Top 8 Payment Quotes

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“Every form of payment has some risk associated with it.”

― Frank Abagnale

“We really think of Bitcoin as a global, interoperable payment network instead of a store of value.”

― Jeremy Allaire

“Consumers expect a safe, convenient, and affordable globalised payment platform.”

― Lucy Peng

“Bitcoin as an asset class is brilliant, as a means of payment, fantastic.”

― Max Keiser

“The expansionary operations of the Second Bank of the United States, coupled with its laxity toward insisting on specie payment by the state banks, impelled a further inflationary expansion of state banks on top of the spectacular enlargement of the central bank. Thus, the number of incorporated state banks rose from 232 in 1816 to 338 in 1818.”

― Murray Rothbard

“The payment for sins can be delayed. But they can’t be avoided.”

― Shawn Ryan

“The payment for certain sins can be delayed. But they can’t be avoided.”

― Shawn Ryan

“There are many, many ways that we can obtain payment for the wall from our friends to the south.”

― Stephen Miller
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