Top 816 Plan Quotes

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“It was always part of the plan to move into acting.”

― Aaliyah

“During the season, I usually work out two or three times a week. I’ll do a full-body workout after games. I plan it out the day of.”

― Aaron Judge

“One cannot plan for the unexpected.”

― Aaron Klug

“We were able and we had a plan to launch nuclear test in 1984, but then President General Zia had opposed the move.”

― Abdul Qadeer Khan

“We have now recently launched the national integrity plan.”

― Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

“My plan was to be able to make a living as an actor.”

― Adam Driver

“My general plan is good, though in the detail there may be faults.”

― Adam Weishaupt

“A person without a shadow should keep out of the sun, that is the only safe and rational plan.”

― Adelbert von Chamisso

“I really don’t work to a plan, but I just do what interests me and what I like to do.”

― Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

“You don’t know what’s gonna happen, so you can’t really plan: you can only go with it.”

― Aja Naomi King

“The lesson is that, No. 1, this management has to be at the highest class possible. No. 2, they have to have a succession plan.”

― Al-Waleed bin Talal

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

― Alan Lakein

“I’ve never been able to plan my life. I just lurch from indecision to indecision.”

― Alan Rickman

“During one of the Apollo missions, I saw Walter Cronkite showing off the flight plan. It just mesmerized me. All this detail! That’s what I wanted.”

― Alan Stern

“I hate to plan my life.”

― Alessandro Michele

“We at HHS are working with President Trump on a comprehensive plan to bring down the high price of prescription drugs.”

― Alex Azar

“We can never fully plan our future, so don’t try.”

― Alex Smith

“More is not better. Better is better. You don’t need a bigger house; you need a different floor plan. You don’t need more stuff; you need stuff you’ll actually use.”

― Alex Steffen

“We’re providing planning to a huge audience who’s never had access to financial planners before. This was always my plan for LearnVest. It was in my very first pitch deck.”

― Alexa Von Tobel

“My plan was never to be an actor like my father.”

― Alexander Skarsgard

“I don’t really have a three-year plan or a five-year plan. I don’t know what’s next, and that’s what I find quite exciting. I dig it.”

― Alexander Skarsgard

“I didn’t plan to be a director until I was 35. For years I wanted to do anything but!”

― Alexandra Cassavetes

“I’m a bit multifaceted in the sense that I’ve got many more than one musical taste. If you think about it, I started out playing in a punk band and ended up doing electro-pop. That was more an accident than a plan.”

― Alison Moyet

“It’s difficult to maintain the six-pack abs. They demand a specific workout and diet plan. Even professional bodybuilders sport six-pack abs on and off.”

― Allu Arjun

“I am paid to play, and the coaches are paid to plan, and that is what they have to do.”

― Alun Wyn Jones

“Architect. One who drafts a plan of your house, and plans a draft of your money.”

― Ambrose Bierce

“Frustration is not a work plan.”

― Ami Ayalon

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”

― Anatole France

“Each university should have a Young Scholars’ Committee. I became the chairman of this Committee, and immediately it was permitted to have this plan officially adopted.”

― Anatoly Chubais

“When I was younger, I talked to the adults around me that I respected most about how they got where they were, and none of them plotted a course they could have predicted, so it seemed a waste of time to plan too long-term. Since then, I’ve always gone on my instincts.”

― Anderson Cooper

“The game plan might be different based on the opponent, but the approach is the same.”

― Andre Ward

“Our position is that we believe that Canada has to have a comprehensive plan to significantly reduce global emissions.”

― Andrew Scheer

“I had a very detailed retirement plan, and I feel like I’ve met every aspect of it: a lot of golf, a lot of carbs, a lot of fried food, and some booze, occasionally – I’ve been completely committed… The results have shown.”

― Andy Roddick

“We’re getting a very different kind of immigrant now, and it began as a specific plan to bring in lots of more Democratic voters, and it worked.”

― Ann Coulter

“We’re not the States of America; we’re the United States of America. If states don’t get what they need, we’re not going to have a successful plan, period.”

― Anna Eshoo

“I try to plan my day around not using my car.”

― Anna Getty

“I left Xerox for the non-profit sector because it was clear to me that only public/private partnerships can pull off a turnaround plan at the scale we need to tackle global poverty.”

― Anne M. Mulcahy

“Sometimes the greatest meals on vacations are the ones you find when Plan A falls through.”

― Anthony Bourdain

“It’s important to go into the grocery store with a plan and a list. But it’s a skeleton – you need to know how to deviate from it and adapt it to what ingredients are available and fresh.”

― Antoni Porowski

“We’re not a homogeneous party, anymore than the Republicans are. But we are a party that I think has a plan to take us forward.”

― Antonio Villaraigosa

“When I came to the industry in 2005, I didn’t make a plan for when I would get married. I just went with the flow.”

― Anushka Shetty

“Seven is a lucky number, so I plan to do a lot of lucky things with my seventh place title.”

― Anwar Robinson

“I never had a Plan B.”

― Arden Myrin

“I was more interested in journalism and fact-finding than other things, so I didn’t plan to work 30 years as a lawyer.”

― Ari Melber

“I am the last person who would divide Jerusalem. I have said this many times. I don’t plan to discuss any division of Jerusalem.”

― Ariel Sharon

“I like to plan. I like to see the future.”

― Arnel Pineda

“It seemed like my professional life would take a more scientific route. I guess that plan started to become undone when, at the age of 17, I happened upon a screening of Alain Resnais’ ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour,’ and it took my breath away.”

― Arnon Goldfinger

“Any plan of administration which contemplates a concentrating of responsibility is open to the dangers which follow the creation of a bureaucracy.”

― Arthur Capper

“I just try to do my best every at-bat. That’s what I plan to do.”

― Asdrubal Cabrera

“We don’t ever show up trying to plan who we play.”

― Ashlyn Harris

“I am a Netflix/DVR junkie. I don’t like to watch TV without a plan.”

― Aubrey Plaza

“We are using resources as if we had two planets, not one. There can be no ‘plan B’ because there is no ‘planet B.’”

― Ban Ki-moon

“Unlike my opponent, I will not let oil companies write this country’s energy plan, or endanger our coastlines, or collect another $4 billion in corporate welfare from our taxpayers.”

― Barack Obama

“I want to be very clear: I will not sign on to any health plan that adds to our deficits over the next decade.”

― Barack Obama

“Have a well-thought financial plan that is not dependent upon correctly guessing what will happen in the future.”

― Barry Ritholtz

“A well-designed 401(k) plan is an enormous competitive edge when recruiting and retaining employees.”

― Barry Ritholtz

“Since the day I got married, I never got to plan my birthday.”

― Barun Sobti

“I plan on headlining WrestleMania by WrestleMania 35.”

― Bayley

“I plan on staying at Alabama for the rest of my career. I guarantee that I’ll be here for you through it all, regardless of what happens.”

― Bear Bryant

“I don’t set up screenings. I can barely plan my kid’s birthday party.”

― Becky Albertalli

“I’ve never really had a plan. You never know what’s going to happen.”

― Ben Miller

“I don’t have a burning desire to be taken seriously as an actor. I don’t have a master plan in that way.”

― Ben Stiller

“I know God has a plan for me. I don’t know what it is.”

― Benjamin Watson

“This world – the Western world – has failed. We must have a plan B. We’re the plan B.”

― Beppe Grillo

“I was at the Smithsonian for twenty years, and I’m still at the Smithsonian as a curator emeritus, and I still plan to figure out what that means for me at this point in my life.”

― Bernice Johnson Reagon

“As Vermont’s senator and a member of the Budget Committee, I will not support a plan to reduce the deficit that does not call for shared sacrifice.”

― Bernie Sanders

“Mitt Romney’s energy policy is a relic of the 19th century. We need a 21st century plan. The fate of the planet is at stake.”

― Bernie Sanders

“As far as arrangements after the basic track is cut, if I’m writing a horn arrangement or playing strings, I might arrange that, plan that out. Other times, I’ll just sit and roll tape.”

― Bernie Worrell

“Just like my straight friends, I am repeatedly asked when I plan to have kids, and have been told many times, by various branches of my bloodline, that ‘even lesbians can have babies these days.’”

― Beth Ditto

“Every insurer must offer every individual a plan and ensure each patient with pre-existing conditions has access to ‘adequate and affordable health insurance coverage.’”

― Bill Cassidy

“I never wanted to leave the Smashing Pumpkins. That was never the plan.”

― Billy Corgan

“I plan on doing a lot more work on my own, and discovering and doing more.”

― Billy Sheehan

“We cannot allow Afghanistan to become again a haven for terrorists who inspire, plan and provide support for attacks like those of 11 September 2001, of 7 July 2005 in London, and more.”

― Bob Ainsworth

“I’s taken me a great deal to get here. I don’t plan on missing anything.”

― Bobby Bonilla

“Nearly everything I do is part of a master plan to make me the most important entertainer in the world.”

― Bobby Darin

“Q1 is the easiest quarter to make. If you miss your Q1, regardless of the type of revenue you have, you aren’t going to make your revenue plan for the year because your budget process isn’t accurate.”

― Brad Feld

“Uber, and Airbnb to a different extent, implemented the same battle plan. Bezos is an investor in both companies and, to some degree, has relationships with both CEOs. It is not a surprise that they are heirs to Amazon.”

― Brad Stone

“I don’t plan on slowing down. I’m going to keep steamrolling through everybody.”

― Braun Strowman

“Now I’m trying to work outside first person. I do plan to write more books.”

― Brent Runyon

“I oppose the president’s plan to privatize Social Security.”

― Brian Higgins

“What we need is my healthcare plan that makes premiums more affordable, lowers prescription drug costs, will help save our rural hospitals, and also, I do protect folks with pre-existing conditions.”

― Brian Kemp

“Bryan and I plan to use reusable diapers. There are a lot more options than before. We know it won’t be as convenient, but we want to do it to help the planet.”

― Brie Bella

“My job is to be OK without a precise plan.”

― Brooke Baldwin

“I don’t really plan anything in my life, to be honest. I just kind of go with it: whatever comes comes.”

― Brooklyn Beckham

“Any corporate policy and plan which is typical of the industry is doomed to mediocrity. Where this is not so, it should be possible to demonstrate that all other competitors are at a distinct disadvantage.”

― Bruce Henderson

“Elon just presented a plan for settling the solar system in this century that is realistic and affordable. In my paper, ‘A Pathway to a Thriving Commercial Space Economy’ at IAC, I also laid out a path forward to a growing economy in space that produces new opportunities for all.”

― Bruce Pittman

“I never had a long-term plan.”

― Bryan Adams

“You know, I stumble about what I’m going to do. I don’t plan. I’ve never had ambitions.”

― Bryan Brown

“My first plan of escape having failed, I now determined upon another.”

― Buffalo Bill

“The initial plan for Rooster Teeth is really different from the initial plan for the group, because we started as a group that was making one show: ‘Red vs. Blue.’”

― Burnie Burns

“We’re so used to financing things on our own that we always have a plan in place to sort of scale our ideas.”

― Burnie Burns

“I am not sure about Bill Nelson. I haven’t heard him say, ‘Let’s junk the NASA plan to send humans to the moon.’ He’s not about to say that. That would not be very popular.”

― Buzz Aldrin

“There is still need to think and plan, but on a different scale, and along different lines.”

― C. S. Forester

“Some of them, in accepting the proposed plan of government, coupled their acceptance with a recommendation of various additions to the Constitution, which they deemed essential to the preservation of the rights of the States, or of the People.”

― Caleb Cushing

“Don’t plan too hard, because something much better might be out there.”

― Candy Crowley

“I don’t know how I got out of some of the scrapes I was in. But I know that there’s some sort of plan.”

― Carlene Carter

“I don’t get time to hang out with my friends because every time I make a plan, my agent tells me I can’t go. I’m used to it.”

― Caroline Winberg

“With my He’s a 10 brand, I plan on donating to the disabled veterans that have given so much for our country.”

― Carolyn Aronson

“I didn’t plan to write YA – I had a story that simply wasn’t working as a straight-up fantasy novel.”

― Carrie Vaughn

“I didn’t really have a plan of attack when I got in college.”

― Carrot Top

“Some directors I worked with didn’t even know how to read a blueprint, understand a plan.”

― Catherine Hardwicke

“The World Trade Center was for me not only out of scale vertically, but it was also out of scale in plan. It occupied several blocks that were all massed together.”

― Cesar Pelli

“I’ve competitively boxed. It’s definitely Plan B for me, but I know how to box.”

― Chael Sonnen

“The issue of access to growth capital is common to all entrepreneurs. Any entrepreneur who can demonstrate a credible business model and plan would be able to access to capital.”

― Chanda Kochhar

“I’m not the sort of writer who can plan out things. Mostly I have no idea where I’m going.”

