Top 6 Randy Wayne Quotes

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“I’m very picky about what I’ll do and the message the film has in it.”

― Randy Wayne

“As an actor, I want to build a career as an actor. It’s hard to even get a job sometimes, so as my career builds, I can be more picky than I used to be.”

― Randy Wayne

“John Schneider’s cool. I mean, he is the epitome of cool. To be that confident without any chip on his shoulder is very hard to do, and that man just has it. To be that well-known and still be so personable and social, it’s just fantastic.”

― Randy Wayne

“I’m really a big fan of HBO and Showtime shows, so I wouldn’t mind being on an edgy show… where I could challenge myself to do gritty stuff – a homeless guy or just some guy with a lot going on who’s got problems. It’s more fun to do as an actor.”

― Randy Wayne

“There are so many movies people make just to make money.”

― Randy Wayne

“I’ve been lucky because Hollywood can be harsh and try to pigeonhole you. I’ve done TV, films, and comedy, done it all… I think I’m spread out evenly among the film community. I’ve been lucky and keep working with great actors.”

― Randy Wayne
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