Top 10 Self-Centered Quotes

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“I was a little self-centered gutter punk in the early 1980s and all I wanted to do was diss everybody.”

― Anthony Kiedis

“The more self-centered and egotistical a guy is, the better ballplayer he’s going to be.”

― Bill Lee

“The funny thing about the people I don’t like – they’re very self-centered.”

― Brendon Urie

“Actors are inherently self-centered.”

― Bryan Cranston

“I read in one fan magazine that I was very self-centered. And I am.”

― David Cassidy

“I’m still pretty self-centered, greedy and angry.”

― Denis Leary

“It’s self-centered to think that human beings, as limited as we are, can describe divinity.”

― John Templeton

“We all get self-centered.”

― Laura Schlessinger

“Self-hatred and self-love are equally self-centered.”

― Mason Cooley

“I’ve certainly had a lot of experiences in my life where I was much too self-centered.”

― Matthew Perry
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