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“Obviously I faced the possibility of not returning when first I considered going. Once faced and settled there really wasn’t any good reason to refer to it.”

― Amelia Earhart

“Fire is the origin of stone. By working the stone with heat, I am returning it to its source.”

― Andy Goldsworthy

“I love film, but I feeling a bit needy about returning to the stage.”

― Aneurin Barnard

“Because of this, originality consists in returning to the origin.”

― Antoni Gaudi

“I am also deeply concerned with the widespread, often undiagnosed, incidents of PTSD and the alarming suicide rates amongst our returning soldiers.”

― Barbara Lee

“When markets are rallying, cash in the portfolio is a drag on performance, returning about zero.”

― Barry Ritholtz

“As of September 2012, 168 out of the 602 released Guantanamo Bay detainees are suspected of returning to terrorism. So, is this a winning scenario for the United States? Of course not.”

― Ben Shapiro

“The true harbinger of spring is not crocuses or swallows returning to Capistrano, but the sound of the bat on the ball.”

― Bill Veeck

“I was raised in New York and then moved to Miami in my teenage years, returning to New York later on.”

― Dascha Polanco

“The positives of retiring outweighed the positives of returning and my desire to still play.”

― Drew Bledsoe

“I would never say never to returning to comedy.”

― Eric Bana

“Filipino talents and skills are becoming ubiquitous in many parts of the world. Returning Filipino workers have helped improve our skills and technological standards.”

― Ferdinand Marcos

“I keep returning to the central question facing over-50 women as we move into our Second Adulthood. What are our goals for this stage in our lives?”

― Gail Sheehy

“It’s clear that I will not be returning to Barca.”

― Gerard Deulofeu

“What is it precisely, that feeling of ‘returning’ from a poem? Something is lighter, softer, larger – then it fades, but never completely.”

― Ian Mcewan

“The homegrown terrorists are the most significant because any fighter returning from Syria to the United States would likely be identified and detected by our intelligence and law enforcement agencies.”

― Jack Keane

“No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.”

― James Allen

“Trauma is not the sole province of victims. If that were true, soldiers returning from Afghanistan wouldn’t suffer from PTSD.”

― Jane Leavy

“Neither Neil Armstrong nor Michael Collins had a mental breakdown after returning from the moon.”

― Jeanne Marie Laskas

“In Peru, awareness of fake currency is so high that retail shops regularly provide cashiers with hole punchers. When a fake bill is received, the cashier quickly pops out a few holes before curtly returning the bill to an oft-surprised client.”

― Jonathan Franklin

“In my plan, I call for breaking up ICE and returning its enforcement functions to the Department of Justice.”

― Julian Castro

“It was no accident that just minutes after Israel became a nation, the United States… became the first nation in the world to recognize what was prophesized throughout the Old Testament about Israel returning after its absence.”

― Louie Gohmert

“After returning from Cambridge in 1936, I did some work with J. M. Mioz on the oxidation of fatty acids in liver.”

― Luis Federico Leloir

“I’ve been travelling, returning home for promotional appearances, and juggling it all with being the mother of a five-year-old.”

― Mahira Khan

“The Thriller album is still the biggest album of all time. That is still returning huge royalty cheques.”

― Martin Bashir

“I haven’t had the time to plan returning to the scene because I haven’t left it.”

― Mick Jagger

“How can you prevent an attack by returning foreign fighters if you are not cognizant of their names and links to ISIS?”

― Peter Bergen

“Politeness is as much concerned in answering letters within a reasonable time, as it is in returning a bow, immediately.”

― Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

“That was the day I began cutting classes and returning to TV tapings; it ultimately led to a friendship with Johnny O, and an increasing fascination and respect for what he did.”

― Randy West

“As we face an epidemic of veteran suicides, we must make sure that all of our returning servicemembers are honored and taken care of, no matter the wounds they bear.”

― Ron DeSantis

“We must make sure that all of our returning servicemembers are honored and taken care of, no matter the wounds they bear.”

― Ron DeSantis

“I’m delighted to be returning to my California roots and joining Google.”

― Ruth Porat

“Spotify is returning a huge amount of money. We’ll overtake iTunes in terms of what we bring to the record industry in under two years.”

― Sean Parker

“Stopping and returning illegal migrants to their countries of origin must become standard procedure.”

― Sebastian Kurz

“The shameless criminality of Lenin, Stalin, and the Cheka cast a long shadow, but I don’t see their kind returning anytime soon.”

― Simon Sebag Montefiore

“However, when my parents married in 1945, China was in turmoil and the possibility of returning grew increasingly remote, and they decided to begin their family in the United States.”

― Steven Chu

“While Republican voters have remained universally supportive of their President, Democrats and Independents are returning to a more naturally critical stance.”

― Thomas E. Mann

“When I first moved to New York, I was still returning to Tennessee every few months to perform.”

― Valerie June

“Bringing an end to mass government surveillance needs to be a central pillar of returning to the principles we have put in jeopardy in the early 21st century.”

― Yochai Benkler

“I keep returning to the combination of artichoke, broad beans and lemon. The freshness of young beans and the lemon juice ‘lifts’ the artichoke and balances its hearty nature.”

― Yotam Ottolenghi

“I’m bad at returning phone calls.”

― Zac Efron
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