Top 182 Sketch Quotes of 2020

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“What I love about sketch is that the writing of it is idea-based. It’s not story-based. It’s like, ‘This is a behavior, and we’re going to write, in a small sample, the funniest way to heighten this behavior.’ Sitcoms or movies are about story.”

― Adam Pally

“It takes a lot of time to write and put up a sketch show, but that’s part of who I am. I don’t think that ever goes away, that sensibility – especially coming from the Upright Citizens Brigade. That’s just who I am.”

― Adam Pally

“I grew up in rural Ireland; we only had a few TV channels and had never even heard of sketch shows, but it was completely natural for me to tell jokes and stories.”

― Aisling Bea

“I work on fittings, mostly. You know, I sketch less and less in my work. I sketch for the show sometimes, but then it becomes more conceptual. But when I don’t sketch, it becomes more pragmatic.”

― Alber Elbaz

“Animation is very similar to sketch comedy: you have a short amount of time to do something big and ridiculous and funny.”

― Alex Borstein

“My mom would take me to restaurants, and the first thing I’d ask for would be a pen and a napkin, and I’d sketch shoes and shoes and shoes.”

― Alexander Wang

“I liked that improv and sketch comedy were collaborative, but you really depended on other people and a stage to perform. With stand-up comedy, I liked that you had no one else to blame and depend on.”

― Ali Wong

“I moved to Chicago and I did theater, and then I started writing and I stop acting and I did sketch. You know, I did all of the things that, if you were serious about doing television, don’t do.”

― Allison Tolman

“I’ve done some version of that Minnesota accent – that Midwestern accent – in sketch comedy for years. It’s the quickest way to symbolize you’re a mom.”

― Allison Tolman

“Comedy is really my passion. I started out way before television doing sketch comedy with other women. Very much along the lines of, at the time it was ‘Sensible Footwear’, but now it’s ‘Smack The Pony’, ‘French And Saunders’, that kind of thing. That’s how I started out.”

― Amanda Tapping

“When you’re doing sketch comedy and you’re pregnant, it’s like wearing a giant sombrero in every sketch.”

― Amy Poehler

“Because it’s uncensored cable, I think we’ll be able to do the kind of sketch comedy that really hasn’t been seen before. We can actually finish jokes.”

― Aries Spears

“To tell you the truth, I always wanted to be a sketch comedian and a comedy actor.”

― Artie Lange

“I used to put on sketch shows at boarding school when I was eight. I’m not sure about the material, but it did used to get a laugh.”

― Belinda Stewart-Wilson

“I was in a sketch group in L.A., and we were playing, like, backyards in Glendale and stuff. It was pretty ugly because we didn’t have any money.”

― Bill Hader

“My experience – and it might be just the kind of comedy that I do, which is usually sketch comedy – is that there’s a lot more texture and subplot in drama than in comedy.”

― Bob Odenkirk

“I steal props from ‘SNL’ a great deal. Almost every sketch I’m in, I try to grab something from it, so I have a storage space full of props.”

― Bobby Moynihan

“I want to see Bob Dylan do sketch comedy. I’m a huge Bob Dylan fan.”

― Bradley Whitford

“I didn’t want to write sketch comedy after ‘Mr. Show.’ I felt like, after ‘Mr. Show’, why would you want to go work at any of the other places that existed then?”

― Brian Posehn

“We also have the option of scanning in an image from outside the computer… a photo, or a sketch done with traditional tools; and we can then paint, manipulate, process, change, and further develop the image within the computer, watching our progress on the monitor.”

― Buffy Sainte-Marie

“Funny is funny. I dare anyone to look at Tim Conway and Harvey Korman doing the dentist sketch, which is more than 40 years old, and not scream with laughter.”

― Carol Burnett

“My preference is for people who can do sketch comedy or situational comedy, where it’s not a joke, but it’s telling a story.”

― Carol Burnett

“You only feel as good as your last sketch.”

― Casey Wilson

“It’s certainly strange to do sketch comedy with cue cards at midnight in a skyscraper as opposed to in a basement with your friends.”

― Casey Wilson

“I went from an unemployed actor’s life to doing stand-up comedy, and that was fortuitous. It’s not the usual way the crow flies, going from being in a TV sketch show to playing one of Shakespeare’s finest characters, but, hey, that’s the way it has happened.”

