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“Questions structure and, so, to some extent predetermine answers.”

― A. R. Ammons

“Definition, rationality, and structure are ways of seeing, but they become prisons when they blank out other ways of seeing.”

― A. R. Ammons

“Words originating from the verb ‘to die’ were frequently used when I described my initial plans to determine the ribosome structure.”

― Ada Yonath

“I think films are bigger than structure.”

― Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

“When I was four or five, I would organise my cars and my action figures. I needed some kind of structure, I think.”

― Alexander Skarsgard

“Power, as in the power structure, is why we are still using gas in cars.”

― Alexandra Paul

“Two important characteristics of maps should be noticed. A map is not the territory it represents, but, if correct, it has a similar structure to the territory, which accounts for its usefulness.”

― Alfred Korzybski

“I sometimes lament the fact that I do not have the benefit of a complete and ailment free body structure.”

― Amitabh Bachchan

“Classifying the stars has helped materially in all studies of the structure of the universe.”

― Annie Jump Cannon

“The tension between centrality, on the one hand, and competition, on the other, is probably the oldest of all market structure issues.”

― Arthur Levitt

“One must be entirely sensitive to the structure of the material that one is handling. One must yield to it in tiny details of execution, perhaps the handling of the surface or grain, and one must master it as a whole.”

― Barbara Hepworth

“President Obama’s consistent agenda has been to weaken the United States and our allies in pursuit of a more ‘balanced’ global power structure.”

― Ben Shapiro

“I was never really into any kind of hard-core religious structure or dogma.”

― Beth Hart

“My hobby first and foremost is collecting automobiles. I have a fairly nice, finished 6,500-square-foot structure that I call my garage.”

― Bill Goldberg

“When you’re making video, you’re giving structure to time, which is what a composer does.”

― Bill Viola

“Structure your cross-training appropriately by alternating the intensity of your sessions so you work, recover, work, recover.”

― Brett Hoebel

“We might be the holographic image of a two-dimensional structure.”

― Brian Greene

“During my first year as a graduate student, we worked on a measurement of the isotope shift and hyperfine structure of mercury isotopes.”

― Burton Richter

“Information of fundamental importance to the general problem of atomic structure has resulted from systematic studies of the cosmic radiation carried out by the Wilson cloud-chamber method.”

― Carl D. Anderson

“Beware of over-confidence; especially in matters of structure.”

― Cass Gilbert

“I’m a Jesuit when it comes to structure, but I really think that structure is defined by character. Everything serves that master.”

― Chris Eigeman

“Every age develops its own peculiar forms of pathology, which express in exaggerated form its underlying character structure.”

― Christopher Lasch

“Ideologies, however appealing, cannot shape the whole structure of perceptions and conduct unless they are embedded in daily experiences that confirm them.”

― Christopher Lasch

“Politicians love regulating. That’s part of the whole power structure.”

― Clint Eastwood

“Beethoven’s importance in music has been principally defined by the revolutionary nature of his compositions. He freed music from hitherto prevailing conventions of harmony and structure.”

― Daniel Barenboim

“I like the sitcom, as a structure.”

― Dave Foley

“TV has a three storyline structure, but ‘The Killing’ takes on that structure with such ambition.”

― David Hewson

“There is an idea, the basis of an internal structure, expanded and split into different shapes or groups of sound constantly changing in shape, direction, and speed, attracted and repulsed by various forces.”

― Edgard Varese

“The one overall structure in my plays is language.”

― Edward Bond

“What we observe as material bodies and forces are nothing but shapes and variations in the structure of space.”

― Erwin Schrodinger

“Serum albumin is a well-defined protein, but no laboratory has yet attempted to ascertain its full chemical structure.”

― Frank Macfarlane Burnet

“I am moved more by melodies, song structure, and evocative textures.”

― Geddy Lee

“The Hollywood structure was monopolistic, run by four or five big studios.”

― Gene Tierney

“Everything was sensory and I never saw the structure in anything.”

― Gil Kane

“A structure becomes architectural, and not sculptural, when its elements no longer have their justification in nature.”

― Guillaume Apollinaire

“The structure of many cellular macromolecules has been revealed at the atomic level using x-ray crystallography.”

― Gunter Blobel

“I grew up in a working-class Israeli family, which was feminist only in its female-dominated structure.”

― Hanna Rosin

“Britain’s legal structure is basically the same as in feudal times: laws are written for the elite.”

― Heather Brooke

“The appendages of the skin are the nails, the hairs, the sudoriferous and sebaceous glands, and their ducts. The nails and hairs are peculiar modifications of the epidermis, consisting essentially of the same cellular structure as that membrane.”

― Henry Gray

“The most pressing and significant problems in the global economy are unsustainable structural issues with regard to the E.U. – fiscal deficits and the structure of the E.U. itself.”

