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“My aim is that every sermon series I preach is prepared as though I were teaching a college-level course.”

― Adam Hamilton

“One may preach a covenant of grace more clearly than another… But when they preach a covenant of works for salvation, that is not truth.”

― Anne Hutchinson

“The loudest voices both in the U.S. and abroad often are those that preach hatred and exclusion. But hatred and exclusion will not bring employment.”

― Carol S. Dweck

“I am a preacher. I’m involved in many other things, but, mainly, I preach. And I love it!”

― Charles R. Swindoll

“A man can preach no better than he prays.”

― Charles Stanley

“Only the sinner has the right to preach.”

― Christopher Morley

“Can one preach at home inequality of races and nations and advocate abroad good-will towards all men?”

― Dorothy Thompson

“It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.”

― Francis of Assisi

“God empowered him; and my father, when he stood to preach, he wasn’t preaching his message, he was preaching God’s message.”

― Franklin Graham

“If I had only one sermon to preach it would be a sermon against pride.”

― Gilbert K. Chesterton

“I will preach with my brush.”

― Henry Ossawa Tanner

“I still get to preach 14, 15 times a year. But you have to make a living.”

― J. C. Watts

“I am the third Jenkin Jones to preach that liberal interpretation of Christianity generally known as Unitarianism.”

― Jenkin Lloyd Jones

“Those that preach tolerance have become absolutely prescriptive in what’s allowed to be thought.”

― Katie Hopkins

“After 26 years, I am still practicing what I preach.”

― Kenneth H. Cooper

“I’ve been known to preach.”

― Kevin Hart

“I pretty much preach, teach and nag.”

― Laura Schlessinger

“The IFP is here to put into practice what we preach.”

― Mangosuthu Buthelezi

“I do practice what I preach when it comes to nutrition.”

― Mehmet Oz

“To be a writer does not mean to preach a truth, it means to discover a truth.”

― Milan Kundera

“I used to carry my father’s Bible and put it on the pulpit so he could preach.”

― Mr. T

“I don’t preach or try to impress my views upon people.”

― Raine Maida

“Preach not because you have to say something, but because you have something to say.”

― Richard Whately

“Did they preach one thing and practice another, these men of God?”

― Roald Dahl

“We cannot both preach and administer financial matters.”

― Saint Stephen

“Stories are told not to preach or counsel people but to reflect the dilemmas of our time.”

― Sobhita Dhulipala

“When I preaches, I has just one text to preach from, an’ I always preaches from this one. My text is, ‘When I found Jesus.’”

― Sojourner Truth

“Why do you not practice what you preach.”

― St. Jerome

“Preaching Christian salvation is to preach moral absolutes. Hollywood no likey.”

― Steven Crowder

“I wish to preach, not the doctrine of ignoble ease, but the doctrine of the strenuous life.”

― Theodore Roosevelt

“We don’t have to stand on a soap-box and preach because hopefully we’re channelling it through the new record.”

― Thom Yorke

“I don’t ever preach to people.”

― Tom Douglas

“I don’t envy my teachers. I used to preach to them.”

― Tzipi Livni

“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”

― Unknown

“There really are three types of ‘religious’ movies: the ones that make fun of it, the ones that vilify it and the ones that literally preach to the converted.”

― Vera Farmiga

“Ages when custom is unsettled are necessarily ages of prophecy. The moralist cannot teach what is revealed; he must reveal what can be taught. He has to seek insight rather than to preach.”

― Walter Lippmann

“I don’t want to preach to people.”


“The best sermon is preached by the minister who has a sermon to preach and not by the man who has to preach a sermon.”

― William Feather

“I don’t want to preach to anyone, because I’m not.”

― Yungblud
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