― Chang-Rae Lee

“The most incredible businesses are started by entrepreneurs who relentlessly pursue their passion, but passion works best with a thoughtful, ambitious-yet-grounded business plan.”

― Charles Best

“American workers need a common-sense plan to make small businesses and entrepreneurs competitive again – not simply more government spending.”

― Charles Boustany

“Thinking of Plan B muddies up your chances of succeeding at Plan A.”

― Charlie Day

“My plan is to work on a master’s in philosophy.”

― Charlie Trotter

“When I was in the Maine Senate and proposed Maine RX – a plan to lower prescription drug costs by forcing the pharmaceutical companies to negotiate – I was told by many people that it was too big an idea, and we couldn’t overcome opposition from the drug companies.”

― Chellie Pingree

“If you’re looking at people like Patrice Lumumba, you are looking at people who had a very definite plan, and events overran them.”

― Chiwetel Ejiofor

“When you’re doing something you’re truly passionate about, there is no plan B.”

― Chris Gardner

“Everybody got a dream. What’s the plan?”

― Chris Gardner

“While I have strongly and consistently supported the Clean Power Plan, and continue to do so, I cannot and will not support a proposal for a cap-and-trade system.”

― Chris Gibson

“Kai was always dead and gone. That was always the plan. That was the plan when I signed on for the role. That was the plan once I was talking to Julie when the role was coming to a close. It was always, ‘He dies and is actually gone.’”

― Chris Wood

“When I’m home, I like to plan out all of my workout routines and all of my eating for the whole week.”

― Christen Press

“Planning a career, I always find that such a tricky thing, because I don’t have much of a plan, really.”

― Christian Bale

“The method of the enterprising is to plan with audacity and execute with vigor.”

― Christian Nestell Bovee

“Of course I always dream big, but I don’t put a plan out for myself.”

― Christian Pulisic

“Modelling was never in my plan. Never.”

― Christie Brinkley

“I just write what comes along. I don’t have a detailed master plan.”

― Christopher Buckley

“I’m not saying my idea is the one and only idea. We should have other ideas, but the president has not laid down a specific plan as to how he’s going to get us to solvency. I do that.”

― Chuck Hagel

“Always have a plan, and believe in it. Nothing happens by accident.”

― Chuck Knox

“I actually have two songs I did with Nicki Minaj. We didn’t even plan on doing it that way, but it was an organic connection and just a really solid connection she and I had musically.”

― Ciara

“I guess I stopped acting when I was 18 and didn’t pick it up again until I was 21. That wasn’t the plan, though. When I first started at Yale, the plan was to do a movie each summer.”

― Claire Danes

“It seems to me, thinking of it, that there must be some universal plan which set in motion the orbiting of the electrons about the nucleus and the slower, more majestic orbit of the galaxies about one another to the very edge of space.”

― Clifford D. Simak

“I don’t have a career plan. I’m not strategic enough.”

― Clotilde Hesme

“Actually, I didn’t plan to be an actor.”

― Coco Martin

“I’ve got a long-term plan.”

― Colin Hay

“Hats off to Julian and Johnny, the producers, for sticking to their guns with the five-season story arc of ‘Merlin’. It would have been too easy to give in to demand and stretch the show on beyond their original plan because of its incredible success.”

― Colin Morgan

“No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”

― Colin Powell

“Republicans have called for a National African-American Museum. The plan is being held up by finding a location that isn’t in their neighborhood.”

― Conan O’Brien

“And I plan to write a sequel to Dragon Rider.”

― Cornelia Funke

“Leaving ‘NCIS’ was not planned, so there is no plan. If I were panicking now, it would defeat the purpose.”

― Cote de Pablo

“I learned real fast that you need to have a plan of action when changing diapers, or it can get dicey fast.”

― Coy Bowles

“Everybody has a game plan, but the plan changes after the first punch.”

― Cris Cyborg

“Without a plan, there’s no attack. Without attack, no victory.”

― Curtis Armstrong

“I used to change things in my early paintings to get the nuance or feeling I wanted, but now I plan everything in my head before I do it.”

― Cy Twombly

“It’s hard for me to come up with a plan and hold my players accountable until I self-evaluate and hold myself accountable.”

― Dabo Swinney

“Al Gore may think Medicare is at a crossroads, but his plan puts it on a highway to bankruptcy.”

― Dan Bartlett

“More than 70 percent of seniors are asking for more time. It is long overdue for Congress to listen and make sure that seniors have a prescription drug plan that works for them.”

― Dan Lipinski

“Wishing, hoping, and dreaming without an action plan – is nothing more than a pipe dream!”

― Dan Pena

“Before I go up against the best forwards in the world – Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar – I study their strengths and weaknesses like an obsession, and then I plan how I am going to attack. My goal is to show the world that Dani Alves is on the same level.”

― Dani Alves

“Nixon did have a secret plan, and I knew that it involved making threats of nuclear war to North Vietnam.”

― Daniel Ellsberg

“But I think it’s very key that there’s a plan for Haiti. And we have to begin to – as progressives and people who are concerned about Haiti and have been concerned about Haiti, we have to begin to build some sort of consensus, a movement around the Haiti that the Haitians envision.”

― Danny Glover

“A ‘diet’ is simply an individual’s eating regimen: it doesn’t have to mean the restrictive plan we’ve come to associate this word with.”

― Daphne Oz

“I plan to make records as long as people wanna keep listening to them.”

― Darius Rucker

“I plan my life in 15-minute sections.”

― Dave Pelzer

“If all opposition were curtailed, if all maladies were removed, then the primary purposes of the Father’s plan would be frustrated.”

― David A. Bednar

“I didn’t have any agenda or plan when I started writing stuff.”

― David Byrne

“The key is for the audience never to know, so I have a plan B for every illusion.”

― David Copperfield

“I don’t have a moral plan, I’m a Canadian.”

― David Cronenberg

“Chemistry is not anything an executive producer or writer can orchestrate or plan; you just hope for it.”

― David E. Kelley

“Their plan is to return the entire world – not just the Middle East – to the days of the caliphate and either convert all of us so-called infidels into born-again Islamic believers or kill us.”

― David Hackworth

“It’s always my plan to knock out my opponents.”

― David Haye

“It’s often my opponent’s plan to take me into the later rounds, but the amount of damage that has accumulated on them means they don’t hear the final bell.”

― David Haye

“You must plan to be spontaneous.”

― David Hockney

“If you’re not paying for it through the health plan, you pay for it in the emergency room.”

― David Lehman

“I’m no good at down-time. I panic slightly and then plan a project or set up a meeting about starting a project.”

― David Morrissey

“I hope the Guggenheim plan will be revived.”

― David Rockefeller

“Koresh believed that God had a plan that would go contrary to any human planning.”

― David Thibodeau

“I love Boston, and at some point, my plan is to have a home back there.”

― David Walton

“I have a sort of long-term plan to direct. I’m pragmatic about it. I realize I don’t need to rush it or force it.”

― David Wenham

“We don’t know what we’re doing. We don’t have a plan. We don’t sit down and calculate it.”

― Dean Ween

“President Obama is closing the prescription drug doughnut hole. He strengthened Medicare! He extended the life of the program by eight years. And what Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan won’t admit is that their plan would require current seniors to pay, on average, $600 more each year for prescription drugs.”

― Debbie Wasserman Schultz

“The Romney-Ryan plan would replace the guarantee of Medicare with a voucher that wouldn’t keep up with costs. Congressman Ryan says that he wants Medicare to be around for his grandkids. Well, if that’s the case, he had better vote for Barack Obama!”

― Debbie Wasserman Schultz

“The scripture is God’s plan on how we are to live our lives here and what we are to do to have eternal life.”

― Deborah Norville

“Without a doubt, the plan was always to stay at West Ham.”

― Declan Rice

“Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.”

― Denis Waitley

“People need to be in charge of their development plan. They need to seek out their sponsors and their mentors and be very strategic.”

― Denise Morrison

“The White House looked into a plan that would allow illegal immigrants to stay in the United States. The plan called for a million Mexicans to marry a million of our ugliest citizens.”

― Dennis Miller

“In my early teen years, I wanted to become a vet. That was my plan. I worked as a veterinarian’s assistant for a couple of summers.”

― Dennis Quaid

“Any editing, software work, and mail is done in this exported Plan 9.”

― Dennis Ritchie

“A new release of Plan 9 happened in June, and at about the same time a new release of the Inferno system, which began here, was announced by Vita Nuova.”

― Dennis Ritchie

“Motion picture making is a very, very involved affair. It is completely my baby. I’m a thorough professional. I plan films right from the conception of an idea to its final execution.”

― Dev Anand

“I’ve always had a plan. Even since, maybe, 12 years old. Really.”

― Devon Cajuste

“I don’t plan the books ahead of time. It’s not like Harry Potter. I don’t work in a straight line. I don’t write with an outline.”

― Diana Gabaldon

“Did we ever plan on being billionaires? No, but we wanted to be millionaires.”

― Diane Hendricks

“The plan was criticized by some retired military officers embedded in TV studios. But with every advance by our coalition forces, the wisdom of that plan becomes more apparent.”

― Dick Cheney

“Not only can you not plan the impact you’re going to have, you often won’t recognize it even while you’re having it.”

― Dick Costolo

“Progressives should be willing to talk about ways to ensure the long-term viability of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, but those conversations should not be part of a plan to avert the fiscal cliff.”

― Dick Durbin

“Here’s the truth. Your teens and twenties are your Plan A. At 50, you’re assessing whether Plan B or Plan C or any of the other plans you hatched actually worked. Your sixties and seventies, they’re an improvisation.”

― Dick Van Dyke

“I’ve had some shows where I really plan out what I’m going to say. Then I’ve had other shows where I’m like, ‘Take a sip of the Ole Smoky Moonshine and just let it be natural and cross your fingers that you say the right things.’”

― Dierks Bentley

“Every seven years, I sit down and make a whole new plan.”

― Dolly Parton

“I was always interested in midwifery; it was my plan B.”

― Domino Kirke

“May the days be aimless. Do not advance action according to a plan.”

― Don DeLillo

“I plan to die at my desk.”

― Don Hewitt

“I never know what’s going to happen in a novel. I don’t have a plan or an outline.”

― Donna Leon

“Unhappiness is something we are never taught about; we are taught to expect happiness, but never a Plan B to use to use when the happiness doesn’t arrive.”

― Douglas Coupland

“It feels as if ever since the iPhone was released, the Macintosh computer has become just another leverage point in this other operating system’s marketing plan.”

― Douglas Rushkoff

“I’m opinionated. I always stick to my design plan. I don’t waver.”

― Douglas Wilson

“You do get certain publications in the States where, if things don’t go according to plan, they flip the story and it becomes very negative.”

― Drake

“I plan on taking athletics as far as I can.”

― Dwayne Johnson

“I wanted to star in a western opposite Robert Redford. That was my plan for my life.”

― Dyan Cannon

“The thing about politics is to plan 10 years ahead, and assume every year is your last.”

― Ed Balls

“If there is a God, his plan is very similar to someone not having a plan.”

― Eddie Izzard

“When you’re struggling to get a feature film off the ground, there’s no big overarching tenure plan or anything like that.”

― Edgar Wright

“You can never plan the future by the past.”

― Edmund Burke

“I don’t plan to return. I have a lot of unresolved things to do.”

― Eduard Shevardnadze

“No water equals no life. We can have no oil; it’s fine. No water – there is no plan b with no water.”

― Edward Burtynsky

“Abby Johnson has agreed to become Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity, reflecting a further step forward in our leadership succession plan. Abby will retain her role of President, and I will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board.”

― Edward Johnson, III

“Fidelity does have a succession plan in place to ensure a smooth transition.”

― Edward Johnson, III

“In the course of his ongoing crusade for Medicaid expansion, Ohio governor John Kasich has suggested that Ronald Reagan, Saint Peter, and God Himself all would support his plan to accept Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.”

― Edwin Meese

“Startling as the Gospel of Judas sounds, it amplifies hints we have long read in the Gospels of Mark and John that Jesus knew and even instigated the events of his passion, seeing them as part of a divine plan.”

― Elaine Pagels

“I’ve been on every type of nutrition plan you can think of.”

― Elana Meyers

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

“It usually takes about a year to write each book. I don’t plan it that way. I don’t set deadlines. If a book wants to take longer, it can.”

― Elizabeth Berg

“I just thought Harvard sounded great. So let’s see if I get in. I didn’t really have a big back-up plan.”

― Elizabeth Esty

“I never actually plan sequels. They demand to be done.”

― Ellen Hopkins

“You can’t have an organised life and a five year plan and be an actor.”

― Emily Atack

“I’m not someone who likes to plan too much ahead.”

