Top 9 Primitive Quotes

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“Even primitive areas can produce a superstar.”

― Ciputra

“In action be primitive; in foresight, a strategist.”

― Ed Koch

“Generally the aesthetics of broadcast journalism seem to me to be incredibly primitive.”

― Ira Glass

“The Dalmatian breed of dog has many primitive characteristics.”

― Louis Leakey

“That is why we profess a spiritual kinship with primitive and archaic art.”

― Mark Rothko

“I am the primitive of the method I have invented.”

― Paul Cezanne

“Generalizing a type of people is really primitive.”

― Priyanka Chopra

“When civilizations collide, it usually isn’t the more primitive one that prevails.”

― Rick Yancey

“It’s a primitive thing, kings and queens.”

― Slowthai
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