Top 9 Scripture Quotes

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“The Bible is referred to in scripture as the sword of the spirit.”

― Andy Mineo

“All Scripture is equally inspired, but not all Scripture is equally applicable or relevant to every stage of life.”

― Andy Stanley

“Literature, not scripture, sustains the mind and – since there is no other metaphor – also the soul.”

― Christopher Hitchens

“Scripture is not inerrant; believers are called to interpret biblical texts in light of tradition and reason.”

― Jon Meacham

“I’m into scripture every day.”

― Nick Foles

“If it squares with the Scripture, then let’s go. If it’s in conflict with the Scripture, then it’s heresy.”

― Randall Terry

“The Jesus of the Scripture transcends all nations and calls all nations into judgment.”

― Tony Campolo

“A dream is a scripture, and many scriptures are nothing but dreams.”

― Umberto Eco

“The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.”

― William Shakespeare
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