Top 5 Robert McKee Quotes

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“Aristotle said time is a measure of change, and this movie is about changing in time, through time, while remaining the same person. That’s a philosophical paradox and a moral dilemma. But ‘Casablanca’ says it’s possible. You can have both. That’s what it means. And that’s my wish for you: that you would have both.”

― Robert McKee

“Oh, by the way, I tend to use a lot of profanities. I do that for a reason: I like it.”

― Robert McKee

“Classical design is a mirror of the human mind. It’s how we see the world.”

― Robert McKee

“The students realize that it’s their life I’m talking about: it’s out of balance, they’re struggling to put it into balance. How are they going to do it?”

― Robert McKee

“I cannot be a character in a bad movie. I can’t be.”

― Robert McKee
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