― Catherine Tate

“To take on the jobs of tomorrow, students must become more than good test takers. They need to become makers who design, sketch, build, and prototype. And their classrooms will need more than a chalkboard and a set of textbooks.”

― Charles Best

“When the venture has been made of dealing with historical events and characters, it always seems fair towards the reader to avow what liberties have been taken, and how much of the sketch is founded on history.”

― Charlotte Mary Yonge

“’Weekend Update’ can be presented as a full 20-minute sketch, and there’s a lot of room there.”

― Chevy Chase

“When you sketch a shoe but don’t have the intention to do a proper shoe, it remains a curvy sketch with no detail. The shoe completely morphs to the body.”

― Christian Louboutin

“If you don’t like the people, you’re just doing a sketch. Which, in most cases, is comedy minus some emotional backbone.”

― Christopher Guest

“I didn’t understand when somebody thanked me for writing a good sketch, because it was something I wanted to do, but now I totally get it, because when someone writes something great for me, I’m so appreciative.”

― Colin Jost

“Well, I loved variety in television, I loved sketch comedy. At ‘Saturday Night Live,’ I stayed almost seven years.”

― Dana Carvey

“There was no Groundlings or Upright Citizens Brigade where I was from. Looking back on it, I was trying to do sketch comedy in my stand-up, which is still kind of what I am doing now. To go full-circle here, it’s kind of like one-man sketch.”

― Dana Carvey

“I’ve just written this six-part sketch comedy series, which I’ve never done before. And I don’t know how to pitch it. Am I supposed to just pick up a camera and put stuff on YouTube? Is that how it works?”

― David Alpay

“I never set out to do a sketch show.”

― Demetri Martin

“But long story short, I didn’t start doing stand-up because I wanted to have a TV show or be an actor or even wanted to write sketch comedy. I got into stand-up because I love stand-up.”

― Demetri Martin

“I always say when you write a book, you’re a ‘one-man band.’ Whereas, when you finish a screenplay, it’s just a sketch.”

― Diablo Cody

“I did a couple of sketch shows with Mike Palin and Terry Jones… and then I got hired by Granada to do a weekly topical show.”

― Diana Quick

“I have a sketch of an idea and I never really talk about: perhaps do another jazz record, but with other elements involved.”

― Dianne Reeves

“Yes, but more than being a designer, I’m more of a stylist, because I don’t sew and I don’t sketch, but I’m good at putting things together, choosing things that are chic and glossing over the aesthetics of things.”

― Dita Von Teese

“The thing about stand-up was, I was doing all this sketch and YouTube stuff where I was not being censored and I got to do my own thing, and it was really cool.”

― Donald Glover

“Dealing with sketch comedy and buddy teams like Abbott and Costello, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby – I just loved buddy comedies.”

― Drake Bell

“I know now that I began writing in a country where the word ‘woman’ and the word ‘poet’ were almost magnetically opposed. One word was used to invoke collective nurture, the other to sketch out self-reflective individualism. Both states were necessary – that much the culture conceded – but they were oil and water and could not be mixed.”

― Eavan Boland

“I started stand-up in 2007. I’d done a couple of gigs before that, but not much, and I was in a sketch group at Uni from 2005 as well.”

― Ed Gamble

“My mother was a seamstress, so I always grew up with her making clothes. I knew how to construct outfits. I knew how to sketch. I knew how to customise. But I could never imagine it as a career.”

― Edward Enninful

“When Bruce Lee gets his cameo in ‘The Green Hornet’ – as one of the drawings in Kato’s notebook – it clarifies what the film is: an unrealized sketch. A sketch can afford to allude to a point of view. Moviemakers need to show their point of view, something this shrug of a movie never gets around to doing.”

― Elvis Mitchell

“A little of the sketch character Pootie Tang went a long way on HBO’s now late, probably soon to be lamented ‘Chris Rock Show.’ So it’s surprising how much fun the character’s film debut, ‘Pootie Tang,’ is.”

― Elvis Mitchell

“One of the best things Gwyneth Paltrow has done in years was her mesmerized, good-sport cameo in a ‘Pootie’ sketch, when she was melted over him like butter on an English muffin.”

― Elvis Mitchell

“I always loved acting and improv and sketch comedy and theater, which I did at a local youth theater.”

