Top 1352 Powerful Quotes

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“A community is democratic only when the humblest and weakest person can enjoy the highest civil, economic, and social rights that the biggest and most powerful possess.”

― A. Philip Randolph

“I’m interested in ways that digital interfaces can be utilized as powerful narrative devices, and to engage people in new and exciting ways.”

― Aaron Koblin

“Before, I was a long-time user of ‘Microsoft Money’ and Intuit’s ‘Quicken.’ Both were powerful tools, loaded with features and functionality around taxes, investment, budgeting – too feature-laden, in fact. They took hours to set up, forever to learn, and an hour a week to maintain.”

― Aaron Patzer

“No matter how powerful, countries cannot rule the whole world. The world is ruled by brains, by justice, by morals and by fairness.”

― Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

“A new, a vast, and a powerful language is developed for the future use of analysis, in which to wield its truths so that these may become of more speedy and accurate practical application for the purposes of mankind than the means hitherto in our possession have rendered possible.”

― Ada Lovelace

“The single most powerful element of youth is our inability to know what’s impossible.”

― Adam Braun

“I have a suspicion that the politicians’ revival of the old behaviourist ideas and techniques will be helped and reinforced by a powerful ally – the machines we have built. The computers.”

― Adam Curtis

“In poor countries, the rich and powerful crush the poor and powerless.”

― Adam Davidson

“All we have is our vote. But it’s powerful.”

― Adam McKay

“If you’re powerful, you are much more likely to be blind and deaf to signals from outside.”

― Adam Michnik

“I learned at an early age that I could make the things that I wanted. That’s a very powerful thing to realize as a kid. LEGOs were a key part of that.”

― Adam Savage

“My dad taught me that language was a powerful tool.”

― Adrian Nicole LeBlanc

“TV is such a great medium in what it can do in terms of enlightening an audience. We can really inspire and teach people about other people. That’s a powerful tool, and that’s something that the arts has always been capable of doing.”

― Aja Naomi King

“Back when people couldn’t read, other people would take newspapers and turn them into theater so that people would know what was going on in the world. That is a powerful thing.”

― Aja Naomi King

“Gigabit Opportunity Zones would enable Americans to become participants in, rather than spectators of, the digital economy. They would be a powerful solution to the digital divide. I hope our elected officials will give the idea serious consideration.”

― Ajit Pai

“The palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction between different types of organoboron compounds and various organic electrophiles including halides or triflates in the presence of a base provides a powerful and general methodology for the formation of carbon-carbon bonds.”

― Akira Suzuki

“Carbon-carbon bond formation reactions employing organoboron compounds and organic electrophiles have recently been recognized as powerful tools for the construction of new organic compounds.”

― Akira Suzuki

“Small businesses should have the same ability to reach customers as powerful corporations. A blogger should have the same ability to find an audience as a media conglomerate.”

― Al Franken

“The Congress is virtually incapable of passing any reforms unless they first get permission from the powerful special interests who are most affected by the proposal.”

― Al Gore

“I don’t really know what it is about vampires that makes them such a powerful symbol, metaphor, whatever in people’s consciousness. But I do know they’re tremendously powerful. I mean, there’s a vampire on ‘Sesame Street.’ And Count Chocula. I don’t know why it’s so powerful.”

― Alan Ball

“I think vampires are a timeless powerful archetype that can tap into people’s psyches.”

― Alan Ball

“Social thinking requires very exacting thresholds to be powerful. For example, we’ve had social thinking for 200,000 years, and hardly anything happened that could be considered progress over most of that time. This is because what is most pervasive about social thinking is ‘how to get along and mutually cope.’”

― Alan Kay

“New Horizons is a very high-tech, small, roughly 1,000-pound spacecraft with the most powerful battery of scientific instrumentation ever brought to bear on a first reconnaissance mission.”

― Alan Stern

“No, I’m not interested in developing a powerful brain. All I’m after is just a mediocre brain, something like the President of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.”

― Alan Turing

“Women are so powerful they’re scary, and the incentive to squash this has been going on for so long that some of us actually believe we’re subordinate.”

― Alanis Morissette

“Moral justification is a powerful disengagement mechanism. Destructive conduct is made personally and socially acceptable by portraying it in the service of moral ends. This is why most appeals against violent means usually fall on deaf ears.”

― Albert Bandura

“In 1763 the English were the most powerful nation in the world.”

― Albert Bushnell Hart

“The more powerful and original a mind, the more it will incline towards the religion of solitude.”

― Aldous Huxley

“Innocence can be more powerful than experience.”

― Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

“I have always said that innocence is much more powerful than experience.”

― Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

“From the late David Broder on down, the most powerful and influential of the great Washington columnists and journalists tend to cultivate the driest, least lively voices possible.”

― Alex Pareene

“You know that in the Eurasian space, Russia is the central state, the most powerful state. But to become an empire, a member of some empire, a province in this empire – you know, we’re probably not ready for that yet, neither in Kazakhstan nor in Belarus.”

― Alexander Lukashenko

“A very powerful theme in fiction is that of loss.”

― Alexander McCall Smith

“Power is the main difference; it’s more powerful in England. Referees are less strict than in France, teams like to play low and in counter-attack, and defenders in general are stronger than in France.”

― Alexandre Lacazette

“The greater the feeling of inferiority that has been experienced, the more powerful is the urge to conquest and the more violent the emotional agitation.”

― Alfred Adler

“To be a human being means to possess a feeling of inferiority which constantly presses towards its own conquest. The greater the feeling of inferiority that has been experienced, the more powerful is the urge for conquest and the more violent the emotional agitation.”

― Alfred Adler

“Turkey’s economy is powerful enough to tackle tough times.”

― Ali Babacan

“So every single day, I found something to be grateful for and that’s a powerful lesson.”

― Alice Barrett

“Nobody is as powerful as we make them out to be.”

― Alice Walker

“For the rich and powerful, pregnancy might not be an obstacle – it might even help one’s career. But for the rest of us, it remains a hindrance.”

― Alissa Quart

“I’ve spent my career trying to help people without connections understand what’s going on so that they have a chance of getting a fair shake from the connected and the powerful.”

― Allan Sloan

“Most people don’t think about plyometrics when they think about powerful strength. But I do lots of them to build mine.”

― Allyson Felix

“I like television. I still believe that television is the most powerful form of communication on Earth – I just hate what is being done with it.”

― Alton Brown

“I’m focused now, definitely. I absolutely need to show everyone that I’m powerful and strong and can be graceful and artistic, too.”

― Aly Raisman

“Music is really powerful. It’s a universal language that connects everyone.”

― Alyson Stoner

“Forgotten was presented to me by the drama department at LWT as a concept and I found it immediately intriguing and very powerful. I was completely led by the power of the piece and its dramatic potential.”

― Amanda Burton

“Encryption plays a fundamental role in protecting us all online. It is key to growing the digital economy and delivering public services online. But, like many powerful technologies, encrypted services are used and abused by a small minority of people.”

― Amber Rudd

“The slightest acquaintance with history shows that powerful republics are the most warlike and unscrupulous of nations.”

― Ambrose Bierce

“I’m an orthodox fighter, relaxed, fast, and powerful. And I’ve got good footwork.”

― Amir Khan

“As separate people, we are weak, but we could be a peaceful, powerful nation.”

― Amity Gaige

“And in this respect, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a tragedy, a clash between one very powerful, very convincing, very painful claim over this land and another no less powerful, no less convincing claim.”

― Amos Oz

“Written laws are like spiders’ webs, and will, like them, only entangle and hold the poor and weak, while the rich and powerful will easily break through them.”

― Anacharsis

“In my reporting, I’ve found that real change escapes many change-makers because powerful illusions guide their projects.”

― Anand Giridharadas

“Under Nasser, Egyptian nationalism was built on little more than pan-Arab irredentism and anti-Western and anti-Israeli sentiment. Mr. Mubarak retained these powerful brainwashers and allowed the rise of a religious component to further alienate Egyptians from liberal and democratic thinking.”

― Andre Aciman

“I’ve learned that I’m most powerful when I’m doing my art.”

― Andre Benjamin

“I’m happy to be getting accolades for my role in ‘Endrendrum Punnagai;’ I’m getting powerful roles and would star glamourously if the script demanded so.”

― Andrea Jeremiah

“It’s hard for us to imagine, as humans, that we’ll become less powerful. But it’ll be healthier for the planet and for the eco-system if that does happen. If humans are going to merge with machines, then let’s get on with it. I love humans, but I also love dinosaurs – I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have wanted them to die out, either.”

― Andrea Riseborough

“Fear is a powerful weapon. It can excite and motivate, and it can get people to yell and to scream. But fear has never created a job.”

― Andrew Cuomo

“It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes.”

― Andrew Jackson

“Peer pressure and social norms are powerful influences on behaviour, and they are classic excuses.”

― Andrew Lansley

“My visuals are typically very powerful. The rhythm is fast. The cuts are fast.”

― Andrew Lau

“In a fragile environment, we need to be aware of ourselves as members of a uniquely powerful species living among other species who are quite as interesting as we are but vulnerable to us because we are cleverer in more destructive ways.”

― Andrew Motion

“It’s interesting how powerful, in fact, the printed page still is.”

― Andrew Rosenthal

“The big thing in favor of doing an editorial on the front page is that it would be a powerful signal of how concerned we are about guns.”

― Andrew Rosenthal

“Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, a company is not allowed to provide a personal benefit to a decision maker in return for business. But hiring the sons and daughters of powerful executives and politicians is hardly just the province of banks doing business in China: it has been a time-tested practice here in the United States.”

― Andrew Ross Sorkin

“I promise, before God and my community, to seek reforms so that the powerful and corrupt are no longer above the law.”

― Andrew Thomas

“Occasionally I have come across a last patch of snow on top of a mountain in late May or June. There’s something very powerful about finding snow in summer.”

― Andy Goldsworthy

“Great creativity is astonishingly, absurdly, rationally, irrationally powerful.”

― Andy Hobsbawm

“The campaign against the death penalty has been – while a powerful campaign, its participants have been those who attend all of the vigils, a relatively small number of people.”

― Angela Davis

“I am Indian, and I’m proud of it. Indian life is mythologically rich and powerful.”

― Anish Kapoor

“My role in ‘Hero’ is not a lengthy one but a powerful one. It was a nice opportunity, and I grabbed it.”

― Anita Hassanandani Reddy

“All-powerful is a woman who doesn’t need to be beautiful, but she has so much attitude that she is marvellous, she is powerful.”

― Anitta

“I am thrilled to be working with Alex Sanchez as the artist on ‘Katana.’ His work is wildly eclectic, exciting and powerful, yet slyly humorous, which is a perfect match for Katana.”

― Ann Nocenti

“Plays are about understanding what happens, what it means. If we just leaned into the story, for lack of a better word, it would still be a powerful story but, like delight, it might disappear an hour after you saw it.”

― Anna D. Shapiro

“I don’t think of myself as a powerful person.”

― Anna Wintour

“Work/life benefits allow companies meaningful ways for responding to their employees’ needs; they can be a powerful tool for transforming a workforce and driving a business’ success.”

― Anne M. Mulcahy

“If someone says something unpleasant, I can’t say it doesn’t smart a bit. It always does. Someone can take a really nasty swipe if they want because it kind of feels powerful for a person to write in a paper and get that thing out there.”

― Annie Lennox

“Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution.”

― Ansel Adams

“Context and memory play powerful roles in all the truly great meals in one’s life.”

― Anthony Bourdain

“Peace and security of our planet must be based on the collective action of all nations, not a few, however powerful they may be.”

― Anthony Carmona

“Well I think the media has a very powerful influence on almost anything and everything we do because the general public gets their perception of what is going on in things they don’t have immediate access to from what they get through the media.”

― Anthony Fauci

“Once you get into the world of dystopia, it’s hard to avoid plagiarism, because other people have had such powerful visions.”

― Anthony Horowitz

“The thirst for powerful sensations takes the upper hand both over fear and over compassion for the grief of others.”

― Anton Chekhov

“E-commerce is a powerful means to connect the unconnected to global trade.”

― Arancha Gonzalez

“Economic desperation often drives wildlife destruction like poaching or illegal logging. But trade can help create powerful financial incentives for communities to preserve the biodiversity around them.”

― Arancha Gonzalez

“Crimes of the century differ from the garden variety of murders. They involve wealth, celebrity and powerful attorneys, and live on for decades after the verdict has been rendered.”

― Armand Deutsch

“I think one of the most important American films is ‘Jackie Brown,’ which is such a humble depiction of humble characters but so powerful. The film was pure depiction of the American poverty of the ’90s.”

― Arnaud Desplechin

“The forces that are driving mankind toward unity and peace are deep-seated and powerful. They are material and natural, as well as moral and intellectual.”

― Arthur Henderson

“Biology is the most powerful technology ever created. DNA is software, protein are hardware, cells are factories.”

― Arvind Gupta

“I think the aloe is one of South Africa’s most powerful, beautiful and celebratory symbols. It survives out there in the wild when everything else is dried.”

― Athol Fugard

“The important thing about outsourcing or global sourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles.”

― Azim Premji

“The responsibility of philanthropy rests with us. The wealthier we are, the more powerful we get. We cannot put the entire onus on the government.”

― Azim Premji

“Properly used, positive reinforcement is extremely powerful.”

― B. F. Skinner

“Those few people who do respond to the dire conditions of the future – journalists, environmentalists, behavioral scientists – tend not to be powerful.”

― B. F. Skinner

“Femininity can be a powerful thing.”

― Banks

“I just think it looks so cool when a woman has a dirty martini. She looks so powerful.”

― Banks

“A wounded healer, I think, is a lot more powerful than a healer that has not been wounded. In ‘Weaker Girl,’ I was coming from a wounded healer’s perspective.”

― Banks

“It’s a big thing in my music to highlight being human – being emotional and powerful, like a goddess.”

― Banks

“I have a really feminine voice, but I also feel quite powerful when I write. So my songs feel heavy, and that’s how Banks sounds. It’s a really short, powerful sound. It almost sounds masculine, and I like having that dichotomy.”

― Banks

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

― Barack Obama

“And that had a powerful appeal, particularly to those who had been denied the choice to stay on at school, to go to university, to be something else, other than going down the pit.”

― Barbara Castle

“Australia’s defamation laws help explain why the #MeToo movement, while managing to take down some of the most powerful men in the entertainment and media industry in the United States, has not taken off there.”

― Bari Weiss

“What is new is that environmentalism intensely illuminates the need to confront the corporate domain at its most powerful and guarded point – the exclusive right to govern the systems of production.”

― Barry Commoner

“’Tryin’ to Get the Feeling’ has been a revelation. I’d forgotten how powerful that was. I’d forgotten how deep I can crawl into that one, and maybe because I’m older it means even more.”

― Barry Manilow

“You in Lebanon, your power is no match to Israel. Israel, militarily, is more powerful than you and maybe it is more powerful than all the Arab countries, or most of them.”

― Bashar al-Assad

“I loved ‘WWF No Mercy’ for the Nintendo 64. One of my favorites games was ‘WCW Thunder.’ I loved playing that game, and I loved being The Steiner Brothers. They were so cool, and they were some of the most powerful characters.”

― Bayley

“I’ve beaten some of the wisest, most opportunistic and powerful women, and I will prove to Asuka that she is not unstoppable.”

― Bayley

“The media doesn’t create narratives, really. They’re not that powerful. What they do is they tap into narratives that are already bubbling amongst their viewership or readership.”

― Beau Willimon

“My most powerful memory was hearing Earl Scruggs on ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ as a 5 or 6 year old. That sound just blew me away, shook my head up.”

― Bela Fleck

“Programs that encourage mentorship, workshops that teach women how to self advocate, and even employee resource groups that are focused on women in the workplace are all very powerful outlets that foster safe-space conversations.”

― Belinda Johnson

“The Federal Reserve, like other central banks, wields powerful tools; democratic accountability requires that the public be able to see how and for what purposes those tools are being used.”

― Ben Bernanke

“As attorney general, I can either look into it or I can ignore it because they’re a bunch of powerful legislators… and I’m afraid they’re going to cut my budget.”

― Ben Chandler

“I reached a point where – I have a real heart and concern for families and for youth, and the more I became involved in working through a ministry, the more I realized how powerful the entertainment industry was and how irresponsible it was.”

― Ben Harney

“In 1988, when democracy was restored, the military establishment was still very powerful. The extremist groups were still there. And when the aid and assistance to Pakistan was cut, we had to adopt harsh economic policies. So in a way, it showed that democracy doesn’t pay, and the military was able to reassert itself.”

― Benazir Bhutto

“The most powerful person can wind up in jail.”

― Benigno Aquino III

“We should never lose an occasion. Opportunity is more powerful even than conquerors and prophets.”

― Benjamin Disraeli

“Desperation is sometimes as powerful an inspirer as genius.”

― Benjamin Disraeli

“Man is not the creature of circumstances, circumstances are the creatures of men. We are free agents, and man is more powerful than matter.”

― Benjamin Disraeli

“The more you are talked about the less powerful you are.”

― Benjamin Disraeli

“The relationship between Israel and the United States is a bond of – it’s just a very powerful bond. It was, it is, and will be and will continue to be.”

― Benjamin Netanyahu

“There’s really powerful and potentially dominating forces when you make a film that can harm it if you’re incapable of orchestrating things.”

― Bennett Miller

“If something is to be quietly powerful, it requires more balance than a film that allows for more freneticism.”

― Bennett Miller

“Love is not a weak, spineless emotion; it is a powerful moral force on the side of justice.”

― Bernice King

“After all, Wall Street is clearly the most powerful lobbying force on Capitol Hill. From 1998 through 2008, the financial sector spent over $5 billion in lobbying and campaign contributions to deregulate Wall Street.”

― Bernie Sanders

“There are very powerful and wealthy special interests who want to privatize or dismember virtually every function that government now performs, whether it is Social Security, Medicare, public education or the Postal Service.”

― Bernie Sanders

“The Occupy Wall Street protests are shining a national spotlight on the most powerful, dangerous and secretive economic and political force in America.”

― Bernie Sanders

“Getting to work with Edie Falco and watching her be a quiet presence – but a very powerful presence – and so brilliant and free? That was the first person I saw where I was like, ‘I want to emulate that.’”

― Betty Gilpin

“The most powerful thing we own is our vote.”

― Bev Perdue

“In my videos, I always want to be a powerful woman. That’s my mission.”

― Beyonce Knowles

“There is nothing more powerful in the world than the human spirit and the human will.”

― Big Show

“I have a really powerful urge to see things work.”

― Bill Budge

“The scientific effort to inform the public about landslide risks often runs head-on into powerful economic interests.”

― Bill Dedman

“It’s the combination: big idea with a good entrepreneur: there’s nothing more powerful.”

― Bill Drayton

“Personal savings accounts to me are one of the most powerful things, not necessarily in saving, solvency, or bankruptcy of the program, but in guaranteeing, the words I used a few minutes ago, a safe and secure retirement for our seniors.”

― Bill Frist

“Harnessing steam power required many innovations, as William Rosen chronicles in the book ‘The Most Powerful Idea in the World.’”

― Bill Gates

“American history has always had elements of what we now think of as Trumpism – Joe McCarthy, George Wallace, Father Coughlin. It’s not as if these things haven’t always existed, and they were powerful. The big difference is Trump is president.”

― Bill Kristol

“Public misbehavior by the famous is a powerful teaching tool.”

― Bill O’Reilly

“The United States is considered a puritanical society by many Western nations. For example, they can’t believe we hassle public servants like General David Petraeus because he had a mistress. In France, if a powerful man doesn’t have a mistress, he’s considered a wimp.”

― Bill O’Reilly

“Leadership is an active role; ‘lead’ is a verb. But the leader who tries to do it all is headed for burnout, and in a powerful hurry.”

― Bill Owens

“I grew up in Texas, but that was 20 years ago. Last year, in Fort Worth, they had hail the size of softballs. We’re seeing more and more powerful storms, of all types, almost on a biblical level.”

― Bill Paxton

“I really enjoyed doing Albee’s ‘The Goat.’ It’s a powerful piece and a really exciting play to do.”

― Bill Pullman

“What we actually learn, from any given set of circumstances, determines whether we become increasingly powerless or more powerful.”

― Blaine Lee

“Justice and power must be brought together, so that whatever is just may be powerful, and whatever is powerful may be just.”

― Blaise Pascal

“When you meet powerful men or just read about them in the newspapers, you see that they don’t have a sense of boundaries.”

― Bob Shacochis

“Memory is a powerful thing for a writer.”

― Bobbie Ann Mason

“What’s so powerful about the Psalms are, as well as they’re being gospel and songs of praise, they are also the blues.”

― Bono

“The most powerful idea that’s entered the world in the last few thousand years – the idea of grace – is the reason I would like to be a Christian.”

― Bono

“When lorry drivers come up behind me and I’m cycling, innocently keeping to my side of the road, and they decide because they are so big, and their lorry is so powerful, and they just want to clear me out of the road, and they hoot aggressively, then I do see red a bit. I do.”

― Boris Johnson

“We all have an equal interest in stability and security throughout Europe. The years the OSCE has existed, and particularly this year, have given rise to great expectations and at the same time to powerful disappointments.”

― Boris Yeltsin

“But I believe that the DPKO at this time was very much involved with American administration and was acting, taking on consideration the demand or the recommendation of the American administration. American administration was very powerful.”

― Boutros Boutros-Ghali

“I think there’s something really powerful about being yourself.”

― Boy George

“When I was growing up, the brands that were most powerful were people brands, like Michael Jackson or Madonna. They stood for something that, perhaps, wasn’t wholly who they were, which then became an image that they sold. That’s still a brand to me.”

― Bozoma Saint John

“When the entrepreneur is obsessed with the product and the company has organized all of its activities around that, it’s very powerful.”

― Brad Feld

“The most pivotal moments in people’s lives revolve around emotions. Emotions make stories powerful.”

― Brandon Stanton

“At the innermost core of all loneliness is a deep and powerful yearning for union with one’s lost self.”

― Brendan Behan

“For those who struggle with anti-pagan prejudices and stereotypes, Humanist Paganism might be a powerful educational tool. It can show that a pagan can be a sophisticated, cosmopolitan, and enlightened person, and that a pagan culture can be artistically vibrant, environmentally conscious, intellectually stimulating, and socially just.”

― Brendan Myers

“Shame is the most powerful, master emotion. It’s the fear that we’re not good enough.”

― Brene Brown

“Guilt is just as powerful, but its influence is positive, while shame’s is destructive. Shame erodes our courage and fuels disengagement.”

― Brene Brown

“We need to be held to a higher standard because digital currency is so new and interesting and powerful that it is attractive to a lot of people out there to try to steal it.”

― Brian Armstrong

“There is no advertisement as powerful as a positive reputation traveling fast.”

― Brian Koslow

“When you’re the first guy to put out the piece of silicon that’s half as expensive or twice as powerful, you bring a capability to the market that nobody else does – or can.”

― Brian Krzanich

“Photography can be a powerful instrument for change, and photojournalists can tell stories that make a difference.”

― Brian Skerry

“TV can be a thread between all of us, and it can be a powerful tool to examine life and love and what we all have in common as humans.”

― Brian Tyree Henry

“Women are such strong, powerful leaders, and a lot of the time, we play it silent.”

― Brie Larson

“Bullfighting is every bit as ghoulish and savage as its critics warn, but it is equally as powerful and moving as its supporters insist. Perhaps the most vexing aspect about it is that neither group is wrong: they are both telling the truth.”

― Brin-Jonathan Butler

“The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.”

― Bruce Lee

“The future is to heal back to the mind again. Recognizing that the mind is all powerful – it controls every cell to every degree of its genetic expression.”

― Bruce Lipton

“The government union bosses are the most powerful politicians in Springfield.”

