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“I am still radical!”

― Alejandro Jodorowsky

“Barack Obama is a radical, and we should not be afraid to say that.”

― Andrew Breitbart

“Radical simply means ‘grasping things at the root.’”

― Angela Davis

“What I do isn’t radical. It’s just distinct in small ways.”

― Annabelle Selldorf

“For me, ‘revolution’ simply means radical change.”

― Aung San Suu Kyi

“Obama’s ascendancy unhinged the radical right, offering a unified target to competing camps of racial, nativist and religious animus.”

― Barton Gellman

“The most radical thing about our lives is getting to be in a visibly filled-out queer crowd every night.”

― Ben Hopkins

“Radical individualism can be very sad.”

― Blase J. Cupich

“The radical elements in Islam are very dangerous.”

― Brent Scowcroft

“Radical surgery is never fun.”

― Brent Spiner

“All of my causes, including the most radical, are motivated by the defense of animals.”

― Brigitte Bardot

“I consider myself not a conservative libertarian but a radical ’60s libertarian.”

― Camille Paglia

“I am a radical.”

― Carter G. Woodson

“Because the world is radically new, the ideal encyclopedia should be radical, too.”

― Charles Van Doren

“I support this war on terror and the war on radical Islam.”

― Dana Rohrabacher

“The advancement of all sciences, especially where there has been such a radical change, have been attended with persecution.”

― Daniel D. Palmer

“The threat from radical Islam is real.”

― Darryl Glenn

“It’s not just parliament that requires radical modernisation. It’s our democratic processes.”

― David Blunkett

“Since the founding of quantum mechanics in the 1920s, theoretical physics had nurtured an extremely radical tradition.”

― David Gross

“The radical right is so homophobic that they’re blaming global warming on the AIDS quilt.”

― Dennis Miller

“Mankind is considered (by the radical environmentalists) the lowest and the meanest of all species and is blamed for everything.”

― Dixie Lee Ray

“And that Newman wasn’t, and yet to me Pollock is just as radical and unlike Expressionism as Newman.”

― Donald Judd

“Pollock looks unusual and radical even now.”

― Donald Judd

“The threat from radical Islamic jihadists is real and needs to be taken seriously.”

― Doug Ducey

“Carlos was a character, a character fabricated by Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, fabricated by the secret services of the epoch, fabricated by the governments of the epoch, by the radical groups of the epoch, by the communications media.”

― Edgar Ramirez

“I tend not to believe radical Muslim movements.”

― Ehud Barak

“But as a German – and I am German-born – we Germans are condemned once again to be radical revisionists.”

― Ernst Zundel

“The CH radical is a very reactive radical which, under most conditions, has a very short lifetime.”

― Gerhard Herzberg

“The visible and near-ultraviolet emission spectrum of the CH radical has been known ever since spectra of an ordinary Bunsen burner have been taken.”

― Gerhard Herzberg

“The United States government in Washington constantly gives amnesty to its highest officials, even when they commit the most egregious crimes. And yet the idea of amnesty for a whistleblower is considered radical and extreme.”

― Glenn Greenwald

“Before there was radical Islam, immigration and terror didn’t mix.”

― Greg Gutfeld

“The notion of self-care for people who have hundreds of millions of dollars, it doesn’t seem like a radical thing.”

― Haley Joel Osment

“Radical politics tend to be simple minded.”

― Israel Horovitz

“Radical Islam, it has grown into a global jihad.”

― Jack Keane

“I’m not radical.”

― Jack Kevorkian

“I’ve always been in favor of drastic transparency, radical transparency.”

― Jason Schreier

“The world is not dialectical – it is sworn to extremes, not to equilibrium, sworn to radical antagonism, not to reconciliation or synthesis. This is also the principle of evil.”

― Jean Baudrillard

“I don’t think I’m a flaming radical.”

― Jeanne Phillips

“I want to be radical on the inside, but not on the outside.”

― Jeremy Piven

“I wouldn’t call it radical; I would call it enthusiasm for progress.”

― John Templeton

“Obviously, I’m no fan of the radical left.”

― Jordan Peterson

“I am what would be called a ‘mainstream feminist,’ not a radical feminist.”

― Joyce Carol Oates

“Getting rid of all the world records would be a bit of a radical move.”

― Katarina Johnson-Thompson

“I’m as radical as libertarians come.”

― L. Neil Smith

“I prefer for government to err toward less regulation, lower taxation, and free markets. And I’m a radical free trader.”

― Mark McKinnon

“Radical feminism is still threatening.”

― Mary Daly

“GTMO has been a goldmine of intelligence about radical Islamic terrorism.”

― Mike Pompeo

“The nuclear deal with Iran’s radical clerics and their military junta is the most dangerous and potentially deadly action that the Obama administration has yet taken.”

― Mike Pompeo

“I’m a radical, and I always have been.”

― Mort Sahl

“It’s hardly a radical idea to suggest that regulators and legislators understand the law now, is it?”

― Nigel Farage

“The neo-cons constitute a radical reactionary fringe of the planning spectrum, but the spectrum is narrow.”

― Noam Chomsky

“Briefly after the 9/11 attacks, Republicans and Democrats were united in identifying the evil of the radical jihadists and fighting it.”

― Pete Hoekstra

“The U.S. might have diminished al-Qaeda’s capabilities in the border region of Pakistan and Afghanistan, but it has not diminished the threat from radical Islamist terrorists as a whole.”

― Pete Hoekstra

“The West is in for a long, irregular confrontation – not with terrorism, which is simply a tactic, but with radical Islam.”

― Rand Paul

“Our ideals are under the constant threat of extremism, whether in the form of radical Muslim groups or the emergence of other elements seeking to deny the rights and freedoms of others.”

― Reuven Rivlin

“Radical conservatives want to police bedrooms.”

― Robert Reich

“You don’t fight radical conservatism with not-quite-so radical conservatism.”

― Salman Rushdie

“When I went to school, it was radical just to be involved in anything.”

― Scott Garrett

“Electing radical reformers as district attorneys is huge. It’s essential.”

― Shaun King

“Whenever you want a radical shift, it rarely happens.”

― Steve Easterbrook

“I don’t consider myself to be that radical a thinker.”

― Steven Pinker

“I think Dilbert is actually a radical strip.”

― Ted Rall

“We must make a radical turn, at 360 degrees.”

― Todor Zhivkov

“We weren’t radical chic. Jane Fonda embarrassed me. We belonged to no political parties. Basically, we were vaudevillians.”

― Tom Smothers

“Radical Islam has been the foe of Christendom for centuries.”

― Tom Tancredo

“Design, if it is to be ecologically responsible and socially responsive, must be revolutionary and radical.”

― Victor Papanek

“I believe that Reagan’s a radical on arms control.”

― Walter F. Mondale
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