Top 207 Rap Quotes of 2020

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“Everybody was always telling me to rap and freestyle. I used to go to the park and spit on the mic. If I go to the park, they always gonna give me the mic.”

― A Boogie wit da Hoodie

“Highbridge – everybody rap in Highbridge; everyone grew up rappin’ or playing basketball.”

― A Boogie wit da Hoodie

“I’m rap’s vigilante. I’m out for justice.”

― Action Bronson

“As far as rap, I was more of a Mobb Deep guy rather than a Tribe guy.”

― Action Bronson

“My rap name as a kid was Big Tasty.”

― Adam F. Goldberg

“The rap against Tesla has always been of the ‘yes, but’ variety. Yes, it’s a fine artisanal designer and manufacturer of electric cars, and its CEO is one of the few business leaders alive for whom the label ‘visionary’ isn’t hyperbolic.”

― Adam Lashinsky

“Rap is rhythm and poetry. Hip-hop is storytelling and poetry as well.”

― Ajay Naidu

“I think that rap is narrative, when it’s done right.”

― Ajay Naidu

“A lot of rap songs don’t usually have a lot of melody per se.”

― Al Yankovic

“I understand the bad rap that 3-D is getting because the conversions are crappy and because the films aren’t designed for 3-D. It’s a completely different medium.”

― Alfonso Cuaron

“I love songwriting, and rap is part of my songwriting, but I’m not a rapper.”

― Amber Liu

“I don’t even really like rap music.”

― Angel Haze

“I think, British food, it’s had a bad rap.”

― April Bloomfield

“Rap actually took root in the Negro community, and then in the Hispanic community, long before it impacted on the larger American community as a whole.”

― Archie Shepp

“There is rap music in all my films. In ‘La Vie des Morts,’ there is rap music too. It’s because I’m French, and when it appeared in 1978, it was so new, it set off my musical imagination.”

― Arnaud Desplechin

“If women dabble in rap but they’re not rappers, to get from dabbling to doing it is really difficult, confidence-wise.”

― Awkwafina

“I wrote ‘Oath’ for Cher Lloyd because there were really no best-friend anthems out there. Not only did she love it, she wanted me to rap on it, too!”

― Becky G

“Rap helps me connect emotionally.”

― Ben Horowitz

“When Elton John sang a duet with the white rapper Eminem on a Grammy telecast, rap went mainstream. Massive parental headaches followed.”

― Bill O’Reilly

“It’s difficult to wear such high Louboutins and also freestyle rap.”

― Blake Lively

“A lot of rap music can get repetitive.”

― Brantley Gilbert

“The rap scene is so unique. Every rapper has to bring their own thing.”

― Brian Tyree Henry

“I’m just a Harlem dude that can rap, and people dig my style and persona.”

― Cam’ron

“Jay Z and Nas is probably my favorite rap beef because Nas was kinda quiet for a while.”

― Cam’ron

“I’m definitely tired of playing ‘Acid Rap.’ I’m definitely tired of playing ‘Juice.’”

― Chance The Rapper

“I don’t make Christian rap, but I am a Christian rapper.”

― Chance The Rapper

“I never really liked the idea of rap being a competitive thing. It’s not.”

― Chance The Rapper

“I don’t just rap – I sing and I dance as well.”

― Chanel West Coast

“I don’t like the fact that there are so few women in rap.”

― Cheryl James

“I could never rap, personally. I can’t even wrap presents.”

― Chris Colfer

“Fruitcakes have a bad rap.”

― Christina Tosi

“I love rap music.”

― Chumlee

“I liked rap from a young age, from listening to MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.”

― Clint Dempsey

“I came from the South Side of Chicago wanting to be a rap artist and make videos.”

― Common

“’Gangsta rap’ is a derogatory label.”

― Coolio

“I’m huge into ’90s rap. It’s my jam.”

― Danielle Fishel

“When you rap, you’re using all of yourself.”

― Danielle Macdonald

“The most popular rap artists aren’t supposed to be rapping about being broke.”

― Danny Brown

“The fact that rap has a strict meter and stays to a click means that you have to make your thoughts concise.”

― Daveed Diggs

“I’m fascinated with the regionality of rap music.”

