Top 6 Spelling Quotes

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“But no, I don’t generally have trouble with spelling mistakes.”

― Bill Joy

“That was mandatory in the contract with Aaron Spelling, that if you were contracted to do one of his shows, you had to do any other shows that were his.”

― Catherine Oxenberg

“I loved television. ‘Starsky and Hutch’ was my show. ‘SWAT.’ Both Aaron Spelling shows. Loved ’em.”

― Luke Perry

“I’ve spent my entire life spelling my surname.”

― Mel Giedroyc

“I was the fastest typist in my school, and I had an obsession with spelling and memorizing.”

― Shelley Hennig

“I am now officially ordained. Yep, that’s right – Reverend Tori Spelling!”

― Tori Spelling
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