― Bruce Rauner

“Words can be very powerful. I find them very difficult.”

― Bryan Ferry

“I grew up in a house that was the traditional African-American home that was dominated by a matriarch, and that matriarch was my grandmother. She was tough. She was strong. She was powerful.”

― Bryan Stevenson

“It is better to have a fair intellect that is well used than a powerful one that is idle.”

― Bryant H. McGill

“There is little more powerful than when truth joins action.”

― Bryant H. McGill

“Putting together two powerful sets is always difficult. After you really pour it out one night, it’s hard to pour it out the next night.”

― Butch Trucks

“Applause is the most powerful thing… people talk about the sound of it, but what I hear is glee.”

― C. C. H. Pounder

“Image is powerful, but image is also superficial.”

― Cameron Russell

“It’s rare that you see Latin families being portrayed as intelligent, sophisticated, and powerful entities.”

― Camila Mendes

“Any time you challenge a big powerful person or special interest, there’s going to be blowback.”

― Campbell Brown

“It’s strong to be vulnerable. To be able to communicate with other women is one of the most powerful things.”

― Cara Delevingne

“Ever since I started using guys, I feel so much better about myself. I feel so much more powerful.”

― Cardi B

“Anna Wintour is the most powerful woman in the global fashion industry, the first lady of fashion. She’s a politician; I’m a stylist. They are two very different jobs.”

― Carine Roitfeld

“No other planet in the solar system is a suitable home for human beings; it’s this world or nothing. That’s a very powerful perception.”

― Carl Sagan

“We hunger to understand, so we invent myths about how we imagine the world is constructed – and they’re, of course, based upon what we know, which is ourselves and other animals. So we make up stories about how the world was hatched from a cosmic egg or created after the mating of cosmic deities or by some fiat of a powerful being.”

― Carl Sagan

“The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.”

― Carlos Santana

“Crony capitalism is alive and well: the big are bigger, the wealthy are getting wealthier because, with a very large powerful complicated government, which is what we have and which Democrats want more of, only the big, the powerful, the wealthy and the well connected can survive.”

― Carly Fiorina

“Subversive language, however, must be constantly reinvented, because it is continually being co-opted by the powerful.”

― Carol P. Christ

“Social media can be a powerful tool to listen to, engage with and gain access to customers that you would otherwise not be able to connect with.”

― Carol Roth

“I have a million career weaknesses, and although it’s uncomfortable, I believe that authentically acknowledging and working through your vulnerability is more powerful than the delusion of perfection.”

― Caroline Ghosn

“We work closely with a number of powerful organizations, including Christina Applegate’s Right Action for Women.”

― Carolyn Aronson

“Grave silence is far more powerful than the same old voices yapping away.”

― Carolyn Chute

“She’s an immensely powerful woman, and I just admire my mother very much.”

― Carrie Fisher

“Nature is a big part of my weekend. Whenever possible, I take Friday and Monday off and spend four days outdoors. We should remind ourselves that there was something here before us, a force more powerful than us.”

― Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

“The ‘Hey Monday’ songs were always glammed up to be this big production, and I definitely want there to be some bells and whistles like synth or drum loops, but for the most part, I want a simple yet powerful production.”

― Cassadee Pope

“There is a powerful need for people to feel that gust of hope rise up again.”

― Cat Stevens

“Facebook is a powerful company, yes, but so was IBM.”

― Caterina Fake

“Monsters almost always are culture’s way of working out their fears and are thus inherently incredibly interesting and powerful.”

― Catherynne M. Valente

“A powerful attraction exists, therefore, to the promotion of a study and of duties of all others engrossing the time most completely, and which is less benefited than most others by any acquaintance with science.”

― Charles Babbage

“I always sang in church always was in a gospel choir and directed choirs and always performed, but I never thought of it as a powerful thing.”

― Charles King

“I believe that cronyism is nothing more than welfare for the rich and powerful, and should be abolished.”

― Charles Koch

“To his credit, Obama didn’t just come to Washington to be someone. Like Reagan, he came to Washington to do something – to introduce a powerful social democratic stream into America’s deeply and historically individualist polity.”

― Charles Krauthammer

“I think diversity and multiculturalism on TV and on the screen is such a powerful thing. And to be honest, it’s a very American thing.”

― Charles Melton

“The three most powerful and most apparent means used by Rome to retain her power over the minds of her votaries are Ignorance, Superstition, and Persecution.”

― Charles Spurgeon

“One of Satan’s most deceptive and powerful ways of defeating us is to get us to believe a lie. And the biggest lie is that there are no consequences to our own doing. Satan will give you whatever you ask for if it will lead you where he ultimately wants you.”

― Charles Stanley

“Wanting to do it was much more powerful than the fright.”

― Charlotte Gainsbourg

“Whether it’s from the biggest, most powerful city, or from the dinkiest little podunk town, there is a certain attachment and connection, and yes, pride about where you came from.”

― Cheech Marin

“I drive an S80 Volvo; it’s one of those real flashy cars. No, I just like it because I like a nice, cush ride; the Volvo is really cush, and it’s powerful and fast.”

― Cheech Marin

“Apart from using it to spread the word about my translation company Blue Elephant and to talk to fans, I find social media an extremely powerful forum for charity.”

― Chinmayi

“Religion, in any form, is always interesting to me because of how powerful it is. Not even the religion itself, but to the people that follow it… The effect that it has had on people’s minds.”

― Chino Moreno

“Tourism in India has the potential to promote faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth. It could be used as a powerful antidote to tackle poverty.”

― Chiranjeevi

“A book can be wonderful and powerful and accessible and artful all at the same time.”

― Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

“Zendaya – she’s a boss – and Rihanna as well. I feel like those are two very powerful women.”

― Chloe Kim

“I think one of the things about listening is that it’s always at its most powerful when it’s present, when it’s right here, when it’s right now. And that’s a lesson about improv that I think just made me a much more social person.”

― Chris Gethard

“With virtual reality, I’m not interested in the novelty factor. I’m interested in the foundations for a medium that could be more powerful than cinema, than theatre, than literature, than any other medium we’ve had before to connect one human being to another.”

― Chris Milk

“The most powerful force when changing people’s hearts and minds is a person-to-person conversation.”

― Chris Murphy

“The gun lobby is certainly politically powerful, but it loses as many races as it wins.”

― Chris Murphy

“Social media is a very, very powerful tool. It also gives power to tools.”

― Chris Young

“It’s important for girls to feel strong and powerful even when they’re playing sports.”

― Christen Press

“I’m surrounded by very powerful women and very progressive men.”

― Christie Hefner

“Girls are more academically powerful. They make the grades, they run the student activities, they are the valedictorians.”

― Christina Hoff Sommers

“If every other store in town is paying workers $9 an hour, one offering $8 will find it hard to hire anyone – perhaps not when unemployment is high, but certainly in normal times. Robust competition is a powerful force helping to ensure that workers are paid what they contribute to their employers’ bottom lines.”

― Christina Romer

“There are lots of ways to be a feminist. Beyonce, for example, is a beautiful example of feminine sensuality and is still really powerful. My character and my inner essence is more like an awkward 15-year-old boy, like a teenager backstage, like, ‘Yeah, what’s up?’ That’s what I’m trying to channel.”

― Christine and the Queens

“One of the most powerful tools for empowering individuals and communities is making certain that any individual who wants to receive a quality education can do so.”

― Christine Gregoire

“The thing with computer-generated imagery is that it’s an incredibly powerful tool for making better visual effects. But I believe in an absolute difference between animation and photography.”

― Christopher Nolan

“Deathstroke is the dark-mirror version of Batman, basically. He is every bit as resourceful, every bit as ruthless, every bit as powerful as Batman.”

― Christopher Priest

“Once you understand what a messy, emotional, and destructive dynamic ‘fairness’ can be, you can see why ‘fair’ is a tremendously powerful word that you need to use with care.”

― Christopher Voss

“We’re living in miraculous times where connections are made at the blink of an eye, the tap of a thumb, and the click of a mouse. We can never replace human interaction, but these simple actions can be powerful and meaningful to those we connect with.”

― Christy Turlington

“I do think that there is both a very powerful sense of entitlement and a kind of bubble of wealth which makes it hard for the people at the very top to understand the travails of the middle class.”

― Chrystia Freeland

“Reagan’s legacy is so powerful because he identified the state as the central issue in American politics.”

― Chrystia Freeland

“Any time you have someone’s first-hand account of the sheer terror that ISIS can provoke… that’s powerful.”

― Chuck Fleischmann

“When you see a singer on stage who is 100% committed to the personality, character and temperament of the role being sung, it’s truly awesome and very powerful.”

― Claron McFadden

“’Disruption’ is, at its core, a really powerful idea. Everyone hijacks the idea to do whatever they want now. It’s the same way people hijacked the word ‘paradigm’ to justify lame things they’re trying to sell to mankind.”

― Clayton M. Christensen

“It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.”

― Clive James

“I have a problem with a lot of men’s fragrances because they are very strong. Somebody somewhere thinks that masculine means powerful smells, and I find them overbearing and not very pleasant.”

― Clive Owen

“A huge amount of our everyday thinking – powerful, creative, and resonant stuff – is done socially: talking to other people, arguing with them, relying on them to recall information for us.”

― Clive Thompson

“Although my early equipment was very modest, later I made my own and they were more powerful.”

― Clyde Tombaugh

“I love Robin Wright so much. She’s one of my favorite actresses; she’s incredibly powerful.”

― Cody Fern

“One thing I always loved about hip-hop music was the raw, boom-bap element – it felt powerful and manly.”

― Common

“The day has to come when it’s not a surprise that a woman has a powerful position.”

― Condoleezza Rice

“You are more beautiful than you realize, stronger than you know, more powerful than you could imagine.”

― Cory Booker

“For me, comedy should have a certain amount of joy in it. It should be about attacking the powerful – the politicians, the Trumps, the blowhards – going after them. We shouldn’t be attacking the vulnerable.”

― Craig Ferguson

“Great writers arrive among us like new diseases threatening, powerful, impatient for patients to pick up their virus, irresistible.”

― Craig Raine

“During his brilliant campaign, President Obama wove a powerful narrative about the American we all hope for. And that hope was grounded in a very powerful reality: President Obama’s own inspiring life story.”

― Cynthia P. Schneider

“Human rights will be a powerful force for the transformation of reality when they are not simply understood as externally defined norms of behavior but are lived as the spontaneous manifestation of internalized values.”

― Daisaku Ikeda

“Los Angeles is a really strange place. I grew up there like a normal kid, but it was not until I experienced other parts of the world that I realized how really and truly bizarre to the core it is – inside the homes of the powerful and damaged.”

― Dakota Johnson

“Almost overnight, white people have gone from being very powerful to potentially irrelevant. Their future in South Africa is not what many had envisaged, so it involves a lot of reinvention.”

― Damon Galgut

“Transhumanism is the ethics and science of using things like biological and genetic engineering to transform our bodies and make us a more powerful species.”

― Dan Brown

“I never go on a run when I don’t think of my dad, where I don’t think about how powerful his legs were and what happened because, unfortunately, he didn’t take care of himself.”

― Dan Hill

“What differentiates leaders is the ability to recover following a mistake. I make mistakes all the time, but I cop to them, apologize, and move on. Contrition is powerful.”

― Dana Walden

“Israel is in the grip of a ghetto mentality. We have a powerful army. We have the atomic bomb. But the psychology of what comes out of Israel has the tone of the Warsaw Ghetto.”

― Daniel Barenboim

“A zeal for the defence of their country led these heroes to the scene of action, though with a few men to attack a powerful army of experienced warriors.”

― Daniel Boone

“Dan Henderson, even when you’re close and he hits you from very, very close, you can feel how heavy his hands are. His hands are pretty powerful.”

― Daniel Cormier

“Popeyes is a powerful brand with a rich Louisiana heritage that resonates with guests around the world.”

― Daniel Schwartz

“There is nothing so powerful as truth, and often nothing so strange.”

― Daniel Webster

“Although computer chips now are thinner, they’re more powerful, they’re not as reliable. You’d harvest computer chips from the 1980s from all around the world because they’re reliable.”

― Danny Boyle

“That survival instinct, that will to live, that need to get back to life again, is more powerful than any consideration of taste, decency, politeness, manners, civility. Anything. It’s such a powerful force.”

― Danny Boyle

“What some Americans don’t appreciate is how strong the brand of the American Dream is around the world. I’m an example of how powerful that product is.”

― Dara Khosrowshahi

“Magnetism, as you recall from physics class, is a powerful force that causes certain items to be attracted to refrigerators.”

― Dave Barry

“There are many Saudi women doctors, and there are many wealthy and powerful and well-educated Saudi women who circumvent the restrictions put upon them, quietly or otherwise.”

― Dave Eggers

“Joining a band without ever having really met the people before, you just want to be musically powerful.”

― Dave Grohl

“I think that there’s something really powerful about the sun and its effect on the human psyche. I lived in a place with no windows for twelve years.”

― Dave Sitek

“I like dark, dramatic roles; they’re just really powerful and real.”

― Daveigh Chase

“Tragedies such as Nevil Shute’s ‘On the Beach’ and Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Dr Strangelove’ are so powerful because there’s an underlying assumption that this did not have to happen. It is empowering.”

― David Brin

“The GOP’s policies are not designed to help the middle class. They are designed to help their wealthy, powerful friends and donors under the misguided idea that wealth will one day trickle down.”

― David Brock

“Gravity is more powerful where there’s more stuff.”

― David Christian

“Advertising is full of great thinkers. This is a powerful industry and does a lot more than we take credit for.”

― David Droga

“I’ve run into certain geniuses of individualism – they are very few and far between – who live their lives completely on their own terms; they are very powerful and have a great amount of happiness. We all should aspire to that.”

― David Duchovny

“One of the things I believe strongly in is developing institutions – legal, press, bureaucracies, academies – that are rooted in the pursuit of impartial truth. That aren’t simply just bent to partisan ends or are corrupted for the powerful or for other ulterior motives.”

― David Grann

“Now, humans have become a dominant force of planetary change and, thus, we may have entered an eon of post-biological evolution in which cognitive systems have gained a powerful influence on the planet.”

― David Grinspoon

“Podcast listening, much like radio listening, is largely a question of habit. And the most powerful habits are the ones that fit into our daily routine.”

― David Hepworth

“Politicians need to rethink their reflexive invocations of the Second Amendment and the idea that the gun lobby is too powerful to challenge.”

― David Ignatius

“Slow-twitch muscle fibers are mostly used for long endurance exercises like aerobics, swimming, and distance running. Fast-twitch muscle fibers are generally more powerful and are activated during maximum exertion exercises like heavy weightlifting and intensive, short bursts of sprints.”

― David Kirsch

“Sex is a doorway to something so powerful and mystical, but movies usually depict it in a completely flat way.”

― David Lynch

“When I travel the country, I am often struck by how much we actually have in common. It’s much more powerful than how much there is that’s reported that divides us.”

― David Muir

“In historical messianism, the reign of the Messiah is brought about by a Jewish ruler powerful enough to gather the Jewish exiles back to the land of Israel, reestablish a Torah government there, and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.”

― David Novak

“Personal faith can be a powerful force for public good.”

― David Price

“The Sierra Club is a very good and a very powerful force for conservation and, as a matter of fact, has grown faster since I left than it was growing while I was there! It must be doing something right.”

― David R. Brower

“Gold and silver are no doubt subject to fluctuations, from the discovery of new and more abundant mines; but such discoveries are rare, and their effects, though powerful, are limited to periods of comparatively short duration.”

― David Ricardo

“In 2009, novelty toymaker Maxfield & Oberton released Buckyballs, sets of curiously powerful magnetic marbles that became the most popular cubicle toy since the Rubik’s Cube, selling more than 2 million units in 15 countries.”

― David Sax

“Courage and conviction are powerful weapons against an enemy who depends only on fists or guns. Animals know when you are afraid; a coward knows when you are not.”

― David Seabury

“Knowledge and engagement are a powerful antidote to forces that often work against our kids being healthy.”

― Dean Ornish

“Massimo Vignelli designed a timeless, elegant, and powerful identity for American Airlines.”

― Debbie Millman

“The club shows are really intense and powerful, but for a shorter time, and the audiences are in close proximity than when I’m performing at The Palace Theatre.”

― Deborah Cox

“All of us aspire to be powerful, and we all want to connect with others.”

― Deborah Tannen

“Back when the powerful 19th-century senator Henry Clay was called ‘the great compromiser,’ achieving a compromise really was considered great.”

― Deborah Tannen

“Campaigns often make standing on principle the highest of virtues – and listening to your opponents a sure sign of weakness. It’s the virtual opposite of what it takes to succeed in office. Squaring the circle takes a powerful combination of skills. But presidents who can campaign and compromise are generally the most successful.”

― Dee Dee Myers

“Obama has made America cool again – and more than that, he’s made his own brand arguably the most powerful the world has ever known.”

― Dee Dee Myers

“During my years as a press secretary, I developed a powerful internal filter, which worked to strip all things ‘off message’ from my thoughts before they came out of my mouth. It didn’t always work, of course, and I said more than a few things I regretted.”

― Dee Dee Myers

“Through adopting radical extremism, some young men who previously felt humiliated and emasculated by their peers can now feel powerful and intimidating – and gain status, attention from young women, and the comradeship and solidarity of other young men like themselves.”

― Deeyah Khan

“After we air the call, it’s gone. I always thought, ‘What a waste.’ That’s such a powerful story, and there’s no way to revisit it or share it.”

― Delilah

“’Lincoln’ is a powerful film. It’s one of those epic films that talk about this very specific issue in history of the United States.”

― Demian Bichir

“I do think the position I play is a powerful position.”

― Denise Morrison

“We’ve got over 1 million merchants who have claimed their businesses on Foursquare, running specials and doing other things. What we want to do is take these tools used by the 50-100 national retailers and make them accessible to our 1 million merchants. Then you’ve got something really powerful.”

― Dennis Crowley

“I think the Lord’s Prayer is a very powerful prayer. And the prayer of St. Francis.”

― Dennis Kucinich

“It is essential that Christians understand this: Every Jew – secular, religious, assimilated, left-wing, right-wing – fears being killed because he is Jewish. This is the best-kept secret about Jews, who are widely perceived as inordinately secure and powerful. But it is the only universally held sentiment among Jews.”

― Dennis Prager

“It’s a story about victory that will touch the lives of everyone who watches it. It’s powerful.”

― Derek Luke

“I came across the idea of running towards the things that frighten you. Once you go and do it, you realise that the fear of it is far more powerful than actually doing it.”

― Derren Brown

“The more ignorant, reckless and thoughtless a doctor is, the higher his reputation soars even amongst powerful princes.”

― Desiderius Erasmus

“In the Bible, we first encounter God when he sides with a bunch of slaves against a powerful Pharaoh, an act of grace freely given.”

― Desmond Tutu

“It’s a very powerful medium now, and should be celebrated as such, because we have the greatest television in the world.”

― Diana Rigg

“I want us to all look at ourselves and look at our stories. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what journeys you’ve taken. Your stories matter, and they’re powerful.”

― Diane Guerrero

“What I play now isn’t surf music. It’s too powerful. I used to go through paper bags; now I go through brick walls. I play hard.”

― Dick Dale

“What I’ve realized is that a film operates both on the intellectual and emotional levels, and if you can find a way to tell a riveting story and draw ideas out of that, it’s very powerful.”

― Dinesh D’Souza

“Fan Luv is a powerful positive movement. All over the world they come. It’s a force of luv.”

― DJ Khaled

“Believing in and practising the principles of the rule of law is, with our liberty and democracy, among the most powerful weapons we have. It is less effective if we blur its clarity and we should do this as sparingly as possible.”

― Dominic Grieve

“I think I’m a very powerful player; I can hit good groundstrokes.”

― Dominic Thiem

“You write about what you have access to, and I have been fortunate enough to have a front-row seat on the rich and powerful my entire life.”

― Dominick Dunne

“Black music is too big and too powerful not to have its own awards show.”

― Don Cornelius

“Powerful, quick and agile, Serena Williams thrives on winning.”

― Don Yaeger

“Magic Johnson was in the seventh year of his Hall of Fame career when thoughts of his basketball afterlife led him to the office of uber-executive Michael Ovitz, co-founder of Creative Artists Agency, Hollywood’s most powerful agency.”

― Don Yaeger

“Evolution is a fact. It is the best explanation of what is known from observations. It’s a theory as powerful as the theory of gravity.”

― Donald Johanson

“Showing your femininity should help your career and not go against your career. Dressing like a man, using the suit to look powerful – that was the ’80s, and that didn’t help women.”

― Donatella Versace

“Powerful women intimidate men. If she’s a really well-known woman, she has a career, she’s famous – in that case, men are really afraid.”

― Donatella Versace

“Before Hillary-bashing became its own thing, she was subjected to the standard-issue woman-bashing used on every powerful woman in Washington.”

― Donna Brazile

“Rock and jazz came together in a very powerful way on ‘Barabajagal.’”

― Donovan

“If you write a book that’s as powerful and successful as ‘Bastard,’ there’s a strong desire to prove there’s something else.”

― Dorothy Allison

“Words are as strong and powerful as bombs, as napalm.”

― Dorothy Day

“Further, the next generation of terrorists will grow up in a digital world, with ever more powerful and easy-to-use hacking tools at their disposal.”

― Dorothy Denning

“When I was growing up, there were very few women athletes. I remember watching Olga Corbett, but Peggy Fleming and Janet Lynn were my role models. I never dreamt that I could be at that level. I remember thinking they seemed so elegant and regal and powerful and feminine.”

― Dorothy Hamill

“The mind is pretty powerful. In skating, you learn to click into that zone and focus not necessarily on what you’re doing but if you’re doing it well.”

― Dorothy Hamill

“VR is so immersive, and when it works, it draws you into the story in a way that is truly unique and powerful.”

― Doug Liman

“Adverbs lead to overwriting. Try taking them out and reading your prose again to see how it sounds. Simple and less words are more powerful.”

― Douglas Brunt

“We like companies that can get big and powerful on $50 million or less and not two, three, four or five billion.”

― Douglas Leone

“I’m very sensitive to the English language. I studied the dictionary obsessively when I was a kid and collect old dictionaries. Words, I think, are very powerful and they convey an intention.”

― Drew Barrymore

“I started finding hearts in things – whether it was like, a tree I was passing, a straw wrapper on the ground; I think the heart has one continuous line, which is very powerful.”

― Drew Barrymore

“Terry Gilliam, he’s a really interesting and amazing film maker, and when he gets it right, it’s really powerful stuff.”

― Duncan Jones

“The single most powerful thing I can be is to be myself.”

― Dwayne Johnson

“Science and religion are the two most powerful forces in the world. Having them at odds… is not productive.”

― E. O. Wilson

“That is the real spiritual awakening, when something emerges from within you that is deeper than who you thought you were. So, the person is still there, but one could almost say that something more powerful shines through the person.”

― Eckhart Tolle

“You can be powerful without being loud and aggressive.”

― Ed Skrein

“Magic symbolises the subconscious – that part of us that is creative and powerful that we sometimes don’t tap into.”

― Eddie Marsan

“Our planetary system is affected by a magnitude of force as powerful as any naturally occurring global catastrophe, but one caused solely by a single species: us.”

― Edward Burtynsky

“One very important aspect of motivation is the willingness to stop and to look at things that no one else has bothered to look at. This simple process of focusing on things that are normally taken for granted is a powerful source of creativity.”

― Edward de Bono

“Throughout his work, Philip Levine’s most powerful commitment has been to the failed and lost, the marginal, the unloved, the unwanted.”

― Edward Hirsch

“I would say that ‘Schindler’s List,’ as powerful as it was, seemed to have continued with a particular iconography of victimization and passivity. That was the iconography with which I had grown up and to which I had grown accustomed.”

