Top 4 Sonja Henie Quotes of 2020

Sonja Henie Was The Best Inspirational Personality 

Sonja Henie was a well-known person who played in Olympic and won three times. Everyone wants to know about her as she was a film star and figure skater. She was very passionate about her work and this makes her best from others. In Olympic, sonja henie won more titles than other women’s. She was best in all the works because of the guts of doing all the things. If you want to know about her then go through her history of carrier and achievements.

Sonja Henie
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Where she is from and what she is famous for?

The birthplace of Sonja Henie was Norway and Skating is the main thing for that sonja henie was famous. She got her first skates at the age of and at 14 she become champions in skating. Later she got the opportunity of becoming a film star where she was perfect in doing actings. 

Success and failures of Sonja Henie

Her success was started by winning the skating championship at the age of 14 because she was very young fir that and still able to get the desired position. After this, she never stopped doing anything that helps her in becoming the top one and stand out from the crowd.

Achievements which make people inspire

Sonja Henie has many achievements that will let you to make her your inspiration these are as follows-

  • Figure skating in winter Olympic
  • Award in women singles 
  • The first skater to parlay athletic success

Many more achievements are there that makes Sonja Henie an inspirational person 

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Best Sonja Henie Quotations Collection

“Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.”

― Sonja Henie

“I was born in a blizzard, a special out-of-season blizzard, the worst blizzard Oslo ever suffered. Family, home, circumstances, the country I lived in and the weather I was born in all conspired to make a skater of me.”

― Sonja Henie

“I want to do with skates what Fred Astaire is doing with dancing.”

― Sonja Henie

“You can’t go to college and develop into an Olympics champion. It takes too much time, too much training.”

― Sonja Henie

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