because the World Cup isn’t easy.”― Paulo Dybala

“It’s really great that people are talking so much about me because it means that I’m doing things right.”― Paulo Dybala

“I made a really good start to my career, and there was a lot of speculation about where I’d end up going. Like I did then, I’m just trying to take this all in my stride and keep my feet on the ground.”― Paulo Dybala

“My dream is to play for Argentina because I feel Argentinian.”― Paulo Dybala

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“I do not throw myself down in the area, looking for a penalty, because I believe we should try to do things without being cursed and angry and without spitting on life.”― Paulo Dybala

“I exercise like crazy to have more sensitivity in my foot and more control.”― Paulo Dybala

“I saw that Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more than 360 goals because he has a great right foot, but a left foot just as powerful.”― Paulo Dybala

“In Italy, you must think faster than defenders. It is a tough school.”― Paulo Dybala

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“I’m lucky to play with Messi for the national team; I’ve learned many things. I can pick up a lot from him in terms of how he reads the play, how he thinks, how he sees the movement of his teammates. This will help me a lot for the future.”― Paulo Dybala

“I don’t speak English or French, but that doesn’t mean anything.”― Paulo Dybala

“To play in the Champions League is everyone’s dream, and I would like to do so. I won’t deny it.”― Paulo Dybala

“One penalty miss doesn’t change anything.”― Paulo Dybala

“I was asked to play for Italy, and I was very appreciative. I was 19, and I said, ‘No, thank you.’ It was very hard, but I am Argentinian, and it would have been deceit.”― Paulo Dybala

“When we have a ball at our feet, we footballers are delighted, but what happens behind the scenes is not always all that pretty.”― Paulo Dybala

“When you get to the level that I’m at, often you are a very lonely man.”― Paulo Dybala

“It can be hard, swapping jerseys when you are losing.”― Paulo Dybala

“Juventus is a great club.”― Paulo Dybala

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“It is very difficult to score goals in Italy.”― Paulo Dybala

“When I was a child, sitting in front of the campfire, I wished that I could win the Ballon d’Or.”― Paulo Dybala

“If you want to improve, you have to set high targets.”― Paulo Dybala

“My grandmother’s mother was from near Naples, so I love Italy, but I feel completely Argentinian.”― Paulo Dybala

“I learned how to defend the ball with my body and to be faster than my opponents.”― Paulo Dybala

“The day I heard Juventus were interested in me, my mind was made up.”― Paulo Dybala

“Playing for Juventus is something you dream about when you’re a kid.”― Paulo Dybala

“In Turin, I can walk through the streets of the city without any problems.”― Paulo Dybala

“I can learn a lot from Messi. Watching how he does things will help me a lot in future.”― Paulo Dybala

“Juventus rejected an offer from Barcelona for me. It was a big offer, and that means I’m an important player for the club, and I have to thank them for that.”― Paulo Dybala

“I’ve always just wanted to succeed in everything that I do, and I know that Juventus is the perfect place to be if you want to win things.”― Paulo Dybala

“It is a burden that people have expectations about me.”― Paulo Dybala

“Messi, there is only one, as there was only one Maradona. You cannot replace players like them.”― Paulo Dybala

“I’d love to play with Messi.”― Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala Sayings
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“I’ll miss everything about Palermo. The people always made me feel at home; it will be impossible to forget my experiences there. Palermo made me become a man.”― Paulo Dybala

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