Top 21 Sixties Quotes

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“The sixties were characterized by a heady belief in instantaneous solutions.”

― Audre Lorde

“My generation of the Sixties, with all our great ideals, destroyed liberalism, because of our excesses.”

― Camille Paglia

“I helped make the Sixties swing, and I’m very proud of that.”

― Cilla Black

“In the Sixties, you needed talent to make it.”

― Cilla Black

“I hate being so nostalgic about the Sixties.”

― David Bailey

“I love the idea of the Swinging Sixties in London.”

― Debra Stephenson

“We got £25 a week in the early Sixties when we were first with Brian Epstein, when we played the clubs.”

― George Harrison

“I’m a child of the Sixties.”

― Ian McShane

“In space-flight terms, six landings on the moon back in the Sixties and Seventies doesn’t mean much.”

― Jim Lovell

“In the Sixties, conglomerates were all the rage.”

― Jim Pattison

“It’s very hard to have lived through the Sixties and not be political.”

― Joe Dante

“In the early sixties, we were strong, we were virulent.”

― John Connally

“My mother handed down all these amazing scarves from the sixties and seventies, and I have a hundred of them.”

― Kelly Wearstler

“Kabul was very popular with the hippies in the Sixties and Seventies. It was very quiet and peaceful.”

― Khaled Hosseini

“As everyone else, I was a fan of Pink Floyd in the sixties.”

― Klaus Schulze

“In the late sixties, when revolution and upheaval were everywhere, feminists were ridiculed for focusing on housework.”

― Lynn Coady

“I designed the miniskirt that caused so much havoc in the Sixties – the miniskirt that was such fun but has travelled well to today.”

― Mary Quant

“I was trying to organise my DVDs into a sort of chronological order, and I am afraid that it all trailed off after the Sixties.”

― Paul Merton

“I think the sixties must have been quite a lot of fun.”

― Tama Janowitz

“The trouble with young writers is that they are all in their sixties.”

― W. Somerset Maugham

“Artists and musicians of the Sixties were definitely into clothes.”

― Yoko Ono
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