― Daveed Diggs

“The rap on Obama has been that he is a little too cool and aloof. The rap on Romney may be that he is just plain callous.”

― David Horsey

“Single guys get a bad rap.”

― David Spade

“I haven’t done rap… I can’t do that too well.”

― Dee Dee Ramone

“When I got into rap I didn’t exactly win any popularity contests. I called myself Dee Dee King, after B.B. King, to the total dismay of my fellow Ramones.”

― Dee Dee Ramone

“Everybody was down on me saying I can’t rap, so I wanted to show everybody that I could actually do this. That’s what motivated me.”

― Denzel Curry

“I really don’t think I have a genre, honestly, ’cause I make such different music even though it is rap.”

― Denzel Curry

“I rap about life in general, particularly my life, unless telling a story.”

― Denzel Curry

“K-pop is a weird term because K-pop has everything – rap records – it’s very pop-sounding; there are really boy-band-sounding records.”

― Diplo

“No, I can’t do rap music!”

― Dolly Parton

“Odd Future’s like a network as opposed to like a rap group.”

― Earl Sweatshirt

“Lil B opened up the floodgates for Odd Future, and now rap has a huge Internet culture.”

― Earl Sweatshirt

“Who gave it that title, gangsta rap? It’s reality rap. It’s about what’s really going on.”

― Eazy-E

“RZA is one of the most unique individuals and rap artists that I have worked with.”

― El DeBarge

“Rap music deserves truth, and it deserves spontaneity.”

― El-P

“Rap was my drug.”

― Eminem

“The Dallas rap scene is growing, and hopefully we get to a level like Houston – everybody supporting each other, building each other up to be great.”

― Errol Spence Jr.

“David Bowie’s my favorite musician. I love him above all, but I’m really into rap a lot right now.”

― Ethan Suplee

“After 2008, my brand of finance got a bad rap.”

― Eugene Fama

“There are many collaborations I’d like to explore. One is to co-write a rap concerto with Eminem.”

― Evelyn Glennie

“I still to this day get the most inspiration from rap lyrics.”

― Ezra Koenig

“My most revered hero is Robert Johnson. His lyrics are so consistent with rap: the danger, the boldness, the creativity.”

― Fantastic Negrito

“KRS One and LL Cool J are the biggest influences in my rap career, along with Heavy D.”

― Fat Joe

“I’ll dance to anything: Bob Marley or rap.”

― Francesca Annis

“’Pinata’ is a great rap record for jazz fans.”

― Freddie Gibbs

“I don’t like rap that doesn’t have a story behind it.”

― Freddie Gibbs

“You know that I can make hits. You know I can do all these rap records.”

― Future

“I was about nine years old when I first heard Wu-Tang’s ‘C.R.E.A.M.’ Before that, I didn’t know anything about rap or hip-hop. I was just into Korean pop.”

― G-Dragon

“I’m not a snob. I like ghetto rap and punk rock and all that stuff.”

― Gavin McInnes

“I want to be a rap icon.”

― Gunna

“When I was growing up, to be an emcee meant to write the most clever, intellectual, and wittiest rap. And that’s what we did.”

― Gza

“I’ve studied rap in every borough.”

― Gza

“I think Bhutanese food – long dissed by every food writer out there – has gotten a bum rap.”

― Hanya Yanagihara

“I am getting all this fame, but I don’t absolutely know what I should rap about.”

― Hopsin

“I don’t really want to rap about money.”

― Hopsin

“Rap is just somebody getting something off his chest. That’s all it is.”

― Ice Cube

“I don’t have to put out another rap record. I can do it at my casual pace.”

― Ice T

“You have to come in on a professional level to make it, otherwise you just can’t get into rap.”

― Ice T

“I want to be able to say that a rap career could be ten albums.”

― Ice T

“When I first got into the rap game, I had an early dream of unifying rappers.”

― Ice T

“We have groups that do that, but I can’t rap with the mentality of an 18 year old when I’m in my 30’s.”

― Ice T

“As long as I’m around the cats in the hip hop scene, they’ll throw me a track and I’ll write a rap over it.”

― Ice T

“I like Batman, I like basketball, and I like to rap.”

