Top 22 Regulation Quotes

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“Whenever regulation increases, personal freedom decreases.”

― Alan Wilson

“What one has created by regulation, one could address by regulation.”

― Alex Azar

“Applying cost-benefit analysis to regulation is no different than what most regulatory agencies do.”

― Austan Goolsbee

“The regulation of medicine has been a State function.”

― Barney Frank

“The reality is regulation often lags behind innovation.”

― Bill Maris

“A ban on a class of arms is not an ‘incidental’ regulation. It is equivalent to a ban on a category of speech.”

― Brett Kavanaugh

“If there’s a regulation that’s saving 10,000 lives and costing one job, it’s worth it.”

― Cass Sunstein

“In particular, the efforts to reestablish peace after the World War have been directed toward the formation of states and the regulation of their frontiers according to a consciously national program.”

― Christian Lous Lange

“Generally I’m against regulation.”

― Dorothy Denning

“Modi government has not flouted any rule or regulation to help anyone.”

― Gautam Adani

“It was in the 1960s that I began the detailed study of public regulation.”

― George Stigler

“States with tremendous oil and natural gas reserves have the most to gain economically from proper regulation.”

― Gina McCarthy

“Less government, less regulation, lower taxes.”

― Grover Norquist

“I have been on shop floors. I have talked to a lot of the companies that create jobs in South Carolina and across the country. And what they want is less regulation.”

― Jim DeMint

“There is no such thing as free regulation.”

― John Hutton

“You’ll have lower prices under deregulation than you will through regulation.”

― Kenneth Lay

“As consumers and as voters we can say ‘no’ to rogue economics and demand regulation.”

― Loretta Napoleoni

“I prefer for government to err toward less regulation, lower taxation, and free markets. And I’m a radical free trader.”

― Mark McKinnon

“Regulation creates a moral hazard.”

― P. J. O’Rourke

“Those jobs flee other states because of factors like excessive taxation, punitive regulation and frivolous lawsuits.”

― Rick Perry

“Through a mix of market forces and regulation, we’ve brought civilization to the electronic provinces.”

― Steven Levy

“The overtime rule was frankly diluted in 2004 by a regulation put in place by the Bush administration.”

― Tom Perez
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