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Sid Sriram:  Born in Chennai, but raised in the United States, singer/songwriter/producer Sid Sriram represents an intersection of very different worlds.  

Carnatic: he learned music, by his mom. His mother is a music teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Rahman:  Career He gained popularity in India with the song “Adiye” sung for the soundtrack of Kadal (2013) composed by A. R. Rahman

Music Production: After graduating from Mission San Jose High School in 2008, then he joined Berklee College of Music for graduating in Music Production.

Chennai:  Born in Chennai, he moved to the United States as a newborn and raised there.  he works in different fields like singer/ songwriter/producer.

Telugu: Sid Sriram represents an intersection of very different worlds. he sung in Telegu, where also Carnatic music has helped a lot, 

Sid Sriram Quotes List

“Thanks to my family and guru. They were quite confident that I could do it and think about music as a full-time career.”― Sid Sriram

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“’Entropy’ broadly means tending towards chaos constantly.”― Sid Sriram

“I want the audience to be transported to a different world once they enter the auditorium.”― Sid Sriram

“Starting with the lyrics, ‘Only scared of myself and the truth in the stars/I’m a king, I’m the dirt, God within me shine,’ the first half of ‘6 Weeks’ delves into my attempts to balance the notion that I have an existential purpose with the realization that I am nothing against the vastness of the universe.”― Sid Sriram

“Any musical output is emotional.”― Sid Sriram

“’Entropy’ will be a kaleidoscope of thought processes and my identity as an Indian who grew up in California.”― Sid Sriram

“I started listening to old school R&B artists like Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, and Donny Hathaway when I was in 6th grade.”― Sid Sriram

“When you are surrounded by talented musicians, you learn so much from them.”― Sid Sriram

“The youth is hungry for good music; I feel responsible and glad that I can be an agent who can mentally, emotionally stimulate them to listen to music outside of cinema.”― Sid Sriram

“I come from a musical family, and Carnatic music made up so much of my childhood, my upbringing, and my musical transition.”― Sid Sriram

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“Growing up in the U.S., music became a way for me to find my roots and anchor points.”― Sid Sriram

“My mom, Latha Sriram, is my first guru.”― Sid Sriram

“It is kind of a cliche that many Indian parents, especially in the U.S., want their kids to become doctors or engineers. But my parents encouraged me to turn to music when they found that I had the passion and talent.”― Sid Sriram

“I fell in love with R&B music at a young age. The energy and aesthetic of that genre strike an emotional chord with me.”― Sid Sriram

“On the surface, being a musician can look pretty glamorous. But so much work goes into it.”― Sid Sriram

“I owe so much of my musical growth to my exploration and performance of Carnatic music.”― Sid Sriram

“’Maruvarthai’ was an exciting song for me because it showcased my Carnatic roots.”― Sid Sriram

“Film music has given me everything – career and popularity.”― Sid Sriram

“I have huge respect for the musical aptitude and intellect of listeners in India. They appreciate genuine, quality music.”― Sid Sriram

“The performance of Carnatic music is multi-dimensional and layered. A performance is at once an artiste’s cathartic process of personal exploration and an open energy exchange with the audience: a release and a conversation.”― Sid Sriram

“Across generations, the torch-bearers of Carnatic music have mastered the art form of connection.”― Sid Sriram

“From when I first started listening to music, M. S. Subbulakshmi has been one of my biggest influences. She poured her heart and life into everything she sang.”― Sid Sriram

“Growing up, any time I would sit down with my grandfather to learn or talk about Carnatic music, he would bring up G. N. Balasubramaniam. Listening to the recordings he would play me, I was dazzled by GNB’s voice and how he was able to execute ideas that I could barely wrap my head around.”― Sid Sriram

“The inner core of my being is Carnatic music.”― Sid Sriram

“Listening to A. R. Rahman as a five-year-old opened my mind to a whole new set of creative dimensions.”― Sid Sriram

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“My time at Berklee College of Music was probably my greatest period of artistic growth and internalisation.”― Sid Sriram

“I listened to Kanye West and also dove deep into bands like Radiohead, Portishead, and Bon Iver.”― Sid Sriram

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“My experience and growth in the film music world and the time I’ve spent studying legendary film composers have given me depth of insight into how music can inspire a range of emotions.”― Sid Sriram

“Being an Indian in the U.S. and growing up in the suburbs were the two things that really shaped my outlook.”― Sid Sriram

“I started singing when I was three – my mother would teach me some versions of ‘Thirupugazh.’ And I loved being on stage.”― Sid Sriram

“Being associated with songs that push boundaries is amazing. If the rest of my career consists of a majority of songs that are experimental, I’ll be a happy man.”― Sid Sriram

“One of my dreams is to work with Ilaiyaraaja sir and do more with Anirudh and Santhosh Narayanan.”― Sid Sriram

“I think ‘Adiye/Yadike’ is unique and fresh and something new for Indian films. It brings together the blues and gospel feel with Tamil folk lyrics.”― Sid Sriram

“Berklee played a huge role in shaping my music. On an academic level, I learned a lot about vocal technique and culture. Since my major was Music Production and Engineering, I got a good handle on the technical and creative aspects of making a record.”― Sid Sriram

“My whole family is involved in the arts – my sister is a professional Bharatnatyam dancer, and my dad helps me out on the music business end.”― Sid Sriram

“My idea is to take the improvisational excitement that takes place with Carnatic music and juxtapose that in different sonic contexts.”― Sid Sriram

“Ultimately, you’re looking for a soulful experience when you listen to any form music.”― Sid Sriram

“My goal is to communicate how powerful the breaking down of artistic barriers can be when grounded in thought, intention, and a true understanding of all the forms that are being experimented with.”― Sid Sriram

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“My parents moved to San Francisco from India when I was a year old.”― Sid Sriram

“My mother, who is a Carnatic musician, started a school for children when I was around three, and I grew up listening to her teaching students.”― Sid Sriram

“When I was 11, I decided that music was what I wanted to pursue as a career.”― Sid Sriram

“’6 Weeks’ is broken up into two sections; both sections use the same set of samples, just in different ways.”― Sid Sriram

“My primary goal is to be a solo artist releasing original music.”― Sid Sriram

“The really cool thing is that I’ve developed this hardcore fan base that came to me through my work in films, but they are super-willing to cross over and experiment.”― Sid Sriram

“I think Chennaiites are the best because the city has a receptive audience.”― Sid Sriram

“I realised music was my calling, and I am one of those who’s strongly bound by an infectious enthusiasm and passion.”― Sid Sriram

“My roots are Carnatic music. I think everything stems from that.”― Sid Sriram

“My musical journey with A. R. Rahman is filled with personal milestones and realisations.”― Sid Sriram

“Growing up, everyone dreams of certain things, and they map out a direction that their life would take. Working with A. R. Rahman sir is one of my dreams, if not the biggest dream, realised.”― Sid Sriram

“I am surely happy to be breaking away from the norm when it comes to my songs.”― Sid Sriram

“When it comes to ‘Maruvaarthai,’ I have said many a time that Carnatic music drives my creative influence. In that sense, Darbuka Siva gave me a lot of room to breathe with the melody. The instrumental, however, was grounded. The lyrics is just poetic, and phonetically, they sound beautiful.”― Sid Sriram

“Growing up in the U.S., I’d siloed off my identities. While I was an Indian at home, I was an American at school. I have now embraced both the identities.”― Sid Sriram

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“When I was younger and had made the decision to make a career in music, becoming famous was something that I dreamt about.”― Sid Sriram

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