― Emily Blunt

“In inquiring concerning the benefits of the plan proposed, I shall proceed upon the supposition that female seminaries will be patronized throughout our country.”

― Emma Willard

“I plan to open Mexico’s energy sector to national and foreign private investment.”

― Enrique Pena Nieto

“We have a plan that creates universal access programs at the state level which allows folks to access insurance if they’re denied by their insurer.”

― Eric Cantor

“I’m a goal setter, but in broad strokes. I don’t have a by-October-2009-I-want-to-be-here plan. All I do is work with an element of challenge and an element of enjoyment. With that, anything can happen.”

― Eric Dane

“I didn’t plan on going to college, at least not a full-time schedule. I still have that plan. I may take some individual classes at some point as an indulgence.”

― Erika Christensen

“I did not plan to make the Cube.”

― Erno Rubik

“I did not plan… the Cube as a competitive item.”

― Erno Rubik

“Romney said that his tax reform proposal is ‘very similar to the Simpson-Bowles plan.’ How I wish it were.”

― Erskine Bowles

“Jazz has always been a melting pot of influences and I plan to incorporate them all.”

― Esperanza Spalding

“Do not plan for ventures before finishing what’s at hand.”

― Euripides

“We only have a Plan A. The acceptance and full implementation of the existing plan, the so-called Plan A, is the best solution for Greece, for the euro zone and also for creditors and holders.”

― Evangelos Venizelos

“I felt a sense of fulfillment that an action plan, which I’d laid on the table on the 2nd of February 1990, had been fulfilled, had been properly implemented within the time frame which I envisaged.”

― F. W. de Klerk

“I’m anything but a small-town girl. I have big, big dreams, and I plan on making them happen.”

― Farrah Abraham

“The only reason that it takes me seven years to do stuff is because I just don’t really have a plan.”

― Fiona Apple

“I didn’t sit outside the bank and plan. I just went in and ad libbed because I was so young. But I was smart enough to know I would absolutely get caught.”

― Frank Abagnale

“If I knew where I was going, I wouldn’t do it. When I can predict or plan it, I don’t do it.”

― Frank Gehry

“To look at the cross-section of any plan of a big city is to look at something like the section of a fibrous tumor.”

― Frank Lloyd Wright

“I plan to be running as long as I can and have no plans to stop.”

― Frank Shorter

“I’ve always been a strategy kind of guy. I like laying things out and having a plan. Maybe not always a plan, but an approach and a vibe.”

― Frankie Ballard

“The European Union should come up with a solid plan to help especially Poland and Slovakia make this transition away from coal.”

― Frans Timmermans

“There is a coherent plan in the universe, though I don’t know what it’s a plan for.”

― Fred Hoyle

“In the past, my success has come with sticking to one plan. That usually works. Obviously it’s going to falter, and I’m going to go into slumps here and there, but stick with the plan, and hopefully it will come out successful more times than not.”

― Freddie Freeman

“I don’t ever really plan my sets. I just get out there and feel the energy of the crowd.”

― Freddie Gibbs

“Plan B is a plan to fail. You should always give 110% to what you plan to do for plan A.”

― Freya Tingley

“When I was younger, Big Bang didn’t go on many variety programs, so we used to try and plan many fun events for our concert, like drama parodies, which Korean fans enjoyed.”

― G-Dragon

“I’m just doing the only thing I know how to do. There was never a plan B.”

― G-Eazy

“Labels fund things and have resources for you to use. But just because you sign doesn’t mean you sign yourself away so they can then tell you what to do. You need to have a plan yourself before they do.”

― Gabrielle Aplin

“I write songs, and I sing them. I never formulated a plan; I can’t tell anyone else how to do this. But it feels right, so I just kind of enjoy it and get on with it.”

― Gabrielle Aplin

“Back in 1968, when I was 30, my entire life blew up. I had a life plan, and it collapsed for no rational reason.”

― Gail Sheehy

“At the beginning of the week, I roast a ton of vegetables so I can use them for the next few days. I also plan out meals in advance.”

― Gail Simmons

“I’m not one to plan, but I’m always positive about things.”

― Gareth Barry

“Now, I just made an animated movie a few years ago, ‘The Tale of Desperaux’, and that had twelve hundred shots in it. Twelve hundred CG shots is a pretty big plan.”

― Gary Ross

“I’ve always had a plan for my music career.”

― Gavin Creel

“Part of my plan was not only to introduce all useful animals that I possibly could into this part of Australia, but also the most valuable plants of every description.”

― George Grey

“I would not plan to base my campaign primarily on opposition to the war in the Persian Gulf.”

― George McGovern

“Our long-term economic plan is all about creating jobs and the economic security that comes with that.”

― George Osborne

“We plan absentee ownership as far as running the Yankees is concerned.”

― George Steinbrenner

“I don’t have a real plan when I do an interview. I have some themes that I want to hit. But I don’t have a set list of questions that I knock off.”

― George Stroumboulopoulos

“Consciousness allows you the capacity to plan.”

― Gerald Edelman

“We were so shocked by how fast that war went that President Bush did not have a plan, a peace plan.”

― Geraldine Ferraro

“Barcelona is my life, and I do not plan to leave.”

― Gerard Pique

“I’ve been head of strategy at IBM and together with my colleagues built our five-year plan. My priorities are going to be to continue to execute on that.”

― Ginni Rometty

“And the Marshall Plan, to us, meant a general who had turned into a secretary of state, and that the secretary of state saw the necessity of the reconstruction of these European countries that had suffered so heavily.”

― Giovanni Agnelli

“There is a bigger plan for us. There is some reason we haven’t had a kid. Our kid hasn’t come yet for some reason. We really believe that.”

― Giuliana Rancic

“President Obama has ignored or dismissed proposals that would address our anti-competitive tax code and unsustainable trajectory of federal debt – including his own bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform – and submitted no plan for entitlement reform.”

― Glenn Hubbard

“I think Governor Romney has a two-part budget plan that very much levels with voters far more so than any candidate in my lifetime.”

― Glenn Hubbard

“In 2005 we have a once in a generation opportunity to deliver a modern Marshall plan for the developing world.”

― Gordon Brown

“We are still waiting for the president to introduce a concrete plan. He has just hinted at what he is thinking about doing, but no one has seen a proposal.”

― Grace Napolitano

“I’m not going to be here forever. I don’t plan on going anywhere, but I don’t know anybody for whom death is an exception.”

― Greg Boyle

“I don’t have any structured grand plan; I just intend to keep writing about the things that interest me-some of which change, some of which don’t.”

― Greg Egan

“After Plan Colombia came the Colombian Free Trade Agreement. Hillary Clinton opposed the treaty when she was running against Barack Obama in 2008 but then supported it as secretary of state.”

― Greg Grandin

“In 2000, just before leaving the White House, Clinton ratcheted up military aid to Colombia. Plan Colombia, as the assistance program was called, provided billions of dollars to what was, and remains, the most repressive government in the hemisphere.”

― Greg Grandin

“I like to write from scratch most of the time, but I like to have a backup plan just in case.”

― Greg Kurstin

“I did not come to Washington to raise the electricity rates by as much as $40 per month as this plan would do.”

― Greg Walden

“I’ve never had a plan, I’ve always done things from instinct.”

― Greta Gerwig

“It’s not like I have a master plan or anything.”

― Gretchen Mol

“We plan to pick up another five seats in the Senate and hold the House through redistricting through 2012. And rather than negotiate with the teachers’ unions and the trial lawyers and the various leftist interest groups, we intend to break them.”

― Grover Norquist

“TV now, you have to plan it: you structure it for binge watching, meaning you structure the whole season like a three-act play. You have a first act – the first third of the season – second act is the middle third, and you structure it like that.”

― Guillermo del Toro

“Most venture capitalists won’t read a business plan unless the entrepreneur is introduced to them by a contact.”

― Guy Kawasaki

“I like to think that we’ve got a plan, so let’s stick to it. That said, once we’ve stuck to it, we’re allowed as much improvisation as anyone cares to indulge themselves in.”

― Guy Ritchie

“I wanted so badly to have a backup plan for when I’m not performing anymore. Let’s be realistic: it’s not going to be like this forever.”

― Gwen Stefani

“You can’t plan anything, right? You can try.”

― Gwen Stefani

“Documentaries sometimes can be shot over 10 years. You plan to stop in two, but you still gotta catch more.”

― Gza

“I had this grand plan for writing the history of the United States in six volumes. This was in the mid-1990s; I was fairly young and very ambitious. I pitched it to a publisher, who just laughed at me.”

― H. W. Brands

“To be honest, football is my main goal. I never really had a backup plan.”

― Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

“After student years of flat-sharing and living with other people’s taste, I went into decorating overdrive when I acquired my first apartment – its floor plan not much bigger than the vintage Hermes scarves I then wore side-knotted on my head, pirate-style.”

― Hamish Bowles

“The batsman does not always need to create big hits. He can hit a boundary, then pick up some singles and still gets nine runs. To avoid that, I need to plan in a way where he must look to hit wherever there is a fielder. That is what is called ‘bowling to the field.’”

― Harbhajan Singh

“I firmly believe that as voters come to learn more and more about John Kerry and learn more and more about his message that they’re going to want a President who is willing to address the fact that we didn’t have a post-war plan in Iraq.”

― Harold Ford, Jr.

“When I start to write, I don’t have any plan at all. I just wait for the story to come.”

― Haruki Murakami

“We have all examined our past critically and are very much aware of even the unpleasant things. Now, we need to look at what we plan to do with the lessons we have learned from the past.”

― Heinz Fischer

“Kagoshima is the first step in our plan to develop increased scheduled air links between Hong Kong and Japan, especially the southern islands of Kyushu and Okinawa.”

― Helmut Sohmen

“There are players who tend not to look at the money short-term: they have a bigger plan.”

― Henrik Larsson

“I like to go full bore into something. If you have a backup plan, then you’ve already admitted defeat.”

― Henry Cavill

“Americans are a can-do people, an enthusiastic people, a problem-solving people. And when given a direction and given a plan, they’ll sign on.”

― Henry Cisneros

“In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move.”

― Henry Rollins

“I plan to be a part of Haiti’s reconstruction and future.”

― Henry Rollins

“Just because you don’t announce your plan doesn’t mean you don’t have one.”

― Herb Kelleher

“The 9-9-9 plan would resuscitate this economy because it replaces the outdated tax code that allows politicians to pick winners and losers, and to provide favors in the form of tax breaks, special exemptions and loopholes. It simplifies the code dramatically: 9% business flat tax, 9% personal flat tax, 9% sales tax.”

― Herman Cain

“The man who has planned badly, if fortune is on his side, may have had a stroke of luck; but his plan was a bad one nonetheless.”

― Herodotus

“He fashions evil for himself who does evil to another, and an evil plan does mischief to the planner.”

― Hesiod

“The aim and the idea of the Four Year Plan were and remain entirely correct and necessary!”

― Hjalmar Schacht

“I’m anti-drugs, 100 percent. I don’t like drugs or alcohol. I never did either of the two, and I don’t plan on it.”

― Hopsin

“Great effort is required to arrest decay and restore vigor. One must exercise proper deliberation, plan carefully before making a move, and be alert in guarding against relapse following a renaissance.”

― Horace

“I do a lot of planning and plotting. That’s my greatest weakness. If I’m not terribly careful, I’ll plan to a point where it could come out cut and dried.”

― Hume Cronyn

“My plan was to model and pay the rent and then intern with designers and work on the other side of the industry however I could, but then it just got to be too much, especially with casting, fashion week, and also working for a fashion designer.”

― Hunter Schafer

“It’s about discipline. It’s about following instructions. It’s about the execution of the plan. That’s what sport is.”

― Ian Millar

“I’ve been entertaining men with my comedy for many, many years, and I don’t plan on stopping.”

― Iliza Shlesinger

“I have no big career plan. It is better for me that way.”

― Imelda May

“Not every brand needs to be on every social platform. Brands should have a very strategic objective, whether it’s marketing or commercial. The biggest mistake a brand can make is to be on a social platform without a plan or the resources to manage it.”

― Imran Amed

“I don’t plan anything – I just let myself go with the flow.”

― J Balvin

“I don’t think I ever thought of growing up to be anything other than a musician. There really wasn’t a plan B. Well, a kind of a distant plan B was to be a Formula One driver, but there really wasn’t an entry point.”

― J. D. Souther

“Push-ups, sit-ups, and a strict diet of raisins. That’s my plan.”

― Jack Black

“In the early 2009, a campaign plan developed by Petraeus and General McChrystal to defeat the Taliban, they required a minimum force of 40,000. President Obama rejected that recommendation and provided 25 percent less. He also decided he would pull the force out in 12 to 15 months.”