― Emma Stone

“I did B com but realised that it was not my cup of tea. I was always fascinated by animation, and after I completed my course, I wanted to go abroad and pursue it. I used to sketch a lot and was rather serious about it. But all this was until I joined films.”

― Emraan Hashmi

“I worked with the Groundlings, doing sketch comedy and improv at a theater here in L.A. It was my hobby, but I took classes and stayed passionate about it because it’s what I wanted to do. It just fit. It takes a while before you can actually make money at it. I worked for years.”

― Fortune Feimster

“When a sketch comes into this three-dimensional form and everybody contributes, it’s really fantastic.”

― Francisco Costa

“I used to sketch – that’s the way I thought out loud. Then they made a book of my sketches, and I got self-conscious, so now I don’t do it much.”

― Frank Gehry

“As a kid, ‘The Monkees’ was such a cool show. I had such a thrill saying, ‘OMG, I was in a sketch with one of the Monkees.’”

― Fred Armisen

“I’ll go in a minute to see a sketch show.”

― Fred Willard

“With improv or a full length play – you know how you go to a theater, and after 10 minutes you say, ‘Oh, I don’t like this thing,’ but you don’t want to get up and leave? At a sketch show, it’s always something new every few minutes.”

― Fred Willard

“I come in. I’m going to sketch, I’m going to drape, I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

― Geoffrey Beene

“I’ve always drawn a lot. I like the idea of turning a 2-D sketch into a 3-D thing very quickly. And clothing is really good for that.”

― Giles Deacon

“Occasionally, I will come across something that has lost its label over the years – maybe the client didn’t want to declare the dress at customs and took the label out – but I’ll recognize it from an image that I’ve seen in Vogue, or a little thumbnail sketch.”

― Hamish Bowles

“I had a sketch called ‘Fedora Basketball,’ which was about basketball players having to wear hats; in addition to scoring points, they have to make sure their fedoras don’t fall off.”

― Hannibal Buress

“The thing I love about sketch is sometimes it leads you as opposed to you leading it.”

― Harland Williams

“Canada has been a breeding ground for great comedic actors, sketch artists and stand-up comedians. We grew up with a different perspective on the world.”

― Harland Williams

“What I’ve learned from sketch is you can get it as perfect as you want, and it’s never going to be perfect.”

― Horatio Sanz

“Usually in a Smosh sketch, we get 60 shots, 12 hours to shoot – we’re just going ‘bam, bam, bam.’”

― Ian Hecox

“I never travel without my sketch book.”

― Ian Wright

“I’m a huge sketch comedy fan, and I think my love of sketch is reflected in my stand-up in that I do a lot of vignettes and voices and characters.”

― Iliza Shlesinger

“I was a big fan of sketch comedy and cartoons growing up.”

― Iliza Shlesinger

“I would go to sketch groups and draw. I really enjoyed the subject matter, but I wasn’t good at it.”

― Jack Prelutsky

“I’m in a sketch comedy group in school and I also do stand-up.”

― Jack Quaid

“I did sketch comedy for years. I’ve always enjoyed it.”

― Jamie Farr

“If you want good sketches, go pick up Sid Caesar. The best of Your Show of Shows. That’s the greatest sketch comedy you’ll ever see on television.”

― Jamie Farr

“I start with an idea in my head. I sketch it out quickly as a line drawing, using pencil. It never comes out quite right – usually a bit better than my mental picture.”

― Jamie Hewlett

“Maybe it’s just my improv and sketch background, but I’m a lot more comfortable in a group. I like sharing focus and populating an ensemble.”

― Jason Mantzoukas

“That’s what I love about sketch comedy: a sketch is five minutes, then it goes dark, and there’s the potential for something else.”

― Jason Sudeikis

“I did a lot of standup from ages 19 to 24 but then stopped to focus on sketch with Broken Lizard.”

― Jay Chandrasekhar

“In the case of ‘Sweet Tooth,’ and in the case of a lot of stuff I do, it all starts with the image. It may be something I sketch in my sketchbooks – something that reoccurs in the sketchbooks. Eventually, a character or story line starts to grow out of that.”

― Jeff Lemire

“At first, there was a separation of clubs and sketch comedy. Now there’s all kinds of comedy, making us one big happy family.”

― Jen Kirkman

“I’m a really gifted physical comedienne. I write and produce a lot of sketch comedy.”

