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Top 23 Rocket Quotes of 2019

“I’ve been told I sold 110m albums and singles. If that’s the case, I should’ve come here in a space rocket.”

― Adam Ant

“I don’t know what metalcore is. I know what rock n’ roll is… It’s not rocket science.”

― Andy Biersack

“Of all Iraq’s rocket scientists, none drew warier scrutiny abroad than Modher Sadeq-Saba Tamimi.”

― Barton Gellman

“The delay in SpaceShipTwo has not been the development of either of the vehicles. But the rocket motor has just been problematic from the get-go.”

― Brian Binnie

“I grew up in Atlanta, which meant the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, was a mere 200 miles away.”

― Brooke Baldwin

“It’s not rocket science. It’s social science.”

― Clement Mok

“I even have a Harmony Rocket and a Stratocaster with a scalloped neck back in Florida.”

― Daisy Berkowitz

“I went to MIT. I do rocket science. Being a mom is much harder.”

― Heidi Hammel

“I’m like a rocket – I go a hundred miles per hour.”

― Heidi Klum

“Rocket engines generally are simpler than jet engines, not more complicated.”

― Henry Spencer

“If there is a small rocket on top of a big one, and if the big one is jettisoned and the small one is ignited, then their speeds are added.”

― Hermann Oberth

“’Bottle Rocket’ is an underdog.”

― Jeff Giles

“If you broke down my technique, it wouldn’t really take a rocket scientist to do so.”

― John Cena

“My favorite album would have to be Rocket To Russia. I feel this album has the most classic Ramones songs.”

― Johnny Ramone

“It’s not rocket science to make a movie.”

― Katie Aselton

“What I do is not rocket science, but I sure do love it.”

― Kyle Chandler

“I knew I wasn’t going to be a rocket scientist – let’s not be fools – but I wasn’t going to be a bum.”

― Mr. T

“Like the old Italian saying goes, ‘It ain’t rocket surgery.’”

― Nadia Giosia

“’SpongeBob,’ ‘Hey Arnold!,’ ‘Rocket Power.’ I watched all those shows, man.”

― Rob Gronkowski

“The space shuttle is a better and safer rocket than it was before the Challenger accident.”

― Sally Ride

“I tell people all the time, I’m Mix-A-Lot. I’m not a rocket scientist.”

― Sir Mix-a-Lot

“What is pride? A rocket that emulates the stars.”

― William Wordsworth

“It is practically certain that sometime during 1958, either the Russians or we, and most likely both, are going to shoot a rocket to the moon.”

― Willy Ley

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