― Jack Keane

“I was never one to sit down and write a plan for my future.”

― Jack Kilmer

“I would not be opposed to devising a new system of pensions, in which one part was based on collective provision, but which also gave incentives for people to take out an additional, personal plan.”

― Jacques Delors

“What I have tried to show is that the scientific attitude implies what I call the postulate of objectivity – that is to say, the fundamental postulate that there is no plan, that there is no intention in the universe.”

― Jacques Monod

“At 3 years old, I was telling people that I was going to be a star. I never had a plan B. And I’ve never compromised my integrity to get what I have.”

― Jada Pinkett Smith

“It is not predictions but plans that make the future. If you want predictions, it is because you do not have the ability to make a plan and fulfill it.”

― Jaggi Vasudev

“It wasn’t my plan to create such a record. All I did was put in the effort to win every match I played and it went on for weeks, months and years until my defeat to Ross Norman in Toulouse in 1986.”

― Jahangir Khan

“The Tom Strong thing was totally for the money. I plan to get looser after I finish this Maggie saga.”

― Jaime Hernandez

“Nobody wants the expenditure of a lease on a factory which lasts 21 years. You can’t plan 21 years ahead.”

― James Dyson

“Self-control, openness, the ability to engage with others, to plan and to persist – these are the attributes that get people in the door and on the job, and lead to productive lives.”

― James Heckman

“Tyler Perry’s movies can double what they do domestically with the right plan for selling them around the world.”

― James Lassiter

“I had developed a specifically calculated plan to break the system of white supremacy. My theory was that since Mississippi was the place, this was the ultimate: Mississippi was the place you had to break it.”

― James Meredith

“The plan is to keep on putting out records until someone shows up and tells us to stop.”

― James Murphy

“Its success lies in the fact that it’s an insurance plan, not an investment plan or a welfare plan.”

― James Roosevelt

“The surest plan to make a man is, think him so.”

― James Russell Lowell

“From 1966 to 1970 I served as Chairman of the New Haven City Plan Commission.”

― James Tobin

“Plan Colombia was supposed to reduce Colombia’s cultivation and distribution of drugs by 50 percent, but 6 years and $4.7 billion later, the drug control results are meager at best.”

― Jan Schakowsky

“For my part, I plan to work out a fair and adequate redistribution of city services to all city neighborhoods.”

― Jane Byrne

“You can have a plan, but you have to be flexible. Every day is unpredictable, and you just have to go with the flow.”

― Jane Krakowski

“I didn’t plan on running for speaker, but I don’t see anyone else stepping up. I know I’m the underdog.”

― Jason Chaffetz

“Every time I make a plan, God laughs at me.”

― Jason Isaacs

“Whenever a plan works, it’s a good feeling.”

― Jasprit Bumrah

“I plan and I back myself in whichever situation I’m bowling.”

― Jasprit Bumrah

“The president’s economic plan doesn’t do enough to create new jobs and that has to be a national priority. While there are some signs the economy is improving, it is not translating into jobs.”

― Jay Rockefeller

“Pacing is not the sort of thing you can plan out beforehand, but you’re always aware of it as you write, because you need to make constant decisions.”

― Jean Hanff Korelitz

“Every week, as a staff, you put a plan together and put your players in position to make plays.”

― Jeff Fisher

“Democrats have no agenda, no plan for the future, and no sense of leadership.”

― Jeff Miller

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

― Jeff Rich

“Well, I made an announcement to my family at 8 that I wanted to be an actor, and I focused like a laser beam on it. I never had a fallback plan.”

― Jennifer Carpenter

“I hope that I’ll be able to have kids with a mate. But I don’t know if that’s in the plan.”

― Jennifer Grey

“I just don’t plan things. I live a month at a time.”

― Jennifer Jason Leigh

“I never plan a structure. I like surprises. I’m quite disciplined and sit at my desk every day and just write.”

― Jenny Downham

“I have always had a need for attention but didn’t plan to be a comic.”

― Jenny Eclair

“When there are things that don’t go according to plan, London will cope.”

― Jeremy Hunt

“There’s never any ability to plan a personal life.”

― Jerry Kleczka

“I don’t plan out my visits rigorously, but I do have a list of about 125 New York galleries, alternative spaces, museums, and so forth that I visit regularly. That’s the closest thing I have to a strategy: I go to a lot of places, many that artists don’t visit.”

― Jerry Saltz

“Banks introduced the installment plan. The disappearance of cash and the coming of the credit card changed the shape of life in the United States.”

― Jerzy Kosinski

“I think United always had a plan for me. They nurtured me.”

― Jesse Lingard

“I never thought I’d end up coaching. It wasn’t the plan.”

― Jill Ellis

“It has always been my plan not to serve more than two terms.”

― Jim DeMint

“Low-income seniors who choose to enroll in a drug discount plan will receive $600 of Federal assistance in 2004 and 2005 to further defray the costs of their medications.”

― Jim Gerlach

“Knowing who we are helps us plan for who we want to be and where we want to go.”

― Jim Gray

“Drawing on President Bush’s reform plan, which would allow citizens to transfer part of their Social Security contributions into personal accounts, an alteration of the current system is needed to make necessary change.”

― Jim Leach

“There is only one ‘retirement plan’ for terrorists.”

― Jim Mattis

“It never was my plan to get into television.”

― Jimmy Kimmel

“Most of us manage the fateful things that happen in our lives the best we can, certainly not to a Stalin-like 20-year plan.”

― Jo Brand

“In my view, it is only when civilians are protected that we will defeat ISIS, and until that is at the centre of our plan, I will remain an outspoken advocate for that cause.”

― Jo Cox

“I plan to stay in music. I plan to keep making records.”

― Joan Jett

“I now have a plan – I haven’t had a plan up until this year.”

― Joan Severance

“Obviously, South Africa is our most important market, but we are also gradually increasing our presence throughout East and West as well as North Africa. It is a continent with a lot of potential which we plan to tap into.”

― Jochen Zeitz

“The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is continually reviewing its safety plan for the 100-plus operating civilian nuclear reactors in the United States. And when those plants were put into operation, they were required to have double and triple redundant safety systems.”

― Joe Barton

“In point of fact, ‘Simpson-Bowles’ has become a symbol, or SimBowl, rather than an actual plan, political shorthand for the process of long-term deficit reduction.”

― Joe Klein

“I don’t plot, and I don’t plan. I like to be surprised like the reader.”

― Joe R. Lansdale

“When I’m in stage, I never plan, you know, ‘I’m going to do this.’ But of course, you have a concept what you’re going to do. But you don’t really plan it.”

― Joey Alexander

“Dull would be the man who should merely tolerate this plan of social industry. Weak would be the position of him who should take an apologetic tone in defending it, or present its claims in a merely negative way, by exposing the evils and perils of the socialistic plan.”

― John Bates Clark

“You can plan events, but if they go according to your plan they are not events.”

― John Berger

“Why don’t we stop the stimulus spending? There’s still about $400 billion or $500 billion of the stimulus plan that has not been spent. Why don’t we stop it? It’s not working.”

― John Boehner

“Occasionally, we are given a reminder of how precious a gift it is to understand the plan of salvation.”

― John Bytheway

“I always wondered if there was a purpose to the universe, if there was a plan, if there was some sort of organizing factor, hopefully that I played a role in.”

― John Green

“It would be rather naive to imagine that Oprah doesn’t have an Earth Evacuation Plan. You know Richard Branson does – his is in plain sight.”

― John Hodgman

“When I left Washington, we actually had a balanced budget and we paid down the most amount of the national debt in modern history and cut taxes and created jobs. And I was the chief architect of that plan in ’97.”

― John Kasich

“My belief is that the U.S. is looking at the world through a short-term lens of tariffs and elections, while China is looking at a 25-year plan of becoming the dominant global power.”

― John Layfield

“When I was a kid, I always dreamed about climbing mountains. I read every book about it. I formulated this plan to accomplish it.”

― John Layfield

“I really don’t storyboard unless it’s an action sequence of some kind, but I plan carefully.”

― John Lee Hancock

“The strategic plan to transform Valeant smartly focuses on rebuilding the company’s core franchises in ophthalmology, dermatology, and gastroenterology while simultaneously using the proceeds from the sale of non-core assets and operating cash flow to de-lever the company.”

― John Paulson

“I plan on being a friend, a good leader and a good governor over these next three years.”

― John Rowland

“I’m excited about seeing a bipartisan plan to reform education in the United States. The only other option is to protect the status quo and I really don’t think anybody wants to do that.”

― John Rowland

“When Obama gutted Medicare by taking $717 billion out of it, the Romney plan does not do that. The Ryan plan mimicked part of the Obama package there, the Romney plan does not. That’s a big difference.”

― John Sununu

“The nominee is Mitt Romney. Paul Ryan joins Mitt Romney. The budget plan, the approach on Medicare and all of that is going to be the Romney plan. What he has is a man as his number two who understands the details of budgets, who has demonstrated a willingness to take on tough issues.”

― John Sununu

“Punishing abuse in Iraq should not return the U.S. to Sept. 10, 2001, in the way it fights al Qaeda, while Osama bin Laden and his top lieutenants remain at large and continue to plan attacks.”

― John Yoo

“I am undefeated in Oklahoma, and that’s the thing; I plan on keeping it that way.”

― Johny Hendricks

“Novelists seem to fall into two distinct categories – those that plan and those that just see where it takes them. I am very much the former category.”

― Jojo Moyes

“When I plan ahead, I don’t just plan what I’m doing tomorrow. I also plan what I’m doing five years from now.”

― JoJo Siwa

“’Escape Plan’ did better in China than it did in the U.S.”

― Jon Feltheimer

“In football, we tried each week to come up with the best game plan for every opponent. Some were tougher than others.”

― Jon Gruden

“When you make a movie for a really low budget, it makes you really strict. You have to plan things down to the tiniest detail.”

― Jon Watts

“Seven daughters was never part of my plan.”

― Jonathan Franklin

“Discomfort is very much part of my master plan.”

― Jonathan Lethem

“Iraq continues to be an immense disaster, and the President has no apparent plan for getting our troops out.”

― Jose Serrano

“Since the days of Abraham many men of unusual intellect not only have diligently studied the divine plan, but have devoted their lives to having a part in making it known to others.”

― Joseph Franklin Rutherford

“So that a famine price is vague, and the plan subject to all the inconvenience now experienced.”

― Joseph Hume

“I don’t have a grand master plan, but I try to be thoughtful when I can and also silly. It’s part of the fun.”

― Josh Charles

“One thing I’ve learned about his business is this whole ‘plan thing’ – it doesn’t work.”

― Josh Charles

“Ten-year plan? No, three-year plan! I’m in a hurry.”

― Josh Schwartz

“We know not of the future and cannot plan for it much.”

― Joshua Chamberlain

“The master plan does not have a master plan. Television ultimately finds itself, and after it finds itself, it finds itself changing.”

― Joss Whedon

“But the fact that we had to devalue by 40% at once means that Malawians are feeling the shock, the impact of that huge devaluation and particularly rural people, the poor are the ones that are going to be most affected. That is why there is the austerity plan.”

― Joyce Banda

“When you plan something, it never works.”

― Juan Pablo Montoya

“I have a personal prosperity plan. I know where my money goes, and how I can spend it more fruitfully. A prosperity plan is something fluid that may alter month to month.”

― Julia Cameron

“To me, what I believe is that everybody should have the ability to enroll in Medicare. If somebody wants a supplemental plan or a private plan, then I believe they should be able to do that as well.”

― Julian Castro

“In my plan, I call for breaking up ICE and returning its enforcement functions to the Department of Justice.”

― Julian Castro

“When I was growing up, I was a huge San Francisco 49ers fan. The New England Patriots have a similar mold and plan to win a lot of games – reminiscent to that Bill Walsh era.”

― Julian Edelman

“Altman works in such an interesting way, letting things occur in the film even if he didn’t particularly plan them.”

― Julie Christie

“I’m always suspicious when a guy takes his date on a walk, because it reeks of poverty and an inability to plan.”

― Julie Klausner

“My game plan is always my punching.”

― Junior dos Santos

“I have a Plan B, Plan C, but my Plan A is working, so I’ll keep doing that.”

― Junior dos Santos

“Canadians need a plan for jobs and growth.”

― Justin Trudeau

“God has a plan for everybody’s life, so there was obviously a reason why He wanted me to go to Notre Dame. Everything happens for a reason.”

― Justin Tuck

“T20 may be fast, but still, you never plan for a T20 – the same way you don’t plan for the other formats.”

― K. L. Rahul

“Pursue your dreams but have a backup plan.”

― Kane

“I don’t want to go about offending people; that’s not my plan.”

― Karl Pilkington

“We must plan for freedom, and not only for security, if for no other reason than that only freedom can make security secure.”