― Jenn Lyon

“I’m partial to a Muji recycled-paper sketch book and a Sharpie ultrafine marker.”

― Jenna Wortham

“I sketch while I’m on set, and it’s a way for me to record all of the locations I’ve been to. I don’t keep a diary but a sketchbook.”

― Jessalyn Gilsig

“A sketch is just a mini movie.”

― Jim Rash

“When I teach sketch writing, there’s still a beginning, middle and end.”

― Jim Rash

“I’m a physical actor in that I start with a physical sketch of the character. I find it easier to find inspiration from the outside in. If I find the character’s tensions and the way he carries himself or looks, that’s going to affect how I talk. So that’s how I start to create that person.”

― Joel Kinnaman

“I auditioned for soap operas and commercials; I remember auditioning for Lays potato chips. It was a sort of ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ sketch, where Captain Bligh was torturing the crew by saying, ‘You can only have one Lays potato chip,’ and they all rise up.”

― John Lithgow

“I can help you shape your sitcom, I can help you think about what could make your sketch show better, but it won’t help you get you a commission.”

― John Lloyd

“Stand-up for me is just my opinions on things, so it wouldn’t be as fun translated into a sketch. Nor would a sketch be as fun if it were me standing there saying it.”

― John Mulaney

“I did sketch comedy, but I never did improv. So I’ve just tried to learn as I go.”

― John Oliver

“Though we explore in a culturally-conditioned way, the reality we sketch is universal.”

― John Polanyi

“You can’t do sketches enough. Sketch everything and keep your curiosity fresh.”

― John Singer Sargent

“I call it ‘the Etch A Sketch life.’ Every few years, you should shake that thing up.”

― John Tesh

“A part of my kind of design and inspiration ethos is that I carry around a leather notebook and I sketch in it, doodle in it, write notes in it, and I put pictures in it.”

― John Varvatos

“’One Leg Too Few’ by Peter Cook is a perfect sketch. The setting is ridiculous, the language is beautiful, and the performances make the most of every syllable and movement.”

― Jon Richardson

“I normally keep a series of draft in a catalogue type of book in which I scribble, sketch and draw ideas.”

― Jonathan Shapiro

“Nobody wants to see sketch comedy that’s the same sketch they’ve seen time and time again, or that’s just a rehash of that thing.”

― Jordan Peele

“We did the ‘MacGruber’ Super Bowl spot for Pepsi, which generated some outside interest. We have a sketch where a guy blows up after 90 seconds. How are we going to make that into a movie?”

― Jorma Taccone

“Working off one genius sketch is not the way great architecture should be made.”

― Joshua Prince-Ramus

“A pen is different from the pad, the key, moving your fingers across a screen. I like both. I like to work on sketchbooks, big old white sketch paper. I like how that feels, and I like to put different media on it. Then there’s the phone, smartphone, iPad: It’s the new page, and it’s not the same page anymore.”

― Juan Felipe Herrera

“I believe in sketching because there is something very sensitive in sketching, you know, in sketches that you don’t have out of a computer that looks the same like everybody even if, later on, the dresses are OK, but I like to sketch, and I like to see trails made after my sketches that look the same. It is you know, what I like.”

― Karl Lagerfeld

“I could speak three languages when I was six, and when I went to school, I only liked to read and sketch. At five, I could write and everything.”

― Karl Lagerfeld

“I was very serene, and I still am, until I start talking in another voice, then suddenly I have a lot of volume and I’m frantic. But I didn’t want to be one of those people who’s always talking in accents in real life, so I started doing sketch comedy.”

― Kate McKinnon

“When I was on ‘The Big Gay Sketch Show’ I thought, ‘Well, this is going well now, but then when it’s over I’ll just be a barista.’”

― Kate McKinnon

“Getting recognized on the street is fine, but I never really wanted to be famous. I just wanted to have mastered the art of sketch comedy.”

― Kate McKinnon

“It’s hard to write a comedy sketch.”

― Kate McKinnon

“Every movie I do, or when I’m on the sketch comedy show, I don’t really get into it until I have an outfit or something funny with my head or face or something.”

― Kel Mitchell

“It’s absolutely surprising to me how well ‘The State’ has held up as far as people liking it and having fond memories of it, considering it’s a sketch show.”

― Ken Marino

“We end the show with something that’s never been on TV because it was too big for a sketch but we couldn’t stretch it out to make a whole episode because it would have been too long, but we always thought it was really good.”

