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“The literary trappings and moralizing of science fiction I find insufficiently compelling.”

― A. B. Yehoshua

“I always like Iain Banks science fiction stuff and William Gibson’s cyberpunk stuff from the 1980s.”

― Alastair Reynolds

“Science fiction is one of the smartest genres around because you have to have so much forethought.”

― Amanda Schull

“Science fiction writers, when I was a kid, were a big deal.”

― Andrew Sean Greer

“The ’70s was a decade that was crammed with prominent women science fiction writers, and a lot of women made their debut in that decade or really came to prominence.”

― Ann Leckie

“Any attempt to list the ten best science fiction novels is doomed to failure.”

― Ann Leckie

“Science fiction is becoming more of a diverse kind of genre.”

― Anna Torv

“With science fiction there’s endless possibilities.”

― Anna Torv

“I like science fiction. I took all the accelerated classes in school. I’m kind of a dork.”

― Anson Mount

“Politicians should read science fiction, not westerns and detective stories.”

― Arthur C. Clarke

“’Farscape’ is not what you call hard science fiction.”

― Ben Browder

“Many of the top-grossing movies of all time are science fiction.”

― Bonnie Hammer

“Horror is a part of science fiction. It belongs in the definition of sci-fi.”

― Bonnie Hammer

“I don’t read Science Fiction.”

― Brent Spiner

“I was never a Trekkie, nor a science fiction guy.”

― Brian Binnie

“There’s so much overlapping in science fiction.”

― Brian Herbert

“I’m a science fiction and fantasy geek.”

― China Mieville

“Science fiction is what we point to when we say it.”

― Damon Knight

“In really, really good science fiction, the line between the science and the fiction is blurry.”

― Damon Lindelof

“There are trappings of science fiction which I kind of embrace, but there are also cliches which I run from.”

― David Twohy

“I’m a bit of a geek, actually. So I always wanted my first film to be science fiction.”

― Duncan Jones

“With science fiction I think we are preparing ourselves for contact with them, whoever they may be.”

― Dwight Schultz

“I’m a huge science fiction fan.”

― Emma Caulfield

“I did one sci-fi movie. I did ‘Gattaca.’ I liked ‘Gattaca’ because that was always the kind of science fiction I really dug, the non-action oriented sci-fi.”

― Ethan Hawke

“I liked ‘Star Wars’ as a kid. I liked science fiction.”

― Forest Whitaker

“Good science fiction is always based in contemporary truths.”

― Forest Whitaker

“It’s clear that science and science fiction have overlapping populations.”

― Frederik Pohl

“A lot of the cosmologists and astrophysicists clearly had been reading science fiction.”

― Frederik Pohl

“The science fiction method is dissection and reconstruction.”

― Frederik Pohl

“I’m pretty catholic about what constitutes science fiction.”

― Frederik Pohl

“We are living in a science fiction world.”

― George Takei

“Science fiction works best when it stimulates debate.”

― Greg Bear

“I’d always been a science fiction enthusiast.”

― Ivan Reitman

“I’ve always been a fan of science fiction films, and I’ve never been able to put my particular spin on it.”

― Ivan Reitman

“I’ve always been a science fiction fan since I had understood the conception of what a story was.”

― J. Michael Straczynski

“I don’t read other science fiction. I don’t read any at all.”

― Jack Vance

“But Roy Rockwood, it was science fiction for the sake of science fiction.”

― Jack Vance

“I hate science fiction.”

― James Dyson

“Science fiction I’ve always been a fan of.”

― Jason Statham

“My fiction is reviewed by the mainstream press, by science fiction periodicals, romance magazines, small press publications and various other journals, including some usually devoted to archaeological and other science material.”

― Jean M. Auel

“I grew up reading science fiction.”

― Jeff Bezos

“One futuristic novel that had a huge impact on me was Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein,’ which is kind of science fiction plus Gothic.”

― Jennifer Egan

“Most of my work is science fiction, with many a spaceship but few cars.”

― Jim Starlin

“Science fiction and fantasy feels like it’s been ascending in the zeitgeist.”

― John Joseph Adams

“And I grew up on a steady diet of science fiction, especially apocalyptic and postapocalyptic fiction.”

― Justin Cronin

“I want to do science fiction with dark stories.”

― Kim Jee-woon

“The range of my interests in science fiction – it really does run a gamut.”