― Iman Shumpert

“The way I rap isn’t about me boasting. Rarely will I do that.”

― Iman Shumpert

“I like all types of music. Even though rap music is 80 percent of what I listen to, it’s not the only thing I listen to.”

― Jaden Smith

“I’m very proud of what I was able to do during the ’90s, when baggy pants were in and East/West rap was relevant and all these different things.”

― Jaleel White

“In rap, as in most popular lyrics, a very low standard is set for rhyme; but this was not always the case with popular music.”

― James Fenton

“Rap is just to me very annoying.”

― James Hetfield

“I’ve probably wanted to be a rapper since I was a teenager. I was an actor and comedian and stuff, but I always wanted to rap, it was another outlet.”

― Jamie Kennedy

“I was a metalhead and then I was into the rap and then I was a metalhead again.”

― Jason Mewes

“Rap music was a savior to me.”

― Jason Reynolds

“Rap music was and is, for me, everything.”

― Jason Reynolds

“The bar is so low in rap – mediocrity is king!”

― Jay Electronica

“N.W.A. were the first great rap audio documentarians of the problems in our inner cities.”

― Jerry Heller

“Nobody wants to hear me rap.”

― Joe Mauer

“I always felt that rap didn’t cause crime; it just reflected it.”

― John Legend

“I’m not blowing my own trumpet here, but I made a rap song 20 years ago with Afrika Bambaataa.”

― John Lydon

“My brother is 10 years older than me, so whatever he listened to is what I listened to, and it was all rap.”

― Jon Bellion

“I rap about Memphis and what a dangerous spot that is.”

― Juicy J

“I’m not very good with rap and things like that.”

― Julie Andrews

“’Obsession’ has a bad rap.”

― Justine Musk

“I don’t even listen to rap. My apartment is too nice to listen to rap in.”

― Kanye West

“I definitely think, generally, rap is misogynistic.”

― Kanye West

“Moms in fiction and memoir get a bad rap.”

― Kelly Corrigan

“Rap in general has never been my steez, but I like it.”

― Kesha

“I’m a singer and a writer first. I started to rap by accident, being playful.”

― Kesha

“I don’t just listen to rap.”

― Kevin Gates

“Rap was more of a release for me, a journal.”

― Kevin Gates

“My take on rap is driven by straightforward American southern rock and blues.”

― Kid Rock

“Rap is supposed to scare soccer moms.”

― Killer Mike

“Rap music is really good when you’re traumatized.”

― Kim Gordon

“Maybe in Latvian one day I’ll rap a little bit, but definitely not in English.”

― Kristaps Porzingis

“Rap is something you live; hip hop is something you do.”

― KRS-One

“When rap music needed to have a teacher, I became it.”

― KRS-One

“Rap is no longer a pastime; this is a worldwide profession.”

― KRS-One

“I kind of backed into rap music. I thought I was going to do comic books or graphic art.”

― KRS-One

“Rap music is the only vital form of music introduced since punk rock.”

― Kurt Cobain

“I started DJing, breakdancing and MCing in the ’70s and I got my record deal in 1979 with ‘Christmas Rap.’”

― Kurtis Blow

“Mike Tyson and Kool G Rap had lisps – lisps always been cool!”

― Kyle

“Although rap is about boasting, it’s also about honesty and expressing your emotions.”

― Lakeith Stanfield

“I write poetry, and I put it to a beat – I mean, that’s what they call rap.”

― Lakeith Stanfield

“I can’t really rap the way rappers rap; I drive a 2002 Toyota Avalon.”

― Lil Dicky

“I’m not ever going to stop rapping. I love rap.”

― Lil Dicky

“There just hasn’t been a voice for that normal dude when it comes to rap.”

― Lil Dicky

“I really didn’t want to rap; I was just a regular kid.”

― Lil Uzi Vert

“If I have a rap album I’m dropping, then I want it to be the best rap album.”

― Lil Wayne

“I hate serious rap. It’s boring.”

― Lil Yachty

“Most of my influences aren’t rap. I love Coldplay.”

― Lil Yachty

“I think if you pick up a microphone and you rap, you’re a rapper.”