― Henry Paulson

“The adoption by Jefferson and the Republicans of the political structure of their opponents is of an importance hardly inferior to that of the adoption of the Constitution by the states.”

― Herbert Croly

“It does not seem that the contradiction which exists between the aristocratic function of art and the democratic structure of modern society can ever be resolved.”

― Herbert Read

“But heat can also be produced by the friction of liquids, in which there could be no question of changes in structure, or of the liberation of latent heat.”

― Hermann von Helmholtz

“I fell in love with flora of all types, especially ferns. Loved the sparse structure and repetition of shape – almost fractal.”

― Jack Dorsey

“With sixty staring me in the face, I have developed inflammation of the sentence structure and definite hardening of the paragraphs.”

― James Thurber

“I do like structure, and I’d love to be better at it.”

― Jeff Buckley

“I care about narrative structure; I care about how stories unfold.”

― Jeff Nichols

“I’m aware of cliches and I’m aware of experiments that have been done and I’m aware of a kind of deadness to a lot of realism both in the language and in the structure of a book.”

― Jeffrey Eugenides

“’The A-Team’ compared to making ‘Narc’ was a breeze. There’s a whole other skill set and whole other kind of bone structure that goes into making a movie like ‘Narc’ versus ‘The A-Team.’”

― Joe Carnahan

“It is more likely that more than a century will pass before we know the structure of the chemical atoms as thoroughly as we do our solar system.”

― Johannes Stark

“The hierarchy of relations, from the molecular structure of carbon to the equilibrium of the species and ecological whole, will perhaps be the leading idea of the future.”

― Joseph Needham

“It’s probably what I’m most interested in as a choreographer: how I can alter and shift and develop the structure of a piece and of the space.”

― Justin Peck

“We assume, to begin with, that the individual is at least as complex in his internal structure as the language is which he speaks – otherwise, how could he speak a language which is complex?”

― Kenneth L. Pike

“Revelation and the nature of truth must be viewed in reference to the structure of language.”

― Kenneth L. Pike

“Structure is something that calms our nature; we know this of toddlers.”

― Krista Tippett

“I know what the structure of the language is.”

― Kurt Loder

“I don’t plot my books rigidly, follow a preconceived structure. A novel mustn’t be a closed system – it’s a quest.”

― Kurt Vonnegut

“In writing music, the structure of each piece is a very important factor.”

― Leo Ornstein

“I was 15 when I first became deeply touched by the rhythm and structure of words.”

― Leonard Cohen

“Physicists are interested in measuring neutrino properties because they tell us about the structure of the Standard Model, the well-tested theory that describes matter’s most basic elements and interactions.”

― Lisa Randall

“Because contemporary paganism is essentially so new, its underlying ethical structure is not particularly sophisticated.”

― Liz Williams

“Tottenham are a big club. They are probably bigger in structure than PSG.”

― Lucas Moura

“Architecture depends on its time. It is the crystallization of its inner structure, the slow unfolding of its form.”

― Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

“I thrive on structure. I find my freedom in structure.”

― Lupita Nyong’o

“The second I was on the tennis court, I had the structure I wanted. I was in complete control of what I was doing.”

― Madison Keys

“The UN structure is one-sided, stacked against the world of Islam.”

― Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

“You have your structure, but within it, it gets fuller and you can highlight other parts of the performance.”

― Marisa Tomei

“I’m very interested in storytelling and anything that plays with structure.”

― Matthew Bourne

“The basic structure of proteins is quite simple: they are formed by hooking together in a chain discrete subunits called amino acids.”

― Michael Behe

“I have a kind of innate sense of structure, which also makes me a good mimic.”

― Michael Moorcock

“I do believe – I very strongly believe that the Arab nations would be willing to put together an Arab NATO-like structure.”

― Michael T. Flynn

“A scene has to have a rhythm of its own, a structure of its own.”

― Michelangelo Antonioni

“Creating a structure for mutual prosperity requires lowering regional and transnational barriers to facilitate the flow of goods and promote people-to-people interactions.”

― Moon Jae-in

“I have been a firm believer in the federal structure of our country as enshrined in the Constitution.”

― Narendra Modi

“Legg Mason’s structure is misunderstood by the market. Legg Mason has an affiliate model. They own 100% of their affiliates, which are investment managers such as Permal, Western Asset Management, and Royce.”

― Nelson Peltz

“The most creative phase of a film is in shooting, because structure is the defining element of that phase.”

― Nicolas Winding Refn

“As soon as chemists have a definite conception of the internal structure of the molecule of an organic compound, they are able to tackle the task of producing these substances by artificial methods, i.e. by synthesis, as we call it.”

― Otto Wallach

“A rookie coach must be supported by a very strong structure and not get burned.”

― Paolo Maldini

“But getting your party structure right may also be a precondition for getting your policies right.”