― Karl Popper

“I’ve always known that Rio and Tokyo are my two Olympics. Now that Rio hasn’t gone to plan, Tokyo has to work, and I’m more motivated than ever.”

― Katarina Johnson-Thompson

“I don’t have a big career plan. I just like to see how things come out, and I just try to keep going in different directions.”

― Kate Beckinsale

“We need a more strategic, coordinated, statewide plan that identifies high-demand jobs or industries with a projected under-supply and offer training to get these Oregonians to work.”

― Kate Brown

“While I try to keep my fitness regimen consistent, during awards season, I’m especially conscious of what I’ll be wearing and plan my workouts accordingly.”

― Kate Hudson

“I would have wanted to be a rock star, a lead singer, if I wasn’t a model. I’d go touring in a bus with my band. In my next life, that’s the plan.”

― Kate Moss

“You just need a good plan and then a back-up plan!”

― Katherine Kelly

“A woman can plan when to have her family and how to support a family.”

― Kathleen Turner

“My plan is to govern as long as I can.”

― Kathleen Wynne

“I’ve never made a plan for my life. I have just taken whatever opportunities have come and been very genuine with them.”

― Katrina Kaif

“I’m up for re-election in 2014, and yes I do plan to run for re-election.”

― Kay Hagan

“Americans simply ask for, not just Democrats in the House but also the Senate has asked the President for a clear plan as it relates to dealing with the issue of Iraq and our troops and making sure that we can bring families together in the very near future.”

― Kendrick Meek

“I don’t really plan what comes out of my mouth, and that’s what makes most of my lyrics entertaining.”

― Kesha

“I plan on making a lot more records, and hopefully one of them will be Grammy worthy.”

― Kesha

“In addition to billions in new ‘stimulus’ spending that our country can’t afford, the Geithner plan also contains billions in tax increases on small and family-owned businesses while protecting the tax preferences of wealthy, multinational corporations.”

― Kevin McCarthy

“We have a tough schedule this summer, so I have to plan my schedule wisely if I want to be able to last throughout the season.”

― Kim Clijsters

“I take the bull by the horns and make a plan and go for it.”

― Kim Hawthorne

“God has his plan, and I’m just going along with it.”

― Kimberly Quinn

“For Trump, the story is everything. There is no real plan to defeat the villains that Trump tees up, of course.”

― Kristen Soltis Anderson

“I plan to take time out and read, learn, and absorb more about acting.”

― Kubra Sait

“The #MeToo movement is not about shaming people; it’s about what we plan to do now on to make things more liveable for our women.”

― Kubra Sait

“Dragons are basically our pipe-dreams of what birds would be if they still looked liked ancient dinosaurs but followed evolution’s flight plan.”

― Kyle Hill

“In writing a series of stories about the same characters, plan the whole series in advance in some detail, to avoid contradictions and inconsistencies.”

― L. Sprague de Camp

“I have begun to realize just how amazing God’s plan can be.”

― Lane Kiffin

“It’s not like I’m sitting at home coming up with some secret beauty plan.”

― Lara Stone

“There is no schedule. We are all volunteers, so we get it done when we get it done. Perl 5 still works fine, and we plan to take the right amount of time on Perl 6.”

― Larry Wall

“Actors need bricks to play with, and in fact we rejected all the improvised fragments we had made without a plan. Improvisation without a plan is like tennis without tennis balls.”

― Lars von Trier

“When I’m ready, I plan to adopt. I still believe in family.”

― LaToya Jackson

“I wanted to go to Jupiter. That was my plan from day one, and David Lynch gave me the ticket.”

― Laura Dern

“In terms of writing about horses, I fell backwards into that. I was intent on getting a Ph.D., becoming a professor, and writing on history but I got sick 14 years ago when I was 19. Getting sick derailed that plan completely.”

― Laura Hillenbrand

“I plan on working out for the first part of the day, because if I let my day get away from me, the workout is out the window!”

― Laura Leighton

“I wanted to be on stage. That was kind of my plan as an actress in the beginning.”

― Lauren Ambrose

“There’s not a business or a master plan as far as I’m concerned. I take it week by week, and I don’t think you ever expect to be able to do the next thing.”

― Lauren Conrad

“I definitely don’t ever plan on compromising, and if that means I’m rebellious, then so be it. I’m all for it.”

― Lauren Daigle

“I love when things don’t go to plan.”

― Lauren Gibbs

“I am very troubled by the tendency to define introverts by what they lack. Introversion is a preference, not a fallback plan.”

― Laurie Helgoe

“We can’t plan life. All we can do is be available for it.”

― Lauryn Hill

“I don’t plan an awful lot in life just as I don’t plan an awful lot in my fiction.”

― Lawrence Block

“President Obama always gives lip service to lowering the corporate tax rate, but he never specifies a particular rate or an overall plan.”

― Lawrence Kudlow

“The biggest flaw in the Trump economic plan is the tilt toward protectionism. I have parted company with him on this. The question here is whether his campaign bark will turn out to be bigger than his government-policy bite.”

― Lawrence Kudlow

“Many times I wondered if I were truly carrying out God’s plan for my life.”

― Lawrence Welk

“I plan to eliminate regulations that hinder domestic companies, particularly large conglomerates from investing in other companies.”

― Lee Myung-bak

“I plan to lower corporate taxes to create an environment that encourages companies to invest more.”

― Lee Myung-bak

“I plan to eliminate the equity cap in investment, and I also plan large-scale deregulation to meet global standards.”

― Lee Myung-bak

“Every thoughtful and kind-hearted person must regard with interest any device or plan which promises to enable at least the more intelligent, enterprising, and determined part of those who are not capitalists to cease to labor for hire.”

― Leland Stanford

“For most couples, the first event they plan together is their wedding.”

― Lenny Platt

“Plan the sale when you plan the ad.”

― Leo Burnett

“Oh, we don’t have a grandiose marketing plan. We sell products that work, that we like.”

― Leon Gorman

“I’m happy to have a job. I play a little, write a little, perform some. It’s not like it’s an engineered, well-manufactured plan or anything. I just do what I do.”

― Leon Russell

“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”

― Leonard Bernstein

“Crashing could not be more inconsiderate to a host. It is a negative act because hosts likely have a particular plan for the event, an intention to move guests’ attitudes in a certain direction.”

― Letitia Baldrige

“I did my HNC and my HND at college in Motherwell, and the plan I had was to do third year at uni and then to try and get into teaching.”

― Lewis Capaldi

“No matter how much you plan and prepare, things can still go wrong.”

― Lewis Howes

“It’s easy enough to plan jobs, to plan a lot of work.”

― Liam Neeson

“The people of Australia would be staggered to learn that Australia has no national development plan.”

― Lionel Murphy

“Formal declarations of mistrust, pre-nups are emotionally unfortunate. They overtly plan for failure, and thus involve a jarring cognitive dissonance.”

― Lionel Shriver

“So I plan to prepare thoroughly and have several outfits waiting in the wings in case of inclement weather.”

― Lisa Guerrero

“I loved writing the Spellman novels, but I never had any plan to only write in one genre.”

― Lisa Lutz

“I wrote the first draft of ‘Plan B’ the summer after I turned 21.”

― Lisa Lutz

“Six years after I wrote the first draft of ‘Plan B,’ I received my first paycheck as a writer. It included both the $3,000 in deferred option money as well as half the fee for performing the initial rewrite. The amount was scale according to the Writer’s Guild guidelines, but a lot, according to me.”

― Lisa Lutz

“I believe that God has a specific plan and reason He created each one of us.”

― Lisa Whelchel

“No matter who you are or what you plan to do in life, learn to type!”

― Liz Smith

“Life is good. It might not go the way we plan it, but that’s fine. We just do what we can.”

― Lizz Wright

“It appears that there is a genocidal plan against Black people.”

― Louis Farrakhan

“I’ll always have songs with a farm connotation on my albums. It’s in the fabric of my music, and I plan to keep it that way.”

― Luke Bryan

“It was never really part of my plan to be in films; it was really sort of a dream.”

― Luke Evans

“I get energized around a plan – what’s it going to be like in three months? Six months? You’re not going to let it defeat you. You got to keep going.”

― Lynn Good

“On Sundays, I like to plan how I want to exit the week and what are the key things I need to get done that week. I list them, and then I do check-ins on them each morning.”

― Lynn Jurich

“It seems everyone knows a college degree is important, but few have a plan to keep it affordable.”

― LZ Granderson

“A comprehensive marketing plan involves both online and offline efforts to use and broaden your existing platform to promote your book.”

― M. J. Rose

“I love the idea that I planned my career. I did not. It started out by getting invitations from artists that I really love and respect, to share a stage… I’ve been very lucky in that I haven’t had to create a five-year plan. It’s evolved.”

― M. Ward

“It was never a plan to be an actor.”

― Mads Mikkelsen

“There’s been certain opportunities that have arisen that would have been financially quite advantageous but, creatively, would have steered me away from my career plan.”

― Maia Mitchell

“I don’t plan my roles or my films.”

― Manju Warrier

“You can plan, but what happens on a football field cannot be predicted.”

― Manuel Neuer

“I really had no program or any established plan. I didn’t even ask myself if I should sell my paintings or not.”

― Marcel Duchamp

“Before beginning, plan carefully.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

“You’re never going to kill storytelling, because it’s built into the human plan. We come with it.”

― Margaret Atwood

“Nothing ever goes to plan. As soon as you are OK with that, everything is much easier.”

― Margaret Qualley

“My plan B, if acting doesn’t work out, is to work with disabled children.”

― Maria Valverde

“Elected president of the Republic, I would immediately, and with no hesitation, carry out the battle plan against Islamist terrorism and against judicial laxity.”

― Marine Le Pen

“I have no plans, and no plans to plan.”

― Mario Cuomo

“There are times when things are not going according to plan, and of course, you never want those times.”

― Mario Gotze

“One of my favorite things to do is cook. I love taking the time to plan and prepare meals. I try to use all organic ingredients and make everything from scratch.”

― Marisa Miller

“I don’t make a career plan. I take things the way they come.”

― Marjane Satrapi

“If Plan A fails, they could always revert to Plan A.”

― Mark Lawrenson

“But I plan on dedicating specific training to track this winter for the next racing season.”

― Mark-Paul Gosselaar

“Even though I’ve reached retirement age, I still plan to work – writing my investment newsletter, speaking at conferences, publishing books, and producing conferences like FreedomFest.”

― Mark Skousen

“I just tried to keep my cool and continue with my race plan: to win.”

― Mark Spitz

“I almost never have a plan for myself… I’m not ambitious in that way.”

― Martha Plimpton

“I love characters who are really dedicated to a really bad plan.”

― Marti Noxon

“Recently, lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry wrote a prescription drug bill that increased their profits and did nothing to help seniors. The result: seniors are stuck with a confusing prescription drug plan that does little to help them with their costs.”

― Marty Meehan

“If you say you plan to retire in two or three years, you’ve already retired.”

― Marv Levy

“Our ultimate goal is to stay in business. We are not here with a specific plan. That’s kind of how our entire career has evolved. We will figure things out as we go along.”

― Mary-Kate Olsen

“I never stop to plan. I take things step by step.”

― Mary McLeod Bethune

“I don’t know how I could plan my career.”

― Mary Steenburgen

“My plan was to land in Red Square, but there were too many people and I thought I’d cause casualties.”

― Mathias Rust

“I didn’t have any plan to go into comedy.”

― Matt Berry

“I’ve never had a plan for any of this: there was never a plan for, ‘Right, I must get on the TV,’ ‘Right, I must have my own show,’ ‘Right, I must be a movie star.’ I don’t think like that. I haven’t ever had that sort of interest.”

― Matt Berry

“People get the impression that we approach football without method: that we’re a bunch of skilled individualists. This just isn’t so. I’m all for individuality. But I personally go through every tactical plan before every match.”

― Matt Busby

“I think the bullpen is always a possibility for anyone, but that’s not where I plan on being.”

― Matt Cain

“I started ‘The Rainmaker’ in August 1996, and I’ve been working consistently ever since. It’s not like I had some grand plan; I keep getting offered jobs so good I can’t say no.”

― Matt Damon

“The final objective is not to distribute the migrants among various European countries but to prevent them from entering Europe and from departing from Africa. We need to intervene in Africa. We need to have a Marshall Plan for Africa to improve living conditions in the countries of origin.”

― Matteo Salvini

“The Beltway is waking up to the realities of Prsident Obam’s budget plan, which taxes, spends, and borrows as far as the eye can see.”

― Matthew Continetti

“I just like to take it as it comes, go where the wind blows me. I’m not going to plan.”