― Logic

“When I was 13 years old, I was dressing in a rap style. And then I changed schools, and the rap style became old-fashioned, so I changed it completely.”

― Louis Garrel

“It is a coincidence that Mathangi is the Goddess of Music and the spoken word, which can be rap.”

― M.I.A.

“Before I even started listening to rap music, I was really into metal and punk.”

― Machine Gun Kelly

“Consciousness rap – a term that I don’t think exactly exists but gets thrown around a lot – is not exactly popular.”

― Macklemore

“I’m not really into rap.”

― Magnus Carlsen

“My iPod will shuffle from rap to pop to rock to classical … It gets confusing!”

― Manika

“B.I.G. was like the Alfred Hitchcock of rap. Like, this dude’s story form was so nuts.”

― Mannie Fresh

“Who else is putting seven figures down for unreleased rap tracks?”

― Martin Shkreli

“I think L.A. gets a bad rap. L.A. is the same as everywhere else.”

― Max Greenfield

“I ain’t drop an album since I was 25. I rap way better. I’ve experienced way more.”

― Meek Mill

“When break dancing was out, I break danced. When rapping was the thing, I freestyled rap on the street and battled and all that kind of stuff.”

― Mekhi Phifer

“Rap is definitely a youthful expression.”

― Mekhi Phifer

“It wasn’t really me who invented rap. I stole the idea from Aristide Bruant.”

― Melvin Van Peebles

“Rap is a gimmick, but I’m for the hip-hop, the culture.”

― Method Man

“I’m serious; I don’t, I don’t rap. I flow; I’m a flow-er. You’ve got rappers, you got MCs, and then you got flow-ers, I’m a flow-er.”

― Method Man

“Growing up, flute riffs was big in rap back then. It’s what I listened to.”

― Metro Boomin

“I wanted to rap, but I needed beats. I couldn’t buy any, so I just made my own.”

― Metro Boomin

“The rap community has been singled out as more homophobic than other groups, but I don’t think that’s right. It’s homophobic, all right, but no more so than the heavy-metal community or the Hollywood community or any other community.”

― Michael Franti

“The expression ‘livin’ large’ is taken from the rap vernacular, inspired by Donald Trump, who made the big dollars and flaunted them.”

― Michael Schultz

“Now I listen to all kinds of music except rap, which all sounds the same to me.”

― Moira Kelly

“With me and YG, he could rap a hook, and I could make a beat around it. Ten minutes, we done.”

― Mustard

“My girlfriend is rap. Music and albums and records and my kids.”

― Mystikal

“I’ll always love rap, no matter what’s going on.”

― Nas

“I don’t listen to much rap, really. I can rarely listen to a whole record of it, because musically, it’s very formulaic, and oftentimes it doesn’t have the best hooks on every track.”

― Nellie McKay

“From the beginning of my rap career, since I was seen and heard, I always had a store.”

― Nipsey Hussle

“We came up with TDE. As competitive as rap is, and as much as we’re trying to exceed the standards we set for ourselves, we take their wins as our wins, too.”

― Nipsey Hussle

“Look at Pusha-T. He makes a certain type of rap music. ‘Daytona’ is that on the highest level.”

― Nipsey Hussle

“There’s not too many one-producer rap albums. There are lot of one-producer rock albums… and country albums.”

― No I.D.

“Anything that’s of any use, famous people get hold of it and take it for themselves and it gets a bad rap.”

― Noel Gallagher

“I think comics has this rap of being misogynistic, and that’s certainly not untrue.”

― Noelle Stevenson

“I’ve always been a fan of music. I listened to a whole lot of oldies – I never really listened to rap music that much.”

― O. T. Genasis

“The watch everybody rap about, I have in real life.”

― Offset

“A lot of the music, and especially rap, I don’t understand.”

― Patti Page

“I’m a fan of hip-hop. I’m a fan of rap, so anything new that’s happening, I’m hip to it.”

― Prodigy

“If you look at my rap sheet, it’s very long.”

― Prodigy

“I tell people that the Clipse were the first Internet rap darlings.”

― Pusha T

“Our music attracts the people that we rap about and make music about, and they come out and actually do it.”

