Top 52 Relaxed Quotes

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“My parents were very relaxed about music.”

― Agnes Obel

“I run four miles most days, at about 8:00 to 8:15 pace. It’s totally relaxed.”

― Alberto Salazar

“I used to have a lot of superstitions, and then I realized that it was kind of hogwash. Once I let go of them, I relaxed a lot.”

― Amy Adams

“When I’m relaxed, I play my best tennis.”

― Ashleigh Barty

“I like to keep my birthday very relaxed.”

― Barun Sobti

“I realized the more fun I had, the more relaxed I was working, the better I worked.”

― Bill Murray

“We all need relaxed outfits in our arsenals.”

― Brad Goreski

“The older I get, the more relaxed I am.”

― Claire Forlani

“I am permanently relaxed.”

― Daniel Barenboim

“When you’re too relaxed it’s not good to create.”

― David Guetta

“I have relaxed into my persona as an author, although I used to fight that.”

― David Guterson

“In the lead-up to fights, I’m very relaxed, very calm.”

― David Haye

“The truth is I’m fairly relaxed.”

― Diego Costa

“It’s a relaxed intensity I’ve got to live my life in.”

― Donald Cerrone

“Telling people they look relaxed makes them look relaxed.”

― Douglas Coupland

“A fresh face with a red lip is timeless. It’s supermodern and relaxed but very chic.”

― Francois Nars

“I have always been more relaxed around comedy.”

― Fred Willard

“For most part of my stint as KKR leader, I have always been one of the boys: easy-going, relaxed, and a bit of a prankster.”

― Gautam Gambhir

“I don’t know if I’m relentlessly cheerful… more consistently relaxed.”

― George Ezra

“I actually feel most relaxed when I’m working.”

― Gloria Allred

“If I relaxed, if I took my foot off the gas, I would probably die.”

― Gordon Ramsay

“When law becomes despotic, morals are relaxed, and vice versa.”

― Honore de Balzac

“The only times I’m not relaxed are when I haven’t got a project on the go.”

― Iain Sinclair

“It’s definitely nice to be relaxed and a normal kid and hang out.”

― Jalen Brunson

“At somewhere around 10 syllables, the English poetic line is at its most relaxed and manageable.”

― James Fenton

“A fella who accepts himself and is relaxed into who he is – that appeals to people.”

― Jeff Bridges

“There is a fine line between assertiveness and being relaxed.”

― Justin Guarini

“I’m always relaxed.”

― Karl Lagerfeld

“It’s so important to look relaxed.”

― Loretta Young

“People in England have a lot of respect. It is relaxed here.”

― Lukas Podolski

“Prince Charles is very relaxed at the table, throwing his salad around willy-nilly. I didn’t find him stiff at all.”

― Madonna Ciccone

“When I’m home, I’m relaxed.”

― Marion Jones

“In case anyone needs reminding, it was the relentless drive of the tourism industry and kowtowing State Department bureaucrats that led to the Bush-era Visa Express Program, which relaxed visa policies, eliminated in-person consulate interviews and opened the door to the 9/11 hijackers.”

― Michelle Malkin

“I’m pretty relaxed on what people should be able to do as long as they’re not hurting anybody else.”

― Mike Colter

“If I was as relaxed as what I perceived myself to be, I would not be able to multi-task the way I multi-task.”

― Miranda Kerr

“I could have moved to Russia, earned more money, and felt more relaxed. But I chose another option and joined Lazio.”

― Miroslav Klose

“I’m not intense at all. I’m always relaxed.”

― Mohamed Al-Fayed

“When I’m relaxed, jeans and a shirt are my uniform.”

― Monica Bellucci

“I am a relaxed person. I am very happy.”

― Nadia Comaneci

“My personal style is relaxed.”

― Narciso Rodriguez

“When you’re relaxed, you are more decisive.”

― Owen Farrell

“I’m really trying to be relaxed on my days off.”

― Petra Kvitova

“I really like the relaxed glamour of the ’70s.”

― Rashida Jones

“I try and have a relaxed attitude and stay quite switched off until about an hour before kick-off.”

― Roy Keane

“Being on the set of ‘Super 8’ was a very fun and relaxed environment.”

― Ryan Lee

“I am always relaxed.”

― Sam Shepard

“I tend to opt for relaxed family holidays when I can.”

― Samantha Bond

“I like my denim to fit a bit relaxed and feel a bit worn in.”

― Stella Maxwell

“I love a woman with a relaxed attitude.”

― Stephane Rolland

“For reasons I don’t understand, I’ve always been relaxed at the table.”

― Stephen Hendry

“I tend to be very relaxed on stage, but the nerves have to come out somehow.”

― Steven Weber

“My natural self is John Goodman. If I relaxed, I’d be him.”

― Tim Daly
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