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“I am first-generation American, so I didn’t grow up in the South or have any relatives who were slaves. My forefathers were colonized.”

― Adina Porter

“Everything is relative except relatives, and they are absolute.”

― Alfred Stieglitz

“In the early 1990s, my relatives in Patna, even those who had no interest in reading or writing, wanted Parker fountain pens.”

― Amitava Kumar

“I had no blood relatives till I made some.”

― Andy Dick

“I have, from the beginning, been opposed to Trump hiring any of his relatives. Americans don’t like that; I don’t like that. That’s the one fascist thing he’s done. Hiring his kids.”

― Ann Coulter

“When I came to America from Sweden, Mother and I, we went to Chicago where our relatives lived.”

― Ann-Margret

“After Huguette Clark died in 2011 at age 104, 19 relatives challenged her will, claiming she was mentally ill and had been defrauded by her nurse, attorney and accountant.”

― Bill Dedman

“There aren’t many downsides to being rich, other than paying taxes and having relatives asking for money. But being famous, that’s a 24 hour job right there.”

― Bill Murray

“Our social life is literally primal, in the sense that chimpanzees and gorillas, our closest relatives among the primates, are also social.”

― Clay Shirky

“Everyone is related to Africa; everyone comes from Africa. We are all distant relatives.”

― Damian Marley

“I have conservative relatives. I maintain some relationships with some conservatives going back to the 1990s… Not in any meaningful way.”

― David Brock

“You know, all my songs are relatives, brothers, sisters, cousins.”

― David Coverdale

“After Katrina, no one was the same. People, relatives, they were dying one after another.”

― Donna Brazile

“One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.”

― Euripides

“I don’t ever remember not praying. Bedtime prayers, the rosary, praying for friends, relatives, for the sick and for those who had died. It was a natural part of our lives.”

― Florence Henderson

“When in doubt, you bring in relatives. Nepotism is a part of my work.”

― Garry Marshall

“A lot of Asians and Asian-Americans have liver problems. If you basically ask anybody who is Asian, they or one of their relatives will have some sort of a liver issue, and the liver actually falls into the jurisdiction of the gastroenterologist.”

― Gene Luen Yang

“It’s hard not to be impressed by my older relatives.”

― Gia Coppola

“I always felt I was living in two worlds. One was the Mexican world, because nearly everybody I knew, relatives and cousins and kids in the neighbourhood, were Mexican. Then school was a different world. It was ethnically mixed.”

― Gilbert Hernandez

“It isn’t necessary to have relatives in Kansas City in order to be unhappy.”

― Groucho Marx

“Every man sees in his relatives, and especially in his cousins, a series of grotesque caricatures of himself.”

― H. L. Mencken

“If man was the relative of animals, then animals were the relatives of man, and in degrees bearers of that inwardness of which man, the most advanced of their kin, is conscious in himself.”

― Hans Jonas

“As early as December 1945, I accompanied my wife and a few relatives in their return from evacuation in the countryside to Cologne, where over the years we settled down in a destroyed house.”

― Heinrich Boll

“It is plain indeed that in spite of later estrangement Hobbits are relatives of ours: far nearer to us than Elves, or even than Dwarves. Of old they spoke the languages of Men, after their own fashion, and liked and disliked much the same things as Men did. But what exactly our relationship is can no longer be discovered.”

― J. R. R. Tolkien

“Fate chooses our relatives, we choose our friends.”

― Jacques Delille

“Trees are our closest relatives. What trees exhale, we inhale; what we exhale, they inhale. They are half our respiratory system.”

― Jaggi Vasudev

“All of my relatives on both sides of my family are from Allentown.”

― James G. Stavridis

“We want to do one thing and do it really well. For us, that’s communications between people who are friends and relatives.”

― Jan Koum

“It has actually been suggested that warfare may have been the principle evolutionary pressure that created the huge gap between the human brain and that of our closest living relatives, the anthropoid apes. Whole groups of hominids with inferior brains could not win wars and were therefore exterminated.”

― Jane Goodall

“I’ve never been a fan of loans between relatives or friends. They can divide relationships.”

― Jean Chatzky

“My father was killed by a German mine, while I lost other relatives in Allied bombing attacks.”

― Jean-Marie Le Pen

“Why do all our friends and relatives destroy the summer for us? Why can’t they get married in February?”

― Jerry Della Femina

“The most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder.”

― Jim Morrison

“I live very well, but I support a lot of relatives.”

― Joan Rivers

“I had been working with a community of survivors who had lost their relatives and were too scared to talk about it.”