― Edward Zwick

“The most powerful determinant of whether a woman goes on in science might be whether anyone encourages her to go on.”

― Eileen Pollack

“For me, the idea of releasing a free record is powerful if everybody gets it for free at the same time.”

― El-P

“In 1991, only two years into the Bush administration, Condoleezza Rice suddenly left her powerful job as the top Russia expert on the National Security Council and went back to California – to get a life.”

― Elaine Sciolino

“When I write, I have always tried to be on the side of the weak. The side of the powerful is not literature’s side.”

― Elfriede Jelinek

“In nations where the voices of intolerance are most visible and momentarily powerful, it is in our long run interests to remain firm in our clear articulation that the use of violence in response to speech is to be condemned.”

― Eliot Spitzer

“Social media is a powerful tool to connect constituents with the policy making process.”

― Elise Stefanik

“It should scare every voter in the 5th District that a powerful D.C. lobbyist is trying to install a personal congressman in our part of Connecticut.”

― Elizabeth Esty

“There is no denying that unhappiness – even violence – exists in some arranged marriages. Or that some arranged marriages are borne out of cruelty. And part of that six percent global divorce rate can be attributed to the powerful stigma against divorce that’s present in countries where arranged marriage is common.”

― Elizabeth Flock

“I get to play a lot of powerful, smartest women in the room. And that’s deeply satisfying.”

― Elizabeth Marvel

“When it comes to other people’s writing, my older influences are more powerful than more recent ones, partially because I’m now more worried that I’ll suddenly accidentally steal something from another writer.”

― Elizabeth McCracken

“One of the most powerful transformational catalysts is knowledge, new information, or logic that defies old mental models and ways of thinking.”

― Elizabeth Thornton

“Republicans say they don’t believe in government. Sure they do. They believe in government to help themselves and their powerful friends.”

― Elizabeth Warren

“Traditions are the guideposts driven deep in our subconscious minds. The most powerful ones are those we can’t even describe, aren’t even aware of.”

― Ellen Goodman

“The relationships I’ve had with my girl friends are so powerful and meaningful. Without them I truly don’t know what I’d do.”

― Ellen Page

“One of the most powerful feelings in the world is after a really, really long run.”

― Ellie Goulding

“Merlin is, in the terms of the world of magic, one of the most intriguing and powerful characters.”

― Elliot Knight

“Henry M. Jackson, congressman and senator from 1941 until his death in 1983, achieved far greater renown than most legislators, ran for president in 1972 and 1976, and was for much of the 1970s and 1980s one of the most powerful men in America.”

― Elliott Abrams

“Songs are more powerful than books.”

― Elvis Costello

“Occupying my mind with complex problems has been my best and most powerful and most reliable defense against my mental illness.”

― Elyn Saks

“Padmasree Warrior has been on all the lists. The most powerful women in tech. The most powerful women in the world.”

― Emily Chang

“Pishevar, co-founder and managing director of Sherpa Capital, is a powerful figure in the Valley and a bridge to establishment figures on both coasts. He cultivated a relationship with Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick and publicly came to his defense when he was ousted as chief executive officer and sued by another investor.”

― Emily Chang

“The basic idea that incentives can be used to motivate behavior is a powerful one. It works for employees, and it has a clear place in parenting, as anyone who has tried to potty-train a recalcitrant toddler with sticker rewards knows.”

― Emily Oster

“Marriage, or any committed partnership, has become sacred to me, powerful and fragile all at the same time.”

― Emily V. Gordon

“Dealing with backstabbers, there was one thing I learned. They’re only powerful when you got your back turned.”

― Eminem

“I’m a big fan of Springsteen. Obviously, his social commentary is very powerful for me. I like his album ‘The Rising.’ It’s not a new one, but it sticks in my mind because of what it says to me.”

― Enda Kenny

“Clericalism has rendered some of Ireland’s brightest, most privileged and powerful men either unwilling or unable to address the horrors cited in the Ryan and Murphy Reports.”

― Enda Kenny

“My parents genuinely loved Vienna, and in later years I learned from them why the city exerted a powerful hold on them and other Jews. My parents loved the dialect of Vienna, its cultural sophistication, and artistic values.”

― Eric Kandel

“Language is powerful. Words matter.”

― Eric Metaxas

“The thing that’s been inhibiting long-form investigative reporting is fear – fear of being sued, of being unpopular, of being criticized by very powerful groups.”

― Eric Schlosser

“Google’s architectural model around broadband and services and so forth plays very well to the powerful devices and services Apple is doing. We’re a perfect back end to the problems that they’re trying to solve.”

― Eric Schmidt

“Equal justice means that there is not one set of rules for the powerful and another for everyone else.”

― Eric Schneiderman

“There’s a powerful appeal in the ‘I didn’t know that’ effect. I love it when people say, ‘Gosh, I didn’t know that.’”

― Erik Larson

“Liverpool are a very powerful opponent.”

― Ernesto Valverde

“And, not only in Budapest. I worked very closely with a very powerful government organization, which shall remain unidentified, to develop the mass marketed version of the Cube.”

― Erno Rubik

“Without renouncing the support of physics, it is possible for the physiology of the senses, not only to pursue its own course of development, but also to afford to physical science itself powerful assistance.”

― Ernst Mach

“Despite all of our efforts to control something, the world is much, much more powerful than us, and more deranged even than us.”

― Errol Morris

“There are few things more powerful than a life lived with passionate clarity.”

― Erwin McManus

“I think film is a very powerful advocate and message carrier.”

― Estelle Morris

“There once was this powerful, both capital and political, class who cared about supporting and affirming a solid middle class in this country.”

― Ethan Canin

“New motherhood is such a vulnerable and powerful time, but it’s also really hard.”

― Eva Amurri

“The hardcore fanbase of nerds that live on the Internet are not nearly as powerful as I thought they were. They really, really aren’t. They also flip-flop like mad.”

― Evan Goldberg

“More than four decades after Nixon met Mao, the relationship between the U.S. and China has reached a pivotal moment. To date, even as China has become more powerful and present in our lives, Americans have generally found it to be an unsatisfying ‘enemy.’”

― Evan Osnos

“It’s scary how effective movies can be. It’s a very powerful medium that I think is sometimes abused.”

― Evan Peters

“Conforming happens so naturally that we can forget how powerful it is. But the thing that makes us human are those times we listen to the whispers of our soul and allow ourselves to be pulled in another direction.”

― Evan Spiegel

“My favorite instrument is the snare drum. In Scotland, the snare drum is very prominent in Highland bands. The Scottish style of playing is in my blood. It’s a very powerful instrument, but it can also be soothing, like velvet. It’s a real challenge for composers.”

― Evelyn Glennie

“There is no force so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

― Everett Dirksen

“When I found film, it was like, ‘Of course!’ It was this very intense realization that this is perhaps the most powerful, honed context that I’ve found.”

― Ezra Miller

“The founders had a strong distrust for centralized power in a federal government. So they created a government with checks and balances. This was to prevent any branch of the government from becoming too powerful.”

― Ezra Taft Benson

“The Japanese bureaucracy is unique. It is also very powerful, although it is now the object of so much criticism. Many of Japan’s brightest made it a pillar of strength and continuity.”

― F. Sionil Jose

“Music is something that’s so powerful and means so much to me.”

― Fantastic Negrito

“I want to make other people around me smarter and more powerful.”

― Fantastic Negrito

“When you’re failing, there’s a very powerful incentive to put ideology aside and just do what seems to work.”

― Fareed Zakaria

“Cinema, I always felt, is a very powerful mass medium to translate ideas in an engaging way.”

― Farhan Akhtar

“Puerto Rico is a powerful island.”

― Fat Joe

“The influence of one’s parents is powerful and permanent.”

― Faye Wattleton

“An alliance of civilisations can be our most powerful weapon in the fight against terror.”

― Federica Mogherini

“The only path to build intelligent machines is to enable it with powerful visual intelligence, just like what animals did in evolution.”

― Fei-Fei Li

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”

― Ferdinand Foch

“A president with a pen in their hand is a very powerful person.”

― Fernando Haddad

“The Soviet Union, the socialist camp, the People’s Republic of China, and North Korea helped us resist, with essential supplies and weapons, the implacable blockade of the United States, the most powerful empire ever to exist.”

― Fidel Castro

“The unsaid is a powerful tool. It invites the reader into the narrative, filling in gaps, interpreting silences and half-finished sentences, and seeing the hidden fear in someone’s eye.”

― Fiona Barton

“The imagination is such as powerful tool: suggestion is all you need. People fill in gaps.”

― Fiona Barton

“Women’s sport is growing, becoming powerful, and we want to continue to raise that platform for the young girls at home.”

― Fran Kirby

“With a growing number of one-parent families in the country, the Girl Scout troop can be an indispensable and powerful positive factor.”

― Frances Hesselbein

“In the U.S. the powerful critics of austerity such as Paul Krugman and Robert Reich rightly identify the decline of ‘labor’ as a problem, and renewing trade unionism part of the solution. Our opportunity is to make the same case in the UK.”

― Frances O’Grady

“It’s true that when Christianity is socially powerful, faith can look from the outside as if it is mainly a matter of membership, of participation in the vast synchronised swim of institutions.”

― Francis Spufford

“The active part of man consists of powerful instincts, some of which are gentle and continuous; others violent and short; some baser, some nobler, and all necessary.”

― Francis W. Newman

“I am beginning to have more powerful enemies and more envious ones, too.”

― Francisco Goya

“’The Exorcist’ is amazing because it recognizes that silences can be as powerful as sound effects.”

― Frank Darabont

“No one, however powerful and successful, can function as an adult if his parents are not satisfied with him.”

― Frank Pittman

“Having this message of sobriety and recovery to blast out into the world is also very powerful and kind of the reason why I’m on this planet, I think; it’s one of my purposes.”

― Frankie Grande

“Glam rock always has a story to tell and has that powerful voice with a little hint of libretto.”

― Frankie Grande

“It’s hard to pin down what it means to be an evangelical today. It’s been diluted quite a bit. It is a powerful voting bloc, no question, but they’re liberal as well as conservative – and they’re made of Latinos, blacks, whites.”

― Franklin Graham

“Deep engagement is much more powerful and valuable than fleeting mass market engagement.”

― Freddie Wong

“I know by experience that Jesus Christ is a very powerful spirit – I know by experience that he is probably the most powerful spirit in the universe. I know by experience he is not a mere human being. He is something beyond that.”

― Frederica Mathewes-Green

“The Bible, that powerful book, has many effects: it comforts, counsels, instructs, and brings us into the presence of God. But trying to erase offense as one of its functions is a fundamentally misguided task.”

― Frederica Mathewes-Green

“A pair of powerful spectacles has sometimes sufficed to cure a person in love.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

“I’ll always keep you guessing. I’m living up to the name. It’s powerful. That’s just what I do.”

― Future

“The gatekeepers don’t control the gates, and the powers that be aren’t as powerful.”

― G-Eazy

“When we read fiction, we want to get outside of ourselves and are able to see from a perspective we haven’t seen through before. That can be very powerful.”

― G. Willow Wilson

“Expanding background checks will help create a uniform standard for all gun purchases and prevent criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from obtaining powerful weapons.”

― Gabrielle Giffords

“Consumer behaviour is a powerful realm from which to explore our biological heritage.”

― Gad Saad

“The landscape is like being there with a powerful personality and I’m searching for just the right angles to make that portrait come across as meaningfully as possible.”

― Galen Rowell

“The reason that I keep writing is that all my most powerful messages about the fates of wild places that I care about need to have words as well as images.”

― Galen Rowell

“Music is an extremely powerful force if used properly to uplift people. I believe music should be uplifting and not downgrading… it’s a very, very powerful tool.”

― Gary Wright

“The most powerful thing we can do is get involved locally. Help our local community and become community activists in our own smaller circle.”

― Gavin Creel

“The BBC provides the commentary on our lives, the soundtrack of the nation. It is one of the most powerful unifying forces in the United Kingdom today.”

― Gavyn Davies

“Comics are such a powerful educational tool. Simply put, there are certain kinds of information that are best communicated through sequential visuals.”

― Gene Luen Yang

“Most governments do have inbuilt biases in favour of the rich and powerful, and most do contain plenty of manipulators who love intrigue, who have lost whatever moral compass they may once have had and who protect themselves with steely cynicism.”

― Geoff Mulgan

“Filth and old age, I’m sure you will agree, are powerful wardens upon chastity.”

― Geoffrey Chaucer

“On average, an individual doesn’t have a powerful connection with more than four to six people, and that’s just as true here in the U.S. as it is in China.”

― Geoffrey West

“The paradigm of physics – with its interplay of data, theory and prediction – is the most powerful in science.”

― Geoffrey West

“A lot of people would probably get quite bored watching a series about a king who is powerful and never showed any vulnerability.”

― George Blagden

“I actually think that self-interest is overrated as an all-purpose guide to political motive. It leaves out something at least as powerful and immovable – individual psychology.”

― George Packer

“All fiction has to have a certain amount of truth in it to be powerful.”

― George R. R. Martin

“What a powerful thing to know: That one’s own desires are mappable onto strangers; that what one finds in oneself will most certainly be found in The Other.”

― George Saunders

“We are the most powerful nation on earth. No external power, no terrorist organization, can defeat us. But we can defeat ourselves by getting caught in a quagmire.”

― George Soros

“Humor is a powerful tool, and some of these politicians are so far out and easy to lampoon. They just provide such delicious opportunity.”

― George Takei

“The most powerful men were those who most effectively used the power of adult competence to enforce childish agreements.”

― George W. S. Trow

“To a person growing up in the power of demography, it was clear that history had to do not with the powerful actions of certain men but with the processes of choice and preference.”

― George W. S. Trow

“If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it; if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known, that we are at all times ready for War.”

― George Washington

“Trickster stories are pleasurable, contradictory, annoying, abrasive. They’re powerful, transformational acts of liberation because they are not nailed down to the real, to the representation of something in the world.”

― Gerald Vizenor

“Focus. It’s powerful to do just one thing and pour all your energy into it.”

― Gil Penchina

“In 1978, when I thought of creating a flag for the gay movement, there was no other international symbol for us than the pink triangle, which the Nazis used to identify homosexuals in concentration camps. Even though the pink triangle was and still is a powerful symbol, it was very much forced upon us.”

― Gilbert Baker

“If fiction changes things, it’s usually because it’s a powerful way of exploring social issues. And it helps us to understand people who are different from us.”

― Gillian Cross

“Fiction is often most powerful when the author is exploring an issue – and not writing like a know-it-all who has the perfect answer.”

― Gillian Cross

“These people being of a sharp and acute intellect, and gifted with a rich and powerful understanding, excel in whatever studies they pursue, and are more quick and cunning than the other inhabitants of a western clime.”

― Giraldus Cambrensis

“You can never take your reputation back. There really is nothing as powerful as a good reputation.”

― Giuliana Rancic

“With the TV shows, you get eight zillion people watching you. I was really surprised at the way everything went. I knew television was powerful, but that was just… wow.”

― Glen Campbell

“If being a werewolf is really a curse, you’ve got to treat it honorably. If werewolves are going to carry on, there has to be an incredibly powerful force. There is the business of the craving, the hunger for the kill. It has to be deeply pleasurable and more than an appetite for meat. There has to be a sensual dimension to it.”

― Glen Duncan

“Love makes no sense at all. But it’s the most powerful and amazing force in the entire universe.”

― Glenn Close

“Music is almost mystical to me. It really has an incredibly powerful force.”

― Gloria Estefan

“’12 Years a Slave’ was very powerful, very moving, and deserved all of the acclaim it did get.”

― Glynn Turman

“Founded when Abraham Lincoln believed education could lead the nation out of its darkest days, Ohio State now provides a powerful platform of interdisciplinary academic programs, world-class scholars, outstanding students, and extensive research capabilities.”

― Gordon Gee

“When you find a guy who is powerful, a big father figure, you latch onto him immediately.”

― Gordon Ramsay

“Most children tell themselves stories in which they figure as powerful figures, enjoying the pleasures not only of the adult world as they conceive it but of a world of wonders unlike dull reality.”

― Gore Vidal

“I know there are some powerful people in the industry who don’t want me to do well.”

― Govinda

“We always like working with really powerful female voices.”

― Grace Chatto

“I’m obsessed with Lorde. Oh my gosh. I’m always listening to Lorde. Her music is so powerful.”

― Grace VanderWaal

“A fossil is so powerful. It’s moving. This is my ancestor. The naturalist is moved by the fossil… not the cross.”

― Greg Graffin

“Genre pleasures are many, but the quality of shared values within an ongoing discussion may be the most powerful, enlisting lifelong devotion in its fans.”

― Gregory Benford

“I am saddened by the prevalence of powerful men disrespecting and objectifying women – and getting away with it for years.”

― Gretchen Carlson

“Everyone knew how powerful Roger Ailes was. I certainly felt intimidated by that; the culture of ‘Fox and Friends’ was intimidating to me.”

― Gretchen Carlson

“I know there is a Supreme Being who rules the affairs of men and whose goodness and mercy have always followed the American people, and I know He will not turn from us now if we humbly and reverently seek His powerful aid.”

― Grover Cleveland

“The American taxpayers are a powerful force. They don’t want their taxes raised. Obama and the Democrats have a fight with the American people, not with me.”

― Grover Norquist

“I run a taxpayer group – the most powerful guy in D.C., nonsense. OK? There are buildings with thousands of people in them, all lobbying for more spending and higher levels of spending and more government commitments. And there are a handful – a handful of groups that fight for less spending.”

― Grover Norquist

“The tax issue is the most powerful issue in American politics going back to the Tea Party.”

― Grover Norquist

“The American taxpayers are a powerful force. They don’t want their taxes raised.”

― Grover Norquist

“History shows that people often do cast their votes for amorphous reasons-the most powerful among them being the need for change. Just ask Bill Clinton.”

― Gwen Ifill

“If Donald Trump has proved anything, it is that there is nothing more powerful than a candidate’s voice.”

― Gwen Ifill

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.”

― H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

“The power of love – there’s nothing more powerful than that.”

― Haaz Sleiman

“The charms of women were never more powerful never inspired such achievements, as in those immortal periods, when they could neither read nor write.”

― Hannah Cowley

“The concept of evolution postulates that living organisms have common roots, and in turn, the existence of common features is powerful support for the concept of evolution.”

― Hans Adolf Krebs

“Only a completely unintelligible God can be said to be absolutely good and absolutely powerful yet tolerate the world as it is.”

― Hans Jonas

“While The United States is the most powerful nation the world has ever seen, it is also the most detested nation that the world has ever known.”

― Harold Pinter

“When you have a good vision and a very large capability of impact, that’s very powerful.”

― Harper Reed

“The language is always powerful in Shakespeare, but with ‘Antony and Cleopatra,’ the speeches are so big and muscular and rich – exhausting to speak, actually.”

― Harriet Walter

“Where does an actress go after playing Cleopatra’s magnificent death? Why didn’t Shakespeare write more – and more powerful – roles for mature women?”

― Harriet Walter

“Silence is the most powerful state.”

― Harry Dean Stanton

“The atom bomb was no ‘great decision.’ It was merely another powerful weapon in the arsenal of righteousness.”

― Harry S Truman

“I’m a writer, not a professional runner. It’s fun and it helps me write. I need powerful concentration.”

― Haruki Murakami

“I grew up with a lot of guys, some of them are dead, some of them are this and some of them that, and some of them very, very powerful, bright young men, who became this instead of that simply because of a lack of guidance – that’s all.”

― Harvey Keitel

“I believe that visualization is one of the most powerful means of achieving personal goals.”

― Harvey Mackay

“You can hear my opinion on various subjects, but telling my story is the most authentic thing I can do. There’s nothing more powerful I can share with an audience.”

― Hasan Minhaj

“That’s a powerful lucky rabbit’s foot. I got the part in Gone With the Wind because of it. I got my Warner contract, thanks to it.”

― Hattie McDaniel

“It is scrutiny by the general public that keeps the powerful honest.”

― Heather Brooke

“Women as consumers are a very powerful force.”

― Heidi Roizen

“I have learned so much from working with other poets, travelling and reading with them, spending days discussing poems in progress. There is the sense that we are all, as writers, part of something which is more powerful than any of us.”

― Helen Dunmore

“Kissing is not just kissing. It is a major escalation or de-escalation point in a powerful process of mate choice.”

― Helen Fisher

“It’s almost as if men who get tribal tattoos are trying to signal that they are dangerous, they’re to be respected, and they’re powerful.”

― Helen Fisher

“When I came into the acting profession, it was quite hierarchical. You didn’t sit at the same table as the leading actor. Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir John Gielgud… these were very, very intimidating and powerful people.”

― Helen Mirren

“We are all built differently. Some guys are more powerful. Some guys are very tall. I’m not very tall, so I rely on quickness.”

― Henrik Lundqvist

“Thaw with her gentle persuasion is more powerful than Thor with his hammer. The one melts, the other breaks into pieces.”

― Henry David Thoreau

“Dr. King’s Nobel Prize had a more powerful transforming effect on him than I think he realized at the time.”

― Henry Louis Gates

“To see change in your own area code is very powerful. There’s a little orphanage down the street from my company, and we donate $1 from the sale of each CD we sell to the orphanage.”

― Henry Rollins

“Songs sung under duress are often very powerful.”

― Henry Rollins

“Ambition is so powerful a passion in the human breast, that however high we reach we are never satisfied.”

― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“You cannot represent cool. You’ve got to be cool. You’ve got to be authentic. I think, after all these years, that is how I define cool. It is being authentic. That is powerful.”

― Henry Winkler

“Under the rule of a repressive whole, liberty can be made into a powerful instrument of domination.”

― Herbert Marcuse

“You all know how powerful and varied are the effects of which steam engines are capable; with them has really begun the great development of industry which has characterised our century before all others.”

― Hermann von Helmholtz

“Heat can also be produced by the impact of imperfectly elastic bodies as well as by friction. This is the case, for instance, when we produce fire by striking flint against steel, or when an iron bar is worked for some time by powerful blows of the hammer.”

― Hermann von Helmholtz

“I’ve always been sensitive to the phrase ‘like a girl,’ especially when I was growing up and was told I couldn’t play with the boys. It really resonated with me. I was so inspired by the first #LikeAGirl video, and I wanted to be a part of such a powerful message.”

― Hilary Knight

“We have to knock down the barriers erected by greed, special interests, powerful forces.”

― Hillary Clinton

“The Arab Spring is a powerful and compelling response not only to an age of tyranny but also to the remnant chains of imperial influence.”

― Hisham Matar

“I like to do research. It gives me a sense of ownership. That’s very powerful for me as an actor to just own it.”

― Holly Hunter

“Stories are the single most powerful tool in a leader’s toolkit.”

― Howard Gardner

“Schoolchildren are not taught how to distinguish accurate information from inaccurate information online – surely there are ways to design web-browsers to help with this task and ways to teach young people how to use the powerful online tools available to them.”

― Howard Rheingold

“The Queen is by much the most powerful of the forces.”

― Howard Staunton

“With unknown actors, you look at them afresh. It’s a very powerful element.”

― Hugh Hudson

“Now I meditate twice a day for half an hour. In meditation, I can let go of everything. I’m not Hugh Jackman. I’m not a dad. I’m not a husband. I’m just dipping into that powerful source that creates everything. I take a little bath in it.”

― Hugh Jackman

“I am a professional sportswriter, among other things, and I take the games seriously. It is only one of my many powerful addictions, and I don’t mind admitting any of them.”

― Hunter S. Thompson

“The most powerful moral influence is example.”

― Huston Smith

“There are few more powerful tools for promoting stability than the institution of marriage.”

― Iain Duncan Smith

“I myself consider myself the most powerful figure in the world.”

― Idi Amin

“The atheist market is a very overlooked and powerful market, it turns out.”

