Top 8 Samurai Quotes

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“I’m a huge lover of ‘Seven Samurai’ and anything Kurosawa ever did. The comedic work out of Japan in terms of martial arts movies, some of them are hilarious.”

― Ann Nocenti

“I am inspired by both Japanese Samurai films, in particular the films of Kurosawa, and how they share the spirit of American Westerns, with the influences running in both directions, and including the ‘Spaghetti Westerns’ and films of Sam Peckinpah.”

― Ann Nocenti

“I’ve always been really interested in the age of the samurai in Japan.”

― Daniel Dae Kim

“I wasn’t hip to ‘Samurai Jack’ until I saw it, but then I was all, ‘This show is awesome!’”

― John DiMaggio

“I’ve always wanted to play a samurai warrior.”

― Karen Fukuhara

“I am actually a ‘Seven Samurai’ fan.”

― Luis Alberto Urrea

“Elves have this superhuman strength, yet they’re so graceful. Tolkien created them to be angelic spirits, but I also saw Legolas as something out of the Seven Samurai.”

― Orlando Bloom

“I am a genre lover – everything from spaghetti western to samurai movie.”

― Quentin Tarantino
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