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“Performing was how I was able to release this pain I had.”

― Billy Crystal

“Every time I release an album my old record company releases another one.”

― Bonnie Tyler

“The fact is, it’s hard to release movies.”

― Campbell Scott

“I love shopping! It’s my release sometimes.”

― Carli Lloyd

“Music is my release.”

― Ed Westwick

“The capital phenomenon, the most catastrophic disaster, is uninterrupted sleeplessness, that nothingness without release.”

― Emil Cioran

“Eventually, when I recorded ‘Release Me,’ it sort of stamped my style, and I’ve followed in that vein ever since.”

― Engelbert Humperdinck

“Secrecy involves a tension which, at the moment of revelation, finds its release.”

― Georg Simmel

“I want to make an a cappella record to release for free.”

― Grimes

“I’ve learnt that there’s absolutely no difference in Telugu and Hindi industries. Everything is almost identical. The only difference is that Hindi films have a wider release.”

― Harshvardhan Rane

“I’m so used to Australian films not getting a release outside Australia.”

― Hugo Weaving

“Sport can bring communities together and can release a lot of pent-up emotions.”

― Ian Botham

“The release of ‘Chinese Democracy’ marks a historic moment in rock n’ roll.”

― Irving Azoff

“It’s easier to release an ebook than a print book.”

― J. A. Konrath

“I’m gonna make my records, whether I release them as Bleachers or something else.”

― Jack Antonoff

“We completed and released ‘No Code’ in 1996. We began some off and on touring for that release.”

― Jack Irons

“Music is like a huge release of tension.”

― James Taylor

“It’s really hard to make an original movie of any kind that succeeds in the theatrical market place, in the wide release market place.”

― Jason Blum

“I could release myself into acting in a way that I was not released socially.”

― Jason Isaacs

“I like to box. It’s a great release.”

― Jeremy Piven

“It’s very difficult to release an X-rated movie.”

― Jerry Bruckheimer

“I don’t release records to be anything but enjoyable.”

― John Lydon

“I don’t write songs in order to stick it to my exes. I don’t release underground dis tracks.”

― John Mayer

“Mammalian cells of all types disgorge prostaglandins at the slightest provocation, but the tissue content of prostaglandins is very low compared with the release.”

― John Vane

“What the real world of 1941 needed most was the release and relief provided by laughter.”

― Joseph Barbera

“A standup set ends on a buildup of tension and subsequent release for a big laugh.”

― Josh Gondelman

“Love is indeed, at root, the product of the firings of neurons and release of hormones.”

― Julian Baggini

“A theatrical release is not possible for a short film.”

― Karthik Subbaraj

“My fourth movie, ‘PKP2,’ is my biggest release and biggest success.”

― Kartik Aaryan

“Rap was more of a release for me, a journal.”

― Kevin Gates

“In 1906, I developed pleurisy and was unable to get into condition. So I asked for my release and obtained it. So ended my Major League career.”

― Kid Nichols

“I need a release from whatever I’m writing.”

― Lynn Nottage

“I want people to really care when I release an album.”

― Mabel

“We are not going to release an album that we don’t believe in.”

― Maddie Marlow

“I like songs that you can have both the physical release and an emotional release.”

― Maggie Rogers

“We differ on several issues. And this may include settlement, the release of prisoners, the wall closing institutions in Jerusalem.”

― Mahmoud Abbas

“I don’t even like being quoted in a press release.”

― Marco Arment

“I know the sag of the unfinished poem. And I know the release of the poem that is finished.”

― Mary Oliver

“Everything we release with Tool is inspired by our music.”

― Maynard James Keenan

“For Belle d’Opium, I tried to express a power that was docile and feline at once, a total release, close to enchantment. Something extreme.”

― Melanie Thierry

“Music is my release.”

― Michelle Branch

“Drinking is a remarkable, automatic release and a way of relaxing.”

― Michelle Huneven

“I release my scoops strategically.”

― Mike Cernovich

“Yoga’s an amazing release.”

― Monica Keena

“In my role as a spokesperson for Amnesty International U.S.A. and as a supporter of various charitable causes including Unlock Iran, a campaign to release prisoners of conscience in Iran, I have never been faced with the threat of intimidation or arrest.”

― Nazanin Boniadi

“You can actually get calls by yelling, ‘And one!’ as you release.”

― Paul Pierce

“Whether will the twain will ye that I release unto you?”

― Pontius Pilate

“Will ye that I release unto you the King of the Jews?”

― Pontius Pilate

“I am bound by a contract to not accept other films until ‘Mohenjo Daro”s release.”

― Pooja Hegde

“In our age of Twitter and smartphones, there is no controlled release of a movie preview. The enigma of movie stars is lost.”

― Radha Ravi

“We demand Congress access and publicly release Donald Trump’s tax returns!”

― Rashida Tlaib

“This limited theatrical release was a nice little bonus that I never expected.”

― Rob Corddry

“Derogatory information sometimes is disclosed in the course of criminal investigations and prosecutions, but we never release it gratuitously.”

― Rod Rosenstein

“Sometimes I dance for concentration. I dance to release my nervousness.”

― Shinsuke Nakamura

“I’m 23, and if I wanted to release a record when I was 17, I could have released a record, but I’m really glad I didn’t.”

― Shura

“It is always wonderful to have a theatrical release; lot of filmmakers desire that.”

― Soni Razdan

“The final release point for the fastball is the tips of your fingers.”

― Steve Carlton

“As a writer, there are times when you have something to say, and yet no particular ‘hook’ upon which to hang the missive you are burning to release.”

― Tim Wise

“Because there’s so much stuff I don’t release.”

― Tom Jenkinson

“So, in the last year, the whole cast sued for release from our contracts.”

― Tommy Rettig

“At the very least, Secretary Clinton should publicly call for the unequivocal release of Saeed Abedini.”

― Trent Franks

“Stars have no say in the release of a film. There are too many factors involved.”

― Urmila Matondkar

“I also plan to release a ballads collection.”

― Vinnie Vincent

“I simply can’t believe nice communities release effluents.”

― William Hamilton

“Music is my expression. Music is my release. Music is my therapy.”

― Young M.A
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