― Ira Glass

“Endorphins are a very powerful thing.”

― Irene Rosenfeld

“This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.”

― Isaac Newton

“What is this powerful have over my tub? Surely, I am transfixed by your firecracker charm and your suspended electrified wit.”

― Isabel Yosito

“It’s easy to forget how powerful our bodies actually are.”

― Iskra Lawrence

“Access Living is a powerful voice for people in the Chicago area who live with disabilities.”

― Itzhak Perlman

“Appetite, craving for food, is a constant and powerful stimulator of the gastric glands.”

― Ivan Pavlov

“But man has still another powerful resource: natural science with its strictly objective methods.”

― Ivan Pavlov

“What unites Trump’s voters is a sense of alienation from America’s wealthy and powerful.”

― J. D. Vance

“It’s true that I have very little idea what I shall be writing next, but at the same time I have a powerful premonition of everything that lies ahead of me, even ten years ahead.”

― J. G. Ballard

“Under Hitler it was the entrepreneurial and professional classes who were the first victims of Nazi boycotts and exclusion. Today it is Israel, the most powerful symbol of Jewish national resurgence in two millennia.”

― Jack Schwartz

“Media play a powerful role in establishing and perpetuating social norms.”

― Jackson Katz

“I’ve been lifting weights since I was literally 15 or 16 years old. My muscles are short and powerful and built to lift heavy weights, not to be graceful and glide around a dance floor.”

― Jake Pavelka

“It’s not empirically wrong to say that Washington isn’t working for the American people and Washington does too many things for powerful special interests and it’s broken.”

― Jake Tapper

“A Cherubim or leader of a kingdom of angels is the fountain or heart of his whole kingdom, and is made out of all the powers out of which his angels are made, and is the most powerful and the brightest of them all.”

― Jakob Bohme

“I was fortunate to work with some very powerful producers like Tom Miller and Bob Boyett.”

― Jaleel White

“It is a process of diverting one’s scattered forces into one powerful channel.”

― James Allen

“As in many cities, Uber has disrupted powerful interests in London, starting with the drivers of black cabs, who trace their lineage to 1634, and their influential Licensed Taxi Drivers Association.”

― James B. Stewart

“I tell my students that the single most powerful thing that we have in this country – something that literally harbors no dissent and no questioning – is the all-powerful elite narrative.”

― James Carville

“There is something powerful in Metallica, a will, a drive.”

― James Hetfield

“Fear is really powerful; it’s really useful to me.”

― James McAvoy

“The Fall was super powerful to me because of their covers. They were intimidating. I bought ‘This Nation’s Saving Grace’ when it came out in 1985, and there was something about it that made me nervous. It terrified me.”

― James Murphy

“I’m not that interested in just being around powerful people for the sake of it.”

― James P. Gorman

“A lot of people like the idea of eternal love and eternal romance. The notion of love that is more profound and deeper because it is eternal is very powerful.”

― James Patterson

“Technological innovation has dramatically lowered the cost of computing, making it possible for large numbers of consumers to own powerful new technologies at reasonably low prices.”

― James Surowiecki

“Light is a powerful substance. We have a primal connection to it. But, for something so powerful, situations for its felt presence are fragile.”

― James Turrell

“Duct tape is like that. It’s a building block. You can make a rope out of it, you can make a cloth out of it. And because it sticks to stuff it’s even more powerful. It’s like an uber-material because of the versatility of a sticky fiber.”

― Jamie Hyneman

“WhatsApp’s extremely high user engagement and rapid growth are driven by the simple, powerful and instantaneous messaging capabilities we provide.”

― Jan Koum

“I grew up with older brothers, adore them, can’t imagine going through life without them, and I definitely think I draw on that love when I’m writing about siblings. It’s so powerful, the jump-in-front-of-a-train-to-protect-them kind of love.”

― Jandy Nelson

“Music is gathering. Taking our scattered thoughts and senses and coalescing us back into our core. Music is powerful. The first few chords can change us where no self-help books can.”

― Jane Siberry

“Agribusiness – with its wicked powerful lobby and its infiltration of top bureaucratic posts – essentially runs roughshod over the government agencies that are supposed to monitor it. It’s the rich fox guarding the filthy, overcrowded henhouse.”

― Jane Velez-Mitchell

“Denial is a very powerful thing.”

― Jane Velez-Mitchell

“The most powerful part of the art is experiential, yet it’s the hardest to describe because it’s nonverbal.”

― Janet Echelman

“When you are old enough to… play powerful parts, who cares if you are 45, 55 or 65?”

― Janet McTeer

“I liken Sleater-Kinney to a freight train. It felt like this incredible, forward-moving, powerful energy.”

― Janet Weiss

“Musicians and journalists are the canaries in the coalmine, but, eventually, as computers get more and more powerful, it will kill off all middle-class professions.”

― Jaron Lanier

“This concept that starting a company is so hard and that you’ll never make it is conspiracy concocted by the rich and powerful to keep you from trying – and you’ve fallen for it.”

― Jason Calacanis

“We think of computers as smart and powerful machines. But your goldfish is smarter.”

― Jason Fried

“Ideas are powerful because they allow us to see the world as it could be, rather than what it is.”

― Jason Silva

“Most powerful is when you see a person on camera with a disability, and it’s not the point of the story. That’s happening more and more. Not enough, let’s be clear, but it’s happening more.”

― Jason Winston George

“I call white the most powerful non-color; it’s clean, optimistic, powerful.”

― Jason Wu

“The oil companies, the big polluters, and the climate deniers are incredibly powerful. They will do everything they can to protect their profits.”

― Jay Inslee

“Words are more treacherous and powerful than we think.”

― Jean-Paul Sartre

“Whatever is powerful to you can be translated into something which will matter to somebody that you will never know.”

― Jeanette Winterson

“I am subject to very powerful lows. When you have highs, you have terrible lows. When you pinpoint that you are responsible for everything that happens to you, it is very frightening.”

― Jeanne Moreau

“I wish all consumers were as gullible as advertising’s biggest critics. Anyone who believes advertising is that powerful will believe almost anything.”

― Jef I. Richards

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.”

― Jeff Bezos

“As computers have become more powerful, computer graphics have advanced to the point where it’s possible to create photo-realistic images. The bottleneck wasn’t, ‘How do we make pixels prettier?’ It was, ‘How do we engage with them more?’”

― Jefferson Han

“I think I have femininity, I have masculinity, but I get to use all of Jeffrey, and that’s very powerful. And this is what I always thought when I went down in my little basement in San Francisco, where I grew up, and daydreamed about being an actor: It felt like this. This is what it felt like.”

― Jeffrey Tambor

“When I meditate, I can feel an energy that is much bigger than me but is also part of me, and it’s a very powerful energy.”

― Jen Sincero

“Belief is such a powerful thing – but because it is, it can also be very destructive and it’s very easily manipulated.”

― Jena Malone

“I’m becoming more powerful.”

― Jenn Suhr

“Nonviolent, visual protests have a long history of forming images that can quickly go viral and set a powerful tone for a moment.”

― Jenna Wortham

“I’m obsessed with the Victorian novel. I can’t help it. I feel like the novel then was so powerful and agile in ways I’m not sure it is now.”

― Jennifer Egan

“Going jogging makes me feel powerful and free – like Rocky!”

― Jennifer Hudson

“TV has always been a very strong and powerful medium for women.”

― Jennifer Winget

“Design has long gone from tinkering and sketching of auteurs in isolation to a powerful catalyzer of growth.”

― Jens Martin Skibsted

“I find the parallels between how some investors refuse to recognise the trends and our reaction to some of our environmental challenges very powerful. There is an unwillingness to process unpleasant data.”

― Jeremy Grantham

“If a horse doesn’t want to do something, you’re not going to make him do it. They’re incredibly powerful animals.”

― Jeremy Irvine

“What’s different here is that we have now technologies that allow these life science companies to bypass classical breeding. That’s what makes it both powerful and exciting.”

― Jeremy Rifkin

“Real are really powerful in attack, really strong in defence, and have a balanced midfield. There’s a reason they’ve won two Champions Leagues in a row.”

― Jerome Boateng

“The GSEs became powerful advocates for their own bottom lines, providing substantial financial support for political candidates who supported the GSE agenda.”

― Jerome Powell

“Pope John Paul II brought hope to all corners of the world, to people of all faiths and backgrounds, with his powerful belief in the human spirit.”

― Jerry Costello

“Music is the most powerful thing on this earth, and it’s hard to be angry when you are listening to music.”

― Jerry Reed

“Yahoo is positioned for accelerated financial growth. We have a powerful consumer brand, a huge global audience, and a highly profitable operating model.”

― Jerry Yang

“I was just obsessed with soul singers who had these big powerful voices. I used to listen to Aretha, Whitney, Mariah and try and imitate them, note for note and riff for riff.”

― Jess Glynne

“We can’t feel the rotation of the planet, but in some ways we can because our bodily systems are reacting to it and have it inherent in them. To me, that’s such a powerful thought.”

― Jessa Gamble

“Ajax isn’t a technology. It’s really several technologies, each flourishing in its own right, coming together in powerful new ways.”

― Jesse James Garrett

“I always bring my Jiffy Esteam steamer to get the wrinkles out of our clothes. It’s powerful enough to press a suit.”

― Jesse Tyler Ferguson

“Women can be powerful, graceful, and complex, with the ability to make any choice they desire.”

― Jessica Chastain

“Vampires are so sexy and powerful – they’re so otherworldly; they have eternal life and youth.”

― Jessica Clark

“I wanted to tell people that hope is really powerful.”

― Jessica Jung

“The storytelling in country music is so powerful.”

― Jessica Mauboy

“If feminism wasn’t powerful, if feminism wasn’t influential, people wouldn’t spend so much time putting it down.”

― Jessica Valenti

“Love is more powerful than kicking ass.”

― Jet Li

“The printed newspaper is a powerful showcase for news, opinion and advertising.”

― Jill Abramson

“To be a queen of a household is a powerful thing.”

― Jill Scott

“I think there’s no reason the Davis Cup couldn’t be as powerful and popular and profitable as any of the four majors are today, given some changes.”

― Jim Courier

“Ideas are more powerful than people.”

― Jim DeMint

“There’s no denying that television is one of the most powerful propaganda media we’ve ever invented.”

― Jim Fowler

“The most powerful argument of all for saving open space is economics; in most states, tourism is the number two industry.”

― Jim Fowler

“My hatred is a thousand times more powerful than all your good intentions.”

― Jim Goad

“I heard that Sanjay Leela Bhansali has an eye for detail, and it shows in his work, but seeing it firsthand is a powerful experience.”

― Jim Sarbh

“Love is such a powerful subject matter because it comes in so many different shapes and sizes. It’s about timing, fate, failure, redemption.”

― Jim Sturgess

“I never say someone is powerful.”

― Jimmy Iovine

“I think our stance on Brexit has perhaps been one of the most powerful things in helping people to recognise the values of the Liberal Democrats.”

― Jo Swinson

“No one is so rich and powerful that they cannot be punished, and no one is so poor that they cannot be protected.”

― Joao Lourenco

“Back in George W. Bush’s second term, when diplomatic realism began to overtake foolish bellicosity, the president developed one of his patented nicknames for the two most powerful neoconservative journalists, William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer: he called them ‘the Bomber Boys.’”

― Joe Klein

“Aerosmith is such a powerful band; I mean, it’s like a steam locomotive.”

― Joe Perry

“The indisputable fact is that nutritional science is the most powerful weapon available to win the war on cancer.”

― Joel Fuhrman

“Bottom line: God will not allow any person to keep you from your destiny. They may be bigger, stronger, or more powerful, but God knows how to shift things around and get you to where you’re supposed to be.”

― Joel Osteen

“Brass has a very distinctive sound. It’s delicate but powerful, but it’s also melancholic and plaintive.”

― Johann Johannsson

“I always relish the idea of collaborating with the director on creating the sound world, the sound spectrum, and the sound environment of the film. I use every means at my disposal to create a score that is as strong and powerful to enhance the director’s vision for the film.”

― Johann Johannsson

“The United States is the most powerful nation on Earth and it just can’t walk away from the Middle East and central Asia and the Horn of Africa.”

― John Abizaid

“In the last five or six thousand years, empires one after another have arisen, waxed powerful by wars of conquest, and fallen by internal revolution or attack from without.”

― John Boyd Orr

“Science has produced such powerful weapons that in a war between great powers there would be neither victor nor vanquished. Both would be overwhelmed in destruction.”

― John Boyd Orr

“There is but one nation on the globe from which we have anything serious to apprehend, but that is the most powerful that now exists or ever did exist. I refer to Great Britain.”

― John C. Calhoun

“One of the most powerful scientific tools ever invented is the telephone.”

― John C. Mather

“The dreams and passions stored within hearts are powerful keys which can unlock a wealth of potential.”

― John C. Maxwell

“High-end BREW phones aren’t nearly as limited a gaming platform as you might think – they are a lot more powerful than an original Play Station, for example. Java phones, however, are saddled with a huge disadvantage for gaming.”

― John Carmack

“Everybody’s saturated with the marketing hype of next-generation consoles. They are wonderful, but the truth is that they are as powerful as a high end PC is right now.”

― John Carmack

“There is absolutely zero doubt that you can technically do an excellent full-featured FPS game, because these devices are more powerful now than, like, a previous generation Xbox.”

― John Carmack

“I have two different categories of favorite films. One is the emotional favorites, which means these are generally films that I saw when I was a kid; anything you see in your formative years is more powerful, because it really stays with you forever. The second category is films that I saw while I was learning the craft of motion pictures.”

― John Carpenter

“In this most powerful nation in the world, lack of access to health care should not force local and state governments, companies and workers into bankruptcy, while causing unnecessary illness and hospitalization.”

― John Conyers

“I was on the verge of taking over a company myself, from my father, before I left Knoxville to become an actor. I was also a company commander in Korea, so I had some sense of how powerful authority can be. How dangerous it can be.”

― John Cullum

“A lot of powerful people in Washington may think it’s a crazy-leftist-fringe position to think the intellectual authors of a torture regime should be investigated and prosecuted.”

― John Cusack

“Washington is paralyzed by extreme political rhetoric that creates powerful sound bites but poor policy.”

― John Delaney

“I think an Edwards-Kerry ticket would be powerful.”

― John Edwards

“The most powerful Vietnam movie, to me, was ‘The Deer Hunter,’ which was more about what happened to the folks who went and about their relationships.”

― John F. Kerry

“And, consequently, the art of propaganda or public information becomes one of the most powerful forms of directive statesmanship.”

― John Grierson

“Powerful people cannot afford to educate the people that they oppress, because once you are truly educated, you will not ask for power. You will take it.”

― John Henrik Clarke

“You looked at Stanford or Harvard, or the University of Colorado, these were powerful engines just turning out people ready to create and grow businesses.”

― John Hickenlooper

“People are seeing the impact of climate change around them in extraordinary patterns of floods and droughts, wildfires, heatwaves and powerful storms.”

― John Holdren

“I’ve never felt that anger is a very powerful emotion.”

― John Hurt

“The present in New York is so powerful that the past is lost.”

― John Jay Chapman

“I like to watch surfers and skaters that are really fast and really powerful and everything flows.”

― John John Florence

“I studied African American studies, and I read these slave narratives and the escape narratives of people that were able to escape slavery and always found those stories intriguing and powerful and inspiring.”

― John Legend

“The vote is the most powerful nonviolent tool we have.”

― John Lewis

“Free-enterprise capitalism is the most powerful system for social cooperation and human progress ever conceived. It is one of the most compelling ideas we humans have ever had. But we can aspire to something even greater.”

― John Mackey

“The humblest is the peer of the most powerful.”

― John Marshall Harlan

“To listen well is as powerful a means of communication and influence as to talk well.”

― John Marshall

“Giap was a master of logistics, but his reputation rests on more than that. His victories were achieved by a patient strategy that he and Ho Chi Minh were convinced would succeed – an unwavering resolve to suffer immense casualties and the near total destruction of their country to defeat any adversary, no matter how powerful.”

― John McCain

“We are an important check on the powers of the executive. Our consent is necessary for the president to appoint jurists and powerful government officials and, in many respects, to conduct foreign policy. Whether we are of the same party, we are not the president’s subordinates. We are his equal!”

― John McCain

“When we uphold the rule of law, our counterterrorism tools are more likely to withstand the scrutiny of our courts, our allies, and the American people. And when we uphold the rule of law it provides a powerful alternative to the twisted worldview offered by al-Qa’ida.”

― John O. Brennan

“I’m British, so obviously I repress any powerful emotions of any kind in relation to anything.”

― John Oliver

“Tradition is a very powerful force.”

― John P. Kotter

“’The Miracle Worker’ is just such an incredibly powerful play on stage, and is so kinetic, and athletic.”

― John Patrick Shanley

“I think the ‘counterculture’ believes that there are ways to manage being the world’s most powerful country that involve creation of consensus – ruling by virtuous example rather than by force of arms.”

― John Perry Barlow

“Any powerful technology has sauce for the goose and the gander… It’s just an extension of humanity.”

― John Perry Barlow

“Grand opera is the most powerful of stage appeals and that almost entirely through the beauty of music.”

― John Philip Sousa

“Official truths are often powerful illusions.”

― John Pilger

“Science gives us a powerful vocabulary, and it is impossible to produce a vocabulary with which one can only say nice things.”

― John Polanyi

“Keyword research is a task often left to SEOs and content marketers. However, it can be a powerful tool for anyone in your organization who wants to learn what your target market wants to read, learn and buy.”

― John Rampton

“No human being, however great, or powerful, was ever so free as a fish.”

― John Ruskin

“Before the Internet became so powerful, I toured extensively. With the rise of the Internet, touring apparently has become less important.”

― John Sandford

“I want to tell stories powerful people don’t want you to tell. It’s not worth getting out of bed otherwise.”

― John Sweeney

“I think India should be our top ally in Asia Pacific. And the two countries have so much in common, including being the largest and most powerful democracies.”

― John T. Chambers

“I don’t think there is any franchise more powerful than ours around securing the consumer experience and we will not concede that to anyone including Microsoft.”

― John W. Thompson

“Word of mouth is very powerful.”

― Johny Hendricks

“The thing I was attracted to as a little girl was Kirk, Bones and Spock, and their utter loyalty. There’s nothing more powerful than that.”

― Jolene Blalock

“Mindfulness is so powerful that the fact that it comes out of Buddhism is irrelevant.”

― Jon Kabat-Zinn

“Lifetime dogs intersect with our lives with particular impact; they’re dogs we love in especially powerful, sometimes inexplicable, ways.”

― Jon Katz

“When in doubt, mock the powerful, not the powerless.”

― Jon Lovett

“Anyone weighing whether to re-elect the President should take the bin Laden operation into account: it is a powerful exhibit that Obama is a steely Commander in Chief – a critical test for many Americans.”

― Jon Meacham

“The simple things can be really powerful.”

― Jon Taffer

“The idea of faking empathy to take a step forward to understanding – it’s a really powerful idea.”

― Jonathan Groff

“The most powerful force ever known on this planet is human cooperation – a force for construction and destruction.”

― Jonathan Haidt

“We say no to lots of things that would please us. I would like to punch people every now and then, but I don’t. I would like to have something for free rather than pay for it. I would like to skip to the front of the line… I don’t mean to brush aside the taste of meat, which is a powerful attraction. But its power is not without limit.”

― Jonathan Safran Foer

“Being a part of ‘Hamilton’ is remarkably special. It’s a very powerful show that has spectacular emotional and political relevance.”

― Jordan Fisher

“We go to the theater to be entertained, but if what is left after you watch the movie is a sort of eye-opening perspective on some social issues, then it can be a really powerful piece of art.”

― Jordan Peele

“I wanted to be Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Stanley Kubrick, David Cronenberg, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, and Hitchcock. I’d wanted to be a director since 13, and horror and the suspense thriller were the most powerful genres to me.”

― Jordan Peele

“Man, the flavor of a pineapple is 100 times more powerful than the flavor of meat.”

― Jose Andres

“One just principle from the depths of a cave is more powerful than an army.”

― Jose Marti

“Necessity is the most powerful divinity the world knows, and necessity is the resultant of physical forces set in operation by ethical forces.”

― Jose Rizal

“I want to be president because I have the sensitivity, as a woman, to listen. I’m a different candidate… different because I don’t belong to powerful, privileged groups, because I’m honest.”

― Josefina Vazquez Mota

“Fasting, coupled with mighty prayer, is powerful.”

― Joseph B. Wirthlin

“My punches are crisp, powerful, and sharp.”

― Joseph Parker

“If the militarily most powerful – and least threatened – states need nuclear weapons for their security, how can one deny such security to countries that are truly insecure? The present nuclear policy is a recipe for proliferation. It is a policy for disaster.”

― Joseph Rotblat

“Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”

― Joseph Stalin

“Love is a very strong emotion and a very powerful emotion.”

― Josephine Langford

“Woman’s influence is powerful, especially when she wants something.”

― Josh Billings

“I will not let the interests of powerful corporations close our economy or jeopardize consumers.”

― Josh Hawley

“With sad music, or music that’s perceived as sad, there’s a sense of solidarity that can be really powerful. My songs are all joyful to me.”

― Josh Tillman

“As long as Florida remains a swing state, Cuban exiles in Florida will remain a very powerful voting bloc.”

― Joshua A. Tucker

“If you wanted to dissect the structure of living cells, genetic analysis was an extremely powerful method, so my interest turned to that.”

― Joshua Lederberg

“Success can be built on a strong relationship between a lobbyist and a single, powerful lawmaker.”

― Joshua Micah Marshall

“If you acknowledge that filming is an occasion where people express things they might not otherwise express, that offers a much more insightful analysis of why documentaries – even of the fly-on-the-wall variety – are powerful.”

― Joshua Oppenheimer

“What makes art powerful is a flash of recognition, a frightening encounter with something familiar about the human condition.”

― Joshua Oppenheimer

“Men are not conditioned to be less powerful than a woman. It will be the wise woman who realizes this and is sensitive to that issue.”

― Joyce Brothers

“Love commingled with hate is more powerful than love. Or hate.”

― Joyce Carol Oates

“The Word of God is active, energizing, sharp and powerful like a two-edged sword.”

― Joyce Meyer

“You know, the taxing authority of the United States is our most powerful weapon. You know, the reason we separated from England was because the British were using it abusively.”

― Judd Gregg

“Women don’t realize how powerful they are.”

― Judith Light

“Somewhere we turn ourselves into victims instead of being the powerful women we really are meant to be.”

― Judith Light

“At the heart of any successful film is a powerful story. And a story should be just that: a narrative with a beginning, middle, and end, powerful protagonists that audiences can identify with, and a dramatic arc that is able to capture and hold viewers’ intellectual and emotional attention.”

― Julia Bacha

“We should not be afraid to speak the truth to our powerful friend the United States.”

― Julian McMahon

“Music is the most powerful sound there is, often inappropriately deployed. It’s powerful for two reasons: you recognize it fast, and you associate it very powerfully.”

― Julian Treasure

“You or I never buy an Intel product explicitly, and yet their sonic logo is far better known and more powerful than its visual equivalent. It’s probably worth hundreds of millions of dollars.”

― Julian Treasure

“Retailers don’t think about why they have music. There are a number of issues. It can be very powerful in the right place, where it is played appropriately.”

― Julian Treasure

“As I was coming up, it always seemed like I was learning. If it wasn’t from school, it was the ‘hood. The influences of the ‘hood are very powerful.”

― Junior Seau

“One of the most powerful lessons I learned is when you make an argument in a film, you have to make sure both characters are right.”

― Justin Simien

“A very powerful mechanism to get elected is to play on anger and pick those wedge issues.”

― Justin Trudeau

“A Canadian on the ground in different parts of the world, whether they’re a diplomat, an aid worker, or a soldier, has an extraordinary, powerful impact.”

