Top 4 Richard Thomas Quotes

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“I’m one of those weird people that tends to not do the extras and listen to the commentaries and stuff on movies, although I do think they are fascinating and interesting – I’m just so worried that years later I wouldn’t remember anything!”

― Richard Thomas

“I think that that is a wonderful format – you know, having individual stories over a period of weeks that are thematically connected in terms of genre – there’s not enough of that out there.”

― Richard Thomas

“I loved being in the room with Mamet as a director – he is the most generous, funny, delightful person to work for every day.”

― Richard Thomas

“If people work together in an open way with porous boundaries – that is, if they listen to each other and really talk to each other – then they are bound to trade ideas that are mutual to each other and be influenced by each other. That mutual influence and open system of working creates collaboration.”

― Richard Thomas
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