― Kevin McDonald

“If you do a sketch, that’s a very short narrative. Stand-up, it’s bit-to-bit, minute-long narratives.”

― Kumail Nanjiani

“We are going to do ‘Hot Tub’ until we die. Every Monday. Then we’ll come back and do it as zombies. ‘Hot Tub’ is very important. What we do is based on our live skills. It’s stand-up and sketch and improv; everything we do in ‘Hot Tub’ is important to our jobs. And every Monday I’m excited to do it.”

― Kurt Braunohler

“I love doing different things where, for a little while, I can focus on standup then sketch writing, then performing, then directing a video. That, to me, is stimulating.”

― Kyle Dunnigan

“In college, I pretty much abandoned music and started performing with the school’s improv and sketch troupe, and at some point, that became my permanent thing.”

― Kyle Mooney

“When you’re writing a sketch, it has to be surrounded by a situation. It can’t just be out of the air.”

― Leslie Jones

“Sometimes I sketch and then scan my sketch directly to make the curves more freehand. I don’t want to make perfect industrial curves.”

― Ma Yansong

“’Pyrapshere’ began as a sketch for a variety show I produced called ‘A Pretty Good Show.’ My partner, Andersen Gabrych, and I expanded it into a full-fledged faux-religion, including a list of 21 tenets, sacred symbols, testimonials, and even a clothing line. Many people believed it was a real thing and wanted to join.”

― Maggie Rowe

“When I was 10 or 11, I started to sketch, and my drawings happened to be like fashion drawings… I’m lucky to have had this dream to chase since I was very young.”

― Marco Zanini

“I love dry British humor. I love to sketch in my off time. I love tequila.”

― Maren Morris

“The label ‘wife of the prime minister’ is like a giant signboard pointing at my head from a Monty Python sketch. But I am not Mrs. Prime Minister. I’m a human being.”

― Margaret Trudeau

“Before I ever begin writing a new story, I have to sketch my characters out on paper. It’s part of my process of understanding who they are.”

― Marie Lu

“I always carry a sketchbook around with me, and I sketch whenever I can… I might be in a financial review and be sketching because I find that I actually listen better when I sketch. Truth be told, there are probably more sketches in my books than there are written notes.”

― Mark Parker

“One fan wrote asking for a very specific autographed photo. He wanted me to pose in tight jeans and boots and even enclosed a sketch of how I should dress! A lot of them just say they wish they had a girlfriend like me. They’re very endearing letters.”

― Mary Frann

“I’m more of a sketch guy than a standup.”

― Matt Besser

“When we started doing sketch comedy – actually in ’91 in Chicago – making your own videos, which we did, took forever. It would take like, a year to make one video. It was just so difficult to edit and just do everything you had to do.”

― Matt Besser

“Standups have all the talk shows, but you never see a sketch group on a talk show. Even on so-called variety shows, if you do see a sketch group or character, it’s written specifically for that variety show and usually written around the host of the show or a celebrity.”

― Matt Besser

“People get recruited from sketch groups and put on ‘Mad TV’ and ‘SNL,’ but those aren’t ensembles, they’re all-star teams.”

― Matt Besser

“In your 20s, you’re just a sketch of what you think you’re trying to be.”

― Maxwell

“Without a doubt in sketch comedy there are fewer women than men.”

― Maya Rudolph

“My first real break was when my college sketch troupe, The State, was asked to contribute pieces for a new MTV show called ‘You Wrote It, You Watch It.’”

― Michael Ian Black

“At this point, I feel fairly comfortable in terms of performance. I think having a sketch background actually helps a lot. Because my background is acting, and stand-up, in a lot of ways, is acting.”

― Michael Ian Black

“I can sketch up a storm, and I’m very involved in how clothes are constructed, but I have a short attention span.”

― Michael Kors

“I pray to the shrine of ‘Mr. Show.’ It saved sketch comedy.”

― Michael McKean

“I was very bad at projecting my voice. I used to do this Gumby Flower Arranging sketch which involved shouting, and I could never do it right, and at one point my voice went completely.”

― Michael Palin

“You really have no idea whether or not what you’re writing is funny. In stand-up and sketch comedy, you know right away and you can make your changes accordingly.”