― Patricia Hewitt

“I am suspicious of the idea of a new paradigm, to use that word, an entirely new structure of the economy.”

― Paul A. Volcker

“It seems to me the structure of the Quartets is too imposed.”

― Paul Muldoon

“For me, ‘The Hobbit’ is an object lesson in storytelling, both in terms of characterization and story structure. It is an exemplar of storytelling in that regard.”

― Paul S. Kemp

“The universe is built on a plan the profound symmetry of which is somehow present in the inner structure of our intellect.”

― Paul Valery

“What came to me as a revelation was the use of rhythm in developing an overall structure in music.”

― Philip Glass

“The E.U., its institutions, structure and ways of working are an anachronism.”

― Priti Patel

“When you produce an album, you’re dealing with it theatrically. It has to have a structure, and the inner response to that is that the ear loves it.”

― Quincy Jones

“I continue to be a believer in a standard-based industry, where your lean cost structure is a huge advantage.”

― Rajeev Suri

“Even the structure of the atom has been found by the mind. Therefore the mind is subtler than the atom. That which is behind the mind, namely the individual soul, is subtler than the mind.”

― Ramana Maharshi

“A federated structure in Iraq based on ethnicity or religious sects will not be healthy.”

― Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“Everybody has a corporate structure.”

― Rich Eisen

“No naturalist has devoted more painstaking attention to the structure of the barnacles than Mr. Darwin.”

― Richard Owen

“There is a European Central Bank, of course, established and it has the structure similar to the Federal Reserve system, not precisely the same but similar.”

― Robert C. Solomon

“The biggest attraction with wearing seersucker has to be its rumpled look. This is because seersucker has a lack of inherent structure.”

― Roger Stone

“Al-Qaeda has a kind of loose, almost entrepreneurial structure with lots of cells in various countries that are semi-independent.”

― Ron Suskind

“Entropy theory is indeed a first attempt to deal with global form; but it has not been dealing with structure. All it says is that a large sum of elements may have properties not found in a smaller sample of them.”

― Rudolf Arnheim

“I am sort of a tea addict. I structure my day by cups of tea.”

― S. T. Joshi

“There’s definitely something about the structure of ‘Caddyshack’ that is unique that no one has ever been able to achieve since then.”

― Scott Aukerman

“One of the principal achievements of physics in the 20th century has been the revelation that the atom is not indivisible or elementary at all but has a complex structure.”

― Sheldon Lee Glashow

“I like order, structure, and accomplishing goals.”

― Spencer Paysinger

“The portal structure is simply a technique: it is neither necessary nor unnecessary, except as the writer and the story make it so. In the case of ‘The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant,’ it was absolutely necessary to my intentions.”

― Stephen R. Donaldson

“Bach and Beethoven, all of them, they had to write something to please the upper structure, those with money and power.”

― Sun Ra

“Special emphasis should be laid on this intimate interrelation of general statements about empirical fact with the logical elements and structure of theoretical systems.”

― Talcott Parsons

“Thus, in general, in the first instance, the direction of interest in empirical fact will be canalised by the logical structure of the theoretical system.”

― Talcott Parsons

“It is that of increasing knowledge of empirical fact, intimately combined with changing interpretations of this body of fact – hence changing general statements about it – and, not least, a changing a structure of the theoretical system.”

― Talcott Parsons

“As a television actor, I was held to a tight, rigid structure.”

― Taylor Sheridan

“There might be a hidden structure in pi that we simply haven’t discovered.”

― Terence Tao

“I seem to be constantly confronted by theater professionals who are more or less annoyed by the prospect of structure.”

― Theresa Rebeck

“America is an outlier in the world of democracies when it comes to the structure and conduct of elections.”

― Thomas E. Mann

“A philosopher is, no doubt, entitled to examine even those distinctions that are to be found in the structure of all languages… in that case, such a distinction may be imputed to a vulgar error, which ought to be corrected in philosophy.”

― Thomas Reid

“The Congress plays a central role in our constitutional structure.”

― Tom Cotton

“We have a strict radio protocol and structure how our decisions are made. This is how we’ve won so many races.”

― Toto Wolff

“I don’t think that scheduling is uncreative. I think that structure is required for creativity.”

― Twyla Tharp

“Originally I had planned to revert to nuclear physics there, in particular the structure of the deuteron.”

― Walter Kohn

“I liked the structure of ballet.”

― Wendy Whelan

“Within the structure of ‘Scream 4,’ there is the film within a film, but that’s been part of the ‘Scream’ franchise since ‘Scream 2,’ when you had the ‘Stab’ franchise.”

― Wes Craven

“A World is not an ideology nor a scientific institution, nor is it even a system of ideologies; rather, it is a structure of unconscious relations and symbiotic processes.”

― William Irwin Thompson

“In the domain of cops and robbers, an interdiction serves to structure a black market and a shadow economy.”

― William Irwin Thompson
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