― Justin Trudeau

“Fear is a powerful beast. But we can learn to ride it.”

― Justine Musk

“Attention isn’t really earned. It’s invoked; it’s manipulated. It can be heady and make you feel powerful, but it isn’t something you accomplish; you get it – or you don’t.”

― Justine Musk

“I believe I’m a unicorn. Unicorns are very magical and powerful and strong.”

― Justine Skye

“Any powerful technology can be abused.”

― K. Eric Drexler

“La India’s voice is so powerful. It will give you life.”

― Kali Uchis

“This is the biggest trick of the sort of thing I write: creating fun, powerful stories with tons of interesting stuff going socially and culturally that doesn’t overly confuse the reader.”

― Kameron Hurley

“Two powerful people can’t be friends.”

― Karan Johar

“Giving shape to a painful experience is powerful because it helps us to see, first, how we got through it; second, how we can share it. The experience doesn’t stay trapped within us, unspoken, curdling – instead, the art of arranging and transforming it reduces the burden. It no longer belongs to only you.”

― Karen Bender

“I haven’t checked this out yet, but one of our guys told me we have a counselor within 45 minutes to an hour of most small businesses in this country. That’s really powerful. I call it our bone structure.”

― Karen Mills

“Women who write thrillers are called ‘dark.’ Male writers are called ‘powerful.’”

― Karin Slaughter

“I had to look powerful in ‘Paruthi Veeran.’”

― Karthi

“I think snow is so evocative and has such a powerful atmosphere.”

― Kate Bush

“Nostalgia is a powerful drug. Under its influence, ordinary songs take on dimensions and powers, like emotional superheroes.”

― Kate Christensen

“It’s a very powerful, emotional thing to read a book, and to reduce it to a series of questions in a test strips something away from the book.”

― Kate DiCamillo

“Facebook has become the richest and most powerful publisher in history by replacing editors with algorithms – shattering the public square into millions of personalised news feeds, shifting entire societies away from the open terrain of genuine debate and argument while they make billions from our valued attention.”

― Katharine Viner

“Take the time to match your application to the company and the role you’re applying for. Even if it means you’re sending out fewer applications overall, I think that can be really powerful.”

― Kathryn Minshew

“It can be really powerful to write something when you’re sad.”

― Kathryn Stockett

“So many young people say, ‘I’m just going to see what happens.’ It’s so much more powerful to make things happen and have a plan.”

― Kathy Ireland

“Sometimes, unfortunately, hatred is more powerful than progress.”

― Katori Hall

“With few exceptions, the leading women in philanthropy, notably Melinda Gates, are the wives or daughters of rich and powerful men.”

― Kavita Ramdas

“My biggest role model right now is Beyonce, just ’cause she is a very, very strong, powerful woman, and that’s obviously the number one reason to be inspired by her. She is just killing every game there is to kill.”

― Kehlani

“A strong, powerful, successful woman is always intimidating.”

― Kelita Zupancic

“Managing by values – not by profits – is a powerful process that will set your business on the path to becoming what I call a ‘Fortunate 500’ company.”

― Ken Blanchard

“When you file an amicus brief, and you represent a state, the court reads your brief. It is a powerful position to make the legal assault from.”

― Ken Cuccinelli

“When we first broke into that forbidden box in the other dimension, we knew we had discovered something as surprising and powerful as the New World when Columbus came stumbling onto it.”

― Ken Kesey

“I went to Moscow and met some slightly powerful and scary people.”

― Kenneth Branagh

“Competition in our health system is a powerful force of cost-containment.”

― Kenneth Frazier

“Since September 11, 2001, the powerful coalition of nations, led by the United States, has seen many successes against al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. It is imperative that we remain united and steadfast in the quest to defeat terrorism around the world.”

― Kenny Marchant

“Women are very powerful! That’s why I believe in women’s rights and why I fight for it.”

― Kenza Fourati

“There is a powerful need for symbolism, and that means the architecture must have something that appeals to the human heart. There is a powerful need for symbolism, and that means the architecture must have something that appeals to the human heart.”

― Kenzo Tange

“I think that when you rally powerful voices around powerful issues, what you get are positive results.”

― Kerby Jean-Raymond

“I really like mugwort. It’s a witch plant and a purifier of energy. It’s considered to be very important and powerful in the Celtic and Scandinavian tradition.”

― Kerli

“There are a lot of impractical things about owning a Porsche. But they’re all offset by the driving experience. It really is unique. Lamborghinis and Ferraris come close. And they are more powerful, but they don’t handle like a Porsche.”

― Kevin O’Leary

“There’s something very visceral about watching people beg for money. It’s powerful.”

― Kevin O’Leary

“Once Michigan stood proud. In addition to GM, Ford and Chrysler, it was home base for the United Auto Workers, a powerful escalator transporting hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers into America’s middle class.”

― Kevin O’Leary

“I used to think interacting with people in the audience, touching people in the crowd, was a total ego-based thing. I never realized how fulfilling it would be. It’s more about being on the receiving end – it’s people giving. That’s a powerful realization.”

― Kevin Parker

“Nor shall derision prove powerful against those who listen to humanity or those who follow in the footsteps of divinity, for they shall live forever. Forever.”

― Khalil Gibran

“The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. Instead of changing their views to fit the facts, they try to change the facts to fit their views.”

― Kim Dotcom

“William Trevor is an author I admire; his stories are subtle and powerful, and beautifully written.”

― Kim Edwards

“The heroic working class of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, holding aloft the banner of modelling the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, should become the engine propelling the masses forward on the general onward march and the example for all other members of society to follow in stepping up the building of a powerful socialist country.”

― Kim Jong-un

“Agricultural workers, together with the working class, constitute the main force in building a powerful socialist country, and the agricultural front is now a major thrust area in building the country into a socialist economic giant.”

― Kim Jong-un

“When young people are powerful, our Party and People’s Army are powerful, and there is nothing for us to be afraid of.”

― Kim Jong-un

“We should conceive of ourselves not as rulers of Earth, but as highly powerful, conscious stewards: The Earth is given to us in trust, and we can screw it up or make it work well and sustainably.”

― Kim Stanley Robinson

“I’ve got a powerful left hook and a lot of intensity. The intensity comes from the anger within.”

― Kimbo Slice

“The essential point is that, although coordinates are a powerful, and sometimes essential, tool in many calculations, the fundamental laws of physics can be expressed without the aid of coordinates; and, indeed, their coordinate-free expressions are generally elegant and exceedingly powerful.”

― Kip Thorne

“In subjects that physicists think of as purely quantum, classical ideas and classical computational techniques can often be powerful.”

― Kip Thorne

“Innovation and commerce are as powerful tools for creating social progress as they are for driving technological advancement.”

― Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

“When I got my first Marshall amp, it was so empowering. No one ever forgets their first Marshall amp if you’re a guitar player pursuing a big powerful sound. I mean, no one ever forgets their first Marshall amp.”

― Kirk Hammett

“David Phelps has an uncanny ability to sound full and powerful on every part of his range and sing with so much emotion.”

― Kirstin Maldonado

“The poetry I grew up on is really an intense form of poetry; it’s so pure and powerful.”

― K’naan

“As long as we depend on other women for self-esteem, using them as bad examples or fantasy versions – special, powerful – of ourselves, they remain stuck in a narcissistic version of themselves, too.”

― Koren Zailckas

“My refrigerator is powerful. In fact, it has a direct link to my overall well-being.”

― Kris Carr

“I don’t recite prayers as a blanket rule, but having said that, I do believe that prayers like The Our Father and Hail Mary are powerful prayers.”

― Krystle D’Souza

“The most powerful, most insightful, and most important part of my music is honesty and inclusiveness with my fans – giving them as deep a story as I can give them.”

― Kyle

“He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.”

― Lao Tzu

“I just didn’t realize how powerful ‘CHiPs’ was.”

― Larry Wilcox

“As philanthropists, the most powerful legacy we can create is one that keeps on giving – through our children.”

― Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

“Amandla Stenberg is so powerful in her energy and what she speaks about and what she projects. I think it’s incredible.”

― Lauren Jauregui

“I feel like all four of us are really powerful in our messages, what we speak about, and what we are about.”

― Lauren Jauregui

“I don’t write about love because it makes for easy, passive heroes. I write about how love makes my characters more autonomous, more self-possessed, more opinionated and powerful. I write about characters who pursue relationships that make them the people they want to become. I write about love as a superpower.”

― Lauren Kate

“The E.U. needs Britain more than Britain needs the E.U. The London Stock Exchange is one of the most powerful financial centers in the world. Frankfurt will never replace it.”

― Lawrence Kudlow

“The key to building massive, powerful muscles is to doggedly increase the training weights you use.”

― Lee Haney

“The U.S. is not a claimant state in the South China Sea or in the China-Japan dispute over the Senkaku Islands. But, of course, the 7th Fleet has been a presence in the region since the Second World War, and it is the most powerful fleet in the region.”

― Lee Hsien Loong

“America’s greatest long-term influence on China comes from playing host to the thousands of students who come from China each year, some of the ablest Chinese scholars and scientists. They will be the most powerful agents for change in China.”

― Lee Kuan Yew

“I had some very powerful minds working with me.”

― Lee Kuan Yew

“I just love the development of horses, getting into their brains, making them more athletic and powerful, responsive, and I’m rubbish at everything else.”

― Lee Pearson

“We are no longer puppets being manipulated by outside powerful forces: we become the powerful force ourselves.”

― Leo Buscaglia

“Words must surely be counted among the most powerful drugs man ever invented.”

― Leo Rosten

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

― Leo Tolstoy

“The benefits of biomedical progress are obvious, clear, and powerful. The hazards are much less well appreciated.”

― Leon Kass

“Cloning represents a very clear, powerful, and immediate example in which we are in danger of turning procreation into manufacture.”

― Leon Kass

“Love is a very powerful emotion and when a break-up is unexpected, it’s very hard to get over.”

― Leona Lewis

“Despite the fact that feminists say they’re not getting a fair deal, women are still very powerful.”

― Les Dawson

“The life of states cannot, any more than the life of individuals, be conditioned by the force and the will of a unit, however powerful, but by the consensus of a group, which must one day include all states.”

― Lester B. Pearson

“Music is powerful.”

― LeToya Luckett

“When you are competing for attention and eyeballs, articulating value and evoking possibility and vision can be powerful tools.”

― Lewis Howes

“I always had a powerful serve. It’s one of the best in women’s tennis. It’s very good to have a weapon like that.”

― Li Na

“If I can really sustain myself and become a powerful entity on the internet, it’ll transfer into real life. So right now I’m putting everything into the net.”

― Lil B

“Even at its most powerful, Britain always needed alliances with other European states. There would almost certainly have been no British victory at Waterloo, for instance, without the assistance of Prussia.”

― Linda Colley

“Monarchs, aristocrats, and other powerful and wealthy individuals have usually been happy to have themselves and their possessions and families immortalised in oil paintings and sculpture. But before the 20th century, such dynasts rarely commissioned artworks that set out to represent society as a whole.”

― Linda Colley

“When I was in my 20s in the 1970s, I read all of Jean Rhys. I have reread very little since because the first impressions were so powerful they have stayed with me.”

― Linda Grant

“As individuals are best off believing they control their behaviour, the judiciary is best off imputing that control – barring powerful extenuating factors such as mental illness.”

― Lionel Shriver

“I’m writing a film. With our access to these powerful media, we’re going to take over, because it’s really disgusting what is put out there now to be consumed.”

― Lisa Bonet

“The creation of a consumer agency, structured similarly to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, levels the playing field. It gives consumers a powerful advocate at the federal level.”

― Lisa Madigan

“It’s much more powerful to say I’m working to reduce spending, deal with our nation’s deficit, push back on the federal government, and give specifics for that rather than just say, ‘I’m a conservative.’”

― Lisa Murkowski

“I read ‘Rebecca’ when I was a teenager and was swept away by the powerful voice, the gut wrenching suspense and the dark, twisted love story at its center.”

― Lisa Unger

“I believe the combination of Travelex and Apax will represent a powerful force.”

― Lloyd Dorfman

“The sentence imposed on Abdul Kadir sends a powerful and clear message. We will bring to justice those who plot to attack the United States of America.”

― Loretta Lynch

“I believe that prayer is our powerful contact with the greatest force in the universe.”

― Loretta Young

“French cinema has always been very interesting, and it’s still very powerful. I think it goes to show that it’s great to still have a cinema that doesn’t try to emulate, for example, American cinema.”

― Louis Leterrier

“No evil propensity of the human heart is so powerful that it may not be subdued by discipline.”

― Lucius Annaeus Seneca

“Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.”

― Lucius Annaeus Seneca

“In life, particularly in public life, psychology is more powerful than logic.”

― Ludwig Quidde

“’Despacito’ was a song that, from the time I started writing it, I felt that its hook was really catchy and powerful but at the same time very simple.”

― Luis Fonsi

“There are very few things that 13 million people tune in to witness, so television is a really relevant and powerful thing.”

― Luke Macfarlane

“I think it’s important to be subtle, sweet, and powerful.”

― Luke Rockhold

“I’ve always been a powerful kid.”

― Luke Rockhold

“The set of ’12 Years a Slave’ was an extremely joyous one! We all recognized that we were making a powerful, necessary and beautiful film, and we weren’t about doing it without that sense of responsibility, and we recognized that we needed each other to tell this story. We also knew we needed to hold each other up as we told the story.”

― Lupita Nyong’o

“What makes ‘The Lorax’ such a powerful fable is partly its shamelessness. It pulls no punches; it wears its teacher heart on its sleeve.”

― Lydia Millet

“The atomic bomb certainly is the most powerful of all weapons, but it is conclusively powerful and effective only in the hands of the nation which controls the sky.”

― Lyndon B. Johnson

“I don’t think of myself as a powerful woman.”

― Lynn Good

“Once working people discover that, collectively, we have more power than we do as individual silos, then we become an incredibly powerful force. But I think that there are powers that be that are invested in us remaining divided along racial lines, along economic lines.”

― Lynn Nottage

“It has been shown that public participation can limit powerful interest groups, while competing interests can help find a reasonable balance between development and environmental protection.”

― Ma Jun

“I don’t know if I’m a feminist, but I just know that I am all for outspoken, powerful women.”

― Mac Miller

“There are those songs that hit you in the gut – when you’re the one performing it and you see the effect it has on people, there’s something so powerful in that.”

― Maddie Marlow

“Any story about a powerful woman owning herself in any way is automatically deemed feminist.”

― Madeline Brewer

“I get strength from my art – all the paintings I own are powerful.”

― Madonna Ciccone

“Airplanes don’t just disappear – certainly not these days with all the powerful communication systems, radio and satellite tracking, and filmless cameras which operate almost indefinitely and possess huge storage capacities.”

― Mahathir Mohamad

“I believe children’s blessings are very powerful.”

― Mahesh Babu

“Our nation is today a powerful nation.”

― Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”

― Malala Yousafzai

“Books can capture injustices in a way that stays with you and makes you want to do something about them. That’s why they are so powerful.”

― Malala Yousafzai

“Our educational system is appallingly poor right now. Yet, somehow we’re turning out some of the most intellectual and powerful sophisticated minds in the world. I think that’s because we still have the opportunity here.”

― Malcolm Wallop

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

― Malcolm X

“I am looking to play powerful characters and as far as biopics are concerned.”

― Manisha Koirala

“One of the most powerful things we have is to tell our story.”

― Mara Brock Akil

“There is something so biologically implausible that your attitude is going to cure a disease. There’s a tremendous arrogance to imagine that your mind is all that powerful.”

― Marcia Angell

“Revenge is a powerful motivator.”

― Marcus Luttrell

“Nuclear proliferation has never entirely been brought under control, and the arsenals of nuclear powers contain bombs far more powerful than those dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

― Margaret MacMillan

“Computers are very powerful tools, but in the simulated world of the computer, everything has to be calculated.”

― Margaret Wertheim

“Individual investors have become far more powerful than anyone gives them credit for. Today, 85 million Americans invest in stocks. Collectively, that kind of buying and selling power can move markets.”

― Maria Bartiromo

“I’m not Gloria Steinem, but I mean, I’m definitely all for powerful women.”

― Mariah Carey

“I think I’m really powerful. They’ll smash me, probably.”

― Marianne Faithfull

“Use each interaction to be the best, most powerful version of yourself.”

― Marianne Williamson

“The AIDS virus is not more powerful than God.”

― Marianne Williamson

“Ironically, it is when we identify with our spirits rather than our bodies that we are most powerful on the material plane. Our overidentification with the world does not give us power within the world so much as it diminishes our power here. It makes us frightened and nervous and full of anxiety.”

― Marianne Williamson

“The experience of getting my Kriya, which is the meditation process that I do, was very powerful for me – though, as I explain in the book, I was really suspect of that kind of thing.”

― Mariel Hemingway

“It is a dark, unspoken truth that the powerful – the ‘ruling class’ – make up the rules as they go along.”

― Marilyn Ferguson

“A powerful performance will transform everyone in the room.”

― Marina Abramovic

“Russia is a European country, and so we’d better, if we want a powerful Europe, negotiate with Russia.”

― Marine Le Pen

“Decide exactly what you want to achieve. Do you want to help people, or do you want to be powerful?”

― Mario Cuomo

“When young people see movies like ‘Gandhi ‘or ‘JFK,’ there is an element of romanticization of these powerful people, and young people often feel a huge distance between their own lives and the lives of these social-change heroes. But the Panthers were flawed-up people from the streets, so it’s easier to identify with them.”

― Mario Van Peebles

“I read ‘Jaws’ and ‘The Godfather’ back to back one summer when I was 14 and was suddenly aware of how powerful fiction could be.”

― Mark Billingham

“I think readers’ imaginations are far more powerful than anything you can put on a page and, therefore, can conjure up graphic images for themselves, which I think you just have to nudge them towards.”

― Mark Billingham

“Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have.”

― Mark Hunt

“I have been a print reporter my whole career. It’s all I ever wanted to be. I specialize in political profiles. I have probably profiled hundreds of people over the years, people in very powerful positions. People don’t always like what I write, but most people still talk to me.”

― Mark Leibovich

“It’s much more powerful and compelling to create a positive vision than it is to tear somebody down.”

― Mark McKinnon

“The office of the president is the most powerful in the world. It is also, at times, the most powerless.”

― Mark McKinnon

“Convention speeches are powerful tools to bend the curve of public opinion. George H. W. Bush’s 1988 convention speech is a great example. His son’s speech was also quite powerful.”

― Mark McKinnon

“There’s a powerful tendency to overcomplicate the whole notion of leadership.”

― Mark V. Hurd

“Wellcome Collection will be an exciting place in which to explore themes of human well-being, starting with the powerful collections of Sir Henry Wellcome.”

― Mark Walport

“I was holding a reserve inside all along. When you’re with someone as powerful as Donald, you have no choice. You can get lost within that power if you’re not careful.”

― Marla Maples

“Variety, multiplicity are the two most powerful vehicles of lust.”

― Marquis de Sade

“Politics will eventually be replaced by imagery. The politician will be only too happy to abdicate in favor of his image, because the image will be much more powerful than he could ever be.”

― Marshall McLuhan

“Madison Avenue is a very powerful aggression against private consciousness. A demand that you yield your private consciousness to public manipulation.”

― Marshall McLuhan

“Caring for your inner child has a powerful and surprisingly quick result: Do it and the child heals.”

― Martha Beck

“If one wanted to find a modern symbol of personal freedom, the motor car is right there near the top of the list. But a car has come to mean much more than that. It has become a powerful statement about who you are and how much you earn.”

― Martin Jacques

“Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon, which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. It is a sword that heals.”

― Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon. Indeed, it is a weapon unique in history, which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it.”

― Martin Luther King, Jr.

“People are looking for a leader independent of powerful, wealthy special interests that always push to the front of the line.”

― Martin O’Malley

“Our country presents on every side the evidences of that continued favor under whose auspices it, has gradually risen from a few feeble and dependent colonies to a prosperous and powerful confederacy.”

― Martin Van Buren

“Materialist philosophies that treat human beings as machines or animals possess the high ground in our culture – academia, the most powerful media and many of our courts.”

― Marvin Olasky

“One of its most powerful weapons has always been ‘barbarity’: ‘we’ know that ‘we’ are civilised by contrasting ourselves with those we deem to be un-civilised, with those who do not – or cannot be trusted to – share our values.”

― Mary Beard

“I’m a big fan of Lou Reed, and I do a lot of talking through songs. It’s more effective with my vocal limitations and also more powerful to slightly sing sometimes. It depends on the emotion, but I’m never going to try to compete with great singers.”

― Mary Gauthier

“What one state could not get alone, what one miner against a powerful corporation could not achieve, can be achieved by the union.”

― Mary Harris Jones

“Traffic is one of the most powerful films to come out in recent years. It blew me away.”

― Mary Hart

“A simple scoop-neck leotard highlights a ballerina’s swanlike neck and elegant posture, both rooted in a powerful core.”

― Mary Helen Bowers

“My central thesis is that combining increased temporal and spatial resolution in MRI techniques with increasingly powerful data correlation techniques will allow the derivation of interpreted meanings from neural signals. I observed, further, that the techniques that exist already allow some correlations.”

― Mary Lou Jepsen

“I decided very early that I wanted to write. But I didn’t think of it as a career. I didn’t even think of it as a profession… It was the most exciting thing, the most powerful thing, the most wonderful thing to do with my life.”

― Mary Oliver

“The miniskirt caused an extraordinarily powerful reaction. There were the people who hated it.”

― Mary Quant

“Nuclear countries are those countries that are big and powerful. It is difficult to criticize them and try to lead them onto a humanitarian path. But we can only do what we can and appeal to their sense of reason.”

― Masatoshi Koshiba

“Kafka: cries of helplessness in twenty powerful volumes.”

― Mason Cooley

“There’s something really powerful when I, for example, hear Bob Marley’s ‘Exodus’ – we know where we’re going. We know where we’re from.”

― Matisyahu

“I didn’t go to the right schools, didn’t come from a well-known family, nor was I even remotely connected to a powerful publishing dynasty.”

― Matt Drudge

“There’s so much information accessible to everyone now because the Internet is so powerful; social media is so powerful.”

― Matt Hardy

“People might start with LiveJournal or Blogger, but if they get serious, they’ll graduate to WordPress. We try to cater to the more powerful users.”

― Matt Mullenweg

“Quantcast combines powerful web analytics with easy-to-read charts and data.”

― Matt Mullenweg

“Inertia is a powerful force in human and political affairs.”

― Maurice Strong

“As the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, our president is more than a list of policies. They set the tone of our national character.”

― Max Joseph

“The love of the family, the love of one person can heal. It heals the scars left by a larger society. A massive, powerful society.”

― Maya Angelou

“I’m scared to be political. You get too powerful, and more people try to take you out.”

― Meek Mill

“If you’ve written a powerful book about a woman and your publisher then puts a ‘feminine’ image on the cover, it ‘types’ the book.”

― Meg Wolitzer

“I think listening to music from your youth is as powerful as a scent passed beneath your nose.”

― Meg Wolitzer

“The most powerful people in my town were the doctors and the lawyers. I didn’t really have any experience dealing with really powerful people until I started practicing law.”

― Megyn Kelly

“I’ve been a rock star since you were very young. But I’ve never encountered anything as powerful as cancer.”

― Melissa Etheridge

“The power of television – it’s so present in our lives, we don’t even know how powerful it is.”

― Melissa Leo

“Romance novels satisfy a very specific fantasy of romantic love that seems to be a powerful part of the female psyche.”

― Melissa Pritchard

“People knew that Murdoch’s media estate in the UK was too powerful and it was doing very unpleasant things.”

― Meredith Whitney

“A father’s disappointment can be a very powerful tool.”

― Michael Bergin

“It’s a combination of melody and lyrics, not one without the other. It’s a confluence of these different elements that makes something powerful.”