― Matthew McGrory

“Dubai has got very little oil; it is Abu Dhabi that has got the oil. Dubai has very small resources, and it is running out, so the government’s plan has been to relieve Dubai of any dependency on oil at all by 2010.”

― Maurice Flanagan

“Increased trade is crucial to a balanced plan for stimulating growth and job creation on both sides of the Atlantic.”

― Max Baucus

“You can’t get married to any one particular plan. That is the biggest lesson I learned at PayPal.”

― Max Levchin

“In preschool, I would plan out my show-and-tell every week to be funny and exciting. Then in first grade I wrote a play, and my classmates and I performed it as a puppet show.”

― Maxim Knight

“In preschool, I would plan out my show-and-tell every week to be funny and exciting.”

― Maxim Knight

“I have to plan all my meals and snacks every day, or the wheels come off, and I gain weight.”

― Maye Musk

“I plan on continuing to explore all the possibilities of technology, and then finally film and television and movies. Embrace it.”

― MC Hammer

“I don’t think I could write a book that had an ideological plan going in – I think that would be a terrible book.”

― Megan Abbott

“A cinema villain essentially needs a moustache so he can twiddle with it gleefully as he cooks up his next nasty plan.”

― Mel Brooks

“I’m always happy to have the President visit North Carolina. Unfortunately, the citizens of North Carolina who could be most adversely affected by the President’s plan have not been invited to the discussion.”

― Mel Watt

“Women around the world should have a tool that helps them plan their pregnancies.”

― Melinda Gates

“People can have a long-term life plan only if they know their private property is secure.”

― Mencius

“I plan on making my mark on the legacy of hip-hop, period, but also in Atlanta production because there’s a lot of history there.”

― Metro Boomin

“I understand the appeal of a businessman president. But Trump’s business plan is a disaster in the making.”

― Michael Bloomberg

“I don’t have a game plan. I have no idea what I’ll be doing next.”

― Michael Cristofer

“In the draft plan, we’re looking at recycling 20 percent of our garbage by 2010.”

― Michael E. Mann

“Don’t plan to drive more than 300 miles a day.”

― Michael Frome

“The largest single reason for disappointing travel experiences is the failure to plan properly.”

― Michael Frome

“We’re trying to fix this with the plan we’ve been floating. Now, the law says the transition ends in 2006 or – and the ‘or’ is the only part that matters – 85 percent of Americans go buy a digital TV.”

― Michael K. Powell

“Architecture was always the plan. I always figured I’d just do theater on the side.”

― Michael Lomenda

“Under Reagan came the idea of putting your pension plan in the stock market, which wasn’t a guaranteed pension.”

― Michael Moore

“I don’t have a plan for a story when I sit down to write. I would get quite bored carrying it out.”

― Michael Ondaatje

“My whole game plan was to direct movies. I knew if I made a reputation in theater, I would get offers.”

― Michael Schultz

“I plan on getting my Ph.D. from the city of Stockton.”

― Michael Tubbs

“I plan to live to be 98, so I’ll be the guy at Dundas and Yonge flogging a box of mouldy novels.”

― Michael Winter

“The State should have made sure the money given to the NGOs was used according to a global plan for Haiti; not doing whatever they want. They should be supervised and have to report and make sure the money is being used properly. They are here, but we are seeing no results.”

― Michel Martelly

“I don’t plan to go out and do action or not do action.”

― Michelle Yeoh

“If I wasn’t a professional scientist, I’d be an amateur scientist. But plan B was to go into computers.”

― Michio Kaku

“I haven’t had the time to plan returning to the scene because I haven’t left it.”

― Mick Jagger

“My career was prematurely launched. I didn’t have a plan.”

― Mija

“However, the Medicare prescription drug benefit has changed, and if the nearly 3,000 seniors I have met through 12 town halls can represent a sample of opinion, many seniors do not yet understand the prescription drug program and do not plan to sign up for coverage.”

― Mike Fitzpatrick

“The team that gets to play to their plan is usually the team that has the most success.”

― Mike McCarthy

“A Dream Theater without me was never in the plan; I never expected that.”

― Mike Portnoy

“A lot of the O’Hare Modernization Plan may have been a mistake.”

― Mike Quigley

“While the FAST Act is a significant bipartisan accomplishment that provides much-needed funding certainty, this modest increase in funding is hardly the bold, forward-thinking plan our country needs to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and create a 21st-century transportation system.”

― Mike Quigley

“Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.”

― Mike Tyson

“Always have a backup plan.”

― Mila Kunis

“God has a plan for all of us, but He expects us to do our share of the work.”

― Minnie Pearl

“Starting a new retirement plan for those below a certain age is something tens of millions of Americans have already been through at work.”

― Mitch Daniels

“While the Marshall Plan was important for Europe’s recovery, Europe’s prosperity was really built on economic integration and policy coherence.”

― Mo Ibrahim

“In the Indian system of filmmaking, you don’t plan well in advance, stick to a storyboard, or deliver only the scripted lines.”

― Mohanlal

“I like both movies and TV, so I don’t have some big grand plan.”

― Molly Shannon

“This does not come naturally. I have to work out 60 to 90 minutes at least five days a week and stick to a high- fiber, low-calorie eating plan.”

― Molly Sims

“It may seem like we have the ultimate plan for our lives, but it’s not in the same galaxy of what God’s plans are for His people.”

― Monica Johnson

“No marketing plan is ever going to bring in one soul that was not ordained by the Lord to be saved in the first place.”

― Monica Johnson

“There’s really no way to plan how to play an alien.”

― Morena Baccarin

“The ultimate test of a finished account executive is his ability to write a sound marketing plan.”

― Morris Hite

“Although I would like to describe the perfect day, I can’t. Because a perfect day is one where there is no plan.”

― Morten Harket

“I haven’t stopped and I don’t plan on stoppin’ any time soon.”

― Mose Allison

“I thought I was going to be YG’s DJ forever. I didn’t plan on producing; I just picked up producing and got good at it.”

― Mustard

“I don’t plan my life.”

― Namrata Shirodkar

“If there is one thing BP’s ‘watery improv act’ made clear, it is that, as a culture, we have become far too willing to gamble with things that are precious and irreplaceable, and to do so without a back-up plan, without an exit strategy.”

― Naomi Klein

“Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.”

― Napoleon Hill

“No, I don’t have a plan. Whatever happens happens. There’s never a plan.”

― Nargis Fakhri

“We plan to support Exchange 2003 as soon as it is released. We already have the prerelease versions from MSDN.”

― Nat Friedman

“There’s no master plan; I’m just going with what I’m inspired to do and what I get asked to do, and luckily the things I’ve been the most passionate about, I’ve gotten to do. And a lot of times I’ve gone up for movies that I didn’t really care that much about, and I never got that.”

― Nat Wolff

“We used to have to arrange things around the dialysis. I would have to plan where to play so I could be back in time, and couldn’t go too far.”

― Natalie Cole

“I would love to do more work in the States, but I like working at home in the U.K., so to work here and there would be the plan.”

― Nathalie Emmanuel

“Every competition is different… You can’t plan for everything that happens.”

― Nathan Chen

“I’ve never really had much of a career plan, and interesting opportunities kept cropping up.”

― Nicholas Stern

“Google’s library plan was staggering and exciting – it wasn’t the idea I objected to, but the method.”

― Nick Harkaway

“For every philosophical idea about how we’re going to do things, there has to be a plan to get there, and we have to be able to execute it, first in practice and then in games.”

― Nick Nurse

“My father grew up very conservative, and he really had set expectations for what boys and girls were supposed to be like. So when I came out to him, that did not fit into his plan of what raising twin boys was going to be like.”

― Nicole Maines

“In May 2007, congressional Democrats and the Bush administration agreed to a plan to include environmental and international labor standards in upcoming trade agreements.”

― Nina Easton

“If you’ve got a plan, it’s not just like a pipe dream. You have a step-by-step list of things to do to get to your goal.”

― Nipsey Hussle

“Our original plan when we founded Waze was to sell the data, and we could keep it ad-free that way.”

― Noam Bardin

“So I don’t really have a clear plan, in terms of music, as to where I want to head in the future.”

― Nobuo Uematsu

“When the Normandy Invasion was planned, a very specific strategic objective was given, and that strategic objective was the basis upon which the plan for the Normandy Invasion was derived.”

― Norman Schwarzkopf

“I work to plan long-term and try to earn results short-term.”

― Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

“I think the emotional appeal of a platform is what works. I think the old-media entities still have not figured out that part of the game plan.”

― Om Malik

“I’ve been having a lot of fun exploring different aspects of filmmaking, like writing and producing. There isn’t a specific plan and I usually don’t know what’s going to be the next thing I do.”

― Oren Peli

“And now when we hear that Iran and Iraq plan to cooperate more closely and that a fundamentalist is coming to power in Tehran – a man about whom we cannot be sure that he is absolutely averse to terrorism – it is very worrisome.”

― Otto Schily

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

― Pablo Picasso

“I don’t write with a scheme or a plan. I write word to word, so whatever that first sentence is, having said that, one more or less had to say what comes next and next and next. Guilty of no cogitation or forethought.”

― Padgett Powell

“My sister wrestles. Both of my brothers are wrestlers, and my nieces and nephews all plan to wrestle.”

― Paige

“I am a responsible person. I plan a lot. I am disciplined.”

― Parineeti Chopra

“I still get the kids to the doctor and dentist and plan their play dates and buy their clothes.”

― Patricia Richardson

“I had no plan to write a western novel, and when I realized it was happening, I was pretty surprised by it. But you have to go with what feels right.”

― Patrick deWitt

“I love to score goals, and I love to plan my celebrations.”

― Patrick Kane

“I feel like every year I get better, every year I learn something new, and I don’t plan on stopping.”

― Paul George

“I don’t storyboard like some. I mean, all directors are different. I plan meticulously – really meticulously.”

― Paul Greengrass

“As a general rule, I don’t plan to travel with my Oscars, but we may have to make an exception.”

― Paul Haggis

“If he had listened to some of his advisors and had tried to make the Marshall Plan a political dumping ground for unqualified politicians, it couldn’t have been a success.”

― Paul Hoffman

“The Europeans had made two promises to the United States if Marshall Plan help was forthcoming. The first promise was maximum self-help on the part of every country; and second, maximum mutual aid.”

― Paul Hoffman

“You can’t plan for the future, because some guy’s going to land in a spaceship with three heads and a big beak and take over everything.”

― Paul Kantner

“We don’t plan on winning in August – we plan on winning in November.”

― Paul Manafort

“If we run the campaign that we plan on running, we think we’re going to win.”

― Paul Manafort

“We have a plan for a stronger middle class, with the goal of generating 12 million new jobs over the next four years.”

― Paul Ryan

“In Pennsylvania, 38 percent of Pennsylvania seniors chose to get their Medicare from a plan called Medicare Advantage. It’s their choice. Forty-seven percent of them are going to lose it under ‘Obamacare’ according to Medicare by 2017.”

― Paul Ryan

“I’ve never had a plan for the future.”

― Paul Shaffer

“The universe is built on a plan the profound symmetry of which is somehow present in the inner structure of our intellect.”

― Paul Valery

“I learned that round four of a major is really not too much different than rounds one through three. I didn’t keep to my game plan in the ’08 U.S. Women’s Open for the final round. That won’t happen again!”

― Paula Creamer

“I keep active because I have not announced my retirement, because that is something that takes time and you have to plan it. Plus, it is something that the Dominican people expected.”

― Pedro Martinez

“If I had political responsibility, I would want to prepare for a plan B that would foresee that the European currency union, that the eurozone, no longer necessarily consists of 17 member states. And that means to make provisions so that other countries are not pulled into the maelstrom through contagion.”

― Peer Steinbruck

“In Spain, actresses work until they are old. That’s my plan.”

― Penelope Cruz

“The important discovery I made very early is that my novels had to be written without any given plan or outline. I can’t do it in any other way. But then they are dependent on the sentences, my intuition, and, as I have experienced many times, the subconscious.”

― Per Petterson

“Everybody thinks you can get by by being Mr. Nice Guy, but that’s not what winning programs do. Winning programs have a plan.”

― Pete Sessions

“I bought a Dutch barge and turned it into a recording studio. My plan was to go to Paris and record rolling down the Seine.”

― Pete Townshend

“What kind of town do we want in the future, and how are we going to plan on that?”

― Peter Berg

“George W. had a plan. He arranged to join the Air National Guard in Texas, which meant he would not be sent to Vietnam.”

― Peter Jennings

“I’m very cautious about talking about how actors got where they got, as though there is in fact a plan or a way. There is no plan, there is no way, there’s no sure set, there’s no handbook, on how to get to be an actor.”

― Peter Jurasik

“The relatively unpredictable flow of funds to humanitarian organizations, and the bureaucratic strings often attached to them, can have a highly negative impact on an organization’s ability to plan and execute programmes effectively. We need to be able to rely on predictable income flows to plan sustainable programmes.”