― Michael Showalter

“I wrote a play at drama school, which was a dark comedy – people laughed and cried. And then my script of one of the shows was picked up by a comedy sketch company… so then I had to write comedy.”

― Michaela Coel

“Graphic novels are such a visually creative world – it’s really interesting what they can do in one sketch. Now I’m hooked.”

― Michelle MacLaren

“Commercial directing felt like a very natural transition from my comedy, sketch, music video directing experience.”

― Milana Vayntrub

“I’d worked on music docs for years. It felt like writing a novel. By the time I got to Keith Richards, it felt like making a sketch.”

― Morgan Neville

“Sometimes, I sit down to sketch at the unearthly hour of 3 in the morning!”

― Nafisa Joseph

“The truth is, I don’t sketch much at all. I have a very visual/spatial brain that retains a lot of information about maps, directions, positioning, and details, so I usually prefer working out those issues on the page itself.”

― Nate Powell

“Without realizing it, I think I’ve wanted to do a sketch show since I was, like, 11 years old. Like everybody else in comedy, I grew up watching ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and I was doing characters with my friends.”

― Nick Kroll

“I went back over the sketch books I’d filled at Sheffield for ideas and discovered Wallace and Gromit, except Gromit was a cat then. I made them into Plasticene shapes and started ‘A Grand Day Out.’ It took me longer than I expected.”

― Nick Park

“Most sketch aficionados have an enormous amount of respect for ‘Mr. Show.’ I didn’t have HBO back then, so I was always trying to find episodes. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross became celebrities, and Jay Johnston – who’s lesser known, but brilliant – deserves a lot of credit, too.”

― Nick Swardson

“If you want to be an actor, you need to learn how to act first, even in sketch comedy.”

― Nicole Sullivan

“I’ve started running three or four times a week, which prompts millions of sketch ideas.”

― Nina Conti

“Usually I start with a concept, which I then sketch out so that I can get a feel for the character. The character doesn’t really become real to me until I draw them.”

― Noelle Stevenson

“I talk as I sketch, too, in order to keep their minds off what I’m doing so I’ll get the most natural expression I can from them. Also, the talking helps to size up the subject’s personality, so I can figure out better how to portray him.”

― Norman Rockwell

“Because I was so quiet, my father let me spend hours and hours next to him while he would sketch. Everyone else was always asking things from him. I wasn’t asking anything. I was just happy to be there.”

― Paloma Picasso

“Nine out of nine architects start with a sketch, and then they say, ‘What should we make it out of?’ I start from the bottom up – what should it be made out of – and then I worry about what should it look like. The material, the color of the material, the way it feels, and the way you respond to it is every bit as valid as the form or the shape.”

― Peter Marino

“The gummy bears tattoo was my idea. It’s my son’s favorite candy. The sketch was my other son’s idea. It’s a self-portrait of himself. I just showed the artist his sketch and had him tattoo it on my forearm. It looks like a stick person with big hair. It’s pretty funny.”

― Prince Fielder

“When I graduated, I was director of my school’s sketch comedy group, and I knew that I wanted to be writing and performing my own sketch comedy. It kind of made me want to do my own one-person sketch group.”

― Rachel Bloom

“A simple caricature, a simple sketch – that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you draw up a caricature… if you associate that subject with the things you’re not supposed to, then, of course, you can’t expect that to be acceptable.”

― Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“A couple of friends and I started a sketch comedy group when we were teenagers, just for fun and to start creating stuff. It was a blast.”

― Reece Thompson

“I took classes and performed and did improv and sketch and wrote sketches and did lights and sound for other people’s shows just so I could be around the theater. That was about seven nights a week for seven years.”

― Rob Riggle

“Sketch shows change gears so drastically every two minutes. I think sketch shows are for sketch fans; they’re not really for everybody.”

― Robert Ben Garant

“’Reno’ was originally going to be a sketch show, with the cops as a transitional element.”

― Robert Ben Garant

“I just wanted to paint and sketch and tell stories by drawing.”

― Robert Redford

“What I would do is when I was younger I would draw in a sketch book something that happened in my life and then write a little something on the side about what happened or what the story.”

― Robert Redford

“I get recognised a fair bit. It goes up when ‘Peep Show’ or the sketch show is on the telly or when we’re doing loads of interviews.”

