Top 17 Rolling Quotes

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“We could be as rich as the Rolling Stones if we sold as many records.”

― Ad-Rock

“Unless cameras were rolling, I was pretty much not Danny Tanner.”

― Bob Saget

“While other girls swooned over The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, I worshipped Rudolf Nureyev and Isadora Duncan.”

― Celia Imrie

“I began my career as the switchboard operator at ‘Rolling Stone.’”

― Chris Connelly

“I have been a gigantic Rolling Stones fan since approximately the Spanish-American War.”

― Dave Barry

“I’m not one of these actors who’s rolling in money.”

― Drea De Matteo

“Wu-Tang is looked at like the Rolling Stones of hip-hop.”

― Gza

“I love everything from The Rolling Stones to Run-DMC to Nina Simone.”

― Hannah Bronfman

“Over rolling long periods, U.S. and non-U.S. stocks tend to equalize.”

― Kenneth Fisher

“My surprises come usually once I start rolling and photographing.”

― Kim Weston

“It sure is cool that I was mentioned in ‘Rolling Stone.’”

― Marc Martel

“General McChrystal wanted to be on the cover of ‘Rolling Stone.’”

― Michael Hastings

“A rolling stone gathers no moss, but it gains a certain polish.”

― Oliver Herford

“The reality is, for small businesses, there really aren’t HR systems. Small businesses are rolling their own.”

― Parker Conrad

“Everybody wants to be on the front cover of ‘People’ and ‘Rolling Stone.’”

― Peter Frampton

“I’ve done the Rolling Stones eating each other.”

― Ralph Steadman

“I’m not into that Keith Richard trip of having all those guitars in different tunings. I never liked the Rolling Stones much anyway.”

― Ritchie Blackmore
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