Top 10 Shaped Quotes

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“Americans will not buy irregular-looking or oddly shaped vegetables!”

― Alex Guarnaschelli

“I guess I’m odd-looking. I’m skinny. But I’m not only skinny – I’m oddly shaped.”

― Andy Dick

“I’m a Sydney suburban boy shaped entirely by the western suburbs.”

― Bryan Brown

“I was shaped by my mistakes.”

― Janice Dickinson

“Congregations shaped by the Scriptures generally have preachers who are shaped by the Scriptures.”

― John Ortberg

“Authors as diverse as Rudyard Kipling, E. Nesbit, and J. R. R. Tolkien have shaped modern paganism as greatly as any theological underpinnings.”

― Liz Williams

“We are continually shaped by the forces of coincidence.”

― Paul Auster

“We are shaped by our conversations.”

― Robin S. Sharma

“Globalization can be shaped to ensure that people matter.”

― Sharan Burrow

“My head is weirdly shaped, so I can’t wear a headband.”

― Steven Adams
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