Top 29 Puerto Rico Quotes

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“Puerto Rico had a number of problems before Maria even hit.”

― Abby Huntsman

“In Puerto Rico, we continue to see the perpetuation of second-class citizenship in the United States.”

― Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“I’m not going to impose my vision on the people of Puerto Rico.”

― Anibal Acevedo Vila

“The common goals of Puerto Rico and the United States have always been for the benefit of both.”

― Anibal Acevedo Vila

“The majority of the people of Puerto Rico support commonwealth.”

― Anibal Acevedo Vila

“My grandfather came over from Puerto Rico and raised his kids speaking English so that it would be easier for them to assimilate.”

― Aubrey Plaza

“We’re going to Puerto Rico, where we’re gonna close. And we’re so excited, we can’t see straight.”

― Chita Rivera

“However, the sovereignty of the states is constitutionally defined and recognized, while the powers of the local government in Puerto Rico are defined by, and subject to alteration under, federal statutory law.”

― Dick Thornburgh

“Federal program and services outlay in Puerto Rico is approximately $10 billion per year.”

― Dick Thornburgh

“Yet, individuals and corporations in Puerto Rico pay no federal income tax.”

― Dick Thornburgh

“In Puerto Rico, there has developed a culture of taking out loans and not paying them back. That has ended.”

― Eduardo Bhatia

“It is unbelievable that the federal court itself ignores that rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution apply in Puerto Rico.”

― Eduardo Bhatia

“Culturally, the arts of Puerto Rico is really unmatched by any other island.”

― Fat Joe

“As U.S. citizens, Puerto Rico has paid their part.”

― Fat Joe

“Puerto Rico is a powerful island.”

― Fat Joe

“I was very surprised to see people who recognize me in Puerto Rico.”

― Gong Yoo

“Puerto Rico got too futuristic with the electronic reggaeton. It lost the essence of the reggae music.”

― Nicky Jam

“American imperialism is often traced to the takeover of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii in 1898.”

― Noam Chomsky

“Puerto Rico loses out on billions of dollars annually because it is treated unequally under a range of federal programs, including tax credits available to millions of households in the States that do not pay federal income taxes.”

― Pedro Pierluisi

“I’m proud of who I am, and I’m proud I grew up in Puerto Rico.”

― Raul Labrador

“Puerto Rico, within the span of two weeks, received two Category 4-5 hurricanes. That has never happened anywhere. The devastation has been enormous.”

― Ricardo Rossello

“Puerto Rico still has the wherewithal to be a tourist destination.”

― Ricardo Rossello

“Expenditures have gone rampant in Puerto Rico: lack of accountability – total lack of accountability.”

― Ricardo Rossello

“In the ’90s, I think that Bill Clinton would have won in Puerto Rico. I think in the 2000s, George Bush would have won in Puerto Rico.”

― Ricardo Rossello

“We are a possession of the United States. Congress has full authorization power over Puerto Rico.”

― Ricardo Rossello

“The reality is that we have a weakened energy infrastructure, and anything above a Category 3 hurricane hitting Puerto Rico would be devastating towards that infrastructure.”

― Ricardo Rossello

“I was dancing for my grandpa from the time I was 4 or 5 years old in Puerto Rico.”

― Rita Moreno

“I had such a great upbringing in Puerto Rico, and it was just a very normal life.”

― Roselyn Sanchez

“You know, you may not be born in Puerto Rico, but Puerto Rican is definitely born in you.”

― Rosie Perez
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