― Michael Bolton

“The arts are tremendously powerful in bringing people with opposing views together.”

― Michael Feinstein

“Usually when reporting on powerful public figures, the press advisor and I would have had a conversation that established what journalists call ‘ground rules,’ placing restrictions on what can and cannot be reported.”

― Michael Hastings

“Our inaction created the opportunity for the Russians to reenter the Middle East in a powerful way for the first time since 1973.”

― Michael Hayden

“Despite a campaign that was based on a very powerful promise of transparency, President Obama, and again in my view quite correctly, has used the state secrets argument in a variety of courts, as much as President Bush.”

― Michael Hayden

“The relationship between stars and their fans is always ambivalent and often highly charged with contradictory and ambivalent emotions, of which the most powerful is need.”

― Michael Korda

“When all is said and done, it looks like the Palestinians have been massively robbed and abused, and are engaged in a desperate struggle for survival and liberation. Israel, on the other hand, would appear to be conducting an imperialistic campaign of oppression supported and substantially armed by the most powerful nation on earth.”

― Michael Leunig

“Conservatives, despite their increasingly powerful presence on cable TV and talk radio, feel excluded and disregarded by the longstanding preponderance of liberal voices on public television.”

― Michael Medved

“And realising that humour is the most powerful way to make a political statement and say the things that you want to say. And it’s not used enough, at least not in the U.S.”

― Michael Moore

“Openness, transparency – these are among the few weapons the citizenry has to protect itself from the powerful and the corrupt… and that is the best thing that WikiLeaks has done.”

― Michael Moore

“J.K. Rowling is a talented storyteller, but she has also used the style and technique of modern television and cinema media, which seizes the imagination by pummelling it, bombarding it with powerful stimuli, in a rapid pace, with plenty of emotional rewards.”

― Michael O’Brien

“There’s something very, very powerful about having a life mate that you are attracted to but then can also have a beer with.”

― Michael Pitt

“Soon after the inauguration, the Obamas gave Big Food a case of heartburn when, in the spring of 2009, Michelle Obama planted an organic vegetable garden on the White House lawn, a symbolic but nevertheless powerful act that thrilled the food movement.”

― Michael Pollan

“All the food we eat, whether Brussels sprouts or pork bellies, has been modified by mankind. Genetic engineering is only one particularly powerful way to do what we have been doing for eleven thousand years.”

― Michael Specter

“No matter how loud the stadium is, once you’re on that field and that offense walks up to the line, it’s silent. You can only hear the guys on the field. It’s amazing how much concentration you can have when it’s required and how powerful your mind is to give it to you.”

― Michael Strahan

“Some of the most powerful times are when we’re quiet.”

― Michael W. Smith

“I’ve said to others that there were places I had forgotten about that were just so powerful. I’ve read the Gospels many times, but it’s been a while since I’ve read through a whole book.”

― Michael W. Smith

“While we can all access articles and information in so many places now – across blogs, in newspapers, on video – there is something very powerful about putting it all together into an edited format in a single issue that has a narrative stretching across the themes.”

― Michael Wolf

“The unpredictability of the weather, the increasing possibility of intelligence introducing a species more powerful than ours, the growing uncertainty that animals can or should be slaughtered for our pleasure, has led many of us to start asking more complex questions about what is and isn’t normal.”

― Michaela Coel

“Shakespeare and his work will always be relevant. He wrote those pieces hundreds of years ago and we haven’t really changed as humans, have we? We have to deal with love, honour and adultery now – people were the same then, too – that’s what’s so wonderful and powerful.”

― Michelle Dockery

“I’m a physicist, and we have something called Moore’s Law, which says computer power doubles every 18 months. So every Christmas, we more or less assume that our toys and appliances are more or less twice as powerful as the previous Christmas.”

― Michio Kaku

“When I heard Grateful Dead music, I knew that it was the most powerful force on the planet.”

― Mickey Hart

“I’m training at Phase 1 Sports in Las Vegas, and it’s a very high-end training facility for a lot of top-level athletes. I have been able to add a lot of power and the endurance to keep that power going. I’ve always been powerful, but the muscle conditioning I’ve been able to add has been a tremendous amount of help.”

― Miesha Tate

“Albert Einstein when asked what he considered to be the most powerful force in the universe answered: Compound interest! What you have become is the price you paid to get what you used to want.”

― Mignon McLaughlin

“Fiction is a very powerful tool for teaching history. The Philippines was the first Iraq, the first Vietnam, the first Afghanistan, in the sense that it was the United States’ initial or baptismal experience in nation-building.”

― Miguel Syjuco

“Federal law provides very powerful tools, such as strict mandatory sentences, to go after repeat violent offenders who are illegally in the possession of a gun.”

― Mike DeWine

“Pope John Paul II not only was a powerful spiritual leader for Catholics but also a world leader of extraordinary consequence during the last quarter-century.”

― Mike Ferguson

“That’s why we created Flipboard as a social magazine meant for an iPad, meant for a large touch-screen device. That idea of content presented beautifully, oriented around communities and special topics of interest, is really powerful.”

― Mike McCue

“Comedy is brutal. It’s powerful, though.”

― Mike Nichols

“Hollywood is right. A good and strong movie can have a more powerful social impact than any and all political speeches or newspaper editorials and columns.”

― Mike Royko

“To be able to wear your country’s colors and compete in the Paralympics for the snowboard team… it’s pretty powerful.”

― Mike Schultz

“I can inspire people on how to use money, how to get economically powerful.”

― Mike Tyson

“Powerful states can maintain themselves only by crime, little states are virtuous only by weakness.”

― Mikhail Bakunin

“With the most powerful binoculars, I cannot see Alaska.”

― Mikheil Saakashvili

“Whether you know who Denzel Washington is or you don’t, when he walks into the room, you’re going to pay attention, because he’s just such a powerful man.”

― Mila Kunis

“Truth is much stranger than fiction and, often, much more powerful.”

― Mira Nair

“Canada has, at times, represented itself as a country in a valiant struggle against powerful and menacing agents that are indifferent to its special practices and sensibilities – most especially American culture. It’s the old, outdated garrison mentality.”

― Miriam Toews

“To be empathetic to everyone around you, I think, is such a powerful thing to hold.”

― Misty Copeland

“The web as a platform is the most powerful platform we have ever seen.”

― Mitchell Baker

“I will insist on a military so powerful no one would ever think of challenging it.”

― Mitt Romney

“Christianity is not the faith of the complacent, the comfortable or of the timid. It demands and creates heroic souls like Wesley, Wilberforce, Bonhoeffer, John Paul the Second, and Billy Graham. Each showed, in their own way, the relentless and powerful influence of the message of Jesus Christ.”

― Mitt Romney

“If I were to offer advice to any president of the United States, it would be this: do whatever you can do to keep America the most prosperous and free and powerful nation on earth.”

― Mitt Romney

“The Nobel Peace Prize is a powerful message. A durable peace is not a single achievement, but an environment, a process and a commitment.”

― Mohamed ElBaradei

“I was in the company of movie stars, important directors, and powerful business tycoons. I felt like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole.”

― Molly Bloom

“I built the most exclusive and decadent high-profile club for powerful men.”

― Molly Bloom

“I only aim at the powerful. When satire is aimed at the powerless, it is not only cruel – it’s vulgar.”

― Molly Ivins

“Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful.”

― Molly Ivins

“The trouble with blaming powerless people is that although it’s not nearly as scary as blaming the powerful, it does miss the point. Poor people do not shut down factories… Poor people didn’t decide to use ‘contract employees’ because they cost less and don’t get any benefits.”

― Molly Ivins

“I only aim at the powerful.”

― Molly Ivins

“I’ve never felt powerful enough to write a true political novel, or deeply knowledgeable enough to draw a character like, say, Tolstoy’s Prince Kutuzov.”

― Mona Simpson

“I suppose ‘My Hollywood’ is only as politically meaningful as it is deeply inside the least powerful of its characters. I wanted it to reveal scenes of subtle exploitation, odd instances of accidental power and challenges to decency specific to its time, but also impulses of generosity that transcend our particular era’s messes.”

― Mona Simpson

“Since I retired, I very much enjoy watching Serena Williams play. While I was playing, she was one of the toughest players I ever faced. Her ground strokes are so solid, her serve is one of the most powerful in women’s tennis, and mentally she is just so strong.”

― Monica Seles

“There is no nation so powerful, as the one that obeys its laws not from principals of fear or reason, but from passion.”

― Montesquieu

“We can just assume they have much more and powerful, more advanced technology, all the new computers, everything could be much more easier and help them to build much more and many more nuclear weapons.”

― Mordechai Vanunu

“Second point is no one here could predict or know that Israel was involved or started producing the hydrogen bomb – the most advanced and powerful atomic bomb that can kill millions of people.”

― Mordechai Vanunu

“Are machines getting more and more powerful? Absolutely. It’s been going on since 1940. We are making progress, and for many people, it will be a lifesaver.”

― Moshe Vardi

“I want to do content-driven film, powerful roles which I’ve never done before.”

― Mrunal Thakur

“Many and subtle are the ideological weapons that the State has wielded through the centuries. Once excellent weapon has been tradition. The longer that the rule of a State has been able to preserve itself, the more powerful this weapon; for then, the X Dynasty or the Y State has the seeming weight of centuries of tradition behind it.”

― Murray Rothbard

“Death can never kill an idea. Ideas are more powerful than death. Ideas outlive men and can never be destroyed.”

― Myles Munroe

“Leading by example is the most powerful advice you can give to anybody.”

― N. R. Narayana Murthy

“It’s never good to compare yourself to anyone, whether it’s professional or personal. There is always somebody better, more talented and powerful out there. There is no point of getting sucked into all that.”

― Nadia Ali

“If a woman’s aim is to become a singer, I would highly advise her to first develop her craft in songwriting. It’s such a powerful tool to have when you’re a singer.”

― Nadia Ali

“Words that are carefully framed and spoken are the most powerful means of communication there is.”

― Nancy Duarte

“We have a powerful portfolio of brands that are well-positioned for future growth, both domestically and internationally.”

― Nancy Dubuc

“If you want to humble an empire, it makes sense to maim its cathedrals. They are symbols of its faith, and when they crumple and burn, it tells us we are not so powerful and we can’t be safe.”

― Nancy Gibbs

“Family photo albums are so powerful in that they make kids feel valued, cherished and respected.”

― Nancy O’Dell

“In the real world, most criminals and powerful persons look lean and use only their mind. Only in films we see villains with a six-pack.”

― Nani

“The truly powerful feed ideology to the masses like fast food while they dine on the most rarified delicacy of all: impunity.”

― Naomi Klein

“That is the meaning of the Trump brand – being the boss who is so rich and so powerful he can do whatever he wants. So the way in which he ran for president was to embody that idea as fully as he possibly could with his outrageousness.”

― Naomi Klein

“There is some pretty powerful self-interest in wanting a future that is not just running storm-to-storm. The argument that I make is not that we aren’t competitive and selfish and greedy. We are. We’re all of these things. We’re complicated, competitive, greedy and nasty, and kind and generous and compassionate.”

― Naomi Klein

“Democratic leaders, whose power is ultimately dependent on popular support, are held accountable for failing to improve the lives of their citizens. Therefore, they have a powerful incentive to keep their societies peaceful and prosperous.”

― Natan Sharansky

“Music is a very powerful thing. If I’m angry, I can write a song about it, and it seems to make everything okay.”

― Natasha Bedingfield

“Lately I’ve been falling asleep listening to ‘Common One’ by Van Morrison, specifically the song ‘Summertime in England.’ It’s 15 minutes long, so to make it through the entire song is a real task unto itself, but Van has that emotional payoff that makes even his most tiresome songs more powerful than most people’s entire catalog.”

― Nate Ruess

“Our reactor actually burns nuclear waste as fuel. So not only is it safe and powerful, it solves an important issue: It actually reduces nuclear waste instead of creating. It’s the reactor of your dreams.”

― Nathan Myhrvold

“The whole hardware industry has experienced the phenomenon in which every time computers get cheaper, they appeal to a new set of users; every time they get more powerful, old customers upgrade.”

― Nathan Myhrvold

“Self-esteem is a powerful force within each of us… Self-esteem is the experience that we are appropriate to life and to the requirements of life.”

― Nathaniel Branden

“My three husbands were afraid of me. I am a very powerful woman.”

― Nawal El Saadawi

“There is no doubt that dissents can serve a useful role by explaining when a justice thinks the majority has gone off the deep end. But unanimity also sends its own powerful message – one that might be eclipsed in the headlines by a sensational dissent but could ultimately have a greater impact.”

― Neal Katyal

“Nostalgia can be extremely powerful in the right hands: think of the intense longing in the films Andrei Tarkovsky made after he left the U.S.S.R. They wring your soul.”

― Neel Mukherjee

“Brands are only powerful if they’re real and authentic.”

― Neil Blumenthal

“High-level actors can be all about their close-ups and the size of their trailers. I’d heard these horror stories of how a really powerful actor can come in and change your script.”

― Neill Blomkamp

“Even when powerful men stumble, they inspire fear.”

― Nell Scovell

“Step by step a powerful and enterprising race has driven them back from the Atlantic to the West until at last there is scarcely a spot of ground upon which the Indians have any certainty of maintaining a permanent abode.”

― Nelson A. Miles

“Here is the simple but powerful rule… always give people more than they expect to get.”

― Nelson Boswell

“However much we may sympathize with a small nation confronted by a big and powerful neighbours, we cannot in all circumstances undertake to involve the whole British Empire in a war simply on her account.”

― Neville Chamberlain

“The courts have become grotesquely dictatorial and far too powerful.”

― Newt Gingrich

“I read ‘The Conspiracy Against the Human Race’ and found it incredibly powerful writing. For me as a reader, it was less impactful as philosophy than as one writer’s ultimate confessional: an absolute horror story, where the self is the monster.”

― Nic Pizzolatto

“Why are fanatics so terrified of girls’ education? Because there’s no force more powerful to transform a society. The greatest threat to extremism isn’t drones firing missiles, but girls reading books.”

― Nicholas Kristof

“Individual storytelling is incredibly powerful. We as journalists know intuitively what scientists of the brain are discovering through brain scans, which is that emotional stories tend to open the portals, and that once there’s a connection made, people are more open to rational arguments.”

― Nicholas Kristof

“You’ve got some very powerful countries: Poland, the United Kingdom, Sweden and others who have a genuine desire to see the euro zone straighten itself out. It’s good for all of us, whether you’re in the euro zone or not, to make sure that it doesn’t lead to a fracturing.”

― Nick Clegg

“The most powerful forces in economics are not numbers or facts. They are prejudices and preferences. No amount of evidence will ever change the degree to which many of the rich and powerful prefer themselves to be richer and more powerful and others poorer and weaker.”

― Nick Hanauer

“We are telling veterans they must sacrifice to pay for the pet projects and contracts to campaign donors of powerful members of Congress.”

― Nick Lampson

“Astonishingly powerful and poignant, ‘Gravity’ is the rarest of rares: a space survival film informed by a genuine reverence for the awe-inspiring cosmos we inhabit.”

― Nick Sagan

“You have 1 billion people using the Internet with 200 million of those now using broadband internet connections, so the Internet has become a powerful network. It can carry calls.”

― Niklas Zennstrom

“Any real record person knows that the number one most powerful marketing tool when it comes to music is repetition.”

― Nile Rodgers

“The practical core of democracy, defined functionally, is the peaceful exchange of power between different groups of powerful political players arranged in parties.”

― Noah Feldman

“The great thing about making an ensemble show is it becomes modular. It might work on the page to cut from one scene to another, but on the screen, it’s more powerful to take that second scene and move it first or move it later.”

― Noah Hawley

“States are not moral agents, people are, and can impose moral standards on powerful institutions.”

― Noam Chomsky

“The principle that human nature, in its psychological aspects, is nothing more than a product of history and given social relations removes all barriers to coercion and manipulation by the powerful.”

― Noam Chomsky

“History shows that, more often than not, loss of sovereignty leads to liberalisation imposed in the interests of the powerful.”

― Noam Chomsky

“It is pretty ironic that the so-called ‘least advanced’ people are the ones taking the lead in trying to protect all of us, while the richest and most powerful among us are the ones who are trying to drive the society to destruction.”

― Noam Chomsky

“Obama’s primary constituency was financial institutions. They were the core of the funding for his campaign. They expect to be paid back. And they were. They were paid back by coming out richer and more powerful than they were before the crisis that they created.”

― Noam Chomsky

“The level of destruction and terror and violence carried out by the powerful states far exceeds anything that can imaginably can be done by groups that are called terrorists and subnational groups.”

― Noam Chomsky

“We had some really powerful technology – Atari always was a technology-driven company, and we were very keen on keeping the technological edge on everything. There’s a whole bunch of things that we innovated. We made the first computer that did stamps or sprites, we did screen-mapping for the very first time, and a lot of stuff like that.”

― Nolan Bushnell

“There’s something very powerful about going after what you want seriously.”

― Nolan Sotillo

“For some, the belief in a Young Earth seems to be based on a kind of intuition or faith in what they believe an omnipotent God should do. It reasons that if God is all powerful, then certainly He would not have taken millions of years to make the earth.”

― Norman Geisler

“To the Spains will come a very powerful king, by land and sea subjugating the South; This will cause harm, lowering again the crescent, clipping the wings of those of Friday.”

― Nostradamus

“I am fast and very powerful on the court, so this is what matters.”

― Novak Djokovic

“Luckily, my father and my mother liked us to talk, so they encouraged us to talk, so that the girls in my house, they’re all very powerful speakers and powerful agents of their own will, as is my brother.”

― Ntozake Shange

“I do disagree with the way videos of my songs have been made. ‘Afreen Afreen’ is a very powerful song; it did not require such a video. The emphasis should be on the song. Again, I have told my recording company, and in the future, they will screen the video only after my approval.”

― Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

“It is time for someone as powerful as Barack Obama to compare the girls of Chibok to his own daughters. These girls are a symbol of our own message to girls that they should be educated, that we would go beyond the call of duty for you.”

― Obiageli Ezekwesili

“The mind is really powerful.”

― Oksana Masters

“I am neither the handsomest nor the richest nor the most powerful, but I’ve had the greatest women in the world.”

― Oleg Cassini

“The only prize much cared for by the powerful is power.”

― Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

“I’ve always wanted to play a Marvel baddie. I’m not sure I fit the mold, though. Like a powerful, extraordinary woman. Somebody with superpowers would be really fun, but I’m not sure how many middle-aged women they have in Marvel.”

― Olivia Colman

“Documentaries are a powerful and effective way of bridging the gap between worlds, breaking through to new audiences that wouldn’t otherwise be engaged – in essence, not preaching to the choir.”

― Olivia Wilde

“When I look at Kickstarter, I see small businesses that have been funded by their customers. I see the acceleration of this shift away from the industrial manufacturing ideology to more of a maker economy. And I also see an idea so powerful that the company name has become a verb.”

― Om Malik

“Deciding to not attach ourselves to something that doesn’t appropriately represent us is extremely powerful.”

― Omari Hardwick

“A powerful person is equally cool with their flaws and things that aren’t powerful about them at all.”

― Omari Hardwick

“Museums are western inventions where the rich and the powerful or the government and the state tend to exhibit the signs and symbol and images of their culture.”

― Orhan Pamuk

“The ability to cultivate friends is a powerful aid to success. It is capital which will stand by one when panics come, when banks fail, when business concerns go to the wall.”

― Orison Swett Marden

“Nothing is more powerful than custom or habit.”

― Ovid

“Sometimes the right response to evil is an appeal to powerful and effective social organization – an appeal to civilization itself.”

― P. J. O’Rourke

“Ordinary Muslims in Europe, who suffer from the demoralisation caused by living as perennial objects of suspicion and contempt, are far from thinking of themselves as a politically powerful, or even cohesive, community, not to speak of conquerors of Europe.”

― Pankaj Mishra

“Turkey, a powerful and reliable ally of the U.S. through the Cold War, appears to be coming unmoored from Europe and the West and is becoming increasingly sectarian, autocratic, and nationalistic.”

― Pat Buchanan

“Robin Williams was a wonderful, kind, and generous man. One important thing I remember about his personality is that he was unassuming – he never acted as if he was powerful or famous.”

― Patch Adams

“I think what’s so powerful about Black Lives Matter is we’re the first movement able to take on law enforcement and make it a popular discussion.”

― Patrisse Cullors

“I am super-comfortable with powerful women.”

― Patty Jenkins

“Trump has more understanding and insight than his opponents realize. For a man such as Trump to risk acquiring so many powerful enemies and to risk his wealth and reputation, he had to have known that the people’s dissatisfaction with the ruling establishment meant he could be elected president.”

― Paul Craig Roberts

“Peace is costly to the profits of the military/security complex. Washington’s gigantic military and security interests are far more powerful than the peace lobby.”

― Paul Craig Roberts

“George C. Scott, man, was a powerful dude.”

― Paul Dano

“The agents of S.M.A.S.H. are the most powerful team in the Marvel universe in terms of muscle power.”

― Paul Dini

“Don’t confine truth to fact. Imaginative truth is as powerful, and often enough, more so than fact.”

― Paul Harding

“Horses are such a powerful part of human development and have been since the early ages. We humans owe them so much.”

― Paul Rodgers

“To a person of analytical ability, perceptive enough to realise that mathematical equipment was a powerful sword in economics, the world of economics was his or her oyster in 1935. The terrain was strewn with beautiful theorems begging to be picked up and arranged in unified order.”

― Paul Samuelson

“A temporary reduction in tax rates on individual incomes can be a powerful weapon against recession.”

― Paul Samuelson

“People see me in powerful roles. That’s what people want to see. That’s what I want to do.”

― Paul Sorvino

“The most powerful weapon in the world, as far as I’m concerned, is the camera.”

― Paul Watson

“I think, in the longer view of things, there is a very powerful pull in the direction of participatory government.”

― Paul Wolfowitz

“All the women I’ve grown up with at ‘SNL’ and other areas, and even the women that work with Judd Apatow, all those women are powerful, assertive women that have great material, and they just produce themselves.”

― Paula Pell

“I think goodness is very powerful, but often evil is made more attractive in films. It’s a challenge to make goodness appealing.”

― Pauline Collins

“I saw that Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more than 360 goals because he has a great right foot, but a left foot just as powerful.”

― Paulo Dybala

“Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.”

― Paulo Freire

“We’re thrilled that our partnership with Adobe has now grown to span our three clouds – Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365 – providing customers with the powerful integrations they need to navigate digital transformation.”

― Peggy Johnson

“When something is heartwarming and triumphant, and not corny or preachy, it’s such a powerful thing.”

― Perfume Genius

“Video is so primal. When you can hear a person talking about the project, and can see his or her passion, it is unbelievably powerful. I don’t want to make it seem like projects without a video fail.”

― Perry Chen

“Vietnam should have taught us that nationalism, with its engines of independence and self-determination, is a more powerful force by far than Marxism and must be understood and respected.”

― Pete Hamill

“The most powerful force in American politics is not anger, it’s nostalgia.”

― Pete Hamill

“The Panetta/Petraeus combo is a powerful tandem. I’ve seen both of them up close and personal at the CIA and in Iraq.”

― Pete Hoekstra

“In science, one should use all available resources to solve difficult problems. One of our most powerful resources is the insight of our colleagues.”

― Peter Agre

“Nothing is more powerful than hearing from former members of the group that ISIS is not creating an Islamist utopia in the areas it controls, but a hell on earth.”

― Peter Bergen

“Being with the mainstream isn’t very difficult – the tide is powerful, and it is easy to let it sweep us along with it. But going against the tide is very difficult. First of all, one must recognise very exactly what the tide is and where it is going.”

