Top 9 Runner Quotes

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“I’m an athlete, but I’m not a runner. I’m 5-foot-8 and stocky – not exactly a runner’s type.”

― Andrew Lawrence

“I was a runner, a failed quarterback, third-string quarterback, but in track I was a 2-miler.”

― Bob Seger

“I’ve always been a runner.”

― Christian Eriksen

“Prior to the 1976 Olympics, I was a 5,000m runner.”

― Don Kardong

“I’m a great inside and outside runner.”

― Ezekiel Elliott

“’Blade Runner’ is one of my favorite films.”

― J. H. Wyman

“I’m not a runner. I don’t run.”

― Joe Cornish

“A runner’s stride is not perfectly efficient.”

― Nancy Gibbs

“I’m not a runner.”

― Randy Orton
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