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“When I entered federal parliament at the end of 2007, I was appointed parliamentary secretary for disabilities.”

― Bill Shorten

“I was one of the most visible and vocal advocates of Secretary Hillary Clinton.”

― David Brock

“The first thing the secretary types is the boss.”

― Donald Trump

“I don’t usually see my type for on-camera stuff as a series regular. Normally, my type is the janitor, the secretary, the cop, or the nurse.”

― Donna Lynne Champlin

“The Obama administration’s zeal to not ‘waste a good crisis,’ as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put it, has been stunning even for Washington insiders to behold.”

― Elaine Chao

“I have great respect for President Bush, Secretary Powell and Secretary Ridge.”

― Elton Gallegly

“I’m from a salt-of-the-earth, working-class, northern background. My dad’s a steelworker and a firefighter, and my mum is a secretary for the NHS.”

― Faye Marsay

“As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton was an active promoter of increased resource extraction in Latin America, pushing both fracking and the privatization of petroleum production.”

― Greg Grandin

“In Honduras, in particular, Hillary Clinton as Obama’s secretary of state was instrumental in legitimizing the coup’s subsequent death-squad regime.”

― Greg Grandin

“By June 1974, Treasury Secretary George Shultz was already suggesting that rising oil prices could result in a ‘highly advantageous mutual bargain’ between the United States and petroleum-producing countries in the Middle East.”

― Greg Grandin

“(A Foreign Secretary) is forever poised between the cliche and the indiscretion.”

― Harold MacMillan

“What I found when I became Secretary of State was a lot of doubts and a lot of concerns and fears from friends, allies, around the world.”

― Hillary Clinton

“Do we want someone as secretary of state that is somehow tainted in this Benghazi issue?”

― Jeff Duncan

“When former Defense Secretary Robert Gates wrote his recent book, ‘Duty’, it was full of tough assessments and candor.”

― John Dickerson

“There’s kind of a Tom Harkin aspect to Bernie Sanders, even though Harkin is supporting Secretary Clinton.”

― John Dickerson

“My dad was a civil servant, and my mum was a secretary.”

― Julia Davis

“Simply being secretary of state didn’t allow Clinton to authorize herself to deviate from the requirements of retaining and transmitting classified documents, materials and information.”

― Ken Cuccinelli

“I was studying to be a legal secretary when I was called to audition for ‘Ken.’”

― Kierston Wareing

“I loved what I did. I could’ve been secretary of state for ever.”

― Madeleine Albright

“I didn’t feel like I was meant to be a nurse or a secretary.”

― Mamie Van Doren

“Today, in 2011, I’m giving Secretary Hillary Clinton the nod as the Obama Administration’s improbable MVP in the technology realm.”

― Marvin Ammori

“As Governor, I will direct my Secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services not to distribute federal taxpayer dollars from that department to Planned Parenthood clinics.”

― Matt Bevin

“Hillary Clinton wants a new title, and I would, too, if I already was secretary of the status quo.”

― Mike Pence

“My mum worked as a secretary for Christian Dior. She looked like a movie star.”

― Patsy Kensit

“I was the first woman elected as secretary of agriculture in Iowa.”

― Patty Judge

“I didn’t have a dream of being a press secretary, I had a dream of being a playwright; I had a dream of being a novelist and a poet.”

― Pearl Cleage

“I had no difficulty as Secretary of Defense moving from the Bush administration to the Obama administration.”

― Robert M. Gates

“All public officials, including the secretary of state, must be held accountable.”

― Ron DeSantis

“Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most influential woman in Washington – for what she has accomplished and for what she may yet do: win the presidency.”

― Ron Fournier

“I’m the British home secretary. My job is to protect the British public.”

― Sajid Javid

“During the Koizumi administration, I served as the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary as well as the Chief Cabinet Secretary.”

― Shinzo Abe

“As treasury secretary, I don’t see it as my role commenting on the dollar in short-term movements.”

― Steve Mnuchin

“As Assistant Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, a constant concern for me is having our veterans dragged into partisan politics.”

― Tammy Duckworth

“I’m proud to support Secretary Clinton.”

― Ted Deutch

“At the very least, Secretary Clinton should publicly call for the unequivocal release of Saeed Abedini.”

― Trent Franks

“I think Hillary Clinton is a good and effective secretary of state.”

― Walid Muallem

“There is no budget for travel for a Shadow Foreign Secretary.”

― William Hague
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