― Peter Brook

“I think ‘No’ is a very powerful word in our business that is very hard to use early on in your career. But I also think I was pretty arrogant when I was younger… I used that word maybe too much, but it did help me with finding roles that I did like.”

― Peter Dinklage

“I was very happy to learn Oliver Stone had decided to make a film about Edward Snowden and believe this is a powerful and inspiring film.”

― Peter Gabriel

“There are lots of Joy Division songs that are so powerful when played live, some of which we did either never play or played very rarely.”

― Peter Hook

“Any coalition, especially where one party is more powerful than the other, it’s always bound to have a pecking order.”

― Peter Hook

“Film is such a powerful medium. It’s like a weapon and I think you have a duty to self-censor.”

― Peter Jackson

“As a filmmaker, it’s not my intent to trigger or shape national discourse. My task is to make as powerful and understandable a film as I can. What happens next is what happens next.”

― Peter Landesman

“Since 1989, public alarm at the prospect of atomic Armageddon has quietened, but the number of nuclear-armed states has increased, arsenals are being modernized, and powerful states remain convinced that a nuclear security umbrella is vital to national defense, domestic prestige, and geopolitical clout.”

― Peter Maurer

“If governments did not mislead their citizens so often, there would be less need for secrecy, and if leaders knew they could not rely on keeping the public in the dark about what they are doing, they would have a powerful incentive to behave better.”

― Peter Singer

“I think society is both something that’s very real and very powerful, but on the whole quite problematic.”

― Peter Thiel

“There have been a lot of critiques of the finance industry’s having possibly foisted subprime mortgages on unknowing buyers, and a lot of those kinds of arguments are even more powerful when used against college administrators who are probably in some ways engaged in equally misleading advertising.”

― Peter Thiel

“The selfie is a powerful tool, but it can also be dangerous, and I am fascinated with the process of it because there is a level of self-monitoring.”

― Petra Collins

“I’m used to seeing women being degraded, slut shamed, harassed for what they look like. Even the most powerful women in the world are measured by their appearance and constantly ridiculed for it.”

― Petra Collins

“I love working in groups – I think it makes each individual more powerful.”

― Petra Collins

“Just being with a group of girls and experiencing sadness together – it’s a pretty powerful thing.”

― Petra Collins

“An alliance with a powerful person is never safe.”

― Phaedrus

“We’re concerned with a powerful government who is telling General Motors now, maybe, what they can charge for their automobiles. Indeed, if the government owns 61 percent, they can do that.”

― Phil Gingrey

“The job of the iPad should be to be so powerful and capable that you never need a notebook.”

― Phil Schiller

“The Connection Machine was the most powerful supercomputer in the world. It is a complex supercomputer and it will take forever to completely describe how it works.”

― Philip Emeagwali

“Situational variables can exert powerful influences over human behavior, more so that we recognize or acknowledge.”

― Philip Zimbardo

“The way theater can bring people together is so powerful.”

― Phillipa Soo

“I always knew that saying the unsayable was going to be a powerful thing.”

― Phoebe Waller-Bridge

“Together we are stronger, our voices louder, and the synergy of our actions more powerful. Together we can prevail on the Navy to put commonsense safeguards in place, like requiring its ships to avoid the most sensitive marine mammal habitats and to stop their training exercises during peak migrations.”

― Pierce Brosnan

“It is a crime against the State to be powerful enough to commit one.”

― Pierre Corneille

“Corporations and special interests have their voice in Congress, and they have too many members scared of their power. What Congress needs is a progressive voice who is unafraid to take on these powerful interests – who is willing to fight for all Americans, not just the wealthiest 1 percent.”

― Pramila Jayapal

“I come from a state in India that is a matrilineal state, Kerala. And so women really are seen as very powerful.”

― Pramila Jayapal

“The aggressive use of wiretaps is important: It shows that we are targeting white-collar insider-trading rings with the same powerful investigative tools that have worked so successfully against the mob and drug cartels.”

― Preet Bharara

“Powerful indeed is the empire of habit.”

― Publilius Syrus

“I always wanted to be a singer, and so, when I was 5 years old, I started acting classes so I could be a better performer. I wanted to have a powerful voice so I could be heard.”

― Q’orianka Kilcher

“I believe the old boys’ network is a powerful one. No one gives up power and privilege willingly, do they?”

― Quentin Bryce

“Great nations are simply the operating fronts of behind-the-scenes, vastly ambitious individuals who had become so effectively powerful because of their ability to remain invisible while operating behind the national scenery.”

― R. Buckminster Fuller

“Feature filmmaking is a very powerful medium. It has a hold on me now.”

― R. J. Cutler

“Why movies are so powerful is because you are right in there and you stay in there until they want you to come out, and then you’ve really gone somewhere.”

― Rachel Griffiths

“I think there’s something really powerful and refreshing about a woman who is unapologetic.”

― Rachel McAdams

“For me, film is an extremely powerful way of conveying a message to a mainstream audience.”

― Rachel Shenton

“It is the central bank governor, unlike other regulators or government secretaries, who has command over significant policy levers and has to occasionally disagree with the most powerful people in the country.”

― Raghuram Rajan

“We believe that our cost effectiveness is one of our most powerful competitive advantages in Networks, and we will not lose sight of that in the future.”

― Rajeev Suri

“The media is so powerful.”

― Rajinikanth

“Welcome those big, sticky, complicated problems. In them are your most powerful opportunities.”

― Ralph Marston

“General Hayden knows full well the powerful and invasive nature of metadata.”

― Rand Paul

“For anyone who works in front of an audience there is no thrill quite like that of feeling and hearing the evidence of the audience members’ enjoyment. Laughter and applause really are powerful.”

― Randy West

“Music is powerful. As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond.”

― Ray Charles

“The Egyptian Revolution makes it clear, if anybody was in doubt, that digital technologies are going to play a powerful role in the future of global politics.”

― Rebecca MacKinnon

“Because hypocrisy stinks in the nostrils one is likely to rate it as a more powerful agent for destruction than it is.”

― Rebecca West

“When I read ‘Meadowland,’ I could see the potential for a very internal, quiet story that could be powerful and emotional but also disturbing and dark.”

― Reed Morano

“If one person doesn’t like your film, if he’s powerful, your film will never see the light of day.”

― Reggie Miller

“Our culture places a very high value on storytelling, and the more that Catholic writers are able to master that craft, the more they can speak to the culture, the more powerful their stories will be.”

― Regina Doman

“Your network is the people who want to help you, and you want to help them, and that’s really powerful.”

― Reid Hoffman

“There’s no more powerful lesson than knowing that your setbacks will one day help you succeed.”

― Reshma Saujani

“Children are resilient and strong with powerful spirits.”

― Rhea Perlman

“I’ve played a lot of these characters that aren’t particularly pleasant and pretty powerful, bad people, and one thing I’ve discovered is that there’s a real stillness to these guys.”

― Richard Brake

“In Ohio, we must put fairness to people and their families first, ahead of powerful special interests.”

― Richard Cordray

“My eyes are constantly wide open to the extraordinary fact of existence. Not just human existence, but the existence of life and how this breathtakingly powerful process, which is natural selection, has managed to take the very simple facts of physics and chemistry and build them up to redwood trees and humans.”

― Richard Dawkins

“Lebanon does not have a powerful army.”

― Richard Engel

“Biden’s support for Mubarak in the face of his falling regime sends a powerful and unfortunate message to the Arab world that their freedoms are negotiable.”

― Richard Grenell

“Storytelling is powerful; film particularly. We can know a lot of things intellectually, but humans really live on storytelling. Primarily with ourselves; we’re all stories of our own narrative.”

― Richard Linklater

“I cannot tell you how many people, powerful people, come to my studio and they are in tears they are so moved by what they see.”

― Richard MacDonald

“The more we understand what happens in living cells, the more incredibly powerful you realize things can be when they work from the bottom up, by interaction of one molecule and another.”

― Richard Smalley

“’Favoritism’ is always a factor, and pressure always build for the appointment of friends of influential supporters of the President, or for the nominees of powerful Member of Congress from the incoming President’s party.”

― Richard V. Allen

“American audiences tend to underappreciate the British, but 240 years ago they were us: They were the most powerful nation on Earth. Their mercantile empire spanned the planet. They had the most potent and experienced army and navy the world had ever seen.”

― Rick Atkinson

“Buddha’s teaching are very simple, you don’t have to break your head to understand the message. The part that I like the most from Buddha’s teachings and from His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, is that the most powerful weapon is to not attack, to be able to have self-control.”

― Ricky Martin

“There was a subtlety about Peggy Lee. It was powerful. There was a valuable use of space. Everything was not cluttered. Her voice was out front and was the key instrument.”

― Rita Coolidge

“Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful.”

― Rita Dove

“I don’t want to do sing-and-dance routine. I believe script is the king, so I would go for powerful stories.”

― Ritika Singh

“When I was 14 years old, I had the opportunity to meet Buddy Holly. I asked him how he got that big, powerful sound out of his guitar amp. He said, ‘I blew a speaker and decided not to get it fixed.’”

― Robbie Robertson

“One of the powerful temptations is that of the cinema palace. The cinema has undoubtedly an enormous attraction for boys, and people are constantly cudgelling their brains how to stop it. But it is one of those things which would be very difficult to stop even if it were altogether desirable.”

― Robert Baden-Powell

“My organs are too powerful… I manufacture blood and fat too rapidly.”

― Robert Baldwin

“’River of Light,’ to a dense but powerful score commissioned from Charles Wuorinen and with ravishing lighting by Mark Stanley, has depth and resonance.”

― Robert Gottlieb

“Wars of any magnitude release powerful social and economic forces which can change the whole face of the world.”

― Robert Kennedy

“For example, if the big bang had been one-part-in-a billion more powerful, it would have rushed out too fast for the galaxies to form and for life to begin.”

― Robert Lanza

“We love the great Disney songs – they have always inspired us in our work and in our lives! But for ‘Let It Go,’ we looked elsewhere – to powerful female singer-songwriters like Tori Amos, Aimee Mann, Sara Bareilles, Adele.”

― Robert Lopez

“To make pictures big is to make them more powerful.”

― Robert Mapplethorpe

“Taking an interest in what others are thinking and doing is often a much more powerful form of encouragement than praise.”

― Robert Martin

“The whole process of getting licenses to broadcast, which took place decades ago, was done behind closed doors by powerful lobbies, and wealthy commercial interests got all the licenses with no public input, no congressional input for that matter.”

― Robert McChesney

“Maybe the example of Southern fiction writing has been so powerful that Southern poets have sort of keyed themselves to that.”

― Robert Morgan

“But with carefully chosen keyboard macros to activate it, Mass Copy is quick, convenient, and powerful. Most users who have mastered it depend heavily on it. That certainly includes me.”

― Robert Patterson

“The Tea Party is but one manifestation of a widening perception that the game is rigged in favor of the rich and powerful.”

― Robert Reich

“Of all human inventions the organization, a machine constructed of people performing interdependent functions, is the most powerful.”

― Robert Shea

“That’s what I find so special: when you actually imagine something. But really, when it comes to you in a dream, and then you can bring it to life on the screen, it’s very powerful.”

― Robert Trujillo

“Simple idea with powerful consequences: everyone who intersects your life knows something you don’t.”

― Robin S. Sharma

“The press is supposed to watch the powerful. And not throw in with them.”

― Roger Ailes

“Most journalists now believe that a person’s privacy zone gets smaller and smaller as the person becomes more and more powerful.”

― Roger Mudd

“While the documentary community is way ahead of Hollywood, it is still nowhere near where it needs to be. Filmmakers of color rarely get hired by the powerful production companies, and they are not getting supported enough by broadcasters and funders to tell their own stories.”

― Roger Ross Williams

“I do think that overall blockchains are likely to be a much more powerful force for good than evil.”

― Roger Ver

“The tech community is a closely knit group, which is why it’s so powerful. All of these companies have an affinity for each other, even if they compete with each other.”

― Ron Conway

“The best thing we can do is give students the tools for constructing their own identities – powerful new tools like African fractals – and then just get out of the way.”

― Ron Eglash

“People need to realize how powerful the transformation of soil can be.”

― Ron Finley

“Cliches about supporting the troops are designed to distract from failed policies, policies promoted by powerful special interests that benefit from war, anything to steer the discussion away from the real reasons the war in Iraq will not end anytime soon.”

― Ron Paul

“Hillary Clinton respects good ideas wherever they come from. That’s something I haven’t seen in a lot of powerful people.”

― Ronan Farrow

“Harvey Weinstein reveals how the most powerful men in this country have tendrils in to every kind of institution.”

― Ronan Farrow

“The Beckhams are really inspiring and have very elegantly risen to being the most powerful brand in the country. I’m sure a lot of couples look at that and say, ‘Wow.’”

― Ronan Keating

“The first to grasp how sensitive Israeli public opinion was on the issue of hostages and M.I.A.’s – and therefore what a powerful weapon abduction could be – was Ahmed Jibril, the leader of a faction of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.”

― Ronen Bergman

“I have covered Israeli hostage and M.I.A. cases for more than 15 years, including the covert ways in which Israel’s powerful espionage agencies operate to bring soldiers home alive or dead. Over that time, the issue has come to dominate public discourse to a degree that no one could have predicted.”

― Ronen Bergman

“I would say seeing the original Yardbirds with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page at the old Fillmore was a pretty powerful influence on me.”

― Ronnie Montrose

“The theatre community is so powerful.”

― Rory O’Malley

“Being on a Michael Bay set is… well, it’s the only set I’ve ever been on. But I would imagine there’s no set that’s run quite like it. It’s big, it’s loud, it’s powerful, it’s intense, it’s dirty, it’s hot, it’s sweaty – and it’s really exciting. There’s never a dull moment; there’s never a quiet moment.”

― Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

“One of the most powerful defences the media can offer for controversial actions is, of course, public interest.”

― Rowan Williams

“I’m a firm believer in smiles. I used to believe that everything had to be a belly laugh. But I’ve come to realize that a real sincere smile is mighty powerful.”

― Roy Clark

“Human beings are creators, flinging powerful images into the minds of their fellow men. And all of these images are built of tiny particles of thought.”

― Roy H. Williams

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”

― Rudyard Kipling

“That will to love is very powerful. But it doesn’t always win.”

― Rufus Wainwright

“The sciences are being held back by assumptions that have hardened into dogmas, maintained by powerful taboos. I believe that the sciences will be regenerated when they are set free.”

― Rupert Sheldrake

“I was always writing for myself. I wrote what I needed to write and hear – that’s what makes it powerful.”

― Rupi Kaur

“As a kid, watching your dad leave, that’s pretty powerful.”

― Ryan Frazier

“A young musician needs a powerful laptop and a good analogue synthesiser.”

― Ryuichi Sakamoto

“The government in Turkey, which represents the powerful, traditionalist mass, is very comfortable creating policies tailored only for their supporters.”

― Safak Pavey

“The demographic of young people… in each hand is a phone, more powerful than a computer. It’s a doorway to the digital nation, to education.”

― Safra A. Catz

“Words are powerful.”

― Sage Northcutt

“Distinguished ancestors shed a powerful light on their descendants, and forbid the concealment either of their merits or of their demerits.”

― Sallust

“The crowd’s a really powerful force on the Internet, and people finally understand how to harness that.”

― Sam Altman

“Competition is a powerful and essential part of this nation’s economy and vital to cutting government costs.”

― Sam Graves

“Myth is a powerful medium because it talks to the emotions and not the head. It moves us into an area of mystery.”

― Sam Shepard

“The air is dirty because of the electricity monopolists. They have powerful money lobbyists.”

― Sam Wyly

“The economic dynamic in Zimbabwe is perversely robust: while ordinary people suffer, black-market dealers and people with foreign bank accounts prosper, making them powerful stakeholders in the perpetuation of devastating economic policies.”

― Samantha Power

“We all have incredible relationships to what we eat, to what we don’t eat, to what we’ve eaten since childhood and what we were fed, to what food means to us. And so I find it a really powerful tool in storytelling and in opening people’s hearts and their minds.”

― Samin Nosrat

“I want to tell women in developing countries that they are as powerful as their male counterparts, and they can play an equal role in their respective societies.”

― Samina Baig

“Poop humor is fun. If you do the toilet scenes well and commit to them, they can be really, really powerful.”

― Sandra Bullock

“Every time I read it, I realised ‘Bajirao Mastani’ must be made. It’s such a powerful screenplay.”

― Sanjay Leela Bhansali

“To be sure, China is nowhere as powerful as the U.S., but it has acquired the ability to impose its will on individual nations around the world. From Australia to Germany, South Africa to South Korea, political leaders are careful not to rub China the wrong way.”

― Sanjaya Baru

“Of all the myriad ways we define love, there is perhaps none more honest and powerful than this: Great love is rooted in great partnership.”

― Sarah MacLean

“Satellites record data in different parts of the light spectrum that we can’t see. And it’s that information that allows satellites to be so powerful in terms of looking at things like vegetation health, finding different kinds of geology that may indicate an oil deposit or some kind of mineralogical deposit that can be mined.”

― Sarah Parcak

“Imagery is powerful. Imagery is provocative – satellite imagery much more so because it is from space, and it allows us to get this perspective that we don’t have to have otherwise.”

― Sarah Parcak

“It shows the truth – that the real meaning of a word is only as powerful or harmless as the emotion behind it.”

― Sarah Silverman

“’A Spy in the House’, the first of Y. S. Lee’s ‘The Agency’ novels, is pure confection, an historical romp through England at the height of The Great Stink that imagines a secret spy ring for women tucked away where few notice but powerful factions clamor for their services.”

― Sarah Weinman

“The most powerful political voices are those with a different way of seeing and processing the world and the sounds that emanate from it.”

― Saul Williams

“Europe is merely powerful; India is beautiful.”

― Savitri Devi

“Many Israelis are educating their kids in a very nationalist, powerful identity, since kindergarten – and the Arabs as well.”

― Sayed Kashua

“Powerful women often get concerned with this idea that they’re going to be seen in this unforgiving light. Screw that. It’s so old-fashioned… It’s so uninspired and actually really cowardly.”

― Scarlett Johansson

“I write based on powerful inner impulses, and those seem to shift over time.”

― Scott Turow

“I’m beyond the point of thinking I’m powerful enough to solve my own problems.”

― Scott Weiland

“The influence of a high school coach can be so powerful.”

― Scottie Pippen

“The ability to save automatically is among the most powerful tools available to us.”

― Sendhil Mullainathan

“You cannot defeat Islamic State with airstrikes only. It’s necessary to cooperate with ground troops, and the Syrian army is the most efficient and powerful ground force to fight the Islamic State.”

― Sergei Lavrov

“Some say Google is God. Others say Google is Satan. But if they think Google is too powerful, remember that with search engines unlike other companies, all it takes is a single click to go to another search engine.”

― Sergey Brin

“I think music is a powerful medium because it co-inspires. It inspires the artist who then inspires the listener, and it’s a back-and-forth process.”

― Serj Tankian

“You can say a lot more with a poem than you can with a song, but with a song you can really be more powerful with it. You can express it a lot more powerfully.”

― Serj Tankian

“If you wanted to build the most powerful computer you could, you can’t do better than including everything in the universe that’s potentially available.”

― Seth Lloyd

“We’re pushing the limits of what a game is, and they think I’m beyond this limit. There will always be purists, but we’ve never got that push-back from businesses or consumers. Game dynamics are too powerful to leave bottled up in games.”

― Seth Priebatsch

“The strongest signals leaking off our planet are radar transmissions, not television or radio. The most powerful radars, such as the one mounted on the Arecibo telescope (used to study the ionosphere and map asteroids) could be detected with a similarly sized antenna at a distance of nearly 1,000 light-years.”

― Seth Shostak

“I don’t think of myself as a powerful person. But I do use the platforms I have to make a difference in the world. Anyone who has a position where they can make a difference should use it.”

― Shari Arison

“It is so powerful when we can leave behind our ordinary identities, no longer think of ourselves primarily as a conductor, or writer, or salesclerk, and go to a supportive environment to deeply immerse in meditation practice.”

― Sharon Salzberg

“We’ve seen too often what happens when wealthy and powerful industries gain excessive influence over the agencies that regulate them. The capture of the Minerals Management Service at the Department of Interior contributed to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.”

― Sheldon Whitehouse

“Juries are the constitutional institution designed to protect ordinary citizens against the wealthy and powerful.”

― Sheldon Whitehouse

“I’ve helped people get rid of headaches by placing my hand on their forehead, and backaches by placing my hand on their back. It’s a powerful example of love that really works.”

― Shelley Long

“A troll is only as powerful as your response to them. Once you respond to them or let them instigate you, then you’ve given them power.”

― Shenaz Treasury

“Our mobile devices are so powerful that they don’t just change what we do, they’re changing who we are.”

― Sherry Turkle

“Media is a powerful thing, and you see it with so many actors, where one role that brings them a lot of attention is sort of how they get defined.”

― Sheryl Lee

“IPS cells can become a powerful tool to develop new drugs to cure intractable diseases because they can be made from patients’ somatic cells.”

― Shinya Yamanaka

“Education is and will be the most powerful tool for individual and social change, and we must do all that it takes to facilitate it.”

― Shiv Nadar

“A strong intuition is much more powerful than a weal test. Normals teach us rules; outliers teach us laws. For every perfect medical experiment, there is a perfect human bias.”

― Siddhartha Mukherjee

“I was very nervous about taking on an empire that was richer and far more powerful than I will ever be. It was very daunting.”

― Sienna Miller

“The tendency to aggression is an innate, independent, instinctual disposition in man… it constitutes the powerful obstacle to culture.”

― Sigmund Freud

“The launch of Google+ apps sends a powerful signal – the personalized web has begun. What this means is that the way information is structured and accessed will turn on the individual, or rather their personal profile which is a composite of all the data collected on the basis of what they have searched for and shared.”

― Simon Mainwaring

“The new dynamics between brands and consumers, driven by social media, are proving to be a powerful impetus for change.”

― Simon Mainwaring

“It is a truly powerful phenomenon when a brand makes a stand for what it believes in.”

― Simon Mainwaring

“We kid ourselves that we’re trying to be empathetic with the human condition from a distance, but I don’t think that is it at all. It’s stupid; it’s a waste of time. But when the earth flexes its muscles, that’s rather different. That’s a powerful reminder of where we are.”

― Simon Winchester

“For me, I don’t think about size – I focus more on being powerful and confident.”

― Simone Biles

“I feel like I’m small and mighty and pack a powerful punch, just like Tide PODS.”

― Simone Biles

“The word ‘midget’ is a slur. It evolved from P. T. Barnum’s era of circuses and freak shows. Society has evolved. So should our vocabulary. Language is a powerful tool. It does not just name our society. It shapes it.”

― Sinead Burke

“Gothic in its purest sense is actually a very powerful, twisted genre, but the way it was being used by by journalists – ‘goff’ with a double f – always seemed to me to be about tacky, harum-scarum horror, and I find that anything but scary. That wasn’t what we were about at all.”

― Siouxsie Sioux

“Truth is powerful and it prevails.”

― Sojourner Truth

“Dubai’s a pretty powerful place.”

― Solange Knowles

“In examining witnesses, I learned to ask general questions so as to elicit details with powerful sensory associations: the colors, the sounds, the smells that lodge an image in the mind and put the listener in the burning house.”

― Sonia Sotomayor

“There is no witness so terrible and no accuser so powerful as conscience which dwells within us.”

― Sophocles

“Words are powerful. When I make mistakes I just try to come back and clarify what I meant.”

― Soulja Boy

“Today, the technology is there to give early and normally ample warning when a powerful tornado approaches. When a tornado strikes, all of us are at risk.”

― Spencer Bachus

“The knowledge that we are responsible for living the life we have is our most powerful tool.”

― Srikumar Rao

“A short story can be really interesting and enriching and powerful, but a novel just contains so much more information and richness and depth. That’s what I strive for in my music. I want to create something that’s like a longform statement.”