― Joshua Oppenheimer

“I’m just raising money. Dead presidents are my relatives.”

― Juicy J

“Famously cancer fighting, laden with vitamins, minerals, soluble fiber, and phytonutrients, broccoli and its relatives are among the healthiest ingredients of the human diet.”

― Kate Christensen

“Even after arriving in South Korea, it’s dangerous. As a North Korean defector, I need to be careful from the spies to protect my relatives inside North Korea.”

― Lee Hyeon-seo

“My immediate family are from the West Indies – from Trinidad and Grenada – and I have relatives all over the Caribbean.”

― Lewis Hamilton

“We still lend our old house out to relatives. They keep a guest book for my fans to sign.”

― Loretta Lynn

“Our relatives form the natural setting of our childhood. We understand ourselves best and are best understood by others through the persons who came nearest to us in our earliest years.”

― Lucy Larcom

“More than two million years ago, mammoths and Asian elephants took different evolutionary paths – and around the same time, according to DNA research, so did their lumbering relatives in Africa.”

― Lydia Millet

“I don’t mind having these relatives. I’ll give them a little, since they all prayed for my victory.”

― Manny Pacquiao

“Banks and credit agencies learn continuously about the purchases we make. This is convenient and diminishes the risk of theft. It also means that banks can know more about our lifestyle than our close relatives.”

― Mark Walport

“Not only in our family, where our relatives keep putting us down, but even in this modern urbanized culture, we girls put our fellow girls down by judging them.”

― Nikita Dutta

“All my relatives and friends have been pretty aware of my brand of humor for a while, so none of them have been shocked.”

― Nikki Glaser

“We have lost close friends and relatives to cancer and Parkinson’s disease, and the level of personal suffering inflicted on patients and their families by these diseases is horrific.”

― Peter Jackson

“Many of the Kuomintang elite in Taiwan have relatives among the ruling elite here on mainland China.”

― Rebecca MacKinnon

“I’ve had tons of incredible conversations with people who say they got married or buried relatives to my songs.”

― Richard Ashcroft

“My mother was a Mohawk, born and raised on a reservation, and when I was a kid, she would take me there to visit her relatives.”

― Robbie Robertson

“My parents were admirers of President Roosevelt and the New Deal. Their parents and most of our relatives and neighbors were Republicans, so they were self-conscious in their liberalism and took it as emblematic of their ability to think for themselves.”

― Robert Lucas, Jr.

“I enjoy slaughtering beasts, and I think of my relatives constantly.”

― Roger Zelazny

“I’ve always been known in my family as the one who imitates the crazy Dominican relatives.”

― Rose Abdoo

“Loving relatives and home-cooked meals are solid levees against a recession.”

― Rosecrans Baldwin

“I have a lot of relatives that were dancers and musicians and artists. They basically came out of the womb doing it.”

― Sarah Hay

“I have a huge affinity with London, and I have a lot of relatives here – now and before I was born. I pretty much look at London as the centre of the universe.”

― Shahid Khan

“For our immediate family and relatives, Canada was a land of opportunity.”

― Sidney Altman

“My relatives used to laugh when I talked of being a writer.”

― Taylor Caldwell

“I created my MySpace page in eighth grade, because that’s how all my friends talked to each other, so I made one, too. Then, all of a sudden, my friends started putting my songs on their profiles, and then their relatives, their friends in different states did.”

― Taylor Swift

“When I go to Ohio to visit relatives on holidays, I am often astonished by the level of casual dismissal offered up by way of discussion.”

― Theresa Rebeck

“As a child, I grew up in fear. When I was four, all my other relatives were deported to the countryside, having to leave most of their personal belongings behind.”

― Thomas Peterffy

“Most of the catfish you find at the fish counter has been farmed. Though I usually prefer to buy and eat wild fish, farmed catfish taste cleaner, without the muddy taste of their wild relatives.”

― Tom Douglas

“Kidney donors don’t have to be close relatives of recipients, but they do need to have the right blood type. And kidneys from living donors tend to last many years longer than kidneys from deceased donors.”

― Virginia Postrel

“My mother is from Chennai, and I have a lot of relatives here.”

― Vivek Oberoi

“In the beginning of the human race there was no genetic load which would cause undesirable traits such as appear in offspring of marriages between relatives today.”

― Walter Lang

“I can’t think of any relatives that ever went into science.”

― William Standish Knowles

“Unfortunately, inner feelings and potential are often stunted by our parents, relatives or peers.”

― Willie Stargell

“My family and relatives alone could fill Shanmukhananda Hall in Bombay.”

― Zubin Mehta
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