― Quavo

“I’m a tremendous believer and supporter in hip-hop and rap.”

― Quincy Jones

“I was an underground artist, but the underground status was successful. Coming from where I came from to see where rap is now, now artists are selling from a million to eight million copies.”

― Rakim

“My kids listen to rap, so I try to keep up with as much as I can.”

― Rakim

“I love rap.”

― Rick James

“I grew up playing in rock bands while I was listening to rap records. I like a lot of stuff.”

― Ricky Reed

“Tales of Tacobella’ showed that I can rap.”

― Rico Nasty

“Rap is only one end of a whole spectrum of verbal play and virtuosity. Rap is geared for aural pleasure.”

― Rita Dove

“In many countries, when I gave the name ‘Rap Monster,’ I often heard that it was ‘too much.’”

― RM

“I’ve been thinking of trying my hand at rap. I’ve been recording snippets on my BlackBerry.”

― Rufus Wainwright

“If I could rap, that would be a sensation, but I can’t, you see, I’m just a Caucasian.”

― Ryan Stiles

“I didn’t ever want to make a rap album. I considered it too limiting. Now that’s exactly what I’ve gone and done.”

― Saul Williams

“I listen to music for emotion and I get zero emotion from rap.”

― Sebastian Bach

“I can rap, play ball, design T-shirts, all that.”

― Sheck Wes

“I know I do swag rap also, but I also take it seriously. It’s like 50-50.”

― Ski Mask the Slump God

“I got started as a producer first, but really, I feel my beats had more life than anyone could rap on them.”

― Smokepurpp

“If we want to mumble rap, we can mumble rap.”

― Smokepurpp

“I love rap, and I love the angst of hardcore music and punk rock.”

― Sonny Sandoval

“I really want to learn how to rap. I know it sounds utterly ridiculous!”

― Stana Katic

“Rap actually comes out of punk rock, not black music.”

― Stanley Crouch

“Being from the South, I was really into Southern rap, but I listened to a lot of stuff from all over.”

― Stephen Jackson

“I’ve tried to rap, and I cannot do it.”

― Stephen Malkmus

“I listen a lot to rap, and I’m inspired to take it, to use it in another way, to get the message across.”

― Stevie Wonder

“I love folk. I love rap.”


“When I was 16, I was rapping just to rap.”

― Tierra Whack

“Bohm’s ‘ontological interpretation’ was so called because of the bad rap the word ‘ontology’ has had in our correlationist age. As a bit of a put-down.”

― Timothy Morton

“My brother’s been producing rap music and hip-hop for maybe 10 years.”

― Tina Yothers

“I am looking to get into the grime rap U.K. scene.”

― Tom Felton

“You might remember me from Eminem’s rap lyrics.”

― Tom Green

“I mean I’ll be retired from rap, so what I’ll be doin’ in rap will be for fun.”

― Tone Loc

“I had this little rap group, and we were called ‘2 Too Many’… We used to hang out in front of Jazzy Jeff’s record studio every day.”

― Troy Carter

“I would say I’m a fan of late ’90s to early 2000s rap. That’s where I get all my inspiration from.”

― Tyga

“I don’t really listen to rap; I just like to rap.”

― Tyler, The Creator

“Rap is really just too conventional. Everybody does the same thing. No one ever pushes the box.”

― Tyler, The Creator

“I’m not crazy about the rap thing. Or house music.”

― Wolfman Jack

“What I’m trying to do is break the genre from what is rap and what is music.”

― Wyclef Jean

“On my mixtapes, I just rap. I just lay out a lot of situations.”

― YG

“One of the reasons I know how to handle my business is because I know can’t rely on rap.”

― YG

“This rap game is just WWF; everybody wants points off somebody else.”

― Young Jeezy

“I don’t want to rap forever. But I want to be rich forever.”

― Young Thug

“Anyone can rap if you’ve got brains. So I just went with it.”

― Young Thug

“If I didn’t have a girlfriend, I’d have 10 girls at the studio, and they would make me not rap.”

― Young Thug

“Scandinavian rap started in the ’90s, off the back of Run DMC, and it was a bunch of Swedish dudes doing the same thing.”

― Yung Lean
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