Top 48 Replace Quotes of 2020

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“If I’m so popular, why did they replace me with Tommy Thayer?”

― Ace Frehley

“There’s nothing that can replace quality programs in a non-profit.”

― Adam Braun

“Do not allow watching food to replace making food.”

― Alton Brown

“There’s nothing that can replace learning on the field.”

― Brock Osweiler

“The right-wing wants to destroy all the media and replace it with their propaganda.”

― Cenk Uygur

“That’s the secret to life… replace one worry with another.”

― Charles M. Schulz

“It is in the best interests of my constituents and the country to repeal and replace the ACA, and defunding/delaying implementation is consistent with that approach.”

― Chris Gibson

“I’ve had to replace parts in the basses when they’ve gotten old or worn out, so everything isn’t absolutely original.”

― Chris Squire

“Wrestling is something that nothing else can replace for me.”

― Daniel Bryan

“I was in FCW for about six months. It was roundabout 2009; a lot of guys started to retire, and they didn’t have guys coming in from other companies to replace them.”

― Drew McIntyre

“The Jews’ fear of assimilation and intermarriage should not replace fear of anti-Semitism.”

― Edgar Bronfman, Sr.

“No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination.”

― Edward Hopper

“Five or six songs leaked from the original version of ‘Encore.’ So I had to go in and make new songs to replace them.”

― Eminem

“I don’t think anyone can replace Steven Gerrard, be it Messi or whoever.”

― Emre Can

“If the Treasury Department should not remove Hamilton from the $10 bill, what should they do? The answer is fairly simple: Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.”

― Eric Schneiderman

“It’s not easy to replace the best centre-back in the world.”

― Fabinho

“We need to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

― Greg Gianforte

“You can’t replace a guy like Jean Beliveau.”

― Guy Lafleur

“It was also my idea that the advisory committees of the Academy should replace the legal committees of the German Reichstag, which was gradually fading into the background in the Reich.”

― Hans Frank

“We could eliminate sugar across the board for all confectionary products and sodas, and we can replace it with all-natural fresh fruit.”

― Homaro Cantu

“I prefer to bring these to the service of story rather than to let them replace narrative.”

― James E. Gunn

“Scientific management promised to replace rules of thumb with accurate measurements.”

― Jill Lepore

“There’s nothing that can replace the feeling of winning.”

― Joe Torre

“I don’t want to replace anyone, especially Charlie Sheen.”

― John Stamos

“Government cannot and must not replace private initiative.”

― Kim Campbell

“In the nineteenth century the more grandiose word inspiration began to replace the word idea in the arts.”

― Lukas Foss

“Replace judgment with curiosity.”

― Lynn Nottage

“I don’t think anybody can replace Mr. Miyazaki.”

― Makoto Shinkai

“It’s difficult to say you can replace Franck Ribery one on one with another player.”

― Manuel Neuer

“With Hitchcock I had little relationship. I was called to replace Bernard Herrmann, his favorite composer, in Torn Curtain, after the bitter fight between them.”

― Maurice Jarre

“Lost dollars are simply harder to replace than gained dollars are to lose.”

― Michael Burry

“It doesn’t suffice to knock the state, to destroy the ideals. Something has to replace those ideals if they’re taken away.”

― Murray Head

“Leadership is intangible, and therefore no weapon ever designed can replace it.”

― Omar N. Bradley

“How does the GOP repeal and replace Obamacare without cutting the benefits upon which millions of Americans have come to rely?”

― Pat Buchanan

“Paul Ryan is the mercenary champion of Hillary Clinton’s – this is Hillary Clinton’s. This came out of the State Department. This Trans Pacific Partnership is going to export our jobs. It’s going to import foreign workers to replace Americans and our jobs.”

― Paul Nehlen

“We will not try to replace our founding principles, we will reapply our founding principles.”

― Paul Ryan

“I’m not here to try and replace anyone or compete with anyone.”

― Prince Royce

“Democratic accountability means that governments must be popularly accepted, with citizens empowered to replace corrupt or incompetent rulers.”

― Raghuram Rajan

“5G is not going to replace 4G. 4G and 4.5G are going to coexist with 5G.”

― Rajeev Suri

“We need to invest in technologies that amplify human capacity, not replace it.”

― Reid Hoffman

“Suburban sprawl leads to social atomisation and fragmentation and is environmentally disastrous, as carbon-intensive car journeys displace local shops and replace public transport.”

― Richard Rogers

“No one can replace Amanda Tapping.”

― Robert Picardo

“What’s my expectation in the U.S.? I would like to replace Grey Goose.”

― Roustam Tariko

“No one can replace McDreamy!”

― Sarah Drew

“Sometimes I write captions on the in-flight magazines and then replace them in the seat pocket.”

― Shaun Tan

“If a term becomes too popular, its irritant value is ramped up. The impulse is then to replace it with something else.”

― Susie Dent

“I love to run smart essays and commentary. But it doesn’t replace the other kind of reporting.”

― Tina Brown

“I’m a pro-life, pro-gun Marine that wants to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

― Todd Young
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