― Peter Maurer

“In three weeks, you can improve a lot. You can train a lot. You can come up with a proper plan.”

― Peter Schmeichel

“My legislation would cut off all funding for trials of anyone from Guantanamo in any court in the United States of America. This bill would help stop the misguided plan to put Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other 9/11 terrorists on trial in Downtown Manhattan.”

― Peter T. King

“In writing, I’m totally anti-plans of any kind. All my attempts to plan and plot novels have come to grief, and in expensive ways.”

― Peter Temple

“There’s no conscious plan here; my whole life in politics as a state legislator and in Congress has been about strengthening the middle class.”

― Peter Welch

“Change should be a friend. It should happen by plan, not by accident.”

― Phil Crosby

“The cap-and-trade plan is more market driven than anything else. If you want to discourage carbon use, you have to make it more expensive, but what is crucial is that this be a worldwide program that includes China and India.”

― Phil Gramm

“Don’t wait until you’re in a crisis to come up with a crisis plan.”

― Phil McGraw

“I try not to plan that too much.”

― Philip Seymour Hoffman

“For years, I have been working on crossing the Grand Canyon. Actually, there is nobody who says ‘no,’ but since this is a project that comes from me and not a commission, I have to find the money, plan the logistics, etcetera.”

― Philippe Petit

“More and more, our clients expect not only relevant advice, not only setting a road map or helping them plan, but being committed to business results.”

― Pierre Nanterme

“The Gujarat government knows what’s in the interest of consumers. When they plan, they ensure they can save every single rupee or earn every single rupee for the state government and bring power at lowest cost to the consumer. They are tightfisted in their approach.”

― Piyush Goyal

“The best plan is to profit by the folly of others.”

― Pliny the Elder

“Apart from my film, I am producing TV serials and plan to make more films, too. Mine is not going to be one-film-a-year production company as such.”

― Pooja Bhatt

“Just like a script, you need to keep a business plan to yourself.”

― Preity Zinta

“It is a bad plan that admits of no modification.”

― Publilius Syrus

“Drama was all I ever wanted to do. There was no plan B!”

― Rachel Brosnahan

“We didn’t plan one of my kids; they just kind of happened. So I’ve just kind of taken each one as a blessing sent to me by God.”

― Rachel Campos-Duffy

“You know, it is very clear that the Israelis, they don’t want this plan and they don’t agree.”

― Rafik Hariri

“A strong economy depends on a strong middle class, but George Bush has put the middle class in a hole, and John McCain has a plan to keep digging that hole with George Bush’s shovel.”

― Rahm Emanuel

“If I am elected to Congress, I plan to introduce legislation tying Congressional pay to performance.”

― Raja Krishnamoorthi

“All in all, Trumpcare is a bad plan for older Americans.”

― Raja Krishnamoorthi

“I don’t plan a career. That doesn’t work for me. I just have to go with my gut.”

― Ralph Fiennes

“I support both a Fair Tax and a Flat Tax plan that would dramatically streamline the tax system. A Fair Tax would replace all federal taxes on personal and corporate income with a single national tax on retail sales, while a Flat Tax would apply the same tax rate to all income with few if any deductions or exemptions.”

― Ralph Hall

“My only plan is to be versatile. That’s how I started, and that’s how I will continue.”

― Rana Daggubati

“The purpose of Plan Columbia was to deal with the increased cultivation and illegal activity associated with that cultivation concerning narco trafficking in Columbia.”

― Rand Beers

“I don’t plan on being bashful.”

― Rand Paul

“My budget is similar to the Penny Plan, which cuts 1 percent a year for five or six years and balances the budget.”

― Rand Paul

“As president, I would promote a Fair and Flat Tax plan, known as the ‘EZ Tax.’ My tax plan would be the largest tax cut in American history, reforming individual, business, and worker taxes.”

― Rand Paul

“Every fighter has to go in there with a game plan.”

― Rau’Shee Warren

“For all their scare tactics, President Obama and Democrats have no plan whatsoever to preserve Medicare for future generations – or protect it for today’s seniors and those nearing retirement. They did, however, cut Medicare by $700 billion to bankroll Obamacare.”

― Reince Priebus

“It was never in the plan for me to direct ‘Episode IX,’ so I don’t know what’s going to happen with it.”

― Rian Johnson

“It is critical that we have a comprehensive energy plan to provide affordable and reliable supplies of energy so that our economy will not be dependent on foreign sources of energy.”

― Richard Burr

“Americans were promised that Obamacare would lower their premiums and that they could keep their current plan if they liked it, but that’s not what Americans got.”

― Richard Burr

“My plan B has always been to make a film about people who talk a lot.”

― Richard Linklater

“Under the Bush plan, Social Security gets weaker, not stronger.”

― Richard Neal

“When employees are first eligible for a retirement savings plan, they should be enrolled unless they choose to opt out.”

― Richard Thaler

“I can’t even plan tomorrow.”

― Ricki Lake

“I plan to break the barriers that people try to trap female rappers in. This isn’t about ‘Oh she sounds good for a female rapper,’ it’s about ‘Yo, she sounds really good on this and can really rap!’”

― Rico Nasty

“I don’t plan to grow old gracefully. I plan to have face-lifts until my ears meet.”

― Rita Rudner

“It’s all about being sharp and not taking too much damage. That’s always the game plan.”

― Robbie Lawler

“Well I guess the plan was to write poetry and publish books and make a living from writing poetry. That was a pretty ambitious plan I guess.”

― Robert Adamson

“On a planet that increasingly resembles one huge Maximum Security prison, the only intelligent choice is to plan a jail break.”

― Robert Anton Wilson

“As far as vintage Champagne goes, I loved 1990; it’s a great, great vintage. I bought a lot of 1990 Blanc de Blancs Champagne – my favorite kind – and I plan on drinking it all by 2005.”

― Robert M. Parker, Jr.

“The President, the Administration and the campaign need a theme. I am concerned that the President is seen as a tactician without an overall strategy of his plan for the country.”

― Robert Teeter

“I had no idea I was going to have a career in the theater. I did not plan it.”

― Robert Wilson

“I didn’t plan on being a comedian. I didn’t plan on getting married and I didn’t plan on having kids, but I did all those things.”

― Rodney Carrington

“In India, one has to plan according to the monsoons.”

― Roland Joffe

“You can have the best product, but if you don’t have a plan – a label pushing it, the support of a network – you can’t make it big with a product. It’s all about distribution.”

― Romeo Santos

“A lot of the money in the stock market is really our national retirement plan, for better or worse.”

― Ron Chernow

“If a hurricane came here, I would want any relief plan to be fiscally responsible.”

― Ron DeSantis

“The key to any successful plan is buy-in from the public, and what this process has demonstrated is the importance of including citizens in formulating a consensus plan that preserves our beautiful refuge.”

― Ron Kind

“For insurance solvency, ongoing plan participation is vital.”

― Ron Williams

“Republican-led reforms would help Americans purchase their own coverage through the use of tax credits and expanded health savings accounts so that they can get a plan that works for them, not a one-size-fits-all plan forced on them by the government.”

― Ronna McDaniel

“I’m pursuing soundtrack work in the southern California area and down the line I plan to make a moody, intense acoustic album. Not all acoustic, but an acoustic – oriented guitar record that I’ve already written most of the material for.”

― Ronnie Montrose

“By working hard we could make an average of about $5 a week. We would have made more but had to provide our own machines, which cost us $45, we paying for them on the installment plan. We paid $5 down and $1 a month after that.”

― Rose Schneiderman

“A novel usually takes me two years. A year to research and plan and dream. Then a year to write.”

― Rose Tremain

“The privatization plan weakens Social Security and threatens our economic security by creating trillions of dollars in new debt.”

― Ruben Hinojosa

“However, the Administration’s plan to privatize Social Security will undermine retirement security for all Americans by cutting guaranteed benefits by more than 40 percent, and risky private accounts won’t make up for the loss of benefits for millions of Americans.”

― Ruben Hinojosa

“I don’t plan. I don’t think, ‘I have to do this kind of part ’cause I’ve done that kind of part.’ I’m not a very good planner.”

― Rupert Graves

“I like villains because there’s something so attractive about a committed person – they have a plan, an ideology, no matter how twisted. They’re motivated.”

― Russell Crowe

“I have not been aggressive in my pursuit of being a star. I’ve never had a plan. Maybe I need to be more aggressive, because it’s quite tough!”

― Ruth Negga

“Ireland is home. And I’d love to move home. That’s always been the plan.”

― Ruth Negga

“I don’t really plan. I just see what happens.”

― Ruth Wilson

“Don’t get stuck on a business plan just because it was your business plan.”

― Ryan Kavanaugh

“I really don’t plan whether I would dance after taking a wicket or not.”

― S. Sreesanth

“I never really have a game plan other than to finish my opponent as quickly as possible.”

― Sage Northcutt

“When Ignatius understood that God did not wish him to remain at Jerusalem, he began to consider what he should do. The plan he approved and adopted was to enter upon a course of study in order to be better fitted to save souls.”

― Saint Ignatius

“You never plan on losing double-digit games in a season. You don’t plan on losing any.”

― Sam Darnold

“I wanted to be in this business, and once I got into the business I knew I enjoyed it, and I liked it, and I wanted to continue, but I never had a five year plan.”

― Sam Donaldson

“I don’t want to plan my career. That would be a business plan. Filmmaking is not a business plan.”

― Sanjay Leela Bhansali

“It sometimes seems that the only plan the Israeli government has for the Palestinians is for them to sit quietly while Israel does whatever takes its fancy, equipped with its army, with laws it promulgated, and with courts it established.”

― Sayed Kashua

“I cannot ignore the will of my constituents by supporting a bill that allows President Obama’s executive amnesty plan to continue unchecked.”

― Scott Garrett

“I have directed all of my cabinet to work to prepare a transition plan for the incoming administration.”

― Scott McCallum

“A free and prosperous Iraq will be a major blow to the terrorists and their desire to establish a safe haven in Iraq where they can plan and plot attacks.”

― Scott McClellan

“Operation Sovereign Borders has worked and delivered a human dividend that is compassionate and fair… our plan is simple. We won’t change it. Labor will.”

― Scott Morrison

“With a definite, step-by-step plan – ah, what a difference it makes! You cannot fail, because each step carries you along to the next, like a track.”

― Scott Reed

“I really don’t map out my life. There’s no big plan.”

― Sean Hannity

“My plan is to give myself the space and a platform to freely express my creativity.”

― Selah Louise Marley

“I plan to venture into direction as well.”

― Shaheer Sheikh

“My plan was to release a tape, move to Arkansas, live on a farm, and make music like Bon Iver.”

― Shamir

“I will be making films, and I’m going to keep working, no matter what I have to do. And I don’t plan to ever ask for permission from anybody.”

― Shane Carruth

“In agriculture, whatever you plan and execute takes 2-3 years to have an impact.”

― Sharad Pawar

“You’d never plan a career like I’ve had.”

― Sharan Burrow

“I think it’s a falsehood to think you can have some kind of plan. Acting isn’t like that, it’s more vocational, I think.”

― Shaun Evans

“It’s never the plan to be tentative.”

― Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

“We must have a timetable for withdrawal of U.S. forces – or at the very least a plan for it – something the administration has incredulously failed to do for over two years.”

― Sherrod Brown

“If we expect to continue our leadership in the global economy, we must invest in a long-term transportation plan -f or both highways and transit programs. Too many of our roads, bridges, and railways have fallen into disrepair.”

― Sherrod Brown

“I think we plan everything, somehow, on another level.”

― Shirley MacLaine

“I plan on doing as much in my life as I possibly can.”

― Shirley Manson

“Being an actor is like being a student, and I plan to get top grades.”

― Shweta Tripathi

“We would like to ease the life of the Palestinians. I prepared a new plan that we call a positive agenda.”

― Silvan Shalom

“When you’re making a reality show, you can’t even plan a week ahead now.”

― Simon Cowell

“We should all live in central or southwest Queensland in Australia, which is geologically stable. Or Kansas or Nebraska, because it’s relatively geologically stable. I am sure there is no emergency plan for Topeka.”

― Simon Winchester

“’Downton’ has really pushed me to a new level in my career, but it’s not like I have a big career plan. They are about as useful as a birth plan; they should be burned.”

― Siobhan Finneran

“I never decide or plan things.”

― Sridevi

“All the films that I did, I didn’t plan them. They just came to me.”

― Sridevi

“Over my career, I’d watched senior leader visits have unintended negative consequences. Typically, schedules were unrealistically overloaded and were modified during the visit to cancel parts of the plan.”