― Robert Webb

“Canadian comedians are generally more well-rounded… They have to do a lot more. In order to have a career in this country, you have to do everything. And in the States you can narrow-cast, you can be just a sitcom performer or a stand-up comedian or a sketch performer.”

― Scott Thompson

“I did sketch comedy with a troupe at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.”

― Selenis Leyva

“I still have a desire to do some sketch comedy. My dream is to be on ‘SNL,’ to host ‘SNL.’”

― Selenis Leyva

“’Mad TV’ is one of my most favorite shows of all time and is a huge part of my obsession with sketch comedy.”

― Shane Dawson

“I grew up surrounded by sketch comedy.”

― Simon Helberg

“When I decided I wanted to be an actor in high school, I really went into improv. I took classes at The Groundlings. I studied acting. Did sketch comedy in L.A.”

― Simon Helberg

“I would just sketch everything that was being made for the collections.”

― Stephen Sprouse

“If you start to disrespect the character you’re playing, or play it too much for laughs, that can work for a sketch, it will sell some gags, but it’s all technique. It’s like watching a juggler – you can be impressed by it, but it’s not going to touch you in any way.”

― Steve Coogan

“There’s sketch, improv, writing, acting, music, and badminton. Those are the seven forms of comedy.”

― T. J. Miller

“There’s sketch, improv, writing, acting, music, and badminton. Those are the seven forms of comedy. But I do like the idea of being an auteur in the sense of writing and being in your own stuff.”

― T. J. Miller

“Stand-up and sketch and improv – that’s the most direct contact you can have with somebody, making them laugh. I like that. I like the intimacy.”

― T. J. Miller

“So many designers only sketch and leave pattern-making to others. Pattern-making is important so you know the structure. Then if someone tells me, ‘I can’t make a pattern from that sketch,’ I can tell them, ‘I will make it’ and then they are quiet. If I can’t make it, I don’t design it.”

― Tadashi Shoji

“There’s no job like ‘SNL.’ There’s no other job you go to where you’re like, ‘Oh, this is like that live, late-night sketch variety-musical show that shoots in, whatever it is, 10,000 feet of sound stage.’ There’s nothing like it.”

― Taran Killam

“Cell phones, alas, have pretty much ruined train travel, which I used to love. I could read or even sketch notes for what I was working on.”

― Thomas Mallon

“If I don’t have a project going, I sit down and begin to write something – a character sketch, a monologue, a description of some sight, or even just a list of ideas.”

― Thomas Perry

“I have a paper, pencil, and ink sketch for a Mickey Mouse cartoon short entitled ‘Mickey’s Garden’ from 1935.”

― Tim Matheson

“I would call it a comedy variety show. We have some people just doing straight standup. We usually try to have one musical act of sort. So its just people being funny in different ways, not just sketch, not just standup, not just characters, all of those things.”

― Todd Barry

“I was fascinated with the writing process and seeing the evolution of a sketch and how it would change up to the minute before it went on the air.”

― Trevor Moore

“A sketch should be about two to three minutes, which is basically what most songs are. They’re usually done by groups. Good examples of each build and have different parts and twists in them. I guess sketch would be the comedy version of music.”

― Trevor Moore

“Every sketch goes through a rewrite stage where a group of writers sits around a table and pitches more jokes and ideas for the piece.”

― Vanessa Bayer

“I’m only seeing tennis balls these days. And maybe the occasional fashion sketch.”

― Venus Williams

“It’s what I’ve trained for, from the first sketch to the fabric. Making dresses that are different from the usual style, and a lot of fun to wear.”

― Venus Williams

“My gut feeling about sequels is that they should be premeditated: You should try to write a trilogy first or at least sketch out a trilogy if you have any faith in your film.”

― Vin Diesel

“I grew up in the age of variety shows. ‘Flip Wilson,’ ‘Carol Burnett,’ ‘Donny and Marie,’ and ‘Sonny and Cher’ – I never missed an episode. These shows had it all: singing, dancing, and sketch comedy. One minute, they’re ice-skating with pyrotechnics, the next they’re doing a scene on a gigantic set. I just couldn’t get enough.”

― Wendi McLendon-Covey

“When I first started doing sketch comedy, I promised myself that if I were ever to have any success in this business, I wouldn’t hold back. Why get there and play it safe?”

― Will Ferrell

“I love mustaches with all my heart. There’s just something about sketch comedy and mustaches.”

― Will Forte
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