Top 42 Straightforward Quotes

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“I find it hard to deliver straightforward things.”

― Ang Lee

“Working with Salman, I have observed that he is a very straightforward person.”

― Asin

“I’m just a straightforward kind of dude.”

― Ben Askren

“You have to be just as mistrustful of straightforward rationality in business as you do of a uniquely gut approach.”

― Bernard Arnault

“My upbringing was very straightforward suburban working class upbringing.”

― Billy Bragg

“My judicial philosophy is straightforward.”

― Brett Kavanaugh

“Ronda’s a very basic and straightforward fighter. However, she’s a masterful competitor.”

― Chael Sonnen

“For most of Wall Street’s history, stock trading was fairly straightforward: buyers and sellers gathered on exchange floors and dickered until they struck a deal.”

― Charles Duhigg

“Most teams are naturally flat; they have fewer members than a large enterprise, which allows for intimacy and trust to form. This makes collaborative problem solving in individual teams more straightforward.”

― Chris Fussell

“Most anthropologists are doing straightforward ethnography, and should.”

― Clifford Geertz

“I’m pretty straightforward as a performer, but I do have a bit of a diva in me.”

― Corin Tucker

“Reality isn’t straightforward or easily accessible.”

― David Shields

“Straightforward fiction functions only as more Bubble Wrap, nostalgia, retreat.”

― David Shields

“I’m just straightforward.”

― Edgar Davids

“It is straightforward for me to be ethical, responsible, and kind-hearted because I have the resources to support that.”

― Edward Tufte

“I’m attracted to playing people who aren’t necessarily straightforward.”

― Felicity Jones

“Making new petroleum should be as simple and straightforward as brewing beer.”

― George M. Church

“Sometimes God writes straightforward in twisted lines.”

― Gloria Trevi

“I do everything in a straightforward manner.”

― Harmon Killebrew

“The idea is a straightforward one. We provide an account for every newborn in America, a $500 account.”

― Harold Ford, Jr.

“I’m a straightforward person. I like to be direct with people.”

― Henry Paulson

“It’s much more straightforward to get finance when you have an Oscar.”

― Hugh Hudson

“I’m a young correspondent, so sometimes I’m just young. Sometimes I’m just straightforward.”

― Jessica Williams

“There’s lots of different feminist groups. It’s not as straightforward as just looking like a plumber.”

― Jo Brand

“I am a straightforward man.”

― Lajos Kossuth

“But with nonfiction, the task is very straightforward: Do the research, tell the story.”

― Laura Hillenbrand

“I’m simple in my approach and straightforward. I connect with the average person that is interested in food.”

― Lidia Bastianich

“When it comes to dating, I’m straightforward and traditional with a twist.”

― Luke Pasqualino

“The Bible for me is holy writ. It’s a very straightforward thing, although I am not a literalist.”

― Marilynne Robinson

“There’s a certain logic to systems, and that logic is fairly self-evident. It’s very straightforward, usually. It might take a little research, it might take a little bit of industry to prize it out, but it’s there to be seen.”

― Michael Nesmith

“I’m too blunt and straightforward for politics, but I’m friends with all.”

― Nana Patekar

“I’ve got a 1990 Porsche 911. It’s just a Carrera, a very simple, straightforward little thing that goes like stink. I love it.”

― P. J. O’Rourke

“I suppose the textbook definition of an anti-hero is pretty straightforward – a protagonist who embodies not only heroic characteristics but also some characteristics typically deemed non-heroic, even villainous.”

― Paul S. Kemp

“The films that I love are very straightforward stories, like really old-fashioned stuff.”

― Paul Thomas Anderson

“I’m really into sci-fi. The reason I’m an actor is because of ‘Star Wars’ – I saw that and I knew that’s what I wanted to do. But most of the projects I’m offered as an actor are straightforward dramas, so I haven’t really been given a chance to do that kind of role.”

― Ricky Schroder

“My parents were both very intellectually honest, straightforward, and for them, faith meant that you were fully engaged.”

― Rob Bell

“Jimmy Stewart was a very sincere, honest and straightforward man.”

― Robert Wagner

“For actors in Hollywood, it’s very straightforward. We’re well-paid animals in a zoo.”

― Robin Wright

“Nothing ever seems straightforward in Venice, least of all its romances.”

― Roger Ebert

“What NPR did, I’m very proud of, and what NPR stood for is non-racist, non-bigoted, straightforward telling of the news.”

― Ron Schiller

“We try not to pull any punches and be straightforward, and I think that’s what helped us connect with everybody across the board.”

― Sam Hunt

“You’ve just got to be honest and straightforward.”

― Virgil Goode
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