― Stanley A. McChrystal

“The idea of Jewish unity, of a plan, an organization, unfortunately exists only in the brains of Hitler and Streicher.”

― Stefan Zweig

“I don’t plan massively in advance.”

― Stella McCartney

“When I started at NBC, I’m quite sure there wasn’t a plan or initiative that we need to make sure the girls are anchoring the shows.”

― Stephanie Ruhle

“Yes, I definitely plan to direct at some point.”

― Stephen Dorff

“American oil companies – including Amoco, Unocal, Exxon, Pennzoil – have invested billions of dollars in Azerbaijan and plan to invest billions more. As a result, they have developed a strongly pro-Azerbaijan position.”

― Stephen Kinzer

“We now understand the distinction between startups – who search for a business model – versus existing companies – that execute a business plan.”

― Steve Blank

“I never had any master plan about directing, and I don’t really write.”

― Steve Buscemi

“It’s not a master plan to do every remake and every recreation of icons. It’s just what I’ve been hired to do.”

― Steve Carell

“I think three-to-five years ahead minimum. I have a short-term plan, a five-year plan and a decade plan.”

― Steve Garvey

“I never saw myself not being a stand-up. That was my plan.”

― Steve Harvey

“Plus, 40% of our debt is owned by foreign interest. I can’t support a plan that passes along cost burden to our children and makes us more reliant on foreign dollars.”

― Steve Israel

“Trump has a pro-economic-growth tax plan, and we are sensitive to the cost of that plan.”

― Steve Mnuchin

“I have been really enjoying making a project out of seeking out an extremely healthy diet of raw, organic, vegan foods – and I plan on continuing to do so.”

― Steve-O

“We ought to have a platform to plan to save Medicare from bankruptcy.”

― Steve Scalise

“Obama’s plan for higher taxes and more spending is a blueprint for perpetual poverty. The last thing America needs is more of the Democrats’ class warfare that has left our economy a barren landscape.”

― Steve Stockman

“The UFC has a great plan for us. I’m just happy I’m employed by them and can pay my house bills and everything.”

― Stipe Miocic

“When you’re on a Soyuz flight, you know that when you go to Russia, you’re going to do X, Y, and Z. You have that plan already laid out.”

― Sunita Williams

“On the Medicare/paygo spending cuts, I strongly oppose that and have asked what is the plan to avert that. Senator McConnell assured me that will not be allowed to happen.”

― Susan Collins

“I applied to a few conservatories. I was sure that I wouldn’t get in, and I didn’t plan to go to N.Y. But then I got into Juilliard.”

― Susanna Phillips

“If any of the beautiful people plan to vote for the president, they usually keep their secret to themselves.”

― Suzanne Fields

“Remember, when God is executing His plan in our lives, He also designs and arranges events which continue to unfold until His purpose is revealed.”

― T. B. Joshua

“I didn’t even plan Bollywood! I did my first film just to experience something new, and not start a career!”

― Taapsee Pannu

“One never can plan. I just did my work and enjoyed shooting for all my films.”

― Tabu

“As global organizations, governments, NGOs, and corporations plan for the years ahead, we must ensure that broadband deployment for the whole world is a priority.”

― Tae Yoo

“It was never really my plan to become a filmmaker.”

― Taika Waititi

“I’d always been fascinated by archaeology; it was my original career plan as a kid.”

― Tana French

“I don’t really plan ahead very far. I have never known what I’m doing more than a few pages ahead.”

― Tana French

“Just because you make a good plan, doesn’t mean that’s what’s gonna happen.”

― Taylor Swift

“Let’s make Jeb Bush explain his plan to give millionaires another massive tax cut.”

― Ted Deutch

“My plan was to stay in Canada to make films.”

― Ted Kotcheff

“All in all, it’s been a wonderful, wonderful ride. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.”

― Teena Marie

“I plan to live to be 120!”

― Teri Garr

“I plan on having the credibility and integrity of being a part of an entertainment news program like ‘E!,’ in addition to being on the actor side as well.”

― Terrence J

“I don’t really plan. I’m almost intuitive about things.”

― Terry Pratchett

“It was strange joining Chelsea, but when I signed, I knew I would be loaned out to a team. They had, like, a five-year plan for me.”

― Thibaut Courtois

“I don’t like to plan anything.”

― Thierry Henry

“The Obama administration’s plan is to have the Federal Reserve regulate banks that might pose a ‘systemic risk’ if they were to fail.”

― Thomas Frank

“Every city is either vibrant these days or is working on a plan to attain vibrancy soon. The reason is simple: a city isn’t successful – isn’t even a city, really – unless it can lay claim to being ‘vibrant.’”

― Thomas Frank

“Entrepreneurs don’t write a 100-page business plan and execute it one time; they’re always experimenting and adapting based on what they learn.”

― Thomas Friedman

“The child who has been taught to make an accurate elevation, plan, and section of a pint pot has had an admirable training in accuracy of eye and hand.”

― Thomas Huxley

“Each of us is a small part of God’s plan. I’m a small part. I create paintings that are being used by God.”

― Thomas Kinkade

“It’s such a great thing to work with people and not have a plan.”

― Thomas Lennon

“And, if we have any evidence that the wisdom which formed the plan is in the man, we have the very same evidence, that the power which executed it is in him also.”

― Thomas Reid

“I’m very structured. I like planning things out. I get frustrated when they don’t go according to plan.”

― Tia Mowry

“I really don’t have a career plan. I like being challenged and thrown around. But it’s only acting.”

― Tiffani Thiessen

“I really try to plan out my dinners in advance.”

― Tiffani Thiessen

“I try to plan our meals for the week on Sunday.”

― Tiffani Thiessen

“Everyone is going to binge on a diet, for instance, so plan for it, schedule it, and contain the damage.”

― Tim Ferriss

“Let me let you in on a secret. I do plan to be on the podium with President Clinton when she’s inaugurated in January 2017 – but I’m going to be sitting with the senators.”

― Tim Kaine

“I do plan to be on the podium with President Clinton when she’s inaugurated in January 2017 – but I’m going to be sitting with the senators.”

― Tim Kaine

“Some weddings take longer to plan than others.”

― Tina Brown

“Well, the economic recovery was successful even though the Democrats opposed the reforms every step of the way. And it is clear the Democrats have no clear plan to strengthen our economy, as Republicans do.”

― Todd Tiahrt

“With Iran, we negotiated privately in 2012-2013 from a position of strength, not a position of weakness. The secret negotiations in Oman. This ultimately led to the Joint Plan of Action of November 2013.”

― Tom Cotton

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”

― Tom Landry

“No matter what other plans are out there, this is the best plan.”

― Tom McMillan

“Workers are most likely to save for retirement if they have access to a workplace savings plan and are automatically enrolled in that plan.”

― Tom Perez

“Economically Targeted Investing, or ETI, refers to the practice of selecting investments, in part, for their collateral benefits in addition to the investment return for the retirement plan.”

― Tom Perez

“In early 1798, the Directory, the oligarchy that was ruling revolutionary France, ordered its top general, Napoleon Bonaparte, to plan the invasion of England. Instead, Napoleon organized and carried out the invasion of Egypt, which became the first modern incursion by the West into the Middle East.”

― Tom Reiss

“I don’t plan tours necessarily around records. I know that’s what most people do.”

― Tom Scholz

“No plan survives contact with the enemy.”

― Tommy Franks

“I enjoyed six marvellous years at Bayern winning many titles, but the fact is I don’t plan on playing in Germany ever again.”

― Toni Kroos

“I thought that I’d always just do Broadway, my original plan, but that was derailed.”

― Toni Trucks

“I plan to work my utmost for Singaporeans, whatever be their political affiliation. The presidency is above politics.”

― Tony Tan

“I would eat healthy at times and pig out at times. But I never had to go on a strict diet plan.”

― Tori Spelling

“The odds are stacked against you becoming a footballer, so my family made sure I always had a backup plan.”

― Trent Alexander-Arnold

“I have to say, I’ve never been the girl that’s had the five-year plan, the 10-year plan, and I’m still not.”

― Trisha Yearwood

“I plan to publicize my breakups and profit from them like other celebrities.”

― Trixie Mattel

“The primary plan is to let the music speak for itself.”

― Troy Carter

“The concept of being a locavore, or one who chooses whenever possible to incorporate locally grown or locally produced food into one’s nutrition plan, is of great importance.”

― Tyler Florence

“I used to be more paranoid and stressed, constantly worrying about my Plan B. But the truth is I don’t have one.”

― Uma Thurman

“Remonetisation has happened at a fast pace, and that was part of the plan that, subsequent to the withdrawal of the specified bank notes, our production plans and supply processes would ensure that the remonetisation happened as quickly as possible.”

― Urjit Patel

“What we want is to establish the rules of a market economy – not to plan its outcome.”

― Vaclav Klaus

“I’ve moved on to Plan B now, writing novels.”

― Valerie Plame

“I studied to be a car mechanic. That was my plan B. Servicing cars and changing tyres in Finland.”

― Valtteri Bottas

“Singing is my profession – there is no plan B.”

― Van Morrison

“I didn’t plan that there’d be this awful situation in which our European governments, just to start the story off, breaking the Geneva conventions on the protection on the human rights of refugees.”

― Vanessa Redgrave

“We plan to spend 20 billion lari ($12 billion) from the budget in the next four years on implementation of all tasks presented in our new programme.”

― Vano Merabishvili

“I never had a plan; I always follow my intuition.”

― Vicky Krieps

“There have been a lot of moments in my career when things haven’t gone to plan.”

― Victoria Pendleton

“I have no plan to retire anytime soon, although remember I am 50 years old!”

― Vinnie Vincent

“I also plan to release a ballads collection.”

― Vinnie Vincent

“I took the LSAT. My score was decent. I had a plan that if my score was really well, then I might of just went to Yale or Harvard… But it was just mediocre. I can get into law school.”

― Vinny Guadagnino

“I’m not a nerd, don’t plan to be a nerd and read books – which I can’t do at all.”

― Virat Kohli

“The retirement system that is in place for members of Congress and other federal workers features what is known as the Federal Employment Retirement Plan.”

― Virgil Goode

“I do think we’re an endangered species. But that we do have a plan to save the rainforest.”

― Vivienne Westwood

“Yet the whole preamble of the second authorization act for the Marshall Plan showed the direction Congress was ready to take about breaking down barriers within Europe.”

― W. Averell Harriman

“Tired minds don’t plan well. Sleep first, plan later.”

― Walter Reisch

“Well, I didn’t really have a plan. I just wanted a hit.”

― Wanda Jackson

“I love my passport. I plan trips very last minute, so I always carry it with me.”

― Waris Ahluwalia

“I didn’t ever plan to be a producer, and I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into.”

― Wendi Deng Murdoch

“I plan on working until I’m 105.”

― Wendi McLendon-Covey

“Thus there arose in me both a need and a plan for the foundation of the human sciences.”

― Wilhelm Dilthey

“It’s God’s plan, and I’m really excited to be a part of this new opportunity with West Virginia.”

― Will Grier

“At Camp One we were met by Director of Public Works Warwick Greene, grim and grimy. He has been working himself to death to make this transportation plan a success.”

― William Cameron Forbes

“Men of routine or men who can do what they are told are not hard to find; but men who can think and plan and tell the routine men what to do are very rare.”

― William Graham Sumner

“President Obama has offered a plan with 4 trillion dollars in debt reduction over a decade, with two and a half dollars of spending reductions for every one dollar of revenue increases, and tight controls on future spending. It’s the kind of balanced approach proposed by the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles commission.”

― William J. Clinton

“I’m looking forward to seeing more ICO projects provide increased clarity about the performance metrics expectations they plan to exhibit during their future adult lives in addition to the assumptive utility of that token they are selling.”

― William Mougayar

“My plan has always been to return to Broadway every 50 years.”

― William Shatner

“If the relentless personal maintenance plan has taken over your life, give it a rest.”

― Willie Geist

“I’m trying to keep the face of my opponent more or less not damaged but eventually to execute the plan and knock him out.”

― Wladimir Klitschko

“We plan to eliminate the state of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian state. We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion. We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem.”

― Yasser Arafat

“I never have a plan of what I am going to draw.”

― Yayoi Kusama

“I plan on becoming an American citizen and bringing over my family.”

― Yoel Romero

“I represent the Democratic party… I’ve never been nor do I ever plan to be a John McCain supporter. I support Barack Obama.”

― Young Jeezy

“I’m sure lots of actors and creative people go through this, where you have some weeks where it’s all going according to plan and some weeks where you’re super frustrated.”

― Zach Braff

“It’s pure Black Label. It’s about violence and booze. That’s all it is. There is no plan.”

― Zakk Wylde

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.”

― Zig Ziglar

“A plan is always successful if the plan is good.”

― Zig Ziglar
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