Top 5 Randy Weber Quotes

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“I’m a conservative Republican, small-business guy, married to same gal – love of my life – for 36 years. Strong family man, deacon at my church; I believe in America. I know government is not the answer; individual liberty and personal responsibility is the answer.”

― Randy Weber

“I’m so Republican, my first name starts with ‘R.’ I’m so right-wing – well, Randy Weber. You do the math.”

― Randy Weber

“If you say the word amnesty – the ‘A-word,’ so to speak – it’s DOA. If there’s even a hint of amnesty in my district, it’s dead on arrival.”

― Randy Weber

“I don’t just say I’m conservative. I have boot leather to my gospel.”

― Randy Weber

“I am not Dr. Ron Paul. I am not Dr. Ron Paul, Jr. I am not Dr. Ron Paul Lite.”

― Randy Weber
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