― Laeta Kalogridis

“I used to read a lot of science fiction when I was younger.”

― Lawrence M. Krauss

“I read a lot of science fiction, and it’s ingrained, in a certain way, and I’ve been very involved with Kerouac and the Beats, but before that, it was a lot of science fiction.”

― Lee Ranaldo

“Science fiction is an extension of science.”

― Len Wiseman

“I quite enjoy science fiction.”

― Lexa Doig

“I was not into sci-fi, science fiction, at all. I was into some of the old pirate films with Burt Lancaster and stuff. I liked them.”

― Mads Mikkelsen

“I’ve always been interested in science fiction.”

― Martin Landau

“Science fiction and comedy are generally a pretty bumpy mix.”

― Matt Groening

“I never would have guessed I would be making science fiction and horror films.”

― Matt Reeves

“It seems like there’s a real appetite for science fiction in the States.”

― Matt Smith

“I’m ashamed how little science fiction I’ve read.”

― Megan Abbott

“I’m not a science fiction writer, I’m a physicist.”

― Michio Kaku

“I grew up obsessed with science fiction, and when I was really young, I wanted to be a scientist.”

― Moby

“I love science fiction.”

― Moon Bloodgood

“I’ve always been a reader of science fiction, and I have loved a lot of feminist science fiction.”

― Naomi Alderman

“There’s no one ‘right’ way of making a science fiction movie; there’s no one way of making any kind of movie, really!”

― Nicolas Roeg

“The thing about science fiction is that it’s totally wide open. But it’s wide open in a conditional way.”

― Octavia E. Butler

“Science fiction is not formulaic.”

― Octavia E. Butler

“I’ve always been a fan of science fiction.”

― Olivia Wilde

“I love science fiction.”

― Pam Grier

“Science fiction has these obsessions with certain sciences – large scale engineering, neuroscience.”

― Paolo Bacigalupi

“I love science fiction stuff – I’m a bit of a dweeb like that.”

― Rebecca Mader

“I love the fact that it’s not only about Star Trek, but about science fiction in general, and science.”

― Rene Auberjonois

“Doing science fiction at a high level is tricky. It’s really tricky.”

― Ridley Scott

“There were four major 20th-century science fiction writers: Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein and Ray Bradbury. Of those four, the first three were all published principally in science-fiction magazines. They were preaching to the converted.”

― Robert J. Sawyer

“The general public still thinks that science fiction has nothing to do with their day-to-day lives.”

― Robert J. Sawyer

“Science fiction is the WikiLeaks of science, getting word to the public about what cutting-edge research really means.”

― Robert J. Sawyer

“Print science fiction writers often do consulting for government bodies.”

― Robert J. Sawyer

“I’m a massive science fiction and fantasy geek.”

― Robert Kazinsky

“I like some science in my science fiction.”

― Robert Picardo

“I have never been a critic of science fiction as a whole.”

― Robert Sheckley

“Science fiction is very healthy in its form.”

― Robert Sheckley

“I’m very picky with what I read. It’s a specific genre of science fiction.”

― Robert Whittaker

“I love science fiction. I read a lot of science fiction.”

― Romola Garai

“I’m a fan of hard science fiction, which is science fiction that is possible.”

― Sal Khan

“Science fiction still is an idea genre.”

― Sheri S. Tepper

“I love science fiction – always have.”

― Simon Sinek

“I want to be the Cecil B. DeMille of science fiction.”

― Steven Spielberg

“I used to read a good deal of science fiction when I was a boy.”

― Steven Weinberg

“Science fiction films are not about science. They are about disaster, which is one of the oldest subjects of art.”

― Susan Sontag

“I love science fiction when it’s well-done. I don’t like campy stuff. I don’t like stuff that’s too fantastical.”

― Tahmoh Penikett

“I was a very keen reader of science fiction.”

― Terry Pratchett

“I was always attracted to science fiction movies.”

― Tina Turner

“I don’t really read non-fiction, but I have grown up on a steady diet of Wodehouse and, of course, science fiction.”

― Twinkle Khanna

“The dilemma felt by science fiction writers will be perceived in other creative endeavors.”

― Vernor Vinge

“Science fiction writers aren’t fortune tellers. Fortune tellers are fakes.”

― William Gibson

“I dig science fiction, though it was never really my thing.”

― Yancy Butler
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