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“There’s all sorts of stuff people want to publish anonymously.”

― Aaron Swartz

“I’m an academic. It’s publish or perish.”

― Daniel J. Bernstein

“I don’t publish anything I haven’t worked over 100 times.”

― Donald Hall

“Publish and be dammed.”

― Duke of Wellington

“Everything I publish is for my readers.”

― Felix Dennis

“Yeah, now we publish whenever we feel like it.”

― Glenn Danzig

“I don’t necessarily intend to publish posthumously, but I do like to write for myself.”

― J. D. Salinger

“I don’t need to publish to make a living.”

― J. K. Rowling

“Journalists who swallow the subject’s account whole and publish it are not journalists but publicists.”

― Janet Malcolm

“With the big publishers, they publish 50 books and promote five.”

― Marissa Moss

“I don’t publish the books to make money, not at all.”

― Peter Sotos

“When you publish a book, it’s the world’s book. The world edits it.”

― Philip Roth

“Would you care to publish this? Sincerely, Robert B. Parker.”

― Robert B. Parker

“I always knew Andy Hageman would publish incredible eco stuff.”

― Timothy Morton
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