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“As a main ingredient to the show, it has to have truth, represent truth, or else it won’t last.”

― Adolph Green

“The Knesset members – Jews and Arabs – don’t represent the state of Israel. The government is the one that represents the state of Israel officially.”

― Ayman Odeh

“My job is not to represent Washington to you, but to represent you to Washington.”

― Barack Obama

“I want my brand and Bibi Bourelly to represent honesty.”

― Bibi Bourelly

“I’ve been really picky about the sort of characters that I want to represent.”

― Bria Vinaite

“I’m trying to have Wakanda represent all of Africa.”

― Brian Stelfreeze

“Kanye West does not represent all black people.”

― Charlamagne tha God

“I don’t represent corporations.”

― Charlie Melancon

“I do not represent any product or any collection.”

― Charlotte Casiraghi

“I want to represent Asian women.”

― CL

“The principle is that every member needs to represent their district.”

― Dan Webster

“Legislatures represent people, not acres or trees.”

― Earl Warren

“A man’s conflicts represent what he ‘really’ is.”

― Erik Erikson

“To represent your country is a massive honour.”

― Gareth Bale

“George Bush doesn’t represent any civilization!”

― George Galloway

“The violent radicals do not legitimately represent the overwhelming majority of the world’s Muslims.”

― Gijs de Vries

“It’s an honor to represent a Latin culture.”

― Gio Gonzalez

“Jeans represent democracy in fashion.”

― Giorgio Armani

“New York is the hometown I represent.”

― Gza

“I decided I want to represent the U.S. and show what snowboarding’s all about.”

― Hannah Teter

“I’m proud to be able to represent Bellevue and the Offutt and StratCom communities.”

― Jeff Fortenberry

“I’m proud to represent the average woman.”

― Jennifer Hudson

“Senators will do what they think they need to do to represent their constituents.”

― John Cornyn

“I was elected to represent my district, not to predict the future.”

― John Fleming

“The opinions of a convenience sample… may not represent all users.”

― John Quelch

“It’s quite an honor to be selected to represent my country in the Olympics.”

― John Stockton

“For a novelist, it’s kind of an onerous burden to represent an entire culture.”

― Khaled Hosseini

“I represent luxury, and that’s what I love.”

― Kimora Lee Simmons

“I represent celebrities, but I am not a celebrity.”

― Laura Wasser

“’Livin’ la Vida Loca’ is not Latin music. It does not represent Latin music.”

― Marc Anthony

“We represent the moderate teachings and principles of Islam.”

― Mohammad bin Salman

“All my films represent my own needs and wants.”

― Nicolas Winding Refn

“I’m very proud I’m Chinese and represent the Chinese community.”

― Patrick Chan

“I represent the views and the values of the people of the district.”

― Paul Gillmor

“I have to choose songs that represent my personality.”

― Peabo Bryson

“In the district I represent, I have to talk to everybody.”

― Pete Gallego

“Female politicos mostly represent a rather militant faction.”

― Peter Hitchens

“If I’m privileged to be elected, I’d be blessed to represent a diverse district, including South Asians and Indian Americans.”

― Raja Krishnamoorthi

“Persona-wise, I represent a lot of people’s childhoods.”

― Ralph Macchio

“I represent both the underdog and the overdog in our society.”

― Reggie Jackson

“Numerals are images of amounts. But the amounts they represent are real.”

― Roy H. Williams

“My job is to represent working people.”

― Sharan Burrow

“I do fairly represent Middle Eastern women.”

― Shohreh Aghdashloo

“Activities that seem to represent choices are often inert reproductions of accepted practice.”

― Shoshana Zuboff

“I’ve been in the game for 30 years and I came to represent.”

― Slick Rick

“We want to represent the things we believe.”

― Sonny Sandoval

“We represent the people’s money, and we have to be good stewards of that.”

― Stephen Fincher

“Actors and magicians are both performers, and they represent things that are not necessarily who they are.”

― Steve Carell

“I wasn’t elected to avoid conflict. I was elected to represent the people of the 2nd District.”

― Tim Griffin

“I represent the 9th Congressional District of Georgia. I’m their voice.”

― Tom Graves

“Politically, the ultraorthodox represent a small portion of the Israeli society.”

― Tzipi Livni

“The mission of art is to represent nature not to imitate her.”

― William Morris Hunt
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