― St. Lucia

“Facebook captures examples of inequality and makes them available for endless replay. Twitter links the voiceless to newsmakers. Instagram immortalizes the faces and consequences of discrimination. Isolated cruelties are yoked into a powerful narrative of marginalization that spurs a common cause.”

― Stacey Abrams

“We are the most powerful creatures on the planet, women.”

― Stacey Dash

“I write things in my house, and hopefully there’s a reader out there who enjoys it and has an experience with it, but that’s very different than a performer on stage, where there’s an immediate dance with the audience. It’s incredibly powerful.”

― Stacey D’Erasmo

“A woman can never be too rich or too thin, but until very, very recently, she could be too powerful, for which – if she wasn’t smart enough to camouflage herself – she generally paid the price.”

― Stacy Schiff

“There are people who can start having very powerful experiences without taking psychedelics. It can happen against their will. This is a universal phenomenon.”

― Stanislav Grof

“In combat operations in places like Afghanistan, we often confronted the specter of dangerous people with powerful weapons who were a threat to their community and to our soldiers. Our aim was to quickly determine who in that community was a legitimate actor who could be trusted with a firearm and who was not.”

― Stanley A. McChrystal

“The problem with the U.S. foreign policy is that we’re just so unbelievably powerful. And when you’ve got that kind of power, it’s very hard not to use it.”

― Stanley Hauerwas

“When I first started working with Victoria’s Secret, I wanted to get stronger. That was something I wanted to build on and really be as strong and powerful as I could be. Working with Victoria’s Secret, I started really thinking about my body and my muscles.”

― Stella Maxwell

“Yooralla is a people pleaser with a very powerful PR machine.”

― Stella Young

“Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to reject the idea that the ideal man is taller, richer, more knowledgeable, more renowned, or more powerful.”

― Stephanie Coontz

“Eagles rarely fail to catch their prey. They usually kill it quickly by breaking its neck with their powerful claws.”

― Stephen Kinzer

“Sultan Mehmet had good relations with the Medici family and other powerful Italian clans, especially in Venice and Florence, and at his request, they sent him artists and craftsmen by the dozen.”

― Stephen Kinzer

“Adroit geo-strategists take new realities into account as they try to imagine how global politics will unfold. In the foreign policy business, however, inertia is a powerful force and ‘adroit’ a little-known concept.”

― Stephen Kinzer

“This country’s gonna be greater, more united, more powerful than it’s ever been.”

― Steve Bannon

“Every country that’s ever been the most powerful country in the world ceases to be the most powerful country in the world at some point.”

― Steve Earle

“I’m never gonna be a Carlos Santana – an instrumentalist. I just like songs. It’s three minutes of something that can be very powerful.”

― Steve Forbert

“There may or may not be a God or gods; the Siblings do not concern themselves with proving or disproving such a thing. By definition, gods are more powerful than men, and thus quite able to fend for themselves without help.”

― Steve Perry

“What’s certain is that ranking powerful people is inherently self-defeating. For starters, true potentates know who they are without being told, and they have no need to announce it.”

― Steve Rushin

“Data, I think, is one of the most powerful mechanisms for telling stories. I take a huge pile of data and I try to get it to tell stories.”

― Steven Levitt

“As retail goes through a fundamental shift into the digital world, I believe Ocado’s model and the high standards of customer service it provides will see it emerge as a powerful online player.”

― Stuart Rose

“We are the most powerful nation in the world, but we’re not the only nation in the world. We are not the only people in the world. We are an important people, the wealthiest, the most powerful and, to a great extent, generous. But we are part of the world.”

― Studs Terkel

“There are many organizations and individuals advocating for the public interest online – what’s good for ordinary people – but other interests are more numerous and powerful than they are. I want that to change. And that’s what I want to do next.”

― Sue Gardner

“Entertainment can be a more powerful driver than poverty.”

― Sugata Mitra

“We must all build national unity, build all revolutionary forces, into one powerful wave to sweep away our main enemy, political imperialism and economic imperialism.”

― Sukarno

“Yes, definitely we want to see A or B or C and so forth live safely and soundly. But as mortal creatures, they will disappear in the end. No, we are not struggling above all else for mortal individuals, but rather for the idea of the glorious and powerful nation which sustains the eighty million Indonesians.”

― Sukarno

“We shall establish an united Chinese Republic in order that all the peoples – Manchus, Mongols, Tibetans, Tartars, and Chinese – should constitute a single powerful nation.”

― Sun Yat-sen

“What problem does Pan-Asianism attempt to solve? The problem is how to terminate the sufferings of the Asiatic peoples and how to resist the aggression of the powerful European countries. In a word, Pan-Asianism represents the cause of the oppressed Asiatic peoples.”

― Sun Yat-sen

“Android is one of the most open systems I’ve ever seen. What makes Android great is it’s literally designed from the ground up to be customised in a very powerful way.”

― Sundar Pichai

“Women’s currency is their looks. Like it or not, the most powerful woman is an 18-year-old woman.”

― Susan Cheever

“What makes the Lincoln Memorial so powerful is that it doesn’t try to do too much. In effect, it says that he saved the Union.”

― Susan Eisenhower

“More often writing soliloquies of suffering and consolation than collective songs like the dirge, elegists have discovered that lyric sequences can provide a powerful means of addressing the tensions between grief’s inchoate emotion and social rituals of mourning.”

― Susan Stewart

“The Cingular-branded 2125 Smartphone is an example of how Windows Mobile 5.0 can create a flexible, powerful phone that helps mobile information workers access their most essential business data in a compact form factor.”

― Suzan DelBene

“Insult is powerful. Insult begets both rage and humor and often at the same time.”

― Suzanne Fields

“I always look for characters that will hopefully develop into a more powerful symbol.”

― Sydney Sweeney

“By being part of films like ‘Judwaa 2,’ I can ensure that I garner more fans, who’d then want to watch me in other powerful films.”

― Taapsee Pannu

“Broadband connectivity can be a powerful catalyst as well as an anchor for economic and social advancement in developing countries. It creates jobs and business opportunities that lead to greater economic development.”

― Tae Yoo

“Technology is getting smaller, faster, cheaper, and more powerful every day.”

― Tae Yoo

“American music is a powerful ingredient in international music, and as much as it comes from within, it also comes from without.”

― Taj Mahal

“The world needs yoga. This stuff is powerful and intense. It has the power to harm when held tightly, studied without practice, and posed rigidly. Done right, it also has the ability to heal and cure.”

― Tara Stiles

“When we turn on our observation capabilities, we become much more in the moment and much more powerful. Psychic powers have been known to develop from consistent practice of paying attention. It’s available to us all. It’s all in what we choose to practice.”

― Tara Stiles

“We use a term called ’empowerment through empathy.’ And ‘Me Too’ is so powerful, because somebody had said it to me – right? – and it changed the trajectory of my healing process once I heard that.”

― Tarana Burke

“’Me too’ became a term that was both succinct and powerful, and it was a way to ring up immediate empathy between survivors.”

― Tarana Burke

“An act of unilateral nuclear disarmament by a European power would have a much more lasting impact than all the sanctions under consideration. Sanctions, as we know from the example of Iraq, always affect the least powerful citizens the most.”

― Tariq Ali

“We in this entertainment industry try to act like we’re so super powerful. we’re not being honest, because we’re human, and in our humanity there’s a little fear.”

― Tasha Smith

“After all, the ordinary hero hiding in each of us is often the most powerful catalyst for change.”

― Tate Taylor

“There’s the movie you write, there’s the movie you shoot and the movie you edit, and often, you find that you’re getting the same information out of a scene that you already have and a scene that’s actually more powerful, so you have to make the tough decision to take it out.”

― Tate Taylor

“Jim Brooks is a very powerful director and it was a lot of intense work.”

― Tea Leoni

“Washington is a bubble, and there is nothing more powerful than the conservative grassroots when we are engaged and letting our voice be heard.”

― Ted Cruz

“Iowa has sent notice that the Republican nominee for the next president of the United States will not be chosen by the media. Will not be chosen by the Washington establishment. Will not be chosen by the lobbyists. But will be chosen by the most incredible powerful force, where all sovereignty resides in our nation by we the people.”

― Ted Cruz

“Nostalgia is a powerful feeling; it can drown out anything.”

― Terrence Malick

“If God is so powerful, can he create a rock which he cannot lift?”

― Terry Goodkind

“Going into a shoot not fully knowing what I want to do – that excitement, that thing that happens, is just so powerful and makes such great pictures.”

― Terry Richardson

“I have minor characters who are Asian-American, and I’ve been using them throughout my career, but they’ve never taken center stage, they’ve never been really powerful, they’ve never expressed some of the experiences I had growing up in the U.S. Johnny Tam is the first one.”

― Tess Gerritsen

“I think of all media, television is the most powerful when it comes to selling books, because when you have a feature film, yeah, there’s a rush. But then after that month is over and the movie goes out of release, that’s it.”

― Tess Gerritsen

“The most powerful person is he who is able to do least himself and burden others most with the things for which he lends his name and pockets the credit.”

― Theodor W. Adorno

“The Internet is a very powerful tool; unfortunately it’s starting to get a little saturated.”

― Theophilus London

“We have this powerful ideological basis to the country that I don’t think any other country in the world quite can brag about. It’s a very complicated nation, and it’s very fertile.”

― Theresa Rebeck

“The green appeal of solar sailing – traveling by light, once chemical propellants have done their dirty job of orbital insertion – ought to be powerful.”

― Thomas Mallon

“Capitalism and market forces are very powerful in producing wealth and innovation. But we need to ensure that these forces act in the common interest.”

― Thomas Piketty

“Things like ‘mad as a hatter’ or ‘grinning like a Cheshire cat’, are so powerful that music and songs incorporate the imagery. Writers, artists, illustrators, a lot of them have incorporated that.”

― Tim Burton

“It’s important for me, politically, to see that theater isn’t just about the powerful.”

― Tim Crouch

“If you take a print magazine with a million person circulation, and a blog with a devout readership of 1 million, for the purpose of selling anything that can be sold online, the blog is infinitely more powerful, because it’s only a click away.”

― Tim Ferriss

“The Holocaust illustrates the consequences of prejudice, racism and stereotyping on a society. It forces us to examine the responsibilities of citizenship and confront the powerful ramifications of indifference and inaction.”

― Tim Holden

“I believe that the human motive to share is very powerful. The human motive to profit is also very powerful, and I think that the profit motive and the sharing motive are not exclusive.”

― Tim O’Reilly

“I’m a market person, but there are certain circumstances where you’ve got to have government put up the guardrails or bust up entrenched interests before they become too powerful.”

― Tim Pawlenty

“It turns out that the most powerful use of technology is to connect people together socially.”

― Tim Sweeney

“This Metaverse is going to be far more pervasive and powerful than anything else. If one central company gains control of this, they will become more powerful than any government and be a god on Earth.”

― Tim Sweeney

“Aesthetic experiences are powerful, to be sure, and probably inescapable, but Nature will not remain effective for very long.”

― Timothy Morton

“The number one way of becoming powerful in Washington is by becoming the ‘Washington Post.’”

― Tina Brown

“Oprah’s stock in trade has always been her powerful unmediated connection. She could feel your pain and empower you to talk about it.”

― Tina Brown

“For me the goddess is the female of God, She is powerful if different.”

― Tina Turner

“Commerce is a powerful, underestimated form of expression. We use it to cast a vote with every product we buy. It’s a direct expression of democracy. This is why our mission at Shopify is to protect that form of expression and make it better for everyone, not just for those we agree with.”

― Tobias Lutke

“People tend to look at processing power as how to gauge a piece of hardware is powerful for us.”

― Todd Howard

“We will continue to work with agencies across the government to unleash the power of open data and to make government data more accessible and usable for entrepreneurs, companies, researchers, and citizens everywhere – innovators who can leverage these resources to benefit Americans in a rapidly growing array of exciting and powerful ways.”

― Todd Park

“Our message in rural America is just as powerful as it is in urban America. But because we haven’t been a physical presence there in any sustained way, we have a lot of voters there who no longer believe that the Democratic Party is working for them.”

― Tom Perez

“As a consumer, you want to associate with brands whose powerful presence creates a halo effect that rubs off on you.”

― Tom Peters

“Though much about Donald Trump is chaotic and unpredictable, his overall agenda as a businessman and politician is clear and consistent: He wants to make himself more powerful, and he doesn’t care how he does it.”

― Tom Steyer

“The most powerful thing in politics is voter-to-voter contact. People take in ideas and formulate opinions by contact with other people they perceive to be trustworthy – other voters, people from their communities.”

― Tom Steyer

“Lars Von Trier is a genius. Every film he makes is so honest and powerful.”

― Toni Collette

“Perhaps we would do well to listen to the likes of Rabbi Harold Kushner, who contends that God is not really as powerful as we have claimed.”

― Tony Campolo

“Evangelical Christians, who once were a ridiculed irrelevant sectarian movement, have, over just three decades, become a powerful voting bloc that can no longer be ignored.”

― Tony Campolo

“The No. 1 institution in the world is family. It’s so powerful.”

― Tony Finau

“Reality is a powerful solvent.”

― Tony Judt

“There is no celebrity quite as powerful as the local, homegrown celebrity.”

― Tony Wilson

“When hackers have access to powerful computers that use brute force hacking, they can crack almost any password; even one user with insecure access being successfully hacked can result in a major breach.”

― Toomas Hendrik Ilves

“Diplomacy between a powerful, victorious army and a side that’s losing doesn’t really work well.”

― Toomas Hendrik Ilves

“I’ve worked with many powerful men in the music industry.”

― Tori Amos

“Your body can’t get stronger or more powerful unless you’re balanced.”

― Tori Bowie

“Having a mental illness does not mean you’re weak or can’t handle life. You can have a mental illness and deal with it and still be a powerful, confident woman.”

― Torrey DeVitto

“We should all do what we can in our daily lives to remember that we are glorious and powerful.”

― Tracee Ellis Ross

“I realized little by little that words are very powerful, and taking those words to encourage people rather than tear them apart was the desire of my heart.”

― Tracie Peterson

“I have snakes, three sharks, moray eels, piranhas, five scorpions and a bird spider. All of them are predators. They are dangerous but it’s cool to have strong and powerful pets.”

― Tracy Morgan

“Under the process of ongoing globalization, advantages are, in the main, created for a minority of countries and development centres as well as powerful transnational companies.”

― Tran Duc Luong

“My children are 10 and three, and the longing and the need for them is incredibly powerful.”

― Treat Williams

“The president and the administration had a duty to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, but powerful constituencies of the president did not want the president to defend it. And unfortunately, politics trumped duty.”

― Trent Franks

“I always start with the assumption that everything that happens in the world is actually in the world. It sounds like an obvious thing to say, but it’s a very powerful methodological premise.”

― Trevor Paglen

“There’s a basic principle about consumer electronics: it gets more powerful all the time and it gets cheaper all the time. that’s true of all types of consumer electronics.”

― Trip Hawkins

“When I started Atom Factory, the idea was to do something small yet powerful. That name resonated with the mission.”

― Troy Carter

“As a territory, American Samoa has no representation in the U.S. Senate, and we Samoans lost a respected and powerful ally with the passing of Hawaii Sen. Daniel Inouye.”

― Troy Polamalu

“Mrs. Thatcher was a powerful figure at the time I was a student in London. And I admire her versatility and strength.”

― Tsai Ing-wen

“I only want to debate people who are more powerful than I am.”

― Tucker Carlson

“There are legitimate, even powerful arguments, to be made against the Bush administration’s foreign policy. But those arguments are complicated, hard to explain, and, in the end, not all that sensational.”

― Tucker Carlson

“A secret is powerful when it is empty.”

― Umberto Eco

“The difference between a top-flight creative man and the hack is his ability to express powerful meanings indirectly.”

― Vance Packard

“It is stories – both real and fictional – that can captivate hearts, change minds and, in the most powerful examples, spur action.”

― Vanessa Diffenbaugh

“I’d say I’m quite powerful so I’m not afraid of jumps or acrobatic elements. The hardest part is… get on the beam and stay there on top of it!”

― Vanessa Ferrari

“I don’t really think about what’s ‘age appropriate’ for my audience because I think they can handle quite a bit, but I do try to think about what’s honest and true to my characters who have grown up in situations where they’ve been taught to handle these things very carefully and that they’re very powerful.”

― Veronica Roth

“All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

― Victor Hugo

“Nothing else in the world… not all the armies… is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

― Victor Hugo

“The most powerful symptom of love is a tenderness which becomes at times almost insupportable.”

― Victor Hugo

“The war on drugs has made government more powerful, citizens less free, and hasn’t helped users or addicts.”

― Victor Mitchell

“China needs a powerful Europe, but Europe can only be strong if each and every one of its members attains rapid economic development.”

― Victor Ponta

“We talk a lot about hope, helping, and teamwork. Our whole message is that we are more powerful together.”

― Victoria Osteen

“A lot of women in sport tend to take on a very masculine, aggressive look. They want to be perceived as being strong and powerful. I never lost that sense of wanting to retain my femininity.”

― Victoria Pendleton

“There’s nothing more powerful to a showrunner than a truly invested writer.”

― Vince Gilligan

“I’m really proud of ‘Oceans 12.’ Of course, you do an ‘Oceans’ movie, you get known all over the world. It’s an incredibly powerful medium: It’s a Hollywood-identified blockbuster.”

― Vincent Cassel

“The immediacy of the mobile changes it from what we’re accustomed to in the personal computing world to something that’s instantaneous… What’s interesting and powerful about the mobile environment is that it’s connected to services on the Internet. This augments both platforms.”

― Vint Cerf

“What I love about tennis is the gracefulness. It’s an aggressive and powerful game, but it takes touch and finesse.”

― Virgil Abloh

“’The Irish Duke’ is a sequel to ‘The Decadent Duke’ about Lady Georgina Gordon who married the Duke of Bedford. ‘The Irish Duke’ tells the story of their daughter, Lady Louisa, who married James Hamilton, the powerful and wealthy Duke of Abercorn.”

― Virginia Henley

“AI might be a powerful technology, but things won’t get better simply by adding AI.”

― Vivienne Ming

“No one doubts that poison gas was used in Syria. But there is every reason to believe it was used, not by the Syrian Army, but by opposition forces to provoke intervention by their powerful foreign patrons, who would be siding with the fundamentalists.”

― Vladimir Putin

“Imagination grows by exercise, and contrary to common belief, is more powerful in the mature than in the young.”

― W. Somerset Maugham

“The Secretary of the State at the time was James Baker, who had also been Secretary of Treasury and White House Chief of Staff: very powerful guy. And I went to see him in his very ornate office at the State Department to say I wasn’t going to cover him anymore. It was just a courtesy call.”

― Walt Mossberg

“By the 2010s, almost everybody in the developed world, it seemed, had a powerful digital device that took little or no special skills or training to use.”

― Walt Mossberg

“If, as they say, the threat of the hangman’s noose has a powerful way of focusing one’s attention, the same can be said of pregnancy.”

― Walter Cronkite

“When state and religion are one, religion becomes a means for the powerful to remain in power.”

― Walter Jon Williams

“When I shoot at the range, I don’t feel personally powerful but like the custodian of something powerful. I feel like a successful disciplinarian of something radically alien and potent. Analyze this sensation all you want; you still can’t make it go away.”

― Walter Kirn

“We are very fond of blaming the poor for destroying the environment. But often it is the powerful, including governments, that are responsible.”

― Wangari Maathai

“I juxtapose and slice up reality and fiction quite easily. I’m aware that it is up for grabs and a powerful tool to explain how we take control.”

― Wangechi Mutu

“This is a very important relationship we have with Russia, the relationship over the nuclear arsenal that they have obviously is important. They’re a very powerful country.”

― Warren Christopher

“Water is the softest of all things, yet it is the most powerful. The ocean patiently allows all things to flow into it. It is always flexible. The Tao is not about grasping, but allowing, like water.”

― Wayne Dyer

“Education is the most powerful tool countries have for boosting economic growth, increasing prosperity, and forging more just, peaceful and equitable societies.”

― Wendy Kopp

“I’ve been spoiled by this project. I was given the script and went in to read, realizing that this was a powerful story and one that wasn’t told very often.”

― Wentworth Miller

“Stories and narratives are one of the most powerful things in humanity. They’re devices for dealing with the chaotic danger of existence.”

― Wes Craven

“I was very short when I was little, so I probably had – and there may be a residue of it now – that Napoleon complex. Wanting to be as big and as powerful as the big guys.”

― Wesley Snipes

“Hashtags are powerful, but they aren’t powerful enough.”

― Whitney Wolfe Herd

“The tension between public and private science is powerful.”

― Wil S. Hylton

“Smells are so powerful and evocative, sometimes stronger than visual cues.”

― Will Cotton

“There is something mysteriously powerful that can happen when young, inchoate minds come into contact with older and more worldly ones in a spirit of intellectual and creative endeavour – if I believed in progress, I suppose that’s what I’d call it.”

― Will Self

“The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.”

― William Bernbach

“The more complicated and powerful the job, the more rudimentary the preparation for it.”

― William F. Buckley, Jr.

“I think theater is powerful. The best experiences I had in the theater are more powerful than the best experiences I had in movies.”

― William H. Macy

“The EU should be concentrated on adapting to globalisation and global competitiveness, not building more powerful centralised institutions in Brussels.”

― William Hague

“The Bill of Rights was intended to secure freedom of speech – the freedom of speech of members of parliament to speak freely rather than be at threat of… the threat of an over powerful monarch at the time.”

― William Hague

“You are the most powerful cultural force in the world.”

― William J. Clinton

“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.”

― William Wordsworth

“I was the most powerful left-handed hitter in the Alameda area.”

― Willie Stargell

“Film is a very, very powerful medium. It can either confirm the idea that things are wonderful the way they are, or it can reinforce the conception that things can be changed.”

― Wim Wenders

“We’re exposed to ideas everywhere. The world is full of ideas. I think that television is a pretty powerful medium in that regard.”

― Win Butler

“A global tax body would give all countries – not just the rich and powerful – an equal say in how the global rules on taxation are designed.”

― Winnie Byanyima

“’Stimela’ is the very first video I directed. I wanted it to be an emotional visual art piece, displaying humans as free, powerful animals. We are all running from something or searching for something; our instincts have been ignored.”

― Wynter Gordon

“A movie is so visually powerful, so overwhelming, that it tends to crowd out how you might have imagined things.”

― Yann Martel

“Cinema is visually powerful, it is a complete experience, reaches a different audience. It’s something I really like. I like movies.”

― Yann Martel

“Knowledge is dangerous when you’re a person of colour. It makes you a powerful individual, and that’s what ‘Stay Dangerous’ represents.”

― YG

“TV is the most powerful medium, which has taken me right into the homes of so many people.”

― Yo Yo Honey Singh

“I’m kind of honored to be a dragon lady. The dragon is a very powerful, mythical animal.”

― Yoko Ono

“Finding that financial independence away from a broken relationship is probably one of the most powerful places a woman can get to.”

― Yolanda Hadid

“Survival is very powerful. All your faculties want to cling to life. We’re not tested usually, luckily, but when we are, we become superheroes.”

― Yossi Ghinsberg

“You could go to Estonia and there’s probably an episode of ‘Seinfeld’ playing there. Television is a very powerful thing.”

― Yul Vazquez

“For painting, I like strong lines, powerful pieces.”

― Yusaku Maezawa

“You can’t market or commercialize feminism as an entity. One has to be careful. I aim to be about powerful women in my clothing.”

― Zac Posen

“I always thought I was powerful, since I was a kid.”

― Zaha Hadid

“Real art is one of the most powerful forces in the rise of mankind, and he who renders it accessible to as many people as possible is a benefactor of humanity.”

― Zoltan Kodaly
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